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Raleigh, North Carolina

Atrium renovations aim to ease students’ service Brickyard bubble and Talley Student Center share burden during Atrium renovations Janell Miller Staff Writer


Due to stripping over the summer, the pavement on Avent Ferry Road is rough. According to the Department of Transportation, the top layer of pavement must be scrapped off, or milled, before a road can be repaved. But, sometimes crews find problems with the underlying road once milling has taken place that causes delays.

Avent Ferry Road repaving begins Plans for wider right lanes make sharing the road easier for cars and cyclists Chris Boucher Senior Staff Writer

A resurfacing project making Avent Ferry Road bumpier than normal will improve traffic flow for cars, bikes and pedestrians, according to city and state officials. Road crews are working to resurface Avent Ferry Road from Western

Boulevard to Athens Drive. The N.C. Department of Transportation resurfacing project is ongoing, according to Cadmus Capehart, NCDOT resident engineer and overseer of the resurfacing project. Rea Contracting can work to resurface the road any time except 6 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. “Work should be expected during daytime and nighttime hours except during those times. We ask that motorists pay attention to the work zone signs and slow down while passing by

the work area,” Capehart said. Haley Arnold, a freshman in biological sciences, wasn’t expecting the road in front of Avent Ferry Complex to be torn up when she arrived at the dorm for her first semester. Arnold said crossing at the Avent Ferry-Western intersection has been a little tricky. Kevin Qian, a junior in electrical engineering who lives in the College Inn, said he hoped the project would be completed soon. “They’ve been at it a while; it looks

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The last time the Atrium was renovated was in 1985 and the student population was 24,023. After 25 years and 10,000 additional students, the Atrium is getting a facelift. Due to renovations, this semester the Atrium is partially open to students, but there is no room for seating. There is a 50 by 80 foot tent in the Brickyard, known as the “Brickyard bubble,” which students can eat in temporarily. “It is much better than the alternative of no food or having hotdog carts in the Brickyard,” Jennifer Gilmore, communications manager for University Dining, said. Alan Hayes, a senior in creative writing, said he doesn’t think the bubble is not a big problem. “It’s not bad, it will work while they’re fixing the Atrium. In the set up now, it gets everyone in and out,” Hayes said. The tent is heated and air-conditioned and gives students an alternative to sitting outside “It’s a lot easier to build from scratch then go into an old space,” Gilmore said. Ryan Jones, a junior in aerospace engineering, said he does not like the bubble in the Brickyard. “What Atrium? It’s a lunch line. The bubble was a dumb idea. Look

at it, it’s a circus tent blocking the Brickyard,” Jones said. “When the requirements came back, we realized there was no way the project could be done and done right in three months,” Gilmore said. “The next option was to come up with a phased approach at getting the project done right, that’s how it ended up taking a year. We could have done it shorter but that would have meant no food service.” The new design will relieve overcrowding and introduce new food concepts to the Atrium. The serving area is redesigned to improve flow and circulation, with twice the space as the before. According to Gilmore the idea for the bubble came about after brainstorming a seating alternative so that students wouldn’t have to take food back to their rooms. “It’s not optimal but it was the best scenario given all the options,” Gilmore said. Gilmore said she has not heard of any complaints with the bubble. “Personally I haven’t had any complaints about the bubble other than wanting a clock or music in it. We’ve done with it what we can. It’s a small price to pay for the benefit coming that students will be able to enjoy new food service options as early as January,” Gilmore said. Due to the Atrium renovations, Freshens has moved to Talley Student Center, and is set to open on September 7, and includes a new closing time —10 p.m. According to Gilmore, a lot of

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Local gamers unite for Raleigh MLG tournament Professional gamers and enthusiasts alike gathered in downtown Raleigh to compete in Halo 3 and Starcraft II, among others Rich Lepore Arts & Entertainment Editor

Major League Gaming, America’s premier professional gaming league, held their 50th tournament on August 27-29 at the Raleigh Convention Center. The event, one of only five to be held this year, drew gamers and fans from all over the country, as well as many students from NC State. Participants competed on both professional and amateur levels in Halo 3, Tekken 6, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, World of Warcraft and Starcraft II. This marked the first time that Starcraft II was played professionally in an MLG tournament, giving Raleigh fans a first glimpse of the future of e-sports. E-sports is growing quickly according to the event’s MC who told the fans in attendance that just 5 years ago, there were only fifty people in the crowd. At this event, there were over

500 mostly teenaged and young adult and final matches throughout the day. fans in the bleachers before the first Each of the event’s sponsors also held event, not to mention thousands of their own walk-in tournaments unothers walking around the show floor. der large floor tents that were open to “I love my e-sports,” said Will Gantt, anyone in attendance. Each sponsor who came all the way from Baltimore had additional booths setup where tto attend the event. “It’s just like any shirts and other assorted merchandise was given away and sold throughout other sport.” Looking around the Raleigh Con- the event. Sony was also on hand to demonvention Center, it was clear that professional gaming has achieved main- strate Killzone 3, PS3’s new flagship 3D stream status. Every square foot of shooter. The game won’t be released the floor was overtaken by gaming until February of 2011, but attendees enthusiasts with huge smiles on their were given access to a hands-on demo in full 3D. This is faces and bags of the first time the gaming-related game was playable swag around their on the east coast, arms. TECHNICIANONLINE.COM The MLG setup Check out our extended coverage of the as well as the first included a main 50th Major League Gaming tournament. time anywhere in America that gamstage on which the featured Halo 3 action took place, with ers could experience the game in 3D. The focus of the event, however, was two banks of four game systems and TVs set up on the stage, one for each on the competitive gaming, and the team. Overhead, and throughout the nation’s best e-athletes fought for suconvention center, giant video screens premacy in bracketed matches. Some displayed the events currently in prog- events such as Starcraft II and Super Smash Brothers Brawl were played ress. Scattered around the rest of the one-on-one, with match-ups chosen floor were various roped-off islands at random, while others were played wherein competitors in the other as teams in scheduled elimination events competed in their qualifying matches.



In the last academic year, there have been two confirmed bedbug infestations at N.C. State

See page 5.

Allen Coin Correspondent

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Halo 3, MLG’s main event, is played in teams of four, with each member given a different role on the team according to his particular strengths. On Team Instinct, the favorites to win going into the competition, Scott Holste (Cloud) acts as the go-to sniper, while founding members (and twin

brothers) Jason Brown (Lunchbox) and Justin Brown (Roy) are the core of the team. Team Instinct’s current configuration, rounded out by

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Bedbugs ‘not a concern’ for campus residents

MLG comes to Raleigh

viewpoint features classifieds sports


On Friday, Raleigh kicked off the 50th Major League Gaming event in history. Competitors and spectators alike held up their controllers for the count down to the start.

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Entomology professor Mike Waldvogel said there‚ is an easy way to fight bedbugs. A growing national concern over the insects, with nearly one in 15 people reporting infestations in some areas such as New York City, has prompted widespread efforts to help control the problem. On campus, there have been two confirmed

infestations in the past year. But Waldvogel said fighting bedbugs is about using common sense. “We want people to be smart, not paranoid,” Waldvogel said. Both documented cases on campus occurred in Western Manor Apartments, which is on South Campus near the Avent Ferry Complex, and both resulted from residents bringing in used mattresses. There have been no confirmed cases in any residence halls on main campus. “Bedbugs should not be a big concern for students, but we need to be careful to understand how outbreaks occur, and how to prevent them,” said Tim Blair, university housing associate director.

There are some basic steps everybody can take to help reduce the risk of an infestation. “You really shouldn’t buy used mattresses,” said John Ashley, university housing pest technician. “And be sure to thoroughly inspect any used furniture.” Bedbugs can be picked up while traveling, especially from hotel rooms. “They are very efficient hitchhikers, even more so than most college students,” said Waldvogel. He said the best thing to do is to be careful. When traveling, check your hotel bed for tell-tale signs like black spots around seams in the mattress and keep your luggage up off the floor.

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In Tuesday’s “Club basketball primed to defend its title” article, Jon Smetana’s name is spelled wrong Send all clarifications and corrections to Editor-in-Chief Amanda Wilkins at editor@



Keep your room clean Vacuum regularly Wrap mattress in protective cover Avoid buying used mattresses Be vigilant while travelling Pull your bed away from the wall Don’t use bug sprays If you suspect anything, call the front desk




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Coming together at Harambee




rittany Strachan, a senior in computer science, waits as Raven Johnson, a sophomore in the transition program, signs the register book at the AACC’s Harambee 2010 welcome reception and Charles Searles art gallery exhibition on Tuesday. Harambee, which means “let us come together” in Swahili, is an annual program to welcome and reunite members of the African American Cultural Center. “My favorite part was the art exhibit because it is open to interpretation,” said Strachan. The Charles Searles exhibit will be on display from Aug.18 to Sept. 24 in the AACC Center.

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At home, the simplest thing students can do is keep their spaces clean. “Clutter is a bedbug’s best friend,” Waldvogel said. Waldvogel warns against engaging in pesticide use, as commercial pesticides and bug sprays have no effect on bedbugs. Instead, students should wrap their mattress in a protective plastic cover, which prevents bedbugs from nesting. The thought of a bedbug infestation may be frightening, but in terms of insects, they’re not so bad. There is no evidence to suggest they transmit diseases, according to Waldvogel. Students should consult a bug expert when they think they’ve been bitten. “You can’t diagnose a bedbug problem based on a bite alone,” said Waldvogel. Medical treatment for bedbug bites might be needed if the bite becomes infected. If there

are persistent skin symptoms, students should visit their health care provider. “Remember that there are skin problems not due to bedbugs that can have similar symptoms,” said Dr. Mary Bengtson, student health services medical director. Some concerned residents have reported bedbugs only to have another problem to be the cause. “People tend to get worried about stuff they see on TV,” Ashley said. However, if residents in University dorms suspect bedbugs, University Housing asks students to report possible infestations through the hall’s 24-hour desk. “University Housing will be posting some educational outreach pieces on the subject shortly,” said Susan Grant, director of University Housing.

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ENTRÉES: BBQ Butt Fried NC Flounder Turkey Breast Carved Baked BBQ Chicken Breast VEGAN/ VEGETARIAN ENTRÉES: Sweet Potato Pilaf (VN) Ratatouille (V)

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SIDES: Baby Redskins Collard Greens with Ham Hocks Green Beans Cole Slaw and Potato Salad Hush Puppies

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Lauren Hatchet, a freshman in Spanish, and Kidist Ayalew enjoy lunch in the Brickyard bubble.


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people were disappointed over the loss of Freshens so Dining found a way to open it in another location. “They’re really not losing much seating,” Gilmore said.

“Once the Talley renovation and addition is complete, students will have 3,000 square feet of food service in Talley.” According to Gilmore, once the Atrium opens, it will make a big difference in seating and food service, but the impact won’t be fully recognized until Talley Student Center is complete. When the Talley addition

opens in 2013, getting food will be much easier. Terence Sharpe, a sophomore in biochemistry, said he thinks the finished Atrium will be nice. “The Atrium is going to be nice. Hopefully it will be better. I don’t eat here that much so the bubble isn’t a big deal,” Sharpe said.

like they’ve finished up something over there,” Qian said, pointing at the southbound outside lane of Avent Ferry. There have been delays during the resurfacing, according to Capehart. “The Department [of Transportation] is pushing to have Avent Ferry Road resurfaced as soon as possible. More patching has been required than originally anticipated,” Capehart said. “In addition, this past winter was severely harsh on our roadways.” Road crews finished the first two stages of the project: removing the top layer of asphalt from Avent Ferry and patching up deteriorated areas. Workers are now reinstalling signal loops, sensors that recognize the presence of vehicles on a road and control traffic signals. “Paving of the final [layer] of asphalt will begin in the next couple of weeks, weather permitting,” Capehart said.

Once it’s finished, the revamped thoroughfare should be easier for students to navigate whether they’re driving, cycling or walking, according to Capehart. NCDOT has worked with the City of Raleigh to further a plan to make the city more bicyclefriendly, said Eric Lamb, manager of transportation services division for the city of Raleigh public works department. “It’s a bit piecemeal, but we are starting to add system continuity ... for cycling. We’re slowly chipping away and making a more connective [cycling] network through Raleigh,” Lamb said. This means wider right lanes for the resurfaced Avent Ferry Road in certain spots -- and bike lanes in other areas. Avent Ferry from Western Boulevard to Centennial Drive will feature four traffic lanes and a turn lane. But the resurfaced right-hand lanes will have extra shoulder space “to make it safer for cars and cyclists to share the road,” Lamb said. The right-hand lanes on

Avent Ferry between Centennial Drive and Gorman Street will be narrower, but “once you pass over Gorman Street, five lanes become three lanes with a bike lane on each side. That [configuration] will carry you all the way down to Athens [Drive],” Lamb said. Bi ke la nes to connect with Kaplan city project Raleigh officials also have plans to add bike lanes on Gorman Street from Avent Ferry Road to Kaplan Drive, which will connect with the bike lanes from Avent Ferry to Athens Drive. “We’re trying to work with NCDOT in several areas to retrofit streets to make them more bike-friendly. NCDOT has been extremely helpful in coordinating with us on these plans,” Lamb said. Arnold has a bike but has not been eager to ride on Avent Ferry Road, opting to walk instead. “If there were wider shoulders and bike lanes, I think I’d be more likely to ride my bike [on Avent Ferry Road],” Arnold said.

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09/04 09/11 09/16 09/25 10/02 10/09

vs Western Carolina at Central Florida vs CinCinnati at georgia teCh vs virginia teCh vs Boston College

raleigh, nC orlando, Fl raleigh, nC atlanta, ga raleigh, nC raleigh, nC

10/16 10/28 11/06 11/13 11/20 11/27

at east Carolina greenville, nC vs Florida state raleigh, nC at Clemson Clemson, sC vs Wake Forest raleigh, nC at north Carolina Chapel hill, nC at maryland College park, md

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One in 15 people reported an infestation of bed bugs in the last year in the U.S. University Housing has only had two reported infestations, and both of the instances were in Western Manor, due to foreign mattresses being brought in.


Bed bugs easily travel, so students should be aware of where they are staying when they travel and how they manage their belongings. Bed bug infestations can easily be controlled if students keep their beds clean and their rooms clutter-free.

Traveling with small bugs O ne of the greatest things about being in college is the freedom of traveling and choosing where to go. Within a week, we can do a tour of the state or a couple of countries. There are always risks when we travel, and we know to be aware of our surroundings and not to talk to strangers. However, we rarely think about anything smaller than our travel-sized shampoo when we go, but the risk might be smaller than that and hiding in our own beds. Bed bugs are becoming another problem students should worry about when they travel. They live in the mattresses, on

The unsigned editorial is the opinion of the members of Technician’s editorial board, excluding the news department, and is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief.

the floors and walls of hotels and can easily get into your luggage. You should always check the bed and the floor of the place you are staying whenever you travel, no matter how many stars the hotel may have. Do not place your luggage or any items on the floor. The bugs are tiny, so they are hardly noticeable, but can easily travel back with you and spread in your room. Bed bugs have been a human pest since the Dark Ages, but have fallen out of literature until recently. A new statistic says

one in 15 people reported an infestation in the last year. University Housing has only had two reported infestations, and both of them were in Western Manor and were due to foreign mattresses being brought into the residence. Although bed bugs haven’t been a concern in other residence halls or for Housing, that does not mean students cannot bring them back to their dorms. Students should keep their sheets clean and change them often to reduce the risk of spreading bed bugs. Also, mak-

ing sure clutter does not pile up, especially after traveling, will reduce the availability of spaces where the bugs can reside. It is hard to tell when a colony may have hitched a ride and students can never be too careful. Their roommates will be thankful.

Not a laughing matter


am sure you have heard the “Bed Intruder Song” on YouTube, in which an angry news interview with a man named Antoine Dodson about an attempted sexual assault on his sister has been turned into an R&B song Ben using the muMatthews sical software Staff Columnist AutoTune. Fifteen million other people have seen it. You may even be among the thousands that have paid $1.39 to download the song from iTunes, where it currently resides on the best-seller list at number 39, or maybe you are one of the hundreds that have posted your own cover of the song. But not everyone is a fan. Some, such as Baratunde Thurston, web editor of the satirical news site, feel that the meme at best makes light of sexual assault victims, and at worst is a blatantly racist case of smug, middle class kids mocking a poorer community’s problems and discontent. Granted, it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes the video so popular. It may be t he imagery created by Mr. Dodson’s vivid word choice of “ he’s climbing in your windows and snatching your people up.” Or it may be the bizarre dystopia he describes when he tells his neighbors to “hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husbands, ‘cause they’re raping er’body out here.” Or it could be his rough understanding of forensic investigation when he triumphantly tells the attacker in the audience that “we got your T-shirt, you done left fingerprints and all.” Or it might be the sight of this skinny, flamboyant and slightly effeminate man threatening to dish out vigilante justice when he declares “you don’t have to come and confess! We’re gonna find you!” Insensitivity towards the victim is a legitimate concern, and one that I’m not sure I can get over. Sure, we can point out the brother’s rant is the focus of the meme, not his sister’s victimization, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are all laughing at and singing along with a song that is about rape. And after all, there’s plenty to get upset about. According to University statistics, one in

four women in college will be the victim of an attempted sexual assault. The fact that the Dodsons have not angrily climbed atop their soapboxes is clearly a sign that they are more resilient than the average person thrust into the public spotlight. If we can move past the meme’s traumatic origin, we still have to ask ourselves: are we laughing with the Dodsons or at them? Yes, Antoine Dodson talks, dresses and acts in ways that are considerably different from the white Brooklyn musicians that created the song. But a simple YouTube search will show that the phenomenon transcends class, geography and race. Covers of the song have been made in all types of genres by all types of people, all the way up to a full instrumentation by the North Carolina A&T marching band. I think that the video’s popularity has to do with something that we do not see too much anymore: genuine, justified anger. When we watch the video or listen to the song, we are observing something different t ha n t he egotistical posturing seen on reality shows like “Jersey Shore,” or t he s el frighteous lecturing handed out by pundits. The ignorance of Antoine Dodson’s hyperboles and the vernacular that he phrases it in are not what make the interview humorous, it is his passion and sincerity. Caught in the midst of a family crisis, Mr. Dodson did something pretty exceptional: he acted like a real person in front of a camera. The fact that this has created such a sensation says far more about the current state of our culture than it does about his intelligence or emotional stability.

“Insensitivity towards the victim is a legitimate concern, and one that I’m not sure I can get over.”

Send Ben your thoughts on the “Bed Intruder Song” to letters@technicianonline. com.

Editor-in-Chief Amanda Wilkins

Managing Editor Biko Tushinde 323 Witherspoon Student Center, NCSU Campus Box 7318, Raleigh, NC 27695 Editorial Advertising Fax Online

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Christian O’Neal, sophomore in mechanical engineering

An Open Community


ne of the first buildings I saw when I drove to N.C. State was the Red Hat Inc. office building on Centennial Campus. Theju Jacob It shou ld Staff Columnist have served as an early indicator of how much NCSU has embraced Linux and other flavors of open source systems, but the fact did not settle in until I learned more about the various computing facilities made available to students on campus. Open source describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product’s source materials. The end user is usually permitted to modify the processes to suit his or her purposes and even redistribute the item within certain license restrictions. Though the term is widely used in the context of computer software, it encompasses all categories of human activity where the end user has access to the ingredients or tools used in the production of an item. Open source is especially suited for students and researchers because it allows

Page 2 Editor Alanna Howard Features Editor Laura Wilkinson

them to gain an idea about what is happening at the backend and perhaps try out a few tweaks of their own. It is a great tool for collaboration, and allows one to build upon what already exists without having to re-invent the wheel. More often than not, open source products can be more easily adapted to one’s specific needs and circumstances. And of course, the fact that majorit y of open source is available for free or for little cost should be a strong enoug h i nc ent ive for one to switch to open source products. We have seen an explosion in the development and deployment of open source technologies in the past decade. Consider how the internet browser Firefox has picked up in popularity, or how Android phones are shaping up to be top contenders in the mobile market. “In software projects alone,” says Amit Deshpande

Design Editor Nettie Fisher

Photo Editor Sarah Tudor

News Editor Nathan Hardin

Advertising Manager Andrea Mason

Viewpoint Editor

Sports Editor Tyler Everett

and Dirk Riehle in ‘The Total Growth of Open Source,’ “the total amount of source code and software projects are growing at an exponential rate. The same applies to new applications and fields which adopt the open source philosophy. At NCSU, Open Source Initiative (OSI), created by Campu s L i nu x Services, spearheads t he adoption of and participation in Open Source projects. Started i n Oc tober of 2007, OSI seeks to bring together open source projects done by various groups on campus, leading to more collaborations and meaningful contributions to the community at large. This does not mean that closed source, where the user sees only the end product after perhaps paying a huge price for it, is irrelevant. If the inventor of a technique wishes to make a profit from his or her effort,

“...[Open source] allows one to build upon what already exists without having to re-invent the wheel.”

or wishes to maintain control of how his or her invention is used or developed further, they have every right to make it closed source. Under certain circumstances, closed source might even suit your purpose more than an open source equivalent. My personal experience at my former work place made me realize that companies may shy away from open source products as technical support may not be available or because they fear that the product itself may cease to exist once the community’s interest has moved on. In other words, a completely open project may not be able to always suit your purposes, unless of course you have the time, skill and other resources at your disposal. ***I am positive that the concept of open source is not limited to the computer industry alone. Do similar initiatives exist in your field as well? Do you think such initiatives would enrich your work here at the University? Share your thoughts. Send Theju your thoughts on open source software to

Technician (USPS 455-050) is the official student newspaper of N.C. State University and is published every Monday through Friday throughout the academic year from August through May except during holidays and examination periods. Opinions expressed in the columns, cartoons, photo illustrations and letters that appear on Technician’s pages are the views of the individual writers and cartoonists. As a public forum for student expression, the students determine the content of the publication without prior review. To receive permission for reproduction, please write the editor. Subscription cost is $100 per year. A single copy is free to all students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus. Additional copies are $0.25 each. Printed by The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C., Copyright 2008 by North Carolina State Student Media. All rights reserved.




The technical side of Major League Gaming Jordan Alsaqa Senior Staff Writer

With an event like Major League Gaming Raleigh, where computers and networking are already inherent to a successful production, the technical staff is integral to keeping things running. Fortunately, the MLG team is far from inexperienced, and worked hard to ensure the weekend’s games remained on track. Behind the scenes, more than a dozen programmers and reporters worked to keep the event’s official site running smooth, as the biggest matches from each tournament were streamed live to the Internet. David Elliott, producer for this past weekend’s event, was tasked with making sure the Raleigh site saw constant updates of both a written and video nature. “On average, we’ll see about 25 megs of [video] data coming in at a given moment,” Elliott said. “It can push up to 30, though, and that doesn’t include the written content that is always being added.” Just like any other sports site, whenever a win is recorded or a new match starts, the reporting staff behind the scenes immediately posts something to the site. In this way, those unable to attend the event in person are able to acquire up-to-date rankings for each game as they

happen. One of the site’s biggest draws is the aforementioned live streaming of matches, which are dedicated to the top-ranking players and teams facing off. Even early Friday, before all the tournaments had started, there were already three separate media streams. “World of Warcraft” and “Tekken 6” were among the first games to go live, while the pre-show coverage of player strategies and interviews was also available for streaming. “It is a lot of data to deal with,” Elliott explained, “but the goal remains to keep everything that comes [backstage] organized and put up on the site as quickly as possible.” The need for a quick turnaround is apparent in the number of visitors the site averages on an event weekend, with the live video feeds seen by an audience of well over a hundred thousand viewers. Further, a video-on-demand section of the MLG website allows for matches from past events to be viewed anytime, with Raleigh’s highlight matches soon to follow. The production values of the weekend’s big events and the attention to detail provided for those watching at home were both top-notch for the MLG Raleigh show, marking another success for the talented MLG tech team.


comes to Raleigh Name: Justin Brown Handle: Roy Age: 20 Gaming since: 2001 Hometown: Urbana, IL.

Q&A Andy Dudynsky with

team coach - Triggers Down

Technician: Why did you start playing video games professionally? Dudynsky: “Halo 2” was a game I really enjoyed playing, so I was quick to play professionally when I thought I had the skills to compete. As much as I loved it, though, I didn’t have the same amount of time to devote to it in high school. Still, I wanted to be involved with the circuit, so I decided to switch to coaching. Technician : What responsibilities do you have as a coach when your team is in the middle of a match? Dudynsky: My job is basically to keep the team working together throughout each round. The players have to focus on their individual screen, so I have to watch all four and coordinate shots, the timing of grenades, and the use of powers.

Name: Andy Dudynsky Handle: Bravo Age: 20 Gaming since: 1998 Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ.

Name: Jason Brown Handle: Lunchbox Age: 20 Gaming since: 2001 Hometown: Urbana, IL.

Technician: Were you disappointed to see “Halo 2” replaced by “Halo 3” in competition? Dudynsky: I was definitely disappointed, as were a lot of the players. The problem with “Halo 3” is that it is worse than “Halo 2 in competition, with problems like shots not registering. A big reason most teams are excited is that “Halo: Reach” seems like it is a much better built “Halo” game when it comes to competition. Technician: What games do you and your teammates play outside of competition? Dudynsky: The “Call of Duty” titles always provide a fun time, and any big shooters are likely to catch our attention. Outside of those, “Starcraft II” has proven to be a very well-built game.

Name: Charles Thomas Handle: Detach Age: 25 Gaming since: Atari Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Q&A Charles Thomas with

MLG player manager

Technician: What would you be doing if you were not in pro gaming? Thomas: In 2005, I made the decision to pursue pro gaming instead of Army ROTC. If I had stayed on that path, I would be two or three years into being a military officer. Technician: What advice would you give to amateur gamers competing in front of scouts? Thomas: Part of my job is to be a pro player evaluator, and one of the most important things is to show that you can communicate and work well as part of a team. Obviously, gaming skill is important. In “Halo 3”, you need to both be a good shot and have a good sense of map awareness, which means having a general idea of where your allies and enemies are.

Technician: When did you first realize you had a great amount of skill? Thomas: In high school, I was playing “Halo” and “Halo 2”, and I was on the top four in the leader boards. I knew I could compete with the best. I started to develop a skill set and defining my strategies. After that, I began competing in tournaments. Technician: Do you think 3D gaming will have a place in the future of competitive play? Thomas: The technology itself is interesting, and I think that if a company were to build a 3D game from the ground up with competition in mind, I’d be up for seeing it at an MLG event.

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Mad Men leads indie TV charge Brooke Shafranek Correspondent




FREE TICKETS FOR NC STATE STUDENTS AND FACULTY FOR TICKETS: Ticket Central in the Talley Student Center August 30 - September 10 (12 PM - 5 PM) 104 Witherspoon (Campus Cinema Box Office) September 13 - 17 (12 PM - 5 PM) NC State ID required for ticket pick-up and admission night of concert

The average person watches four hours of television a day, and while the average time watching TV hasn’t dramatically changed in years, viewers are beginning to press different buttons on their remotes. Large networks such as NBC and ABC have been longtime favorites, however, independent networks are beginning to climb the media ladder and are bringing in top ratings. AMC’s Mad Men is set in the 1960’s New York, and gives a glimpse of a life that contrasts greatly with reality today. Randee Heller, who plays main character Don Draper’s newest secretary Miss Blankenship on Mad Men, understands what makes the show appeal to viewers. “The popularity of Mad Men is [due to the] attention to detail and quality,” Heller says, “and a complete respect for this time period. Perhaps younger generations are fascinated by a glimpse of a time period that


continued from page 1 FOR MORE INFORMATION: TICKET CENTRAL 919-515-1100 CAMPUS CINEMA BOX OFFICE 919-515-5161 If you are a person with a disability and desire any assistive devices, services or other accommodations to participate in this event, please contact Campus Activities at 919-5155161, Monday-Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM to discuss accommodations.

sha r pshooter Kyle E la m (ElamiteWarrior), won the previous two tournaments in Halo 3, which made them undefeated going into the weekend’s event. In the finals on Sunday, Instinct faced off against Final Boss, and lost 1-3 in the finals. Had Instinct prevailed, it would have been what Roy calls “A three-peat, which has never been accomplished in MLG history in Halo 3.” Falling short of this milestone was a crushing blow for the team, but it is not the first time Instinct has come in second. “We came in second three times before we won,” Roy

is so different than today. Politics, style, gender status.... we have come a long way in such a short time,” she said. The way Mad Men is filmed also adds to the uniqueness of the show. “The show is beautiful,” Heller says. “(From the) lighting and palate, (to) cinematography that is theatrical film quality.” Heller is the latest addition to Mad Men, a show with tradition of memorable characters. “I think it is very well cast,” Heller said. “These shows [on smaller networks] are not afraid to depart from the formulaic shows on network TV.” For AMC, this more original approach to television is working. A fact evidenced by its consecutive Golden Globe and Emmy wins. Freshman Psychology Major Sally Highsmith, a Mad Men fanatic, finds that viewers “can find shows on the smaller networks that fit [their] personalities or interests better.” “So many people watch the major networks,” Highsmith

said, “so if a show goes against the grain in any way they consider it offensive or too ‘out there’. If you have a smaller audience, they tend to appreciate the quirks more.” The results 2010 Emmy Awards, which aired on August 29, show that people’s tastes are becoming more varied and independent. Jon Hamm and January Jones from Mad Men, Tony Shalhoub from Monk, Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad, and Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer were all nominated for lead actor/ actress in either a comedy or drama; Sedgwick took home the Emmy. Mad Men won for top drama once again. Freshman Computer Engineering major Matt Needleham understands why these indie shows are so popular. “They are down to earth and small enough to be in touch with their viewers, making for better TV,” Needleham said.

said, “So we certainly know the feeling of not getting over the hump.” Becoming an MLG champion is a difficult and often cutthroat business. “It takes dedication, determination, time and never giving up,” Lunchbox said. But becoming two-time champions also took a roster change, which meant that the team had to let go of two of its members, FearItself and Neighbor, earlier this year. As it turned out, picking up ElamiteWarrior and Cloud was exactly the change that the team needed to finally take first place. “The competition is unbelievable,” Roy said. “In the top 8, anyone can win. The skill gap (between teams) is very small.”

But for many pro gamers, the hard work and hours are totally worth it. In addition to the pride of victory, many eathletes make a lot of money. All gamers participating in the event are paid $350 travel stipends and many gamers are sponsored by companies such as Old Spice and Dr.Pepper. In addition, placing high in the tournament can yield huge winnings. “The most we have ever made is $15,000 per team member for coming in 2nd at the nationals,” Lunchbox said. “The 1st place team members made $25,000 each.” The MLG tournament series will continue later this year in Washington D.C., with the finals to be held in Dallas in November.

Check out for the rest of the story.

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A company that will invest in you … GE.




continued from page 8

that kind of crowd.” Club president Amanda Smith, a junior in animal science, has also never competed professionally but is carrying on the work of her aunt and uncle, who attended State four years ago and were active members of the rodeo club. “I grew up around it,” Smith said. “Word of mouth got me involved.” Smith said the club will continue to be a good place to network for people who want to get started in the field of rodeo because members have contacts all over the state and are frequent visitors to Carousel Farms in Raleigh. Smith said some of the members have floated around the idea of setting up a new activity for the club – goat roping. They would need for an organization to donate goats for the event, find an enclosed area and lasso as many willing participants as possible. “It’s pretty common, but we’ve never tried it before,” Smith said. “We haven’t put anything in motion yet, though.” Some of her long-term goals include providing sponsorship opportunities. “We wish we could help

wednesday, september 1, 2010 • Page 7

Meetings for the Rodeo Club take place every other Monday starting Aug. 23 at 7:30 p.m. in Riddick 450. sponsor some of the contestants,” Smith said. “It’s kind of our goal, but we don’t really have the funds right now. Someday, we’d like to be able to pay entry fees and hook people up with some gear.” For now, though, Toney said the atmosphere is enough to keep club regulars coming back. “I really enjoy the club, to be honest, it’s one of the most relaxed clubs at N.C. State,” Toney said. “We do a lot of just hanging out. We pretty much provide a place for people who are interested in the same thing to get together and talk about it.”

chris robbins/Technician

Freshman Jennie Krauser races down the field while a High Point defender attempts to chase her. Krauser scored one of the Pack’s three goals in the shutout win over the Panthers on Aug. 27.

krauser continued from page 8

Krauser decided to consider a school nearly 3,000 miles away from her hometown was the similarity between how her club team played and how State takes on op-


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ponents. It also didn’t hurt that her dad is a Georgia Tech graduate who competed in and then later coached wresting in the ACC. “My dad tried not to influence my college decision, but I really wanted to go to an ACC school,” Krauser said. “I came here last summer and visited the campus for my first time


and fell in love with it. I never expected to come here, but once I met the team and met the coach, I knew I wanted to commit right away.” For Krauser and the rest of her teammates, the road ahead appears daunting, with conference play set to begin at Clemson September 23rd. Despite only earning two vic-

tories in the ACC last season, Krauser said she believes the Pack’s team-first mentality will carry it a long way. “We go out there with the same mentality every game,” Krauser said. “Play as hard as we can and if I score, I score.” 


For students, line ads start at $5 for up to 25 words. For non-students, line ads start at $8 for up to 25 words. For detailed rate information, visit ­ All line ads must be prepaid.

To place a classified ad, call 919.515.2411, fax 919.515.5133 or visit

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Child Care Needed

ApArtments For rent

Drivers Needed! No Nights No Weekends

Motivated students to assist Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society in registering and acting as local officers. 3.0 GPA required. Contact:

The City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department are looking for motivated and enthusiastic staff for part time counselor positions. No nights or weekends. Experience working with children is a plus. Listed below are the sites that are hiring.

Seeking responsible student to provide afterschool care (4 – 6 PM) for two kids (9 and 7). Must have a reliable car and a clean driving record. Call (919)3456880 or email

NCSU- Wolfline large 2BD/2BA apartment. Gorman/Ligon St. W/D in unit. Wolfline or walk. Offstreet parking. $625/mo. per apartment. Call 805-0190.

Announcements Found Parakeet - green and gray. Landed in yard on Bagwell Avenue. Email

EmploymEnt Help Wanted CHICK-FIL-A North Hills is selecting PT cashiers for day shift 11AM-3PM. 919-510-0100. Country Sunshine Children’s Center is now hiring p/t teacher assistants 3-6pm Mon-Fri. Jobs available now. For more info call 859-2828. Valet Parking Attendants Needed at Various Upscale Restaurants/Private Parties. Part-time and weekend positions available. Clean cut customer service oriented, clean driving record, able to drive a five-speed. $8-$15/hr including tips. 919-829-8050 x213. Work one on one w/children w/disabilities. part time evenings and/or weekends. we will train. $9-14 p/h. for more info or application go to By The

Sudoku Level:

The City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department is seeking individuals 18 and older that are interested in transporting After School participants between schools and after school sites. CDL licenses are preferred, but not required. Hours of availability must be from 1:30-5:30pm, Monday-Friday. Pay rate is $10.00 an hour. Please call Beth Soles at 831-6165 or e-mail The City of Raleigh is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Event Marketing Reps needed to promote National Brand on campus Sept. 15-17. Potential for more work. Email resume and headshot to Hab Techs Needed!! Maxim Healthcare needs staff to work w/developmentally disabled clients in Wake Co. Flexible hours in afternoons, evenings and weekends. $9-$10/hr. Need own transportation. 919- 676-3118. Head Cook/Kitchen Mgr. FT For Delta Zeta sorority in Raleigh, NC. Must be responsible, dependable and exp. in menu planning, ordering and meal prep. Fax resume to DZOL 513/523-9984 or email to tsh@dzshq. com.

P/T LANDSCAPE HELPER NEEDED for NOW and FALL with small company. 3 miles from campus. Flexible hours (12+) M-F, occasional Saturdays. Starting salary $8.50/hr. Previous experience and carpentry skills desired but will train right candidate. Call 779-2596. Leave message. Part time for yard work & misc. work around house. Flexible hours. $8-10 per hour. Call 782-6980 Part-time cashier/receptionist needed at Leith Audi in the Autopark in Cary. Hours 8:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays. Back ground check and pre-placement drug screen required. Pay starting at $9.00/hr. Contact Craig at 919- 460-3800 or email resume to . Wanted: Experienced web designer to build a simple, stylish personal/professional website that includes a content management system. Fixed price subject to negotiation. Email


Mepham Group


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-Riverbend Elementary Looking for staff available Mon- Fri from 6:45-8:45am and 3:30- 6:30pm Contact: Brooke Marangone Phone number: 919-831-6165 E-mail: -Harris Creek Elementary Looking for staff available Mon- Fri from 6:45-8:45am and 3:30- 6:30pm Contact: Brooke Marangone Phone number: 919-831-6165 E-mail: -Brier Creek Elementary Looking for staff available Mon- Fri from 6:45-8:45am and 3:30- 6:30pm Contact: Catherine Worthington Phone number: 919-420-2342 E-mail:

Real estate Homes For rent 5BR 2BA Extra Nice! 1 mile from NCSU. Covered deck, large backyard, w/d, on greenway. $995/month. 1211 Fayetteville St. 919-523-3281. Available 8/31. Near NCSU. Charming 3BR/2BA Ranch - located on Jones Franklin Road near Athens Drive. Nice neighborhood. Pristine condition. Ideal for students. Available Now. Call day: 833-7142 and evening 783-9410. Please visit our website at:

Rooms FoR Rent

Room 4 rent. Male stud. with 3 other m. stud’s. Priv. room with priv. bath, walk in clos. $325/mos. w/shared utilities, living room, W/D, & Kitch. 919- 971-0635 or 919-971-0094.

Merchandise For Sale Dorm, Loft; Custom built dorm lofts built to your dimensions! Can be painted in just about any color you choose. $450 covers materials, construction, finishing, delivery, AND SETUP! Discounts given for multiple orders (ie. both roommates buy a loft). Email Check us out on Facebook!

By The Mepham Group


Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Level 3

Level 2

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Solution to Tuesday’s puzzle


Solution to Wednesday’s puzzle


RAILHAWKS COLLEGE NIGHTS Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit


ALL GAMES 7PM WAKEMED SOCCER PARK, CARY © 2010 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved.

Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit

© 2009 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved.


ACROSS 1 Energy 4 It’s an example of itself 8 Pure 14 Suffix with verb 15 “Star Trek: T.N.G.” counselor 16 Bring about sooner 17 Young woman next door? 19 Green light 20 Architect Saarinen 21 Earth pigment 23 Hide-hair link 24 Adjoining floor? 28 Fireside emanation 30 “__ me!” 31 ’50s White House nickname 32 Certain fisherman 35 Annoys 39 __ Piper 41 Police sting, say 43 Grimace 44 Happen as a result 46 “Who Can It __?”: Men at Work hit 48 Exhaust, with “up” 49 [see other side] 51 Brought up 53 Proximate coins? 58 Spell 59 Loosen, as laces 60 Emerald City visitor 63 List of things to discuss 66 Chess piece within reach? 68 Dividend, e.g. 69 Germany’s von Bismarck 70 Letter opener? 71 “When a Man Loves a Woman” singer Percy __ 72 Insolence 73 Generous limit? DOWN 1 Area 2 “Got it” 3 Bosc sources


By Mark Bickham

4 24-hr. cash source 5 French breads 6 “The Garden of Earthly Delights” artist 7 Hindu poet 8 Old battlefield shout 9 Is suffering from 10 Beast of burden 11 Court figure 12 Pavarotti, notably 13 Datebook notation 18 Part of a Clue accusation 22 Football play also called a sweep 25 Adaptable truck, for short 26 “Casablanca” pianist 27 Request to a barber 28 Use a napkin on 29 Like, with “to” 33 Charles __, major decorator of the Palace of Versailles 34 Somme season 36 Links groups

Tuesday’s Puzzle Solved

Lookin’ for the answer key? Visit

(c)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

37 A hothead has a short one 38 Future plant 40 Couples 42 Omens 45 “The Three Faces of __”: 1957 film 47 Very small 50 Treat as the same 52 Affectedly cultured


53 Biker leggings 54 Corporate department 55 Daisy variety 56 Pal of Porthos 57 Calf catcher 61 Chitchat 62 Part of SRO 64 Doze 65 Grooved on 67 Elaborate affairs



• 3 days until the football team takes on Western Carolina in the season opener


• Page 7: A continuation of the story on the rodeo club and Krauser


Page 8 • wednesday, september 1, 2010

men’s soccer

Promising freshmen making early impact Former soccer player signs with professional team Former Pack soccer player Alan Sanchez has signed with Crystal Palace Baltimore of the United States Soccer Federation 2nd Division. The division is the second highest level of soccer in the United States, after the MLS. Sanchez, who graduated last season, was named to the All-ACC team three times while at State. He was named to the second team in his freshman and junior years, and once to the first team in his senior year. Source: Palace Baltimore

Bryd to be honored on Saturday before game The late Dennis Bryd is going to be honored this Saturday by North Carolina State University, The National Football Foundation and the College Hall of Fame. The ceremony will take place before the Pack’s season opener against Western Carolina. Bryd, who was a former defensive tackle for the Pack, will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame later this year.

Source: N.C. State Athletic

athletic schedule September 2010 Su





































The incoming class features two NSCAA All-Americans, two international players with national team experience, and one Gatorade State Player of the Year, among others. Five newcomers cracked the Sean Klemm starting lineup in the WolfDeputy Sports Editor pack’s most recent scrimmage After finishing the sea- victory against High Point Unison ranked No. 23 in the versity last Friday. Freshman nation and losing in the Mamadou Kansaye scored one second round of the NCAA of the team’s three goals in just tournament last year, N.C. his second career game. “It was awesome,” Kansaye State said goodbye to seven said. “I am starters, trying to includwor k h a rd ing its top ever y day three goal and get used scorers to the speed and goalof the college keeper game. I hope Christoto keep compher Widing out, playman, who ing hard and played getting better i n ever y every day.” minute of Fellow the Pack’s freshman 2009 camFreshman Sonny Mukungo Sonny Mupaign. kungo, who However, not all hope is lost. State also got the starting nod boasts a 15-player recruit- against High Point, said he ing class, ranked No. 19 too is trying to adjust to the nationally by CollegeSoc- lifestyle and play at the college level. However, according to “It is a very talented class, Mukungo, the support from top 20 in the country,” his fellow freshmen who are coach George Tarantini going through the same thing said. “Coach [Dan] Popik is making the adjustment prodid a tremendous job. So cess much easier. “It’s definitely tough,” Mufar we are very, very encouraged by the way they kungo said. “I had trouble wakare working and the talent ing up today, and I was pretty tired during class, but I’m sure I they bring to the team.”

Nationally-ranked recruiting class boasts depth and talent

“This group of guys is great. We are all a bunch of goofballs. We all hang out all the time, we are like brothers.”

amanda karst/Technician

Freshman Gbengha Makinde battles for position against the High Point Panthers on Aug. 26. The Pack won the exhibition match 3-2.

will get used to it. This group of guys is great. We are all a bunch of goofballs. We all hang out all the time. We are like brothers.” This group of brothers will grow up together and play together as it continues to improve, day in and day out. “Experience is something that has to be earned,” Tarantini said. “Nobody will give you anything. In this league, there is no forgiveness. You have to be prepared, but on the other hand, it’s exciting. Everything is brand new. People are working to get better. Today

Club sports

Saddle up and ride

Friday MEN’S SOCCER VS. SACRAMENTO STATE Durham, N.C., 5 p.m. WOMEN’S SOCCER VS. PITTSBURGH Dail Soccer Stadium, 7 p.m. VOLLEYBALL VS. ILLINOIS STATE Reynolds Coliseum, 6 p.m.

State’s rodeo club provides outlet for competitors and people who love the sport Kate Shefte

VOLLEYBALL VS. ARKANSAS STATE Bloomington, Ind., 11 a.m. VOLLEYBALL VS. INDIANA Bloomington, Ind., 8 p.m.

Quote of the day “We go out there with the same mentality every game -- to play as hard as we can. And if I score, I score.” Freshman forward Jennie Krauser

Did You know? The world’s first rodeo was held on July 4th, 1869, in Colorado.

While students milled around at a recent fair on West Campus, munching on cotton candy and discussing weekend plans, Katie Toney, a junior in animal science, was hard at work helping to teach shy volunteers proper lassoing technique. Toney was on hand to promote State’s rodeo club, and even though most of her pupils appeared terrified of the mechanical sheep they were charged with roping. She stayed patient and encouraging. After all, she’d had plenty of experience. “The main thing [club members] do is go to rodeos and have people that participate in them,” Toney said. “We’ll also pull up roping dummies, go to places like tractor supply and attend events like that to raise awareness.” Even though the club is made up of a group of people who like to “grab life by the horns” – literally or figuratively – Toney, who serves as the club secretary, said the rodeo enthusiasts are a pretty relaxed bunch. They often use meeting time to share stories or just enjoy each others’ company.

how they stack up against other classes from the past. It’s a special class. Not only the soccer part, but there is a lot of maturity and a lot of commitment to win. That’s what we are looking for: to see if we can do well in the league and go back to the league.” The Pack continues its season on Friday, Sept. 3, against Sacramento State in the Duke Nike Classic.

women’s soccer

Forward gives Pack offense life Freshman from Southern California leads women’s soccer team in scoring

Senior Staff Writer Saturday FOOTBALL VS. WESTERN CAROLINA Carter-Finley Stadium, 6 p.m.

[Monday] we got up at 5:45 for running on the track. I see everyone is working, everyone is excited, and so the future is good. This class will really help us continue to develop the program here.” The variety of this class is something special, according to both players and coaches alike, for its attributes on and off the field. “Because there are so many, and all different players, it’s a very exciting class,” Tarantini said. “I think at the end of the season we will compare and see

photo courtesy of Rodeo Club

Calline Kirkman, a freshman in engineering, tries to handle a rope at the Rodeo Club’s booth at the Welcome Back, Pack event Aug. 17. “I was just trying to rope a calf. It’s something new to try,” Kirkman said.

“We recently had a meeting where we all somehow got to talking about the worst injuries we’ve had,” Toney said. “Not surprisingly, a lot of them were horse or bull related.” This common bond unites members of the club with all levels of experience. Some have competed in rodeo, barrel racing or bullriding for years and

some have just started. Even more have never picked up on the sport, but grew up around it and enjoy going to events and supporting their friends. “I’ve never actually been involved in rodeos myself. I just like to watch them,” Toney said. “It’s fun hanging out with

rodeo continued page 7

that reflects her talent and work ethic. Last season’s leading scorer Kara Blosser has taken plenty of notice to similarities between her and Krauser, both on and off the field. Sean Fairholm “I swear we’re like sisters,” Staff Writer Blosser said. “I can tell that she For freshman forward wants it just as bad as I want it. Jennie Krauser, leading her That energy with her coming team on the points board in as a freshman, getting points through the season’s first early and proving herself ... four games was never an ex- that’s really cool.”  Although the two play differpectation or a goal. In fact, the Irvine, Calif. native has ent positions, they have much been more focused on wins more in common than being and losses ever since she players who started making fell in love with N.C. State’s major impacts as freshmen coming in campus a from outside year ago.  of North Car“I don’t olina. It is the actually determination go i nto and focus that a game Blosser conthinking sta nt ly d isI wa nt plays that has to score helped shape the most Jennie into a goals,” regular startKrauser er and future said. “If leader of the you go team.  into a “The congame Freshman forward Jennie f idence that thinking Krauser Kara has is you want such a ke y to be the only one scoring, it’s not role,” Krauser said. “If you going to happen. Winning don’t think you are going to beat a player when you go oneis more important.”  With nine goals and 13 on-one with them, you won’t. assists during her career for She never backs down, and that Woodbridge High School is important to have as a soccer and experience leading her player.”  One of the main reasons local club team to a national championship in 2006, Krauser brings a resume krausercontinued page 7

“If you don’t think you are going to beat a player when you go one-on-one with them, you won’t.”




Technician - September 1, 2010  

Avent Ferry Road repaving begins

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