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NDPI (Niger Delta Partnership Initiative) is the U.S.-based 501(c)(3), non-profit operating partner of Nigeria-based implementing partner PIND (Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta). Since 2010, NDPI & PIND have strengthened and stabilized Niger Delta communities by reducing poverty, powering coastline communities, nurturing employment, fostering stability, and enabling development through multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Message from the Chairman and the Executive Director

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Ten Years in the Niger Delta (2010 - 2020): Our Scorecard

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2020 Progress in Numbers

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2020 Key Partnerships

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Niger Delta Impact Stories

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Financial Accountability & Transparency

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Governance and People

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Contributors: Olayiwola Adeniji, Laju Alpert; Nadeem Anwar; Abbie B. Elliott; Aline Haidara, Chichi Nnoham-Onyejekwe; Matthew Smart



MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN AND THE EXECUTIVE Director Dear Partners: The year 2020 marked the tenth anniversary of the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NDPI, NDPIFoundation.org) and the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND, PINDFoundation.org), and flagged off our third phase of funding and strategic planning (2020-2024). NDPI's 2020 Annual Report entitled "Resilience and Results in a Pandemic" reflects the resilience of Nigeria's Niger Delta communities, NDPI, PIND, and our staff, and our partners since inception. We are proud to say that we exceeded our program targets in the year, despite the debilitating effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Established in 2010, NDPI & PIND were designed to complement Chevron Nigeria's 2005 Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU). PIND is the Nigeria-based implementing partner of the U.S.-based NDPI. PIND focuses on working on the ground with communities in the Niger Delta's nine states, while NDPI focuses on raising the international development community's interest in the Niger Delta. Together, we focus on: • Reducing poverty in the aquaculture, cassava, cocoa, palm oil, and poultry sectors • Powering underserved coastal communities in innovative ways • Nurturing employment and exclusivity for women and youths • Fostering stability through social capital and conflict early warning and early response (EWER) • Enabling market development and fundraising for local organizations through policies and long-term development plans Learn more about our programs by reading the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020report.PINDFoundation.org (bit.ly/2020PINDAR).

+1 202.602.0740

Our 2020 Annual Report highlights include: • Our scorecard of the last ten years in the Niger Delta, which includes USD 4.6 Million of investments leveraged into the agriculture and enterprises sector • Our progress in 2020, which USD 27.7 Million in net additional income for farmers and SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) • A spotlight on our key partnerships • Impact stories from the Niger Delta • Information on NDPI's governance and people • NDPI’s 2020 financials NDPI & PIND are proud of the positive impact we have made in facilitating peacebuilding and economic development in the Niger Delta over the past decade. This was accomplished through our private and public sector partnerships, the collective knowledge, expertise, and collaboration of our partners, donors, communities, and the citizens of the Niger Delta. Through these partnerships, selfless collaborations, and engagements, conflicts are being mitigated, socioeconomic conditions are improved, and the future is looking much brighter. We plan to remain focused and sustain the momentum in the coming years through capacity building and innovation. We thank you for being a part of bringing peace and prosperity to the Niger Delta region and look forward to a more sustained partnership in the years ahead. Sincerely.

MAMADOU BEYE Chairman, NDPI Board of Directors

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)

NADEEM ANWAR NDPI Executive Director


1 NGN (NIGERIA NAIRA = .0024 USD (U.S. DOLLARS) | 1 USD = $410.50 (FIVE-YEAR AVG.)

Ten Years in the Niger Delta (2010 - 2020): Our Scorecard After ten years of helping to break the cycle of poverty and conflict in Nigeria' Niger Delta region, we are proud to highlight some of our salient contributions to strengthening and stabilizing the region.

Reducing Poverty 614,503 farmers and enterprises reached with information/services on agricultural and business best practices by PIND-USAID-co-funded MARKETS II project, FCDO-funded MADE (Market Development) project and PIND's market development interventions

Powering Coastal Communities Smallholder farmers and enterprises now have access to a functional service market for the supply of technical and business support services, quality inputs and improved technologies on a fair and affordable commercial basis. This service market was weak and almost non-existent before our interventions

396,454 of the reached smallholder farmers and enterprises improved agricultural practices, and adopted innovative climate-smart technologies and earned a net increase in income of NGN 23.7 Billion

Over 2,600 service providers facilitated by PIND coordinated a joint market-response to the pandemic threat that helped reduce the impact on the farmers and enterprises


There is now a stable commercial supply chain for quality agricultural inputs and improved farming, harvesting, post-harvest and processing technologies for farmers and processors in the market sectors we work in

new full-time jobs facilitated in sectors supported by PIND

USD 4.6 Mil. | NGN 17.9 Bil. investments leveraged into the agriculture & enterprises sector for innovations and business growth

1,082 underserved and off-grid coastal businesses & households accessed clean energy technologies for the very first time Accelerated the market uptake of solar energy cabin based micro and mini grids as an 'energy for development' solution for off-grid communities that is attracting a host of financing routes such as community funding, private sector investments and donor grants

Nurturing Youth Employment 4,355 young people gained market-relevant skills for employment in emerging growth sectors

1,933 youth linked to waged employment and enterprise start-ups in emerging growth sectors

+1 202.602.0740

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)


Fostering Stability


1 NGN (NIGERIA NAIRA = .0024 USD (U.S. DOLLARS) | 1 USD = $410.50 (FIVE-YEAR AVG.)

Award Certificate 2020: by the Social Media for Social Good


Summit & Awards in recognition of PIND as a 2020 top 100 social

self-identifying peace actors facilitated through the P4P (Partners for Peace) Network, with their capacities strengthened to tackle conflict in the Niger Delta

media influencer, using our social media platforms for social good

860 emerging conflicts mitigated by the capable peace actors via the P4P Network in their communities

20,324 Niger Delta conflict data points for early warning & early response made publicly available on the Peace Map.

and positive impact Public Appreciation 2020: by the NCDC in recognition for setting up a web-based interactive Niger Delta COVID-19 Center for collating and sharing resources

DCED Industry Certification 2019: certified by the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) as an International Market Development Champion in 2019

Enabling Development Prior to PIND's launch, the Niger Delta had little donor presence because of the difficulty in operating. Our strong on the ground presence and operations that supports easy take off and implementation of partners' projects in the region renewed donor interests and has influenced additional investments of USD 33.6 Mil. | NGN 38.1 Bil. by federal and state governments, the private sector, and donor agencies into the region for development programs. 88 policy papers, policies, and plans produced towards engendering enabling environment for development. The download of 36,134 of development resources from our NDLink online platform and 16.7 million visitors to the site has increased the availability of information and data on Niger Delta needs, challenges, development priorities and opportunities. 161 trained civil society and business membership organizations are providing improved community-responsive services 93 trained local organizations accessing funds for development programs by applying the skills learned

+1 202.602.0740

Award of Excellence 2019: from Bayelsa Non-Governmental Organization (BANGOF) development initiative in recognition of our outstanding






organizations (NGOs) in the Niger Delta

Nigeria Energy Awards 2018: in recognition of its work in the area of clean energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability in energy efficiency

Gender Partnership Recognition Award 2018: from the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria in recognition for contributions towards ending GBV (gender-based violence) in Nigeria

Peacebuilding Recognition 2018: by the Executive Governor of Delta State in recognition of PIND's invaluable leadership in promoting peace in the state.

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)


1 NGN (NIGERIA NAIRA = .0024 USD (U.S. DOLLARS) | 1 USD = $410.50 (FIVE-YEAR AVG.)

2020 PROGRESS IN NUMBERS Reducing Poverty

Farmers and MSMEs reached with information on good agricultural and business practices and climate-smart technologies

Powering Coastal Communities 59,710


Households with access to clean energy


Farmers and MSMEs with increased productivity and sales

461 Achieved 700 Targeted


595 Achieved 300 Targeted Businesses with access to clean energy

Net additional combined income for farmers and SMEs

Amount leveraged from both government and private sector to implement good agricultural practices, technological innovations, and business upgrading solutions


3,395 Achieved 3,000 Targeted


USD 9.8 Mil. | NGN 4.05 Bil.

Interventions to mitigate and resolve conflicts in communities to sustain economic activities Stakeholders utilizing PIND's peace data and analysis

150 147 60 3,053 3,000 3,000

Nurturing Youth Employment USD 29K | NGN 12.3 Mil. Achieved USD 24K | NGN 10 Mil. Targeted Cost savings via access-to-energy technologies

Youth who gained market relevant skills for employment in emerging growth sectors Youth who were linked to waged employment and enterprise start-ups in emerging growth sectors

+1 202.602.0740


Stakeholders with applicable skills in conflict management

Households with access to clean energy

4,843 USD 24.3 Mil | NGN 10 Bil.


Peace actors taking action to mitigate conflict

USD 27.7 Mil | NGN 11.4 Bil. USD 15.3 Mil. | NGN 6.3 Bil.

New full-time jobs facilitated in the agriculture, agro-allied, and clean energy sectors

Fostering Stability

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)

4,355 4,000 1,933


1 NGN (NIGERIA NAIRA = .0024 USD (U.S. DOLLARS) | 1 USD = $410.50 (FIVE-YEAR AVG.)


Enabling Development Total value of public spending influenced from stakeholders for development interventions in the Niger Delta through our advocacies

USD 97K NGN 40 Mil. USD 1.7 Mil. NGN 720 Mil.

Total value of funds raised by local organizations through PIND's capacity building support to provide community-responsive services

USD 73K NGN 120.5 Mil.

Local organizations accessing funds/grants through PIND's capacity support


Forums to share PIND's work and lessons from implementation for replication

Development resources accessed from PIND's corporate website and NDLink to inform actions

Capacity Building

+1 202.602.0740

USD 293K NGN 30 Mil.

3 26 15


95 Achieved 150 Targeted

Recognized as one of the top 100 social media influencers for social good by the Social Media for Social Good Awards Africa

Positive media mentions of PIND's work, development models and impact 33 Achieved 20 Targeted Public endorsements of PIND's work from government, partners, program participants and others

Commended by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) for support to the battle against the raging COVID-19 pandemic to safeguard lives and livelihoods


The last decade has brought about capacity building through addressing root causes and bringing systemic changes in our approach, the fish feed market, our growth and development strategy, input companies, paradigms, peacebuilding, and transparency in governance.

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)



NDPI & PIND would like to thank the many partners and collaborators who worked with us in 2020, like the ones listed below. See the most up-to-date list at Bit.ly/PINDNDPIPartners.

If you would like to partner or collaborate with PIND & NDPI, please visit Bit.ly/PartnerPINDNDPI.

+1 202.602.0740

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)


NIGER DELTA IMPACT STORIES Reducing Poverty Market Linkage, Super Market! “My name is Nzeota Prince Uche, a poultry farmer and service provider. There are some [staff] I met through PIND who have given me links from which I have made so much money, and they have also given me advice that has helped me directly [and] indirectly. Let me give you a case instance. There was [some staff] I met at one of the PIND trainings (for service providers) held in Warri. This lady linked me to where I could sell my supply of birds. Now, the kind of order these people are bringing is so much that I can categorically say I have never met up with their demand. In fact, they will tell me, "I want 100 birds of broiler." And, when I give them that, they will ask for another 100 in a week followed by another 200…by the time I do that, I am out of stock!”

Powering Coastal Communities

Quest to Address Energy Challenges Solved “My name is Kehinde Emmanuel Tayo, CEO of Vectis Business Option, a company built on the promises of renewable energy to bring power to the people of this great country. Our quest to solve energy challenges has brought us into the mini-grid-energy space to provide power for the people in the underserved and unserved communities of rural communities in Nigeria. Our partnership with PIND has brought about this relationship where we are able to reach out to more communities in the coastal region to provide them access to power. We are very grateful to PIND for what they have done, making our lives easy, making things easy in terms of access to communities, and then, supporting in reaching out to these communities in the Niger Delta.”

Nurturing Youth Employment

The 'Sitting Down at Home Idle' Phase is Over! “My name is Precious Ogbonna-Ben; I am from Abia State, a graduate of economics. I enrolled to learn leatherwork through the NDYEP training under the Footwear Academy. I got to learn a lot. I can make footwear for myself and for people, such as slippers and sandals. Before, I used to be at home, sitting doing nothing. Now, I can wake up in the morning, come to the Footwear Academy, and work because I have a lot of orders that I need to deliver.”

+1 202.602.0740

Fostering Stability

Resolving Conflicts through Partners for Peace (P4P) “With strong field work experience garnered over the years as a member of the Conflict Prevent Committee of the Partners for Peace in the Niger Delta (P4P) Imo State Chapter and the Oguta LGA sub-chapter, I have navigated the nooks and crannies communities, building community and family peace and resolving conflicts across Imo State and some Niger Delta states.”

Enabling Development

Grants Secured with Proposal Writing Skills! Prior to getting into PIND's mentorship program, the Chief Executive of the Society for the Empowerment of Young Persons (SEYP) wrote all proposals by herself, despite having five (5) employees and many volunteers. An organizational capacity assessment showed that the root causes of this were structural issues and talent mismatch within the organization. PIND commenced a mentorship program to improve the (non-governmental organizations' (NGOs) capacity to secure and implement donor-funded projects using the market systems approach. The organization was guided to restructure its organizational processes, management, and people. After the mentorship, SEYP saw a grant opportunity with the Swiss Embassy. “The entire team collectively prepared the proposal documents, following the grant writing standards taught during the mentorship. This helped us meet the donor project's requirements as SEYP received a grant of EUR 45,000 from the Embassy. After that, we secured another grant of EUR 300,000 from the European Union (EU)/IOM, and the strength of staff has increased to 17 permanent staff,'' explained Chief Executive Jennifer Ero.

Watch their stories on the PIND Foundation YouTube channel at bit.ly/PINDYouTube.

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)


1 NGN (NIGERIA NAIRA = .0024 USD (U.S. DOLLARS) | 1 USD = $410.50 (FIVE-YEAR AVG.)

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY NDPI has been a proud steward of donor funds since our establishment in 2010, and we have demonstrated transparency and accountability over a decade of successful operations. All currency (in USD/U.S. Dollars) reflect highlights from a third-party 2020 financial audit of NDPI.

ASSETS Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Accounts Receivable Grants Receivable Prepaid expenses Deferred Grant expense



Assets reflect start of the third phase of funding (2020-2024)

16,866,920 = = = = =

Fixed Assets


Equipment Computer Equipment Leasehold Improvements

Corporate Grant with Donor Restrictions


23,904,349 1,000,000

5,472,777 500,000

Other Revenue

Supporting Services



TOTAL REVENUE 23,915,869 0.19% Without Donor Restrictions 23,637,166

99.81% With Donor Restrictions 44,982

= = =

64,355 60,826 4,940

Total Net Fixed Assets

TOTAL EXPENSES 5,472,777 NET ASSETS 23,682,098

Net Assets at the Beginning of the Year


Net Assets at the End of the Year


Change in Net Assets


Security Deposit Deferred Grant Expense Grants Receivable


49.45% 46.75% 3.80% 122,109 8,102


Other Assets = = =

21,000 12,949,322 13,904,349


0.07% 48.18% 51.75%

LIABILITIES Current Liabilities


Grants Payable Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities Accounts Salaries and related Benefits Deferred rent abatement

Long Term Liabilities Grants Payable

+1 202.602.0740


Accumulated depreciation and amortization accounts for

Program Services 5,089,731

Net Assets Released from Donor Restrictions

42.99% 0.04% 29.64% 0.06% 27.27%


7,249,890 6,879 5,000,000 10,151 4,600,000

= = = =

7,036,000 61,133 10,200 10,850


98.85% 0.86% 0.14% 0.15%

12,949,322 =

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)




GOVERNANCE and PEOPLE "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” - John Maxwell

The 2021 NDPI Board of Directors Mamadou Beye

Pauline Baker

Chairman of the Board of Directors; General Manager, Chevron

President Emeritus, Fund for Peace; Senior Governance Advisor, Creative Asssociates International

NDPI Officers of the Board Melissa Abel

New Treasurer of the Board of Directors, 2021; Public Affairs Representative, Chevron

+1 202.602.0740

Eyitemi Ned Mojuetan Dr. Mima Nedelcovych

Regional General Counsel, Chevron

Chairman, AfricaGlobal Schaffer

Jane Nelson

Tam Nguyen

Laurie Regelbrugge

Director, Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Global Head of External Affairs and Sustainability Bechtel

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Community Engagement, and Education Consultant

The 2021 NDPI Team

Hendel Sztajnworc

Nadeem Anwar

Aline Haidara

Abbie B. Elliott

Former Treasurer of the Board of Directors, 2016-2021; Corporate Affairs Advisor, Chevron

Executive Director

Finance & Operations Manager

Communications Advisor

NDPIfoundation.org | PINDfoundation.org | Read the PIND 2020 Annual Report at 2020Report.PINDfoundation.org (bit.ly.2020PINDAR)






+1 202.602.0740

@NDPIFdn @PINDfoundation


communications@NDPIfoundation.org info@PINDfoundation.org

NDPI Foundation PIND Foundation

PIND Foundation



Read Previous Years’ NDPI Annual Reports at: bit.ly/NDPIAnnual Read Previous Years’ PIND Annual Reports at: bit.ly/PINDAnnual

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