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POETRY CORNER Fashion column: In and Out


Letter from the staff We are very excited to release the first issue of our school magazine. This will be an annual magazine released to showcase the work of our staff and our classmates. You can also see original artwork. We met on Mondays once a month during our break to learn new writing skills. Here is the magazine staff that contributed work to our magazine: Paula Hidalgo Ainoa Díaz Irene Znidar Carlota Alonso Claudia Armona Ana Muñoz María Estrella Marina Fernández Naiara Sánchez Andrea Angélica Candela Mingo Raquel Jimeno Gabriela García Alicia García Erika Villalba Rima Pagola Alba Magaña Berta Morales María Majó


Table of contents Artwork on cover from Claudia Armona 4th and Álvaro Gijón 4th

Around the World….4 Poetry Corner… 6 Did you know?...11 Madlibs: What´s for dinner?….12 Christmas card & Recipe…15 Staff Stories… 16 My Hamster, The Hungry Tiger, A Donkey in a Car, Fashion Columnists’ Tips, Christmas Story In & Out Fashion Columnist… 24 First Grade… 26 Second Grade… 30 Third Grade… 32 Fourth Grade… 34 Fifth Grade… 38 Sixth Grade… 41 Talent Show Results… 45


Around the World By: Ainoa Diaz and Paula Hidalgo 6ºA Today in around the world we are going to talk about ARGENTINA. Argentina is a big country located in South America; it has got a very good climate, its mild all year but in summer it´s a bit hotter. Argentina also has got very good beaches were you can swim or even do surf because there are very good waves. Argentina is a very good country to go and visit lots of places like:

The Obelisk.

Theater Colon.

Botanic Park.

And more………. Argentina also is a very good country to go there and eat meat, because Argentina is the country of the meat. They do lots of different meats but their specialty is the “carne a la parrilla.” It is delicious!!!!!!!!!

Here we finish the report I hope you enjoyed it.


My name is Rima. I was adopted. I'm from Nepal, it’s near India. In Nepal there is the biggest mountain. I have five brothers and one sister in Nepal and I have one dog in Madrid.



You Can go on Holiday Run with your sleigh Have an Ice cream in

The Snow and Talk with your friends Make this ChristmAs BeSt of All SUMMER By: Gabriela GarcĂ­a 5th

The Sun is BeaUtiful

Mum is With Me At the bEach With my bRother too! My


TRAVEL By: Paula Hidalgo 6th

Traveling on the Road is Amazing and You can Visit lots of countriEs Like Spain FASHION By: Ainoa DĂ­az 6th

Fashion is fun And interesting BecauSe it says How the Ideal ClOthes are and they are ModerN clothes and shoes



By: Claudia Armona 4th

The Jungle has a lot of leaves

Under the trees live the insects Now the elephant is walking

The tiGer is a carnivore The crocodiLe is elegant The Elephant is very big

My Favorite Class By: Alba Magaña

Class is Language I Learn to read and write And my teacher´s name is Encarnación, She is funny and very intelligent She is my favorite teacher My favorite



PICTURES By: MarĂ­a Estrella 4th

Pictures are Incredible and Creative. They are Things that I paint Very qUickly and they aRe very SpEcial. PictureS CATS By: Andrea Angelica

DANCE By: Berta Morales 6th


I love

And Ng fun


Cats Always STay in silence

Classes with E teachers of ballet,


flamenco and modern dance


PETS By: Ana MuĂąoz 4th

Pets are fun An Elephant is not a good pet Some of Them are beautiful Some of them bite. FUNNY By: Naiara Sanchez


The children have Fun In the University In the Night

Never PlaY WORLD By: Marina FernĂĄndez 4th

We live On the world Regularly we destruct a Lot of things: Plants and animals, but the Destruction we can stop PEACE By: Erika Villalba 4th

Peace is important to life Everyone is a person on Earth And we respect And Care About Everyone


By: Irene Znidar 5th


Polar bears are very interesting animals. If we take off their fur, we could see their dark black skin!


The mimosa pudica plant closes its leaves when you touch them. They are very shy!


95% of animals on our planet are invertebrates. Vertebrates are only 5%!


What's For Dinner? In Magazine Club we did Madlibs to work on parts of speech and creativity. First, the children filled out the following form in small groups. Then we added the words to the story, which turned out to be quite funny! You can try it yourself and then read the best version our club came up with on page 8.



Now read our version: It was 5 P.M., everyone was hungry and tired, and the question that Morticia most dreaded everyday was voiced. “What's for dinner, Mom?” the kids asked. “Well….,” she replied, “I'm really kind of tired of making chocolate mousse and oysters all the time. I need some new ideas, and I need some help. “I know,” said one of the kids. “Let's have monkfish. I'll help. I'll start chopping the oil. That will save you at least 43 minutes.” “Let's have some carrots too,” someone said. “I'll run out to the garden and pick some!” “And let's make spaghetti for dessert,” came the next suggestion. “I'll just look in the freezer for some oregano and we'll be all set.” Mom jumped. The family worked together preparing the meal. After two seconds, the meal was ready. For a final touch, Mom decided to make the table extra fancy by placing a photo on it. Just as the family was about to sit down and eat, the doorbell rang. “Oh no,” cried one of the kids. “I hope it's not someone we know, because I don't think we have enough to share.” It was, indeed someone they knew – or should have known. Standing at the door were 17 long-lost cousins from China. And they were all hungry. Before Morticia could close the door, a great big hamster ran in, upsetting the beautiful table. Mom jumped. The doorbell rang again. Before Mom jumped once more, one of the guests ran to the door. Thankfully it was Ghizlan. “I just had a hunch that you could use some extra food tonight. So I brought you 1 kilogram of Chinese food. Can you use it? As you can imagine, Morticia was thrilled for the extra help. All she could say was “A million thanks” over and over to the hamster. At last everyone ate quietly and savoring every bite. When the meal was over, one of the cousins exclaimed “ Yummy yummy in my tummy.” Mom jumped.


A Christmas Poem by Carlota Alonso 4th I'm so happy today because it's Christmas Day. I look at my feet and I saw lots of sweets. I take my flute and I eat some fruit. And I take a light because it is the night.

By: Claudia Armona Martin


STAFF STORIES His name is Cryspín, he is more or less 3 months. He is grey and white and has long moustaches. He likes running on the wheel and he likes peanuts. He is funny when he drinks water, sometimes he climbs the cage. He has big black eyes and is so cute!

THE HUNGRY TIGER By: Andgrea Angélica

One day I hear a very loud noise from the jungle. I stand up! And I was very scared. I think it was a dinosaur, but Pupi the tiger didn't have food. It was because I forgot to give his food. To be continued….


A Donkey in A Car! By Claudia and Ana


hile watering the tomatoes, Michelangelo was struggling in doubt to change his donkey for a very modern car. “The donkey is my friend, it was said, but the car would be nice.” Meanwhile, the donkey, that smelled something, shed abundant tears thinking of the fate that awaited him. Finally, Michelangelo made a decision and bought a shiny red car. Now he did not need the donkey to go to town. Overjoyed, he invited his friends Clara and Beatrice for a ride in his car. When he walked past the fence of the farm, the donkey looked at them full of sorrow. But after awhile, the car began to make strange noises. The three friends will never come out of amazement to see how the car was losing pieces along the way until, at last, it stopped. Michelangelo pulled out a tool box and got under the car. So he tried everything, but nothing made it go. What a disaster! What rubbish that he had left his donkey! Ainoa Díaz 6th

Before returning to the farm, Michelangelo entered the town and went to the fruit shop and bought an envelope with a box with the best carrots in the world. “My dear donkey!” said the child. “Forgive me. I will not abandon you. I understand that a machine cannot replace the loyalty of a friend.”

Fashion Columnists Tips Paula Hidalgo 6th

I´m Ainoa and I´m going to tell you some fashion tips: 1. You never go with too much glitter on T-shirts or dresses.

I´m Paula, and I´m going to tell you about my experience with clothes. A red skirt doesn´t go with a purple T-shirt. And you never put a red or yellow T-shirt with a red or yellow skirt or trousers. 2. If you want to look good with what you wear, you Ok, I´m going to tell you something about me. My have to have a good hairstyle. favorite shops are Sfera, Stradivarius, Zara and 3. Now I´m going to tell you some clothes shops I recommend: Bershka, Zara, Sfera, the New Yorker Berska. My dream is to be fashion designer. or H&M. 4. A great shop for earrings and more is Claire´s.


Christmas Story By: Irene Znidar and Gabriela García Once upon a time there were two friends. It was the day before Christmas. Irene and Gabriela were bored, so they went out to play. Gabriela said “Why don't we play with sleighs outside?” Irene said “O.K.” They were playing outside when Gabriela said, “Let's see if you can catch me!”


“Hey! Where am I?” said Irene. “Hello. It's late, we have to go to bed,” said Gabriela. The next day, Irene asked “Where are the presents?” “I don't know,” said Gabriela. After that, Irene and Gabriela went to the park. They were thinking about Santa Claus. “He maybe forgot,” said Gabriela. “No, Santa Claus never forgets,” said Irene. There was a strange paper on the ground. Irene took the paper. It was a map to Santa Claus's house. They followed the instructions. Suddenly, when they were the halfway there, an object took them flying. It was a special elevator. The elevator went 2,000,000 kilometers per hour! Irene said, “That’s why Santa can give all those presents in just one night!”


They found Santa Claus. He was on his orange sofa. Irene and Gabriela tried to wake up Santa Claus that was listening to music. Then they woke him up.

They explained to him that they didn't receive the presents that they wrote down in the letter. “But today is the 23rd of December!” said Santa Claus. “No, today is the 25th. Your calendar is wrong!” said Gabriela. “Oh no!!!” said Santa Claus. “Where are your elves?” asked Irene. “They´re working on the toys,” said Santa. “They haven´t finished yet?” asked Gabriela.


“Oh, they are almost finished,” said Santa. “Well, let´s go and see your elves,” said Gabriela. “Where are they?” asked Irene. “They are on the first floor,” said Santa. “Ok, let´s go and see them,” said Irene. They went to the first floor and suddenly something happened. “Oh no! What happened here!” said Santa. “Somebody took all the elves and reindeers and even the toys!” said Irene.

“Wow! Everything has been destroyed,” said Gabriela. “Let´s find out what happened,” said Irene. “Look! There are footprints on the snow,” said Gabriela. “Let´s follow them!” said Santa.


After walking for awhile… “Pff...I´m tired of walking,” said Gabriela. “´We´re almost there. Look!” said Irene. There was a strange cave of ice. They went inside. “It´s really dark and cold in here,” said Gabriela. “What´s that?” asked Irene. “Oh!” said Santa. “It´s a big piece of ice and snow!” “Mmmm…” said Irene. “We can´t pass through! Maybe if we dig a hole through the other side we might find the reindeers, elves and thieves!” After half an hour of digging, they finally reached the other side. They were hiding behind a rock. The thieves were wolves! “I´m really scared of wolves!” said Santa. “Shhh…”said Gabriela. “Let´s spy on them and find the elves, the reindeers and toys,” said Irene.


“Ok…” said Santa. “We´ll first go behind those trees,” said Gabriela. After a few minutes… “That wolf is talking to a secret cave in the mountain about reindeers for dinner and elves for slaves,” said Irene.

“They may have wanted to destroy this Christmas,” said Irene. “Well, let´s go to the North Pole and bring those presents to the kids. Who´s with me?” said Irene. “ME!” said everyone. They went to the North Pole and soon they were delivering presents.

“Oh no!” said Gabriela. “Let´s go to that cave!” said Santa. They looked in the mountain and they didn´t find any cave. Finally, they found the elves, reindeers and lost toys.

“Wow! This flying sleigh is really cool!” said Irene. “I love flying in your magical sleigh!” said Gabriela.

“Why would they want the toys?” asked Gabriela.

“Well, we have finished delivering the presents!” said Santa. “Thanks for helping me!”

“I don´t know,” said Santa.

“Goodbye!” said Irene and Gabriela.


In and out Today in IN AND OUT we are going to tell you the new trends and some trends that have to be out of your wardrobe.



This is something that has to be in your wardrobe.

OUT These are some of that clothes you have and you don´t know what to do with them, so we say to you OUT! And they are Horrible.




OUT Vintage clothes

Cologne with sweet Fragrance. IN This lip balm, with candy shape.

IN These things are the best of this list. You can find them in BERSHKA.



By: Hugo de Haro 1st





SECOND GRADE I have a ... dream... For Martin Luther King Jr. Day the 2nd graders talked about their dreams and what they wanted to be when they grew up. They also wrote about what they will need to do to accomplish their dreams.



The 2nd graders practiced their English skills to make a notebook for their dad's on Father's Day. They wrote some fun facts about their dads and decorated the cover.


THIRD GRADE By: Ver贸nica

When I was two years old, I couldn麓t swim.

Today, I can swim.


When I was two years old, I couldn´t play tennis.

Today, I can play tennis.

When I was two years old, I couldn´t ride a bike.

Today I can ride a bike.



he fourth graders kept notebooks with book summaries and reviews. The language assistants checked their work and rewarded them with stickers for outstanding work.


By: Pablo Hurtado 4B



Fourth graders were asked to make predictions about life in the year 2062. This is what they said:

Formula 1 will drive in the sky

By: Victor Arribas 4th In 2062 there will be automatic food machines. The robots will help all the children do their homework.

By: Blanca

By: Claudia


FIFTH GRADE Fifth graders had to write a weekly composition using at least 10 of the 15 spelling words. Here are some examples of great writing and creativity.

An Unusual Baseball Match By: Iker Hernández


he main newspaper had an article about a baseball match. One person of the audience threw an acorn. The player had it in his mouth. He said “What a very disgusting flavor.” The babies laughed. Then two boys put the newspaper in flames on a table. The police chased them, but they were able to escape to secret places. So they went on a trail in the forest. The police never saw their faces again. The boys claimed that they were innocent. What a pain in the neck for the police!

By: Andrea Buitrago 5C


fter the speech of the meeting, we were nervous because the teacher said that on Saturday there would be a competition of the best book. The next day I ate breakfast. My mum reached for the teapot to make peach tea. After doing my easy homework, I easily and neatly did the book for Saturday. On Saturday there was a lot of heat. I went to the room to show my book. I was between two boys. My parents sat in their seats. Finally, I won and all the people cheered for me, but the two boys said that I was a cheater.

SPELLING TEST WINNERS  Tomás Rosales, Marta Mei Bautista Erika de la Torre, Irene Znidar, Lía González , Álvaro Muñoz , Jorge Monayong, Laura Roncero, Aitor Galán, Sergio Cubillas González, Inés Muñoz



Materials: A flowerpot A paintbrush A rope Water colours A wooden ball Stickers



Do you like your school? Explain why you like it and describe the buildings. By: Alex López Yes, because I have lots of friends here and because everyday I learn new things, and also because of the playground. All the buildings are very big, the main building has three floors. On the first floor is the dining room and the kitchen. There is lots of space, there is also one playground for the children that are three years old. On the second floor we have lots of rooms: rooms for the four and five years old, the teachers' room, the manager’s room, physical education room, and on the third floor more rooms. We have another building for fifth and sixth grade.




By: Javier Rodríguez 6th

Hello, I am Javier. I´m a ten-year-old child that lives in San Agustín del Guadalix. Some people ask me if I work and I always say I do. I like my work very much. It´s interesting because I work with boats. I lo boats because when I was young my father´s boss had a boast and he liked seeing my happy and he knew that children like boats and he lent me and my father the boat every weekend. I´m a sailor on Columbus´s voyage. Columbus is a very good person. Whenever we see each other we talk a little. Some people think that I only work and I don´t study. But this is false. I work, but I also study geography. I´m a sailor, so when I go to a place I can study it. The last country that I went to was Italy, two months ago. Italy is a good country to explore and study. In Italy, I went to many places like Rome, Venice, Pisa and Genova. I also went to the Vatican City. I´m studying geography in a school in San Agustín del Guadalix, very near to my house and when I ship off, I take some books and I study on the boat. I´m studying geography because when I travel on a ship to a country I know a lot of things about these countries. Yesterday, I saw Columbus. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to the Indies. When he asked, I went to my house to tell my parents. Today, I told Columbus that I will go with him on the journey to the Indies. The next morning, I prepared my luggage for the journey. In January of 1492 Columbus and I went to the Indies. The first week we were very busy, but in the second week things were calm and I was studying about the Indies so that when we arrived I would know more than the others sailors that were with Columbus.


The Indian Heroes By: Carlos Diez 6th It was an ordinary morning (or almost). I woke and I had to feed the chickens and cows and then have breakfast with my family. Let me introduce my family: my mother Elizabeth, my father´s name is George, my brother David and I´m Charlie. After breakfast, I went with my brother to sell oranges and pay taxes on the house and we saw a poster that said that Christopher Columbus was to make his second trip to India (actually America). I knew that on the first voyage they gained great wealth when they came back, so I told my brother. David suggested that if we went there, we could make enough money to save our house so we went home to tell our parents. When we got home, we told our parents. They were both sad and happy. We left with a bad feeling, and our mother told us she was very proud to see us risking our lives to save our home so she wished good luck to her children and their father did too. With a goodbye to our parents, we left for the port of Cadiz with a cow and some oranges. The journey was long and exhausting, but finally we reached the Cadiz port. There were all the galleons of Christopher Columbus. My brother and I were impressed and we got in line to check in as the crew. When we entered the first ship, the “Santa María”, we suddenly saw the great Christopher Columbus and he approached us. My brother and I got a little nervous. Christopher Columbus told us, “Ah two new guys. How are you?” “Ahh...ehh…” we said. “Ha, ha, ha do not worry guys, you´ll get used to it,” he said. Over time, we left for India and bid farewell to the city of Cadiz and Spain watching all the people saying goodbye to us and the rest of the crew, my brother and I felt like we were heroes. The next morning, the waters were calm and peaceful. It was a great day, the first of our trip, things went well the first few weeks, but then severe storms appeared and things got worse for a few days. The crew began to get angry and Christopher Columbus tried to motivate them. “Do not worry crew, we´re close to the Indies (America).” “This is suicide! We have to go home!” said one of the crew. “Yeah! Let´s go back!” said another. My brother and I also tried, “Remember crew, we are here for our people, to bring food and wealth to our people, don´t you think?”

“Well I guess,” said one. “This guy is right, we have fought for no reason,” said Christopher Columbus. “It´s true. Let´s continue!” “Yes!!!” the crew said in chorus. Months later, many other things happened, but one morning a man said: “Look! The Indies are on the horizon!” “We have arrived,” said Christopher Columbus. “Finally, brother,” I said. And this is my story. We came home after months, with great wealth ad we saved the house.


Face Painting


5th and 6th Grade Talent Show

And the winners are: Lía González García (singer) Laura Martínez Maeso (poetry recitation) Carlos Domínguez López-Barranco (juggler) Laura Machín Redondo, Erika De la Torre Blázquez, Lara López Jiménez, Enma Fernández Martín and Ana María Bello Nieto (dancers) Javier Ferreira Chirar, Iker Hernández Morcillo, Pablo Arias Esteo, Alejandro López Pinedo, Ignacio Ruiz Larriba, Pablo Montalvo Delgado, Juan Pedro Torrano Marcos, Tomás Rosales Rivera, Álvaro Sánchez Elías de Molins, Carlos Encabo Mateos and Marc Arroyo Quiñones (rhythm) Paula Hidalgo De la Morena, Olaya Flecha Serrano, Paloma Pérez España, Berta Morales Guijarro, Vanesa González Pascual, Alba Sanz Zabaleta and Lucía Márquez Bochkariov (dancers)

The Chronicles of Virgen de Navalazarza 2011-2012  

This is the first issue of our school magazine released to showcase the work of our staff and classmates

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