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You want all the required data and functionalities in one solution? Expand your Dynamics NAV flexible with our NAVAX Add Ons.  NC Cash Register  NC Payments  NC Balance  NC E-Invoicing  NC G/L Adjustment

 NC Cube  NC Cost Accounting  NC Tax

All of the above mentioned Add Ons are „Certified for Microsoft Dynamics“. This is the highest standard for a Microsoft Dynamics Add On.

As a stable, constantly growing and innovative IT-system house with sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we guarantee high-quality software solutions that meet current market needs which increasingly modernize the IT-landscape. In addition, we see ourselves as trendsetters by trusting in the development of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. These Add Ons are the result of years of expertise of our employees and their passion for the product. NAVAX Add Ons oer you higher efficiency, easier daily tasks, more transparency and many additional functions, which makes any extra programming unnecessary. The quality and constant improvement of our software is very important to us. All NAVAX Add Ons have to meet Microsoft CertiďŹ cation Program. This way we make sure that we are able to hold all our promises in the long run. Learn more about our software and our passion.

Oliver Krizek Owner & CEO, NAVAX


 Integration into existing processes If you are already using acquisition processes, NC Cash Register is integrated into them.  Possibility of separate sales analysis You can keep track of the master data of your cash register separately from the master data of other revenue generators, and evaluate the revenues separate from one another.  Reduce your processes You are avoiding double data-acquisition (customers, items, prices) by accessing existing data.  Flexible formats You have the option of printing a bon or an invoice in the A4 format.  Compliance with all safety regulations NC Cash Register is in line with the safety devices which are compulsory from 01.01.2017 onwards, which are ensured by using the services of fiskaltrust. Fiskaltrust is a service for cash register manufacturers, which was created in order to easily equip all cash registers with a safety device which is accepted by the BMF and in accordance with the cash register safety regulations. This service needs to be purchased separately from fiskaltrust.

NC Cash Register for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an electronic recording system, which is directly integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. You have the option of expanding your existing processes by adding the functions of a cash register, or you can use another recording area with prefabricated templates. In both cases you receive quick results, can still work in a familiar environment and are meeting the legal requirements of the cash register-obligation.

Meet all requirements of the cash register-obligation.

System requirements: Microsoft Dynamics NAV (technical min. NAV 5 SP1) or higher and an active maintenance contract


 Clear overview of your entire financial situation Your complete internal and external payment processes are available within one system.  Time & cost savings due to automated processes The automated processing of postings leads to goal-oriented and efficient operations. As a result you will have more time to focus on your actual business.  Highest security Access only for authorized personnel.  National and international standards The integration of standards such as SEPA and EDIFACT and the MT940, CREMUL, CAMT 053 and CAMT 054 guarantee flexibility and future security.  User-friendly menus The Add On is based on the familiar Dynamics NAV user interface.  Optimal interface to banks No paper, no administrative effort and easy data exchange between Dynamics NAV and your electronic banking system through easy file upload.  International availability The module can be used with any regional version.

NC Payments for Dynamics NAV allows you to handle any banking transaction easily and paperless. With this module you will be able to complete your payments in short time, conveniently, user-friendly and in compliance with national and international standards. Payments throughout the entire Single Euro Payments Area are covered. The Add On is the link between your accounting and electronic banking. Eliminating manual entries in the electronic banking system will reduce errors and save valuable time. By using the import module your bank account statements can be imported directly from your banking software into your Dynamics NAV solution.

Easy-to-use gateway between your accounting & your electronic banking.

System requirements: Navision Attain 3.60 or higher technical min. 4.0


 Automatic assignment Depending on the balance, a fully automatized assignment to assets and liabilities is carried out (can be adjusted for every account).  Printing reports The reports are printed in an appealing layout.  Preview functionality Results of re-booking and additional entries can be simulated before the final release and checked for their possible consequences.  Reciprocal generation The NC Balance module reacts reciprocally, which means that if the balance is positive, it is displayed as assets, otherwise it is automatically displayed as liabilities.

The NC Balance module offers the opportunity to create balance sheets and profit and loss accounts according to the accounting standards. The parametrization can be defined freely. It meets the high requirements of comprehensive evaluations in the balancing area. Compared to other evaluation techniques in the financial sector, for example the content scheme which is included in Dynamics NAV Standard, the NC Balance module offers special functions to ensure the best balancing structure.

Automatized assignment to assets and liabilities.

System requirements: Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 3.70 or higher - technical min. 4.0


 Invoices are paid faster Invoices instantly arrive without any delays to the customer. Delays caused by postal deliveries and internal mailrooms are circumvented.  Saving substantial costs Postal charges, expenditures for stationery as well as printing costs are entirely omitted. Furthermore, the lower energy positively affects your environmental balance.  The e-mail dispatch is documented The e-mail server transmission record allows to precisely track when which invoice was sent.  Saving internal working hours Due to the omission of the production and the manual mailing process employees can concentrate on other tasks.  NC E-Invoicing is expandable Besides invoices and reminders, other documents (e.g. order confirmations) can be sent via Dynamics. Furthermore, attachments (e.g. specifications of services, delivery statistics) can be enclosed to invoices.

Thanks to the NC E-Invoicing tool you can send out your invoices directly through your Dynamics NAV solution in PDF and ebInterface XML format. Consequently, your invoices are instantly available to your customers, which saves you postal charges, stationery and printing costs. All sent invoices are tagged appropriately and archived on the e-mail server.

Get your money faster with an innovative invoice system.

System requirements: Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 4.0 SP3 or higher (previous versions upon request) | free NAV application server | SMTP-capable e-mail server (e.g. Microsoft Exchange Server)


 Save valuable time By omitting manual work your employees are free to focus on other tasks. They keep working in their usual user environment.  All information in Microsoft Dynamics NAV All important pieces of information are stored directly in Dynamics NAV instead of falling back on other information carriers or programs. This makes managing the open posts on your general ledger accounts less susceptible to mistakes.  Fast implementation & no training required NC G/L Adjustment is integrated into your Dynamics NAV in just a few easy steps, which means you don‘t have to offer additional training to your employees.  Important features are integrated The module offers many new functions that make managing open posts much easier.  International standards Dynamics NAV with the integrated NC G/L Adjustment Add On is a software solution that meets international standards.

With NC G/L Adjustment for Dynamics NAV you can manage open posts directly in your usual user environment without manual assignment of open posts in additional programs. Your steps are documented and can be evaluated at any time. The Add On can be integrated into your ďŹ nancial accounting quickly and without much eort.

Save time and manage open posts directly in the user environment of Dynamics NAV.

System requirements: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 or higher


 Supply of cubes Standard analyses will be provided as cubes to download free of charge. These can be used instantly without any customization efforts. The range of these cubes will be expanded and optimized continuously.  Complete integration into all standard & customized modules NC Cube can access all Dynamics NAV standard modules instantly as well as all data of customized ranges instantly - without customization.  Every data record and value of Dynamics NAV is accessible According to the permission setup NC Cube can access and process all data records and values.  Automatic recommendation of JOINs NC Cube recommends reasonable relations for linking tables (table relations). You will receive your query in the shortest possible time.  My Cubes The function „My Cubes“ gives a quick access to frequently used analyses.  No integration & additional hardware costs As no customizations are necessary, no further investments are required. NC Cube runs on the existing system.

NC Cube allows to prepare and to analyze all the existing data of your Dynamics NAV-Solution to obtain well-founded reporting results at your ďŹ ngertips as a basis for decision-making. NC Cube will be directly integrated into your Dynamics NAV-Solution.

Working with the well-known user interfaces Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Excel.

System requirements: Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 3.70 or higher technical min. 4.0 | Microsoft Excel (2010 or higher recommended)


 Exploit savings potential Correct evaluation of cost reduction through detailed analyses of costs and expenses.  Adaptable analysis Individually adjustable reports with the integrated NaviCalc tool.  Efficient market planning Perception of trends and developments through daily updated financial information.  Tool for company measurement Decision guidance for product strategies, minimum rates by the use of overhead allocations.  Time and cost savings Periodical comparation of finance data directly via automatic fill-in of previously defined templates.  Identification of imputed costs Recording of data directly in cost accounting without any impacts in financial accounting.

How do I get a better base for company decisions? How do I monitor my production costs? What is the cash cow of the company? Which product generates the biggest proďŹ t? What does a certain employee really cost? With NC Cost Accounting you get a tool to answer all these questions. With this knowledge you can exploit the full potential of your company and your employees. The module is easily integrated into your existing Dynamics NAV installation from which it draws the necessary data without interface losses. You stay in the familiar working environment of Dynamics NAV.

Better decision-making in your business.

System requirements: Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 3.70 or higher - min. technical 4.0


 Saving time You never have to manually submit your invoices into an e-services-portal for finances again.  No limits With the NC Tax refund module you can enter an unlimited number of submissions per country and accounting period (manually, you cannot submit more than 40 invoices).  Easy submission With this tool you can select invoices and comfortably submit them to the e-services-portal for finances. XML-files are automatically created.  Data checks To ensure a safe transaction, all invoices are checked for content and formal criteria before submission.  Check of the tax refund identification number You can easily and quickly check your customers‘ and suppliers‘ tax refund identification numbers.

Would you like to take care of your tax refunds fast and easy via e-services-portal for finances and reduce manual work with an automatic check of all tax identification numbers? With the NC Tax refund module from NAVAX you can hand in your submissions comfortably by simply clicking on a button. Profit from an unlimited number of submissions. The necessary XML-file is created directly in your Dynamics solution.

Hand in your submissions comfortably by simply clicking on a button

System requirements: Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 3.70 or higher - min. technical 4.0


New NAVAX Value Added Reseller must run through the following process:  Step 1 Contacting NAVAX for one or more of the NAVAX Add Ons and ask for a NAVAX VAR membership. Recommendation for this step is that a partner must hold an active Microsoft Dynamics NAV status in MPN.  Step 2 NAVAX channel sales contacts the partner with presales information (factsheet, customer pricelist, EULA, presentation via Microsoft Lync, etc.)  Step 3 Partner is interested in selling one or more of the NAVAX Add Ons, agrees to the terms of the NAVAX Sales Agreement (SA) and with this the partner sign the SA.  Step 4 NAVAX gives the partner reselling rights in the Microsoft system to order the solutions (granules) in PartnerSource Business Center under the partners VOICE account VOICE ID. Addon modules are listed under the ISV Registered Modules link on the customer’s VOICE account. Once a reselling partner has been added as an authorized reseller for the relevant NAVAX Add Ons, the reselling partner will be able to place orders and execute access for the associated Add On range will be added to their demo/dev license next time it is downloaded from the License Key Configuration tool on PartnerSource Business Center.  Step 5 NAVAX delivers solution (Microsoft Dynamics NAV *.fobs, additional resources, etc.) by email to the partner.

Our partners and customers beneďŹ t from the newest functions for their Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, which can be also used in older software solutions with the help of NAVAX Add Ons. Become a NAVAX partner now and expand your range by products that are user-friendly, require no extra training and can be sold easily.

The Sales Agreement (SA) is signed between a partner and NAVAX. The SA covers ordering and enables partners to place orders in PartnerSource Business Center (formerly Voice and Order Central) for licenses in order to resell the NAVAX Add Ons to end-customers. Partners who resell NAVAX Add Ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV must have and hold an active SA with NAVAX. Please note that content of this guide may be subject to change without prior notice. The information is exclusive for Microsoft Dynamics Partners (Partners who want to start reselling NAVAX Add On‘s solutions) who support sales of Microsoft Dynamics products.

For Sales Agreements, AddOn Information and Objects, please contact me. Stefanie Marktler Channel Sales & Marketing | NAVAX Group Mobile +43 664 800 30 538 | Phone +43 50 8383 604 Mail s.marktler@navax.com

For technical information and further support, please contact me. Wolfgang Wolf Partner Channel Manager | NAVAX Group Mobile +43 664 800 30 312 | Phone +43 50 8383 312 Mail w.wolf@navax.com

Contact NAVAX Group Headquarter: Technologiestrasse 8 | 1120 Vienna +43 50 83830 | office@navax.com | www.navax.com Germany | Austria | Switzerland

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