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Nazareth College | Annual Report 2010-2011

2010- 2011 Annual Report 2

Message from the Board Chair


Message from the President


Stories of Innovation

14  Donors to the Integrated Center for Math and Science 16 Community Partners 20 Highlights 22  Selected Faculty Honors and Accomplishments 26 Alumni Giving 27 Message from the CFO 28 Statement of Activities 30 Donors 49 Trustees, Mission, and Vision

INNOVATION Nazareth College broke ground on its Integrated Center for Math and Science in April 2011. This new center, slated to open in fall 2012, embodies the spirit of innovation that animated many of the College’s stories this year. This report features several of those stories; please visit often to read more.


Message from the Board Chair Dear friends, In the more than 30 years since I graduated from Nazareth College, I have witnessed many changes on campus and have always been impressed by the dynamic nature of my alma mater. This year, I am especially proud to see how vigorously the College is embracing the future. With the addition of the Integrated Center for Math and Science, we are taking a quantum leap into a new era. We will continue to do what we have always done well—preparing professionals for the greater Rochester area and beyond—but now we will have the resources to do it even better.

I n n o v a t i o n

Higher education today is at a crossroads. We look around at our globalized world, in which technology is bringing daily changes, and we realize that no college or university can ever afford to tread water. To maintain its vibrancy, an institution of higher learning has to look ahead.


Nazareth has always been a forwardthinking institution, and so we are well positioned for the work that has to be done. I strongly believe that we all share that conviction, which is why we were able to come together in a challenging economy and bring this ambitious building project to fruition. With the Integrated Center for Math and Science, Nazareth College is taking an important step to ensure its relevancy for future generations. We have so many people to thank for helping to make this happen. Let us all share in the pride of what we have accomplished. With best wishes,

J udy Wilmot Linehan ’76 Chairperson, Nazareth College Board of Trustees

Message from the President Dear Nazareth friends, The hallmark of a Nazareth College education has always been outstanding preparation, in both its liberal arts and professional programs. We are known for providing many of the area’s education and health care professionals, who connect the College to the community and beyond. With this year’s groundbreaking on campus for the new Integrated Center for Math and Science, Nazareth enters a new era of influence and innovation. This most recent addition to campus features extensive resources that will enhance programs and offer students and faculty more opportunities for research and hands-on training. Throughout this report, you’ll find stories of innovation, and we invite you to share in the excitement that this new era brings. As I watch the math and science center become a reality, I have taken note of the ingenuity, collaboration, and determination that have gone into realizing such an ambitious project. Our administrators, faculty, students, support staff, alumni, and many valued friends were able to identify a need, form a consensus, and work together to solve problems. When the new building opens in fall 2012, we will be in the position to shape

the future of generations of Nazareth graduates. We will have what we need to bring our programs in health and human services to an even higher level of excellence. We will have a cuttingedge training ground in which to prepare the math and science teachers who will serve the public for years to come. And we will benefit all our students, as all are required to take math and science courses to ensure that they graduate with the kind of broad-based education that our 21st-century world demands. As you can tell, I take great pride and pleasure in ushering in Nazareth College’s new era. Together we have achieved so much. And together we can achieve so much more in the future. Sincerely,

Daan Braveman President, Nazareth College Interested in reading more from the perspective of President Braveman? Visit his official blog at


Building Signals

New Era

I n n ovatio n

The first new addition to the Nazareth campus in almost 20 years, the Integrated Center for Math and Science is sure to usher the College into a bold era of academic achievement and community impact. The center will feature state-of-the-art labs and classrooms, as well as spaces designed to support collaboration between students and faculty. Collaboration, in fact, has been key in conceptualizing the center.


The center’s many green features will ensure its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver certification.

“The new center is about more than bricks and mortar,” says Tim Fournier, a trustee of the College and chair of the board’s building and grounds committee. “We are Check out the live web cam always preparing math and science of the math and science teachers for the Rochester comcenter’s construction at munity, and health and human vices at Nazareth are growing. The “One of the most valuable center will support that growth.” aspects of this building has been Trustee Cynthia Reddeck-LiDestri, M.D., the involvement of students from the very beginconcurs. “The center is integral to the College’s ning,” says William Lammela, Ph.D., professor sustainability,” she says. “And as all Nazareth unand chair in chemistry and biochemistry. “They dergraduates are required to take math and told us loud and clear what features of the buildscience courses, the center benefits all.” ing were important to them, and many have been Michelle Scotland ’12, a senior planning for incorporated into the design.” her doctorate in biochemistry, participated in the The specifics of this new building are impressive. planning process for the new center and feels Its 74,000 square feet will house 20 labs serving strongly about its potential. “The center will not biology, chemistry, physics, math, and computonly allow students to have greater accessibility to ing, arranged on four floors. The eight classrooms new technology, but it will also allow our departand lab lecture rooms will feature the newest ments to collaborate and grow,” says Scotland. technology. A multi-environment greenhouse will “Students will have the ability to learn from open up new research possibilities, even extendhands-on experiences. As a student pursuing a ing to new programs such as horticultural therapy. medical degree, I see how much this building has to offer future Nazareth students.”

Michael LaPoint, director of construction and renovation services, and Kelly Gagan, vice president for institutional advancement, overlook the construction site of the new Integrated Center for Math and Science, scheduled to open in fall 2012. 5

Undergraduate Research


I n n ovatio n

For a school of its size, Nazareth College has always offered undergraduates valuable opportunities to pursue research. Now that feature of a Nazareth education is poised to make a quantum leap with the new Integrated Center for Math and Science.


radical opportunity for undergraduates to discover that there’s really space inside the cell and exquisite spatial relationships.”

For Jessica Reeves ’11, the new microscope was an adventure. “It was a little intimidating at first, but really amazing,” says Reeves, who is looking toward veterinary Learn more about During the past year, underschool. For Shaughna Szymanski Nazareth’s biology graduates at the College have ’11, who is hoping to go to dental department at been able to take advantage of school, the experience with the an extraordinarily exciting piece croscope felt like a great privilege. of equipment—the new optional“With Nazareth being such a small sectioning microscope, which takes finely focused school, we had hours a day to experiment with pictures of up to 50 slices of a cell from top to it,” Szymanski reported. bottom. Early in 2010, Deborah Dooley ’75, Temple sees a future of many more undergraduPh.D., dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, ate research opportunities with the new center. solicited suggestions from the science faculty for “It’s literally designed from the ground up to make equipment for the center; when the optional-secstudent research part of the fabric of their undertioning microscope was recommended, she found graduate experience,” he says. “If you look at the the funds for it. “This microscope has enabled my floor plans in enough detail, you’ll see that any students this year to go inside a cell and explore student at any point is just one or two steps away that as a real three-dimensional space,” says Matfrom a research point, and not many schools can thew Temple, Ph.D., professor of biology. “It’s a say that.”

Dr. Matthew Temple, professor of biology, works with Jessica Reeves ’11 on the new optional-sectioning, or 3-D, microscope.


Donors Name


I n n ovatio n

For trustee Don Kollmorgen Opportunities for research and his wife Louise Woerner, at Nazareth College will expand donors whose generosity has made exponentially next year when the new laboratory possible and for the new anatomy and physiolwhom the facility will be named, ogy laboratory is installed in the there is great satisfaction in seeing Integrated Center for Math and this project come to fruition. “Our Science. “Students working in professional careers have been in this new state-of-the-art facility, the health field,” says Kollmorgen, whether they’re in nursing, physiExplore other naming former director of the Office of cal therapy, occupational therapy, opportunities for the math Qualifications and Compliance for or pre-medical programs, will now and science center at the Department of Health and Hube able to use a hands-on man Services HMO Program. “The proach when studying the strucimportance of highly trained health ture and function of the human professionals to the quality of our body,” says Brian W. Witz, Ph.D., nation’s health cannot be underestimated.” professor and chairperson of the biology department and director of pre-medical studies. “The wonderful thing about Nazareth is that so


The features found in the lab—the largest and most expensive in the new building—are many and varied. Most important are the six cadaver facilities that boast a complex ventilation system and a sophisticated camera system on a track. “Graduate students will no longer have to travel to a remote location to learn advanced techniques in anatomical dissection, and undergraduate students will no longer have to rely on non-human animals to study human biology,” says Witz.

many of its graduates stay in the area,” says Woerner, CEO of HCR Home Care, a Medicare-certified home health care agency and health research and consulting firm that employs a significant number of Nazareth graduates. “Nazareth is training a lot of young people to serve the Rochester community, and the better the training, the better the services will be. This laboratory will accrue to the benefit of the community in so many ways. It’s also important to note that the whole process of creating the new math and science building has been so collaborative. The College has really done an outstanding job.”

Trustee Don Kollmorgen and his wife Louise Woerner, donors of the anatomy and physiology laboratory in the new math and science building. 9

Collaboration Sparks


I n n ovatio n

associate professor of mechanical When collaboration meets engineering at RIT who has helped innovation, breakthroughs are coordinate this partnership. “What sure to happen. Such is the case they create goes directly to an with the partnership formed individual, and that makes it easy between Nazareth’s department to point to it and say, ‘I’ve made a of physical therapy and Rochesdifference here.’” ter Institute of Technology. “RIT contacted us about having Sara Gombatto, P.T., Ph.D., their engineering students design assistant professor of physical Learn more about equipment for our PT patients,” therapy at Nazareth, has also seen Nazareth’s Rehabilitation says J.J. Mowder-Tinney, P.T., excellent results emerge from this and Wellness Clinics Ph.D., assistant professor of physicollaboration. “The RIT students at cal therapy. “The first project was worked with us to create a mean upper extremity exerciser that chanical spine that would validate I had devised on my own with a the biomedical model we’ve been pole and some duct tape. Their job was using in our work,” says Gombatto. “We’ve been to refine it.” developing the mechanical spine for a little over


The RIT team, composed of electrical, mechanical, industrial, and computer engineering students, took on other projects as well, including a balance tower with interactive features that renders balance improvement exercise more stimulating and a balance training bicycle that will help patients relearn cycling. “These projects are great for our students because they see the end use,” says Elizabeth DeBartolo, an

a year and it’s already enabled me to significantly expand on our research.” The RIT students have even helped the physical therapy department assess their space, analyzing traffic usage and other criteria, and have made suggestions that have already been implemented. Such collaboration spells a win/win proposition for both schools.

Left to right: RIT’s Dr. Elizabeth DeBartolo and engineering student Oyetunde Jolaoye demonstrate their balance tower to Dr. J.J. Mowder-Tinney and Dr. Sara Gombatto, both assistant professors of physical therapy. 11

Longtime Donor, Lifetime

Learner A Nazareth alumna, Carolyn Civiletti Canzano ’55 forged her career in the crucible of the College’s science program. “Being exposed to that level of academics was amazing,” says Canzano. “We studied philosophy and literature and the sciences at a time when women were not particularly encouraged to do so, and we developed sound leadership skills, too.”

Discover more about Nazareth’s chemistry and biochemistry departments at

I n n ovatio n

Canzano married soon after graduation, moving frequently with her Marine Corps husband, raising three children, and continuing her studies as circumstances permitted. Eventually, she earned first a master’s degree in science education and later a master’s degree in biology at George Mason University. She taught AP (Advanced Placement) biology and chemistry and was science department chair at Falls Church High School in Fairfax County, Virginia, where she still lives.


“Because developments occur so rapidly in the sciences, I always strove to keep abreast,” she says. “Throughout the ’80s and ’90s I continued my studies, spending a month at Princeton on a Woodrow Wilson Foundation grant in chemistry, studying chemistry instrumentation at the University of Wisconsin in Madison sponsored by the Institute of Chemistry Education, helping develop

biotechnology labs for high school students at Georgetown University with a grant from the Howard Hughes Foundation. In workshops and small groups throughout the country, my colleagues and I mentored chemistry and biology teachers. That was very satisfying. Since retiring, I have continued to mentor both students and teachers in their classrooms and in advanced lab activities.”

Canzano, who retired in 1999, always felt a debt of gratitude toward her alma mater for the preparation she received. Accordingly, she has been a dedicated donor to the College, giving consecutively for more than 35 years, most often to the biology department. She looks toward the new math and science building with great interest. “When the new building is completed, I fully intend to see it,” she says. “Having spent time at schools like Princeton, Wisconsin, and Georgetown, I know the importance of topnotch facilities. To run a first-class program for both undergraduate and graduate students in the sciences and math, you need to be able to handle new technology. The new building will encompass expanding needs for present and future growth. Our students, and the Rochester community, deserve that.”

Carolyn Civiletti Canzano ’55 is a life-long science educator and a longtime donor to Nazareth College. 13


to the Integrated Center for Math and Science Since July 2007, donors to the Integrated Center for Math and Science have invested in programs and facilities designed to provide critical hands-on, collaborative, evidence-based training within the context of Nazareth’s rich liberal arts curriculum. We value our donors’ commitment to this initiative, knowing that their support will help Nazareth graduates continue to teach, heal, discover, and transform the Rochester community for generations to come.

Anonymous (2)

Susan E. Close ’64

Joyce Marie Aab ’75G

Kathleen A. Colliflower ’74

Patricia Suits Ellison ’50 & Hon. William Ellison

George I. Alden Trust

Dr. Walter Cooper

Kathryn Duell Emison ’74

Barbara J. Aldrich ’67

James A. & Andrea J. Rivoli Costanza ’85

Dr. Joan R. Ewing ’55

Jack A. ’72 & Stacie M. Allocco

Costanza Family Foundation

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield of Rochester

Ames-Amzalak Memorial Trust

Mary Gagliano Creighton ’57 & James E. Creighton

Margaret Cass Ferber & Paul H. Ferber

Charles J. & Burton S. August Family Foundation

Ann Marie Stokes Crilly ’57

Adele R. Flanagan ’09

Susan Truelove Dailey ’68

Christine H. ’68 & John J. Forken

Joan & Burton S. August Sr.

John E. Dailor

Timothy D. & Susan LeChase Fournier

Marie C. Baglio ’57

Gary A. Dake

Kathleen McCorry Banke ’68 & Glenn Banke

Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Inc.

Jacqueline Zick Fox ’70, ’74G & Patrick Fox

I n n ovatio n

Jane E. Arundel ’57


Mary Frances Firsching ’86

Jane C. Fox ’68

Patricia Foster Beer ’68

Catherine Byrnes DeBritz ’58 & Francis M. DeBritz

Daan & Lorraine Braveman

Anna Jean Dedominicis ’57

Dr. Margaret A. Frisch ’56

Virginia Koehler Briefs ’57

Rosalyn DellaPietra ’58, ’66G

Charles S. & Millicent P. Brown Family Foundation

Judith Keaveny Desisti ’57

Barbara Foos Gallagher ’57 & James W. Gallagher

Jane Flynn Burke ’65 & Daniel J. Burke

Lauren Dixon & Michael Schwabl

Rosemarie Scherer Burke ’58 & William P. Burke

Dixon Schwabl Advertising, Inc.

Patricia A. Byrne ’68

Josephine DiGaspari

Mary Anne Doane ’68

Lauren Marie Frasier ’86

Dr. Holly Raschiatore Garber ’90 & Neal S. Garber Marialyce & Peter Garvis Helen Suits Gates ’57 Patricia D. & Gary B. Genthner ’87, ’91G

Florence P. Capo ’51

Dr. Deborah Dooley ’75 & Paul Mittermeyer

Joan Mascaro Caruso ’67

Steve M. & Claire M. Dubnik

Jamie Linehan Cesare & Michael Cesare

Emil D. & Jane Duda

Catherine E. Clark ’48

Jane Lovenheim Glazer ’80G & Laurence C. Glazer

Georgianna Bush Dunn ’61

Douglas B. ’94 & Amy M. Gorham

Dr. Timothy R. Glander & Suzanne M. Kolodziej

Nancy Wilmot Gorman ’68 & Paul F. Gorman

Bernadette Daukintas Mack ’61

Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation

Patricia Glew Magin ’68

Joan Kinsky Ryan ’54 & James D. Ryan Sr.

Ann Marie Durawa Gulian ’90

Bernadette Coyle Mannix ’57

Joan Stein Hacker ’63

Sharon Grinnan Sanford ’62 & William C. Sanford

Dr. Mary Rappazzo Hall ’63

Linda W. ’75G & Dr. Robert C. Marino ’76G

Elizabeth Spillman Halsted ’68

Susan J. Martin ’72

Estate of William Schirk

Linda Henehan Hanna ’83 & Joseph R. Hanna

Francene Carter McCarthy ’76G

K.J. & C.F. Schmitt Foundation

Winifred A. McCarthy ’70

James P. & Constance Sessler

Claire Heffernan ’68 & Timothy C. Fabrizio

Mary Soons McCarty ’88

Brian E. & Jean Hickey

Kim J. & Stephen McCluski

Dr. Reneé Scialdo Shevat ’77 & Samuel A. Shevat

Bridgette A. Hobart ’84 & Robert Janeczko

Irene Parker McQueeney ’51

Marcia & Fred E. Strauss

Jean Gramkee Hubsch ’68 & Robert DeYager

John R. Mendel

John & Jayne Summers Foundation

Cara N. & Ben D. Meyers

Dr. Tamara A. Sutfin ’68

Jim Mickol

Dr. Shirley F. Szekeres

Paul Monachino Jr. ’77G

Annette Sleyman Szymula ’71

Marion Morgan Mongan ’50

Dr. Barbara Martin Thakor ’63 & Haren Thakor

Erminda G. & Paul Hugh Dolores Luccio Humbert ’54 Dr. Kelly Hutchinson-Anderson ’04 IBM Corporation Thomas Ioele Trust of J. Arthur Jennings Robert Johnson Johnson & Johnson Richard A. & Marcia Kaplan Drs. Kathleen Lyons Kelly ’68 & Edward M. Kelly

Estate of Helena E. Moran Estate of Theresa A. Moran Robert C. & Robin Morgan Terri L. Muraco ’89 Steve D. & Lynn A. Natapow Natapow Family Foundation Marion E. & Dr. Carmine Nicastro Jr.

Patricia Merriman Saxe ’51

Carolyn Krebs Thomson ’55 Lucia Vetter Unger ’35 Andrea Hinchey Unson ’88 Ellen Rutledge Valenti ’74 Marie J. Van Ness ’62 Drs. Sara B. Varhus & David W. Hill

Don H. Kollmorgen & Louise Woerner

Nancy Smith Nothnagle ’68

Drs. Janet Trzcinski Vasak ’67 & John M. Vasak

Konar Foundation

Maureen Schutz O’Connor ’59 & William R. O’Connor

Mary Ellen Dwyer Vasile ’68 & Dr. Gennaro J. Vasile

Judith Spitzer Offer ’64

Verizon Wireless

Carol Hickey Krebs ’61

Elizabeth A. Osta ’67 & Dave VanArsdale

Gina M. Viggiani ’84

Peter Lana

Kathy Bubser O’Toole ’68 & Sean T. O’Toole

David L. & Carol Vigren

Lindsay Reading Korth & Dr. William W. Korth

Jennifer McCall LaSalle & Stephen C. LaSalle

Mary Kay & Edward G. Parrone

Jeanne S. Walewski ’71 Mary E. Walsh ’60

Michael J. Lawrence

Anna Frances Payne ’49

Beverly & R. Wayne LeChase

Jean E. Pettigrew ’68

LeChase Construction

Marian Fox Pfeiffer ’49

Estate of Mary S. Leckinger ’39

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kathleen M. & James J. Leo

Estate of Martha E. Purcell ’60

Thomas C. Wilmot Sr. & Colleen L. Wilmot ’71

LiDestri Foods, Inc.

Bernadette J. ’07 & Rick Rall

Dr. Bruce C. Woolley

Judy Wilmot Linehan ’76 & Paul J. Linehan

Robert A. ’88 & Barbara Randall

Kevin D. & Liese Schoener Worthen

Barbara Olmstead Long ’66

Dr. Cynthia Reddeck-LiDestri & John LiDestri

Susan Zaleski Yovanoff ’77, ’82G & Lawrence Yovanoff ’78

Dr. Christine M. Redman ’68

Gerard F. ’89G & Judith Zappia

Joan Foley Lukacs ’57 Patricia Lyons ’63, M.D. M&T Bank

Maureen Leddy Welch ’62 Jo Anne A. Wheatley Steven H. & Christine Whitman

Margaret Fitzsimmons Robinson ’71



Partners Each year, Nazareth College partners with school districts, health care organizations, human service agencies, and many others throughout the region. The following partners joined with Nazareth during 2010–2011, strengthening the College’s commitment to and connection with its wider community.

360|365 Film Festival

Bhutanese Youth Club of Rochester

Center for Dispute Settlement

Action for a Better Community

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Advent House

Big City Sportswear

Center for Hospice and Palliative Care (Buffalo)

The Advocacy Center of Rochester

Birthright of Rochester, Inc.

AfterImage Magazine

Bishop Kearney High School

AIDS Rochester

Bishop Sheen Ecumen. Housing Foundation

All Metro Health Care

Blessed Sacrament Supper Program

Allencreek Elementary School

Bloomfield Central School District

All Worx

Blue Cross Arena

Alternatives for Battered Women (ABW)

Blue Star Mothers

Alzheimer’s Association, Rochester, NY, Chapter

BOA Editions

American Cancer Society

Boys & Girls Club

I n n o v a t i o n

American Diabetes Association


Centro de Oro

Boydell & Brewer Publishing

Center for Youth Services, Inc. Central Square Central School District Centro de Oro Cerebral Palsy Association Charles Settlement House Chartwells Child Care Council Children’s Center of Brighton Children’s Institute Churchville-Chili Central School District City of Rochester

American Heart Association

Brentland Woods Episcopal Senior Life Communities

American Red Cross

Bright Start Pediatric Services

Anthony Jordan Health Center

Brighton Central School District

Applied Audio

Brockport Central School District

Aquinas Institute

Brookwood Inn

ARC Mallantyne

Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center

Arc of Monroe

Burma Refugee Coordinating Team

Archer Communications

Cameron Community Ministries


Camp Good Days & Special Times

Ashe Cultural Arts Center

Canandaigua City School District

Associated Reporters Abroad (Berlin)

Canandaigua National Bank

The Community-University Partnership Project

Association for the Blind/Visually Impaired

Canandaigua VA Hospital


Auburn City School District

Cancer Wellness Spa of Greater Rochester

The Compliance Search Group

Avon Central School District

Caribbean Drumming

Conifer Realty

Baber AME Church

Cast Industries

Continuing Developmental Services, Inc.

Baden St. Settlement

Catholic Charities Communities Services

Cornell Cooperative Extension 4H

Barnes & Noble

Catholic Family Center

Corporate Communications, Inc.

Basic College Ministries

Catholic Services of Buffalo

CP Rochester

Bausch & Lomb

Cayuga Center

Crestwood Children’s Center (Hillside)

Bethany House of Hospitality

Cayuga Counseling Services

Crossroads Youth Center

City of Rochester Communications Department City of Rochester, Department of Recreation and Youth Services Clifton Springs Hospital Clinical Associates of the Finger Lakes Clyde-Savannah Central School District Colleges of Rochester Tour Community Child Care Center Community Place of Greater Rochester

Daisy Marquise Jones House

Garth Fagan Dance

Holley Central School District

Dansville Central School District

Gates Chili Central School District

Hollister Street Neighborhood Association

Dejoy, Knauf & Blood CPA

Gates Public Library

Holy Rosary School

DeMay Living Center


HRC Home Care of Rochester

DePaul Developmental Services

Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley

Honeoye Central School District

Depaul Westwood Commons

Generation 2

Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District

Dimitri House

Genesee Community Charter School

Hope Hall

Diocese of Rochester

Genesee Country Village and Museum

Hornell City School District

Discovery Charter School

Genesee Mental Health, Child and Youth Services

Will Hubbell

Genesee/Orleans Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc.

The Hurlbut

Dixon Schwabl Dr. Douglas Smith Learning Center Dream Seeds Art—Monica Place East Bloomfield Central School District East Irondequoit Central School District East Rochester Union Free School District Edgerton Child Care Services, Inc. Education for Peace Empire Justice C.A.S.H. Program Epilepsy Foundation Episcopal Senior Life Community ERA Hunt Real Estate Eugenio Maria De Hostas Charter School Evalumetrics The Fairfax Institute at the International Institute of Islamic Thought Fairport Baptist Home Fairport Central School District Family Services of Rochester Federation of Music Clubs

Geneva City School District George Eastman House GFI Studios Gilda’s Club

Hungarian-American Club of Rochester Hutchings Psychiatric Center Huther Doyle Ibero-American Action League, Inc. Iglesia Educational Programs

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Campaign Office Girl Scouts of Western NY Camp Piperwood Gleason Corporation Golden Memories Transportation Golisano Children’s Hospital Gorham-Middlesex Central School District Grace Urban Ministries Grants4Good Great House of Guitars Greater Rochester Teacher Center Network Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival Greater Rochester Urban Bounty Greater Southern Tier BOCES

Community Service Day

Greece Central School District

Imagine It Recycling

Finger Lakes Community College

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Independent Living for Seniors

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Habitat for Humanity

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Hager Video Productions

InterActive Therapy Group

First Capital Payments

Happiness House

First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford

Harlem Children’s Zone

International Business Council of Greater Rochester

Flower City Habitat for Humanity

Harley School

Flower City Soccer League

Head Start


The Health Association

Fox 95.1

Herb Haven

Freedom Trail Commission

Heritage Christian Services

Freshwise Farms

Hickok Center for Brain Injury

Jefferson Ave. Childhood Development Center

The Frick Gallery

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The Friendly Home

The Highlands

Jewish Family Service

Friends of Ganondagan, Inc.

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Friends of Strong

Hill Haven Nursing Home

John Arquette Properties

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Hillside’s Family of Agencies

Kendall Junior/Senior High School

Gananda Central School District

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Kirkhaven Nursing Home

Ganondagan Native American Center

Hispanic Wellness Center

Lafayette Hills Golf Club

Ganondagan State Historic Site

Hochstein School of Music

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International Culture and Arts Network (ICAN) International Student Network Irondequoit Parks & Recreation Isaiah House


LDA Life and Learning Services

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Legacy Project

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Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western NY

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Manchester-Shortsville Central School District

National Kidney Foundation of Upstate NY


Marion Central School District MarketHold Productions Mary Cariola Children’s Center Mary’s Place Mason Selkowitz Marketing The Mayor’s Summit: America’s Promise to New York Youth McArdle Ramerman & Co. McMurry Communications McQuaid Jesuit High School Memorial Art Gallery Mengel, Metzger, Barr CPA

Museum of Kids Art National Technical Institute for the Deaf Native American Resource Center Nativity Preparatory Academy The Nature Conservancy Nazareth Academy Nazareth Hall Elementary School New Directions of Greater Rochester New Settlement Apartments

I n n o v a t i o n 18

Pittsford Cooperative Nursery School Pittsford United Nursery School Pittsford Youth Service Planned Parenthood Prevention Partners Project Homelessness Connect Rainbow Preschool Rebuilding Together New Orleans Recovery Network of New York Red Booth Recording Studio Refugee Resettlement Project

Rise Up Rochester

NYS Arts Teachers’ Association

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2010– 2011 H i g h l i g ht s

Left to right: Fulbright winners Alyssa Pantano ’11, Amanda Poppe ’11, Jeri Beckens ’11, and Daniel Simmons ’11. Not pictured: Amber Powers ’11G.

Five Students Receive Prestigious Fulbright Grants

I n n ovatio n

The J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board selected the following Nazareth students to receive 2011–12 U.S. Junior Fulbright awards: Jeri Beckens ’11 (German and international studies) of Sodus, NY; Alyssa Pantano ’11 (Spanish and inclusive childhood/middle childhood education) of Amherst, NY, Amanda Poppe ’11 (Spanish and adolescence education) of Jordan, NY, Amber Powers ’11G (TESOL, teaching English to speakers of other languages) of Webster, NY, and Daniel Simmons ’11 (German and Spanish) of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. All five will teach English abroad during the 2011–12 school year. This year’s recipients make a record breaking number in one year for the College; in the last five years, there have been 12 Fulbrights awarded to Nazareth College students. Learn more about the Fulbright program at


Status by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) in 2010, began admitting students into its five-year B.S./M.S. program in the fall of 2011. The OT program provides students with professional knowledge and skills, an understanding of human development, a solid neurological, physiological, and psychological background, and beginning research experiences. “Students at Nazareth will be able to learn in classes and in on-site clinics that have an interdisciplinary focus,” explains Linda Shriber, Ed.D., the new program director. Learn more about Health and Human Services programs at www.naz. edu/hhs.

The Class of 2011 set a new Nazareth record for participation in the senior class gift, reaching the 50% mark for the first time in school history. Nearly 250 seniors showed their support by making a gift to student scholarships or designating it to the department, sport, or club of their choice. Class officers Jeri Beckens ’11, Lisa DiMatteo ’11, Danielle Fiorentino ’11, Carly Hewitt ’11, Steven Matos ’11, and Lindsey Spector ’11 played a huge role in the success of the “Gimme 5” campaign.

College Launches Urban Education Center The Nazareth College School of Education opened its new Frontier Center for Urban Education in fall 2010. The center serves as a support structure for all urban education initiatives within the College’s School of Education and also houses resources related to urban education. Some of the initiatives within the center include the GEAR UP programs and the Teacher Opportunity Corps, two collaborations with the Rochester City School District. Learn more about the Center for Urban Education at

Occupational Therapy Program Launched The School of Health and Human Services added an occupational therapy program to its roster of health-related academic programs. The new program, which was granted Developing Program

Senior Gift Breaks Records

President Daan Braveman opens the new Frontier Center for Urban Education, accompanied by Dr. Timothy Glander, dean of the School of Education, and Center Director Dr. Shirley Sommers.

View the Class of 2011 “5 Dollar Revolution” video at classof2011.

Management Increases Online Course Offerings Nazareth’s School of Management began offering online course options during the 2010–11 academic year. Faculty from Deborah LaBelle, Ph.D., accounting, instructing students in human resource information technology. management, management, and information technology led the online course initiative by offering both online and hybrid versions of classes. Combining class sessions with Moodle, an e-learning software program, students could dialogue through discussion forums or complete and receive feedback on projects. Learn more about the

School of Management at www.naz. edu/management.

Men’s Volleyball Takes National Championship More than 1,100 fans filled Nazareth’s Kidera Gymnasium last April as the Golden Flyers claimed the Molten Division III Men’s Volleyball Invitational championship. It marked Nazareth’s first national title in men’s volleyball and Nazareth’s first in a team sport since men’s lacrosse captured its third title in 1997. In addition to an MVP performance by Hans Schroeder ’11, outside hitter Billy Gimello ’12 and setter EJ Wells-Spicer ’13 represented Nazareth on the alltournament team. Schroeder and Ellis Walsh ’11 were honored as first-team All-Americans, while Gimello and WellsSpicer were second-team choices. Learn more about Nazareth Athletics at http://

The Golden Flyers secure their first national championship in men’s volleyball.

Nazareth Receives Recognition for Civic Engagement Efforts The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) honored Nazareth College last spring as a leader among institutions of higher education for their support of volunteering, servicelearning, and civic engagement. Nazareth was admitted to the 2010 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with distinction for its strong institutional commitment to service and compelling campus-community partnerships that produce measurable results for the community. Some of Nazareth’s programs include Orientation Day of Service, Alternative Spring Break trips, Partners for Learning, Partners for Serving, and a strong academic servicelearning program on campus. Learn more about Nazareth’s civic engagement efforts at

Left to right: Joe Seil, assistant athletic director and sports information director; Pete Bothner, athletic director; Craig Dahl and Steve Sauer, hockey consultants; Daan Braveman, president.

Men’s Hockey Joins Sports Roster Nazareth College will add men’s ice hockey to its intercollegiate athletic offerings with competition at the NCAA Division III level slated to begin with the 2012–13 season. George Roll, head coach at Clarkson University for the past eight seasons, has been named head coach. With no on-campus playing venue, Nazareth is still in negotiations to determine the best location for its newest team. Nazareth also has petitioned the ECAC West Division to join that conference, of which Elmira, Hobart, Manhattanville, Neumann, and Utica are current members. Men’s ice hockey will be Nazareth’s 24th intercollegiate team. Learn more about the hockey team at

Dance Festival 2010

STREB Extreme Action Company electrified the audience with the strength and skill exhibited during the STREB: Forces performance.

By almost every measure, the Nazareth College Arts Center Dance Festival in July was a roaring success. Nearly 6,000 people, from newborns to grandparents, saw 13 companies deliver eight performances at six different venues across the city. Media coverage ranged from front page spreads in the Democrat and Chronicle and City newspapers to the national live Fox News program The Strategy Room. Open rehearsals, youth and adult master classes, and lectures and panel discussions introduced new audiences to the College’s arts programming. And with many of the performances both free and outdoors, the festival became the inclusive event its organizers had envisioned. Sponsored by the City of Rochester, the County of Monroe, Dixon Schwabl, NYSCA, and Electronic Field Productions. Visit the Dance Festival Flickr galleries at


2010– 2011 S elected Faculty Honors and Accomplishments

Rebecca Achtman (Psychology) co-published with D. Bavelier, M. Mani, and J. Focker “Neural Bases of Selective Attention in Action Video Game Players” in Vision Research (2011). Rasheeda Ahmad (Inclusive Childhood Education) presented “Challenging the Dominant Discourse of Social Studies” at the AESA National Conference in Denver. Matthew Ames (Theatre Arts) directed Picnic at the Belfast Maskers Theater, in Belfast, Maine.

I n n ovatio n

Tricia Asklar (English) published two poems, “My Uncle Smokes His Pipe” and “For Irene, Whose Obituary Was Too Brief,” in Redactions: Poetry & Poetics, June 2011.


Brian Bailey (Adolescence Education) published “Real Literacies in the Classroom: Healing Wounds with Digital Video,” in Journal of Digital Culture and Education, June 2011. He also presented “Youth and Multimedia Literacy” at Nagaland University at Lumami in Nagaland, India; “‘Scary, But Now It’s Cool’: Youth Participation in Unfamiliar Science Spaces” at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Conference in Orlando; and “Telling Stories Out of School: Youth Identity Construction through Participating in Scientific Investigations in Belize” at the American Education Research Association Annual Conference in New Orleans.

Andrew Bartlett (Physical Therapy) presented “The Use of Exercise and Telehealth in Type II Diabetes” at the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research in Washington, DC. Daniel Birmajer (Mathematics) was appointed a visiting scholar in the mathematics department at the Universidad Naçional de San Luis, Argentina. Christine Bochen (Religious Studies) published “Sowing Seeds of Contemplation and Compassion: Merton’s Emerging Social Consciousness” in The Merton Seasonal: A Quarterly Review, Vol. 35, no. 4 (Winter 2010). She presented “‘Learning to Live’: Discovering the Value of ‘Unsuccess’” at the College English Association Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg, FL, and “‘A More Ordinary Life than You Think’: Monasticism in Translation” at the 12th General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society at Loyola University in Chicago. Beverly Brown (Biology) and Nicole Juersivich (Mathematics) presented “Building the STEM Pipeline: Connecting K-6 Teachers with Inquiry-Based Mathematics, Science, Technology and Literacy” at the Association of American Colleges and Universities in Miami. Paula Brown (Communication Sciences and Disorders) presented “Assessing Cohesion of Spoken Narratives of Young Adults Who Are Deaf” and co-presented “Prosody and Spoken Language Intelligibility

in Young Adult Cochlear Implant Users” at the International Congress on Education of the Deaf in Vancouver. Margaret CallahanSteckley (Adolescence Education) published “Classroom Remix: Patterns of Pedagogy in a Techno-literacies Poetry Unit” in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (2011) and presented “Got Junk? Adolescent Students’ Reflections on Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture” at the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention in Orlando. Scott Campbell (Philosophy) published “On Language and Looking in Heidegger: The Relational Essence of Human Dignity” in Skepsis: A Journal for Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research, 21 (1), 31–46, 2010. Bill Capossere (English) published “Fog” in the Alaska Quarterly Review, Spring/Summer 2011, and “The Price of Passage” in Cream City Review, Fall/Winter 2010/2011. His essay “Black Holes” was recently listed as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2010. Hilda Chacón (Foreign Languages and Literature) published “Between Villa and a Naked Woman by Sabina Berman: Are We All That Manly?” in Revista de Literatura Mexicana Contemporánea (RLMC), 2010 Year XIVI, No. 45, vol. 15. Connie Chau (Physical Therapy) presented “Gait Characteristic and Skilled Locomotor Tasks in Children” at the 40th annual meeting of the

Society for Neuroscience in San Diego.

Teacher Educators conference in Orlando.

Rui Cheng (Language, Literacy, and Technology) published “A Non-native Student’s Experience on Collaborating with Native Peers in Academic Literacy Practices: A Sociopolitical Perspective” in the Journal of Second Language Writing and “Language Anxiety: Experiences of Chinese Graduate Students at US Higher Institutions” in the Journal of Studies in International Education. She presented “Virtual Collaboration across Continents” at the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages in Boston.

Stephen Demanchick (Creative Arts Therapy) served on the editorial board for the International Journal of Play Therapy and as chair of the University Education Committee for the Association for Play Therapy.

Jennifer Collins (Physical Therapy) presented “Development of an Inter-professional Course for the School of HHS” at the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research in Washington DC and “Urban 4th Grader Students’ Perception and Knowledge of Exercise” at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections meeting in New Orleans. Ellen Contopidis (Inclusive Childhood Education) presented “Living Assessment as Learning” at the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Students in St. Louis. Kate DaBoll-Lavoie, Shanna Jamanis, and Molly Keogh (Inclusive Childhood Education) presented “Essential Functions: Shifting an Implicit Understanding of What Is Necessary to Be an Effective Teacher to an Explicit One” and “Reflection in Teacher Education Programs” at the Association of

Corinne Dempsey (Religious Studies) co-edited with Selva Raj Sacred Play: Ritual Levity and Humor in South Asian Religions (State University of New York Press, 2010). She also presented “The Curse and the Gift of Spirit Encounters in Contemporary Iceland” at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting in Atlanta. Poonam Dev (Social and Psychological Foundations of Education) presented “Using Social Stories for All Students: Bridging the Special-General Education Divide” at the 9th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities in Granada, Spain; “Impact of Inclusion on Students without Disabilities” at the Annual Convention of the Council for Exceptional Children in National Harbour, MD; and “Stereotype Busters: Children’s Literature Featuring Individuals with Disabilities” at the 11th International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa. Deborah Dooley (College of Arts and Sciences) received the 2010 College English Association Professional Achievement Award for contributions to teaching and scholarship at the college level.

Lynn Duggan (Art) curated and exhibited in Torch Song, a jewelry and metalsmithing invitational show at Nazareth College. She was also awarded a one-month artist in residency at the Jentel Arts Foundation in Wyoming. Lisa Durant-Jones (Communication Sciences and Disorders) co-wrote “The Lived Experiences of Adolescents with Disabilities and Their Parents in Transition Planning,” Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities Journal, 25(3) 163–72. Together with Dawn Vogler-Elias (Communication Sciences and Disorders) and Lisa Hiley (Communication Sciences and Disorders), she co-presented “ASD Diagnosis: Advancing the SLP’s Role on an Interdisciplinary Team” at the American SpeechLanguage-Hearing Association Convention in Philadelphia. Staffan Elgelid (Physical Therapy) presented “Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement: Restoring Function in Home” at the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association in New Orleans. Diane Enerson (Center for Teaching Excellence/Psychology), Rich Hartmann (Chemistry), Kimberly McGann (Sociology), and Heidi Northwood (Philosophy) presented “Mapping Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice across the Disciplines” at the AAC&U Working Conference in Durham, NC.

Greg Foran (English) published “Macbeth and the Political Uncanny in The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates,” Milton Studies 51 (2010): 1–22. Yousuf George (Mathematics) presented “LaTeX and the Moore Method” at the 14th Annual Legacy of R.L. Moore Conference in Washington, D.C., served as a reviewer for PRIMUS: Problems, Resources and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, and was a judge for the Young Mathematicians Undergraduate Research Conference at Ohio State. Sara Gombatto (Physical Therapy) published “Differences in Lower Lumbar Region Rotation between People with and without Low Back Pain during Walking” in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy and “Relationship between Lumbar Region Kinematics during a Clinical Test and a Functional Activity in People with and without Low Back Pain” in the Proceedings for Canadian Society of Biomechanics Conference. She also presented “Hip and Low Back Interactions in Patients with Low Back Pain” at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections meeting in New Orleans. Carlnita Greene (Communication and Rhetoric/English) coedited the book Food as Communication/Communication as Food (Peter Lang, 2011). In addition to the editors’ introduction, the volume features her essay “Competing Identities at the Table:

Slow Food, Consumption, and the Performance of Social Style.” Richard Hartmann (Chemistry), together with Molly Kingsley ’13, presented “Investigation of the Kinetic Parameters of Tetrachloro[ethylenebis diphenylphosphine)] Tungsten(IV) as a Lewis Acid Catalyst in the Esterification of Oleic Acid” at the National American Chemical Society spring meeting in Anaheim. Maria Hopkins (Language, Literacy, and Technology) co-authored two book chapters in Sociocultural Positioning in Literacy: Exploring Culture, Discourse, Narrative, and Power in Diverse Educational Contexts, edited by M. McVee, C. Brock, and J. Glazier (Hampton Press, 2011). She also presented “Teachers as Learners in the 21st Century: Taking Risks, Constructing Identities, and Enhancing Possibilities for Critical Literacy through Digital Narrative” at the Annual Conference of the International Reading Association in Orlando and “You Find Connections Cause That’s What You’re Comfortable With: Life Texts as Obstacles to Understanding Privilege” at the National Reading Conference/Literacy Research Association in Forth Worth. Ellen Horovitz (Creative Arts Therapy) received the Dedication of Service Award from the American Art Therapy Association Board of Directors.

Bryan Hunter (Creative Arts Therapy) co-authored “Music Therapy as an Adjunctive Treatment in the Management of Stress for Patients Being Weaned from Mechanical Ventilation” in the Journal of Music Therapy, 47, 198–219. Kelly HutchinsonAnderson (Chemistry/ Adolescence Education) published “Middle and High School Students Interested in Nanoscale Science and Engineering Topics and Phenomena” in the Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (Spring 2011). Laura Jones (Language, Literacy, and Technology) co-published “Triadic Model of Leadership” in the Journal of Teacher Education and presented “Who Says Teens Don’t Read” at the NCTE Annual Conference in Orlando. Rachel Bailey Jones (Social and Psychological Foundations of Education) published Postcolonial Representations of Women: Critical Issues for Education (Spring Publishing, 2011) and “Sexuality in the Arab World: Complexity and Contradiction” in Examining Social Theory, edited by D. Chapman (Peter Lang Publishing, 2010). She also presented “Intolerable Intolerance: Graphic Xenophobia” at the American Educational Studies Association in Denver. Nicole Juersivich (Mathematics) co-wrote the chapter “The TPACK of Dynamic Representations” in Educational Technology, Teacher Knowledge, and Classroom Impact:

A Research Handbook on Frameworks and Approaches, edited by R. Ronau, C. Rakes, and M. Niess (Information Science Publishing, 2011). She also presented “Create Interactive Applets in Excel—Yes, Excel!” at the Eastern Regional Conference of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Molly Keogh (Inclusive Childhood Education) presented “Assessing Student Learning through an Electronic Portfolio System: Lessons Learned over Five Years,” “Examining Pre-service Teachers Attitudes toward Inclusion,” and “Can We Increase Teacher Candidates’ Abilities to Reflection on Their Teaching” at the Association of Teacher Educators Annual Conference in Orlando. Cathy Kirby (Art) displayed work in four exhibitions: Psychic Spaces, a two-person show with Nancy Beikirch at Nazareth College; E.A. Meuser and Cathy Kirby, a two-person show at the Coburn Gallery, Ashland University, Ashland, OH; and 6 x 6 2010 and the Members’ Exhibition at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Timothy Kneeland (History and Political Science) authored a chapter in A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt, edited by William D. Pederson (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011). Matt Koetz (Mathematics) served as a reviewer for Mathematics Magazine and for IEEE Transactions in Information Theory.


William Korth (Chemistry) published “Review of the Species of Eumys Leidy (Rodentia, Cricetidae) from the Oligocene (Orellan to Arikareean) of North America,” Annals of Carnegie Museum, 79:79-90, and “New Species of the Cricetid Rodents (Mammalia) from the Late Miocene (Hemphillian) Previously Referred to Peromyscus pliocenicus Wilson,” Annals of Carnegie Museum, 79:137–47.

I n n ovatio n

Mireille Le Breton (French) was elected president of Alliance Francaise de Rochester. She spoke on “Cultural and Socio-Political Development in Francophone West Africa: The Case of Mali and Senegal” at the New York State Association of Foreign Languages Teachers’ Annual National Convention; presented “Liberté égalité citoyenneté: re-penser la francéité dans le roman ‘beur’ contemporain” at the Conseil International D’Etudes Francophones’ 24th Annual World Convention in Aix-enProvence, France; and presented “Re-Inventing Urban Spaces in PostColonial Francophone Writing” at the Modern Language Association National Convention in Los Angeles.


Heather Lewis (Mathematics) presented “Math Mistakes in the Media” at the Joint Meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in New Orleans. Mark Madigan (English) presented “‘Paestum’: An Unpublished Poem from Cather’s Grand Tour of Italy”

at the 13th International Seminar on Willa Cather, Smith College, Northampton, MA. Mary Mahar (Nursing) published “Can We Guarantee the Successful Recognition of the Transatlantic Curriculum in Nursing Programmes on Both Sides of the Atlantic” in the Journal Medical Aradean (Western University, Arad, Romania) and “A Study of Perinatal Outcomes of Hispanic Migrant Farmworkers Using the Optimality Index-US” in Hispanic Health Care International. She also presented “The Birth Center: A Model of Maternity Care Innovation” at the Laurea University International Week Conference in Vantaa, Finland. Ed Malinak (Foreign Languages and Literatures) presented “Torres Naharro’s Innovative Dramaturgy” at the 57th Annual Conference of the Renaissance Society of America in Montreal. Cindy McPhail (Language, Literacy, and Technology) was named a U.S. State Department English Teaching Specialist to Moldova, where she presented workshops on “Benefits of and Techniques for Increasing Opportunities for Student Interaction in the ELT Class” throughout the country. She also presented “Cultural Expectations for Story Structures and Their Implication on Assessment,” “Enhancing Reading Comprehension through an Emphasis on Expressive Reading,” and “Benefits of and Techniques for Increasing Opportunities for Student Interaction in the ELT Class” at TESOL Ukraine,

Zhytomyr University in the Ukraine; “Developing Academic Fluency in English” at the English Teaching Resource Center in Kyiv, Ukraine; and “The Critical Importance of Student Participation and Interaction in the ELT Class” at the APLE Conference in Chisinau, Moldova. Mitchell Messina (Art) had a solo exhibition, Intake, at Genesee Pottery in Rochester and a two-person exhibition, Recurrence, at Nazareth College. Jed Metzger (Social Work) presented “You Bet I Told: Using ServiceLearning to Teach Community Macro Practice” at the New York State Social Work Education Association Conference Proceedings. Marcia Miller (Physical Therapy) presented “Effects of a CBI on Chronic Joint Pain” at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections meeting in New Orleans. Adrielle Mitchell (English) published “Distributed Identity: Networking Image Fragments in Graphic Memoirs” in Studies in Comics, Vol. 1, Issue 2 (Fall 2010). Ronald Netsky (Art) had his cardigraph Roots purchased by the Memorial Art Gallery and included in the gallery’s exhibition Works on Paper by Rochester Printmakers. His print Rock Garden, Sonnenberg Gardens was included in the gallery’s exhibition Great Impressions: The Print Club of Rochester Turns 80.

Ryan O’Loughlin (Psychology) co-published with P.R. Duberstein, P.J. Veazie, R.A. Bell, A.B. Rochlen, E. Fernandez y Garcia, and R.L. Kravitz “Role of the Gender-linked Norm of Toughness in the Decision to Engage in Treatment for Depression” in Psychiatric Services, 62, 740–46 (2011). With J.W. Fryer, he copresented “Developing a 2x2 Measure of Goals for Health Behavior” at the Annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference in San Antonio. Joe Pestino (English) received the 2010 College English Association Honorary Life Membership for extraordinary and sustained service to the association and the profession. Cathy Quenin (Communication Sciences and Disorders) presented at the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention National Convention in Atlanta. She also presented workshops on using cued speech in speech/ language therapy at the Gavras Center in Auburn, NY, and for the Upper Peninsula Speech and Hearing Association in Marquette, MI. She and Paula Brown (Communication Sciences and Disorders) co-authored “Nazareth College: Specialty Preparation for Speech-Language Pathologists to Work with Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing” for The Volta Review, 110:2, Summer 2010, 297–304.

Merideth Rao (Communication Sciences and Disorders) co-presented “Wounds from Combat: Similarities and Differences in Treating PTDS and TBI” at the 28th Annual Brain Injury Association of New York State Convention. She also presented “Co-treatment Approach to Aphasia with Music and Speech Therapy” at the 2010 American Music Therapy Association Conference in Cleveland. Marjorie Roth (Music) published “Opportunity Lost: Christian Prophecy, Musical Magic, and the Road Not Taken in Counter-Reformation Rome” in the proceedings for the conference “Early Modern Rome: 1341-1667” in Rome, Italy, and “The Magic in the Music: Chromaticism in Context” in the proceedings for the 11th International Congress on Musical Signification in Krakow, Poland. She was named Guest Master Teacher by the American Musicological Society (AMS) Committee on Career-Related Issues at the joint national meeting of the AMS and the Society for Music Theory in Indianapolis, where she also presented “Eros, Saturn, and Music History Pedagogy” and “The Song of the Prophets: A Musical Model for Lasso’s Carmina Chromatico.” Rochelle Ruffer (Management) presented “Interactive Lecture Demonstrations: Assessing the Effectiveness of Predict, Experience, and Reflect in Economics Instruction” at the Allied Social Sciences Association: American Economics Association Meetings in Denver.

Yamuna Sangarasivam (Sociology/Anthropology) presented the paper “Bitter Jelly and Bad Romance: The Language of Radical Feminist Politics in the Performance Art of Lady Gaga” at the American Studies Association of Turkey 34th International American Studies Conference in Alanya, Turkey. Muhammad Shafiq (Religious Studies/CISD) presented on “The Role of Religious Experts in the Media,” “Writing on Religion,” “Misconceptions in Interfaith Dialogue in the Media,” and “Writing about Controversial Religious Topics in Indonesian Media” at the program “Radicalization and the Media: A Training Workshop for Indonesian Professors of Islam” in Jakarta, Indonesia. He also presented “The Art of Intra- and Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Building: A Muslim Perspective” at the Islam and Peace Conference in Lund, Sweden. Allen Shannon (Theatre) was scenic designer/charge scenic artist for a production of Annie by the Highland Summer Theatre in Mankato, Minnesota. Shirley Sharp (Social Work) received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Genesee Valley Division of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Linda Shriber (Occupational Therapy) co-authored “A Visual Haptic System for Children with Learning Disabilities: Design Considerations”

in The Journal of Interactive Learning Research, October 2010. Her article “Autism: A Neurological and Sensory Based Perspective” was published in the online International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation. Ginny SkinnerLinnenberg (English) presented “Mis(sed) fortunes in a Professional Graduate Program: How WAC Strategies Saved Our Students” at the College English Association conference in St. Petersburg, FL. Madeline Slowik (Sociology and Anthropology) presented “Developing Attitudes that Support Sustainability through Early Exposure to Outdoor Recreation” at the International Symposium on Society and Resource Management in Madison, WI. Shirley Sommers (Social and Psychological Foundations of Education) published “Feminisms Today: An Introduction” in the African Feminist Journal, South Africa, Vol. 83, 2010, and “Inquirybased Method: A Case Study to Reduce Levels of Resistance” in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Vol. 22, 1, 2010. She also presented “Chasing a Mirage: Narratives of Teachers in South Africa and USA” at the American Educational Studies Association Conference in Denver and “Dancing to Their Own Rhythm” at the American Educational Research Association in New Orleans.

David Sommerville (Music) presented “Modeling Melody and Harmony: Cyclic Unfolding in Ginastera’s String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2” at music theory conferences at Florida State University, George Washington University, U.C. Santa Barbara, and Colorado College. David Steitz (Gerontology/Psychology) presented the workshop “The Nazareth College Gerontology Program and St. John’s Meadows Senior Living Community: A Collaboration in Learning and Community Involvement in Rochester, NY” at the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Conference in Cincinnati. Stella Stepney (Creative Arts Therapy) presented “Multicultural Issues in Art Therapy Supervision” at the American Art Therapy Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC. Nancy Strelau (Music) conducted the Montana All-State Orchestra. Shawgi Tell (Social and Psychological Foundations of Education) presented the paper “Battle for Control of the Rochester City School District” at the American Educational Studies Association conference in Denver. Timothy Thibodeau (History) published William Durand, on the Clergy and Their Vestments: A New Translation of Books 2–3 of the Rationale divinorum officiorum (University of Scranton Press, 2010).

Renee van der Vennet (Creative Arts Therapy) co-authored “The Impact of Anxious and Calm Emotional States on Color Usage in Pre-Drawn Mandalas” in Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 27(4), 184–89. Joseph Viera (English) presented “Desire and Disillusionment: A Graphic Account of the Cuban Revolution” at the College English Association 42nd Annual Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. Mary Ellen Vore (Physical Therapy) presented “The Impact of a Ten Week Wellness Program on Lifestyle of Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis” and “The Relationship between Passive Hip Rotation Range of Motion and Active Hip Range of Motion of the Lead Hip during a Golf Swing” at the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association in New Orleans. Monica Weis, S.S.J. (English) published The Environmental Vision of Thomas Merton (University Press of Kentucky, 2011). She also presented “Rain, Rhinoceros, and Pedagogy: Thomas Merton’s Famous Essay” at the College English Association Conference; “Levels of Healing in Jewett’s A White Heron” at the NYCEA Conference; and the keynote address “Turning Toward the Planet: Thomas Merton’s Ecological Conversion” for a conference on Thomas Merton and ecology at Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY.

She received an award for distinguished service from the International Thomas Merton Society and celebrated her 50year jubilee as a Sister of St. Joseph. Carl Wiens (Music) premiered his composition Patient Observer at The Tank Theater in New York City and presented “Two-Part Transition or Two-Part Subordinate Theme” at the Annual Conference of the Canadian University Music Society. Ida Giampietro Wilder (Foreign Languages and Literature) presented and organized the workshop “Successful Strategies for Checkpoint C” at the annual state conference for the NY State Association for Foreign Language Teachers. As a consultant for College Board, she presented a workshop on AP Vertical Teaming for World Languages in Baltimore. Ed Wiltse (English) co-edited Hope Against Hope: Philosophies, Cultures and Politics of Possibility and Doubt (Rodopi, 2010). In addition to the editors’ introduction, the volume contains his essay “Hope Across the Razor Wire: Student-Inmate Reading Groups at Monroe Correctional Facility.” He also gave the keynote lecture at the international conference “Reading and Writing in Prison” in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Alumni Giving This chart reflects the participation rate of each graduating class from Nazareth College. The financial support of our alumni has allowed our College to grow and flourish.

I n n o v a t i o n

Year of Class rate graduation participation


1935 1936 1937 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974

Total Donated

Year of Class rate graduation participation

Total Donated

20% $ 10,274.13 1975 22% $ 43,053.49 13% $ 25.00 1976 19% $ 152,578.31 30% $ 3,965.95   1977 19% $ 12,345.00 29% $ 70.00   1978 16% $ 6,425.00 38% $ 575.00   1979 19% $ 4,575.92 46% $ 500.00   1980 16% $ 4,535.00 31% $ 4,185.00   1981 17% $ 3,274.24 22% $ 90.00   1982 15% $ 4,744.00 40% $ 1,105.00   1983 13% $ 14,307.52 50% $ 2,285.00   1984 14% $ 12,535.48 24% $ 435.00   1985 15% $ 39,365.00 56% $ 9,055.00   1986 12% $ 8,995.01 30% $ 3,980.00   1987 11% $ 6,275.01 53% $ 20,580.00   1988 15% $ 56,161.00 78% $ 13,395.00   1989 13% $ 11,039.16 47% $ 3,175.01   1990 11% $ 8,591.75 45% $ 12,150.00   1991 12% $ 22,607.61 59% $ 14,921.16   1992 9% $ 4,365.00 55% $ 5,490.01   1993 7% $ 23,760.00 50% $ 13,085.00   1994 10% $ 3,975.21 51% $ 17,393.50   1995 9% $ 2,825.00 55% $ 14,828.01   1996 9% $ 2,869.96 48% $ 24,809.90   1997 9% $ 2,819.40 37% $ 5,335.00   1998 9% $ 3,813.07 56% $ 14,256.00   1999 6% $ 1,840.00 44% $ 13,660.00   2000 7% $ 2,609.00 42% $ 23,334.00   2001 6% $ 1,115.00 45% $ 8,520.00   2002 6% $ 2,213.00 35% $ 9,390.00   2003 6% $ 1,345.00 52% $ 15,190.00   2004 5% $ 1,210.00 37% $ 27,286.85   2005 4% $ 1,420.00 32% $ 24,719.25   2006 9% $ 4,421.62 25% $ 17,138.75   2007 6% $ 1,241.00 24% $ 21,946.67   2008 7% $ 1,376.50 27% $ 22,030.02   2009 6% $ 870.00 21% $ 20,995.41   2010 5% $ 905.10 23% $ 9,726.00   2011 50% $ 1,347.00 22% $ 8,007.32  

Message from the Chief Financial Officer Dear Nazareth friends, of bonds in mid-July, shortly after the end

The fiscal year ending June 30, 2011, was a strong financial year for Nazareth

of the fiscal year. For the first time ever,

College. Overall revenue targets were met

the College obtained bond ratings from

and expenses were well managed, result-

Moody’s and Standard & Poors as part of its

ing in a modest budget surplus. Total oper-

debt issuance process. Senior leadership of

ating revenue was within less than 1% of

the College made in-depth presentations to

budgeted revenues. Our annual fund drive

the rating agencies, and we were pleased

contributed more than $1.1 million toward

to be rated Baa2 by Moody’s and BBB+ by

college operations, supporting an array

Standard & Poors.

of services to our students. Some of the services and programs offered to our students supported by the annual fund are sustainability, student programming in the residence halls, career services, community service opportunities, study abroad, the Arts Center, lab supplies, library supplies and equipment, athletic team expenses, security escort devices, and graduate course waivers. The endowment fund earned a total return of 21.7%

In so many ways, our donors’ support to the College strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission. The annual fund supports ongoing operations across an array of activities. Gifts to the endowment ensure a revenue stream available to meet the needs of our students both today and into the future. Gifts for capital projects such as the Integrated Center for Math and Science bring new facilities and new equipment to campus in support

for the year, exceeding the policy targets. Under the

of instruction and research. Each type of gift empowers

College’s total return spending policy, approximately

the College, and each is truly valued.

5.4% of the rolling three year average value of the fund was distributed to support restricted purposes and the unrestricted operating budget. These distributions totaled $2.9 million. The remaining realized and unrealized gains remain invested with the portfolio to ensure its continued growth. The endowment portfolio ended the year with a value of $55.9 million, an increase of

As we close the books on fiscal year 2011, we are grateful to all whose support of the College enabled the successful results shared in this report. The results of the year allow Nazareth to be in a stable financial position as we look to the future. Sincerely,

$7.3 million over the prior year end. During FY11, the College began construction of the Integrated Center for Math and Science, the largest new academic building in nearly 20 years.

Margaret Cass Ferber

The $30 million building is funded through a combina-

Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

tion of internal funds, debt, and key philanthropic contributions. The College issued $15 million worth


Nazareth College Statement of Activities June 30, 2011



Operating Revenue Educational and general Tuition and fees 71,694,323 less scholarships and grants 20,354,984 Net tuition and fees 51,339,339 Federal grants and contracts 1,691,590 State grants and contracts 741,213 Private gifts, grants, and contracts 1,157,446 Arts Center programs 585,962 Investment income and losses 28,597 Other revenues 733,314 Long-term investment return allocated to operations 2,883,949 Total educational and general 59,161,410 Auxiliary enterprises 13,963,926 Total operating revenue 73,125,336

70,038,630 19,520,660 50,517,970 1,755,683 580,011 2,525,245 530,880 236,563 729,420 2,534,271 59,410,043 13,211,904 72,621,947

Operating Expenses Educational and general Instruction 29,820,516 Arts Center programs 2,072,216 Academic support 6,468,561 Student services 9,430,124 Institutional support 11,069,043 Total educational and general 58,860,460 Auxiliary enterprises 12,559,133 Total operating expenses 71,419,593 Change in net assets from operating activities 1,705,743

28,620,047 1,869,423 6,207,538 9,230,632 10,556,763 56,484,403 11,973,454 68,457,857 4,164,090

I n n ovatio n

Non-Operating Activities


Long-term investment activities Investment income 804,546 Net realized and unrealized (losses) gains 9,472,528 Total long-term investment activities 10,277,074 Long-term investment return allocated for operations (2,883,949) Capital gifts 4,041,356 Other loss (88,942) Postretirement-related changes other than net periodic benefit cost 430,414 Change in net assets from nonoperating activities 11,775,953 Change in net assets 13,481,696 Net assets at beginning of year 130,599,055 Net assets at end of year 144,080,751

700,758 4,784,059 5,484,817 (2,534,271) 2,820,129 (494,014) (2,510,180) 2,766,481 6,930,571 123,668,484 130,599,055

The graphs below depict the operating revenues and expenses for the 2010–2011 fiscal year as a percent of total operating revenue and expenses. Main Sources of Operating Revenue Revenues from student tuition and fees (student monies collected, less the amount of financial aid provided directly by the College) continued to be Nazareth’s primary source of operating revenue, comprising 70 percent of the College’s operating revenue in 2010–2011. Auxiliary enterprise revenue, which Sources of Operating Revenue includes room and board fees collected, comprised 19 percent of total operating revenue. Private gifts and grants, and public grants and contracts continue to be important sources of revenue as well.

Tuition & fees (net) 70.21% Public grants and contracts 3.33% P rivate gifts, grants, and contracts 1.58% Arts Center programs 0.80% Investment income and losses 0.04% Other revenues 1.00% L ong-term investment return allocation 3.94% Auxiliary enterprises 19.10% 100.00%

Operating Expenses In order to allocate the maximum amount of resources to carry out the academic mission, Nazareth continues to closely monitor and review institutional costs. For fiscal year 2010–2011 the College allocated 42 percent of its expense budget for instructional purposes. An additional 9 percent was expended on academic support costs such as the Lorette Wilmot Library and Media Center. The College devoted 13 percent of the total operating budget directly to student programs and services.

Operating Expenses Instruction 41.75% Arts Center programs 2.90% Academic support 9.06% Student services 13.20% Institutional support 15.50% Auxiliary enterprises 17.58% 100.00%


Donor List 2010-2011

I n n ovatio n

As a donor to Nazareth College, you share the vision of helping to prepare students for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service. We recognize that none of our achievements are possible without your support. This commitment to Nazareth ensures the continuation of the highest quality educational programs and services for our students and the Rochester community. Council Oak Society O’Connor Circle $25,000 and above Anonymous (2) Joyce Marie Aab ’75G George I. Alden Trust Joan & Burton S. August Sr. Estate of John B. Barnell Estate of Margaret L. Barnell ’32 Barnes & Noble, Inc. * Daan and Lorraine Braveman Charles S. & Millicent P. Brown Family Foundation Louis A. Corbelli * James A. & Andrea J. Rivoli Costanza ’85 Costanza Family Foundation Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Inc. Steven DelMonte & Donna DelMonte Emil D. & Jane Duda * Sergio & Mary Ann Esteban Garth Fagan * Brian E. & Jean Hickey Iberdrola USA International Institute of Islamic Thought Don H. Kollmorgen & Louise Woerner Konar Foundation * Kathleen M. & James J. Leo LiDestri Foods, Inc. ¥ Judy Wilmot Linehan ’76 & Paul J. Linehan * Dawn & Dr. Jacques Lipson M&T Bank Roselinde Mandery * Mary Soons McCarty ‘88 * Lois Howe McClure ’75 * Stephen D. & Lynn A. Natapow Dr. Cynthia Reddeck-Lidestri & John Lidestri Jennifer & Richard E. Sands Marilyn Sands * Nancy & Robert Sands The Sands Family Foundation K.J. & C.F. Schmitt Foundation * James P. & Constance Sessler John & Jayne Summers Foundation Thiem Charitable Foundation United Way of Greater Rochester Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation

DONOR LIST 2010-11


¥ Carol Costa DiMarzo ’69 & Anthony M. DiMarzo ExxonMobil Education Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund * Mary Frances Firsching ’86 B. Thomas Golisano Foundation Gouvernet Arts Fund at the Community Foundation Ann Marie Durawa Gulian ’90 Estate of Willliam R. Gwinn HCR * Linda Henehan Hanna ’83 & Joseph R. Hanna * Bridgette A. Hobart ’84 & Robert Janeczko * Dr. Ellen G. Horovitz & Gene V. Marino Ann & Marc L. Iacona * Richard A. & Marcia Kaplan Anne E. Konar Dr. Michael J. Lawrence Natapow Family Foundation * Diane Barnard Paganelli ’56 & John A. Paganelli ¥ Dr. Paul F. Pagerey Jean Bresnowtiz Papsun ’68 & Kent Papsun Margaret R. ’79G & Frank Perticone Estate of Beverly J. Salen ’50 ¥ Anne Sevier-Buckingham ‘63 & William A. Buckingham Dr. Renee Scialdo Shevat ’77 & Samuel A. Shevat Juliann B. & Gerald P. Vanderstyne Jr. Vanderstyne Toyota/Scion Dr. Sara B. Varhus & Dr. David W. Hill Drs. Janet Trzcinski Vasak ’67 & John M. Vasak Verizon Wireless Steven H. & Christine Whitman * Rosanne M. Young ’89 Anthony J. Zollo

¥ Joan Stein Hacker ’63 * Claire Heffernan ’68 & Timothy C. Fabrizio ¥ Jean Gramkee Hubsch ’68 Patti M. & Robert Hudak ¥ IBM Corporation ¥ Italian Women’s Civic Club Drs. Kathleen Lyons Kelly ’68 & Edward M. Kelly † Dale Fradkin Klein ‘06 ¥ Barbara Olmstead Long ’66 Dr. Patricia Lyons ‘63 * Mary Jo & Kevin T. Maguire ¥ Jennifer McCall-Lasalle & Stephen C. Lasalle * Mary J. McInerney ‘37 New England Foundation for the Arts * Mary McCann Nicolis ’70 & Anthony P. Nicolis * Elizabeth A. Osta ’67 & Dave Van Arsdale * Nancy & Larry Peckham Josephine M. Perini Presser Foundation Jeremy Raco Rotary Club of Pittsford St. Bernard’s School of Theology & Ministry Mary Ann Browne Sanborn ’62 * Msgr. William H. Shannon * Suzanne Grosodonia Siefring ’71 & Dr. Gerald E. Siefring Jr. Dr. Elaine G. & Malcolm Spaull Glenna B. & Norman M. Spindelman * Marion Fischer Tucker ‘43 ¥ Jeanne S. Walewski ’71

Carolyn A. ’88G & Paul Buntich Rosemarie Scherer Burke ’58 & William P. Burke Jennifer S. Burr ’81 * Sarah D. Cali ‘50 ¥ Carolyn Civiletti Canzano ’55 John R. Carpenter Karen Nientimp Caton ’86 & Matthew A. Caton Centra Financial Group James Cerone * Dr. Paula Satterly Childs ’70 Marina Pang Choa ’58 Natalie & Dr. J. Richard Ciccone Margaret R. Colacino ’51 Donald T. Collea Dr. Susan S. Collier Compass Group Connors & Ferris, LLP ¥ Ann Marie Stokes Crilly ’57 * Joseph Crotty Jr. ¥ Mary Goldman Crowe ’78 Drs. Kathleen M. & Joseph T. DaBoll-Lavoie John E. Dailor Dell, Inc. * Rachel Y. & Jimmy S. DeGuzman ¥ Rosalyn Dellapietra ’58, ’66G * Alberta & Richard J. DiMarco * Allison Urlaub DiMarco ‘99G & Richard J. DiMarco II Katherine Munding DiMarco ‘98G & Joel R. DiMarco Drs. Kathryn & James R. Douthit * Maria Echaniz ’56 * Susan & Dr. Steven Eisinger Council Oak Society ¥ Cindy Ruppel Engle ’72 Breen Circle ¥ Dr. Joan R. Ewing ’55 $1,000–$2,499 Joan L. & Harold S. Feinbloom Anonymous (2) * Margaret Cass Ferber † Cassie Janis Adams ‘06 & Bryan D. Adams ‘04, ‘10G ¥ Anne Carpenter Ferris ‘74, ‘79G & David R. Ferris Mr. & Mrs. Syed A. Ahmad * Maureen Bell Field ‘65 ¥ Rita Zlotnik Allen ’56 & Jerid Fisher Mark Allen Council Oak Society * Maureen T. Alston ’70 * Sheila Jackson Foster ‘99 & Lyons Circle Bruce H. Foster Mr. & Mrs. John M. Altier $2,500–$4,999 * Jacqueline Zick Fox ’70, American Association of ’74G & Patrick Fox AG Biotech, Inc. Colleges of Nursing Jane C. Fox ’68 * Jane Flynn Burke ‘65 & Colleen Morton Anderson Daniel J. Burke ’75 & John W. Anderson * Amy E. Fujimura ’82 ¥ Helen Suits Gates ’57 ¥ Joan Mascaro Caruso ’67 John W. and Colleen M. Genesee Country Antique * Dr. Maria M. Cheng ’77 Anderson Family Dealers Association * Thomas K. & LouAnne Foundation, Inc. Genesee Valley Trust DaRin Helen M. & James R. Council Oak Society Company Catherine Byrnes DeBritz Barbato Carroll Circle * Dr. Timothy R. Glander & ’58 & Francis M. DeBritz ¥ Drs. Rose Marie & John B. $5,000–$9,999 Suzanne M. Kolodziej Debbie & John L. DiMarco Beston * Donald P. Goodman * Mary Anne Doane ’68 Mary Kay Bishop ’89 Anonymous Burton Gordon * Dena Burdick Drain ’84 & * Margaret L. & Donald J. Council Oak Society ¥ Barbara J. Aldrich ’67 Ellen Hahn Grabb ‘65 & John Joseph Drain ’83 Bolger Smyth Circle Ames-Amzalak Memorial Raymond D. Grabb * Georgianna Bush Dunn ’61 * Catherine M. Bookey ’73 $10,000–$24,999 Trust Eileen B. & Michael B. Beverly & Dr. H. Pierson Josephine & Simon Braitman Bank of America Charitable * Susan E. Acker Grossman French Simon & Josephine Braitman Foundation Max A. Adler Foundation, ¥ Dr. Mary Rappazzo Hall ’63 * Kelly E. & Dennis Gagan Family Supporting ¥ Dr. Mary T. Bush ‘51 Inc. Evelyn A. Hartwell ’86 § Angelo P. Gallina Foundation ¥ Catherine E. Clark ‘48 Jack A. ’72 & Stacie M. Melissa & William Head * Karen M. & Andrew R. ¥ Bonnie-Anne Briggs ’69 * Dr. Walter Cooper Allocco * Robin M. & James Duffy Gallina ¥ Theresa Lombardo Bronte Cornell/Weinstein Family Hickey ‘51, ‘75G Foundation Charles J. & Burton S. August Family Foundation ¥ Marie C. Baglio ’57 Bank of America Charitable Foundation Amy & Stephen S. Brown The Brown Family Foundation COMIDA Gary A. Dake Donald & Maxine Davison Foundation Lauren Dixon & Michael Schwabl Dixon Schwabl Advertising, Inc. * Dr. Deborah A. Dooley ’75 & Paul Mittermeyer * Steve M. & Claire M. Dubnik Employee Relations Associates ExxonMobil Corporation * Timothy D. & Susan LeChase Fournier * Dr. Margaret A. Frisch ’56 ¥ Dolores Luccio Humbert ’54 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 86 Thomas Ioele Key Bank N.A. Beverly & R. Wayne LeChase Frances M. & James J. Maguire * Mary Ellen ’53 & Thomas G. Maguire * Winifred A. McCarthy ’70 Kim J. & Stephen McCluski ¥ Marion Morgan Mongan ‘50 The Florence M. Muller Foundation NYS Council on the Arts * Maureen Schutz O’Connor ‘59 & William R. O’Connor * Richard F. ’91 & Sherri Bell Pierpont ’93 Pittsford Federal Credit Union Rochester Area Community Foundation Deborah Ronnen & Sherman F. Levey ¥ Sodexo Corporation Lucia Vetter Unger ‘35 * David L. & Carol Vigren Wendy’s Restaurants ¥ Thomas C. Wilmot Sr. & Colleen L. Wilmot ’71

Estate of Harriet M. Hoock ’34 Norman Horton Joanne A. Hume-Nigro * Betty A. & Louis P. Iacona Johnson & Johnson † Sandra A. ’05, ’10G & Matthew J. Killeen * Lindsay Reading Korth & Dr. William W. Korth Barbara P. & John F. Kraushaar * Carol Hickey Krebs ’61 ¥ Helen Schoenherr Kress ‘50 Karla M. Krogstad * Jeanette Martino Land ’58 & John R. Land † Sean F. Lander ’05, ’08G Debby & Elliott Landsman ¥ Karen Moore Larimer ’66 & Hon. David Larimer ¥ Lori H. ’83, ’87G & Stephen C. LaSalle II ’83 * Rachel T. LeChase ¥ Dr. Richard M. Loomis * Cynthia Estruch Lowenguth ’73,’76G & Gar Lowenguth * Charles M. Lundeen Jr. & John Williams † Susan Chekow Lusignan ’10G & Charles P. Lusignan * Judith M. Kurzawa Lynch ’62 * Bernadette Daukintas Mack ’61 Trina M. Marquez * Peggy E. Martin Marcia Stark Mathews ’54 ¥ Katherine E. Mayer ‘43 * Anne Ulrich McCaffrey ’89 & Christopher McCaffrey ’87 * Kimberly Sharp McDermott ’00 & Ryan T. McDermott ‘98 * Kathe P. ’94, ’00G & Michael S. McGwin ’93, ’00G * Karen Storm McNutt ’92 & Todd L. McNutt ’93 ¥ Eleanor Tyndall Meier ’57 ¥ Marion L. & Richard S. Merrill ¥ Sandy & David J. Metz ¥ Mary Jean Meyering ‘51 Cara N. & Ben D. Meyers Susan Sutkus Meyers ’67 * Dawn M. Powell Minemier ’92 & Robert S. Minemier III Helga B. & Paul F. Morgan † Tia M. Morgia ‘07, ‘10G * Mary Ann Nailos ’80 Mary Anne Zeugner Nathenson ’69 Barbara Nino ’85 James E. Nunn Memorial Foundation Inc. ¥ Therese I. O’Brien ‘50 * Mary Fran Rodzai O’Herron ’65 & Dennis M. O’Herron Karna E. & Michael S. Palermo

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving † Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) Leadership Level Donors

¥ Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro ’56 Janet Hodes Palmisano ’80 & John F. Palmisano Mary Kay & Edward G. Parrone ¥ Anna Frances Payne ‘49 Stephanie & Michael Pedrotti * Marjorie & David Perlman * Kirk E. Pero ‘96 ¥ Eileen McGee Pestorius ’61 & Dr. F. Michael Pestorius * Marian Fox Pfeiffer ‘49 * Kitty Lou McCulley Phillips ’69 * Eileen Smyntek Pinto ’66 * Dr. Sally Masterson Pryor ’72, ’75G Robert A. ’88 & Barbara Randall * Dr. Christine M. Redman ’68 Dr. Linda M. Rice & George Scharr Rochester Hispanic Business Association † Cindy Rumble ‘10 * Joan Kinsky Ryan ’54 & James D. Ryan Sr. Drs. Nancy G. Shedd & Alexander Kurchin * Dr. Dennis A. Silva Dr. Virginia M. SkinnerLinnenberg Small Business Council Estate of Clara Mahoney Smith ¥ Sheila A. Smyth ‘64 & Michael Heberger ¥ Phyllis Conheady Stehm ’74, ’78G Robert C. Stevens * Nancy P. Strelau *† Bryan S. Sweet ‘07 * Dr. Shirley F. Szekeres * Patricia A. Thiem ’69 * Carolyn Krebs Thomson ’55 & Robert H. Thomson Time Warner Communications Tipping Point Media Dr. Alvin Ureles U.S. Charitable Gift Trust * Margaret Begley Vachher ‘63 * Ellen Rutledge Valenti ’74 Jeffrey W. ’85 & Kimberly A. Van Gundy ¥ Marie J. Van Ness ’62 ¥ Mary Ellen Dwyer Vasile ’68 & Dr. Gennaro J. Vasile Gina M. Viggiani ’84 * Dr. Judit S. & John R. Wagner Jr. * Mary E. Walsh ’60 * Maureen Leddy Welch ’62 * Wendy J. White ‘73 * Patricia Galindo Wilkey ’87 * Beth Vendryes Williams ’74 * Eileen R. Wilmot *† Loretta C. Wilmot ‘05G Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation ¥ Dr. Bruce C. Woolley Kevin D. & Liese Schoener Worthen ¥ Xerox Corporation ¥ Susan Zaleski Yovanoff ’77, ’82G & Lawrence Yovanoff ‘78 * Grace Florin Zanche ‘58 Louis Zollo

Purple and Gold Society $500-$999 * Anonymous * Drs. Frederica H. & Marvin Amstey

¥ Marie G. Argana ‘59 ¥ Jane E. Arundel ’57 Drs. Dagmar Aubrechtova & Jaroslav Aubrecht * Kathleen M. & Robert S. Bauer ¥ Patricia Foster Beer ’68 Sheree & Kirk Bodary ¥ Mary Rice Bonfiglio ’63 * Rita Schneible Boyle ‘41 Whitney L. Brice Building Services Group Helen O’Brien Buranello ’74 ¥ Patricia A. Byrne ’68 ¥ Florence P. Capo ‘51 Nazareth College, Class of 1966 Ann M. Colaruotolo Kathleen A. Colliflower ‘74 Dr. Jennifer E. Collins * Diane M. Connor ‘64 Donald T. Corletta Croop-LaFrance, Inc. * Mary Beth Snyder Curry ’72 & Michael Q. Curry * Kathleen McColl Curtin ’85 & John E. Curtin Jr. * Jennifer Craig Darling ‘98 ¥ Janet T. Davis ‘52 * Anna Jean Dedominicis ’57 Michael A. Dellaria * Camille Vistocco Delvecchio ’66 & Gabriel Delvecchio * Myra Shuler Dietz ’73, ’86G & George S. Dietz Diocese of Rochester * Kathryn Cutler Donnelly ‘46 & Robert E. Donnelly Kate Driscoll ’66 * Irene Bushey Fazio ’03G & Jamie R. Fazio ‘97 Ellen Hoarty Foley ’73 & Jack M. Foley * Christopher J. Ford ’83 Drs. Maureen M. & Barry A. Friedman ¥ Anna Flechuck Gallagher ‘50 ¥ Barbara Foos Gallagher ’57 & James W. Gallagher Gannett Foundation * Gary B. ’87, ’91G & Patricia D. Genthner Joanne & Robert Gianniny * Jennifer Medden Giessler ’95 & Michael E. Giessler Glaxo Smith Kline ¥ Nancy Wilmot Gorman ’68 & Paul F. Gorman Donna M. & Charles T. Graham Greater Rochester Track Club ¥ Joan Spence Grout ’87 Donna L. Haeger ’03G * Margarete Rooney Hall ‘65 * Elinor Cleary Hallman ’51 & Edward W. Hallman Harris Foundation Kathleen Coggins Hayes ‘64 Joan Moore Hensler ’52 & J. Raymond Hensler Eleonore H. & John B. Herman Nancie Herman-Wagner & Gregory Wagner * Mary Kelly Hintz ’68 & Joseph C. Hintz ¥ Betty Quirk Hurley ‘49 Interfaith Forum of Greater Rochester Islamic Center of Rochester * Dr. Linda M. Janelli * Kathleen Spadoni Jenkins ’66 & Frederick Jenkins Jewish Community Federation of Greater Rochester NY, Inc.

* Katie Mullen Kehoe ’63 * Jane E. & Robert D. Kelly * Geralyn A. Kidera * Allison P. Kolp ’02, ’03G * Carol Kusak Kostyniak ’69 Estate of Lucile H. Kunz ’35 * Donald S. Kusak Christopher S. LaSalle ’86 Joseph J. Lentini Perry K. Lenz Michelle E. Leombrone ’02 Frank Lill & Son, Inc. Eli Lilly & Company Todd J. Locey * Robert L. Lockwood Vincent Lombardi Lodge Mary E. Lovely & John M. Yinger * Martha Cook MacDonald ‘64 & Richard W. MacDonald Mary Jane Roney Madigan ’67 Kenneth C. ’85 & Tara J. Manne Mayzon Building Services

* Lucy Knefley McCarthy ’62 & Paul H. McCarthy Jill & David McCaskill * Marion M. & Edwin Mench Kathleen G. Mock ’69 * Dr. Madeline A. Naegle ‘64 ¥ Catherine Barnett Newell ’71 * Nancy Smith Nothnagle ’68 Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited * Dr. Lynn M. O’Brien ¥ Virginia Allen O’Connor ’49 & Thomas E. O’Connor * John Paul O’Gorman ’85, ’90G Joan & Daniel J. Orr ¥ Janet Hodes Palmisano ’80 & John F. Palmisano * Joanne Veal Paradies ’55 & Gerald M. Paradies * Mary Ann McNamara Parker ‘78 * Loretta Larussa Paul ’62, ’78G & James C. Paul Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Paula Peter * Mary E. & David L. Pierce Dr. Oscar C. Pineda ’00 ¥ Constance M. Quinn ‘59 * Virginia T. Quinn Janet D. Raasch

* Gloria M. & John A. Ricco Mary Read Saperstone ’69 & Daniel Saperstone ’74G Margarite Kraus Schmitt ’45 & Gerard F. Schmitt ¥ Arlene Costigan Schoenherr ’56 Dr. Edward Schofield * Amelia R. Schultz ’60 Schwab Charitable Fund Margaret M. Scott ’46 * Jean McLeod Semple ’61 & William J. Semple Jr. Seneca Foods Foundation * Nancy Griffin Shadd ‘64 * Janet Burimaukas Smith ‘73 * Sheila A. Smyth ‘64 & Michael Heberger ¥ Margaret Frank Staahl ‘63 Carol Daddazio Stevens ’67 & David Stevens ¥ Marcia & Fred E. Strauss Dr. Tamara A. Sutfin ’68 Suzuki Piano Workshop Cheryl L. Thalle

Jeanne Aman Allen ’87 & John M. Allen ¥ Patricia Morris Allen ’54 * Eileen Dallachiesa Alven ’63 * Marian Callan Aman ‘60 & Leo G. Aman Michael Amico Anita & John H. Amidon Terry & Richard Amidon Todd M. Amidon * N. G. Anastas Adele K. Anderson & Jon C. Meccarello Allison Wingert Anderson ’89 & Allen Howard Anderson ’89 Gwen Jarvis Anderson ’66 & F. Allan Anderson Michael T. Anderson ‘08 Jackie & Anthony T. Andolina * Nancy L.E. Andrews ’70 ¥ Kathleen Meehan Angelucci ’83 * Christine M. Angione ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Anna ¥ Alice Doody Appleton ‘50 & Oliver G. Appleton Jo Ann & Joseph G. Arcarese * Janet C. Archibald ’67, ’88G * Michele Poirier Arnold ‘79, ‘02G Corey Shapiro Aronstam ’98 Joan Marie Arthur ’79, ’84G Sara & Kevin Ashman Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals AT&T, Inc. Athmedics, Inc. William Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. George A. Aufiero Barbara L. ’08 & Burton S. August Jr. Rebecca Newell Austin ’98 Dr. Maureen Regan Avery ’56 & Donald E. Avery * Stacey Lissow Ayers ‘91, ‘07G Elaine Summers Bacalla ‘65 * Ann Stahl Badger ‘65 * Paul J. Badore ’82 Dr. Brian W. Bailey ’01G * Marilyn W. Bailey ’55 ¥ Elaine M. Bair ’67 * Judith Greco Baker ‘91 & Mark D. Baker ’90 ¥ Patricia J. Tracy ‘63 * Katherine Phillips Baker ’67 * Maureen Dougherty Turturro * Noreen Patterson Baker ’71 ’66 & John M. Turturro & Jeffery M. Baker ¥ Jacqueline Mizerak Wampler Lisa A. & James C. Ball ’69, ’75G Rachel Bandych David Gordon Webster * Rose Marie Diantonio Memorial Fund Barber ’72 & David J. Ellen E. White ’85 Barber ‘80 * Ruth T. ’76G & Roger W. Linda Wilcox Barclay ‘79, Wilson ‘87G Gerard F. ’89G & Judith Mary Ann Barletta ’57 Zappia * Kathleen Curtin Barlow ’71 Beth & Dr. Marc S. Zarfes & Michael Barlow Russell Stuart Barone ’80 1924 Society * Mary Kay Armstrong Barr $100-$499 ’76 & Albert J. Barr Anonymous (3) * Kristine & David W. ¥ Fortunata N. Abate ‘74 Barszewski ¥ Josette Kenny Abruzzini ’77 * Sharon Cohen Bartell ‘79 ¥ Judith Conboy Acton ’66 Base Is Loaded Marketing ¥ Miriam Garry Adams ‘50 LLC Sara B. & Paul Adams Kirk D. ’81 & Mary Kay * Margery Iannuzzi Adamshick Bashaw ’69 * Kathleen Basher ’61 Adirondack Training * Carol Papadopoli Basi ’62 AJC Associates LP ¥ Maureen H. Basil ’83 Joan M. & Edward A. After Jessica Gilson Basta ’01 & Clair MacAdam Aimi ’66 & Jacob M. Basta ‘99 Bruno R. Aimi * Marcia & Bruce B. Bates Lori & James M. Alexander ¥ Joan Ann Battersby ’67 Ellen M. Alhart Joseph D. Battiste ’04, ’05G Andrea J. Allen ’05, ’06G * Amy M. Bauer ’03, ’09G

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving † Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) Leadership Level Donors

¥ Gail Place Beaver ’61 & Frank E. Beaver ¥ Marcia Grucza Beck ’66 & Richard J. Beck * Martin G. Bednarek ‘80 ¥ Sally Beecher ‘65 Dr. Stephen C. Beecher * Margaret Danaher Beers ’82, ’04G & Richard M. Beers Jr. Jo Anne & Thomas A. Belair Shirley T. Belair Kathleen S. Bement ‘04G * Suzanne Mahoney Bement ’60 Joan M. & Eder M. Benati Sally & Joseph L. Benfante Mary Ann Benincasa Charles E. Benoit ’86 Kristin Coleman Bergholtz ’02, ’04G * Mary Corliss Bergin ’70, ’75G & Robert J. Bergin Bernadette Maloney Bergman ’72 & Richard C. Bergman Katharine Chipre Betters ’01 Maureen Leahy Biancucci ’72 & Gilbert Biancucci Jeffrey W. Biesiada ’00 Patricia Cooper Billies ’66 & F. Stuart Billies * Carol Haase Birzer ’67 & Norman W. Birzer Kathleen A. Bishop ’71 Bishop Kearney, Class of 1978 Georgiana O. & W. Bruce Bjornlund Susan F. Blumberg ’82G Thomas Board * Dr. Christine M. Bochen Laura Draper Bodmer ‘98 & Mark Bodner * Karen L. Boggs ’66 Kathleen Parry Bojanek ’79, ’82G & Robert Bojanek ¥ Mary Kay Smead Bolan ‘59 Jean M. Bondi-Wolcott ’56 * Linda Serway Bordwell ’73, ’76G Phyllis J. Borek Grace Daly Boren ’70 Roberta Borg ‘81G Peter G. Bothner Daniel E. Bova Dr. Judith A. Bowman ’69 * Mildred C. Boylan ‘42 Deedee Taylor Boyle ’68 Pauline W. Bradbury ’74G Mary Kay & James L. Bradley ¥ Kathleen M. Brady ‘51 Michael Brady * Dr. Joyce Kozuch Brannon ‘64 Mary Anne & Edwin P. Brannan * Ellen Doeblin Bree ’83, ’88G Anne M. Bregande * Gloria Menard Breh ’63 & Michael C. Breh * Erin W. ’97, ’01G & Paul J. Brewster ’97 ¥ Virginia Koehler Briefs ’57 Marianne & Robert G. Briggs Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Jennifer Board Broderick ’90 & Kevin J. Broderick ’89 Mary Lou Broderick ’54 * Aljean Lemke Brown ’58, ’82G ¥ Mary Kay Ehmann Brown ’63 Carol P. Bruce ’71 * Karen Strenzwilk BryantRossi ’70, ’75G DONOR LIST 2010-11


I n n ovatio n

* David F. Budinski ’76 Raymond Buglione Laura J. & Jeffrey L. Burke * Alice Vandevoorde Burns ‘46 & Robert C. Burns * Kathleen E. & James E. Burns ¥ Richard S. Burrell Sr. ‘80G * Martha E. Burroughs ’68 Shelley A. Burt ’90 Dr. Mary Ann F. Bush * Ellen Green Bushweller ’61 & C. Hackett Bushweller Robert T. Butera Catherine Lalonde Butry ’66 & David A. Butry * Jessie & John Buzawa Lisa Vanderveer Byrne ’90 * Monica Riley Byrne ‘64 & James B. Byrne Jr. Christopher J. Cady ’90 Susan Cady-White ‘05 * Stasia J. Callan ’66 Joanne & Hon. Edmund A. Calvaruso Lisa Gifford Campbell ’88 & Paul D. Campbell ¥ Susan Pattee Campbell ’83 & Christopher S. Campbell Sonia R. & John B. Cannito Emily M. Cannon ’08, ’11G Dr. Anthony J. Caprio ’96 * Dr. Thomas V. Caprio ’96 Cardinal Health Foundation Inc. Barbara Bennett Carey & William H. Carey Angela & John Caricati Karen Eileen Carlson ’85 & Richard J. McNally Jr. Dr. Mary C. Carlson * Nancy Koch Carlucci ’61 & Stephen Carlucci Jr. * Dr. Gregory G. Carnevale * Patricia Doran Carr ‘65 & Lawrence C. Carr * Theodora Livingston Carr ‘74, ‘83G Betsy & John Carver Diane Casey ’00G * Andrea S. ‘97, ‘02G & Robert R. Casper Jr. ‘97G * Peter M. ‘91 & Annette M. Casper Sarah Castle Laura R. Castner ‘06, ‘07G Lynn S. Catlin ¥ Audrey Lovelace Caughey ’55 & Robert L. Caughey Dino E. Centra Sr. Kathleen E. & Dino H. Centra Constance Cappione Centrella ’72 & Ernest Centrella CH Insurance Lisa L. Chabot ‘99 Dr. Hilda Chacon Christine Mahoney Chaffer ’71, ’79G ¥ Carol Ann Kuhlberg Chambers ’66 Scott Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Chambers Anne Marie Kehoe Chapman ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Chastek Dr. Connie W. Chau Maureen Maybee Chiavetta ’69 & Thomas R. Chiavetta ’76G Mr. & Mrs. George M. Christian Irene Chen Chu ’50 & Arthur Chu Jennie Ciak ’48 DONOR LIST 2010-11


¥ Flora Romano Cilento ‘59 Jean Infante Cilione ’76 & Ken Cilione Drs. Andrea Ciliotta-Rubery & Paul T. Rubery Cornelia Cimbalo * Margaret & Robert F. Cimini Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Cimino ¥ Rebecca ’94, ‘97G & Thomas Cincebox Jr. ’89 Deborah G. & Bruce H. Clark ¥ Jeannine M. Clark ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Clark Omy Clark Patricia Scheftic Clark ’62 Susan E. Close ‘64 Mary Smith Clouse ’54 * Kathleen J. Clute ‘80G ¥ Anne McDonald Cochran ’66 Mary Kathleen Kuebel Coen ‘48 Kimberly J. ‘98 & Jeffrey L. Coffey ¥ Clarisse Martens Coggins ‘43 Sandra J. Cohen Elaine Messore Colbert ‘59 & Edward P. Colbert * Terry Myers Cole ’66 Barbara M. & Roy E. Colicchio Jacqueline Lombardo Colicchio ’61 & Anthony P. Colicchio Carol Butler Collado ’62 & Jose Collado Mr. & Mrs. John C. Collea Catherine Collea-King & Michael A. King Catherine Burroughs Collier ’70 Eileen M. Collins ’66 § Janice Collins ’74G John P. Collins ’85 * Sheila Dwyer Colombo ’77, ’80G & William J. Colombo * Denise Kristoff Colturi ’81 & Dr. Thomas J. Colturi Sally Hollenbeck Coman ’56 * Clare Bauerschmidt Combs ’81 Kathleen M. ‘98 & Francis Comella Cassandra Squires Comerford ’02 Ross G. Comerford ’02 Dr. & Mrs. John Condemi Patricia Wickes Condoluci ’72 Mary Jo & John U. Coniglio Mr. & Mrs. George Conklin Donna J. Conley ’95 ¥ Elizabeth Connaughton ‘53 Elizabeth Burak Connolly ’89 & Gerard Connolly * Loyola Nolan Connolly ’45 & John J. Connolly ¥ Barbara Lanahan Connors ‘64 & George F. Connors Ann Marie Paciolla Conolly ’66 & Paul E. Conolly Joyce Mooney Considine ’58 & John J. Considine Jr. ¥ Evelyn Contestable ‘42 Marjorie Brown Conti ’75 Carol Haggerty Conway ‘52 & Donald S. Conway Nancy G. Cook Rosemary & David W. Cook Dr. Anne C. Coon & Craig J. Zicari * Karen Barbieri Coons ’88 & Thomas B. Coons ’90 Drs. Elizabeth D. Cooper ’80 & John M. Fiske

* Marlene Faust Cooper ’95 & Scott E. Cooper ’95 * Angela J. Coppola ‘65 Jeanne Scardet Corbit ‘53 & Thomas J. Corbit ¥ Mary Ann Delplato Corea ’66, ’81G & Roger C. Corea Frank C. Coriddi Kathleen Sheehan Corletta ’61 Elaine Costanza * Daniel M. Coughlin Jr. ’92 * Nicole Rowe Cox ’94, ’97G & Kevin J. Cox ’94 Denice Deiorio Coyne ‘79 & Shawn T. Coyne Linda & Craig M. Crandall Debra & Christopher Crane Kathy Crassi Carol Ann Nelson Cregan ’58 * Mary Gagliano Creighton ’57 & James E. Creighton Carol Costanza Criss ‘65, ‘78G & Charles H. Criss ’78G

* Christine Schlosser Daly ’66 & Martin Daly ¥ Linda J. D’Amato ’69 ¥ Kathleen Prestel Dammeyer ‘64 Julie Bazan D’Angelo ‘05G ¥ Joan Gibbs Daniels ’54 Mary Joyce & Franklin D’Aurizio * M. Katherine Davin ’56 & David J. Davin Jamie L. Day ’06 Janine Mazurowski Day ’84 Daniel A. Dayton ’89 Kathleen B. Dean ’85 * Miriam P. Keegan Dean ’75G Mr. & Mrs. Stanley C. Dean Mr. & Mrs. Fred DeBlase * Betsy Briggs Debloom ’67, ’91G ¥ Ellen DeBuono * Tracie Dudman Decker ’82 & James Decker ¥ Ann Smyles Dedie ‘52 * Meg Delaney-Chaides ’72, ’75G

* Mary Jo Ryan Crossman ’71 Karen Lavecchia Crotinger ’78, ’07G Arlene M. Crowe ’90 Juleen A. & William C. Crowell * Dr. Eileen D. Crowley ’75 * Sally Delbridge Crowley ’55 * Allison Murphy Cryan ’95 & Sean F. Cryan Catherine S. ’92, ’97G & Christopher D. Cullinan ’90 ¥ Mary V. Cullinan ’60 Mary Jane Hendrick Culotta ’43 & Joseph M. Culotta * Ann Bissonette Curran ’67 & Fred A. Curran * Ann Louise Barnett Curran ’60 & John G. Curran * Judith Curtis Brenda Burke Daane ’61 & Henry G. Daane John M. D’Agostino ’89 Susan Truelove Dailey ’68 Anthony D’Aiuto ’84 Jim Dalberth Sporting Goods * Joan Shaw Dalberth ’56 & Dr. Salvatore J. Dalberth Mike Daley Enterprises

* Louise DeLaus ’66 Patricia Daminski Della Pietra ’67 * Sandra Mrugala Demott ’89 & James A. Demott Wendy Palmer Dennie ’96 & Donald A. Dennie * Dawn M. & Dr. Timothy J. Dennis Mary Celso DeRitis ’57 & Joseph DeRitis * Karen Kolodziejczak Derr ’83 Lorna & Bradford Desantis Cynthia M. Descamp-Netsky ’81 & Ronald Netsky Dr. Katherine S. Detherage Laurie Ann Devereaux ‘79 * Dolores Kennedy Diangelo ’60 Donald DiBenedetto * Gretchen Oster Dicesare ‘59 & Anthony N. Dicesare * Sheila Sullivan Dickinson ’63, ’69G, ’77G Carol N. & Foster Difiore Jr. * Roberta A. ’84G & Dr. Paul L. DiMarco Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Dimarzo

* Dr. Carmino Dimassimo ¥ Patricia Dispenza Dinardo ‘50 ¥ Barbara R. Dinse ’75G § Robert M. Dinse Dorothea M. ’94 & Vincent Distefano * Judith Moore Dixon ’76G & Henry C. Dixon M. Susan McGinnis Dixon ’61 & David J. Dixon Dr. & Mrs. T. Jeffrey Dmochowski ¥ Jeanmarie Arena Doctor ’81 Anne Kelly Dolan ‘50 & Edward V. Dolan ¥ Karen M. Donahue ‘79 Teresa M. Donnan ’89G Teresa Donnelly ’66 Ellen Ratchford Donovan ’86 * Mary O’Neil Dorgan ’62 & Michael J. Dorgan ¥ Kornelia Marshall Dormire ‘64 & C. Brooke Dormire Jannett Bentley Dovan ’83 Ladonna Farley Dove ’66 & James E. Dove Catherine Doyle * Eleanor Janosek Doyle ’71 MacReena Anne Doyle ‘80 Patricia A. & James E. Doyle Drapery Industries, Inc. * Margaret Walsh Dryer ‘49 & Orville W. Dryer Peggy Vogt Dugan ’79 * Kathleen Payne Duley ’71 * Dr. Lisa A. Durant-Jones & Danny L. Jones Robin & Robert Durocher Patricia A. Dwyer ’66 Dr. Carrie Eddy Dykes ’92 Kathleen L. & Paul T. Dziedzic Carol Constantine Eckl ’66 & Jerald Eckl Kathleen Z. Eckler Joseph M. Eduardo Martin P. Egan ¥ Carole Eilers-Lloyd ’66 * Helen Vollmer Elam ‘51 Dr. Staffan Elgelid ¥ Jerry Vandewater Elliott ‘43 ¥ Patricia Suits Ellison ‘50 & Hon. William Ellison * William N. Ellison ¥ Barbara Hull Emery ‘80 & R. Clinton Emery ¥ Judith A. Emmanuel ’62 ¥ Barbara Dobbertin Englert ’66 Episcopal Diocese of Rochester Louise W. Epstein * Nadine L. ’73, ’97G & Harvey B. Erdle Dr. Naomi B. Erdmann * Edna Wadsworth Erthal ‘37 ¥ Ann McGee Esch ‘65 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Esposito Dr. Bruna Evangelista ’61 Michele T. & Dr. Stephen M. Evangelisti Katharine Mary Evans ’93 Daniel Everson * Molly O’Hara Ewing ’77 Lena R. & Dr. Thomas A. Fabiano * Irene F. Fadden ’92G * Rose Marie Capanna Fagan ’65 & Daniel L. Fagan * Maryln Plumb Fallon ‘59 & Brian Fallon Mary & Robert Fangio Kate E. Faraday-Mcdonald ‘98 * Leah Wehlage Farrell ‘59 & James A. Farrell

Joanne Smith Faulkner ’60 & David P. Faulkner Nancy Klatman Fehrenbach ’60 & Robert J. Fehrenbach Ryan T. Feltner ‘05 Norma Swift Fennell ’74, ’79G * Ellen Greene Fernandez ’81 & Luis A. Fernandez * Frances Rinaldi Ferrari ’63, ’82G & Anthony V. Ferrari * Priscilla E. & Dr. David M. Ferrell ¥ Anne Gormley Fessenden ‘52 & Edwin D. Fessenden * Catherine Camelio Figaro ‘98 ¥ Claire Mogenhan Finity ‘45 Katherine R. Finn ¥ Mary Ann Kinsky Fischer ’63 & Joseph V. Fischer Jeannie Rivoli Fisher ‘91 & John R. Fisher * Jeffrey P. Fisher ’03 Allison Foster Fitch ’90 Vikki Cecere Fitchett ’77 * Dolores Kokot Fitzgerald ’54 * Joanne M. & Thomas M. Fitzgerald Justin D. Fladd ‘06 * Terri Fiegl Flaherty ’93 The Flanders Group, Inc. ¥ Josephine C. Fletcher ‘53 * Joanne Walos Fleury ’72, ’76G & John D. Fleury Marcia R. FlugsrudBreckenridge ’61 & David E. Breckenridge * Elizabeth Cloonan Flynn ‘46 * Marilyn & Patrick H. Flynn * Mary Agnes Calihan Flynn ‘48 Karen M. Foggia * Eileen M. Foley ‘74 * Drs. Mary Ann Hartnett Foley ’72 & Hugh J. Foley * Patricia L. Fontana ’78G Gloria J. Forgione ’66 Christine H. ’68 & John J. Forken * Laura P. & Raymond Formella Mary Holleran Forrest ’76 & Paul R. Forrest Mary Pike Fousel ’53 Nancy & Wade Fox Dino Francheschi Michele Cutwa Francis ’91 Dr. Anne K. Franco ’62 Mary Louise Spiotti Frank ’64, ’76G Joann Schuh Frasier ’61 & William R. Frasier Lauren Marie Frasier ’86 * Robert K. Freeland Michael Freeman ’84G ¥ Anne Florack Freitas ‘59 & Richard F. Freitas * Patricia Connolly Frisch ’75 ¥ Betty Turner Fromel ‘45 * Carolyn Dellapietra Frost ’66 Elaine Bell Fuller ’58 Katherine P. & Edwin J. Funk G&G Fitness Equipment, Inc. § Amy Portanova Gaesser ’63 ¥ Susan Naccarato Gage ’82 ¥ Mary Parker Gagliano ’84 & Ralph J. Gagliano Ellyn & Timothy Gale Johanna M. & Jerry J. Gambino * Rose Salamone Gangarosa ’46 & Dr. Eugene Gangarosa Josephine F. & Dr. Richard J. Gangemi * William F. Garbe

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

* Dr. Holly Raschiatore Garber ’90 & Neal S. Garber * Kelly Board Garbinski ’88, ’95G & John R. Garbinski ’90 ¥ Marlene Bieck Gargan ’66 Evelyn J. Garufo Shirley Venette Gasch ’66 Maureen A. Gates ‘91 Janette E. Gears ’73 Catherine J. Geary ’85 ¥ Agnes Kellner Gebauer ’57 General Electric Company * Susan Bishop Genthner ’73 & James M. Genthner Diane C. George ’97G Brian Gertlinger ¥ Ann Murray Gertner ‘53 & Charles H. Gertner Jr. ¥ Joan Buttino Giansante ’69 * Barbara Brunner Gibson ’61 Mary Jane Gibson ‘99 Carol A. & Michael Giglia * Victoria H. Gilbert ’88, ’93 Mary E. & Michael A. Giles Jonette S. & Clayton E. Gilley Louie Gitsis Andrea S. Giuffre ’76G Teresa Giuliani-Imburgia Theresa Giuliano ¥ Marie Collins Glasheen ‘48 Jane Lovenheim Glazer ’80G Shannon A. Gleason-Weitzel & Carl D. Weitzel * Laura R. Goddard ’76G * Marion Shapiro Goodwin ’90 * Douglas B. ’94 Amy M. Gorham * Eve Hosford Gotham ‘98 & Kerry R. Gotham ’98 * Sharon E. & Ronald R. Gotham Carol Franceschelli Gough ’92 * Patricia George Grabosky ’89 & Mark Grabosky Margaret ’61 & Donald Gracyalny Kelley Graham Marie G. Graham Marilyn McGowan Graham ’60 Dr. Susette R. Graham Annie Dwyer Gray ’73 * Nancy C. Grear * Mary Barber Greaser ’93 Great Lakes Building Systems Dorothy H. Green ’78G Jeffrey M. Green ‘07G William G. Green Jr. ‘98 & Kristen A. Green Patricia Hoard Greene ’57 & Donald D. Greene * Barbara Flanagan Greenstein ’58 Andrew M. Greenstein ¥ Mary Lou Shipton Greibus ‘51 Michele Guider Griffin ’71, ’78G & Bryant W. Griffin ¥ Margaret Knights Griffith ’70 & George V. Griffith Mary Ann Desiderio Grigg ’62 & Peter Grigg Constance A. Grimsley ’89, ’93G ¥ Pauline Basamania Grinnan ’61 & W. Terrance Grinnan Patricia O’Day Groves ’56 Hilary & Dr. Carmelo Gullace * Jacqueline Cranmer Gullo ‘59 & Robert A. Gullo Neal I. Gummoe Carole Smith Haas ’67

* Mary Jane Roberts Hadley ’72 & Richard M. Hadley Maria M. & David C. Haefele Hager Productions Elizabeth Stewart Hagstrom ’82 Phyllis Kunz Hahn ’52 & Gerard P. Hahn Dr. Geraldine Cristofaro Hall ’64 & Thomas J. Hall Ellen Freeland Hallahan ’82 & Dr. William L. Hallahan Jeffry R. Halverson ’00 Cherie Hamed Marilyn Quinn Hamilton ’59 & Thomas E. Hamilton * Dr. Diane Demay Hammar ’67 & Peter Hammar Margaret Riley Hanford ’69 & Thomas T. Hanford Sean Hanlon Christine Sliwka Hanna ’83 & Matthew T. Hanna * Julie Sansoucy Hannan ‘79 & Dr. William P. Hannan Lisa Swayze Hannel ’92 & Griffith H. Hannel ‘91 * Mary Hannick Susan Holland Hansel ’76 Constance A. Hanser ’91 Nancy Dimarco Harber ’78 * Nancy Poccia Harding ’77 & Edward M. Harding * Ann Valenza Harkenrider ‘46 Evelyn Marx Harloff-Moore ’68 Phyllis A. Harris * Maria Foglio Harrison ’83 Frances E. Hart ’68 Lisa A. Hartmann ‘04 John A. Hauber ’96, ’08G Mary Beth Barnard Hawken ’88 * Joyce Budinski Hawkins ’60 & W. Ross Hawkins Catherine Danehy Hayes ’56 Anne Hayes-Penner ’98G Christine Owens Heisman ’74 & Lewis J. Heisman Mary Moak Henderson ’58 * Mary Beth McIntyre Henneberry ’66 ¥ Dr. Carol Bieck Henretta ‘59 * Margaret P. ’77 & Guilbert C. Hentschke ¥ Dr. Cheryl Andrews Herdklotz ’75 ¥ Barbara Belmont Herman ’56 * Karen & Charles J. Hermance Alice Malankowski Herrell ’63 & Stephen B. Herrell Dr. & Mrs. Raul Herrera * Margaret Hope Herting ’83 * Gloria P. Hetterich Meg McCarthy Heyman ’71 & Eugene R. Heyman Rita Hickey * Lisa Elsemore Hiley ’02 & Lucas M. Hiley’03 Martha E. Hill-Jones ‘80 ¥ Pam Murray Hines ’71 Jody C. & Steven L. Hirsch Jordan C. Hirsch ‘08 Mr. & Mrs. James H. Hoag * Joanna C. Hobler ’82 * Elizabeth S. & Gerald N. Hoffman Barry S. Hogenauer Heidi Dawson Hogle ’94 & Brady E. Hogle ’92 * Joan Sussina Holderer ’67, ’77G * Susanne Stiewe Holland ‘64 Susan R. Holliday Norman Holly

* Maureen T. Holmes ’90, ’95G Amy Choromanskis Holquist ’65 * Cynthia Ingerick Holt ’90 ¥ Kathleen O’Brien Holvey ’62 & Michael C. Holvey Sr. William J. Homer ’91 Leah K. ’82G & Wayne W. Hoover * Jennifer Houlihan Hoskins ’95 & Roger W. Hoskins Jr. Margaret & Stanley Hoskins Lori Welge Houppert ’85 Lynn M. & Thomas E. Houseknecht * Mary Doyle Hovanec ’58 & Andrew S. Hovanec HSBC Bank ¥ Catherine Molloy Hudson ‘37 * Erminda G. & Paul Hugh Susan Pellicano Hughes ’68 ¥ Marion Smith Hull ‘52 Sue Hull-Shirley Barbara Thomas Hunt ‘79 Eileen Wurz Hunter ’66 Marianne S. & Robert J. Hurley ¥ Kathleen Hamill Hursh ‘63, ‘88G & Laurence E. Hursh Dr. Kelly HutchinsonAnderson ’04 Brenda & Edison Hyde * Cathleen Walsh ’68 & John Hyland Linda A. Iacelli ’66 Elizabeth Tupacz Imes ’69 * Roxanne E. Impaglia ’76, ’78G Interfaith Alliance of Rochester Suzanne Dufort Intermont ’61 & Robert Intermont JA Gang Edna B. & Pascual T. Jasa Victor Jenkins Louise W. Jesserer Adrienne M. Jester ’87 * H. Wilson ’82 & Linda A. Johnson James D. Johnson * Rena Welch Johnson ’51 & Norman F. Johnson Susan Meylor Johnson ’77, ’81G & Harold B. Johnson II Teresa Bunal Johnson ’90G W. Jacqueline ’82G & David C. Johnson Timothy Johnston Janet Mizejewski Joseph ’73 & Dr. Michael P. Joseph Barbara Piscitello Joyce ’61 & Thomas J. Joyce ¥ Carole J. & Dr. John J. Joyce Sandra A. & Thomas M. Jurkiewicz Suzanne Schroeder Jute ’02G & Kent F. Jute Shawna M. Kabot ‘04, ‘07G Carol Ronnenberg Kager ’61 Karen Glavey Kane ’88 & Michael F. Kane Sheila Kassay Frances Toner Kayton ’66 * Constance Costich Keavney ‘51 & James J. Keavney ¥ Patricia Forstbauer Kehoe ‘63 ¥ Sharon M. Kehoe, Esq. ’66 Martin T. ’92 & Wynter Kelly * Teresa Oberright Kelly ’62 * Elizabeth Raetz Kennedy ’58 Joyce Adamo Kennedy ’61 & Jerry Kennedy

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

* Miriam K. & Daniel T. Kennelly * Kathleen B. Keogh ’82G * Liliana L. Kernan ’57 Roberta Cameron Kesselring ’92 & Michael Kesselring ¥ Judith Nientimp Kharbas ’60 ¥ James M. Kieffer * Ellen Boyle Killelea ’69 ¥ Patricia Schalm Killorin ’75 Linda Wilhelm King ’84G Patricia G. & John W. Kinner Katherine K. Kinsky Margaret Kinsky & David Borrebach * Paula L. Kirchgessner ’71 Prudence C. ’01G & David H. Kirkpatrick Trudie Kirshner * Patricia Smith Kneale ’61 & Robert J. Kneale * Linda Nicknish Knoll ’69 Mary Schaft Kodweis ‘64, ‘81G & John B. Kodweis * Pamela S. Koehler ’82G * Jane Y. Koenen ‘52 Mary Fraver Kofron ‘50 * Anne Marie Kane Konzet ’71 Carly Slaughter Koopman ’03 & Jarod J. Koopman ’03 Ellen J. Kostraba ’94G * Karen A. Kozan ’89 ¥ Helena M. Krebs ’82G Patricia M. ’91G & David S. Krebs * Deborah A. Kreiser ’02 * Diane D. & Cyril A. Krenzer * Kathleen M. Mahoney Krenzer ’98 & Michael M. Krenzer ’97 * Constance Locicero Kudrna ’84 ¥ Lynne Miller Kuhn ’85G Catherine A. & William A. Kukan * Patricia C. Kulaga ‘63 Anna Sayers Kung ’67 ¥ Frances Certo Kuplinski ‘59 & Chester A. Kuplinski Karen R. Kuppinger ¥ Catharine Morphy Kurz ’58 * Paulette A. Kyle ‘78G LaBella Associates * Catherine Aiken Labombard ’70 Elaine Budnik Laboski ’66, ’91G & Paul Laboski Carole & Michael Lachance * Marianne B. ’54 & Dr. Nicholas P. Lagattuta Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lambrix ¥ Judith Worden Lamphere ’67 & Gary W. Lamphere ¥ Alicia C. Lamphron ’70 * Kelly Verstraete Landau ‘98, ‘00G * Lisa M. Landino ’89 Landmark Electric, Inc. * Kathryn Samway Lang ’72 ¥ Mary Ellen Lansing ’75, ’80G Ross P. Lanzafame * Toni Kelly LaPoint ’95 Marie Magro Lapple ’72 & Frederick J. Lapple ¥ Anne Louise (Rusty) Lark ‘59 Deborah Wright Larocca ’75 Susan LaSalle ’83 * Mary Burns Lascaris ‘48 Mary Barbero LaShomb ‘80, ‘83G & Charles P. LaShomb Maureen Demarco Lasly ‘79G Diana M. Lauria * Warren L. Lavigne Rosemary B. & Ross Law

James G. Lawlor ’84G * Suzanne Cunningham Lays ’66 * Dr. Kathleen Leahy ’68, ’75G Dr. Priscilla Costich LeBrun ’57 Georgette G. Lee ‘05G * Patricia A. Leoboldt ‘03G Norma & Dr. Anthony J. Leone Jr. Ellen Ford Lersch ‘63 Catherine Carroll Lesage ’71 Marylin Rakow Leslie ’68 Cathy A. Leverone Virginia Mullen Lewing ’54 * Karen Brusso Lewis ’76 Lewis & Fiore, Esqs. * Traci Hay Lian ’00 & Stephen W. Lian ’03G Arline M. Liberti Jane & Dr. Michael Licata Renee L. Liebschutz ¥ Ellen Terhaar Lill ’68, ’95G & Daniel F. Lill Ann Marie & Anthony Lipari * Diane C. Lippa-Bemis ’75 ¥ Allison List ’85, ’04G * Mary Ellen Rishar Little ’61 & Douglas S. Little Mark Lobene Lockheed Martin Corporation ¥ Tess Livecchi Lodato ’57 Krystyna Kula Loeffler ’91G Patricia Doble Loopman ’57 Sheryl & Charles F. Loray Dolores & Peter M. Lovetro Kathaleen A. ’90 & Robert L. Lowenthal Jr. * Jeanne Reeners Loysen ’86G Terence M. Ludwig ’03 Joan Foley Lukacs ’57 Janice F. Lukas ’77G Jeffrey P. Lum ’00, ’01G * Gregory A. Lumb ’90 ¥ Sally Sheridan Lutz ’60 & James Lutz Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lynd * Kathleen Ladelfa Lynd ’60, ’76G ¥ Barbara Weigel MacDonald ’70 Taeko Kanaya Machinaga ’60 & Shogo Machinaga Mr. & Mrs. Tim Mack * Elizabeth McGough MacKenzie ’76 & Carl S. MacKenzie ¥ L. Theresa Macon ’81 M. Carleen Nelson Madden ‘79 * Kathleen E. Madigan ’70 Christine Maffucci ’90G Amelia M. & Dr. Charles A. Maggio Elizabeth Bonn Mahle ‘63 * Denise C. Mahns ‘04 Mary Helen Mahoney ’77 * Mary Ann & Robert W. Mahunik Jennifer Mailey ’82 Jason R. Maitland ‘05G * Blanche Malankowski-Smith ‘65 * Mary Weinschreider Mallet ‘65 & Dale C. Mallet Marion Hapanowicz Malone ’61 & Robert S. Malone Kathleen A. Maloney ’72 Dr. Holly Manaseri ’88 Joseph J. Mancini * Sarah S. ’94 & Jeffrey J. Mandell ’93 ¥ June Kesselring Mangan ‘64 & Richard Mangan Ruth S. & Charles K. Mann Jr.

¥ Kathleen Harwood Mannella ‘74, ‘78G ¥ Karin Carlson Manning ’77 * Bernadette Coyle Mannix ’57 Brian K. Manske Jan E. Marchetti ’90G * Linda W. ’75G & Dr. Robert C. Marino ’76G * Jeanne Bolcko Marron ’68 & Joseph P. Marron Gary W. Marshall * Kathleen Sholly Marshall ‘91 * Michael Martello * Anne Lapalm Martin ‘58 & Justin Martin * Rev. Mary E. Martin ’78 * Rita M. Martin ’56 Dawn Santiago Marullo ’80, ’84G & Thomas J. Marullo Angela Crecco Massaro ’87 & Mark C. Massaro Missy Mathis-Hanlon ‘91 Mark S. Matott * Anne Armbuster Matthews ‘73 & Thomas A. Matthews Anna Mayerhofer ’71 Roseann Bellanca Mayo ’64 McAfee, Inc. ¥ Joyce K. McAndrew ‘74, ’79G & Thomas C. Greiner Jr. Barbara Collins McBride ’71 Rita M. McBride ‘96 Linda V. & Robert D. McCarthy Margaret Hassett McCarthy ’61 & Robert E. McCarty ¥ Mary Catherine McCarthy ‘64 ¥ Mary Payne McCarthy ’71 * Mary Sullivan McCarthy ‘63 * Jeffrey D. McCormack ’00 ¥ Dr. Shirley Ross McCracken ‘59 * Rhea Koutoures McCullough ’71 & Thomas E. McCullough ¥ Patricia Quinn McCusker ‘42 ¥ Tina Dirienzo McDermott ’65 Dr. Ann Gilbert McDonald ’61 Donna & Stephen J. McDonnell ¥ Charlotte Eastham McFadden ‘63 ¥ Lucille McMahon McGinnis ’46 & Dr. Henry A. McGinnis Barbara Bulman McGinty ’62 & James G. McGinty Michael J. McGrath ’06 Dr. David R. McGuire ’84 & Kristen Shiner-McGuire Judith & James McIntosh Keith S. McIntosh Dr. & Mrs. John S. McIntyre ¥ Patricia Shea McKenna ’62 ¥ Elizabeth A. McLaughlin ’70 Barrington O. McLean ’82 * Lynn M. McLean ’93 Bernadette Malone McMahon ’65 ¥ Mary Randall McMahon ’66 * Carol Grieco McManus ’71 § Charles L. McMullen ’86G Nancy Stubbs McMullen ’81G * Kathleen McCarthy McNally ’67 * Patricia Burke McNamara ’75 & Timothy J. McNamara * Judith Schaff McNulty ’60, ’78G & John J. McNulty DONOR LIST 2010-11


I n n o v a t i o n

¥ Patricia Denniston McPeak ’62 ¥ Irene Parker McQueeney ‘51 * Larry E. Meister Members Give * John R. Mendel * Lisa Pierce Mercadel ’83 ¥ Marie Russo Merenda ’76, ’78G ¥ Jane Donnelly Merkle ‘58 & Richard N. Merkle Mary J. Midge Merritt ’58 Linda R. & Harry Messina Jr. * Ann Grace Meyer ’53 & John L. Meyer Carleton E. Meyer Courtney Meyer ‘10 ¥ Joanne Tuohey Meyer ‘51 * Terrence J. Meyer Leah Kolb Michaels ’86 Michael T. Middleton ‘06 Midtown Athletic Club * Kathleen Vinci Miles ‘64 & James E. Miles * Anne Marie Miller ’61 John S. Miller IV Kathryn M. Miller ’92, ’94G ¥ Mary Louise Abel Miller ’53 & David F. Miller * Onnalie E. Miller ’82G Paulette Monachino Miller ’69 Susan & Stephen Miller * Shirley Dolecki Minch ‘74, ‘78G & Norbert J. Minch ¥ Mary Candace Minchella ‘74, ‘80G * John T. Mirra * Elaine A. Missel Catherine S. Mitchell ¥ Margaret Mattern Mitchell ‘52 Robert L. Mitchell * Dr. Barbara Sidoti Mitrano ’66 Patricia & James Mitro * Rose Mary D. Molnar ’71 ¥ Catherine Hartnett Molteni ’75 & Andrew L. Molteni ¥ Mary Kay Chamberlain Molz ’67 Mary Ellen Nasser Monahan ’80G Mary Blackcloud Monsees ’63 Edward J. Monster ‘99 ¥ Patricia Hall Monteith ‘59, ‘77G * Elaine M. Moon ‘80G Howard Moore Dr. Carrie Adamson Morabito ‘97 Tracy A. Moran * John R. Mordaci Celanire Gervais Morgan ’62 * Susan Allegretti Morgan ’62 & Michael Morgan Gail Bilecki Morris ’62 & George Morris * Janet Keaveny Morris ’62 & James M. Morris Jill M. & Timothy F. Morris * Paul E. Morris ’95 Moser, Pilon & Nelson Architects ¥ Katherine J. Mowson ’57 * Mary E. Moynehan ‘73, ‘88G Jean Eisenman Mucenski ‘73 * Marilyn Brady Muench ’60, ’92G & Donald L. Muench Edward R. ’85 & Ann E. Mulheron ¥ Syma Daniels Mulich ’85G & Patrick A. Mulich * Lynn M. & Sean P. Mulvey

DONOR LIST 2010-11


¥ Diane Mammone Mumau ’84 * Terri L. Muraco ’89 Dr. Frances M. Murphy ’75 * Jean Haitko Murphy ’76 Mary Keegan Murphy ’48 & Frank X. Murphy * Matthew J. Murphy ‘96 Dr. Sharon R. Murphy M. Louise Murray ’77G & James D. Murray Shirley Van Billiard Myler ’51 & Eugene R. Myler * Margaret Fitzgibbon Nailos ’57 & James Nailos Anne T. Nary ’57, ’63G Kevin B. Natapow ‘97 Nationwide Provident Nazareth College Physical Therapy Dept. * Nancy R. Nealon ’82 Joan A. Cilento Nenno ‘59 Dr. & Mrs. Albert Neri Jr. Susan Gibson Nerwin ’64 & Dr. Hubert Nerwin ¥ Nancy Hasselwander Newell ’51 & John W. Newell Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Newman Henry D. Newman * Rona M. & Wilfred Newman New York Physical Therapy Association Thanhchi T. Nguyen * Dennis J. ‘91 & Lucille M. Nicholson Jennifer B. ’94 & Dr. Patrick J. Nicholson ’93 ¥ Teresa Coggins Nicosia ‘78, ‘82G Theodore E. ’00G & Kathryn J. Nixon * Joan L. Nobiling ’82G Nannette Nocon & Karl Wessendorf Ellen Barron Nodzo ’69 Janet E. Noonan Maria A. Noonan ’88 Theresa Coleman Noonan ’63 ¥ Mary Jeanne Hodson Nork ’56 & William E. Nork * Cheryl A. Nothnagle ’82, ’92G, ’99G ¥ Debra A. ‘79, ‘81G & Gary W. Nothnagle ’80G ¥ Catherine A. Nowaski ‘78 Marilynn & Barry J. Nowicki Mr. & Mrs. James P. Nunn Mr. & Mrs. Patrick S. Nunn Maureen McCarthy Nupp ’69 & Raymond W. Nupp Catherine Achzet Nye ’79 & Leonard E. Nye Kathleen Toomb Oakes ‘73 & Ray E. Oakes Bernadette Remick Oberg ’66 & Carl S. Oberg * Cecile C. & Dennis A. O’Brien Patricia M. O’Brien-Sansone ‘73, ‘78G James R. Ockenden ’83 Daniel B. O’Connell ’01G ¥ Gloria Fina O’Connell ’62 Keila K. O’Connor ‘91 Kathryn Barrett O’Donoghue ’75 * Rosemary C. Oesterly ’53 Judith Spitzer Offer ’64 John A. O’Hara Kathleen & Dr. Robert O’Keefe Christine Miller O’Kelly ’88 ¥ Elizabeth J. O’Leary ‘48 ¥ Helen C. O’Leary ‘48 Mary Ellen Foody O’Leary ’66 & John A. O’Leary

* Teresa Stutzman O’Leary ‘79, ‘83G & David G. O’Leary Joan Westbay Oliphant ’85 & John Oliphant Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo A. Oliveri * Barbara Gonzalez O’Neil ’71 * Carol Lee F. O’Neill Andrew J. ’00, ’01G & Kristin Opett * Barbara W. Ordway ’77G Deborah A. Organ & Gary Mancus Nancy & John P. Orilio Susan Orr ¥ Rosemary Burke O’Sullivan ‘63 & Dr. John O’Sulivan Kathleen M. O’Toole * Kathy Bubser O’Toole ’68 & Sean T. O’Toole Judith Otto ’65 ¥ Mary Lou Pabrinkis ’68 Judith Edmond Page ’57 & Capt. Arthur M. Page USN (Ret.) Dr. Mary C. & Peter Palamar Maria & Norman Palermo Katherine Crandall Palmer ’00 ¥ Kathleen Reardon Palmer ‘58 Dr. Kishan J. & Shree K. Pandya Marilyn J. Pantano ’75 Almerino Pappano Marie Leccese Parasch ‘63 * Joan Meyers Parise ’56 & Ralph D. Parise Jr. ¥ Joyce Ereth Parker ‘50 & Dr. Robert E. Parker Jr. * Kathleen A. Parker ’65 * Philip L. Parkes ¥ Diane Davies Parrinello ’88G & John Parrinello * Sarah Vanderschmidt Parsons ‘79 & Calvin G. Parsons * Dr. Jane N. Partanen * Patricia A. Parzych ’62 * Karen Keating Passarell ‘63 Susan & Dr. David Pate ¥ Raymond L. Pattee * Christopher F. Patterson ‘07 Elizabeth Hirsch Patterson ’86 & Ellison M. Patterson Jr. * Kim Rossetti Patterson ‘79 Katherine Spagnolia Patton ’50 & James E. Patton Anna J. Pease ¥ Dorothy R. Pecoraro ‘63 * Carla Cochi Penazek ’84 * Peter E. Pero Corrine Ryan Perry ’66 & James K. Perry Shannon Troy Peterson ’62 ¥ Shirley ‘79 & David F. Petherbridge Patricia M. & Joseph L. Petix Ann Deming Petkovsek ’74 Catherine D. Gale Petrie ’89 & Russell C. Petrie * Jean E. Pettigrew ’68 Marilyn Goodyear Pettinger ’79 & Glenn Pettinger Judy Finn Pettit ’61 Valarie T. ’94, ’96G & Anthony W. Pezzimenti ’94 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Kate M. Philbin * Carol R. Pierce ’92 * Doris H. & Frederick F. Pierce * Michelle A. Pigula ’01 Jo Ellen Pinkham John V. Pinkski Linda I. Pinski

John Pitton Pittsford Printing Charles E. Plant Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Platania Mary K. & Ronald A. Pluta Cynthia K. Podvin Barbara Kraus Pokalsky ’61 & Michael J. Pokalsky * Patricia Mozden Polito ’76 Katherine ’80G & Michael A. Polozie * Patricia Kwiek Pomroy ’93 Jill Darling Poremba ’92 * Gina Cecala Porter ’89 & Larry G. Porter Virginia Storman Potter ’67 * Diane C. Prichard Janet T. & Francis G. Provino Patricia Provvidenza & John F. O’Brien Betty J. Dirienzo Puleo ’55 Joan McLaughlin Pulver ’66 & Robert I. Pulver * Margaret Aman Quataert ’87 Amy & Michael Quattrociocchi * Dr. Catherine S. Quenin ’84G * Mary Beth Cloonan Quigley ’67 Patricia Quigley ’82 Kathleen Mayrl Quinlan ’59 & William J. Quinlan William M. Quinlisk ’80G * Barbara Brooks Quinn ‘73, ‘79G * Catherine Brieaddy Quinn ’65 & Arthur L. Quinn Helen Horey Quinn ‘45 ¥ Sandra Clark Quinn ‘64 & Joseph F. Quinn Jr. * Heather H. ’97G & Steven T. Ralph ’96 Ralph Honda Dr. Anne Marie Delles Ramsdell ‘96 ¥ Suzanne McGlynn Ramsey ’62 ¥ Dr. Jean Foley Ranalletta ‘45 Deane H. Rancourt Annunziata M. Rawlings ’87 Charles L. Ray Jr. * Catherine Gormley Read ’61 & David H. Read * Dr. Mary Irvine Reed ’62 & M. Taylor Reed Dr. Ronald Reed Linda Kent Reese ’87 * Margaret T. Reichert ’80 Mary K. Schwonke Reid ’66 Ursula Reiners & Ann D. Weintraub Paul E. Reissig ¥ Maimie V. Reitano ‘51 Marguerite Lynch Relin ‘79 & Howard R. Relin Jane Bushwood Reule ’75 Frank B. Revoir Jr. ’88 & Edith B. Revoir Mr. & Mrs. Claudio Reyna Marilyn K. Reynolds ’70 Suzanne ’84G & Frederick L. Ricci ‘79G Ann O’Halloran Rice ’68 Christine Russo Richardson ’72 * Jennifer Coutu Richardson ‘98 & Joel E. Richardson Thomas Richardson Rhoda E. Ride ’74G Teresa Riekstins Mr. & Mrs. James F. Riley Kathleen Murphy Rimlinger ’85 & Donald C. Rimlinger Brian M. Rinella Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Rinella

* Mary Savella Rinere ’60 & Joseph Rinere Jr. * Karen C. Ristau ’85, ’87G & Joseph P. Ristau ’95, ’01G Deanna & Scott Risucci Teresa Miller Ritter ‘73 Gloria E. Rivera ¥ Shirley Renner Roat ‘79, ‘81G & Glenn G. Roat Teresa M. Robach Maureen Maloney Robb & Douglas Robb Kathy Venieris Robbins ‘78 & James Robbins Dr. Joan Warthling Roberts ’51 & Edward M. Roberts Susan & Nathan Robfogel Dixie D. Robinson * Ellen P. Roche Rochester City Ballet Rochester West Indian Festival Organization Patricia A. Rockwell ‘63 ¥ Virginia H. Rockwell ’75G Dawn Rogers Diana F. & James S. Rogers ¥ Mary Kay Baker Rohner ‘64 Jacqueline Nigro Roliardi ’70 Marietta Iaia Romeo ’56, ’76G & Peter P. Romeo Dr. Carol E. Roote * Kristen McEvoy Rorie ’93 Eugene A. Rosa * Kathleen Amato Ross ’69 Kathleen Nial Ross ’72 ¥ Mary Cardoso Roth ’72 Dr. Lorraine A. Roth-Moyo ’62 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Rube Jr. Linda E. Rubens Guadalupe & Lorenzo E. Ruiz ¥ Patricia Hunsworth Rush ‘79 * Catherine Messinger Russell ’70 Genevieve E. & Nicholas C. Russo * Patricia Brogan Russo ’61 * Colleen Majka Rust ’72 * Anne Burroughs Ryan ’69 * Joseph E. Ryan Jr. Leslie J. & William M. Sabitus Barbara S. & Paul F. Sadler Mary Anne Kowba Salzmann ’62 & Christopher H. Salzman Gay & Nicholas Sampson ¥ Catherine Barrett Samuelson ’61 * Sharon Grinnan Sanford ’62 & William C. Sanford * Annette M. Sansone ‘63 * Mary Coggins Saracino ’69 Rosalie Sassano ’65 * Joan Revoir Satterly ’69 ¥ Mary Lou Wood Sauter ’65 & Gerald E. Sauter * Patricia Merriman Saxe ‘51 Kathy Ruocco Schaefer ’71 & Gerald M. Shaefer Dorothy Mulcahy Scheible ’53 & James F. Scheible * Sylvia A. Schenck ‘99 Margaret & Richard Schenkel Suzanne L. & Roger B. Schenkel ¥ Ruth Kennedy Scherberger ‘48 Karen A. & Mark S. Scherer Alyce Schermerhorn ’78 Kellie M. Schiavone ’09 * Margaret B. ‘79 & Edgar B. Schick Kymberly Prince Schifino ’78

* Elaine Hogan Schlegel ’67 * Patricia A. ’79 & Leonard J. Schmitt ’81G ¥ Meg Riley Schneider ’72 & James L. Schneider Kathleen Q. & Jason A. Schoenborn Margot Penfold Schoenborn ‘97 & Jeffrey A. Schoenborn Gary J. ’77 & Patricia A. Schoepfel * Patricia Knight Scholl ’89 Jane M. Schuster Patricia J. Schwarz ‘02G Judith Anderson Schweichler ’79 * Gloria S. & Hon. Anthony J. Sciolino Dolores Seagren ’84G ¥ Jean Rossi Seidel ’77G & Paul E. Seidel ¥ Judith Ahlfeld Seil ’81 & Joseph E. Seil Susan Yennock Senise ’69 & David E. Senise * Laura Devore Serafino ’84 Pamela L. Severin ‘09 * Nancy C. Shairer ‘58 Nora Brennan Shannon ’66 & Robert Shannon Dr. Linda Duffy Sharkey ’71 & Thomas F. Sharkey Maureen Taylor Shaw ‘04G Kathleen M. ’82 & Kelly M. Shea * Linda Carr Sheehey ‘64 & John J. Sheehey III Charlene C. Sherwood & John D. Griffith Paula Donovan Sherwood ’69 * Diane J. ‘97, ‘06G & Gary L. Shirley * Mary Jane Shults ’52 Gary T. Siembor ’79 * Eugenia Simeone ’55 Kathleen & Timothy Simmons * Josephine A. Sinaguglia ’55 Carol Pender Sinwell ’70 & Michael Sinwell Marie & Hon. Andrew Siracuse Patricia E. ’72 & Jeffrey Sisson ¥ Joan Reardon Slawiak ‘51 & Raymond F. Slawiak * Mary Ellen Frasher Slisz ’54 & Joseph F. Slisz * Jeanne M. Sloan ‘64 ¥ Katherine Fleck Slocomb ‘51, ‘56G & Robert Slocomb ¥ Elizabeth A. Sloma ’75 ¥ Elizabeth Gotham Smith ’70, ’89G & Roger J. Smith Dr. Horace Smith * J. Schuyler Smith Jr. * Joan McLoughlin Smith ’72 * Katherine T. Smith ’67 * Keith E. Smith ’89 * Margaret Hammond Smith ’71 * Dr. Mary Plager Smith ’65 Richard F. Smith Sharon Schupp Smith ’65 & Leal C. Smith * Dr. Beverly A. Smoker Joanne & John A. Snyder Dr. David Sommerville Laurie A. ’96, ’00G & Dr. Anthony C. Sorge Mary Hurley Sorgenfrei ’53 & Carl J. Sorgenfrei Jr. Janice J. & Gary W. Soule * Therese DiPasquale Soule ’55

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Dorothy Guzzetta Speca ’51 Lauren E. Spector ’07, ’08G * Kathleen Hickey Spencer Leslie Cormier Spina ’89 & Peter P. Spina * Emily Parshall Spinelli 98’, ‘02G Spiritus Christi Church Pastors’ Discretionary Fund * Catherine Frank Spoto ’67 & Sebastian Spoto * Alice M. Stack ’66 ¥ Carol May Stahl ‘64 Charlotte & George Stanton * Kathleen D. & Michael Stapleton * Mary Dobbertin Steele ’70 * Lynn B. & Matthew A. Steenberg Rosemary Salerno Stefano ’61 & Donald J. Stefano ¥ Ann C. Stehle ‘43 Stacey Stehle * Sandra L. Stein ‘00G * Susan Burns Steinbrenner ‘63 & John K. Steinbrenner Judith Driscoll Stephany ’61 & Alfred J. Stephany * Leanne M. Stephen ’74 Michael A. ’95 & Louise Cook Sterling Cathleen M. Stevens Audrey Marceau Stickney ’75 & Thomas A. Stickney Mr. & Mrs. William S. Stockman ¥ Barbara Woeppel Storm ’57 Matilda E. Storm ‘05G ¥ June L. Stornelli ’75G Marybeth Rola Strickland ’85 Daniel J. Strong ’88 * Madeline Nuccitelli Stubler ‘46 * Barbara Andres Sturtz ’63 & David R. Sturtz ¥ Yvonne Frey Stutzman ‘47 ¥ Susan Knauf Stuven ’67 & Henry A. Stuven * Lucille Haubner Sullivan ‘50 * Mary L. Sullivan ’82 ¥ Suzanne Gardner Sullivan ’68 * Anne Reed Suter ‘58 * Bridget Lyon Swartz ’61 * Patricia Bulmer Swayze ‘63 * Barbara J. ’87 & Dr. Steven L. Sween Debra Covey Sweeney ’75 & Michael P. Sweeney Sara J. Sweenie Mary Ann Dinieri Swift ’53 ¥ Anne Finewood Switzer ‘73 & Richard J. Switzer Jean M. Syracusa Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Szuba Amy L. & Robert Tait Maureen R. & Anthony J. Talarico * Dr. Mary D. Tantillo ’82 ¥ Louise M. Tarantino ’74 ¥ Laurel Ann Roth Tarcinale ’68 & Michael A. Tarcinale ¥ Rosemary Dessel Taub ‘58 Gail Wegner Taylor ‘73 & David R. Taylor Ethel & Hon. Michael A. Telesca * Eileen P. & Peter R. Testan Alan P. Tetreault Dr. Barbara Martin Thakor ‘63 & Haren Thakor * Cheryl F. & Rodney J. Thomas Eric J. Thomas ’03

Isabelle Schuler Thomas ’62 & Lloyd Thomas Drs. Stacey L. & Craig J. Tice ¥ Carolyn Paciolla Tierney ’54 & John S. Tierney * Karline Koenen Tierney ‘48 * Nancy K. Tirabassi ‘00G * Dr. Mary Jo Marro Tobin ’92 Phyllis Steve Tomasso ’64 & Richard Tonamsso ¥ Mariwyn Beiter Tondrowski ‘52 * Lois Walker Topolski ’66, ’89G & Daniel M. Topolski Mr. & Mrs. James C. Tormey III Terrence M. Tormey Mary Jane Brooks Tottey ’66 Dolores Hintz Tracy ’66 & Edward Tracy Corinne M. Trainor ’85 * Susan S. & Craig D. Traub * Lynn M. Tremblay ’84 Carol A. Trinco Todd Trinco Mr. & Mrs. Mark Trobert * Mary Anne Doyle Trompeter ‘48 & Richard A. Trompeter ¥ Barbara Reals Trotter ’55 * Susan B. Truelove ’83G TUG Excavating & Pipe Jeanne A. & Bruce A. Tully Gracelyn Raymondo Tuoti ’77 Tuthill Lighting ¥ Mary Ellen T. Urzetta ‘48 Pamela S. & Ralph A. Uttaro Judith Okey Valerio ’74 * Dr. Patricia Van Leuvan ’67 James P. Van Meter Margaret Muller Van Parys ’64 & Louis A. Van Parys Joan Barbour VanDuzer ’88 & Edward F. VanDuzer Paula Ludwig VanHouten ’87 Gladys Vasciannie ’80G Harriett Vasciannie ¥ Sally Wamp Vaughan ‘73, 76G Joanne R. Vergona Annette C. Verna ’84 ¥ Suzanne M. Verstraten ’68 Village Coal Tower Restaurant Maria & Cosmo Viola Mary Elizabeth Joel Vogel ’68 & William Vogel * Marianna D. & Justin W. Vogt Anne Marie Hutt Vogtle ’83 & John M. Vogtle * Margaret M. Volpe ‘43 Raymond Wagner ¥ Jeannette Sercu Wahl ’54 * Glenda Lucas Wait ’74, ’77G Nina Walker Mr. & Mrs. James C. Walsh Helen McGregor Walters ‘51 Joni & Timothy Walton Elizabeth Cavanaugh Walz ‘49 Evelyn Dom Wanka ’69 * Christine M. ’77G & Stephen M. Ward * Janet L. Wardell ‘79 * Evelyn B. & Donald R. Waterman ¥ Marianne Cuddy WattersRodriguez ‘58 Kama Grattet Way ’85 & Daniel F. Way Sally L. Weaver ’72 * Susan Wagner Weaver ’92G Doris B. Webb Carole B. Webster * Valarie Aloisio Webster ’86

* Sara S. & Joseph D. Weed ¥ Dorothy Magner Wegman ‘49 * Margaret Spahn Wegman ’62 & John A. Wegman Stephen C. Wehner ’94 ¥ Stacey M. Weilandt ‘64 * Elizabeth Curtin Weir ‘98 Mary Jo & Dennis R. Weiss * Craig S. ’84 & Catherine L. Welch The Tony Wells Agency Ruth Burgess Wensley ’68, ’86G Loretta Rae Wetmore ’56 & Richard Wetmore Mary Jo Whalen ’70, ’79G

Mary T. Wright ¥ Nancy McRae Wright ’67 & Claude H. Wright Marilyn Rooney Wurzburger ’57 * Linda Casey Wyngaard ’61 ¥ Donna McGlynn Yawman ‘64 & Philip H. Yawman III James C. Yeara ’81 Janine Pirk Yelich ’87 * Mary Cross Young ’69 & Ronald W. Young Theresa Youngblood * Bessie Huang Yu ’54 Mona Richardson Zamiarski ’93

¥ Rita Zlotnik Allen ’56 & Mark Allen Gloria Barbaro Anderson ’72 Pauline V. Angione ’66 ¥ Alice Doody Appleton ‘50 & Oliver G. Appleton ¥ Marie C. Baglio ’57 Marie A. Barbi ’82, ’02G Carol A. Barrett ’63 Josephine Boyer Barrow ’34 * Mary Bartholomew ‘50 Mary Teresa Battista ’75 Jean Kelly Bayer ’48 ¥ Marcia Grucza Beck ’66 & Richard J. Beck ¥ Drs. Rose Marie & John B. Beston * Catherine M. Bookey ’73 Dr. Robert P. Boucher * Mildred C. ’42 & Alfred G. Boylan Rosalie Vasile Brennan ’70 ¥ Bonnie-Anne Briggs ’69 Pamela Pittinaro Boardwell ’89, ’91G Mary Lou Broderick ’54 ¥ Theresa Lombardo Bronte ‘51, ‘75G Marion Lepage Brown ‘50 Mary V. Brown ¥ Dr. Mary T. Bush ‘51 * Sarah D. Cali ‘50 * Stasia J. Callan ’66 Helen Marie Cameron ‘52 Lisa Gifford Campbell ’88 & Paul D. Campbell ¥ Carolyn Civiletti Canzano ’55 & Peter J. Canzano ¥ Florence P. Capo ‘51 Barbara Bennett Carey & William H. Carey ¥ Joan Mascaro Caruso ’67 Rev. Lee P. Chase ’85 * Dr. Paula Satterly Childs ’70 Penny Cunningham Ciaburri ’78, ’80G Jennie Ciak ’48 ¥ Catherine E. Clark ‘48 * Inga A. Zasada Daryll Fitch Wheeler ’69 & Susan E. Close ‘64 Mary Bauer Zentis ’51 & David M. Wheeler ¥ Clarisse Martens Coggins ‘43 John J. Zentis Joann Cusyck Wheeler ’68 Margaret R. Colacino ’51 * Richard E. Zicari ¥ Margo Wheeler ’67 Jason R. Collier ’00 * Carol Anne Zimmerman ’77, * Jean Mullen Whelan ’53 Kathleen A. Colliflower ‘74 ’80G * Kathleen Redman Whelehan Angela Y. & Angelo F. Joanne Ortolani Zito ’69, ’71 Coniglio ’74G & Dr. Gene M. Zito Ernest C. Whitbeck IV ‘04G Elizabeth Rossney Conley * Sandra Zurlo ‘64 & Mary K. Whitbeck ‘50 Pamela Wilkens White Rita Schledorn Conlin ’38 Mary Pat & David Whitman ¥ Elizabeth Connaughton ‘53 Founders ¥ Ralph S. ’84 & Kathleen R. Rosemary & David W. Cook Society List Wiegandt Arlene & Louis A. Corsiglia * Ellen A. Wilkin ’84 In the long term, perhaps * James A. & Andrea J. Rivoli Nancy Wordell Willard ’82 & no group will have more Costanza ’85 Henry L. Willard Jr. Nicole M. Crandall ’00 impact on the future of * Patricia Conway Wille ’68 Mary Jane Hendrick Culotta Nazareth College than * Donna M. Willome ’43 & Joseph M. Culotta the Founders Society— Patricia Estruch Wills ’76 * Ann Bissonette Curran ’67 a group established to Wilmorite, Inc. & Fred A. Curran honor those who have ¥ Joan Turner Winfield ‘59, * Ann Louise Barnett Curran ‘78G & William Winfield Jr. made planned gifts to the ’60 & John G. Curran Virginia Cassidy Witt ’67, College. Individuals who Angela D. D’Andrea ’75G ’79G * Miriam P. Keegan Dean pledge support through ¥ Mary Leone Woerner ’46 ’75G bequests, charitable Jessica A. Wojick ’95 ¥ Rosalyn Dellapietra ’58, trusts, gifts of insurance, Julie Alhart Wolf ’86 ’66G and similar deferred and Jennifer Woloshyn Laurie Bradley Ditzel ’79 life income instruments * Pamela L. Wondro ’72 * Mary Anne Doane ’68 are invited to become Alan Wood ’88 * Dr. Deborah A. Dooley ’75 & Elizabeth & James G. Wood members and enjoy special Paul Mittermeyer Sr. privileges and recognition. Theresa Roy Dumas ’75 Peter M. Woodams Jr. We are extremely grateful Mary Margaret Dutcher ’49 * Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. ¥ Jerry Vandewater Elliott ‘43 to the following for their Woodhouse ¥ Patricia Suits Ellison ‘50 & generosity and foresight. * Patricia O’Brien Woods ‘52 Hon. William Ellison A nonymous (3) * Aileen Odea Woodward ‘48 Kristen Guy Ely ’81 & Nancy Riggs Albert ’48 * Laurel Mahler Wooley ’84 William L. Ely ¥ Patricia Morris Allen ’54 Work & Well * Mary Sue Engle Geralyn & Robert Wright

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

¥ Dr. Joan R. Ewing ’55 ¥ Rosemarie Lucks Feerick ‘48 ¥ Anne Carpenter Ferris ‘74, ‘79G & David R. Ferris * Maureen Bell Field ‘65 Angela Fina ’59 ¥ Mary Ann Kinsky Fischer ’63 & Joseph V. Fischer Barbara Lyons Florack ’86 Marcia R. FlugsrudBreckenridge ’61 & David E. Breckenridge Karen A. Francis ’89 Sandra Schoenlein Fraser ’75 Jon E. Freckleton ’86G ¥ Anne Florack Freitas ‘59 & Richard F. Freitas * Dr. Margaret A. Frisch ’56 ¥ Betty Turner Fromel ‘45 * Kelly E. & Dennis Gagan ¥ Anna Flechuck Gallagher ‘50 ¥ Barbara Foos Gallagher ’57 & James W. Gallagher * Rose Salamone Gangarosa ‘46 & Dr. Eugene Gangarosa Ann D. Gardner ’78 Martha Gersbach ’60 * Jennifer Medden Giessler ’95 & Michael E. Giessler Susan Gray Goldberg ’81 * Donald P. Goodman * Barbara Flanagan Greenstein ’58 Andrew M. Greenstein Deborah Guard ’73 Dr. Ruth A. Gudinas ’53, ’61G Dorothy J. Gullen ’61 ¥ Joan Stein Hacker ’63 Christine Conley Hadsell ’86 ¥ Dr. Mary Rappazzo Hall ’63 Beatrice O’Connor Heberger ’67 Lina Brownell Hill ’51 * Bridgette A. Hobart ’84 & Robert Janeczko * Dolores Gruchmann Hofmann ‘59 & Ronald F. Hofmann ¥ Jeanette Yoerger Holleran ’48 * Dr. Ellen G. Horovitz & Gene V. Marino ¥ Jean Gramkee Hubsch ’68 & Robert DeYager Joanne A. Hume-Nigro Elizabeth Tupacz Imes ’69 Ellen Dawn Dillon Jewell ’49 Kathryn A. Kanka ‘49 * Constance Costich Keavney ‘51 & James J. Keavney Edna Sorendo Keefe ’44 Kathleen & Stephen P. Kelbley Loretta G. Kercher ’39 ¥ Judith Nientimp Kharbas ’60 * Geralyn A. Kidera Irene Theresa Kocak ’49 * Jane Y. Koenen ‘52 Sheila & William B. Konar * Dr. Joyce A. Kozuch ‘64 Nancy Dineen Kram ’43 David Kuhner Sandra A. Lafarnara ’91 ¥ Alicia C. Lamphron ’70 * Jeanette Martino Land ’58 & John R. Land Sharon Coughlin Lapoint ’70 * Joan McCormack Lathan ’54 Anna Stahl Lidfeldt ’41 ¥ Judy Wilmot Linehan ’76 & Paul J. Linehan ¥ Mary Grace Lodico ’57 ¥ Barbara Olmstead Long ’66

DONOR LIST 2010-11


I n n ovatio n

* Cynthia Estruch Lowenguth ’73,’76G & Gar Lowenguth * Geraldine Schwartz Lyons ‘49 Roselinde Mandery ¥ June Kesselring Mangan ‘64 & Richard Mangan * Dr. Kay F. Marshman Helen S. Martin-Klaver ’57 Judith B. Marx ’62 Ann L. & Richard A. Matzek ¥ Bernice Foery Maxwell ‘41 * Mary Soons McCarty ‘88 * Lois Howe McClure ’75 ¥ Dr. Shirley Ross McCracken ‘59 Dr. Ann Gilbert McDonald ’61 ¥ Charlotte Eastham McFadden ‘63 ¥ Lucille McMahon McGinnis ‘46 & Dr. Henry A. McGinnis * Mary J. McInerney ‘37 ¥ Mary Randall McMahon ’66 ¥ Marion L. & Richard S. Merrill ¥ Sandy & David J. Metz ¥ Mary Jean Meyering ‘51 Janice E. & Dr. Robert A. Miller Dr. Paul A. Miller Marie Kirk Mintz ’46 ¥ Margaret Mattern Mitchell ‘52 Kathleen G. Mock ’69 Eileen Thaney Morton-Cubitt ‘50 Marion Grosser Murrer ‘46 Anne T. Nary ’57, ’63G Dr. Kathryn K. & William J. Nass * Stephen D. & Lynn A. Natapow * Nancy Smith Nothnagle ’68 * Therese I. O’Brien ‘50 ¥ Virginia Allen O’Connor ‘49 & Thomas E. O’Connor ¥ Elizabeth J. O’Leary ‘48 ¥ Helen C. O’Leary ‘48 Maurita Hayes Oot ’48 ¥ Dr. Paul F. Pagerey Mark J. Palazzo ’83 ¥ Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro ’56 * Joanne Veal Paradies ’55 & Gerald M. Paradies Diane Redmore Parker ’65 & Thomas J. Parker ’65 * Kathleen A. Parker ’65 ¥ Eileen McGee Pestorius ’61 & Dr. F. Michael Pestorius Judy Finn Pettit ’61 * Eileen Smyntek Pinto ’66 Katherine M. & John K. Purcell Mary Tierney Rafferty ‘48 Shirley Moorhead Reichert ’50 ¥ Maimie V. Reitano ‘51 Dr. Virginia Gould Reynaud ’44 Patricia A. Rockwell ‘63 Kathleen E. Rourke ’75 Margaret Gervais Rowe ’59 * Joan Kinsky Ryan ’54 & James D. Ryan Sr. ¥ Ruth Kennedy Scherberger ‘48 Kathleen M. Schueler ’51 Margaret M. Scott ’46 Christine O’Neil Scrivens ’73 ¥ Anne Sevier-Buckingham ‘63 & William A. Buckingham * Msgr. William H. Shannon

DONOR LIST 2010-11


¥ Katherine Fleck Slocomb In Honor of J. Richard & ‘51, ‘56G & Robert Natalie Ciccone Slocomb Dr. & Mrs. John S. McIntyre Kathleen A. Smith ’65 ¥ Sheila A. Smyth ‘64 & In Honor of Patricia Michael Heberger Suits Ellison ’50 James D. Stefaniak ’82 William N. Ellison ¥ Ann C. Stehle ‘43 ¥ Marcia & Fred E. Strauss In Honor of Jean Barbara Perkins Stuart ’87 Gramkee Hubsch ’68 Betty M. Sullivan ’43 Marion E. & Dr. CarmIne * Carolyn Krebs Thomson ’55 Nicastro Jr. & Robert H. Thomson ¥ Patricia J. Tracy ‘63 In Honor of Sheila A. Mary Lou Trau ’83 Maguire ’82 * Michelle Ludwig Treger ’83 Bishop Kearney, Class of 1978 * Mary Anne Doyle Trompeter ‘48 & Richard A. Trompeter In Honor of Emily K. * Pamela Ritch Trompeter ’79 Massimi ’04 & John R. Trompeter ’80 Nina M. Malatesta ‘04 * Marion Fischer Tucker ‘43 * Maureen Dougherty Turturro In Honor of Dr. Elizabeth ’66 & John M. Turturro R. McAnarney ¥ Marie J. Van Ness ’62 Mary Fran Rodzai O’Herron Margaret Muller Van Parys ’65 & Dennis M. ’64 & Louis A. Van Parys O’Herron ¥ Mary Ellen Dwyer Vasile ’68 & Dr. Gennaro J. Vasile In Honor of Mary Virginia S. Vesty ’49 Purcell Roche ’39 ¥ Jeanne S. Walewski ’71 Ellen P. Roche ¥ Marianne Cuddy WattersRodriguez ‘58 In Honor of Nancy & Ann D. Weintraub Robert Sands Mary K. Weis ’41 Diana M. Lauria * Wendy J. White ‘73 Nancy Wordell Willard ’82 & In Honor of Msgr. Henry L. Willard Jr. William H. Shannon * Deborah Fitzmorris Williams Catherine M. Bookey ’73 ’76, ’82G * Ruth T. ’76G & Roger W. In Honor of Lindsey K. Wilson Spector ’11 ¥ Dr. Bruce C. Woolley Lauren E. Spector ’07, ’08G June D. Yeager ’72, ’75G * Mary Cross Young ’69 & Memorial Gifts Ronald W. Young In Memory of Gabrielle Patricia Guider Young ’67 E. Acevedo ’11 Carol P. Zengerle ’81 Anonymous Rosemary Zuck ’70 Megan C. Papponetti

Memorial and Commemorative Gifts DurIng the 2010–2011 year, many individuals made special gifts to Nazareth College in memory or in honor of past and present members of the Nazareth community who have touched their lives. Commemorative Gifts In Honor of Marie C. Baglio ’57 Miranda Bradshaw ’86G Lucille & Thomas F. Haley In Honor of Christopher J. Benza Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kristy In Honor of Mary Kay Bradley B. Thomas Golisano Foundation In Honor of J. Richard Ciccone Genesee Valley Trust Company

In Memory of Rose Balsamo Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Barber Mitchell A. Chait Rose Gagliano Vivian & Salvatore Geraci Joanna Gerew Joseph J. Lentini Mr. & Mrs. Dale Maddock Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Mulay Olga Watkins In Memory of Bernadine M. Begley Marilyn Bowler Patricia Broome Marcia Farrell Miller ’65 & Bernard J. Miller Margaret Begley Vachher ‘63 In Memory of Jordan C. Bouwes Nona L. ’74 & William G. Bouwes In Memory of Eileen Finn Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Orton T. Begner Barbara Bleier Bonnie-Anne Briggs ’69 Maureen Maybee Chiavetta ’69 & Thomas R. Chiavetta ’76G Carla Collichio

Mr. & Mrs. William Daubney Reta Dolan Katherine R. Finn Sue Gaffney Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Hahn Jr. Jean Gramkee Hubsch ’68 & Robert DeYaher Nancy McWilliams Humphreys ’70 & James R. Humphreys Mr. & Mrs. Alexander L. Kilinski Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kleinhammer Katrina Korpeck Jeanne Eismont Lauta ’65, ’85G & Frank J. Lauta Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lynd Joann Middleton Kathleen G. Mock ’69 Mr. & Mrs. William Mulley Lynn M. & Sean P. Mulvey Nancy Smith Nothnagle ’68 Catherine L. Fish Petersen Anne Kane Petrantoni ’69 & Robert Petrantoni Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Poness Marie E. Roth

Barbara E. Herr Catharine Morphy Kurz ’58 & Dr. Richard K. Kurz

Laurel Ann Roth Tarcinale ’68 & Michael A. Tarcinale Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Van Amburgh

Theresa A. Fee Mr. & Mrs. Oscar L. Fleckner Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Franz Patricia D. & Gary B. Genthner ’87, ’91G Brian Gertlinger Cherie Hamed Horticultural Associates of Rochester JA Gang Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Johnston Sue Anne Jones Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lambrix Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Maguire Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Mastrobattisti Marcy Matthes Joanne Mazzola Janet M. Merchant Lynne M. Minkel Mostly Clay Naples Creek Shoe Store Nazareth College Physical Therapy Department Mary Therese Novak Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Oakleaf Mr. & Mrs. Robert Oppenheimer

In Memory of Paulette A. Bronte ’78 Theresa Lombardo Bronte ‘51, ‘75G In Memory of Steven Brown Dr. Kay F. Marshman In Memory of Loretta Burt Shelley A. Burt ’90 In Memory of Mary Kay Ford Butera ’73, ’76G Robert T. Butera In Memory of Katherine Cadogan Andrea J. Allen ‘’05, ’06G In Memory of Jean A. Cappellino ’46 Emily G. Camhi

In Memory of Vilma Ciccone Sandra J. Cohen In Memory of Janice Collins ’74G AJC Associates LP Aladdin’s Eatery Mary Jo Askew Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Barthelmann Jr. Bolton Jewelers Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Chastek Dr. Connie W. Chau Mr. & Mrs. James H. Cohen Dr. Jennifer E. Collins Joan & Robert F. Daly Mary Ellen Danehy Barbara & Lovette Davis Mr. & Mrs. Stanley C. Dean Mr. & Mrs. Fred DeBlase Judith Moore Dixon ’76G & Henry C. Dixon Fairport Retired Educators Association

Dr. Kishan J. & Shree K. Pandya Joanne R. ’74G & Jerold L. Prachel Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rickman Mr. & Mrs. James F. Riley Brian M. Rinella Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Rinella Joan Schaeffner Dr. Linda A. Shriber Simply Crepes Mr. & Mrs. William S. Stockman Diane Swinehart Dr. Shirley F. & Ed Szekeres Mr. & Mrs. Shawn R. Thiele Mr. and Mrs. William H. Toates III trü salon Village Coal Tower Restaurant Doris B. Webb Carole B. Webster Gabriel Yankowitz In Memory of Michael A. Collins ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Barr Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cappelli

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Dorsey Susan M. Galligan In Memory of Barbara Davis ’40 Janet T. Davis ‘52 In Memory of Gregory L. & Pamela E. Douglas Diane B. Shayler In Memory of Martha Elgelid Arlene M. Bucci Dr. Connie W. Chau Dr. Staffan Elgelid Dr. Sara Gombatto Nazareth College Social Work Department Dr. Marcia Miller Spoto & John A. Spoto Mary Ellen Vore In Memory of Dr. Alice L. Foleyu ’30 Catherine M. Bookey ’73 In Memory of Rose DiGennaro Gallina Angelo P. Gallina

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Karen M. & Andrew R. Gallina Dr. Elaine G. & Malcom Spaull In Memory of Dr. William R. Gwinn Joanne Smith Faulkner ’60 & David P. Faulkner Dr. Ruth A. Gudinas ’53, ’61G CatharIne Morphy Kurz ’58 & Dr. Richard K. Kurz Anne Sevier-Buckingham ‘63 & William A. Buckingham In Memory of Lena Haug Rebecca R. Boyer ‘98 In Memory of Mildred Okolowicz Heindl ’46 Madeline Nuccitelli Stubler ’46 & William R. Stubler In Memory of Valerie A. Hunt ‘89 William E. Hunt In Memory of Licia Celli Infantino Barbara M. DiFiore In Memory of Paula Webster Keenan ’90, ’04G Donna L. Haeger ’03G In Memory of Karen Gears Kusak ’64 Donald S. Kusak In Memory of Lucille LaSalle Lori H. ’83, ’87G & Stephen C. LaSalle II ’83 In Memory of Louise Leach Diane B. Shayler In Memory of Deloris A. Lewis Anonymous Charlene J. Benner Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Berry Kathryn A. Bolger Mertis Bryan Ethel Carson Flora Chin Mr. & Mrs. George M. Christian Edwidge M. Clarke Marilyn & Timothy Downs Maureen Foster Christine A. Graziano Gwendolyn Henry Ruth Jones Lisa Kless-Ovsiovitch Mr. & Mrs. Tim Mack Dianne Neufville & Merrick D. Distant Mr. & Mrs. John Ostapow Mr. & Mrs. Francesco Renna Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Rizzo Jennifer Roach Rochester Jamaican Organization, Inc. Rochester West Indian Festival Organization Frances Rogers Ann Marie Simm Thomson-Reuters Natasha Tyler Gladys Vasciannie ’80G Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Williams

In Memory of Sharon L. Lockwood ’86 Robert L. Lockwood

In Memory of Roy G. Taylor Dorothy L. Taylor

In Memory of Mary J. Loomis Dr. Richard M. Loomis

In Memory of Dorothy Craig Teall ’40 Kathleen A. Colliflower ‘74 Joanne M. & Thomas M. Fitzgerald Mary Jane Roberts Hadley ’72 & Richard M. Hadley Jane Hasselkus & Richard Edic Nazareth College Nursing Department Mary Worboys-Turner & Scott Turner

In Memory of Genevieve J. Madden ’39 Mr. & Mrs. Edward V. Hood In Memory of Catherine M. Mayer Katherine E. Mayer ‘43 In Memory of Margaret Menihan Catharine Morphy Kurz ’58 & Dr. Richard K. Kurz In Memory of Hilda DiGdiulio Mitchell ’49 Catherine S. Mitchell Robert L. Mitchell Mary Jo & Dennis R. Weiss In Memory of Beverly Jean Murphy Ellen A. Wilkin ’84 In Memory of Virginia Otto Dolores Giammarise Amato ’68 In Memory of Joan Ringelstein Parkes ’55 Philip L. Parkes In Memory of Sharon Meehan Pero ’64 Peter E. Pero In Memory of Pamela M. Rash Helen O’Brien Buranello ’74 & Raymond T. Buranello In Memory of Richard W. Reisigd Mr. & Mrs. Christopher McNally In Memory of Michael C. Riley ’80 Martha E. Jones ‘80 In Memory of Patricia Milne Ryan ’58 Joseph E. Ryan Jr. In Memory of David Schwartz Joe I. Schwartz ’84G & Dawn M. Hayden In Memory of Elizabeth Mayer Specksgoor ’38 Katherine E. Mayer ‘43 In Memory of Helen St. George Sandra J. Blood In Memory of Jane C. Summers Deborah Ronnen & Sherman F. Levey In Memory of Mary Agnes Cullen Taylor ’63 Karen Jozwiak

In Memory of Sylvester Tyndall Eleanor Tyndall Meier ’57 & William J. Meier In Memory of Bernadine Carroll Warren ’58 Catharine Morphy Kurz ’58 & Dr. Richard K. Kurz In Memory of Catherine L. Whalen Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Baron Barbara Billingsley Elizabeth B. Blackburn Judith Boyd ‘59 Alfred J. Cocco ’75G Elizabeth H. Coit Kathleen A. Colliflower ‘74 Kathleen O’Brien Collins ’78 Dena Burdick Drain ’84 & John Joseph Drain ’83 Maria Echaniz ’56 Adele G. Erenstone Krista Evans Mary V. Fisher The Flanders Group, Inc. Kelly E. & Dennis Gagan Patricia D. & Gary B. Genthner ’87, ’91G Jennifer Medden Giessler ’95 & Michael E. Giessler Linda G. Gilliam Mr. & Mrs. John Hart Mary M. Huth Louise W. Jesserer Katherine K. Kinsky Margaret Kinsky & David Borrebach Mary P. Kinsky & Thomas G. Vergamini Peggy E. Martin Marjorie & David Perlman Florence Prawer Susanne S. & Vincent Prestianni Ursula Reiners & Ann D. Weintraub Rochester City Ballet Saint Rita’s Church Jane M. Schuster Glenna B. & Norman M. Spindelman Michael E. Stenzel Robert C. Stevens Gina M. Viggiani ’84 Nina Walker Mr. & Mrs. James P. Ware In Memory of Thomas White Ashley A. Martino ’09 In Memory of Gerald G. Wilmot Sr. Eileen R. Wilmot In Memory of Verna Woroby Dr. Bruce C. Woolley

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

In Memory of Cecilia Wegman Wright ’42 Mildred C. ’42 & Alfred G. Boylan John L. Callaghan Carol R. Celli Wilma M. DarlIng Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Dimarzo Elizabeth Schuler Fitzgerald ’49 & Dr. John R. Fitzgerald Amy M. Karch Mr. & Mrs. Loren Kroll Nancy & Calvin W. Mayne Betty Meyer Murrer ’51 & William J. Murrer Penta & Co., P.C. Margaret & Richard Schenkel Joan McLoughlin Smith ’72 Sara J. Sweenie Suzanne Waskey Mary T. Wright

The Casa Italiana Now in its thirty-third year, the Casa Italiana of Nazareth College continues to flourish as a center for Italian language, literature, and culture in the Rochester area. Sponsoring an array of programs that are free and open to the public, the Casa is an asset to the College and the community at large. We greatly appreciate the generosity and continued support of the following donors. Anonymous Jackie & Anthony T. Andolina Helen M. & James R. Barbato Estate of John B. Barnell Estate of Margaret L. Barnell ’32 Joan M. & Eder M. Benati Sally & Joseph L. Benfante Mary Ann Benincasa Joanne & Hon. Edmund A. Calvaruso Sonia R. & John B. Cannito Angela & John Caricati * Dr. Gregory G. Carnevale Natalie & Dr. J. Richard Ciccone Drs. Andrea Ciliotta-Rubery & Paul T. Rubery Cornelia Cimbalo Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Cimino Sandra J. Cohen Barbara M. & Roy E. Colicchio Jacqueline Lombardo Colicchio ’61 & Anthony P. Colicchio Dr. & Mrs. John Condemi Dr. Anne C. Coon & Craig J. Zicari Frank C. Coriddi Donald T. Corletta Mary Joyce & Franklin D’Aurizio Carol N. & Foster Difiore Jr. * Alberta & Richard J. DiMarco * Allison Urlaub DiMarco ‘99G & Richard J. DiMarco II Debbie & John L. DiMarco Katherine Munding DiMarco ‘98G & Joel R. DiMarco

¥ Carol Costa DiMarzo ’69 & Anthony M. DiMarzo * Dr. Carmino Dimassimo Joseph M. Eduardo Dr. Bruna Evangelista ’61 Mary Louise Spiotti Frank ’64, ’76G Johanna M. & Jerry J. Gambino Josephine F. & Dr. Richard J. Gangemi Evelyn J. Garufo Genesee Valley Trust Company Jerid Fisher § Angelo P. Gallina * Karen M. & Andrew R. Gallina Carol A. & Michael Giglia Teresa Giuliani-Imburgia Theresa Giuliano Marie G. Graham Hilary & Dr. Carmelo Gullace Phyllis A. Harris Joanne A. Hume-Nigro Linda A. Iacelli ’66 Ann & Marc L. Iacona * Betty A. & Louis P. Iacona Ross P. Lanzafame * Rachel T. LeChase Joseph J. Lentini Norma & Dr. Anthony J. Leone Jr. Arline M. Liberti Ann Marie & Anthony Lipari Mark Lobene * Vincent Lombardi Lodge Dolores & Peter M. Lovetro Amelia M. & Dr. Charles A. Maggio Joseph J. Mancini * Michael Martello Dr. & Mrs. John S. McIntyre Linda R. & Harry Messina Jr. ¥ Sandy & David J. Metz Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo A. Oliveri * Diane Barnard Paganelli ’56 & John A. Paganelli Maria & Norman Palermo Almerino Pappano Anna J. Pease Margaret R. ‘79G & Frank Perticone Patricia M. & Joseph L. Petix Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Platania Janet T. & Francis G. Provino Patricia Provvidenza & John F. O’Brien * Gloria M. & John A. Ricco * Mary Savella Rinere ’60 & Joseph Rinere Jr. Teresa M. Robach Maureen Maloney Robb & Douglas Robb Rochester Area Community Foundation Eugene A. Rosa Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Rube Jr. Genevieve E. & Nicholas C. Russo * Gloria S. & Hon Anthony J. Sciolino ¥ Jean Rossi Seidel ’77G & Paul E. Seidel Susan Yennock Senise ’69 & David E. Senise * Suzanne Grosodonia Siefring ’71 & Gerald E. Siefring Jr. Dr. Elaine G. Spaull ¥ June L. Stornelli ’75G Ethel & Hon. Michael A. Telesca Pamela S. & Ralph A. Uttaro Joanne R. Vergona Maria & Cosmo Viola * § Richard E. Zicari Anthony J. Zollo Louis Zollo

The Arts Center Now in its forty-fourth season of bringing the performing arts to Rochester, the Arts Center is one of the best-known features of Nazareth and of the community. We wish to express our appreciation to those who donated to the Arts Center during the 2010–2011 year, helping us to keep the performing arts alive in Rochester. * Anonymous Joyce Marie Aab ’75G * Max A. Adler Foundation, Inc. Joan M. & Edward A. After Sara & Kevin Ashman * Kristine & David W. Barszewski Simon & Josephine Braitman Family Supporting Foundation Dr. Judith A. Bowman ’69 Amy & Stephen S. Brown * Jessie & John Buzawa Margaret R. Colacino ’51 Dr. Susan S. Collier COMIDA ¥ Mary Goldman Crowe ’78 * Rachel Y. & Jimmy S. DeGuzman MacReena Anne Doyle ‘80 * Dena Burdick Drain ’84 & John Joseph Drain ’83 Patricia A. Dwyer ’66 * Maria Echaniz ’56 * Susan & Dr. Steven Eisinger * Sergio & Mary Ann Esteban * Priscilla E. & Dr. David M. Ferrell Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The Flanders Group, Inc. Beverly & Dr. H. Pierson French Joanne & Robert Gianniny Burton Gordon Gouvernet Arts Fund at the Community Foundation * Mary Jane Roberts Hadley ’72 & Richard M. Hadley * Elinor Cleary Hallman ‘51 & Edward W. Hallman Eleonore H. & John B. Herman Dr. & Mrs. Raul Herrera Norman Horton Iberdrola USA Louise W. Jesserer Katherine K. Kinsky Margaret Kinsky & David Borrebach * Lindsay Reading Korth & Dr. William W. Korth Barbara P. & John F. Kraushaar ¥ Karen Moore Larimer ’66 & Hon. David Larimer Diana M. Lauria * Warren L. Lavigne * Kathleen M. & James J. Leo Deborah Ronnen & Sherman F. Levey * Dawn & Dr. Jacques Lipson * Dr. Richard M. Loomis * Cynthia Estruch Lowenguth ’73,’76G & Gar Lowenguth * Charles M. Lundeen Jr. & John Williams

DONOR LIST 2010-11


Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Chambers * Margaret & Robert F. Cimini ¥ Rebecca ’94, ‘97G & Thomas Cincebox Jr. ’89 Deborah G. & Bruce H. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Clark Compass Group Mr. & Mrs. George Conklin Connors & Ferris, LLP Nancy G. Cook * Karen Barbieri Coons ’88 & Thomas B. Coons ’90 * Daniel M. Coughlin Jr. ’92 * Nicole Rowe Cox ’94, ’97G & Kevin J. Cox ’94 Debra & Christopher Crane Kathy Crassi Croop-LaFrance, Inc. Catherine S. ’92, ’97G & Christopher D. Cullinan ’90 Anthony D’Aiuto ’84 Jim Dalberth Sporting Goods Mike Daley Enterprises Lorna & Bradford Desantis Dr. & Mrs. T. Jeffrey Dmochowski Drapery Industries, Inc. Dr. Naomi B. Erdmann Mr. & Mrs. Edward Esposito Ryan T. Feltner ‘05 * Jeffrey P. Fisher ’03 Justin D. Fladd ‘06 Karen M. Foggia Nancy & Wade Fox G&G Fitness Equipment, Inc. * Kelly Board Garbinski ’88, ’95G & John R. Garbinski ’90 Mary E. & Michael A. Giles * Eve Hosford Gotham ‘98 & Kerry R. Gotham ’98 Donna M. & Charles T. Graham Kelley Graham Athletics Gifts Great Lakes Building Systems We wish to thank our Greater Rochester Track supporters for their Club commitment to our Neal I. Gummoe Athletic Department in Hager Productions 2010–2011. John A. Hauber ’96, ’08G * Karen & Charles J. Adirondack Training Hermance AG Biotech, Inc. Nancie Herman-Wagner & Anita & John H. Amidon Gregory Wagner Terry & Richard Amidon Jordan C. Hirsch ‘08 Todd M. Amidon * Bridgette A. Hobart ’84 & * N. G. Anastas Robert Janeczko Michael T. Anderson ‘08 Barry S. Hogenauer Corey Shapiro Aronstam ’98 Norman Holly Athmedics, Inc. Lori Welge Houppert ’85 William Atkinson Patti M. & Robert Hudak Bank of America Sue Hull-Shirley Russell Stuart Barone ’80 Victor Jenkins Base Is Loaded Marketing Adrienne M. Jester ’87 LLC James D. Johnson Jo Anne & Thomas A. Belair Timothy Johnston Shirley T. Belair Shawna M. Kabot ‘04, ‘07G Jeffrey W. Biesiada ’00 Sheila Kassay Thomas Board Martin T. Kelly ’92 & Wynter Phyllis J. Borek Kelly Peter G. Bothner Roberta Cameron Kesselring Daniel E. Bova ’92 & Michael Kesselring Jennifer Board Broderick ’90 & Kevin J. Broderick ’89 * Allison P. Kolp ’02, ’03G Carly Slaughter Koopman Raymond Buglione ’03 & Jarod J. Koopman Building Services Group ’03 Pat Campbell * Diane D. & Cyril A. Krenzer John R. Carpenter Catherine A. & William A. Sarah Castle Kukan Lynn S. Catlin LaBella Associates Dino E. Centra Sr. Sean F. Lander ’05, ’08G Kathleen E. & Dino H. Landmark Electric, Inc. Centra Lewis & Fiore, Esqs. CH Insurance * Traci Hay Lian ’00 & Stephen Scott Chambers W. Lian ’03G

I n n o v a t i o n

Susan Chekow Lusignan ’10G & Charles P. Lusignan M&T Bank * Terrence J. Meyer Catherine S. Mitchell Robert L. Mitchell Helga B. & Paul F. Morgan New England Foundation for the Arts NYS Council on the Arts * Carol Lee F. O’Neill ¥ Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro ’56 * Nancy & Larry Peckham Josephine M. Perini * Marjorie & David Perlman Pittsford Federal Credit Union Ursula Reiners & Ann D. Weintraub Dr. Linda M. Rice & George Scharr Rochester Area Community Foundation Rochester City Ballet Rochester Hispanic Business Association The Sands Family Foundation Charlene C. Sherwood & John D. Griffith Marie & Hon. Andrew Siracuse Glenna B. & Norman M. Spindelman Robert C. Stevens John & Jayne Summers Foundation Tipping Point Media James P. Van Meter Nina Walker Mary Jo & Dennis R. Weiss * Wendy’s Restaurants Pamela Wilkens White

DONOR LIST 2010-11


Todd J. Locey Mary E. Lovely & John M. Yinger Jeffrey P. Lum ’00, ’01G Mayzon Building Services Jill & David McCaskill * Kimberly Sharp McDermott ’00 & Ryan T. McDermott ‘98 Donna & Stephen J. McDonnell Michael J. McGrath ’06 * Kathe P. ’94, ’00G & Michael S. McGwin ’93, ’00G Judith & James McIntosh Keith S. McIntosh Midtown Athletic Club Howard Moore Tia M. Morgia ‘07, ‘10G Moser, Pilon & Nelson Architects Edward R. ’85 & Ann E. Mulheron * Terri L. Muraco ’89 Nationwide Provident Dr. & Mrs. Albert Neri Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Newman Henry D. Newman Jennifer B. ’94 & Dr. Patrick J. Nicholson ’93 Deborah A. Organ & Gary Mancus Joan & Daniel J. Orr Susan Orr Kathleen M. O’Toole Karna E. & Michael S. Palermo ¥ Diane Davies Parrinello ’88G & John Parrinello * Christopher F. Patterson ‘07 Stephanie & Michael Pedrotti * Kirk E. Pero ‘96 Valarie T. ’94, ’96G & Anthony W. Pezzimenti ’94 * Sherri Bell Pierpont ’93 & Richard F. Pierpont ’91 * Michelle A. Pigula ’01 Pittsford Federal Credit Union Pittsford Printing Jeremy Raco Ralph Honda Deane H. Rancourt Paul E. Reissig Mr. & Mrs. Claudio Reyna Deanna & Scott Risucci Dixie D. Robinson Dawn Rogers Diana F. & James S. Rogers Guadalupe & Lorenzo E. Ruiz Leslie J. & William M. Sabitus Gay & Nicholas Sampson Seneca Foods Foundation ¥ Sodexo Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Szuba Cheryl L. Thalle Eric J. Thomas ’03 Drs. Stacey L. & Craig J. Tice Time Warner Communications Mr. & Mrs. James C. Tormey III Terrence M. Tormey Corinne M. Trainor ’85 Carol A. Trinco Todd Trinco Mr. & Mrs. Mark Trobert TUG Excavating & Pipe Jeanne A. & Bruce A. Tully Tuthill Lighting Juliann B. & Gerald P. Vanderstyne Jr. Vanderstyne Toyota/Scion

Jeffrey W. ’85 & Kimberly A. Van Gundy * Verizon Wireless Raymond Wagner Mr. & Mrs. James C. Walsh Joni & Timothy Walton The Tony Wells Agency ¥ Joan Turner Winfield ‘59, ‘78G & William Winfield Jr. Alan Wood ’88 Elizabeth & James G. Wood Sr. Sue A. & Kenneth S. Wood Peter M. Woodams Jr. Work & Well Geralyn & Robert Wright

Mary & Robert Fangio * Priscilla E. & Dr. David M. Ferrell * Marilyn & Patrick H. Flynn * Laura P. & Raymond Formella Nancy & Wade Fox Dino Francheschi Katherine P. & Edwin J. Funk § Amy Portanova Gaesser ’63 Ellyn & Timothy Gale * William F. Garbe Mary E. & Michael A. Giles Jonette S. & Clayton E. Gilley Shannon A. Gleason-Weitzel 1924 Society & Carl D. Weitzel * Sharon E. & Ronald R. * Anonymous Gotham ¥ Judith Conboy Acton ’66 Kelley Graham Sara B. & Paul Adams Parents Dr. Susette R. Graham Lori & James M. Alexander Maria M. & David C. Haefele Ellen M. Alhart Parents have a special Ellen Freeland Hallahan ’82 Anita & John H. Amidon connection to Nazareth & Dr. William L. Hallahan Terry & Richard Amidon College—one that often Sean Hanlon Jo Ann & Joseph G. Arcarese lasts long after their * Ann Valenza Harkenrider ‘46 * Michele Poirier Arnold ‘79, children graduate. Listed Mary Beth Barnard Hawken ‘02G are parents of current ’88 Sara & Kevin Ashman and past students who Christine Owens Heisman William Atkinson ’74 & Lewis J. Heisman have made an additional Mr. & Mrs. George A. Aufiero Elaine Summers Bacalla ‘65 * Karen & Charles J. commitment to the Hermance Lisa A. & James C. Ball College. Thanks to all our Jody C. & Steven L. Hirsch * Kathleen Curtin Barlow ’71 parents for making us a * Elizabeth S. & Gerald N. & Michael Barlow part of their families. Hoffman Jo Anne & Thomas A. Belair Margaret & Stanley Hoskins Georgiana O. & W. Bruce O’Connor Circle Lynn M. & Thomas E. Bjornlund Houseknecht Thomas Board * Stephen D. & Lynn A. Marianne S. & Robert J. Jean M. Bondi-Wolcott ’56 Natapow Hurley Daniel E. Bova * James P. & Constance Brenda & Edison Hyde Mary Kay & James L. Bradley Sessler Edna B. & Pascual T. Jasa Michael Brady Smyth Circle Timothy Johnston Mary Anne & Edwin P. ¥ Carole J. & Dr. John J. Joyce Brannan * David L. & Carol Vigren Sandra A. & Thomas M. Anne M. Bregande ¥ Thomas C. Wilmot Sr. & Jurkiewicz ¥ Virginia Koehler Briefs ’57 Colleen L. Wilmot ’71 Sandra A. ‘05, ‘10G & Marianne & Robert G. Carroll Circle Matthew J. Killeen Briggs Patricia G. & John W. Kinner ¥ Carol Costa DiMarzo ’69 & * Kathleen E. & James E. Mary Schaft Kodweis ‘64, Burns Anthony M. DiMarzo ‘81G & John B. Kodweis Robert T. Butera Juliann B. & Gerald P. Mary Fraver Kofron ‘50 Kathleen E. & Dino H. Vanderstyne Jr. * Diane D. & Cyril A. Krenzer Centra Lyons Circle Catherine A. & William A. ¥ Flora Romano Cilento ‘59 Kukan * Margaret & Robert F. Cimini ¥ Jennifer McCall-Lasalle & Carole & Michael Lachance Deborah G. & Bruce H. Clark Stephen C. Lasalle Mary Barbero LaShomb Mary Jo & John U. Coniglio * Mary McCann Nicolis ’70 & ‘80, ‘83G & Charles P. Rosemary & David W. Cook Anthony P. Nicolis LaShomb Linda & Craig M. Crandall Breen Circle Debra & Christopher Crane * Warren L. Lavigne Rosemary B. & Ross Law Juleen A. & William C. * Anonymous Ellen Ford Lersch ‘63 Crowell Carolyn A. ’88G & Paul Jane & Dr. Michael Licata * Ann Louise Barnett Curran Buntich Sheryl & Charles F. Loray ’60 & John G. Curran ¥ Ann Marie Stokes Crilly ’57 * Mary Ann & Robert W. * Lindsay Reading Korth & Dr. * Judith Curtis Mahunik Mary Joyce & Franklin William W. Korth Ruth S. & Charles K. Mann D’Aurizio ¥ Karen Moore Larimer ’66 & Jr. Kathleen B. Dean ’85 Hon. David Larimer Brian K. Manske Patricia Daminski Della ¥ Lori H. ’83, ’87G & Stephen Jan E. Marchetti ’90G Pietra ’67 C. LaSalle II ’83 Angela Crecco Massaro ’87 * Dawn M. & Dr. Timothy J. ¥ Marion L. & Richard S. & Mark C. Massaro Dennis Merrill Mark S. Matott Lorna & Bradford Desantis ¥ Phyllis Conheady Stehm ’74, Linda V. & Robert D. Cynthia M. Descamp-Netsky ’78G McCarthy ’81 & Ronald Netsky ¥ Susan Zaleski Yovanoff Donna & Stephen J. Donald DiBenedetto ’77, ’82G & Lawrence McDonnell Patricia A. & James E. Doyle Yovanoff ‘78 Judith & James McIntosh * Dr. Lisa A. Durant-Jones & Dr. & Mrs. John S. McIntyre Purple and Gold Danny L. Jones ¥ Patricia Denniston McPeak Society Kathleen L. & Paul T. ’62 Dziedzic * Anonymous * Larry E. Meister Martin P. Egan Drs. Dagmar Aubrechtova & * Terrence J. Meyer ¥ Carole Eilers-Lloyd ’66 Jaroslav Aubrecht Stephen & Susan Miller ¥ Patricia Suits Ellison ‘50 & * Kathleen M. & Robert S. ¥ Mary Candace Minchella Hon. William Ellison Bauer ‘74, ‘80G Michele T. & Dr. Stephen M. Sheree & Kirk Bodary * John T. Mirra Evangelisti Dr. Jennifer E. Collins Patricia & James Mitro Lena R. & Dr. Thomas A. * Drs. Maureen M. & Barry A. Fabiano Friedman Donna M. & Charles T. Graham Nancie Herman-Wagner & Gregory Wagner * Dr. Ellen G. Horovitz & Gene V. Marino Mary E. Lovely & John M. Yinger Jill & David McCaskill Joan & Daniel J. Orr * Mary E. & David L. Pierce Gerard F. ’89G & Judith Zappia Beth & Dr. Marc S. Zarfes

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Mary Blackcloud Monsees ’63 Jill M. & Timothy F. Morris Edward R. ’85 & Ann E. Mulheron * Lynn M. & Sean P. Mulvey Theodore E. ’00G & Kathryn J. Nixon ¥ Debra A. ‘79, ‘81G & Gary W. Nothnagle ’80G Marilynn & Barry J. Nowicki * Cecile C. & Dennis A. O’Brien John A. O’Hara Kathleen & Dr. Robert O’Keefe Deborah A. Organ & Gary Mancus Nancy & John P. Orilio Kathleen M. O’Toole Dr. Mary C. & Peter Palamar * Joan Meyers Parise ’56 & Ralph D. Parise Jr. Susan & Dr. David Pate ¥ Raymond L. Pattee * Peter E. Pero * Doris H. & Frederick F. Pierce John V. Pinkski Linda I. Pinski Charles E. Plant * Diane C. Prichard Amy & Michael Quattrociocchi William M. Quinlisk ’80G Frank B. Revoir Jr. ’88 & Edith B. Revoir Deanna & Scott Risucci Gloria E. Rivera ¥ Shirley Renner Roat ‘79, ‘81G & Glenn G. Roat Diana F. & James S. Rogers Linda E. Rubens Guadalupe & Lorenzo E. Ruiz Leslie J. & William M. Sabitus Barbara S. & Paul F. Sadler Gay & Nicholas Sampson Kathy Ruocco Schaefer ’71 & Gerald M. Shaefer Karen A. & Mark S. Scherer Kathleen Q. & Jason A. Schoenborn Kathleen M. ’82 & Kelly M. Shea Kathleen & Timothy Simmons * Mary Ellen Frasher Slisz ’54 * J. Schuyler Smith Jr. Richard F. Smith Sharon Schupp Smith ’65 & Leal C. Smith Joanne & John A. Snyder Laurie A. ’96, ’00G & Dr. Anthony C. Sorge Janice J. & Gary W. Soule * Catherine Frank Spoto ’67 & Sebastian Spoto Charlotte & George Stanton * Kathleen D. & Michael Stapleton * Lynn B. & Matthew A. Steenberg * Susan Burns Steinbrenner ‘63 & John K. Steinbrenner * Bridget Lyon Swartz ’61 Maureen R. & Anthony J. Talarico * Eileen P. & Peter R. Testan Alan P. Tetreault * Cheryl F. & Rodney J. Thomas Drs. Stacey L. & Craig J. Tice * Susan S. & Craig D. Traub Mr. & Mrs. Mark Trobert

Jeanne A. & Bruce A. Tully ¥ Mary Ellen T. Urzetta ‘48 Joan Barbour VanDuzer ’88 & Edward F. VanDuzer * Marianna D. & Justin W. Vogt Joni & Timothy Walton * Christine M. ’77G & Stephen M. Ward * Evelyn B. & Donald R. Waterman * Sara S. & Joseph D. Weed * Elizabeth Curtin Weir ‘98 * Craig S. ’84 & Catherine L. Welch Daryll Fitch Wheeler ’69 & David M. Wheeler Mary Pat & David Whitman * Donna M. Willome Jennifer Woloshyn Elizabeth & James G. Wood Sr. Geralyn & Robert Wright

Faculty and Staff Contributions from those who make the College run so well are especially meaningful. Our heartfelt thanks are extended to Nazareth’s faculty and staff who contributed to the College in 2010–2011. We sincerely appreciate their growing support, as well as the commitment they display in their work. * Anonymous (2) Debora Simstad Allyn ’75G Michael Amico Dr. Brian W. Bailey ’01G * Judith Greco Baker ‘91 Andrew S. Bartlett * Amy M. Bauer ’03, ’09G Dr. Stephen C. Beecher Marie J. Bell ’08G Mary K. Berry Janice M. Bertoni * Dr. Daniel Birmajer Mary Kay Bishop ’89 * Dr. Christine M. Bochen Dr. Tim C. Bockes Donna Borgus Peter G. Bothner Terese Bouchard * Lynne M. Boucher Dr. Cheri L. Boyd Nuala S. Boyle Mary Kay Bradley * Daan Braveman Whitney L. Brice Kevin J. Broderick ’89 Dr. Paula M. Brown Arlene M. Bucci Jennifer S. Burr ’81 Dr. Mary Ann F. Bush Stella Plutino Calabrese Fern E. Cardella Dr. Mary C. Carlson John R. Carpenter Dr. Hilda Chacon Dr. Connie W. Chau * Mary Ann R. Chiella JoAnn Ciaciuch Omy Clark Casey L. Cline ’03G Catherine Burroughs Collier ’70 Dr. Jennifer E. Collins Dr. Ellen Contopidis Colleen Sweryda Costanza ’86 Mark A. Costello

Linda Crandall Catherine Seward Cullinan ’91, ’97G Drs. Kathleen M. & Joseph T. DaBoll-Lavoie * Thomas K. DaRin Virginia Vecchiotti David ’68 Cynthia M. Davis * Rachel Y. DeGuzman Dr. Stephen P. Demanchick Dr. Katherine S. Detherage Jacqueline Dixon-Bryant ’90G * Dr. Deborah A. Dooley ’75 Dr. James R. Douthit Catherine Doyle Lynn A. Duggan * Dr. Lisa A. Durant-Jones Dr. Staffan Elgelid ¥ William N. Ellison Dr. Diane M. Enerson * Mary Sue Engle Dr. Naomi B. Erdmann * Dr. Rebecca A. Fahy * Jamie R. Fazio ‘97 * Margaret Cass Ferber Dr. James F. Feuerstein * Joanne M. Fitzgerald Andrea Folan * Laura P. Formella Deborah Foster * Dr. Maureen M. Friedman * Kelly E. Gagan * Patricia D. Genthner * Dr. Timothy R. Glander Tracie Glazer ’01, ’07G Dr. Sara Gombatto * Kerry R. Gotham ‘98 * Nancy C. Grear Victor A. Greco Jeffrey M. Green ‘07G Kristen A. Green Sandra J. Halbstein Dr. William L. Hallahan Sean Hanlon Dana M. Harissis Melissa L. Head * Brian E. Hickey Dr. Maria B. Hopkins Dr. William L. Hopkins * Dr. Ellen G. Horovitz * Erminda G. Hugh Dr. Kelly HutchinsonAnderson ’04 Anthony Indorato ’91, ’95G * Susan B. Irish * Christopher Jackson

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

* Dr. Linda M. Janelli Adrienne M. Jester ’87 * Jane E. Kelly Marie Kerns Sandra A. Killeen ‘05, ‘10G Catherine H. Kirby Anne E. Konar * Lindsay Reading Korth & Dr. William W. Korth * Kathleen M. Mahoney Krenzer ’98 Karla M. Krogstad Karen R. Kuppinger Susan Mack Kwiatkowski ’88G Dr. William R. Lammela Peter Lana Kellie J. Leigh ‘05, ‘10G Perry K. Lenz Laurie Schon Leo ’89 Cathy A. Leverone Dr. Heather Ames Lewis * Traci Hay Lian ’00 Jeanette M. Lippa Charles F. Loray Susan Chekow Lusignan ’10G Mary D. Maher Gail E. Mann * Linda W. ’75G & Dr. Robert C. Marino ’76G Trina M. Marquez * Peggy E. Martin Brendan McDaniels * Michael S. McGwin ’93, ’00G * John R. Mendel * Lisa Pierce Mercadel ’83 * Dr. Jed W. Metzger * Terrence J. Meyer Cara Meyers Mary L. Miller ’90G Lynne M. Minkel * Elaine A. Missel Paul Monachino Jr. ’77G Tracy A. Moran * John R. Mordaci * Lynn M. Mulvey Donna L. Murano ’77G Dr. Sharon R. Murphy Ronald Netsky Thanhchi T. Nguyen Christine Noeth-Abele ’90G Theresa Coleman Noonan ’63 ¥ Gary W. Nothnagle ‘80G Mary Therese Novak

* Cecile C. O’Brien * Dr. Lynn M. O’Brien * John Paul O’Gorman ’85, ’90G Andrew J. Opett ’00, ’01G Donna W. Orioli ’76G Julianne Winter Palma ’76, ’80G Megan C. Papponetti Barbara J. Person Kate M. Philbin Jo Ellen Pinkham Cynthia K. Podvin Sandra E. Posato Catherine A. Pospula ’87, ’91G Julia Walsh Postler ’99G Alice Sciscioli Pratt ’74 Dr. James P. Prinzi II * Dr. Catherine S. Quenin ’84G James C. Quinn ’04G * Virginia T. Quinn * Bernadette J. Rall ‘07 Robert A. Randall ’88 Charles L. Ray Jr. ¥ Pamela J. Reynolds ’76G Dr. Laura S. Riddle Teresa Riekstins Robyn A. Rime Dr. Donna C. Riter ’71, ’79G Sheila Brady Root Dr. Carol E. Roote Deborah Rowe-Jarrett ’08G Rochelle L. Ruffer Kathleen J. Russell Elsa Santiago Michael A. Scalise ‘06 Bryan Schuff Shirley W. Scripture * Linda M. Searing ¥ Joseph E. Seil * Shirley A. Sharp Brendan J. Shea ’08 Jane A. Shebert Kristen Shiner-McGuire Diva Shrestha ’08 Dr. Linda A. Shriber Dr. Virginia M. SkinnerLinnenberg Dr. Horace Smith * Janet Burimaukas Smith ‘73 * Dr. Beverly A. Smoker Stephanie Deagman Smyth ’89

Dr. David Sommerville Dr. Marcia Miller Spoto Martie A. Staser Stacey Stehle Michael E. Stenzel Stella A. Stepney ’00G Cathleen M. Stevens * Nancy P. Strelau Deborah Foti Sudore ‘79, ‘83G Mary M. Sweeney Jean M. Syracusa * Dr. Shirley F. Szekeres * Alison E. Teeter & Michael D. Kahl Lenora P. Thomas Cassandra A. Thompson ’08 Sofia A. Tokar * Livia Nicosia Toscano ’67, ’77G Toni Ferreri Vanbramer ’95 Kerry G. VanMalderghem ’08G Lynne B. Van Zandt Dr. Sara B. Varhus & Dr. David W. Hill Gina M. Viggiani ’84 Mary Ellen Vore Paula B. Wagner Stephen C. Wehner ’94 Timothy G. Weider * Dr. Monica R. Weis ’65, S.S.J. David S. Weiss Jo Anne A. Wheatley * Donna M. Willome Jennifer L. Wilson Robin A. Winstanley ‘07, ’11G * Dr. Brian W. Witz Kevin D. Worthen Brianne Clark Young ’02, ’03G Gerard F. Zappia ’89G Yuanting Zhao

Alumni Giving by Class During the 2010–2011 year, alumni giving totaled [what dollar figure?]. We gratefully acknowledge the support of all our alumni—from the first graduating classes of the 1920s and 1930s to this year’s graduates in the class of 2011. Please note that the percentage of participation is calculated by dividing the number of donors by the number of solicitable undergraduate alumni in each class. Undergraduate and graduate classes for each year are listed separately. Class of 1932 Estate of Margaret L. Barnell Class of 1934 Estate of Harriet M. Hoock Class of 1935 20% Participation Estate of Lucile H. Kunz Lucia Vetter Unger

DONOR LIST 2010-11


Class of 1936 13% Participation Gilda Desimon Liberatore

Class of 1937 30% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 * Edna Wadsworth Erthal ¥ Catherine Molloy Hudson * Mary J. McInerney

Class of 1940 29% Participation ¥ Lorraine Young Budny Margaret Moran Stowell

Class of 1941 38% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 * Rita Schneible Boyle ¥ Bernice Foery Maxwell ¥ Mary Humphrey Wilson

Class of 1942 46% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 * Mildred C. Boylan ¥ Evelyn Contestable ¥ Louise Welch Hoefen ¥ Patricia Quinn McCusker * Irene Wegman Mossey Shirley Lane Schuyler

Class of 1943 31% Participation Founders Society Members: 5 ¥ Clarisse Martens Coggins Mary Jane Hendrick Culotta * Marcella Caufield Davin ¥ Jerry Vandewater Elliott ¥ Katherine E. Mayer ¥ Ann C. Stehle * Marion Fischer Tucker * Margaret M. Volpe

Class of 1944 22% Participation Founders Society Members: 1

I n n ovatio n

Edna Sorendo Keefe ¥ Irene Paolone Lawrence

Class of 1945 40% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 * Mary-Jeanne Meyer Barry * Loyola Nolan Connolly ¥ Claire Mogenhan Finity Jean Flanagan ¥ Betty Turner Fromel Helen Horey Quinn ¥ Dr. Jean Foley Ranalletta Margarite Kraus Schmitt Corinne Freer Wilkes

DONOR LIST 2010-11


Class of 1946 50% Participation Founders Society Members: 3

Class of 1950 53% Participation Founders Society Members: 6

* Alice Vandevoorde Burns * Viola Pavia Campagna Mary Cass Dole * Kathryn Cutler Donnelly * Elizabeth Cloonan Flynn * Roseanne Forward * Rose Salamone Gangarosa * Ann Valenza Harkenrider ¥ Marion Maul Hoepfl * Catherine Aiello Loria ¥ Lucille McMahon McGinnis * Ruth Stutchbury Rohlman Margaret M. Scott * Madeline Nuccitelli Stubler ¥ Mary Leone Woerner

¥ Miriam Garry Adams ¥ Alice Doody Appleton * Mary Bartholomew * Sarah D. Cali Irene Chen Chu * Julia Nalbach Crosman Audrey Darby ¥ Patricia Dispenza Dinardo Anne Kelly Dolan

¥ Marie Pruner McCarthy ¥ Mary Asma McDonough ¥ Irene Parker McQueeney ¥ Norma Cloos Meder ¥ Betty Dertinger Merrill * Ann Reilly Metcalf ¥ Joanne Tuohey Meyer ¥ Mary Jean Meyering Betty Meyer Murrer Shirley Van Billiard Myler ¥ Nancy Hasselwander Newell ¥ Maimie V. Reitano Dr. Joan Warthling Roberts * Patricia Merriman Saxe ¥ Joan Reardon Slawiak

Class of 1947 24% Participation * Mary Crociata Farrell * Jean Golding Krebs ¥ Rosemary Loritz Maracle Evelyn Demuth McCarthy ¥ Yvonne Frey Stutzman Alyce Madden Welch

Class of 1949 30% Participation Founders Society Members: 2 * Margaret Walsh Dryer * Mary Elizabeth Cooney Fay ‘76G * Elizabeth Schuler Fitzgerald Ann Marie Heffernan Gaesser ’76G ¥ Betty Quirk Hurley * Geraldine Schwartz Lyons ¥ Virginia Allen O’Connor ¥ Anna Frances Payne * Marian Fox Pfeiffer Helen Crotty Popp Mary Jane Frawley Schwind * Frances Springer Vowell Elizabeth Cavanaugh Walz ¥ Dorothy Magner Wegman Rita Contestable Wisotzke

¥ Elizabeth Connaughton Jeanne Scardet Corbit ¥ Josephine C. Fletcher Mary Pike Fousel ¥ Ann Murray Gertner Dr. Ruth A. Gudinas ’61G ¥ Leona Meisenzahl Hickey * Mary Ellen Maguire * Ann Grace Meyer ¥ Mary Louise Abel Miller * Rosemary C. Oesterly ¥ Mary Elizabeth Heveron O’Hara ¥ Joan Fitzgerald Orman ¥ Maureen Skivington Reeves Marie Schickel Rottschaefer Dorothy Mulcahy Scheible * Mary Brown Sharkey Mary Hurley Sorgenfrei Mary Ann Dinieri Swift * Jean Mullen Whelan

Class of 1954 59% Participation Founders Society Members: 4

Class of 1948 56% Participation Founders Society Members: 8 Jean Kelly Bayer * Mary Hoff Brennan Jennie Ciak ¥ Catherine E. Clark Mary Kathleen Kuebel Coen Kitty Fischer Dugan ¥ Rosemarie Lucks Feerick * Mary Agnes Calihan Flynn ¥ Marie Collins Glasheen ¥ Jeanette Yoerger Holleran * Helen Drake Keefer * Mary Burns Lascaris Sr. Mary Ida Lynch Jean Bennett Magill ¥ Kathleen Fox McCarthy Mary Keegan Murphy ¥ Elizabeth J. O’Leary ¥ Helen C. O’Leary * Elizabeth King Reilly * Mary Kay Klee Riedman ¥ Ruth Kennedy Scherberger ¥ Karline Koenen Tierney * Mary Anne Doyle Trompeter ¥ Mary Ellen T. Urzetta * Aileen Odea Woodward

Class of 1953 45% Participation Founders Society Members: 2

¥ Patricia Suits Ellison * Mary Bradley Farhat ¥ Anna Flechuck Gallagher Mary Fraver Kofron ¥ Helen Schoenherr Kress * Yvonne Laborie Limbeck ¥ Marion Morgan Mongan * Geraldine G. Narendorf ¥ Therese I. O’Brien Carol Cleary Palmer ¥ Joyce Ereth Parker Katherine Spagnolia Patton Katherine Blood Poulson Estate of Beverly J. Salen Linda Stolt * Lucille Haubner Sullivan Catherine A. Wilhelm

Class of 1951 78% Participation Founders Society Members: 8 ¥ Kathleen M. Brady ¥ Theresa Lombardo Bronte ‘75G ¥ Dr. Mary T. Bush ¥ Florence P. Capo Veronica Mattie Casaceli * Patricia Bryant Clemens Margaret R. Colacino * Sara Cassidy Didas * Helen Vollmer Elam * Helen Stengel Gaige ¥ Mary Lou Shipton Greibus Mary Monaghan Guinan * Elinor Cleary Hallman * Rena Welch Johnson * Constance Costich Keavney Sr. Mary Christopher Kuchman

¥ Katherine Fleck Slocomb ‘56G Dorothy Guzzetta Speca Enid Winterhalter Sweet Marianne Hoffmaster Voelkl Helen McGregor Walters Rose M.C. Zaffrann Mary Bauer Zentis

Class of 1952 47% Participation Founders Society Members: 2 ¥ Dolores Bartash Bruton ¥ Rosemary Walker Clarke Carol Haggerty Conway ¥ Janet T. Davis ¥ Ann Smyles Dedie ¥ Joan Monaco Doeblin * Mary Lou Kenney Dowling ¥ Anne Gormley Fessenden Martha Moran Graham Phyllis Kunz Hahn Joan Moore Hensler ¥ Marion Smith Hull Mary Brown Kaempfen ¥ Mary Theresa Mark Kinney * Jane Y. Koenen Joan Taylert McCue Helene Donnelly McGrady ’79G ¥ Margaret Mattern Mitchell Patricia McWilliams Real ¥ Bernadette H. Sentner * Josephine Rosica Shults * Mary Jane Shults ¥ Mariwyn Beiter Tondrowski * Patricia O’Brien Woods

Joan Battle Allbright ¥ Patricia Morris Allen * Helen Cullinan Anderson Mary Lou Broderick Mary Smith Clouse ¥ Joan Gibbs Daniels Elizabeth Struke Evans * Dolores Kokot Fitzgerald Joan Williams Hehir ¥ Dolores Luccio Humbert Eileen Flanagan Joyce ¥ Patricia Millecan Knoll * Marianne B. Lagattuta * Joan McCormack Lathan Virginia Mullen Lewing * Maryellen Freemesser Manning Marcia Stark Mathews * Joan Kinsky Ryan * Mary Ellen Frasher Slisz * Patricia Kelley Strittmatter ¥ Carolyn Paciolla Tierney Dorothy Deckop Tyre ¥ Jeannette Sercu Wahl * Bessie Huang Yu

Class of 1955 55% Participation Founders Society Members: 4 Patricia Krenzer Andrews * Marilyn W. Bailey Maria Kellner Bors ¥ Carolyn Civiletti Canzano ¥ Audrey Lovelace Caughey Effie Lancaster Clarke * Sally Delbridge Crowley Virginia Rogers Deutschbein ¥ Jean Ciardi DiRienzo ’76G ¥ Dr. Joan R. Ewing ¥ Helen Bauer Gugel Margaret Lantry Hammill Nancy Statt Heffernan ¥ Madeleine Kane Kanaley Joyce Flavin Lechner * Kathleen Nugent Mallett ¥ Jane Trabold Obuhanych ¥ Mary Lou McFall O’Connell * Joanne Veal Paradies Betty J. Dirienzo Puleo ¥ Mary Connelly Reed Isabelle Sciscioli Scalise * Eugenia Simeone

* Josephine A. Sinaguglia * Therese DiPasquale Soule Janet Wing Thompson * Carolyn Krebs Thomson ¥ Barbara Reals Trotter * Joanne Fischer Tubbs

Class of 1956 50% Participation Founders Society Members: 3 ¥ Shirley Sero Alexander ¥ Rita Zlotnik Allen Dr. Maureen Regan Avery Jean M. Bondi-Wolcott ¥ Joan Dakin Cardella Sally Hollenbeck Coman Mary Jo Cupolo * Joan Shaw Dalberth * M. Katherine Davin * Marie A. De Rosa * Maria Echaniz Carol Sanderson Eiffert Ann Nolan Foley * Dr. Margaret A. Frisch Patricia O’Day Groves Beverly Lucks Hafner Catherine Danehy Hayes ¥ Barbara Belmont Herman * Mary Reina Larosa * Rita M. Martin Shirley Hemmer Martin Joan Mans Murphy ¥ Mary Jeanne Hodson Nork Mary Gochenauer Orlov * Diane Barnard Paganelli ¥ Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro * Joan Meyers Parise Jennie Ermie Piazzie * Marie Eiffert Porter Joan Cotterill Rogers Marietta Iaia Romeo ’76G ¥ Arlene Costigan Schoenherr Janet Langevin Schwan Loretta Rae Wetmore

Class of 1957 51% Participation Founders Society Members: 4 ¥ Jane E. Arundel ¥ Marie C. Baglio Mary Ann Barletta ¥ Virginia Koehler Briefs ¥ Jeannine M. Clark * Mary Gagliano Creighton ¥ Ann Marie Stokes Crilly * Anna Jean Dedominicis Mary Celso DeRitis Judith Keaveny Desisti ¥ Barbara Foos Gallagher ¥ Helen Suits Gates ¥ Agnes Kellner Gebauer Patricia Hoard Greene Dolores Piehler Hellems * Liliana L. Kernan ¥ Barbara Wegman Lamark Dr. Priscilla Costich LeBrun ¥ Tess Livecchi Lodato ¥ Mary Grace Lodico Patricia Doble Loopman Joan Foley Lukacs * Bernadette Coyle Mannix * Patricia Garvey McGarvey ¥ Eleanor Tyndall Meier ¥ Katherine J. Mowson * Margaret Fitzgibbon Nailos Anne T. Nary ’63G Mary Ann Nicodemi Judith Edmond Page * Jane Eilers Reed * Bernice G. Rinebold Suzanne Andrus Schmidt ¥ Barbara Woeppel Storm

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Marilyn Magin Weissend Theresa Deliberti Williams Marilyn Rooney Wurzburger

Class of 1958 55% Participation Founders Society Members: 4 * Judith Lang Atwood Arline Teschner Baughman ¥ Karen E. Bove ’65G * Aljean Lemke Brown ’82G Rosemarie Scherer Burke Wilhelmina Carapella Marina Pang Choa Joyce Mooney Considine Carol Ann Nelson Cregan Catherine Byrnes DeBritz ¥ Rosalyn Dellapietra ’66G * Mary Jo Gleason Fennessy Elaine Bell Fuller Joan Klehr Gerber ’58 * Barbara Flanagan Greenstein * Estelle D’Agostino Guardino Mary Moak Henderson * Mary Doyle Hovanec * Elizabeth Raetz Kennedy ¥ Catharine Morphy Kurz * Jeanette Martino Land ¥ M. Therese Clark Legro * Anne Lapalm Martin * Yvonne Trabold Merkel ¥ Jane Donnelly Merkle Mary J. Midge Merritt Ellen Statt Miller * Mary Anne Woodward Mudge Patricia Gabel Niermeyer ¥ Kathleen Reardon Palmer ¥ Molly Hartnett Parisi Ellen Turner Rex * Mary Ann Finnegan Roesch * Dolores Onorato Russo * Nancy C. Shairer Joan Korn Starkweather Aurelie Vail Steve * Anne Reed Suter ¥ Rosemary Dessel Taub Evelyn Savage Ternullo * Lois Maloney Tonzi ¥ Marianne Cuddy WattersRodriguez Dorothy Krenzer Wing * Grace Florin Zanche

¥ Margaret Gertner MacAdam ¥ Dr. Shirley Ross McCracken * Mary Samway McGuire Josephine Alongi Meegan * Gertrude Zientara Monaghan ¥ Patricia Hall Monteith ‘77G * Patricia Gay Mueller Joan A. Cilento Nenno * Maureen Schutz O’Connor Barbara Alvaro Peck ¥ Elizabeth Marsh Pierce Kathleen Mayrl Quinlan ¥ Constance M. Quinn * Rose Mary Joy Ronan ¥ Joan Turner Winfield ‘78G

Class of 1960 37% Participation Founders Society Members: 2 * Marian Callan Aman * Suzanne Mahoney Bement Helen Auberger Brown * Mary Anne Linck Chaney ’77G Mary Schmidt Clifford ¥ Mary V. Cullinan * Ann Louise Barnett Curran * Dolores Kennedy Diangelo Joanne Welcyng Edden Joanne Smith Faulkner Nancy Klatman Fehrenbach Nancy Regan Garlick Marilyn McGowan Graham * Joyce Budinski Hawkins ¥ Carol Vogt Hinkelman Mary Ann Catlin Jensen ¥ Marcia Beecher Kane ¥ Judith Nientimp Kharbas ¥ Sally Sheridan Lutz * Kathleen Ladelfa Lynd ’76G Taeko Kanaya MacHinaga * Judith Schaff McNulty ’78G * Marilyn Brady Muench ’92G Maurene Styles North Dr. Mary Jane Vrooman Pierson * Mary Savella Rinere * Amelia R. Schultz Judith Walker Sheehan * Judith Vaughn Vlossak ¥ Judith Rookey Walsh * Mary E. Walsh * Joan Guido Williams

Class of 1959 48% Participation Founders Society Members: 3

Class of 1961 56% Participation Founders Society Members: 4

¥ Marie G. Argana * Mary A. Barnum Carol Tschieder Bly ¥ Mary Kay Smead Bolan Rosalie Leonardo Bonafede Judith Boyd ¥ Flora Romano Cilento Elaine Messore Colbert * Gretchen Oster Dicesare * Maryln Plumb Fallon * Leah Wehlage Farrell ¥ Mary Kay Mooney Finnerty ¥ Anne Florack Freitas Mary A. Lynch Gardner * Jacqueline Cranmer Gullo Marilyn Quinn Hamilton ¥ Dr. Carol Bieck Henretta * Dolores Gruchmann Hofmann * Jean Bolin Karl ¥ Frances Certo Kuplinski ¥ Anne Louise (Rusty) Lark Nanette Riester Lisk ¥ Virginia Rohrer Loveland

* Kathleen Basher ¥ Gail Place Beaver ¥ Patricia Walsh Bielawa * Mary Ann Boyle Bodden ¥ Martha E. Brady ¥ Irene Mignano Brixner * Ellen Green Bushweller * Nancy Koch Carlucci Anne Marie Kehoe Chapman Jacqueline Lombardo Colicchio Kathleen Sheehan Corletta * Georgia A. Crissy Brenda Burke Daane * Josephine Mangefrida Demare M. Susan McGinnis Dixon * Constance A. Dodge Sue A. Draves * Georgianna Bush Dunn Virginia Burke Erts Dr. Bruna Evangelista * Roxanne Duffy Feeney

Marcia R. FlugsrudBreckenridge Rita Skizinski Flynn Dorothy D’Amico Foley Joann Schuh Frasier Mary Diane Smyth Freitag Susan Kean Giangrande * Barbara Brunner Gibson Margaret Gracyalny ¥ Pauline Basamania Grinnan Suzanne Dufort Intermont Barbara Piscitello Joyce Carol Ronnenberg Kager Joyce Adamo Kennedy * Patricia Smith Kneale * Carol Hickey Krebs Suzanne Fess Lenhard * Mary Ellen Rishar Little * Bernadette Daukintas Mack Marion Hapanowicz Malone * Joan Wolfe McCall Margaret Hassett McCarthy Dr. Ann Gilbert McDonald Georgianne Quinn Menz * Ann Gracyalny Meyers * Anne Marie Miller ¥ Janet Doran Miller Anne Duyssen Nesbitt Janet Chimera Oaks ’67G ¥ Eileen McGee Pestorius Judy Finn Pettit Barbara Kraus Pokalsky * Sheila Kelly Prinzing * Catherine Gormley Read ¥ Ruth Rowan Rogers * Patricia Brogan Russo ¥ Catherine Barrett Samuelson Virginia Serbent Schulz * Jean McLeod Semple Rosemary Salerno Stefano Judith Driscoll Stephany * Virginia Burgholzer Sullivan * Bridget Lyon Swartz Barbara Yount Vitalone * Linda Casey Wyngaard

Class of 1962 44% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 Mary Ann Anderson * Carol Papadopoli Basi Joanne Bene Bisig Dianne Decocq Bukoski Patricia Scheftic Clark Carol Butler Collado * Mary O’Neil Dorgan ¥ Judith A. Emmanuel Karolina Seidenbusch Fero Dr. Anne K. Franco Mary Ann Desiderio Grigg ¥ Kathleen O’Brien Holvey Gertrude Schliff Johnson Ann Aman Keegan * Teresa Oberright Kelly Lillian Viva Krenick Constance Gagliano LaMendola * Paulette Bloomfield Ley * Judith M. Kurzawa Lynch * Patricia McMahon Mallahan * Lucy Knefley McCarthy Barbara Bulman McGinty ¥ Patricia Shea McKenna * Gail Pastore McNeil ¥ Patricia Denniston McPeak Kathleen Clark Merle Celanire Gervais Morgan * Susan Allegretti Morgan Gail Bilecki Morris * Janet Keaveny Morris * Dr. Joan C. Murphy ¥ Gloria Fina O’Connell * Kathleen O’Day O’Connell * Mary Lou Alvaro Papadopoulos

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Clementine Campanelli Pappert * Patricia A. Parzych * Maureen Brady Patterer * Loretta Larussa Paul ’78G Shannon Troy Peterson ¥ Suzanne McGlynn Ramsey * Dr. Mary Irvine Reed Dr. Lorraine A. Roth-Moyo Mary Anne Kowba Salzmann Mary Ann Browne Sanborn * Sharon Grinnan Sanford Elizabeth Doyle Steller Isabelle Schuler Thomas ¥ Barbara Bruno Tosti ¥ Marie J. Van Ness ¥ Eleanor A. Volpe * Margaret Spahn Wegman * Maureen Leddy Welch * Mary Kay Seibold Winter

Class of 1963 42% Participation Founders Society Members: 7 * Eileen Dallachiesa Alven * Eileen Keough Barrett ¥ Mary Rice Bonfiglio * Gloria Menard Breh Marjorie Brogan ¥ Mary Kay Ehmann Brown * Mary Maier Ciavarri ¥ Judy Lazzaro DePalma * Sheila Sullivan Dickinson ’69G, ’77G * Frances Rinaldi Ferrari ’82G ¥ Mary Ann Kinsky Fischer Mary Ann Berg Fischette Antoinette Covotta Furnal Amy Portanova Gaesser ¥ Joan Stein Hacker Barbara Haley ¥ Dr. Mary Rappazzo Hall Alice Malankowski Herrell ¥ Kathleen Hamill Hursh ‘88G * Katie Mullen Kehoe ¥ Patricia Forstbauer Kehoe * Sharon Carey Knipper * Patricia C. Kulaga Ellen Ford Lersch Dr. Patricia Lyons Elizabeth Bonn Mahle Dorcas Holmes Maier Abigail Quinn McCarthy * Mary Sullivan McCarthy ¥ Charlotte Eastham McFadden Mary Blackcloud Monsees Theresa Coleman Noonan * Midge Rohs Ogi ¥ Rosemary Burke O’Sullivan Marie Leccese Parasch * Karen Keating Passarell ¥ Dorothy R. Pecoraro ¥ Mary E. Pfeffer ¥ Mary Kay Carpenter Ritter Patricia A. Rockwell * Annette M. Sansone Kathleen M. Scheg ¥ Julie Geiger Schroder ¥ Anne Sevier-Buckingham Anita Ferraro Spoor ¥ Margaret Frank Staahl * Ann Hulbert Stanko * Susan Burns Steinbrenner * Barbara Andres Sturtz * Patricia Bulmer Swayze * Joanne Monacell Taylor Dr. Barbara Martin Thakor ¥ Kathleen Chapman Tickner ¥ Marian Bottoni Toth ¥ Patricia J. Tracy * Margaret Begley Vachher Mary Ann Slack Walker * Judy Boyle Zicari

Class of 1964 45% Participation Founders Society Members: 5 * Dr. Joyce Kozuch Brannon * Patricia Lawlor Burke * Monica Riley Byrne * Catherine Walz Casey Susan E. Close * Diane M. Connor ¥ Barbara Lanahan Connors * Judith McGuire Costello Rita Pellizzari Daly ¥ Kathleen Prestel Dammeyer ¥ Kornelia Marshall Dormire * Diane Vanwaes Edwards * Anne E. Emperor Mary Louise Spiotti Frank ’76G Dr. Geraldine Cristofaro Hall Kathleen Coggins Hayes Arlene Helget * Susanne Stiewe Holland ¥ Patricia Franco Houghton Mary Pat Kane Mary Schaft Kodweis ‘81G * Patricia Matyjas Krawczyk * Cecelia Santelli Lester * Virginia Welch Ludwig * Martha Cook MacDonald ¥ June Kesselring Mangan Kathleen Mangan Mason Roseann Bellanca Mayo ¥ Mary Catherine McCarthy Barbara Burgmaier McGovern Sarah M. McGowan Janet Almeter McNally ¥ Suzanne Martin McVey Marcia Fuehrer Mendola * Kathleen Vinci Miles * Dr. Madeline A. Naegle Nohra Silva Najjar Susan Gibson Nerwin Mary Helen Kelly Niese Judith Spitzer Offer Erma Salatino Pascalar Julianne Denti Pizzi ¥ Sandra Clark Quinn * Maggie Yochum Raftus Angela Cutri Rockmaker ‘81G ¥ Mary Kay Baker Rohner * Caroline Waligora Roy Mimi Buckley Schiller Judith A. Severance * Nancy Griffin Shadd * Linda Carr Sheehey * Jeanne M. Sloan ¥ Sheila A. Smyth Sheila Crilly Sommers ¥ Carol May Stahl * Sharon Dooley Sweeney * Kathleen Sullivan Thomas Phyllis Steve Tomasso Anne Owen Trudeau * Judith Yawman Vaeth Margaret Muller Van Parys Eileen Kane Verhaeg ¥ Stacey M. Weilandt ¥ Mary Reiss Weisensel ‘77G ¥ Rosemary Faso Willette ¥ Donna McGlynn Yawman * Sandra Zurlo

Class of 1965 35% Participation Founders Society Members: 2 Elaine Summers Bacalla * Ann Stahl Badger ¥ Sally Beecher * Joan Heim Bunn * Jane Flynn Burke

* Patricia Doran Carr Linda Eastham Chansky * Ellen Burns Coller * Angela J. Coppola Carol Costanza Criss ‘78G ¥ Linda Corcoran Davidson * Helen Kaney Dempsey * Mary Ann Scura Dorlon Doreen Wozniak Driscoll ¥ Ann McGee Esch * Rose Marie Capanna Fagan * Maureen Bell Field Ellen Hahn Grabb * Margarete Rooney Hall * Lorraine Majcher Hanway ¥ Margaret O’Reilly Hayes Amy Choromanskis Holquist Bonnie Trau Kuppinger Jeanne Eismont Lauta ‘85G Lynne Schulte Lavalley * Blanche Malankowski-Smith * Mary Weinschreider Mallet Blissina Allen Mason ¥ Tina Dirienzo McDermott Bernadette Malone McMahon Marcia Farrell Miller * Mary Fran Rodzai O’Herron Judith Otto * Kathleen A. Parker * Catherine Brieaddy Quinn * Nancy Jo Geiger Rambusch Eileen Drechsler Ramos * Joan Unger Rebholz Rosalie Sassano ¥ Mary Lou Wood Sauter * Dr. Mary Plager Smith Sharon Schupp Smith * Dorene Caroscio Snyder * Dr. Monica R. Weis, S.S.J. Judith E. Woods

Class of 1966 52% Participation Founders Society Members: 7 ¥ Judith Conboy Acton Clair MacAdam Aimi Gwen Jarvis Anderson Pauline V. Angione Janet Hartman Barry ¥ Theresa Blazys Bator ¥ Marcia Grucza Beck Patricia Cooper Billies Donna Arganbright Black * Karen L. Boggs Patricia Murray Brooks Catherine Lalonde Butry * Stasia J. Callan ¥ Carol Ann Kuhlberg Chambers ¥ Anne McDonald Cochran * Jane Schopfer Cody * Terry Myers Cole Eileen M. Collins Peggy McNaughton Colone Ann Marie Paciolla Conolly ¥ Mary Ann Delplato Corea ’81G * Virginia Grealy Cutler * Christine Schlosser Daly * Louise DeLaus * Camille Vistocco Delvecchio Teresa Donnelly Ladonna Farley Dove Kate Driscoll Patricia A. Dwyer Carol Constantine Eckl ¥ Carole Eilers-Lloyd ¥ Barbara Dobbertin Englert Gloria J. Forgione * Carolyn Dellapietra Frost Diane Anderson Furdell ¥ Marlene Bieck Gargan Shirley Venette Gasch * Kathleen Spaulding Haley DONOR LIST 2010-11


* Mary Beth McIntyre Henneberry Judy Kuntz Henry Eileen Wurz Hunter Linda A. Iacelli * Kathleen Spadoni Jenkins Frances Toner Kayton * Sharon M. Kehoe, Esq. Elaine Budnik Laboski ’91G ¥ Karen Moore Larimer * Suzanne Cunningham Lays * Cheryl Gravelle Learned ¥ Patricia Curtis Link ¥ Barbara Olmstead Long * Nancy Neary Long Dorothy Zielinski Lyndon Ann Costello Martini ¥ Maureen F. McDonald * Jeanne Gasser McElhinney * Margaret Asip McLaughlin ¥ Mary Randall McMahon * Dr. Barbara Sidoti Mitrano Elizabeth Speno Mt. Pleasant Susan Donnelly Murphy Bernadette Remick Oberg Mary Ellen Foody O’Leary Margaret Tabak Pashkin Corrine Ryan Perry * Eileen Smyntek Pinto Joan McLaughlin Pulver Elaine Tantillo Quirin Mary K. Schwonke Reid * Geraldine Zachary Rittersbach Penelope Zutes Rivers Rhea J. Scott Nora Brennan Shannon Sadieann Zogby Spear * Alice M. Stack * Lois Walker Topolski ’89G Mary Jane Brooks Tottey Dolores Hintz Tracy * Donna Eddy Treat * Maureen Dougherty Turturro Andrea Wollensak Walker

I n n o v a t i o n

Class of 1967 37% Participation Founders Society Members: 3 ¥ Barbara J. Aldrich Kathleen Lefort Almeter Diane Tremblay Anderson ’75G * Janet C. Archibald ’88G ¥ Elaine M. Bair * Katherine Phillips Baker * Kathleen Horton Basanez ¥ Joan Ann Battersby * Carol Haase Birzer Paula Scarsella Brodie Patricia McCarthy Buttolph Kathleen Fagan Carey ¥ Joan Mascaro Caruso ¥ Mary Ellen McGlynn Casey ’82G * Carol Rudy Childs * Ann Wehner Cordy * Ann Bissonette Curran Joan Clifford Dailey * Betsy Briggs Debloom ’91G Patricia Daminski Della Pietra * Mary Ann Eagan ¥ Louise Schlaffer Fox * Kathleen Barron Francis * Eleanor Girard Gemma * Suellen Thrasher Graney ¥ Mary Jean Gutberlet Carole Smith Haas * Stephanie Joynt Halferty * Dr. Diane Demay Hammar Beatrice O’Connor Heberger Kathryn L. Hillger * Joan Sussina Holderer ’77G DONOR LIST 2010-11


Suzanne Rogers Hutton * Jane Garvin Keller * Catherine Michaels Killackey * Eileen Degeorge Kinney Anna Sayers Kung ¥ Barbara Parsons Lamphere * Judith Worden Lamphere * Francine Bonadonna Ludwig Mary Jane Roney Madigan Margaret M. McMahon * Kathleen McCarthy McNally Susan Sutkus Meyers ¥ Mary Kay Chamberlain Molz Patricia Morrissey Mousaw Mary Ann Barnett Narenkivicius * Elizabeth A. Osta Dr. Katharine Donner Owens Jacqueline Hoffman Paone Virginia Storman Potter * Mary Beth Cloonan Quigley Jeanne Maynard Scantlin * Elaine Hogan Schlegel Linda Thalmann Shaffer Carol Lenzi Sherron ¥ Sheila Mundorff Shrestha * Katherine T. Smith Marion M. Spinelli * Catherine Frank Spoto Carol Daddazio Stevens Ann Fien Stockslader Martha E. Strodel ¥ Susan Knauf Stuven * Livia Nicosia Toscano ’77G * Dr. Patricia Van Leuvan Dr. Janet Trzcinski Vasak Janet Long Verzosa Margaret Bonfiglio Wehner * Nancy Markowski Welch * Ralpha Gaffney Welker ¥ Margo Wheeler Virginia Cassidy Witt ’79G * Mary Fodge Woodard ¥ Nancy McRae Wright

Class of 1968 32% Participation Founders Society Members: 4 Marilyn Taillie Allen Dolores Giammarise Amato * Christine M. Angione * Kathleen McCorry Banke ¥ Patricia Foster Beer Joan Harsche Beuerlein Deedee Taylor Boyle * Martha E. Burroughs ¥ Patricia A. Byrne Susan Truelove Dailey Virginia Vecchiotti David Rosemarie Casella Day Karen Bundschuh Demar Kathleen Neary Desantis * Mary Anne Doane Christine H. Forken Jane C. Fox Donna Martens Gmelin ’79G ¥ Nancy Wilmot Gorman Patricia McIntyre Goyer * Elizabeth Spillman Halsted Evelyn Marx Harloff-Moore Frances E. Hart Cheryl McGuire Hearty * Claire Heffernan * Mary Kelly Hintz ¥ Jean Gramkee Hubsch Susan Pellicano Hughes Dr. Kathleen Lyons Kelly Colleen M. Kunz * Dr. Kathleen Leahy ’75G Jean Rotondo Leicht ’77G Marylin Rakow Leslie ¥ Ellen Terhaar Lill ’95G Patricia Glew Magin

* Jeanne Bolcko Marron Anna Rokiecki Martin ’93G * Patricia Ruocco Marx ’76G Barbara Besig McBride * Carolyn A. McBride * Sharon Gallea Newman * Nancy Smith Nothnagle * Ellen Metzger O’Shea * Kathy Bubser O’Toole ¥ Mary Lou Pabrinkis Jean Bresnowtiz Papsun Kathleen Quigley Perkins * Elizabeth L. Petti * Jean E. Pettigrew Jean Fay Poweska Mary E. Raymond * Dr. Christine M. Redman Ann O’Halloran Rice * Betsy Broman Sanza ¥ Suzanne Gardner Sullivan Dr. Tamara A. Sutfin ¥ Laurel Ann Roth Tarcinale ¥ Mary Ellen Dwyer Vasile ¥ Suzanne M. Verstraten Mary Elizabeth Joel Vogel ¥ Kathleen Kunz Wahl * Cathleen Walsh ¥ Patricia McGee Weisensel ’89G Ruth Burgess Wensley ’86G Joann Cusyck Wheeler * Patricia Conway Wille

Kathryn Phelan * Kitty Lou McCulley Phillips Patricia Heckman Richardson Pauline O’Brien Riley * Kathleen Amato Ross * Anne Burroughs Ryan Mary Read Saperstone ’74G * Mary Coggins Saracino * Joan Revoir Satterly Susan Yennock Senise Paula Donovan Sherwood Theresa Sadonick Stanley * Patricia A. Thiem * Grace Disalvo Tischer ¥ Jacqueline Mizerak Wampler ’75G Evelyn Dom Wanka Daryll Fitch Wheeler * Kathleen E. Wilkinson * Mary Cross Young Joanne Ortolani Zito ’74G

Class of 1970 24% Participation Founders Society Members: 3

* Maureen T. Alston * Nancy L.E. Andrews Marilyn Serio Beicke ’75G * Mary Corliss Bergin ’75G Grace Daly Boren Class of 1969 Kathleen Hillins Brown 25% Participation * Karen Strenzwilk BryantFounders Society Rossi ’75G Kathryn McKenna Cherre Members: 4 * Dr. Paula Satterly Childs Catherine Burroughs Collier * Margery Iannuzzi Adamshick Kathleen Merle Davis Judy Buckhart Addabbo Anne Carroll Delaney Mary Gilligan Bator Maureen Morgan Donnelly * Anne E. Batterby * Jacqueline Zick Fox ’74G * Margaret Decker Blandino Pamela Tescione Foye ’73G Dr. Judith A. Bowman Karen Libby Franklin Mary Jo Brach * Carol Bitel Gaelens ’75G ¥ Bonnie-Anne Briggs Michele Guider Griffin ’78G Suzanne Iauco Cerrone Maureen Maybee Chiavetta ¥ Margaret Knights Griffith * Janet Ruck Hodge * Noreen Welch Craven Kathleen Dimmick Holowka Diane Brame Cronin * Nancy McWilliams Janice A. Cutbush Humphreys ¥ Linda J. D’Amato * Lois G. Jones ’74G ¥ Carol Costa DiMarzo Mary Agnes McCann Jones Patricia Wingardner Doherty ’77G * Marlene Faust Bonnie Weiland Keeney * Doreen Sheehan Frisk ’92G Pamela E. Klarsfeld Janet Welch Genthner * Catherine Aiken Labombard ¥ Joan Buttino Giansante Kathleen Murnighan Hackler ¥ Alicia C. Lamphron ¥ Barbara Weigel MacDonald Kathleen DeCarlo Hamell Roberta Lapa Mace ’75G Margaret Riley Hanford * Kathleen E. Madigan Ann Milliken Henson Kathleen Elia Majewski Elizabeth Tupacz Imes ’75G * Ellen Boyle Killelea Silvia Billerio Mannino * Linda Nicknish Knoll * Winifred A. McCarthy ¥ Marianne T. Koller ¥ Elizabeth A. McLaughlin * Carol Kusak Kostyniak * Anne Schneider Michael Joann Rinaldi Lanning * Margaret Mosakowski Gloria Lipani Modzel ’90G ¥ Mary Kamb Maley Catherine Johnson Moore * Janice Sillick Mandile ’76G ’76G Philomena Bonacci Mascadri Louise Deneve Moran Kathleen T. McCusker ’77G * Frances Quercia Muscato * Margaret E. McGee * Mary McCann Nicolis * Kathleen Castle McLean * Lin Stafford Pascarella ’92G * Lynn Siebert Perry Paulette Monachino Miller Eileen Caton Phillips Kathleen G. Mock Mary Remmel Piccinino Mary Anne Zeugner ’76G Nathenson Marilyn K. Reynolds * Kathy Hennessy Nelson Jacqueline Nigro Roliardi Ellen Barron Nodzo * Catherine Messinger Russell Maureen McCarthy Nupp Kate Zimmerman Sawyer ¥ Kathleen Ginnane Olson * Maureen P. Scahill ’77G Dr. Joanne Pierce Ondrako * Maureen Murphy Sicilio * Karen Scoones Paris Carol Pender Sinwell Anne Kane Petrantoni

¥ Elizabeth Gotham Smith ’89G Marie Chiavaroli Snell * Mary Dobbertin Steele Elaine Pupatelli Tette Marie Tubiolo Travaglini Ann Connors Tuck Carol Cappy Tuzzeo Linda Ehmann Veiga Mary Jo Whalen ’79G Rosemary Zuck

Margaret Scollan Stuart ¥ Annette Sleyman Szymula Charlene Reap VanSlyke ¥ Jeanne S. Walewski * Kathleen Redman Whelehan * Marilyn Kendrick Wholey ¥ Colleen L. Wilmot

Class of 1972 21% Participation

* Phyllis J. Adamski Jack A. Allocco Corinne Jerris Aquilina Fran Asip * Noreen Patterson Baker Leah Juston Barabasz * Kathleen Curtin Barlow * Rose Marie DiAntonio Barber Carole Bolton Bialczak ’77G Bernadette Maloney Bridget Bennett Bishop Bergman Kathleen A. Bishop Maureen Leahy Biancucci Mary Ellen Bossack * Evelyn Bubser Blewitt Sandra Coleman Bowles * Marsha Sant Borys Carol P. Bruce ¥ Sally A. Boutwell Janice Recchio Bubb ’76G ¥ Patricia Fleszar Bozek * Mary R. Buchanan ’75G Constance Cappione * Linda A. Buckley Centrella June Buffton Cerveny Patricia Wickes Condoluci Christine Mahoney Chaffer * Mary Beth Snyder Curry ’79G * Meg Delaney-Chaides ’75G * Catherine McDermid Mary Jane Robinson Chapman DeVoldre ’78G Joyce Recchio Ciesluk ’76G * Kathleen A. Dexter * Waltraut Koenig Cordaro Beth Hart Dixon ’74G * Kathryn Ahern Drexel * Kathleen Ray Crawford ¥ Cindy Ruppel Engle * Mary Jo Ryan Crossman Jane Killian Fiore Mary Jane Ross Degrave ’76G * Joanne Walos Fleury ’76G Marlene Mere Donk * Dr. Mary Ann Hartnett Foley * Eleanor Janosek Doyle Judy Lachance Gommel * Joyce Cafarelli Duignan * Deborah Corcoran Griffin * Kathleen Payne Duley * Mary Jane Roberts Hadley Marsha Goyette Dumka * Kathleen M. Hall ’82G Eileen M. Hansen ’77G * Rosemary Waring Nancy Tuohey Hasenauer Eichenlaub ’76G ’77G Kathleen Stein Fagan Kathleen Giblin Kane Elizabeth Ahearn Fry * Kathryn Samway Lang * Jane Scheidt Garling Marie Magro Lapple Maryellen Zimmermann Kathleen A. Maloney Giese Theresa A. Mancuso ’75G Dr. Ann Rizzo Hammond Susan J. Martin Meg McCarthy Heyman * Theresa Rodzai McNamara ¥ Pam Murray Hines Colleen Conley Mengel Diana Ridosh Holden ’77G Barbara J. Holland ’80G ¥ Sandra Bazyk Mentuck Kathleen Carter Ives Christine Jenson Myszka * Paula L. Kirchgessner * Marguerite T. O’Malley * Anne Marie Kane Konzet Joan Balzano Porco Helen M. Lavery * Dr. Sally Masterson Pryor Susan A. Laverty ’75G ¥ Roseanne Spindler Lawrence Patricia Decrosta Rice ’75G Catherine Carroll Lesage Christine Russo Richardson Kathleen Nial Ross Paula Siconolfi Lunn ¥ Mary Cardoso Roth * Melinda M. Marley * Colleen Majka Rust Anna Mayerhofer ¥ Meg Riley Schneider Barbara Collins McBride Mary Anne Schum ¥ Mary Payne McCarthy Mary Phelan Sherman * Rhea Koutoures McCullough Patricia E. Sisson Molly MacK McDowell * Joan McLoughlin Smith * Carol Grieco McManus Mary Donohue Smith * Rose Mary D. Molnar * Helen O’Donnell Wahl ’76G Suzanne Tuohey Morley Sally L. Weaver ¥ Catherine Barnett Newell Rose Anne Welch Kristine Killian Nolan * Pamela L. Wondro * Barbara Gonzalez O’Neil * Lorraine Rouse Yanz Louise Giera Peron Joanne Zollo Zelter Dr. Donna C. Riter ’79G Margaret Fitzsimmons Robinson Class of 1973 Kathy Ruocco Schaefer 23% Participation Dr. Linda Duffy Sharkey Founders Society * Suzanne Grosodonia Members: 3 Siefring * Mary Ann Morgan Siegel Carol A. Barnash * Margaret Hammond Smith * Bernard T. Beauchamp * Mary Foster Smith ’76G

Class of 1971 27% Participation

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Mary Ann Vancleef Bender ’77G * Catherine M. Bookey * Linda Serway Bordwell ’76G ¥ Sheila Sokolofsky Briggs ’78G Anne M. Burton Linda Cirulli Burton * Maureen Roberts Callahan Barbara J. Conradt Mary K. Conradt ¥ Anne Marginn Conte ’78G Donna Miller Depeters ’76G * Myra Shuler Dietz ’86G Diane Deangelis Doby ¥ Kathryn R. Donahue ’76G Gloria Cornish Duran * Nadine L. Erdle ’97G Ellen Hoarty Foley Maria Mazza Ford Janette E. Gears * Susan Bishop Genthner * Joan Ghignone Glavin Annie Dwyer Gray Christine M. Hall-Finney Janet Mizejewski Joseph ¥ Joanne Lavia Justyk * L. C. Kawka Elaine M. Keller-Petryk Marcia Corbitt Kowalski * Patricia Baker Kranz Teresa Raniewicz Lagonegro * Cynthia Estruch Lowenguth ’76G Linda Davison Mathues * Anne Armbuster Matthews * Janet Moreland McGarry 07G * Mary E. Moynehan ‘88G Jean Eisenman Mucenski Kathleen Toomb Oakes Patricia M. O’Brien-Sansone ‘78G * Margaret Barnett Peca * Barbara Brooks Quinn ‘79G Eileen Lenihan Rearick Teresa Miller Ritter * Mary Dyer Roman Donna Weagley Rose ‘76G Gail Occipinto Sanger ‘77G * Jeanne Wallace Schaller ‘79G Eileen Nolan Schneider * Janet Burimaukas Smith ¥ Anne Finewood Switzer Gail Wegner Taylor Deborah C. Teaney ¥ Sally Wamp Vaughan 76G Jeanne Amand Wells ‘77G * Wendy J. White

Class of 1974 22% Participation Founders Society Members: 2 ¥ Fortunata N. Abate Delores Albanese * Katharine Schaub Benghauser Victoria Alexander Bennett Katrina Blum-Katz * Christine Flint Booth * Nona L. Bouwes Helen O’Brien Buranello * Theodora Livingston Carr ‘83G Claudia Q. Cashman-Rolls Kathleen A. Colliflower Janet Barrett Coyle Rita Curbeau Creary Mariellen Mikatavage Cupini ’77G Kathryn Kleinhans Drogan

* Kathryn Duell Emison Christine Hennessy Farrington ‘90G Norma Swift Fennell ’79G ¥ Anne Carpenter Ferris ‘79G Michael D. Finsel * Noreen Judge Fisk * Eileen M. Foley Catherine Rhodes Fritz ‘80G Mary Anne Henry Gates Sharon Mylius Gendron ’79G ¥ Diane Grassi Heberger ‘79G * Mary Ellen Forgione Hecht Christine Owens Heisman Karin Hertzel ’77G Fay Conley Jefferson ‘80G Marilyn Manly Jesserer Norma Fox Kanarek Jane Macri Keller * Rita M. Kunkel ¥ Kathleen Harwood Mannella ‘78G

Claire I. Conley Marjorie Brown Conti Ann Kopczynski Crerand ’79G * Dr. Eileen D. Crowley Cynthia Franczyk Dankert ’79G * Sally Ridosh Donahue ’80G * Dr. Deborah A. Dooley Kathleen M. Facer * Marilyn Cole Finley * Patricia Connolly Frisch * Anne Werdein Greenberg ’76G * Donna Durbin Hart ¥ Dr. Cheryl Andrews Herdklotz ¥ Katherine M. Herman ’79G ¥ Susan Brockman Hinchman Barbara B. Jones Sandra Rougeau Kane ¥ Patricia Schalm Killorin Patrice J. Koeneke, Esq.

* Eleanor T. Autovino Bonagura Dr. Glenn H. Buck * David F. Budinski Rosemary Dixon Callahan Carol A. Camp-Jenkins ¥ Cynthia A. Christa Jean Infante Cilione Janet Bush Cronholm ’79G * Paulette M. Desell-Lund Mary Ferraro Dooley ’81G Barbara Walton Dunn ’87G * Rose Marie Abbott Fagan Mary Holleran Forrest * Diana Downey Hamann Susan Holland Hansel Sharon Hoone Higgins * Roxanne E. Impaglia ’78G Mary Kenealy Kline * Karen Brusso Lewis ¥ Judy Wilmot Linehan * Elizabeth McGough MacKenzie

Victoria A. Follaco ’91G William C. Gerling * Nancy Poccia Harding * Linda A. Hardock ’81G Valerie Crabb Helewa * Margaret P. Hentschke Susan Meylor Johnson ’81G Mary G. Langley ’78G Roselle Smith Lynch Olha Sienkiewycz Magill ’82G Mary Helen Mahoney ¥ Karin Carlson Manning * Beverly Wright McClements Cathy Dewey Napier ’84G Elizabeth Wood O’Brien ’81G Ellen Lullo Ranalli ’82G Susan Stone Rapalee Guenhaele T. Schaper Gary J. Schoepfel Dr. Renee Scialdo Shevat Anita L. Simmons Karen Iati Smith ’83G * Paul A. Sparacino Judith Johncox St. John * Enid S. Tierney ’79G Gracelyn Raymondo Tuoti Gwenn Voelckers Bonnie Mecca Wright ¥ Susan Zaleski Yovanoff ’82G * Carol Anne Zimmerman ’80G

Class of 1978 16% Participation

Suzanne McCarthy Martin ’76G ¥ Joyce K. McAndrew 79G Megan Walters Meyer ‘79G * Shirley Dolecki Minch ‘78G ¥ Mary Candace Minchella ‘80G * Beverly Sandone Moore Maureen Kennelly Morehouse Ann Deming Petkovsek Colette Brady Phillips Alice Sciscioli Pratt Janet Austin Ranaletta ’77G Cynthia Loughlin Reed Patricia McGarry Staub ’79G Clare Anne Stefanucci ’86G ¥ Phyllis Conheady Stehm ’78G * Leanne M. Stephen Nancy Braun Symonds ¥ Louise M. Tarantino * Ellen Rutledge Valenti Judith Okey Valerio * Glenda Lucas Wait ’77G ¥ Christine F. Walkley * Beth Vendryes Williams

Mark F. Krolikowski ¥ Mary Ellen Lansing ’80G Deborah Wright Larocca Margaret Kahl Lind * Diane C. Lippa-Bemis Tracy Ladd MacMillan * Lois Howe McClure * Patricia Burke McNamara ¥ Catherine Hartnett Molteni Dr. Frances M. Murphy Kathryn Barrett O’Donoghue Marilyn J. Pantano Donna Johnson Phillipson Jane Bushwood Reule Anna Tumpek Rickert Carol Neill Sherwood ¥ Elizabeth A. Sloma Ann E. Smith Margaret Perona Stephany ’79G Janine Linehan Stevenson Audrey Marceau Stickney Annerose Gasser Sullivan ’79G Debra Covey Sweeney Roswitha H. Sweterlitsch Suzanne Vona Wolling

Class of 1975 22% Participation Founders Society Members: 2

Class of 1976 19% Participation Founders Society Members: 2

Colleen Morton Anderson Pamela Lesniak Beers ’96G Celeste F. Brinkman Mary Kathleen Hogan Collier ¥ Mary Ellen Lefort Collins

Julia Deschepper Ahmed Joanne Lipari Antonacci ’79G Patricia Donnelly Baier * Mary Kay Armstrong Barr

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Deborah Dierna McMullen ¥ Marie Russo Merenda ’78G * Jean Haitko Murphy Lucyann Sprague Ormiston ’82G Julianne Winter Palma ’80G * Patricia Mozden Polito Mame Knapp Purce W. Douglas Riter ’80G Cynthia Jessup Ryan Susan Pennington Sak ’82G Rev. Dorothea E. Schweitzer Genevieve Glasow Scott * Julie Schweizer Shepherd * Patricia Ringwood Sheridan Mary Fran Newell Trouskie * Deborah Fitzmorris Williams ’82G Maria Teresa Ricci Williams Patricia Estruch Wills Jeanne Jennings Woods Laurie A. Yelverton

Class of 1977 19% Participation ¥ Josette Kenny Abruzzini Kim McConnell Blood Elaine Seiferman Bryant Kathleen Fallon Byrne Joan Taylor Bzdick Marie Prizzi Chapman ’81G * Dr. Maria M. Cheng * Sheila Dwyer Colombo ’80G Stephanie Beauregard Doe * Joanne Leigh Eccles ’88G * Molly O’Hara Ewing * Marianne Albanese Filosi Vikki Cecere Fitchett

Mark J. Aldridge Mary Ann Pergolizzi Bailey ’80G * Donna Bleier Barney ¥ Donna M. Bengtson Gladys O’Connor Branker Joseph Burgio Patricia A. Carey * Donna Detraglia Colebeck Kathleen O’Brien Collins Karen Lavecchia Crotinger ’07G ¥ Mary Goldman Crowe Rose Ann Ditucci Demayo Lynn Paladino Demott ¥ Colleen Warren Dicesare Veronica Labiendo Dufresne ’81G Patricia Smith Fields * Gail Nemeti Habecker ’83G Nancy Dimarco Harber * Therese Welter Heins * Kathleen Doyle Henning Joan M. Henson Josephina Bus Levine * Allene J. Lind ’89G * Rev. Mary E. Martin * Maribel Ruiz Maxon Anita Carter Mitchell ¥ Teresa Coggins Nicosia ‘82G Mary Langan Nobriga ¥ Catherine A. Nowaski * Mary Clauss Pagano * Mary Ann McNamara Parker Beth Vienna Rahm ’04G Kathy Venieris Robbins Alyce Schermerhorn Kymberly Prince Schifino Candice Campbell Smith Delphine Wise ¥ Lawrence Yovanoff

Class of 1979 19% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 Mary Pantera Aloisio ’88G * Michele Poirier Arnold ‘02G

Joan Marie Arthur ’84G Linda Wilcox Barclay ‘87G * Sharon Cohen Bartell Kathleen Parry Bojanek ’82G Patricia Gruca Borchard ’82G Teresa Baum Braya Jane Ann Cala Sharon Kaytis Condit ’95G * Judith A. Corin Denice Deiorio Coyne Laurie Ann Devereaux ¥ Karen M. Donahue Peggy Vogt Dugan Eileen Morcan Duranko ¥ Sandra Joan Garufy ‘82G John A. Gaspar * Jeanne Watkins Gridley * Julie Sansoucy Hannan Ellen White Harrington Barbara Thomas Hunt Rebecca Pragle Joseph Mary Pat O’Brien Kiely * Margaret Goodwin Kolenda * Mary Hurley Leisner Lynda Aude Little M. Carleen Nelson Madden Carleen Reagan Mahns Susan Hofford Moroni Ann Kenealy Noldy ¥ Debra A. Nothnagle ‘81G Catherine Achzet Nye * Teresa Stutzman O’Leary ‘83G * Sarah Vanderschmidt Parsons * Kim Rossetti Patterson ¥ Shirley Petherbridge Marilyn Goodyear Pettinger Marguerite Lynch Relin ¥ Shirley Renner Roat ‘81G ¥ Patricia Hunsworth Rush * Margaret B. Schick * Patricia A. Schmitt Judith Anderson Schweichler Gary T. Siembor Deborah Foti Sudore ‘83G * Pamela Ritch Trompeter Hilary Somers Victoroff * Janet L. Wardell Nancy Manning Weise ’84G * Marianne Peters Williamson

Class of 1980 16% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 * Dr. Deborah Cordaro Ashley * David John Barber Russell Stuart Barone Jack E. Bearce * Martin G. Bednarek * Tracy J. Beeler Elizabeth Bonacci Bond Diane Legg Bozza ’88G Robert C. Burke Rosemary Burke Childs ‘85G Patricia Moretti Conolly Dr. Elizabeth D. Cooper Roberta Toscano Dinoto ‘86G Kathleen Dooher Doyle MacReena Anne Doyle ¥ Barbara Hull Emery Kathleen Curry Fannon Joyce Lebeau Fleck Frances Koziol Frickey Margaret P. Golembiewski ’86G * Barbara Mullen Heinle Martha E. Jones Maryann Scarsella Kensek * Tina Neff Krauszer Mary Barbero LaShomb ‘83G DONOR LIST 2010-11


* Nancy Coonan Licata Kathleen A. Linehan Susan Caton Maria * Susan Spencer Marks ‘84G Dawn Santiago Marullo ’84G * Mary Ann Nailos Jane Fries Neubeck Kathleen Nicolosi Dr. Tobie Hittle Olsan ¥ Janet Hodes Palmisano Patricia Pollock Paprocki * Anthony J. Prezioso * Susan Mathews Prezioso * Margaret T. Reichert Dr. Susan J. Roxin * Patricia Freerick Nash Rubien ¥ Cynthia A. Sherwood * Jayne E. Sonntag * John R. Trompeter * Margaret Colvin Williams * Heather McGurn Zollo

Mark L. Lee Renee Simone Lee Estella F. Lewis ¥ L. Theresa Macon Jayne Sylvester Malfitano Anne Taravella McKenna Shannon Pinckney Mock Kathleen Loyer Moldt Paula Pilato Mullen Victoria Hill Norfleet * Pamela Pratt O’Sullivan ¥ Judith Ahlfeld Seil * Maureen A. Shannon * Patricia R. Spooner Cheryl Tenny Sweeney Kelly Griffiths Tansey Joseph F. Ugino ¥ Tammy Henshaw Vakiener Suesan M. Walton ’86G Colleen Rossi Williams * Ann Renee Clement Wilsey ’85G Eileen Cowey Woodward James C. Yeara

* H. Wilson Johnson * Teresa Stoio Johnson * Lynden Harbaugh Kirk Dale Cameron Kody * Cheryl Kuhn Lynn Jennifer Mailey Barrington O. McLean Maureen McVay McMahon Dr. Mary W. Meagher * Nancy R. Nealon Robert C. Newton * Cheryl A. Nothnagle ’92G, ’99G ¥ Jonatha Tarbox Paetzhold David A. Pesesky Patricia Quigley ¥ Susan Collins Roberts ¥ Joann Romano-Egan Lynette Nucci Ross Betsy Fisher Ryan Renee Dipasquale Seibel Kathleen M. Shea Kathleen Bauer Skavina Betty Starks Slade ’11G * Mary L. Sullivan * Dr. Mary D. Tantillo Margaret Sullivan Vadala ’89G Nancy Wordell Willard * Janet Williams Deborah Smith Wilson * Patricia Decker Yaeger ’89G

Class of 1983 13% Participation Founders Society Members: 1

I n n ovatio n

Class of 1981 17% Participation Barbara P. Abbe John Bagale Kerrie Rockwood Barone Kirk D. Bashaw James E. Bowen Jennifer S. Burr Janet Seymour Colacino * Denise Kristoff Colturi * Clare Bauerschmidt Combs Jane Wehner Corlett Noreen Bischoping Crouse Linda M. Crowley ’84G Linda VerSchneider Cup ’87G Margaret McGrath Curran Adriann M. Dalton Edward M. Darling Cynthia M. Descamp-Netsky ¥ Jeanmarie Arena Doctor Nancy Lee Park Drum * Ellen Greene Fernandez Janine Giuffre-Arvisais Jeanne Brinkman Grinnan * Sheila O’Connor Haddad ¥ Leanne H. Harkness Lauren Steiger Hess Mary T. Jones ’87G Renee Lanni Kathleen Fox Larmann DONOR LIST 2010-11


Class of 1982 15% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 * Mary Ockenden Alvut * Paul J. Badore * Margaret Danaher Beers ’04G * Lana Joan Berman * Lois L. Camphausen Jennifer Jensen Carter ’93G * Tracie Dudman Decker Susan J. DeVuyst Christine McIntyre Donsky * Rosemary Sfikas Downey Marybeth McCormick Ercolamento ’91G * Amy E. Fujimura ¥ Susan Naccarato Gage Mary Jane Gerstner ¥ Martha Sprague Grant ’92G Elizabeth Stewart Hagstrom Karen Murray Halbert Ellen Freeland Hallahan Carol Coffas Harris Anita L. Hawkins * Joanna C. Hobler Laura Sullivan Hollenbeck Rev. Maureen Mulcox Howard

Paula Lee Andrese ¥ Kathleen Meehan Angelucci * Debbie McMillen Archambeau ¥ Maureen H. Basil Linda A. Braun ’04G * Ellen Doeblin Bree ’88G ¥ Susan Pattee Campbell Janis Walters Catalano ¥ Kathleen Kehoe Cobb ¥ Jeanne Donahue Collins Mary Ellen Darling ’87G Jacqueline Urtis Delgado * Karen Kolodziejczak Derr Jannett Bentley Dovan * John Joseph Drain Vincent A. Ercolamento * Lisa Odenbach Esquier Ellen Hovey Folts ’87G * Christopher J. Ford Christine Sliwka Hanna * Linda Henehan Hanna * Maria Foglio Harrison * Margaret Hope Herting Anne Wowkowych Kirkpatrick Barbara Betsinger Landon ’03G * Lori Hartman LaSalle ’87G ¥ Stephen C. LaSalle II Susan LaSalle * Mary P. Marianetti Maureen A. McDonald * Lisa Pierce Mercadel * Judith Ann Murphy James R. Ockenden Alison Sanders O’Neil ‘09G Jeffrey A. Ormandy Lisa Colozzi Pesesky ’88G James T. Riordan * Cynthia Nims Sauda ¥ Clare Borton Schreiber * Dorothy J. Smart ’87G Mary B. Sullivan ’87G * Mary Ellen Sweeney ’86G * Michelle Ludwig Treger Anne Marie Hutt Vogtle

Class of 1984 14% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 Erin M. Breslin Christine Huntley Bruce Mary Melito Burnett Elizabeth Garrisi Connors Madonna Smith Crane Claire Danaher Crilly Anthony D’Aiuto Janine Mazurowski Day Kathleen L. DeFazio Susan Przybylowicz Downs * Dena Burdick Drain Roberta Doane Femia ’85G ¥ Mary Parker Gagliano * Cynthia Sawdey Gallo * Bridgette A. Hobart Viktorija Rakutis Hunt * Amy P. Jewett Tara Cobb Kavanagh Mark W. Keller * Constance Locicero Kudrna Tara Starrs Kuppinger ’89G Mary Ellen Boyle McDowell Dr. David R. McGuire Cathleen K. Milliman Sally Bush Morabito ¥ Diane Mammone Mumau Eileen Curry Ormandy ’09G Joyce Passero Paxton * Carla Cochi Penazek * Anne P. Reichert Kathryn Agnew Relyea ’87G Diane L. Richardson ’89G * Judith Parks Rosko * Laura Devore Serafino Marjorie Ruth Sturm ’89G * Lynn M. Tremblay * Janet Weisshaar Triplett ¥ Catherine Adams Vadney Annette C. Verna Gina M. Viggiani Jo Ann Salter Ward * Craig S. Welch Ann T. Whittaker ¥ Ralph S. Wiegandt * Ellen A. Wilkin Julie D. Winston ’89G * Laurel Mahler Wooley * Patricia A. Young

Class of 1985 15% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 * Christine Perri Adams ’93G Marcy Naber Arthur Anne Marie Bluntzer Bennett ’05G Debra Cass Brod Joanne Keoghan Brown Karen Eileen Carlson John P. Collins * Andrea J. Rivoli Costanza Mary Helen Lejk Cramer * Kathleen McColl Curtin Dawn Rahn D’Agostino ¥ Nancy L. D’Arcangelo Kathleen B. Dean Kari Berkes Flynn Kathleen Mahoney Fristensky Dr. Robin Damrad Frye Veronica Desilva Gambee Catherine J. Geary Esther H. Hellman Lori Welge Houppert Kristin Kendall Jakus ’92G * Lisa Orrico Karl ’89G Barbara Kelley Kendziora

Clarice Mascari Lazary ¥ Allison List ’04G * Donna Conte Lodato Kenneth C. Manne Kathleen Deuel Manners Sheila E. McKone Terri Sutcliffe Mitchell ’89G Edward R. Mulheron Barbara Nino Patricia Gerstner Oakes * John Paul O’Gorman ’90G Joan Westbay Oliphant Susan Brasser Perrill Carleen Fish Pierce Elizabeth Poda Betsy A. Poulsen ’90G Karen Fennessy Rabish * Lori Board Reed ’91G Kathleen Murphy Rimlinger * Karen Comerford Ristau ’87G Martha Lamanche Sniffen Marybeth Rola Strickland Corinne M. Trainor Lorraine Tiberio Trude Jeffrey W. Van Gundy Kama Grattet Way Ellen E. White Nancy Delaney Winans

Class of 1986 12% Participation Robin E. Allison Sandra Spengler Aselin Richard David Barth Charles E. Benoit * Nancy Hutchinson Bradstreet Paulette Palumbo Briskie Karen Nientimp Caton Colleen Sweryda Costanza Amy Johnson Cross ’91G Ellen Ratchford Donovan Christine Schmid Farr ’90G Susan Scullion Ferdun * Mary Frances Firsching * Christine Sachse Flock Lauren Marie Frasier Linda Stone Gatto Dina Rice Hagerich ¥ Mary Theresa Hanna ’88G Abigail L. Harbol Cheryl Brabant Harper Evelyn A. Hartwell Beth Grimsteed Hoh Susan Gammack Kobel Maureen Reid Krenzer Rosa Ferrara Ladelfa Christopher S. LaSalle * Linda Alfieri Lindsay ’88G David A. Lyons Leah Kolb Michaels Susan Brickle Mierzwa ’93G Nancy Malone Palamar Elizabeth Hirsch Patterson Scott D. Rankins Anne Wingert Reed * Julie Stanton Rinella ¥ Nancy Stanton Rogers * Dr. Deborah A. Shepard Timothy J. Slisz * Ginny J. Vanheyningen * Valarie Aloisio Webster Elizabeth Johnson Wicks Julie Alhart Wolf

Class of 1987 11% Participation Jeanne Aman Allen Donna Schicker Ayer * Ann Gilbert Black * Rosa D’Aiuto ’94G Laurie Coene Dashnau Mary Jane Elliott

* John Brian Fitzsimmons Gary B. Genthner ’91G * Jude Kennedy George ’92G ¥ Joan Spence Grout * Nancy Naugle Haney Denise Hickey Haraughty Margaret Heneghan Sharron Scaptura Holland ’05G * Sandra Stuart Hoodak ’04G Joyce Frank Howell Patricia H. Huten * Adrienne M. Jester John A. Karl * Heidi Zobel Kasper * John T. Killackey * Mary Tobin Lefebre Barbara Lord Lucas ’94G * Angela Massaro Christopher McCaffrey Stephanie Farmer McGuire David D. McIntire Doreen I. Milano Jeannine Frase Olsen James P. Palamar * Mary Ellen Frank Papin Carole J. Parasida Laurie J. Podvin * Catherine A. Pospula ’91G Margaret Aman Quataert Annunziata M. Rawlings Linda Kent Reese * Barbara J. Slye ’92G Barbara J. Sween Marilyn Gruschow Travis Paula Ludwig VanHouten Susan Maira Welch ’91G * Jacqueline Benedetto Wilke Patricia Galindo Wilkey Tracy Ann Wilson Janine Pirk Yelich

Class of 1988 15% Participation Founders Society Members: 2 Benjamin Barrow Barbara Firkel Bednar ’99G Martial J. Bednar Mary Theresa Clifford Boerman ’97G Lisa Gifford Campbell Laura A. Carpenter * Dianne A. Collier ’92G Carole Attridge Cook ’93G * Karen Barbieri Coons * Mary Jo Francher Daughton Janet Saludo Desmann Margaret Rush Dowling Diane Montevecchio Eckermann Kelledy Suriano Farino Margaret McDonough Feyerabend * Marta Lundquest Foster * Kelly Board Garbinski ’95G * Victoria H. Gilbert ’93U * Maureen Smith Gray Joyce C. Harris Mary Beth Barnard Hawken Eileen Stanzel Heckler Lynn Labell Huffman Karen Glavey Kane Andrew C. Kosara Patricia M. MacDonald Dr. Holly Manaseri * Deborah Grieb Marion Mary Soons McCarty Mary VanDeMortel McGuigan ’94G Maria Ambrosi McNamara Elizabeth Anne Moore * Patricia Sermon Myers * Edna Mae Nadeau Maria A. Noonan Christine Miller O’Kelly

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

* Todd A. Pattison Irelis Narvaez Perez * Vicki Peuckert Prusinowski ’89G Kristine Gay Pulling Patricia Miller Ragule ’91G Robert A. Randall * Tina Wolfley Rauscher Frank B. Revoir Jr. Mary Kay Botsford Sanna Frances Metcalf Stanwix Daniel J. Strong June D. Szatko * Jack N. Thomas Jr. Charleen Washburn Towers * Andrea Hinchey Unson Peter Urzetta ’90G Joan Barbour VanDuzer Pamela Taylor West Alan Wood Mary Frances Yudin

Rosanne M. Young

Class of 1990 11% Participation

John Robert Alfieri * Mark D. Baker Bridget Hanna Bauman ’95G Jennifer Board Broderick Brian C. Burke Shelley A. Burt Lisa Vanderveer Byrne Christopher J. Cady * Thomas B. Coons Arlene M. Crowe Christopher D. Cullinan Johanna H. Cummings Martha Sue Ehman Robert W. Ewanow Allison Foster Fitch William E. Fleming Class of 1989 * Marilyn J. Galley * Dr. Holly Raschiatore Garber 13% Participation * John R. Garbinski * Marion Shapiro Goodwin Paula Morgia Amato ’91G * Mary Eileen Grine Allen Howard Anderson Ann Marie Durawa Gulian Allison Wingert Anderson Cynthia Cratsley Harrington * Mary Theresa Belden Denise Cheatle Hildreth Mary Kay Bishop * Maureen T. Holmes ’95G Richard D. Boerman II * Cynthia Ingerick Holt Bridget Marie Bounds Gina St. Phillips Ingraham Kevin J. Broderick Yvonne Lowrey Jolly * Christina Touloupas Bruneau Mary S. Lang Kathleen Crosby Burm Kathaleen A. Lowenthal Barbara A. Chappell * Gregory A. Lumb * Lynn C. Cherian Sheila Ragus Mason ¥ Thomas J. Cincebox Jr. * Francine Dean McAndrew Elizabeth Burak Connolly Carole A. Morris John M. D’Agostino Deanna R. Nelson Daniel A. Dayton Nora J. Ocque * Sandra Mrugala Demott Marcia Shields Osmers Javeline M. Duroseau Linda A. Prain Dr. Michelle L. Erklenz-Watts ’91G Pamela Rich Rickerl Ellen Lustik Ferrara Robert M. Rubens Vanessa Fortin Vanessa * Jonathan E. Rubin Fortin Rhonda T. Snowden ’97G Nicholas S. Gatto Linda Roessel Vandenberg * Patricia George Grabosky Kathleen Wagner Constance A. Grimsley ’93G Karen M. Williams Caroline A. Hellwig Christine Nesbitt Yaeger Kristin Bailey Houle Donna A. Salvatore Keatley Class of 1991 Laurie Lissow Keough ’00G 12% Participation * Karen A. Kozan * Lisa M. Landino Michele Crudele Allman Laurie Schon Leo * Sally J. Altobello Claudia M. Marshall Anthony E. Argento ¥ John R. Marshall III * Stacey Lissow Ayers ‘07G Julie Russell Mayer ’93G * Judith Greco Baker * Anne Ulrich McCaffrey * Bernadette Wheatley Beye Molly O’Donaghue * Peter M. Casper McMahon Allyson Jacobstein Cufari Charles M. Milligan Catherine Seward Cullinan Danielle Cammarano ’97G Milligan Stephen J. Delvecchio * Terri L. Muraco John M. DeStephano Keng Nio Lolly Ong Maria Liotino DeStephano Catherine D. Gale Petrie * Jill Anne Dickey * Gina Cecala Porter Christopher J. Egger * Heather R. Raes ’92G Jeannie Rivoli Fisher * Mark E. Raes Michele Cutwa Francis Gina P. Rizzo Maureen A. Gates * Patricia Knight Scholl * Betty L. Green Diana M. V. Shaw Dana Gruber * Jennifer Walters Smith ’93G Griffith H. Hannel * Keith E. Smith Constance A. Hanser Dennis J. Smyth ’92G Stacy Sherman Hildreth Stephanie Deagman Smyth William J. Homer Leslie Cormier Spina Anthony Indorato ’95G Phyllis Laub Stookey Paula Couch Indorato ’94G * Lisa M. Barbera Twitchell Roberta R. Jackson Douglas W. Lauf ’96G * Kimberly Gagnier Lester Elizabeth Heeks Lowe

Margaret M.W. Lyons * Kathleen Sholly Marshall Missy Mathis-Hanlon Beth Ann Donovan Merriman Dr. Debra Ashton Meyers * Dennis J. Nicholson Keila K. O’Connor Matthew S. Orioli Jr. * Barbara Vanasse Ottenschot Katharine Sullivan Parker Scott E. Parker * Richard F. Pierpont * Colleen O’Brien Reagan Kathy Ott Robinson Gerald A. Sharp Brenda White Szymanski ‘99G Carolyn Kronimus Terry Lisa Fiumara Wint

Class of 1992 9% Participation Jennifer Sheahen Aiezza Lorie Lachiusa Barnum Nora Clifford Bell Karen H. Cantaben Carolyn M. Carlton ’97G Kirsten Chiella Colombo ’94G * Daniel M. Coughlin Jr. Kevin P. Delehanty Kimberly Woods DiCataldo ’97G Dr. Carrie Eddy Dykes * Dean K. Ginder Carol Franceschelli Gough Cynthia V. Grady Lisa Swayze Hannel Catherine Reichert Harter ’96G Brady E. Hogle Lynda Shoemaker Iler ’94G Amy E. Jasek Martin T. Kelly Maureen Kelly Roberta Cameron Kesselring * Christine Gennosa Klee Allyson Galusha March Christopher L. March * Karen Storm McNutt Melissa Cameron Mihalyov Kathryn M. Miller ’94G * Dawn M. Powell Minemier Pamela A. Montes Frank J. Muraco Jr. * Carol R. Pierce Jill Darling Poremba Amy A. Pyfrom * William E. Reigelman Julie Clark Roloson Lynnette Nieboer Simpson Catherine Nortz St. Croix Dr. Mary Jo Marro Tobin

Class of 1993 7% Participation Colleen Pegoni Andre Robert R. Beach Kerry Detoy Blask Mary Doris Peters Diehl Katharine Mary Evans * Terri Fiegl Flaherty * Teresa L. Folts * Mary Barber Greaser * Joan M. Guzi * Rebecca Palenik Healey ’96G Irasema De la Torre Kash ’95G Jennifer Mousaw Lagro Paul D. LaPlant * Jeffrey J. Mandell * Michael S. McGwin ’00G

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

* Lynn M. McLean * Todd L. McNutt Sherry L. Mulcahey Dr. Patrick J. Nicholson * Sherri Bell Pierpont * Patricia Kwiek Pomroy Beverly Rivers * Kristen McEvoy Rorie Leigh Ann Schon Sharon F. Scott ’96G Noraleen Yogis Mona Richardson Zamiarski

Class of 1994 10% Participation Laura Abrams Acciaio ’99G Suzanne Henry Argento Kimberly Smith Banks Susan A. Barco Susan Wegman Beach Carol Ann Lopinto Blank Brian P. Brooks ’97G * Rebecca Hall Cincebox ’97G * Kevin J. Cox * Nicole Rowe Cox ’97G Dorothea M. Distefano Michael I. Elloian Wendi Lynch Gagliano * Melissa Regan Garofalo ’99G * Douglas B. Gorham Christopher D. Gould Kim Kistler Gould * Barbara B. Gwynn Jeneane Donahue Herod ’01G Heidi Dawson Hogle Sheila Roddy Howland Kathryn Ingham-Siegl ’98G Karen Seidel Karnisky ’99G Jacquelyn Sevier LaPlant * Sarah Smith Mandell * Meghan Lynch McGee * Kathe Pero McGwin ’00G Joann Bryant Mitchell Kathy Wida Moore Laura A. Murphy Jennifer Beach Nicholson * Julia Erdle Peck Luis A. Perez Anthony W. Pezzimenti Valarie Tette Pezzimenti ’96G * Diana Keese Platt Andrea Burton Steils Stephen C. Wehner Rebecca LaClair Wilcox

Class of 1995 9% Participation Founders Society Members: 1 Mary McNeil Brooks ’99G Rebecca S. BudingerMulhearn Shelly Jackson Cahoon Donna J. Conley * Marlene Faust Cooper * Scott E. Cooper * Allison Murphy Cryan * Brian C. Garofalo * Jennifer Medden Giessler Karen Warner Heidrick * Carolyn Dyer Hoefen ’00G * Jennifer Houlihan Hoskins * Vivian M. Jurich * Toni Kelly LaPoint Cathy A. Leonardo Julie Haren Madonia Mark A. Masse * Lori Crist McCartney * Paul E. Morris Dr. Amanda Jungers Plummer

Christopher N. Plummer * Nancy Ockenden Ragus * Jengi M. Reilly * Joseph P. Ristau ’01G * Kristin Nisoff Roy Sheila A. Seymour Deborah Monteith Shepard Phyllis C. Siembor Michael A. Sterling * Cheryl Eggert Teerlinck Toni Ferreri Vanbramer Ryan O. Williams Jessica A. Wojick Joan Bishop Wray

Class of 1996 9% Participation Amy Reynolds Bodine ’00G Dr. Anthony J. Caprio * Dr. Thomas V. Caprio Deborah Selleck Coller Sean P. Corcoran John R. Davis Wendy Palmer Dennie Priscilla Fritsch Fisk Janice E. Green John A. Hauber ’08G Jeremy Hollenbeck Mary Beth Lammela Sara Foley LaValle * Christine M. Mancuso Kristen Murray Marsh Rita M. McBride * Matthew J. Murphy * Wendy Young Orosz * Kirk E. Pero Brent M. Pierce * Steven T. Ralph Dr. Anne Marie Delles Ramsdell Susan Testan Schenkel Laurie A. Sorge ’00G Carol A. Steele Laura A. Taylor Kathleen Moynihan Thompson * Eric J. Weaver Susan Mackowiak Wilt Kathleen A. Wood Joelle E. Woolston

Class of 1997 9% Participation Nicole Z. Adsitt Susan J. Atkinson Christina Primo Bakewicz Susan Nasso Baritot ‘00G * Erin Waugh Brewster ’01G * Paul J. Brewster Sarah E. Cardinali ’99G Michael Casey * Andrea Schneider Casper ‘02G * Anthony D. Collie Stephanie Reese Corp * Jamie R. Fazio * Bonnie M. Guon * Jodi L. Houlihan Deborah Munoz Hurdis Gail Barr Koudelka ‘01G Michael M. Krenzer ’07G Jennifer Axtell Lester ’02G Tonya S. Lightle Dr. Carrie Adamson Morabito Kevin B. Natapow Deborah J. Oliver Julie Eriksson Pera Margot Penfold Schoenborn * Diane J. Shirley ‘06G * Julianna H. Sikes ‘01G Erin E. Silk Kathleen K. Stothard * Laura M. Vetter * Abigail Peterson Wald

Adrienne Farhart Ward

Class of 1998 9% Participation Constance Dangler Abrams * J. Patrick Adams Corey Shapiro Aronstam Rebecca Newell Austin Laura Draper Bodmer * Rebecca R. Boyer Carly Tallman Bradley Mary Jo Burd Kimberly J. Coffey Kathleen M. Comella Holly Schmid Corcoran Brooke Woolston Croft * Jennifer Craig Darling Elizabeth A. Dicicco Kate E. Faraday-Mcdonald * Catherine Camelio Figaro * Leah A. Flynn Connie MacKenzie Funk * Eve Hosford Gotham * Kerry R. Gotham William G. Green Jr. Amy Price Hamlin ‘02G Rita Bartucca Kladstrup ’02G * Kathleen M. Mahoney Krenzer * Kelly Verstraete Landau ‘00G * Ryan T. McDermott * Lisa Vollano Michel * Jennifer Coutu Richardson Jennifer Webster Rumfola Jeanine Ricciardiello Snyder * Emily Parshall Spinelli ‘02G Evelyn D. Stryker ’04G Rebecca Freeh Thornburg Elizabeth Curtin Weir

Class of 1999 6% Participation * Kylene D. Abraham Jacob M. Basta Linda C. Berson Lisa L. Chabot Shannon Frisbie Cooch B.J. Cunningham * Sheila Jackson Foster Mary Jane Gibson * Gregg T. Hausrath Carolyn Nabinger Ingebristen Christina Church Johnson Jonelle Smith Kohl ’03G Andrea Lindblad Elizabeth Maloney McGarvey ’03G Christine Ott McLeary Deanna Buscaglia Messinger Edward J. Monster Christine Roe Newman John J. Newman * Sylvia A. Schenck * Debra J. Siegel ‘03G Genevieve Szymula-George Dr. Seasson Phillips Vitiello

Class of 2000 7% Participation Kristen Reidy Belculfine ’04G Wendy E. Bergman Jeffrey W. Biesiada Adrienne M. Cavallaro Nadia G. Fedoriw Jeffry R. Halverson Charl L. Isham Sarah Menard Janis * Lea R. Kone * Joseph J. Kozlowski Jr. ’01G DONOR LIST 2010-11


* Traci Hay Lian Jeffrey P. Lum ’01G * Jeffrey D. McCormack * Kimberly Sharp McDermott Martin J. Miller Shannon Beikirch Miller ’04G Andrew J. Opett ’01G Katherine Crandall Palmer Melissa A. Parkes Rebecca Bement Patros Dr. Oscar C. Pineda Rebecca Wilkes Ryan Cheryl Morgan Sisson Ann F. Smith * Kristine Zeznick Trimble ’01G Donald L. Young

Class of 2001 6% Participation Abigail Dziedzic Baird Jessica Gilson Basta ’05G Heather Durfey Beavers Katharine Chipre Betters Deborah L. Carter Deborah G. Cohen Darlene L. Cole JoAnne Guleno Curatalo ’04G Jennifer L. Felber ’06G Tracie Glazer ’07G Mary Beth Manino Harrod * Mary E. Kieffer * Mary Katherine Kovar Jennifer Shanley Lenox Illa R. Loeb * John T. Matina ’06G Julie Dulmage McDougal ’02G Kent D. Pierce * Michelle A. Pigula Jason R. Pohlman * Alanna Gaylo Schoonmaker ’03G Jacqueline R. Shiers ’02G Tricia A. Vanauken ’06G Patricia M. Warfield

I n n o v a t i o n

Class of 2002 6% Participation * Christopher C. Amesbury Kristen Anderson Belfield Kristin Coleman Bergholtz ’04G Kelly Schmidt Bortchevsky Cassandra Squires Comerford Ross G. Comerford Karen E. Desjardin Margret Dalton Haughton * Lisa Elsemore Hiley Kathleen B. Hoyt ’04G * Allison P. Kolp ’03G * Deborah A. Kreiser Johanna Dorgan Larensen Michelle E. Leombrone Deana Anstett Longden Michelle Gilardi Mallalieu ’03G Joshua M. Nellist Lisa Zdep Pohlman ’04G Ann E. Rossi * Marie L. Rossi Craig H. Sleeman Lisa R. Milford Szafran Alison M. Tran Brianne Clark Young

Class of 2003 6% Participation Timothy S. Allyn ’06G Beverly J. Badger DONOR LIST 2010-11


* Amy M. Bauer ’09G Marissa M. Brinski ’04G Christine Luskey Burton Victoria J. Carroll * Jeffrey P. Fisher Joseph P. Fountain Dudley A. Hallstead ’04G Lindsay A. Harris Laura O. Heisman * Lucas M. Hiley Melissa E. Kehoskie Carly Slaughter Koopman ’09G Jarod J. Koopman Michael R. Lenox Terence M. Ludwig § Jessica Shackelton MacLay Kathryn S. Mahany * Christopher R. McGoldrick Brett A. Mortimer Erin O’Neil Roma Leslie A. Stafford Eric J. Thomas Silma M. Wilkins Bryan D. Woo ’04G

Class of 2004 5% Participation Bryan D. Adams ‘10G Mary Beth Deckman Allyn ’07G Joseph D. Battiste ’05G Jacquelyn Biondi ’07G Jennifer L. Daly Jennel J. Dillon Peter Griesinger Lisa A. Hartmann Catherine Haviland Hoodak Dr. Kelly HutchinsonAnderson Danielle M. Johnson Shawna M. Kabot ‘07G Amy Senecal Lipton Thomas I. Maclay III ’05G * Denise C. Mahns Nina M. Malatesta ’11G Diane F. Marsh Ann Marie Michels Pacher ’09G Kristine Pierce Potter Jennifer L. Roe ’08G Kaitlynn H. Schuh Eric M. Traub Kelley E. Watkins

Class of 2005 4% Participation Andrea J. Allen ’06G Danielle N. Ambrose ‘06G Sandra R. Atkins Elizabeth A. Berger Laura A. Brumbaugh Susan Cady-White Meghan A. Collier Cecilia B. Dejoy Lynette D. DiBenedetto Ryan T. Feltner Erica T. Gansz ‘09G Gretchen J. Gorman Sandra A. Killeen ‘10G Nathan D. Kishman Sean F. Lander ’08G Richard M. Leicht Kellie J. Leigh ‘10G Katherine M. Masterton ’07G Karen E. Vecellio ’06G

Class of 2006 9% Participation Cassie Janis Adams Clare H. Arezina Lauren M. Bates

Jessica A. Best Laura R. Castner ‘07G Luann Temple Chilson Jefferson E. Dargout Sarah J. Decker ’10G Matthew S. Elliott Deborah A. Felton ’08G Justin D. Fladd Jamie L. Fox Meghan M. Glaude Mary J. Greeno Jacqueline Pierce Havens Ashley M. Holden ’08G Patrick D. Keegan Kimberly S. Kent Dale Fradkin Klein Kevin R. Laley Desere M. Lester ‘10G Donyelle M. Losee ’07G Jennie N. Mazza Michael J. McGrath Amy I. Mehltretter ‘08G Michael T. Middleton Michelle K. Nimmo Ann R. Riholson ‘08G Michael A. Scalise Kristie L. Sprague Elizabeth Puppa Springuel Nicole Brooker Sterner ’08G Lindsey Perkins Taube Gavin M. Thomas Michelle L. Towner Amy L. Vandergrift Margaret M. Van Horne Christopher J. Vanleeuwen Cynthia M. Wilson ’11G Emily A. Wilson

Class of 2007 6% Participation

Caroline E. Fiore Darolyn M. Fischer Joshua S. Fitzgerald Kellen C. Gambeski Jennifer L. Giebel Megan E. Grimmer Dana Carr Heusler Jordan C. Hirsch Christopher L. Holmes Crystal Klapan Kaytlyn R. Krapf ’10G Abbigail B. Loper Dr. Thomas D. Maving ’10G Jaclyn J. Metz Kevin P. O’Toole Justin D. Rahn Carolyn G. Rennie Jessica L. Riegle Nadine L. Roman Andrea Bentley Sawyer ’10G Renee J. Schneider ‘10G Brendan J. Shea Diva Shrestha Jordan L. Sutton Barry D. Thacker Jr. Cassandra A. Thompson

Class of 2009 6% Participation Christopher T. Barrett Leah M. Comerford Donald P. Curran III Matthew J. Dalton Jeffrey M. Dehimer Katherine W. Doheny Christy R. Ebert Emmanuel T. Fai Adele R. Flanagan Kathryn F. Gravelle Miranda E. Heyward ’10G Caitlin D. Jones Ashley A. Martino Kristen F. McIntyre Courtney M. Miller Rita J. Moose Christopher J. Oliver Dr. Julie A. Paska ’11G Laura A. Persico Lisa R. Porter Kellie M. Schiavone Randy G. Scott Pamela L. Severin Michael P. Shea Alison M. Smith Gina L. Totaro Joanne VanderVen Tegan J. N. Williams

Allison K. Beebe ‘11G Nicole D. Bell Carrie Waterman Burns ‘09G Tonia S. Canty-McKinney ’10G Kerry A. Church ’09G Janelle M. Conley Christopher R. Currier Suzanne M. DeFelice Amanda C. DeMaria ‘10G Francis S. Donald Katerina G. Fabian Sarah E. Malloy-Good Marissa C. Mangini ’08G Tia M. Morgia ‘10g * Christopher F. Patterson Amanda M. Prosser * Bernadetter J. Rall Marc S. Restucci Class of 2010 Jessica S. Rogers 5% Participation Kathryn J. Sirico Lauren E. Spector ’08G Jeanluc J. Cipriano Susan Jensen Stephens ’11G Stephen E. Dushenko * Bryan S. Sweet Jill N. Egmond Mary A. Tiballi Laura J. Finan Terese L. Vaccaro ’10G Kelly A. Flanagan Kristin Y. Weil William Gustafson Robin A. Winstanley ’11G Mark S. Herdman Jennifer Klien Class of 2008 Linnea B. Knoerzer 7% Participation Sandra J. Lemmon Kelli L. Loucks Michael T. Anderson Pauline A. Macri Barbara L. August Nichole A. Magistro Kathryn M. Baldwin Jason C. Mathewson Janette C. Bennett Daniel T. Matteo ’11G Erin R. Bettin Courtney Meyer Jennifer A. Breunig ’10G Carrie M. Nielsen Emily M. Cannon ’11G Victoria J. Pape Daniel J. Crowley Stephanie M. Poulos Mary C. Delorme Cindy Rumble Maura E. DeMaria ’11G Victoria Sena Kimberlee A. DiGiovanni ’11G Ann Sessler Andrea E. Farrell Brittany M. Taylor

Elizabeth M. Way

Class of 2011 50% Participation Amber M. Ackerman Amanda L. Alvarado Nora C. Amyot Amber L. Andrus Caitlyn B. Angelidis Kristy N. Aquila Lauren A. Armstrong Lauren P. Audette Kimberly V. Barber Meghan J. Barclay Kelly J. Bardeen Jennifer A. Barletta Whitney M. Barrett Angelina L. Barrows Leah E. Bausch Moseleine Beauvais Jeri R. Beckens Amanda E. Bentley Anastasia J. Beyer Skye Bierton Jennifer M. Bloom Brenna E. Boerman Michael S. Boerner Lisa M. Bonnlander Meaghan A. Boozang-Hill Alicia K. Bradford Deanna N. Briscoe Christina E. Brule Bridget E. Burkart Brent M. Burkhardt Kathleen F. Burnell Riley K. Carhart Daniella V. Cissell Nicole E. Clack Anna L. Colon Jan Conte Emily A. Conway Heather M. Crawford Savonne M. Crews Ashley M. Cummings Emily Cutting Richard C. Davis Megan A. Deats Bianca M. DeJesus Thomas J. DeLeo John J. DeMott Amanda P. DeRoo Natalie L. Dicaro Lisa M. DiMatteo Scott T. Duell Kara L. Eaker Birgit M. Eckstrom Ashley Ernst Kelsey S. Evans Renee A. Ferraro Daniel Feuerstein Emily E. Fields Meghan A. Finn Danielle M. Fiorentino Sara A. Florini Jonathan P. Formella Cory J. Frank Dale Fravel II Jenna L. Freeman Leslie P. Gale Helen K. Garvis Rebecca K. Geblein Stephen A. Gefell Jessica R. Geraci Abraham H. Gerson Joseph N. Gerula Jake M. Giovanini Carrie Goodberlet Mackenzie L. Gotshall Sarah Greenhorn Catherine G. Gudaitis Anna Hadnagy Kathleen M. Hall Heather R. Hamilton Christina M. Hanley Meredith R. Hanlon Dellenna R. Harper

Jazzmen J. Harris Kelsey M. Hawkins Sheila M. Hernandez Sara Heron Carly A. Hewitt Diane M. Hicks Mary C. Holland Lyndsi S. Holmes Jenna B. Howard John R. Howe Laura Hungerford Humaira Hussain Laura C. Isabella Anna D. Iuppa Takara N. Jones Meghan K. Keenan Timothy D. Kelley Erin E. Kolb Nirvana Kotoric Brittany M. Krupp Molly M. Lapinski Stephanie Lesko Michelle M. Leszczynski Rebecca M. Long Charlena M. Lovett Alexandra S. Lunt Joseph A. Maffei Maria A. Mancino Christopher M. Mancuso Jessica M. Mangicaro Jenna M. Martens Suzie M. Marvin Steven Matos Colleen M. Mawn Mary Elizabeth McAndrew Kyle J. McLean Kaitlin M. Meleski-Oskamp Joshua L. Mendez Chere E. Miceli Jessica E. Montalbano Erin A. Murphy Kelly E. Noble Jessica C. O’Connor Lindsay M. O’Connor Kaitlyn M. Oudt Kristen M. Palladino Alyssa M. Pantano Lauren J. Peczkowski Kristen A. Pedrotti Thomas Petrini Jason M. Piatt Andrea A. Picente Jennifer C. Pier Amanda L. Poppe Bethany M. Printup-Davis Christina R. Radvanski Megan E. Rawlings Samantha F. Clay Reagan Jessica L. Reeves Lauren E. Resetarits Erica R. Riker Rachel D. Riley Brianna M. Rooney Jon Salmon David Sanchez Alek L. Santiago Emelyn M. Santos Ryan T. Sawyer Ashley J. Schweitzer Judith B. Scott Sarah L. Segal Michael D. Seils Kaileigh E. Sheffer Jigme D. Sherpa Jeffrey P. Shewell Casie M. Sikora Daniel J. Simmons Hillary L. Simon Breanna C. Smith Emily A. Soule Lindsey K. Spector Lisa M. Sprague Jessica L. Stanchus Stephanie S. Standeven Courtney L. Stanton Adam R. Stearns Jessica R. Stevens Michael J. Stewart

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Amber L. Streicher Sarah K. Swartout Kelly R. Sweeney Shaughna E. Szymanski Sarah M. Teetsel Zasmira E. Tellez Alicia K. Tobin Elizabeth C. Tota Carol E. Turo William D. Vandelinder Solmarie Vega Heidi C. Wagner-Maggitti Noah M. Wagoner Alexandra E. Walker Kendall M. Wehs Jennifer L. Weidright Sara M. Weigel Lindsay A. Whalen Maura C. Whitman Christine E. Wilson Jeremy J. Wood Rebecca J. Youmell

Graduate Alumni Class Lists Class of 1965 Margaret Neel Webber Class of 1973 ¥ Pamela J. Vangraafeiland Class of 1974 Pauline W. Bradbury § Janice Collins Geraldine G. Hastings Cherie L. Keller * Rita Lesniak Ann Nelson Joanne R. Prachel Rhoda E. Ride Patricia Y. Rumbold Joann Walton Ryan Daniel Saperstone * Dr. James D. Sculley * Diane S. Seager Elizabeth P. Stewart Susan Strong Worboys Class of 1975 Founders Society Members: 2 Joyce Marie Aab John J. Addante Debora Simstad Allyn Kevin Lee Austin * Barbara Dona Bruins Alfred J. Cocco Angela D. D’Andrea * Miriam P. Keegan Dean ¥ Barbara R. Dinse Marlain R. Evans * Joan H. Gerst * Cornelia F. Klein * Linda W. Marino * Betty Ann Partigan * Nancy L. Ralston ¥ Virginia H. Rockwell Anne Slotnick ¥ June L. Stornelli Jacqueline L. Stutzman * Loretta S. Wahl * Judith H. Whitaker * Elaine J. Wood

Class of 1976 Founders Society Members: 1 Gay Siebert Abbey * Margaret Acello Patricia Pugliese Battisti Richard W. Bialczak

James Blankenberg David M. Bramley Thomas R. Chiavetta Marilyn W. Christman Donna L. Colvin * Josephine L. Dannahe Stella L. Davis-Wiley * Judith Moore Dixon * Antoinette M. Escott Barbara Colvin Feidner * Kathleen Coluccelli Felzer * Brian J. Foster Andrea S. Giuffre * Laura R. Goddard ¥ A. Scott Hecker Diane Stone Kendall Douglas F. Klick * Leslie C. Knapp ¥ James B. Mangin * Dr. Robert C. Marino Francene Carter McCarthy * Beverly T. McDonnell Linda Mros Harriet R. Nemitz Donna W. Orioli Joyce D. Perelli * Carole A. Plate Ronald J. Pratt Royetta H. Pulver ¥ Pamela J. Reynolds Gerard Ruffino Katherine Sanagursky Mary Lou R. Straka * Dorothy Nims Topping * Linda A. Vanderbrook * Ruth T. Wilson

Class of 1977 Marcia Madden Austin Sarah A. Boyd Georgene M. Bramley Virginia M. Buchman * Gay Perry Burch ¥ Irene M. Caccamise ¥ Mary Ellen Witherow Cancilla Cynthia Wallace Capps * Frederick A. Cardella * Judith Cullen Carter Barbara Chiariello ¥ Charlotte Bloom Cohen Ionie O. Crosdale Carole Sue Furman ¥ Joan Geise Anne Boyle Glazier Dewey G. Golden Salvatore J. Indovina Joan H. Kelly * Dolores E. Linder Janice F. Lukas Joan E. Matzner Paul Monachino Jr. Donna L. Murano M. Louise Murray * Barbara W. Ordway * David R. Palozzi * Suzanne Fischer Petronello * Johnnie McCalla Scales ¥ Jean Rossi Seidel Agnes M. Seneway * Donna L. Snyder Marie R. Sorrentino Penny L. Speidel Noreene B. Tarantino Linda Erwin Traynor * Lucille C. Vandervelde Christy Walsh * Christine M. Ward Kim F. Weick * Elaine R. Zack Class of 1978 * Winifred Burry Adams * Marsha E. Blankson Becky Ceccarelli * Elaine C. Chapin

* Linda C. Cieminis * Anthony L. Cinquino Ellen Cournoyer * Martha Smith Crawford Charles H. Criss Mark Dembs * Diana Jensen Dooling * Patricia L. Fontana Dorothy H. Green * Adelaide C. Harris * Darlyne A. Johnston Bonnie T. Kish * Paulette A. Kyle Ida D. Locklear Bonnie R. Martin * Josephine Cottone Martinescu * Mildred Cotton MurphyCama Yvonne Akers Ramsey Nancy Rose Romagnola * Steven Stanton ¥ Doris Starks Nancee Sykes

Phyllis A. Thompson Emma Troupe * Harold A. Weiss * Gail L. Whitcraft * Elizabeth O’Brien Widman

Class of 1979 ¥ Mary Deluise Bigelow Elaine Christiano ¥ Janice Kent Culver Maureen Magill Demarco Linda Wyland Dronsfield * Kathleen Sue Eckert Mary N. Fiorica James M. Georger Alice Gissendanner * Jennifer Evans Gourdine Daniel J. Higgins Bruce A. Jackson * Maryrita Fischer Maier Christine J. Mariotti Olivia Ann Marozzi * Therese Ewart Mynott * Frances L. Noeth * Carol Barber Oehlbeck Margaret R. Perticone Mary Thomas Quinn Frederick L. Ricci * Linda F. Sutton * Joanne M. Syversen

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

* Mary Jo Asquith Teneyck Donald F. Thomas Patricia A. Vanslyke * Bruce H. Weinberg Mary T. Zimmer

Class of 1980 Anonymous Judith Kessler Blaustein ¥ Richard S. Burrell Sr. * Kathleen J. Clute Margaret Riley Davis Linda J. D’Onofrio Bonnie Schlegel Foster Bruna Furgiuele Jane Lovenheim Glazer ¥ Patricia Gulvin Hart Mary Beth Hewitt June P. Kates Wendy H. Kidder ¥ Dulcy M. Lecour Dr. Ann Scheier Leonard Dorene Searles MacDonald Carol Amish MacInnes

* Patricia A. Penwell Colleen Saamer Price ¥ Ingrid C. Quinn * Carol S. Schantz * Leonard J. Schmitt Jean Jordan Stoll Catherine O. Trupo Elizabeth H. Waugh

Class of 1982 Susan F. Blumberg * Fern Liss Bomwell Mary C. Chester ¥ Kenneth C. Dardenne ¥ Francis A. Defusto ¥ Rochelle Cantor Fine Martha C. Godshalk Katie Goetzmann Marvin F. Goldsberry Leah K. Hoover Christina H. Howard Everlena Hunt Elizabeth Britton Inzer W. Jacqueline Johnson Wendy Murphy Kaiser Lynn C. Katilius * Kathleen B. Keogh Kimberley Austin Klinger * Pamela S. Koehler ¥ Helena M. Krebs Susan Ferenczy MacEnroe Karen C. Meyer * Onnalie E. Miller * Patricia Cieri Monopoli Joan D. Mons * Joan L. Nobiling Ann Dwyer O’Neil * Lorraine Lecarie Reed Florence Sandra Sloan * Nancy Sheppard Smith * Ralph M. Toscano Jr. Ferlandia M. Townsend Dawn Gregory Walentuk Richard C. Warren Betsy Wing-Schroeder

Class of 1983 ¥ Marylu Simmons Andrews * Michele G. Buck Margaret Cherkasky Joyce Taylor Dustman Maryann Geonie Janet Goodier-Roark Gail Burley Henry Cinda S. Hibschman Paula M. MacKowiak * Patricia McGovern Istvan * Brenda B. MacLean * Toni B. Kiddie ¥ Anita M. Mance ¥ Susan Manley Paula N. May Roy J. Mons Mary Ellen Nasser Monahan * Diana Bartlett Moore * Elaine M. Moon Eleanor Holmes Pelcher ¥ Gary W. Nothnagle * Jeanne York Ristau Mary C. Panzer Joan E. Sapp Katherine Polozie Barbara B. Smith * Patricia Grassi Pragel Christine Blank Smith William M. Quinlisk Robert J. Stevens Barbara H. Reimensnyder * Susan B. Truelove * Roslyn Brisk Rogan Carmella Warren * Aileen A. Sousa Trudy Whitney * Marianne H. Stager * Kathryn Hague Thomas Class of 1984 Gladys Vasciannie Elizabeth J. Barnes Tamara A. Whitbeck Janna L. Brackett ¥ Diane Maitland Cappellino Class of 1981 * Richard P. Depasquale Sheila Cooney Bachman * Roberta A. DiMarco Roberta Borg * Caryl A. Dooley Darleen M. Contario Michael Freeman ¥ Pat Detitta Margaret Gardner ¥ Janice R. Donaldson Susan Higham Golembeski Diane M. Irwin Tezelia Hornberger Regina West Jennison Linda Wilhelm King Beverly J. Jones James G. Lawlor Jane A. Lustyk ¥ Patricia Fries Lovallo Nancy Stubbs McMullen Carol Lodder MacDonald * Monica S. O’Brien * Stephen R. Muzzi

* Dr. Catherine S. Quenin Suzanne Ricci * Victoria Yacono Sarro Joe I. Schwartz Dolores Seagren Rhonda J. Tevels Karen S. Volanth

Class of 1985 * Linda Hubbard Beach * Mary C. Casey Robin Clark Conner Katherine J. Ewart Isabelle D. Jensen Barbara C. Kolstee ¥ Lynne Miller Kuhn * Georgia LoCicero ¥ Syma Daniels Mulich ¥ Elaine Ostrowski Renee P. Partington * Cynthia W. Rodman * Mary B. Sculley Florie M. Session Claire J. Sheppard Debra L. Stewart Kathleen Crowley Weinmann Class of 1986 Theresa Pollock Aldridge Patricia Tingley Atkinson ¥ Corinne Kelly Avery * Evelyne A. Blumenau Phyllis Boon Michael C. Bozza Miranda Bradshaw * Nancy L. Detty Maria T. Ehresman * Sharon M. Greaves Arleen B. Hammersla * Patricia A. Hatch Nancy J. Howe Josephine A. Keller Doreen E. Klein * Jeanne Reeners Loysen Karen K. Maney Barbara Reed McCoy § Charles L. McMullen * Marilyn Wallace Mossien Mark M. Reissig Marita S. Vanderveer Class of 1987 Susan Schoenthal Allen Jennifer D. Baxter Patricia Hill Bondi Warren D. Bush * Susan Malowitz Cinquino * Margaret P. Doyle Carole J. Fisher Lucille Dimaria Flint Marilyn Grasso Denise L. Kendricks * Mary Ann Cardo Mady Geraldine Maurer Susan M. Miller ¥ Linda Morgan Payne Malinda Pittman Donna M. Proietti Patricia Rini Rohrer Rita I. Wartell ¥ Lorraine W. Whittington ¥ Sandra Luke Wing Class of 1988 * Mary Bodyk Carolyn A. Buntich * Carol MacKinder Crain Elizabeth Donahue Derosa * Doris Dalton Harper Susan Mack Kwiatkowski ¥ Elizabeth Parker Lundy * Ruth L. Marchetti Lynn A. O’Brien Jean McDermott Ochs ¥ Diane Davies Parrinello DONOR LIST 2010-11


Lauren Howitt Vallone

Class of 1989 Leslie G. Bowers Rebecca L. Buell * Ann S. Chazan Peter Doerner Teresa M. Donnan * Mary Ellen Miller Gleason Virginia Kindler Hatt * Susan J. Kaufman Lori Kalamanka Kosara Marcia Loomis * Carol S. Osborne Margaret A. Politte Jacqueline A. Ruth Robert K. Shaffer * Robin Brooks Taylor * Anne W. Vilas Dennis A. White Gerard F. Zappia Class of 1990 Barbara A. Bansbach * Patti A. Borrelli Raymond J. Bracalenti * Ellen J. Buffan Michele F. Cuddy Jean A. Delucia * Kathleen F. Dickinson Jacqueline Dixon-Bryant Diane M. Erhard Janice M. Hawkins Teresa Bunal Johnson Jeffrey K. Kenyon * Doreen R. MacDonough Christine Maffucci Jan E. Marchetti Carol A. Mesolella Mary L. Miller Carleen Disanto Mull Christine Noeth-Abele Llewellyn S. Rice * Shirley B. Shaw Lisa M. Tambasco * Ellen Yockel Tempest William G. Yanklowski

I n n ovatio n

Class of 1991 * Christopher W. Barnes David Boni David Connolly R. Anne Crocker Susan E. Fagan-Bethea Nancy Freeman * Anne M. Gray Patricia M. Krebs * Gayle V. Kunkel Krystyna Kula Loeffler Joelle Mulich Maurer Shirley McNamara Judith A. Michael Katherine Mykins Nancy D. Rank Jean A. Ritter-Gaylord Barbara M. Rudolph * Karen-Ann Savino Karen Smallman Susan M. Vantyle Class of 1992 * Loraine Ahearn Charles J. Avino Ruth Espinosa Barone Stephanie Curry Lauretta Dawson Mary Magill Dorgan * Mary M. Duprey * Irene F. Fadden * Jane P. Gerace * Dr. Barbara M. Godshall

DONOR LIST 2010-11


Russell Grasso Kim Farley Krenzer Carol A. Lanterman Patricia J. Massa Sandra Mertz McCabe Patricia O’Reilly Michelle Haug Repp Nancy A. Ryan Lynn S. Sanger * Nancy Scott Karen S. Soble Suzanne M. Sodoma * Cheryl Lee Swartout * Carol Z. Ventress * Adelle Miller Wadsworth * Susan Wagner Weaver Judith Wiltberger

Class of 1993 Janice M. Astles * Denise Bassage Bickert * Pamela B. Bloss Bridget T. Dee * John R. Doser Delaina Dichiara Grasso Kenneth M. Infarinato * Theresa A. Knapp Rebecca Krapf Koehler * Denise Canestraro Lapine * Janice I. Masterson Jane A. Mistur Kristine L. Skarzynski Carolyn H. Wagner

* Kimberly A. Yonko

Class of 1997 * Nancy Malfitano Bailey Bernadette T. Bergancia Michele Corneles Brewer Scott M. Briggs * Robert R. Casper Jr. Diane C. George Irene Forgensi Hammons * Patricia L. Hilbert * Kay Batty Holb Deborah Misturak Lauf Polly Chapman Parker * Heather Hague Ralph Christina A. Rucci * Vicki Seamans Spurr Cynthia J. Stubbe Alethea A. Sutton Maureen Q. Unterborn Marsha J. Wenhold Class of 1998 Colleen Boardman Paula S. Burkhardt Judith L. Cook

* Allison Urlaub DiMarco Elizabeth Lull Flynn Richard S. Hartmetz Desiree Dantzler Johnson Jeanne W. Kaidy * Nancy Humphreys McMahon Christopher O. Oldfield Elin Holmes Orman Julia Walsh Postler Anne Marie Farage Smith Lawrence E. Spangenburg * Roxanne W. Spogen Susan L. Weiss Karin E. Wheelock

Class of 2002 Jeffrey S. Alger Marie Eivers Dastin Class of 2000 Chywane Collins Ely David P. Baritot Lisa Colf Hendrickson * Faith T. Benedict Nancy A. Iadanza * Mary Margaret Roach Blythe Suzanne Schroeder Jute Diane Casey Michael A. Kohl Brent A. Curtis * Sharon Skilins Linehan Elizabeth A. Decosse Mary M. Lynch * Lynn M. Ellingwood * Ida Rossotti Marra Martha L. Fabretti David E. Owens * Jillian S. Hackett Patricia Fliss Pawlowski Kathy Scata Penny Christine M. Salisbury Patricia J. Schwarz Class of 2003 Lisa Occhipinti Aratari * Andrea Sutton Calabrese Casey L. Cline Bonnie R. Crawford Donna C. Davern * Molly Laragy Dertinger Laurajean A. Drake Cheryl A. Engh * Irene Bushey Fazio Holly Ingram Fiorica Donna L. Haeger Gloria M. Hitchcock Linda J. Izzo * Joanne L. Jones Melissa A. Koster * Seana Mangan Kowal Emily S. Krenichyn * Patricia A. Leoboldt Marilynn B. Lesczynski * Stephen W. Lian Mark F. Phinney Patrick J. Saeva * Janice T. Sherman Nora J. Sherman Kelly Tara Herbert Wilson III

Class of 1994 Lisa Dawani Alva * Leslie Siekierski Barnes Monica Cormier Connolly * Catherine A. D’Anza * Gary A. Greer Margaret Hopkins * Anna Catherine Hurley * Elaine S. Johnson Janet Webster King * Patricia C. Koch Ellen J. Kostraba Toni-Marie Uttaro Mizma * Mary Ann Tarana Pavone Jan J. Taylor Class of 1995 Cathleen M. Anne * Tina Bedard Beyea Catherine M. Bovenzi Patricia Flaherty Bowman * Vicki W. Casarett * Maeve A. Cullinane Leslie W. Gambee John A. Giotto Claudia Thummler Hobler * Beth Larimer Laprade Elizabeth Jacobstein McManus * Michael R. Morone * Christine L. Schachtner Amy Lynn Stappenbeck Diana B. Voellinger Class of 1996 * Anonymous Anne Paul Bell Tawny S. Bondi-Livingston Lisa J. Christopher Jean A. Greco Phyllis Rizzo Haviland Laura E. Lehner Margaret Murty-Jackson Lorene Dake Porte * Cecille V. Shorter Elizabeth A. Skehan Maria Salome Stewart * Regena R. Tardugno * Frank Vaccaro

Prudence C. Kirkpatrick John P. Kremer Michael N. Lazary John L. Michaelree * Brenda Stejskal Munch Mary Margaret Neelin * Beth A. North Daniel B. O’Connell Phyllis B. Oetinger Mimi Bell Rainford Donald M. Schwab Alice E. Witherow

* Michelle E. Corbett Katherine Munding DiMarco Nancy L. Dorsey Karen J. Ego Patricia A. Elliott Patricia Federico Fields Barbara Clark Hadley Anne Hayes-Penner Elizabeth J. Koser Houghton * Jacquelyn Foster Kelly Tracey Moody Merriman Lori A. Narewski Krista V. Palermo-Spencer * Paula Trost Smith * Jacquelyn Haak Toomey Tammy T. Wagoner Sharon M. Wilbert Kimberly Derycke Wolf

Class of 1999 Sally A. Bittner Jeanette M. Cathy * Ellen Ross Cogan Erin O’Brien Daul April E. Dawson

Robert C. Hathaway * Carrie Schnell Kirk * Kathleen Laforce-Hutteman David S. Lempert Sandra M. McCormack Lee M. Moran Theodore E. Nixon Mary R. Novick * Charlene Berry Pickering Catherine A. Resch Amy Copeland Stark * Sandra L. Stein Stella A. Stepney Heather Fahey Stevens * Nancy K. Tirabassi Christine Herzog Treasure Bridget C. Wohlers

Class of 2001 * Jeanine A. Agnello Dr. Brian W. Bailey Janelle M. Bradshaw Elisabeth Fama Eberts Leigh Foos Funderburk Michael C. Kipp

Class of 2004 Lindsay A. Agness * Laurie E. Asermily Kathleen S. Bement Samuel Birrittella Denise M. Burns Madlyn Kauffman Cassata Denise A. Charland Lenora A. Colaruotolo Kameron Libbers Holmes Izumi H. Kawasaki Timothy S. McGuckin James C. Quinn Deanna L. Rose Donald J. Russo Jr. Maureen Taylor Shaw Eva J. Thomas Ernest C. Whitbeck IV Andrea M. Zettlemoyer Class of 2005 * Alisa A. Blanco Laurie Buckley

Julie Bazan D’Angelo Linda P. Epstein Karl P. Frederick Sally Belshaw Knauf Adriana C. Kulakowski Georgette G. Lee Jason R. Maitland Sarah Farrell Partner Cheryl L. Ranalletta Shannon M. Stoll Matilda E. Storm * Loretta C. Wilmot

Class of 2006 Margaret Farrell Benedetto Denine L. Bratcher Martin A. Coddington Tracy L. Donvito Jeffrey R. Gammill Henry A. Lotyczewski Margaret L. Osenbach Benjamin G. Rand Amy L. Tierney Jessica H. Valerio Class of 2007 Jeffrey M. Green Kimberly B. Hunt Juanita C. Jolley Willie J. Robinson Jr. Rose Marie Vantyne Class of 2008 Marie J. Bell La’von Bucciarelli Ann Buckley Ryan B. Goff Irene D. Magos Dora L. McKissock Barbara J. Murak * Victoria Scaccia Peltier Deborah Rowe-Jarrett Margaretta Novak Schuler Stephanie A. Smarsh Lauren S. Steck Kerry G. VanMalderghem Rochelle D. Watson Class of 2009 Tara L. Blanchard Jolene E. Bowser Joanna S. Fitzgerald Renee Olin Keefer Heather Laird Stephanie A. Muscato Cristyn M. Reynolds Jean-Claude Roux Holly H. Thompson Colleen Vogt Trevisani Class of 2010 Charlene E. Buerman Sarah L. Canzano Colleen M. Familo Jeffrey A. Footer Rebecca M. Glogowski Gregory T. Kinslow Dr. Daniel J. Lewis Margaret G. Lull Susan Chekow Lusignan Latanja L. Morsell Alison C. Skvarla Marjorie J. Stout Tyler J. Wheelock Kelly M. Wolf Teresa H. Yung Margaret M. Zanghi Class of 2011 Lisa Hollern Darcy A. Jebo

§ Deceased * 5+ years consecutive giving ¥ 25+ years consecutive giving

Nazareth College Senior Staff

Nazareth College Board of Trustees 2010–2011 Joyce Marie Aab ’75G

Don H. Kollmorgen

President Daan Braveman, J.D.

Susan Acker

Dr. Cynthia Reddeck-LiDestri

Nazareth College Trustees Emeritus 2010–2011

Jack Allocco ’72

Judy Wilmot Linehan ’76, Chair

Seraphine Herbst ’58, S.S.J.

Associate to the President Patricia D. Genthner

James A. Costanza, Vice Chair

Dr. Elizabeth McAnarney

Lauren Dixon

Kim J. McCluski

Stephen P. Kelbley

Vice President for Academic Affairs Sara Varhus, Ph.D.

Steve M. Dubnik

Dr. Mary Louise Mitchell, S.S.J.

Emil (Zeke) Duda

Robert C. Morgan

Vice President for Enrollment Management Thomas DaRin

Sergio Esteban

Stephen D. Natapow

Eileen Pinto ’66

Timothy D. Fournier

Richard F. Pierpont ’91

Dr. Patricia Schoelles ’74, S.S.J.

Jane Lovenheim Glazer ’80G

Nancy Sands

Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Margaret Cass Ferber

Norman Spindelman

Ann Marie Durawa Gulian ’90

James P. Sessler

Brian E. Hickey

Anne Sevier-Buckingham ’63

Fred E. Strauss

Bridgette Hobart ’84

Lori VanDusen

Thomas Ioele

David L. Vigren

Richard A. Kaplan

Steve Whitman

Vice President for Institutional Advancement Kelly E. Gagan Vice President for Student Development Kevin Worthen

William B. Konar David J. Metz

Colleen Wilmot ’71

Thomas C. Wilmot Sr.

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Deborah Dooley ’75, Ph.D. Dean of the School of Education Timothy Glander, Ph.D. Dean of the School of Health and Human Services Shirley Szekeres, Ph.D. Dean of the School of Management Gerard Zappia ’89G Director in Multicultural Affairs Gaynelle Wethers

Nazareth College Mission and Vision Statements

Statement on Respect and Diversity

The mission of Nazareth College is to provide a learning community that educates students in the liberal arts, sciences, visual and performing arts, and professional fields, fostering commitment to a life informed by intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and aesthetic values; to develop skills necessary for the pursuit of meaningful careers; and to inspire dedication to the ideal of service to their communities. Nazareth seeks students who want to make a difference in their own world and the world around them, and encourages them to develop the understanding, commitment, and confidence to lead fully informed and actively engaged lives.

We, the Nazareth community, embrace both respect for the person and freedom of speech. The College promotes civility and denounces acts of hatred or intolerance. The free exchange of ideas is possible only when concepts, values, and viewpoints can be expressed and challenged in a manner that is neither threatening nor demeaning. It is the policy of Nazareth College, in keeping with its efforts to foster a community in which the diversity of all members is respected, not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, marital or veteran status, disability, carrier status, genetic predisposition, or any other protected status. Respect for the dignity of all peoples is an essential part of the College’s tradition and mission, and its vision for the future.

The vision of Nazareth College is to be nationally and internationally recognized as a comprehensive educational institution which provides its students with transformational experiences and integrates liberal arts, sciences, visual and performing arts, and professional education at the undergraduate and graduate levels and which places special value on student success, diversity, inclusion, civic engagement, and making a difference in local and global communities.

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Nazareth College Annual Report 2011  

Nazareth College broke ground on its Integrated Center for Math and Science in April 2011. This new center, slated to open in fall 2012, emb...

Nazareth College Annual Report 2011  

Nazareth College broke ground on its Integrated Center for Math and Science in April 2011. This new center, slated to open in fall 2012, emb...