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Raleigh, North Carolina


New certificate becomes available Global Perspectives Certificate allows students to focus on international cultures Amber Kenney Senior Staff Writer

KORNELIUS BASCOMBE sophomore in criminology

Platform Goals I want to make sure my platform is carried out through the career and employment initiative. I want to make sure when they graduate that student and alumni relationships will be strong. The second part is with print quota. I want to see what we can do for students to have a flat rate print quota. The third thing is the traditions on campus. I want to make sure there is a lot of student involvement with different organizations on campus.


senior in business administration Platform Goals The only way to attract talented students in the future is to make academics better, and that’s something that the University does and that’s something I want Student Government to get involved in.



Platform Goals I want to create a Student Government that is highly focused on efficiency, accountability and accessibility. I also want to focus on common sense solutions for N.C. State. I have a strong focus on advocacy for student problems.

Platform Goals Utilize university iTunesU and Youtube accounts in order to post more accurate class descriptions, giving students a better idea of what they are getting into before adding a class. Help push the student-led initiative to finish the Bell Tower. Partner with the Student Diversity Advisory Council to unify diversity initiatives on campus, making N.C. State a more tolerant place.

junior in political science


junior in political science and business management Platform Goals I want to better represent students and get students involved in their individual education and experience at N.C. State. I want to connect students with the faculty and administrators at N.C. State to get things accomplished.

Junior in international relations


senior in industrial engineering Platform Goals My main goal is to allow all students, whether they’ve been active in Student Government before or not, to have open forums where they can contribute ideas for making N.C. State a better place. If all students are allowed to contribute their ideas, it increases equality and proliferates diversity because more people’s ideas can be heard.

Approved and effective as of March 1, the Study Abroad Office has created a global perspectives certificate for students who meet certain requirements during their time at the University. Ingrid Schmidt, the associate vice provost for International Affairs and the director of the Study Abroad Office, said the inspiration for this program came from similar programs already in place at schools across the country. “The certificate combines service and academics, and because of N.C. State’s land grant status, it is a perfect fit for this campus,” she said. The Global Perspectives Certificate Web site itemizes the requirements student must achieve to gain the certificate. Students must work one-onone with a faculty mentor to achieve an international experience, fulfill certain levels of academic coursework, participate in co-curricular and service activities, as well as completing a final project. According to Schmidt, the certificate has many different purposes, including giving students an edge when they begin searching for jobs. “For those students who are already active in international studies, this is the a perfect way to recognize and appreciate their service and participation in activities,” Schmidt said. “With the current economy and the job market being what it is, this will give students that extra edge when entering the work force. Companies with global set-ups and international employees appreciate people who understand and are aware of cultures from around the world.” According to Anna Fitzpatrick, the global perspectives certificate coordinator, “the certificate also helps to nationalize N.C. State, making it more well-rounded.” “Employers will notice that,” she said. Fitzpatrick said the certificate program is not quite the amount of work a student would have to complete to earn a minor. Fitzpatrick described a minor as being more coursework, while the certificate focuses on coGLOBAL continued page 3


Costner, Ferguson will not return next season

See page 10.


election central viewpoint classifieds sports

Take me outNC State toBookstores the ball game!

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In the March 13page-five story, “Making the choice to serve,” the date for ASB application submissions was incorrect. The applications are actually due in early fall. In Monday’s page-one story, “Treasury faces turnover,” director for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service Mike Giancola should have been given ample time to comment on the issue to give both sides of the story. In Monday’s page-one story, “UNC system cuts 77 degrees,” Erskine Bowles was misquoted when discussing furloughs. His quote should have read, “[The faculty is willing] to give up a couple of days pay instead of [us] losing someone we’ll need to come out of [the recession].” Technician regrets the errors.













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UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD CHAIR SELECTION Talley Student Center, All day SPEED READING SEMINAR D.H. Hill Library, 10 to 11 a.m. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES Administration III, Room 101, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. FIDELITY INVESTMENTS LEADERSHIP IN TECHNOLOGY LECTURE PRESENTS JIM Tobin Engineering Building II, Room 1231, 6 to 7 p.m.

Send all clarifications and corrections to Editor-in-Chief Saja Hindi at editor@

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD CHAIR SELECTION Talley Student Center, All day


LEGACIES + LAYERS = LENSES Talley Student Center, Brown Room, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


COMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS Leazar Hall, Room 316, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Campaigning for office PHOTO BY GINA VACCARO



im Ceresnak, junior in political science, hands out fliers to students passing by in the Brickyard Monday afternoon. “It’s been going good — we’ve talked to a lot of people and passed out a lot of fliers to help portray positive students first message,” Ceresnak said.

Partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 50s.



Service awards open to nominations

55 46 Mostly cloudy with highs near 60.

The Deborah S. Moore Service Awards are now open for nominations. The memorial program, designed to recognize exemplary service and outstanding volunteers, is accepting applications through April. The categories open are Outstanding Student Volunteer, Outstanding Service Club of the Year, Outstanding Non-Service Club of the Year, Outstanding One Time Volunteer Event and Outstanding Community Service Project. All categories are looking for individuals, clubs and events that have had a significant impact on N.C. State and


64 53 Scattered thunderstorms and showers throughout the day and a high of 64. SOURCE: WWW.WEATHER.COM

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the surrounding Raleigh community. Nom i nat ions shou ld be brought to Talley Student Center, room 3115, by 5 p.m. on April 1.

Spring Fling 5k to be held on Pan-Afrikan Festival to begin Sunday Students, faculty, and comSaturday  munity members should plan  

The Black Students Board is hosting the 39th annual Pan-Afrikan Festival March 28 through April 3. The events scheduled for this year include a Gospel Explosion, Pride Day in the Brickyard, fashion shows, and a Greek step show. The step show will be on April 3 at Stewart Theatre, with free food following. The festival will conclude on April 3 at 10:30 p.m. with a late-night comedy show. For further information on events, times, and prices, stu-

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Test Your


dents should go to http://uab., or call (919) 515 - 5198.

on running in the Spring Fling 5k event. The run will be held on Sunday, March 29 and is fifteen dollars for students, and twenty-five for non-students. Centennial Campus will be the location for this years Spring Fling. For further information, students should contact Mary Yemma by sending an e-mail to SOURCE:NCSU.EDU

POLICE BLOTTER March 21 1:08 AM | NOISE DISTURBANCE Bragaw Hall Six students were referred to the University for Underage Possession, Failure to Submit ID, and Providing False Information. 2:25 A.M.| ASSIST OTHER AGENCY Hillsborough Street NCSU PD assisted RPD with hit & run incident. Nonstudent was taken into custody. 3:10 A.M. | TRAFFIC STOP Dan Allen Drive Nonstudent was issued citation for speeding. 1:47 P.M. | LARCENY Owen Hall Student reported video camera and equipment stolen. 12:38 P.M. | FIRE ALARM Wolf Village Units responded to alarm caused by cooking. 5:32 P.M. | SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE North Shore Condos Report of suspicious vehicle. Officers checked are but did not locate any problems.

NORM SCHULMAN: A LIFE IN CLAY Gregg Museum of Art & Design, 12 to 8 p.m. SPEED READING SEMINAR D.H. Hill Library, 3 to 4 p.m. SOIL SCIENCE SEMINAR Williams Hall, 3:40 to 4:40 p.m. BLUES ‘N CUES BILLIARDS TOURNAMENT Talley Student Center, 6 to 9 p.m. FLOW Witherspoon Student Center, 7 to 8:30 p.m.

GET INVOLVED IN TECHNICIAN Technician is always looking for people to write, design, copyedit and take photos. If you’re interested, come to our office on the third floor of Witherspoon (across from the elevators) Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. - midnight and Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., or e-mail Editor-in-Chief Saja Hindi at

QUOTE OF THE DAY “It is important that all students get an international experience.” Ingrid Schmidt, associate vice provost for International Affairs



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Bascombe, Woodward involved in late violations


Elections commission chairman Andrew Tucker said two candidates for SG offices have been formally cited for campaign violations as of Monday night

curricular activities and service projects. “It is important that all students get an international experience,” Schmidt said. Schmidt also said the certificate not only benefits students directly involved with the program but will give advantages to the entire campus. “With this certificate, students that do not get the chance to travel abroad still get exposed to different cultures through the presentations and projects completed by the students directly involved in the program,” she said. With more than 60 students already involved in the program, Schmidt said she hopes to inspire any student that has an interest in international affairs to get involved. “Students interested in the program on any level should go to the Web site to further explore the program and tools offered,” she said. Schmidt said she was excited about the strength and challenges the program will be able to give students. “It is personally rewarding when you take on the challenge of going to another country and coming back to share your experience with your home campus,” she said. “This program embodies the goals of challenging yourself and going beyond what you would have otherwise.”

Ty Johnson News Editor

Even as students vote online for this year’s Student Government candidates, investigations and hearings are ongoing into campaign violations committed by candidates in the final weekend of campaigning. Monday night, elections commissions chairman Andrew Tucker reported a violation was formally filed against Kornelius Bascombe, a candidate for student body president, and another against Matt Woodward, a candidate for Student Centers president. Bascombe was notified for violating the University’s e-mail policy Monday night, but the candidate said he was acquitted of the charge as it was once of his supporters one had sent out a mass e-mail. “I wasn’t found responsible for any of it,” Bascombe said. “One of my supporters sent out an e-mail without me knowing. I advised him that he should have asked before he sent the e-mail and he apologized for sending them out.” Tucker also received an e-mail Monday night related to Bascombe’s handbills being placed in a campus area, a possible violation, but it hadn’t been formally filed as of 11:35 p.m. The e-mail contained photos of Bascombe’s handbills stacked beside a computer. “That hasn’t been filed against me so it’s

not a violation,” Bascombe said. “I hon- team. estly feel like it’s not true. If you look at “I’ve filed no complaints and I’ve dithe pictures, someone was logged into the rected no individuals to complain from computer. I’m thinking someone walked my campaign,” Ceresnak said. “Peter away from their computer and then took [Barnes] is someone who has had a pepictures. I feel like they were set up for ripheral impact on the campaign, but he’s the kill.” no more a part of my campaign than he Bascombe said he couldn’t speak for all is of anyone in the senate.” of his supporters, but felt there was no Ceresnak said many candidates go to intent to violate campaign policies. Barnes for advice, but he was not directly “I can’t really contain all of my sup- involved in his campaign. porters,” he said. “I wou ld “I think it was an not call Peter honest mistake.” [Barnes] an Bascombe also official camvoiced concern paign worker that the photos of mine.” could have been Woodward’s a campaigning violations, tactic by one of which he was his opponents. informed of “I don’t know at 10:53 by eif it’s valid bemail, accordc au s e of t he ing to Tucker, Matthew Woodward, simple fact that were undue freshman in applied sociology it wasn’t a formal influence and complaint,” Basa violation of combe said. “We the Univerdon’t know if its staged or anything. Peter sity’s e-mail policy. Barnes wrote the complaint and [he] is Woodward said he had no knowledge also a part of Jim Ceresnak’s campaign.” of a violation being committed. Bascombe said there had been a trend of “[Tucker] said there were allegations Ceresnak’s supporters complaining about concerning an anonymous e-mail sent his campaign. about [one of my] opponent’s qualifica“There have been other complaints tions,” Woodward said. “I’ll look to see if against me from Jim Ceresnak’s campaign there was any role to be played in it by my before,” Bascombe said. “I feel like I’m be- campaign or my supporters.” ing bamboozled into being the bad guy.” According to Tucker, undue influence Ceresnak said he was not aware of any is “trying to make coercive statements to complaint or action by a member of his groups in order to influence votes.” campaign in the matter, and even said that “Ultimately it’s the duty of the elections Barnes was not a member of his campaign commission to determine if it’s valid in

“Although there’s an administrative concern... they haven’t determined guilt already, [the] data wont be presented until the hearing.”

continued from page 1

this instance,” Tucker said. Woodward said while he was informed of the campaign violations, Tucker did not go into details about them. “He said he couldn’t [discuss specifics,] but he said he tried to explain as best as he could,” Woodward said. Woodward stressed that while two violations had been formally filed against him, his guilt in the matters will not be determined until a hearing. “Although there’s an administrative concern...they haven’t determined guilt already, [the] data wont be presented until the hearing,” Woodward said. “We’ll be presenting all of [our data] to the hearing on Wednesday.” Tucker said despite the recent controversies, the campaigns had been relatively quiet as far as violations were concerned. “I’ve seen more destruction [of campaign materials,] but it seems to be more third party destruction,” Tucker said. “People are recognizing the recreational ability of campaign signs.” Still the commission will take every violation seriously, Tucker said. “A violation, even on election day, is still valid,” he said. “We don’t name a winner, we name a voting winner [the decision] has to be solidified by the elections commission.” Tucker said violation reports filed on election day could greatly influence the elections still. “Violations through tomorrow are still valid and encouraged to be turned in,” he said.

Student Government insiders have edge on other candidates Taylor McCune Features Editor

Each year as student body elections come around, students get to meet a new group of people who want to take leadership positions in Student Government. Some candidates are actually new — they decided to run to give back or affect change — but some aren’t. They’ve been around for awhile, in and out of Student Government, getting to know the lay of the land and making friends in high places. According to Kelli Rogers, a junior in political science and student senate president pro tempore, having years of involvement in SG can give some candidates a bit of an advantage. Rogers, who is running for student senate president unopposed, said she had her sights set on that position since she entered student government as a freshman. According to her, many SG leaders start off that way. “When people come in freshman can always tell the great leaders, so I guess naturally they just progress up the ladder,” Rogers said. “Sometimes people guess who will be running for those positions years in advance.” As usual, student body president is hotly contested with six candidates. But even then, some

have that Student Government experience, and the position in about 10 years. perhaps the support that comes with it. “It has turned into a ‘good ole boys’ club,” she Rogers, Student Body President Jay Dawkins said, adding that males tend to appoint males, and Adam Compton, who ran for student body which has led to a lack of fresh blood in SG for president in 2007 and held other SG positions, awhile. all said being involved In addition to intrain SG or having expeSG support, candidates rienced friends in SG who haven’t spent time makes campaigning for in student government positions easier. are often behind on the “[Ca mpa ig ning is] issues, according to Rogcha l leng ing w it hout ers and Compton. firsthand knowledge,” “[Being in SG is] benDawkins said. “There are eficial because you know Adam Compton, senior in agricultural things in life where your the issues, you’re consuccess depends on the stantly trying to reach business management people around you.” out to students while Compton put it more you’re in student govbluntly. ernment,” she said. “So “It’s incredibly hard for when it’s time for the an outsider to run and election you’re familiar have a chance,” he said. with them.” It’s not just who candidates know, though. Compton agreed. The senate is a breeding ground of new SG tal“Someone from outside of SG is going to have a ent. Senators have a few paths to take — one of hard time understanding the issues,” he said. those is taking an appointed chair position. The Compton said non-SG people are also at a dissenate president makes those appointments, and, advantage because of the election rules, more foraccording to Kelli Rogers, a female has not held mally called “Chapter 7.”

“Someone from outside of SG is going to have a hard time understanding the issues.”

“Chapter seven is hard to read,” he said, explaining that most people can’t wade through the legal jargon. Rogers said she would like to reduce some of the hurdles so more people would have and easier road to SG positions. “The application process for becoming a chair is improving,” she said, “like making it so they have to show why they want the position.” But Rogers also said that making too many changes to SG isn’t feasible. A bill to change the way senate chairs were chosen “failed miserably” in 2006. For now, the system is set. However, Dawkins said he thinks new people will find their was into student government. “Hopefully we’ll see a lot of fresh faces,” he said.

Technician was there. You can be too.

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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 How will you be accessible to students? I want to create a video messaging system where I talk about what’s going on. As far as being visible, I will be going to events and programs throughout campus. I want to make sure that I’m around students and very visible to them. I also thought about starting Student Government week, where students could meet officials.

Agromeck Man wants you

Why are you running? Honestly, the thing that really made me run were the opinions of other students. Others encouraged me to run and helped me to realize my potential and that I was ready to run.

Kornelius Bascombe

Why are you qualified for this position? I am currently a member of the UAB and I chair the Black Students Board. I am a member of the Student Centers Board of Directors which deals with buildings and centers around campus. I am a past member of the Judicial Board. All these things gave me an opportunity to experience all the different aspects of N.C. State student life. It makes me able to relate to different students on different levels.

to vote yes for a


How will you be accessible to students? I want to produce a weekly YouTube address to allow students to see what Student Government is working on. I also will rely on forums to get feedback. Why are you running? I want to bring a fresh perspective to Student Government. I feel the most effective leadership can come from outside the system. Why are you qualified for this position? My experience in community service and leadership has helped develop my style as a service leader. I worked at the North Carolina General Assembly, worked for the Pat McCrory campaign as an executive director for Campuses for McCrory and as an executive director of the N.C.

Jim Ceresnak

State College Republicans. What is your favorite place to eat on Hillsborough Street? Jasmine’s Mediterranean Bistro

What is your favorite place to eat on Hillsborough Street? Global Village

How will you be accessible to students? My campaign slogan is “always connected.” Students will always have access to my Gmail calendar so that they will know where I am and where they can find me at all times. I plan to be visible in the library and do my homework in more public places. If elected, I plan to eat in the dining halls and be around as much as possible. I plan to have an open door policy on the third floor of Witherspoon so that students can talk to me when needed.

You could get a free yearbook when you graduate! Cast your vote Tuesday, March 24:

Why are you running? I’m running because I believe I am one of the most qualified candidates for the position. I have been involved in Student Government for two years and served on many administrative committees, and through that I have made the connections necessary to be effective with the administration.

Adam Cloninger

Why are you qualified for this position? I have been active in student government for two years now. I have served on the Chancellor’s Liaison, the President’s Roundtable group, and on three university committees — the committees on international programs, dining, and physical environment. I’m also on the Talley Crossroads Campaign Committee, and have firsthand knowledge of what’s going on with the Talley project. I have also served as the associate director for the Diversity Commission, and am the chair of that commission this year.

How will you be accessible to students? My door is always open, and I plan on spending quite a bit of time in the office. I also plan on going to a lot of courses at the beginning of the semester to give a speech on what Student Government does and why it’s a good organization to be a part of. Why are you running? Basically, I want to give back to this university, and the only way I can repay N.C. State is to make sure future students are given the same opportunities as I was.

Anup Engineer

Why are you qualified for this position? I’ve spent a little time in Student Government, serving as the sustainability assistant chair. That has given me a good baseline knowledge of how to work in Student Government and how to navigate a bureaucracy. What is your favorite place to eat on Hillsborough Street? I Love NY Pizza

What is your favorite place to eat on Hillsborough Street? Jasmine’s Mediterranean Bistro

*Books will be distributed on a first come, first-served basis to a set number of seniors

How will you be accessible to students? I am taking 12 hours next semester, so I plan on having regular office hours, as well as being on campus throughout the day to talk to students. I also plan on attending student organization meetings and talking to organization leaders in order to get the students’ voices out there. Why are you running? A: I have been involved with Student Government for all three years I have been at N.C. State. I have seen great things and I have seen some things fall apart. I want to make sure students connect with faculty and I want to use my relationships with

Amber Joyner faculty to get this accomplished.


Why are you qualified for this position? I have been in Student Government for three years, so I know the system. I have worked with faculty and administrators and have formed good relationships with them, which will make it easier for me to get things done. I am also an RA and in the Honors program, so I connect with many different levels of students.

the Senior Class Council

How will you be accessible to students? I will be accessible through the online forum. Also, I will only be taking 12 hours next semester, which will allow me to be out and about so that students can have their voices heard. Why are you running? I am running because I care about making N. C. State a better place. I know that the candidates for student body president are not the only people with good ideas, and I think everyone should have the opportunity to have their ideas heard.

Andrew Swanson

Why are you qualified for this position? I feel like a leader, and I have a lot of faith and passion in my ideas. I know that we are all capable of making great contributions that can benefit everyone on campus. What is your favorite place to eat on Hillsborough Street? Amore’s Pizza

What is your favorite place to eat on Hillsborough Street? Jasmine’s Mediterranean Bistro







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A T:

W W W . N C S U . E D U / H O U S I N G

Election Central



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Kelli Rogers

junior political science

How do you plan to remain accessible to students? I’ll have office hours which I’ll post on the Student Government Web site along with my phone number and e-mail address. My goal is to attend at least two different student group meetings a week and be in the Brickyard a lot. Why are you running? I think there are so many opportunities for Senate to improve and I think I can use my passion for Senate and for this campus to improve Senate accountability. What makes you qualified for the position? I have a lot of passion, and while I’ve been in Student Government for three years, passion and decication is so much more important than experience. What are your platform goals? I hope to make Senate more visible and accountable to the entire student body. I also want to get senators more involved in changing policies on campus including advising for every college and intra-campus transfers. I also want to focus on improving the visibility of the judicial branch of Student Government and communication between all branches.


Elmo Lamm

freshman in business administration

How do you plan to remain accessible to students? I will publicize the office and services offered by the Department of Treasury. I will also use internet sites, like facebook, and give students my personal phone number, and e-mail address. I will also hold office hours, which has never been done before. Why are you running? I feel like I can fulfill the duties and I have the support of many others that feel I can handle the job well. I have a personal interest in the subject of the office and I strive to restore the reputation of the office. What makes you qualified for the position? I was the Chair of the Finance Committee, and the Vice Chair of the appropriations committee. I have a strong financial background and a solid Student Government background. What are your platform goals? To restore fiscal responsibility, restore relationships with the administration and continue to make appropriations fair for all organizations.

Sophomore in criminology

Mary Francis Woods

sophomore in political science

How do you plan to remain accessible to students? If students are scheduled for board hearing, I’ll allow the Office of Student Conduct to give out my e-mail so if questions remain they can get in touch to get clarification. Also Facebook messages. I’m not trying to hide, I’ll be the same person after elected. Why are you running? Not to criticize anyone, but the Board has lacked leadership lately. We need to be more involved. There’s a lot of energy, but it’s not being put to good use. People want to do stuff, just leadership and organization is lacking. I want to expand on the outreach we do. What makes you qualified for the position? I’ve been on Judicial Board since my first semester at State. I know a lot of people in the senate, and have been in on every meeting as a fill-in since January, so I know what’s going on. What are your platform goals? Minimizing caseload, problem right now is students come in with infraction in spring, leave for summer, come back in fall, pay tuition and fees, but get suspended after paying when the case is finally heard. If they are going to have a hearing we need to get those done before they pay tuition, either in spring or summer. Beneficial for University and students. Get more diversity in faculty and students for conduct board.

How do you plan to remain accessible to students? I will provide my e-mail address for students to e-mail me with questions and set office hours for students to stop by. Why are you running? This is a great way for me to give back. What makes you qualified for the position? I was a [Judicial] Board member from fall 2007 until May 2008, then I became a judicial assistant. After that I became executive assistant to the student chief justice. What are your platform goals? I want to get more involved with giving academic integrity presentations and AlcoholEdu presentations during freshman orientations. I would like to meet with teachers to work on organizing more of these presentations.


Matthew Woodward

MaryCobb Randall

freshman in applied sociology

sophomore in management

How do you plan to remain accessible to students? On the Board of Directors Web site I want to place links to club’s Web sites. I also want to have more Student Government days on the Brickyard to form relationships. Why are you running? I want to improve student life by working with the Student Center Board of Directors to get students involved. To do this I will serve as a voice for the students. What makes you qualified for the position? I was the Student Body President of my middle and high schools and involved in the N.C. State Student Senate. In my high school, I hosted the yearly North Carolina Association of Student Councils event with a $30,000 budget. What are your platform goals? I want to bring dialogue on campus and be approachable.

How do you plan to remain accessible to students? By stimulating the flow of communication between the Board of Directors and student body. Why are you running? I am very passionate about advocating for student groups and organizations. What makes you qualified for the position? I have experience with administration and boards - acting as a liaison. I possess a lot of leadership skills and dedication. I’ve even co-written a referendum that is being reviewed. What are your platform goals? Visibility, advocacy and progress.

Election Central

1"(&t56&4%": ."3$) 



Jay Dawkins

David Bascombe

junior in civil engineering

Caroline Gibson

senior in mechanical engineering

junior in accounting

How does each candidate plan to remain accessible to students? I want to make myself known. I want to introduce myself to people.

How does each candidate plan to remain accessible to students? I will be attending the senior events and networking events. I also have office hours, which not many people take advantage of. We’ll also be building electronic communication, through email.

Why are you running? I want to make sure we don’t have to worry about where we’re going. I want graduating seniors to have options and to not worry. I want to give them a leg up on jobs and graduate school by getting them information.

Why are you running? After being student body president for a year, I’m ready to have some fun and just cap off my senior year.

What makes you qualified for the position? I’m the president of In-Roads and a part of Student Senate so I know what it is all about. I’m a people person.

What makes you qualified for the position? I have a year of experience as student body president, and I accomplished everything I set out to do. Also I am absolutely crazy about N.C. State.

What are your Platform goals? I have a plan for successive learning through the application of yourself. No matter what you decide to do, I’ll make sure the tools here are applicable. With all the programs I hope to raise money to give money back to seniors at graduation.

What are your Platform goals? I have three major platform goals. One, I’d like to have a real senior class gift, something tangible. For instance, we could put bells in the belltower, since the bellfry is currently empty. Two, I’d like to facilitate networking. In these tough economic times, it’s good for the Senior Class Council and the Alumni Association to bring together seniors and young alumni at events. Third, I’d like to establish two regularly scheduled nights out. I’ll talk to businesses to get student specials or to have some of the proceeds donated to the senior gifts, like free yearbooks. Not many people buy yearbooks, which is really a shame.

How does each candidate plan to remain accessible to students? I will continue to update my online blog so that seniors have access to information about what’s going on in the senior class council. It will be mandatory for representatives to continue to talk to students in their college so that they can be accurately represented at each meeting. Why are you running? Talking to students on campus and members of Inter Residence Council, I have gotten a good idea of what students need. I want to bring change and new ideas to the position so that the senior class can do more meaningful things as an organization. What makes you qualified for the position? I have served on the IRC executive board as the VP of finance and was involved in student government throughout high school. Being involved in a variety of things on campus will allow me to tap into different organizations and resources so that I can adequately represent diverse groups of students. What are your Platform goals? Have a tangible senior class gift that seniors will want to contribute to and will mean something to the class. Continue Adam Compton’s efforts in getting red caps and gowns. Provide resources that will help students get a job or get into graduate school. Represent seniors across the university.



Margo Sauter

junior mechanical engineering

How do you plan to remain accessible to students? I’ll have weekly office hours when people can come in and talk to me about anything. Why are you running? I’ve been on the executive board and been a chair so I know the importance of every facet of Union Activities Board. I want to work more with other organizations on campus. What makes you qualified for the position? I was a commitee member, treasurer and a chair, so I understand budgetary matters and how to plan events. I cosponsored some events with other organizations so I hope to continue relationships that way. We’re here to serve students, and I want to make that the most important facet of UAB. What are your Platform goals? I’ll work to have statutes and bylaws and to brand UAB better during the summer to get more students knowledgable. I feel like people don’t know who we are so we’ll have more information in the summer so we can grow our committees.

Al S. McArthur senior in technology education

How do you plan to remain accessible to students? I’ll post my address, e-mail and phone number on the Student Media Web site. In addition, I will be at different meetings across campus where students will be to get more info about what they want to see in Student Media. Why are you running? No one else is running and it has been a trend continuing from when I was a freshman. I felt I should run because I care a lot about Student Media and I want to have the student voice heard in Student Media. What makes you qualified for the position? I have served as an editor for one of the papers and have been to meetings for several, including advisory board meetings for The Nubian Message and Technician. I have attained knowledge about how Student Media works. I believe I can bring student leaders and advisers together. What are your Platform goals? I want to provide a better atmosphere for Student Media leaders and advisers and make sure there’s a welcoming environment for student leaders and advisers to talk and get problems solved. I’d like to make advisers more visible at staff meetings as well.


Election Central

56&4%": ."3$) t1"(&

Candidates reach out to students C

andidates for student body president have been campaigning for the past month and have reached out to thousands of students around campus. On top of being full-time students, these candidates have used much of their free time to talk to students about their platforms and spoken at debates for different organizations, such as First Year College and Wolf TV. Along with meeting new people and putting out campaign signs, many have had less than pleasant experiences. Some have had campaign violations and others have had their signs destroyed and vandalized. Despite this, student body president candidates focused on the positive parts of campaigning and use this experience to help them build their goals and platforms.


Amber Joyner, a senior in political science, briefly discuss her plans if elected student body president.


Kornelius Bascombe, candidate for student body president and sophomore in criminology, speaks to Travis Kling, freshman in aerospace engineering, on Tucker Beach Monday.


Jim Ceresnak, a junior in political science and a Student Body President candidate, talks with Morgan Monday, a senior in business, and Philip Jones, a senior in biomedical engineering, Wednesday. Ceresnak wants to move spring break later in the semester.


Anup Engineer, a senior in business administration, discusses his experience in Student Government and what he plans to do if elected Student Body President.


Campaign signs for student body president and senior class president in front of Reynolds Coliseum Tuesday afternoon.


Adam Cloninger, junior in international studies, talks about his platform and his qualifications for student body president.


Andrew Swanson, candidate for student body president and senior in industrial engineering, campaigns with candy to Jessica Fulks, a senior in textiles, and Colleen Gillis, a senior in applied sociology, in the Brickyard Monday.


Anup Engineer’s campaign sign lays broken across a fire hydrant while a Jim Ceresnak sign strewn down beside it outside of Carmichael Gymnasium Tuesday.


1"(&t56&4%": ."3$) 



Cloninger best candidate to lead student body



Student Government elections are today.


Students need to pick the best candidates for these positions.


The best candidate for student body president is Adam Cloninger, the best candidate for student chief justice is Timur Ender and the best candidate for Student Centers president is Marycobb Randall.






EDITOR’S NOTE Letters to the editor are the individual opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Technician staff or N.C. State University. All writers must include their full names and, if applicable, their affiliations, including years and majors for students and professional titles for University employees. For verification purposes, the writers must also include their phone numbers, which will not be published.

College Republicans announces endorsements We need conservatism in our student government, now more than ever. Facing budget deficits, hiring freezes and spending freezes we need strong conservative principals to reign in and recreate fiscal responsibility. It does not matter how someone feels about abortion, the death penalty or gun rights in a Student Government position. What matters is transparency, fiscal discipline and accountability—the staple values of conservative principles. The College Republicans believe in low tuition and fees and support candidates who follow that belief. We feel there are many programs to cut and better ways to reduce spending other than charging the student. We also believe in efficiency and using students to solve University problems. We don’t understand how our University constantly ranks nationally in so many programs, yet we do no harness the brain power of our highly trained, enrolled students. Endorsed candidates include Jim Ceresnak for student body president, Mary Francis for Student Body Chief Justice, Marycobb Randall for student center president and Jay Dawkins for senior class president. Ches McDowell sophomore, political science NCSU College Republicans Chairman

Playboy not welcome at NCSU I am aware that universities and colleges have benefitted from research activities that show creating a sense of place for their students will be of tremendous assistance in attracting and retaining students who will remain affiliated with “their school.� Those who recruit students and assist them with admissions processes work hard to communicate the strengths of our programs and our University. My program is comprised of perhaps 95 percent women students. What would the University have me communicate to prospective students regarding the scheduled Playboy “visit?� Should I tell them that in addition to providing the University with their GPA’s and GRE scores, the University thinks it is okay to “apply� for a Playboy “interview� by reporting on their measurements, that in 2009 we still engage in the practices of objectifying and exploiting women? Exactly

tudent Government elections and today’s choices will serve as a foundation for 2009-10. We believe Adam Cloninger would be the best candidate for student body president. He understands the logistics of SG and has experience in the organization. He also is concerned with students and was the candidate who was the most willing to be approachable to students by having a transparent schedule. Cloninger was also the only candidate who spoke about the economy in depth. This shows that he understands the current situation and will be the most prepared to deal with dire economic situations. Cloninger also has realistic, smaller platform goals than the other candidates, though they could have been more in depth. Jim Ceresnak’s platform was the most student-centered, but he lacks the necessary involvement in SG and other student organizations that other candidates have. Anup Engineer’s platform consists of goals that should not be priorities, but it was obvious that

The unsigned editorial is the opinion of the members of Technician’s editorial board excluding the news department and is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief.

he had student input when he created his platform. He said he would be able to fulfill the goals of his platform even if he was not elected, which showed us that he could still benefit the University if he was not elected. Andrew Swanson genuinely cares about students and how to improve student experience, but he had no concrete platform and did not have set goals. Swanson does not have any leadership experience. Amber Joyner has the most experience in SG out of any of the candidates, but we were disappointed that she did not use this to her benefit. She was not as present to students while campaigning as we would have expected her to be. Kornelius Bascombe is charismatic, but he is a sophomore and could use another year to understand the campus more before he takes on a position with such a heavy load. Bascombe is also the only candidate for student body president who has had campaign violations filed against him this

year. Although all candidates have some aspects of an effective leader, we were underwhelmed with the performance of these candidates so far who did not campaign as hard as previous years. For student chief justice, a position that has lacked consistent leadership in past years and is in need of a present, dedicated leader, Timur Ender would be the best candidate because he has the experience and has shown leadership to be student chief justice. He has assisted current Chief Justice Lock Whiteside in his duties this year. Mary Frances Woods has great ideas for recruiting but needs to have a more solid platform. And the Student Centers president is essential in having good communication between administration and student organizations. Marycobb Randall is our pick for Student Centers president, as she has had much experience working in different organizations and had a cohesive plan

with set guidelines. She is also concerned with educating students about the organization and recruiting future leaders. We see great potential in Matt Woodward, but he is a freshman. He has three years ahead of him and needs more experience to take on the position of student centers president. Several positions this year are uncontested, and this shows a lack of initiative in SG members. Next year’s leaders should work hard to recruit future leaders. We hope all of the winners collaborate with other candidates to come up with the best goals, because every candidate for each position had redeemable characteristics and aspects of their platforms. Cloninger should focus on students like Ceresnak, make improving the student experience a priority like Sawnson, get student input like Engineer, have a detailed platform like Joyner and be an effective communicator like Bascombe. Also, in this election, students should vote in favor for the Agromeck and Student Media fee referedums.


what kind of “place� should prospective women students expect the University to be and provide for them in light of this visit? There is so much information we can offer women that will improve their lives and respect them as human beings as opposed to offering them the “opportunity� to engage in soft porn. Higher education is the ticket to economic well being for students and communities. Higher education is the way out of exploitation for many women. Why does this institution of higher education welcome Playboy? Erin Kalbarczyk graduate student, counselor education



Are you going to vote in Tuesday’s Student Government election? BY GINA VACCARO

Playboy sees women as objects How many times have you opened up a magazine only to see advertisement after advertisement of thin, made-up models with unattainable proportions? Why aren’t REAL women considered beautiful like these unnatural creatures that we see all over the popular media? I know I’m not the only woman out there who feels this way. In today’s society, women are constantly pressured to fit a certain mold. Those of us who don’t fit this description don’t receive the title of beautiful. Magazines such as Playboy only encourage this sense of shallow acceptance and rejection. In a 2004 edition of Technician that covered Playboy’s last visit to N.C. State, one of the women in charge of the photo shoot and application process said they were thankful that there were no “fat girls� that came out to audition. Most students aren’t aware that to even get an audition with Playboy for their “Girls of the ACC� edition you must first send in a full-figure photo, a headshot, your height, weight, and measurements; it seems as though Playboy is suggesting that if your measurements don’t add up just right you aren’t considered beautiful, desirable, or worthy. This leads us to believe that women are objects, valued only for their bodies and the way that they look. So, as a reputable college newspaper, help fight this. Don’t put up a full-page spread of the finalists like you did in 2004. Let’s try to value women for more than just the way they look. Britney Braswell junior, mathematics education

HOW TO SUBMIT Letters must be submitted before 5 p.m. the day before publication and must be limited to 250 words. Contributors are limited to one letter per week. Please submit all letters electronically to viewpoint@

“Yes, because it’s a good way to voice my opinion and I want my opinion to be heard.�

Students seem more concerned about Playboy rather than Student Government elections.

Conrad Plyler, freshman in political science

Traditional classes have advantages


uring the fall semester of 2000, 1.6 percent of classes at N.C. State were taught through Distance Education. As of this semester, that number has grown to 6.4 percent of the total campus offerings. Yo u m a y be wondering how this Russell Witham af fects you, Senior Staff Columnist especially if you’re like me and have only taken a handful of DE classes while you’ve been here. Perhaps I’m just being a worry-wart, but to me, a 20 percent year over year growth in DE classes for the last decade is highly disconcerting. Maybe you’ll agree if you think of it this way. If this growth trend continues for another decade, the percentage of classes taught through Distance Education by 2020 will be 33 percent. When I started to think about 33 percent of classes being taught through DE, the only thing that came to my mind was the University of Phoenix Online. That’s right my friends; we are becoming an online University. The farce is that the very institution that claims to be eduEditor-in-Chief

Sports Editor

Viewpoint Editor

Managing Editor

Deputy Features Editor

Deputy Sports Editors

Derek Medlin

Features Editor

cating us is the source of this increase. Why? You may ask. Quite frankly, the increase comes from the fact that DE classes are cheaper. You won’t find this on any University Web site because it would be bad policy. Just thinking about it logically will take you to this answer though; the same classes are being taught by the same professors to a larger number of students. NCSU hides this fact by saying DE is an effective delivery method because classes may be taken on a student’s own schedule. It is true DE classes can be more convenient, few people would deny that. But the true origin of their increase, especially at the undergraduate level, is in their economic benefit. Our institution is simply trying to churn us out faster and more cost effectively with little regard to maintaining the quality of our education. In a conversation I had with Jeffery Braden, the dean of CHASS, he quipped that two things survived from the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church and the University system. Braden was using this unenthusiastically, saying that this shows how technological innovation in education has been a long time coming.

Saja Hindi

Taylor McCune

Cheyenne Autry Science & Tech Editor

323 Witherspoon Student Center, NCSU Campus Box 7318, Raleigh, NC 27695 Editorial .............................................................................................................................. 515.2411 Advertising ......................................................................................................................... 515.2029 Fax ...........................................................................................................................................515.5133 Online ...................................................................................................

Alex Parsons freshman, CHASS

News Editor

Alison Harman

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ty Johnson

Deputy News Editors

Preston Boyles Samuel T.O. Branch

Dan Porter

Taylor Auten

Daniel Ellis Jonathon Laughrun Kate Shefte

Jane Moon Photo Editor

Dreier Carr

Design Co- Editors

Ana Andruzzi Lauren Blakely

My take is completely different. Universities survived because they offered a storied and inimitable product. The tradition and heritage is part of why we are here, the unique relationship between a student and teacher is fundamental to the fabric of a university and cannot be replaced by online discussions and e-mail. An institution in which 33 percent of the classes are taught with little to no faceto-face contact is not one I would want to be associated with, nor is it one I would want to send my children to. Braden told me that DE is simply a logical evolution in which teachers help students “manage learning� from the vast sources of information available on the internet. I agree, but that does not mean we should begin to abandon traditional classes. The Internet has opened up vast new resources at the touch of a fingertip, but it would be a real tragedy if this remarkable tool damaged the educational experience. Let Russell know your thoughts at

Advertising Manager

David Mason

“Yes, as a perspective political science major I think it is very important for residents to be a part of their community by expressing their voice through voting.� Kate Gilbertson freshman, first year college

“Yes, I’m voting. I didn’t vote in the presidential election and it messed up our world, so I’m going to vote in this election.� Tyler Stone freshman, engineering

“Yeah, I guess I’ll vote.� Ben Gawron freshman, first year college

Technician (USPS 455-050) is the official student newspaper of N.C. State University and is published every Monday through Friday throughout the academic year from August through May except during holidays and examination periods. Opinions expressed in the columns, cartoons, photo illustrations and letters that appear on Technician’s pages are the views of the individual writers and cartoonists. As a public forum for student expression, the students determine the content of the publication without prior review. To receive permission for reproduction, please write the editor. Subscription cost is $100 per year. A single copy is free to all students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus. Additional copies are $0.25 each. Printed by The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C., Copyright 2008 by North Carolina State Student Media. All rights reserved.



56&4%": ."3$) t1"(&



Club lacrosse ‘growing as a team’ Lacrosse returns from South Carolina and looks forward to the rest of the season Sean Klemm Staff Writer

Last weekend, the club lacrosse team traveled to South Carolina to compete against Clemson and South Carolina. Despite losing to the Gamecocks, State had an impressive showing at Clemson and was able to make it out of the weekend with one win and one loss. “This was a pretty big weekend for us, it showed we can actually play,” sophomore Kyle Cullen said. “We were kind of wondering who was going to step up in which positions and we really played well against Clemson and got a big win.” Like all club sports, the lacrosse team is comprised of athletes from many different walks of life, coming together with a common fervor for their respective sport. “A lot of our guys have come from playing sports all throughout high school and when they got to college that was absent, so it’s a great way for us to continue to play the sport we love,” team captain James Midgette said. “We’re out there to play lacrosse at a high level and be able to have


A member of the N.C. State men’s club lacrosse team battle against Appalachian State Feb. 8. The Pack won the match 14-6.

that same team experience and enjoy the game.” Although lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, N.C. State remains one of many schools that remains without a varsity

program. However, the lack of a varsity program may increase the level of competition as well as the talent level for State’s club squad. “It’s definitely a lot hard than high school lacrosse,” Cullen said. “It’s not quite at the varsity


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level but since we don’t have a varsity program there is definitely a lot of talent throughout our team and throughout the conference. It’s really competitive.” However, like every other sport


continued from page 8

too often and that was the first time I got to go fishing this year.” Wood said he and his team would like to see a few more athletes participate in their next challenge. “We didn’t get the turnout we wanted to get this weekend because everyone was busy,” Wood said. “We’re going to do another one in April and get more people involved.” Hooks sees this as an event that could have long-term potential. “It was a great time and I look forward to doing it again, and hopefully we’ll make it a tradition for years to come,” Hooks said.

at N.C. State — varsity or club — the lacrosse team was plagued with key players leaving due to injury or quitting for other reasons. However, according to players, the team has grown closer recently. “We have started hanging out more as a team outside of lacrosse practice. We’ve really been bonding a lot more,” Midgette said. “I think it has allowed us to grow tremendously as a team, even though we did lose a few key individually talented people. As we’ve grown closer and gotten to know each other a lot better it really has impacted our playing ability on the field.” With the tightly-knit group of guys who have been practicing since late February, the team looks ahead with high hopes of making the playoffs and contending for a league championship. “We still have a chance to make the playoffs; we just have to beat Wake and upset Virginia Tech at Blacksburg in our last game of the season,” Cullen said. “That will be a huge game. I think we are playing well. I am really excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds.”

LAUGHRUN continued from page 8

attending. Students clearly make a difference at these non-revenue sports events. So, bottom line, football and basketball are over. Show up and support the other student athletes as they lay it all on the line for the Red and White. Baseball, softball, and gymnastics, just to name a few, have events coming up on campus. Go out, wear red, be loud, be proud and cheer for the Wolfpack.


For students, line ads start at $5 for up to 25 words. For non-students, line ads start at $8 for up to 25 words. For detailed rate information, visit All line ads must be prepaid.

To place a classified ad, call 919.515.2411, fax 919.515.5133 or visit EMPLOYMENT HELP WANTED 1-4 bedrooms near NCSU & Downtown Raleigh, Condos, Townhomes, and detached houses. Please visit our website at Chick-fil-A North Hills is selecting team members for PT day & night shifts. Qualified candidates have a desire to serve others, demonstrate a positive attitude, work well with others, and enjoy serving in a fast paced environment. Please apply in person. 919-510-0100

Sudoku Level:




Egg Donor Needed: Height: 5,2” not more than5’ 6’’ Weight: 100-120 lbs Education: graduate or currently enrolled and working towards grad degree Hair color: Black or dark brown Ethnicity: East Indian but not limited to with similar features as described above. The3000 US$ reward will be provided and will be handled and administered by the medical office of Carolina conceptions. If interested please email”or call 910-584-5003.

Hab Techs Needed! Maxim Healthcare needs staff to work w/developmentally disabled clients in Wake County. Flexible hours in afternoons, evenings, and weekends. $10-$15/hr based on experience. Need own transportation. 676-3118.

Companion/Driver needed for 14 year old girl from 3- 6pm Monday-Friday. North Raleigh area. Call 819-6905 between 6-9pm.


Want to volunteer for the Earth Day Concert on Lee Field April 24th? Contact volunteerncsu@ Webmaster, 88.1 WKNC FM WKNC is seeking an individual with experience in HTML, PHP, and CSS. Time commitment is approximately 5 hours per week. Applicant must be a full-time student with a 2.5 GPA or higher. For more information or to apply, send resume, portfolio, and cover letter to Mike Alston at

By The Mepham Group

WORK WANTED Big Boss Brewery is seeking part time crew members to assist with customers, beer tastings and events. Must be 21 and have own transportation. info@


CONDOS FOR RENT 4BD/4BA condo (Gorman Street) on Wolfline. All appliances included, microwave, refrigerator, washer/dryer, central air, ceiling fans in every room. Cable/internet connection. $1075-$1315/ month. Call 274-2517.



One block from campus. Private BA & closet in 4BR/4BA condo. University Glen/Oaks. Full kitchen, W/D. Rent entire condo or individual rooms. No processing fee. $300/month. 919- 616-7677.

$8000 or live one year free!

HOMES FOR RENT 4BR/3BTH home. Four miles from State. Recently remodeled. Washer/Dryer connections. NO PETS. 833-5588. $1300/month


Students get your townhome now for $565. 2BR/1.5BTH. Washer/dryer connections. Carpet, NO PETS. Call 833- 5588


Solution to Monday’s puzzle

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1 2 3 4


Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit

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Now Leasing for May, Summer and August! Great promotions going on at University Suites. Call Now 919- 828-6278.

Near NCSU. Exceptional 3,4, and 5 Bedroom Houses. Close to Campus. Available August 1, 2009. Very attractive. Ideal for students. Call day: 833-7142 and evening: 783-9410. Please visit our website

N%+;51+";$5*"'9"'+9"-/.0" *;69%+;*",%3%54%"CKFF"5+" '995;51+'("*'45+8*



Near campus. 4BD/2.5 Bath. Availiable May or August. Email for more information.

1 2 3 4


919.830.5802 com

Solution to Friday’s puzzle


Complete the grid so each row, column and

!""#$%"&'()*"+%',"-./0"122%,*" 31+4%+5%+3%*"*63$ "'*"*$1775+8"5+"91:+;1:+"<="##>"<6*(5+%" ;$';"31++%3;*";1"?1(2(5+%@ !"/7'3516*"2(11,"7('+*A"8,%';"21,",11))';%*A" '+9"'"8,%';"(13';51+B !""?%"5+3(69%"$%';A":';%,A"$1;":';%," '+9";,'*$",%3%7;53(%*@ /7'3516*"#:1"<%9,11)*"*;',;5+8"';" CDEFG)1+;$"HIEFJKFLF*2M


Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

ACROSS 1 Overactors 5 In pieces 10 Forget about 14 Object of worship 15 Ladies’ man 16 Costa __ 17 Centennial State rock? 20 Pilot’s announcement, briefly 21 Frontier bases 22 Wolverine State fire starter? 26 It’ll never fly 27 Bud’s buddy 28 Wetland 29 One in a “Flying” circus act 32 __ generis: unique 35 Peach State wide open spaces? 39 Sixth sense 40 Baggage claim item 42 Firm way to stand 45 Guy 46 Without precedent 47 Cotton State sculpture? 51 Italian veal dish 53 Pah preceder 54 Cornhusker State Town Car? 59 Quaint “Holy moly!” 60 John of England 61 Bay of Pigs locale 62 Disney dog 63 Catches one’s breath 64 To be, in old Rome DOWN 1 Juice drink with a hyphenated name 2 Big fuss 3 Minute particles 4 One of the deadly sins 5 Coach Parseghian


By Dan Naddor

6 Pea’s place 7 O’Neill’s “__ for the Misbegotten” 8 Blunt rejection 9 Play the piccolo 10 Synthetic fabric 11 “A living faith will last in the __ of the blackest storm”: Gandhi 12 “Rhyme Pays” rapper 13 Old salts 18 Bitter complainer 19 Words before smoke or flames 22 Copy cats? 23 Reflection 24 Bell hit with a padded hammer 25 Auto with a four-ring logo 30 Cut off, as branches 31 Remote batteries 32 [error left as is] 33 Like a 12-0 verdict 34 Basketball Hall of Famer Dan 36 Mountain lion 37 Neeson of “Taken”

Monday’s Puzzle Solved

Lookin’ for the answer key? VISIT TECHNICIANONLINE.COM

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38 When many go to lunch 41 Dolly, the clone, was one 42 Derivatives of it are used in sunscreen 43 Privilege loser, often 44 Bring down on the gridiron 47 Equally yucky 48 “Mercy me!”


49 Watery trenches under drawbridges 50 Italian lawn game 51 Like Ogden Nash’s lama, in a poem 52 Big name in video games 55 Place to park 56 Connections 57 Barbell abbr. 58 Rob Roy’s refusal





Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tennis defeats Maryland


Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien serves as grand marshal








































4ODAY SOFTBALL VS. COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON Curtis & Jacqueline Dail Stadium, 5 p.m. BASEBALL VS. UNC GREENSBORO Doak Field, 6:30 p.m. 7EDNESDAY WOMENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TENNIS VS. DUKE Isenhour Tennis Center, 2:30 p.m. SOFTBALL VS. OHIO STATE Curtis & Jacqueline Dail Stadium, 2 & 4 p.m. BASEBALL VS. LIBERTY Doak Field, 6:30 p.m.

QUOTE OF THE DAY â&#x20AC;&#x153;... I just feel like it is time to move on and pursue my dreams of playing professionally.â&#x20AC;? 2EDSHIRTJUNIOR"RANDON #OSTNER






1"(&t56&4%": ."3$) 



MENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BASKETBALL

Costner, Ferguson will not return to Pack next season Both players will forgo final year of eligibility

but this was the first time they competed together. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve taken Jeff out a few times and taught him a little bit about fishing,â&#x20AC;? Hooks said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I gave him one of my baits that I had been using on Lake Wheeler, and at the beginning of the day he was catching more than I was.â&#x20AC;? Wood and Cole took to the lake and enjoyed the beautiful, 60 degree weather. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cole is from [Monroe,] Michigan, so he was used to a different kind of fishing,â&#x20AC;? Wood said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Up there, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a lot of trolling, but down here itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s slower, it took a little bit for him to get used to it.â&#x20AC;? Baker and Cole both have backgrounds in fishing, and use it as an escape from the rigors of the football season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;As a kid, I got into fishing; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a place where I can get away,â&#x20AC;? Baker said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I really love being on the lake.â&#x20AC;? Baker said he and the BassPack are in talks to stage a rematch in April, where Baker will defend his title. A date hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been set, but Baker said â&#x20AC;&#x153;the sooner the better for me.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was great that I got to go out on the lake with those guys and just fish,â&#x20AC;? Baker said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get to do that BASSPACK continued page 7

LAUGHRUN continued page 7


Forward redshirt junior, Brandon Costner, jumps to make a slam dunk against No. 7 seed, Wake Forest, in the RBC Center this Wednesday. Costner scored a total of 27 points during the game, the leader in points. N.C. State upset Wake Forest, 76-82.


Football players, BassPack members compete together on Lake Wheeler Representatives from both teams compete against one another in friendly competition Kate Shefte Deputy Sports Editor

Early Sunday morning when the sun was barely up, N.C. State half back Toney Baker, linebacker Audie Cole and defensive end Jeff Rieskamp joined members of Stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BassPack for a day of tackles and trickery on Lake Wheeler in Raleigh. Baker caught the biggest fish of the day, single-handedly winning the tournament for his team after snagging an eight-pound bass. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was huge,â&#x20AC;? Baker said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That was the biggest fish Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever caught.â&#x20AC;? The team of Rieskamp and Josh Hooks came in second with six pounds of fish, but for one brief, shining moment, they thought they had won it all. Baker and his partner in the competition, Jason Livingston, led Hooks and Rieskamp to believe that they had pulled out an upset. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They said, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Aww, Josh and Jeff won,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and then they went to their boat and pulled out that huge fish,â&#x20AC;? Hooks, a sophomore in civil engineer-


Toney Baker, a halfback on the football team, shows off the eightpound bass he caught on Lake Wheeler March 22.

ing, said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They were sandbagging us.â&#x20AC;? According to Chris Wood, a junior in textile engineering, most of Basspackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s members have their own boats. Of the seven BassPack

members that came to the tournament, a handful of them took Pack players and the rest went out in pairs on their own. Hooks and Rieskamp were friends before the tournament,

Spr ng into Sustainability

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Come to non-revenue sports While football at â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Carterâ&#x20AC;? fills the fall and basketball at the RBC Center fills the winter, there are literally thousands of other student athletes that are neglected. They go out a nd sacrif ic e t he i r time and their bodies in front of c rowd s Jonathan B. that usually Laughrun Deputy Sports Editor top out at about 30 0 people, and fight the good fight for the Wolfpack. Though, like the football and basketball players, they may not always be successful they go out and give 110 percent, they deserve the same, if not more, support from the student body that football and basketball get. Sure the Student Wolfpack Club does a great thing by requiring members to attend non-revenue sporting events to get points for the football and basketball games, but with only 2,400 members, it is a small population of State students. The Student Wolfpack Club only offers points for a limited number of events in a given season. Students should want to go and be a fan at these â&#x20AC;&#x153;otherâ&#x20AC;? sports. It is time for the student body to come out in force and drop the â&#x20AC;&#x153;otherâ&#x20AC;? from in front of these sports. We should consistently have capacity crowds at Reynolds Coliseum, the N.C. State Soccer Stadium, Doak Field, and Derr Track. Working for the sports staff of Technician this year has really opened my eyes to some of amazing things the athletes of N.C. State do. This past weekend was big for non-revenue sports. Two national championships in one day â&#x20AC;&#x201D; in case you didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t read the paper Monday. That is huge for our programs. Watching Darrion Caldwell wrestle in Reynolds Coliseum is like nothing else. The electricity he brings to the mat is uncontested. Also this weekend, the gymnastics team took first in its league for the fourth time in Reynolds Coliseum. The gymnasts won on the last rotation after the Wolfpack had an outstanding showing on bars and had to sit and wait as West Virginia and North Carolina, the gymnastics teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s two biggest rivals, competed for the victory. You could feel the tension in the arena as West Virginia performed phenomenal routine after phenomenal routine and the Wolfpack gymnasts sat waiting, counting up the scores. The jubilation on the faces of the gymnasts after they found out they had won was priceless. These experiences would be augmented for the better if even more students came out to enjoy them. As more and more students come to enjoy these events, the better these events become. N.C. State has the opportunity to be great at these non-revenue sports, but it all starts with attention. That attention must first be brought from the students. Other teams should dread coming to N.C. State to compete because of the home field advantage the Pack draws from its students. Students get into all of the non-revenue sports for free by flashing their IDs at the gate so there is no excuse for not

Staff Report

Wolfpack leading scorer Brandon Costner has chosen not to return to the Wolfpack for the 2009-10 season, head coach Sidney Lowe announced Monday afternoon. According to Lowe, Costner will graduate and enter the NBA draft, forgoing his final year of eligibility with the Pack. Guard Trevor Ferguson has also opted to graduate and will not return. Costner, a redshirt junior, led the team in points this season and was in the top five in almost every major statistical category during his tenure with the Wolfpack. Costner sat out most of the 20052006 season with a stress fracture, but during his 2006-2007 breakout season, he was named to the ACC All-Freshman team and was also a third-team All-ACC selection. He became the seventh rookie in ACC history to lead his team in both scoring (16.8) and rebounding (7.3.) Costner played in 110 career games with 84 starts, averaging 12.6 points and 5.9 rebounds during his time in Raleigh. In 2008-09, Costner led the Pack in scoring (13.6) and was second in both rebounding (6.1) and in assists (71). Ferguson transferred to N.C. State after signing a letter of intent with Pittsburgh and also sat out the 2005-06 season. Ferguson played 52 career games, including eight starts. All eight occurred during the 2008-2009 season, but Ferguson found himself on the bench for much of the later season. Ferguson averaged 3.7 points and 15.5 minutes per game, hitting 37.4 percent of his career three-point attempts. Costner will earn a degree in communications in May, while Ferguson plans to complete his degree in science, technology and society during the summer. The Pack will lose Costner, Ferguson, and graduating seniors Ben McCauley and Courtney Fells for 2009-2010.


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Technician, March 24, 2009  

Costner, Ferguson will not return to Pack next season; Cloninger best candidate to lead student body; Candidates reach out to students; Vote...

Technician, March 24, 2009  

Costner, Ferguson will not return to Pack next season; Cloninger best candidate to lead student body; Candidates reach out to students; Vote...