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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: [Date] Dear Editor: Regarding [title of recent news story on health care here (date that story appeared)], it is important for your readers to know that Congress will soon vote to bring health coverage to millions of children in the U.S. The State Children s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is a successful and popular way for states to make sure that children from lowincome families receive regular preventive care and medical treatment. SCHIP has helped to provide more than six million children with health coverage. However, there are nine million children in the U.S. who still do not have health insurance; nearly 40% of them are Latino. Congress can make a difference in these children s well-being by voting to restore this vital health care coverage immediately to low-income children and pregnant women who are legal immigrants. Kids who receive regular health care are more likely to do well in school and become productive members of our nation s workforce than those who grow up uninsured. Sincerely,

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