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Board Member  Roles  and  Responsibilities     BuildaBridge  International  is  managed  by  an  international  board  of  directors  who  are   committed  to  BuildaBridge’s  mission  and  actively  support  the  organization  through  financial   and  legal  oversight,  strategic  planning  and  fundraising.    Board  members  are  dedicated   volunteers  who  are  deeply  concerned  about  the  problems  of  poverty  around  the  world  and   interested  in  the  transformative  power  of  art   making.   Leadership Vision   We  will  be  led  by  a  board,  advisory   BuildaBridge  is  a  small,  yet  complex,  organization   council  and  executive  team  who  all   that  relies  on  volunteers  for  its  global  mission.  Board   have  a  keen  knowledge  of  and   commitment   to  BuildaBridge’s   members  are  expected  to  develop  an  understanding   mission,   p rinciples,   and  practices.     of  this  complexity  in  order  to  be  both  an  ambassador   We  will  have  an  active  board   (sharing  the  word  about  BuildaBridge  through   responsible  for  financial  and  legal   networks)  and  advocate  (bringing  personnel  and   oversight,  strategic  planning,  and   financial  resources)  helping  BuildaBridge  grow  and   engaged  fundraising.   meet  the  needs  of  those  living  in  poverty.    


BuildaBridge seeks  board  members  who:   § Are  committed  to  BuildaBridge’s  mission  to:  engage  creative  people  and  the   transformative  power  of  art  making  to  bring  hope  and  healing  to  children,  families,  and   communities  in  the  toughest  places  of  the  world   § Are  willing  and  able  to  commit  at  least  two  years  of  their  time  and  resources  lead     BuildaBridge  International   § Will  make  BuildaBridge  one  of  their  top  three  charitable  contributions  in  time  and   financial  donations   § Will  foster  a  positive  spirit  of  work  and  cooperation  among  staff,  volunteers,  clients  and   board  members.   § Have  lived,  worked  or  traveled  in  cross-­‐cultural  contexts  and  are  interested  in  multi-­‐ ethnic  communities     § As  a  group,  offer  a  diverse  skill  set  including:  fundraising  ability  and/or  willingness  to   fundraise,  financial  skills,  legal  skills,  marketing  skills,  event  planning  ability,  program   expertise,  community  expertise,  IT  skills,  facilitation  skills,  planning  skills,   presentation/public  speaking  abilities,  networking  abilities,  and  a  breadth  of   relationships  and  willingness  to  share  these  contacts  to  advance  the  mission  of   BuildaBridge.   § BuildaBridge  board  member  exhibit  personal  qualities  of:   § Expertise  in  their  field   § Proactive  and  willingness  to  serve—giving  back—with  a  positive  and  energetic   commitment  of  their  time  


§ § § § § § § § §

Articulate and  a  good  communicator   Sense  of  Humor—Congenial   Hard-­‐working   Committed   Sense  of  service  and  hospitality   A  history  of  making  something  happen  and  known  as  a  self-­‐starter   Problem  solving  and  creative  thinker   Flexible   Compassion  for  the  world  with  a  global  view  


Responsibilities BuildaBridge  expects  that  all  Board  members  will  contribute  at  least  2-­‐5  hours  per  week  by:   § Attending  regular  board  meetings  and  contribute  to  financial  and  legal  oversight,   strategic  planning  and  fundraising   § Attending  and  contributing  to  planning  of  annual  board  retreat   § Being    an  advocate  and  ambassador  for  BuildaBridge   § Actively  serving  on  at  least  one  committee   § Soliciting  funds  for  BuildaBridge  International     § Making  a  personally  significant  annual  financial  contribution     § Each  committing  to  raise  at  least    $10,000    each  for  BuildaBridge  annually  through   fundraising  events,  grant  writing,  in-­‐kind  service  solicitation,  personal  appeals  or  other   methods  to  contribute  to  a  Board  Annual  fundraising  goal  of  $150,000    


We recognize  your  tremendous  service  to  BuildaBridge  and  hope  that  your  tenure  as  a  board   member  will  be  both  productive  and  rewarding.  As  a  BuildaBridge  Board  member  you  will:   § Have  the  opportunity  to  lead  our  efforts  to:  engage  creative  people  and  the   transformative  power  of  art  making  to  bring  hope  and  healing  to  children,  families,  and   communities  in  the  toughest  places  of  the  world   § Gain  or  refine  skills  and  experience  in  financial  management,  legal  oversight,  fundraising   and  strategic  planning   § Build  your  personal  and  professional  network   § Enjoy  multicultural  meals  and  creative  events  that  broaden  your  horizons   § Be  recognized  by  our  staff  and  program  participants  for  your  service  and  contributions   § Join  the  BuildaBridge  family  where  you  will  make  meaningful  connections  to  like-­‐ minded  individuals  and  organizations  in  your  community  and  beyond  


Board and  BuildaBridge  Commitments     As  a  board  member…  

 I  expect  that…  

I will  give  my  best  effort  to  hit  the  ground  running   when  beginning  my  service  with  the  board  

The organization  will  provide  me  with  a  full  orientation   including  background  information  on  work   accomplishments  to  date   I  will  learn  about  our  mission  and  programs  and  be   The  organization  will  provide  me  with  relevant   able  to  describe  them  accurately   materials  and  education   I  understand  that  the  board  meets  4  times  per  year   I  expect  that  board  meetings  will  be  well  run  and   plus  one  annual  residential  retreat.  I  will  do  my  best   productive  with  a  focus  on  decision  making.  I   to  attend  each  meeting,  with  the  understanding  that   understand  that  agendas  will  be  distributed  at  least   three  consecutive  unexcused  absences  will  be   one  week  in  advance.  If  I  wish  to  add  items  to  the   considered  resignation  from  the  board.  I  will  serve  on   agenda  I  will  contact  the  chair  at  least  two  weeks  in   at  least  one  committee  which  will  meet  monthly.   advance   I  accept  fiduciary  responsibility  for  the  organizations   I  expect  timely,  accurate,  and  complete  financial   and  will  oversee  its  financial  health  and  integrity   statements  to  be  distributed  at  least  quarterly  one   week  in  advance  of  the  relevant  board  meeting.  I  also   expect  to  be  trained  to  read  and  interpret  these   financial  statements.   I  will  provide  strategic  oversight  to  ensure  that  our   I  expect  monthly  reports  from  the  executive  director   programs  are  effectively  meeting  their  goals  and   including  program  updates,  press  clippings  etc.     fulfilling  our  mission   I  accept  ethical  responsibilities  and  I  will  help  to  hold   The  organization  will  provide  me  with  relevant  training   fellow  board  members  and  the  president  and  COO   (and,  by  extension,  the  full  staff)  to  professional   standards   I  commit  to  increasing  my  skills  as  a  board  member   The  organization  will  provide  me  with  appropriate   training  and  support.     I  will  participate  in  fundraising  to  ensure  that  our   I  will  be  able  to  choose  from  a  range  of  fundraising   organization  has  the  resources  it  needs  to  meet  is   activities,  and  I  expect  relevant  training  and  support  to   mission.  I  commit  to  making  a  personally  significant   help  me  fulfill  me  obligations.  (These  may  include   donation  for  each  year  that  I  serve  on  the  board  and   grant  identification  and  writing,  enlisting  a  corporate   raising  $10,000    annually  to  contribute  to  the  board   sponsor  or  individual  donor,  planning  an  event  with  a   annual  fundraising  goal   goal,  or  other  opportunity.)  I  will  have  the  option  of   fulfilling  my  personal  pledge  in  monthly  or  quarterly   installments  if  I  so  choose   I  will  evaluate  the  performance  of  the  BuildaBridge’s   This  evaluation  will  be  based  on  goals  developed   leadership  including  the  board,  president,  and  COO   jointly  by  the  board  and  the  president  

_____________________________________          _______________________________________   Board  Member  Signature     Date     Board  Chair  Signature        Date  


My Personal  Commitment   As  a  board  nominee,  I  will  do  my  best  to  meet  the  expectations  of  BuildaBridge  International,  as   listed  above.  My  anticipated  contributions  are:     Committee  Interests:   ¨    Executive     Committee  members  live  in  the  Philadelphia  area  and  act  on  behalf  of  the  board  (for  financial  and  legal   oversight,  fundraising,  strategic  planning)  as  needed  in  between  board  meetings    

¨  Financial  and  Legal  Oversight  

Committee members  lead  Board  efforts  to  ensure  that  BuildaBridge  is  legally  and  financially  compliant  with   federal/state  laws.  Members  lead  board’s  review  of  annual  budget  and  ensure  that  financial  obligations   are  fulfilled.    

¨  Development  

Committee members  lead  Board  efforts  to  develop  relationships  with  funders  and  market  BuildaBridge   through  local  and  international  media  venues.  Committee  plans  BuildaBridge’s  signature  annual  event  and   ensures  that  annual  personal  and  Board  fundraising  goals  are  met  or  exceeded.      

¨  Operations    

Committee members  lead  Board  efforts  to  hire  and  sustain  high  quality  personnel  and  ensure  that   BuildaBridge  has  effective  and  sustainable  operating  spaces.     ¨    Special  Task  Force  (determined  throughout  the  year)    

Board Term  from  ______to  ______              Anticipated  Time  Contribution  _____hours  per  week     Personal  Fundraising  Goal  ________         Annual  Personal  Financial  Contribution_______     I  offer  expertise  in:     _________________________________________________________         _________________________________________________________     When  I  leave  the  board,  I  want  my  legacy  to  BuildaBridge  to  be:  ______________________   ___________________________________________________________________________       _____________________________       ___________________   Signature               Date    


Board roles and responsibilities (2013)  

Roles and responsibilities for BuildaBridge Board Members