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Summary of SFC Immigrant Related Amendments Amendment


Support/Opp ose

OPPOSE Verification

Schumer C11

D Biometric ID for citizens; ID fraud penalities for immigrants


Confidentiality/Information Sharing

Kyl C15

R Real time information sharing by SSA, IRS and DHS for tax credit application


Waiting Periods on Tax Credits for Legal Immigrants

Kyl C12

Adds five year waiting period for low and middle income legal immigrants to get tax credits as R an offset to giving health insurance premium tax credits to already insured individuals


Kyl C14

R Adds five year waiting period for legal immigrants to get tax credits


Grassley F6

Adds five year waiting period for low and middle income legal immigrants as an offset to R reinstate tax loopholes that were eliminated by the Chairman's Mark


Eligibility/Immigration Restrictions for Tax Credits and other pgms

Ensign C1

Tax credits are federal means tested public benefits, qualified immigrants can't get tax credit R during first five years and non-qualified immigrants can't get tax credits


Ensign C2

SSA must verify citizenship status. No presumptive eligibility. If an individual's citizenship status is not determined immediately, their status must be redetermined every five years. Tax return will include individual's valid identification number (and their spouse and child.) Must R use SSN. Cannot use ITIN.


Ensign C3

Sponsors of legal immigrants shall ensure that the individual(s) who they sponsor shall obtain health insurance coverage and if they don't obtain coverage, then the immigrant's sponsor shall be liable for all costs. The sponsor shall remain liable for such costs incurred through period in R Sec. 421 PRWORA.


SFC OPPOSE Amendments Summary 09-30-2009 Prepared by: S.Ambegaokar, NILC


Summary of Senate Finance Committee Immigrant Related Amendments