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Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


The Real Truth about In the last year no other PGA Program has been under more scrutiny or been the center of confusion more than The PGA’s partnership with online event registration tool You have seen emails, attended seminars and been called about the ACTIVE Tool from both The PGA of America & ACTIVE staff. From these communications you have learned about ACTIVE’s 8 Million Plus monthly subscribers and how they are in 1 of every 3 households. All the stats are great, but it doesn’t answer the important question “is ACTIVE right for me?” First off…Is the answer for every facility? The answer is no. Some tools provided on just will not work for all facilities. Each Nebraska PGA Facility is unique, its own operation, and a standard tool can’t be the perfect fit for everybody. At a private facility I would not want to use ACTIVE for event registration. It will open my events to the public and I can’t charge member accounts. Second question…Can successfully be utilized at every Nebraska facility? The answer here is an emphatic YES. The ACTIVE Tools are like a buffet of useful resources that you can use to enhance programming at any golf facility. Below I am going to highlight how different facility types can use the ACTIVE Partnership to generate additional revenue and member benefits for their facility.

outside tournament business will set your facility above the rest. Both of these tools only take a minute to create and are free of charge for you as a PGA Professional!

Also consider using ACTIVE for your own members. ACTIVE has email tools which allow you to create professional looking emails with custom banners and images of your facility. These email tools are the same ones being used by top golf management companies. Emails can be sent to any database and come from any email address you like. Services such as this usually cost a pretty penny to small businesses and you have access through ACTIVE for free!

Public Facilities The benefits of ACTIVE for public facilities are a lot more obvious. You too can use the same tools for creating registration buttons on your website, sending customized professional emails and marketPrivate Facilities ing outside events. I would also encourage you to Many successful private facilities do open some try the Online Registration Tool. If somebody regisevents to the public and use ACTIVE as a way to bring potential members through the door. I applaud ters for your events online they will pay ACTIVE those facilities for thinking outside-the-box but also with a credit card. Then ACTIVE will pass along the payment to you by check or direct deposit. The understand that this practice doesn’t work for all facilities. While online registration may not fit your only fee assessed to the professional is a credit card private facility, ACTIVE is still member benefit you fee just like you would have in your golf shop. There is honestly no risk for giving it a try! should utilize. Tools on ACTIVE private facilities may find valuable are the email templates and event registration button. Private facilities can use ACTIVE as a member benefit or added value for outings. Next time someone is considering using your facility for a corporate outing or charity event, use ACTIVE as a value-added benefit. Using the ACTIVE Tools you can expose their events to the over 10 Million unique visitors per month on the various sites associated with ACTIVE. You can create email blasts with registration to any database or create registration buttons on any website to their event using the HTML Code Creator. Adding marketing to your Continued next page... Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


The Real Truth About Active continued...

A comment I often hear from public facilities is that they get most of their registrations through members and friends. That is great! Honestly word of mouth is the best way to market your program. I would never encourage anyone to go strictly online as local marketing you can do in your area and in your facility is still going to generate the most return. But think if you are able to register an additional two people in your league or golf instructional programs by taking advantage of free online promotion and sign-up. These are new golfers at your facility you would have never seen and if you can retain them that is extra revenue in your club for years. Look at other recreational programming that is in direct competition with golf. How successful would boot camps and fitness programs be if they didn’t promote online using a variety of avenues such as Groupon, Living Social and more. My wife was looking to take fitness classes back in 2010 and she wasn’t about to walk to every gym in the city to look through their schedule. Same goes for the moms and dads looking for summer programs for their kids. They aren’t going to see your posters at the golf shop. Only those families you already have are seeing those posters. Now using your junior golf programs can compete online with football, baseball, volleyball and other sports for that valuable summer junior camp dollar! Non-Green Grass Facilities Here in Nebraska we have a number of non-green grass golf operations using to grow their business in unique ways. Golf 2.0 is all about thinking outside the box to generate revenue and Dicks Sporting Goods in Omaha and the University of Nebraska PGA Golf Management Program have been doing just that! Scott Holly, PGA Internship Coordinator for the PGA Golf Management Program has used ACTIVE for Golf Outings, the Nike Summer Golf Experience and plans to use the program in the fall to sell logoed merchandise. Scott states “ACTIVE is great and I can’t believe more people aren’t taking advantage of it. The tools I use for free on ACTIVE are better than those I used to pay for in years past. It takes minutes to post an event and then I can create custom looking registration and payment buttons to fit on our own website.” Support I encourage each of you to really look over ACTIVE this spring and find a way to test it out at one of your events. Contact me for any support in posting events, answering questions and using any of the tools ACTIVE provides. Joe Canny, PGA Nebraska Section PGA (402) 489-7760

Special thank you to the facilities that will be hosting an NJGT event for the 2013 season. Registrations NOW Open!

Click here for 2013 Schedule When registering online, make sure that when you access your profile that you go to the "Edit Profile" section and validate that your GHIN and BIRTHDATE are both entered. You are then able to register for tournaments and the check boxes will appear only after both of these are entered into your profile.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


MEMORANDUM: NEBRASKA PGA FALL ELECTION 2013 TO: Members and Apprentices of the Nebraska Section PGA FROM: Cory Fletcher, PGA, Nominating Committee Chair The Section will be holding elections at the 2013 Fall Meeting currently scheduled for Monday, October 14, 2013 at Champions Run. Your Section Board of Directors has established some “ground rules” with regard to the campaign. If, after reading this memo, you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me (402525-9502) or Executive Director, David Honnens, PGA at the Section office (402-489-7760). As you are aware by now, this election process will be very unique as we will have open vacancies for Secretary and Vice-President. Your Section Board of Directors requests that you state your “intent” for which office you intend to run for in your “letter of intent.” Nominations from the floor of the meeting can be made. However, to enhance the campaign and election process the Board has authorized the Section staff to send out, via email up to a two page “Campaign Letter” on each candidate’s behalf. In order to take advantage of this, the candidate must send a “Letter of Intent” to my attention via email or the regular mail. Email is preferred to ( or if you use regular mail, again send to my attention to: Nebraska Section PGA, c/o Cory Fletcher, PGA, 8700 Executive Woods Drive Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512. The “Letter of Intent” and the desired “Campaign Letter” must arrive by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 19, 2013. The plan is to mail all of the “Campaign Letters” together. If a candidate misses this deadline, he/she will be on their own with regard to the mailing of any campaign materials. Obviously, announcing sooner than later will provide more opportunity for publicity. Similarly, the Section staff will post to the Section’s website (candidates for secretary and vice-president tab) just about any document (WORD format) a candidate provides (this would include the previously referenced “Campaign Letter”), as well as a photograph (JPG format). There is no limitation on the number or size of the documents to be posted. Eventually, all materials must be provided electronically to Renee at the Section office ( Also, while the Section staff will format the documents for printing and mailing and/or posting on the website, they are not permitted to correct, edit or change the submissions. In order to be listed as a candidate in the Fall Meeting Booklet, a candidate’s “Letter of Intent” must be received at the Section office by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 6, 2013. Respectfully, Cory Fletcher, PGA Nominating Committee Chair

FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 ANNUAL DUES processes have been completed and the invoices have been created. Members and apprentices who have an email address will be notified via an email the first week of May 2013 that the invoices are available and ready to view, Print and/or pay online at Emails will be sent to 27, 710 and printed invoices will be mailed to 1,118. The due date for this invoice is June 30, 2013. Remember that members and apprentices are billed based upon their section affiliation and classification as of May 1, 2013. So, there will be some cases where a dues adjustment will be necessary followed by a revised printed invoice being mailed.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


CURRICULUM Students attending a PGA Golf Management University Program can graduate with a baccalaureate degree in several majors including Marketing, Business Administration, Hospitality Administration or Recreation and Park Management. In addition to classroom studies, each student is required to complete approved internships totaling 16 months at golf industry locales. Students also are required to complete all requirements of The PGA of America’s Professional Golf Management (PGM) Program and pass the PGA Playing Ability Test (PAT). These requirements satisfy a major portion of The PGA of America’s membership requirements. SUMMER EXPERIENCE SCHEDULE The Summer Experience is a 4-day program including the following:  Engagement in team building activities with other students with similar educational goals  Sample key courses required to obtain the PGA Golf Management designation  Receive enrollment information  Instruction from PGA of America and PGA Golf Management University Program staff, students and alumni  Participate in golf activities  Opportunity to live in a university residence hall  Preview of university life ENROLLMENT To be considered for the Summer Experience, candidates must apply directly to the University hosting the session they wish to attend. A current USGA handicap of 18 or less is required. FEE $500 (not including airfare) offers the following:

PROGRAM DATES & LOCATION June 23-26, 2013 New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico July 7-10, 2013 Methodist University Fayetteville, North Carolina July 14-17, 2013 University of Nebraska, Lincoln Lincoln, Nebraska CONTACT Mr. Pat Gavin, PGA Director, PGA Golf Management Program New Mexico State University 575-646-7686 Mr. Jerry Hogge, PGA Director, PGA Golf Management Program Methodist University (Fayetteville, NC) 910-630-7144 Dr. Alan Baquet Director, PGA Golf Management Program University of Nebraska, Lincoln 402-472-7467 Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Anchor Ban Statement from Ted Bishop, PGA Over the past few months The PGA of America has taken a vocal and active position which reflected the strong viewpoint of our PGA Professionals in opposing the USGA and R&A's proposed Rule 14-1b that would ban the anchored stroke. Today, the governing bodies indicated that they will proceed with a leadership conference no less than once a year to the formal adoption of the rule. discuss our strategies and concerns and see where and how we can continue to improve the game toWe are disappointed with this outcome. As we have gether. In addition, we look forward to working said publicly and repeatedly during the comment openly with the USGA in order to ensure that on an period, we do not believe 14-1b is in the best inter- ongoing basis, our inclusion in the Rules-making est of recreational golfers and we are concerned process is as meaningful as possible. about the negative impact it may have on both the enjoyment and growth of the game. Growing the At this point in time, The PGA will digest the game is one of the fundamental purposes of The USGA and R&A's decision to proceed with Rule 14 PGA of America. -1b and discuss this matter with our Board of Directors, PGA Sections and, of course, our 27,000 PGA Although we do not agree with the decision, we ap- Professionals throughout the country. Our Board plaud the USGA for its willingness to listen to our will convene in late June during our PGA Profesconcerns and engage in meaningful discussions. In sional National Championship and at that time, we our opinion and based on our experience, the USGA will decide how best to proceed. In addition, we will treated the comment period for what it was intended continue to confer with the PGA Tour as they simito be -- a time to exchange opinions, concerns and larly digests this information. potential solutions. We should also note that our difference of opinion regarding 14-1b should not in any way detract from the healthy relationship we have had with the USGA for nearly a century. Together, we have taken tremendous steps for the benefit of the game we both love and serve and we will continue to work together through the ongoing mutual support of Get Golf Ready; Tee It Forward; the Boys & Girls Clubs of America; the First Tee, Drive, Chip and Putt Championship; 9 is Fine; and critical pace of play issues. Let us not lose sight of the fact that The PGA and the USGA agree far more than we disagree.

In the meantime, we will immediately do what we do best -- teach the game. Since the end of November, The PGA Instruction Committee has been working on a process whereby our PGA Professionals can help with the transition from anchored putters to a non-anchored stroke in anticipation of this decision. Our PGA Professionals have always embraced our role as problem solvers when it comes to making the game better and more enjoyable for those who play it. Ted Bishop, PGA 38th President The PGA of America

We also want to note that our conversations and meetings with the USGA over these last few months have resulted in our mutual agreement to engage in

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Antonio & Wiemers Win the 2013 Mizuno Pro/Assistant Championship White/Johannesen come up just short in Playoff OMAHA, Neb- Mike Antonio, PGA and Chris Wiemers, PGA both of Happy Hollow Club captured the Mizuno Pro/Assistant Championship by defeating Jim White, PGA MP and Greg Johannesen, PGA of the West Nine and Learning Center in the first playoff hole. Both teams finished the championship at 13 under-par. This year 35 teams competed in the championship with 19 teams finishing under par in the 36-Hole four-ball format. Last year’s runner-up team of Scott Holly, PGA and Brad GoeChris Wiemers, PGA, Jeremy Galbreth, Mike Antonio, PGA tsch, PGA of the UNL PGA Golf Management Program finished one stroke out of the playoff in a tie for third place with the team of Denis Vontz, PGA and Shane Zywiec, PGA of Highlands Golf Course. This win for Antonio and Wiemers marks the third time that these two have teamed up to win the championship (2008 & 2010) and this is now the seventh time Antonio has his name engraved on the trophy. Antonio won his first Pro/Assistant Championship in 1984 when he teamed up with Jim White, PGA MP who he went against in this years playoff. The Nebraska PGA would like to thank Jeremy Galbreth, Mizuno, the PGA Tour and all of this year’s competitors who participated in the 2013 Mizuno Pro/Assistant Championship.

Vermeer Wins Adams Golf/Chances "R" Pro-3Am Two way tie for first in team division York, NE- Ryan Vermeer of Oak Hills Country Club steals the show with a four under-par 66 at York Country Club for the Adams Golf/Chances “R” Pro-3Am. Vermeer was the low professional by an astonishing seven shots over the five way tie for second place. The team division could not have been any closer with two teams tying for first at 12 underpar and two teams tying for third place at 11 under-par in the two of four net format. The team of Jon Petersen, PGA Teaching Professional at Tiburon Golf Course, Tony Roth, Phil Maschka and Craig Lundin shared the win with Brent McGrew, Assistant Golf Professional at Quail Run Golf Course, Randy Sedlacek, Tony Jasper and Randy Lucht. Mike Schuchart, PGA Teaching Professional at Wilderness Ridge Golf Club, won the senior division after finishing at three over-par with a 73. Host professional, Bill Thomas, Ryan Vermeer of Oak Hills PGA, finished in second place in the senior division after finishing two strokes behind Schuchart with a five over-par 75. The Nebraska Section PGA would like to thank the staff and members of York Country Club for hosting the Adams Golf/Chances “R” Pro-3Am, Greg Spence, PGA , of Adams Golf, Tom Vanous of Chances “R” and Vinnie Krikac, agent for State Farm Insurance Agency for sponsoring todays event. Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Petersen Captures TaylorMade/adidas/Ashworth Pro-3Am Fremont, NE- Challenging conditions accompanied the golfers at the TaylorMade/adidas/Ashworth Pro-3Am at Fremont Golf Club. Jon Petersen, PGA Teaching Professional at Tiburon Golf Club, was able to post a three under-par 68 and capture the professional division despite the strong winds and thick rough. Petersen edged out the Assistants division winner, Nick Wanderscheid of Green Valley Golf Course, by two shots. The team division went to Ted DiGiacomo, PGA head golf professional at Council Bluffs Country Club, Tony Merksick, Dan Sidzyik and Eric Wilson after finishing at 15 under-par which was good enough for a four shot victory and their second win in

two weeks. The team format for the TaylorMade/adidas/ Ashworth Pro-3Am one net on the par fives, two net on the par fours and three net on the par threes. Doug Dunbar, PGA Head Golf Professional at Quail Run Golf Course, won the Senior division after finishing at one over-par which was good enough for a one shot victory over Mike Antonio, PGA Director of Golf at Happy Hollow Club. The Nebraska Section PGA would like to thank Fremont Golf Club for hosting and to Tod Puetz, Mike Long and CIP for sponsoring the TaylorMade/adidas/Ashworth Pro-3Am.

Carper, Petersen and Vermeer Too Much To Handle Vermeer Wins Professional Division Nebraska City, NE- Ryan Vermeer, of Oak Hills Country Club, took advantage of the ideal scoring conditions at ArborLinks to capture the low professional honors as well as lead his team to finish at top of the team division at the Club Car Pro/Pro/Pro. Vermeer’s five under-par 67 was good enough for a one shot victory in the professional division over Shane Zwyiec, PGA of Highlands Golf Course.

Jim White, PGA

Ryan Vermeer

Omaha, NE- Champions Run played host to the Nebraska PGA Monday by hosting the bollé/Bushnell Golf/Club Car/ Cutter & Buck Pro-3 Am which benefited the Nebraska Section PGA Scholarship Fund. Jim White, PGA MP, of The West Nine and Learning Center, and Ryan Vermeer, of Oak Hills C.C., tied for first place in the professional division after shooting a four under-par 68. Their 68 was good enough for a one shot victory over Jon Petersen, PGA, of Tiburon Golf Club. Ted DiGiacomo, PGA, of Council Bluffs Country Club, put together a good round which allowed his team to feed of the momentum and capture the team division after finishing at 18 under-par in the two net of four format. DiGiacomo was joined by Tony Merksick, Dan Sidzyik and Eric Wilson who put together the impressive team total that lead to a four shot victory. The Nebraska PGA Scholarship Fund benefits children and grandchildren of Nebraska PGA Professionals. Since its inception this Nebraska PGA Scholarship fund has more than $31,000 to 41 different students. The Nebraska PGA would like to give a special thank you to all of this year’s presenting and supporting sponsors; John Novosel of bolle and Bushnell Golf , Don Brudny of Club Car, Bruce Rist of Cutter and Buck, Vinnie Krkac of State Farm Insurance Agency, Omaha Steaks and CIP.

Vermeer’s seven birdie performance helped his team to a one shot victory in the team division. Vermeer was accompanied by Jon Petersen, PGA , of Tiburon Golf Course and Alex Carper of Hidden Valley Golf Course as they shot a 10 under-par 62 in the one best ball format. The team of Kevin Drew, PGA of The Fox Run Golf Course, Scott Holly, PGA of the UNL PGA Golf Management Program and Matt Meuret, PGA of Plainview Country Club finished alone in second place after finishing at eight under-par. Jim White, PGA MP of the West Nine and Learning Center captured the senior division by shooting a one under-par 71 which was good enough for a four shot victory over Jeff Porter, PGA of ArborLinks. The Nebraska Section PGA would like to give a special thank you to Don Brudny of Club Car and the PGA Tour for their support for this event.

Ryan Vermeer, Alex Carper and Jon Petersen

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


The Nebraska PGA tournaments below will feature 2 Omaha Steaks holes of the week. Players are automatically entered and must play 8 of the 16 Omaha Steaks holes of the week to be eligible to win. Players will post their lowest scores relative to par on 8 of the Omaha Steaks holes of the week to compete for the Omaha Steaks holes of the week title. Each week amateurs will not be left out of the equation either! Amateurs will have a chance to win Omaha Steaks Gift Cards!!!

2013 Omaha Steaks Holes Of The Week Schedule Date


Omaha Steaks Holes

Omaha Steaks Holes

June 3

Platteview Country Club Pro-3Am

#7 Par 5

#15 Par 4

June 17

Happy Hollow Club Pro-3Am

#3 Par 3

#16 Par 5

July 1

Country Club of Lincoln Pro-3Am

#8 Par 5

#14 Par 3

July 22

Oak Hills Country Club Pro-3Am

#2 Par 3

#15 Par 3

September 9

Firethorn Golf Club Pro-3Am

#4 Par 3

#13 Par 3

**2 Holes Per Event Will Be Selected As The Omaha Steaks Holes Of The Week** *1st Place Tie Breaker1. Player who has played the greater amount of Omaha Steaks Holes of the Week 2. Player with the greater amount of Cup Series Points 3. Coin Flip

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


BEST PRACTICE Hank A. McFarland, PGA Head Professional Lochland Country Club Hastings, NE

When I came to the 475-member Lochland Country Club as Head PGA Professional in 2005, I was dismayed at the number of adult golfers who reverse-pivoted (i.e. Fire and Fall Back). Being in the private club business over the last 14 years, I had never seen a club where the same problem was so rampant. I decided that spring that I would have to come up with something drastic, and I would have to start with our Junior Golfers so that we could end this generational “epidemic”. I thought about the way children learn, and surmised that children learn best by copying the motions of others… basically visual learning in a “right-brained” sense. Giving children left-brained commands like “…make sure to shift your weight into the inside of your right foot as you turn your back to the target,” would result in a lot of blank stares and head scratching. Since kids are “visual” learners, why not give them “visual” cues? I came up with an INCREDIBLY SIMPLE system with a simple catchphrase that has almost COMPLETELY CURED THE WEIGHT-SHIFT ISSUES IN OUR JUNIOR GOLFERS, and this positive change has also matriculated into our adult golfing population as well. I went to the Internet, pulled an image of a “smiley face”, and had this image reproduced to the size of a silver dollar. I ran several sheets of the faces, had them all laminated, and cut them out. Before my first Junior Clinic at Lochland, I had my Assistant Golf Professional, Mike Melena, attach one of the smiley faces to the bottom of my right heel with a thumbtack. After giving the basic grip, stance and posture talk to the juniors, I started explaining the general motion of the golf swing. I had all of the kids stand behind me, facing the target, and I told them I was going to hit a shot and would hold my finish. I asked them to raise their hands to see if one of them could tell me something UNUSUAL in the swing. I struck the ball, coming up on my right toe in perfect balance, and lo-and-behold, what do you think the first thing the kids saw was? That’s right…the smiley face. Every hand shot up in the crowd of young kids, there were smiles and giggles as a dozen kids yelled “Look at the smiley face!” I congratulated them on their “astuteness”, and I



went on to describe that the only way to hit the ball far and straight was to have a “Mr. Smiley Face Finish”. We attached a smiley face to each students’ back heel, split the kids up, sent them to their stations, and got them into their correct postures and grips. I had a whistle around my neck, and told the children that, on the whistle, they were to swing at the ball and to hold their “Mr. Smiley Face Finish”. On the whistle, ALMOST every kid swung the club properly through the ball with a good, dynamic weight transfer, and held their finishes. Some obviously missed the ball, fell down, or did not get off their back foot, but ALMOST all of them had a decent weight shift! Mike and I looked at each other, both of us breaking out in huge smiles. We had done it. We had found a way to get kids to shift their weight WITHOUT HAVING TO TELL THEM HOW TO SHIFT THEIR WEIGHT. We then put an emphasis on using the phrase “Mr. Smiley Face Finish” in every full swing junior lesson, and it caught on like wildfire. Kids would be down on the range with their parents, and I would yell at them to show me their “Mr. Smiley Face Finish”, and the student would swing through the ball with a good weight transfer and have an almost perfect, in-balance finish. The parents would see this beautiful, ATHLETIC motion, and look at me smiling, shaking their heads. Pretty soon the adults started getting into it, too. It started with the parents who would take their children to the course. Mom or Dad would swing at the ball with a reverse weight shift, and Billy or Susie would yell “…you didn’t have a Mr. Smiley Face finish like Hank says!”. Mom and Dad would ask Billy or Susie what they were talking about, and the child would demonstrate to the parent what a proper weight shift and a proper finish looked like, which they learned in our Junior Golf Camp. All of our assistants started teaching the “Mr. Smiley Face Finish” in their adult private and group lessons, and I can proudly say now that a SIGNIFICANT MAJORITY of our club golfers DO NOT REVERSE-PIVOT. We have had an almost complete culture shift in how our members swing the golf club. By thinking about the way children learn, by using a visual cue and implementing a snappy catchphrase, we were able to get the children’s attention. By getting their attention and giving them a non-verbal, non-technical swing thought (i.e. right-brained stimuli), we were able to make SIGNIFICANT improvements in their swings and in their enjoyment of this wonderful game.

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska PGA Professional Championship Now OPEN for REGISTRATION Click here to register ArborLinks - Nebraska City, NE August 12-13, 2013 Entry deadline is 5:00 p.m., EDT, Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nebraska Senior PGA Professional Championship Quarry Oaks - Ashland, NE August 5-6, 2013 Entry deadline is 5:00 p.m., EDT, Tuesday, July 16, 2013

National Car Rental Assistant Championship Iron Horse GC - Ashland, NE Quarry Oaks - Ashland, NE August 5, 2013 Entry deadline is 5:00 p.m., EDT, Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Updates between 5/1-5/31



Ross Eickhoff


Facility Firethorn Golf Club




Derek R. Francois, PGA


Wilderness Ridge Golf Club

Scott Gutschewski, PGA


PGA Tour

Nick P. Wanderscheid, PGA


Green Valley Golf Course


Happy Birthday! Peter B. Hagen, PGA Brandon M. Dougherty, PGA Nicholas S. Shanahan, PGA

6/2 6/3

Brad Kai, PGA




NEW Facility Name

Doug Schultz, PGA


Ross Eickhoff


Firethorn Golf Club

Chris W. Wiemers, PGA


Derek Francois, PGA


Wilderness Ridge Golf Club

Nick Wanderscheid, PGA


Green Valley Golf Course


Ryan C Bloomberg, PGA 6/6 Greg D. Johannesen, PGA 6/10


Jonathan W. Casey, PGA 6/11

Serves As NEW Facility Name

Michael D. Fauver, PGA


Tregaron Golf Course

Derek R. Francois, PGA


Wilderness Ridge Golf Club

Mark Kruse, PGA


Champions Run

Nick Wanderscheid, PGA


Joseph Wiegand, PGA


James T. Rolls, PGA


Green Valley Golf course

Joshua N. Haney, PGA


Warren Swigart Municipal Golf Course

Mark L. Christensen, PGA 6/26


Class A-8

Robert D. Haumont, PGA 6/14

Facility Champions Run

Brett R. Lehr


Jeff Porter, PGA


Daniel Zadalis, PGA


James M. Kinney, PGA


STAFF David Honnens, PGA Executive Director

Thomas Harmon, PGA Tournament Director

Joe Canny, PGA Junior Golf Director/ Player Development Coordinator

Renee Tyson Administrative Assistant

Nebraska Section PGA | 8700 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 100 | Lincoln, NE 68512 | Ph: (402) 489-7760 | Fx: (402) 489-1785 |


Nebraska PGA May 2013 Newsletter  
Nebraska PGA May 2013 Newsletter