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From the Editor A Message from Kandee G The Butterfly Effect: a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the world forever. It’s really a powerful notion that one small action you take today, could change the life of others. It really makes me stop and think about my actions. What action can you take today that will make a difference tomorrow? This issue, we surround ourselves with some incredibly powerful inspirational stories of such change… one action at a time. Enjoy these articles written by wonderful people like Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Eric Pearl, Simon Pantin, Wendy Capland, Jim Phillips and so many more. I urge you to carve out some quiet time, and really focus on what you are reading. Take notes of how the articles inspire you to action. And then join me on Facebook and share your comments and thoughts with me. I’d love to know what great things you are doing. Don’t forget to check out the amazing ads and deals our contributors have for you as well. Happy reading!

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Contents Table of Contents Pg. 8 • 3 Steps to Heart-Based Living

By Ronna Prince

Pg. 10 • Horoscopes

By Jill Dahne

Pg. 12 • Start the New Year off with Your Next Bold Move

By Wendy Capland

Pg. 14 • It Takes a Village Today... To Account for Tomorrow By Michael Thorn

Pg. 16 • At Zero: The Quest for Miracles through Ho’oponopono By Joe Vitale

Pg. 18 • The Sexy, Seductive Side of LIFE On The Cover:

By Jim Phillips

The Teeny Weeny Crucial Step


Pg. 21 • From Birthday Announcements to Big Business

Nigel Anderson


Pg. 22 • Spread Your Wings - Scatter Joy

Live Event May 9th (See Page 33)

By Mateja Petje

Pg. 24 • Give Guilt The Finger



954-295-9932 6

By Tracey Osborne, Staff Writer

By Amanda Bush

Pg. 29 • To Change the World, Change Yourself By Sean Manley

Pg. 30 • ROM Study Announced Miami By Dr. Eric Pearl

Pg. 34 • Reaching Your Company’s Peak Performance By Tracey Osborne

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

Contents Pg. 37 • Our Actions Can Follow Us Through Decades Of Life By Hank Eder

Pg. 40 • Tean National Proudly Participates in the 15th Annual Chester’s Harley Davidson Bikers Bash


Pg. 42 • The Butterfly Effect


By Simon Pantin

Pg. 44 • Navigating Your Future Thoughts From The Wisdom Keepers To Help You Minimize Obstacles & Maximize Opportunities In This Brave New World By George Cappannelli

Pg. 48 • 2014: An Introspective Year


By Elizabeth Summers

Pg. 51 • A True Story...

By Second Chance Society

Pg. 52 • The Decision to be a Team By Shannon Siegel

Pg. 54 • The Teeny Weeny Crucial Step By Douglas Vermeeren

p.52 p.56

Pg. 56 • The Thin Line

By Doug Grady

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rticle FAeature

3 Steps to Heart-Based Living By Ronna Prince

Creator, Executive Producer, Songwriter of the New Film “Sacred Journey of the Heart”

distressing situations we see in our STEP 2: own lives, communities and on a global scale. The next step is to tune into the feelings behind these initial pearls So the question is: how do we really of heart-wisdom. “What is my heart embrace heart-based living and be telling me?” If you hear: “I’m afraid” or effective as leaders and decision “be careful”, that’s informing you that makers in these times of change? you need to spend some time allowing the associated emotional imprints to I believe we can do this by using a emerge. We do that by feeling whatever heart-based approach which has been is there and accepting the feeling no distilled down to 3 simple steps: Dive matter what it is: Fear, anger, sadness, In, Tune In, and Lighten up. It really is depression, happiness, joy. Tune into it, a simple process. It starts with a choice and allow it to move and flow. to go into the heart-based feelings and explore what is there. If you can’t or won’t do that, I’ve found that you’re putting a veneer over the truth of your existence. Mastering our emotions through the heart is the key to this time of intense transition. When we check into our hearts, we tend to make wiser DIVE in, TUNE in, LIGHTEN up! and more compassionate choices. And with that, live more peaceful and It seems that now we are inundated connected lives. with messages about living in the heart. It’s the latest catch-phrase. But really, STEP 1: As we allow ourselves to tune into what does it all mean? It means living in these emotional states, we move the balance with emotions and thoughts. It The first step is to have the willingness energy. When energy moves, there means allowing one’s heart to lead the to dive in to the emotions locked inside is room for heart-wisdom to emerge. way in decision making and actions. the heart. This does not mean re- Tuning in to the heart is what takes It does not mean letting unchecked experiencing the traumas of the past. practice, because we’re used to turning feelings rule your life. But it also means, Rather it is to acknowledge that your to the mind to find our answers. But the not letting unexpressed feelings limit heart had to shut down in the past as a truth is, our hearts know. Our minds will your interaction and connection with way of dealing with the hurts all humans rationalize or justify. But the authentic others. experience to one extent or another. In tuned-in feelings of our hearts, will diving in to the heart (step 1), we are always lead us to compassionate and Most of us have been brought up to really just allowing the awareness of wise choices. be logical and rational. To hide our feelings and emotions to surface. In this emotions and just “get over it”. The step, we dive in to touch what’s been The final step in this 3 part formula is: problem with this is that we really locked inside. We follow the breath Lighten up! This is an essential part of can’t solve today’s problems that were into our hearts and listen. We can ask the 3 step process. It means that after created by analytical and mind-based “what’s in my heart?” Usually it’s a two we do some intense emotional healing, approaches. I’m convinced that the or three word message that bubbles we consciously choose to relax, enjoy analytical approach is what got us to up, like: “I’m afraid”, or “be careful”, or and embrace the gifts in life. At first, we where we are today, in many of the “go for it!” have to really focus on this and make


Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

Aeature rticle F it a priority. Because in dealing with emotions, we can easily get stuck in a state of perpetual healing and forget to enjoy each day. So in this final step, we commit to looking around us and seeing beauty and joy, even if it’s just a small thing, like a flower or a bird’s song or the smile of a loved one. Living in the heart is a balanced place, and in that balance, we make room for more joy and peace, not by ignoring, but by embracing the wisdom of the heart.

For more information or to see the trailer, go to

Ronna Prince is the filmmaker behind the new extraordinary new film “Sacred Journey of the Heart.” An Official Selection at the LA Femme Film Festival and featured at Sedona International and Awareness Fest Film Festivals, “Sacred Journey of the Heart” is a powerful and inspiring documentary that traces the role of the heart in connecting us to our higher selves, our spiritual essence, each other, the planet and the cosmic

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

design. The heart is the single organ that not only creates a unified field among all people, but also creates a harmonic field with the earth itself. The compelling film reveals how modern science is proving what ancient peoples have known all along: we are all connected - and that connection is the human heart. Featuring such luminaries and bestselling authors as Greg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Mary Morrissey, Colin Tipping, Sarah McLean, plus Dr. Rollin McCraty and Dr. Deborah Rozman of HeartMath, along with an array of other spiritual leaders, indigenous elders, and scientists, the film is designed to give people new tools to achieve a state of “heart centered balance,” so they can create a peaceful state of connection in their own lives.


rticleAmerica`s Most Amazing Psychic Presents JillADahne A Culinary Treasure and New Kandee G Favorite continued...

* YOUR STARS * For The Month of April, Including my Prediction to buy stock in MJNA & STEM..

AQUARIUS - 1-21 - 2 /19 Reflect on every step you are willing to take regarding business negotiations that involve a lot of money. Don`t move or act until you completely wait out all the pros and cons. Dedicate more time to family and the people that are dependent on you. Your horizons expand especially with regards to foreign and exotic. A lot of people are listening to you and putting into practice your wise advice.

PISCES - 2/20-3/20 Don`t say no to that special invitation if you are single and are looking for love You have committed to change and you will adapt easily through all of it. Any job offers you receive must be studied carefully as they can contain many good and interesting things for you. The repairs you have been waiting to fix in the house for so long is pretty much the time to do now. Eat healthy this month for your circulation flow, to flow more easily especially in your legs.

ARIES - 3/21/-4/20 Deal with the right kind of people be it anyone. Don`t get yourself involved into unnecessary situations. Use your common sense to avoid embarressing situations. Try not to add more responsibility. to your work, manage whatever is given to you. Take a break from the daily routine to break this stress level. Romance will be at a peak this month. You will express feelings to people you love. Take care of your headaches.

TAURUS - 4/21-5/21 Share secrets with some old friends this month. Do not enter any debate or have one with anyone. Take a break from your work and go to a ballgame with family or friends. Indulge yourself in a sporting activity. A.good month to work and play with others. Put your ideas across and taste the fruit of success. Your communication skills can land you a good job this month. Listen to advice given by elders.

GEMINI - 5/22-6/21 Family atmosphere will be peaceful and you will enjoy your family company. You will be very imaginative and very productive in your work. Creative activity will flow in you and you will give the best results. You will also feel like taking an adventurous trip with your close friends. You may have to travel out of town for some presentation work.All who admire you will help you in every way. Time to get your eyes checked this month.

CANCER 6/22 - 7/22 It`s time to change your way of thinking on a certain matter as it could well be blocking positive energies from entering your life. Do area assessments if something in your life is outdated - let it go. and move on. If your thoughts are on the long term future take a small success or a recent achievement as a sign of where you should be heading. It says your on the right track.


Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

Article rticle A LEO - 7/23-8/21 Don`t take any unnecessary. risks where money is concerned. Now take one step at a time and apply common sense. If you had a break from socializing now is the perfect time for a comeback. Being a great healer and a helper you may be called upon this month to help a friend in need. On the work scene try to keep your head when others are losing theirs. Whatever has everyone in a spin will be sorted out.

VIRGO - 8/22-9/23 All of your decision making gets a green light. Don`t fight your feelings they are trying to tell you something. Keeping a loved one happy is featured. Sharing a meal with a stranger will generate a new long lasting friendship. A long distance call may lead to a visit or a long journey. Watch for exposure to virus like elements. Whatever you do don`t antagonize a teacher you will regret it later. This month is for relaxation. This is the time to exercise to bring your blood pressure down.

LIBRA - 9/24-10/23 Refuse to give into someone playing an unfair game. You have a strong ability of earning money. It`s good to be organized but don`t lock your life in every minute of the day that you cannot allow a few small changes. You always get the wrong information which can influence your right judgement. You can work your way into a cushy position by talking seriously about your skills. Consider a partnership this month, Mercury retrograde has gone direct.

SCORPIO - 10/24-11/22 If there are some changes or an adjustment happening at your place of work then maybe people really only need to be involved on a need to know basis, especially if its a confidential matter. You will be very interested in the high grade things - even visit some art show. Set up meetings and you will be able to put some of the projects you are working on to rest before the month is over. Your intuition is at a high.

SAGITTARIUS - 11/21-12/22 You may question your motive when it comes to your personal life . If you`re watching your money right now then think twice about spending valuable cash on something that you may not want or need in a week or two. Once you are on the same page it will be much easier to establish a working relationship even if working in a team environment. When the boss wants something done, this is the time to treat it as a priority .

CAPRICORN - 12/23-1/20 If you`re going shopping over the next few weeks, make a shopping list and stick to it. Right now it is easy to drain the bank account by making purchases that you probably don`t really need. You pretend to hear some suggestion. A problem with someone you care for will cause you to question whether to move on or to try harder. One minute you can be without love and another cupid is making music with your heartstrings.This is the time to let go of anyone that has been negative in your life. 954-964-3541 twitter@jilldahne Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises


Article Start the New Year off with Your Next Bold Move By Wendy Capland

discovered is that the key to this success, was letting my heart and soul guide me instead of using the “logical-ness “of my mind and learning how to become a better version of myself instead of trying to be more like everyone else. I created nine straight forward steps to encourage and guide women, like you and I, to step confidently into our next bold move, whether it be on a professional or personal playing field.

You feel it, don’t you? The yearning to achieve something that seems so much bigger than you are. The desire to answer your soul’s call for purpose and fulfillment. Can you feel it coming? It’s the bold move that will undoubtedly change your life in the best ways possible. We’ve all experienced the sensation of standing at the edge of something big….VERY BIG! The first step is recognizing that you are enough and that because you are enough, you have all the power you need to manifest and express your full potential. But how do you figure out what it is you truly want? My journey began when I woke up one day feeling dissatisfied and unsure of what I wanted and what my life was supposed to be. On the outside, I had it all; a supportive husband, loving children, and a successful business under my belt. Everything was fine, but suddenly fine wasn’t good enough anymore, and I couldn’t figure out why. All I knew is that something inside shifted, and I


was craving more. And so my search began, in quiet reflection, in talking with my coach, and in long talks with my girlfriends over a cup of tea. I started to really listen to the things coming out of my mouth. I would hear myself say something and think “Hmmm…this is actually really important to me?” or, “Wow, why is my self talk so negative?” These slow-trickling realizations helped me realize that the woman I wanted to be, the things I wanted to accomplish, and the life I wanted to live have been here all along waiting for me to wake up and do something about it. The real changes began happening when I started using my gifts and talents in new ways, loving myself and believing that I was good enough. Suddenly, the path I was walking was much brighter and I couldn’t help but feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Had I found the secret to true, fulfilling and purposeful success? What I

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

Check Your Inner State First and foremost, check your inner state. You need to be able to recognize what is calling you forward before you can listen to it and determine the appropriate action. Ask your heart to finish the following sentences: “I feel _____ about my life right now.” (Happy, satisfied, out of sorts, confused, etc.) “The area of my life that I want to be different is______.” Try journaling about the experience that is causing your dissatisfaction. Awaken the voice inside you that is trying to get out. The more attention you give to trying to hear this voice, the louder it will speak to you. Give Yourself a Time-Out Next, give yourself a time-out! It is critically important to allow your heart and your mind a quiet opportunity to speak to each other. One of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself is a few moments of guilt-free peace. Our brains sort through our greatest life challenges when we are at rest or play, so give your mind a vacation; it will serve you up tremendous information and inspiration to take action on.

Aeature rticle F Listen UP to Your Intuition Once your inner voice is awake and you have allowed yourself a quiet moment to hear her, it’s time to listen. What idea keeps floating around in your mind? Is there something that you feel in your gut over and over again? This is your intuition trying to tell you something. Recognizing the interference of your intuition takes practice. Test and evaluate the results of your intuition without fear of right and wrong. Just listen and see what happens. After a while, you will start to trust what your voice is telling you. Prepare for the Game Preparing for the game is the 4th step in making your next bold move. Preparing for the game means taking great care of your body, mind and spirit. Like an Olympic athlete, preparing yourself to play the game physically, emotionally and spiritually are critical to the results you will create. A body overstressed and overworked won’t be likely to create anything except for burnout and chaos! Physically, it is important to honor your body and provide it with the fuel to keep you moving. Preparing your mind for the game consists of learning and growth with regards to your passion. Knowledge is power and provides confidence for your journey. Preparing your spirit involves anything that brings you peace: meditation, a good book, a walk in the woods, etc. Get Clear About What You Want Next, you need to get clear about what you want. Learning to listen deeply and trust your inner guidance is paramount in getting crystal clear about what your true desires are. Bringing those desires to fruition is made possible by harnessing a balanced approach to masculine and feminine energy. Ask your analytical mind if it likes the idea (masculine) and then ask your heart if it feels right (feminine).

Surround Yourself with Extreme Support Step 6 is to surround yourself with those people you want close to you through this process. Make a list of your biggest personal and professional supporters and designate someone who might be a good coach/mentor for you to move you through your next bold move. Women are often better at supporting others than allowing others to support us. Get used to asking for support and surrounding yourself with cheerleaders versus with all the people that need care and tending for a change. Gather in Purposeful Community Along with extreme supporters, you will also need to gather a purposeful community - collecting a group of like - minded people who will be there to encourage you and share with you the same focus, passion or vision. These people could be essential to moving you forward and supporting you in a way that personal supporters cannot. Generate some S.T.E.A.M. Now comes the fun part; it’s time to generate some STEAM! STEAM is an acronym for an active process that will propel you forward and turn your vision into a realityStep into action, Tweak what’s not working, Execute and experiment, Act again, Measure your results each step along the way. Dance and Weave The final step to achieving your next bold move is to dance through the steps easily and weave your masculine and feminine energy together so that your journey is fun and fulfilling. The most important concept I want you walk away with is that you can achieve absolutely ANY goal you set for yourself. You simply need to

acknowledge your power, get clear about what your intuition wants you to accomplish, and make it happen! There is nothing else standing in your way, and you have nothing to lose. It’s okay to be afraid and unsure of how it will all play out. If your heart is calling for it and your head thinks it’s a pretty good idea too, then you really have no choice but to take action. And, if your goal changes somewhere along the way, that’s okay too! Simply starting out on this journey could lead you to opportunities that were beyond your wildest dreams. So ladies, start the New Year off with Your Next Bold Move and watch your life fall magnificently into place!

Wendy Capland is an award winning executive and one of the top women leaders in the field of transformational leadership development. For more than 20 years, Wendy Capland has helped organizations and individuals, Fortune 100 executives and entrepreneurs alike, build leadership skills through Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, and Team Facilitation. She is the author of Your Next Bold Move for Women: 9 Proven Steps to Everything You Ever Wanted.

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises


Aeature rticle F It Takes a Village Today... to Account for Tomorrow By Michael Thorn

break, every step you take… “ This is where the ‘butterfly effect’ really begins to take effect. There is probably no immediate reaction by a child to each and every action we take today or tomorrow, but the cumulative effect of the fluttering of butterfly wings, as represented by countless observations of tiny acts on our parts, becomes the adhesion that holds together the larger personal foundation that is being built by the diverse influences and forces on a child’s life.

Are you prepared to take responsibility for events that will occur five, ten, or even twenty years in the future … for events that may occur next door or thousands of miles away? Are you prepared to recognize and be accountable for even the smallest of your actions? There are detailed and comprehensive courses on education and training for almost every vocation one can imagine … except for the crucial task of raising children. There are, to be sure, numerous books and discussions on YouTube on the topic, but they cannot begin to cover all of the unforeseen events that can, and will, occur during the timespan in which children develop and form a view of themselves and the world. The possibilities, eventualities, and consequences are endless. That is why consistency and modeling are so important. You really cannot plan for every possible action and reaction that will be required during a child’s growth. But, you can develop the underlying foundation on which that child will observe and learn life’s lessons. The term ‘foundation’ may


bring to mind massive structures and the intricate arrangements of building blocks, and that is certainly a true perspective. This is what is shown, discussed, and learned in schools, churches, playgrounds, and families. But, foundations can deteriorate over time. What holds them together are the myriad little bonds of adhesion that are not seen in, but nonetheless crucial to, the life of an organization, network … or children’s value systems – the core of their personal foundation. Children learn and hone a personal value system through numerous sources and stimuli, but none are as strong as what they learn from observing parents, siblings, and others with whom they come in contact. These observations need not be based on major events. Small, everyday events – like the fluttering of butterfly wings – accumulate over time to forge a lasting value system … a foundation for life. Make no mistake – a child is watching you (actually, all of us) all of the time. As The Police sang in Every Breath You Take, children are observing, “Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

Consider the small act of paying attention to a child or perhaps the act of being a Good Samaritan. There is, quite likely, no immediate or significant reaction by the child, but deeds such as these are logged in his/her psyche, ready for refinement and use at a later date, different place, and with a potentially greater scope. Butterfly flutters such as these may combine with others of a similar nature and be the basis of activities many years down the road. The direct connection between a small act observed today or tomorrow may not be readily visible as a cause of an action years in the future, but they represent the invisible, but crucial, bonds that bind together the key elements of the child’s personal foundation and value system. Conversely, observations of cruelty, intended or not, can have the same delayed impact, although of a less desirable nature. As you read this, you may think that you are not involved because you do not have children. But, if you are a teacher, neighbor, relative … or just a person … you have the opportunity, intended or not, to be a butterfly with fluttering wings through your daily actions, large or small. Think about it – do you realize the future impact of your current actions? Are you ready

Article of life for future generations. Are you willing and ready to be accountable for how that future unfolds through your butterfly flutters of today?

Michael E. Thorn Boca Raton, FL to admit your responsibilities for them? As the old African proverb states (and quoted by Hillary Clinton), it really does take a village to raise a child. The countless small observations made today by children everywhere will determine the basis for the quality

Following a career in the Air Force, Michael E. Thorn is a frequent speaker at national conferences and is actively involved with the planning and execution of TEDx Events. He teaches for major universities and is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), Six Sigma Black Belt, and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises


Feature At Zero By Joe Vitale

Excerpted from At Zero: The Quest for Miracles through Ho’oponopono Ho’oponopono -- Housecleaning for the Soul at Zero.

In Zero Limits, bestselling author Joe Vitale revealed the secret of the Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono, which instantly clears those unconscious programs, even if we don’t know what they are! In his new book, At Zero: The Quest for Miracles Through Ho’oponopono (Wiley), Vitale takes us the rest of the way--showing how we can realize our infinite potential and even experience enlightenment with new advanced techniques of Ho’oponopono. This is an excerpt from At Zero.

You can say them in any order. I say them nonstop in my mind while feeling The world is made up of data, and it’s the problem as I perceive it. And I say that data that needs to be cleaned. But them to the Divine. we can only perceive all that data from within. In other words, there’s nothing 3. You can use other cleaning methods. out there. It’s all inside you. That’s For example, my mentor Dr. Hew Len where you experience problems-and explained blue solar water and how it that’s where the cleaning needs to be could help us: “Take a blue glass, any done. color blue, and pour regular tap water into it. Put the bottle in the sunlight or But what is the right way to clean? under a light bulb (not fluorescent light) If cleaning is the number one most for 15 to 60 minutes. It will solarize the important thing to do and the core of water. You can add it to your drinking the entire Zero Limits process, how do water, or any way that you use water. you do it accurately? It’s wonderful if you have pets, and in any cooking you do. I love to put it in Although there’s no one right way to my laundry. I even spray my car’s tires clean, I’ve found these five ideas work before I go on a trip. Blue solar water well for me and for others who’ve is a cleaning tool. Drink it or use it any followed them: way that you’re using water.” 1. Notice something wrong. This can be triggered by a thought, another person, an event, or anything else. This is the stimulus. Before Zero Limits, you notice a problem you consider out there. After Zero Limits, you realize the problem is inside. No one can make you mad or upset; you do that inside yourself from what you perceive outside yourself. Whatever the case, the first step is to notice you don’t feel good. You’re angry, upset, worried, scared, or any other of a wide range of emotions and feelings that could be labeled as unhappy.

After practicing Ho’oponopono for almost 10 years, it’s clear to me that the Hawaiians have a wonderful tool for clearing the data so that we can hear that still, small voice within, whether we call it God, the Divine, or Nature... As you practice Ho’oponopono, you clear the data in your sub-conscious (Unihipili), which frees you to hear the path the Divine has waiting for you. The more you clear the lower self of its programming, the more your higher 2. Start to clean on the feeling. It’s not self (Aumakua) can guide your way. about cleaning on the other person, ... the thought, the situation, or anything out there. Again, the problem is inside. The more you clean, the more you I’m the one aware of a problem. I’m the receive inspiration from the Devine. one who has to clean it. Saying, “I love The only thing to clean is what you feel you,” “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” inside. The only goal is freedom-to be and, “Thank you,” is the way to clean.


Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

4. Let go until prompted to take inspired action. Dr. Hew Len once told me that he cleans on a decision three times. If the answer is the same after those cleanings, he takes action on it. This means that if I get an impulse to do something to resolve the perceived problem, I might clean on it three times before I actually take any action. This is a way to ensure the action is coming from inspiration and not memory. 5. Repeat. Everyone wants a shortcut to cleaning and reaching Zero. I do, too. But that very impatience needs cleaning. Wanting something right now is memory playing out, urging us to get instant gratification. It’s data. The Divine has no time and no urgency. Wanting things to unfold faster than they unfold is a wonderful opportunity to clean. I keep cleaning because it makes me

Feature feel lighter, happier, and healthier. It’s a fast-track way for me to remove the data in my being so that I can get closer to the Divine. It’s also easy, effortless, and free. There is more insight into how to make Ho’oponopono work for you, in Joe Vitale’s new book At Zero: The Quest for Miracles through Ho’oponopono, the sequel to his international bestseller, Zero Limits.

Excerpted with permission of the publisher, Wiley, from At Zero: The Final Secrets to “Zero Limits” The Quest for Miracles Through Ho’oponopono by Joe Vitale. Copyright (c) 2014 by Joe Vitale. All rights reserved. This book is available at all bookstores and online booksellers.

Chef of Distinction

Joe Vitale is the author of At Zero: The Quest for Miracles through Ho’oponoponoand Zero Limits, The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More. He is a,globally respected bestselling author, speaker, musician, healer, and star of such blockbuster films as The Secret. Dr. Vitale is an authentic practitioner of modern Ho’oponopono, a certified Reiki healer, certified Chi Kung practitioner, certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified NLP practitioner, ordained minister, and holds a doctorate in metaphysical science. He has written more than 50 life-changing books, including The Attractor Factor and Life’s Missing Instruction Manual. For more on At Zero and Ho’oponopono, go to

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Feature The Sexy, Seductive Side of LIFE By Jim Phillips

towards you? LIFE is an attracting energy, meaning that when someone is living from their heart, their true Self, their core essence, they are being authentic. We are attracted to this authenticity. We innately know that what we see in someone living in full expression is a demonstration of who we are. We might not know it or recognize it in the moment, but we are drawn toward it.

We might not think of life as being sexy or seductive when we think of life as the cumulative events that occur around the world and within our individual lives. Especially, when we see or experience those that are challenging or difficult.

of life, even those things that we label as bad, challenging or difficult. Living in full expression is the knowing that all of life’s events are created for the purpose of our truest, fullest experience and expression of Self.

However, life is sexy and seductive when the word LIFE is used as the acronym for Living In Full Expression. LIFE is being, creating, experiencing and expressing the grandest version of one’s Self in any given moment under any set of circumstances.

Living in full expression allows for the grandest experience of Self, regardless of what is happening around us. This doesn’t mean we are oblivious to what is happening around us, quite the contrary, we are more fully aware of what is happening around us. More importantly, we are fully aware of what Who you are being, and more specifically, is happening within us, which is our who you are experiencing your Self to experience of Self in that moment. be under difficult, challenging situations is living in full expression. Who you are You might be wondering how LIFE can being and experiencing under happy, be sexy and seductive. Think about joyful circumstances is living in full the people in your life to whom you expression. Living in full expression is are most attracted, not in the sense of being bold, courageous, happy, sad, physical attraction, although this is a joy-filled, angry, vulnerable, passionate part of it, but those with whom you just and strong. It is being the experience of want to hang out and be around. What all of these feelings and emotions as we is it that attracts you and others towards are open and receptive to the goodness them? What is it you that attracts others


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Sexy and seductive are words that describe things we find alluring, interesting, fascinating, provocative and excitingly appealing. When we live life in full expression this is our view of life. We see all that life has to offer, every opportunity, every experience, as alluring, interesting, fascinating, provocative and excitingly appealing. We know there are challenges (opportunities) and yet there is something exciting and seductive about our expanded experience of Self as we move through and beyond the challenge to the benefit that each challenge offers. What is it about those who live in full expression that we find sexy and seductive? They are bold and courageous, willing to step into uncertainty knowing that on the other side of uncertainty lies their magnificence. They are confident, unflappable no matter the circumstances, and reside in a place of peace and calm. They accept responsibility for their life experiences and truly know that each was created for the purpose of experiencing and expressing themselves under a variety of circumstances. Those living in full expression are passionate about life and all that it offers. They are curious and look upon life through eyes of wonder and possibility, not eyes of challenge, difficulty or limit.

rticle FAeature Nothing but Good News Magazine. Copyright©January 19, 2014

When Life is viewed as sexy and seductive you are attracted to it, all of it, because you know it is being created so that you can live in full expression of who are you. And life is attracted to you because it is compelled to provide you what you need and desire for your full expression.

Think about trust, the experience of trust. If you had full trust in your Self what would you do? How would you approach life? What could you accomplish and experience? Add to this your trust that life is in partnership with you and always provides what you need to have the life experience you desire. How different might your What is it that allows those living in overall experience of life be? What full expression to live from this sense decisions would you make? of calm and peace and look at the potential of life? It can be summed up Will there at times be outcomes in one word, trust. They trust, purely other than what you anticipated? and simply. They trust themselves. Yes, but trust gave you the courage, They know that they are and have the willingness, to step into your everything they need to live life fully magnificence by doing something and completely. They trust life. They you might not have otherwise done. know that life is in partnership with It gave you an experience and them, not an adversary or competitor. expression of your Self that only They trust that life does, has, and taking that specific action offered. always will provide what is needed to Living in full expression is the means have the experiences of Self they truly for continuously expanding your desire. experience and expression of Self, your very reason for being on this Does this mean someone living in planet. full expression will live a life free of challenge, difficulty or sadness? No, The next time you see someone it means that even within every life that you are drawn to, question why. experiences they are joyful, at peace What is it about this person that you and calm. They know and trust that find sexy and seductive? Could it be each experience is what will allow for they personify LIFE? their most sublime experience and expression of Self. Article by Jim Phillips for

Jim Phillips is a gifted speaker, seminar leader, author and certified life and spiritual coach. For the better part of 30 years he has been an entrepreneur and business leader inspiring others to higher levels of achievement and success through his inspirational presentations and seminars throughout the United States and parts of Europe. His true passion is the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life. One of Jim’s gifts is his ability to help others understand and apply spiritual concepts and wisdom to their personal life. His new book, “The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression” is due to be released early this year. (2014) Jim currently resides in Aldie, VA where he continues his writing, speaking and coaching. To learn more, contact Jim at 703-626-8441 or email at

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FSOCIAL eature A rticle


VIRTUAL ASSISTANT The Secret of True Leadership (continued)... P.R. & MARKETING LIAISON

Shelli Blair & Fort Lauderdale Center For Spiritual Living

Founder & Publisher OF “U.B.U.” A Spiritual Health-Oriented & Conscious Newsletter

Phone: (954)-527-7737


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Article From Birthday Announcements to Big Business Shelli Blair Interviewed By Tracey Osborne, Staff Writer with this ever growing giant of a social network. She quickly learned her way around social networking and started putting out the word about her capabilities. Along came Ernie. He’d known Shelli from the newsletter, and he saw where she was going with social networking. He jumped on board and hired Shelli to handle his social media. Not far behind Ernie came several others. And business started booming.

Shelli Blair is one of the most amazing, kind, loving, free-spirited women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She always wears a smile, if full of loving words and ready to help anyone in need at the drop of a hat. And that’s how Shelli has transformed in business from sending out birthday announcements to having a booming social media and virtual assistant company.

Years ago, Shelli belonged to a spiritual group called, UBU. It was a tight knit group of networking women who would gather each week and support each other both spiritually and emotionally. From this group, Shelli created a newsletter that became very well known in the South Florida region. U.B.U. Spiritual and Consciousness newsletter started as a compilation of announcements for

this tight knit group of ladies, and grew exponentially from there. Soon, Shelli had people contacting her asking if she know of any upcoming events in the area for all sorts of genres. Shelli’s kind heart took the time out of her day to research and find events, and contact those facilitators for permission to put them in her newsletter. Before long, this newsletter became so popular it was being sent out several times a week…all while Shelli was holding down a full-time job! Mind you, it can take several hours to put together a single newsletter and this was in her spare time. So Shelli started asking for love donations to help offset the costs and earn a few bucks. Enter Facebook. When Facebook became very popular, Shelli jumped on this bandwagon and figured out a way to combine her love for her newsletter

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Shelli loves working with people who are focused on spirituality, health and healing or consciousness. People whose thought process revolves around the question, “What’s going on in the world and what can I do to help?” One day, while at an event hosted by our own Kandee G, everyone was going around the room introducing themselves. As Shelli waited for her turn, she kept thinking, “I know who I am. I know what I do. And I know my worth at what I do. But I need a handle. Something catchy that will get people to remember me.” When her turn came to introduce herself, she blurted out, “Hire me, and everyone will know your business.” And that…is how you go from birthday announcements to big business. Find Shelli online: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:


A rticle Feature Spread Your Wings - Scatter Joy By Mateja Petje, LMFT

Sometimes we get so caught up in own drama we forget that our words, behaviors, and actions influence others. Our thoughts create our reality and in turn, we also color other people’s reality. So why not choose kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and encouragement, as opposed to judgment, criticism, holding grudges, and complaining? When we are children, we completely depend on others for survival. Did you know that most of our beliefs are formed before age 7? Beliefs that we have adopted and internalized from our parents, teachers, and spiritual leaders serve as guidance. As children, we don’t question them because we are all taught to respect the elderly. The beauty of being an adult is that we can re-create our reality and our beliefs whenever we choose. In my clinical practice I have worked with many clients who have suffered from abuse, trauma, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and failed relationships. Many times they are not even aware of their thoughts and beliefs. As Esther and Jerry Hicks say, “Belief is just a thought that we keep thinking.” When we start exploring their childhood and what “stories” have they told themselves, it is like they see themselves for the first time. Many times they see themselves as not good enough, not lovable, and not deserving. I help them to re-discover themselves and really start loving themselves. Typically women tend to put everyone else first and the result is depression, anxiety, and resentment. When we look inside and see the beauty, it is like a dark veil has been lifted. We all deserve to be loved and we all deserve to be accepted for who we are. We all have a power to heal


ourselves from inside out. However, sometimes we need to feel the fear and face our insecurities. We all need help sometimes and to have somebody else to show us the light that is inside of us. One of my other favorite teachers Marianne Williamson says it so beautifully, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God…..And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles” The first step to self-love is awareness and the next step is to question those beliefs that do not serve us anymore. Change is a part of life. We are not the same person we were 20 years ago, 10 years ago, a year ago, or even a month ago. Sometimes it happens that we outgrow our jobs, careers, and our friendships. We owe it to ourselves to keep growing and learning. In this way, we serve as an inspiration to others. I believe that the purpose for us being here is to learn, heal, grow, love ourselves, and to help others do the same. Sometimes it is not an easy task and I can certainly relate to that yet I believe that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes even painful events and circumstances are a blessing in disguise. Many successful people such as Louise Hay, Debbie Ford, Wayne Dyer, and Oprah have gone through painful lessons in life and because of

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

that they have been able to continue helping and inspiring so many people. I would not have been who I am today if I did not go through painful experiences. Soon after moving to the US in October 1997, I entered a healing journey towards self-love. I have been blessed to have worked with several therapists, healers, and spiritual teachers. I wanted to give back to the community and that’s how I have become a psychotherapist and a healer myself. I have gained my clients’ trust because I walk my talk. I continue working on myself on a daily basis. Think about what unique talents you have to bring to the world. How can you serve others? We all have this power within us to overcome our challenges and to spread the wings. Every change begins with a small step. And no matter what, our voice counts. Imagine a pebble in the water that creates multiple circles… or in the example of the butterfly that flaps its wings and creates changes in the system much like a domino effect. We CAN affect the lives of many people, starting with our own family and our community.

Mateja Petje, LMFT is a licensed holistic psychotherapist and highly skilled and intuitive healer, author, and speaker. She uses holistic approach, bridging traditional psychotherapy with mind-body healing modalities. For more info: www. and Ph: 561 299 1028

AFrticle eature

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A rticle Feature Give Guilt The Finger

By Amanda Bush - PR Professional with 3E Connections formed an idea of what role women play in society. One may even say this began with the Bible putting original sin solely on woman’s shoulders after Eve bit from the forbidden fruit, expelling her, Adam, and the rest of humanity out of paradise.

“Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilty and I’ll show you a man.” – Erica Jong It’s true, women feel more guilt then men. In fact, a 2010 study by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology showed that the feeling of guilt was significantly higher in women than men. But why? As a thirty year old, engaged and childless woman, I feel a tremendous amount of guilt every day. Do I spend enough time with my friends? Am I giving enough effort at work? How can I put more excitement into my relationship? Why didn’t I go to the gym? I wish I were as skinny as her!


Am I not giving my dog enough exercise? Why can’t I find the time to call my friends and family more? Can I squeeze time into to scrub the dishes today? What am I going to make for dinner? Why am I so hard on myself? Imagine if I had kids! The truth is if I sit back and think about my normal day, I accomplish a lot --- so why do I worry about the things I didn’t do? Is guilt tattooed in a woman’s DNA because we are the more empathetic and nurturing gender? Do we worry because we are genetically programmed to care for others more than ourselves? Perhaps! Or perhaps this guilt stems from our culture and media. Our culture has shaped and

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

Our culture has continuously forced an idea of what a woman is supposed to be. In the 1950s, men in the media designed the “ideal woman.” We all know the image of the perfect, the puttogether 1950s housewife, vacuuming with a smile on her face, making sure that dinner is hot and on the table by the time her man gets home from what was conveyed as the “real work”, his job. During this time, many women fell into depressed states, seeking out therapists because they felt that they did not fit this role. They took the blame for not fitting the mold of the “perfect woman.” They didn’t believe something was wrong with this concept of a woman, but rather that something was wrong with them. Women assumed all other women fit this role of the perfect housewife and put extra pressure on themselves. Although times have changed tremendously, unfortunately the “ideal women” idea still exists in the minds of both men and women today. However, today in many households’ men and women both work in order to make ends meet. Therefore, many women feel the added stress of having a career and taking care of their family. A friend of mine recently said, “I feel guilty when I leave my daughter for work in the morning and I feel guilty leaving work to go home and see my daughter.” When I asked her if her husband felt the same guilt since he works longer hours she replied, “I think he wishes he could be home more, but he does not feel guilty for having to stay late at work because he feels he needs to work hard to give our

AFrticle eature with friends all while wearing the latest size two fashion trend.

family a good life.” In this situation as in others, the husband is still viewed as the breadwinner while the wife is the caretaker. Interesting enough, a recent article tackled this issue in the Harvard Business Review. The story was later covered by Jessica Grose of Slate. com. The authors of both articles reported that family issues are still seen as a female problem according to a study by Harvard Business School (HBS) Professor Boris Groysberg and Research Associate Robin Abrahams. This Harvard duo along with HBS students interviewed 4,000 executives (40% were women) on the topic of work-life balance. Grose reported that men tend to choose work over family without feeling guilt because they view themselves as the “breadwinner.” The worst part -- BOTH male and female professionals continue to see conflict between career and family as a women’s issue. However, the guilt women feel goes farther than taking care of their family. It extends to body issues, friends, home décor and other areas of life. Women worry about a variety of things. My male friend told me, “Women seem

to sweat the small stuff while men seem to worry about larger issues like finances.” I guess this statement goes back to the “breadwinner” theory and men feeling pressure to provide, but why are women “sweating the small stuff?” This trend of designing an idea of what a women’s role is has continued throughout the years, morphing into newer concepts. Today, it seems that women must have the bodies of models. Our media and culture continues to guide and direct what a woman should be and look like in modern society. Headlines like “Get a Beach Body in 4 Weeks,” “How to be the Perfect Hostess,” “Drive Him Crazy in Bed,” and “The Five Fashion Musts this Spring” play with our minds. Not to mention the photo-shopped models plastering the pages of both men and women magazines adding to the idea of what a woman should look like. These images and articles add unfair pressure onto a woman, and impacts the way they view themselves. Women worry because they feel like they need to have a career, be a mom, be a good wife, keep the house clean, hang out

I think we need to be honest with ourselves and with each other. We should focus on what makes us happy, make choices that are best for ourselves and not judge each other. Ladies --- let’s cut our to-do list in half and focus on ALL the amazing things we DO complete every day! At the end of each day, let’s write down three things we accomplished that day, three reasons we are proud of ourselves and three things we are looking forward to the next day. Focusing on the positive and being happy with what we do have will help us let go of worry, anxiety and GUILT! Let us be happy and spread positive vibes without “sweating the small stuff.” Women are AMAZING – let’s be proud of who we are – STRONG WOMEN!

Amanda Bush the Public Relations Manager for 3E Connections & the Director of Marketing and PR for the Miami Design Preservation League. Amanda serves on the executive board of the Greater Miami Festivals and Events Association and on the task force of the Miami Emerging Arts Leaders. She has a B.A. in Marketing from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts. Amanda lives in Delray Beach with her fiancé, Scott and her dog, JP. She is a creative person that enjoys writing, painting and photography.

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Creating With All Energy By Dee Wallace

“Kandee G’s favorite book of 2011”

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Article Good News on Wellness and Fat Loss Trends by Lana Kerr

provides custom creations that are state-of-the-art for personal and corporate giving. We carefully select books, DVD’s, CD’s and gourmet and gift items for any occasion or theme.

~Graduations / Retirements ~Weddings / New Baby / Shiva ~Camp / College Care Packages ~Book / Business Promotions ~Client Appreciation / Sports ~All Occasions / Themes


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To Change the World, Change Yourself By Sean Manley

In 1914 the Archduke Ferdinand’s driver turned down the wrong street, bringing the Archduke face to face with his assassin. This mistake not only caused the death of the Archduke, but has also been said to be the catalyst that started World War I. A seemingly minor event of a wrong turn lead to an event of massive proportion that reshaped the world as we know it. This incident is a prime example of how something that seems small, or insignificant can have a massive impact on a global scale. If we want to make small changes that affect the world for the positive, where do we look? Most of us go on campaigns or look for some outside opportunity to bring change into the world, while neglecting to look and take action in the place that would have the greatest impact, ourselves. Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Yet this is the only place that we can truly have control over, and truly change. Many of us look at the world outside of us and see how challenging things have become and believe that everything is wrong and we must fix it to save the world. We see people struggle and we want to help them, but who is to say that they are wrong, and we are right, or even need our help in the first place? How could we have the arrogance and the audacity to say that the world, and the people in it need to change? Are we so perfect? The answer is no. Unless we can walk on water, turn water to wine, and give sight to the blind from out touch, then we are probably far from being perfect. We all have issues, challenges, hang-ups, and blockages that we have to deal with, yet so many of us bury them and ignore that they exist. In the mean time we look at all the problems of our family, friends, co-workers, and the world at large, and say “I must help them!” As if we were so

squeaky clean. The fact is we can’t help them, at least in a direct way. Everyone must help him or herself. It is not up to us to get someone else to evolve. It is up to us to help ourselves evolve. In doing that we not only bring about positive changes in our own life, but we affect the people that are close to us, and ultimately the world as a whole. We can’t help anyone see the light, if we are still in darkness. When you are on an airplane they tell you to put on your oxygen mask first before your child’s. This is because you can’t help anyone if you are struggling to survive. By taking care of ourselves first, then we can help everyone else. This may seem selfish to some, but it is actually the ultimate act of giving. By constantly working on, and improving ourselves we become the catalysts and the examples for the rest of the world. By looking at and neutralizing our own hangups and issues, we allow more of our light and true selves to shine upon the world. We become the beacons of light that touch and impact the world around us. Our ability to create positive change in people soars to levels far beyond what we believed possible. Just by coming in contact with us, people’s lives change because our energy touched them and made them remember that part of themselves they had forgotten. That part that has been with them since the beginning, before the programming of the world made them forget who they were or where they came from, and all this without ever saying a word. If you are familiar with the 100th monkey syndrome then you understand that if enough of us think a certain way we can make shifts in the thinking of the collective consciousness, and these shifts can create major changes in the world. The more people that begin to

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think in a positive and uplifting way, the more our entire planet begins to think that way. We must remember though, the only person’s thoughts and actions we can control are our own. By taking time every day to work on and improve ourselves, we become the catalyst to create major change, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of everyone and everything on the planet as well. I strongly encourage everyone to take time everyday to work on improving themselves, for it is through small positive changes in ourselves that lead to the massive impact that will positively change the world around us.

Sean Manley is professional speaker, writer, and holistic health care practitioner. He has spent the past decade studying the mind, health/wellness, and the amazing power of human potential to understand how people can reach their highest levels of success in life. Contact: Facebook:


Feature rticle A rticle ROM Study Announced Miami By Dr. Eric Pearl

The Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Publishes Study Concluding that Reconnective Healing is MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PHYSICAL THERAPY on Range of Motion Limitations University of Arizona Researchers Found People With Shoulder Movement Restrictions Had Significantly More Movement After 10-Minutes of Reconnective Healing A study by researchers at The University of Arizona finds that people with range of motion limitations – inability to move without restriction – may find a considerable source of relief in Reconnective Healing. In a paper published in the Journal of EvidenceBased Complementary and Alternative Medicine, scientists determined that a 10-minute session of Reconnective Healing is “significantly more effective than physical therapy.” Observes the study: Reconnective Healing practitioners, without touching the body, “work with their hands to sense . . . the biofields, which are the energy fields that surround living beings.” The study was conducted by researchers Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD, Kristin Fullmer, PhD and Gary Schwartz, PhD at The University of Arizona’s Laboratory for the Advances in Consciousness and Health, Department of Psychology &


Department of Physiology, College of Medicine. The scientists set out to determine if one 10-minute Reconnective Healing session could increase the range of motion and arm elevation of those people with medically-diagnosed shoulder restriction or other rangelimiting conditions. Oftentimes such restrictions are a result of injuries, mastectomies, other surgeries, arthritis, and/or other joint dysfunction. This session with Reconnective Healing was measured against a control group and physical therapy, as well as other modalities. The subjects’ range of motion was documented before and after each treatment session. The results were definitive: Reconnective Healing yielded more than double the results of physical therapy. Reconnective Healing significantly improved range of motion by an average of 26-degrees in people with restricted shoulder mobility. Physical therapy averaged only a 12-degree improvement. The findings led the researchers to observe, “The results suggest that it would be beneficial for physical therapists to be trained in Reconnective Healing… as well as PT so that they could reduce the need for manual work on patients, at least in cases of shoulder limitations.” The study can be reviewed at: h t t p : / / w w w. h i n d a w i . c o m / j o u r n a l s / ecam/2013/329731/cta/

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

About Reconnective Healing: Reconnective Healing was discovered by Eric Pearl, DC, a doctor who has worked with scientists associated with such prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, to quantify and understand the dynamics of what Stanford Professor Emeritus and researcher Dr. William Tiller has termed the “cutting-edge of information medicine.” Reconnective Healing appears to engage with a spectrum of energy, light and information that is self correcting – it returns the body to a state of natural balance. Scientists have also conducted studies on Reconnective Healing’s ability to repair damaged DNA and create peak athletic performance. More than 90,000 people around the world have been certified in Reconnective Healing, and there are 40,000 active practitioners. Reconnective Healing is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-learn approach to complementary healthcare. The next Essentials of Reconnective Healing® Seminar, Level 1 will be held in Miami on May 10-11, 2014. There is a Friday night May 9 Essence of Healing presentation at the Miami Beach Convention Center, which is open to the public. As part of the evening, he will invite onstage one or more audience members with visible ailments, so as to demonstrate what is often a spontaneous healing response. For more information on Reconnective Healing, visit www.TheReconnection. com or call (323) 960-0012.


Advanced Natural Hoofcare ____

Natural Barefoot Boarding Facility

Advanced Hoof Rehabilitation

Marianne Allen, F.S.N.H.C. - C.N.H.P. Certified Natural Hoofcare Practitioner Administrative director and Instructor of the Florida School of Natural Hoofcare

Specializing in a Balanced Trim Founder & Diseases of the Hoof Marianne Allen with Kandee G’s “Big Sexy” Saxon. He loves being barefoot! Thank you Marianne for your amazing holistic horse care. Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises



rticle FAeature


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Join Kandee G as the emcee

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Article Reaching Your Company’s Peak Performance John Haughton Interviewed By Tracey Osborne, Staff Writer repeatedly and expecting different results. And that’s where John and his company come in.

John Haughton’s professional path began as a teacher. He committed himself to working with less fortunate communities and inspiring his students to reach within themselves and be more than they ever thought they could be. Inspired by his work and the results with students, John committed himself even more to helping people become the best they possibly can be, regardless of age, race, social status, money, etc. With over 20 successful years at senior management level positions John worked to learn ways to improve sales and revenue performance of large and small business organizations across different countries in both the private and public sectors. During his career, as a Human Performance Improvement (HPI) expert, he led three different companies in three different jurisdictions from loss to profitability. John has fine-tuned the art of uncovering, quantifying and closing ‘performance gaps’ in its operations and in the leaders themselves. It all begins with human behavior. We tend to stick within our comfort areas and tend to do that which we’ve done before. In an ever-changing, fastpaced world, businesses can no longer afford to keep doing the same thing


Peak Performance Consulting is an integrity-driven business offering practical, effective, results-based business solutions geared to assisting business-owners achieve their goals and enhancing their quality of life. John and his team of experts work with business professionals to help them bridge the gaps that most businesses have. Those gaps amount to losses for the business and may relate to any one or combination of these main areas: • activities to generate revenues (sales, marketing and public relations); • activities to make and deliver goods and services (operations);

sales and service organizations; • Designing and executing business development strategies to increase revenues and market share; • Building award winning sales, marketing, business development, and customer service teams; • Transitioning organizations through acquisitions, “right-sizing” and downsizings; • Designing and implementing training solutions; • Ensuring organizational change to achieve Company vision. Are you ready to optimize your company’s resources by uncovering, quantifying and closing the performance gaps in its operations?

• activities carried out by employees (labor utilization and productivity); and • activities related to how cash is generated, used and managed (financial management). Running at peak performance is about change and growth. It’s about bringing in expertise in areas that it’s needed. It’s about knowing why doing something different will bring different results. Above all else, it’s about being committed. Business leaders must be committed to their own personal growth as an individual and as a leader. They have to be ready to change. Peak Performance Consulting focuses on: • Turning around underperforming

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It’s time to give John a call. You can contact Peak Performance Consulting at 954.742.8332 | 954.305.3647 or by e-mail at ppcs@peakconsultingservice. com.


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Article Our Actions Can Follow Us Through Decades Of Life By Hank Eder

It’s amazing how our actions can affect others in ways we never imagined. Before leaving Miami, Florida for Western North Carolina, a series of “coincidences” led me to an amazing experience of guilt and forgiveness spanning more than four decades. As building steward for the teachers’ union at my school site, I had served on our region’s Teacher of the Year Committee early in the year. Spending three days together, a group of us formed a tight bond of camaraderie. So when the opportunity came up at the end of the year to serve again on the Rookie Teacher of the Year Committee, I embraced it with enthusiasm. One group member was missing – a

school Principal whose end of the year duties prevented her from spending three days out. Her replacement introduced herself, and after a few minutes of small talk, we discovered that we had a number of common friends and associates. She told me that my drama teacher from high school, Jay Jensen, was in the hospital just a few miles from our meeting. Jay Jensen was a lifelong educator, drama teacher to the stars (including Mickey Rourke and Andy Garcia), and he was one of the reasons I had become a teacher. After the day’s session ended I went to his hospital room.

walked in, and he even remembered the plays I had been in. A woman sat in a chair next to his bed, and when the nurse walked in, he announced, “This is my colleague Ricki Weyhe, and my student, Hank Eder from 30 years ago.”

I hadn’t seen Mr. Jensen for thirty years. He was older and grayer, but the gleam in his eyes hadn’t dimmed. He knew me by name as soon as I

Her eyes opened wide. “I’ve been looking for you more than 40 years,” she announced. Mr. Jensen flashed his trademark mischievous grin and

At the mention of my name, the woman looked startled. “Hank Eder,” she said. “Do you know someone named Howard Eder?” I took a closer look at her. She did not look familiar. “I’m Howard Eder,” I replied. “But only my parents called me by that name.”

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rticle FAeature Our Actions Can Follow Us Through Decades Of Life Continued... She shook her head. “I don’t know if that makes me feel better.” I rose from my seat and asked her if I could give her a hug. She smiled and accepted it with gratitude. I embraced her warmly and said, “I forgive you. Unconditionally. Now I want you to spend the rest of your life without ever feeling even one more second of guilt about our little incident. I grant you freedom from guilt over me.” She embraced me once again, and we closed a 40-year circle of guilt and forgiveness. The amazing thing is how all the circumstances lined up that day to bring us together. I look at it as just one of my life’s many blessings.

told me I’d better get ready to duck. She stared at me a few moments before explaining. I fidgeted and looked at Mr. Jensen. He adjusted his bed to get a better view. “When you were in the first grade, your teacher went out on maternity leave,” she said. “I took her place for the last part of the year. You were in that class.” I looked into her eyes. She still did not look familiar, but forty years is a long time to remember a face. “Back in those days we could paddle children,” she continued. “I was having a rough day, and you managed to get on my very last nerve. I took you into the back of the room and let you have it. But I felt really bad afterward. I never spanked another child ever again, and


for all these years I’ve been hoping to find you to ask for your forgiveness.”

You can hear my interview with Ricki Weyhe in the archives from Kandee G’s Nothing But Good News Radio from July 30 2012. It’s living proof of the “Butterfly Effect,” how our actions, however inconsequential they seem, can affect others for a lifetime.

I tried to think back on the incident, but I drew a blank. I just could not remember her or the spanking she said she gave me. “I’ve been so worried that I traumatized you for life, and that maybe your life turned out badly because of me.” Mr. Jensen laughed. “He became a teacher. Is that good or bad? It’s a matter of opinion. “Ma’am,” I smiled, “I don’t remember you ever hitting me. In fact, I don’t remember you at all. If you called my mother about the incident, I guarantee that what she gave me when I got home would have been twenty times worse than your paddle could ever be.”

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Hank Eder is PR pro, freelance writer, screenwriter, speaker, and “man of many hats.” He is currently working on a book and series of personal growth workshops about being your own inner hero. Catch up with Hank at hank@, and please visit

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Courage From Optimism By David Mezzapelle Center Of Psychological Effectiveness 7390 NW Fifth Street Plantation, FL 33317


FREE insurance verification, licensed therapists, bilingual, Hebrew and Spanish services All managed care plans accepted • Aordable solutions Learn tools to live a life you love! Insurance Accepted

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rticle FAeature Team National Proudly Participates in the 15th Annual Chester’s Harley Davidson Bikers Bash

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - Members of Team National’s executive team had fun in the sun while participating in a massive motorcycle event for a great cause this past December. The Boys & Girls Club of Broward County 15th Annual Chester’s Fort Lauderdale Harley-Davidson Bikers Bash and motorcycle ride event attracted over 30,000 riders all with one purpose in mind, helping local underprivileged children.

of them, this is the only gift they will receive for the holiday. The Boys & Girls club is an amazing foundation that brings value and hope to our future… our children. We are so proud Team National supports this organization and we look forward to next year’s event and our chance to make Christmas a special time of the year for some very special kids,” says Team National Marketing Directors, Marlon and Carol Ekhoff

The Boys & Girls Club of Broward County Biker Bash charity event was designed with kids in mind. This event included a VIP Biker Bash for the upscale motorcycle rider, a dinner and charity auction. The motorcycle ride included police-escorted rides to popular South Florida destinations and the opportunity to be one of the VIP leaders in the largest motorcycle parade in the world, the Christmas Toys in the Sun Run. “This event really kicked off the holiday season for us. When we pulled up to the Boys & Girls club on our bikes all the children were outside smiling and cheering, they were excited to show off their club to us and we were excited to see it. It was great fun to hand out all the gifts that had been generously donated by our members. It was amazing to see how excited these kids were to receive these gifts. For many


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Team National is a coast-to-coast, multi-million dollar direct selling company with a unique opportunity to both save and earn money. Team National provides membership savings with a wide variety of products and services in over 20 different industries. Led by President and CEO, Angela Chrysler, Team National provides businesses and families with value and direct pricing in home furnishings and more. We reduce the costs of products and services for our customers and members. In addition, we offer an industry leading compensation program for those that choose to market our memberships. We are different, we have the complete solution. Join us and save money on items you would normally purchase, and earn money sharing the savings concept. For more information, visit www.

AFrticle eature Advertising is a great way to invest in the success of your business! Loyal readership combined with inexpensive advertising rates, make this publication a productive asset in many ad campaigns.

Ask us how you can showcase your business on “Nothing But Good News Radio!� If you would like to advertise in this magazine, call us at 678-509-4387 or email at

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A rticle Feature The Butterfly Effect By Simon Pantin

family, our community, our school and our country. It does not matter who we are or how insignificant we think our job is or our impact. We are all important and especially in the formation of the Kingdom of God, we each have a special purpose and we each were created by God to be a part of His family.

Even more incredibly, our actions do not need to be big or deliberate. Just by perpetuating an attitude of being grateful for what we have, we will pass along the feeling of gratitude and will make a difference in the world. When the butterfly flaps its wings, it is not doing something in the hope of being recognized, it is acting in accordance with its nature. Imagine what we can accomplish if we can change our nature to one of gratitude and kindness and let these actions become second nature to us.

A little more than 50 years ago, an American Mathematician and Scientist by the name of Edward Lorenz, published a paper entitled, “The Chaos Theory” and in it, he described something called, “The Butterfly Effect”. In its simplest form, “The Butterfly Effect” is a theory which states that the simple, tiny act of a butterfly flapping its wings, can ultimately cause a chain reaction of events which can eventually lead to a Hurricane taking place in another part of the world. Naturally, with such a theory, he was initially laughed at and ridiculed because it was hard for anyone in those days (maybe even these days) to believe that a small and seemingly insignificant event such as the movement of a butterfly wing could ever have an impact, or cause, something as major and potentially powerful as a hurricane somewhere else. Several years later, as the same scientific community began to learn more about the interconnectivity of things, “The Butterfly Effect” became less of a science joke and it became more well talked about and discussed.

The smallest random act of kindness can cause a chain reaction that reaches others and will have a positive impact on someone else, maybe even in another country. The good deed that you do today might influence the receiver of your deed to do a good deed to someone else or to make a decision that is selfless and caring and which can have a decidedly positive impact on hundreds of lives, and so on.

Each time that we see an opportunity to do some good in the world we should use that chance to make a difference Each of us has a role to play in our and each time that we recognize God’s


Blessings in our lives, we should pass on the good feeling to the next person that we encounter, and the next, and the next after that. You never can tell. Before long, we can ignite the world with our willingness to do good and make a positive change which will be evident to all those that are around us.

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AFrticle eature

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Article Navigating Your Future

Thoughts From The Wisdom Keepers To Help You Minimize Obstacles & Maximize Opportunities In This Brave New World By George Cappannelli

Whatever that reason, one thing is clear. Those of us who are 50 and older have come to the end of the territory described in Acts One (Youth) and Two (Maturity) of the Human Drama and must now address the question of how to write a new Third Age (Aging).

Those of us who weren’t born yesterday and haven’t been hanging out with Rip Van Winkle in Sleepy Hollow, know we are in a time unlike any before it. In addition to the many challenges we face - climate change, energy, education, healthcare, immigration, wealth inequality, gender and minority inequality to name a few -- we are also in a demographic revolution that will, over the next several decades, result in 50% of our population here in the U.S and Canada and in every industrialized country in the world being over 50 for the first time in history. Increasing longevity, decreasing birth rates and shrinking tax base are just a few of the startling and relatively immediate implications this demographic revolution will have for those of us who are older GenXers, Boomers and Elders here in North America and billions more around the world.


Of course, having failed to do a stellar job addressing other critical challenges, it is not surprising that many in our governments, institutions, businesses and many of us in the general public are behind the curve on this issue as well. We are, in fact, uninformed on and unprepared for the consequences and opportunities that lie ahead. To be fair, part of the problem lies in the fact that as a species we’ve never been in this situation before. We have no blueprint or script that describes what billions of us are supposed to do with this additional time we are inheriting. Surely there must be some purpose in the grand design -- other than some outmoded belief in retirement - something of genuine consequence that capitalizes on our wisdom and experience and requires the presence of such an inordinately large number of elders on the planet at this time.

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This question prompted me to reach out to several colleagues who are among the leading women authors and experts of our time and who are also members of AgeNation’ World Council of Wisdom Keepers. I invited them to share some thoughts and recommendations that can help us all to begin to write this new Third Act, and in the process, better navigate the future. Here’s some of what they had to say: Joan Borysenko, Best Selling Author and Expert on Spirituality and Health “Well, here’s the thing. The world has bottomed out. The statistics are dreary. Some of our best scientists are feeling we don’t have time to save ourselves. However, there’s the alternate point of view. Unusual things happen all the time. The Berlin Wall fell. Smoking has diminished significantly in a relatively short period of time our country. We’ve made major gains in gender equality and, in some areas of human rights. We’re more aware of the need to protect our habitat and to lead lives that are healthier and more conscious. Still it’s clear we are at a crisis point, but it’s also a turning point. And if I can take a page from my own book: It’s Not The End of The World, although some may think we’re at the end, when

Article people of good hearts get together and support one another, what can happen is a rite of passage. And what happens in a rite of passage is that in the space between where the world breaks down and reforms itself, between no longer and not yet, a whole new way can emerge. In this space we can get out of the rut of the habitual and make room for miracles to happen. The Buddhists and the Hindus have a word for getting stuck in ruts- they call these sanskaras. They’re like habit patterns of thought formed by repetition in the same way that troughs are created when water runs downhill in the same pathways. Knowing about brain plasticity and knowing that we can make new neural connections, I believe those of us who want to better navigate the future can get out of the ruts by changing our attitudes. We can also remember that major growth often occurs during times of unwanted changes so if we are willing to finally say: ‘I’ve seen enough of the inside of this box. Maybe it’s time to flow in a different way, to look for and find new meaning, to make - as Viktor Fankl advised us in Search For Meaning - new meaning out of suffering and challenge. So I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I think it’s a whole new age!” Connie Buffalo, President of Renaissance International, Member of the Chippewa Tribe “As with many cultural beliefs, there is a marked difference between the identity of an elder in my own Chippewa tradition and that of the elder of the western world. From earliest childhood, the Chippewa learn that the elders are those we are most grateful to and

deserving of the deepest respect. All around us are the elders who enchant our imagination; the stars that shine in the black velvet sky, the towering trees, rocking in the wind, the oceans who carry the songs of the many who walk on, and the grandmothers and grandfathers who are first to be served and honored in the tribe. The elder is the one who gathers the gifts of a lifetime and takes care of us even as we take care of him or her. Once a person crosses 50, he or she no longer lives in and for the present moment and its gratification, but lives for the next generation. To be an elder is a great accomplishment with the significant role of preparing a good world for the children of tomorrow. Passing on wisdom and insights then is part of the responsibility of the elder, but certainly not all of it. It also includes knowing that one is a sacred being living in a sacred, precious world. Quite different from the Western concept of “retiring,” this awareness invites the experience of the elder to be respected and put into action for as long as possible. Instead of hoping that others recognize their ongoing value, elders in my tradition, honor their own potency, sacredness, rights and responsibilities. In this way, elders use this understanding to become a humble light that shines his or her brilliance across the ages. For the Chippewa, who we believe ourselves to be influences how we expect others to treat us and our relationship to the world around us.” Sedena Cappannelli, Author, Co Founder of AgeNation and of the World Council of Wisdom Keepers “In our new book, Do Not Go Quietly, George and I speak to the issue of

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living consciously and aging wisely because we believe both are essential keys to learning how to better navigate these challenging times and to better prepare for the remarkable new world that lies ahead. Yes, even with all that is going on in our topsy-turvy world today, in fact because of it, this is a time for tremendous optimism because our challenges give us a clear sign that the old and the no-longer-valuable are breaking down to make way for the new. Here are a few of the things I believe each of us can do to live lives of greater stability as this falling away occurs. • Remember to be true to our dreams, the dreams each of us has come here to manifest. • Continue to be open to learning from our stumbles and celebrating our breakthroughs. • Commit to a deeper level of healing in all areas of our lives-- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. • Step more fully into our daily lives with genuine compassion for ourselves and others. • Look beyond physical accomplishments, possessions or wealth as the measure of our success, and instead to the quality of our character, our experience and discernment and turn them into the gold of wisdom. To be successful in these efforts, let us also remember to be guided as much by our hearts as by our heads so that we might better align our thoughts, words and actions with a more elevated consciousness.” Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author, Visionary, Social Innovator and The Voice of Conscious Evolution “We are now going through a phase of


Article Navigating Your Future Continued...

evolutionary metamorphosis on planet Earth. Our past life is not sustainable. The planetary timing is moving toward the next phase of evolution, devolution or even extinction.

of times. Many people have lost their belief in our economic system, our health care system or our educational system. The old ways of doing things are no longer working. We are now seeking the emergence of the deeper Millions of us are attempting to evolve story. We are seeking our mythic lives. ourselves and our culture toward a still amorphous undefined society. Do you feel the passion within, urging And none of us has seen this form of you to live the greater story of your life? society. We might call it a Co-creative Myth is always about the making of Society in which each person is free the soul. It is the journey of the heroic to be and do his or her best within the soul as you travel from an outmoded evolving whole. existence to an amplified life. In times of breakdown and breakthrough It is my experience that during this which we’re in right now - myths arise process many of us are naturally telling us of the new heroes, new gaining access to higher frequencies heroines, and of the noble journey we of consciousness which need to must take in search of the Possible be integrated with all levels of our Human both within ourselves and in self. And one of the primary keys to others. success in this integration involves putting purpose first. The key is to How do we evoke this emergence? yearn with all the passion of your How do we inspire this possible, being for your own evolution, beyond passionate human so that we may the separated state. This does not not just survive our time, but thrive, mean that there is nothing else in leaving a legacy of a new way of being your life or that you become a hermit for our children, our grandchildren in isolation from others. No, it means and the future? It is only when we you keep your attention on the have discovered this possibility that highest frequency of your being and, we go beyond our pessimism and to whatever degree possible, bring create a world in which we make a your Whole Being into harmony with difference. It is in working with myth that frequency. A second key is to be in a creative manner that we can gain compassionate with yourself. You are fresh perspectives on our life journey. taking a monumental leap here and Myth can take us beyond our ordinary, helping evolving our species.” habitual ways of being to the essence of what we really are or can be.” Jean Houston, Author, Scholar, Philosopher, Teacher, Visionary Very sound advice and some common Leader themes present in their words of these wise women. The reminder that crisis “We are living in the most unique time always provides opportunity and the in human history. Other times in history prompt that if we are wise we will thought they were unique. They were remember that the only thing that has wrong. This is it. Often our everyday, ever created substantive change is local experience is not sufficient for the exercise of the Power of One. the enormity of the challenges that are laid upon in this most remarkable How? When we do our part to heal


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wounds from the past, complete some of the incompletes that dog our footsteps, forgive those who may have injured us and ourselves for our actions, and live in true gratitude for all that we have--both the gifts and the challenges. We are also advised to turn down the outside noise and turn instead to that place of silence within us from which real wisdom flows. So at home, at school, at work, in our churches, clubs and community organizations, we have the opportunity to raise the level of the game and navigate the future with greater levels of consciousness and love. George Cappannelli is the author of the award-winning and bestselling book Do Not Go Quietly, and cofounder of AgeNation and The World Council of Wisdom Keepers He is leading AgeNation’s six transformational Navigating Your Future Weekend Journeys at The Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village. from May through November, which will feature 16 of the world’s leading wisdom keepers addressing the needs, concerns and opportunities for “people who weren’t born yesterday,” as well as for younger people who want to chart a terrific and vital course for the future. The goal of the programs is to assist participants to explore some of the essential and relevant topics, and many primary and empowering tools they can use on the road to living more conscious lives, inheriting their roles as wise elders and playing an active part in recasting a more positive future. Visit www. navigatingyourfutureconferences. com.










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Article 2014: An Introspective Year By Elizabeth Summers, Esoteric Numerologist Several prominent themes will move through the filaments of life in 2014. To find the predominant theme for 2014 year, we add 2+0+1+4=7. The Number Seven can be a bit difficult to grapple with, as it is like holding a cloud in one’s hands. Certain buzz words need to be kept in mind as we travel through this rather unusual energy of 2014. Choice, discernment, silence, spirituality and ethics will show themselves as guideposts to be aware of and put into practice.

and water will become a more popular issue as people become reacquainted with the calming aspects of nature. This will lead to an increase in businesses like camping gear, mobile homes, nature tours, and river rafting that bring us back to a simpler lifestyle within a natural habitat. This contemplative and private vibration will cause many to withdraw and spend time in solitary activities often brought on by electronics, thus causing relationships to suffer. One might notice the divorce rate increasing in a Number Seven year as couples find they do not have much in common and withdraw emotionally and sexually, as a consequence. A desire to be alone, not necessarily lonely, can become intense, thus moving the couple apart.

From a human perspective, the Number Seven influence branches out in many directions, ranging from a focus on mental health, to the environment and spirituality. This energy ruled by Pisces can bring a strong interest in the occult and the metaphysical. However, it can also attract skeptics who doubt all that Writing of all kinds will increase, is not pragmatic and self-evident. including personal journaling. Because people will not be verbalizing many of Spiritual practices will become more their thoughts, journaling will become a mainstream. People will become more more popular form of self-expression. discerning in choosing between those preachers and teachers that are not Expect further development in the for their highest good and greatest understanding of mental health issues. joy. Listening to and trusting one’s Depression caused by economic fears hunches will become more imperative may become more of a public issue to in decision making. be dealt with. Movement away from chemicals to more holistic approaches The Number Seven is an inner vibration for medical treatments may become prompting one to silence, philosophical more popular and written about. More contemplation and analytical thinking, emphasis will be given to organic all in a space of reflection, rest, and foods, as the Number Seven has solitude. The pressures of everyday a strong instinct for purity of health life will bring forth a desire to get away through foods. This enthusiasm is from it all, and the best place for that similar to a Virgo health fetish. will be nature. National parks will become even more popular as Mother The Number Seven is a code for the Earth’s energy becomes a healing intellect, inventiveness and research. balm in people’s lives. Expect advances in technology to surge in 2014 as science, technology The environmental protection of trees and research will become optimum.


Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

New appliances, medicines, gadgets and widgets will come to the fore, boggling the mind for sure. A need to uncover hidden answers will become a joy to many; cold case answers will be discovered by detectives, fossil forms with hidden treasures will be unearthed by archaeologists and anthropologists. Secrets in relationships that have never before been revealed may become unmasked. A sense of the past becomes a curiosity to Number Seven energies. People will want to enjoy ‘the good ole days’ when there was not as much fear and all were ‘happy days.’ Businesses that focus on nostalgia- antiques, recipes from our childhood and retro fashion may show themselves yet again over 2014. Discernment will be a key word in 2014, physically, financially and governmentally. More will be revealed as to the ethics (or lack thereof) of our elected officials, and a “push” to remove them will resound in the ethers. There will be a sense of retreat and reevaluation in people’s lives throughout 2014. It will become blatantly obvious that the truth has not been provided to them by those they have trusted, and the populace will begin to understand that they should no longer give their power away to others. The year of 2014 is about “personal regrouping.” As Shakespeare wrote, “To thine own self be true.” The introspective year of 2014 is about finding one’s own truth, not ‘the other guy’s,’ in order to be happy, content, and in one’s own power in life. To move forward in one’s personal life in 2014, we must come from our

Article hearts, not our heads and egos. Number Seven is about trust and acceptance. Stay with heart based approaches. Trust that heart-based choices will guide you where you are to go and be, doing what you need to do in any moment. Know that your soul will take as long as it needs in order to move you forward in blessings and that when you surrender (which is different than giving up), what comes into your life next will be better and for your highest good and your greatest joy. When we choose fear, whether in our career, relationships or finances,

physical ailments may arise. When we choose faith and trust in a Universe that can keep the stars in the sky, surrender to the Divine and let go of control, all will be well, slowly but surely.

personality, their attitude towards life, emotional reactions, best career choice, deepest desires, and the general issue they are meant to deal with in this life.

Esoteric Numerologist Elizabeth Summers is adept at combining Numerology, an ancient system of codes based on the Western Pythagorean System, with astrology and the Chaldean/Quabala interpretations of the Tarot to decode an individual’s temperament and

To enjoy a personal reading with Elizabeth,

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please email: or call 303-702-5420


Article Courage By Rebecca Zerbo


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AA rticle rticle A True Story...

From the Files of Second Chance Society Sometimes it takes so little to help out the homeless and struggling. One day last week a 37 year old man named Joe (not his real name) came to the Second Chance Society. During most of his life, Joe had had a good standard of living. However, he had now been unemployed for a long time. His savings had run out and he could no longer pay his rent. He was now living in a homeless shelter. Joe had looked for employment for a long time and had finally found a job in construction, but the boss had sent him home that day because his shoes were in such sad shape. It was feared that his feet might be injured on the job. Joe was told, though, that he could return to work whenever he got some work boots.

Joe was heart-broken. He had been so happy to have a job and now he had no job and no money to buy work boots. He told his case manager his story and she suggested he fill out an application asking for help from Second Chance Society. Usually the applications are faxed, but Joe was so anxious to get help that he hand-carried the application to the SCS office. He arrived late in the day, but when the office force looked at the application and saw how urgent his need was, Joe was interviewed immediately. Joe was told to come back the next morning at 9AM and someone would take him shopping.

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

When we arrived at the office the next day at 8:30, Joe was sitting on our doorstep. We took him shopping and brought him some work boots. You should have seen his smile! He was so happy because now he could go right back to work that day. It is sometimes truly amazing to see the small amount of cash it takes to put hope back into the lives of those who often have lost all hope.

Pat Owen Executive Director SECOND CHANCE SOCIETY


A rticle Feature The Decision to be a Team By Shannon Siegel

me from telling him we should just be friends. That was a feeling that I would have expected to experience at a much older age.

Relationships are the foundation of learning to trust. They are the core of learning to work with another person. Cooperation and teamwork are built in a healthy relationship to overcome difficulties by putting two minds together. As an infant, family is the first team that you become a part of. You are taught to help your mother by handing her your spoon when you are done eating, or as you get older, start washing your dishes. As you grow older there is a huge importance put on pulling your own weight, and this is ultimately to help the team as a whole. I had my first “boyfriend� in the third grade. We were best friends and the days of playing basketball and riding bikes together seemed to be just right for what we thought a romantic relationship was. Eventually I discovered that just because a boy was my best friend, did not mean that he should be my boyfriend. That was my first experience with romance, friendship, and the mess that those two labels have the potential to make. The hurt feeling still resonates with


About a year ago I went back to DC to spend the summer with my family. I reconnected with a middle school friend who I ended up dating. From the beginning of our relationship we made the decision to set an expiration date; a month which afterwards we would no longer be exclusively dating one another. This decision was based on his goal to move back to California and for both of us to finish school. This decision shaped the following nine months of my life, and potentially the rest of my life. It had not been since I was in the third grade that I truly appreciated the ability to think rationally about a romantic relationship.

Not long after we went our separate ways we stopped being so sad. We always missed each other and cherished the time we spent together. The only difference in the aftermath of our relationship and others that I’ve had, was that our love never completely faded away. We had a completely different love for one another than I could have ever imagined. We loved in the way that a soccer team loves, and we supported each other in that same way. These feelings were completely unexpected. I had imagined feeling the typical post-breakup anger, jealousy and confusion, but thanks to repeating one overly mature decision that I made in third grade, we were able to still be a team.

This was not my first relationship, but it was the first relationship that reminded me about my second grade maturity, and it made me wonder where that had gone. The rational thinking and acceptance of sadness had been so mature of me at that point. The maturity in a relationship is all based on making the decision that in a relationship, partners will work as a team. When the expiration date came upon us we cried. We hugged and questioned if we really had to walk away from one another. In moments of desperation we talked about changing our entire plans to be together, but we quickly realized that our decision to handle this maturely got in the way of acting on unrealistic desires. The fact that we got along so well made it even more difficult, and in some ways we did not think we were ready to part ways.

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

BIO Shannon Siegel is a writing major in her Senior year at The University of Tampa. She has always been passionate about writing, photography and animals. Originally from Washington D.C., she moved to Tampa to follow her dreams of attending college and becoming a novelist. To contact Shannon you can email her at Shannon.Siegel@

AFrticle eature


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Feature The Teeny Weeny Crucial Step By Douglas Vermeeren

Several years ago I spent more than a year in China. While there I had the chance to visit the Great Wall. It is the largest man made structure in the world reaching across more than 5,500 miles. It has been suggested that this enormous wall is visible from outer space. When you are standing on it in real life it is truly awesome. But something struck me as incredible while standing there. This enormous wall is made up of very small bricks. As I stood there I thought of how similar this is to all of the great accomplishments in our lives. Our greatest victories are a combination of small choices. Nowhere is this truer than in the area of wealth and personal finance. Fortunes are created by our small choices and decisions. For the last decade I have been teaching individuals how to escape debt and create situations of high net worth and cash flow. The most important principle I have seen


take effect in the lives of those who learn to successfully become wealthy may seem like something insignificant or even a bit silly. In fact, it is so silly that a few years ago one of my students used the name “The Teeny -Weeny crucial step.” The name has stuck. Here’s what it is: ‘The Teeny Weeny crucial step’ is to stop briefly and consider every small decision and choice made daily with your money. Once you have made a decision to be wealthy no matter what, then this pause is used to evaluate your daily purchases and investments to see if you are in line with that mission. It’s called ‘TheTeeny Weeny crucial step’ because those small seemingly insignificant moment by moment decisions are the ones that are the hardest to make but they are the ones that make the most difference.

will finally arrive at $5,368,709.12. Now I will agree this is a difficult experiment to perform but the principle behind it is sound. The principle is DO NOT DISMISS THE SMALL THINGS! In a recent report on Yahoo Finance it was revealed 41% of North American have credit cards that are maxed out and typically the majority of that debt was accumulated through purchases that averaged $25 or less. Both wealth and debt are created by Teeny Weeny choices.

The smallest choices count

Recently Lauren Simonetti on FOX Business news asked me to clarify a statement I made once that every purchase we make is an investment. I’ll repeat my answer here. “Everything we buy is an investment. We trade our money for what we value most. Some people choose financial freedom in the future and others choose immediate gratification. You can’t have both.” It is in those teeny weeny choices that our financial future is determined.

You’ve probably heard of the idea that you can take a penny and if you double it every day for thirty days you

I’m not saying don’t buy stuff because saving alone doesn’t really put you that much ahead either. Most banks

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

Feature don’t pay much for interest. I am saying spend your money in the right places and purchase investments and assets that expand in value rather than diminish. In life there are two kinds of people, those who understand the principle of interest. And you can tell who they are by whether they are paying it or collecting it. Wealth also comes in two ways. It either flows into your life in Events or Streams. Events are rarer, but often involve bigger chunks of money. An example would be receiving the proceeds from the sale of a major asset, an inheritance or even winning the lottery. These are rare events and can’t be counted on. Sustainable wealth, and this is how I escaped debt and built my personal fortune, comes from building streams.

I started with the ‘Teeny Weeny crucial step’ of eliminating my careless spending and simply redirecting that small amount to purchasing investments that paid me. The key to growing wealth in this way comes from consistency and recognizing that no amount is too small to start investing with. Booker T. Washington expressed it well when he said, “Success is founded upon attention to the small things rather than the large things; to the everyday things nearest to us rather than to the things that are remote and uncommon.” Don’t wait for the spectacular moments to grow rich. Move towards that goal every day through ‘Teeny Weeny crucial steps’. Remember the Great Wall is only a combination of smaller bricks. Make it the best choices you can in the small moments. Learn

to say no to things you don’t need and then do more than just save the money. Make it work for you!

Douglas Vermeeren is the CEO of The Monthly Millionaire Mentor, which shares strategies that everyday people can use to create amazing wealth in their lives. He is a regularly featured financial expert on FOX, ABC, CNN NBC, CTV and others. www.TheMonthlyMillionaireMentor. com

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Feature The Thin Line By Doug Grady

The person you can be lies just below the surface of who you are now. Reaching your full potential may at times feel unrealizable. The pressures of everyday life may leave little time and energy for becoming the person you know you can be but aren’t quite yet. Bad habits, regrets, and feelings of failure add extra weight on an already heavy load. Even moderate success and superficial achievement can become obstacles to your true greatness. Self-improvement programs can be cumbersome at best. They offer formulas and fixes, strategies and solutions, lotions and potions. I have participated in hundreds of them. I have delivered thousands of seminars, workshops, and trainings. They all work and none of them work. What’s the difference? What’s the magic bullet? What’s the one thing? WHAT’S THE THIN LINE?

It has been said there’s a thin line between love and hate, winning and losing, bravery and stupidity, genius and insanity… After over twenty years studying and teaching the pathways to personal potential, I am convinced:

My father once told me a story about a preacher, preaching in a mental institution. He stood up and asked, “Why are we all here?” One of the patients responded, “Because we’re not all there.”

There’s a thin line between the person you are and the person you can be.

I could relate. I was going through the motions, showing up but not fully present; stuck in the quagmire of mediocrity. My life changed when I made a commitment to be the man I knew I could be.

In 2010 I was stuck in every area of my life. I was out of shape, heavily in debt, my relationships were suffering, I was drinking excessively, and I had a bad attitude. This was on a good day. I had read the books, been to the seminars; heck- I had led the seminars! It wasn’t lack of knowledge, skill, talent or resources that was holding me back.


“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” -Vince Lombardi

Spring 2014 - Kandee G Enterprises

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” -Albert Einstein Being interested in your personal potential is not enough. Wishing is not enough. Hoping is not enough. Talking about it won’t do it. The best training programs in the world can’t do it for you. Prayer is a great start. But without crossing the thin line, you will never reach your personal potential. “Commitment is the thin line between the person you are and the person you can be.” -Doug Grady Who are you committed to be? This is the most powerful commitment you will ever make. Consciously choose the person you intend to become.

Feature Who are you at your best? What qualities are you committed to develop? What will you let go of? Who are you committed to serve?

Doug Grady is a professional speaker, musician, and President of High Achievers. He has been studying and teaching the pathways to personal potential for over 20 years. His companies, writings, trainings, and music are designed with one purpose: to help people reach their God-given potential.

“It may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” –Bob Dylan Few achieve greatness. None without commitment. The power of commitment is available to you right now. Commitment loves. Commitment finds a way to win. Commitment is brave. Commitment manifests genius. Commitment is the thin line between who you are and who you can be.

Connect with Doug:

About the author: www.facebook.comdouggradytraining

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