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2011 The Message Trade Catalog

vivid language

Because of its , The Message has quickly become a go-to reference for many pastors. I keep my copy within arm’s reach and consult it often. I cannot overstate its value to my study.

~ Max Lucado, author; minister of preaching, Oak Hills Church, San Antonio

What makes The Message the preferred translation of choice? Translated from the original Greek and Hebrew Scriptures, Eugene H. Peterson combines the authority of the Word of God with the cadence and energy of contemporary American English, the language spoken everyday in homes and in the workplace. Written to be a true reading Bible, The Message is single-columned with verse numbered paragraphs that helps make difficult passages easier to understand. This powerful tool is great for those who have lost interest in reading the Bible or need a new, refreshing approach to studying Scripture. Verse-numbered paragraphs allow the reader to enjoy God's Word without distraction

Book introductions explain key words, phrases, and history of the time period

Single-column format to make The Message a true reading Bible

Written in American English, the language spoken everyday in homes and at the workplace

We've made it easy for you to know where to place The Message on your shelves so your customers get exactly what they are looking for. On the slipcovers of most Message products, you'll find one of these easy to categorize abbreviations: (RE) - Reader's Edition (RS) - Regular Size (PS) - Personal Size

(CS) - Compact Size (LP) - Large Print (RX) - //REMIX 2.0 (student editions)

EUGENE H. PETERSON is a pastor, scholar, author, and poet. Peterson spent ten years on The Message after teaching in seminary and preaching in churches for over thirty years. Peterson earned his B.A. in philosophy from Seattle Pacific University, his S.T.B. from New York Theological Seminary, and his M.A. in Semitic languages from Johns Hopkins University. He lives with his wife, Jan, in Montana.


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Commemorate the 10th Anniversary with these special limited editions. It’s been ten years since NavPress brought you the full edition of The Message Bible. To celebrate, we are introducing two special limited-time editions. Back in its original format with no verse numbers, this true reading Bible gets your customers back to enjoying God’s Word. When pairing it with a favorite study Bible, your customers will encounter many passages they have read hundreds of times before, yet it will be like reading and studying them for the first time.

The Message 10th Anniversary Bonded Leather Pewter/Black 9781617471452 | $64.99

The Message 10th Anniversary Reader’s Edition Hardback 9781617471469 | $39.99

6 x 9 | 2272 pages | Type size: 11

I have been greatly impacted by The Message. To read Christ’s words in such a has brought me even closer to my Savior!

refreshing way

~ Dr. Gary Smalley, author, speaker, and family counselor Free Display!

Reader’s Edition: Features


• No verse numbers

• No distractions while reading The Message

• Single-column format

• A true reading Bible

• Written in American English

• Makes difficult passages easier to understand

• Special limited-time editions

• Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the full edition of The Message

• Available in leather-look or jacketed hardback bindings

• Two premium options to choose from

This free display kit includes one shelf talker and one header card. To receive this FREE promotional piece to use in your stores, add item number to your order. The 10th Anniversary Merchandising KIt Item #16063 | FREE

prices subject to change



What makes

The Message different from other Bibles? Benefits

Features • The Bible translated in American English language • Written thought for thought in words that people speak every day • Translated by Eugene H. Peterson from the original Greek and Hebrew text and evaluated and confirmed by a committee of twenty-one exegetical scholars of Old and New Testament languages and theology

• Paired with a favorite study Bible, the passages in The Message are easier to understand and study • Allows readers to experience firsthand the same relevance and directness of the original Scriptures, in today’s American English language • The Message is the authentic Word of God

• Guide from Eugene H. Peterson on how to use this reading Bible

• The Message will become more lively to the readers as they better understand how to use it

• Single-column format and an exclusive numbering system unique to The Message

• The Message reads like a novel, making it a true reading Bible

• Introductions to each book and sections of the Bible

• Readers will learn more about key phrases and words used in The Message

• “The Story of the Bible in Five Acts”

• All the different parts of the Bible come together as one narrative

Hardback 9781576839164 | $29.99

Padded Blue Hardback 9781576836736 | $37.99

Tan and Dark Brown Leather-Look 9781576838402 | $59.99

6 x 9 3/16 | 1736 pages | Type size: 9.5


Additional Features (also included in Personal Size):

Standard Charts and Maps for The Message:

• Satin ribbon marker available in all editions (except hardbacks) • Charts and maps included in the back

• Charts include: order of events from the Old Testament, order of events from the New Testament, and a visual chronology of the “Drama of the Bible” • Maps include: route of the Exodus, the original twelve tribes of Judah, the divided kingdom of Judah and Israel, Palestine in the time of Jesus, and Paul’s missionary journeys

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wide variety

Provide a to your customers of the most requested trim size

Personal Size with Topical Concordance Hardback 9781615211074 | $29.99 | 1808 pages

Black Distressed Leather-Look Hardback 9781600061516 | $34.99

Brown Distressed Leather-Look 9781600061745 | $44.99

Differences between Numbered Editions: Regular Size

Personal Size

Type size: 9.5

Type size: 8.7

6 x 9 3/16 | 1736 pages

5 1/2 x 8 1/3 | 1736 pages

Blue/Grey Leather-Look 9781600060359 | $49.99

Burgundy Bonded Leather 9781600062315 $49.99

Sage Bonded Leather 9781600066672 $49.99

Black Genuine Calfskin Leather 9781600060373 $64.99

prices subject to change



Premium leather-look covers in a

Pink and Pink Python Leather-Look 4 1/8 x 6 3/8 | 1440 pages Type size: 7 9781615215461 | $34.99

compact size!

Teal and Brown Python Leather-Look 4 1/8 x 6 3/8 | 1440 pages Type size: 7 9781615215478 | $34.99

Burgundy Bonded Leather 3 7/8 x 5 3/4 | 1472 pages Type size: 6.5 9781576835197 | $34.99 No verse numbers

Key selling points: • Durable two-toned python leather-look or bonded leather covers • Convenient small size that makes it easy to bring anywhere for any ministry purpose • Fits inside a purse, briefcase, or backpack • Exclusive numbering system unique to The Message (except Burgundy Bonded Leather) • Single-column format for easy reading • Satin ribbon marker * Compact Editions do not include "The Story of the Bible in Five Acts" or maps and charts.

There’s a translation of Scripture that this guy Eugene Peterson has undertaken. It has been a to me. He’s a poet and a scholar, and he’s brought the text back to the tone in which the books were written.

great strength

~ Bono, lead singer of U2 6

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Elegant options in

large-print Bibles

When NavPress released the full version of The Message in large print, more people than ever before were able to enjoy Scripture in the American English language and in a size that’s easy to read.

The Message Large Print Premium Leather Bible has the classic Message text with a premium cover of genuine calfskin black leather. In the same language that made The Message wildly popular and in an eye-pleasing 12.5-point type, this Bible gives your store the deluxe large-print option customers have been asking for.


Releases September 9, 2011

Key selling points for large-print editions: Black Premium Genuine Calfskin Leather 9781617471681 | $74.99

Hardback 9781576838457 | $39.99

• Premium large-print options for Bible consumers • Exclusive numbering system unique to The Message • Single-column format for easy reading • Satin ribbon marker in leather editions • 12.5-point type size • Charts, maps, and historical timeline • 6 13/16 x 9 3/16 | 1984 pages

Burgundy Leather-Look 9781576838464 | $54.99

prices subject to change



New Testaments These New Testaments are perfect for outreach or to use as an evangelistic tool. Easily taken anywhere, these affordable New Testaments also make great gifts!

Numbered Edition with Psalms and Proverbs 9781600061356 | $11.99

Pocket Size Mass Market Edition with Psalms 9781576834305 | $7.99 and Proverbs 9781576839379 | $7.99

Paperback with Psalms and Proverbs 9781576831205 | $19.99

The Message New Testament Comparison: Pocket with Psalms + Proverbs

Mass Market New Testament

Numbered Edition with Psalms + Proverbs

Paperback with Psalms + Proverbs

Paperback 9781576839379

Paperback 9781576834305

Paperback 9781600061356

Paperback 9781576831205

3 3/4 x 5 1/4

4 3/16 x 6 7/8

5 1/2 x 8 1/2










Verse Numbers





Single or Double Column













Specs Binding and ISBN

Size Pages Type Size

Introduction by Eugene H. Peterson Price

* New Testaments do not include "The Story of the Bible in Five Acts" or maps and charts.

In this crowded world of Bible versions, Eugene Peterson’s blend of accurate scholarship and vivid idiom make this rendering both distinctive and distinguished. The Message catches the logical flow, personal energy, and imaginative overtones of the original very well indeed.

~ J. I. Packer, professor of theology, Regent College; author of Knowing God and Rediscovering Holiness 8

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What a difference

400 years makes!

Available September 2, 2011 James I, the first king of both England and Scotland, ordered work to begin on a new Bible translation not knowing that this Bible's influence would be felt worldwide. Today, the King James Version is viewed as a cornerstone of the church, Western culture, and the development of the English language.


To celebrate the KJV's 400th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of The Message, NavPress is releasing The Message/KJV Parallel Proverbs. By reading the same verses side by side in both versions, in a doublecolumn format, readers will appreciate the way language has changed over the years yet see how God's Word still communicates as powerfully as it always has.

KJV /Message: Features

The Book of Proverbs KJV/Message [Parallel] Paperback with flaps 5 x 7 | 160 pages 9781617471896 | $9.99


• Parallel versions of The Message and KJV

• Celebrates the 400th anniversary of KJV and the 10th anniversary of The Message

• Features passages only from Proverbs

• See familiar passages in two popular Bible translations

• Double-column format

• Compare the two translations side by side

• Small in size

• Makes a great gift for anyone

Don’t forget these other great

gift-giving portions from The Message.

(All portions are paperback and 4 1/8 x 6 1/8 in size.)

The Message of Hope 9781576832936 128 pages | $2.99

The Book The Book of Psalms The Message of Proverbs 9781576836743 Promise Book 272 pages | $3.99 9781576836750 9781615211081 112 pages | $2.99 144 pages | $4.99

The Gospel of John 9781600060748 96 pages | $2.49

The Gospel of John [Youth] 9781615212781 96 pages | $1.99

* All portions are not verse numbered and do not include "The Story of the Bible in Five Acts.” prices subject to change


//REMIX 2.0 (RX)

A Bible students will

want to read Back by

popular demand!

We’re proud to bring back our first dualtone leather cover Bibles. These classic, vintage covers attract not only students but adults as well.

Features of //REMIX 2.0: Vintage Brown/Navy Leather-Look 9781615216833 | $39.99

Vintage Red/Beige Leather-Look 9781615216826 | $39.99

How is The Message//REMIX 2.0 different? //REMIX 2.0

Numbered Edition Personal Size

• Book introductions are more in-depth, expanding on the history of the time period, key words and phrases, date it was written, who wrote it, and to whom it was written

• Book introductions give the main theme of the book and time period the book was written

• 5 3/16 x 7 1/8 | 1856 pages

• 5 1/2 x 8 1/3 | 1736 pages

• Type size: 8.75

• Type size: 8.7

• Vibrant youth colors with different bindings, textures, and colors

• Bindings come in leather-look or hardback with neutral colors

• Does not include “The Story of the Bible in Five Acts”

• Includes “The Story of the Bible in Five Acts”

Containing the original text of The Message, //REMIX 2.0 also includes the added features of in-depth book introductions to help students fully understand what they are reading. With a variety of colors and different cover materials to choose from, there is an option for every customer. Additional Features of //REMIX 2.0: • Same Message text as the Numbered Edition • Translated into casual, conversational American English, a language students will understand • Single-column, verse-numbered paragraphs that make it a reading Bible • Expanded book introductions for deeper understanding • Different colors and covers to attract all ages • Convenient size for carrying everywhere • Easy-to-read 8.75 type size • Satin ribbon marker (except hardback editions) • Reference material with maps, charts, and timelines • A topical index

The Message has been a wonderful resource for helping teenagers engage with God’s Word. Thanks to Eugene Peterson who continues to help us understand God’s Word in

real time.

~ Andy Braner, author and founder/CEO of Ahava Ministries 10

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//REMIX 2.0 (RX)


vibrant colors to choose from!

The Message//REMIX 2.0 Bible is perfect for everyday reading, and its convenient small size allows students to take it wherever they go.

Youth Hardback Wood 9781576834343 $29.99

Purple Swirl Leather-Look 9781615219247 | $36.99

Youth Hardback Concrete 9781600060021 $29.99

Purple Cork Leather-Look 9781600060236 $39.99

Hypercolor Blue Bubble 9781600060267 | $36.99

Blue/Black Leather-Look 9781600060229 $39.99

The Message//REMIX:

Hypercolor Pink 9781600060250 $36.99

Tan Nubuck Bonded Leather 9781600060243 | $47.99

The Message//REMIX:

New Testaments • Traditional introductions to each book and sections of the Bible (not detailed like 2.0) • 4 3/16 x 6 7/8 • 576 pages • Type size: 9

Full Bible Compact • Features the full Bible, compact in size for students to carry anywhere • 4 1/8 x 5 13/16 • 1472 pages • Type size: 6.5 Does not include “The Story of the Bible in Five Acts” or maps and charts.

Red Leather-Look 9781576838648 | $15.99

Mass Paperback 9781617471438 | $9.99

Tan Leather-Look 9781600061790 | $27.99 prices subject to change



One on One

with God

This devotional is designed to help readers develop the habit of lectio divina, or “divine reading.” Through the ancient study approach of Read, Think, Pray, Live, your customers experience a whole new way to study God’s Word. SOLO features Scripture from The Message. It encourages readers to read through the passage, think about it, pray, and then go live out what they just read. This innovative approach to a devotional life inspires readers not only to be in God’s Word daily but also to be alone with God every day.


Join NavPress in the against breast cancer. NavPress is proud to support the fight against breast cancer. With the same text as the original SOLO, this pink edition offers daily encouragement to women who have breast cancer or know someone struggling with it. A portion of the proceeds will go toward breast cancer research.

SOLO Paperback | 6 x 8 | 656 pages 9781600061059 | $15.99

SOLO: Features


• Uses the ancient approach of lectio divina, or “divine reading,” updated for today’s reader

• Incorporates Read, Think, Pray, Live into every passage of Scripture

• 312 daily devotions from both Old and New Testament passages

• Six daily devotions with a day of reflection and rest on the seventh day

• Taken from The Message

• A practical and easy way to understand God’s Word

• Numbered devotions, not dated

• Can start anytime of the year

• Extended reference passage listed for each reading

• Allows you to go back to your Message Bible and read the entire content

• Topical index in the back

• Easy to find specific topics for devotion

• Wide margins

• Plenty of room for journaling prayers

SOLO [Pink Edition] Paperback | 6 x 8 | 656 pages 9781600068690 | $17.99

NavPress’s mission to serve people by facilitating and motivating spiritual growth aligns with National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission to . It is essential for women facing breast cancer to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and this type of partnership helps emphasize its importance.

save lives

~ Janelle Hail, founder and CEO, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.


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Use SOLO to


journal your thoughts. This unique devotional journal combines passages from The Message New Testament with journaling space to encourage readers to use the same approach used in SOLO, lectio divina, or “divine reading,” an ancient approach to exploring Scripture. Each devotion delivers a contemplative passage from The Message New Testament, while the opposite page provides space for readers to journal as they read through the passage, think about the verses, pray and listen to God, and live out what they have learned. Each journal contains 162 numbered devotions, a topical index, and comes in two different dual-tone leather-look options.

Available September 16, 2011

Leather-Look | 5 3/16 x 6 7/8 | 304 pages SOLO New Testament Journal [Aqua/Gray] 9781617471698 | $14.99

SOLO New Testament Journal [Tan/Gray] 9781617471704 | $14.99


New Testament Devotionals

These devotionals take passages from The Message New Testament only and use the same devotional format of lectio divina as the other SOLO products. With three different leather-look covers to choose from, these devotionals make great gifts for any occasion.


New Testament Devotionals:

• Three leather-look options • 162 numbered devotions • Topical index • 304 pages | 5 3/16 x 6 7/8 • $15.99

Pink 9781615216093

Black 9781600066726

Brown 9781615215331

A portion of the proceeds will go toward breast cancer research.

prices subject to change



The Message is the

perfect daily reading Bible.

This one-year reading Bible, now available in paperback, lets customers dive into the Word any time of the year. This flexible Bible-reading approach lets readers explore God's story cover to cover, one day at a time, in the life-changing, everyday language of The Message.

Releases September 15, 2011

The Daily Message:



Now available in paperback!

The Daily Message Paperback | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 9781600063572 1600 pages | $19.99


• 312 daily readings from The Message

• Six days of reading and one day of reflection

• Dated and numbered daily readings

• Can be started anytime of the year

• Six ten-minute readings per week

• Allows one day of rest or to catch up

• Reflection questions and inspirational words to end each day

• Stimulates further interaction with the Scriptures

• Adapted from Discipleship Journal’s popular “Book-at-a-Time” reading plan

• Breaks the Bible reading into manageable portions

• Presented one book at a time, alternating between Old and New Testaments

• Variety to keep reading exciting; each day ending with thanksgiving and praise from either Psalms, Proverbs, or Isaiah

• Tips on how to start a group Biblereading program

• Small groups can read through the Bible together in one year

• A daily reading schedule in the back

• Readers can use their own study Bible to read through the Bible

• Unnumbered edition

• Read the Bible as a novel

A Daily Reading Bible for


The Message//REMIX 2.0: Pause is a daily reading Bible that helps students connect with God. By reading a passage first in the Old Testament and then the corresponding passage in the New Testament, students learn the story of God’s love and redemption. And with reading options of one, two, or four years they can find time to read the Bible in its entirety.


Pause Features


• 365 daily readings—includes The Message in its entirety

• Students can read through the whole Bible in an organized way in one year

• Numbered daily readings

• Can start any day of the year

• Reading options of one, two, and four years

• Allows flexibility for students to read in their own time frame

• Each day includes a passage from the Old Testament and a corresponding passage from the New Testament

• Read about the old law and the new law on the same day

• Book introductions

• Learn about the history, key words and phrases, themes, and when the book was written

• Unnumbered, double-column format

• Students will truly experience “a reading Bible”

• Introduction on how to use a daily reading Bible and the ancient approach of lectio divina to study the Bible


• Students will learn the modern-day approach of Read, Think, Pray, Live as they read through the Bible in one year

The Message //REMIX 2.0: Pause Paperback | 6 x 8 1696 pages 9781576838433 | $19.99

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The Bible

comes to life for kids through My First Message! My First Message is designed for parents to introduce children ages four to eight to God’s Word through lively illustrations, small lessons, and a format that considers a short attention span.

Also from My First Message! My First Message Bible Search is a Bible concordance and dictionary for kids ages six through ten. It presents honest, age-appropriate answers that offer guidance for forty common situations children face today.

My First Message Hardback | 7 x 8 1/2 | 384 pages 9781576834480 | $19.99

My First Message Bible Search:

Check out these products!

• Simple three-tier charts that show children how problems start, how to address problems, and where to turn in the Bible for insight • Fun activities that help kids better understand difficult situations and how to grow from the lessons learned

My First Message Stories Each mini book features four topical Bible stories, while the accompanying CD offers lively read-along narration for each story and two sing-along songs to add to the fun. Paperback | 7 x 8 1/2 | $12.99

Stories of Jesus Amazing Stories 9781600062346 | 32 pages of the Bible 9781600062353 | 32 pages • Jesus Is Baptized • David and Goliath • Daniel in the Lion’s Den • Jonah and the Huge Whale • Bread and Fish for All

My First Message Bible Search By John Nappa | Hardback 7 x 8 1/2 | 160 pages 9781600062490 | $14.99

The Easter Story 9781600062506 | 32 pages

The Christmas Story 9781600062766 24 pages

• Jesus Calms the Sea • Jesus’ Triumphal Entry and Jesus in the Temple • Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet prices subject to change



The Drive-Time Message for Women Volume 1 9781600060724 | $7.99

devotions for your commute

The Drive-Time Message for Women Volume 2 9781600061431 | $7.99

The Drive-Time Message for Men Volume 1 9781600060717 | $7.99

The Drive-Time Message for Men Volume 2 9781600061424 | $7.99

The Message Drive-Time Audio: Features


• A devotional Message Bible in audio format

• Perfect for home, on the road, while exercising, or while cleaning house

• Two customized CDs for men and for women

• Specific to men or women to help address individual needs

• Twenty devotions on each CD

• One for each workday for an entire month

• Each devotion includes a reading, meditation, response, and contemplative segment

• Users will start their day with spiritual refreshment

Additional Features: • Each devotion is three to five minutes • Great for iPods and MP3 players

NavPress Mission Statement: To advance the The Navigators’ calling by publishing materials that are culturally relevant, and highly practical.

biblically rooted,

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