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I T S T A R T S WI T H Y O U !

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P A R T I CI P A T E .

V OT E .

ELECTIONS ARE NOVEMBER 7. GET INFORMED! Don t be a vic tim of intim idation or thre ats by thos e who s e e k to s ile nc e the Latino vote . Pass this information on to your relatives, friends and neighbors who are eligible to vote. CAN IMMIGRANTS VOTE? Naturalize d immig rants ove r 18 ye ars old who are re g iste re d to vote have the rig ht to vote in the Nove mb e r 7 e le ctions. If you are d e nie d your vote for b e ing an immig rant, re p ort it to 1-888Ve-Y-Vota. HOW DO I KNOW WHERE TO VOTE? Each ne ig hb orhood has its own voting facility. To find out whe re you ne e d to g o to vote , call 1888-Ve-Y-Vota. DO I NEED TO PRESENT M Y ID TO VOTE? In some state s you are re q uire d to show a fe d e rally-issue d p hoto id e ntification (ID) d ocume nt, such as your d rive r s lice nse , state ID, or p assp ort. In othe r state s you ne e d to show a d ocume nt with your name and ad d re ss, such as a utility b ill, a b ank state me nt, a p ayroll stub , or a che ck or g ove rnme nt d ocume nt, unle ss it is the first time you are voting and you re g iste re d b y mail. (Whe n some b od y re g iste rs you at a fair or in front of a sup e rmarke t, it is consid e re d re g iste ring b y mail.) To che ck your state s ID re q uire me nts, call 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota. If you are d e nie d your vote afte r

Cut this out and bring it with you to the voting facility to document incidents where an injustice has been committed against you or somebody at your voting location. Call 1888-Ve-Y-Vota (1-888-8398682) immediately to report the following incidents:

showing your id e ntifica tion, report it to 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota. CAN I GET HELP TO FILL OUT M Y BALLOT IF I DON T UN D E R ST AN D E N G LI SH WELL? If you ne e d assistance in re ad ing or filling out your b allot, you have the rig ht to b ring some b od y with you (as long as it is not your e mp loye r or a Trad e Union le ad e r) or to ask one of the officials at the voting location for assistance . More ove r, in some p arts of the country, the g ove rnme nt re q uire s voting facilitie s to p rovid e mate rials in Sp anish, am ong othe r lang uag e s. To find out if the re will b e Sp anish mate rials at your voting facility, call 1-888-Ve-YVota. IF I M AKE A M ISTAKE FILLING OUT THE BALLOT, CAN I GET A NEW ONE? If you make a mistake on your b allot, you have the rig ht to ask for a ne w one . If you are not given a new ballot, report it to 1888-Ve-Y-Vota.

If you we re alre ad y in line to vote whe n the p olls close you have the rig ht to cast your vote . If you are d e nie d your vote , report it to 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota. WHAT DO I DO IF I AM REGISTERED TO VOTE AND I AM NOT ALLOWED TO? The officials at the voting facility should offe r you a p rovisional b allot until your p rob le m is re solve d . If you are not offe re d a p rovisional b allot, or if you are d e nie d one whe n you ask for it, report it to 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota. WHAT IS A PROVISIONAL BALLOT? It is a cond itional way of voting which allows the vote r to cast a vote that will b e counte d afte r officials ve rify its e lig ib ility. If you are d e nie d a p rovisional b allot, e ncounte r any p rob le ms in casting your vote , or witne ss a ny q ue stiona b le incid e nts, report it to 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota.


It is not right if: o Your vote is denied for being an immigrant. o You are not allowed to bring somebody to help you fill out the ballot. o You are not given a new ballot if you make a mistake on the first one you filled out. o Officials at your voting location make inappropriate comments to you or another voter. o You are not allowed to vote if you are in line when the polls close. o You are denied the right to vote for a reason you think is unfair. o You are not given a provisional ballot.

YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE IS IMPORTANT! Remember that you have the right to cast a ballot in secrecy and not be intimidated. Nobody has the right to make you feel inferior or to make you believe that your vote does not count due to your English proficiency level or your race/ethnic group. If you witness or are subject to intimidation, you have the right and the duty to denounce it by calling 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota (1-888-839-8682).

Write down the following information: Time: ______________________________________________ Polling location: ____________________________________________________ Name of voting official involved: ____________________________________________________ Summary of what was said: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Names of additional witnesses: ____________________________________________________ Phone numbers of additional witnesses: ____________________________________________________

Q&A for Voters (in states where ID is required to vote)  

Q&A for Voters (in states where ID is required to vote)