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The chronicles of Virgen de Navalazarza

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Magazine Club Original poem by Arianna Rocha, 4ยบB


Letter from the staff


e are very excited to release the 2013 issue of our school magazine! Members of the English Magazine Club met once a month on Wednesdays to practice new writing skills. This issue showcases the writing and artwork of our staff and our classmates. Enjoy!

Table of contents -Around the world -Science Lab -Poetry Corner -Summertime -Healthy Food -Fantasy Animals -Christmas Cards -Book Reviews -Gymnastics -Pop Music -Animals -Thanksgiving -Wordsearch -Interviews with Our Language Assistants -Photos


Around the World Stockholm by Ebba Carlman, 4ºC

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It´s most important attraction is Gronalund. The weather is rainy in summer and snowy in winter. The most popular sport in Sweden is ice hockey.In Stockholm there is a lot of water and you go by boat to an amusement park. I was in the amusement park last year and I liked it a lot! But there are some scary things. The amusement park is near a place called Skansen. In the summers people go there to hear other people sing and to sing with them. I don´t have a boat but some friends have one and when I was in Stockholm last summer I went by boat with some friends and their dogs. I liked it a lot! In Stockholm there is a place I like a lot but I don´t know what the name is of the place. I only know that there you can play minigolf and eat very tasteful pastries. When I was there my sister and I saw a beautiful rabbit. I usually travel there by plane, but I have travelled by car too! It is a very long journey.


The Solar System By Luis Llorente, 4C I have chosen to talk about the solar system because all my life I have been interested in it. It can be observed with binoculars, field scopes and telescopes. The first time I saw the universe with a telescope was when I was 6 years old, and I thought it was great! There are eight planets in the solar system. Their names are: Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Many years ago, there were nine planets, On July 19th, 1966 people travelled to the moon for the first time. The moon is the only element of the Solar System where human beings have walked on, but we have sent robots and satellites to Mars too, because Mars is the nearest planet to the Earth. The force of gravity is weaker in the moon than in the Earth. That means that you can´t run fast, but you can jump higher and lift rocks that are heavier on Earth. If I study hard, maybe I will someday be an astronaut and I will travel to the moon or even to Mars!

By: Ainhoa, 3ººC

FLOWERS ————— the flowers contain the reproductive organs of the plant

LEAVES —————

——— STEM

the leaves make food for the plant

the stem connects the roots with the leaves

ROOTS the roots anchor the plant to the ground


POETRY CORNER Summer By: Sofía 4ºB

The summer is very hot. and I like it a lot. In summer I travel to the sea and I have to watch out for the bees.

In the summer I like to read To remember all the things I need.

Lucia, 2ºA

Aitanna, 2ºA


Summer time... 6th grade was working on poetry using similes….they wrote about summer.

The sun bright like diamonds The flowers are in the grass It´s a very good summer time And the clouds are in the sky

Ivan Perez. 4ºB

The birds fly like kites The apples are in the trees The waterfall fall down In the river which goes to the sea In the ground grow the trees That are surrounded by flowers The birds fly under the hill And this is how is summer


Luis Alvarez, 4B

The sun is as bright as a torch in the night The birds are singing like a person whistling And the flowers are as colorful as a rainbow in the sky The rivers are as transparent as the glass of the windows And waterfalls like a tap in our homes In the sky there are so many clouds like apples in a tree The grass is as green as the leaves that are growing on the trees

In the summer Waterfall falls down the river The sky is clear like the sea The sun is more yellow than a chicken The clouds are like little white dots The flowers are more beautiful than ice creams The birds fly in the beautiful blue sky The grass is green And the apples fall to the ground One by one in the middle of the hill.

Mario, 4ยบC


Healthy Food By: Alvaro Bjuro, 6ºC

You must have a balanced diet to be healthy and strong , you will also have energy to spare . A balanced diet means that you must eat a bit of everithing every day . Careful! It dosen´t mean you should eat to much candy or sweets. You should eat in this variety: More=cereals or grain group . Less=fruit, sugar

Aerial View of the Beach By Hector , 4ºB


REVIEW OF BOOKS Book: Donde los árboles cantan Writer: Laura Gallego Garcia Summary: Viana is a princess who is in love with a prince. But the Barbarians take over her country and killed her father. Viana escapes to the forest because she didn't want to follow orders of the barbarians. Now Viana must learn to survive in the forest with the help of “Lobo” and she must save her country. I recommend you this book if you like fantasy and action because it is really exciting. If you have the chance, read it. YOU WILL ENJOY IT!!!!!!!


You buy some chocolate brownies , mikados , sugar clouds , lacasitos , chupa chups , mini donuts , white chocolate and other sweets such as hearts , strawberrys... You cut the pieces of brownies and stick them with sugar clouds . Then you put mikados in the front of the train and in the second place . The sugar clouds will be at the top of the second place. You put lacasitos at the third place and the chupa chups at the front and the back of the third place. You will put the heart and the strawberrys sweets round the train. To end you put the mikados at one site and the other site of the train and you push the mini donuts into the mikados . This is how you make the train cake .


By Andrea Esteban and Angelica Pintilie Gymnastics is a sport that is dangerous if you don´t concentrate. First you must do a warm-up because you have to prepare your body. There are 4 elements in gymnastics: floor, beam, parallel bars and vault. On the floor you can do pikes, rolls, jumps, flips, backflips, frontflips, turns, round-offs, back-handsprings, and splits. On the beam you can do pikes, rolls, jumps, splits, flips, arabesques, handsprings, and round-offs.

On the paralell bar you jumpo from bar to bar. On the vault you run stright, bounce off the spring, flip off the vault and land.


POP MUSIC What is popular? Taylor Swift, David Guetta, Rhianna, Adele

Rhianna: Her music songs are fun to dance Taylor Swift:: the best of the or sing to. singers—her lyrics they are relatable ADELE: Her songs emit love and emotion, her voice is PHENOMENAL!.

David Guetta: his dancebeat


ANIMALS By Marta Majo Defauce 5ยบD


Horses Pigs Dogs Cats

Pets are animals you can have at home, on a farm or in a pen.

WILD IN WILD ANIMALS WE CAN FIND: Lions Panthers Pigs Tigers Elephants


Grades 1 through 4 chose three animals and mixed their features to create an entirely new “Fantasy Animal”! We used what we had learned in class to describe what our animals look like, what they eat, where they live, and other important characteristics.

This is a penguinsnakedragon. Unai 2ºA Sofia Latorre, 3º

This is my pet. It’s a dog, cat and lion. The ears are brown , the body is yellow, and the bottom is pink. Maria Del Valle, 2ºA

My pet is a dog, delphin, and cat. The head is of a dog. The body is of a dolphin. The leg is of a cat. The tail is of a cat.

Rebeca Vasile, 2ºA

The name of my animal is Poncho. His favorite food is potatoes. Nuria, 3ºD


That is a jellybirdsnake flying in the air. They are sad, eats fishes and plants, and are onivores. They live on sea and air. Arianna Rocha, 4ººB

Hello my name is Perlygoat. Perlygoat flies and she eats parrot food and she lives in the air. Alex, 3ºC

My animal is “Rapinbird.” The Rapin bird is omnivorous and it likes to fly in the sea. Elizabeth Taulé, 4ººB

Hello my name is Yellisnacke. I go to the UK flying. I’m a mix of elephant, snake, jellyfish, tiger, rabbit, bird. Belen, 3ºC

Hello my name is Lisa. I eat plants and other animals. I’m omnivorous. I move by swim. I live in the mountains and in the water. I’m oviparous. Patricia, 3ºC

My new animal is Katty. Katty eats carrots, bananas, is big, fluffy, is furry. It lives in the land and this is my new animal. Rania, 3ºD




The third grade read TONS of books this year in the book club. Each week, they met with Cassidy, one of the language assistants, to select a new story from the collection. Students kept journals in which they rated and reviewed each book read. They even created beutiful drawings to illustrate their favorite part of each book!

Title: John and Paul Go to School Reviewed by: Letizia Author: D. H. Howe Score: 10, Excellent! What it's about: These two friends at school go. And tell us what they have to carry to school. And after his teacher present. The sentence I like best: “Good afternoon, Miss Sun.” A different title that I would like: “Best Friends Go to School Every Morning”


Title: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Author: Esther Safartti Score: 10. What it's about: It's about a girl whose mum dies and her dad marries a bad woman. The bad woman is jealous of Snow White and wants to kill her. Seven dwarves help her but the bad witch gives her a poisoned apple. Then a prince gives her a kiss and asks her to marry him. The sentence I like best: “The prince asked her to marry him.”

Title: Students in Space Author: Craig Wright Score: 5 What it's about: It's about a trip to space. The children visit the Zorgans. They play laser guns. The sentence I like best: “Are these laser guns?” A different title that I would like: “Kidnapped Greg and Anne”


Cecilia Lopez, 1ºC Luna Maregil, 1ºC Paula Garcia, 1ºC Maria Del Valle ,2ºA Adriana Loizaga, 2Aº Rebeca Vasile, 2ºA Lucia Caninero, 2ºA



Silly Thanksgiving Gap-fill In Magazine Club we did Mad-libs to work on parts of speech and creativity. First, the children filled out the following form in small groups. Then we added the words to the story, which turned out to be quite funny! You can try it yourself and then read the best version our club came up with on pages 24 and 26!

1. adjective ______________ 2. adjective ____________ 3. person ______________ 4. noun ________________ 5. noun ________________ 6. noun ________________ 7. verb ________________ 8. vegetable ____________ 9. color ________________ 10. adjective ____________ 11. noun ________________



Silly Thanksgiving Gap-fill Enjoy three versions of Thanksgiving Mad-Libs, written collaboratively by members of the magazine staff!

perfect pretty Brittany Spears

sing boots eyes



pink sweet



beautiful enormous Justin Bieber pumpkins meat

wii swim


red delicious

Atrapa un Million

chocolatey best Shakira chairs Pizza and salad

window swim


purple crazy



1-Deer 2-Zebra 3-Parrot 4-Wildpig 5-Fox


1-Dog 2-Hen 3-Bird 4-Fish 5-Sheep 6-Rabbit 7-Frog


Flor Martin DelCampo (San Francisco, U.S.A.) Interviewed by: Elizabeth TaulĂŠ and InĂŠs Cervera Q: What is your favorite food? A: Mexican food Q: Who is your best friend? A: Blanca. She is her cousin. Q: Where are you from? A: She is from California. Q: Do you have a sister or a brother? A: She has two brothers and two sisters. Q: Where do you live? A: She lives in San Agustin de Guadalix Q: What is your favorite animal? A: Her favorite animal is white tiger. Q: What is your favorite sport? A: Her favorite sport is football. Q: Where will you go next summer? A: She will go to California to visit her family.


Cassidy Edwards (Tennessee, U.S.A.) Interviewed by: Alex and Leicy Q: How are you today? A: I´m fine. Q: Where are you from? A: I´m from Tennessee, in Sanchinarro. Q: What did you do at the weekend? A: I went to Segovia Q: How many brothers or sisters do you have? A: I have one sister. Her name is Holly. Q: Do you have a hobby? A: I like singing, dancing and making crafts. Q: What is you favorite sport? A: Cheerleeding. Q: Do you have a boyfriend? A: Yes. His name is Carlos. Katie Davey (Philadelphia, U.S.A.) Interviewed by: Carlota and Laura Q: When is your birthday? A: My birthday is on March 30th Q: Who is your best friend? A: My best friend is Roseann. She is a teacher too. Q: What is your favorite food? A: My favorite foods are pizza and ice cream Q: What computer/video games do you like? A: I like Oregon trail and Dance Dance Revolution Q: Q: What is your favorite sport? A: My favorite sport is dancing. Q: Where did you go last Saturday? A: I went to San Sebastian. Q: When did you come to Spain? A: I came to Spain last September.


Hope Henley (North Carolina, U.S.A.) Interviewed by: Luciana and Sofia Q: How are you? A: She is great. Q: Do you have a favorite sport? A: She likes basketball. Q: Where do you live? A: She lives in Madrid Q: Where is north Carolina? A: It´s on the east coast. Q: What is the weather like? A: ´The weather is beautiful. It´s sunny. Q: When did you come to Spain? A: She came in September. Q: Who is in your family? A: She has one older sister. Her name is Sarah. She has a dad and a mum. Q: Q: When will you go to visit your family? A: She will go on June 28th. Ben Wilkins (Gloucester, U.K.) Interviewed by: Ana and Laura Q: How are you today? A: He`s fine. Q: Do you have a favorite sports? A: He likes tennis and football. Q: Where do you live? A: He lives in Madrid. Q: Do you like shopping? A: He doesn’t like shopping. Q: Do you speak Spanish? A:He speaks a Little spanish. Q: When did you come to Spain? A: He came in September 2012. Q: How many people are in your family? A: He has 5 sisters and 2 brothers and mum and dad. Q: When are you going to England A: He`s going back to England next month.


Weston Wilson (Colorado, U.S.A.) Interviewed by: Ariana and Maria Q: Do you like to live in Spain? A: She likes it. Q: What`s favuorite sport? A: Her favourite spaort is Baseball. Q: Where do you live in a town or a city? A: Now she lives in a city. Q: Who is your best friend forever? A: Her best friend is called Willy. Q: How many people are in your family? A: There are 5 people in her family. Q: Have you lived in England? A: She has never lived in England. Q: What do you like to do? A: She likes reading and playing the guitar.









The Chronicles of Virgen de Navalazarza 2012-2013