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Walking Past ‘Unhinged’

Ready Shelter

Editor: There’s a theory that when governments go crazy it’s contagious and everybody else starts to show their own insanities. To make a teacher apologize for showing a Buster Keaton movie is truly unhinged (“The General Concerns,” Nov. 2). But on this one, President Trump had a point: “I wonder, is it George Washington next week, Thomas Jefferson the week after? You really have to ask yourself, where does it all stop?” Ellen Taylor, Petrolia

Editor: A vast cavernous space in a solid structure; plumbing, electricity, and possibly gas; bathroom and possibly kitchen facilities; presumably an operational HVAC system; few close neighbors or businesses and not of the type to likely be impacted; on the bus line. Am I the only one who sees a huge homeless shelter/ facility waiting to happen every time I drive by the now defunct and vacant “Big KMart” at the south end of Eureka (“Away from the Rain,” Oct. 26)? Michael H. Morris, Eureka


AA BAR & GRILL 929 4TH ST, EUREKA • (707) 443-1632 OPEN DAILY FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER Build to edge of the document Margins are just a safe area

Editor: Hours after two American citizens and six tourists were tragically killed by a discontented and deranged psychopath who was a Muslim immigrant, President Trump calls for tighter restrictions on our immigration policy (Mailbox, Oct. 26). One month after a discontented and deranged psychopath who was an older white Christian killed 58 American citizens in Vegas, it’s “still to early” for us to talk about tighter restrictions on firearms. Richard Salzman, Arcata

‘Fodder for Gossips’

Have you ever wondered, who he was, under all that dirt and dust? Perhaps you (politely), tried to walk around, or turn your head away, without realizing quite why. Perhaps he was a doctor once. Maybe she was a lawyer. Possibly that person built, the house you’re snugly living in. He might have designed the clothes you wear, the shoes on your feet.

Editor: We really need to focus These things you’ll never see, on important things, not whilst you pass them on the street. random, monotonous, private conversations between The weight of the world lies, random, monotonous, upon their weary shoulders. private citizens ... (“Stop Passing Notes!,” Nov. 2) While I’m a fan of your Think not of them unkindly, publication in general and feel not pity for their plight. Mr. Greenson in particular, I think that wasting a bunch Just think of them, of effort to find out what some councilmembers as one of your own, are texting about during your brother, meetings is a misuse of your neighbor, your time. your friend. Let’s face it, these guys aren’t really the movAnd say a prayer, ers-n-shakers of the world, and, of what you’d find that their tomorrow, out, I’m guessing it’s pretty is the dawn of a brighter day. trivial, even tedious. Certainly not the Yell— Robert Hager ingHeadline scandal you’re looking for. You’re looking for story-angles, I get that, but the only thing you’re (Mailbox, Oct. 26). Employers are hearing “I likely to find is day-to-day mundanity; quit” and saying “You’re hired” more often. maybe some of it would be good fodder People are finding greener (as in more for gossips, but I’ve always thought your money) pastures instead of stuck in “the paper was above that sort of thing ... new normal” of 1 percent GDP the last Kevin Finan, Eureka eight years. Today’s GDP is 3.1. Food stamp participation is at its lowest since 2010. Home ownership is increasing and the Editor: stock market is going nuts because people Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but the are optimistic. One million new jobs in the unemployment rate is at a 43-year low last six months. Seven of 10 businesses are

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Walking past that poor old soul, a little ragged, a bit worn down, lost in their own little world.

North Coast Journal 11-09-17 Edition  
North Coast Journal 11-09-17 Edition