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Raleigh, North Carolina

Law limiting texts debuts today Story By Alanna Howard | photo illustration by Marisa akers

New law makes it illegal to text while driving, enforcers say focus is on safety Alanna Howard Staff Writer

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, North Carolina joins 19 other states and the District of Columbia making it illegal to text while operating a moving vehicle. In June the bill was signed into law by Governor Beverly Perdue and will prohibit drivers from actions such as texting or reading e-mails on cell phones while driving. If caught, offenders face $100 in fines, plus court costs. The bill, which is available for public access on the North Carolina Legislative Web site, states that “It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a vehicle on a public street or highway or public vehicular area while using a mobile telephone to: Manually enter multiple letters or text in the device as a means of communicating with another person; or [to] read any electronic mail or

text message transmitted to the device or stored within the device, provided that this prohibition shall not apply to any name or number stored in the device nor to any caller identification information.” Rep. Garland Pierce, the sponsor of the bill, said the idea came from news of various accidents because of distractions from cell phones.   “The main accident I recall that started the idea for this bill was the train that ran through the lighting system and it was proven the conductor was texting while operating the train. This is just one of many accidents that have shown how distracting texting is for people in various methods of transit and its harmful consequences,” he said.  Luke Carter, a junior in civil engineering, said the law should be beneficial.  “Texting while driving is very distracting, I’ll admit I do it some, but this law will help me not do it anymore,” he said.  A driver who is caught texting while driving

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Safety a chief concern among college drivers

Holiday eating makes health an issue

Texting-while-driving ban proves to be controversial topic among students

Caroline Barfield

Carmicheal Complex sees no change in attendance

believed the decrease in distractions would prevent many accidents, especially in those cases of visitors and foreigners. “Not everyone can multi-task as well Annie Albright as I can,” Edden said. “So they should Staff Writer  not try and text while driving.”  Texting is not the only major disStudents have mixed reactions to the texting while driving ban that goes traction cell phones provide, Amanda Migliaccio, a sophomore in social into effect today.   Robin VanCott, junior in political work, said, because e-mail can also science, said she hoped the new law become a huge threat to the easily would change the way people drive distracted adult.   “I have literally sat, been the first car and improve safety on the road.   “It is a good law because it protects in line at a red light, and missed the whole rotation,” the safety of drivMigliaccio said. ers and pedestri“In fact, two of ans,” VanCott those times have said. “Hopefully been twice in a the law will rerow.”  duce the amount Rachel Patton, of accidents and a sophomore in deaths caused by civil engineering, them, because it Robin Vancott, junior in political said while she is a major disscience agrees with the traction.”  concept of the Jay B y lu nd , sophomore in business administra- law she is skeptical of the effectiveness.  “I mean, yeah, it is a law but so is tion, said the accidents caused by texting are a serious issue but that speeding and everyone still speeds,” the main issue is the responsibility of Patton said. “It is going to be so hard to enforce it. I think it is a good idea drivers.   “Actually when it comes down to it, but I just do not think it is realistic.”  Joe Ferguson, senior in poultry sciit will be a good thing,” Bylund said. “I am just not sure how necessary it is as ence, said he is not sure how neceslong as drivers are responsible. Unfor- sary the law is, if drivers are being tunately there are many drivers who responsible.   “It could be good for awareness for are not native to the area who attempt to multi-task when they barely know driving on highways and big roads but where they are going in the first place I do not believe it is a big deal for suburban areas,” Ferguson said. and that is how accidents happen.”  Other students, such as Alex Edden, junior in political science, said they

“Hopefully the law will reduce the amount of accidents and deaths.”


Northwestern challenges Pack See page 8.

viewpoint science & tech classifieds sports

Friday, Dec. 4th 12pm to 8pm

4 5 7 8

Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a food-based holiday and feasting is a great way to pack on the pounds, yet students have plans for burning the extra calories. The average American will consume more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day alone, according to the Caloric Control Council, and most of it comes from snacking all day. Andrew Tucker, a senior in political science, said he kept from gaining the weight by following his diet plan and taking a nap. “If you think about it, there are 3,500 calories in a pound and, unless you’re consuming over 3,500 on top of your daily consumption, you’ll gain a pound. If you ate more than 7,000 calories then you should probably get counseling,” he said. “To keep my weight regular I only ate white meat, no cheese, had some corn, green beans - stayed away from anything

“With exams coming up, there’s no time.”

Preconceived victory T-shirt design released Shirts became available at GoPack store Monday evening Ty Johnson Editor-in-Chief

Less than three hours after Russell Wilson took a game-winning kneel in the football team’s 28-27 win over UNC-Chapel Hill, fans subscribed to’s Pack Tracks had an e-mail in their inbox promoting the sale of T-shirts celebrating the Wolfpack’s third straight victory over the rival Tar Heels. The design, which featured a front-pocket design bearing the score and “Stomp your Heels and Howl with Pride” and the date of the game, appeared fresh to fans and students who saw it for the

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that was processed or had heavy fats to work out was fairly normal. A few people said they ate too much, but the and no dessert.” Turkey contains a natural sedative majority working out were regulars,” called Tryptophan but the chemical Cox said. According to Cox, the biggest indoes not have a potent effect because it’s mixed with all of the other food crease in gym attendance is seen after eaten. The “food coma” experienced is the winter break. “We normally see an increase in the result of your body working overpeople at the gym after New Years,” time to digest everything. Cox said. Stephen SaunTy l a r Br a n non , ders, a junior in sophomore in intermarketing, said he personal and public too napped off his communication, said meal. she made going the “I had a very, gym a priority after very large Thanksthe holiday. giving meal. I had David Prescott, sophomore in “For Thanksgiving two meals, so I aerospace engineering, on his I ate more than usual, was busy the enplans to go to the gym to work especially sweets. Aftire holiday dooff his Thanksgiving meal terwards, I went runing Thanksgiving ning then I went to t hi ngs. A f terwards, I napped - it only took one day the gym. I was non-stop moving all break,” Brannon said. for me to recover,” he said. David Prescott, sophomore in aeroCarmicheal Complex did not see the space engineering, said he ate a lot, but influx of students it was expecting. Brian Cox, a manager at Carmi- was too busy to make it to the gym. “I had a hefty meal for Thanksgivchael, said Monday didn’t show any change in the amount of people that ing, and napped it off afterwards,” Prescott said. “I was going to try to came to work out. “For the Monday after Thanksgiv- make it to the gym, but with exams ing, the number of people that came coming up, there’s no time.”

It’s like Black Friday at the bookstore!!

Luis Zapata/Technician

Victory T-shirts sit on clothing racks at the GoPack store at Ridgewood Shopping Center Monday evening.

first time Saturday, but the design had been conceptualized weeks before, ac-

cording to Nicole Quimby, the manager of the GoPack store in Ridgewood


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Today Book Sale to Benefit Rose Memorial Garden Toxicology Building, all day Audition Orientation and Auditions for Into the Woods Thompson Hall, 7 p.m.

60/42 Sunny during the day with partly cloudy skies overnight. Winds west-southwest at 6 mph.

Wednesday Exploring Oppression Talley Student Center, Room 3118, 9 a.m. to noon


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Christian fellowship sponsors bone marrow registry drive

Rain with winds east-southeast at 15 mph. Chance of precipitation at 90 percent.

photo By Kimberly Rochester


iana Wong, a freshman in First Year College, swabs the inside of her cheek at the bone marrow registry drive Monday. The drive was sponsored by the N.C. State Alpha Omega Christian Fellowship on behalf of Sarah He, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in June. “I know Sarah from church,” Wong said. “There was a drive at UNC as well.” Patients needing a bone marrow transplant are more likely to get a match from someone of their own race or ethnicity, so getting a wide range of people to join the registry is important.


64 37

In the know

Partly cloudy with west-southwest winds. Chance of precipitation at 20 percent.

SG soliciting sustainability ideas


Student Government will provide $1,000 in initial start-up funding to make the best sustainability idea submitted by today become reality. Submissions must be sent as a .doc file to NCSUsustainabilitycommission@ For more information visit students.ncsu/exec/ sustainability/spring2010. html

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Get involved in technician

Source: Natasha Herting

Ecologist to give soil science seminar

Technician is always looking for people to write, design, copy edit and take photos. If you’re interested, come to our office on the third floor of Witherspoon (across from the elevators) Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to midnight and Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., or e-mail Editor-inChief Ty Johnson at editor@

Jude Maul, a research ecologist with USDA-ARS’ Sustainable Agriculture Systems Lab in Beltsville, Md., will speak Wednesday in Williams Hall Auditorium at 3:40 p.m. The title of the seminar is “Organic No-Till Soybean Systems: Impact of Cover Crop Resi-

Quote of the day


“... this is not so much about catching people, it is about preventing people from doing it in the first place.”

Nov. 25 9:10 A.M. | Hazmat Incident Clark Dining Hall FP responded to report of gas leak. Gas service to building was shut down until repair could be completed. 11:27 P.M. | Assist Another Agency Off Campus Officer observed student fall into construction barricade. It was determined subject was intoxicated. RPD was contacted to assist.

Representative Garland Pierce on the textingwhile-driving ban

919-836-1555 2712 Hillsborough St Sunday-Wednesday 11am-3am Thurs, Fri, & Sat 11am-4am

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due on Soybean Nitrogen Fixation and Soil Biogeochemistry.” Refreshments will be served at 3:15 p.m. in the adjacent McKimmon Room. The event, which is cosponsored by the Department of Crop Science and the University, is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Jeff White at jeff_white@ Source:

Holiday concert planned The University’s wind ensemble and jazz ensembles will perform Thursday in Stewart Theatre as part of Music@N.C.State’s annual Holiday Concert. Admission is $10 for the public, $8 for senior citizens, students, faculty and staff and $5 for students with an ID. Children younger than 12 are admitted free. To purchase tickets call Ticket Central at 515-1100. For more information, contact Lindsey Graham at Source:

World & Nation Suspect in police shootings still at large A Seattle police SWAT team Monday morning swarmed a home surrounded overnight but did not find suspected cop-killer Maurice Clemmons inside. A murder warrant has been issued for Clemmons, the man suspected of killing four Lakewood, Wash. police officers Sunday in a coffee shop, Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. Police had surrounded the home late Sunday night and Troyer said the search of the house finished shortly after 7 a.m. PST. Officers searched with a robot before SWAT officers moved in.

German tourist accused of making false bomb threat at Disney World

$10,000 bond. The judge said the bond is normally set at $5,000, but it is doubled in this case because the suspect, Jochen Naumann, 37, is from out of the country. source:

U.S. general leads battle for spy resources in Afghanistan The peaks of the Hindu Kush mountains create a stunning backdrop for the U.S. military’s Kabul headquarters, but Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn rarely notices. Sheltering Taliban fighters and American combat outposts, the mountains symbolize the old way of fighting. Flynn was sent here to help define a new strategy for the war. Flynn knows the U.S. needs better intelligence to bolster its effort to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, but often he feels frustrated that others do not share his sense of urgency. source:

University Budget Advisory Committee Chancellor’s Conference Room, 10:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Soil Science Seminar: Organic No-Till Soybean Systems Williams Hall, 3:40 to 4:40 p.m. University Theatre presents It’s A Wonderful Life, a Life Radio Play Thompson Hall, 8 p.m. Thursday AutoCad Level 1 McKimmon Center, 9 a.m. Physical Environment Committee Meeting Winslow Hall Conference Room, 3:30 to 5 p.m. Julie and Julia Witherspoon Cinema, 7 to 9:05 p.m. Music@N.C. State Holiday Concert Stewart Theatre, 7 to 9 p.m. University Theatre presents It’s A Wonderful Life, a Life Radio Play Thompson Hall, 8 p.m. The Hurt Locker Witherspoon Cinema, 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. Friday The Hurt Locker Witherspoon Cinema, 7 to 9 p.m. University Theatre presents It’s A Wonderful Life, a Life Radio Play Thompson Hall, 8 p.m. Julie and Julia Witherspoon Cinema, 9:30 to 11:35 p.m.

A Florida judge on Monday issued the German tourist accused of making a bomb threat at Walt Disney World a

Cool Runnings Witherspoon Cinema, 11:59 p.m. Nov. 26 2:41 A.M. | Fire Alarm Vet School Officers responded to water flow alarm determined to be malfunction. Fire Marshall was advised. 8:03 P.M. | Check Person Vet School Officer observed non-student enter building. Investigation revealed subject had authorization to be in area. Nov. 27 12:18 A.M. | Traffic Stop Dan Allen/Western Student was issued citation for stoplight violation.

Nov. 28 6:03 A.M. | Special Event Carter-Finley Stadium Officers reported for NCSU-UNC Game. Stadium: 35 subjects were ejected and trespassed, 11 students referred to University, one citation issued. Parking Lots: six students referred to University, one citation issued.

3:42 P.M. | Assault Carter-Finely Stadium Student reported being pushed by nonstudent.

11:36 A.M. | Affray Carter-Finley Stadium Student was trespassed and referred for fighting.

4:44 P.M. | Check Person Carter-Finley Stadium Report of intoxicated subject. Officers checked area but did not locate any problems.

12:07 P.M. | Assault Carter-Finley Stadium Student was referred for assault of nonstudent.

2:36 A.M. | Traffic Stop Dan Allen/Thurman Nonstudent was stopped for stoplight violation. Subject was arrested for DWI.

12:48 P.M. | Assault Carter-Finley Stadium Student was trespassed and referred for striking unknown subject.

3:43 A.M. | Fire Alarm Sigma Chi Units responded to alarm caused by overheated motor in mechanical room. Electronics was notified and responded.

2:33 P.M. | Tresspass Carter-Finley Stadium Nonstudent was issued citation for trespassing after being evicted.

11:57 A.M. | Assist Another Agency Dunn Avenue Officers assisted RPD with search for subject who fled after traffic stop. 2:46 P.M. | Special Event Carter-Finley Stadium Officers reported for duty for preevent security of stadium.

3:04 P.M. | Damage to Property Carter-Finley Stadium Nonstudent reported rear window of vehicle had been broken out. 3:23 P.M. | Suspicious Person Carter-Finley Stadium Officers observed suspicious nonstudent. Subject complied to leave the area.

3:47 P.M. | Assault Carter-Finley Stadium Nonstudent reported being grabbed by another nonstudent.

4:56 P.M. | Traffic Accident Trinity Road Report of accident between nonstudents. 5:07 P.M. | Larceny Lee Hall Student reported theft of items from room. Nov. 29 3:15 A.M. | Check Person Armory Lot Officer observed vehicle parked in lot. Contact was made with staff member preparing for shift. 8:58 A.M. | Utility Problem Vet School Report of power outage. Facilities was notified. 3:14 P.M. | B&E Building Lee Hall Student reported cash taken from room.

Saturday Julie and Julia Witherspoon Cinema, 7 to 9:05 p.m. Grains of Time Stewart Theatre, 8 to 10 p.m. University Theatre presents It’s A Wonderful Life, a Life Radio Play Thompson Hall, 8 p.m. The Hurt Locker Witherspoon Cinema, 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. Sunday Hang it Up! Gregg Museum of Art & Design, 2 to 8 p.m.

Recent Gifts of Native American Art from the Collection of Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg Gregg Museum of Art & Design, 2 to 8 p.m. University Theatre presents It’s a Wonderful Life, a Live Radio Play Thompson Theatre, 3 p.m. The Hurt Locker Witherspoon Cinema, 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. Monday Reading Day



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Romulus Revealed

cover it all. There are many things that drivers find to distract them — makeup, the continued from page 1 newspaper, kids — but we can’t will receive a ticket for $100 outlaw everything people can but will not receive points on use as a distraction,” he said. With debate over the law’s his or her license, according to potential effectiveness, supthe bill.  “No drivers license points or porters of the bill reinforce its insurance surcharge shall be purpose.  Pierce said the purpose of the assessed as a result of a violation of this section. Failure to law is to send a message.  “The main concern is the comply with the provisions of this section shall not constitute safety on highways; this is not negligence per se or contribu- so much about catching people, it is about tor y neg lipreventgence per se by ing people the operator in from doing any action for it in the first the recovery plac e. It ’s of d a m a ge s about hoparising out of ing law abidthe operation, ing citizens ownership or won’t do it maintenance Rep. Garland Pierce, sponsor of in the first of a vehicle,” texting-while-driving bill place, and the exact for t hose wording of the that we do catch, they will pay bill says.  One main opposition to the the price,” he said.  Based on the wording of the law is the ability to enforce it.   Campus Police Crime Pre- bill, sitting at a stop light or vention Officer Steve Carlton pulling a vehicle to the side of said the law will be enforced the road while texting is not ilon campus, even if that will legal. The fine only applies to those who are moving while be hard.  “We will issue some warnings texting.  McCormick said the bill is a first, then after a period of time move on to citations,” he said. waste of resources, but it brings “It will be kind of difficult in appropriate attention to the isgeneral for all officers to en- sue.  “It’s a bad law, but it makes force, just like the seat belt law, but we will evaluate situations good headlines,” he said. “If and take into consideration the someone is dumb enough to possibility of accidents hap- be texting while driving then pening because of texting and that is their faulty judgement, they should wait and text at a act accordingly.”  Representative Darrell Mc- stop light. But there is a lot of Cormick, who voted against promotion about this law so the bill, said the law is an ex- hopefully people will pay attention and see the message, ample of bad legislation.  “We keep building laws on don’t text and drive.”  The law has gathered lots of existing laws, and being convicted of reckless driving, re- attention as it nears the day it gardless of the action that was becomes official, and there is considered reckless, would widespread attention to spread

“The main concern is the safety on highways.”

david mabe/Technician

Blake Miller, a senior in electrical and computer engineering, and C’Nece Lewis, a senior in computer engineering, explain their project in the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program to Seth Hollar, an assistant professor in the program. Their project is a compressed air vehicle called Romulus. The team includes sophomores and juniors who function as virtual employees in the entrepreneurship program. The vehicle includes an automatic gearing system to make it more efficient.

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Shopping Center. “The design was already in place before the game was played, so all we had to do when the game was over was put in the final score,” she said. Despite the game having no impact on State’s postseason, Santiago Rubio, a freshman in polymer and color chemistry, said the game is different from other regular season match-

ups. “I know we suck, but, against Carolina, it’s a different playing field,” Rubio said. Stormi Gignac, a freshman in apparel development, said the rivalry takes on a bigger meaning for her and her siblings. “My brother goes to Carolina, so i like to rub it in,” she said, adding she’ll look in to buying a victory T-shirt. “I have another brother who goes to State so we’ll probably both get them and wear them.” Rubio said he’s a fan of any

awareness of its existence. Pierce said there are many programs describing their enforcement in support of the bill.  “There will be a press conference with the people who signed it and different law enforcement agencies, including Highway Safety, who will be in attendance. Various phone companies are trying to send a message as well, they will send a text message out to customers reminding them not to text while driving,” he said.  The first draft of the bill was written in January and it went through a lot of revision before being signed into law in June.  After lengthy debate over language and provisions of the bill Pierce said a draft was finally agreed upon.  “There was a lot of back and forth during the process of getting it approved, even some dealings with other states who have the same sort of law,” Pierce said. “There was some language in early versions that made it almost fail, the early version is quite different from the final version.”  Carlton said students should log onto Youtube and watch a video to see the effects of texting while driving.  “England made a video about texting while driving, it’s gruesome but not too long. It’s interesting because it doesn’t hold back in showing the effects and might shock some people. To find it they should Google texting while driving England,” he said.  Timothy Johnson, a junior in communications, said the law might help save lives.  “Texting while driving is really distracting so I could see how people get hurt,” he said. “It’s a good law because it might help save some lives.”

Where can I get one?

T-shirts featuring the score of Saturday’s football win over UNC-Chapel Hill are available online and at the Go Pack store in Ridgewood Shopping Center for $17.99. Source: Go Pack Store

apparel that insinuates the Heels’ shortcomings. “I hate Carolina,” Rubio said. “So anything to do with State beating Carolina is definitely something I’m interested in.”


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page 4 • Tuesday, december 1, 2009


{Our view}

Don’t text this The Facts:

Texting while driving is illegal in North Carolina, effective Tuesday. The change brings North Carolina policy in line with that if 17 other states and the District of Columbia.

Our Opinion:

The ban is a step in the right direction. North Carolinians should consider it a wake-up call on distracted driving and revisit their own driving habits.


ffective Tuesday, texting while driving is illegal in North Carolina, as it already is in two of North Carolina’s neighboring states — Virginia and Tennessee — and 15 other states across the country. The new law intends to curb fatalities induced by distracted drivers. A report published by the University of Utah indicated that drivers who text while driving are eight times more likely to become involved in an accident. Likewise, a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that truck drivers who text while driving are 25 times more likely to be involved in an accident. Prohibiting texting while

The unsigned editorial is the opinion of the members of Technician’s editorial board excluding the news department and is the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief.

driving is common sense. The statistics support the new law and it hardly falls into the category of something that is necessary. Endangering yourself and others by texting is a form of distracted driving which should have been outlawed years ago. Despite the change, texting is still allowed while drivers are at stoplights or pulled over to the side of the road. That provision and other questions of enforcement have already led many to question whether or not the policy will

actually be enforced. With that question in mind, the General Assembly should consider taking the next step and banning cell phone usage while driving altogether (without hands-free devices at least). Six states and the District of Columbia have already made that step, indicating a serious commitment to improving public safety. Many communities have complained about the levels of success and enforcement on those laws, but strict rules on texting and cell phone use will doubtlessly limit distractions

caused by cell phones. A text or cell phone call on short trips cannot possibly bear out the distraction and possible fatalities the quips can cost. The risk isn’t worth it. The ban on texting while driving is definitely a step in the right direction, though. Students, faculty and staff should take it as an opportunity to evaluate their own driving habits and consider if those 15 seconds of distraction are really worth it. This isn’t a nuisance, it’s a chance for us all to reevaluate our driving and make the roads a little bit safer.


We really are our own worst enemy


n the aftermath of the Nov. 5 tragedy at Fort Hood, many people once again held up radical Islam as the evil force behind the atrocity. Why is it that we must always attribute such tragedies to some grand, overarching problem that tends to ignore the part our Paul society plays in McCauley creating such Senior Staff depressing Columnist and terrifying tales? Like Victor Frankenstein, we have brought our hideous progeny to life and now suffer the consequences of our actions. Once again, I suggest we look beyond the obvious “causes” and consider taking a closer look at American society. For starters, it’s detrimental to the conversation to immediately say that “extremists” from a school of radical Islam are to blame. There are extremists from all religious orders, from the Christians who bomb abortion clinics to the Muslims responsible for 9/11. Do we blame the Catholic Church and the various other Christian denominations for the acts of the rare extremists who resort to violence against abortion clinics and providers? No, we don’t. Likewise, we should be as reasonable when it comes to our perceptions of Muslim-Americans in light of the actions of a few insane extremists. We also have to look at our own actions in the creation of the “evil” of Muslim extremists. We’ve illegally detained a number of innocent Muslims in secret prisons where they are tortured. We’ve supported Israel and the Zionist state for decades, explicitly in the political arena and implicitly with billions of dollars in direct support and military hardware. Meanwhile, we have almost completely ignored the Palestinians. Americans have created a culture where paranoia and hyperbole rule instead of reason and discussion. It’s even spread to Switzerland, historically a bastion of equality and tolerance, where some politicians are looking to ban the construction of minarets, the towers that usually stand next to mosques. Our own actions

help provide the very evidence extremists can use against us — how is it foolish or unpatriotic to point this out? And the ghastly, titanic “evil” of religious extremists isn’t the first time Americans have sought a simple answer to explain a terrible tragedy. Recall the school shootings at Columbine and Virginia Tech: we blame each atrocity on a single, disturbed individual, without stopping to consider the role we as a society played in creating this person. This is disturbing, because we once again fall victim to what social scientists call the Fundamental Attribution Error, in which we attribute certain outcomes or events to the individual behind them while ignoring environmental or situational factors. Thus, instead of considering the possibility that our society creates barriers to success and sometimes isolates certain individuals from popular society for no reason, we blame it all on the crazy person. Similarly, with Islamic extremists, we take the actions of an insane extremist like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11, out of the context of our actions within the international arena, mix it with some stereotyping and create the illusion in which all Muslims are secretly plotting our death. Yet we ignore the fact that we have launched countless bombing campaigns and opted to start a war of choice in Iraq, all in the name of bringing democracy and freedom to the Muslim world. Creating these imaginary archvillains may help us sleep at night, but it doesn’t solve the real problem. To me, this problem is simple. Americans in general need to turn a critical eye on themselves and ask some serious questions about the state of our nation. The hardest person to blame is oneself, and we have put off such self-criticism for far too long. Until we can identify our own shortcomings and take the appropriate actions to correct them, expect things to get worse before they get better. Send Paul your thoughts on prejudice to

Editor-in-Chief Ty Johnson

323 Witherspoon Student Center, NCSU Campus Box 7318, Raleigh, NC 27695 Editorial Advertising Fax Online

515.2411 515.2029 515.5133

Should texting while driving be made illegal? Why or why not? by Kimberly rochester

“Yes, I think it takes the driver’s eyes off the road. Compared to talking on your cell phone, texting takes two hands. I have a friend that used to text and drive. It was a little scary riding with him.” Tate Rogers sophomore, mechanical engineering

It’s that time of year again, regrettably..

Christian O’Neal, freshman in mechanical engineering

Where dreams come true…


his is my last hoorah until next fall. Next semester, I have decided to participate in the Disney College Program at Disney World i n Orlando, Fla. I will be working in the food and beverage services, taking Jessica classes at Ekstrom Disney and Staff Columnist living there from January to May. I decided to apply when I heard about it just to see if I could get it. My thought process was, if I don’t get it, oh well; and if I do, I’ll decline and apply later since I’m only a freshman. When I got my acceptance letter, the thought process completely changed. Sitting in my hands was a chance to embark on a tremendous experience. But I felt like I had just arrived at college. I’m not supposed to leave yet, right? Wrong. What am I waiting for? There is no better time than right now. College only lasts for so long (for some, longer than others). After graduation comes a job or graduate school and before you know it, a new chapter begins. But right now, make the best of this chapter. Fill

every page with an experience, good or bad. Who wants to flip back and reread boring pages? I know I certainly don’t. I held the letter and pondered some more. There is a possibility that I could absolutely hate every second of it and wish I were at State. But also, there is a possibility I could make friends from a l l a rou nd t he world , love working in one of the most desired places in the world a nd learn more about my aspirations and myself. Either way, it is an experience. A few summers ago, I did a backpacking trip in Colorado for two weeks. No showers, crappy food, hiking with a 60-pound pack all day and being with the same people constantly. Needless to say, I was counting down the days until I could take a hot shower, eat good food and have some alone time. But not a day goes by where I don’t think about that trip. Whenever I forget my cell phone or my iPod dies, I know I don’t need those things. I learned I actually don’t need a lot of things I thought I did. But I would most likely not have realized this if I didn’t go through

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in your words

that experience. The bottom line is there is no room for waiting. The right time is now. We are young and have so many opportunities available to us through school. If you have been dreaming about study abroad, start the process now. Start researching a nd planning when and where, why a nd h o w. I f money is the issue, start working. If time is the issue, start planning. Make it happen. And opportunities don’t have to be as big as going to Disney World for a semester or doing service in the Dominican Republic for a few weeks. It could be joining a club that you have wanted to be a part of or going to a football game for the first time. To sum everything up, in the words of Walt Disney, “All of your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.”

“Wrong. What am I waiting for? There is no better time than right now.”

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“No, because sometimes you just need to text someone. You can do it safely, like at a stoplight.” Ranya Samara sophomore, mathematics education

“Yes, because it is very distracting and will cause fatalities.” Grace Williamson freshman, biological sciences


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Will you abide by the new texting-whiledriving ban? • Yes • No • I don’t care because it doesn’t affect me Visit to cast your vote.

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PLAY AND FREEZE ICE CREAM MAKER $24.77 ON WALMART.COM This is perfect for family gatherings, sleep overs, or lazy Saturday nights. The Ice Cream ball allows for its users to make ice cream by simply adding ice and rock salt into one compartment, while putting ice cream mixture in the other. While it is passed around and shook, the mixture combines and eventually thickens into the dairy goodness loved by so many. SOURCE: HTTP://ASTORE.AMAZON.COM

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Consumers exceed expectations on Black Friday Many students participated in Black Friday this year, contributing to the estimated $41.2 billion acquired from sales.

Mullin said in an economy like this one, every retailer wants to be a discounter. “Department stores have done an admirable job touting both low prices and good quality, which are important requirements for holiday shoppers on a budget,” Mullin said. Lisa Cruz, manager of Poppy Pia, a highBy Joanna Banegas Staff Writer quality apparel and accessories store at Triangle Town Center and Crabtree Mall, said business Waking up before dawn with a stomach still was different this year. “Business is slower,” Cruz said. “But I’m imfull of turkey from the day before, shoppers prepared for the biggest shopping day of the pressed. Our sales on Black Friday are pretty close from what we were making last year.” year: Black Friday. Cruz said she keeps her fingers crossed for the According to a National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, holiday season. “Hopefully, our sales will be up there this shopping survey, conducted by BIGresearch, 195 million shoppers visited stores and Web holiday season and people are willing to spend sites over Black Friday weekend. That was an money for the holidays,” Cruz said. Sagar Patel, a freshman in First Year College increase compared to the 172 million shop, continued to shop at stores such as Best Buy, pers from last year. Target and various However, there places this year on was a decrease in Black Friday. average spending “I bel ie ve most per person. Last people just didn’t care year each person about the economy,” spent $372.57 and Patel said. “I don’t this year, each only think the economy spent $343.31. That was too much of a facequates to a $29.26 tor this year, I mean, I decrease or the bought a four gig flash equiva lent of a drive for $10.” shirt from American Eagle or a 22 Patel said he thinks oz. Yankee candle. Black Friday is about Tracy Mullin, NRF president and CEO It can be summed unifying. up t hat spend“All the people that ing per person are shopping are there dropped by one moderately priced gift. to get stuff cheap,” Patel said. “Like if you’re there In its totality, Black Friday managed to to get a cheap TV, you’re going to get that TV.” scrape and estimated $41.2 billion from conEven if the economy is bad, Patel reasons that sumers this year, which isn’t a small amount items bought on Black Friday are still going to considering the state of America’s economy. be cheaper than your usual buy. Tracy Mullin, NRF president and CEO, said “If there are certain things that you want, in a press release shoppers proved this week- you’ll be there waiting in line for the computend they were willing to open their wallets for ers or TVs,” Patel said. “You’re going to save so a bargain, heading out to take advantage of much more than a typical sale.” great deals on less expensive items like toys, Although the economy is as it lowest it has been small appliances and winter clothes. Also, in 40 years, Cruz believes today’s society will nearly half of holiday shoppers visited at least not go back to the stocking filled with candies one department store, a 12.9 percent increase and fruits. from last year. Cruz said she’s not really hearing of any of the “While retailers are encouraged by the humble holiday gifts this year. number of Americans who shopped over “As the years progress, we will get further and Black Friday weekend, they know they have further away from the regular holiday tradition,” their work cut out for them to keep people Cruz said. “People are going to try to look for coming back through Christmas,” Mullin the big deals. It might not be the same because said. of the economy, but I don’t think it will be a According to Mullin, shoppers can con- huge difference.” tinue to expect retailers to focus on low prices and bargains through the end of December in an effort to recreate the outcome of Black Friday.

“While retailers are encouraged by the number of Americans who shopped over Black Friday weekend, they know they have their work cut out for them...”


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enzymes attack carbohydrates and begin to break them down.


acids and enzymes start to break down protein. food eaten becomes soupy.

large intestine a reserve of bacteria aids in serious digestion.

small intestine a reserve of bacteria aids in serious digestion.


Thanksgiving foods weren’t so bad as usually labeled Thanksgiving involved for most the consumption of large amounts of food, accompanied by a tryptophan food coma. Christen Brown, a graduate

student studying animal nutrition, said people will typically consume over 3,500 calories on this one day. Assistant Professor Gabriel Harris of the department of food, bio-processing, and nutrition sciences relaxes the

stigma Thanksgiving carries with it. “One day will not ruin a person’s waistline.” According to Harris, with extra exercise and cutting back on excess during the week, the effects of eating so much food

can be negated. As long as some moderation is applied, there should be no fear of long-term weight gain, he said. Amanda Stephens, president of the Food Science Club and a doctoral student in food science, said a serving of turkey

provides 65.1 percent of the min C and vitamin E. “Pumpkin also has a lot of fidaily value of protein needed; it has half the daily value of ber, which a lot of people tend saturated fats as red meat; it to forget when they label it as contains selenium which is unhealthy,” Stephens said. According to Harris, while important for immune function and metabolic pathways, digestion begins in the mouth, Niacin, which has been shown absorption occurs through to decrease the risk for certain every stage. Enzymes begin to cancers and cardiovascular dis- break down carbohydrates in ease, and vitamin B6, which is the mouth. These enzymes are important for the nervous found in saliva. The esophagus and immune system, has been is not much else but a passagelinked to blood sugar regula- way for the food to go to the tion and aids in the formation stomach. The stomach acid and of niacin. Turkey also has 109 enzymes begin with breaking percent of the daily value of down protein. At this point, tryptophan, which is an amino the food just eaten has become acid important for the produc- more like a soupy texture. This then passes into the tion of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which induces sleep. small intestine. At this point, But according to Harris, fats have begun to break down. this is not the only factor that After this, food passes into the contriblarge intesutes to the t ine where drowsiness t here i s a a f ter t he large reserve large meal. of bacteria When dithat aids in gesting so ou r d ige smuch food, tion. Act he body cord i ng to diverts Harris, there blo o d to are 10 times the stomthe amounts ach and of bacterial ot her orcells as there Amanda Stephens, doctoral gans that are human student in food science process the cells in the food eaten. body. They Accordc a n bre a k ing to Stephens, one potato down fiber and fatty acids the contains more potassium than human body can’t. While they a banana. Potassium is impor- do this, they produce methane. tant for muscle and nerve con- The large intestine also pulls traction. Potatoes also contain water out of what was the food. vitamin C, thiamin, and iron. The liver detoxifies blood that Sweet potatoes have vitamin carries nutrients derived from A, which helps eyes adjust to the food, such as alcohol or caflight, vitamin C, iron, vitamin feine. The gallbladder helps abB6, copper, manganese and sorb fatty acids. vitamin E. The amount of food eaten at Corn and green beans are Thanksgiving can affect the good sources of vitamin B1, amount of time this process which is important for the takes. A large amount of fat conversion of glucose to energy, consumed can extend time that and vitamin B6. it spends in the stomach. Cranberries contain anthoFor those already worrying cyanins, which are antioxi- about Christmas, Brown said, dants. “Be careful of portion size and Pumpkin pie contains folate, don’t overeat.” magnesium, potassium, vita-

“Pumpkin also has a lot of fiber, which a lot of people tend to forget when they label it as unhealthy.”

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Tuesday, december 1, 2009 • Page 7

LACROSSE continued from page 8

the love of the sport,” Daniels said. “And that’s what I missed about playing in college, it was just guys there on scholarship, just fulfilling that duty, it seemed. The guys out there now just want to be out there to play and get better.” Though the sport has seen varsity status before, Van Dorn said he doesn’t think the sport will be brought back as a varsity team. “We would have to hire a coach,” Van Dorn said. “Recruit players from elsewhere. None of us would probably play; maybe one or two kids would make the team. In order to be competitive, it would be very difficult to have any of the same people involved at all.” Van Dorn learned about more about the varsity team when he spoke to alums that were once on the team. “They said how much fun it was for one thing,” Van Dorn said. “They were actually like a competitive team. But at the same time, a lot of people around here didn’t understand that they were a varsity team. They had a lot of bad things to say about the athletic director. I don’t really know who he was or what he did wrong, but he didn’t understand the


During a media time-out, N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe talks to sophomore forward C.J. Williams. Williams finished the game with 12 points after shooting three of five from behind the arc.


At a glance

continued from page 8

back at them and make another run.” Offensively the Pack has to stay disciplined and focus on not trying to force things and on taking what the defense gives it. “Playing against Northwestern, you have to be disciplined,” Lowe said. “What we have to do is just play the same way, in terms of playing smart, playing our

ACC Overall 62-35 .639 .833 Home 40-8 Away 22-27 .449

Big Ten Overall 35-62 .361 Home 27-22 .551 Away 8-40 .167 SOURCE: n.c.s state athletics

game, and taking what’s there and not feeling any pressure to where we’re trying to force things.“


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Our business hours are Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Line ads must be placed by noon the previous day.


contributed by mark pashayan

Dan Nifong, junior in business administration, pulls the ball away from Peter Lefebvre, senior in technology education, during the club lacrosse alumni match Saturday, Oct. 24.

N.C. State Lacrosse History Granted varsity status 1973 Experienced rise to No. 6 nationally before falling 1979 to eventual national champion in first round of NCAA Tournament


Dropped completely; no longer either a club or varsity sport

1984 2003 to present

Returned as a club sport has qualified for four out of six Southeastern Lacrosse Conference championship games SOURCE: N.c. state lacrosse

sport. He didn’t think that it was revenue-generating. It was kind of disposable, if you will.” Daniels said it would be nice to see the team brought back as a varsity sport, but is fine with how things are. “It would be fantastic, but al-

most impossible to do,” Daniels said. “Just because of the way the University is right now, money wise, Title IX and other things. It would be awesome, because the ACC teams, especially for lacrosse, are pretty well known for it.”


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Sudoku Level:

By The

1 2 3 4

Hab Techs Needed! Max­im Healthcare needs staff to work w/developmentally disabled clients in Wake County. Flex­ible hours in afternoons, evenings, and weekends. Habilitative services payrate $10/hr. Need own transportation. 676-3118. Mature after school care & Lighthouse keeping for 9 and 11 year olds close to campus, flex­ible afternoon schedule, 3+/- days a week. Good driver. Seeking mature individual with pleasant personality to show rental houses to NC State students. Fun work. 10-40 hrs/wk. January through August 2010. Ex­cellent Mepham salary. Of­fice Group furnished. Call 833-7142 for more information.

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Educational REsouRcEs TuToring ServiceS Tutorial Service is hiring English majors: juniors, seniors and graduate students with a 3.0 and above. $22 to $24 per teaching hour. 847-2109, leave name, number and major. For clarity, please repeat.

Real estate

Congratulations Graduates. Moving? Need your deposit? No time to clean/paint? ACR will get the job done! 10% off to college students 919-949-9379 FREE NITE’S STAY to 1st 100 students taking 10-minute self- guided tour! The Velvet Cloak Villas offers you a spacious room with private bath, bar/study lounge and heated pool just 2 blocks to campus at 1505 Hillsborough Street. Rates for Spring Semester are less than dorm costs. Choose two double beds or enjoy a king-size, plus get cable with HBO, local phone/voicemail, wireless internet. Gated parking available! www. LIVE OFF CAMPUS. Wolfline•City Bus•Walk. 2bd. W/D. Energy ef­ficient. Unique location. Appt. 832-6083

ApArtments For rent $473 Rent everything included: water, electricity, cable with HBO, and Showtime, high speed internet/shuttle bus to NCSU. Now subleasing my room in a 3br apt. 1br/w walk-in closet, full size bathroom, nightstand, dresser, mini fridge, and desk The apt. itself is fully furnshied w/washer & dryer. Free application fee. $200 off 1st month rent if apply before Dec.7th.

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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Level 1

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 Sudoku

By The Mepham Group

3 4 puzzle Level: 1 to2 Friday’s Solution

VS. 1/26/08

Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit

© 2008 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved.

Carolina Hurricanes

Dallas Stars

COLLEGE NIGHT PRICING Game-Week Price Sideline Premier Lower Level South Lower Level North Upper Corners

$90 $80 $80 $40

Box Office* $45 $35 $35 $20

Online $40 $30 $30 $15

Save up to $50 by purchasing online

Level 2

*Canes College Night tickets are not available for purchase at the Box Office within 7 days of the game. To receive the Box Office discount, tickets must be purchased at least 7 days in advance of the game with a valid college ID.

Solution to Monday’s puzzle


Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders)

ACROSS 1 Attacks 6 Mandolin ridge 10 Resign 14 BP merger partner 15 Not often seen, to Caesar 16 Spreadsheet reversal command 17 Defeats soundly 18 Like many Keats poems 19 Chilled, as coffee 20 Dickens hero with “papers,” as he is formally known 22 Clothed 23 The “A” in A.D. 24 More certain than not 26 Chewing gum substances 30 Office furnishing 31 Nut in a mixed nuts can 32 Airport building 36 Indian spiced tea 37 Manet’s “The Luncheon on the Grass,” e.g. 38 “Elder” or “Younger” Roman statesman 39 Mind readers 42 More sluggish 44 County on the Strait of Dover 45 Mussed up, as hair 46 Dover landmarks 49 Pretzel topping 50 Megastar 51 Unflattering Nixon sobriquet 57 Singer Tennille 58 Prefix with -drome 59 Spine-chilling 60 Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” for one 61 Overflow (with) 62 Hitting serves past 63 Potato holder 64 Old Norse poetic work 65 Pinkish wines DOWN 1 Hurt 2 Latin love 3 Chowder or bisque


By Dave Hanson

4 In “Macbeth,” it opens with thunder and lightning 5 How many models are built 6 Displeased looks 7 Paul Harvey’s medium 8 Guitarist Clapton 9 One bringing down the ball carrier 10 Surprise football plays 11 Title for Remus 12 Epitome 13 Hot alcoholic drink 21 Had the answer 25 Belief suffix 26 Initials on an old ruble 27 Derisive laughs 28 “My word” 29 Girls-night-out film 30 Tierra __ Fuego 32 “__ the season ...” 33 Carpentry fastener 34 Suit to __ 35 Lady’s man 37 Columbus Day mo.

Monday’s Puzzle Solved

Lookin’ for the answer key? Visit

(c)2009 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

40 Playboy Mansion resident, familiarly 41 Like colleges with the lowest tuition, for residents 42 1840s president 43 Annual period beyond the current fiscal one 45 Washington city 46 Credits as a reference


47 Parkinsonism treatment 48 Greek architectural style 49 Fathered 52 Clarinetist’s need 53 1920s-’40s art style 54 Spring bloomer 55 French film 56 Frat party containers



20 days until the men’s basketball team takes on Wake Forest


• Page 7 : Continuations of the basketball and lacrosse stories


Page 8 • Tuesday, december 1, 2009

men’s basketball

Bryan, Young named All-ACC Sophomore tight end George Bryan was named first-team AllACC. Bryan caught six touchdown passes, tied for second on the team, and averaged 10.6 yards per catch. Redshirt graduate student Willie Young garnered second-team All-ACC honors. Young finished the season with 54 tackles, 14 tackles for a loss and eight sacks. Source: N.C. State Athletics

Men’s and women’s soccer earn academic honors from NCSAA

The men’s and women’s soccer teams each posted grade point averages of 3.0 or higher, earning the NCSAA Team Academic Award for 2008-2009. State is one of 97 schools in the nation, among all divisions, to have both teams recognized. N.C. State and Duke were the only two men’s teams to be honored from the ACC. Source: N.C. State Athletics

Football posts winning record for the decade For the first time since the 1960s, State earned a winning record against in-state foe North Carolina. The Pack went 6-4 against the Tar Heels from 20002009. Source: N.C. State Athletics

athletic schedule December 2009 Su






































Today Men’s basketball vs. Northwestern RBC Center, 7 p.m. Thursday Women’s basketball vs. Wisconsin Reynolds Coliseum, 7 p.m. Friday Swimming and Diving in the Ohio State Invitational Columbus, Ohio, all day Wrestling in the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Las Vegas, Nev., all day

Saturday Men’s basketball vs. Marquette Milwaukee, Wisc., 3 p.m.

Did You know? Former Wolfpack coach Chuck Amato was at one point rumored to be in the running to replace long time Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, who is expected to retire today.

Coming soon

Monday: Exam issue featuring report cards reviewing the performances of various Wolfpack fall sports programs

Northwestern challenges Pack year by year acc series results

Basketball braces for first real test of season in ACC/Big Ten Challenge



ACC-Big 10




Taylor Barbour




Deputy Sports Editor

























After missing out on participating in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge a year ago, State looks to remain perfect and give the ACC a win when it takes on the Northwestern Wildcats at home. N.C. State has gotten off to a hot start early in the season as it won the Glen Wilkes tournament in Daytona Beach, Fla., beating Auburn 60-58. Much of the success can be credited to junior forward Tracy Smith, who is leading the team in points and rebounds per game with 16.2 points per game and 10.4 rebounds. Continued success by him will be a factor as the Pack looks to continue its streak. State fans will see a familiar offense when the Pack takes on the Wildcats, as it runs a Princeton-style offense, like the one run by former State head coach Herb Sendek. “That’s going to be a different ball game for us, for our young guys,” coach Sidney Lowe said. “It’s going to be an experience for them to play against a team that runs [the Princeton offense] all the time.” The main focus for the team as it prepares for the Wildcats is making sure it stays mentally tough during the game and does not give up easy baskets. “It’s going to be more a mental game than it is physical,” Lowe said. “Physically it’s going to be tough because they do play tough and they do cut hard. But mentally, just being mentally tough enough and disciplined not to get back-doored, to not to allow them to pop and get a wide open three.”


team by team Standings in Big Ten Challenge

Peggy boone/Technician

Denying a New Orleans opponent from his two points, senior forward Dennis Horner blocks a shot in the first half of the game against the New Orleans Privateers. Horner totaled ten points and four blocks in the contest, which the Pack took 69-52.

Even though the team is play- eton offense to create easy basing against an unusual offense, kets and wide open shots, the the players are still confident players know Northwestern that if they play their game and has the ability to go on huge scoring runs, do not give up and the test is easy baskets knowing how they should to respond to come away it. with the vic“They have tory. a lot of guys “We’ve just that can shoot got to play the ball. They s m a r t a nd said by coach Sidney Lowe do a lot of be ready to back-door watch for cuts,” sophothe back more forward doors,” Smith said.”[Lowe] said they play a C.J. Williams said. “So it will 1-3-1 zone, so we’ve just got to be a definite test of our mental execute our plays and be pa- toughness to stay with it even if tient and we should come out they make a run, to come right with a win.” With the ability of the PrincBBALL continued page 7

“Its going to be more a mental game than it is physical.”

Duke 10-0 Boston College 3-0 Wake Forest 8-1 Clemson 8-2 Maryland 7-3 Florida State 6-4

Virgnia 5-4 NC State 5-4 North Carolina 5-5 Georgia Tech 4-6 Virginia Tech 1-3 Miami (Fla.) 0-3 Source:

N.C. State Challenge History Year Outcome Score





Michigan State
























Ohio State




Penn State




Purdue source: N.C. State athletics

Club sports

Men’s lacrosse players happy with status as club level sport Once a varsity sport at N.C. State, the lacrosse team has been able to remain relevant and successful as a club sport Fidelis Lusompa Senior Staff Writer

With a long list of sports that are a part of the N.C. State athletics department, many don’t realize that lacrosse was once on that list. The sport was granted varsity status in 1973 after being a club sport the year before. The team would continue to hit some highs and lows before 1979, when the team finally made in to the NCAA tournament and was ranked No. 6 nationally before it lost to the eventual national champion, Johns Hopkins, 20-6 in the first round. The sport was dropped in 1982, reportedly because of costs and budget-


Making eye contact with a teammate downfield, Justin Smith, senior in fisheries and wildlife science, gets ready to make a pass during a line drill during the club lacrosse team’s practice Oct. 19.

ary constraints. But that hasn’t stopped the sport from seeing the light of day. The team became a club sport again in 1984 and is now part of the Southeastern Lacrosse Conference. According to the club’s Web site, it has qualified for four out of the last six conference

championships since 2003. The team plays against the likes of Wake Forest, Clemson, Virginia Tech, East Carolina and South Carolina. Max Van Dorn, president of the club and a junior in accounting, has been playing lacrosse since he was about 12

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years old and said he found out about the club when he realized he was coming to State. “I just looked for what club sports where offered and saw that they had a lacrosse team,” Van Dorn said. “I e-mailed the president and I just knew from word of mouth that there was a team.” Van Dorn said the team has held practices and a few scrimmages this fall. In the spring, the team holds practices three times a week for two hours and plays 10 games, while throwing in two or three scrimmages. The Pack hopes to win its conference this year, but would have to defeat one foe that has been in its way for the last two years. “This year, it would be South Carolina,” Van Dorn said. “Just because we have to beat them in order to get to the playoffs. The past two years we’ve lost to them. So we would really like to beat them.” The team looks to take people

who have played lacrosse in the past and are interested in learning how to play the sport. “On our Web site, it has a recruiting form which would go to either me or the coach,” Van Dorn said. “We’ve gotten quite a few of those. We’ve had a few kids that are still in high school that are coming down to tour the school and they’ve met with the coach a little bit.” Recently transferring to State, Matt Daniels played lacrosse at a Division III school and said he felt it wasn’t taking him anywhere. Daniels, a sophomore majoring in English, said he was expecting the club team not to be as serious, but loves the attitude of the guys on the team. “I love going out there and playing because everyone is super enthusiastic and wants to go out there and play for

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