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Golf Magazine: Top 100 Teachers in America

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Dear Members and Apprentices: I hope this Section newsletter finds everyone well and rested after Thanksgiving! This time of year is filled with wonderful Holiday festivities at many of your clubs and facilities. Its also a great time of year to reflect upon the past season while also beginning to put the building blocks into place for the coming season. Recently, your Section Board and I had the opportunity to attend our Associations largest governance event for The PGA of America at the 96th Annual Meeting. The historic meeting featured new national officers and the announcement of our new CEO, Peter Bevacqua and COO, Darrell Crall. While there was a significant amount of Association business conducted (details of some of these events are highlighted in this newsletter) one particular portion of the meeting continues to resonate with me that occurred during the informal session on Friday, November 9th presented by keynote speaker Dr. Jerry Bell of The Bell Leadership Institute. Dr. Bell’s presentation revolved around leadership skills with an emphasis on listening. During a series of exercises which Dr. Bell asked the audience to write down specific goals for self-improvement and the steps in how each audience member could achieve these goals. Dr. Bell asked each audience member to share these goals and steps with a guest at the table where they were seated. Each audience member presented this information to their guest and was evaluated on their ability to listen. Dr. Bell concluded the morning session by saying, “Leaders build highly committed followers by being great listeners.” That statement above by Dr. Bell echoes what I believe Golf 2.0 is all about; listening. Our Association has invested millions of dollars in research and promoting an industry wide initiative that is based upon “listening” to our customers. As the “Experts in the game and business of golf” it is our responsibility to now execute these initiatives at our facilities based upon listening to your members, customers and guests. As Dr. Bell stated, building highly committed followers takes time and effort but most of all, it takes great listening. Who better to listen to the needs, wants and demands on a daily basis at your club or facility? Only you, as a PGA Professional, can do this and do it well. Ultimately you will be better for it, your facility will be better for it and the game of golf will be better for it. Lastly, I want to congratulate all the nominees for the 2012 Special Awards! We had record nominations submitted this year and I would also like to recognize and thank the following PGA Members of the Nomination Committee: Mitch Merrill, PGA, Ron Block, PGA, Dennis Fruchtl, PGA, Mike Brown, PGA, Chris Cover, PGA and Cory Fletcher, PGA.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


LINCOLN, Neb. – Each year the Nebraska Section PGA is pleased to reward distinction and honor to PGA Professionals for their contribution to the game of golf and their communities at the Section and National level. These awards recognize extraordinary accomplishments, expertise, distinction and service. It is with great pride that the below PGA Professionals have been nominated by the Nebraska Section PGA Nominating Committee for the following prestigious awards. The Nebraska Section PGA Selection Committee will announce the winners of each of these awards by January 14, 2013. Golf Professional of the Year - The highest award our Section presents. This award is based on overall performance as a PGA golf professional, including leadership, service and promotion of the game. Nominees: Bentley Benson, PGA, Southern Hills G.C; Charlie Borner, PGA, Hillcrest C.C.; Wade Foreman, PGA, Firethorn G.C.; Scott Harmelink, PGA, Green Valley G.C.; Brian Jerred, PGA, Sky View G.C.; Brian Kuta, PGA, Ironhorse G.C.; Greg Neujahr, PGA, Champions Run; Greg Wiemers, PGA, Stone Creek G.C. Teacher of the Year - Awarded for excellence in golf instruction along with overall performance as a golf professional. Nominees: Mike Cornell, PGA, Champions Run; Greg Johannesen, PGA, West Nine and Learning Center; James Kinney, PGA, GolfTEC; Ryan Norman, PGA, GolfTEC; Mike Schuchart, PGA, Wilderness Ridge G.C.; James Sieckmann, PGA, Shadow Ridge C.C.; Paul Swirzinski, PGA, Golf Galaxy Omaha; Chris Thomson, PGA, Wilderness Ridge G.C.; Chris Wiemers, PGA, Happy Hollow Club; Shane Zywiec, PGA, Highlands G.C. Horton Smith Award - Bestows special recognition for outstanding service and contributions to developing and improving educational opportunities for the PGA golf professional. Nominees: Scott Holly, PGA, University of NE/Lincoln PGM; Nathan Kalin, PGA, Champions Run.

Bill Strausbaugh Award - Awarded to an individual who by their day-to-day efforts have distinguished themselves in the areas that truly reflect the characteristics and qualities that Bill Strausbaugh possessed during his lifetime – service to his Association, service to his fellow PGA professionals in helping them improve their employment situations and service to the community. Nominees: Chris Cover, PGA, Happy Hollow Club; Thomas Everett, PGA, Landscapes Group; Nathan Kalin, PGA, Champions Run. Junior Golf Leader - Awarded to the PGA golf professional who is a leader in junior golf, reflects the image and qualities that juniors can emulate, and provides opportunities for juniors to learn and play golf. Nominees: Jared Andersen, PGA, Fremont G.C.; Ron Block, PGA; Lake Maloney G.C.; Dennis Fruchtl, PGA, Riverside G.C.; Tom Jeffers, PGA, Indianhead G.C.; Mike Schuchart, PGA, Wilderness Ridge G.C.; Chris Thomson, PGA, Wilderness Ridge; Britt Ward, PGA, Eagle Run G.C.; Scott Weihe, PGA,Jim Ager Memorial G.C. Merchandiser of the Year/Private Facility Recognizes the PGA golf professional that has demonstrated superior skills as a merchandiser in the promotion of golf. Nominees: Jared Andersen, PGA, Fremont C.C.; Adam Coates, PGA, Spencer C.C.; Wade Foreman, PGA, Firethorn G.C.; Dawn Neujahr, PGA, Champions Run; Phillip Palmer, PGA, Field Club of Omaha; Carly Ullrich, PGA, Omaha Country Club. Merchandiser of the Year/Public Facility Recognizes the PGA golf professional that has demonstrated superior skills as a merchandiser in the promotion of golf. Nominees: Brian Jerred, PGA, Sky View G.C.; Matthew Nice, PGA, The Ridge G.C.; Joe Sutter, PGA, Quarry Oaks G.C.; Denis Vontz, PGA, Highlands & Mahoney G.C.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


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Facility of the Year - Recognizes the golf facility that has played an important role in Section activities, as well as promotion of the game of the golf for men, ladies and juniors. Nominees: Champions Run, Omaha; Eagle Run G.C., Omaha; Elks C.C., Columbus; Firethorn G.C., Lincoln; Fremont G.C., Fremont; Green Valley G.C., Sioux City, IA; Lake Maloney G.C., North Platte; Quarry Oaks G.C., Ashland.

Assistant Professional of the Year - This award is based on overall performance as an assistant professional, including leadership, service and promotion of the game. Nominees: Scott Ethington, Eagle Run G.C.; Jeff Henry, The Country Club of Lincoln; Kyle Huse, Riverside G.C; Timothy McAndrew, Omaha Country Club; Tad Petersen, Happy Hollow Club; Gil Russell, ArborLinks.

Sales Representative of the Year- Based on overall performance as a sales representative including product knowledge, service, professionalism, and involvement in Section activities. Nominees: Mark Crowther - Titleist; Marc Cruse, PGA - Laser Link Golf; Jeremy Galbreth – Mizuno USA, Inc.; Tod Puetz – TaylorMade. Stan Sheffield – Footjoy.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


BALTIMORE -- Ted Bishop of Franklin, Ind., was elected the 38th President of The Professional Golfers’ Association of America today at the Association’s 96th Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore. Bishop previously served as Secretary of the Association from 2008-2010 and Vice President from 2010-2012. Bishop, 58, succeeds Allen Wronowski of Phoenix, Md., who will serve on The PGA Board of Directors as Honorary President. Succeeding Bishop as Vice President is Derek Sprague of Malone, N.Y., who served the past two years as Secretary. Paul Levy, 52, of Indian Wells, Calif., was elected Secretary. In addition, six new members of the PGA Board of Directors were sworn into office. A native of Logansport, Ind., Bishop is the PGA general manager and director of golf at The Legends Golf Club in Franklin, Ind., a facility where he oversaw the construction and development of the 45hole complex. The Legends Golf Club is home of the Indiana PGA Section and Indiana Golf Association. Bishop played a key role in the organization of the Indiana Golf Foundation. His efforts in the early

1990s helped establish the Indiana Golf Academy and the expansion of the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame. After graduating from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy in 1976, Bishop began his professional career as a PGA Professional and superintendent at the Phil Harris Golf Course in Linton, Ind. He was elected to PGA membership in September 1985, and has served in a leadership capacity at either the Section of National levels since 1989. From 1997-98, Bishop served as president of the Indiana PGA Section. Bishop served as District 6 Director on the PGA Board of Directors, and since 1991 has worked as general manager and PGA director of golf at The Legends of Indiana Golf Club in Franklin, Ind. He served as PGA Secretary from 2008 to this month. Bishop has served on the PGA Board of Directors since 2006, and served on the PGA Board of Control from 2002-05. As PGA Vice President, he oversees the finances of The PGA of America. He also was chair of both the PGA Budget and Finance Committees and is a past chair of the PGA Code of Ethics Task Force. Bishop was elected to PGA membership in SeptemContinued on next page

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


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ber 1985, and has served in a leadership capacity at either the Section or National levels since 1989. From 1997-98, Bishop served as president of the Indiana PGA Section, and was the 1998 Indiana PGA Golf Professional of the Year. He also is a two-time (1996-97) Section Bill Strausbaugh Award recipient and was the Section 1991 Horton Smith Award winner. PGA Vice President Derek Sprague, a native of Malone, N.Y., served from 2007-2010 as District 1 Director on the PGA Board of Directors, and serves as PGA general manager and head professional at Malone (N.Y.) Golf Club. He was elected PGA Secretary in November 2010. Elected to PGA membership in 1993, Sprague has served since 1998, in a leadership capacity at both the Section and National levels. He began service on the Northeastern New York (NENY) PGA Board of Directors in 1998, and served as Section president from 2003-2004. PGA Secretary Paul Levy is the president of club operations and development for Sunrise Company,

and the chief executive officer at Toscana Country Club in Indiana Wells, Calif. Elected to PGA membership in 1986, Levy has served in a leadership capacity at the Section and National levels since 1992. From 2004 through 2008, he has a member of The PGA of America Board of Control. The new PGA Board members are Bud Rousey of Pensacola, Fla.; James Richerson of Kohler, Wis.; Bob Philbrick of Oklahoma City, Okla.; Bill Hulbert of Yorba Linda, Calif.; Daniel Koesters of Las Cruces, N.M; and independent director Dottie Pepper of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. The new PGA District Directors will serve three-year terms. The PGA Board of Directors is composed of the Association’s President, Vice President, Secretary, Honorary President, and 17 Directors. The Directors include representatives from each of The PGA’s 14 Districts, two Independent Directors and a member of the PGA Tour. New District Directors are elected by their local PGA Sections.

Delegates to the 96th PGA Annual Meeting voted on the following resolutions. Resolution 1- Proposed by the PGA Board of Directors, is a Housekeeping Resolution that reconciles the Bylaw that reduces the MSR requirement for those age 65 or more with 25 or more years of Membership with the current MSR policy that does not have a separate Meeting component. PASSED Resolution 2 - Proposed by the PGA Board of Directors, would allow Apprentice Teaching Professionals (B-6) to initially register and earn credits at a PGA Recognized Indoor Facility under the direct supervision of a PGA Member Director of Instruction (A-14). FAILED Resolution 3- WITHDRAWN Resolution 4 -Proposed by Pacific Northwest Section, would add a minimum requirement of attendance of two PGA National, PGA Section or PGA Chapter meetings to the Professional Development Program. FAILED Resolution 5 - WITHDRAWN Resolution 6 - Proposed by the Southern California Section, would institute a grace period - minimum of six (6) months, but no more than twelve (12) - for Apprentices who become ineligibly employed through no fault of their own. PASSED

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Peter Bevacqua has been selected as chief executive officer of The PGA of America, becoming the third CEO of the world’s largest sports organization. He succeeds Joe Steranka, who retired after 25 years with The PGA, the last seven as CEO. Bevacqua previously served as chief business officer for the United States Golf Association and more recently led the golf division of CAA Sports. Bevacqua, 41, was hired after an extensive search and was formally introduced prior to the conclusion of the 96th PGA Annual Meeting, on Saturday, November 10, 2012, in Baltimore, Md. Ted Bishop, who was elected The PGA’s 38th President earlier in the day, announced the hiring of Bevacqua to more than 700 national and section PGA leaders and guests. “Pete’s combination of experience, leadership skills and broad understanding of the golf industry really stood out among several excellent candidates,” said Bishop, PGA general manager and director of golf at The Legends Golf Club in Franklin, Ind. “Pete is a passionate, intelligent leader who is the best choice to lead our renewed emphasis on the importance of our membership.” Bevacqua joined the USGA in 2000 as in-house counsel, and from the Fall of 2003 through June 2007, he was managing director of the U.S. Open Championship. In July 2007, he was named the USGA’s first-ever chief business officer, and in that role, he was responsible for all revenue and commercial activities, including major sponsorship agreements. In 2011, he left the USGA to join CAA Sports, a division of Creative Artists Agency.

1993, Bevacqua earned a law degree from Georgetown University and worked for the firm of Davis Polk before joining the USGA. “It is an unbelievable honor and literally a dream come true to be given the opportunity to lead the PGA of America staff as we support our members in their efforts to grow the game through Golf 2.0 and as we count down to the Association’s centennial,” said Bevacqua. “I decided years ago that I wanted to dedicate my professional life to the game I love and to the game I grew up with, and can think of no better way than to join the organization that supports and enhances the critical roles that PGA Professionals play in our industry.” A competitive amateur golfer with a 2.4 USGA Handicap Index, Bevacqua and his wife, Tiffany, are the parents of a daughter, Samantha Wells, and a son, Arthur William. In addition to naming Bevacqua as CEO, The PGA also announced that Darrell Crall, currently Managing Director, Strategic Development, will become Chief Operating Officer. In this new position, Crall will oversee the association’s day-to-day business operations. He joined The PGA in 2011 to spearhead the implementation of Golf 2.0, and will continue to be heavily involved in the industrysupported strategic plan to grow the game.

A native of Bedford, N.Y., Bevacqua began a lifetime relationship with golf as a 10-year-old caddie at Bedford Golf & Tennis Club. He continued working there through his college years, as a caddie, caddie master and eventually golf shop manager under PGA Professional Walt Ronan. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


By the time you read this, the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone for 2012. I am hopeful this special day was a time of reflection and rest. I want to thank the PGA Sections I have the privilege of serving and want to thank the staffs that assist me. For you PGA Members reading this, I know you appreciate all the work your Executive Director and their staffs do, but please, take a moment and give them a shout out and tell them how much you value their efforts on your behalf. One of the challenging parts of my job is to tell an assistant or anyone for that matter why they were not identified for a position. Not everyone “fits” the job description based on what the employer’s requirements are for the position. This is the simplest answer I can give. One of the ways you can improve your PGA CareerLinks Profile is to take on or ask for more responsibility. You can then answer the questions truthfully when checking what skills you possess and what responsibilities you have performed in a management capacity. Such skills as assisting in the training and managing of staff, assisting in the purchasing of merchandise, assisting in tournaments, assisting in budget development are all skills apprentices and assistants should be looking to enhance. Will this guarantee you will be identified more often or increase my chances? It might!! And, to continue to be notified for positions, please update your CareerLinks ProFile before December 25, 2012. This will ensure you will continue to be notified when positions come open. The longer you stay in the golf industry, the more apparent it becomes that life isn’t fair! Why is one PGA Member chosen over another when the experience and skill sets favor the candidate who was not chosen? There is no easy answer! The employer definitely holds the key in that respect. All I can do as your PGA Employment Consultant is to the best of my ability, is to post positions for the employer, assist you with your cover letter/resume, offer ideas when interviewing, lend an ear to bounce off ideas and most importantly, show I care! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve.

Bruce Lubach, PGA, is The PGA of America Employment Consultant for the Iowa, Midwest, Minnesota and Nebraska Sections. | (402) 261-3604.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


2013 PGA CareerLinks Profile Survey The PGA of America developed the award-winning CareerLinks system to help golf industry employers and qualified PGA professionals connect for employment opportunities. The CareerLinks Profile is the method used to quantify the skillsets, background, experience, etc., of our PGA professionals and allows the system to search and identify matching candidates for jobs in the golf industry. In 2009 when we made the decision to do the Compensation Survey on a yearly basis we stopped sending out The PGA CareerLinks Profile as a survey. It is a document that PGA professionals have always had the ability to update at any time so we didn’t feel the need to keep making them start from scratch. However in the past 4 years the industry has experienced change and the Survey has been enhanced with new questions based on the priorities of today’s golf industry and the needs of employers, including player development and higher level management positions. PGA professionals will be sent an email with a link provided to complete their new PGA CareerLinks Profile. This must be filled out to remain active in CareerLinks after the December 31st deadline. If you have questions please contact your PGA Employment Consultant or call 1-800-314-2713.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Starting on January 1, 2013, the new ACTIVE WorksŽ Golf 2.0 Registration Solution will be the exclusive tool available for all player development programs, including Get Golf Ready. After December 31, 2012, the existing registration and event management tool will no longer be available. ACTIVE Works is available now, and it is highly recommended that you begin transitioning your current and future events to the new solution immediately. The Golf 2.0 solution is loaded with powerful new features that will help you drive more participation to your player development programs. To start using ACTIVE Works: Log in to or PGA Pro Services with your PGA Links ID and or 1. Create an account with ACTIVE Network using the sign-up widget. 2. Follow through the 10 easy steps in the wizard to set up your event, including tuition, deposits, and forms. 3. Activate your event in the last step, and you're set – your first event is now posted on,, and, and is visible to over 9 million viewers every month. If you have any questions or need personalized assistance, please feel free to contact Bethany Denzer at The PGA of America at 561-630-1763, or Ken Clay at ACTIVE Network at 702-489-4909. The existing registration and event management tool will be discontinued on December 31, 2012. Please transition your events to ACTIVE Works now.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Congratulations James Sieckmann, PGA NEW YORK, N.Y.—January TK, 2013 Golf Magazine has released its biennial list of America’s Top 100 Teachers in America for 2013-2014. New members will be introduced at the PGA of America’s Teaching & Coaching Summit at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., on January TK, 2013. The complete Top 100 Teachers list will appear in the March 2013 print and digital issues of the magazine, available nationwide February 10, 2013. Since its inception in 1996, GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America list has become the industry standard for teaching excellence, not only because it was the first such list ever created, but because of the diligent selection process that GOLF Magazine employs to assemble the list. Every other year, the magazine starts from scratch to determine the best one hundred teachers in the nation. Candidates for GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America list are selected from nominees submitted by the PGA, LPGA, United States Golf Teachers Federation, top industry executives and GOLF Magazine readers. More than 250 nominations on average are accepted from the country’s 25,000 instruction professionals. Each nominee must complete a thorough questionnaire developed in conjunction with Dr. Robert Christina, professor emeritus of the University of North Carolina—Greensboro School of Health and Human Performance. The applications are screened against fifteen baseline criteria recommended by the Top 100 Teachers Credentials Committee: 1) Number of years teaching, 2) annual hours instructing on the lesson tee, 3) annual hours engaged in teaching-related activities, 4) letters of recommendation, 5) employment history, 6) reference lists, 7) impact on instruction community, 8) teaching scholarship, 9) teaching awards, 10) student portfolio, 11) student ratings, 12) peer ratings, 13) growth of the game, 14) volunteerism, and 15) student results. The applications are then examined and ranked by a group

comprised of 15 active and former Top 100 Teachers. Final recommendations are then made by a separate Selection Committee, comprised of GOLF Magazine's instruction editors, established Top 100 Teachers and alumni, and invited World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame members. (Recommendations are based upon an in-depth review of the fifteen baseline criteria with an emphasis on the following: swing knowledge, communications skills, innovative teaching ideas, flexibility in teaching different learning types, proven success, willingness to share knowledge with peers, longevity, success with wellknown golfers, industry awards and number of nominations, recommendations and presentations.) The recommendations of the Selection Committee are submitted to GOLF Magazine for the final decision. The Top 100 list is the only national golf instructor roster that combines outside academic and PGA Professional peer review. In addition, candidates are judged on their willingness to give back to the game and to the PGA and LPGA through one of the following: apprentice education, member continued education, research or lesson programs. “Every two years the Credential and Selection committees dedicate a lot of time and research to recognize the golf industry’s best teachers by naming them to our Top 100 list,” said David DeNunzio, Managing Editor for Instruction for GOLF Magazine. “These individuals have been selected because of their commitment to broaden the appeal of golf by helping their students understand and enjoy the game.” Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America further distinguishes itself from other rankings in that it is structured more as an organization than a simple listing. Its members interact to improve upon player education, instruction techniques, public outreach and research on the way the game is taught and played. These programs are managed under the leadership of top 100 Program Director, PGA Professional, Dr. T.J. Tomasi (Port St. Lucie, Fla.). Continued on next page

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


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The new members of GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America for 2013-2014 are: Cheryl Anderson (Mike Bender Golf Academy at Magnolia Plantation G.C., Lake Mary, Fla.)

Facts & Figures about Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America: 

The Top 100 Organization includes 100 actives members of the Top 100 Teachers in America list, 70 alumni, and 6 living members of GOLF Magazine’s World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame. Eleven former Top 100 Teachers have passed, including instruction legend Jim Flick in November 2012. Mr Flick was inducted into the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame, created and managed by the Top 100 Teachers in America, in 2000.

The Top 100 Teachers in America includes 92 men and 8 women.

Gary Gilchrist (Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, Howey-in-the-Hills, Fla.)

Thirty-three teachers have been on the list since its inception in 1996.

Bill Harmon (Toscana C.C., Indian Wells, Calif.)

Thirty-eight active members and alumni (27 men and 11 women) have been named “National Teacher of the Year” by the LPGA or PGA.

The Top 100 Teachers in America represent 26 states (one teacher instructs in Canada). Florida boasts 19 members on the list (Texas is home to 13 and California is home to 9).

Chris O’Connell (Plane Truth Golf Institute, Plano, Texas)

Andy Plummer (Stack & Tilt Academy at Burlington C. C., Mount Holly, N.J., and Ironhorse C.C., West Palm Beach, Fla.)

One-third of the active members have been on the list for four years or less, indicating GOLF Magazine’s emphasis on locating emerging talent.

The Top 100 Teachers in America, as a group, have given more than 4 million lessons.

Don Sargent (Scioto C.C., Columbus, Ohio)

James Sieckmann (Shadow Ridge C.C., Omaha, Neb.)

The average number of years of teaching experience among the Top 100 Teachers in America is 27.

Teaching careers range from 15 to 55 years.

Kevin Smeltz (David Leadbetter Golf Academy at Champions Gate, Champions Gate, Fla.)

The average hourly rate among the Top 100 teachers offering hour-long private lessons is $200.

Kevin Weeks (Cog Hill Golf & C.C., Lemont Ill.)

The Top 100 Teachers in America author all of the instruction content in GOLF Magazine and on its website, Since 2007, the Top 100 have helped produce 10 hardcover instruction books and eight newsstand books. Combined, the Top 100 Teachers are responsible for more than 1,000 pages of print material and in excess of 200 video lessons a year.

The Top 100 Teachers in America created the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame in 1998, the only Hall focused solely on golf instruction. It includes 17 members.

Mike Bennett (Stack & Tilt Academy at Burlington C. C., Mount Holly, N.J., and Ironhorse C.C., West Palm Beach, Fla.) Mark Blackburn (The Ledges C.C., Huntsville, Ala.) Anne Cain (PGA TOUR Academy, World Golf Village, St. Augustine, Fla.) Chris Como (Gleneagles C.C., Plano, Texas) Sean Foley (Core Golf Academy, Windermere, Fla.)

Kevin Kirk (The Woodlands C.C., The Woodlands, Texas) James Leitz (Pinewood C.C., Slidell, La.) Dale Lynch (Bann | Lynch Golf at Saddelbrook Resort, Tampa, Fla.)

Josh Zander (Zander Golf at Stanford University G.C., Palo Alto, Calif., and Presidio G.C., San Francisco, Calif.) “Choosing 100 instructors from so many talented teachers across the country is a difficult task, but our extensive data, arduous selection process and commitment to the Top 100 Organization allows us to recognize the best of the best in the end,” said DeNunzio. “Although it is quite an honor to be selected, the biggest winners are the readers of GOLF Magazine who benefit every month from the Top 100’s innovative and insightful instruction tips.”

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


PGA PGM 1.0 LEVEL 2 CHECKPOINT ENDS JUNE 10 - 13, 2013 All members and apprentices will receive a reminder flyer about the date for the final PGA PGM 1.0 Level 2 Checkpoint in the 2012 Fall PGA PAK mailing. We encourage apprentices who need to attend this Checkpoint to finalize their Work Experience Kit, submit it for approval and register by the May 8, 2013 registration deadline. Failure to attend this final Level 2 Checkpoint will require an apprentice to transfer into PGA PGM 2.0 by paying a $300 transfer fee; thereby forfeiting the completion of any PGA PGM 1.0 levels. The next step would be to successfully pass the PGA PGM 2.0 program Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. In either case. Acceptable Progress will be determined by the original Level 1 Start Date.

January 23 - 26, 2012 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL Demo Day Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Show & Conference Thursday, January 24, 2013 Friday, January 25, 2013 Saturday, January 26, 2013 Click HERE for more information.

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Each week, the editors of post a question on the Facebook fan page to create a discussion for our, 'A Quick Nine,' feature. The best answers we receive from our readers are then used to write the story. We decided to have a little fun here at for Election Day. On Tuesday, we asked our friends in Facebook Nation: If all professional golfers (past and present) were running for President, who would get your vote and why? As usual, you all delivered. We received hundreds of nominations and the results are in... It's a draw! Take a look at some of the best answers we received below and you'll understand why this was a deadlock. 9. Jason Dufner. I was a little surprised when I saw Dufner's name on this list... until I read Facebook friend Brett Kaehne's explanation. Now it makes perfect sense. Facebook fan quote: - “Jason Dufner, best negotiating face ever.” -- Brett Kaehne 8. Fred Couples. Something tells me if Fred Couples were president, we wouldn't have a whole lot to worry about. Everyone wants to be Fred Couples. He's that cool. Facebook fan quotes: - “Freddy Couples. Because if he was president everything would be run as smooth as his swing and suits would be traded in the White House for slacks comfortable shirts and loafers!"-- Eric Newill - “Freddy Couples, he's just a smooth awesome guy!"-- Tony Miller 7. Phil Mickelson. Take about a man of the people. Have you ever seem Mickelson in person at a golf tournament? His interaction with the fans is second to none. He works the crowd like a politician! Facebook fan quotes: - “Does this really need to have an answer? Mickelson would be the best President. He's fair, honest, humble, caring. Now don't go making me send him a letter, begging him to become our next President."-- Lyn Hall - “Phil Mickelson and his caddy Bones. They stick together. Whether they make the right or wrong decision they still can share a laugh at the end of the day!"-- Edward Byczek - “Mickelson for sure because Mickelson is my maiden name... gotta go with Phil!"-- Cheryl Thornton - “Phil Mickelson -- he's fair-minded, can keep his cool, and has family values!"-- Tina Johnson Baker 6. Tom Watson. A five-time winner of the British Open, it's safe to say Watson's strong-suit would be foreign relations. Facebook fan quotes: - “TomWatson. Class from top to bottom."-- Eric Walker - “Tom Watson, always a class act! And, a straight shooter!"-- Gary Lazetera 5. Ben Hogan. A straight-shooter -- on and off the golf course -- Mr. Hogan wouldn't mess around. He'd get things done. Facebook fan quotes: - “Hogan... He'd tell it to ya straight. Conservative-minded and he'd work hard to get stuff done!"-- Anthony Malafronte - “Hogan. A hard worker from humble beginnings."-- Greyson Flowers - “Ben Hogan. He didn't talk much and when he did, people listened. He worked hard and it showed with victories. He led by example. It wasn't what he said he would do, it was what he did. He's a legend and his values and work ethic have stood the test of time. He is someone that I will learn from and respect until I play my last round."-- Patrick Bowman Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


4. Payne Stewart. A two-time U.S. Open Champion and a man who lived for representing his country in the Ryder Cup, the late Payne Stewart would be a great choice. Facebook fan quotes: - “Payne Stewart for President because he never gave up. Won the hearts of many before and after his tragic end. He would have been a leader with integrity and commitment for all. Not to mention the best Presidential Golfer."-- Paul MacLellan - “Payne Stewart for his statesmanship."-- Denny Axon - “Payne Stewart was a class act! Still get tears in my eyes and a limp in my throat when I think about him!"-- Leslie Lloyd Renz - “I would have voted for Payne Stewart, a true gentleman of the game, fierce competitor, good family man, and how great would out president look wearing those traditional knickers outfits, in RED, WHITE AND BLUE!"-- Warren Kenney 3. Bobby Jones. The greatest amateur player of all time and an incredibly intelligent man to boot. Facebook fan quotes: - “Bobby Jones. Knows what it took to win, and was willing to sacrifice anything to do. Oh yeah and he blessed us with Augusta National!"-- Jonathan Bebeau - “Bobby Jones... intelligent enough to practice law and had the integrity and values that make golf great. A family man and a true gentleman. Perfect for the job!"-- Brian McCormack - “Bobby Jones... Harvard grad... law degree... and smart enough to know better than to try to make a living at that time to be a golf pro for life. Why couldn't I have been that smart?"-- Jim Callahan -” Bobby Jones. He was all about integrity. He was not about money, greed, and was honest."-- Jeff Kline - “Bobby Jones without a doubt. An attorney who understood the law and a true honest gentleman to boot. Byron Nelson as his VP."--Sean Claycamp T1. Arnold Palmer. Although, I'm not sure why he'd want to be president when he's already the King. Facebook fan quotes: - “Arnold Palmer. Kind, charismatic and very good with people."-- Jeremy Dunfee - “Arnold Palmer! A little bit of love, a little bit of stubbornness, and a whole lot of class, passion, and care! He is already the grandfather of all of the golf fans out there!"-- Will Fredricksen - “Arnold Palmer -- He has the skill of a successful businessman and the temperament of an effective ambassador."-- Clay Wardrop - “Arnold Palmer. By a landslide. Military service, professional, and integrity what this country really needs."-- Dave Walbeck - “Arnold Palmer, hands down. He has always been caring, giving and a true gentleman. He IS an ambassador not only to the game, but to the world!"-- Randy Harrill - “Arnold -- a man of integrity and common sense."-- Walt Goshert - “Arnold Palmer! That man already knows how to lead an army!"-- Jennifer Foulkes Myers T1. Jack Nicklaus. The greatest to ever play the game and beloved all over the world. When you win big as often as Nicklaus did, you'd have to believe he'd be a great leader. Facebook fan quotes: -”Jack Nicklaus. He's the Golden Bear and he's just a great man that is for all the people and would really work for us in his best way. His VP would be his son Jackie, so that's my view."-- Eric Tyler Mullins - “Jack Nicklaus because of his leadership, dedication and love for the game, and being the best ambassador the sport has ever seen. It's not even close!"-- Frankie Cacioppo - “The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. He's a businessman. An athlete. A scholar. A true leader!"-- David Novotny - “Jack for sure, moral family man from Ohio. No skeletons!"-- John Weidner - “Jack Nicklaus as he was most Presidential Golfer ever. Not only a great player but a Great Statesman."-- Bernard J. Smyth - “Nicklaus. Has he ever done anything that was less than honorable?"-- Marc Steven Mathews - “Jack Nicklaus... Because he's a man of honor and truth!"-- Larry Holmack

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program Fact Sheet Graduating high school seniors and college students who are the children or grandchildren of PGA members are invited to apply online at the home page (before you log in) of to be considered for financial support for college through the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program. The scholarship program is an academic based scholarship program that takes into account the following depending on the class level of the student: High School Graduating Senior  High School Cumulative Grade Point Average – must be at least 3.4 (60% of the scholarship weighting scale). This number is to be an unweighted GPA based on a 4.0 scale.  ACT and/or SAT test scores (30% of the scholarship weighting scale)  Extracurricular activities in high school such as sports, clubs, student government, community service, part time employment, etc. (10% of the scholarship weighting scale). Current College Student (has not reached their senior year in college)  College Cumulative Grade Point Average – must be at least 3.4 (60% of the scholarship weighting scale)  Most recently completed college semester or quarter GPA (30% of the scholarship weighting scale)  Extracurricular activities in college such as sports, clubs, student government, community service, part time employment, etc. (10% of the scholarship weighting scale) The amount and number of scholarships is determined by the availability of funds, and may vary from year to year based on these factors and IRS guidelines. In 2012 eight $5,000 scholarships were awarded and 126 $2,000 scholarships were awarded out of 848 applications. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the PGA Scholarship Committee. The scholarship is for accredited Universities or Colleges in the United States only. The application process is live online ( between November 15, 2012 and March 15, 2013 and students are asked to wait until they are in possession of their most current grade report (first semester) or transcript before applying. The applicant must enter the students Social Security number and the PGA affiliated parent or grandparents PGA ID number to gain access to the application. After submitting the online application, the applicant must have postmarked by March 15,2013 to the below address a sealed official school grade transcript that shows their GPA information and ACT/SAT test scores (if a high school applicant) to: PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program Attention: Linda Bennington Grant and Scholarship Specialist 100 Avenue of the Champions Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418 888.532.6661; 561.624.7612 or e-mail: PGA members can check out the Scholarship Search Tips for additional listed websites to help you with your scholarship search by visiting the homepage of Benefits/PGA Scholarship Program.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


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Nebraska PGA November 2012 Newsletter  

Nebraska PGA November 2012 Newsletter

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