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We are your distributor and importer of some great brands in the Benelux.

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We are Navstar, a small company with great potential. We strive to provide products which we ourselves believe in and introduce them into the market so everyone can “benefit� in the broadest sense of the word.


Founded by two very passionate entrepreneurs we succeeded with NavStar in 2002 to throw high marks in the navigation market and changed it forever. With our vision and perseverance we succeeded to bring navigation within the reach of everyone with the Perfect Passenger Software. The First plug-and-play solution for the Palm PDA that could be used immediately after purchase, This was not previously possible in the navigation-world. After that we started our successful coĂśperation with Navigon. We saw it as an interesting challenge to compete with a global player in the Navigon area in their homeland. We had a target that with great enthusiasm and passion we wanted to redecorate the established navigation scenery in the Benelux. Partly because of our confidence in our products and qualities we succeeded to get Navigon on the number two position in the Benelux market. Due to our small and personal approach we shaken up the already established navigation market.

Roel Timmers Co-Founder / Managing Director Entrepreneur who is dedicated to bring products in which he believes to the market, so everybody can enjoy them. (and it is really great I can make a living out of my hobby) A little bit personal: My friends call me "The Gadgetman" so it is not hard to guess where my interests lie... |

DaniĂŤl Kandel Co-Founder / Managing Director Entrepreneur who is dedicated to put products in which he believes in stores. Focusing not only on moving boxes but also the overall experience in the stores. With a great amount of experience in the field and a large consumer portfolio he always puts the brands in the right channels. |

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Our Brands

“We are constantly looking for (a limited amount of) innovative products to expand / adapt our range of products to give our customers and their customers what they currently and soon will “need”!”

A colorful product range At this moment we are the exclusive importer / distributor of innovative and unique brands. Brands that we ourselves are very enthusiastic about and want to share this enthusiasm with others. Brands that each in their own way change the lives of their users and facilitate them. But also brands that need a proper push to become successful. A little attention, reputation in the market and local support. This is where we, NavStar are good at according to our customers and vendors.

Devices Connected to Internet PC/Tablets/Smartphones

Internet of Things

“ The ‘Internet of Things’ alone will surpass the PC, tablet, and phone market combined by 2017!” Source: BI Intelligence Estimates

Store Front Presentation

Smart home Presentation With this Smart Home presentation for Gamma we gave a good insight in how Gamma can achieve maximum exposure to Smart Home and Domotica to give the customer the full Horizontal presentation of the Gamma Brands. With this way of presenting Smart Home customers will be aware that Gamma is the place to be for all their Smart Home solutions and see that Smart Home is also for them and easily to integrate and combine in their home.

Instore Experience - Selexion With this Smart Home presentation for Euronics we gave a good insight in how Euronics (together with our Smart Display) can achieve maximum exposure to Smart Home and Domotica to give the customer the full Horizontal presentation of the Euronics brands. With this way of presenting Smart Home customers will be aware that Euronics is the place to be for all their Smart Home solutions and see that Smart Home is also for them and easily to integrate and combine in their home.

Work in progress

Our focus

Fitbit Wahoo

Smart Home Foscam Tado Piper Smarter Danalock ……

Smart Health

We provide complete solutions for the main smart categories providing a broad spectrum of smart products for both consumers and retailers. Navstar is very connected to wearables and innovative products. We embrace innovative smart products, looking at the future we believe that smart technology will be the main focus for years to come. That is why we focus on the main smart categories to provide solid products within different price ranges. The categories we want to focus on are: smart watch, smart health, smart gadgets, smart home and smart toys.

Smart Gadgets Livescribe Raspberry Pi AllDock Wakawaka ……

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Online Channels

We have direct access and contacts with the main online stores so we can help you set-up your brand on the biggest online stores in the Netherlands with the right content to increase your brand's visibility. With the right content we can be up and running in 24 hours!

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Loyalty B2B

Smart Home A smart home is greater than the sum of its parts!


The leading IP products and solution provider. To improve a more secure life for the people by providing the highest quality security products with best competitive prices.

Outdoor IP Camera
 Foscam has outdoor IP camera surveillance devices with easy setup and installation procedures. These devices can transmit video streaming to a remote viewer, with an option to set motion detection alarms for the area under surveillance.


 Foscam Plug & Play
 These are the first High Definition Plug and Play indoor IP cameras. Because of the Plug-and-Play feature these are very easy to install. Foscam App Foscam's all-new design of the user interface and software architecture of the APP, to provide you better user experience. On Foscam, you can add your brand new camera in minutes, then view your camera from anywhere, anytime on the planet. You can also control and setup your camera.


The Smart Thermostat for your Heating System, Smart Radiator Thermostats and Airco that uses your phone’s location to cut your heating bill.

 It’s time for smarter heating Heating accounts for 60% of the average household’s energy bill. Nevertheless, ancient heating technology is often used for heating control. tado° replaces this with a new intelligent solution which helps you save energy and heating costs. It will pay for itself in under a year. Your personal heating assistant tado° makes sure that no energy is wasted. With the help of the Smartphone App tado° automatically knows how far you are away from your home. tado° carefully reduces the temperature to an optimal level as soon as the last person has left home. It keeps in mind how to pre-warm the home most efficiently for your return. This cuts overall heating costs by up to 31%.

Connect your Tado with the rest of your smart home using IFTTT, Amazon Echo or Apple Homekit.

Thermosmart Thermosmart is a user-friendly and sleek designed smart Wi-Fi thermostat.


Save energy ThermoSmart is smart. He gives you exact insight into your consumption and shows you how much a shower costs. In addition, ThermoSmart is self-learning and thus attunes itself to the heating characteristics of your home. With ThermoSmart, your heating is never on unnecessarily, and it heats the water for the shower only when you really need it. ThermoSmart:That’s Pretty easy Thermosmart is a user-friendly and sleek smart Wi-Fi thermostat. You connect Thermosmart to your boiler through the existing wiring. Thermosmart then connects to the internet through your local Wifi network. This way you can even if you are nit at home, control your thermostat remotely with your smartphone, tablet or computer. The way to set and adjust the Thermosmart is innovatieve yet simple and familiar. The app and web portal are design to both be intuitive and user-friendly.

Connect your Tado with the rest of your smart home using IFTTT, Amazon Echo or Apple Homekit.


Smarter allows you to interact with your kitchen from wherever you are via the Smarter app.

FridgeCam FridgeCam’s innovative food tracking capabilities is the platform to eliminating the growing problem of food waste at home. The FridgeCam is a wireless camera that fits inside any fridge in the world, allowing you to see the contents from anywhere via the Smarter App. The iKettle 2.0 Packed full of new features on the kettle and in the App, the iKettle 2.0 makes your life even easier. A new innovative water level sensor, formula mode and customisable temperature setting are just some of the new features. Smarter Coee The Smarter Coffee machine, provides an even better way to start your day. Remotely brew your coffee from anywhere in the home, through the free Smarter mobile app. Adjust the strength of your coffee as well as select how many cups you would like to brew. Welcome home mode and wake up mode allow you to brew a coffee at a time to suit you.


Easiest access You are the sole owner of your Danalock. If you want others to have access to your home, you just create and send permanent, recurrent, or temporary access-keys via SMS or email. You can choose to recieve a notification when the user accepts your invitation and whenever your lock is used

New intriguing design. More than a decade of experience boiled down to one supreme product

 Easier to mount Mounting of the Danalock V3 is easier than ever. Just fit it over the bracket and turn it to snap it on. Strong security The danalock V3 is the strongest, fastest, smallest and most secure smartlock in the market. Easy to install Install the Danalock App on your phone in seconds and be guided fast and easy through the calibration and setup of your Danalock.


A complete smart lighting system that allows you to change the atmosphere in your home with one click through the app on your home!

Works with

 Smart Light Light can make the atmosphere at home, or break. Therefore, there is now Innr, a complete smart lighting system that allows you to change the atmosphere in your home with one click through the app on your smartphone or tablet. Innr App Create at any time the right atmosphere at home. The Innr app lets you control each light individually or directly select one of the moods.


Protect your home against burglary with the Smart Alarm package.

Works with

Smart Message Via Smart Messages you can define who receives messages. Users can receive push, SMS and email notifications. In addition, you can completely personalize these messages. Smartalarm App With the Smart Alarm app you can control your alarm system throughout the world. You watch live action on the SmartCam and you are always aware of all the activities that records your alarm system when an alarm is triggered.


Think of a device and build it yourself with the Raspberry Pi Model B 3 Essentials Kit.

Discover Discover how computers work and learning programming languages like Scratch and Python with the Raspberry Pi. In the kit Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Raspberry Pi Casing Raspberry Red/White Raspberry Pi Adapter 16GB SD + NOOBS OS Inside Model 3 B 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU Wifi 802.11n LAN Bluetooth 4.1


Safety in every room

Gustaf - Monkey smoke detector Smoke detector in the form of a monkey. This monkey watches you, ready to warn you in case of danger. This smoke detector may be mounted on the wall. Moby - LED night light This cute LED night light shines light in the evening. He is operated by touching or shaking the lamp. Its rechargeable battery makes it easy to use anywhere. Mini - the smallest smoke detector The smallest smoke detector that exists! Small in size, big in safety. With its modern technology, this smoke detector provides the highest level of security. Never replace batteries anymore. The built-in lithium battery lasts 10 years! Due to its small size, this flow smoke detector can be placed anywhere in the house. These smoke detectors meet the latest European safety standard 14604 for smoke detectors.


New gadgets to help achieve your best sleep

Your Own Personal Sleep and Health Consultant With the data collected from Sleepace App and Nox, it will help users understand how their bedroom environment impacts their sleep quality and make smart suggestions to improve their sleeping experience Track Your Bedroom Environment Nox contains sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and pick up ambient light and noise in your bedroom. Combined with Sleepace App’s sleep data, you can understand how your bedroom environment impacts your sleep quality. Measure Your Sleep Accurately Sleepace App can track your sleep cycle and body movement. The data generated from the Sleepace App provides comprehensive sleep analysis and scores your sleep quality. The App will share personalized daily reminders with you, designed to help you form healthier sleeping habits.

Smart Health Get fitter faster and in a more fun way!


Transform the way you ride, run and reach your training and fitness goals.

Wahoo TICKR X TICKR X is the ultimate workout tracker that captures both motion and intensity. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band technology. Plus, its built-in memory gives you the freedom to train without a phone, capturing heart rate, calorie burn, and workout duration to sync with your phone later. No other heart rate training platform can compete with the TICKR X Wahoo RFLKT The Wahoo RFLKT harnesses the power of your phone into a sleek cycling computer. The RFLKT wirelessly "reflects" data from your preferred cycling app, so you can view it right on your handlebars while your is phone safely tucked in your jersey pocket. Using the buttons on the side of the RFLKT, you can control your favorite app on your phone More Wahoo Wahoo Fitness harnesses the awesome power of the iPhone to transform the way you ride, run and reach your training and fitness goals.

Smart Gadgets Innovation that makes life easier


Ledger Nano S is a Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins hardware wallet, based on robust safety features for storing cryptographic assets and securing digital payments.

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet 
 It connects to any computer (USB) and embeds a secure OLED display to doublecheck and confirm each transaction with a single tap on its side buttons. MULTI-CURRENCY Ledger Nano S supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and altcoins: hold different assets in the same hardware wallet. BUILT-IN DISPLAY Check and confirm transactions on the display and confirm with using the physical buttons (anti-malware second factor). SECURITY Your confidential data is never exposed: it is secured inside a strongly isolated environment locked by a PIN code.

Ledger Nano S is based on a dual chip architecture (ST31/STM32, Certification level: CC EAL5+). The firmware integrity is guaranteed by cryptographic attestation.


Tile Sport Rugged and powerful, the all-new Tile Sport is ready to find your things no matter where life takes you.

Our most powerful and durable tracker. Easily find lost items, wherever life takes you.

Tile Style Never lose what matters most with the allnew Tile Style, the perfect blend of form and function Tile Mate Keep track of your keys, remotes or anything else with Tile Mate, our best‑selling Bluetooth tracker Tile Slim Designed for wallets, purses and passports, Tile Slim is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker. 
 The Tile app: because great hardware deserves great software. Manage your Tiles, ring your things and locate lost items with Tile’s easy‑to‑use app.


Give your world a 360° change

360° camera 
 Make your iPhone a 360° camera instantly

Streamlined Design with Lightness and Thinness 
 Protected by a delicate velvet pouch Offering you a brand new 360° virtual reality experience. 
 Immersive virtual reality experience, even it is a thousand miles away. 
 Refined Structure Premium Material 
 Quality aluminum, Spray painting with lacquer Precise optics, Compact internal structurese optics, Compact internal structure


From Paper to Digital, Two Worlds in One Pen.

Neo smartpen N2 Designed to Write! Neo smartpen N2 is designed to write like a conventional pen. Every detail focuses on delivering a seamless transition from your previous experience with a traditional pen. Discover the ideas behind Neo smartpen N2's design. Neo Notes Neo Notes works with Neo smartpen N2 to transfer your work on paper to the digital world. Whatever you write with N2 appears identically in Neo Notes for you to archive and share with digital convenience. Capture your ideas, send them to a bigger crowd, and make greater use of them all through Neo Notes. N notebooks We have a variety of notebooks that cater to the needs of designers, professionals, students and more. Every page of our notebooks features Ncode™ technology patented by NeoLAB Convergence.



IQbuds™ IQbuds™ are intelligent earbuds with bestin-class battery life and custom tap-touch controls that allow you to hear what you want to hear in the world around you and connect to your digital devices. HIGH FIDELITY AUDIO Seamlessly stream all your favorite music and audio content with high quality stereo sound without wires. SPEECH AMPLIFICATION Enhance your ability to hear speech in crowded restaurants/pubs, work events or parties – never miss another word again. DYNAMIC NOISE CONTROL Selectively tune in or tune out the world around you with Nuheara’s Super Intelligent Noise Control (SINC™) technology. BLENDED AUDIO WORLDS Choose the best audio blend of your digital music and the sounds around you for situational awareness.


Clever products to simplify your digital lifestyle.

Bluelounge team The Bluelounge team is a vibrant collective that champions ingenuity and embraces the imagination to fuel innovation. The constant drive to invent problem-solving products you didn't know you needed, but can't live without Organized That perfectly organized drawer you've always dreamed of can be yours. Keeps your stuff neatly bundled for your drawer, bag or desk. Design Designed for the devices you have today and the ones you choose tomorrow, Bluelounge never goes out of style.


Never lose power with Mophie’s collection

The Mophie Collection Never lose power with mophie’s collection of smartphones battery cases and accessories. Innovative juice pack battery cases, powerstation batteries and phone docks made for smartphones. The new powerstations Ultra-thin, quick-charging portable battery to power up all of your devices. Space Pack The Space Pack is the worlds first battery case with built-in storage for smartphones and tablets. The extra memory allows for more photo's, more hours of video and more songs. More Dock for the Apple Watch and begins charging on contact The design enables you to use the watch's touchscreen and other features while charging.


Changes the way people capture, use and share notes!

Livescribe 3 Designed to work and write like a premium ballpoint pen, the Livescribe 3 smartpen uses Bluetooth Smart to send everything you write to your smartphone or tablet. Livescribe Dot Paper Livescribe notebooks feature an innovative dot pattern that tells the smartpen precisely what you’ve written or drawn. Livescribe paper is available at competitive prices in a variety of sizes and styles, and can even be printed for free with a laser printer. Livescribe+ Mobile App The Livescribe+ app stores and organizes everything you write on paper. Livescribe+ uses leading handwriting conversion technology to make it simple to search your notes for what you need. You can also use Livescribe+ to record audio “pencasts” linked to your written notes.


Innovative suction solution works directly on uneven surface, also on your dashboard. Three unique universal holders for any occasion.

Anygrip Stretchy With a wingspan of up to 5 cm. Anygrip is one the most versatile car holder, regardless of brand or model of your mobile phone. Anygrip will fit them all! Anygrip Sticky The Anygrip Sticky comes with a sticky suction cup so any device can be attached and detached. Anygrip Tablet This rugged mounting unit enables a secure and consistent fixation of Tablet PC’s like the Galaxy Tab, iPad and so on right on the car dashboard.


Features Call: simply call to the watch yourself and let your kid(s) call from helloo with a press of a button

A kids watch, phone and GPS Track & Trace device in one.

Track & Trace: see directly on your smartphone or tablet where your kids are and where they've been. Messages Send simple and quick SMS messages to your child. 
 What is it? 
 It’s a watch, phone and GPS track and trace device in one. A nice gadget for each child. You know where your child is and can always reach him or her. With many useful features that are fun for kids and interesting for you. 
 Helloo app 
 You can easily install all the features of the Helloo watch via the free app.


Safe. Sustainable. Solar. For all. WakaWaka creates premium solar products for all markets

Why we Give Because there are more than a billion people living worldwide without access to electricity and there are more than a billion of people that can do something about it Share the Sun Share the Sun Buy a WakaWaka and you share the sun with people living without access to electricity. Survivors of catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines; families displaced by war and strife; and many many others are able to tap into the power of the sun for light and power through the exact same WakaWaka design and quality.

Territory: Benelux region 

Why Navstar?

Quick overview: Navstar is not a box-mover, but a distributor who is eager to get out there and get the products they believe in into the market! This can only be done with an enthusiastic team who share this believe and I think we are doing well for the brands we distribute at the moment. 
 Channels: We are currently active in the biggest retail and online channels for Consumer Electronics. Besides this we have a broad focus on the DIY channel with our Smart Home category and Smart Display. And of course B2B channels have our focus. Bonus: Besides getting products on the shelves we also generate publicity and marketing for the products we distribute. You can think of reviews in magazines, blogs, and so on. Also giveaways that generate free publicity is one of the things we do for our brands. And of course get the buzz going in our markets in general.

The Future

Today & Tomorrow 
 We are constantly looking for (a limited amount of) innovative products to expand / adapt our range to give our customers and their customers what they currently and in the future will “need”! 
 Only by constantly responding to the changing market and anticipate pro-actively you ensure that you have exactly that in your portfolio what the customer needs even before they ask for it. 
 This is the Navstar we are proud of!

Roel Timmers 


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