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23 & 24 October 2012 amsterdam RAI | The Netherlands exhibitor NEWS ON PAGE 3 Read more about: • Imtech Marine awarded second Jack-Up contract • IHC Motion Control unveiling MaXine® at Offshore Energy •S  chlumberger introducing Petrel© “Ready to Explore” in Holland

DPUG organizes 4th Dutch Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Seminar during OE12 The Dutch Purchaser User Group (DPUG), formed by AJS VOF, ATP BV, Centrica Energy BV, Chevron E&P BV, Dana Petroleum BV, GDF Suez E&P BV, NAM BV, Oranje Nassau Energy BV, Taqa Energy BV, Total E&P BV, Vermillion Oil & Gas BV and Wintershall Northsea BV, will be organizing her 4th Dutch Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain Seminar for FPAL qualified suppliers during and on location of Offshore Energy 2012. During the seminar DPUG will provide the attendees a unique opportunity to learn about how the DPUG members use FPAL to establish an effective supply chain process based on her Common Policy Statement and internal procedures.

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Natural gas from the North Sea for years to come

The theme of this seminar will be “Competency in the Oil & Gas industry” and will include a presentation from their distinguished guest speaker; Dr. Weijermars, Director of Education from the Department of Geotechnology at TU Delft. The seminar will be closed with a networking event where attendees have the opportunity to network with the DPUG members as well with other attendees of the seminar. FPAL, the supplier qualification database for the on- and offshore activities in UK, Ireland, Netherlands and on the British and Dutch part of the North Sea, works to identify, qualify

and evaluate suppliers on behalf of about 90 operators and major contractors based in UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. The operators in the Netherlands have developed a collaborative approach towards the use of FPAL through the formation of the Dutch Purchaser User Group. The seminar will take place on Wednesday 24th October from 8.30 am. NOTE: This is a private seminar. For registration or more information about the Dutch Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain Seminar 2012 contact FPAL’s Justin Weber: or visit

Event Organizer Navingo present at ONS and SMM 2012

Bart van de Leemput, Managing Director Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) shares his view on maintaining natural gas production in the North Sea.

Representatives of Navingo, the Dutch maritime & offshore media group, will be present at the events in both Stavanger and Hamburg. During the SMM, the Navingo team will be present at the Offshore Energy booth in the Maritime by Holland Pavilion (booth 513). Would you like to meet one of us? Please call +31 (0)10 209 2600 in advance or on the day. We will be happy to arrange a time to meet with you personally.

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10.00 - 11.45 hrs Meeting the challenges of developing and maintaining an offshore grid 13.15 - 15.00 hrs Perspectives on new North Sea oil and gas discoveries 14.00 - 17.30 hrs Drilling & Wells Cluster Meeting (side event with NOGEPA) 15.30 - 17.15 hrs Changing market demands and the offshore vessel of the future Ruud Zoon, Managing Director gdf suez e&p Netherlands

Wednesday 24 October

09.30 - 11.00 hrs Developments in wave & tidal energy 11.30 - 13.00 hrs Field development in increasingly complex areas 14.00 - 15.30 hrs Future offshore wind turbine foundation needs 14.00 - 16.00 hrs Decommissioning Seminar (side event with IRO and Decom North Sea) Would you like to stay informed on the conference program details and updates on the speaker faculty? Send an email to Lisa Stegers, Conference Organization Assistant at and enter Conference Update in the subject line. All updates are also posted on


The OE2012 conference, which runs parallel to the Offshore Energy exhibition, covers a host of themes for the offshore community. Ticketed sessions offer perspectives on new North Sea oil and gas discoveries, challenging hydrocarbons and future offshore vessel concepts. Sessions on renewable energy offer insights into the challenges of an offshore grid and developments in wave & tidal energy. Floating wind turbines One of the confirmed speakers is John Best, Head of Sustainable Energy at James Fisher and Sons plc. Mr. Best will speak in the session on future offshore wind turbine foundation needs. As the next generation of offshore wind farms will lie further offshore, new technology is needed to access waters between 60 and 100 meters deep. This depth is too great for turbines fixed to the seabed, but is more useful where wind speeds are consistently higher. The hope is that developing new technology will increase global potential for offshore wind power, particularly after 2020, by which time many shallower sites will have been developed. James Fisher and Sons plc. has ample experience working for major wind farm developers. As part of Offshore Energy, the presentation will look at how opportunities to develop these plans in the UK can lead to effective consortia working within the supply chain. It will give insight into future exploitation of the UK’s huge wind resource, which accounts for about onethird of Europe’s offshore wind potential.

Gorgon Jumbo Offshore’s Jack Spaan, Manager Projects, is also among the confirmed speakers. Last year Mr. Spaan presented on advancements in deepwater installation capabilities. This year, Mr. Spaan will provide insight into Jumbo’s work for Chevron’s Gorgon project in WestAustralia. Jumbo was awarded a contract for its HLV Jubilee to work in Australia’s Barrow Island Area in Summer 2012. Jumbo shipped 25 concrete caissons used in building a Heavy Lift Offloading Quayside for end client Chevron’s LNG plant to be constructed on the island. Side events In addition to the ticketed sessions, Offshore Energy once again offers a free to attend Decommissioning Seminar that is organized in cooperation with IRO and Decom North Sea. Also returning to the show is the Drilling and Wells Cluster Meeting, organized with the Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA).

offshore energy Exhibitor News Imtech Marine awarded second Jack-Up contract Imtech Marine (Radio Holland Netherlands) has been awarded an extensive contract from Jack-Up Barge for the communication and IT systems for its newbuild, self-elevating platform JB-118. Additionally, Jack-Up Barge and Imtech Marine have concluded an Advanced Support Agreement for the vessels, which includes 24/7 remote Monitoring & Maintenance and covers all of the systems onboard. The recently awarded contract for the latest barge is extensive comprising the PA intercom and alarm system, VSAT network, PABX central telephone system and the total navigation, communication and entertainment package, including IPTV and satellite television. Additionally, Imtech Marine will install VHF/UHF communications for the crane operators, a meteo and CCTV system, as well as a communications system for the helideck. Complex installation Nico van Leeuwen, Imtech Marine Netherlands Sales & Marketing Manager, says the two companies started to work together around 18 months ago on the JB-117, which was built in Batam, Indonesia. “The JB-117 was a difficult installation, very complex; our knowledge gained from this project has provided valuable input for the JB-118 and any future orders.” One aspect that makes the installation quite challenging is that the barge typically has 50 to 80 crew onboard of different nationalities and they would all like to watch their own favourite TV shows on different stations. Paul Koole, Project Manager E&I, Jack-Up Barge comments: “The JB-117 is working on a three-year contract on a wind farm in the North Sea. Jack-Up Barge recognises that this access to television and the Internet is very important for crew welfare. The crew work very hard on long shifts and need to be able to relax.” Mr. Koole adds that Jack-Up Barge appreciates Imtech Marine’s ability to offer the total package. “Effectively, Imtech is a one-stop-shop. Working with Imtech we have peace of mind, we know what to expect and that the company delivers on time.”

IHC Motion Control unveils MaXine® at Offshore energy IHC Motion Control is proud to introduce MaXine, for the very first time, in the Netherlands during Offshore Energy 2012. Hoisting and lowering heavy loads under maritime conditions means having to deal with peak forces stemming from the oscillations of the waves. This challenge prompted IHC Motion Control to design the MaXine: a new development based on the Offshore Load and Tension System (OLTS) that first made its appearance in 2006. MaXine reduces peak forces and fluctuations during on-water lifting and lowering operations where waves are generating oscillating movements. This allows offshore operators to work longer at high sea

Schlumberger introduces Petrel© “Ready to Explore” in Holland In March 2012, Schlumberger Information Solutions introduced Petrel© Ready to Explore in the Netherlands. It is envisaged as an SIS offering comprising software technology and services. These are further anchored in the vision and strategy of the operators, investors and consultants to speed up return on investments in the Dutch assets for quicker and better results. Exploration is risky. Successful exploration involves understanding the risks, ranking plays and prospects, managing drillable inventory, and improving the success ratio. Risk elements are best evaluated together using a systems approach, unifying all the relevant data exploration data into a single, easy-to-use environment centered around Petrel© software. Petrel© Ready to Explore Netherlands provides all publicly available data: wells; well tops (stratigraphic well markers); 2D/3D seismic; maps- deep subsurface of the Netherlands (on and offshore); gravity; magnetic; velocity (V0-Vint uncertainty) from 2007-2012; 3D reservoir properties model of the Slochteren and Silverpit formations created by TNO; and cultural data (offshore blocks and country boundaries) as a Petrel project. Ready to Explore saves time when it comes to tracking, identifying, downloading, preparing, loading, quality checking, documenting and storing data. It enables Geoscientists to start interpretation right away. Petrel© Ready to Explore Netherlands is a product of Schlumberger. Schlumberger provides oil & gas software solutions to solve today’s tough reservoir challenges by enabling the creativity of geoscientists and engineers through innovative workflows and comprehensive global services. Through Schlumberger’s technologies and services, oil and gas companies can improve business performance, reduce exploration and development risk and realize the potential of the digital oil field.

states by minimizing downtime and extending the weather window. The MaXine system is positioned between the hook of the crane and the load, and can also be used for underwater operations. Next to the model of the MaXine several small models of winches, power units and cylinders will be displayed throughout OE12. IHC Motion Control - a part of IHC Merwede consisting of IHC Hytop, IHC Winches and IHC Vremac Cylinders - is an independent brand and ISO 9001 certified. It offers integrated, customized and innovative systems in civil, maritime and offshore environments. Among others, complete hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic and electrical winch systems. IHC Motion Control serves their clients

by offering basic and detailed engineering, planning, production and commissioning activities. They have created the perfect recipe for executing projects successfully: by mixing creativity, commitment, technical expertise, state of the art 3-D modeling software and practical sense. IHC Motion Control has a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) culture. This ensures that they are committed to continuous improvement of awareness and performances within these areas. The EPCC subcontractor serves its clients worldwide with 24/7 support by its VCA**/ SCC** certified service team, keeping their customers’ investments productive. 3

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offshore energy Offshore Energy brings you a series of columns in which industry representatives share their views on developments in the offshore and energy industry.

Natural gas from the North Sea for years to come Maintaining natural gas production in the North Sea for years to come, that is the challenge facing oil and gas industries. NAM has been active for decades in the North Sea and has no desire to slow down. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. There has been a steady reduction in gas field production throughout the years and a large number of gas fields are slowly but surely becoming empty, which in turn is raising the cost of gas per cubic meter. At some time in the future, a point will be reached where gas production will stop being economically attractive. We looked at a few options and have chosen to accept the challenges and remain active in the North Sea in a safe and cost-effective way. Collaborative approach In the search for solutions, NAM works very closely with other parties. Partnerships are crucial in this industry. Next to the practical and financial advantages, collaboration is also crucial in maintaining our so-called License to Operate in the North Sea. Most believe that there is still a strong future for this industry. However, other parties want to be active in the same limited space in the North Sea. If the collective industry wants to be active for a longer period of time, good collaboration with several other players and stakeholders will be needed. As part of the collective gas industry, NAM is convinced that natural gas can contribute to the Dutch energy mix. Natural gas will continue to play an important role. It is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and can be a good alternative to the irregularity of solar and wind energy. Innovations in drilling Tapping into new, relatively small fields requires innovation. Especially for these kinds of fields, NAM partnered with Swift Drilling last year to develop a new, high-tech drill platform ‘SWIFT 10’. This new platform is a prime example of innovative technology that makes drilling operations safer, more efficient and ultimately more profitable. By adding new fields to the existing portfolio, NAM can increase gas production. For the long-term, NAM is working on a number of innovative techniques that will further increase production several years into the future, and to tap gas fields that are not yet technically or economically feasible. In order to continue getting the most out of the SWIFT, NAM is also working on a number of other innovations to make drilling at other relatively small gas fields as efficient as possible. An example of this is the use of an Access Riser Tower or RAT. This is a simple, single-legged

installation that can be independently placed alongside existing installations. Thanks to the RAT existing infrastructures can be used for processing gas from new gas fields. This saves costs and gives the necessary flexibility. Increasing the production of existing fields The increase or extension of gas production from existing fields is an important priority for overall production levels. NAM has a number of techniques that will help achieving this. We invested heavily in Well, Reservoir and Facilities Management. Many of the techniques used are first applied on land and then, when they are successful, those innovations are adapted for use at sea. A good example is soap injection. This technique is used to drain water from flooded wells. When the gas pressure of a field decreases more water is produced, and, due to the lower production speed, more water stays behind in the well. As a result, there may come a time when the counter pressure of the water is so high that the gas cannot come out. The soap makes the water foam, allowing the gas to flow again. Now that this technique has been successfully applied and mastered on land, NAM has put together a special offshore unit to develop it for further use on the open sea. Optimizing existing processes Cost reduction is another priority to ensure that NAM can remain active in the North Sea for years to come. We optimized existing processes by looking at an issue from a different perspective or, where necessary, by adopting a completely different approach. NAM also translates best practices from other industries into the work. A good example is the use of the multifunctional vessel ‘Seajack Kraken’. The Seajack Kraken is a multi-purpose vessel with numerous hightech gadgets on board. Throughout the coming years, this vessel will take on the maintenance

Bart van de Leemput Managing Director at Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) of multiple gas installations and gas wells. A big advantage of the Seajack Kraken is that it can move very quickly from one platform to another, and that it has sufficient crane capacity for a wide range of activities. Another example is the partnership with Amplemann to develop its dynamically positioned scaffold – a kind of inverted flight simulator – that allows staff to gain ‘marine access’ to a platform, instead of using a helicopter. Despite the pressure to reduce costs and increase the gas production, safety is first and foremost in all NAM’s activities. All our efforts demand the ultimate in safety; there must be no impact to the safety of our people and no impact on the safety of the environment. 7

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