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NCLR Chicago Conference!! 7/24 – 7/29 Billie Jo Martinez Margarita Andujo

Where We Stayed:    

We stayed at the Hilton Palmer House & Tower Hotel. The city was amazing! It was pretty big too, compared to all of New Mexico. Haha jk‌.. We were able to do plenty of site seeing which was an experience, very enjoyable. We were able to take a boat ride, Chicago at Sunset, walked the Magnificent Mile, we went to Chirque Shanghi, we saw this shiny egg, and this awesome fountain with a face that spewed water from the mouth. Also, McDonalds around the corner was very helpful. =]

Communication Skills     

This was the first Work shop we attended. It was really interesting. They did an ice breaker so we will fill more comfortable with the other participants. ICE BREAKER…. It’s important to network with people from different back grounds. It’s important to communicate well because if not your point will not get across.


We met Pepe as he called himself. Haha He separated us in groups of two, and told us to stair in the eyes of one another to memorize each others faces. Then we told a story about someone who interests us to the other person. He picked one group to tell the story of what they learned about.

Teen dating / violence 

They talked to us about the percentage of females that are being abused in relationships. 90% are females being abused and 10% are males. We also learned about the different types of abuse in a relationship.


Latinos are ranked the highest ethnicity of being over weight and having diabetes. How can we try to prevent this? 


Eating less fast food, sweets, and deep fried foods. Eating more vegetables and fruits (Yummy!) Exercise!!!! AT least 30 minutes a day â˜ş


Starting from the left Dwayne Quintana Margarita Andujo Billie Jo Martinez Gilbert Maes

In the morning before we started our day in Monica & Kim’s room.

Magge and Billie on the boat ride.

Pretty cool stuff.

Magge and Kim

The end of our trip to Chicago


HELP New Mexico Power Point  

HELP New Mexico Power Point