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Year End


Dear Nebraska Junior Golfers: I would like to thank all the Nebraska Junior Golf members this year for participating. The 2018 was another great year! I would also like to thank all the parents, family members and friends who helped make it possible for our Junior Golfers to play in this year’s events. As we button up the 2018 season and head into the off season, myself and the rest of the Nebraska Junior Golf staff will continue to find ways to create new and fun experiences for the 2019 season. In 2018, our goal was to rebrand the current program. We changed the name, (now called Nebraska Junior Golf), we created a new logo and replaced all our old signage to help define all the NJG programs. As we head into 2019, a new website will be created that will be more user friendly for all. We will continue to find ways to enhance the Nebraska Junior Golf experience. It is an exciting time to be a junior golfer in Nebraska. We couldn’t be more excited to continue to grow the game of golf and provide more Nebraska Junior Golfers with a great golf experience. As many of you know, none of this could be possible without the support of our sponsors. I would personally like to thank all our NJG Sponsors. With their continued support, we can continue to provide all our members with a great golf experience. If anyone has any questions about Nebraska Junior Golf, please feel free to reach out to me at any time! My contact information can be found on our website at I hope all of you enjoy the fall golf season! Seth Scollard, PGA



TEAM Seth Scollard, PGA Seth Scollard, PGA serves as the Director of Nebraska Junior Golf. Originally from Ponca, NE, Seth is a 2014 graduate of the PGA Golf Management Program at UNL. Seth is an enthusiastic PGA Professional, who is passionate about creating a fun, social and energetic atmosphere for all of the programs he is associated with. Seth and his wife Makenzie have a 4 month old son.

Cassie Trumbley Cassie is a 2017 graduate from Midland University in Fremont, NE, with a major in Human Performance—Fitness/Sports Management and a compressed major in Business Marketing and minor in coaching. Cassie coordinates TEAM Golf events and coaches to ensure we help deliver great golf experiences at all of our TEAM and Junior golf events. 4

Brett Renner Brett Renner will serve as Digital Sports Media intern this summer. Renner recently completed his junior year at the University of Nebraska— Lincoln and is pursuing a degree in Sports Broadcasting and minor in Business and English. Renner will be capturing video and photographs at Nebraska Junior Golf events and producing a new weekly video each Friday that will recap the week in golf for Nebraska Junior Golf.

Harrison Agena Harrison will graduate in August from the UNLPGM Program with a minor in Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management and an emphasis in Business. As a youth, Agena played the Nebraska Junior Golf Tour and understands the impact that these programs have on sharing the passion of golf with the youth of Nebraska. Agena will be instrumental in assisting with NJG events and assisting with TEAM Golf and NJGT events.

Kurt Karcher Kurt will graduate in August from the UNL-PGM Program with a minor in Business Administration. Karcher has an extensive resume of internships including Lochland Country Club in Hastings, Firethorn Golf Club in Lincoln, and Traditions Club in Bryan Texas. Karcher will be instrumental in assisting with NJG events and assisting with TEAM Golf and NJGT events.









Fremont Express

Happy Hollow Hotsticks—Heat



Jim Ager Bandits

Country Club of Lincoln Blackshirts



Congratulations to all of our TEAM Golf competitors this year. It was record breaking year with a total of 67 teams and 533 TEAM Golfers. We look forward to seeing you all back next year for more fun and Team spirit! 15




Course Handicap™ Explained Q. What does a Course Handicap represent? A. A Course Handicap represents the number of strokes needed to play to the level of a scratch golfer—or the Course Rating™ of a particular set of tees. A Course Handicap is expressed as a whole number (e.g. 12). Course Handicap is determined by using charts located at the golf course where the round is to be played. In addition, a Course Handicap can be calculated by these methods: Course Handicap Calculator: The USGA Handicap System Reference Guide: Formula: Handicap Index® multiplied by Slope Rating® of tees played, divided by Standard Slope Rating (113) = Answer (rounded to nearest whole number, .4 rounds down and .5 rounds up) Example: 10.4 Handicap Index x 125 Slope Rating / 113 Standard Slope Rating = 11.5 = 12 Course Handicap

Please visit Sections 3-3 and 10-4 of the USGA Handicap System manual for further reference.


Each newsletter GolfTEC of Omaha will provide you with some swing tips, practice drills and more to help you improve your game. Before diving in to swing mechanics we’d like to highlight what GolfTEC is:

Tune in each newsletter to learn how to take your game to the next level and next time you are looking for an instructor visit the certified coaches at GolfTEC of Omaha:


2018 SITE DIRECTORS: Lincoln Market Mike Cobelens (6th Season) Kendra Trumbley (5th Season) Omaha Market Mimi Ramsbottom (6th Season) Derrick Thompson, PGA (4thjSeason) Central Market Ryan Clark (2nd Season) Jay Cottam (2nd Season) Northeast Nebraska, South Dakota and Northwest Iowa Market Kevin Peterson (6th Season) West Market Job Vigil (3rd Season) Interns: Harrison Agena – University of Nebraska, PGA Golf Management Kurt Karcher – University of Nebraska, PGA Golf Management 21

2018 Player of the Year Girls 7-8 Division Halle Rech Ashland, NE






On the Tee -with Brett Renner




Final Junior Golf Newsletter  
Final Junior Golf Newsletter