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Lテ好ERES SUMMIT July 15-19

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

GENERAL RULES FOR PARTICIPATION, CONSENT AND RELEASE FOR PERSONS THE AGE OF 18 OR OLDER The following Lテュderes Summit ("Conference") Rules and Regulations apply to participants the age of eighteen (18) years or older. All participants, regardless of age, grade, or adult authorization must adhere to these rules; failure to comply will result in early dismissal from the program at the participant's and/or organization's expense. Terms and Conditions of Participation. Participant understands that the terms and conditions of participation in the Conference are as follows: The possession and/or use of weapons, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Violence of any kind will NOT be tolerated and is strictly prohibited Any behavior that contravenes hotel rules or polices or is otherwise inappropriate is strictly prohibited. Each Participant must pay the NCLR Conference registration fee prior to attending the Summit. The amount will vary depending on the type of registration (Full Package or One Day only), and the date of registration. Please look at the attached registration form for costs and accepted methods of payment. Visit: for more information about conference costs and method of payment. Each Participant must be present at ALL Lテュderes Summit program activities. Each Participant must arrive in time to participate in the activities that they have registered for. Each Participant registered for the Pre-Conference must be present by Friday July 15th, at 12pm (Eastern Time). Each participant registered for one-day only must arrive on time to attend the first of event of that day, respectively. Each Participant will follow the instructions of NCLR representatives during the Summit. The Participant understands that any noncompliance with these terms and conditions is grounds for immediate dismissal from the Conference regardless of age, grade, or adult authorization, and that such dismissal is at the Participant's or the sponsoring agency's expense, including the forfeiture of any financial assistance awarded by NCLR.

Líderes Summit Rules and Regulations for 18 and over