Naviate Rebar Extension (Naviate REX) to be replaced by Naviate Rebar

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Naviate Rebar Extension to be replaced by Naviate Rebar Oslo, July 5th 2022 Naviate Rebar Extension (Naviate REX) will be replaced with a new product; Naviate Rebar. The release is estimated to go live in September, supporting Autodesk Revit 2023.

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Development plan

Symetri have delivered the Naviate Rebar

First release will support the most used features in

Extension for Autodesk Revit since the Revit 2019

former Naviate REX.

version into the global AEC market. During these years we have seen a need for a solution with less limitation and more capabilities. The framework we are using doesn’t support the workflows needed by our customers in today’s market.

• Revit 2023 compatible • Automatic bar placement • Dynamic previews • Support for Beam, Columns and Walls • Propagated Rebar support

Naviate Rebar Extension, also known as Naviate

There are other features on the roadmap, and we

REX, will be discontinued and replaced with a

will continue development based on customer

brand-new product; Naviate Rebar. The new

feedback, priority and criticality. Want a sneak

Naviate Rebar is built on the Naviate framework,

peak on the beta?

working with the Revit API.

Unique launch offering to upgrade

We are aiming to release the first version for Revit 2023 in September this year. Last version for Naviate REX will be on Revit 2022. The old REX will still be available.

Naviate Rebar will be a paid solution like our other Naviate products. More information will be available closer to release date. Register to receive the latest news and a unique upgrade offering when we launch.