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Message From Your Presidents, Miles and Brenda Marshall Greetings fellow auctioneers! We hope all is well with you. On April 2nd we had the proclamation signing with Governor Ricketts. Following the signing we met for lunch and a board meeting. Thanks to all who attended as we appreciate everyone taking time out of your busy schedules. As the end of our term as your Presidents approaches we have been busy finalizing plans for our upcoming convention. It has been a pleasure working closely with Diane Duren, our new Executive Director. Being new to our association she has encountered a steep learning curve. We have been impressed with her tenacity in taking

on the challenge. Our association is fortunate to have Diane on board. If you haven’t done so yet please make plans to attend our annual convention May 18th - 20th in Kearney. We are excited about the lineup of presenters and entertainment. Leroy Van Dyke will be presenting, plus he and his band will perform following the Saturday evening banquet. We are fortunate to have Scott Shuman join us. He is President of the National Auctioneers Association and he will be making two presentations throughout the weekend. Aaron Traffis, a seasoned instructor, will present on technology and internet

Miles and Brenda Marshall

bidding. Plus, speaking on “Humor in the Work Environment” will be T. Marni Vos. Craig Larabee will be back to kick it off with real estate classes on Friday. Holiday Inn-Kearney is the place. May 18th - 20th is the time. Looking forward to seeing you there! Miles & Brenda

A Note from Your NeAA Executive Director

Diane Duren, Executive Director- NeAA Rising City NE


Seems like I just wrote an article for our last newsletter, and now it’s time again. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. As Miles mentions in his column we are very busy planning and preparing for the annual convention that will be held May 18th - 20th in Kearney, NE. I am learning everyday of something new that I didn’t know about, or something I need to keep track of so nothing falls through the cracks this first year. I hope that all of you reading this column have already filled out your registration form and are planning to attend. We have a great lineup of speakers planned and some excellent award winners. I want to thank Miles and Brenda Marshall for all of their help, support and hard work getting ready for this 70th Annual Convention. The registration forms and membership forms are in this newsletter, too. It’s not too late to sign up.

The Governor’s Proclamation Signing Day was Monday, April 2nd, and we had a great turnout of board members. After the signing, we headed to Misty’s for a nice lunch and a short board meeting. Thank you to all board members that were able to attend. I would also like to thank the association, and especially the board, for the sympathy extended to my family and I after my father’s death on March 13th. It was a tough time and I appreciate everyone’s understanding. Don’t forget that the Annual Auctioneer and Ringman Championship has been moved to Saturday, July 28th in Hastings. The entry form/rules are in this newsletter and will be posted on the web site, too. If you need anything from our association please don’t hesitate to call our office at 402-367-9797 or email me at

PO BOX 150  Rising City NE 68658-0150  Ph: 402-367-9767 Email: 

2017-2018 Nebraska Auctioneers Association Board

President Miles Marshall Marshall Land Brokers & Auctioneers PO BOX 261 Kearney NE 68848 (308) 234-6266

President-Elect Mark Beacom Auction Solutions, Inc. 7811 Military Ave. Omaha NE 68134 (402) 571-0393

Vice President Travis Augustin Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. 2837 W Hwy 6 Hastings NE 68901 (402) 463-8565

Secretary/Treasurer Russ Puchalla Heartland Auction Co. PO BOX 36 Roca NE 68430 (402) 416-7653

Executive Officer Regina Andrijeski Old West Realty & Auction PO Box 153 Curtis NE 69025 (308) 367-4505

Executive Director Diane Duren PO BOX 150 Rising City NE 68658-0150 (402) 367-9767

Term Expires 2018 Brian Isernhagen BHI Auction Services PO BOX 118 Deshler NE 68340 (402) 365-7546

Term Expires 2019 Dean Dallman Kort-Dallmann Auctions 933 O RD Franklin NE 68939 (308) 380-2615

Term Expires 2020 Mike Nuss Helberg & Nuss Auctions & Realty 1145 M St Gering NE 69341-2835 (308) 436-4056

Term Expires 2018 Trev Moravec Ritchie Bros. 1004 Island DR Schuyler NE 68661 (402) 367-2551

Term Expires 2019 Scott Jarmin The Auction Mill PO Box 234 Cedar Bluffs NE 68015 (402) 906-0264

Term Expires 2020 Duane Willensiek Willensiek Auction Co., LLC 2054 S 32nd RD Cook NE 68329 (402) 864-7651

Term Expires 2018 Bruce McDowell MdDowell Auction Service 303 W 1 RD Trumbull NE 68980 (402) 743-2396

President Brenda Marshall Marshall Land Brokers & Auctioneers PO BOX 261 Kearney NE 68848 (308) 234-6266

Term Expires 2020 Ed Hall Vandertook Auctions, LLC 14505 Panama RD Adams NE 68301-9547 (402) 440-8475

2017-2018 Nebraska Auctioneers Auxiliary Board

Secretary/Treasurer Paula Hall Vandertook Auctions, LLC 14505 Panama RD Adams NE 68301-9547 (402) 440-0468 Term Expires 2018 Heidi Isernhagen BHI Auction Services PO BOX 118 Deshler NE 68340 (402) 365-7546

Term Expires 2019 Roy Montgomery Montgomery Auction & Realty 1141 Hwy 78 Guide Rock NE 68942 (402) 746-3823

President-Elect Heather Schultis Schultis and Son, Inc. PO BOX 582 Fairbury NE 68352 (402) 729-2435

Vice President Kelly Augustin Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. 2837 W Hwy 6 Hastings NE 68901 (402) 744-2042

Executive Officer Lindy Elson Old West Realty & Auction PO Box 153 Curtis NE 69025 (308) 367-7010

Historian Becky Kliewer Kliewer Auction Service 1307 12th St Aurora NE 68818 (402) 694-3368

Term Expires 2019 Linda Montgomery Montgomery Auction & Realty 1141 Hwy 78 Guide Rock NE 68942 (402) 257-2335

Term Expires 2019 Michelle Jarmin The Auction Mill PO Box 234 Cedar Bluffs NE 68015 (402) 906-0264

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Term Expires 2020 Jan Nuss Helberg & Nuss Auctions & Realty 1145 M St Gering NE 69341-2835 (308) 783-2468

Nebraska Auctioneers Association Foundation Board of Directors Randy Ruhter, President Kelly Kliewer-Sec/Treas. Keith Saathoff Kyle Schow Ryan Creamer For any questions about the Foundation please call one of these members.

69th International Auctioneers Conference & Show Explore the Possibilities July 17-21 Jacksonville, FL #NAACS18 Members talking to other members. Members talking to vendors. Those impromptu meetings at Conference and Show can lead to big things. But, you can’t make those meetings happen if you aren’t there! Now isn’t a good time to register for #NAACS18 in Jacksonville, Fla. It’s a GREAT time! Jacksonville offers plenty for the family, and the Conference offers the best place in 2018 to meet hundreds (if not 1,000) of like-minded auction professionals who are ready to meet you in hallways, at social events, or maybe for an evening get-together to discuss future business. Register NOW! Go to:

The Power Behind The Gavel by Molly Woodward Talk about a whirlwind!! Sixty-two years ago, last Dec 31st, a good-looking, young stranger asked me to dance. I was very impressed with his conversation, and dancing. He was an auctioneer at the local cattle market. His name was Ronnie. I was so impressed that I told my parents about him at breakfast the next morning. My father heard this young auctioneer at the livestock sale regularly, and said to me, “He is married. You leave him alone.” I could barely conceal my disappointment. Six months later, I happened to see that same young auctioneer at another event, and again, he asked me to dance. You can guess what my first question was! His answer thrilled me! HE WASN’T MARRIED. Thank heavens, my father was wrong. Daddy knew Ronnie had served in the Army, and just assumed he was also married. For once, Father didn’t know best, and Ronnie and I will be married for 60 years on June 15th, 2018. In the beginning, I was a young teacher with no exposure to auctions. Ronnie lived for auctions, and worked for Ben and Glen Helberg at North Platte Livestock. When they needed some help in the office, Beverly, Glen’s wife, offered me a job, and I started my first job working in the auction arena. Beverly taught me a lot, but nothing prepares you for all of the different situations that auctions bring thorough the years. I remember working farm sales with her and for Glen and Ronnie where we conducted business in a pickup truck with no electricity for calculators, and a tray between us for the money, which we took through the open window! It seemed to always be cold and windy. I even remember one farm auction where the lunch

and clerking was set up in a silo with frost on the inside. My girls about froze. We could always balance to the penny; then sales tax came along and gave us a headache, but we tried. When we were first married Ronnie had fall sales in Torrington, WY on Wednesdays, Oshkosh, NE on Thursdays, North Platte, NE on Fridays and McCook, NE on Saturdays. I was able to go with him to Torrington, back to Oshkosh, where I worked in the office, over to North Platte for the Friday sale and Ronnie went to McCook on Saturdays. Ronnie always had the dream of owning his own livestock auction. In January 1961 he and two friends bought Central Nebraska Commission Co in Broken Bow, NE and we moved from North Platte, NE, to Broken Bow, NE. Broken Bow has been good to us and was a great place to raise our boys. Ronnie owned the market with partners for 18 years before selling it in 1978. We purchased it back at auction in 1988. We sold it in 2002. We had wonderful employees and miss the business and those that helped the market be a success. Ronnie got his real estate brokers license in 1956. After our boys were raised I earned my real estate salesman license, along with my insurance license and was an agent for New York Life for 23 years. Of course, I can’t forget Sealy, TX. One of the biggest thrills of our lives was when Ronnie was named the 1971 World Champion Livestock Market Auctioneer. I still remember how proud our boys were and in my eyes, it was so well deserved. That pretty much sums up our “whirlwind marriage”. I would do it all over again.

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Announcing “Membership Contest” Win A Free 2018 Convention Registration and More

The Nebraska Auctioneers Association needs your help. For our association to remain strong, it is vital to maintain membership and participation by those in our industry. Unfortunately, every year we lose a few members due to retirement, death and other issues. It is critical for our association to continually gain new members. We invite all members to participate in this contest. Let’s grow our association and have fun doing it! The Prize: The winner or person sponsoring the most new members, will receive a free registration to the 2018 Nebraska Auctioneers Convention in Kearney, NE at the Holiday Inn Conference Center on May 18-20, 2018 and a plaque recongnizing their accomplishment. All particpants: those sponsoring at least one new member or more, will be recognized at the 2018 convention. The RULES: * To receive a credit for sponsoring a new member, your name must be written on the blank for “sponsor” on the new member’s application form. You can find the membership form on the website. *Any auctioneer who is currently not a member is eligible to be sponsored. *New members who have not been a member of the association in the past five years are eligible for a 20% discount off their first year membership fee. *Deadline: To qualify for the contest, a sponsored new member should submit their membership application and dues payment prior to May 15, 2018.

Outgoing Board Member Bruce McDowell

What if? I think at some point in our life everybody has said, “What if?” I know you hear people say, “What if I would have done this, or what if I would have done that?” I know I’ve said it. I’m sure many of you have, too. Thinking back when I was starting my auction career one big “what if” that has impacted my life for the better has been, what if I would not have attended my first convention? I can guarantee you my auction career would not be what it is today. At my first convention I met so many other auctioneers that took me in as if I had been in the auction industry all my life. Over the last 24 years I have made so many friends through the Nebraska and National Auctioneers Association. Career changing connections, not-to-mention the networking with my fellow auctioneers, has been more than I could have dreamed of. I know that the auction industry has changed over the years. With the introduction of the Internet, new technology, computers, Facebook, cell phones and the list can go on and on. We can do anything we want with the click of a button, look up anything you need any time to check prices, check auctions, look up the price of something that was bought yesterday or what it brought a month ago. Yes, it has changed the way we do business. With this new technology there also comes drawbacks. I believe the thought pattern of many younger auctioneers is that auction associations are no longer needed because we have everything we need at the touch of a finger. Is that really true?? I look back on my 24

years in the auction industry and realize what our association has done for me. I can honestly say that technology cannot replace in any way, shape or form, the camaraderie, the friendships, and probably the most important of all the love that I feel and have felt from other auctioneers. These kind of connections you cannot get with any social media through your iPhone or iPad. The kind of connections I’m talking about are the friendships that you grow over the years with the people, and just being able to look into their faces and enjoying each other’s company. This takes time, effort and money. These relationships are formed by becoming a member of your state association, attending your conventions and serving in your association at a greater level. I know I have heard it said that the education that a person can get at a convention can be pulled up on the Internet. That is true to a point, but by doing so we tend to disconnect ourselves from others, and unfortunately the one-on-one and the face-to-face is becoming the past. Internet auctions are starting to take the place of the live auctions, I see it every day and the relationships we form with others is slowly disappearing. We do not have to fall into that trap. As life becomes faster and technology becomes greater we must grasp technology and all it has to offer. However, we do not have to lose, but instead embrace the friendships, the camaraderie and the connections that we have through our associations. As I mentioned earlier it is a commitment, it does take time out of your busy schedule. It is a financial commitment but I can guarantee you through my auction experience it is worth everything you put into it and more. Just think of how your business CAN grow with both association connections and the technology today. This is my final year as a Board of Director. I have served for nine years including the presidency. I guarantee you it has been worth every minute. I just hope the younger auctioneers will have the pleasure of experiencing what I have had the last 24 years and others before me. Being a member of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association and serving to continue the growth of both the Association and my auction career has been a great pleasure. Our presidents Miles and Brenda Marshall have been working very hard to put together a convention that is for sure one that everyone will remember. If you take away one new idea, one new friendship, one  4 

new connection, any one of these can lead you to your next successful auction experience. It has indeed been a pleasure to serve the Nebraska Auctioneers Association for these past years. If you are an older member or a newer member do not let this opportunity of attending this convention slip by you because someday you may look back on this year’s convention whether you attend or not and say “What if?”

Facebook News

APPROVAL REQUIRED Separately from its API changes, Facebook announced last week their new requirements for posting political or issue ads, requiring organizations to verify their identities and location before they will be allowed to post on the platform. Additionally, page admins on large pages will need to be verified by Facebook. In a post on his Facebook page, CEO Mark Zuckerberg characterized the move as an attempt to “support positive discourse and prevent interference” in the 2018 midterm elections. This past week, Facebook announced a series of changes related to its response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the data firm acquired millions of social media records through illicit means. (Facebook’s announcement revealed that up to 87 million users were affected by the Cambridge Analytica data leak—up from the original estimate of 50 million.) Additionally, Facebook will severely restrict how much data advertisers can access from its analytics tools. The company said it was trying to strike a balance between data protection and allowing developers to do interesting things with the service.


Facebook’s limitations are far from the only ones that social media managers might face when doing their jobs in the coming weeks and months. Last month, a previously announced policy change by Twitter severely limited the value of social media tools such as HootSuite, Edgar, and Buffer by preventing shared content across multiple accounts. The move was meant to prevent a controversial activity called “Tweetdecking,” in which social media users were paid to have large accounts reshare information on multiple accounts.

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Governor’s Proclamation Signing with Governor Ricketts

Earlier in April some of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association board members attended the Governor’s Proclamation Signing recognizing the auction industry, and that auctions continue to be the most fair, transparent and effective means of establishing fair market value. April 19th, 2018, was National Auctioneers Day. According to the National Auctioneers Association, it is estimated nearly a quarter-trillion dollars in goods and services are sold by professional auctioneer’s each year. Pictured above is back row left to right: Dean Dallman, Brian Isernhagen, Roy Montgomery, Diane Duren, Trev Moravec, Bruce McDowell, Duane Willensiek. Front row is Governor Pete Ricketts and NeAA President Miles Marshall.

NAA State Leadership Summit

Our Association Mourns the Loss of..................

Travis and Kelly Augustin -Ruhter Auction and Realty, Inc., Hastings, NE, and Diane Duren, Executive Director of NeAA, attended a two-day State Leadership Summit in Kansas City, MO with 80+ other leaders from 34 states across the US. On Monday, March 5th the “Summit” was packed full of sessions such as: Membership Models, Board/Executive Director Relationship, National Auctioneer’s Week Update, Breakout sessions that included Finding Speakers, Vendor Relationship Best Practices, Bid Calling Contest Sharing of Ideas, Attendance/Member Experiences at conventions. On Tuesday, March 6th, the day started off with talking about: Data Management for Your State Association, Vendors, How to Help Members Promote Themselves while Promoting the Association and rounding out the morning we heard from David Whitley on the State Sales Tax Issue and the brief that is being written that will be heard by the US Supreme Court along with a general NAA update by Scott Shuman. It was a very good conference and we hope that more leaders of the NeAA will consider attending in 2019

*Keith Kort who passed away on Thursday, February 1st. Keith was a long-time member of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association and was a partner in the Kort-Dallman Auction Service in Blue Hill/ Franklin, NE. Keith co-owned and worked side by side with Shirley at the Blue Hill Livestock, K&S Cattle, and Kort-Dallmann Auction Service. Keith had a life-long passion for the cattle industry. *Mike Tasler who passed away February 24th, 2018 at West Holt Memorial Hospital in Atkinson, NE. Mike, and his wife, Diane, owned the Atkinson Livestock Market and were members of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association. Mike lived his entire life in the Atkinson area and was a very active part of the community. Mike began working at the Atkinson Livestock Market prior to graduating High School and worked his way up to co-ownership along with Cliff Pacha and Dennis (Gup) Ziska and, finally, he and Diane purchased the business in 2001. *Dean C. Martin, 81, of Lexington, Neb., died Saturday, April 14, 2018, at his winter home in Apache Junction. Dean C. Martin of Lexington, NE. Dean was a long-time NeAA member and also a NeAA Past President. *Marvin Caspers, age 85, passed away on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Marvin, of Auburn, Nebraska, began his auction career in 1951 and was active as an auctioneer until the past year. He joined the Nebraska Auctioneers Association in 1974 and served as President of the Association in 1983-84. Marvin was inducted in the Nebraska Auctioneer Hall of Fame in 2015.

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Your State Membership Just Helped The Whole Industry Thank you! Your membership in your state association has helped the entire auction industry. By mid-April, the United States Supreme Court will have heard arguments about a case, South Dakota vs. Wayfair, that could have significant impact on the future of the auction industry. You see, the South Dakota state government passed a law last year that said that you must collect sales tax if you sell an item(s) at the place of possession of the item. As an example, if you sell an item in Minnesota and you ship it to South Dakota, the new law says you must collect South Dakota sales tax. Right now, the South Dakota government does not believe it will be a big deal because they say this will only happen if you sell 200 items to one person/ company or sell items totaling $100,000. However, there is no telling how long that “threshold” will last. Did you know there are 9,998 individual sales tax jurisdictions in the United States? Think about the impact that could have on your business – selling items all over the country and having to pay sales tax all over the country. Many small companies will not be able to handle this huge administrative issue. So, thank you – your membership dollars paid to your state association (and NAA if you are a

member), have helped support an effort to submit a brief to the Supreme Court that very effectively articulates how this could impact the industry. We won’t know if we are successful until June. But if we are, we will have helped stop something that could literally put some people out of business. And if we are not, we will be working with your state association to determine effective strategies that combat this on a state legislative basis. It is for this reason that we encourage you to start developing your network of public policy officials now. Do you know who your state legislators are? Who is your state representative, and who is your state senator? If you don’t know them, contact them now before you need them. Send them an email introducing yourself; invite them to your next auction; see what you can do to help them. Because you WILL need them. If the Supreme Court sides with the South Dakota government, there are 35 states that have legislation ready to go regarding the collection of sales tax. And at that point, you will need your state association more than ever – you will need them to help you fight this. Even if you don’t sell non-real estate items, you will need to be involved. This impacts your colleagues and small businesses in general.  11 

Ms. Hannes Combest, CAE Chief Executive Officer National Auctioneers Association

And come to Jacksonville to the 69th International Auctioneers Conference and Show, July 17-21, 2018. The NAA will be hosting a special program on this issue facilitated by NAA Board member, David P. Whitley, CAI, CES, and NAA Member John Schultz, AMM, who have led NAA’s efforts on this issue. By then, we will have a decision, and we’ll talk about what is next….. In the meantime, thank you to you and to your state association for joining NAA in this fight!


The Nebraska Auctioneer PO BOX 150 Rising City, NE 68658-0150 402-367-9767

We’d like to welcome these new members to the Nebraska Auctioneers Association ! Phil and Chuck Wieck, Tom Wieck Realty & Auction, Grand Island, NE. Brant Pavel, of Pavel Auction Services, Chambers, NE. Luke Huddleston-Marshall Land Brokers & Auctioneers, Kearney NE

Nebraska Auctioneers Association May 18-20, 2018

Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center Kearney, NE Miles and Brenda Marshall invite you to join them in Kearney, Nebraska, at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, for a great weekend full of friends, fun, and education! And this one is jam-packed with so many events, along with celebrating our 70th year! Check Out These Presenters! Special keynote speaker Leroy VanDyke, known as “The Most Famous Auctioneer in the World” Aaron Traffas T. Mami Vos and National Auctioneers Association Board President, Scott Shuman

Timeless Treasures Auctions Mike and Robin Harouff, Columbus NE





Budler Auction-Jon Budler, Lincoln, NE Seth Schneider, Merino, CO Aaron Bock-Beatrice NE


Nebraska Auctioneers Association

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Nebraska auctioneers association newsletter may 2018 pages for web  
Nebraska auctioneers association newsletter may 2018 pages for web