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Edition 20 | February/March 2014

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Newsflash Offshore Energy offshore oil and gas E&P • transport and storage • maritime services • offshore wind offshore supply • offshore contracting • offshore vessels • deepwater development • drilling

Exhibitor News on page 5 Read more about: • ULSTEIN design for Petrofac construction vessel • FoundOcean’s award-winning grout mixer drives down offshore wind farm installation costs • Boskalis meeting your every offshore challenge

Offshore Energy 2014 bigger than ever

Column by Henri-Max Ndong-Nzue on page 3 “In fifty years we have grown from pioneer to major player.”

By Henri-Max Ndong-Nzue, Managing Director Total E&P Nederland B.V.

Preparations for the 7th Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference are well underway. On 28 & 29 October 2014 Amsterdam will again be the go-to place for the international offshore community. The fastest growing gathering of offshore professionals will address the technical, operational, commercial, and managerial challenges that are associated with the industry’s future.

There were three exhibition halls

exhibitor stands but will also feature an

in 2013. But this year’s edition has

arena for parts of the conference program.

been expanded to include four halls,

For example, the C-Level Panel discussions,

measuring 21,000+ m2 and hosting

Industry Panel, Human Capital Panel and

over 500 companies. That’s 6,000m²

the Drilling and Dollars Panel will be

more exhibition space this year. The

hosted in the arena. Next to that, the new

additional hall will not only show

hall will house the Offshore Energy

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Conference preview: Dutch small fields policy

The year 2014 marks the fortieth anniversary

several hundred billion mÂł of natural gas

The organization of Offshore Energy is

of the Dutch small fields policy. And Offshore

beneath Dutch soil.

currently preparing the program from two angles. On the one hand the program will

Energy will mark this milestone. The smaller offshore gas fields were

address key lessons learned in North Sea

With the small fields policy the Dutch

relatively expensive to exploit. Nonetheless,

E&P activities and the technical and

government incentivized domestic natural

the Dutch government wanted to deploy

non-technical knowledge transfer to other

gas production. Following the first oil crisis

this gas to allow Dutch society to capitalize

regions. On the other hand, the conference

in 1973, Dutch reserves were mapped out

on its own natural gas reserves to the

will look at the future role of the North

in greater detail. The “Groningen� gas field

maximum extent possible, and to preserve

Sea, present players and newcomers in

in the North of the Netherlands was by far

the Groningen gas field as a strategic

the game will make their ambitions and

the largest reserve, but additional combined

reserve. Over the years, this policy has

projections known.

sources were expected to account for

resulted in dozens of gas fields being added to Dutch gas reserves.

This article has used information on the Dutch small fields policy from Continued from page 1

Career Pavilion. This is the place where

participating in Offshore Energy 2013,

simultaneously with Offshore Energy.

offshore companies can display their

as much as 97% have said that they

Running next to the two-day exhibition,

career opportunities. Offshore Energy

will definitely or most likely participate

Offshore Energy will feature an extensive

2014 will accommodate an even larger

again in 2014. Companies such as Fugro,

conference program that offers a platform

Career Pavilion than last year. A restaurant

Palfinger, Bluewater Energy Services,

for discussing key topics and solutions for

with high quality food and drinks makes

Technip-EPG, KCI, Keppel Verolme,

the offshore community. The conference

this hall complete.

Boskalis, Ulstein, and many more have

program consists of high caliber panels,

already booked their stands.

technical sessions, Master Classes, meetings of industry organizations and business

The organization expects to welcome more than 10,000 visitors (as compared

Once again the Offshore WIND Installation

to 9,123 in 2013). Of the 491 exhibitors

and Maintenance Conference will be held

presentations of several companies.

Column by Henri-Max Ndong-Nzue


Talent and innovation: key drivers for success In 1964 Petroland N.V., the company that became Total E&P Nederland B.V. in 2003, started its activities in the Dutch gas industry. This year we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary. The history of Total in the Netherlands is shaped by some impressive highlights and innovations; we have grown from pioneer to major player.

Column In 1985 Total E&P Nederland B.V. introduced the first unmanned, remotely monitored platforms on the Dutch continental shelf, and in 1988 the world’s first three horizontal gas wells were drilled from the Zuidwal platform in the Waddenzee. In 1997 Total E&P Nederland B.V. started

Henri-Max Ndong-Nzue Managing Director Total E&P Nederland B.V.

“Our first priority is to further improve our safety performance, and we have defined new targets and action plans to achieve this.�

its subsea activities, which have since come a long way. We want to remain one of the leading

existing fields and infrastructure while still

will invest more in employer branding

gas operators in the Netherlands. Our first

controlling our costs. The subsea template

to attract and retain the right talents to

priority is to further improve our safety

is a technologically unique development

secure our future.

performance, and we have defined new

which sets the standard for future shallow

targets and action plans to achieve this.

water field development. With our 3D

For fifty years Total E&P Nederland B.V.

In 2014, we will, for example, introduce

seismic survey in 2012, we also invested

has been driven by talent and innovation.

a Safety Culture program, which involves

in identifying new resources, which may

We invite new talents who are interested

not only our employees, but also our

be developed in the future if exploration

in a career in our industry to join us in our


drillings in 2015 are successful.

anniversary year full of activities, and to

Further, we have to maximize the production

Future projects, however, including

be part of our exciting future. from existing assets. In August 2013 the

unconventional gas projects, can only

K4-Z field was put into production.

be achieved with enough assets and the

Developed through a subsea template

right human resources. With the upcoming

connected to the existing K5 processing

retirement wave of the baby boomer

hub, the K4-Z field is an illustrative

generation, we focus strongly on retention

example of how we can capitalize on

of critical knowledge. At the same time we


Sponsorship opportunities Exhibitor News Platinum € 32,500

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Please request our sponsorship brochure for all Offshore Energy 2014 sponsorship opportunities or visit the website * Applicable for sponsors booking before 1 May 2014. ** Planning, position and specs to be determined in consultation with the online editor

Bluestream badge sponsor for the fifth consecutive year For the 5th year in a row Bluestream is sponsor of the Offshore Energy 2014 exhibition. Bluestream recognizes Offshore Energy as a great place to boost her brand awareness and will be clearly visible at the exhibition and by sponsoring the visitor badges again. With multiple ongoing operations,

will exhibit as a professional partner to

and technical knowledge that make a

including various sized and designed

get the work done in a safe, efficient

difference on a global scale. Sponsoring

spreads and vessels sailing throughout

and cost effective matter.

Offshore Energy 2014 will not only further demonstrate our commitment

the year, in excess of hundred offshore employees, dozens of clients and

Caspar Domstorff, Member of the Board

and presence as a professional company

extensive knowledge over a wide range

of Bluestream says, “We truly believe

and employer, but also as an ambassador

of expertise in the Oil and Gas and

that the Dutch offshore industry and all

of Holland and her ‘hands on’, offshore

Renewable energy sector, Bluestream

its suppliers have the talent, capacity

related capabilities”.


Exhibitor Exhibitornews News Petrofac JSD 6000

ULSTEIN design for Petrofac construction vessel Petrofac is to build the Petrofac JSD 6000 deepwater derrick lay vessel, a customized ULSTEIN SOC 5000 design that was developed by Dutch design company Ulstein Sea of Solutions. The vessel will be constructed at ZPMC yard in China and available to the market early 2017. The dynamically-positioned Petrofac JSD 6000 is a unique, innovative design combining for the first time a revolving main crane with 5,000 mt lifting capacity, a 2,000 mt J-lay system via a moonpool and a 600 mt S-lay system that runs through a center firing line below main deck. This double deck configuration is a distinctive feature in Ulstein Sea of Solutions’ designs.

Boskalis, meeting your every offshore challenge

“We are pleased that Petrofac selected us to design their first offshore construction vessel and feel it is a recognition of our design capabilities for this high end market,”

The combination of the Boskalis, Dockwise,

says Edwin van Leeuwen, managing director at Ulstein Sea of Solutions. “This is the

and former SMIT activities provides an

third customized version of our successful ULSTEIN SOC 5000 design, after the Seven

excellent position to serve clients in the

Borealis and Aegir. The success of the project is due to the close cooperation between

energy market with a broad range of

Petrofac’s team and our project team, managed by Sjaak Jan Jiskoot.”

services, with the optimal deployment of people and equipment under increasingly


complex circumstances worldwide. To cite just a few recent projects and developments: • The OSX-3 FPSO in Campos Basin, Brazil was

FoundOcean’s award-winning grout mixer drives down offshore wind farm installation costs

successfully hooked-up to its pre-installed mooring installation in Q4 2013.

Engineers at FoundOcean have received an award for their industry-leading Super Pan

• The beach-crossing of three pipelines for

Mixer at last year’s Energy Institute Awards. The award recognises the year’s best new

the Petrobras Ubarana project, together

technological development.

with Technip, is currently being finalized. Multipurpose construction barge BKM333

Damien Murphy, Engineering Director of FoundOcean explains its significance: “Our Super

is expected to become available at the end

Pan Mixer enables us to double current grouting rates when securing monopile transition

of Q1.

pieces for offshore wind farms, thereby reducing the time and cost involved during the foundation installation phase by minimizing our activities within the critical path of the vessel.”

• Offshore vessel Kamara, equipped with two Heavy Duty Work Class ROV’s, is en-route to Brazil to start her first contract with

Jim Bell, Managing Director at FoundOcean comments: “Being acknowledged by your

Petrobras as ROV support vessel in water

peers, against a very strong shortlist, is gratifying and it is particularly encouraging that

depths of up to 3,000m.

so much ’unseen’ hard work has been given this accolade.” He continues, “I’d like to thank the talented team in Livingston who conceived, designed, and built this game-changing grout mixer.

• The Ndeavor and Ndurance, two multipurpose vessels of a class new to the Boskalis fleet, were taken into service

The super pan mixer is FoundOcean’s contribution to the industrialisation of offshore

in January. Ndurance is earmarked for

wind farm construction and the industry’s goal of driving down installation costs.”

cable-lay work in the North Sea for the

The Super Pan Mixer has already contributed to setting a record for the fastest installed

Boskalis JV with Volker, VSMC. Ndeavor is

turbine monopile to date. As the leading authority in grouting for offshore energy

scheduled to execute seabed intervention

construction, FoundOcean has published a number of technical

work and installation assistance for Shell

papers in industry journals. View them on

Malampaya 3 and rock installation work for Inpex' Ichthys in 2014.


Offshore Energy has established affiliations with several international partners Get in touch with any of our international agents


Agent for


Contact Person

Contact Phone

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Jiangsu United Asia International Exhibition Co., Ltd (UAEC)


+86 (0) 25 84 69 26 48 +86 (0) 25 84 52 11 01


Tofko Business Development A/S

Mogens Tofte Koch

+45 (0) 9831 77 11


CASI International

Hassan Mashhadi

+31 (0) 65 35 84 088



Wulff Entre

Ninni Arion

+358 (0) 10 69 95 560 +358 (0) 10 63 35 599


Innofairs GmbH & Co. KG

Hendrik Schellkes Claudia Kreft

+49 (0) 21 31 66 39 914 +49 (0) 17 95 31 79 97


International Exhibition Services

Laura Tavarelli Piero A. Zipoli

+39 (0) 63 08 83 030 +39 (0) 34 52 60 93 73

Russia + CIS

Mare Libertatis

Tatjana N. Ozerova

+31 (0) 61 37 16 12 8


Navingo BV

Karen de Koning-Boodt

+65 (0) 9776 1245

Meet our German agent: Innofairs Messe GmbH & Co. Innofairs Messe GmbH & Co. was founded in 2009 and is based near Dßsseldorf, Germany. Next to organizing our own shows in Germany, we are the sales agent for the German market’s various international exhibition organizers. For the last two years we have enjoyed working with Navingo and promoting the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference to German companies. We only promote shows we believe in. And, based on our wide experience, we can truly judge Navingo as one of the most professional organizers that we work with. We are the central contact point in Germany for all German companies who are interested in taking part in and/or visiting a foreign exhibition. Together with Navingo, we organize exhibition tours for companies who would like to participate the following year. We are very happy that the tour we organized last year to Offshore Energy has resulted in a booking for a German company to exhibit in the 2014 edition of Offshore Energy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Hendrik Schellkes, +49 (0) 21 31 66 39 914, Claudia Kreft, +49 (0) 17 95 31 79 97,


How long would it take you to meet the industry’s leading players? At Offshore Energy you can meet them all in just two days. Offshore Energy statistics 2013 and expectations for 2014 491










Nationalities represented







Exhibitors Visitors

Exhibition space (m2)

Contact information

Navingo moves to Rotterdam’s Wilhelmina Quay Navingo started the new year full of enthusiasm and energy

Ms. Annemieke den Otter

at a new location: the unique Las Palmas building on the

BU Manager Exhibition & Events

characteristic and beautiful Wilhelminakade. Situated on

Tel: +31 (0)10 2092606

the Kop van Zuid and offering a prime view of Rotterdam’s


Maas river and the Erasmus bridge, this quay boasts a long maritime history. Today this area has become a rich cultural, innovative, and culinary hub that inspires everybody who works and

Ms. Femke Perlot-Hoogeveen

lives there.

Conference Manager Tel: +31 (0)10 2092634

Situated in the former workshop of the Holland America


Line, we are not only optimistic about our company's future, but also about the future of both the international maritime and offshore energy industries; industries that enjoy an excellent reputation of which everyone concerned can be proud.

Mr. Laurens Kuiper Sales Manager Tel: +31 (0)10 2092649 Email:

Mr. Philip Mulder Marketing Manager Tel: +31 (0)10 2092674 Email:  

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