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Experience Makes the Difference Take a before & after look at how Essential StaffCARE (ESC) drastically improved employee participation compared to traditional medical plans.

The Numbers Speak For Us. Employees with Essential StaffCARE worked for 57% LONGER than employees without Essential StaffCARE             

   ! 2 May/June/July 2011



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May/June/July 2011


Joe Doyle of TalentWise, our Silver Sponsor

4 May/June/July 2011

Members & Guests enjoyed the NCASP training!


2011 Conference: WOW! In summing up the conference, I can only come up with one word to describe it: “Wow!”    I have either attended  or spoken at dozens of recruiting  industry conferences, and I ‘ve never seen one so well orchestrated nor a group as committed as our board and conference committee.  Thanks to Mark Kraknik, Mary Mallett, Jonathan Weiner, Carol Ashby and everyone else on the board who contributed their time and energy to the event.   Most people walked away with a feeling of wanting even more time with the trainers and colleagues. The formal and informal sessions were so good that we didn’t want them to end. We wanted more training, more connection. This inspired our board to keep moving forward and build on our momentum, so look for regional events where you can connect with other members of our group. Visit the events section of our website,   If you are not an NCASP member, join.  If you are a member, get active on a committee or ask about requirements for board level membership.  The more you get involved in this group, the more it will help you grow.   What were the three most impactful ideas you took away from the conference?  Write them down and re-read those learning guides you received.  Repetition is the key to learning, so don’t let your investment go to waste and don’t forget everything you learned.  Take action on what you learned, and find ways to help grow your practice and grow your sales through what you learned.

And most of all, grow in your own personal development, since that’s really the key to success in our business.   As your president, I am here to serve you, our members.  If there is anything I can do for you the rest of this year, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  Scott Love NCASP President 828 225 7700 x 701

Scott T. Love

Scott Love (left), NCASP President with Ken Christian (right), one of NCASP’s Conference Speakers


ference n o C 2 1 0 2 ate!!! D e h t e v a S

Back by popular demand… Rob Mosley of Next Level Exchange will be our national trainer at the Beach on May 18, 2012. Reserve your space now so that you don’t miss one of the leading speakers in our industry today!

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Rob Mosley

Terrific food, fun, entertainment and nationally-known speakers for an introductory price of $199. Don’t miss this special 1-month price that jumps to $299 August 1. May/June/July 2011




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CONTACT CAREERBUILDER’S STAFFING & RECRUITING GROUP TO LEARN MORE. 1-800-960-5203 or • © 2010 CareerBuilder, LLC. All rights reserved.

Jon Bartos of The Orange Crush stretches to keep Team Orange in the Conference Volleyball Tournament.

6 May/June/July 2011

Tim Moore, employment law attorney at Spilman Thomas & Battle, updated 2011 Conference Owners and Managers .


Vendor of the Year, Chris Kennedy of Bond Adapt, with Erin MacKenzie

VENDOR of the YEAR was awarded to Chris Kennedy and the fine professionals at Bond Adapt. Each year, NCASP recognizes an especially outstanding vendorpartner to thank the company for its diligent sponsorship and great attitude. The Vendor of the Year regularly asks the NCASP Board of Directors, “What can we do to help promote NCASP and help its members?” They make phone calls, send letters and emails, and often dig deeper to help promote our industry and our association. This year, Bond Adapt and Chris Kennedy have been notable for their unflagging support of NCASP. Several previous Vendors of the Year are Scott Cox of Wells Fargo, Spruill Alexander of The Clement Companies, John Walters of Essential StaffCARE, Jonathan Katz of Careerbuilder, and Shelly Wilkinson of Tricom Funding. These companies are outstanding NCASP partners every year.

Mary Mallet, left with Hall of Fame Recipient, Rick Krumel

HALL of FAME was awarded to Rick Krumel, President of SearchWise. Being named to NCASP’s Hall of Fame means more than being around for many years. It recognizes our colleagues who have stuck with NCASP and our industry through thick and thin - and there have been many of those times in the past 20 years. It recognizes someone who gives of him or herself with positive energy, attitude, and ethics, promoting the professional image of our association at every opportunity. Rick Krumel is one of those people. He has been an exemplary recruiter, trainer, and NCASP Board Member and President since joining our industry in the mid-1990s. Previously honored recipients of this award include Debbie Greer, Scott Cox, Gary Graham Sr., Ed Kato, Mary Mallett, Phyllis Eller-Moffett, and Linda McKinney.

Chris Kennedy Regional Sales Manager Toll Free: 800.882.2663 ext. 607 Main: 804.266.330 ext. 607 Direct: 804.627.0607 Mobile: 804.347.8163 Email:

May/June/July 2011



Bartos Encouraged Conference Participants to Maximize Their Potential Summary by Brandy Barrett, CPC, CTS, Greene Resources, Inc.

Jon Bartos

Pumping the crowd with energy as he spoke, Jon Bartos presented methods of how we can all work smarter, not harder. In an effort to live our ultimate dream, Bartos recommended implementing simple changes in our daily routine that promise to yield major results. Remembering the Pareto principle (80% of effects comes from 20% of the cause), avoiding time wasters, and consistently evaluating our levels of efficiency and effectiveness were common themes during his presentation. Separating selling time vs. non-selling time, incorporating ‘power hours’ and prioritizing calls were three time savers he discussed.

Additionally, Bartos also highlighted how using all available sources of technology can increase productivity immediately. For example, we are now able to reach out to candidates through various forms of social media, email, and telephone. The efficient recruiter will call, email, text, blog, and tweet! Owners, Managers, and Recruiters were all encouraged to question how to best maximize their performance in 2011. As Bartos put it, “make the decision to get your life back!” Left: Carol Ashby is a key member of our Conference Committee Right: Dusty McGinty of RCS

People are Talking!

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8 May/June/July 2011

Scott Cooper ext. 226

“For more than 20 years, attending the annual NCASP conference has been an outstanding investment for my business. Every year, the conference is an exciting educational event featuring industry leaders and cutting-edge vendors that help attendees respond to important industry trends in an everchanging marketplace. The facilities are always first class, and networking with colleagues is invaluable. I always come away feeling renewed and energized about our industry!”  - Linda Bain McKinney, CPC, CTS

Web Site:


CareerBuilder’s Jon Maly Says: Get Back in the Game Summary by Cheryl Neely, CTS Carolina Staffing Resources, LLC

The learning for conference attendees did not stop at lunchtime because Jon Maly from CareerBuilder delivered an action-filled learning session that followed the conference theme of “Getting Back in The Game” in regards to sales development. Jon’s key focus for everyone who’s a lead developer owner, manager, sales rep, or recruiter - was to use 4 key questions that can improve the sales outcome.

Jon Maly

1. Are you moving the conversation forward? Focus on the positive and have a mentality of abundance. There is no room for “negative Nancy’s” on a productive sales team. 2. Have you gotten back to basics? Sales must be practiced constantly; otherwise you get off your game. What is your sales team doing to improve their skill set? 3. Is your sales team reinvesting in themselves? What extra learning and reading does your sales team do to make themselves better rounded? How can you use that to your advantage in your sales efforts? 4. What does your sales team do to give back to their network? Giving and thanking your network and customers is something that pays dividends constantly, even though that shouldn’t be the expectation. Are you thanking your pipeline of lead suppliers and current customers? Jon also made several recommendations of sales focused books that help educate and motivate you and your sales team. Those are, Linchpin, Questions that Sell, Poke the Box and Today we are Rich. Besides sharing all of these practices that have helped him become successful in his career at CareerBuilder, Jon foremost encourages sales teams to go above and beyond in how they play to win each day in new client development and increasing customer satisfaction in their organization.

May/June/July 2011



Negotiating Tactics and Demands Summary by Michelle Coviello, CPC, HireNetworks Rob Mosley spoke to the group about Negotiating Tactics and Demands. Negotiating, selling, and relationships are interlocked. There are 3 levels of negotiation: competitive, cooperative, and collaborative. Can you force behavioral change? We can influence behavior but we can’t change client behavior. We can influence how they see us. Life at the competitive level, the client sees conflicting needs and uses tools called tactics. These tools are used by your clients to influence your perception of what is RIGHT and what is FAIR. If you recognize the tactic, its value is diminished. He went through about 20 tactics, including Square One, Tease, Hoops, and the Carrot. For example, in the Square One tactic, if a resolution cannot be reached, the selling process might need to be repeated.

Rob Mosley

The Carrot is used to entice you with intangible “rewards.” There are three rules for managing tactics: recognition, prevention, and counteraction. The purpose of identifying and recognizing the top 20 tactics is to take their power away or at least gradually reduce their effectiveness. Some ways to prevent or counteract these tactics are: • Having multiple relationships at different levels of the organization. • Put all terms in writing and get everything in writing. • Get face to face with the key negotiating players. • Manage client and candidate expectations from the beginning of the selling process. • Disclose feelings like surprise, disappointment, and confusion. • Ask the client to “help you understand” the statement or position. • Use a good tone in your responses. • Make sure you expand on your reputation, your expertise, and your policies to counteract all negotiating tactics.

People are Talking! “NCASP continues to orchestrate outstanding conferences each year with huge returns on investment for attendees. It was unbelievable how much talent was at this year’s conference! One word to describe it: INCREDIBLE! “    -Carol Ashby, CTS

10 May/June/July 2011

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The Hidden Candidate

Client Service

Summary by Rita Bottoms, CSP Temporary Resources I had the pleasure of listening to Karen Schmidt with Next Level Recruiting Training. She offered 10 strategies to uncover the “Hidden Candidate”. 1. Building your Brand- example linked in profile – phone and email easily accessible, graphics can differentiate your title page, don’t limit your title to simply your title, summary can serve as your professional commercial, referrals are critical! Add applications, edit profile, upload PowerPoint presentations, word documents, conference information etc. 2. Strengthen your Brand – how do we stay in front of your audience- what value do you add. 3. Be the Best – ideas – read one industry article per day for next 10 day (learn all you can about the niche you are in) 4. Compelling Commercials – 30 seconds to 1 minute – what you do say when a candidate tries to get you off the phone – (make sure to focus on what is important to the candidate-insert metrics-delivery is important) 5. Elevate Conversations – If you ask the same questions that other recruiters ask, you will get the same answers – You have to be able to help candidates understand that which they don’t know they don’t know 6. Respond to Resistance – L.A.C.E.S. Listen–for what is being said and why it’s being said. Acknowledge-to satisfy your candidate’s fundamental need for recognition. Clarify–to confirm your understanding of the situation or resistance come from client. Expand – by suggesting alternatives, different approaches or recommendations that would assist in meeting the candidate’s needs, solve the problem or achieve their goals and objectives. Seek Agreement-to find common ground on all or a part of the issue to begin aligning your position with that of your candidate. 7. Negotiating Tactics and Demands – If, Then: show a cost associated with requests or conditions. Questions with Questions: remain in control and uncover underlying issues or needs. Know your desired counterrequests 8. Mutual Expectations – What can the candidate expect from you – What will you expect from the candidate 9. Clearing Land Mines – If a candidate offers excuses as to why they may not be a good candidate for the position, clear up these red flags before moving forward. 10. Add Value – review candidate’s resume and provide feedback – create Candidate Opportunity Profile – candidate’s will know that you have heard what they are seeking exactly and you as the recruiter understand the candidate.

Karen Schmidt


Business Model Operational

Excellence Growing

Team Spilman Excellence. Value. Get There!
















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Responsible Attorney, Jill M. Benson

May/June/July 2011



Love & Krajnik Challenge: 11-4-11 Summary by John Ravelli, CPC TTRecruiting

Scott Love and Mark Krajnik delivered a high energy, very engaging mini-workshop for the Thursday crowd at the 2011 NCASP Annual Conference. Alternating topics, Scott and Mark reviewed the best practices for leaders and recruiters alike to take their game to the next level.  Some highlights were around Scott’s review of the Emotional Bank Account in delivering more deposits than withdrawals to manage your team more effectively; how to handle tough conversations effectively and boosting performance through motivation and contests that engage your team and grow revenue for your office.  Mark spent some time providing insight into the uses of Neuro-linguistic Programming to improve your business relationships. He also discussed the importance the importance of Emotional Intelligence in business.   The session ended with setting REAL Goals with an achievement date of 11-4-11.  All session materials, including the workbook and the Power Point presentation can be found at


Marc Cochran, right, 2011 Member of the Year with Jonathan Weiner, 2010 President

Member of the Year was awarded to Marc Cochran, presented by Carol Ashby, CTS In 2010, I was honored to receive the Member of the Year Award. It came totally unexpected but was greatly appreciated.  This year it was a privilege to pass this award on to Marc Cochran.  Since joining NCASP four years ago, Marc has always been willing to go the extra mile in support of our organization.  He served as Conference Chairman in 2009 and as Director of Membership for the past 4 years.  Marc is results-driven and always conducts himself in a professional manner.   Marc is a proven leader and so deserves this honor.   Thank you, Marc, for your continued dedication and support of NCASP.  

12 May/June/July 2011


Achieving Breakout Performance Accomplish Your Goals with Focus and Hard Work By Mary Storms, CPC, STORMS Associates

Achieving “breakout performance” isn’t about talent; it’s about activities and behaviors, said Ken Christian PhD, at the Spring Conference. It’s not about feeling good or energized; it’s about deciding to put in the on-going hard work required to change bad habits into long-term, productive habits. Ken is a licensed psychologist, founder of the Maximum Potential Project, and author of Your Own Worst Enemy – Breaking the Habit of Adult Under-Achievement. During his presentation, Ken outlined a mindset and a process to achieve our maximum potential, whatever that is for each of us. Some of the key take-aways were:

1. Small changes. Breakout performance is a series of small things that you consistently change and improve.

2. 12-14 weeks. Developing new habits and behaviors

5. Focus. Breakout performance requires extreme, uninterrupted focus on the right behaviors. 6. 2x2. Twice daily, block out 2 hours to focus on whatever it is that’s most important for you to achieve your breakout performance. Ken recommends starting your day with one of those 2-hour blocks. 7. Rest. Follow up each 2-hour block of extreme focus with 30 minutes of serious relaxation. Ken recommends lying down during these breaks. 8. Looking ahead. Before starting each 2-hour block of focused work, visualize what you plan to accomplish during that time, as well as the steps you’ll take to achieve that goal.

Ken Christian

requires 12-14 weeks, not 21 days.

3. Support system. Having a support system is key to maintaining new behaviors. Engineer your life so that everything around you supports your new habits. 4. Decisions. Learning new skills is a choice. Talent may help you learn faster but it is neither sufficient nor required for learning.

In addition to telling us how to achieve breakout performance, Ken made a point about why it’s important that we in the employment industry achieve breakout performance: Our work is important and admirable because it is centered on helping our fellow humans.

Jonathan Weiner Receives MJM Award for Excellence Presented by Mary Mallett, CPC, SearchPro

Last year NCASP created the Mary J Mallett Award, in recognition of members who bring passion and zeal to keep our association moving forward to new horizons. When it was presented to me, I was rendered speechless, which, as many of you know, is extremely rare. At this year’s conference, it was my turn to pass along the MJM Award, and I knew that Jonathan Weiner was the one to receive it. Jonathan and I have worked closely together at NCASP for many years. In thinking of his contributions to our organization, the word ECHO rings in my ears. E is for his education, energy and enthusiasm because he has been instrumental in promoting education and Certification within our group.

Jonathan Weiner received the Mary J Mallett Award from Mary Mallett.

C is for his courage to step out ahead of the pack and introduce new ideas and innovative ways to reach more people in our industry in the 21st century.

years ago, he has brought more top talent to the Board of Directors than any other Member. He is a master at giving them the opportunity to shine in their areas of expertise.

H is for his hard work because there is no one who works harder to get the word out on the web about what we do.

Jonathan Weiner embodies the passion and positive spirit necessary to NCASP. Thank you, Jonathan for your dedication and hard work!

O is for opportunity because since he joined the BOD nine

May/June/July 2011



Kudos and Thanks to our Vendor Partners Mary Mallett, CPC, SearchPro

Our 2012 Spring Conference will be held back at the Holiday Inn Resort, Wrightsville Beach on May 17-18-19th and as you know, we have limited space for exhibits. Our Premium Sponsors will be showcased in the Pre-conference area and the Standard booths will be in the Tidewater Room. Please confirm with me as soon as possible that you will be joining us again in 2012 and at what level as the sponsorship/membership prices will remain the same for repeat Vendors. MARK YOUR CALENDARS for more fun in the sun! Our hope is that you will capture some new NCASP business from your sales & marketing efforts. We want you to get the most from your NCASP experience! Please call me with any questions and do keep me posted on your new contact info and logos. Feel free to submit informational articles for reprinting in our ezines.

Read more about our Spotlight on Vendor, John Walters at Essential StaffCARE on page 2

Thanks again for your commitment to NCASP. We appreciate our continuing relationship with your group. We appreciate all groups who sponsored our receptions, breakfasts, luncheons and energy breaks! Mary Mallett, CPC, Co-Director of Vendor Partner Relations, Phone: 704-241-2996 Email:

NCASP Vendor Partners PREMIER




14 May/June/July 2011

Vendor Partner Index Essential StafCARE (p. 2 & 24) “EssentialStaffCARE is a national employee benefits firm specializing in the development of voluntary, payroll deducted insurance products specifically designed for Staffing Industry employees.” John Walters 864-527-0474 (864) 569-8204 Talent Wise (p. 4) Hiring Process Management and Compliance Joe Doyle 919-359-2097 CareerBuilder (p. 6) Internet Career Site Natalia Vidmar (page 4) 800.960.5203 Bond Adapt (p. 7) Bond Adapt, specialist staffing software for leading recruitment companies of all size. Chris Kennedy 1-800-882-2663 804--266-3300 x 607 The Clement Companies (p. 8) Liability and Workers Comp Insurance Spruill Alexander 252-756-8300 x204 Madison Insurance Group (p. 9) Staffing Agency Insurance Solutions Frank Bealer 865-425-1037 cell: 803-207-4498 Tricom Funding (p. 10) Payroll Funding and Processing Julie Ann Blazei 262-509-6225 Spilman Thomas & Battle (p. 11) Employment Legal Services Jill Benson, Esq. 336-970-5206 Mind Your Business (p. 12) Helping hiring managers make smarter decisions since 1996 Jeff Jones 828-698-9905 cell: 828 698 9908

Global Cash Card (p. 18) Paycards George Mavrantzas 888-220-4477 cell: 904-993-0469 Vantage Point Services (p. 18) Background Checks Sarah Price 800-792-4339 Lee Lloyd 919-818-0752 Recuiter Eco (p. 19) The Social Community for HR, Staffing & Recruiting Intel Jim Shaki 828-329-4759 Mez Media (p. 19) Digital Marketing Specialists | Web, Email & Video Jonathan Weiner 704-875-2891 Wells Fargo (p. 20) Liability and Workers Comp Insurance Scott Cox 704-556-2594 Hirease (p. 20) Employment Screening Services - A Better Way to Better People Heidi Dent 910-693-1764 877-311-2423 COATS Sql. (p. 20) Fully Integrated Staffing Software Karen Connor 800-481-5894 cell: 757-650-1566 RCS (p. 20) Risk Management and Loss Control for the Staffing Industry Katy Hooper 800-807-7475

Top Echelon (p. 22) Recruiting Software Mark Demaree 330-455-1433 x172 Crestmark (p. 22) Factoring and Funding Tim Hutchinson 336.456.8080 US Funding, Inc. Funding your tomorrow…Today. Accounts Receivable Financing Cecilia Kelly 336-812-9767 cell: 336-382-3295 EmInfo EMinfo provides information news features online for recruiting and staffing professionals. Pat Turner 314-560-2627 Futura Card Services “Replacing paper checks with the Futuracard has saved us time, money, and they have superior customer service.” Tom Poston 910-382-9181 Riviera Finance Factoring for Staffing Firms Barry Spencer 800-693-7157 704-510-0112 Cell 704-649-3691 ASURINT Background Checks Loree Barnard 407-440-8789 Cell 407-797-0630

Teague, Campbell, Dennis & Gorham (p. 22) Legal Defense of Workers’ Compensation Claims Daniel Hayes 828-254-4515,

May/June/July 2011


Vendor Testimonials “We were very pleased that NCASP set aside a special time to gather input from all of their vendors. The 2011 Spring Carolina Conference was extremely efficient, and a great time was had by all!” -John Walters, Essential StaffCARE “The 2011 NCASP conference was filled with positives: positive energy, positive people, positive statistics and a positive outlook on 2011 and beyond.” -Jeff Jones, Mind Your Business

Jodi Williams & John Walters

“The NCASP conference was a great opportunity to network with current and potential customers. The content was relevant and timely-looking forward to 2012!” -Jon Maly, Career Builder “The 2011 NCASP conference was great. The ocean was beautiful, the hotel accommodations were great, and the conference area was perfect, so everyone was able to stop by the booths during the breaks. I only wish I could have stayed a few more days!” -Barry Spencer, Riviera Finance “RCS loves attending NCASP every year because it is the most vendor-friendly conference out there and we always come back with new business.” -Katy Hooper, RCS Services

Megan Connell & John Ravelli

“Each year that we have attended NCASP we have always said it is one of our favorite conferences. The individuals behind the curtains are what truly make NCASP a success year after year. They continue to bring us engaging speakers, positive energy and a strong environment for meeting new business contacts.” -Erin Mackenzie, Bond International Software, Inc. “The NCASP Conference is always well organized, committed to its members and vendors, and a load of fun. You can always count on the NCASP Conference to have the latest high impact speakers and an agenda that maximizes everyone’s time. Global Cash Card will continue to attend as it is a great way to visit with our customers and meet a lot of new faces.” -George Mavrantzas, Global Cash Card

Joe Doyle Thanks to Joe Doyle of TalentWise for donating the iPad!

16 May/June/July 2011

Vendor Testimonials “The NCASP Conference was an amazing event where I was able to network with an elite group of individuals. It was the perfect setting to connect with clients and meet new professionals in the staffing industry.” – Megan Connell, Executive Sales “The 2011 NCASP conference was incredible. Whenever you can combine great training and speakers with fun and networking you have a winning combination. NCASP continues to exceed expectations!” - Frank Bealer, MIG “2011 NCASP Conference was as good as the year before if not better. Always a pleasure to attend as we know that the NCASP conference is well organized and has great speakers and wonderful vendor partners. It is an incredible networking opportunity! One conference no one should miss attending! Thanks for another exciting event.” -Pat Turner, EMInfo “The NCASP Spring Conference is always a pleasure to attend; we look forward to our consecutive third year in 2012. The NCASP Staff doesn’t make the exhibitors feel like they are the ‘red headed step child’; you can tell they really want us there! The Conference has the perfect balance of professionalism during the day and fun at night. Every staffing agency should consider this educational retreat for their staff.” -Karen A. Connor, COATS, SQL

Tom Sarach

Caroline Eller

“The annual NCASP conference allows us to directly connect with our customer base to hear the concerns they’re facing within their industry. We then take that info and act upon it, ensuring we are addressing their needs by providing them with the best solutions to their most pressing issues.” -Sarah Price, VPS “This was my first year attending the NCASP conference. I had a great time, learned lots of valuable information, and networked with a wonderful group of people. I look forward to working with the NCASP for years to come.” - Cecilia Kelly, US Funding, Inc. Lee Lloyd & Sarah Price

May/June/July 2011




By Rob Mosley, Sr. Director of Training and Development for Next Level Recruiting Training Imagine you are a sales recruiter and you have search assignments for a sales rep with a consumer product company who makes toothpaste, another for one with a beer maker, and a third with a pharmaceutical company. Imagine your surprise when you ask what territory they will work in and they say that they can sell anywhere. The toothpaste rep can call on grocery stores, dentist offices, and convenience stores. The beer rep can sell to bars, grocery stores, entertainment venues, and discount stores. The pharmaceutical rep can detail any of the firm’s drugs to any physician that could write a prescription. When you ask about geography, they say that there are no limits to their territory and that they can call on any business anywhere. I suspect most would run because of the difficulty in attracting someone to a position with no clear direction and game plan. Yet, this is exactly what life looks like for many recruiters. Now, some readers may be thinking that this is not relevant because “I specialize.” As covered in a previous article, the idea of becoming a market master means that the most successful search practitioners specialize be the appropriate combination of FILL (Function, Industry, Location, and Level).

We Spot Bad Eggs. Vantage Point Services spots liabilites before and during employment.

Will potential upcoming changes at the NC Administrative Office of the Courts affect your background screening prices and turnaround times? No matter what happens with the NC AOC, Vantage Point Services will continue to offer instant NC statewide criminal checks at the most competitive price.

Toll Free (800) 792.4339

18 May/June/July 2011

If your practice is like the above example, then I urge you to consider the counter-intuitive logic that LESS IS MORE. It is not an unreasonable question to ask, “If that is the case then why are most recruiters trained to be more generalists or broad based specialists?“ The answer is quite simple: the idea is that that by chasing deals, one will make placements quicker and shorten the ramp up curve. However, the long term consequence of this short term decision can be quite costly. For some, the idea of being a specialist, market master, or industry insider is the only thing even known. However, this is not simply a re-packaged article on the importance of market mastery again. This article is about creating an effective blueprint for achieving the mastery you desire. Do you think that the toothpaste, beer, and drug reps have a list of the potential buyers in their market? If so, then do you think they know 99%+ of them or do they uncover new stores, hospitals, venues, etc. every day? If you would agree they would most likely know them all, then would you think they are expected to contact each buyer in their market at some pre-determined interval? Would they be expected to call on their buyers once per month, quarter, year, etc.? Would it be ok if they did not call a potential target for one year? What about two? While these questions would seem so basic to a traditional sales rep that has an assigned territory, as recruiters, we do not all think this for ourselves. Imagine a drug rep with a major pharmaceutical company

answering the quiz below and compare that in your mind to your answers:

1) How many companies are there in your market that can buy your product/service?

2) How many buyers/hiring managers are there at each company?

3) What are the names and titles of all of those buyers/ hiring managers?

4) At what frequency will you be contacting them? 5) How many will you contact each week? The answers to these questions are necessary to truly understanding one’s market/territory. They also dictate the necessary size. Say, for example, that there are only 20 companies but 30 distinct hiring managers at each versus 100 companies with 6. One could argue that these are the same size. If you don’t know who they are, then it is tough to call on them! The frequency is important as if you decide to contact them every 90 days versus 180 days, then you will want twice as many potential hiring managers. The number you can contact on average each day/week/month is critical as clearly this directly impacts the velocity with which you can move through your market. As an example, you will make 5 business development/marketing CONVERSATIONS every day on average and want to speak with potential hiring managers once every 4 months or 3 x per year. So, 1/3 of 52 weeks is about 17 weeks. There are 85 days in this time period. Let’s subtract 7 days in that time for holidays, vacations, sick, etc. This means you will have 390 presentations in those 78 days or that you can have about 400 TOTAL possible hiring clients/hiring managers. If you change any of these variables, then the final number will of course also change. Many recruiters I know make less than 5 per day (particularly when they are “so busy that they don’t have time to market”). If that number is cut in half and the frequency of contact is adjusted to once per quarter, then that number will look more like 150 TOTAL possible hiring managers. If you can’t do this because you have no idea who they all are, then I would suggest re-reading an old article on market mastery. If you find yourself with many more possible hiring managers than you have time to contact with your desired frequency, then you may consider adjusting your market. Remember, even if you only have a number like 150, you get 10% as your clients (15), they hire 2 people each from you per year, and your average fee is 20k, then you are billing 600k. If they hire only one, then you are doing 300k. LESS CAN BE MORE! If you do have the exact number and names of all (or pretty close), then your next step is to develop a systematic plan for developing your market/territory. Will you call them each time with the exact same type of call? Will every call be one where you present a possible candidate? Will it be a “checking in” or “touching base” call? Will it be an email or a letter? Will it be CLICK HERE TO FINISH THE ARTICLE

May/June/July 2011


Are they telling you everything? Because we will.

Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Providing staffing companies with flexible and cost effective insurance solutions By taking the time to understand your company, we can provide you with a level of insurance protection designed to mitigate your particular risks. Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. Scott L. Cox, CPCU, CIC Vice President 704-556-2594 Š 2011 Wells Fargo Insurance Services. All rights reserved.

010711ab-B_AD_NC-StaffingInd 3x4 bw.indd , Inc.

20 May/June/July 2011


Employment & Educational Verifications. Reference Checks. DMV Checks. Criminal Backgrounds. Credit History. Drug Testing and Much More.

Toll Free 877-253-6330 or

1/21/2011 4:33:34 PM


Karen Caruso, NCASP Partner Named NC Small Biz Person of the Year Provided by Mind Your Own Business, Inc

CHARLOTTE – The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has named Karen Caruso, CEO of Mind Your Business, Inc. (MYB) the North Carolina Small Business Person of the Year for 2011. She was nominated by Annice Brown and Clark Fields of the North Carolina Small Business & Technology Development Center, Western Regional Center. MYB conducts pre-employment screening, applicant background checks and drug and alcohol testing services to individuals, corporate and government clients nationally and internationally. Small Business Person of the Year winners from 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam will converge on Washington, D.C. May 18-20, 2011, to mark the annual celebration of National Small Business Week. One of them will be selected as National Small Business Person of the Year. zThe theme of Small Business Week 2011 is “Empowering Entrepreneurs.” The criteria for the award include: Longevity – a substantiated history as an established business, growth in number of employees, innovativeness of product/service offered, response to adversity and contributions to community-oriented projects. Karen Caruso’s inspiration to start her business occurred in 1995 while she and her 10-month-old daughter Shelby were watching an Oprah Winfrey show on abusive child care providers. Immediately seeing the need and recognizing the importance, Karen developed applicant screening services centered around but not limited to the childcare industry. Her experience in security proved to be pivotal and the essential factor in what would become the foundation of a safer and more secure environment for children and the child care industry. In 1996 with $2500 a vision, two employees and a personal computer, Mind Your Business, Inc. (MYB) was launched in the basement of her New Jersey home. With the assistance of SBA-sponsored counseling, training through SCORE, the North Carolina Small Business Technology and Development Center, and the SBA Women’s Business Center, MYB and the number of clients it supports has grown substantially. MYB now employs 14 people, serves over 1500 businesses and since 2004, operates in a 3,000 square foot facility in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Despite the economy and its relation to the employment sector, MYB posted record profits in 2009 and 2010 due largely in part to its hands-on management team and unyielding commitment to customer service. Recently, MYB expanded its services to include Drug and Alcohol testing, FMCSA (Fleet Incident Reporting Management) and NRMA (The National Retail Mutual Association Theft Database). In addition to these services, MYB in collaboration with Western Carolina University created proprietary software programs to service its clients with Visitor Management Screening tools. In December 2010, MYB was approved for a SBA Express loan through First Citizens Bank to market the newly developed services. For more information, contact Karen Caruso, at Mind Your Business, Inc., 305 East 8th Avenue, Hendersonville, NC 828698-9905.

People are talking about the upcoming May 2012 event back at the beach with Rob Mosley, professional Trainer. See page 3 for deep discounts and registration!

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2011 Rookie of the Year

By Tiffany Crenshaw, Intellect Resources

Your client suddenly needs more players on the field. They’ll expect wages.

We understand the back-and-forth, roundand-around challenges of the staffing industry, and can provide the financial support you need to help manage growth, take advantage of opportunities, or even to make payroll. Some of our offerings: • Asset-based lines of credit • Payroll funding • Traditional factoring • Front- and back-office solutions • Workers’ comp insurance/financing

Crestmark provides working capital solutions to small- to mid-sized businesses nationwide. Call me today!

Tim Hutchinson


thutchinson @ Greensboro, North Carolina

In late 2008, a client called to break the news our 4 latest placements would not be starting as Brenda Witkemper celebrates her planned. So we had to 2011 Rookie of the Year award call 4 candidates the night with her manager Tiffany Crenshaw. before their start date and deliver the news that they were officially unemployed. This not only marked the beginning of the recession for us, but that very day was our Rookie nominee’s first day on the job with our firm, Intellect Resources. Can you imagine? However, this award winner put her head down, dove into learning our industry, familiarized herself with our clients, built candidate relationships, recruited her heart out and made placements when so many had zero! And in 2010, this Rock Star really shined, exceeding pre-recession placement goals. Brenda Witkemper, a mother, wife, friend, philanthropist, dedicated recruiter and high achiever earned our team’s 2010 “Rock Star” award. She’s our Pat Benetar who took the recession on and said, “Hit me with Your Best Shot” and won!

22 May/June/July 2011

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“Essential StaffCARE is a fabulous retention tool.”

“With Essential StaffCARE, we are ahead of the health care reform curve. The Essential StaffCARE team’s experience has helped guide us through health care reform confusion.” Kara Bertoncino, CSP | VP Operations | Quality Staffing Specialists Essential StaffCARE makes it easy to offer a selection of affordable benefits including health insurance, prescription drugs, dental, short-term disability and term life coverage to your temporary employees. You can also count on us to answer your questions as health care reform changes.



t Improve Employee

t Coverage for Doctors’

Recruitment and Retention

t Easy to Implement

To learn more about how Essential StaffCARE can help your business, call today!

and Administer

t No Cost to Employer

t Flexibility in

Office Visits

t Prescription Drug Coverage

t Hospital Coverage t Coverage Available for Dental, Vision, Life and Short-Term Disability

Plan Design

John Walters | 864.527.0474 | Health insurance and benefits for the temporary employment industry. Essential StaffCARE is a limited benefit health insurance plan underwritten by BCS Insurance Company Oakbrook Terrace, Il and BCS Life Insurance Company, Oakbrook Terrace, Il. Administered by Planned Administrators Inc. (PAI), Columbia, S.C.

24 May/June/July 2011

Staffing Now, Summer 2011  

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