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Raleigh, North Carolina

New registration system will give helpful features Some students report having trouble with the system Samuel T.O. Branch Deputy News Editor

Students registering for summer and fall classes will notice dramatic changes to the registration system according to Louis Hunt, vice provost and university registrar. Hunt said the changes in the system, such as automatic prerequisite enforcement and a wish list feature, have been in the works for several years. “The old system is old technology,� he said. “This system was purchased quite a while ago. It’s just a step in the integrating process.� The transition is part of a necessary updating of software on many University systems, Hunt said. Although the transition should

be mostly beneficial, Hunt said, he warned it will also be tough. “This is a massive amount of change, the largest amount of change we’ve ever put the University through, and that is inherently difficult,� Hunt said. “We’re quite optimistic about the way things are going.� Janell Moretz-Henderson, an academic advisor for the College of Natural Resources, said she is hearing complaints from students. “The feedback I’ve gotten isn’t positive,� Moretz-Henderson said. “Students aren’t real crazy about it.� Upperclassmen in particular are having the most trouble, Moretz-Henderson said, because they are most accustomed to the older system. She said the system isn’t too hard, but it will take a lot of getting used to. “Once we get students acclimated to it, and we’re more accli-

SOME FEATURES OF THE NEW SYSTEM r A wish list that students can fix

r r

r r

before their window opens to make registration faster Extended waitlists until the fifth day of a class Swap feature so students don’t have to drop a class and then add one quickly Automatic prerequisite enforcement Access to the requirements of different degrees that are not a student’s particular major

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mated will be a positive change,� Moretz-Henderson said. “It is an easier system, it is just retraining yourself.� The system is so different that all advisors had to go through a training process so they could educate students, Moretz-Henderson said.

But Moretz-Henderson said the new features of the system are a plus, with beneficial changes on both the student and the faculty side of things. Some of the new benefits Moretz-Henderson and Hunt mentioned are extended waitlists until the fifth day of a class, a swap feature so students don’t have to drop a class and then add one quickly, automatic prerequisite enforcement and being able to access the requirements of different degrees that are not a student’s particular major, just to name a few. Some students, however, don’t even know about of most of these features. “I wasn’t even aware of those things. Maybe they could advertise about it more or put it in the tutorial,� DaSYSTEM continued page 3 5*.0#3*&/5&$)/*$*"/'*-&1)050

Kelli Rogers, Senate president pro tempore and chair of the select committee on hate crimes, speaks to television media following the almost unanimous vote to approve the Hate Crimes Bill of which she was instrumental in the creation Nov. 19. Rogers is running unopposed for Student Senate President.


Two elected positions go uncontested once again Student Senate President and Student Body Treasurer attract one candidate each in the student body elections Saja Hindi Editor-in-Chief


Emily Cannady, a freshman in First Year College, speaks to vegetarian advocates in the Brickyard Tuesday. NCSU SPARC (Students Promoting Animal Rights Collectively) enlightens students about the science and ethics behind animal rights through interactive events such as lectures, films and social gatherings. “I ate fruit and vegetables for lunch today because the information I saw outside really impacted me,� Cannady said.

Plans to ‘Freeze the Brickyard’ underway Group aims for laughs, lots of participation John Cline Staff Writer

The Brickyard is going to freeze for the second time April 1. Zack Berman, a junior in biological science, and Riley Miller, a sophomore in aerospace engineering, are coordinating the effort for the “freeze� with Berman in charge and Miller at second in command after leading last year. Freezing occurs when a group of people, all with synchronized watches and congregating in the same area,simply stop what they’re doing and stand completely still for five minutes, regardless of how those around them react. The trend began in 2002 when the group “Improv Everywhere� from New York successfully froze Grand


Jonathan Mucci, then a junior in history, freezes in the Brickyard during last year’s Freeze the Brickyard event. Mucci said the event, which took place March 19, 2008., was really hyped up on Facebook.

Central Station and the video gained wide play on YouTube, with 16,107,979 hits so far. “I first got the idea last year when my uncle showed me the [Grand Central] video,� Miller

said.�I just thought, we can totally do this, so we gave it a try.� According to Miller, the event took off better than hoped. “When I started the group last year, I was hoping for maybe 80

Grad Fa ir Balfour

CB Graduation Announcements

RĂŠsumĂŠ Critique

people at the most,� he said. “But within two nights after creating the group it had about 500 members. It was ridiculous.� Only about 150 of those showed up for the event last year, according to Berman. “Last year it got hype, but we started it too soon and the hype had time to die down,� Berman said. “This year I took the initiative and got the officers and everyone more organized. I also picked April Fool’s Day so it would stick in people’s minds.� Miller said the event has grown substantially from last years event. “We already have over 800 people in the Facebook group, and there’s still over two weeks to go,� he said. “Optimistically we’re hoping to see


FREEZE continued page 3

NC State Bookstores ur Mark Yo rs! a d n Cale

This year’s Student Senate president and student body treasurer positions are uncontested, as ended up being the case during last year’s student body elections. For Student Senate president, Kelli Rogers, Student Senate pro tempore and junior in political science, is the only candidate. And for student body treasurer, Elmo Lamm, Student Senate Finance Committee chair and freshman in business management, is the only candidate. Andrew Tucker, Elections Commission chair and senior in political science, attributed two main reasons to this — those running projected themselves to other members of Student Government clearly and these two positions have qualifications candidates could only have obtained through prior Student Government experience. “Treasurer is an awkward position. It’s a lot of work, a lot of managerial work, particularly,� Tucker said. “Senate president is very internal. You do have to be a senator for the majority of the previous year to run.� But, he said he thinks this year in particular, others who may have thought about running saw that the two students who had already declared their intent to run for those positions were qualified. “I feel like there’s a certain

APRIL 14 - 16 10am - 4pm

amount of prowess and experience required for Senate president and treasurer,� Tucker said. Rogers said she is qualified for the job not only because of her experience. “Why I think I’m qualified is because I still have the passion and the drive and the motivation to see Senate become and do more than it has in the past two years,� she said. And though Rogers said she is relieved she doesn’t have to run a campaign and thinks part of the reason no one else is running is because of the prerequisites of the position, it isn’t the best scenario. “I do believe in competition when it comes to student leader roles and student leader positions,� she said. “It does disappoint me that for the second year in a row, this position is uncontested.� And for Rogers, the way to combat this problem is to make Senate more visible to the student body. “Senators are supposed to represent their college. A constituent should know their senator. And a senator should make that happen,� she said. For student body treasurer, Lamm said he thinks people are scared away from the position possibly because the past two treasurers ended up resigning. “It’s a pretty heavy job,� he said. “It requires a lot of work. It’s not a glamorous job.� But Lamm said he is qualified for the position because of his experience within Student Government and his work ethic. ELECTION continued page 3

Portable books shrink. See page 5.

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Pan Afrikan Festival begins March 28

In Wednesday’s page-one photo for the article “Atrium food court to get second face lift,” the byline was incorrect. The photo was actually taken by Tim O’Brien. In Monday’s page-one article “Weather dampens festival,” the two fraternities listed as pie tasting winners actually won the barbacue contest. Technician regrets these errors.

The 39th annual Pan Afrikan Festival will be held this year beginning on March 28. The event, sponsored by the Black Students Board, will last until April 3. Events will include a Gospel Explosion, modeling and fashion shows, Pride Day in the Brickyard, and a Greek Step Show on April 3 in Stewart Theatre in Talley Student Center. A full schedule of the various events scattered across campus can be found at the Union Activities Board’s website. Tickets for the events range from free to $10 for students and free to $20 for the public.

Send all clarifications and corrections to Editor-in-Chief Saja Hindi at editor@




Managing negative conflict class March 25

Partly cloudy with a 10 percent chance of rain. Light winds throughout the day.


55 35 Partly cloudy with a 10 percent chance of rain.

Talley fountain up and running


57 36 Sunny with variable winds. SOURCE: WEATHER.COM



ayla Edwards, a sophomore in elementary education, and Austin Howe, sophomore in business management and accounting, study next to the fountain next to Talley Student Center Tuesday afternoon. The fountain was drained due to the drought and has now been refilled and repainted. “I am really excited to see the fountain up and running. It’s a really relaxing atmosphere out here on the NCSU campus,” Howe said.

A session titled “Legacies + Layers = Lenses” will be held March 25 from 9 a.m. to noon. Panelists will educate students in an interactive way on how to manage negative conflict in ways that promote growth and build others up. The event will be held in the Brown Room inside Talley Student Center. Students can register online at the Office for Equal Opportunity’s website. SOURCE: OEO













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Today THOMAS SAYRE: NEW WORK Gregg Museum of Art and Design, noon to 8 p.m. NORM SCHULMAN: A LIFE IN CLAY Gregg Museum of Art and Design, noon to 8 p.m. GETTING INTO PRINT: ETHICAL ISSUES IN THE EDITORIAL PROCESS Talley Student Center Walnut Room, 12:30 to 2 p.m. FIRST YEAR COLLEGE VISITATION DAY FYC Commons Building rooms 104 and 106, 1 to 5 p.m. MILLENNIUM SERIES PRESENTS DENNIS GARTMAN Stewart Theatre, 6 p.m. “LUNAFEST” Witherspoon Student Cinema, 7 to 9 p.m. “VALKYRIE” Witherspoon Student Cinema, 10 to 11:55 p.m.

GET INVOLVED IN TECHNICIAN Technician is always looking for people to write, design, copy edit and take photos. If you’re interested, come to our office on the third floor of Witherspoon (across from the elevators) Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to midnight and Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., or e-mail Editor-in-Chief Saja Hindi at editor@

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SYSTEM continued from page 1

vid Drosback, a senior in mechanical engineering, said. Moretz-Henderson said another big change is the introduction of a wish list. Students will be able to log in before their window opens and add all of the courses they wish to take. Then, whenever it is time for the student to register, they just log in, click and it automatically adds all of the courses on the wish list if they are still available. It will then show a window notifying the student of courses added to the schedule. Drosback said he did use this feature, but that the old system worked better for him. “It was difficult. I never found

the tutorial until after the fact,” he said. “It was a time-consuming process.” But although some students are having a little trouble, Hunt said the transition has gone well so far. “I’m very pleased with how its gone and I don’t think you’ll find a smoother transition in the country,” Hunt said, adding that the new system will be better for the University as it continues to change. “[The features of the system] should provide a lot of flex, but the real thing is meets the changing needs of the institution.” The previous system was so old that it just didn’t make much sense anymore, Hunt said. “Our old system was written 25 years ago and the assumptions that were made don’t apply to the



about 400 turn out.” Others are taking notice. According to the two leaders, WolfTV will be covering the event with at least two cameras this year. But even with the increased publicity this year, the group isn’t worried about losing the element of surprise. “Will we surprise people? Absolutely!” Berman said. “Last year at least 80%percent of people had no idea and it was on Facebook for over 2 months.” Miller also said people would still be shocked. “I test it out sometimes when I walk around,” he said. “I’ll ask people if they’ve heard of it, and the vast majority haven’t.” According to Miller, this is something everyone should take time to be a part of. “It’s just something we can do to relax and have fun,”he said.

And Lamm said his hopes are that next year’s finance committee will consist of students he feels are the most qualified for it, which will in turn, promote the office of student body treasurer in addition to the work he hopes to accomplish. “My pledge is I’m going to give this office 100 percent of my time,” he said. Tucker said some people have brought up the idea of selecting the treasurer and Senate president within Student Government because of the qualifications and because most students do not know what these two officials do day-to-day. But, he said, it would be up to the student body to propose that if the students were

continued from page 1


5)634%": ."3$) t1"(&

continued from page 1

University anymore,” he said. Hunt also said a number of things are in the works that make this change necessary because the old system couldn’t accommodate the needs. “You might have new types of sessions in summer school,” Hunt said. “We’re making a new grading option for the vet school. We’re [moving toward] applying for graduation online. We will be replacing the degree audit system.” The new system is one to which many other large schools have already switched, Hunt said. “This system is used by most large schools like ourselves,” Hunt said, mentioning Stanford, UCLA and Wisconsin-Madison in particular.

comfortable with it. “At the end of the day, it’s the Democratic spirit that takes over,” he said. “It’s like the state and local elections ... the treasurer and Senate president service the students.” Both Rogers and Lamm agreed. “Senate president definitely does not [need to be elected internally]. It needs to be a public position. If the position is only selected within Senate, it would put Senate in a rut. It would become an internal body. Also, the Student Senate president is the student body vice president,” Rogers said. And Lamm said the treasurer position is an important one for the student body to vote on. “If there were two [candidates], it’d be important for the students to choose which one,” he said. “And their fee money [is paying the elected official].”


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Mental Capital Trumps Real Capital. Capital comes in two types, mental and real, and the former is far more valuable than the latter. Holding losing positions costs measurable real capital, but it costs immeasurable mental capital.


This Is Not A Business Of Buying Low And Selling High. It is, however, a business of buying high and selling higher. Strength tends to beget strength, and weakness, weakness.


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NC State honors requests for reasonable accommodations made by individuals with disabilities. Requests can be served more effectively if notice is provided in advance of the event. Please direct accommodation requests by calling (919) 515-2195.


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University should advertise registration changes THE ISSUE:

The University has not given students enough information about the new registration system.


The University must make sure students understand the new system and are integrated into it well.


The University must advertise the new system in places that are visible to all students.




HOW TO SUBMIT Letters must be submitted before 5 p.m. the day before publication and must be limited to 250 words. Contributors are limited to one letter per week. Please submit all letters electronically to

‘Watchmen’ supports rape I recently saw the movie Watchmen, and I was very upset with the way things were allowed to be portrayed in the movie. The scene that I am specifically referring to is the raping of Sally Jupiter by The Comedian. The fact that he used brute strength to force her to have sex and his name means more to me than just a rape scene. His name implies that the things he does are meant to be funny or evoke laughter. I personally do not find rape, in any way, as something to laugh at. In our society, children tend to look up to super heroes and try to act like them. The fact that The Comedian is supposed to be a superhero sends a very bad message to today’s youth. Though he is not as big as batman or superman, he is still a super hero, and there will be kids who will see this movie and want to act like him. Some of the people who have seen this movie have themselves been raped, and this makes it seem like it’s OK or that it is normal. I personally have stopped more than 100 people from seeing this movie and will continue to discourage people from going to see it. Supporting rape is never a good thing, especially in a movie where the superheroes do the raping. I would like to see something written about this in the Technician. Joshua Hamilton sophomore, science education

Pornography is unacceptable I embrace nudity in many aspects. The human body is a tangible celebration of life, and I fully support nude colonies, nude beaches, nude art, et cetera. As much as I appreciate the human body, I have no tolerance for pornography in that both women and men alike are no longer portrayed as humans but as objects. To objectify a human being becomes dangerous because overexposure to the idea of dehumanization conditions our minds to accept pornography as just another part of our culture. I guess that’s probably why I have not heard much negative uproar about Playboy’s scheduled appearance on campus. We need to stand up as a community and University and let Playboy know that its objectification cannot be targeted toward our women. N.C. State women come to [the] University to learn in hopes of successful, fulfilling futures. To openly disrespect our desires of wanting to break away from oppressive jobs for which millions of women sell their bodies is a direct insult to us as individuals and as human beings. I understand the plausible debates to my viewpoint, so if you are an individual who supports Playboy’s appearance on campus and see nothing wrong with pornography- at the very least, support and love the women in your lives by letting them know that beauty is not objectification. Grace Young senior, accounting


The unsigned editorial is the opinion of the members of Technician’s editorial board excluding the news department and is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief.

he University is integrating a new registration system for students to register for summer and fall classes. The new program has beneficial features that will make it easier for students to sign up for classes and is designed to be better than the old system and is used by other colleges, such as UCLA and Stanford. Louis Hunt, vice provost and university registrar, said the old system was written 25 years ago and that the University’s registration system needed to be updated. We are glad that the University had students in mind when it decided to adopt this new system and it is about time to improve the registration process, but the

University did not prepare students for the new registration system effectively. Students needed more of a warning about the new system. The University should have at least sent out e-mails or done more advertising to tell students about the new system. The University is putting a full page advertisement in Monday’s Technician explaining how to use the new system, but students started registering for classes as early as March 11. The University also could have advertised the changing of the registration systems on the University’s Web site.

Upperclassmen are generally the first students to register for classes, but upperclassmen are the ones having the most trouble getting used to the new system, according to Janell Moretz-Henderson, an academic advisor for the College of Natural Resources. The University must make sure students, especially seniors, understand the new system so it does not affect the four year graduation rate. There have been some complaints from students who do not understand how to use the system, and there is a tutorial on the Web site for students, but it is difficult to find. The tutorial

should be the easiest link to find on the Web site. We understand the University wants to have a smooth transition into the new registration system, but this doesn’t mean the University has to neglect explaining the changes to students. The new system is better integrated than MyPack Portal was when it was first introduced by the University but improvements can still be made. The University needs to do all it can to make sure students understand the new registration site and should use whatever means necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible.


EDITOR’S NOTE Letters to the editor are the individual opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Technician staff or N.C. State University. All writers must include their full names and, if applicable, their affiliations, including years and majors for students and professional titles for University employees. For verification purposes, the writers must also include their phone numbers, which will not be published.


I am a huge supporter of the Technician because it allows students here to learn about different events that are taking place on campus or in the community and allows us to get involved. After reading the Technician Monday, I came across an advertisement that was not only disturbing but appeared to be encouraging females on our campus to represent N.C. State, a great institution, through a Playboy magazine. I did some research and learned that this audition has taken place at N.C. State before and was completely upset with the way the chosen girls were displayed in the Technician as if the Technician itself were a magazine similar to Playboy. Playboy not only objectifies women in order to sell its products, but it also contributes to the rape culture that already exists. One in every six women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime, and college-age women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted. I am not suggesting that Technician completely remove the advertisement. I am just requesting that you do not display such photos from the magazine of the girls who were chosen to pose for Playboy like you did in 2004. I hope that Technician takes these points into consideration and remember that it is a newspaper, not a magazine. Shonteisha Speight sophomore, biology

Playboy does not belong in ‘Technician’ I am concerned that the Technician would print a Playboy ad. It’s sad that because women students are at N.C. State to learn and not be solicited by Playboy. The things the interested women have to do to even get looked at by Playboy are absolutely ridiculous and disgraceful. For one to even be considered to meet with Playboy reps, one has to send photos of themselves, measurements and once they get those pictures, they are Playboy’s property and it can do whatever they please without asking the woman who sent them in. The fact that Technician did big articles in 2004 on Playboy is ridiculous. Please do not let this happen again, because the only thing those articles are doing is promoting something that degrades women. There are so many women that don’t measure up to what Playboy is interested in and get their feelings hurt because they are not chosen. The way the women who were in the spread weren’t portrayed as intelligent women, instead they were portrayed as a women with only good looks. Please do not print any more ads on Playboy coming to N.C. State or do any more articles on it. No more degrading women please and thanks.

Hopefully, the next student body president will directly impact students more. Remember to vote!

Phil Hursey, junior in biochemistry

“Yes, it’s awesome. Last semester I didn’t get any of the classes that I wanted so with this system I think I will.” Annie Wheeler freshman, sports management

Students should not be forced to financially support athletics


his year alone, each student was charged $200 for something unrelated to education: athletics. A bit more than $6.4 million this year! Since when does running around in spandex and playing with an object cost $246.50 per year? This is the Mansoor Omar proposed Staff columnist expense for intercollegiate athletics next year. If you ask me, I would run around in spandex and play with an object for free. Let us be honest, sports is not a venture which screams “higher education!” Last time I checked, I came here for an education, not entertainment in the form of intercollegiate athletics. I am a student. I buy books and participate in organizations. I can only work part time jobs and I can only afford so much. Students have to pay for meals, gas, housing, etc. Intercollegiate athletics are like leeches on student monies, the expense should not be a “mandatory” burden of the student body. A student concerned for opportunities for athletics and physical fitness would ask,


Sports Editor

Viewpoint Editor

Managing Editor

Deputy Features Editor

Deputy Sports Editors

Derek Medlin

Features Editor

“Is this fee to assist in enhancing student health and athleticism?” The answer would be Campus recreation and Carmichael Gymnasium have their own slice of student fees; $157.60 for ‘08-’09 and a proposed $189.10 for ‘09’10. A student concerned about money (every single one of us during a recession) would rightfully inquire, “Since when is intercollegiate athleticism a ‘necessity’ for a school? Why does a small percentage of the student body admitted for athleticism when other students actually have brain power?” Student athletes pay the minimum, with their own tutors and better food in Case Dining Hall. I wonder why students don’t refer to students as well-educated panhandlers. Nonstudent athletes pay for all of these amenities and never see the benefits. This University’s monetary expenditures are atrocious and heinous. Since when is being a spendthrift “mandatory?” I liken this administrative activity to squandering, pilfering and daylight robbery. The administration better get their act together at this University. They reek of the “ivory tower.” I guess it is easy to throw away money you don’t work for. Surely there are better ways to spend roughly $6.4 million. Even if athletes had feces that smelled of roses, I doubt I’d want to swell heads and empty

Saja Hindi

Taylor McCune

Cheyenne Autry Science & Tech Editor

323 Witherspoon Student Center, NCSU Campus Box 7318, Raleigh, NC 27695 Editorial .............................................................................................................................. 515.2411 Advertising ......................................................................................................................... 515.2029 Fax ...........................................................................................................................................515.5133 Online ...................................................................................................


Have you used the new registration system? If so, what do you think about it?

’Technician’ should not repeat mistake

Jamequia Miller sophomore, social work


News Editor

Alison Harman

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ty Johnson

Deputy News Editors

Preston Boyles Samuel T.O. Branch

Dan Porter

Daniel Ellis

Taylor Auten Jonathon Laughrun Kate Shefte

Jane Moon Photo Editor

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my pockets for athletics ever. What’s sad is, in four years, I can count on one hand the number of times I have gone to an athletic event. I’ve spent about $200 to attend four meaningless and inconsequential events. I forgot, sports do have a purpose: to waste time and money and distract people from worthy concerns, like improving the world. Intercollegiate athletics are of little consequence to the advancement of education. It should be treated as a luxury, not a necessity. Students are being exploited for hundreds of dollars every year. All of this in the name of prestige? Going bottom-up is the contrary in my opinion. The University should cut expenses for intercollegiate games. Only students who attend intercollegiate athletics should pay for expenses. Why not use this $6.4 million to assist maintaining departments? Teachers haven’t got enough work, some have too much time to prioritize. As a University we should not be weighing in on issues such as spandex and lollygagging instead of quality of teachers and classes. Send your thoughts on athletics to Mansoor at letters@

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“I really don’t like the new format as much as the old one because it’s not as accessible.” Emily Ivey freshman, first year college

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3:19 AM

shrink Monolith companies Amazon, Apple marry to produce Kindle App Alison Harman Science & Tech Editor

The blogging world erupted in anticipation of Amazon’s electronic e-book, the Kindle, at the end of 2007. It did the same thing this past February when the company released Kindle’s second edition. But Amazon seemingly started a competition with itself early in March when it condensed its service into a free application, downloadable on Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone. The announcement for the service spurred a debate about how the application will affect Kindle sales. After all, the new Kindle costs $359. That’s $359 more than the hundreds of millions of people who, according to Apple’s quarterly earnings reports, already have an iPhone or iPod Touch will spend to carry books around on their phones or music-playing devices.


Cost: $199 plus $75-a-month minimum service agreement Features: Holds 8 GB; camera; AT&T 3G and Wi-Fi access; microphone; GPS Size: 4.5” x 2.4” x .48” Weight: 4.7 ounces

iPod Touch

Cost: $229 Features: 8 GB space; Wi-Fi access Size: 4.3” x 2.4” x .33”

Twitter growing at 1,382 percent Nielson Online’s February numbers indicated that Twitter, the social networking site that continues to garner celebrity attention and membership, grew 1,382 percent in one year. The month of February alone brought in more than 7 million unique visitors, up almost 50 percent since January, during which brought 4.5 unique visitors. After Facebook’s incorporation of live updates into its user homepage, attention is now focused on the competition between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook brings in 65.7 million unique visitors, but some see the larger company’s move to mimic Twitter’s real-time updates as a way to halt its growth.

Weight: 4.05 ounces


Cost: $359, plus the cost of any books Features: Holds more than 200 titles; wireless access through Sprint; keyboard; bookmarks and annotations; dictionary; wireless access to blogs and e-mail functions. Size: 7.5” x 5.3” x 0.7” Weight: 10.3 ounces SOURCE: APPLE, AMAZON


“That would be great if I could have books on my iPod,” Brandon Long, a sophomore in computer engineering whose iPod Touch has been attached to his side since December 2007, said. “I would definitely read them.” And iPhones and iPods are less bulky than the Kindle, which weighs 10.3 ounces and stands at seven inches. The iPod Touch and the iPhone weigh about 4 ounces and stand between four to five inches. This also means books have downsized from tangible, flippable objects to paperless pages

on various e-books — Kindle was far from the first e-book — to text on a four-inch screen. Tech bloggers are writing that the marriage of e-book service with already-popular devices like the iPod could ignite cheaper electronic book development. But those on the other side of the debate argue the Kindle App is most useful as a supplement to the Kindle itself, hinting that people who test out the application on their iPhones or iPods will purchase its namesake.

As expected, news orgs lost in 2008 The Pew Center’s annual State of the News Media Report showed that news organizations lost big in 2008, and 2009 is probably not going to be much better. Big online sites like Yahoo, MSNBC and CNN are growing at twice the rate they did last year, but television advertising on news channels dropped 7 percent and profit margins have been cut by 50 percent. There was no investment in newsrooms in 2008 -- few stations reported new hires and many cut production and employees. Newspaper stock prices fell by 83 percent.

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The application’s description states that it “allows you to seamlessly switch back and forth between your Kindle device and Kindle for iPhone while keeping your bookmarks and reading location synchronized between devices. Now you can easily pick up reading right where you left off on your Kindle or iPhone.” Long has a more moderate view. He said he sees the benefits of carrying books on his iPod — he hasn’t strained his eyes yet


after more than a year of reading e-mails on a four-inch screen — but that the free application won’t hurt Kindle sales. “I read a lot of stuff on my iPod, and I don’t have a problem reading the text because I can modify how big things are on the screen by zooming in or out,” Long said. But he said the application lacks features that come standard on the Kindle, like antiglare pages and daily access to magazines and newspapers. “I don’t think I would hurt the sales of the Kindle,” he said. “More people would use the iPhone and, if they like it,

they might even buy an actual Kindle.” If the Kindle App’s ratings are any predictor, though, it might not work well as marketing technique. A majority of those who have downloaded and reviewed the application gave it one out of five stars — some of them prefer similar applications like eReader and Stanza. The Kindle App’s average user rating is 2.5 stars. In its fourth quarterly report, Amazon stated Kindle sales were rising and that the company expects sales to keep going strong.


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A T:

W W W . N C S U . E D U / H O U S I N G



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Infielder Dallas Poulk slides into home base in the first inning for a run during the game against Elon Wednesday. The Wolfpack lost 5-3.

Wolfpack drops ball against Elon Phoenix With a subpar performance all around, Pack unable to pick up a win Taylor Barbour Staff Writer

On a day that had perfect weather for a baseball game, the Wolfpack did not play perfect baseball and lost to the Elon Phoenix Wednesday evening 5-3. With only four hits the entire day on offense and numerous walks from its pitchers, the baseball team was unable to overcome the Phoenix. The loss drops the Pack to 10-9 on the season and moves Elon to 9-5. “It’s tough when you see only four hits on the board, but I

thought their starter pitched good, and they had all their pitchers fresh,” coach Elliott Avent said. “There was some progress there though. We played better, but there are a lot of ways we have to play better.” Elon struck first in the top of the first inning with a run, but the Pack answered right back in the bottom half of the inning with a run of its own after an infield single by junior Dallas Poulk, who was then able to score from first off of a double by junior Drew Poulk. The Phoenix were then able to tack on four more runs, three coming in the forth inning off the bat of Cory Harrichak, who hit a three-run homerun after back-to-back walks by redshirt

junior pitcher Alex Sogard. Harricak, who led the Phoenix going 3-4, also pitched 1.2 scoreless innings. “We just haven’t made as many good pitches as we want. Me personally, I have had a high number of walks, and I think that is our biggest problem right now” Sogard said. “Walks tend to score a lot, so if we can get those under control we should be alright.” State hit a slump offensively after the first inning, managing just one hit over the next six innings, until redshirt sophomore Chris Schaeffer hit a two-run homerun to take the game to 5-3. The Pack then remained scoreless, not managing another hit the rest of the game. “It’s been rough. Tonight a lot


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of guys had better at bats, we were just hitting it right at people,” Schaeffer said. “We can’t really complain on the way our offense went tonight. We just have to work on it and get better.” Starting pitcher Zak Sinclair, who got the loss, managed to only pitch two innings, giving up two runs and leaving State leaning heavily on their bullpen. Five Pack relief pitchers pitched in the game and combined for seven innings pitched, three runs, six hits and five strikeouts. “It’s just like any other game— you have to be ready the whole time,” Sogard said. “You can’t expect the starters to go six or seven every game, even though you would like them to.” Even after the loss and a tough

start to the first part of the season, the Pack remains confident in themselves and their ability. “Sometimes when things aren’t going well, it kind of steams rolls and things carry over. Guys are putting out great effort, but maybe it’s too much, not enough relaxation,” Avent said. “We played so well in the preseason and we just haven’t played to that level yet. I think they are pressing a little bit, but if they keep going after it like the way they are in practice, I think things will turn around.”


Running back Andre Brown and tight end Anthony Hill were tested at the NFL Combine in February and did not participate in some events. Brown, who had one of the combine’s top 40-yard dash times with a 4.49, chose not to run the 40 Wednesday. “It was a fast 40, so I feel like I’m going to stick on that,” Brown said. “Why come out here and run it again? I felt like I can improve on the 3-cone and the shuttle.” Antoine Holmes, who ran a 4.87 40 and did 32 repetitions on the 225-pound bench press, said you have to accept your results and move on. “Naturally, you think you want to do better than you actually did, but I am happy with the results I got,” Holmes said. The NFL draft will be held April 25-26. Brown, who improved his stock with his NFL combine performance, said he has been receiving different feedback on where he might get drafted. “It’s all over. Some people say first day, some people say early second day,” Brown said. Anthony Hill said he is looking forward to getting the entire draft process behind him. “I’m excited. I’m not going to hear my name be called because I’m actually going fishing,” Hill said. “I am going to have a good time. I am going to enjoy the day. I’m not going to be all nerved up about it. Hopefully, I will be catching a lot of red fish.”


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1 2 3 4



THE Daily Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams


Solution to Wednesday’s By Thepuzzle Mepham Group


1 2 3 4


Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit


© 2009 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved.

Solution to Thursday’s puzzle

ACROSS 1 Novice reporter 4 Preserved for later 9 Queried 14 Lennon's lady 15 Musical wrapups 16 Clip off 17 E.T. craft 18 City on the Arkansas 19 High-strung 20 Fruit stones 22 Doggie doc 23 Stuck around 24 Breathed out 26 Noblemen 27 Oolong or Earl Grey 28 Established in office 31 Start of parting words 35 Gardner of films 36 Abu Dhabi ruler 37 Sculling instrument 38 From __ to stern 39 Help out 40 End of parting words 44 Powers of "Hart to Hart" 46 New Haven alum 47 Artifact 48 Theater section 52 Unassuming 54 Ernie of golf 55 Fencing tool 56 Dwelling 57 Above it all 59 Time period 60 Drying cloth 61 Miller's product 62 Twaddle 63 Clay or Frick 64 Rhythm of activity 65 Pompous person 1 2 3 4


Complete the grid so each row, column and

DOWN Auto style Detach Fair stall 10 of calendars

5 Word with riche or cuisine 6 Took it easy 7 Collection of actors 8 ISS partner 9 Fertility goddess 10 Australian lass 11 Ohio school 12 Facilitate 13 Scott of a famous case 21 Nymph chaser 23 Dry streambed 25 Zodiac lion 26 Portal 28 Vacuous 29 Even one time 30 Beaver blocks 31 Black and White 32 Send out 33 Duck product 34 Type of Greek column 38 Pizazz 40 In error 41 Detachment 42 London fog

Lookin’ for the answer key? VISIT TECHNICIANONLINE.COM

43 45 48 49

To a man Tributary Flourish "La Boheme" or "The Girl of the Golden West" 50 Peter and Franco

51 "The Shadowy Waters" poet 52 SAT test section 53 Hautboy 54 Cosmo competition 57 Ship's rear 58 To and __





QUOTE OF THE DAY â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve enjoyed running the 40 because people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect me to come out here and be fast.â&#x20AC;? 0UNTER"RADLEY0IERSON





1"(&t5)634%": ."3$) 





Players try to impress at Pro Day Brown, Hill and others try to improve their draft prospects



Taylor Auten


Deputy Sports Editor

The Dail practice facility was the site of NFL jackets, stopwatches and practice cones Wednesday as the football team hosted its 2009 Pro Day. Scouts from 30 NFL teams were present to witness 11 Wolfpack players as well as athletes from Appalachian State, Shaw and Elizabeth City State try to prove they have what it takes to play professionally. The day began with players having their heights and weights measured, then performing the vertical and broad jumps before moving onto the bench press. Players then moved on to the outdoor practice field for the 40-yard dash, shuttle run, position drills and other events. Punter Bradley Pierson impressed the scouts present with his athleticism. Pierson led all athletes present with a

Well Represented 4DPVUT


On the MarcÂ&#x2030;'PSNFSRVBSUFS


NFL scouts time punter Bradley Pierson as he completes the 40-yard dash in 4.51 seconds during Pro-Day on the football practice field Wednesday. On his second attempt, Pierson posted the fastest 40-yard dash of the day with 4.44 seconds.

4.44 time on the 40-yard dash and a 35.5-inch mark on the vertical jump. He said he is used to opening peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eyes with his speed. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Most people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect that

out of a kicker,â&#x20AC;? Pierson said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Most kickers, when you think of a kicker, are not very athletic. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what most people think of. The whole time Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been kicking, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve enjoyed running the 40

because people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect me to come out here and be fast. And then I come out here, and run one of the fastest times out here.â&#x20AC;?

A familiar faceÂ&#x2030;'PSNFS8PMG




High expectations set for Davies at NCAA Championships Lone Pack diver travels to Texas for final meet Taylor Barbour Staff Writer

As the biggest meet of the year approaches, senior Kristen Davies is peaking at the right time. Davies took second place in the platform dive at the ACC Championships in Februaryâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a meet in which she set five school records and was named All-ACC for the second straight year. Last weekend, she took home first place honors at the NCAA diving zone with a total score of 576.80. â&#x20AC;&#x153;She is obviously performing very well. She had a great ACCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, battling it out with the current ACC champion from Miami and another great one at the zone meet,â&#x20AC;? coach Jenny Johansen said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;She is really set up to have a great meet.â&#x20AC;? Davies is the only swimmer or diver from N.C. State that qualified for the NCAAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, and even though she wishes her team was with her, she feels no added pressure about having to represent the Wolfpack alone. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It kind of sucks that no one else on the team is here with me but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still a lot of fun.

James Oblinger Chancellor

I would rather have the whole about what other people think team with me,â&#x20AC;? Davies said. about how I do,â&#x20AC;? Davies said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But it feels awesome being able â&#x20AC;&#x153;I am going to just go after the to represent the school at the goals I set for myself, which is to NCAAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.â&#x20AC;? medal.â&#x20AC;? This will not be Daviesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; first Davies believes even after tallyNCAA Championship. As a ju- ing her career best score, 314.20, nior, she was able to take 13th at the ACC Championships there in the platform dive as a junior. is room for improvement that â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a higher level com- can lead to her finishing well in petition by far and the depth is the NCAAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. higher quality and goes deeper, â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was awesome. That was so there is less where I wanted chance for makto be and I had ing up misses,â&#x20AC;? a great meet. I Johansen said. scored a perâ&#x20AC;&#x153;But as far as s on a l b e s t ,â&#x20AC;? the crowd and Dav ie s s a id . the people, its â&#x20AC;&#x153;But I missed more that Krisa dive and still ten will feed off scored my perof it and just be sonal best so excited to be I know I can there and feel do even better. like she can perThere are just form in front of little things I everybody. She can improve on wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t look at it each dive.â&#x20AC;? as a lot of presJohansen #OACH*ENNY*OHANSEN sure except just hopes Davies being excited is able to use and going out there hoping to everything she has in this meet do her best.â&#x20AC;? and perform well. Davies, who is competing in â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about putting everyboth the platform and the 3-me- thing she has into it, which she ter dive, has her own goals and already has done,â&#x20AC;? Johansen said. expectations for this meet. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everything that we have done â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have my own individual this year and everything that she goals, and I am going after that. has done in her career and in this But Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not really too worried sport leads up to this.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everything that we have done this year and everything she has done in her career and in this sport leads up to this. â&#x20AC;?


Senior Kristin Davies executes a dive during the Oct. 3 Red and White Scrimmage. Davies will be the womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s swimming & diving teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lone representatives at the NCAA Championships.

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