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NEW TITLES MARCH – MAY 2014 Björkelid, Anders: Dusk of Frost/Frostskymning (Fantasy) Mendel-Hartvig/Gustavsson: Otis Longs/Otis längtar (Picture book) Pedersen/Johansson: April Fool! Pranks and Other tricks/April, april! (Easy reader/Fiction)


Natur & Kultur was founded in 1922 and is sweden’s third largest publishing house. It consists of textbook and academic publishing on the one hand, and a trade publishing division on the other. the trade division publishes some 80 titles per year, divided between popular psychology, fiction and narrative non-fiction, illustrated non-fiction, and children’s and young adult books. Natur & Kultur is also a not-for-profit foundation, with a mission to “counteract totalitarian ideas and forms of government and foster economic and political freedom”. the foundation handles a range of stipends and awards, among which is Natur & Kultur’s Culture Prize. the fact that the publishing house continues to operate as a foundation, and promote its values, makes it a unique and independent force in the swedish publishing landscape.

Höjer/Hansson: Fiddle and Goony Meet Dinosaurs/Fille och Gonkan hos dinosaurierna (Easy reader/Fiction) Engholm, Bengt-Erik: sea Monsters/Havsvidunder (Easy reader/Non-fiction) Brännström, Jonatan: Johnny No Clue/Johnny ingen aning (Fiction 6–9) Johansson, E A: Blubble thinks/Blubbla tänker (Picture book)

SEPTEMBER – NOVEMBER 2014 Mendel-Hartvig/Gustavsson: Wake up, My Chestnut!/Vakna min kastanj! (Picture book) Gustavsson, Per: the Moon tower/Måntornet (Picture book) Langa, Annika: the secret of Moon Mountain/Månsbergets hemlighet (Fiction 9–12) Höjer/Björnstjerna: souls in the sky and Other Ghost stories/själar i skymningen och andra spökhistorier (Fiction 6–9) Persson/Lindell: What Week?/Vilken vecka? (Non-fiction 9–12) Wieslander/Nordqvist: Mamma Moo Goes swimming/Mamma Mu simmar (Picture book) Nilsson, Moni: tsatsiki’s universe/tsatsikis universum (Fiction 6–9)

UPCOMING TITLES 2015 Nilsson, Frida: siri and the Pirates of the Ice sea/siri och ishavspiraterna (Fiction 6–9) Ingves, Gunilla: teddy Bruno’s summer/Nalle Brunos sommar (Picture book) Höjer/Hansson: Fiddle and Goony Meet Detectives/Fille och Gonkan hos detektiverna (Easy reader/Fiction) Wieslander/Nordqvist: the Little Book about Mamma Moo/Lilla boken om Mamma Mu (Board book, 0–3)

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N at u r & K u lt u r

The Moon Tower Per Gustavsson The Moon Tower Per Gustavsson 32 pages. Hard cover Age: 3–6 September 2014

Per Gustavsson is an illustrator and an author, born in 1962 and living in Stockholm. He’s illustrated a number of books, both his own and others’, and his illustrations are often seen in magazines. His books about the Princess have been a huge success for over 10 years.


Ragnar thinks the moon is the most exciting thing in the world. Is there any way to go there? He goes to the circus and asks the human canon ball, that should work – to be shot there by a canon. But that takes circus training. Ragnar goes to an astronaut to ask, but it turns out that it takes a whole lot of education to borrow a space shuttle. Maybe I could build a tower, Ragnar thinks, and gets to it. It turns into an adventurous climb towards the beckoning moon in the sky. A moving and philosophical story of children who find their own clever solutions, and let their appetite for discovery guide them and gives their imagination free rein.

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Just imagine if I could fly, Blubble ponders. Then I could go anywhere! To the desert. To the popcorn factory. To outer space.

Blubble Thinks EA Johansson Blubble thinks quite a lot. She likes adventure, although she probably prefers staying home. It’s where she can dream about going on exciting journeys far, far away. Blubble is a bit frayed at the edges and misses her mom who died a few years ago. Is it totally dark where she is now? Or has she turned into a butterfly? These are the sort of things Blubble thinks about. This is an unusual photo book that makes the reader’s heart ache without being sentimental. Sympathetic, unexpected and with great care for details. A story which spans many emotions and manages to be both peaceful and intense at the same time.

Blubble Thinks EA Johansson 32 pages. Hard cover Age: 3–6 August 2014

EA Johansson was born and raised in Falkenberg, but now lives in Stockholm. He had an imaginary friend named Blubble as a child. She later became the character that she is today. Now Blubble lives in EA’s grandmother’s basement where EA has built a miniature world for her, and filmed 10 animated short films made with stop motion technique that were aired on Swedish television in 2012. EA Johansson is also a musician and plays in the band Nervous Nellie. This is the first picture book about Blubble.

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Otis Longs Åsa Mendel-Hartvig and Ane Gustavsson

Otis dad has gone away. The pillow smells like dad. Otis tries on dad’s bathrobe and slippers. Otis’ feet are too small! Teddy is waiting for Doll to return home. She’s gone to China. Time passes so slowly when you’re waiting for someone. Otis and Teddy build a fort for dad. But who’s creeping in the hallway? It’s Doll! But who else?

Otis Consoles. Sold to: Denmark and Korea

Otis Longs is a story accurately told from the perspective of a young child. Part three in the series about Otis.

Otis Longs Åsa Mendel-Hartvig Illustrations: Ane Gustavsson 32 pages. Hard cover Age: 0–3 March 2014

“An irresistable book with wonderful pictures and unerring texts.”

Åsa Mendel-Hartvig lives in Stockholm. She is a journalist and an author. Åsa has previously written the books Tesslas mamma vill inte! and Tesslas pappa vill inte! with Caroline Röstlund, published by Olika Förlag.

Otis’ Mittens. Sold to Denmark

Ane Gustavsson is an illustrator and a viola player. She has together with Lennart Hellsing published the book Drillar och draköron. Boken om instrumenten/Drills and Dragon Ears. The Book about the Instruments (2011). She has also illustrated several books by Christine Falkenland. Ane lives in Arvika, Sweden.

PHOTO: christian åslund

PHOTO: mia carlsson

Ingalill Mosander, Aftonbladet

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Mamma Moo Goes Swimming Jujja Wieslander and Sven Nordqvist Mamma Moo is going to the public pool to swim and ride the waterslide. Mamma Moo really wants the Gold Fish medal, which you can get by swimming 25 meters in the deep end. Crow thinks Mamma Moo is out of her mind. Cows should not swim, and absolutely not ride through a tube. They can get stuck! And neither does Crow like getting wet. At the public pool it is really pleasant. Mamma Moo dives and swims, gets comfy in the kids pool and sweats in the sauna. She gets the Gold Fish with ease. When returning home Crow is in a bad mood. He doesn’t seem happy for Mamma Moo at all. Is he maybe jealous? Mamma Moo decides to let Crow take a medal as well – the Flying Fish. Crow turns into a gray arrow and takes the sky in his possession.

E-book rights available!

Jujja Wieslander is a well-known and successful author in Sweden and has written the books about Mamma Moo and Crow among others. Sven Nordqvist is one of Sweden’s finest illustrators. Apart from the spirited pictures of Mamma Moo, he is most well known for his own books about Pettson and Findus.

PhOTO: kajsa nordin

phOTO: Lennart Jönsson

This is the 9th picture book about Mamma Moo and her best pal Crow.

TRANSLATED INTO: Hungarian Korean Kurdmanji Sorani Farsi Thai Turkish Assyrian/Syrian Vietnamese Japanese Russian

Norwegian Finnish German Danish Estonian Icelandic Arabic Lithuanian Polish Chinese Spanish INDIAN EDITIONS:

Malyalam Marathi Punjabi Tamil Telugu

English Gujarati Hindi Kammala Kannada

Illustrations: Sven Nordqvist 32 pages. Hard cover Age: 3–6

Mamma Moo and Crow’s Christmas

Mamma Moo Goes Down a Slide

Mamma Moo on the Swing

Mamma Moo Reads

Mamma Moo Builds a Tree House

Mamma Moo on the Sledge

Mamma Moo and Crow

Mamma Moo Climbs a Tree

October 2014

Mamma Moo and the Spring Clean

Text: Jujja Wieslander

Mamma Moo Gets a Scratch

Mamma Moo Goes Swimming

The Big Book about Mamma Moo and Crow

Free again in Italy and the Netherlands!

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Wake up, my Chestnut! Åsa Mendel-Hartvig and Ane Gustavsson On large spreads, we get to follow a young girl and her favorite tree. It’s winter and the large chestnut is asleep. The child tries to wake the tree with a flashlight, but it won’t awaken. Not even when the light of spring shines on it. It’s old and tired. Does it feel lonely? The child moves into the crown of the tree, to try to prevent it from being cut down. She kicks the ladder to the ground, just in case. The tree tells her about the chestnut babies. About one which was carried away by a dog and took root in the park, and another which traveled south in an old man’s pocket. “I’m alive,” says the tree. “And I won’t ever die.” A grandiose picture book about the course of nature (and, ultimately, life) for all young philosophers. A quiet story on the surface, but rebellious and powerful underneath.

Wake up, My Chestnut! Text: Åsa Mendel-Hartvig Illustrations: Ane Gustavsson 32 pages. Hard cover Age: 3–6

PHOTO: mia carlsson

Ane Gustavsson is an illustrator and a viola player. She has together with Lennart Hellsing published the book Drillar och draköron. Boken om instrumenten/Drills and Dragon Ears. The Book about the Instruments (2011). She has also illustrated several books by Christine Falkenland. Ane lives in Arvika, Sweden.

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

PHOTO: christian åslund

October 2014

Åsa Mendel-Hartvig lives in Stockholm. She is a journalist and an author. Åsa has previously written the books Tesslas mamma vill inte! and Tesslas pappa vill inte! with Caroline Röstlund, published by Olika Förlag.

Thomas & Emma Gunilla Wolde the character thomas was first introduced to the public in 1969, and the following years 9 more books about thomas as well as 10 books about Emma were published.the books deal with subjects that parents and young children can relate to, making them, 30 years after they were first published, as popular as ever. throughout the years the thomas & Emma books have been translated into 14 languages.

Favorites since 1969 - now in revised editions!

Emma’s Baby Brother is Ill

Emma and Baby Brother

Emma Visits the Dentist

Emma at the Doctor’s

Emma Vacuums

Emma’s First Day at Daycare

Emma and Peter Different

Emma’s Workshop


Emma’s Daycare

Opposite Emma

Thomas Visits the Doctor

Thomas Cleans Up Thomas cleans

Thomas and Millie

Thomas Plays with the Cat

Thomas Plays Dress Up

Thomas Bakes

Finnish Danish Norwegian Lappish somali Arabic Persian Japanese Icelandic Irish Chinese Assyrian Dutch Portuguese English English book rights available again!

Thomas Takes a Bath

Thomas is Small

Thomas Builds

Thomas Goes Outside C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N At u R & K u Lt u R

Chap bOO

pter OKS

The Secret of Moon Mountain Annika Langa

The books about Napoleon and his friends Andy and Khaya are full of humor, adventure and mystery, situated in the small northern town of Perchville. Even though the friends love a good mystery, sometimes they get involved in more than what they bargained for ...

It’s winter and strange things are happening in Perchville; a stranger visits Boris and urges him to move into a retirement home and Khaya receives a strange fortune cookie from the local Chinese restaurant. And what’s more; a company is planning to build luxury homes at the foot of Moon Mountain, even though Boris warns them about the curse of the mountain. It seems as if all of these things are connected, and Napoleon, Andy and Khaya intend to figure out how. This is the suspenseful and clever sequel to Napoleon & Crackersaurus Rex, starring Napoleon Larson, nerd extraordinaire.

Napoleon & Crackersaurus Rex

Sold to Denmark, Serbia and Germany

The Secret of Moon Mountain Annika Langa is a Swedish journalist residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her writing has appeared in South African as well as Swedish media, and she’s also the co-author of two books about southern Africa. She made her fiction debut in 2012 with Napoleon & Crackersaurus Rex.

Annika Langa Cover: Mats Minnhagen 200 pages. Hard cover Age: 9–12 October 2014

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

PHOTO: Jaqui simpson

Meet 12-year-old Napoleon Larson, a self-proclaimed nerd and misfit who is utterly hopeless at soccer and unlucky in love. However, this summer, he won’t have time to dwell on all that. No, he’s too busy trying to prevent the baby of the mythical Great Lake Monster from falling into the hands of two sinister bounty hunters. Will he, with the help of Andy, Khaya and ”crazy” Boris, be able to outsmart them and keep the poor animal safe? Find out in this thrilling and hilarious adventure story!

Johnny No Clue Jonatan Brännström What mom and dad will do when they realize Johnny is on the ferry by himself on the way to town? Johnny has no clue. Johnny lives on an island in the archipelago where he has no friends. Big brother is there of course, but Johnny can’t play with him. Grandma used to be there, but she started forgetting things and had to move into a home in the city. Although, mom and dad have promised they’re going to visit grandma, dad has to work instead. Johnny gets angry and runs down to the dock, and there the ferry is! Taking the ferry into town is no problem, but how to find grandma Johnny has no clue. The adventures succeed each other for Johnny who does everything on impulse and rarely thinks beforehand. Fortunately, Enn shows up on the island and she has just as many good ideas as Johnny. Together, they put dog poo in the snuff of the worst babysitter, build a tree house, and end up in a crazy apple fight. And Johnny starts to get a clue what it’s like to have a best friend. When fall break is over, Enn has to go back to the city. But of course, Johnny can always take the ferry to see her. If he can find the way. An exciting and fun story about Johnny who for the most part has no clue. An affectionate portrayal of an impulsivedriven young boy and his life on an island in the archipelago. Quirky yet everyday, entirely told from Johnny’s own perspective.

Johnny No Clue Jonatan Bännström Cover: Carolina Ståhlberg 176 pages. Hard cover Age: 6–9

Jonatan Brännström was born in 1986 and lives in Stockholm. He has previously worked at a preschool in Oslo, but is currently working as a teaching assistant and writer. His work with the children, and one year at a residential college, gave him the inspiration for his debut title The Lightning Gobbler (2012), illustrated by Joanna Hellgren.

PHOTO: mia Carlsson

August 2014

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r



sold to Korea France Norway Germany turkey Poland Russia serbia Italy Denmark

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N At u R & K u Lt u R

Hedvig and Hardemo’s Princess

Hedvig and Max-Olov

Hedvig and the Summer with chubby


The crow’s Incredible Hitchhiking Adventure


Frida Nilsson (born 1979) is an author and a translator. Frida made her debut with The Crow’s Incredible Hitchhiking Adventure in 2004, and during the following year both Me and Gorilla and the first book about Hedvig were published. The second book about Hedvig, Hedvig and Max-Olov, was nominated for the August Prize in 2006, and two other books about the streetwise country-bumpkin followed. Me and Gorilla, Me and Dante at the Dump and Jagger, Jagger is a suite of free-standing books about outsiders and unconventional friendships. Taking place at a dump, a junk yard and on the street, the suite is simply called the ”trash trilogy”. Frida’s authorship is characterized by tremendous humor and great sincerity. She writes about the big questions in life – friendship, death and love – and has been compared to fellow writers such as Roald Dahl and Barbro Lindgren. Frida is internationally successful. In 2011, Me and Gorilla was nominated for the prestigious Deutscher Jugend Literaturpreis in Germany. In 2013, it was nominated for the French Prix Tam-Tam ”J’aime Lire”, and won the prize Les Olympiades. In 2013, Jagger, Jagger was nominated for the August Prize.

Me and Dante at the Dump Jagger, Jagger


Me and Gorilla

In a beat up old Volvo, Gorilla comes skidding into the well-kept yard of the orphanage sunnyside. she instantly decides which of the children she wants to come live with her. But Jonna is not quite as certain that she wants the clumsy Gorilla for her new mother. Nevertheless, Gorilla’s house proves to be quite cosy – a messy old factory with a junkyard out back. It soon becomes clear that Gorilla and Jonna have more in common than what they initially thought. sadly, just as things are getting really comfy, troy from the local authorities shows up and threatens to send Jonna back to the orphanage… When the world becomes too judgmental, your best defence is a sense of humour. You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about who you love! Apstjärnan is a funny and memorable book about friendship, parents and children, and that there’s nothing wrong with being different.

A story of crime, lies and dangerous dynamite! Harold is a bank clerk who puts his career first. But the bank is suddenly robbed and Harold is innocently blamed for the theft. He escapes desperately in a trash can and is left at a dump outside town. there he befriends an obnoxious rat named Dante. Maybe, in the middle of the miserable mess he’s in, Harold finds his kindred spirit at the town dump?

Bengt is being bullied by the kids in the neighborhood. He’d rather not go outside at all. But every day his mom leaves a note on the kitchen table with errands for him to do, even if it’s only taking out the trash. Bengt doesn’t want to make his mom sad, so instead of telling her he’s being bullied he goes outside. Once, he got his hat thrown in the creek, another time there was mud on his bike seat. the time he met Jagger svensson was when he got locked in the garbage disposal room. Jagger is a homeless down-and-out dog and not an appropriate friend, according to the parents in the building. the parents smile nicely towards Bengt and his mom and dad, talking and pretending like their kids don’t bully Bengt. the only one who doesn’t pretend is Jagger. He thinks Bengt should come up with the perfect revenge … Jagger Jagger is a unique story that contains both seriousness and dark humor.

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N At u R & K u Lt u R

Tsatsiki’s Universe Moni Nilsson Tsatsiki is back after 13 years! Tsatsiki and Per Hammar can’t wait for summer break to begin. Then they’re going to Greece and fish for squid. Just the two of them. But the bad economy in Greece has also affected Agios Ammos. Dad the Squidfisher is on the verge of bankruptcy. He owes the bank a great deal of money, and probably has to sell both his olive grove, his small hotel and the fishing boat. On top of that, something happens that makes Per unable to go with Tsatsiki on their trip. Tsatsiki has to go all by himself. But then Faye appears, the girl with the bare feet. And the summer which started off so badly turns out to be a summer which changes life for good, not only for Tsatsiki, but for everyone in Agios Ammos. Because, like Mom says, you should never give up, or listen to those who tell you that you can’t do something. Tsatsiki-Tsatsiki Johansson won the hearts of readers all over the world since the first book, Tsatsiki and Mom, was published in 1995. To date, the books have been translated into 17 languages and they continue to gain new generations of fans. Moni Nilsson’s portrayal of the everyday life of young Tsatsiki and his somewhat unconventional mother, is characterized by a unique familiar and captivating style, making the books true classics of our time. Tsatsiki’s Universe Moni Nilsson Cover: Sarah Sheppard 200 pages. Hardcover Age: 6–12

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Tsatsiki and Retzina

Tsatsiki on His Own

Tsatsiki Falls in Love

Tsatsiki and Dad

Tsatsiki and Mom

November 2014

Biscuit likes to make lists. She does it to sort out her thoughts; to figure out what she is really thinking and feeling. But mainly she does it to understand herself better. Because even though she’s best friends with Gordon (the most awesome person ever!), and has a loving – albeit quirky family – life can be quite complicated. Nevertheless, Biscuit faces life head on, with tenacity and outspokenness, and always with a great sense of humor. The books about Biscuit and Gordon are charming and refreshingly honest, simply a must read for every typical atypical teenager!


Biscuit and Gordon

Biscuit and Gordon. The Meaning of (my) Life

Moni Nilsson

Moni Nilsson is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed authors of children’s books and young adult fiction. She has received numerous prestigious literary awards such as the Astrid Lindgren Prize in 2010 for meritorious authorship within the realm of Swedish literature for children and youth.

Biscuit and Gordon. The Dad with the Big Shoes Sold to: Norway, France, Denmark and The Netherlands

Biscuit and Gordon. Summer and Sweet Secrets Sold to: Norway and Denmark

Biscuit and Gordon. Love, Kisses and Records Sold to: Norway

Biscuit and Gordon. Black Holes and Broken Strings

Biscuit and Gordon. Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Non-fiction What Week? When parents get divorced Jennie Persson and Elin Lindell A modern family can be shaped in many various ways and Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the highest divorce rates. But what does it mean for the children when their parents break up and meet new people and maybe even break up again? And all families don’t consist of a mother and a father with kids – how about those families that for example consist of two mothers and a kid? Do you have the right to keep in touch with stepparents after a divorce? What happens if dad moves to another country? And do you have to share a room with your stepsisters or stepbrothers? No question is too small or too big. Also personal stories and advice from psychiatrists and legal advisors. All from a child’s perspective of course. Illustrated in color.

Jennie Persson is a journalist that has among other things worked at the Swedish children’s magazine Kamratposten. Elin Lindell made her debut in 2006 with Stora Syndboken that was praised by critics and readers alike. She was, together with her co-author Lisa Bjärbo, awarded a scholarship for best final project. In the same series is also the title Pinsamt. Elin is a journalist and has worked as a web editor at Kamratposten and does freelance work as both an illustrator and a writer.

What Week? Jennie Persson Illustrations: Elin Lindell 80 pages. Hardcover Age: 9–12 September 2014

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Sea Monsters Bengt-Erik Engholm and Jojo Falk

What lurks beneath the surface of the water? In the story world, lakes and seas are filled with dangerous and marvelous creatures, but the water world in reality is just as fantastic. Read about the fairy tale monster Kraken, the sea snake and Nessie, and reality’s giant octopuses, rays and old pikes. Also find out who the giant of our seas is – larger than any dinosaur that has ever lived.

Bengt-Erik Engholm and Jojo Falk’s non-fiction titles are packed with thrilling and peculiar facts, and humorous illustrations. They are informative, personal and fun! The book about fakirs won the Book Jury’s award for Best Non-fiction title in 2010. Did you for example know ...

Sea Monsters Bengt-Erik Engholm Illustrations: Jojo Falk 48 pages. Hardcover

... that if you put a flashlight to your palm in a dark room you can see your own skeleton? ... that some creatures like crayfish have their skeleton on the outside of their body?


... that a bat can capture up to 6,000 mosquitoes in a single night? If they’re not able to eat them all they make a small, handy bag from their own wing to store them in.


... that there was once a fakir who could swallow a frog and then make it come up again? Alive! He had trained the frog in the dark to not scare it when he forced it down into his belly.


Age: 6–9 June 2014

Sold to Denmark, China and Norway

Mummies by Malin Lilja

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Fiddle and Goony Meet Dinosaurs Dan Höjer, Roger Hansson and Anders Nyberg

The second book about Fiddle and Goony! Fiddle and Gonny are sleeping over at their grandparents’ again. They’re so super-duper old that they are moving to a retirement home. They are both quite forgetful, but all of a sudden they remember what it was like back in the days – during the Cretaceous period, when they were dinosaur veterinarians. A time machine is easily put together with a refrigerator and a toaster and swoosh! – Fiddle and Goony are whisked off on another breathtaking adventure. It’s not every day you get chased by a T-rex who has picked up the scent of grandma’s cinnamon buns. Oddly, mom doesn’t believe a word when they tell her about their adventure, but maybe that’s a good thing. Because otherwise Fiddle and Goony would probably never get to visit their grandparents again, and the adventure with the detectives they wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world… The free-standing third part Fiddle and Goony Meet Detectives is published in 2015!

Dan Höjer and Roger Hansson

Fiddle and Goony are sleeping over at their superduper old grandparents’ house. They are so old that they often forget things. But suddenly they remember what it was like a long time ago, in fact, two hundred years ago, when they were pirates and sailed the seven seas. Grandma and grandpa realize they still have their pirate ship stowed away, and Fiddle and Goony are suddenly whisked off through a secret passageway (the garbage chute) on an unbelievable adventure of pirate ships, treasure maps and scary enemies.

Illustrations: Anders Nyberg 48 pages. Hardcover Age: 6–9 June 2014

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Fiddle and Goony Meet Pirates

Fiddle and Goony Meet Dinosaurs

April Fool! Pranks and other tricks Sanna Pedersen and Bettina Johansson April Fool! - Pranks and other tricks Sanna Pedersen Illustrations: Bettina Johansson 48 pages. Hardcover Age: 6–9 March 2014


Sanna Pedersen was born in 1990 in Sunne, Sweden and this is her debut book. She has worked at the children’s venue Junibacken in Stockholm, where she initiated and managed a Picture Book Festival in 2013. Now she’s studying Children’s Studies at Stockholm University. She is a great supporter of the winter season and elderberry lemonade.

All over the globe and throughout history, people have joked around with each other during certain times of the year. So, whether you want to fool someone on April Fool’s Day, or all through May – this book will give you topnotch tips! A few drops green food coloring in the milk carton will give mom a pleasant surprise with her cereal at breakfast. And remember: the best pranks are those that are fun even for those getting pranked...

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r



The Children of the Blood Anders Björkelid In the aftermath of an assault on their farm which caused the death of their father, twins Sunia and Wulf find out that they belong to the mysterious People of the Blood. Furthermore, a sinister Cold is spreading throughout the land, slowly embedding the hearts of mankind and unleashing the impending Winter of Evil. It soon becomes clear to Sunia and Wulf that their father had great plans for them; it’s up to them to challenge the Cold. They embark on a long and perilous journey. In order to fight against the Cold the twins are forced to adapt to the restrictive and complex traditions of the Blood, as well as challenge the covenant with the Underworld, and ultimately, piece together the clues to their own history. The Winter of Evil is coming and with it a Cold that penetrates people’s hearts and minds. No one can be sure of who’s been affected; who can be trusted, and who’s not yet in the Winter King’s power.

Winter of Evil

Twins Sunia and Wulf have grown up with their father in a remote, peaceful village. One day, everything changes in an instant. A strange cold is spreading in the region, there are large wolf tracks in the snow and there are rumors of gallow men in the forest. The cold is penetrating everything, and Sunia and Wulf have to escape to save their lives. They meet the mysterious Mountainwife and suddenly they’re confronted with a different reality – one in which they belong to a strange kind of people, bound by the Tradition and the Rhythm, linked together by the Blood.

Carrier of Fire

Twins Sunia and Wulf have spent a year in the Ring of Judges and learnt much about their fatal heritage, about the people of the Blood, and about the rigid rules that come with the Tradition. None of them feel comfortable with the roles forced upon them. The threat from the Cold has escalated and the Hird hunters think a war is inevitable. They try to gather all of the resistance that still exists. The twins have to travel to the city of Funisburg, where a fragment of people of the Blood still live, trapped in strict ceremonies and powerless intrigues. Navigating through their halls proves to be more difficult than Sunia and Wulf ever imagined. They’ve been assigned to light one of the Empire’s old beacons in an ancient tower in Funisburg. But when they warn the people about the return of the Cold, they are only met with distrust and denial. And the tower is impregnable – no one has had access to it in hundreds of years.

There was no Winter King to threaten us here. There was only summer and the Nola people, and around us a land that hadn’t ever been touched by either the Empire or the Cold. We should be safe here. In spite of this, we were going to die tonight.

The Alliance Breaker

The threat of the Cold is getting closer. Twins Sunia and Wulf are given the mission to break the ancient alliance between their own people, the people of the Blood, and the people of the Underground. They hope to form a new alliance against the evil Cold. But dissolving the alliance that they have lived by for thousands of years means that the pledge of peace is also dissolved. The people of the Underground now seek revenge for old injustices, and the twins become their main target. Sunia and Wulf are also chased by their own painful memories and their relationship is put to the test. A strange and horrifying journey begins; a journey where the distinction between memories, dreams and reality become blurred.

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

The first Cold Phantom was followed by many more. They crawled forward from every grave. Frozen coal came swelling up, heavy and pregnant with terror, and then they hatched – one after the other. They floated slowly over the graves. Bumping against each other, like drifting boats on a lake. And slowly the sound of them grew louder around us. They were giggling.

Dusk of Frost Anders Björkelid 760 pages. Hard cover Age: Young adult Cover: Martin Bergström and Maria Svedberg March 2014

The time has come for a final battle in the fight against the Cold. When we reunite with the twins Sunia and Wulf, they have spent ten years in the underworld. A war has erupted and the Cold has gained more ground. Sunia and Wulf begin their journey toward the Ice Marsh to try to find the Blood’s old regalia. Maybe with the help of them, they can defeat the Cold once and for all. They’re also looking for the last pieces of the puzzle to what happened almost a thousand years ago when the Emperor was murdered and the Empire fell. Wounded and disillusioned, they continue their journey through a crumbling world, and are forced once again to question all of their beliefs and truths. They’re also fighting the creeping realization that their dead father is in some way still controlling them from the other side. Slowly, they make their way to the frozen city Unbaurgs, the Empire’s frozen heart and main stage, where their father together with two other men once betrayed and killed the Emperor. Will they find the answers they are looking for in the frozen palace with the empty throne? Or somewhere between the lines in the winding, strange and powerful story they’re apart of?


Anders Björkelid lives in Uppsala with his wife and two children. He works as a teacher and has published two picture books and planted more than 300,000 trees in his life. He made his fantasy debut with Winter of Evil, the first part of the series Children of the Blood, in 2009.

Sold to Denmark and Germany

”Winter of Evil is like a mixture of Astrid Lindgren and CS Lewis, with one SN spoon of the Grimm Brothers and another of George Lucas.” ”The story grips the reader from the first chapter and there are BTJ moments when it’s breathtakingly exciting”

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Backlist The Love Pizza Johan Rundberg

Sold to Denmark and France

How on earth did he end up here, at the edge of this skateboard ramp? How did he become Movits the Skateboard Superhero, admired by all (including Beatrice, whom he has a serious crush on)? Perhaps you’re wondering: Is Movits a natural raw talent, born to be skating with the best of them? Nope. Absolutely not. But one should never underestimate the power of beginner’s luck. During a practice Movits manages to perform one of the hardest skateboard tricks there is. His achievement ends up on YouTube and it doesn’t take long before the TV show Top of the Class wants him to repeat the trick, this time before a live audience. Will he be able to pull it off once more? What if he’s exposed as a major phoney when people realize they’ve been duped, and worst of all – what will Beatrice think of him? Much is at stake when you’re prepared to be a fool for love. But, at the end of the day, what are a few bruises and broken ribs, compared to getting your pride hurt and your heart broken?

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

PHOTO: MIA carlsson

A story about falling down and getting up again.

Johan Rundberg tried out skateboarding when he was younger but after getting hurt and bruised he decided it wasn’t for him. Nowadays, he considers himself to be interested in skateboarding in theory rather than in practice. When Johan is not writing books he works as a sports journalist in Stockholm where he lives with his family. Previous titles by Johan Rundberg include the picture book Esther Branson and the Pet-Swapping Day and the books about Ella in our Easy Reader series.

Crab Lake Island The seaside town of Crab Lake Island holds many secrets, which Karl Dymling and his friend Sarah never seem to escape from. The Nightman

Lena Ollmark and Mats Wänblad

Vallona – The Haunted Ship Sold to: denmark, Norway and Germany

captain Black-Oak’s Grave Sold to: denmark and Germany

The Spring of the dead Sold to: Germany

Hanged Man’s Island

The Visitor’s Shadow

The Nightman

charlie the Wrestler and Boris Olsson The Sockman and the Superpro

The Sockman and his Archenemy

The Sockman Sold to: Norway The Sockman and the Super Pro

Dan Höjer and Ingela P Arrhenius

The Sockman and the Superheroes

The Sockman

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA

The Sockman and the Big Secret

Although she’s only 8 years old, Charlie can wrestle anybody to the ground. Is it because she’s really big and has lots of muscles? No, that’s not it. Charlie isn’t very strong at all. she just loves to wrestle! Charming and funny books in the spirit of Frida Nilsson, with a main character whom the reader immediately falls for! Illustrated by Jonna Björnstjerna.

The Sockman and Timmy Titmouse

Anders Sparring

charlie the Wrestler. Sold to: denmark

Charlie the Wrestler


N At u R & K u Lt u R

Between Winter and Heaven Elin Bengtsson

“Metal butterflies. He doesn’t know where they come from, from inside the guitar or from the black sky inside of himself, but he lets them go, lets them flutter out through the window or through the key hole of Andreas’ door. He doesn’t know if Andreas can see them, or if he’s just staring at the TV with the sound turned up loud without noticing them at all.” Martin’s younger brother Andreas is fifteen years old and will soon die. Everybody’s waiting for it, in their own way. While their mom is overprotective and their dad turns away, Martin takes refuge in music and resents his brother for not taking advantage of the little time he has left. But at night Martin dreams of condemning angels of death. Isn’t he the one who deserves to die, who despises Andreas for his dullness? Secretly, Andreas himself writes down three important things that he has to do. Now, before it’s too late. Between Winter and Heaven is a gripping and heartbreaking debut about being in death’s waiting room. It deals with muddled and confined emotions of sorrow and guilt, but also with reconciliation, love, and ultimately, hope.

Sold to the Netherlands and Germany

Elin Bengtsson was born in 1987 and raised in Uddevalla, Sweden. In 2010/2011 she was a student at Norden Association’s School of Writing at Biskops Arnö, one of the most prestigious writing programs in the country, and has previously studied political science. She is a co-editor of the anthology ”Alerta! – a report of Ecuador in change” (Nixon förlag 2008).


Bedtime Stories for the Sleepless Johanna Wester

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

Johanna Wester, born 1984, works as a children’s rights publicist and an editor. Previously she has published the book Ton År that garnered a lot of praise.

PHOTO: José Figuero

Sold to Denmark

Olivia is nineteen years old and Stockholm is the stage on which she performs the play about herself. She is at that age when she feels the pressures of adulthood but none of its freedom. Without an education and with a temporary job at a kiosk, the only thing keeping her flying free is the nights out on the town; in the bars and the clubs. There are her best friends Pascal and Chris, who cannot stand each other, but Olivia has tied them to herself, tightly. Then there’s Josef, four years older, who is the one Olivia drops everything for – her great love and sorrow. Josef is the “tough Prince” that she dreams of. Meanwhile, Olivia doesn’t see Pascal who’s always been there, who might have wanted something more than friendship. And tough and hard Chris, who all of a sudden sees Pascal. Olivia is a female Holden Caulfield, demanding love and longing for another life to step into when her own becomes too messy. With a hypnotic language and an impetuous pace, Johanna Wester depicts a young woman without a guidebook in the adult world.

Little Brother and Teddy

Little Brother and Billie


Jujja and Tomas Wieslander

“What happens is close, relatable and exciting.” Revised classics for reading out loud at bedtime, by acclaimed Jujja and Tomas Wieslander. “Let me tell you about the time when Little Brother…“ Every night at bedtime Little Brother tells Teddy about his day. About his big bike and about the time when he and his best friend Billie got lost in the woods.

Lisa Henriksson, Opsis Kalopsis

”I love these books. The book is perfect for 36 year old dads. And 3-6 year old daughters.” Johan Nordberg, the blog Barnboksprat

The everyday stories in short chapters have a warm and peaceful tone, making them well suited for that important bedtime. The books have a feel for all that is fantastic and exciting in a child’s world, in which a minor event can turn out to be the greatest adventure. Fall asleep safely with Little Brother and Teddy.

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

The Princess Goes to the Zoo Per Gustavsson Per Gustavsson is an illustrator and an author, born in 1962 and living in Stockholm. He’s illustrated a number of books, both his own and others’, and his illustrations are often seen in magazines. The books about the Princess have been a success story from the start – they have sold in 150,000 copies in Sweden and have been published in all Nordic countries. The Princess has also been adapted for the stage, and started a rockband. The Princess Rockband’s song ”Glada tillsammans” (Happy Together) actually made it to the charts in the summer of 2012.

The Prince

When a Princess Goes on Vacation

When Princes Catch Dragons When Princes Become Enchanted

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N at u r & K u lt u r

When a Princess Wakes up at Night

When Princes Stay at Home

When a Princess Throws a Party

When Princes Stumble on Adventure

The Princess’ Rockband


When a Princess Celebrates her Birthday

That’s what a Princess Does

Sigrid and Night Jöns Mellgren

Rufus in the Underworld

Translated to English, German and Danish

Mustafa and the Storm

The Shadow Side

The Shadow Side. Sold to: Denmark

Per Gustavsson

Raymond makes a shadow figure in the shape of a bird. A cat shadow appears and Raymond makes the bird fly away to avoid being eaten. He follows the bird into a shadow forest. It turns into a spooky journey with the pencil as Raymond’s only protection. A poetic and thrilling story about a child who takes control of the fantasy world and overcomes his fears through his imagination.

FOTO: José Figueroa

Sigrid hasn’t slept a wink for the last 30 years. Early one morning when she is sorting out muesli she hears a strange scraping noise. Someone is hiding under the couch. It turns out it’s Night. “You aren’t allowed to be here,” Sigrid says. She puts Night in her cookie jar and screws the lid on tightly. Hours pass and the day never ends. When she finally takes out the jar, she starts telling Night about her life’s adventures and her friend, the elephant Olaf. One day Olaf became ill. Sigrid has to wipe her eyes with a handkerchief. How can one ever go to sleep when your best friend becomes ill and no medicines help? Night quietly listens, then lifts Sigrid up and carries her through town in his arms. Once again we get to step into Jöns Mellgren’s unique world of images. Sigrid and Night is a poetic and quietly beautiful picture book that comforts and warms the heart.

Teddy Bruno Gunilla Ingves Author Gunilla Ingves truly knows her subject. In the swedish countryside where she lives, she does meticulous research for her books about teddy Bruno. As she spends a great deal of her time outdoors she dedicates herself to studying the surroundings, taking notes of her observations and, consequently, inserting them into the universe of teddy Bruno. the result is a tender portrayal of the particularities of each season and how they change, the wonders of nature and animal life – big and small alike. the teddy Bruno series illustrates how nature provides a space for quiet reflection as well as a setting for dramatic encounters and occurrences. Gunilla

Titles: Teddy Bruno’s Winter Teddy Bruno’s Fall Teddy Bruno’s Spring Teddy Bruno’s Summer (coming in 2015)

Sold to Korea, china, Russia and denmark

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N At u R & K u Lt u R

Ingves’ stories offer understanding about all forms of life, helping us to view nature in a different light. Join teddy Bruno and Maisy the dog as they investigate mysterious animal tracks, build a new bird’s nest and search for missing potatoes. Here’s also your chance to learn about the different sounds of birds, the best time and technique for planting sunflower seeds, how to make sweet and delicious apple candy – and much, much more!

Praise for Koko and Bo “the nicest picture book in a long time” Tidningen Vi Föräldrar

“It’s not only the sunset that sparkles, but Lisen Adbåge’s whole narrative in words and pictures” Svenska Dagbladet

Koko and Bo. do You dare? Sold to: denmark

Koko and Bo. Sold to: denmark

”One could say that the book has an excellent child’s perspective, but that would be an understatement. It’s better than that. the adult also has a place in it. simply a good people perspective”

Esther Branson and the Pet-Swapping day by johan Rundberg and Per josé Karlén. Sold to: denmark

Mops by Eva Lindström and Emma Virke

Lisen Adbåge was born in 1982 and lives in southern Sweden with her dog Stina. Lisen is an illustrator, author and graphic novelist.

drills and dragon Ears by Lennart Hellsing and Ane Gustavsson Sold to: Korea

The Princess Who Never Went to the Bathroom by Petter Lidbeck and Thomas Fröhling



Borås tidning

The Big Baby Switch by Petter Lidbeck and Lisen Adbåge Sold to: denmark and Korea

What are You Thinking about, Stumpy? by George johansson and Anna-clara Tidholm. Sold to: denmark

Promise! said Lilly by Moni Nilsson and joanna Hellgren

Isaac and His Island by Petter Lidbeck and Lisen Adbåge

Big Emma

Sandy, Larry Lost and Other Monsters around Town by Andreas Palmaer and Per Gustavsson

My Wild Life by Amanda Eriksson

Ghosts and Monsters by Andreas Palmaer and Per Gustavsson. Sold to: Norway and denmark

The Lightning Gobbler by jonatan Brännström and joanna Hellgren

C H I L D R EN ’ s A N D YA


N At u R & K u Lt u R

Cover © Lisen Adbåge 2013

Rights List Children & YA 2014