2022 Carolinas Classic Program

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To the dedicated supporters of high school basketball across North and South Carolina, I would like to extend a welcome from the North Carolina Coaches Association to the 25 th edition of the Carolinas Classic Basketball Games. Unfortunately, we found it necessary to cancel the games in 2020 and 2021 due to restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we continued with all-star team selections both years. These games are important to our coaches, players, and fans. NBA and top NCAA Division 1 rosters have listed many past players from this game, and fans of our games will say they first saw those athletes play in the Carolinas Classic. We are happy to bring the event back to Wilmington and North Carolina for a third year. I am confident you will enjoy the competition and find that the Port City is a great place to visit. The NCCA would also like to thank our sponsor, the fine folks at House of Raeford Farms FLOCK, for believing in our vision and for donating proceeds to Camp Corral – a non-profit group transforming the lives of children of wounded and fallen military heroes. Mention also needs to go to Greg Grantham, Tom Teachey, and Brett Queen for their hours spent in working with our offices to coordinate the many aspects of putting on an event of this magnitude. Phil Weaver – Co-Executive Director North Carolina Coaches Association

The South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association (SCACA) is the only professional organization for the coaching profession in SC. We are delighted to serve our coaches with scholarship programs, all-star events, and all-sports coaching clinics. Our goal is to promote professional development of coaches and to teach and protect student-athletes. The SCACA with its 6,926 members is pleased to be a participant in the Carolinas Classic All Star Basketball Games. We welcome all of those in attendance to a first-rate experience here at John T. Hoggard High. Most importantly, we sincerely appreciate the sponsorship and support of the House of Raeford Farms FLOCK non-profit organization. With FLOCK and Hoggard High, the NC Coaches Association and the SCACA have worked diligently to make this a memorable experience for every player, coach, and fan. We value the support of the sponsors, fans, and the city of Wilmington that are helping these outstanding high school players showcase their talents and skills. R. Shell Dula – Executive Director South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association


PAST SCORES: 2019201820172016201520142013201220112010200920082007200620052004200320022001200019991998-

North 80 South 76 North 95 South 78 North 66 North 103 North 76 South 90 South 64 North 105 North 111 South 81 North 76 North 61 South 106 North 72 South 90 North 90 South 79 North 81 North 69 South 80

South 59 North 70 South 67 North 77 South 60 South 61 South 67 North 71 North 52 South 68 South 77 North 66 South 60 South 51 North 88 South 66 North 77 South 78 North 70 South 61 South 65 North 58

MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYERS 2019- Tamari Key, Cary HS (NC) 2018- Amari Young, North Augusta HS (SC) 2017- Mikayla Boykin, Clinton HS (NC) 2017- Nia Sumpter, Myrtle Beach HS (SC) 2016- Jessica Harris, Sumter HS (SC) 2016- Jordan Chavis, Central Davidson HS (NC) 2015- Grace Hunter, Athens Drive HS (NC) 2015- Dejoria Howard, Orangeburg-Wilkerson HS (SC) 2014- Paris Kea, Page HS (NC) 2014- Cierra Carter, Spring Valley HS (SC) 2013- J’Kyra Brown, Rocky Mount HS (NC)

2013- Naomi Moore, CE Murray HS (SC) 2012- N’Dea Bryant, Goose Creek HS (SC) 2012- Sidney Cook, South View HS (NC) 2011- Aleighsa Welch, Goose Creek HS (SC) 2011- Danielle Butts, South Central HS (NC) 2010- Monet Tellier, East Meck HS (NC) 2010- Sarah Green, Irmo HS (SC) 2009- Nikki Burton, West Charlotte HS (NC) 2009- Ashlen Dewart, Dorman HS (SC) 2008- Ruby Lee Wright, Latta HS (SC) 2007- Samantha Ramirez, South View HS (NC) 2006- Mekia Valentine, Dudley HS (NC) 2005- Jade Hughes, Dorman HS (SC) 2004- Latoya Pringle, Seventy-First HS (NC) 2003- Sasha Reeves, Mullins HS (SC) 2002- Leslie Cook, High Point Central (NC) 2001- Patrice Holmes, Lee Central HS (SC) 2000- Courtney Willis, Terry Sanford HS (NC) 1999- Amy Simpson, JM Morehead HS (NC) 1998- Shaunzinski Gortman, Keenan HS (SC)

HIGHEST GAME SCORES: 2009- N Carolina 111

2005- S Carolina 106

MOST PTS INDIVIDUAL PLAYER: 2014- Paris Kea, Page HS (NC)2005- Jade Hughes, Dorman HS (SC) -

28 28

MOST REBOUNDS: 2012- Elizabeth Landers, JL Mann (SC) 2012- N’Dea Bryant, Goose Creek (SC)2009- Ashlen Dewart, Dorman HS (SC)2000- Courtney Willis, Terry Sanford (SC) -

15 14 14 14

MOST ASSISTS: 2009- Ali Ford, Freedom HS (NC)-


MOST FREE THROWS MADE: 1998- Crystal Scott, Carolina HS (SC)-


MOST FREE THROWS ATTEMPTED: 1998- Crystal Scott, Carolina HS (SC)-


MOST 3 POINTERS MADE: 2013- Naomi Moore, CE Murray HS (SC)6 2014- Paris Kea, Page HS (NC) 5 2001- Tonisha Reese, Lower Richland (SC) - 4

2022 North Carolina Girls All-Stars Number

4 12 14 20 22 24 30 32 34 40

Player Jerni Kiaku Journee McDaniel Bobbi Smith Kate Hollifield Ashanti Lynch Aly Wadkovsky Torin Rogers Samantha Ackles Chloe Williams Amiya Joyner

Ht 5’7 5’10 5’11 5’10 5’8 6’2 6’1 6’3 5’11 6’3

School / High School Coach Garner Magnet / William Stigler Farmville Central / Hollis Harper SE Raleigh / Nicole Meyers Shelby HS / Scooter Lawrence North Lenoir HS / Howard Wooley Lake Norman / McKenzie Graham Murphy HS / Ray Gutierrez Holly Springs HS / Zaneta Hill Heritage HS / Pat Kennedy Farmville Central / Hollis Harper

College Attending NC Central East Tennessee St East Carolina Belmont University Md- Eastern Shore Elon University Univ of Richmond UNC- Wilmington Elon University East Carolina

Head Coach: Barbara Nelson (Myers Park HS) Assistant Coach: Jamie Willoughby (Tarboro HS) Athletic Trainer: Sadie Thomas (Ashley HS)

2022 South Carolina Girls All-Stars Number

4 12 14 20 22 24 30 32 34 40

Player Quadaija Langley Chamiah Dominick Anala Nelson Jakaiya Mack Destiny Middleton McCall King Quantashia Davis Jasmine Grant Ariana Wilkes Sommer Joseph

Ht 5’6 5’7 5’8 5’8 5’8 5’11 5’11 6’0 6’2 6’1

School / High School Coach Blue Ridge HS / Alex Smith Dorman HS / Valorie Whiteside Lower Richland HS / Grace Franklin JL Mann HS / Lamont Wakefield Westside HS / Jackie Roberts Christ Church Episcopal / Ja’Net Vicks Aiken HS / Aubrey Pompey Summerville HS / Calvin Davis Spring Valley HS / Megan Assey Darlington HS / Shaniqua Bennett

Head Coach: Jackie Roberts (Westside HS) Assistant Coach: Myron Gerald (Mullins HS) Athletic Trainer: Caitlin Hart (Newberry HS)

College Attending Lander University undecided Austin Peay Winston-Salem State Lander University UNC- Wilmington undecided undecided undecided Queens University

North Carolina Girls All Stars

North Carolina Girls Coaches

South Carolina Girls All Stars

South Carolina Girls Coaches

The NC Basketball Coaches Association and the SC Basketball Coaches Association are both extremely proud to be affiliated with the North Carolina South Carolina All Star games! The over 900 North Carolina member coaches and over 700 South Carolina member coaches have supported the games for the past 25 years. We are excited about the opportunity to again partner with the NCCA, SCACA, and the primary sponsor of the games, the House of Raeford Farms’ F.L.O.C.K., to bring the games back to Wilmington, NC. We are thankful to the Wilmington area for the hospitality they have shown to our players and coaches in welcoming them to the area with open arms. We sincerely hope that this weekend’s activities associated with the games have been as impactful to the residents of this area as they have been for the players and coaches participating in the games. A special thanks to F.L.O.C.K. for their vision and support in bringing the Carolinas Classic All Star Basketball games to Wilmington and to Hoggard High School for serving as the host venue for the games themselves.

NCBCA at www.NCBCA.com SCBCA at www.SouthCarolinaBasketball.net


PAST SCORES: 2019 201820172016201520142013201220112010200920082007200620052004200320022001200019991998-

South 129 North 123 North 134 South 114 North 106 North 102 South 99 South 100 South 87 South 106 North 106 North 84 North 83 South 121 North 105 North 81 North 96 North 116 North 86 North 81 North 89 South 96

North 117 South 108 South 115 North 91 South 93 South 90 North 90 North 96 North 84 North 86 South 82 South 80 South 78 North 98 South 100 South 78 South 84 South 91 South 77 South 80 South 80 North 93

MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYERS 2019- Tre Jackson, III, Blythewood HS (SC) 2018- Jayden Gardner, Heritage HS (NC) 2017- Lavar Batts Jr, JM Robinson HS (NC) 2017- Clyde Trapp Jr, Lower Richland HS (SC) 2016- Frankie Johnson, Darlington HS (SC) 2016- Kyran Bowman, Havelock HS (NC) 2015- Kentrell Barkley, Northern Durham HS (SC) 2015- Tevin Mack, Dreher HS (SC) 2014- Gary Clark Jr., Clayton HS (NC) 2014- Demetre River, Stratford HS (SC) 2013- Jaylen Shaw, Hartsville HS (SC) 2013- Isaiah Hicks, JF Webb HS (NC) 2012- Jordan Roper, Irmo HS (SC) 2012- Josh Smith, Olympic HS (NC)

2011- Damien Leonard, JL Mann HS (SC) 2011- Johnathan Cannon, Mtn. Heritage HS (NC) 2010- Malcolm Rhett, Lower Richland HS (SC) 2010- Emanuel Chapman, Enloe HS (NC) 2009- Josh Davis, Athens Drive HS (NC) 2009- Robbie Dreher, Southside HS (SC) 2008- Bo Ingram, Kinston HS (NC) 2007- Dee Bost, Concord HS (NC) 2006- Mike Jones, Lower Richland HS (SC) 2005- Terry Gwinn, Cummings HS (NC) 2004- James Mays, Garner HS (NC) 2003- PJ Tucker, Enloe HS (NC) 2002- Billy Houston, Seventy First HS (NC) 2001- Alex Harper, Keenan HS (SC) 2000- Jonathan Moore, Millbrook HS (NC) 1999- Ricardo Marsh, Orange HS (NC) 1999- Clary Judge, North Charleston HS (SC) 1998- Josh Howard, Glenn HS (NC)

HIGHEST GAME SCORES: 2013- N Carolina 134

2019- S Carolina 129

MOST PTS INDIVIDUAL PLAYER: 2019- Tre Jackson, III, Blythewood HS (SC) 2011- Damien Leonard, JL Mann (SC)2019- Justin McCoy, Panther Creek (NC) 2015- Tevin Mack, Dreher HS (SC) 2013- Tashombe Riley, O-W HS (SC) 2007- Dee Bost, Concord HS (NC) 2005- Terry Gwinn, Cummings HS (NC) 2004- Sam Perry, Woodmont HS (SC) 2001- Alex Harper, Keenan HS (SC) -

38 35 31 27 26 24 24 24 24

MOST REBOUNDS: 2014- Quintin Stroman, Keenan HS (SC) - 15 2012- Josh Smith, Olympic HS (NC) 13 2012- Brice Johnson, Edisto HS (SC) 13 2011- Jonathan Cannon, Mtn. Heritage (NC) -12

MOST ASSISTS: 2014- Quintin Stroman, Keenan HS (SC)2013- Darren Black, Concord HS (NC)2011- Eric Washington, Keenan HS (SC)2013- Jaylen Shaw, Hartsville HS (SC)-

9 8 8 7

MOST 3 POINTERS MADE: 2019- Tre Jackson, III, Blythewood (SC) 2017- Patrick Dorsey, Millbrook HS (NC)Four players tied with

8 5 4

2022 North Carolina Boys All-Stars Number

5 11 15 21 23 25 31 35 41 43

Player Jordan Crawford Zeke Cannedy Will Kelly Shawn Jones Dwight Canady, Jr Omar Harris Mari Adams Chase Lowe Davis Molnar Nolan Hodge

Ht 6’2 6’1 6’3 6’4 6’1 6’3 6’0 6’5 6’6 6’7

School / High School Coach North Meck HS / Duane Lewis Kings Mtn HS / Grayson Pierce Stuart Cramer HS / Brad Sloan Jacksonville HS / Sean Thompson Hendersonville / Marvin Featherstone South Central / Chris Cherry Crest HS / Brad Levine Weddington HS / Gary Ellington Terry Sanford HS / Karl Molnar Northern Guilford HS / Kent Phillips

College Attending Coll of Charleston Johnson C. Smith undecided undecided undecided undecided Davidson College William and Mary Furman University UNC- Wilmington

Head Coach: Brad Levine (Crest HS) Assistant Coach: Chris Cherry (South Central HS) Athletic Trainer: Brittany Price (Bishop McGuiness)

2022 South Carolina Boys All-Stars Number

5 11 15 21 23 25 31 33 35 41

Player Kory Davis Isaiah Williams Noah Clowney Jordyn Surratt Dylan Williams Lawrence Bartee Justin Bailey Pharrell Boyogueno Zachary Davis Houston Jones

Ht 6’1 6’7 6’10 6’6 5’10 6’10 6’6 6’6 6’8 6'4

School / High School Coach York Prep / Larry Davis Blythewood HS / Ezekiel Washington Dorman HS / Thomas Ryan Dorman HS / Thomas Ryan Irmo HS / Tim Whipple Clover HS / Bailey Jackson Blue Ridge HS / Richie Stevens Riverside HS / Allen Arnold Denmark-Olar HS / Hercules Davis, Jr Dutch Fork HS / Bret Jones

Head Coach: Zeke Washington (Blythewood HS) Assistant Coach: Thomas Ryan (Dorman HS) Athletic Trainer: Jimmie Rogers (Ft. Dorchester HS)

College Attending undecided Air Force Academy Univ of Alabama USC- Upstate undecided Winthrop University USC- Upstate undecided Univ of South Carolina Presbyterian College

North Carolina Boys All Stars

North Carolina Boys Coaches

South Carolina Boys All Stars

South Carolina Boys Coaches

Previous players that have gone on to NBA, WNBA or NFL include: NBA- Josh Howard (1998 NC)

NFL- DeAndre Hopkins (2010- SC)

NBA- David West (1998 NC)

NFL- Jonathon Rumph (2011- SC)

WNBA- Shaunzinski Gortman (1998- SC)

NBA- Brice Johnson (2012- SC)

NBA- PJ Tucker (2003- NC)

NBA- Devonte’ Graham (2013- NC)

NBA- Ish Smith (2006- NC)

NBA- Isaiah Hicks (2013- NC)

WNBA- Joy Cheek (2006- NC)

WNBA- Alaina Coates (2013-SC)

NFL- DJ Moore (2006- SC)

NBA- Gary Clark (2014- NC)

NBA- Trevor Booker (2006- SC)

WNBA- Paris Kea (2014- NC)

NBA- Ken Bazemore (2007- NC)

NBA- Kyran Bowman (2017- NC)

NBA- CJ Williams (2008- NC)

NBA- Ja Morant (2017- SC)

CAROLINAS CLASSIC ALL-STAR GAMES HISTORY 1998-2007 Games played in Rock Hill, SC 2008 Games played in Charlotte, NC 2009-2017 Games played in Myrtle Beach, SC 2018-2022 Games played Wilmington, NC

Links to view rosters from past games down below 1998 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2010 in Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

1999 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2011 in Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

2000 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2012 in Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

2001 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2013 in Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

2002 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2014 in Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

2003 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2015 in Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

2004 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2016 in Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

2005 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2017 in Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

2006 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2018 in Wilmington: Girls | Boys

2007 in Rock Hill: Girls | Boys

2019 in Wilmington: Girls | Boys

2008 in Charlotte: Girls | Boys

**2020 in Wilmington: Girls | Boys

2009 Myrtle Beach: Girls | Boys

**2021 in Wilmington: Girls | Boys ** games not played due to Covid 19