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PreserFood TM/Sweet Forte

Natural Nutrition & Sugar Substitution With 4 differential vegetal polysaccharides and novel fractions of Inuline in combination with micro-nutrients and certain mineral salts, is how we conform this variation over our general formula of PreserFood TM/® SWEET. This product is specially designed to all those sectors in need of a natural sweetener for sugar –reduced and sugar free elaborated end-products where sugar can be replaced also by a natural sweetener that may act as “bulking agent” in relationship with the sugar processors and producers replace, something that it is not totally feasible with the use of other potent sweetening agents as our ACEK 250 or any other high intensity-zero calorie compounds. PreserFood TM/® SW Forte is the natural choice for nutrition and flavoring every kind of its class products and elaborates made by and for, distinction. PreserFood TM/® SW Forte Another Product with Quality Guarantee of ND Pharma & Biotech

1. Significantly fewer calories than sucrose, glucose or fructose. 2. Physical and chemical properties that match those of sucrose in all food applications 3. Mouthfeel comparable to sugar. 4. Freedom from adhesion to lips and tongue. 5. Freedom from toothpack (freedom from packing into crowns of teeth).


6. Proved and Clinically Tested* Presence of secondary health benefits 7. No negative side effects and completely safe at reasonable levels of consumption* 8. In the dry product, freedom from caking and clumping. 9. In the wet product no settling out or fractionation upon standing. *Clinically Tested and Research Through e-Technowor´s clinical situation imitation computerized model.

Safe Stable Low calorie Minimal gastrointestinal effect/reject Low cost No off-flavors High solubility


Low viscosity Crystalline Ability to brown Protein/Starch interactions similar to sucrose

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