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From the Editor A Message from Kandee G Life is a journey of triumphs and tribulations. We all face adversity in our lives. We all have had our share of highs…and our share of lows. It’s how we choose to face the obstacles that really defines who we are. Do you face challenges head on? Or do you hide from them? Do you use life’s obstacles as lessons and stepping stones to a more vibrant, amazing life that you truly want to live? Or do you carry the weight around on your shoulders like a ton of bricks? This is our biggest issue of Nothing But Good News Magazine to date. And every article in here shares stories and ideas of people who have had to face life’s obstacles, how they overcame them and the lessons they have to share with you. My goal with this issue is to give you the stepping stones you need to continue walking life’s journey, and to make that journey one of the most phenomenal ever. A huge thanks to all of our contributors, advertisers and especially YOU, the reader. All of whom make it possible to send you issue after issue of Nothing But Good News! Carve out some quiet time, and really focus on what you are reading. Take notes of how the articles inspire you to action.

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Biography Kandee G is a radio talk show host, television personality, coach, author, speaker, magazine publisher and the founder of Nothing But Good News Media. Kandee G has also appeared in several films with such speaking greats as Les Brown, Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor. She is the originator of The Vision Program, specializing in developing sustainable long term visions to transform companies and individuals from the inside out yielding extraordinary results. She has a strong desire to effect real change, as she, herself, rose from a life of meager existence, as a single parent, to a life of bounty and joy. In this age of sound bites, providing good news in the media is the primary intention and the purpose for Nothing But Good News Media. Kandee G’s principles are based on YOU living your remarkable life; which is the foundation for the magazine, radio, webinars, blogs, online presence and in all the work that is delivered. Kandee G is dedicated to bringing high quality information to the public through all of the programming and to satisfy the increasing demand for integrity, honesty and impassioned living. Les Brown, the world’s leading motivational speaker says that, “Kandee G has been gifted with the ability to help people change their lives.” Les Brown also states “Kandee G is recognized as being among the top in the industry.” “Join me on this adventure of possibilities and live life like you mean it!” Kandee G Be sure and check out the radio archives for Nothing But Good News Radio and Nothing But Good News magazine. You can sign up for G-Notes and get a daily dose of inspiration. For more information please visit: www.KandeeG.com www.iVisionMyLife.com www.EmbraceTheJourney.net

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Contents Table of Contents Pg. 8 • A Culinary Treasure and New Kandee G Favorite By Tracey Tarrant

Pg. 12 • Do it Anyway

By Doug Grady

Pg. 14 • Using a Challenge as a Gift By Maimah Karmo

Pg. 16 • It Only Takes One Person to Make the Difference in a Child’s Life By Laurie Menekou

Pg. 18 • Surmounting Obstacles By David Mezzapelle

Pg. 22 • Meeting with the Masters Comes to Orlando On The Cover:

Join Kandee G: Meeting with the Masters

Pg. 27 • Creating With All Energy By Dee Wallace


Pg. 29 • Success Through Action

Dream Big Showcase:

Pg. 30 • Overcoming Obstacles

Nigel Anderson

featuring Dave Bassett (See Page 34)



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By Tracey Tarrant


By Michael E. Thorn By James Young

Pg. 34 • Dream Big Showcase: Dave Bassett, Founder and CEO of Amerijet International receives the prestigious Wright Brothers Award By Tracey Tarrant

Pg. 39 • Gratitude Overcomes All Obsticles By Hank Eder

Pg. 42 • 3 Steps to Heart-Based Living By Ronna Prince

Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

Contents Pg. 44 • The Success of Learning to Fall: Girls, STEM, and the Curse of Perfection By Heidi Olinger

P. 8

Pg. 46 • Overcoming Ideal Beauty thru Self-Acceptance By Krystian Leonard

Pg. 49 • Advice For a Cancer Survivor By Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Pg. 50 • Dreaming Heaven By Lee McCormick


Pg. 52 • Facing Challenges & Manifesting Your Passion With Intuition


By Jacqueline JLove Jackson

Pg. 55 • A True Story...

By Second Chance Society

P. 34

Pg. 56 • From The Bleachers To The Broadcast Booth; A Triumph Over Adversity By Jonathan JDOGG Lederman

Pg. 58 • Stop Being a Prisoner of Your Beliefs By Richard Moss M.D.

Pg. 60 • Across The Frog Pit


By Shannon Siegel

Pg. 62 • Mindfully Removing Roadblocks along the Path to Success By Tamar Lucien

Pg. 64 • Finding the Gifts in Adversity By Wendy Steele

Pg. 66 • Poverello

Pg. 68 • How to Awaken the Zentrepreneur in You By John J. Murphy

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rticle FAeature A Culinary Treasure and New Kandee G Favorite By Tracey Tarrant

He rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the skillet. As he headed toward the sink to pour out some of the oil, his sister accidentally bumped him causing him to pour scathing hot oil all over his leg. Most of us would be lying in agony expecting to be waiting on hand and foot, and terrified to ever get back in a kitchen. Not Chef. Nestled in the bustling Hyde Park Village in Tampa, Florida, is a gem you’ll not find anywhere else. Combining an ambiance of elegance and class with a flair of modern, Piquant Restaurant is truly an experience to be had… repeatedly.

of 2 inches of hot cooking oil sizzling in a skillet and a young sister who was about to get seriously hurt if she dropped any sort of food in.

Chef Ricardo Castro began his story like many chefs. As a young boy in Puerto Rico, he began watching and learning how to cook from his mom and grandma (who had her own restaurant). He began to dabble with cooking around age 10. At that time, his passion was in veterinary medicine and he was looking forward to growing up to become a veterinarian. It wasn’t long before his Saturday mornings were spent on a footstool preparing omelets for his entire family as opposed to watching cartoons like other kids. Then one day changed his life and his dreams forever. Asleep in his bed, Chef Castro’s sister decided she was going to try her hand at cooking. Chef woke to the sound



Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

He actually fought to get back in the kitchen to clean the mess while his leg burned and seared under the coat of hot oil. Chef Castro grew up and went on to culinary school. He went back to his roots and spent 2 years in a culinary school in Puerto Rico before moving to New York where he spent another 4 years at the Culinary Institute of New York. (The Harvard of culinary schools.) His graduation landmarked him as being the first Puerto Rican graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management at CIA. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts, Chef Castro began working in various restaurants in New York, Puerto Rico and Tampa. He became a sous chef in several hotels before he went back home and began teaching. He spent another 2 years in Puerto Rico teaching at the first culinary school he attended while at the same time working as a restaurant consultant

Aeature rticle F place for coffee and pastries. They also realized there was a lack of French cuisine. But how to bring French cuisine to the younger generation? They decided to take traditional American food and add a French twist. Using farm fresh ingredients that are hand-crafted to order, the chefs are whipping up delicious morning goodies like quiche, traditional rolled omelets, crepes, and the best bacon in town.

helping other chefs realize their dreams and open their restaurants. Following the advice of an instructor who bore into him, “Always work hard and pay your dues.”, Chef Castro felt he needed to continue giving back to those who taught him.

and personally. He realized how much knowledge he had to impart not only on his students but his instructors as well. It was a turning point for Chef.

He wasn’t done learning though either. As he began the work to obtain his Master’s degree he worked with his current partner in her catering business. As he created his Master’s Management thesis and worked side by side with his partner, it became quite clear that they needed to do something big. Something different. Something Tampa’s never seen.

Landing a job at the Art Institute of Tampa as an instructor, he went on to become the Director of the Culinary Department overseeing 500 students and 20 instructors. During his 7 year tenure here, he grew professionally

Thus Piquant was born. Piquant is chef crafted, chef driven, chef inspired. Every item, every dish is an authentic epicurean cuisine. When doing the research to open Piquant, the two chefs realized that there was something missing from the Tampa area. It needed a meeting

Their breakfast menu includes items such as: • Banana Bread French Toast - Banana Bread French Toast, Bananas, Maple Syrup • Goat Cheese Omelet - Goat cheese, Cantimpalo Chorizo, Cilantro, Caramelized Shallots • Roasted Veggie Omelet - Roasted Vegetables & Aged Gruyere • Canadian Bacon Omelet - Canadian Bacon, Smoked Gouda And lunch is even better: • Veggie Sandwich - Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper, Alfalfa, Griddled Eggplant, Avocado, Multigrain • Brie Sandwich - Brie, Tomato jelly, Arugula, French Baguette

Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises



Article A Culinary Treasure and New Kandee G Favorite continued...

His words to inspiring chefs everywhere, “Learn the truth in the ways of creating things. Don’t cut corners. Stick to the basic techniques. Pay your dues. It’s not easy work, this is hard work, with long weekends, holidays. But the end result when you see your customers happy and enjoying their foods is so gratifying. Put your passion in your food.” The next time you’re in Tampa, be sure to visit Piquant at Hyde Park and try some of their amazing fare. Can you say croissant donut! (so yummy) It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Visit Piquant on the web: http://piquanthydepark.com/ • Roast Beef - Roast Beef, Creamy Horseradish, Arugula, Garlic Oil, French baguette • Smoked Chicken Salad - Smoked all natural Chicken Salad, Apple, Brie, Avocado, Croissant Watch for an fabulous dinner menu to come soon!

Keeping in line with his passion for teaching, Chef Castro hires students from his former school giving give them a platform where they can learn, have the chance to get creative themselves, have the ability to say they have a job and learn the art and skill to cooking.

Keeping it local, the restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients from local merchants ensuring that meals are bursting with robust flavor.



Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

Hyde Park Village 1633 W Snow Ave Tampa, FL 33606 813-251-1777


Article rticle A


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Article Do it Anyway

By Doug Grady (excerpt from The Ripple Effect)

“Character is the ability to carry on staying on track whether you feel out a good resolution long after like it or not. the excitement of the moment has passed.” –Cavett Robert “Do it anyway” –Rev. Donald E. Grady, Sr. (My Dad) Emotions are powerful. They can infuse passion, purpose, and power How I hated those words! They usually into our daily activities or they can be came after telling my father I didn’t the precursor to a sense of futility and want to do something like clean my failure, tempting us to give up. As you room, eat my vegetables, mow the strive to keep your daily commitments, lawn, clean the dishes, chop wood you may experience an emotional and other such tasks. I would say roller coaster. The ride won’t always something like “I hate broccoli” or “I be pleasant. Here are some thoughts don’t want to clean my room” or “I



Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

don’t feel like mowing the lawn” or “I’m tired.” His response, “Do it anyway.” How many times have you not done something you knew you should do simply because you didn’t feel like it? Feelings can be misleading. Do you know the hardest part about exercising for most people? It’s not the physical act of exercise. It’s getting to the gym. For most people, once they get to the gym it is significantly easier to work out. The pre-workout feelings often instill a sense that the task will be far

Feature it is pleasant or not; whether you are too busy or not; whether you are tired or not; whether it is convenient or not. When you consistently do what you say you are going to do you develop • I feel too tired to (exercise, write, confidence, inner strength, momentum, make phone calls…). Thanks for and ultimately character. sharing- do it anyway. • It feels like today might be a good day to take the day off. “I’ve been working so hard, I think I’ve done enough today, this week, this month…” Do it anyway.

• Yesterday was such a (great, horrid, tedious, extraordinary, awful, fill in the blank) day that I deserve a day off. Yes Princess, of course you do. Do it anyway. I now hear and listen to those words “Do it anyway” when I don’t feel like doing something like: • Writing • Exercising more unpleasant, difficult, or tedious than it actually is. I don’t always feel like going to the gym, but I generally feel great after a workout when I leave. You may not always feel like sticking with your commitments. You may not always feel like you are making progress. You may not always feel like doing the things you know you need to do. You may have to take your feelings out of it. You may at times feel irritable, frustrated, agitated, overwhelmed, exasperated, confused and befuddled. Do it anyway. Honoring your word feels good and knowing you are making progress despite your “feelings” feels good. Hitting one of your major goals feels FANTASTIC. Here are some of the “feelings” you may experience: • It doesn’t feel like I am making progress. This stops many people. If you don’t feel like you are making progress, why bother? The next logical outcome is to quit. Remember, you will not always feel like you are making progress. Do it anyway.

• Making prospecting calls • Studying • Paperwork • Cleaning (well- this one I generally pay someone to do) It never ceases to amaze me how many extraordinary things happen when I act in the face of not feeling like it. Some of my most effective days on the booking meetings over the phone have been when I am calling purely because I said I would. Inevitably I’d reach people I had never reached before on those days I really did not want to call. Some of my best writing and a couple of physical breakthroughs in the gym came on days I did not feel like it, but did it anyway. Success tends to take disciplined, consistent action over long periods of time. Commitment has very little to do with feeling. Commitment means you do it anyway- whether you feel like it or not; whether it is easy or not; whether

About the author: Doug Grady is a professional speaker, musician, and President of High Achievers. He has been studying and teaching the pathways to personal potential for over 20 years. His companies, writings, trainings, and music are designed with one purpose: to help people reach their God-given potential. Connect with Doug: www.facebook.com/douggradytraining www.highachievers.com/blog www.twitter.com/douggrady www.highachievers.com/ripple-effectbook

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Aeature rticle F Using a Challenge as a Gift By Maimah Karmo

Screaming in silence, I felt my world collapse around me when I heard those four words, “You have breast cancer”. I was 32-years old. I was just starting to live. After fleeing my home country of Liberia when I was 15 years old, with just one suitcase, my family and I had lost everything. I had worked hard for 17 years to build a new life. I finally had the job, the salary, the house, car, a partner and a beautiful 3-year old. I felt my dreams disintegrate around me. I had found the lump 6 months ago. After a mammogram and a failed aspiration, my doctor told me that the lump wasn’t cancer. “You’re too young,” she said. “Come back in six months.” I started to feel increasingly exhausted and I was having night sweats. The lump was growing. I scheduled another appointment. The doctor insisted that nothing was wrong. The next day at 4:45 p.m., she called to give me the news. Over the next few months, I had to learn about blood draws, Elston scores, staging, receptors, estrogen levels, treatment types, pre-medication names. I thought that the worst of it would be the breast cancer diagnosis, but after my lumpectomy, my fiance’ called to tell me that he wanted out. I felt so empty and alone. I began chemotherapy. After my second treatment, I began to lose my hair. My body got weaker. After my second chemotherapy, I was hospitalized. My mother told me that I was going to live with her. Everything I thought defined me as a woman was falling away. My career was falling apart, I had lost my fiance’, my home; my heart and my spirit were broken and I felt as if I was sinking into an abyss. I lost hope - the only thing that kept me going forward was my little muse.



I went to work when I could, but following my treatment, I spent hours in bed. I’d throw up and cry, sleep, eat, then do it all over again. After four months, it occurred to me that I could feel like a victim, or I could look for the blessing in this. One night, I had a talk with God. I made a promise that if he restored my soul, I would give my life to him in service. The next morning, I was a different person. I now saw the world as if through a different set of eyes. I had spent so much time looking at me and “my” cancer, that I had not given thought to others going through the same thing. I needed to take up the charge to make a difference. The rest of my life would be spent doing just that. I founded the Tigerlily Foundation, to educate, advocate for, empower and support young women - before, during and after breast cancer. I was still in chemotherapy and had no idea how to begin or run a foundation, but I had made a promise. God had delivered on his promise and now I had to keep my word. I could not wait until I got better to begin the work that lay before me, so I started doing something every day to build the organization and serve others. I know now that whether I had lived or died, in serving others was where I found my healing, because in giving, I forgot my pain; and gained joy and friendships. This experience awaked me, because before my diagnosis, I had been living “dead”, disconnected from my true self. Life sends us signs to awaken us, but often, we ignore the little signs, until something big happens. Cancer forced me to see the truths and the pretense—and to see myself for the first time. It gave me a deeper appreciation for life, allowed me to love in a way I’d never had before. I now know that there is as much to be

Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

learned from the falling down as in the getting up and more to learn from imperfection than from getting it right every time. Having cancer gave me perspective I’d never had. My faith is unfettered, and my belief in my destiny is unshakeable. The organization I started, Tigerlily Foundation is now national, offering programs to support and improve the quality of life for young women with breast cancer. In the Fall of 2012, I published my memoirs, Fearless: Awakening to My Life’s Purpose Through Breast Cancer. We need to be fearless in the quest to live an extraordinary life. My hope is that you each finds your truths, creates joy and use your challenges to take you unforeseen heights.

Maimah Karmo is the Founder and President of the Tigerlily Foundation, President of Maimah Karmo Enterprises and Publisher of Bliss Magazine. Maimah is a speaker and activist. She is also the author of “Fearless: Awakening to My Life’s Purpose Through Breast cancer. She has appeared in O, the Oprah Magazine, Essence, on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and radio stations. She is the mother of 10-year old, Noelle. Maimah Karmo www.maimahkarmo.com www.tigerlilyfoundation.org Author, Fearless: Awaken to My Life’s Purpose Through Breast Cancer Maimah@maimahkarmo.com

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Aeature rticle F It Only Takes One Person to Make the Difference in a Child’s Life By Laurie Menekou

A New Beginning A handful of Broward County’s children, those fortunate enough to be navigating the legal system with a Guardian ad Litem volunteer, know their rainbow as Stephanie Sorrentino. Stephanie completed 30 hours of training to become a volunteer with Broward County’s Guardian ad Litem Program. From the moment she completed her training (on July 30, 2012) until today, she has been and continues to be a zealous and compassionate advocate for twenty children. What is a Guardian ad Litem? A Guardian ad Litem is a trained volunteer who works one on one with a child who has been removed from his or her home due to abuse, neglect and/or abandonment and placed in

As adults, we have had enough life experience to know that storms, no matter how fierce, are only temporary. However, for a child who lives in the moment, a storm can feel like it will last a lifetime. “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud,” wrote Maya Angelou: for a child in need, a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is that rainbow, the silver lining, the hope for a better future.

who have been removed from their homes due to allegations of abuse, neglect and/or abandonment. Most will enter the Dependency system for their own safety. These children are our community’s most vulnerable. Within their short lives many will have experienced some of life’s toughest lessons – trauma, loss, pain and heartache. For most, it will be at the hand of the one person who was At any given time in Broward County, supposed to be there to protect them there are more than 2,000 children and keep them safe.



Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

Aeature rticle F from the advocacy of a Guardian ad Litem—a trained volunteer from the community, a person who simply wants to make sure the best interests of the children are served. To learn more about becoming a GAL, visit www.galbroward.org or call (954) 831-6214. Support Voices Broward County




Being a volunteer Guardian ad Litem is not the only way to make a difference in a child’s life. Founded in 2011, Voices for Children of Broward County, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to raising funds and increasing awareness for the Guardian Ad Litem Program of Broward County.

the care of the state. The Guardian will advise the judge on the child’s progress through the Dependency system, make recommendations for placements and permanency, and advocate for the child’s best interests. A Guardian ad Litem gives a voice to a child in need. It Only Takes One Person to Make the Difference in a Child’s Life Once appointed, the Guardian ad Litem volunteer takes on many roles in a child’s life. As a child’s GAL you are a role model, mentor, educational surrogate, friend, confidant and, most importantly, a consistent, caring presence on which that child may depend. Stephanie is an embodiment of all of these roles. For many of her “babies”, as she likes to refer to them, Stephanie is the only adult who is a constant, consistent force in their lives.

When she is not following up with teachers, lawyers, or judges on behalf of a child, you can find Stephanie taking the kids to fun activities including cooking classes, hair appointments, manicures, and shopping. While many children not involved in the system might take these activities for granted, for the children Stephanie is assigned to, these outings provide a positive opportunity for engagement and socializing. Stephanie’s caring, loving nature is a silver lining in the children’s lives.

With your help and/or financial support, Voices for Children of Broward County will continue to provide assistance to the Guardian ad Litem Program of Broward and the lives of Broward’s children. To learn more or to make a donation, visit www.voicesbroward.org or call (954) 915-6949.

Like all of the Program’s other dedicated volunteers and staff, Stephanie is there for the children and young adults because it is her passion in life. Two Ways You Can Make a Difference Become a Guardian ad Litem Unfortunately, not every child who needs a GAL will have one. More Guardians are desperately needed to ensure that every child has a voice. Children benefit greatly

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Aeature rticle F Surmounting Obstacles

By David Mezzapelle, Bestselling author of Contagious Optimism

Obstacles, adversities, trials, and tribulations all have one thing in common – they are all temporary. They come and go but each time they add another milestone in the building of our knowledge base and ultimately our success. Why? Because everything in life is a learning lesson no different than when we first learned to ride a bike.

the world’s most successful leaders have always been on a road without speed bumps? True leaders are not just measured by their success, but they are also measured by how they dealt with obstacles and the paths they chose to surmount those obstacles as quickly as possible. For example, the lessons learned from creating the first light bulb were not all learned in its success, most Every step we make - every success, of the lessons came from the thousands every mistake, and every decision, good of obstacles and revisions it took to or bad - have all generated knowledge make it successful. that carries us through life. The same applies to obstacles. Do you think that Here are some real examples from



Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

around the globe: Alan Malizia never let obstacles stand in his way. Alan was a child stricken with polio, forced to endure painful treatments and live in and out of hospitals most of his life. Instead of complaining, Alan channeled that energy into teaching sports and education to many of us in our hometown. However, teaching wasn’t enough for Alan. He had to persevere and be the best at everything he did. In addition to being a terrific teacher, Alan earned the number one rank for coaching basketball, volleyball

Article rticle A and other sports at our high school. He also wrote and published a book titled “The Little Red Chair” about his experiences of growing up with polio and the gratitude he has for all the people in his life from the doctors that treated him to the family, friends, and students that have always stood by his side.

Krystian Leonard never let obstacles stand in her way. Krystian grew up with lipoma tumors all over her body and endured many surgeries to get them removed. Unfortunately, the surgeries led to scars that led to self-esteem issues, which had left her feeling ashamed and broken. However, she surmounted these obstacles when she realized that she was a beautiful girl and was not going to let her scars hold her back any longer. Today, she is Miss West Virginia’s Outstanding Teen and on the path to Miss America. She also launched a nonprofit organization called “Shining Scars,” an organization dedicated to helping children persevere through any obstacle.

part of her tongue and her ability to speak normally. However, Mrs. Heller was determined to regain her speech and say “congratulations” at her son’s college graduation two years after the initial diagnoses. With that determination, Mrs. Heller realized that the best way to regain her speech would be to relearn the pronunciation of words just like a child in their early stages. And she did! She purchased a variety of children’s books and tapes and practiced until she met her goal. Well, I am happy to report that by her son’s graduation she was able to say “congratulations” in a clear, normal voice. She was also able to resume her career as a psychiatric social worker, a career that helps others and is contingent on the ability to speak.

I believe that we all have stories that can inspire others to surmount their obstacles. Just look at it this way: whether people are enduring good times or bad, just knowing that others have been in the same boat and have persevered is comforting. It spreads a message of hope. Believing in the power of stories, I have set out on a mission to connect with people Joan Heller never let obstacles stand from different cultures in order to in her way either. She had mouth and obtain their life’s stories of how they throat cancer that required her to lose confronted adversities. The goal is to

spread hope especially during this time when many people have lost their zeal for life due to the obstacles they keep finding in their way; personal hardship, economic crisis, political uncertainty, etc. What I have gained from this experience is invaluable. I learned that when a person is held back by obstacles, there is a feeling of helplessness, as if there is no end in sight. However, when that same person learns how others have persevered and surmounted similar obstacles, they have hope and believe they too can emulate those outcomes. I know that all people can be resilient.

About David Mezzapelle: David Mezzapelle believes that we can all make optimism contagious just by sharing our life’s adventures – the ups and the downs. Mezzapelle is the Bestselling author of Contagious Optimism, an uplifting book series that includes real stories from real people around the globe which demonstrates that every cloud has a silver lining. Learn more at www.contagiousoptimism.com

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Feature A rticle

The Secret of True Leadership (continued)...



Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

Aeature rticle F


Positive Pocket- A Bright PASSPO Idea DECEMBER 14, 2013 By Rebecca Zerbo 42 YEARS - THE “GREATEST SHOW ON H2O”

FAMILY FUN DAY Nov. 24, 2013



Dec. 7, 2013



Dec.14, 2013

Nov. 24 - WINTERFEST® FAMILY FUN DAY presented by Florida Panthers Hosted by Riverside Hotel on the Lawn. FREE family activities, live entertainment, Miami Marlins, Miami Dolphins, Jimmy Riffle of the Gator Boys – Live Alligator Wrestling, Santa on his Sleigh and much more DEC. 7 - SEMINOLE HARD ROCK WINTERFEST® BLACK TIE BALL presented by Moët & Chandon in association with Absolut Vodka, Clos du Bois and Southern Wine & Spirits. Patriot National Insurance Group Welcome Reception and Fidelity Investments Silent Auction. DEC. 9 - WINTERFEST® CAPTAIN’S MEETING presented by Show Management Hosted by West Marine DEC. 10 - WINTERFEST® FANTASY BOAT STUDENT ART CONTEST presented by YP Open to 3rd – 5th grade Broward County students – Reception hosted by ArtServe, March 5th DEC. 10 - WINTERFEST® SHORELINE DECORATING presented by Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Co Aboard the M/Y Floridian Princess departing from Coral Ridge Yacht Club DEC. 13 - SEMINOLE HARD ROCK WINTERFEST® GRAND MARSHAL RECEPTION DEC. 14 - WINTERFEST® GRANDSTAND VIEWING AREA presented by TigerDirect.com Chris Evert Hospital Health Children’s Safety & Family Fun Zone, Live Entertainment, Jimmy Riffle of the Gator Boys – Live Alligator Wrestling and Michelob Ultra Culinary Courtyard. PURCHASE tickets at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and select TigerDirect.com and Bennett Auto Supply stores. ALL SEATS RESERVED AND ASSIGNED at Birch State Park. DEC. 14 - WINTERFEST® VIP VIEWING presented by the Huizenga Family Hosted by Riverside Hotel and Stranahan House DEC. 14 - SEMINOLE HARD ROCK WINTERFEST® BOAT PARADE 42nd Annual Holiday Parade - “Passport to Paradise.” Highlights: Grand Marshal Showboat presented by JM Lexus and Showboats sponsored by WSVN, Absolut Vodka, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza/BIG 105.9, South Florida Ford, Radio Disney, FPL Jr. Captain, Galleria Mall Reindeer, and the Baptist Health Santa Showboat. Vote for your favorite entry to win Spirit Airlines tickets. FEB. 27 - WINTERFEST® WINNER’S CIRCLE Hosted by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center MARCH - WINTERFEST® VOLUNTEER PARTY Hosted by Timpano Italian Chophouse (sponsorship and event dates subject to change)

WINTERFEST® SANCTIONED CELEBRATIONS LAUDERDALE LIVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . December 7 CORAL SPRINGS HOLIDAY PARADE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . December 11 KID DUCK FEST DERBY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . March 1 FORT LAUDERDALE ST. PATRICK’S PARADE & FESTIVAL . . . . . . . . . March 8 NEW RIVER RAFT RACE.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . March MICF SPIN-A-THON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . April 25



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A rticle Feature Meeting with the Masters Comes to Orlando By Tracey Tarrant

In the business world, we’re all in sales. Regardless of what position you hold, you are a representative of the company you are working for. Your paycheck is dependent up on sales. The ABC system of sales was used for years. “Always be closing.” But think about it. Would you want to be “closed”? Would you want to be “sold”? Of course not. Sales is about trust. It’s about relationships. It’s about learning what drives and motivates people, where their pain is, and finding a solution to their problems. People don’t want to be sold. They want solutions. But how do you stop closing and start selling? That’s where Bobby Pinson and Meeting with the Masters comes in. Imagine spending a full day with some of the world’s tops sales trainers and visionary leaders. Bobby Pinson, the man behind Meeting with the Masters is himself a top sales trainer. When asked what prompted him to create Meeting with the Masters, his response was, “I want to help as many people succeed in sales as possible.” Starting out producing the Tom Hopkin’s sales seminars, Bobby has helped to train more than 95,000 sales professionals in just 7 years. As many entrepreneurs do, Bobby learned from the best, and decided it was time to branch out on his own. He formed Changes Today, a company dedicated to providing the best sales training tools, knowledge and trainers. Meeting with the Masters is Bobby’s flagship seminar. Launching in beautiful, sunny, Fort Lauderdale, Meeting with the Masters brings



together sales professionals, hungry for knowledge, with four top sales trainers in the country.

for the fastest to memorize a deck of shuffled cards in only 1 minute and 27 seconds for 2 years.

Bobby’s been putting on sales seminars for over a decade. When asked why he chose the following four speakers for his launch seminar, Bobby said, “After doing this for over 14 years, these four speakers have impressed me to deliver more positive knowledge to my audience than any 4 speakers I’ve ever talked to.”

Ron’s desire is not that you see him as the person with the best trained memory but that he teaches YOU to have the best trained memory!

Meet your masters:

Since 1979 Steven has dedicated his life to improving the way selling, managing, and business is done, from The Heart®! Helping people to improve and organizations grow is what this man and his Mission are all about.

Fort Lauderdale’s own Kandee G kicks off the day with her high energy, motivational and inspiring teachings on the importance of and science behind having a strong vision. Kandee G has been heralded as one of the top Vision Strategists today. She has been studying the science behind the power of a vision for over 3 decades. Kandee G reminds us how an incredible life is available to all of us and she will provide you with the tools for discovering the roadmap to your personal prosperity. She utilized these tools to build a sales team to the top 4% in the world within her company. Action drives results and Kandee G is passionate about teaching and modeling her proven principles for experiencing enduring success in a changing world. “Your vision is the pathway to your success.” – Kandee G Ron White is without question the nation’s #1 Memory Expert and is one of the tops in the world. He is a two time national memory champion winning the USA Memory Championship in 2009 and 2010. He held the record

Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

Steven Lloyd has always been and is currently involved personally in the daily operations of a large and successful business.

Doug Grady is President of High Achievers Network. Doug has been studying and teaching the pathways to personal potential for over 20 years. Exciting, entertaining and enlightening are words invariably used to describe his unique seminars and workshops. Doug is also a musician and the author of the book, The Ripple Effect. Ben Gay III discovered the wonder of selling as a young boy watching his father train sales professionals. He’s never let go of that wonder and awe, but instead developed it. Ben walked the walk and talked the talk with some of the world’s most powerful sales trainers; Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill and more. Ben introduced the world to the most popular and powerful sales training material ever created. To this day he is still one of the few sales trainers that personally sells his own programs and products. Ben has a unique ability to talk to your

AFrticle eature Meeting with the Masters Comes to Orlando Continued...

salespeople right where they are, in terms they can easily relate to. When asked about his passion for training, Ben’s response was, “I promise you this. As best I know it, I’ll share the absolute unvarnished truth with you. I’ll show you how to become as successful in selling as you and your salespeople are capable of becoming. And when we’re done, you’ll each have a clear-cut plan for maximizing your sales careers.” There are your masters…your mentors and leaders. They have spent years and countless hours doing the leg work, the research into what creates a top sales producer. They can take your sales team and your

business from bottom of the ladder to the top and for one day, you get them all together in one room. Imagine the power, the energy…the knowledge and tools you and your sales team will walk away with. Creating your vision Building a strong sales team How to sell without closing Becoming wealthy is attainable Automate your selling Improve your memory, improve your business Meeting with the Masters brings together a dynamic force unlike any you have ever experienced, or will again.

Chef of Distinction

Action drives results, and it’s up to you to take action today and put your sales team on the pathway to their success. Join Bobby, Kandee G, Doug, Ben, Ron and Steven: Date: March 25, 2014 Time: Doors open at 8:00am EST Location: Rosen Center 9840 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819 Tickets: http://www.changestoday.com/ See Ad Pages 24 and 25

Quality without compromise

Catering your events with style and flavor

Premier off premise catering and personal chef services. Kandee G readers require and demand superior service and quality. At Chef of Distinction, we offer nothing less. We give our clients unsurpassed quality without compromise. With Chef of Distinction your events are only limited by the imagination and one’s sense of epicurean adventure. Exclusive only to Kandee G readers, Chef of Distinction is offering a 10% discount on all services. This offer is a limited time. Make sure you mention Kandee G to receive your discount.

Judith Able

622 N.E. 8th street Executive Chef/Owner Hallandale Beach, FL 33009 Office: (954) 458-5407 www.chefofdistinction.com Fax: (954) 458-5408 ChefJudith@chefofdistinction.com Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises www.kandeeg.com


A rticle Feature

MARCH 25, 2014 Meeting with the Masters Comes to Orlando 8:00am • Rosen Center, Orlando Continued...

salespeople right where they are, in terms they can easily relate to. When asked about his passion for training, Ben’s response was, “I promise you this. As best I know it, I’ll share the absolute unvarnished truth with you. I’ll show you how to become as successful in selling as you and your salespeople are capable of becoming. And when we’re done, you’ll each have a clear-cut plan for maximizing your sales careers.”

business from bottom of the ladder to the top and for one day, you get them all together in one room. Imagine the power, the energy…the knowledge and tools you and your sales team will walk away with.

Action drives results, and it’s up to you to take action today and put your sales team on the pathway to their success.

Join Bobby, Kandee G, Doug, Ben, Creating your vision Ron and Steven: Building a strong sales team How to sell without closing Date: March 25, 2014 Becoming wealthy is attainable Time: Doors open at 8:00am EST Automate your selling Location: Rosen Center presented by Changes Today Improve your memory, improve your 9840 International Drive business Orlando, Florida 32819

There are your masters…your mentors and leaders. They have spent RON WHITE, Triple Memory, Triple Business years and countless hours doing Meeting the expert. Masters Ron white is without question the nationswith #1 memory He isbrings Tickets: the leg work, thearesearch into what together a dynamic force unlike any http://www.changestoday.com/ two time national memory champion winning the USA Memory creates a top sales producer. They you have ever experienced, or Championship in 2009 and 2010. He held the record for the fastest to will can take your sales team andofyour memorize a deck shuffledagain. cards in only 1 minute and 27 seconds for 2 years.See Ad Pages 21 and 22

KANDEE G, The Vision Program

A master motivator and natural teacher who has inspired thousands with her interactive, motivating and uplifting presentations, Kandee G’s keynotes are high energy, personalized and timely.

STEVEN LLOYD, Automated Selling Secrets

Author of Automated Selling Secrets, Steven Lloyd has the remarkable ability to see a problem, design and automated solution, test and prove its effectiveness, and then teach it to others.

DOUG GRADY, The Ripple Effect

Exciting, entertaining and enlightening are words invariably used to describe his unique seminars and workshops. Doug is also a musician and the author of the book, The Ripple Effect. “When my life gets muddy, get tough, my friend”

BEN GAY III, The Closers

The person who introduced the sales world to “The Closers” series of books, CD programs, newsletters, videos and live seminars (the most popular, most powerful sales training material produced).


407.459.8830 • www.changestoday.com www.kandeeg.com Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

9840 International Dr Orlando, Florida 32819

AFrticle eature

If your team could raise their numbers by just 15% guaranteed by having this workshop what would that mean to your bottom line in a month? A year? How much would that be worth?

Call today to put your FREE workshop on your calendar

NO cost or commitment to you or your company ($1800 value)

Your team will receive techniques to improve production that very same day! Any of our proven-effective A-B-C-D’s or 7 Steps to the Perfect Sales Process can be customized to your industry. Your National Sales Trainer with 10 years experience with Tom Hopkins International will cover:

YOUR TEAM WILL: • Close more sales


• Set more appointments


• Build more value

C. CONVERT CONSISTENT CHALLENGES INTO AUTOMATED SUCCESS SOLUTIONS 1.Prospecting 2. Original Contact 3. Qualifying 4. Presentation 5. Handling Objections 6. Closing 7. Referrals and follow up

CREATE A VISION: CHANGE YOUR LIFE • Make a decision to have what you want, when you want it. • Be clear about the outcome what is your vision? • Detach from the process • Expect that it will happen • Be Open To Possibility • Practice Gratitude



APPOINTMENT TIMES FILL FAST 407.459.8830 • www.changestoday.com

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Creating With All Energy By Dee Wallace

to be love/balance/harmony/peace/ joy, we balance out the energies of thousands of others. If you want a quick glimpse into this, imagine how many people you interact with in one day. Your vibration TOUCHES AND AFFECTS them. And that shifts the energy that touches and affects the people they interact with also. It is the ripple effect, and you are a constant contributor. It also is the tool that allows you to live in the peace and balance in your own life: 1) When you know you are the creator of your own energy direction, there is nothing to fear, because you DIRECT yourself to Knowing and Peace.

I want to talk today about how other energy affects us, and how we affect other energy in the creation process. It is important to understand for our empowerment. Your I Am Presence--which is the God energy/The Force that you are--is the most powerful thing you own, and the very thing that gives you the powerful dominion over yourself to create. There is NOTHING that can supersede this power unless your fears/belief systems/perceptions allow and encourage that. For example: if you still have beliefs in the “dark side,” and its ability to “tackle you over” and control your energy, you will create experiences that support that. If you have given your power of energy direction (remember, that means you are not in charge of directing your God energy toward what you want) to money, you will create or act from the illusion that money has power over you, and therefore,

(WHETHER YOU HAVE A LOT OR NOT ENOUGH) it can still control your consciousness. If you have given your power to beliefs in germs, genetics, viruses, aging etc., you are saying, “My I Am Presence does not have the power to change this.” So again, the first premise you must accept is that,” I Am the Creation of All Creation--in MY world of me and my I Am Presence.”

2) You have the understanding that it doesn’t matter what “they” think. It only matters what you CHOOSE as your belief and perception. Remember, “As You Believe, It Is Delivered Unto you.” And what does that mean? That there is no reality. There is only YOUR reality. What reality are you choosing to live in? If you don’t like it, go within to your heart, and with great love proclaim your direction: I Am Peace, Harmony, Balance, Health, Wealth and Happiness. I see the world of me, and the world of many, through that choice and perspective.” Blessings, Dee

When we truly KNOW and ACCEPT this, we consciously and in each moment create the realities WE WANT. We choose them, focus on them, feel them, and ultimately live them. Because those are the things that are “delivered unto us.” When we choose to perceive ourselves and the world as we want it to be, our reality shifts. But even more importantly, we are contributing to the world shifting. For each person who directs them self

“Kandee G’s favorite book of 2011”

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Article Good News on Wellness and Fat Loss Trends by Lana Kerr

provides custom creations that are state-of-the-art for personal and corporate giving. We carefully select books, DVD’s, CD’s and gourmet and gift items for any occasion or theme.

~Thanksgiving ~Christmas / Hanukkah ~All Occasions & Closings ~Promote Your Book/Business ~Client Appreciation



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Success through Action By Michael E. Thorn

reasons – • We may not have the time, energy, or resources to actually overcome the largest obstacle. • Failure to successfully complete our chosen task will not only exhaust our capa-bilities for other challenges, but also discourage us from doing so.

Every day of our shared lives brings a wealth of challenges... or opportunities to ex-cel. The difference lies in our attitude to what often seems to be an overwhelming list of obstacles to our plans and goals. We can, quite simply, stand in awe at the seemingly impossible set of hurdles to be crossed ... or we can view them as potential ways to learn new skills and capabilities. The distinction between these alternative points of view can be stated very directly – we need to decide which way to go and then take de-cisive action – doing nothing and just hoping for a positive outcome is seldom going to be a very successful approach to our problems. It is like playing the lottery – you may very well win, but do not actually bet on it. Of course, it is always the case that saying to do this is far, far easier than actually do-ing it. We may be exhausted from work, illness, family, or any number of stresses found in our daily lives. As a result, it may be, and probably is, a wise first step to determine the assets available to us... then determine what we can accomplish with the re-sources, internal and external, with which we can take action. Therein lays the crux of the matter – a limited amount of resources and energy to tackle an unlimited set of challenges. Many ‘experts’ recommend the identification of the big-gest obstacle, followed by a concerted attack on it. This tactic can be flawed for at least two

Instead, it is often wiser to apply our limited resources and energy to resolve a series of smaller issues. This course of action has many results to support it, but the two, key factors are – • Resolution of small problems now keeps them from growing into large ones later. • A series of small successes provides the necessary spirit and confidence to tackle larger efforts. However, as mentioned, we cannot just wring our hands in distress – we must take ac-tion to overcome our obstacles. The way to ease the burden of the various issues and difficulties confronting us may be daunting, but we cannot ignore them and hope that they will go away. The road to success may be a long one, but, as the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao-tzu, noted, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” For us to learn and grow, we need to move forward and experience new adventures. We need to view our obstacles as opportunities and take our best shot at achieving them. Most importantly, we need to take that first step along the path that offers the greatest opportunity for sustained success. But, the ideas of a ‘first step and best shot’ to overcome the obstacles between us and our goals imply that we do not wander around in a circle, a selfdefeating approach. Rather, we need to take effective action, based on planning and the astute use of our resources to resolve the issues confronting us. That

is the path that leads to success and confidence, learning and growth. Other approaches and paths may eventually re-sult in a resolution of problems, but the cost may not warrant the value received. The idea of a ‘first step’ and effective path to achievement of our goals is ultimately based on the all-important element of our attitude. As Vince Lombardi observed, “the difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength or knowl-edge, but a lack of will.” We cannot let our fear of failure surpass our desire for success. We must be willing to take risks to learn and grow from the outcomes of our considered actions. We cannot succeed without taking action – so we must be willing to take that first step on the path of success. As the Nike slogan states, “Just do it!!!”

“Following a career in the Air Force, Michael E. Thorn is a frequent speaker at Project Management Insti-tute and Project World Congress national conferences, and he is certified as a Project Management Pro-fessional (PMP), Six Sigma Black Belt, and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).” Michael E. Thorn 2398 NW 31st Street Boca Raton, FL 33431 561-483-3100 (H) 954-263-3004 (C) sled005@gmail.com

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Feature rticle A rticle Overcoming Obstacles By James Young “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life but by the obstacles which he has overcome.” Booker T. Washington Many people allow obstacles to stop them from experiencing success and happiness. Some people permit obstacles to defeat them before they even begin. But there are others who choose to use obstacles as stepping stones. In every day to day living we are confronted with obstacles. How we deal with them determines the quality of our lives. First, what is an obstacle? The dictionary defines an obstacle as a hindrance: somebody or something that hinders or prevents progress or impedes reaching a goal. Once we understand what an obstacle is, then we can begin to overcome those obstacles which stand in the way of success or happiness. Successful people do not allow obstacles to prevent them from reaching their goals. Successful people are never at the end of their rope, for them there are always options. If someone is blocking you from achieving your goal, you will have to either go around that person or turn that person into an ally to help you get what you want. One very important key to overcoming obstacles is to develop a “solution oriented mindset.” For every obstacle, there is a solution. There is no greater recipe for disaster, failure and unhappiness than for a person to become convinced that there is no solution; no way out. If we accept that, instead of believing that there must be a solution, we will not overcome that obstacle or any other obstacles that life may bring. To overcome obstacles you have to face them head on. You cannot allow yourself to believe that you are the



only one who has faced an obstacle. When faced with an obstacle the worse thing you could do is to feel sorry for yourself, believing that life is so cruel to just you. John Gardner wrote, “Selfpity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.” There are so many people who quite literally invite more obstacles into their lives. When you go down that path asking yourself, “Why me?” and, “I never get a break” and, “Why does this always happen to me?” are actually inviting more obstacles into their lives. We truly do manifest on the outside what is happening on the inside. If self pity and feeling sorry for yourself has become a habit, then you must make a conscious effort to stop that kind of thinking. Focus on finding a solution. Finding a solution is much greater than self pity. Believe me, self-pity is not a solution. In order to overcome obstacles you have to overcome how you perceive or look at an obstacle. If you perceive or look at an obstacle as something you can’t get past, guess what? You will never achieve your goal. If you perceive an obstacle as a challenge, something that you can overcome, then there is nothing you can’t do or have. The moment you begin to think properly, that there is a power within you that is greater than any obstacle in the world, these thoughts and feelings will begin to emerge to the surface of your being. When you begin to think properly it will change your life and from that moment you will experience just how powerful you really are. Overcoming obstacles is part of the human experience. No matter where you are in life, obstacles will appear. We cannot get around or avoid obstacles.

Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

The greater or loftier your dreams or desires, the greater the obstacles will appear. The stronger your resolve, the easier it is to overcome obstacles. We are all deliberate creators. To become a deliberate creator will take some work, but the effort will produce a greater cause from that effort. Success comes when we can establish the relationship of effort to rewards. If there is no effort there will be no reward. Tt has been scientifically proven that a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought. Just knowing and believing in just that thought, you can start with nothing, no way, no direction, but when you begin to think properly a way will be made. You can begin right now. Obstacles allow you to better yourself and grow as a person. Overcoming obstacles is truly within your power, your circumstances. Overcoming obstacles is your key to obtaining anything you want. “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Helen Keller Remember, the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. You can do this.

James Young is an author and a motivational speaker who has learned first hand on how to overcome obstacles in his own life. Mr. Young can be reached at jamesyoung127@hotmail.com


Advanced Natural Hoofcare Advanced Hoof Rehabilitation

Natural Barefoot Boarding Facility

Marianne Allen, F.S.N.H.C. - C.N.H.P. Certified Natural Hoofcare Practitioner Administrative director and Instructor of the Florida School of Natural Hoofcare

Specializing in a Balanced Trim Founder & Diseases of the Hoof Marianne Allen with Kandee G’s “Big Sexy” Saxon. He loves being barefoot! Thank you Marianne for your amazing holistic horse care.

marianne@advancednaturalhoofcare.com Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

954-496-5922 www.kandeeg.com


rticle FAeature



Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises


Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises



Dream Big Showcase Article Dave Bassett, Founder and CEO of Amerijet International receives the prestigious Wright Brothers Award By Tracey Tarrant

What Exactly is the Dream Big Showcase? Do you know someone who had a dream and went for it? Are they living their dream despite the odds? Each issue of Nothing But Good News Magazine will feature a unique individual that threw caution to the wind and went after their dream. Submit your ideas to KandeeG@KandeeG.com

The focus of the Dream Big Showcase is to highlight someone who has thrown caution to the wind and are living their dream. It takes courage, dedication and determination to make your dreams a reality and those we showcase here have excelled in that arena. This issue, we are pleased to highlight a very special someone in the life of Kandee G and the staff at Nothing But Good News Media. Each year, one of the premier affairs for the aviation industry is the Greater Miami Aviation Association’s Wright Brothers Memorial Awards Presentation event benefiting the Association’s Batchelor Aviation Scholarship Fund (formerly the Grover Loening Scholarship Fund).



The highlight of the Awards event is the presentation of The Wright Brothers Trophy, an impressive and beautiful silver trophy cup with the engraved names of past Wright Brothers Memorial Award Recipients. These leaders in aviation have included such notable pioneers as George T. Baker, George Batchelor, Frank Borman, L.B. “Bud” Maytag, Curtiss H. Pitts, John Paul Riddle, Col. Rockwell, Fran Sargent and Gordon Bethune. Wright Brothers Memorial Award The Greater Miami Aviation Association Wright Brothers Memorial Award is the most prestigious of the GMAA’s awards. Having begun in 1927 as a pioneering Miami based Florida focused civil aviation advocacy group, today the GMAA membership and activities are concentrated in and encompass the advancement of the aviation and aerospace community on

Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

a global scale. The Greater Miami Aviation Association Wright Brothers Memorial Award parallels the growth and evolution of the GMAA organization. It is proudly presented to an internationally distinguished industry leader whose substantial contribution to the aviation and aerospace community reflects the innovation, vision, conviction and admired business principles attributed to the positive impact and legacy upon aviation of the Wright Brothers. This year, the honor of this incredible award was bestowed upon none other, than the amazing husband of our very own Kandee G…Mr. Dave Bassett. What follows is the dedication given to Dave from Kandee G at the awards ceremony. When she was done, there was not a dry eye to be found in the room. And deservedly so.

Dream Big Showcase Article

We are all so proud of Dave for living his dream, owning his own international shipping company, Amerijet International (www.amerijet. com). From Kandee G to her doting husband, Dave: “What is the measure of a man? Is it found in his business successes? I say the measure of a man is to seek truth in all he does. It is to see and treat all men and women truly as equals. It is to stand tall, not just in times of ease and convenience, but in times of challenge. The true measure of a man is proven by the legacy he lives, seen clearly in

the faces of those who appreciate who he is and are grateful for who he has helped them to become. The true measure of a man is who he has loved, and who loves him in return. Thirteen years ago, the finest man I ever met walked into my life. He walks beside me every day as my life partner, my spiritual partner, my co-parent, my lover and my friend. For those of you that do not know, Dave Bassett was raised in the jungles of Africa and South America. He started to learn to fly at age 9. As a teenager, he would fly through the jungle on his own delivering supplies for the church as his parents were missionaries. His family returned to the states when it was time for him to go to college. Dave was drafted and joined the Air Force. Dave was and is a crazy fly boy. His greatest desire was to fly airplanes

for a living. In 1974, unfortunately, or fortunately, there were few available jobs as a pilot. When you are in the jungle and need a house, you build one. Dave could not get a job so he made one. The end result is what you see here today with Amerijet. As amazing as his story is, I would like to share just a few things about this amazing man that I love and adore. When faced with a choice, he will always take the high road, no matter how hard. He is very committed to the future of this great growing company; not just the bottom line, not just how many routes can be flown and how much cargo can be moved; but to the continued growth and well-being of everyone regardless of their rank or position. I watch him attend every event that we do sharing and growing the company

Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises



Dream Big Showcase Article Dave Bassett, Founder and CEO of Amerijet International receives the prestigious Wright Brothers Award continued...

Dave and I have shared many challenges, but far greater joys. Together we love to cook, travel, grow orchids, did I mention two crazy dogs, and yes, we horse around a lot with our two beautiful Gypsy horses. He loves a great belly laugh. The children, their friends, all the grandchildren to come, and if your children are close, are all at risk of being teased. Maybe not in so many words, but in this life together this is what I feel he says to me: This life is a grand adventure. Let’s go to the places where we can risk letting the world break our heart.

culture (this is at least once a month or more). It is so vital to him that every single employee knows how important they are. Some of his beliefs (things I have heard him say)-”we can because we think we can-anything is possible. The best is still in front of us. The future is in our hands. We, together have unlimited potential-we together have unlimited value. We can achieve anything we put our mind to. Prepare for and expect success. Believe in yourself, believe in the good things.” I have seen him work hard to enlarge the company vision and teach others how to seize opportunities, to step forward daily. He has an uncanny ability to attract the greatest of team members to help this great company grow. However, beyond the workplace,



I would like to share with you the greatest Dad. A little about our family. It is a blended family, so we have three daughters collectively. One son in law. A brand new granddaughter. Two crazy dogs and two beautiful horses. He is quite the Dad to “all” of them. I have a story about our youngest daughter, Kaitlin. Who we have shared since she was 8. Now 21, a few months back, she informed me it would probably be awhile until she found anyone significant in her life. When asked why, her response was “It’s going to take a while to find anyone as great as my step dad.” For Dave, it is family first, and as long as I have known him, he does not go anywhere without his cell phone. Not in case there is an Amerijet emergency. Just in case a child calls, even if that child is 30.

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Let’s go to the places where we can feel the earth beneath our feet and gaze at the stars at 3 am. Let’s go to the places where we can dance, and play and love and fly. Let’s always remember this is a great journey and enjoy the ride. So risk with me, for great love, for your dream and mine, and for the grand adventure of being alive.” No matter the dream, no matter how young or old we are when we first being to create that dream, anything’s possible if you believe. Hold your faith, create and walk your vision…and let no one tell you otherwise. From a small child in the bushes of Africa, to founder and CEO of a phenomenal, global enterprise, I think Dave Bassett is a shining reminder to us all that dreams do come true.


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Article Gratitude Overcomes All Obstacles By: Hank Eder

Obstacles. We all have them from time to time in our daily growth process. It’s what we make of them that determines whether they become stumbling blocks or steppingstones. The choice, as always, rests squarely on our own shoulders. Do you ever feel envious of someone else’s accomplishments? I’m quite certain we all do sometimes. Do you find yourself criticizing another person’s accomplishments? For example, if it’s a bestselling book, do you say something like, “That book is not so great?” Or, “I could have done it better?” Or do you find yourself indulging in round of “poor me” selfcriticism, with a statement like, “I could never write that clearly or cleverly?”

Both forms of criticism originate in your own self-worth. Do you feel that you’re not worthy of success? Have you allowed the criticism of others to become our own reality map? Well, it’s time to give yourself a break! Do you want to write a bestselling book? Do you want to be the topperforming sales associate in your division? What’s holding you back? In either case, take stock of what you need in order to attain your goal, and then take the steps to get there. Read books about the craft of writing. Read some of the many great motivational books for sales and negotiating. Become proactive and improve your chances for success. Find a mentor, if you can.

Remember, this is a huge, Abundant Universe. Your success is not hampered by the success of another. In fact, from an attitude of gratitude, you can see the other person’s success as a blueprint or inspiration for your own success, just as your own success can become a roadmap for others. Be willing to give back. This doesn’t mean you’ll never feel envy again. But when envy rears its ugly head, acknowledge the emotion, bless it with gratitude, then switch gears and concentrate on something for which you are grateful. Here are some things to try: Give thanks to the Abundant Universe for having all the space you need to

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rticle FAeature

Gratitude Overcomes All Obstacles Continued...

can’t help but find a creative answer to some issue you’ve been working to solve. When you do this, you can’t help but open up the door to bring all good things your way. So instead of letting a mere obstacle overwhelm you, give thanks to the Abundant Universe for the opportunity to grow. Acknowledge obstacles along your path as steppingstones to growth and learning, and you can’t help but approach them from a position of strength, joy, and limitless possibility. Don’t forget to thank yourself for seeing the best in each situation. You are awesome.

succeed. Give thanks to whatever name or form you relate to, be it God, Spirit, Source, Jesus, or something else. The point is to come from a space of deep gratitude. There’s a lot of room for success in this Abundant Universe. Just because someone has succeeded at something you desire, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something similar. The good news is you’ll be doing it in your own, special way, and you will connect with success in a different way than the other person. If envy is rising, try sending some powerful, positive thoughts out to the person whose success you have noticed. Cheer her on with an inner high five, or a hearty inner handshake and pat on the back. That’s the kind of energy that comes right back to you in very uplifting ways. Give thanks to the Abundant Universe for showing you such a shining example of what’s possible. It gives you lofty goals to aim for on your own journey. When you fill yourself with gratitude,



you are aligning yourself with the creative engine of the Abundant Universe – an endless wellspring of physical and mental well-being. It is the source of all forward and creative thought. It is the birthplace of ideas, inventions, and accomplishment. It’s like a bubbling spring of crystal clear water that is always flowing, always there for you when you make the time to stop and take a drink. No matter where you are in life, there’s always something for which you can feel gratitude. Do you have someone who cares about you? Feel the love and gratitude. Did you have a good meal this morning? Thank the Universe for your bounty. Can you go out into the world today and just groove to the pulse of life’s possibilities? I’ll tell you that when you do, you begin a cycle of energy that builds even more energy. Expect the best to come to you today, and thank the Abundant Universe for sending it your way. When you do this, you can’t help but feel strong and uplifted. When you do this, you

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Hank Eder is a seasoned public relations professional, writer, speaker, filmmaker, sometimes musician, and lover of life. He is currently working on a book, The Hero Inside, a road map to connecting with own Hero’s Voice, and featuring interviews with thought leaders in the field of abundance visioning. Catch up with Hank at hank@hankeder.com, and please check out his website: http://hankeder.com

rticle FAeature

Courage From Optimism By David Mezzapelle

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Feature 3 Steps to Heart-Based Living

By Ronna Prince; Creator, Executive Producer, Songwriter of the New Film “Sacred Journey of the Heart”

DIVE in, TUNE in, LIGHTEN up! It seems that now we are inundated with messages about living in the heart. It’s the latest catch-phrase. But really, what does it all mean? It means living in balance with emotions and thoughts. It means allowing one’s heart to lead the way in decision making and actions. It does not mean letting unchecked feelings rule your life. But it also means, not letting unexpressed feelings limit your interaction and connection with others. Most of us have been brought up to be logical and rational. To hide our emotions and just “get over it”. The problem with this is that we really can’t solve today’s problems that were created by analytical and mind-based approaches. I’m convinced that the analytical approach is what got us to where we are today, in many of the distressing situations we see in our own lives, communities and on a global scale. So the question is: how do we really embrace heart-based living and be effective as leaders and decision



makers in these times of change? I believe we can do this by using a heart-based approach which has been distilled down to 3 simple steps: Dive In, Tune In, and Lighten up. It really is a simple process. It starts with a choice to go into the heart-based feelings and explore what is there. If you can’t or won’t do that, I’ve found that you’re putting a veneer over the truth of your existence. Mastering our emotions through the heart is the key to this time of intense transition. When we check into our hearts, we tend to make wiser and more compassionate choices. And with that, live more peaceful and connected lives.

what’s been locked inside. We follow the breath into our hearts and listen. We can ask “what’s in my heart?” Usually it’s a two or three word message that bubbles up, like: “I’m afraid”, or “be careful”, or “go for it!”

STEP 2: The next step is to tune into the feelings behind these initial pearls of heart-wisdom. “What is my heart telling me?” If you hear: “I’m afraid” or “be careful”, that’s informing you that you need to spend some time allowing the associated emotional imprints to emerge. We do that by feeling whatever is there and accepting the feeling no matter what it is: Fear, anger, sadness, depression, happiness, joy. Tune into it, STEP 1: The first step is to have the and allow it to move and flow. willingness to dive in to the emotions locked inside the heart. This does not As we allow ourselves to tune into these mean re-experiencing the traumas of emotional states, we move the energy. the past. Rather, it is to acknowledge When energy moves, there is room that your heart had to shut down in the for heart-wisdom to emerge. Tuning past as a way of dealing with the hurts in to the heart is what takes practice, all humans experience to one extent because we’re used to turning to the or another. In diving in to the heart mind to find our answers. But the truth (step 1), we are really just allowing the is, our hearts know. Our minds will awareness of feelings and emotions to rationalize or justify. But the authentic surface. In this step, we dive in to touch tuned-in feelings of our hearts, will

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AFrticle eature always lead us to compassionate and wise choices. The FINAL STEP in this 3 part formula is: Lighten up! This is an essential part of the 3 step process. It means that after we do some intense emotional healing, we consciously choose to relax, enjoy and embrace the gifts in life. At first, we have to really focus on this and make it a priority. Because in dealing with emotions, we can easily get stuck in a state of perpetual healing and forget to enjoy each day. So in this final step, we commit to looking around us and seeing beauty and joy, even if it’s just a small thing, like a flower or a bird’s song or the smile of a loved one. Living in the heart is a balanced place, and in that balance, we make room for more joy and peace, not by ignoring, but by embracing the wisdom of the heart.

Ronna Prince is the filmmaker behind the new extraordinary new film “Sacred Journey of the Heart.” An Official Selection at the LA Femme Film Festival and featured at Sedona International and Awareness Fest Film Festivals, “Sacred Journey of the Heart” is a powerful and inspiring documentary that traces the role of the heart in connecting us to our higher selves, our spiritual essence,

each other, the planet and the cosmic design. The heart is the single organ that not only creates a unified field among all people, but also creates a harmonic field with the earth itself. The compelling film reveals how modern science is proving what ancient peoples have known all along: we are all connected - and that connection is the human heart. Featuring such luminaries and bestselling authors as Greg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Mary Morrissey, Colin Tipping, Sarah McLean, plus Dr. Rollin McCraty and Dr. Deborah Rozman of HeartMath, along with an array of other spiritual leaders, indigenous elders, and scientists, the film is designed to give people new tools to achieve a state of “heart centered balance,” so they can create a peaceful state of connection in their own lives. For more information, go to www.sacredjourneyoftheheart.com

“We hear a lot about reinvention – in business, politics, science and technology. It’s the mantra of the age: Reinvent or relent. Businesses that fail to constantly challenge and remake themselves run the very real risk of becoming irrelevant.” - Success Magazine

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A rticle Feature The Success of Learning to Fall:

Girls, STEM, and the Curse of Perfection By Heidi Olinger

Perfectionism announced its awful presence the day I introduced RiskTaking to a group of 7th-grade girls. I was explaining Design Thinking, the process the girls would use to design solutions to community problems. They would identify and define the problems. Then they would design and make their solutions on a 3D printer. I was emphasizing everything I thought was cool about Design Thinking — experimenting, prototyping, hearing the ideas and voices of everyone on the team, allowing for mistakes, assessing the results, trying again. “Are we going to find a solution the first time?” I said. I answered my own question. “No! The second time? Probably not!” I was wound up and passionately on a roll. And then a young voice stopped me. “But I don’t like to make mistakes.” The words were from Mabry, the student sitting directly in front of me at the front of the class. Her statement was not a plea or a whine but a declaration. She could have said, “I don’t make mistakes. This is who I am.” She was one voice, but she spoke for the many.



The Career Path of Least Mathematics The research should be the reading Is Not an Option material of every parent of a daughter and every teacher who works with girls. The girls with whom I work are a diverse bunch. They range in age from 10 to 15. Here is why. Some are at the top of their class at the top school in their district. Others barely Girls who are not competent in math make the grade. Each one has shown through at least basic college-level that she is intelligent and does her best coursework reduce their career options work once she is given the permission in the United States, it is estimated, by and environment to do so. 75 percent. In other words, as Forbes Woman reported in an interview with They are Latina and mixed race, Carol Bartz, former Yahoo CEO, in fall White and African-American, Chinese- 2009, three out of four jobs will be off and Korean-American and American limits to a girl if she is not literate in the Indian. I work with the daughters of the basic math needed for 21st century community’s poorest members, who employment. attend the roughest schools, on the northwest end of town. I work with the Mabry’s statement made me look daughters of families who are among again at the mesh of expectations the community’s wealthiest, whose and attitudes about girls in STEM, and schools stand geographically opposite arguably the most significant of these to the poorest, on the southeast side of come from girls. I say this because town. ultimately each girl — not parents, nor teachers, nor the knuckleheads who It is my goal to expand how they all see would deter her — is the agent of her and experience science, technology, life. engineering, and math, or STEM, so they keep studying these disciplines As mathematician and actor Danica throughout high school and into at least McKellar relates, when it comes to basic college-level work. Whether or attitudes about girls and STEM, being not a girl pursues a career in a STEM the Boss of You is tough work. Even discipline, I would like her to be able to after receiving the top score of 5 on make an informed decision about her the toughest of the AP calculus exams, life and not choose the career path of McKellar still doubted whether she least mathematics. could handle college-level math. The obstacle, she told National Public Radio The greatest influence on a girl’s in 2012, was buying into false notions sense of her competence in math and about girls, math, and who belongs in science are her parents and teachers, STEM. says Professor Nadya Fouad of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “I didn’t look the part,” she says. “I Fouad’s research has shown that the didn’t think I’d be able to handle it more a girl thinks she is capable of and that’s the only explanation. That’s doing math and science, the more she the only - all those little stereotypes, is interested in the subjects. all those messages - they got in and they damaged me.” McKellar, who

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AFrticle eature has written multiple math books for girls, concludes, easing the radio listener’s anxiety, “Thank goodness I’m stubborn and I like a challenge.” In my work to connect girls and STEM in a way that matters to girls, I had remade a middle school storage room into a maker space where students could experiment, sprout ideas and bring them to life. I had articulated to colleagues the importance of making it safe for students to try and fail and try again. Now I had to help girls reshape their definition of success. And that definition had to exclude Perfection. If There Are No Mistakes, There Is No Learning Perfection is a primarily female hangup, it seems. As Mika Brzezinski said in an August 25 interview with the New York Times, “[I’m] on this quest to be really good at everything I do: a great mom, perfect at my job, perfect looking, the perfect size.” She sums up, “I don’t know why, but I feel like we women put the imposition on ourselves to be perfect at everything.” Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, could have inserted the word girls in the last line, and her statement would have changed only in its factual depth. Mabry and her classmates may not like making mistakes, but the work of science and math requires them to let things get messy, to try and fail, to face and analyze what went wrong and be willing to try again. And again. And to experience that the process of solving is as important as arriving at the “right” or “perfect” answer. Ideals of Perfection, whether held up by media or an individual’s family culture, contribute to keeping a majority of girls from finding their

place of belonging in the culture of STEM learning. Through “junk culture,” a term used by Dr. Mary Pipher in her book Reviving Ophelia, girls get the message to look like a supermodel, create buzz like a celebrity, and be as appealing as an It Girl. This is a common way to see Perfection. The basic work of STEM — conducting experiments, making prototypes, figuring out how to solve problems, and more — requires a girl to go beyond her comfort zones. The belief that she must be Perfect may be the hardest zone to cross. In STEM, mistakes will be made. Her self-confidence, already under fire in adolescence, will slip. If she screws up, she may have to stand alone, and being alone is one of the worst things the adolescent female mind can imagine. “Take 12!” The Real Meaning of Mistake To be mistaken is not about being wrong — irreversibly, completely wrong. It is about a mis-take. At the heart of the word is the implication that one can try again — to have another take — and another, and another. Imagine the archetypal film director yelling, “Take 1,” and the cameras roll. “Cut!” She yells, the actors not having achieved the result she wants. They try again. “Take 2,” the director yells. The process of filming continues. “Take 3.” “Take 4.” “Take 12.” The process of filming a movie gives us an analogy for creating a new standard of perfection, one that segues with the STEM learning girls

critically need. The new perfect may supplant the idea of the Perfect Finish or “right answer.” It will center on getting perfect the process of discovery, experimentation, posing questions, seeing multiple directions for problem-solving, and so on. It will be about getting your hands perfectly dirty. It will emphasize that the expectation — the highest standard — is to work the process. Success will embrace failure, and failure will be a step in a scientific or mathematical process and not meant to be taken personally and worn like a Scarlet Letter. At the end of the term, Mabry summed up her learning experience, writing, “The world needs to know that girls are just as capable of using technology as boys.” Her classmate, Annalea, wrote, “Girls CAN be superior when it comes to technology.” To a girl, their prototypes had failed. Literally they went back to the drawing board. Some failed again. After 15 hours all had a solution they could celebrate. The youngest of the girls, Sumar, wrote in a messy hand, “I learned that a plan doesn’t always end up like what the final thing is.” Then she added, “Mostly I loved meeting all the girls like me.” Heidi Olinger is an award-winning educator, speaker, and the author of Fashionably Mashed: The STEM of Fashion Design. She is the founder + CEO of Pretty Brainy, creator of educational materials and clothing designs to excite students about learning and prepare them, especially girls, to pursue the broadest of career options. In 2012 InnovatioNews named Pretty Brainy “an educational leader for STEM education.”

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Article Overcoming Ideal Beauty thru Self-Acceptance By Krystian Leonard

and even called Frankenstein, only made the wounds deeper. At the age of 12, I had to remove a large birth mark on my lower back as a preventative measure. Enduring another surgery and yet another large scar was one of the worst experiences for my budding self-esteem. There is a sad misconception that if you have a scar you are damaged goods causing shame and fear for many living with scars. Each year in the developed world 100 million patients acquire scars, some of which cause considerable problems, as a result of 55 million elective operations and 25 million operations after trauma. There are an estimated 11 million keloid scars and four million burn scars, 70% of which occur in children.* Even after the healing process is complete a scar still carries with it the stigma of a monstrous character unworthy of social acceptance let alone beauty. But something changed for me when I was 10. A special Miss West Virginia appeared at my school and made such an impact on me to believe in my dreams no matter their size. Her visit came at a time in my young life when I was feeling anything but confident.

Learning to overcome obstacles was not something I consciously chose to do in my young life. My early childhood memories were happy ones filled with imaginative adventures that many ‘only’ children invent for themselves. I had my first experience with stitches, resulting in a scar, at age 4. It was above my lip and I wouldn’t smile for



pictures and was embarrassed going to preschool. When I was 6, I had my first surgical procedure to remove a lipoma growth in my thigh, leaving me with a 9” scar. Later choosing a revision surgery which left a smaller scar but at the expense of reopening a wound that I was hoping to forget. Being taunted, pushed down stairs,

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Healing with my scars, and the ridicule of my peers taunts still echoing in my mind. I bravely wrote down in my 5th grade year book, when I grow up I want to be Miss West Virginia. You have no idea how I regretted my bold step, especially when my peers snickered at the thought that I could be anything remotely close to a beauty queen. And then one day it happened. I threw expectation to the wind, and with a $17 dress in tow and a tiny stow of what I considered essentials

Article ourselves the strength and ability to overcome all obstacles making our dreams come true. I will proudly wear my crown as I move forward with my ambitions, helping others heal so they, too, can say, “No matter what my scars say to you, they hold a meaning of Strength and Character, showing I have Accepted who I am and prove I can Rise above the Stigma.”

I entered my first beauty pageant. I quickly noted that I was in no way a front runner, but decided to learn everything I could. I ended the day feeling as victorious as if I had walked away with the title. 2nd Runner Up with horrible hair and a sale dress did not compare to the true victory I felt on that day. I overcame my insecurities and courageously stood before strangers asking to be judged, not on outward beauty, but on the beauty that I had from within. Showing who I was and what my goals were in life meant more to those judges than my outward appearance and my messy hair and unfit dress. They saw me for me, not my scars and not by what could be bought. It was then that I knew I could overcome my feeling of brokenness and achieve my dreams. 8 months later I entered the Miss America pageant system and learned that each contestant was to submit a platform statement. I immediately knew what I wanted mine to be. My heart’s desire was to share my experience with scars and show what it meant to overcome the social stigmas and preconceived notions of what was beautiful.

My platform became my purpose and within the year I wrote and published my first children’s book Shining Scars. I have had the pleasure of meeting people, children and teens who live with scars far greater than my own. Their ability to overcome each day is a reminder of what I strive to create thru my organization Shining Scars and what I want children to understand when they read about my little Eugene and his shining scar.

Krystian Leonard is a junior in high school with an adventurous spirit. She dedicates countless hours volunteering for numerous charities annually. Krystian is also developing her own non-profit organization Shining S.C.A.R.S. as an outreach to help others healing from visible scars. Krystian is proud to be Miss Northern West Virginia’s Outstanding Teen 2014. No matter the circumstance, our scars are a reminder that we are stronger than before and we have within

You can follow her journey at www. shiningscars.org and her children’s book is available everywhere books are sold.

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Article Advice For A Cancer Survivor | The Heart of Healing By Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Cancer survivors want one thing: to never have to go through the cancer experience again. All cancer survivors worry about a recurrence. All cancer survivors wish to survive and thrive and live long and well. Cancer survivors also want to play with their kids be there for them as them as they grow up, feel alive, energetic, have sex again, get a good night’s sleep, return to normal, to the life and person they knew BEFORE cancer. This morning I wrote these words, both practical and heartful, to a cancer survivor, also the father of a young son, getting to know himself again, re-ordering priorities and adjusting lifestyle and work style and sense of self after cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Now the aggressive disease focused treatment is over. Now health, not illness, is the focus. What is the shape of life now? • Don’t play the edge with your health

right now. • Find the middle path. • Engage in disciplined self-care. • Sleep is hugely important and has a big impact on immunity. • While Travelling: Buy small leak proof bottles to take your Chinese Herbal Immune and Digestive tonics. (Available at most camping and backpacking or travel supplies stores). • Make up packets of your nutritional and herbal supplements in zip lock bags so you can continue your program wherever you are. • Probiotics (acidophilus supplements) are stable at room temp while travelling. Do take them with you. They are crucial to normal immunity and normal bowel function. • Most people want their normal lives back after finishing their aggressive cancer treatments, but life is changed forever and your own self-care and the monitoring of your own energy is crucial. • Do not overspend your energy. • Your friends, family and extended community know that you are recovering from cancer, so just excuse yourself and go to bed early. • You have to spend time in the deeply at rest relaxed state in order to heal restore rejuvenate. Spend some time in stillness rather than in motion. Spend time being rather than doing all day long. Find time each day to Reflect. Rest. Relax. Meditate. • Stage 3 cancer is a systemic not a local disease. This is a whole bodymind-spirit transformation. • Find a new normal that puts creating and sustaining your health in the foreground. This is often a greater challenge for men who are not socialized to include self-care and selfnurturing as part of the fabric of their being and daily lives. • The heart must be open for real

healing to occur. Keep your heart open, especially to yourself. • When you slack on your own best interests, make choices that compromise your health and take you away from thriving, think of your young son. Do it for him. Imagine him at your funeral and you won’t forget to take your herbs or get enough rest. Imagine being at his graduation from college, his wedding, the birth of his first child. You want to be there. You want to be alive and well. Imagine him wishing you were there and missing you if you are not around. That should crack your heart open. • Live from this open-hearted place. • You may have to say no to some things you have taken on. • People will understand. Everyone who cares about you will support you in honoring your limits and making choices that are about your own wellbeing. • You are vulnerable. Live as if that is so. • Breathe. Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D. is a leading edge authority and pioneer in the field of Integrative Cancer Care, Cancer Prevention and Immune Enhancement. She is the Founder of IntegrativeCancerAnswers.com where she offers online programs and resources that empower and transform. Dr. Chilkov brings over 30 years of clinical experience combining the best of Modern Functional Medicine with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Oriental and Natural Healing. She is a highly respected expert in her field, a frequent speaker at conferences, educational institutions and a trusted resource to the media. Visit her on the web at: http://doctornalini.com/

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Article Dreaming Heaven:

Who Am I Really and the Power of Forgiveness By Lee MCCormick, co-author of Dreaming Heaven The ancient Toltec city of Teotihuacan in Mexico is much more than an archeological wonder. For thousands of years, pilgrims have journeyed through Teo’s sacred temples and plazas and ascended the Pyramids of the Moon and the Sun to discover what is real, authentic and true; to experience the deepest aspect of themselves; and by “dreaming heaven,” to actualize heaven on earth. Once among the largest cities in the world with a multi-cultural population of more than 200,000 Toltec, Zapotec, and Maya people, Teotihuacan’s most enduring legacy is as a spiritual center—the oldest mystery school in the Western Hemisphere—its name translating as “where Man becomes God.” A group of journeyers, led by Lee McCormick, experienced the power of Teotihuacan to transform their lives and this transformation is chronicled in the new JourneyBook, DVD and meditation called Dreaming Heaven. Here Lee explains what happens when we let go of our stories and take responsibility for who we really are.

In the beginning, there was the Light. The Light came form the Source, the Great Mystery, Creator, God—all terms for the World behind the world, the Reality behind our reality, the Sun behind the sun. It seems that if we sit with any great aspect of life for long enough, we come to a place of more questions than answers. Even science, with all its facts and figures, is only a snapshot of information, an interpretation of Reality and Truth. Creation is simply too vast, too multidimensional, and ever-changing to be defined by any definition or way of existing. Our attachment to the need to know how life is and who we are has driven us through time. We humans find a sense of safety and confidence in the belief that we “know.” We have been on a great



journey of learning by experience, education, definition, projection, and reasoning. We use these tools to take in all that goes on within and around us, and we process our journey into a story of life that works for us. We create identities and roles to which we give all our attention and in which we put all of our faith. My incarnations in this life have been rancher, commodities trader, musician, father, husband, son, addict, recovered person, teacher, CEO, and on and on. They were all roles I played in my story of life—some great and some not so great. As I have evolved in my life, I have come to realize that who I am really is the one who has lived through all of these phases and stages. I am the one born into the form of being human, and I am the one who has learned and grown, experienced, and taken on the beliefs that defined my perspectives and identities. None of my beliefs or identities were actually me; they were what I believed about who I was. They were aspects of my life’s evolution and experience. I am that Light--that consciousness-that came into this world in the form of a baby boy. From that time on, I have lived this journey one day, one choice, and one experience at a time. To return to me—the Light, the Spirit— and to be free to live my life without all the attachments I had accumulated in my first 40 years of life, I had to find a way to let go of my belief in what I “knew.” I had to find a way to put the past behind me, rather than live with it wrapped around me like a wellworn security blanket. I had come to confuse “comfortable” with “familiar.” I found refuge in the predictability of the familiar, mistaking it for comfort. The

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unknown of a bigger, more open life, was unfamiliar. I had been taught that I should appreciate material things and not expect anything beyond my basic comforts and needs. If I wanted something more than the cultural norms, it meant I was ungrateful or selfish. I lived within these rules until something snapped, and I saw myself as a programmed character who had lost an authentic connection to my Self! I was not happy or content. I would not buy into the official story that something was wrong with me because life wasn’t good enough for me. I had a choice: to either live by medicating my discomfort with food, drugs, money, gambling, sex, excessive working out, diet fads, religion, on and on (all of those options our culture offers up as solutions to our feelings of disconnection) or I could find the way back to me—to who I am really. In looking for answers, I learned some basic tenets to healing and reconnecting to my Heart and Spirit. I learned that I had to develop a practice of forgiveness. First, I had to forgive myself for all the ways I had sold myself out. I had put my faith in a great matrix of beliefs and stories about life that, as a child, I had no idea might not be true for me as a unique human being. My truth is mine; it is not necessarily something that fits into a blanket belief system. In forgiving and learning to release my attachment to the judgments that were interwoven throughout my beliefs, identities, and experiences, I began clearing my mind’s view of life and myself. Forgiveness was the key to cleaning my perceptions and

Article uncovering my reality. In many cases, I simply had to forgive others for not living up to my expectations. That was a big one. People are who they are and do what they do, not because of me, but by their own free will. I have no right to demand that others fit into the role I might want to cast them into. The other side of forgiveness is to free myself from the energetic connection to the objects of my judgments. When we project judgment, we attach ourselves to the objects of our judgment. When I looked at it that way, I realized I didn’t want any connection to those things. I began the practice of not indulging in the beliefs that held my judgments in place. This is a practice. It takes time to undo our attachments, but we can do it because we are the ones who created them.

By taking responsibility and shifting our attention away from the loop of thoughts that support the judgments, we shift our attention to thoughts of Light, freedom, running water... whatever works for you. By taking 100-percent responsibility for our life (owning our part in all of it), we can re-create what we have created—our relationships to our Self and the world around us. That’s a key to Dreaming Heaven: the power of personal responsibility and the practices of freeing our Self through forgiveness for the sake of living our authenticity. Blessings! Lee McCormick is the co-author of Dreaming Heaven:The Beginning is Near (Hay House), the powerful JourneyBook, DVD and meditation that enables you to walk in the footsteps of Lee and his fellow guides as they take

you on a journey to your authentic self by following the pathways of the great mystery school at Teotihuacan, Mexico, first created by the Toltec masters thousands of year ago. Lee is the founder of The Integrative Life Center in Nashville, The Ranch Recovery Center in Tennessee, and The Canyon Treatment Center in Malibu, California and has been a creative force in the Mental Health and Recovery scene for more than 15 years. He is also the executive producer and has a leading role in the documentary Dreaming Heaven. Lee has led many journeys to Teotihuacan, that astonishing place of power, and he has developed a farreaching relationship with the mystery of the shamanic world that is present there. For more information, go to www.dreamingheaven.net or www.spiritrecovery.com

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Article Facing Challenges & Manifesting Your Passion With Intuition Excerpted from Brillionaire Success By Jacqueline JLove Jackson I truly believe intuition guides us because it knows what’s coming. When we listen to this guidance we can be better prepared to face obstacles while expecting the best possible outcome. Have you ever heard that you should listen to your intuition because it’s never wrong? I believe in my intuition and I constantly work with it to guide me to my next inspired action. You may experience intuition as a nudging or hunch that is telling you what to do next. When you followthrough on these intuitive messages, in the moment, no matter how small, and even when they don’t make much sense, you are setting yourself up for a series of synchronicities that will make sense to you when you least expect it. Work to develop your awareness so that you can recognize the synchronicities when they show up. There was a moment in time for me when, if I had ignored a very subtle, yet persistent hunch, I would have not collected twenty-five thousand dollars that I didn’t realize was owed to me. The money arrived in time for me to use it to make a monumental move that was already set in motion. Looming deadlines, deposits, trucking fees and my own train-fare had to be paid all at once. The money arrived just in time. Because I made plans based on being obedient to intuition (Spirit, God, Universe), instead of appearances, the universe took care of the rest. While witnessing the power of intuition, I felt Divinely cared for



and through this power, I gained an increased passion for life. When you are finding your passion or “looking” for something to be passionate about, what you are really asking is what you could do with your life that would give you the special feelings you want. Whether it’s the feeling of being safe, care-free, joyful, satisfied, worthy, or trusted. Living your passion does not mean you’ll never have challenges or obstacles, but it could mean you’ll be better able to deal with them from a place of empowerment. An obstacle can be a little glitch in your plans, or a full-blown problem. In the latter, allow intuition to guide the level and amount of passion you find in dealing with it. Too much passion, especially of the angry kind, can blow things farther out of proportion. The real basis of passion is love. If you can remember this you’ll relax into knowing that you can be passionate about many things at once and on different levels.

into believing in themselves. It took me a while to start paying attention to the many hunches I received about this. Instead of exploring ways to go straight to the top as a teacher, speaker, singer or writer, I wasn’t ready to surrender to my truth. Therefore I made many detours and put myself through many obstacle courses to avoid my calling. A Guru once told me that if people would use their natural talents to make a living instead of running away from them, they would never want for anything. If you’re reading this or listening to my voice, you’ve probably already gone through many detours and obstacle courses yourself. You may not realize that what you’re really seeking is YOU and your truth. What better thing to be passionate about?

So, even if you must do something you don’t like, you can decide to relax into the task, release the struggle, and be in the now. Eckhart Tolle teaches in his book, The Power of Now, that any obstacle can be overcome if you stay in the now.

Have you ever experienced a panic in which you felt you’d better do something with your life and you’d better do it fast or you may miss your chance? You may start attending one seminar after another, reading all the self-help and personal development books you can find. But instead of gaining more clarity about who you are and what you should be doing, are you even more confused, overwhelmed, afraid and possibly angry?

Sometimes, we try to rationalize and make excuses not to follow our intuition, and instead give in to other, less productive pursuits. I now know that I am a nurturer through speech and written word and my role in life is to have empathy and nurture people

Give yourself a hug and congratulate yourself for finding your own way here. You asked for and received help and guidance. However, you still had to do the work and make the strides on your own. It is a beginning and an awakening. You can have a mindset

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Article shift that is so strong, your ego will not be capable of robbing you of it. The idea of not reaching your goal will be quickly thrown out because, in your mind, not reaching your goal is not an option. Cultivate your support system. Surround yourself with positive, selfactualized people who will support you in reaching your goals by giving you constructive feedback, gentle motivation and space to create. Be spontaneous, play and ask for what you want. See not getting what you asked for as an opportunity to

re-align with your priorities, passions, About Jacqueline JLove Jackson: wealth consciousness, love and creativity. Jacqueline JLove Jackson is the author of a series of Brillionaire Success eBooks, written to inspire readers to live and prosper from your passion. Jacqueline’s passion-to-profit combo is holistic (bodymind-spirit) wellbeing, coaching and internet marketing. She invites you to go on a journey with her and learn the real and sustainable ways to marry your passions with online strategies that work, to create your profitable lifestyle. Your free copy of Brillionaire Success—How to Live & Prosper from Your Passion can be downloaded at http://www.brillionaire.biz.

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Article Courage By Rebecca Zerbo

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AA rticle rticle A True Story...

From the Files of Second Chance Society

James was born in Massachusetts but his family moved to South Florida when he was 14. Shortly after they moved here, James started using drugs and continued to do so for 40 years. During this time, he usually managed to hold a job. For 23 years, he worked as a skilled Class A Auto Mechanic. He managed to accumulate a very large valuable set of tools. James’s addiction problems finally led him to being fired from his job. He looked for a job during the economic downturn and could not find one. He became very discouraged. To live, he started selling his tools for a fraction of what they were worth. Eventually there were no more tools and he lived on the streets for a while. He lost all hope and felt there was no future for him. Eventually, though, he woke up to the fact that he was on a one-way street and it was going the wrong way. He managed to get into one of the local

homeless shelters and determined to change his life. He started going to church and found his way back to God. After being at the shelter for several months, he started looking for a job. With his great experience working as an auto mechanic, he soon found a job. The only problem was he had to furnish his own tools and he had no money with which to buy them. The homeless shelter had housed him, fed him, and rehabilitated him, but it had no budget to help him with the tools that his new job required. Someone told James that Second Chance Society might help him. He and his case manager filled out an application and sent it to SCS. He was interviewed by one of the Volunteer Interviewers. He was recommended for help by the interviewer and it was approved by a member of the Governing Board. A Volunteer Shopper took him shopping for the basic tools of his trade. You should have seen

James when he took possession of the tools. He was so grateful! Second Chance followed up checking on James after one month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year and each time they found that he was still self-sufficient, still “clean”, and very happy with life again. Second Chance Society is a 50l©3 non-profit organization. Their latest audit shows that 90% of every dollar donated goes to help clients. This is made possible by the fact that most of the work is done by volunteers. ADDRESS: 1835 SE 4TH Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 PHONE: 954-763-5999 WEBSITE: www.secondchancesociety.org

Second Chance Society is a 501c3 charity which believes in giving a HAND-UP, not a

HAND-OUT. Its mission statement says its purpose is to help homeless and struggling men and women by providing moral encouragement and removing material barriers to selfsufficiency. From its inception in 2001, SCS has helped over 4500 men and/or women in their quest to get back to self-sufficiency. For more information about Second Chance Society, please visit our website at www.secondchancesociety.org.

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A rticle Feature From The Bleachers To The Broadcast Booth; A Triumph Over Adversity By Jonathan JDOGG Lederman - The Positive Broadcaster minutes to complete the race. The audience applauded when I was done and my teammates told me how great I did. I practiced and practiced, and by my senior year I was one of the top swimmers in the area.

It has not always been an easy road for me as I was diagnosed with a learning disability in the 4th grade and bullied most of my life. Throughout my formative years I had much adversity, as my parents divorced when I was 12 and I had all this pent up emotion. I turned to sports, despite not being that athletic. However, I had one thing, athleticism cannot take the place of…heart. I even won an award in middle school for sportsmanship and effort. I remember one day after cross country practice, entering the gym to see the words WIN WITH PRIDE, LOSE WITH DIGNITY. Those words have been a catalyst in my life, as they instilled in me the thought that as long as you give your best in all you do, you can hold your head high win or lose. I remember joining the swim team in high school because they didn’t cut anyone from the team. My first meet came and I was entered in the 500 yard freestyle. It took me almost 9



I left for Hofstra University in 1983. To say college was a challenge would be an understatement. In my first semester I was put on academic and disciplinary probation. This was the result of being lost and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Then one day, during my second semester of my freshman year, I was invited to help with The Special Olympics and I did. It was then that I heard the words, “Let me Win, But If I Can Not Win, Let Me Be Brave In The Attempt”. It was upon hearing those words that I realized my calling was to help other people excel. I joined The Screaming Dutchmen Booster Club and started attending The Hofstra Football Games. As I listened to the PA announcer I thought, “I could do that.” I was a marketing major at the time and didn’t pursue the idea of communications. I graduated from Hofstra in 1987 and quickly went to work in retail and became the top sales person for The Oaktree, Men’s Clothing Store. Something was missing. I would attend sporting events and think, “I can be the announcer.” Many told me I couldn’t do it. Then one day I was writing a story about Coach Lamont Carr, and there was a live microphone. I picked it up and made an announcement. Coach Carr heard me and asked if I could stay for the scrimmage and announce it. I said yes, and after the scrimmage Coach Carr asked me if I could announce the home games for The Palm Beach

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Imperials. I said yes and that began the journey from the bleachers to the broadcast booth.

It was in the determination to not give up and to take things in stride that I have been able to overcome and succeed. I have gone from the bleachers to the broadcast booth because I have not allowed the naysayers to negatively affect me. I am asked all the time, “JDOGG How Do You Stay So Positive?” My answer is when you have gone through the things that I have gone through; like being run over by a golf cart and nearly having my chest collapsed, to being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, to having some business people take advantage of me, you begin to realize how lucky you are to be alive.

I start my days know with the passage this is the day the lord hath made so be glad and rejoice in it. I now look for opportunities to spread a positive message and to help others overcome obstacles. In overcoming obstacles I have learned that GOD does not give you anything you cannot handle. I have

AFrticle eature developed the following strategies to help overcome obstacles: 1: Understand that you have obstacles 2: Write down the obstacles and a plan to overcome them 3: Work toward overcoming the obstacles by changing your mind set 4: Stop blaming others 5: Take the obstacle as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally You can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution when it comes to obstacles. One obstacle I run into in the work I do is rejection, and I have learned that not everyone will resonate with what I do. So I must remember some will, some won’t, some waiting, so what, NEXT. In using next and moving on and letting go, I have overcome many obstacles and went from the bleachers to the

broadcast booth. This quarter, face your obstacles head on and see what happens when you decide to overcome.

Jonathan JDOGG Lederman is known as The Positive Broadcaster. He hosts

an Internet Radio Show, Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman, heard on Monday at 7:00 PM EST on www. blogtalkradio.com/hrafnstongradio. He also hosts an Internet TV Show, the Anything Bucket, which airs on www. wrpbitv.com on Wednesday at 8:00 PM. JDOGG Believes that service to humanity is the best work of life. he has exemplified this belief by serving as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in The Philippines, volunteering with The Junior Chamber of Commerce and The American Cancer Society. JDOGG has been honored with A Governor’s Point of Light Award, The WRMF Hometown Hero Award, The U.S. Jaycees John H. Armbruster Memorial Award and The American Cancer Society Hope Award, He maintains blogs at www.the-masterofceremony.com and www.the-spiritualawakening.com. He can be reached at 954-254-8227 or at rd1299@aol.com

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Library of academic, fitness, and dance activities

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A rticle Feature Stop Being a Prisoner of Your Beliefs By Richard Moss M.D.

All of us have thousands of thoughts every day. Observe these thoughts you will see that most of them are judgments of yourself, a situation, or others. The problem is that if you believe they are true each one arouses a stressful sensation or emotion in you. For example, the thought, “My partner doesn’t love me,” may instantly make you angry or sad. If you think, “I won’t have enough money for my old age,” immediately your brain tells your body you are unsafe. Becoming the prisoner of your beliefs about yourself, others, or the situation is the source of all emotional suffering. The hardest beliefs of all to free ourselves from are those that we have internalized as children. Maybe you interpreted your parent’s behaviors to mean that you weren’t lovable, or that you were too much, or not enough. For the rest of your life, subconsciously, you will anticipate that if you are truly authentic, you will be rejected. As a child we learned to protect ourselves from the fear of abandonment or judgment by becoming a pleaser, withdrawing into ourselves, or rebelling. These childhood defense mechanisms protected us then, but if we still employ them as adults they cut us off from intimacy in our lives. They doom



us to the very suffering they were originally meant to prevent. The reason we become emotionally stuck is that whenever we feel threatening feelings such as aloneness or powerlessness, rather than facing them consciously, we flee them as we did as children. Where, specifically, do we go? Into thinking! It is the stories we tell ourselves as we flee our fears which generate stressful emotions such as anger or self-pity. These emotions, as miserable as they are, are easier for most people to be with than the deeper fears. Habitually running from threatening feelings into reactive thinking generates a self-limiting emotional cycle that is a form of addiction as powerful as that which is caused by any drug. Indeed, mind-made suffering is what causes people to turn to alcohol and drugs in the first place. The good news is that we have a profound power in us that we can use to set ourselves free; it is the power of present-moment awareness which allows us to recognize our beliefs instead of identifying with them. It gives us the ability to feel our feelings, but not react to them as before. The first step to using the power

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of awareness is experiencing what it feels like to be in your body in the present moment free from the troubling emotions aroused by your thoughts. This is a highly alive state. Athletes, poets, dancers, know this as the state of flow. We have all touched the fullness of flow, perhaps in lovemaking, or swooping down a ski slope. It is the state that arises in meditation when instead of holding onto thoughts or being captured by feelings, you let them pass though like clouds in the sky. In all contemplative and spiritual traditions the basic practice is to directly experience the contrast between how you feel when you are captured by your thinking and how you feel when you are simply present. For example, right now take five slow breaths. As you inhale focus precisely on the sensation of the air flowing through your nostrils and imagine that every cell in your body is filling with new aliveness. Then, as you exhale imagine your whole being expanding outward as if your body were as large as the universe – a limitless vastness. Immediately, thinking will momentarily recede and you become a little calmer. Repeating these five conscious breaths 50 times a day takes only a few minutes, but over time this simple practice can transform your life. You will have the choice whether to be captured by your thinking and collapse into the emotions those thoughts arouse in you or instead let yourself begin anew in that moment. You stop being the victim of what you are telling yourself and learn to flow with life. The most important moment in your life is right Now. Don’t stay in the habit of believing your thoughts. Use the power of your awareness to step back from negative thoughts, inhabit

AFrticle eature your body, and rest into the present moment. With consistent practice you can recognize the instant your thinking leads you out of the Now because emotional turmoil instantly starts. Enduring change does not happen without deep work. Through this work I have seen men and women become willing to be vulnerable instead of disguising their fears, thereby gaining the respect and trust of their spouses, friends, and co-workers. I have seen marriages healed and stalled careers flourish. Women who have never felt safe to express themselves fully, end abusive relationships and build dynamic lives. You stop being hijacked by financial worries and no longer need to fill yourself from the outside through compulsive consumerism. Life becomes much simpler and

happier. Nothing restores a sense of gratitude more than learning to free yourself from your own mind-made misery.

Richard Moss is the Maestro of “Deep Work.” He teaches people how to delve deeply into their inner core so they can achieve a life of “Radical Aliveness,” Unconditional Love, and Real Inner Peace. For 37 years, this globally renowned physicianturned-master healer, international

bestselling Hay House author, and workshop leader has been guiding people on profound journeys of selfinquiry and self-discovery that have transformed their relationship with themselves, with their loved ones and with the world. Moss’ work, outlined in two of his bestselling books Inside-Out Healing and the Mandala of Being, is centered in helping people achieve present moment awareness—and to clear away the beliefs, habits and thinking patterns that prevent them from living in a hyper-alive, joyful and loving state of being nearly all of the time. For more information and to learn about Richard’s October 3-6 Couples Workshop in Boulder CO, September 19-22 Three-Day Radical Aliveness Workshop in Moon Lake, NC and 10-day November 8-17 Radical Aliveness retreat in Ojai, CA, go to: www.richardmoss.com

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A rticle Feature Across The Frog Pit By Shannon Siegel

Obstacle courses are designed to push your limits mentally and physically. Some are made to be fun and others are used to further your abilities. The first obstacles as a child are often at Chuckie Cheese, or as I remember it, KidZone. Enormous structures made up of tunnels, ball pits, and rope ladders, were all garnished with a huge slide at the end. The slide at the end seemed to be a consolation prize for working your way through the maze. People grow up and they no longer fit in the tunnels at KidZone, although I know that I am not the only person that wishes they did. With age and progressing maturity that slide at the end of the course is no longer there to reward you. The first sleep away camp I attended consisted of twenty small tents with two bunk beds in each and a wooden floor. The camp was the most rustic camp that I attended, boasting campfires each night and acres of woods for activities. One of the last days of the week-long session, a group of about eight campers and two counselors took a walk to the “frog pit.” The stories of the “frog pit” were legendary at camp, mostly the ones of campers falling into the bright greencoated water. There was a rope that we held onto and swung across the pit, holding on to make it across the water. There was definitely no slide at the



end of that course. The consolation prize was keeping out of the dirty, frog inhabited pit. I did not believe that I would be able to swing across successfully, but when my turn came my adrenaline kicked in. Maybe the fear of what really may be under that top green coat or the fear of embarrassing myself in front of all my peers got me across. It was one moment in my life that I realized even if I had fallen in, I had at least given it a shot. One camper held onto the rope for just a few moments too long and his lower half became submerged into the water. I felt so bad for him, I wanted to go help him out of the water. I wanted to cry because I could only imagine the agony he must have been feeling, or the agony I thought he would be feeling. I looked at his face as the corners of his mouth slowly spread up and out until his face was overtaken with a huge smile. He dropped. Even his hair was in the water, and he laughed as he climbed out the side and started wiping slime off of his body.

the next attempt a little bit easier. As time goes on obstacles vary in importance, difficulty and in what they physically are. Many emotional obstacles become more prominent as you enter adulthood. The physical obstacles designed to push limits create a strength that you often do not acknowledge. Problem solving is part of the early achievements of overcoming obstacles. Mentally and physically your instincts will work you through a less than ideal situation. All of the might used to work through those situations stays with you forever and continues to grow. Over time some problems become easier to solve, but only because of the growth and power you have achieved from working through every different altercation.

That memory is imprinted in my brain when it comes to obstacles. There is no winning or losing in most obstacles. There is usually a preferred outcome. You could reach the sacred slide at KidZone or keep yourself out of the “frog pit” and away from the green slime, but if you did not you still took away the experience. I wouldn’t consider that boy falling into the “frog pit” as failing the obstacle course, rather I would consider his bravery and positive attitude through the experience as winning. Of course in most circumstances that would not be the outlook, but for children that are facing the earlier obstacles in life, I see it that way. Each tumble will make

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Shannon Siegel is a writing major in her Senior year at The University of Tampa. She has always been passionate about writing, photography and animals. Originally from Washington D.C., she moved to Tampa to follow her dreams of attending college. To contact Shannon you can email her at Shannon. Siegel@spartans.ut.edu

AFrticle eature

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A rticle Feature Mindfully Removing Roadblocks along the Path to Success By Tamar Lucien

my mind when I saw the video for the first time I almost got to the point of scrapping the idea all together! After my miniature panic attack I realized my reason for doubt was because I had placed such high expectations on the video. I recalled an article that talked about the psychological stresses most entrepreneurs face in the early stages of building their company. It takes a strong mental ability and courage to KEEP GOING past the obstacles created by the mind. It requires daily renewing to continue to press forward. Once I had a moment of reflection on that article I immediately begin to meditate to silence my worry and doubts. Things always move much faster in my head than they do in real life, especially when working out the details of my startup company. I find myself often praying or in meditation to slow down my mind and remind myself that this is truly a journey not a race. Despite the hiccups, external circumstances, and eccentric working hours, I feel the battle starts and ends in my mind. Take last week for example; I was second-guessing the concept for my marketing video. The inspiration for my company began over a year ago, and I have spent months mulling over every feature of my website. The video is the first tangible representation of the concept in my head; therefore it had to be just perfect. Entrepreneurs have a strong affinity for the things we create, but sometimes once our creation is passed into the hands of others or is finally released to the public we have a brief moment of doubt. We are haunted by questions such as “will this work?” or “will people like it?” As these thoughts flooded



The most effective way to remove roadblocks is to begin to become aware of when you’re approaching them. When you feel them on your radar, step back from whatever it is you’re doing and pause. Breathe. Ask yourself, what exactly is causing me to feel this way? By taking immediate action you’ll be better able to avoid the hazards of selfdoubt and negativity. Giving yourself a little pep talk helps too! Once I felt mentally focused again I revisited the task of editing the video and did exactly the opposite of what my mind was trying to tell me not to do. I let other people see and emailed out the unedited version and welcomed the critics. Then I walked away from my computer, went to lunch, and allowed my mind to relax while everyone replied back. Later that evening I read the reviews and was extremely excited about all the positive feedback and constructive criticism. I gathered everyone’s opinions and sent it off to the producers for the final production.

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The biggest obstacles are not things that exist in the world or our circumstances; they’re not a lack of resources, or even errors we make. The biggest obstacles are most often our own thoughts, self-doubt, and negativity. We allow ourselves to stand in our own way. The roadblocks to success truly begin and end in the mind. I’m reminded of a quote by Marianne Williamson; our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.”

Tamar Lucien is the CEO and Founder of CanUStart2Day, a revolutionary staffing movement that combines the concept of traditional job boards and recruiting techniques into one online cloud-based technology. Connect with Tamar on LinkedIn or follow her journey on Facebook and Twitter @ CanUStart2Day.

AFrticle eature

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A rticle Feature Finding the Gifts in Adversity By Wendy Steele

When I was a young girl, I believed that each of us got an equal allotment of heartache portioned out over our lifetimes. Some of us got our challenges earlier in life than others; but in the end, there was a divine scale keeping all of the hurt “even” so that no one was given too much or too little pain. This logic provided much needed comfort as I struggled through my sometimes painful youth. Born the middle of three girls to an alcoholic mother who suffered from depression and deep feelings of insecurity, I idolized my loving but often absent father who frequently traveled for his work. I was 14 when my mother succumbed to her addiction and depression and took her own life. With my older sister off at school and my little sister only 10, I accepted responsibility early and grew up fast. Not even the passage of time can soften some of the painful memories of a lonely young girl longing for the kind of “normal” family I saw reflected in my friends’ homes. It was hard. But,



as difficult as things were, I gained valuable skills through these tender times. Facing adversity at a young age also brought me tremendous gifts. While I lacked a mother, my relationship with my father and my grandparents grew stronger and closer. When I needed a “mom” to buy my first dress for a dance or talk about my life, I had an assortment of wonderful, kind and caring surrogate moms who stepped in to help me (and my dad) navigate adolescence. These moms filled the gaps and provided more support than they may ever fully realize. I was blessed by an assortment of moms to fill a variety of roles and they all showed great love and compassion as they filled a large empty hole in my life. My situation demanded that I gain independence and self-confidence. I simply didn’t have the luxury of a doting parent holding my hand through homework assignments and everyday challenges. I needed to handle them myself and then help my younger sister along. I took my position of “role model” and mentor very seriously,

Fall/Winter 2013 - Kandee G Enterprises

ever careful to set a good example for her to follow. I attended her parentteacher conferences and helped her with homework. These skills, along with a deep empathy for others are attributes I still credit to the adversity of my early days. Personally, these life skills have served me well. I am not sure who I would be without the gifts brought with the adversity of my childhood. It turns out, other people credit the tough times in their lives as the courier of unintended benefits. In his book, The Gift of Adversity, New York Times-bestselling author, Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D. describes “The unexpected benefits of life’s difficulties, setbacks and imperfections” through story telling. The book chronicles a variety of situations involving personal struggle and hardship that brought with them unexpected insights and gifts; arguing that adversity is the best teacher most of us will ever encounter. Rosenthal makes a compelling point. When my own children were young, they found themselves falling behind

AFrticle eature their classmates in reading and writing. We were devastated to learn they had a learning disability. The resulting testing and tutors brought no small amount of angst to parent and child as we wondered whether they could “catch up” to their peers. Of course they did catch up. In the process of the “diagnosis and treatment” of their disability, we all gained valuable insight into their unique learning styles. We had a greater understanding of how they learn best and how to help them. Most of all, each of my children learned much more valuable life skills in the process: they learned about hard work and trying your best. They learned how to advocate for themselves, to ask for help and to appreciate differences. They redefined success in school and so did I. The gifts were many - if

we can only recognize them. Although I realize now that pain is not doled out evenly among each of us and measured on a grand scale weighing out the hurts and the suffering, I no longer worry about keeping score. Some will surely suffer more than others. As I reflect on these “valleys” in my life and in those I love, I realize that perhaps the gift is in the valleys, in the darkness. That it is through those challenging times that we receive the greatest gifts and the greatest growth. For without the darkness, how can we appreciate the light? Without the valleys, how will we know the mountain tops? For me, it’s all a blessing. I remain grateful beyond measure for the many gifts to be found in adversity.

Wendy Steele is an accomplished innovator, philanthropist and motivational speaker focused on increasing philanthropy by creating a culture of generosity. She is the founder of Impact 100, a pass-through foundation bringing transformational grants through collective giving to communities around the globe. wsteele@EverybodyGives.org; http:// www.linkedin.com/in/wendysteele/

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A rticle Feature

THE POVERELLO CENTER’S ANNUAL HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE TO FEED SOUTH FLORIDA FAMILIES IN NEED WILTON MANORS, FL (October 15, 2013) – The Poverello Center, which has been providing life-saving food and basic living essentials to Broward County individuals and families affected by HIV/ AIDS for more than 25 years, is seeking community support for its annual Hunger Fighter Holiday Food Drive. The goal for this year’s drive is to provide 2,000 delicious holiday meals. For a minimum donation of $15 someone can give thanks and provide a traditional meal for a local family in need. Over the past few years The Poverello Center has conducted successful holiday food drives, offering turkeys, stuffing, cranberries and other delicious side items as part of a proper and nutritious holiday meal. While it would cost a family approximately $35 for



this meal, The Poverello Center is able to provide these meals for significantly less – at around $15 each. “Many individuals live alone or don’t have anywhere to go for the holidays,” said Thomas Smith, The Poverello Center’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are committed to brightening their season with a joyful and nutritious meal and encourage others to help us feed one or more families by making a donation. We are grateful to our generous supporters who recognize that we need their help now more than ever.” Your gift comes at a critical time. A ground-breaking study published in the San Francisco Chronicle has shown that inadequate access to nutritious food is associated with increased hospitalization and

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emergency room visits among HIV-positive individuals. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia recently published their statistics affirming that Broward County leads the nation in newly diagnosed HIV cases. Furthermore, one out of every six newly diagnosed households in Broward County will go to bed hungry this evening. Become a Hunger Fighter. Donate generously to The Poverello Center’s Holiday Food Drive. To make a donation or for more information about The Poverello Center, call (954) 561-3663 or visit www.poverello.org. CONTACT: Ron Wudarsky at (954) 561-3663 or email at rwudarsky@poverello.org

AFrticle eature

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Article How to Awaken the Zentrepreneur in You; 4 Steps to Manifest Fearlessness and Peak Productivity in Your Work and Relationships By John J. Murphy Whatever it is we do, whether we run a household, our own business, or work for a company, there is a “zentrepreneur” within us all…a soul seeking release and a creative idea seeking expression and manifestation. This is the heart and soul of our being our human being! It is our innate desire to grow, to explore, and to be creative. Zentrepreneurs know this as nirvana, here and now, heaven on earth. We know that we are meant to be free and flow fearlessly. We came to this earth to express ourselves, to interact with one another, to learn, and to make this world a better place. Yet many souls have become trapped - imprisoned by fear and doubt and insecurity. Rather than embrace change and uncertainty with poise and confidence, the timid allow it to hold them back. Indeed, we can be our own enemy. We can get in our own way. The secret to getting past this fear is in tapping our inner zentreprenuer and applying four fundamental steps to inspiration and success - the ring of peace. The first step to freedom is “Let Be.” Zentrepreneurs know that we cannot change what already exists. We have to accept it - like it or not. We have to learn from it. Why? Because it already is. It happened. This includes people, problems, circumstances, weather, long lines, slow computers, traffic, difficult bosses, and painful losses. There is no value in complaining about it or getting upset. There is no undoing it. There is no wisdom in letting it bring us down. Stress only makes things worse. The Law of Attraction delivers



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to us manifestations that match our emotional vibration. Complaining, stressing and being anxious only call more into our lives to complain and stress about. How wise is that? The sage zentrepreneur within us offers us an alternative - the capacity to transcend these emotional temptations. We just have to recognize them when we see them and avoid the trap. Rather than becoming anxious and fearful, we can choose to think differently. We can learn to see what “is” as simply a blessing in disguise, a lesson to be learned. For example, the people who challenge us or annoy us most might be among our greatest teachers. They give us an opportunity to learn patience, wisdom and spiritual presence. The second step in the Ring of Peace is “Let Go.” Rather than resist what is, we accept it, feel it, examine it, learn from it, and then let it go. Resistance only makes that which we are resisting stronger. Why strengthen the enemy? Push back invites push back. Force meets force. Try dancing with the problem instead. Embrace it and then let it go. Admit there is a problem and then release it. Denial will get you nowhere. Rationalization and defensiveness obstruct flow and attach you to the problem. Learn to let it go. There are many proven techniques to assist with this, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Meditation, TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises), yoga, tai chi, and healing sounds. Identify and choose a practice that resonates with you - and then practice it! The only obstacle to releasing fears, phobias and limiting beliefs is you!

When we accept what is and learn to let go of any emotional distress drawing destructive drama into our lives, we experience step three: “Let See.” This step involves a shift in our perception. We see the world very differently. The people who used to annoy us now appear differently. We feel compassion for them. We recognize their suffering or ignorance. We forgive them “for they know not what they do.” We offer a helping hand. We reach out from a higher place - a higher frequency and vibration - knowing that this is really the only way we can be of any true assistance. Misery may love company, but zentrepreneurs know that this match in frequencies does not solve problems. It compounds them. The only way to really help someone in pain is to help them change the channel and see things differently.

This powerful inner peace then reveals itself to the rest of the world as “good ideas” resulting in positive changes. We make the world a better place. Have you awakened the zentrepreneur in you?

The fourth step in the Ring of Peace often results in experiencing a sense of awe and wonder. When we let be, let go, let see and experience “Let Flow,” it is as if we are living a dream come true. We are “in the zone” as some athletes like to put it. We experience a sense of fearlessness, timelessness and peak productivity. We make ourselves available to a much higher frequency of spiritual energy and we channel this into our work and relationships. We literally light up the room. People feel our presence. They are inspired by our energy - or zenergy!

About John J. Murphy A mystic of management and sensei of strategy, John J. Murphy has focused on teaching his corporate clients conscious business practices while improving their bottom lines for the past 30 years (GE, BMW, Target, Kraft, the CIA and currently ADP, to name a few). Murphy has drawn on his diverse experiences as a corporate director, Notre Dame Quarterback, spiritual mystic and management coach to author 15 books, including Sage Leadership and Beyond Doubt. He continues to counsel corporate America, yet with the upcoming release of his latest book, Zentrepreneur(Career Press, Set.23, 2013), he has taken to the streets as a national speaker at expos and seminars across the country to coach the zentrepreneur in all of us.For more information: www. venturemanagementconsultants.com

In return, we reap what we sow. By giving unto others, we are given more to give. We become an instrument of peace, a fountain of love, a beacon of light. By emptying our bowl, we receive more. We channel spiritual wisdom, sacred joy and emotional intelligence.

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