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13 Hp Honda Electric & Pull-Start Engine (with hour meter)

Standard or heavy duty models available • 3000# to 6000# hydrostatic winch capacity • Loaded with standard features • Upgradable with choice of over 15 options • Won't track up cemetery lawn • Choice of color •

Bed Size: 50" W x 91" L Combination Vault/Monument Handlers also available

Set monuments safely and quickly • Fixed 5" I-Beam • Two locking inner legs • Option of rubber on inside of deck to protect monuments • 18 upgradable options available •

3000# Winch Capacity Towable over the road

Tow with truck, unhitch and self propel to the grave site • No need to drive truck onto cemetery lawn • Won't track up lawns • 2-yard capacity • Bed Size: 50” W x 91” L x 24” H • Customize with company logo and colors •

Self propelled at work site Towable & powerful alternative to conventional backhoes

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Full size backhoe without the need of a trailer

Same capacity as a standard backhoe • Unhitch from truck and self propel in cemetery without tearing up the lawn • 36” bucket allows for quick openings at cemetery without re-positioning • Painted with your color choice •


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Unions and Cremation Are Losers

By J. Scott Calkins, Esq., NCBVA Legal Counsel

Who To Invest Your Time In?

By Ron Overton, Overton Safety Training, Inc.

Marketing Focus

Knocking On Doors Persistently Pays Off By Andres Lara

Customer Marketing Focus

How To Handle Common Family Concerns in the Showroom By Jill Darby and Ethan Darby

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Trigard Burial Vaults notes that, in order to maximize your marketing success, you must position yourself as a trusted advisor to your funeral home and cemetery customers. See the story on customer marketing on page 14 of this issue.

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Mark IV Portable, Portable affordable, incredible. Don’t let the compact size of our Mark IVP Portable Batch Plant fool you. It can fit your site, yet produce up to 300 yards per day. It offers three different mixer designs, with capacities from 1/2 to 2 cu. yd. It features one-day start-up and rigid skid mounting to keep your productivity on the move. And it can pay for itself in months. Contact us to find out how the little Mark IVP can have a big impact on your business.

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Metallic powder & pastes Bronzing liquids Quality Glitters Spray cans


Unions and Cremation Are Losers As we all embark into the “dog days� of summer, there is little or no specific litigation or enforced regulation that adversely affects the concrete burial vault industry other than the mixed signals from OSHA and the regulatory revision by several national cemeteries. I searched for such specific information, but was unsuccessful, and am now seeking the help of the NCBVA members reading this article. If you are involved in any litigation or regulatory decisions that impede, deny, or force you to incur major cost increases by cemeteries, let me know. Instances of such litigation and/or cemetery issues are usually not reported in the national research publications. Union Rights Rule Invalidated I am sure that many of you are already aware of the decision by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The court recently invalidated a regulation issued by the National Labor Relations Board that would have required employers to display the 11-by-17 inch notice in a prominent location where employees gather -- or face penalties and fines if they failed to do so. The court ruled that the NLRB did not have the authority under the National Labor Relations Act to require such general notice postings by employers. More specifically, the court said Congress had never granted the agency the specific authority to do so, as it had other federal agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Cremation Alternative Banned New Hampshire banned the use of alkaline hydrolysis as a cremation option. The state legislature refused to pass legislation to approve such option, which was based on several concerns raised by the opponents. These concerns included infringement upon the dignity of the deceased, and that the liquid waste

By J. Scott Calkins, Esq. NCBVA Legal Counsel

resulting from alkaline hydrolysis could end up polluting aquifers and other water sources. Proponents argued that the neighboring State of Maine allowed the practice, and that the action by the New Hampshire legislature would force residents to cross the border to obtain such cremation option. Such arguments was insufficient to change the attitude of the New Hampshire legislators. New Tax Proposals To Consider Most all of our NCBVA members have by now implemented the changes in the Tax Code approved in January 2012, affecting them individually as well as their businesses. I am sure that members sat down with their CPA, Estate Planning attorney, and financial investment adviser to incorporate all necessary changes. Now, be ready for additional changes being recommended by President Obama and members of Congress, all of which could impact tax planning in 2013 and beyond. In my opinion, based on what I am hearing from the Administration and Congress, any major changes to the tax code will not take place until the end of this year or in 2014. So far, President Obama has proposed to reduce the value to 28 percent of certain deductions, and exclusions that would otherwise reduce taxable income in the 33 percent, 35 percent, or 39.6 percent tax brackets. In addition, the President has proposed to limit contributions and accruals on tax-favored retirement benefits, including IRAs, qualified plans, tax sheltered annuities, and deferred compensation plans. The limit generally would apply when a taxpayer accumulates total retirement amounts that exceed the amount necessary to provide the maximum annuity permitted for a defined benefit plan. Such changes and others which may or may not be incorporated into a Tax Code reform, but you need to be aware of such changes if they occur. n August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 5


Learning From Mistakes of Others I felt obligated to write this article, not about safety training or safety concepts in the precast industry, but to hopefully clearly convey a very large marketing mistake made by my company, from which it took 18 months to recover. Hopefully others can learn from our mistakes. A technological revolution has occurred over the past two or three years, and the methodology of continually marketing your company to current and new clients has changed dramatically. In the past, some direct mail pieces, thank you letters, a few personal phone calls, a website, and some advertisements in the yellow pages were really all that was required to protect your current

6 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013

By Ron Overton

client list and put enough information out there to attract new clients to your business. We prescribed to the 90-20 rule--contact and protect your existing clients to make up 90% of your business each year, and contact or have new clients contact you to make up 20% of your business each year--for a 10% sales growth each year. This is the way it has always been done, and we saw no reason to change a winning formula. Social Media Changes In January of 2011, my company made the decision not to enter into the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn social media craze and stick with what had got us to where we were. We were confident as a group that our website, selected paper advertising, and direct contact would protect our company’s client base and continue to get additional customers as it had in the past. Our most brilliant move was to hire someone to rebuild our current website to a newer and more user-friendly version. This would provide our clients with the ability to see not only the 28 different programs we can provide, but also to register online for any or all of the 360 open enrollment training classes we hold across the United States each year. After an interview process to find a website “professional,� we

SAFETY FOCUS settled on an individual who appeared to have So even though we were one of the largest all the answers. Although he had no specific training providers in the Pacific Northwest, examples of exactly what we needed, he had and one of the largest nationally, we were not samples of good looking sites he had done in showing up on any search engines until the fifth the past for other clients, and we rolled out the or sixth pages of listing when people searched complexity of our website needs and ideas to for our services and not our name. We had him. totally lost our ranking nationally, and in our own Since our website URL and domain had home state of Oregon as well. been established back in 1984, and was To make matters worse, the options we consistently updated and commented on, we required on our new website with all of its class had excellent ranking by the search engine listings, and online registration features, now services in all regions of appeared to be beyond the United States, when the technical ability of the (B)ut we had lost our primary “website professional” existing clients searched for us by name or when to fully implement and advertising means, which we potential clients searched activate. We basically had depended upon so much in the the same information as for services using key words. We were always past. We went from handling our previous site showed, on page one on all the without our class listing and 100-120 calls per day (on nine searches, regardless of without the ability for online where they searched from. phone lines) to about 20 calls registration. Later we found out (too After an additional 60 per day total. late, I might add) that your days of fruitless effort, our existing coded website “website professional” information and longevity is very, very valuable. admitted this was beyond his scope of What we were unaware of was the new way that expertise. He then resigned, leaving us high the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and and dry. even Bing were changing in how they rank your company website. Rebuilding our Business Nine months later, we started to rebuild our Huge Mistake website. Obviously, our phones ceased ringing So after a period of six months, rather than (I mean they died), and I called the phone update our existing website, our “website company multiple times to check on our “trunk professional” built an entirely new website lines” because I was positive they were not separate from our existing website in a “Beta or operating properly. Testing Mode.” When it came time to activate The phones lines were fine, but we had the site, he deleted our existing site and lost our primary advertising means, which we replaced it with the new version. depended upon so much in the past. We went This turned out to be a “huge mistake” and from handling 100-120 calls per day (on nine cost us dearly for the next 18 months. As it phone lines) to about 20 calls per day total. turns out, when you delete a website entirely, Our sales dropped immediately by 35% over even reusing the same website address, you the previous year (we were trending up +15% lose all placements and ranking with the search year to date). It took us another full year (all of engines and have to start all over again building 2012) to find a competent website professional up your ranking, regardless of location. who could fix our website debacle, and get it August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 7

8 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013

SAFETY FOCUS to the level of customer service, class information, and online registrations we required. It took even longer for the new website professional to help us rebuild our search engine ranking, to now where we show up on the second pages of search engines instead of the fifth or sixth pages. I still do not fully understand how the search engines rank. However, we are now confident that our new website person does. During the first half of 2013, we began steadily to regain our ranking in the search engines. The phones began ringing again. And our sales began climbing back to the levels prior to our debacle. Learning from this experience, we made a decision to pursue other means of additional marketing opportunities, including social media and contact information forums such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In. I am surprised and even shocked at how much business we now derive off the social media realm. Diversity in marketing is now our mantra, deciding not again to ever put all our eggs into one marketing basket. Fool me once, shame on you; but fool me twice, shame on me!

Learning from this experience, we made a decision to pursue other means of additional marketing opportunities, including social media and contact information forums such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In. I am surprised and even shocked at how much business we now derive off the social media realm.

Take care and work safely! n ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ron Overton, a NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operator and Accredited Practical Examiner, is the President, Owner, and an Instructor for OVERTON Safety Training, Inc. of Beaverton, Oregon. OVERTON Safety Training has been providing professional services and materials for the safe operation of forklifts, heavy equipment, aerial/scissor lifts, rigging and signaling, personnel lifts, loaders, and cranes on a worldwide basis since 1991. For additional information, contact Ron at (866) 531-0403 or, or visit the company website at These insights are the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of the NCBVA. August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 9

OVERTON Safety Training, Inc.

Providing professional operator safety training, qualification and certification services since 1991.

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By Andres Lara

Knocking On Doors Persistently Pays Off Whether you are a business person trying to get been erected in its place. If you have been more sales, a manager trying to find the right knocking on a door for quite a while and nobody hire, an IT employee trying to write new software, has answered... be patient. However, do not confuse patience with or just the average Joe trying to get the most out laziness. Laziness is doing nothing. nothing. of existence; your life will be a lot easier if you understand some basic, yet often disregarded Patience, on the other hand, is actively principles. These are the arts of persistence, waiting. It’s suppressing negative emotions like complaints, restlessness, determination and or annoyance while influence. Keep in mind that whether you are a confronted with the Keep in mind that universe’s timing.   whether you are a salesperson or not, you are always   You must salesperson or not, you knocking on some kind physical or mental understand that the world are always knocking on doesn’t revolve around some kind of physical door and your level of success and or mental door and your your timing; you revolve happiness will depend on how good you around it. And just like a level of success and farmer understands the happiness will depend are at getting through those doors. timing of a seed and will on how good you are not expect it to sprout at getting through those doors. So, as you go on knocking at the any sooner. doorsteps of bigger and better things, keep the You should understand that some following five ideas in mind. doors will open at their own time and not any sooner. sooner. The The universe will reward you handsomely once you learn to be patient and 1. Be Patient. respect the fact that some things just take a No door was ever built with the purpose of little longer to materialize.   being closed for eternity; for a wall would have August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 11

2. Reasons Make More Sense on Paper. From time to time, you might grow weary. If this happens, it’s because you are getting too caught up on the mere routine of knocking on doors. It is easy to get discouraged and lose hope when you quest. It helps to have a lose sight of what initiated your quest. It list of at least ten reasons why you must get through this particular door. Keep this list in a place you see frequently like on a wallet. This refrigerator door, bathroom mirror or even in your wallet. This will fuel your daily knocking with purpose. 3. Knock with Confidence. Just like you would probably regard a couple of soft knocks in the middle of the night as someone knocking on the wrong door and ignore them; your knocks, if done reluctantly and infrequently, will also be ignored. Your frequency and loudness will broadcast Conviction is contagious. Increase the a message about whether frequency and loudness of your knocks or not you and this will convey conviction, which believe you are knocking will open more doors than you can ever on the wrong manage to go through. door. Conviction is contagious. Increase the frequency and loudness of your knocks and this will convey conviction, which will open more doors than you can ever manage to go through. If you are ever concerned about turning off a prospect by your high level of confidence or eagerness, look back on specific instances when someone in the past rejoiced at the fact that you didn’t give up on them. It’s them. It’s also helpful to remember that those who like you will like you no matter what you do and those who hate you would have hated you anyway.  anyway. 4. Affirm Yourself. Before you knock on any door, repeat this statement aloud and with enthusiasm at least ten times: “Whatever brought me to this door I am currently knocking on understands that somehow I possess something of immense substance which only I can deliver.” 12 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013

2. At Reasons Make More Sense on Paper. times, affirming yourself is more important than the actual act of because theIf frequency of your From time to knocking. time, you This mightisgrow weary. this happens, it’s state of mind usually arrives days before to any because you are getting too caught up onyou theever mereget routine door. of knocking on doors. It is easy to get discouraged and lose hope when you 5. Have lose sightFaith. of what initiated your quest. It helps to have a Iflist getting through currentwhy door areget knocking will of at least tenthe reasons youyou must throughonthis help you create particular door. relationships that will make your wildest dream come true, you ever stopfrequently knocking like on this Keep this list would in a place you see on adoor? Perhaps the only thing missing right now in your life is theThis refrigerator door, bathroom mirror or even in your wallet. fact that your you are treatingwith whatever door you are knocking will fuel dailynot knocking purpose. on as such. bigger than yourself brought you to 3. Believe Knock that withsomething Confidence. this door. And remember that faith isa the beginning every Just like you would probably regard couple of soft to knocks accomplishment. in the middle of the night as someone knocking on the Call to Action: Knock on every door today with extreme wrong door and ignore them; your knocks, if done reluctantly confidence as though a positive response is awaiting you. and infrequently, will also be ignored. Your frequency and Approach the day as though the opportunity of a lifetime is loudness will right behind one of the doors you are going to be knocking broadcast on and since youConviction don’t knowis which door it is,Increase treat every contagious. thedoor a message with the utmost respect. about whether frequency and loudness of your knocks Keep in mind that the frequency of your state of mind gets or anot youdays before you even get there. So constantly affirm to door and this will convey conviction, which believe yourself you with statements like, “The opportunity of a lifetime is are knocking will open more doors than you can ever waiting for me behind a door.” onFuel the wrong your daily efforts with purpose by seeing the list of manage to go through. door. reasons why you are doing what you are doing. When all else Conviction fails, remember to be patient and that not now doesn’t mean is contagious. Increase the frequency and loudness of your not ever. knocks and this willcan convey conviction, which will open more These concepts be summarized with Calvin Coolidge’s doors than “Nothing you can ever manage through. statement: in this world to cangotake the place of If you are ever concerned about turning a prospect persistence. Talent will not; nothing is moreoffcommon than by your high level of confidence or eagerness, look back on unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded specificisinstances someone in the atis genius almost a when proverb. Education willpast not;rejoiced the world the of fact that youfailures. didn’t give up on them. also helpful alone to full educated Persistence andIt’s determination remember that those are omnipotent.” n who like you will like you no matter what you do and those who hate you would have hated you anyway. About the Author Andres Lara is an international-selling author and sought4. Affirm Yourself. after motivational speaker who speaks to companies and Before you knock on any this statement groups from all walks of door, life onrepeat the psychology of howaloud to and with enthusiasm at least ten times: “Whatever brought move forward when you feel like quitting. Connect with him me to this door I am, knocking on understands that at, www. somehow I possess something of immense substance which, @motivation911 or call only I can deliver.” (239) 424-9152. August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 13


How To Handle Common Family Concerns in the Showroom The amount of information available on the internet has created a new buyer/seller relationship in many industries. Buyers are wellinformed thanks to their own extensive online research before they enter a store. Sellers are no longer viewed as “experts” with exclusive knowledge. Our industry is a rare exception. Families purchasing burial vaults still mostly count on funeral homes and cemeteries as reliable sources of information. As a vault dealer, you can articulate the features, benefits, and importance of a burial vault. But you are rarely, if ever, the person interacting directly with the family during the purchase. In order to maximize your success, you must position yourself as a trusted advisor to your funeral home and cemetery customers. You can become the person who not only supplies them with outstanding products, but also helps them sell better vaults. We interviewed four funeral directors to find out what challenges they face in the showroom when presenting burial vaults -- and how they overcome objections. We encourage you to share this scripting with your customers as a resource to help educate the families they serve about the importance of a burial vault.

Introduce the Vaults One funeral director/general manager we spoke with explained that families tend to become overwhelmed once they enter the selection room. And when they feel overwhelmed, they quit listening. To counteract this, this director tells the family what they will see in the selection room before 14 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013

By Jill Darby and Ethan Darby

they actually enter. He uses this preview to set himself up for success. Realizing most people know more about caskets than vaults, he always asks the family “Are you familiar with vaults?” Regardless of their answer, he always explains the purpose of the vault, focusing heavily on protection. This information given outside of the selection room helps focus the family’s attention. It also empowers them to make the best decision for their loved one.

Common Concerns During Arrangement There are some concerns that our panel of funeral directors consistently hears from families. Here’s how they respond. Family Concern: “Who cares what the vault looks like? You aren’t going to see it anyway.” Response: “The vast majority of graveside services display the vault. The vault is the final symbol of a loved one’s passing that a family experiences. It helps provide that final piece of closure. At this point in the service, the vault becomes even more important than the casket.” Family Concern: “Our funds are limited.”

CUSTOMER MARKETING FOCUS Response: “I understand. I believe we can find something that will work with your budget. Keep in mind that the vault is the main source of permanent protection. The casket is a secondary source of protection.” NOTE: Our panel of directors came to a crossroads here. Should they advise the family to spend more on a casket or on a vault? As a vault dealer, it’s important to understand this pull between priorities that funeral directors face. Consider helping them understand that a vault provides permanent protection and might be the right place for a larger investment instead of the eye appeal of casket features. Family Concern: “What is wrong with simply purchasing a concrete box or grave liner?” Response: “Concrete boxes are not lined and sealed. A concrete box has holes in the bottom that leaves the casket as your loved one’s only form of protection. A lined, sealed burial vault provides a clean and dry casket space.” Family Concern: “What happens to my earthly body doesn’t matter. My soul will be in a better place. I don’t need to include a vault with my pre-arrangement.”

Response: “I respect and understand your views. I recommend talking to the rest of your family and making sure they are comfortable with your choice to have your casket in an unlined, unsealed container. In my experience, the protection of a lined, sealed burial vault gives many families peace of mind and can actually help your family begin the healing process.” Family Concern: “Why do cemeteries require vaults? It seems like just another way to get our money.” Response: (Depending on the regulations in your cemetery) “Aside from protection, the burial vault bears the weight of the earth placed above it. The weight of soil along with extremely heavy cemetery equipment requires the vault to be capable of withstanding thousands of pounds of pressure in order to keep the ground from collapsing.” August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 15

16 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013

CUSTOMER MARKETING FOCUS In a perfect world, you could transfer all of your vault knowledge directly to your customers so they can give families all of the information they need to choose the right burial vault for their loved one. So how can you make a difference when you’re not there? Be sure that your customers have the right tools to explain the importance of a burial vault.

Marketing Touch Our funeral director panel emphasized the importance of quality graphics and videos that are designed to educate families. Vault companies offer a wide range of family-focused materials that can be customized for each of your customers. If you already have tools in place, reach out to your customers to be sure that they are trained on how to use them seamlessly. And, offer this scripting as an additional tool for the showroom. n

About the Authors Jill Darby and Ethan Darby, are part of the Darby family that owns and operates Trigard, which is based in Danville, Illinois, The company has catered to the varying needs of the death care industry since the 1960s. They regularly host Trigard University, a program dedicated to assisting burial vault dealers and funeral directors by providing the necessary tools to make their firms succeed in today’s funeral industry. Trigard believes that working closely with other death care providers enhances their knowledge of the industry, and allows everyone to stay a step ahead in today’s changing marketplace. You can contact Jill and Ethan at and respectively, or call (800) 637-1992 with any questions. August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 17

18 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013

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Master Grave Service, Inc. Bogart,GA McDowell Vault Co. Fletcher, NC Mercer Vault Company Fredricksburg ,VA Minchew Sand & Concrete Products Waycross, GA Minnick Services, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN Montgomery Vault Rockville, MD Neher Burial Vault Springfield, OH Nor-Don Vault Company, Inc. Strafford, MO Odon Vault Company, Inc. Odon, IN Omaha Wilbert Vault Omaha, NE Ostwalt Vault Company Concord, NC

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Palm Vault Co. Ada, OK

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Si Funeral Shore VaultServices & Precast Co. Fairport, Exmore, VA NY

Vanden Boomen Burial Swan’s Concrete Products Vaults Inc. ME Westbrook, Turner Vault Company Kronenwetter, WI

Simerly Vaults, Inc. Knoxville, TN Products, Inc. Simerly Concrete Southern Ohio Vault Co. Bristol, TN Portsmouth, OH Simerly SouthernVault, VaultInc. Service Blakely, GA TN Knoxville, Spoerr Precast Concrete Southern Ohio Sandusky, OH Vault Company Portsmouth, SI Funeral ServicesOH Cedar Hill, TX Southern Vault Services, Inc. SI Funeral Services Blakeley, Gerard, PA GA SI Funeral Services Spoerr Precast Concrete, Inc. Parsons, KS OH Sandusky, SI Funeral Services Antonio, TXVault St.San Louis Wilbert Sunnycrest, Inc. Company Auburn, NY MO Saint Louis,

Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Wieser Precast Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc. Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Inc. Stewartville, MN Appleton, WI Muskegon, MI Kronenwetten, Vanden BoomenWI Burial Vaults Inc. BurialCo. Vault Co. WilbertWilbert Burial Vault Wausau, WI Traverse City, MI Vincent, J.P. & Sons Inc. Traverse City, MI Vincent & Son, Inc. Wilbert Services Galena, ILIL Galena, Lancaster, NY Wilbert Vaults Of Houston, Inc. Washington Wilbert Wilbert TX Vaults of Houston, Inc. Warge Concrete Products Houston, Vault Works Inc. Houston, TX Fort Wayne, IN Laurel, MD WillbeeWillbee Concrete Vaults,Products Llc. Concrete Warga Wilbert ConcreteVault Products Inc. Washington Works Jackson, MI MI Jackson, Fort Wayne, Williams Wilbert Laurel, MD IN VaultMoines, Company Watts Vault & Monument Co. Williams Des IA Watts Vault Monument Emporia, VA Des & Moines, IA Williams Vault Company Wayne Burial Vault Co., Inc. Company VA WimmerEmporia, Manufacturing DesIndianapolis, Moines, IAIN Willmar Precast Co. New Castle, IN Welte Vault Co. Willmar, MN Wayne Burial Vault Danbury, IA Co. Zeiser Wilbert Vault Co. Indianapolis, IN & Mfg. Co. West Plains Vault Elmira, NY

Sexton Wilbert Corporation Sheldon, IA

Simerly Concrete Products, Inc. Si Funeral Services Bristol, TN Ennis, TX

Superior Vault Co.

Mississauga, Ont., Canada

Toledo, OH

Wicomico Vault Co., Inc.

Salisbury, MD Western Michigan Burial Vault Wieser Precast Muskegon, MI Stewartville, MN

Wicomico Vault Company, Inc. Wieser Doric Vault Co. LaCrescent, Salisbury, MD MN Wilbert Burial Vault Co.

Wieser Doric Vault Atlanta, GACo. LaWilbert Crescent, MN Burial Vault Co. Waycross, GA

Pomona, MO

National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. Member Application for Plant Inspection

Name of Plant ___________________________________________________________________________ Plant Mailing Address______________________________________________________________________ Plant Street Address_______________________________________________________________________ Plant Telephone_________________

Fax Number_______________________________________

Owner’s Name_____________________________ Evening Phone______________________________ Plant Manager/Contact Person__________________ Evening Phone_______________________________ Types of Outer Burial Receptacles Produced  Top Seals  Air Domes  Sectionals Other________________________________________________ Please return this application with full payment to: The National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 136 South Keowee Street P.O. Box 917525 Dayton, OH 45402 Longwood, FL 32791 (888)88-NCBVA (888) 88-NCBVA Fax (937) Fax (407)222-5794 774-6751 20 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013 20 NCBVA.ORG l December 2012

For a NCBVA member in good standing, the Plant Certification Inspection fee is $1295.

April 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 20



Camille Creter Passes

Camille L. (Crincoli) Creter, age 63, of Flemington, New Jersey, died following a long battle with cancer on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Born in Argentina, she was the daughter of the late Pasquale and Concetta (Tanga) Crincoli. She was raised in Union, N.J., and settled in Flemington in 1985. Camille served as secretary-treasurer for the family business, Creter Vault Corporation, for many years. A homemaker first, Camille took great pride in caring for her family. She was deeply devoted to her faith, and was a parishioner of St. Magdalen de Pazzi Roman Catholic Church in Flemington. She leaves behind her husband, Richard “Dick” Creter, with whom she joined hands in marriage on June 28, 1970; loving son, Rich and wife, Leslie Creter, of Raritan Township, N.J.; daughter, Amanda and husband, Jim Reed, of Lebanon, N.J.; daughter, Alysia and husband, Jon Geller, of Montclair, N.J.; son, Matthew Creter of Morristown, N.J., and daughter Alexa Creter of Flemington. She will be deeply missed by her loving sister, Sandy Crincoli of Raritan Township, and her seven cherished grandchildren, Leah, Julia, Kayla and Sean Creter, and David, Bella and Natalie Reed. n

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August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 21

National Concrete Burial Vault Association “Serving the death care industry with the very best”

Dues Schedule

APPLICATION FOR National Concrete Burial VaultMEMBERSHIP Association

 Manufacturer Member Dues are based on total units sold at Dues Schedule this location.

Key Contact____________________________________Nickname_____________

    

 Manufacturer Member level: Please check appropriate Dues are based on total units sold at 1-999 Units .........$225 this location. 1000 - 1999 .........$350 Please check appropriate level: 2000 - 3499 .........$430  1-999 Units .........$225 3500 - 4999 .........$580  1000 - 1999 .........$350 5000 and more ....$700

 2000 - 3499 .........$430  3500 - 4999 .........$580  Associate Member.....$300  5000 and more ....$700

 Franchise .......$1000 AssociateGroup Member .....$300  Franchise Group .......$1000 Payment Information

Include payment with this completed Payment Information form. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Include payment American Express with this completed form. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express

 Check is enclosed

 Check is enclosed

Please charge my Please charge my  Visa MasterCard  Visa MasterCard

 American Express Account #_____________________ Expiration _________________ Accountdate #_____________________ Expiration date _________________

Mailing Mailing Information

Information NCBVA

136 South Keowee Street NCBVA P.O. Box 917525 P.O. Box 917525 Dayton, OH 45402 Longwood, FL 32791 Longwood, FL 32791 (888)88-NCBVA (888) 88-NCBVA (888) 88-NCBVA Fax (937) 222-5794 Fax: (407) Fax: (407)774-6751 774-6751


“Serving the death care industry with the very best”

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Title ______________________________________________________________

Company Name _____________________________________________________ Key Contact____________________________________Nickname_____________ Street Address _______________________________________________________ Title City______________________________________________________________ _____________________ State _______________ Zip __________________ Company Name _____________________________________________________

Phone ___________________________ Fax ______________________________

Street Address _______________________________________________________

E-mail ____________________________________________________________

City _____________________ State _______________ Zip __________________

Company Web Site ___________________________________________________

Phone ___________________________ Fax ______________________________ E-mail ____________________________________________________________

Company Web Site ___________________________________________________

 Check here if you prefer to have your mail sent to your home.

Home street Address _________________________________________ _____________________ Statemail ______________ City Check here if you prefer to have your sent to your home.Zip ___________ Home Phone _________________ Home Fax ______________________ Home street Address _________________________________________ City _____________________ State ______________ Zip ___________ Home Phone _________________ Home Fax ______________________

COMPANY INFORMATION  Burial Vault Manufacturer  Funeral Director COMPANY INFORMATION  Crematory  Cemetery  Burial Vault Manufacturer  Funeral Director

 Crematory

 Cemetery

 Doric  Wilbert  Eagle  Trigard Doric Trigard Services Con-O-lite  Wilbert  Other  Eagle Provide  Graveside  Con-O-lite

 Other

Provide Graveside Services

Metal Vaults  Plastic Vaults  Fiberglass Vaults

Metal Vaults  Plastic Vaults  Fiberglass Vaults  Adults  Oversize Offer sizes for  Children Offer sizes for  Children  Adults  Oversize Associate Member: 25 words lessyour about your product/services Associate Member: Tell Tell us inus 25 in words or less or about product/services

Please Please enroll in NCBVA today!  enroll meme in NCBVA today!

Signature indicates thatthat you you have have read and abidetobyabide NCBVA’s Code of Ethics Signature indicates readagree andtoagree by NCBVA’s Code of Ethics and the rules that govern the National Concrete Burial Vault Association. Signature and the rules that govern the National Concrete Burial Vault Association.isSignature is required before thisthis application can becan processed. required before application be processed. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ (Signature)


___________ (Date) ___________


CODE OF ETHICS We believe that concrete is an ideal material for the construction of burial vaults for the interment of human remains and that

properlythat constructed burial vault is for worthy acceptance by public. Our for salesthe andinterment advertising We abelieve concreteconcrete is an ideal material the of construction ofthe burial vaults ofpolicies humanwill remains and that be governed by standards acceptable by the public and the funeral profession and by principles advocated by the National a properly constructed concrete burial vault is worthy of acceptance by the public. Our sales and advertising policies will Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. We pledge fair trade practices to our competitor, whose product we will not disparbe governed by standards the business public and the funeral profession by principles advocated by thefor National age. We shall conduct ouracceptable business onby sound principles, striving to build a and relationship of respect and confidence Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. We pledge fair trade practices to our competitor, whose product we will not the burial vault industry with the public, with the funeral director and with the cemetery’s management. We will abide by the disparage.rules We shall conduct our business sound Burial business principles, striving to build a relationship of respect and confidence for and regulations of the Nationalon Concrete Vault Association, Inc., thereby contributing to a stronger and greater the burial industry with the public, with the funeral director and with the cemetery’s management. We will abide by the nationalvault industry. rules and regulations of the National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc., thereby contributing to a stronger and greater national industry.


NCBVA.ORG l December 2012

22 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013

August 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 23

NCBVA|136 South Keowee Street|Dayton, OH 45402-2241

The Bulletin The Bulletin is the bi-monthly publication of the National Concrete Burial Vault Association. We would very much be interested in hearing from you! Make sure to add us onto you mailing list for news releases about your company, special events, staff promotions or additions, and new products and services that would be of interest to the association and its members. We would also look forward to receiving any photos of products or installations you have, either color or black & white. If they are at least 300 dpi and 1 mg at 8 x 10 inch format, we will even consider them for the cover! And, we are also interested in receiving any thought leadership articles on industry trends and techniques, along with case study stories that promote the high standards of the association. (Or, if you just have an idea, let us know and we can write it for you or with you!) Please contact me at any time!

Don Donald A. Mounce, APR | The Bulletin Editor National Concrete Burial Vault Association (NCBVA) 136 South Keowee Street | Dayton, OH 45402 (888)88-NCBVA | Fax (937) 222-5794 | 24 NCBVA.ORG | August 2013

Bulletin 2013 August  

This is the August edition of the National Burial Vault Association Member Publication

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