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The National Council of La Raza / Annie E. Casey Foundation 2006 Family Strengthening Awards Program Nomination Materials NCLR Affiliate Nominee: _____________________________________________ Contact Person: _____________________________________________________ Email Address:______________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Executive Director: __________________________________________________ Number of years affiliated with NCLR: __________________________________ Is the nominee current in its dues payments?


Is the nominee current in its recertification documents?



Name of nominating organization or individual: ___________________________ Name of organization providing recommendation letter: _____________________ __________________________________________________________________

Names of individuals providing signed testimonies: __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Please provide under the following categories the names of each program the nominee organization administers which contributes to family strengthening: Education: _________________________________________________________ Housing: ___________________________________________________________ Employment: _______________________________________________________ Health: ____________________________________________________________ Advocacy: _________________________________________________________ Other: _____________________________________________________________ Name of Nominated Program: __________________________________________________________________ I affirm that the information contained here is true, that the nominated NCLR affiliate organization is currently operational, and that the organization is in good standing as an affiliate of NCLR. The nominated NCLR affiliate organization is willing to share its program specifications with other NCLR affiliates should it become an Annie E. Casey Family Strengthening Award winner; it agrees to share the nominated program’s best practices with other NCLR affiliates through workshops held at the NCLR Annual Conference and regional caucuses and to provide technical assistance to other NCLR affiliates upon request. _____________________________________________________________ Signature of President/CEO Date _____________________________________________________________ Name of President/CEO

Nomination Narrative Each organization should choose one program for nomination which it feels is exemplary in strengthening Hispanic families. Please write a narrative that answers all of the following questions. For ease of readability by the judges, write each question before your corresponding answer in your narrative. Limit your total response to ten pages, double-spaced, 11-point type, with one-inch margins on all sides. Recommendation letters and testimonies should be attached to this narrative, not exceed six pages, and follow the same format guidelines. Please note that judges will use a scoring rubric and programmatic indicators to assign points to the family strengthening programs that are submitted for review. Please submit to NCLR by February 17, 2006.

Name of Nominated Program: _______________________________________ Date Program/Service Began: _______________________________________

1. How has the organization used a holistic approach to strengthen Hispanic families? What other programs does the organization run which support the work of the nominated program? Please limit your response to no more than one page. (5 points)

2. Give a brief summary of the nominated program. How long has the program been in existence? How does this program directly strengthen Hispanic families and improve their outcomes? Please cite specific evidence supporting your statements. (15 points)

3. What are the characteristics of the Hispanic community the program serves (e.g., single mothers, preschool-aged children, out-of-school youth, etc)? What are the needs/challenges that the Hispanic families served face? (5 points)

4. What are the goals and objectives of the family strengthening program and how is the program designed to achieve the set goals and objectives (e.g.,

activities, methods used)? Please note that goals are broad, general intentions, while objectives are measurable. (5 points) Example: Goal – Our financial literacy program will help families save and invest. Objective – Our three-stage financial literacy program will help 40 families achieve asset accumulation, as demonstrated by the opening of savings accounts. 5. Give two examples of how the nominated organization has created or modified the program to respond better to the Hispanic community’s needs. (5 points)

6. How has the nominated program used the NCLR Affiliate Network and its relationship with NCLR to maximize its effectiveness in strengthening families? (10 points) 7. How often do employees of the organization attend NCLR-sponsored events, such as the NCLR Annual Conference and regional caucuses? (10 points)

8. What is the evidence that the program is successful in strengthening Hispanic families? Please include the program’s measurable outcomes including (a) the number of people served and (b) the type of data collected and how frequently it is collected. (15 points)

9. How is this program funded? Are the funding sources ongoing or timelimited? Describe your sustainability strategy. (5 points)


What are the annual costs of delivering the program/service? Please include the full program budget. (10 points)

11.What were the challenges encountered in implementing the program? What best practices has the program developed to meet these challenges? (5 points)


How feasible would it be for other NCLR affiliates to replicate these family strengthening best practices in their own programs? What are

the major components that lead to success for the nominated program? (10 points)

2006 FSA Nomination Form  

2006 FSA Nomination Form

2006 FSA Nomination Form  

2006 FSA Nomination Form