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Spring CHRISTMAS 2010


Image: Nazareth Village

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but the angel said, “Don’t be alarmed. You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified.

He isn’t here! He is risen the is dead! “...for unto usfrom a child born” Look, this is where they laid his body.

Isaiah 9:6

The Nazareth Trust is the operating name of EMMS Nazareth EMMS Nazareth is a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland - Company No: SC 225661 EMMS Nazareth is a charity registered in Scotland - Charity No: SC 032510 Registered as a foreign owned company and not-for-profit institution in Israel - No: 560019945

Mark 16:6 New Living Translation

Welcome from Joseph Main, CEO


elcome to our Spring Newsletter, packed full of news and information about our work at The Nazareth Trust. Even though our Christmas Newsletter was issued a few short months ago, the work of our Hospital, School, Chaplaincy Service, Serve Nazareth and the Village have all experienced further development and progress. Joseph R. Main Chief Executive

One significant achievement of the last few months has been the completion of a major 3 year strategic plan for our Hospital - and not simply because the plan is in place, but in how the plan was developed. You can read more about this remarkable process on pages 4 and 5. We also have a number of exciting announcements in this newsletter, including significant partnerships for the Hospital, new volunteering opportunities through SERVE Nazareth, on-going progress in the School of Nursing and news showing the Chaplaincy Service moving from strength to strength. This all makes The Nazareth Trust an exciting place to be - full of promise and hope! And how fitting it is, at this time of year, to reflect and rejoice in this promise and hope as we also reflect and rejoice in the promise and hope unlocked by the passion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Easter, for me, is the most precious of seasons. It is a time of wondrous ‘reminding’ of our salvation, yes, but it is also the season which prompts a renewed humbleness before God - the time, every year, when we reflect on the realisation of the Father’s magnificent restorative plan for each of us - only made possible through the suffering, death and glorious resurrection of His precious Son. This is, indeed, a season of rejoicing and promise, and we are experiencing this in abundance within the Trust at the moment but, we will remain humble before Jesus - continuing to seek Him and His ways as our only inspiration.

Joseph R. Main

Enjoy the newsletter.

Chief Executive Officer

In this Edition From the Chairman



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Nazareth Village



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150th Anniversary Bike Ride

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From the Chairman Ian Lyall

150th Anniversary Bike Ride - Cycle the Galilee


am delighted, as Chair of Trustees, to welcome you to the Spring 2011 edition of The Nazareth Trust Newsletter.

About the Ride


here have been Bike Rides in support of our work for many years. The next ride is particularly extraordinary, however, as it will be the first event in a year of celebration marking the wonderful occasion of the 150th anniversary of our precious ministry in Nazareth.

It is a very special honour for me to have been asked to serve this inspiring ministry as the Chair of Trustees for the next term, particularly at this time of significant development and progress. Ian Lyall Chair of Trustees

I am grateful to everyone in The Nazareth Trust who are working so diligently to move the organisation forward in a way that clearly expresses the love and compassion of Jesus. I am pleased to say that the level of professionalism within all areas of The Trust give due honour to the ministry and reflect the standards of quality to which we must aspire as servants of Christ.

This, then, will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in such a milestone event and to experience the North of Israel in this exceptional and distinctive way. The ride will be part adventure and part pilgrimage and will take place from the 6th to the 13th November 2011. DON'T MISS OUT on this amazing opportunity to visit the Holy Land in a way which will stay with you forever. GET INVOLVED - it will be an experience like no other and, of course, you will be making a very real difference to the vital work and ministry of The Nazareth Trust.

Itinerary Day 1: Arrival and transfer to Mount Carmel (near Haifa) Day 2: Cycle Mount Carmel to Akko via Zebulun Valley Day 3: Cycle to Baram staying overnight at Kibbutz Yreon

Easter is a special time for Christian believers across the world, reminding us of the universal message of hope, reconciliation and fraternity available for all. It is inspiring, then, to see this same message reflected in our own work - by which we enable all people to serve and be served under the name of Jesus of Nazareth. I hope you enjoy the newsletter and that you will join me in prayer and support for The Nazareth Trust, as we seek to fulfill our ministry purposes within our values - working, as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, to respect and serve all people, with openness and honesty, working in co-operation and partnership, and striving for excellence.

Ian Lyall

God bless you.

Day 4: Cycle to Banias (Caesarea Philippi), overnight in HaGoshrim (near Mount Hermon).

Chair of Trustees


Day 5: Cycle along the Jordan Valley to the Sea of Galilee, overnight in Ginosar. Day 6: Cycle to Nazareth for welcome and celebration at Nazareth Hospital

Please continue pray for each member of the Board of Trustees as they serve in their roles and carry the responsibility of the organisation. Please also pray that the Trustees’ leadership will remain thoughtful, compassionate and courageous as they work to safeguard and develop our work .

Day 7: Free Day 8: Transfer to airport

Register your interest now! Contact Joseph or Sue at Head Office.

As we approach the beginning of our 150th Anniversary year of celebration, work continues to finalise the itinerary for the year, including the development of international conferences, community events and establishing the various ways in which we will recognise the founder of our Hospital, PK Vartan. More news will come in our next Newsletter.

Lift up Joseph and Ian in your prayers, that their individual roles will reflect the servanthood of Jesus and help lead the work and ministry of The Nazareth Trust forward into a strong and effective future.



Nazareth Hospital EMMS Strategic Planning & Visioning


he Hospital team would like to share with friends and supporters their effort in developing the Hospital Strategy for implementation over the next three years. This is a significant milestone in our history as it is the very first time that the process of strategic planning has sought to include all levels within the Hospital. All departments took part over a number of months and many members of staff contributed to the final strategic plan that the team will work to achieve over the next 36 months.

How YOU can Help


he work of The Nazareth Trust simply cannot continue without the prayers, goodwill or financial generosity of you, our supporters.

Below, you will find a number of ways in which you can stand shoulder to shoulder with us as we continue to strive to show the love and reality of Jesus in all we do in His own home town. Throughout this newsletter you will have seen a number of blue Supporter Boxes giving some insight into the needs of each of our various works - and here too we encourage you to get in touch with Joseph or Sue at Head Office for further information about any of the needs you may have read about. Our contact details can be found on the back cover.

Ways to Donate There are a number of ways you can donate to The Nazareth Trust. If you are unsure, contact us and we can discuss options with you: By cheque, using the form found on the inside back cover; Using a standing order or direct debit at your bank. Let us know and we can give you all the details you will need; Through the website found at; Using your CAF account; By forwarding donations to one of our International Friends Groups. Contact details for each group can be found on the website - or contact Sue and she will be happy to let you know.

One of the Hospital Strategic planning meetings showing the level of participation.

SOWERS’ FUND: is a much more intimate way of getting involved. As you sign up to the Sowers’ Fund programme, you will receive a pack of information about critical areas of considerable need within The Nazareth Trust, along with resources and regular updates as you work alongside us in raising the funds necessary to meet those needs. Sign up to the Sowers’ Fund today by contacting Joseph or Sue at Head Office.

Ways to give your time The exercise itself was participatory and inclusive, providing staff the opportunity to be heard and collaborate - reinforcing the sense of ‘family’ by recognising the value of each person while giving everyone a genuine chance to participate in high-level decision-making regarding the future of the Hospital. The main goals of the strategy were to learn from our past, research our current circumstances and to find ways to ensure future activity could be undertaken while safeguarding the spirit and ’heart’ of this important, and precious, work in Nazareth. The many dozens of participants were encouraged to work together in teams to establish practical and entrepreneurial ways in which the long term development and security of the Nazareth Hospital could be firmly established, while maintaining its unique status and leadership in the field. 4

A myriad of options are available to you if you have time to give in support of the work of The Nazareth Trust: Pray with / for us. You can find prayer needs in this newsletter or on our website; Help to communicate the work of The Nazareth Trust to your church or home community, by inviting us to visit your group; Volunteer either in your home country or take up the very special opportunities found in the SERVE Nazareth Progamme; Host a special event. Just let us know and we can help you with your plans and preparation and even give you a few ideas.

Ways to spread the word We have a number of different resources and opportunities available should you wish to assist by letting others know about this very special ministry. Get in touch and we can support you in this important area. We can supply posters, leaflets or extra copies of newsletters for your friends, family, school, church or community building; Information and educational packs about our work for anyone who may be interested in how we work or our long and remarkable history. 17

Nazareth Hospital EMMS

International News Submitted by: Nazareth Project Inc. (USA) “In Thanksgiving”


The strategic planning process resulted in the development of 5 key areas for focus and progress in the next 3 years, referred to as ‘torches’.

or the past twenty years, Nazareth Project Inc. (USA) has been serving Nazareth Hospital and School of Nursing. We have administered grants for capital development, scholarships, and equipment. At times, our board has voted to help with needs in the broader region, such as medical relief in the West Bank, and emergency medical supplies for Gaza hospitals.

Nazareth Hospital EMMS 5 Strategic ‘Torches’

From where we sit, here in our US office, we cannot see each person or family impacted by the fruits of our labor. However, we know that God knows and loves each student impacted by a nursing scholarship, every staff member taking a continuing medical education course, and each surgical patient who has needed the new Operating Room tables paid for through our efforts. God knows the story of every baby placed in the incubators, and each mother or father holding vigil in the NICU. Many are the lives impacted by the generosity of our faithful donors over these years. This past fall, we were happy to again receive a $1000 grant from Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in New York City. The grant assisted Nazareth Hospital with its allstaff Christian retreat weekend. A member of this church has been a faithful supporter to NPI for the past twelve years, sending designated gifts for departments throughout the hospital, such as pediatrics, oncology, and the chaplaincy fund.


To develop the Maternity Ward as an ‘engine’ for growth


Improve the sense of belonging and ‘family’ for all staff


Improve the satisfaction and loyalty of patients and customers


Achieve Financial effectiveness


Look to future development

In addition to this work, the team also looked at the Hospital Vision together and established the following:

To be a university hospital which makes quality health services available to all, to be a source of inspiration and a model for replication by working to... 

Respect all who come to the Hospital, acting with cultural sensitivity;

Her interest in Nazareth Hospital developed during a trip she had taken in the 1990s to follow the footsteps of Jesus, a pilgrimage to mark her newfound freedom from cancer. The amount of each donation bears special significance related to the anniversary of that freedom. Enclosed with each check is a hand-written note that includes these words, ‚To the Glory of God…In Thanksgiving‛

Empower the patient and patient‟s family;

Encourage excellence and professionalism, recognising the hospital is a „family‟ with a mission that dates back many years;

Contribute to and apply advancement in medical knowledge and technology;

We are encouraged by our sister in Christ, and others like her who are compelled to give because they share our belief that God is at work in the hearts and minds of the people of Nazareth.

Promote research and scientific health education;

Promote the health of the population in partnership with the community and other institutions;

Recognise that our generation represents the continuation of the founding mission dating back to 1861;

Strive to implement our services in full recognition that our work is based on the principles and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, providing love and care to all people irrespective of ethnic, cultural or religious background;

Foster a supportive organisational culture focused on the patient and their needs;

Ensure the dignity of all, and;

Provide services to the highest quality we can and with full commitment to continuous improvement.

We believe that God is moving among hospital support staff, volunteers, nurses, and doctors; students and instructors; and visitors to Nazareth Village who hear about Jesus’ life and teachings. As we embark on the year 2011, we commit all of our efforts, past and future, into His Hands, and with gratitude, breathe these words as our prayer, ‚To the Glory of God‛.

PRAYER BOX Give thanks for Friends past and present - be they in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada or elsewhere. Pray that the Lord will bring new opportunities to tell the story and new partners to stand along side us as we serve the peoples of Nazareth



SERVE Nazareth

Nazareth Hospital EMMS


Other News...


s the Hospital enters a new period of development a number of exciting new partnerships have been established. Bar Ilan University Towards the end of this year, a brand-new medical school will be established in the Galilee region and in October 2011 this school will welcome its first cohort of Computer image of the new Bar Ilan Medical medical students. As a School, of which our Hospital will be part new department of Bar Ilan University, the Galilee Medical School has signed an agreement with 5 hospitals in the North of Israel, formally establishing them as university teaching hospitals. We are delighted to announce that our Hospital is one of those 5 teaching hospitals and we will be receiving medical students from October of this year. Image copyright of Bar-Ilan University

NHS Foundation Trust Exchange Programme We are also delighted to announce the development of an exchange programme between our Hospital and a large NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom. The exchange programme is a significant stage in the life of the Hospital and will provide exchange opportunities for all levels of our staff from senior executives and senior doctors right through to technicians and student nurses. Agreement was reached with the Foundation Trust leadership in February of this year, with anticipated commencement in September 2011.


Pray for the staff of our Hospital, that they will be empowered to fulfil their hopes and plans for the next 3 years within our Vision. Please also pray for new developments and partnerships being enjoyed by the Hospital - that these will strengthen and enhance our service and ministry long into the future.


There are still key areas that are in need of your support . Sowers’ Fund packs (see p. 17) are available giving details of the following areas of urgent need as we seek to further support the hurt, wounded and distressed in Nazareth: 1. Palliative Care 2. Children’s Ward 3. Mortuary 6

ere in Nazareth Spring is definitely arriving and we look forward to the beautiful Easter season here in Jesus’ hometown. Easter is a time to remember the passion of Christ, in its truest sense, His amazing passion for mankind, which we seek to display to others in the work of SERVE. This year has marked the introduction of our Internship Programme, which allows people to come and experience Nazareth for 1 – 6 months. It is different to our summer and winter programmes in that the internship is available year round and has a monthly SERVE administrators, Derek and cost, so is adaptable for Christine with Callie Braddock (centre left) people with varying lengths and Kjersti Anderson (far right) on a day trip to the Sea of Galilee of time available. Two interns have already come to Nazareth and we look forward to more as applications are continually open. You can find out more on our website - and apply from there too! Just visit We are also looking forward to this summer and the opportunity to develop SERVE Nazareth further. Having laid the foundation last summer, we are excited to see how God will work with those who come this year. We are also excited to see ministries developing and expanding in Nazareth. We have been able to provide support in so many different churches and ministries and in turn are encouraged through them. Child Evangelism Fellowship is one such ministry, who have had SERVE Nazareth participants help them throughout the past year. Samuel Basha runs the CEF centre which is located close to the Hospital and writes: ‚We are so blessed to have your SERVE Nazareth participants help us here at the CEF Center. They are always on time, and they are very committed to what they are doing. They are a great help to the ministry in the different things they can do. We appreciate all you're doing in SERVE Nazareth and for CEF especially‛

PRAYER BOX Please continue your prayers for the work of SERVE Nazareth as it strives to provide the very best and most meaningful opportunities for people to come to Jesus’ own home town and serve others in His name. Pray also for the participants, that they may enjoy this life-changing experience and be equipped to continue in a spirit of Godly service even as they return to their home communities.


Supporters have a wonderful opportunity to provide sponsorship for SERVE Nazareth participants. £10 will provide study materials for a participant £50 will enable a day-trip to a significant Biblical site in Israel £450 will cover all costs for 1 month of a participant. CONTACT JOSEPH OR SUE FOR MORE INFORMATION 15


School of Nursing



e have, once again, held an early morning service in the Chapel Prayer Gardens on Easter Sunday. The gardens are particularly beautiful at this time of year, looking out onto the whole of Nazareth and the rolling hills beyond. We were blessed to know that we were joined across the world as we proclaimed the Risen Christ in His own home town.



n the 15th April a Workers’ Study Day was held in the Hospital Chapel. The Chapel was beautifully decorated by members of staff, volunteers and the Worship at the Worker’s Study Day, Chaplaincy Service team held in the Hospital Chapel in April with real palm branches to commemorate Holy Week and The Triumphal Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem, riding on a donkey.


s each month passes, our School of Nursing continues to grow and develop in remarkable ways - we hope you enjoy reading about them! When we look at our School today, housed in the modern building provided by the generous support of BibleLands, bustling with bright young people, it is difficult to picture its most humble of beginnings. Opening in 1924, in the basement of the Hospital building, the School had the sole objective of training young people as nurses, while providing an insight and experience of service in the name of Jesus. Over the last 86 years, we have learned and developed a lot - but our objective has not changed. Our School continues to provide a very special teaching and learning environment. Open to all, irrespective of background, the School of Nursing is both distinctively Christian, and run in sympathy with the values of Arab culture. This often makes our School the institution of choice for the families of students confident in the quality and standards of the education offered, while trusting the faculty and staff with the development and nurturing of their young people.

Joseph Main and Rev. Mones Farah provided the teaching, with Rev Farah speaking on The cross, the stumbling block and the foolishness & Joseph speaking on the subject of The Role of Jesus in my workplace

(using Matthew chapters 5 to 7) . The day was a very real success and blessing for all who attended, with numerous requests to include similar study days twice a year in the Hospital calendar from now on. PRAYER BOX Please pray for the participants of the Study Day, that they will have been strengthened and encouraged by the event. Please also remember the on-going monthly ecumenical prayer meetings at the Hospital Chapel. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord will unite us all, including representatives from the many churches and other hospitals in Nazareth. Hold up all the local and international volunteers who serve the Lord at the Hospital and for the Chaplaincy Team who work so hard to show the Love of Christ to those in distress .


The Chaplaincy Service of the Hospital continues to serve the vulnerable and distressed - help us ensure that this ministry can continue. £10 will pay for Arabic Bibles and materials of hope for patients £50 will pay travel expenses for one local volunteer for 2 months £100 will pay for a ministry training course for volunteers £500 will buy materials to refurbish the Hospital Chapel £1,000 will help refurbish the Prayer Garden CONTACT JOSEPH OR SUE FOR MORE INFORMATION 14

Examinations taking place in our School of Nursing In March of this year, we were able to extend the opportunities made available by our school, through the generosity of the Sobell Foundation, by providing bursaries for no less than 18 students all of whom were academically promising, but who would have dropped out of education because of financial difficulties. The newly established Bursary Committee, made up of from a member of the faculty, a notable person from the local community, a former student and the School Director, Dr. Amal Khazin, received a total of 32 Bursary applications. All applications were of merit - indicating to us a very real need - and making the final selection extremely difficult. The delivery of the Nursing BA Programme in partnership with Haifa University has been academically very successful for the students taking part, prompting the University to request another year of this arrangement from the Israeli Council for Higher Education. 7

School of Nursing


ECUMENICAL SERVICES As the School continues to develop facilities and provision, it is looking to fulfill one of our primary objectives of working with other groups and organisations, making our building a resource that can be fully adopted and recognised by the community in Nazareth as a place synonymous with formal and informal education. We are very pleased to announce, therefore, that the Galillee branch of the Bethlehem Bible College are now using our School building for their classes and library, providing high quality further education, leadership and pastoral development support to local ministers within the region. We have also recently opened a high quality and healthy eating cafeteria in partnership with a local young businessman. The cafeteria provides non-fried food and quality beverages to all the students attending the School as well as to the faculty and staff of a primary school in the vicinity, going some way to supporting our vision of partnership with other academic institutions in the area. The quality of the facility, again made possible by BibleLands support, allows students to relax through their day of study on a large purpose-built veranda looking out onto Nazareth. And still we continue to look forward! As part of the strategic work referred to on pages 4 and 5, the School also reviewed its vision for the future - this work resulting in the following Vision Statement: To provide nursing education to all, based on the spirit and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth while being sensitive to the diversity of values and beliefs of our students...

Deliver Nursing education in a professional, accountable and compassionate way, inspired by the compassion revealed in the ministry of Christ.

Empower and equip students to reach their highest potential.

Apply new science and technology.

Achieve excellence in our relationships with the wider community.

Remain apolitical in all aspects and activities, including student intake, using skills of peace building and reconciliation as necessary.

Treat all students alike without discrimination in terms of religion, gender, or age, and to give respect to all.

Support outreach programmes designed to improve the physical, emotional and social health of the community.


Pray for the ministry of the School of Nursing, that it will continue to achieve standards of excellence for the students and the local community. Pray also for the future development of the School, that it will be thoughtful and sensitive, and lay down the foundations for continuing growth and security.


Sowers’ Fund packs (see page 17) are available for the following major needs of our School of Nursing. Please remember, it is your support that equips and encourages us to continue. 1. 2. 8


e have recently restarted the monthly ecumenical prayer service, which is led by our CEO, Joseph Main. Christians from all the churches in Nazareth are invited to attend, irrespective of their denomination.

Bible study notes: ‘Let’s grow in Christ’

The purpose of this regular service is to provide an opportunity for Christians who may not otherwise meet in a worship or prayer setting to come together in a spirit of unity and fraternity at the Hospital Chapel.

At the March 2011 meeting Joseph encouraged us to pray for Nazareth and to pray for the Christian leadership in the town, the surrounding area as well as the work of The Nazareth Trust through the Hospital, School and SERVE. He also shared with us from 1 Corinthians, in which Paul indicates leadership’s primary goal to be to empower others, and that it should be focused on the objectives laid out by the Lord. He also showed us, through Paul’s letter, that leaders should choose their partnerships wisely, be resilient by gaining their strength from Jesus, and that leaders must also have courage and accountability.



e continue to be blessed by a number of volunteers who support the important work of the Chaplaincy service in Volunteers and staff attend the the hospital. They are weekly Bible study primarily involved in ward visits, distributing Bibles and making home visits.

On-going Bursary Programme International Student Exchange Programme. 13




n January Rev. Suheil had the opportunity to visit Chelmsford in the UK, and was able to visit 2 NHS hospitals where he met with the various chaplains, who were able to give him different perspectives of hospital chaplaincy. He was also able to visit our CEO, Joseph Main, and a lady who is currently unwell, but who regularly volunteers with us in Nazareth to work at the hospital. He has recently returned from a conference for Baptist ministers in Jordan with the theme, ‘Lead like Jesus’. The conference was specifically for ministers from the Middle East with representatives from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Israel.



e recently had a special mid-week prayer meeting to celebrate Mothers Day, which is always on 21st March (first day of spring). After the meeting we had refreshments and all the ladies were given attractive scarves as sign of appreciation.

Mothers’ Day gifts were given to the ladies at the weekly prayer meeting In February there was the regular special service in the Hospital chapel for the Board of Trustees.


Nazareth Village


ear around, Nazareth Village strives to make the past come to life in order to better understand Jesus' teachings today. Especially at Easter we remember the powerful resurrection story, a story of the past that has profound implications for our life today.

Invitation to the Easter Celebration at 2011 This year in particular Nazareth Village is excited to retell the story using the completed first-century tomb as a backdrop to the resurrection. The tomb has been used in film productions to tell the story of Jesus more accurately. Children's school programs, tour groups and visitors of all backgrounds discover more about what the cycles of life in the first-century as well as the important story of Jesus' resurrection.

The reproduction of a tomb from the time of Jesus found at the Nazareth Village

In the time of Jesus, scholars believe tombs with rolling stones were quite rare, usually only used by very wealthy families. Around Jerusalem only four tombs with rolling stones have been found, two of which are known to belonged to royal families. 9

Nazareth Village Most people were buried in caves or holes in the ground. For the Hebrew people, the body was precious and cared for even in death. Jesus, although a poor man without a place to lay his head (Matthew 8), was given a rich man's burial. When Jesus had died, a wealthy man offered his tomb, complete with rolling stone, for Jesus to have a place to rest. In the first-century, the body had two burials. The first burial was immediate. When a person died he was wrapped in spices and clothes then laid in the tomb for a year. After one year, when the body was decomposed, the bones were collected and placed in ossuaries, or stone boxes, which were then placed in niches in the tomb walls. In this way whole families could be buried together in one tomb. Jesus, however, did not need the wealthy man's tomb for long. At Nazareth Village we celebrate the hope that comes from our belief in the resurrection and in the empty tomb! This year we will be able to lead tour groups through the flowering almond trees and vibrant wildflowers of pink and yellow to an empty tomb situated on the edge of our firstChildren enjoying the Nazareth century farm and Village experience village. The story of Jesus' life and message of peace with God becomes more understandable while retaining the mystery of paradox. A symbol of life is transformed into a place of great hope and life. PRAYER BOX

Help to lift up the important ministry of the Nazareth Village in your prayers. In only 10 years or so, this work has become an incredible world-wide testimony of our Lord’s life in Nazareth, touching the thousands of visitors from across the globe in a deeply personal and significant way.




came to the Lord in 1999 and since then He has called me to serve Him through preaching and discipleship – fulfilling the great commission. I got married on 25th October 2008, and my wife Weekly Bible studies are led by has joined me in my Simon from ministry. We always pray Agape Ministries and think about how and where we can serve the Lord. We work with different denominations and partners and through them we distribute Christian literature. Several months ago I heard Rev Suheil share about his hospital ministry and he encouraged me to join him in the chaplaincy department. About 4 months ago I started volunteering for 2 days each week at the hospital. I have been visiting patients and offering support and praying with them. I also felt that the Lord was calling me to start a discipleship course in the hospital, and we have just completed a 7-week discipleship course called ‘Let’s grow in Christ’ – continuing to fulfil the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19. I enjoy sharing what the Lord has done in my life and the Lord continues to encourage me through His word.


Help Nazareth Village to continue as a powerful and effective resource for the local and worldwide Christian communities. Here, we focus on practical needs... £10 will provide support for volunteers serving on the Village land £50 will help provide feed & husbandry for the Village animals £100 will help support the local schools’ programme

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace Acts 20:24.



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