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August 2022

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It’s Back-to-School Time!

NCAE News Bulletin


Welcome Back to a New School Year! Can you believe it’s back-to-school time already? It seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to our students and each other and looking forward to the downtime and Tamika Walker Kelly fun opportunities summer has to President offer. Once again, we are turning our attention to the welcome-backs, the excitement of making new connections, and the joy brought on by school supplies and classroom swag. Thinking about the beginning of school brings back special memories for me as a music teacher in Cumberland County. One of my favorites was the smell of a new box of scented markers! They were my most cherished back-to-school item, and I honestly fell in love with the fruity scents. I also recollect the first week kindergarten students were introduced to the school. They would read the story of the Gingerbread Man in their classrooms, and teachers would place clues around the school to help get them acclimated. You would see these lines of little people in the hallways waiting to visit the different rooms. When they visited my class, the music room, they would look around in awe at all the

instruments as I introduced myself. Seeing those little faces was always an exciting part of my yearly school experience! Special times like these remind us why we do this work, why we chose the profession and why we must continue to advocate for public education. We must keep our eye on big picture issues such as the proposed changes to the teacher licensure/compensation structure and upcoming political races, such as those among local school boards and county commissioners, and the mid-term election in November. Over the summer, NCAE remained diligent in keeping abreast of these issues and is just as prepared for the 2022-23 school year as you are — from the delegates who attended the amazing NEA RA in Chicago to the local leaders who participated in the week-long Summer Leaders Conference and are now ready to go back into their buildings to share the exciting things we as an Association will do this year around our strategic plan. In the face of all of this, let’s remember to hold on to the excitement we feel this time of year because we know there will be some tough days ahead! And in those days to come, the back-to-school jitters you may currently feel will give you the strength needed to keep pushing forward and dream in even bigger and better ways. The rest and relaxation I hope you received over the two-month break, carry that with you as well, as it will serve as fuel for the work so critical to our students and us as professionals. Welcome back and know that NCAE is here with whatever you need! Wishing you the best school year ever!

A Conversation with Vice President Kamala Harris Amanda Thompson-Rice, president of the CharlotteMecklenburg Association of Educators (CMAE) and Justin Parmenter, Region 3 director, had an opportunity to talk with Vice President Kamala Harris during her recent visit to Charlotte to promote the Biden-Harris Administration’s investment in affordable, high-speed internet. During the brief conversation, Thompson-Rice and Parmenter shared the challenges educators have been facing with staffing shortages and the difficulty districts are having retaining teachers. In addition, they also talked about the importance of North Carolina in the U.S. Senate race and how having two additional Democratic senators in Washington would help move the legislative agenda. Vice President Harris reiterated how she and President Biden are focused on being the most pro-worker administration in history.

NCAE News Bulletin


Transforming Schools, Locals and the Profession the Focus of the 2022 Summer Leaders Conference

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Our Professions, Our Classrooms — Transformative Professional Practices Our Locals, Our Schools — Workplace Strength, Professional Rights and Back-to-School Organizing and Engagement Our Schools, Our Voice — Building Local Strength to Transform Our Schools Our Local, My Leadership — Training for local presidents and treasurers

NCAE News Bulletin


NCAE Answers Your Questions About New Proposed Licensure Changes The External Policy Committee has been parsing the proposed licensure/pay plan for the past several weeks. While the Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC) subcommittees haven’t finished their draft, which we expect between August and October, the essential contours of the scheme are clearly evident. One of the reasons for the clear contours is the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and its workgroup, the Human Capital Roundtable, presented similar plans to the governing education boards of Oklahoma, Mississippi and Alabama (who did adopt the plan) before bringing their show to North Carolina. And while the PEPSC subcommittees have worked for well over a year trying to shade in the details, the Human Capital Roundtable infrastructure is intact. What does this mean for NC educators? Most significantly, the plan calls for a wholesale conversion of the teacher pay system. Rather than being experience-based, the plan is “merit-based,” on yet-to-be-determined paths or hybrid paths involving EVASS scores, student questionnaires/evaluations of their teachers, and/or administrative/senior teacher evaluations. While there have been other merit-based pay systems piloted across the country and in North Carolina, there has never been any state that has engaged in a complete transformation, primarily because either the pilot projects

1. Who Does This Proposal Effect? AFFECTED: • All currently certified teachers working in a NC school district • Anyone seeking to become a licensed teacher DOES NOT AFFECT: • Certified professionals in non-teaching roles (counselors, social workers, etc.) • Retired teachers • Substitute teachers

2. How Would These Changes Affect Me As a Teacher? ! License Renewal:

Renewal will be based on “measures of effectiveness.” There are three pathways to measure effectiveness: 1. EVAAS data; 2. “Practical Educator Evidence Review” (PEER)1; or 3. *“Qualitative Growth Review2”

crashed or teacher resistance prevented a takeoff in the first place. Quite similar to multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes, the plan promises better pay for the 25 percent or so of teachers who are in the top 25 percentile range of EVASS growth, or in the top 25 percentile of teachers in their district on the student questionnaire or administrative evaluation rubric. Like our standardized tests, the plan guarantees winners, but most will lose. And it’s not just the loss of pay that the plan promises, it's the loss of your teacher license. We’re committed to keeping you informed and fighting this boondoggle every step of the way. NCAE External Policy Committee Lauren Piner, Pitt County Michelle Burton, Durham County Brian Link, Chapel Hill/Carrboro Katrina Smith, Nash County Lee Quinn, Wake County Stu Egan, Forsyth County Justin Parmenter, Charlotte/Mecklenburg John deVille, Macon County Kim Mackey, Wake County Angela Scioli, Wake County Retired

*Tool has not been developed Effectiveness must be demonstrated successfully in three of five years to earn license renewal plus a $5,000 increase in salary. If effectiveness is not demonstrated for three of five years, the teaching license will be renewed once but with no salary increase. Two unsuccessful renewals will result in an expiration or revocation of your license.


Professional Advancement Advancement opportunities exist in the top tier of the licensure model at Level IV. Those advancement opportunities, classroom excellence coaching and adult learning coaching, are achieved through microcredentials and accomplished in standards II, III, and IV, and fourth quartile of student surveys in content and pedagogy. Classroom excellence teachers will be able to serve students at increased capacity. Explore the last slide deck presented to the NC State Board of Education in April 2022 with this link. ➔ Compensation will be tied to successful license renewal and advancement: • Annual salary steps are eliminated under this proposal • Salary increases may come just once every five years • Salary increases are tied directly to EVAAS, PEER review, or Qualitative Growth

NCAE News Bulletin


NCAE Answers Your Questions About New Proposed Licensure Changes (Continued from page 4) • School districts would have the authority to strip teachers of their “advanced teacher” status, and of the salary bump that comes with that under the plan.

3. What Happens to National Boards and Master’s Pay? At this time, National Boards and master’s pay are in statutes. Unless those are changed, they are grandfathered into the new plan. NC General Assembly can change laws.

4. As a Veteran Teacher, Where Do I Fall in this Plan? The proposed salary for fourth-year teachers who have demonstrated their effectiveness is $56,000. The Ex. Mary is in year 20 of teaching ● $56,000 + $10,000 = $66,000 plan includes a $5,000 raise every time a teacher successfully completes their Level 4 license renewal every five years. *If language is clarified, a teacher who currently holds a Continuing Professional License (CPL) should receive a base salary of $56,000 with an additional $5,000 for every 5 years of successful renewal. ○ Initial or Residency License (3 yrs) ○ Granted 1st CPL (5 yrs) ■ Renewal 5 yrs. ($5,000) ■ Renewal 5 yrs. ($5,000) *This is an example of what may happen. The proposal is in the developmental stage and nothing has been officially decided. PEER - principal observation, peer observation, and student survey. Qualitative Growth Review - this tool has not been developed, but will be an alternate to EVAAS as an effective measure for those not in statemandated tested subjects. 1 2

5. What is the Level IV Advanced Teacher-Adult Leadership Role?

distinguished on ALL standards in NCEES, and student surveys in content and pedagogy must be at the top 25%. This role is the mentor role.

6. How Many Positions Will Be Available in the Advanced Teacher Roles? This has not been determined by the Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC). The plan is currently in the policy development phase. Advanced role specifics will be decided during the planning in the implementation phase which would occur if this plan is passed in the NC General Assembly.

7. Where Do Lateral-Entry/Residency License Educators Fall in This Plan? An entry-level (first three years) educator with a bachelor's degree will fall in Level I-II based on requirements. Level I: Hold a Bachelor's Degree Level II: ● Hold a Bachelor's Degree ● Pass State Required Exams or ● Micro-credentials or other approved process

8. Why Are These Changes Being Proposed? NC Senate Bill 599 required the State Board of Education (SBE) to establish the Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC). This commission is charged with making recommendations for the SREB regarding all aspects of preparation and licensure. PEPSC has been working with the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) to develop the plan. Link to more information concerning PEPSC and SREB.

9. How Can I Make My Voice Heard? To be eligible for this role, one must hold a Level IV license, meet measures of effectiveness three of five years on EVAAS or Qualitative Review or Practical Educator Evidence Review (PEER), successfully complete an adult leadership micro-credential, be

NCAE has an action page for educators and concerned stakeholders to share their thoughts. Please visit

NCAE News Bulletin




NCAE News Bulletin


NEA Leaders for Just Schools Program Helping to Make One Guilford Co. School More Equitable Oak Hill Elementary School in Guilford County, once a school with the lowest student test scores in the state, is working to create an equitable learning environment for all students through the NEA Leaders for Just Schools program, which gives participants historical, legal and educational tools to transform policy and practice at the local, state and national levels. Created by and for NEA members across the country, the three-year curriculum focuses on equity, bias and school culture. It is grounded in real-life experiences in schools nationwide, so the content is real, relatable and actionable. There are approximately 48 states represented in the Leaders for Just Schools cohort, which is member-driven and member-lead. Sabrina Peacock, a teacher at Oak Hill Elementary, is one of seven educators who helped develop the curriculum and was responsible for bringing the program to her school. “Our Sabrina Peacock, left, is a firm believer in the Leaders for Just Schools program. She is one of seven teachers nationwide who helps write the principal was looking to incorporate equity training and had curriculum. lined up the program offered in Durham Public Schools, the system for which she previously worked. When our district didn’t agree, she consulted with me because of my participation in the Leaders for Just Schools program. She Understandably, getting people to share their stories isn’t asked if I could conduct the training and I said YES, with easy, but a safe space has been created for them to say what excitement.” they need to say and not be judged or criticized, but Approximately 40 educators at Oak Hill are participating in questioned, according to Peacock, because if you don’t the program – everyone from the principal to teacher question and get folks to think about why, you can’t reach the assistants, Peacock said. The staff is focusing on the Year 1 root of the problem. curriculum. Exploring bias, she added, has brought forth a Peacock said implementing the breakthrough for the group. “We have Leaders for Just Schools program has reflected on feelings of the first time been a turning point for Oak Hill. The encountering someone of a different “When children know you care, they staff is better able to bond because they race or gender or with a disability and will go to the ends of the earth for are able to have critical conversations the feelings experienced. Testimonies you. Whatever you ask of them, they and hold themselves accountable. They were shared on how thoughts first are excited about the trainings and what will persevere, no matter how originated about a particular group of new they are going to learn. Also, the people, which opened the door to difficult.” relationships between staff and students strong emotions that sometimes are stronger. Students feel safe sharing brought on tears.” with educators when they feel they are Peacock said she shared her own being listened to. In turn, they become more actively engaged personal experience with bias of growing up with her in class and more invested in their education. “When children grandparents in a predominately black neighborhood and know you care, they will go to the ends of the earth for you. attending predominately black schools. Her grandfather, a Whatever you ask of them, they will persevere, no matter how southern farmer, didn’t have a lot of good relationships with difficult.” white people and she was told all of her young life not to Currently, about 15 educators from North Carolina are trust them. But when she graduated from high school, she participating in the Leaders for Just Schools program. NCAE chose to attend a predominately white university because she President Tamika Walker Kelly is being trained and is wanted to observe and learn how to interact with people of participating in Year 2. Every educator who goes through the different races. “If I had not put my bias aside, I would not program is responsible for training five more educators over have some of the relationships I am fortunate enough to be the course of the three years. able to embrace. I would have cut myself off from a lot of To learn more about Leaders for Just Schools, visit opportunities and great friendships. Sharing my personal has helped some of my colleagues open up about their development/leaders-just-schools. own biases and experiences.”

NCAE News Bulletin


New Staff NC A&T Works with Guilford County Schools to Build Community Education Center Guilford County Schools (GCS), the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (N.C. A&T) in partnership with UNC-Greensboro, and the Gateway Research Park Inc., will work to build a Community Education Center that will be used to address the negative impact of COVID-19 on the district’s students, families, staff and community. The Community Education Center, which is in the planning stages, is envisioned to serve as a high-dosage tutoring hub for students, provide professional high-tech learning spaces for GCS teachers and leaders, and offer adult education and community meeting rooms. The center, which is expected to open in 2024, is a critical component of the GCS Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief plan funded by COVID-19 federal relief dollars approved by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction. At the urging of the Guilford County legislative delegation, the General Assembly included a provision in the state budget to allow Gateway Research Park to enter into a lease agreement with the Guilford County Board of Education for a minimum term of 50 years, a requirement for the use of federal funding to build the center. The budget was signed by Governor Roy Cooper on July 11.

Tripp Jeffers UniServ director, Region 3 Click here to read about Tripp

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