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Senior Parent Night September 5, 2018


The Counseling Department Seniors A-G

Lisa McMorrow


Seniors H-N

Deanna Duermit


Seniors O-R

Kristin Garcia


Seniors S-Z

Elizabeth Barnes


Freshmen Administrative Assistant

Lisa Lopez Kelly Jean

480-634-8230 480-634-8239

Application Deadlines Rolling: ASU, UA, NAU Early Action: usually Nov.1st Restrictive Early Action: usually Nov. 1st Early Decision: Only select 1 college - Binding Regular Decision: January 1 or later Priority deadlines: Scholarships and special programs

Additional Deadlines ● Barrett, The Honors College at ASU: November 1st ● University of Arizona Honors College: December 2nd ● Northern Arizona University Honors College: November 13th ● Submit Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire to Counselor: September 17th **Verify deadlines in Naviance are correct**

UA, ASU and NAU Requirements for Automatic Acceptance: ● 16 core classes: 4 English 2 Social Science 4 Math 2 World Language 3 Lab Science 1 Fine Art Plus one of the following: ● 3.0 minimum core unweighted GPA ● ACT (22 and above) ● SAT (1120 and above)

College Selection Reach: One to two colleges which you do not necessarily have the ideal or upper-range academic criteria for admissions, but are close enough to still merit consideration.

Match: Most applications should be well-researched colleges for which you fall comfortably within the stated range of admissions criteria, and in which you have a strong interest in attending.

Safety: A college for which you exceed the upper range of the admissions criteria and are therefore fairly “certain� to be admitted.

Six Factors in Selective Admission ● Grades ● Strength of Curriculum ● Test Scores (ACT or SAT) ● Recommendations ● Essay ● Extracurricular involvement

Letters of Recommendation Whom should I ask? One to two junior year core teachers

How do I ask them? Speak to teacher in-person Formally request in Naviance Fill out forms: “Teacher Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire”, “Counselor Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire”, and “Parent Brag Sheet”. DUE SEPTEMBER 17th Follow up with teacher Send thank you note!

Transcripts Where do I request transcripts? Naviance - Link is on “Colleges I’m Applying To”

When do I request transcripts? AFTER you have submitted your application

Why have my transcripts not been sent - I requested them three weeks ago? We are waiting for letters of recommendation to be uploaded

Naviance **At this point in the process, all students need to be actively using Naviance** **All parents have their own access code and login information to utilize the program**

Parents’ Role Senior Year THE DO’S: ● Make sure official test scores are sent through ACT or CollegeBoard. ● Take your son or daughter on campus visits. ● Create a calendar WITH your son or daughter. ● Do the clerical work - keep track of dates, organize files and papers, provide a gentle reminder about deadlines. ● Get your pin for FAFSA now and be ready to fill out the form in October and/or create CSS profile.

Parents’ Role Senior Year THE DON’TS: ● Do not fill out applications for your son or daughter. ● Do not write their essays. ● Do not nag! ● REMEMBER-You are not the one going to college!

Upcoming Events Senior Classroom Presentations: Friday, Sept. 7th – all day

Greater Phoenix National College Fair: Sunday, October 21st - Phoenix Convention Center - 11:00AM-3:00PM

Scottsdale College Fair: Sunday, October 21st - Scottsdale Stadium - 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Ongoing College Visits: Check Naviance for dates and times Register in Naviance before attending


KEEPING YOUR FAITH ALIVE! Post-High School Religious Experiences

Keep Your Faith Alive ● Pope Paul VI in Gravissimum Educationis (10): “Since parents have given children their life, they are bound by the most serious obligation to educate their offspring and therefore must be recognized as the primary and principal educator.” ● The Catholic university system exists: ○ To focus their passion for knowledge. ○ To comprehend this in relation to Faith and Reason. ○ To strengthen its preservation of Truth.

The Newman Guide ● leges/ ● The Newman Guide recommends faithful Catholic colleges & universities where you can find colleges based on: ○ How often Mass/Adoration/Confession is offered ○ Percentage of Catholic Faculty ○ Percentage of Catholic Students ○ Average GPA/SAT/ACT ○ Number of students ○ Number of majors ○ Single sex dorms

What Can You Do? ● Basis of your child’s faith comes from what’s being done in the home. ● “If you prioritize prayer life as a family and prioritize going to Mass away from home as well as when you’re home, your children are much more likely to model that same behavior.” Kim Morgan (behavioral specialist) ● What can you do when you drop your student off at campus? ○ Look for a Catholic Church or a Newman Center ○ Make an appointment with the priest or campus minister to have a personal connection. ○ Making that connection within the first week is important!

But before you go to college... You have to graduate!

Graduation Verification Information Today, you were sent an email from NDP asking you to fill out a Google Form with graduation information. If you have not already done so, please do so now. This must be completed by Friday, September 7 at 5:00 PM so we can order diplomas, caps, and gowns.

Christian Service Learning

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.� - Matthew 25:35-36

Purpose: Being the hands of Christ to those in need

Student Requirements ● 120 hours needed for graduation by April 9th ● 90 in the community (humanitarian) ● 20 Place of Worship (faith based) ● If they do not have a faith community, your student needs to see the Director of CSL. ● 10 Notre Dame (educational) ● These are minimum guidelines. ● Students should have a balance of service in these categories: mostly in the community, then place of worship, then the school.


Student Requirements ● 15 hours claimed, verified and approved - due 1st Monday in December ● 30 hours verified and approved - due April 1st ● Pass/Fail class (Director of Christian Service Learning is the teacher) ● .5 credit each year service is completed

**Requirement Clarifications Any senior student who does not have 15 hours of claimed, verified, and approved Christian service on x2VOL by the end of the first semester (December 3) will receive an incomplete for Christian Service on their transcript. Students will have until January 15 (one week after the start of the second semester) to fulfill this requirement. Students who do not complete this requirement will be asked to withdraw, as they will not meet graduation requirements.

Service Trips Kino Border Initiative– Nogales, Mexico ● 5 Fridays during the school year $35.00 ONE Mission – Rocky Point, Mexico ● October 18-20 $500.00 ● Senior boys and dads only - Feb 15-18 Nos Pequeños Hermanos – Dominican Republic ● Fall and Spring Breaks ● $1800.00 Heartfire – Yucatan, Mexico ● Medical mission trip ● Fall and Spring Breaks ● $1800.00

Scholarships Scholarships and fundraising are available for service trips. Come to an informational September 13th at 6:30 in the cafeteria to find out how! Money is not an excuse for not going on a service trip!

Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy ● National program that trains students in servant leadership beyond the classroom. ● Mandatory meeting after school once a month. ● Sponsored by Chick-Fil-A - Raintree location. Chris Gammel as mentor. ● Students do two service projects, one at the end of each semester (all service counts) ● Sign up with Mrs. Beers or Mrs. Gjerstad in the COMM

Senior Day of Service - October 10 National Testing Day Seniors who want to serve can use this day to serve at their favorite agency or organization.

Questions? Please email Mrs. Leslie Gjerstad

Keep serving, Notre Dame!


Specifics: Prompt: Based on four years of formation in the foundational values, who are you as a Notre Dame Preparatory graduate? How would someone you meet know you are an NDP grad? What does an NDP grad look like and how do you fit that description? What has been the catalyst for your transformation over the last four years?

Timeline for Capstones October 11

Houses introduce the process

October 11

Begin to reflect and prepare

March 7

Have plan ready for House Family Leader

March 28

Presentation of draft at group session

April 11

Complete presentation shown to House Family Leader

April 12-15

Meet with House Family Leader if necessary

April 16th & 17th April 20

Present! Notified of pass or re-presentation date


Senior Fun and Privileges ● Senior Picnic ● Mr. NDP ● Auction Fashion Show ● Project Grad ● Graduation

Senior Fun and Privileges: Must Dos! Eligibility will be checked starting on April 2nd. Students must be compliant in the following areas: ● Be in good academic standing as per the handbook (Must not be on the ineligibility list) ● All Christian Service hours must be complete by April 1st ● Capstone interviews must be completed by May 3rd ● Required participation in Mass and all House activities ● Specific to Auction Fashion Show: must represent NDP well displaying Reverence, Respect and Responsibility towards our parent volunteers, Dillard’s and The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort

Mothers’ Guild ● Senior Moms Social ○ Sept. 20, 5:00 P.M.

● Senior Celebration Day ○ Oct.26, 9:55 A.M.

● Senior 100-Day Countdown ○ Feb. 5, 9:55 A.M.

● Senior Moms Retreat ○ Feb. 21, 3:30 P.M.

Mothers’ Guild ● Mass of Transition and Reception ○ Apr. 25, 8:56 A.M.

● Senior Picnic

○ May 3, 9:00 A.M.

● Auction/Senior Fashion Show ○ May 4, 5:30 P.M.

● Project Grad

○ May 17, 9:30 P.M.

Senior Moms Retreat ● Mothers’ Guild invites you to the first ever Senior Moms Retreat! ○ February 21 3:30 P.M. ○ February 22, 12:00 P.M. ○ Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center ○ $95/person

● Come together for fellowship, education, inspiration, spiritual messages, coping tools, and fun!

Auction Fashion Show

AFS Communication

Dads’ Club

Yearbooks and Yearbook Ads Important Due Dates for Seniors: 1) Senior baby photo: October 31, 2018 2) Option to purchase a senior ad: December 1, 2018 3) Portrait Sitting with Prestige Make-up dates at NDP: Nov. 29, 2:00 PM-8:00 PM; Nov. 30, 2:30 PM-4:00 PM, or Dec. 1, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM.

Contact Mrs. Rebecca Strolic at or 480634-8365 for more information about yearbook requirements for seniors.

STAY UP-TO-DATE A link to submit a baby photo and senior quote can be found at>students>seni ors To choose and purchase a senior ad, there is a link posted on the school website under parents>tuition payments

Senior Parent Night September 5, 2018

Senior Parent Night  

Senior year is important, special and busy! This presentation will help you navigate all of it, so you can enjoy and remember the pinnacle e...

Senior Parent Night  

Senior year is important, special and busy! This presentation will help you navigate all of it, so you can enjoy and remember the pinnacle e...