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Loose Gemstones Gemstones are formed from the mineral crystals. These are formed from due to reactions happened while the formation of the earth. So People buy the based on their requirements. The color and cut will attract the people to buy them in large sometimes. So while buying the Loose Gemstones one has to be aware of the certification provided by the GIA institute. The Quality and price will be based on that certification. NavneetGems is one of the best dealer and manufacturer of the Gemstones in Thailand and India. It provides at a valuable price. Main aim of the company is to make customers happy with the value driven to them.

Value of the Gemstone In market the gemstones will be available in different forms such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. All will be concerned about the quality they are going to get while buying them at retail and also wholesale. If you are a wholesaler or retailer then it’s better to buy the loose gemstones at wholesale price from the manufacturers like navneetgems.

The main aspect which one has to keep in mind is 4 C’s. C- Clarity C- Cut C- Color C- Carat All the above add the value to the price and also to the quality of the Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones. If you are the one who loves to have round cut in the jewelry then Rubies, emeralds and Loose Sapphires will be the best choice. Symmetry and polish will be an added value. The brightness of the gems can be increased by the polish, which makes them to refract more light. In order to attract the customers this will be a good idea.

Equal cut is referred to as symmetry. It can’t be achieved 100%, but we can try to achieve the symmetry. No two diamonds are same in this world. Some or the other variation will be present between them. GIA Certificate should be verified before buying the loose gemstones. This certificate indicates the major characteristics and also the price will be based on this certification. Buy certified Diamonds always so the risk factor will be low. Size also another factor to be considered while buying it.

While buying them online be careful and buy with the trusted dealers and manufacturers like Navneetgems.

Store in a safe place •

Keep the Gemstones in a cushion covered boxes to avoid the scratches. It will also avoid from the damages.

• •

Wrap the jewelry with the velvet clothes. Humidity will affect the configuration of the gems, so be careful and store it in safe dry place.

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