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Letter of Support confirming financial contribution by third parties

To the members of the Creative Europe Programme Dear Madam, dear Sir, As third parties, the City of Groningen and the Province of Groningen, we support the efforts of the European Commission to promote emerging music artists and celebrate the richness and diversity of European music and repertoire. To this end, we are prepared to continue our financial contribution to organize and administrate the EU Prize for popular and contemporary music, in answer to the Call for Proposals – EAC/S26/2017 and as stated in the application of Eurosonic Noorderslag. As a third party we intend to support the application with a contribution of € 100.000 a year, for a total of € 300.000 for three years per organization. We believe that Eurosonic Noorderslag, together with its European partners, is highly equipped to reach the objectives of the Prize as it is set out by the European Commission, and we are looking forward to further support the organisation in the coming years. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Sincerely, Signature Mr. P.S. De Rook Alderman of Cultural Affairs City of Groningen

Mr. P.H.R. Brouns Executive of Economic Affairs Province of Groningen

Letter of support  
Letter of support