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March/ April 2015

Find Calm Discover ways to unwind and reduce stress





Do Good: Buy Local

The Science Behind Food

A Good Reason to Sweat

The Serotonin Connection


March/April 2015


LIFE Good Feature 4

Find Calm Discover ways to unwind and reduce stress

Good to our Planet 8 Do Good: Buy Local 23 Our Core Values in Action

Good Health 11

The Root of Health and Degenerative Diseases By: Lee Know, nd

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Time to Cleanse? Natural Medicine Cabinet

Red Reishi Mushroom

Good Fitness


Fit Tip

A Good Reason to Sweat By: Rachel Doell





What we’re Eating

Maple Syrup + Recipe: Apple, Cranberry & Maple Chutney

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The Science Behind Food The nature’s Fare Nutritionist

The Serotonin Connection By: Lisa Kilgour, rhn

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Noteworthy Notions  Supplement

 Health & Beauty

Nu-Life Focus Formula

Sukin Sensitive Skincare Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis can make skin unpredictable; these conditions can often be exacerbated by the use of harsh cleansing agents and additives, leading to breakouts and irritations. Created specifically for fragile skin, Sukin’s gentle cleansing and moisturizing essentials boast carefully selected actives of chamomile, aloe vera, and cucumber. The result? Calm, soothed, and balanced skin.

Focus Formula provides a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, EFAs, and herbs for improved memory, concentration, and mental acuity. It features DHA, Huperzine-A, and Vinpocetine as brain support nutrients for maximum strength.

 Food Frog Friendly Wild Coffee Frog Friendly Wild Coffee differs in ways that matter – Frog is WILD. It is not farmed, the environment is not altered. Chemical sprays and pesticides do not enter the equation. Seeded amongst the mango trees, vanilla orchids, cocoa, and wild flora of the last remaining intact cloud forest of Mexico, Frog Friendly Wild beans are a step beyond organic or fair trade.

 Book Lakeland: Ballad of a Freshwater Country — by Allan Casey This book takes readers on an enchanting and enlightening journey across Canada, exploring a quintessential element of the Canadian landscape and its very soul – lakeland. With his gentle, exquisite, and sometimes playful prose, Allan Casey conveys a powerful message about the value of Canada’s lakes, introduces us to the people who cherish them, and offers both a celebration of and lament for these precious and oft-abused natural treasures.

 Movie Food Matters You are what you eat. Are you sick and tired of the confusion surrounding food? Want to feel good and prevent or reverse illness and disease? Join the leaders in nutrition and natural healing from around the globe in a mission to uncover the truth. This documentary takes a timely and hard-hitting look at how the food we eat is helping or hurting our health, and what we can do to live (and eat) better.


club rea

the good life  The Magazine of Nature’s Fare Markets  |  3 



Find Calm Discover ways to unwind and reduce stress No one likes stress. Everyone wants to be rid of it, and while many try, few actually succeed at eliminating stress from their lives. Stress can be the cause of chronic illnesses like hypertension and cardiovascular disease, and now scientists have discovered that stress has a significant impact on brain function as well. The prefrontal cortex is the region of our brain responsible for behaviour, emotions, desire, cognition, and self-control. It is also the area most highly affected by stress. Researchers from 4 | March/April 2015

prestigious universities across North America agree that stress is causing the size of the prefrontal cortex to shrink. Yale University scientists found that stress causes a loss of synaptic

connections in our brain cells which directly reduces the amount of gray matter found in the prefrontal cortex. There is no denying it – stress is shrinking our brain.

Meditation for Beginners 1

Sit or lie comfortably – some people designate themselves a meditation chair.


Close your eyes.


Breathe naturally, do not try to control your breathing.


Focus on the way your body reacts to natural breathing – the movement of your chest and the feeling in your lungs.


If your mind wanders, simply bring yourself back to your breath.


Begin with 2–3 minutes and gradually increase as you find your focus improves.

People are becoming conditioned to accept stress as a normal part of life. Conditions like depression, addiction, and behavioural disorders all spawn from high stress, which could be avoided with the right techniques. Sara Lazar, a Harvard University researcher, created an experiment to determine the effects of meditation on stress. Participants in the study practiced eight weeks of mindful meditation for 27 minutes per day. The results showed measurable structural differences in the brains of those who meditated compared to those who had not.

nerve fibres that are responsible for establishing connections between cells. Yale University Stress Center has conducted extensive inquiries into the effects of stress on brain activity and size. Researchers at the center have found that brain shrinkage tends to be more the result of cumulative exposure to extreme stress rather that one specific incident. Unexpected trauma like divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job or of a home, seems to have the most effect on the region of the brain that controls emotional awareness, whereas long-term chronic stress has more of an impact on our ability to regulate pleasure and reward, which often leads to addictive behaviours. Chronic stress that occurs day-in and day-out erodes the brain gradually and makes it difficult to cope with any sort of major trauma outside of daily stressors.

Twenty-seven minutes of mindful meditation each day proved to have a significant positive effect on stress reduction. Brain scans of research participants showed that meditation increased gray matter density in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, areas of the brain that are responsible for learning and memory. In addition, the brain scans showed a noticeable decrease in gray matter in the amygdala, the region Along with meditation and exercise, a good way to avoid the serious detrimental consequences that is more affected by stress and anxiety. of stress is to build strong social and emotional Exercise also offers positive benefits for combat- relationships. Having an outlet to share feelings of helplessness, sadness, or anxiety can release ing brain shrinkage due to stress. Participating the pressure that stress often brings. daily in some sort of an exercise routine strengthens white matter in the brain, the

Meditation can seem daunting at first. It’s important to recognize that reaching a higher state of consciousness is not necessary to feel relaxed and enjoy the benefits of meditation. Meditation is about training the brain to focus on one particular thing and to let go of what is outside of its control. For beginners, meditation can be as easy as just focusing on naturally breathing in and out. When the mind wanders, simply refocus on breathing. With practice, the mind will wander less often. There is no consideration of random thoughts, just the focus on the breath and pushing the thoughts away. Those who are more advanced in the study of meditation may study the patterns and frequency of the random thoughts, not to pass judgement but just to gain awareness of how the thoughts occur. Having a greater understanding of how negative and positive thoughts arise in the mind leads to greater inner balance. Buddhist philosophy doesn’t attach any goals to meditation other than simply being present. Liberating the mind from the external events and the internal emotions that it cannot control has the effect of releasing negative stress and anxiety. 

the good life  The Magazine of Nature’s Fare Markets  |  5 

Ashley Koff R.D. on Cultured Prenatal Vitamins & Minerals Optimal Prenatal Nutrition As a dietitian, I tell my pregnant clients that optimal prenatal nutrition is about two things: what you choose to consume AND what you choose NOT to consume.

Discover the Differences There are differences in the foods we choose to eat—such as opting for organic or Non-GMO products versus foods produced from animals treated with hormones and antibiotics or grown with chemicals. Such differences can also be found in natural health products. Some companies really make a point to focus on sourcing sustainable ingredients, such as Non-GMO produce and organic vegetables and herbs.

Quality Building Blocks Healthy diet and supplementation during pregnancy is all about building a firm foundation for your baby AND supporting your own health. Give both bodies quality building blocks—from organic whole foods to natural health products with cultured vitamins, minerals, and medicinal herbs.

Ashley Koff, R.D. is an internationally renowned registered dietitian. She believes better nutrition is simple and is on a mission to help people achieve their personal health goals by providing simple but highly effective strategies. Why I Recommend Perfect Prenatal I recommend New Chapter®’s Perfect Prenatal™ multivitamin and mineral to my patients because it’s made with certified organic vegetables and herbs. It’s not just chemical isolates like other prenatal vitamins, but delivers vitamins and minerals that are cultured. Perfect Prenatal is also Non-GMO Project Verified, and is gentle on the stomach.

Perfect Prenatal provides ingredients I trust. I wouldn’t recommend anything less to my patients.

More about New Chapter… The Benefits of Cultured Multis Many of us are looking more closely at what we put into our bodies, and the multivitamins and minerals we take every day are no exception. More than ever, people are asking questions like “Is it organic? Is it Non-GMO?” Both are important. But maybe the most important question to ask is “Is it Cultured?”

The Tradition of Culturing For thousands of years, societies around the world have been culturing foods with good bacteria to create gentle, cultured, highly nutritious products such as yogurt, miso, and kim chi. New Chapter multivitamins and minerals follow this tradition of beneficial fermentation to transform the simple multivitamin. Ingredients are individually cultured using organic yeast, live probiotics, and botanicals such as organic carrot, organic alfalfa, and organic orange peel. The result is a cultured multi to support your health the way Nature intended. (No live probiotics remain in these products.) Our cultured multivitamins are easy to take anytime and gentle on the stomach.

To learn more, visit

Read the label and follow directions. This product may not be right for you. Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc., Medina, ND, USA

© 2015 New Chapter Canada, Inc.

Delivering the Wisdom of Nature


to our Planet

Do Good: Buy Local

Living in British Columbia has many benefits, including easy access to amazing local products. At Nature’s Fare Markets, we define local as within the Okanagan Valley for our Kelowna, Kamloops, West Kelowna, Vernon, and Penticton stores, and within the Fraser Valley for our Langley store. 1. Support Your Local Economy While most people understand that the general idea of buying local means they are choosing to support independent businesses that are locally owned and operated, many people do not realize just how great the benefit of spending dollars locally really is. Researchers studying the flow of money concluded that two times the amount of money spent in a local business actually stays in the local economy. This is because that money is quickly used by the business and sent out again into the hands of another individual. Most community businesses are not making big profits, 8 | March/April 2015

and thus are not sitting on their earnings for long periods of time. They are quickly using that money to pay their employees, their suppliers, and their contractors. That means that the dollars spent in the local business helps more than just the one individual. Buying local avoids “ghost towns,” those communities that are devoid of any real downtown or main street personality, but are instead just filled with strip malls and box stores. It also helps to support the individual uniqueness of the community.

While some people argue that buying locally costs more, once local employment and relationships are considered, the overall value of buying locally is greater than the imported item from a giant chain store. 2. Get Fresher and Tastier Produce Local produce is tastier and fresher than imported fruits and vegetables because it hasn’t had to travel thousands of miles to get to the supermarket shelf. Local produce comes straight from farm to market and none of the flavour is lost during the short trip!

3. Eat with the Seasons Seasonal eating provides the freshest food ingredients because fruits and vegetables in season do not need a greenhouse or ripening techniques to reach peak readiness. Eating in season is also easy on the pocketbook because fruits and vegetables grown locally and seasonally are far less expensive than those imported from warmer climates. Items like stone fruits and tomatoes that are only available in the late summer months can be canned to preserve them for winter enjoyment. Root vegetables and hard fruits like apples keep for long periods of time in a cold and dark environment, so even though they are fall and winter fruits they can be enjoyed into spring and early summer as well. 4. Protect the Environment Shopping local can help to reduce individual impact on the environment. The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture estimates that the average fresh food item on the dinner table has travelled over 2,000 km to get there. Buying locally eliminates some of the need for the transport of goods around the globe. 5. Avoid Pesticides and Chemicals Small farms, even if they are not organic, tend to use far fewer chemical pesticides and fertilizers than large factory-style farms. Most small-scale farms are more sustainable than their larger counterparts, and many scientific studies have shown that food grown sustainably is more nutritious than food that is mass-produced. 







Shop Local


Shop local, not just locally • While they may sound the same, shopping locally means avoiding buying items online or out of the community. Shopping local means buying items from locally-owned businesses. • Big box stores and nationwide chains may employ community members and pay local taxes, however only about 15% of the revenue they earn stays in the area. In comparison, 45% of revenue earned by small, locally-owned businesses stays in the community.

Fresh Start Kit contains Habit Relief & Liver Elixir formulas:

Habit Relief contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with overindulgence. Liver Elixir contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with bloating and digestive imbalances.

Get to know your local merchants • Take the time to form relationships with the managers in locally-owned businesses. These people are the ones who decide which local products are stocked, so share your desire for products from your town. • In terms of groceries, local merchants will know where their products come from and how they were farmed, raised, or produced. Talk to these people to get a better understanding of where your food originated. Use these products in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

Get out and explore • There are many hidden, locally-owned gems in your community; it’s just a matter of discovering them.


the good life  The Magazine of Nature’s Fare Markets  |  9 

Pure Food

Imagine getting the benefit of a whole growing season in one tablet Nutrients born from plants grown on our 100% non-GMO organic farms makes these NEW products the “Seed of Nutrition�



VALUE Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar

in every box of Whole Earth & Sea products.* *The free bar does not apply to the box containing the Greens Protein bars



The Root of Health and Degenerative Diseases Lee Know, nd is a graduate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). He is the Innovite Health Director of Scientific Affairs & Product Development and is author of the book “Life – The Epic Story of Our Mitochondria.” Most will remember the mitochondria as the “powerhouse” of the cell, as taught to us years ago in our high school’s cell biology class. However, most are surprised to learn that this microscopic cellular organelle is now considered the root of many degenerative diseases, and for this reason, scientific research in this area has exploded. When our mitochondria function properly, we are gifted with vitality, health, and longevity. However, as they become dysfunctional over time, cellular energy levels start to drop – and because everything that happens in the cell requires energy – this means cells can no longer perform the essential functions they were designed to. In turn this cellular energy deficit presents as a wide variety of common diseases. Depending on which tissue or organ is

experiencing this energetic deficit, we now see that mitochondrial dysfunction is intimately tied to disorders like Alzheimer’s, congestive heart failure, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, hearing loss, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome…and the list goes on (and on and on).

absorbable and excellent at helping the cells power-up. It’s been shown to improve symptoms of a wide variety of health conditions (it’s not just a cardiovascular health supplement). Its role is critical as the mitochondria simply would not work at all without CoQ10.

On the flipside, protecting the mitochondria from damage and dysfunction can help boost cellular energy levels and keep the cells functioning, thereby improving our health. Of course, extensive research shows that exercise and physical activity is critical for mitochondrial health, but nutritional research is revealing just how much a healthy diet and targeted supplementation can be of benefit to our little powerhouses.

Next is PQQ, which is receiving considerable interest due to its ability to help cells generate more mitochondria. Previously, intense physical activity was thought to be the only way to increase the number of mitochondria in our cells. More mitochondria means more cellular energy – and that can also have a very wideranging array of health benefits, from improved cognition to cardiovascular health.

First, and the most recognized for mitochonAnother nutrient getting more attention is medrial health, is coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). A special latonin, which recent studies show can increase form called ubiquinol is known to be highly quantities of a special type of fat cell called brown adipose tissue (BAT). This type of fat is unique because it helps our body burn excess calories through special mitochondria whose purpose is to generate heat instead of energy. An abundant amount of BAT has been linked to lower risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and the like. Of course, there are many other mitochondrial nutrients (like magnesium, L-carnitine, MCT oil, and D-ribose), so do some reading to see what nutrients you may need to optimise the health of your mitochondria. 

the good life  The Magazine of Nature’s Fare Markets  |  11 



What we’re eating

Maple Syrup

Several years ago I had the opportunity to work on a small Head Chef, Natur e’s Fare Markets sugar bush farm in Eastern Ontario where I helped to harvest sap and make syrup. It gave me a whole new appreciation for maple syrup. Smelling the sap cooking over an open fire is a really special experience.

Nick Johnston

Did you know? • Harvesting maple syrup is very sustainable. Trees that are tapped for harvesting live just as long as untapped trees. • First Nations people were the first to use maple syrup; they boiled meat in the sweet liquid. • Maple syrup is the only food derived from tree sap. • Because of its high sugar content, maple syrup cannot freeze. • It takes 40 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of maple syrup.

12 | March/April 2015

Maple syrup is made from boiling the sap of the sugar maple tree. Be careful not to confuse it with its many imitators. Numerous brands label themselves as “breakfast syrup,” “pancake syrup,” or “original syrup,” however these are all just combinations of high fructose corn syrup, cellulose gum, and caramel colouring. In order for a product to be called maple syrup it must be pure sugar maple sap. Maple syrup is produced in southeastern Canada and the northeastern United States. Of all maple syrup sold globally, 80% comes from Canada. There are different grades of maple syrup based on colour. The first is No. 1 which is the lightest variety. A No. 1 grade maple syrup is from the beginning of the harvest season. Medium grade or No. 2 is the next lightest, followed by No. 2 Amber. The darkest grade is No. 3, which is harvested at the very end of the growing season. As the syrup gets darker, the flavour becomes more pronounced. Pure maple syrup is loaded with polyphenols, plant-based nutrients that act as antioxidants in our bodies. Polyphenols are powerful inflammation fighters and may be able to ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and osteoporosis. These little powerhouses are the same antioxidants that are found in berries, tea, red wine, tomatoes, and flaxseeds. Maple syrup is also very high in zinc, manganese, and riboflavin. Zinc and manganese are very effective at boosting the immune system and riboflavin helps to promote regular digestion. Unlike some other sweeteners, pure maple syrup does not cause the same degree of insulin spike in the bloodstream. When substituted in baking, maple syrup is less likely to cause indigestion, gas, or bloating.

Buy It

When purchasing maple syrup there are a couple of things to look for. First, ensure that you are buying pure maple syrup, not syrup made from high fructose corn syrup. Maple syrup is graded based on its colour. The lighter and clearer the syrup, the higher it will be graded. This syrup will be golden to amber in colour and have that very unique maple flavour. As it gets darker in colour, the flavour will start to become deeper, tasting more woody, caramel-like, and even slightly bitter. Usually the grade of syrup has no bearing on the sweetness level. Ultimately, the choice of grade is a personal preference.

Pair It

Different grades of maple syrup generally will pair differently with various ingredients. The darker the maple the syrup, the later in the season it has been made, which directly affects the taste of the syrup. If you are using a No. 3 grade, dark maple syrup, it will have an earthier, more bitter flavour than its counterpart that has been made earlier in the season. People generally will equate maple syrup with a Sunday morning breakfast of pancakes and bacon but it also pairs well with many other ingredients. Its culinary friends are blueberries, bananas, nuts, and any ingredient that would counter-balance the sweetness of the maple with acidity, such as lemon, rhubarb, or vinegar. It can also marry well with saltier ingredients such as salmon or soy sauce.

Cook It

In the kitchen, maple syrup is primarily used as a flavour enhancer. It can add a subtle woodsy flavour, or a slight sweetness to dishes, depending on how much you add. It is generally seen as something of a breakfast condiment but can be cooked with or added to a variety of foods. One of my favourite ways to use maple syrup is to add it to a sauce, such as ginger maple glaze for chicken. 

Apple, Cranberry & Maple Chutney 2 tbsp grapeseed oil

1 cup yellow onions diced 8 Granny Smith apples peeled, cored, and diced

Heat oil in a pot over medium heat. Add onions and cook until soft and translucent.

Add apples, cranberries, and garlic in pot and cook until garlic is aromatic.

½ cup dried cranberries

1 tbsp garlic chopped ¾ cup maple syrup

½ cup brown sugar

1 lemon juice and zest 1 tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

¾ cup apple cider vinegar

Add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce to a simmer. Cook for about 30– 40 minutes stirring occasionally until the liquid has reduced and the apples start to fall apart. Remove from heat and let cool. Transfer to a jar and store for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Alternatively, this can also be canned or frozen in small portions for longer storage.

1 tsp mustard seed If you’d prefer a spicy chutney , add fr esh jalapeñ o or cru shed chilies w hen you stir in the m aple syru p.

use We choose to ever organic when e possible becaus it’s better for or ts you and supp a sustainable and environment community.

the good life  The Magazine of Nature’s Fare Markets  |  13 

• • • • • • • • • • •

Raw Vegan Organic Gluten free Dairy free Lactose free No filler No isolates No synthetic nutrients No artificial sweeteners No preservatives



The Science Behind Food where the sugar, salt, fat, and other additives combine to produce an eating experience that is irresistible. There are infinite combinations of additives that can be inserted into a food item to bring it to the bliss point. Computers are used to manipulate these combinations and to determine the perfect amounts and then translate the information into a formula.

If you were asked to picture a stereotypical laboratory you probably would envision white-coated technicians tinkering with test tubes and microscopes. You assume that these scientists are working on medical research or studying unicellular organisms. What if you learned that much of the food you eat that is produced by major food companies begins in a laboratory just like this? What would you think if you were told that the crunch to your potato chip, the release of flavour from your chewing gum, and the smooth texture of your yogurt were all the result of extensive testing undertaken by food scientists.

pre-made meals, sauces, and cereals. Before these products get to market, and through many reformulations, the ingredients are subject to intense scientific scrutiny. The exact combination of sugar, salt, fat, and additives must be achieved in order to guarantee the item’s success.

In his book Salt, Sugar, Fat, Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Moss uncovers many of the secrets used by these huge food companies to hook customers on their products, including a concept called “optimizing.” A term used by food engineers, optimizing means altering a number of variables in a product to reach the best possible mix of touch, smell, taste, and texture. The food industry is ruled by a few major companies. This select group of giants produces According to Moss’s research, food scientists processed foods like soft drinks, cookies, snacks, are looking for the bliss point which is the point

Finding just the right mixture of flavours takes an intense amount of time and resources. Food scientists have discovered that strong, intense flavours satisfy our palettes only briefly, as they quickly overwhelm our brains and we lose the desire to keep eating. Conversely, bland flavours underwhelm our senses, however we could eat these types of tasteless products forever. The winning processed food product contains just the right mix of flavours as to not overwhelm our brains and to allow us to continue eating without feeling satisfied. The ultimate goal is to create what is known as “vanishing caloric density,” a term that describes our brain’s tendency to be tricked into believing a food has little to no caloric value if it melts down quickly in our mouths. Paired with a flavour profile that incites the perfect sensory reaction, vanishing caloric density makes it incredibly difficult for us to stop eating. Food conglomerates do not take this science lightly. Chip giant Frito-Lay spent $40,000 on a machine that simulates a chewing mouth, just to ensure that their chips have just the right crunch. Incredibly, in 1957, Frito-Lay enlisted the help of a psychologist to help understand people’s guilt surrounding eating high calorie foods and to suggest strategies for undermining our willpower to resist sugary, salty, and fatty foods. Companies like General Mills, Cadbury, and Coca-Cola target lower income and vulnerable demographics that are looking for convenient and inexpensive food options. Coke has been criticized for marketing their beverages to poor communities in the

the good life  The Magazine of Nature’s Fare Markets  |  15 

developing world; in fact, the company’s former CEO was let go for voicing his concerns over the sales plan. Coke was not the only one to undertake an aggressive advertising campaign targeted at developing regions. Nestlé was also criticized for pushing their processed meals into slums and poor neighbourhoods, in hopes of gaining market share.

Food addiction is a relatively new concept, but food industry scientists have long known the addictive powers of their laboratory-created concoctions. Former commissioner of the United States Food and Drug Administration Dr. David Kessler compares humans to Pavlov’s dogs, hardwired to anticipate foods that are heavy in salt, sugar, and fat. Just the thought of

a chip, cake, or soft drink stimulates the release of dopamine in our brain, the same hormone that plays a role in drug and alcohol addiction. Upon consumption of food, we experience an opioid release, the reward for eating. This type of cerebral reaction is a major cause of the high rates of obesity that we see today. 

Common Food Additives and Their Associated Risks Artificial Colouring

All Colours

• causes hyperactivity in children

Yellow No. 5

• aggravates asthma

Yellow No. 6 & Yellow Tartrazine

• thought to cause kidney and adrenal gland tumours

Banned in Norway and Sweden Blue No. 1 & No. 2

• causes chromosomal damage

Banned in Norway, France, and Finland


Red No. 3 & No. 40

• causes thyroid cancer and chromosomal damage in rats

• artificial sweetener

• suspected carcinogen • cases of seizures, headaches, and mood disturbances reported • 1996 study shows increases brain tumours • 2005 study shows causes lymphoma and leukaemia in rats


• chemical additive to preserve fats and oils

• creates oxidants which are cancer-causing free radicals

High Fructose Corn Syrup

• highly processed sweetener

• raises risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes

• made from GMO corn

• causes weight gain more quickly than any other ingredient

• flavour enhancer

• overexcites cells to the point of collapse

Monosodium Glutamate

• can cause headache and fatigue • disengages the brain’s “full” feeling, which can cause overeating Sodium Benzoate

• preservative

• can cause hyperactivity • reacts to vitamin C to make benzene which is a known carcinogen

Sodium Nitrate

Trans Fat

16 | March/April 2015

• preservative used in cured meats

• thought to cause gastric cancer

• is used to turn raw meats bright red

• forms nitrosamine compounds in the bloodstream which are thought to be carcinogens

• processed fat that extends shelf life

• increases risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

• made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil

• lowers good H D L cholesterol and raises bad L D L cholesterol

At Truehope, we firmly believe that effective nutrition not only improves over all health, but can help transform lives as well! Using our proprietary chelation and micronization technology, Truehope EMP is able to deliver the proper balance of nutrients to all areas of your body, especially the brain. Also try our NEW non-ocean sourced Nascent Iodine, an advanced form of Iodine with 2% concentration, which naturally assists and maintains healthy thyroid function. Experience life-changing results and become your best self through effective nutrition.

Available at Nature’s Fare! For more information please call 1.866.397.3121 or visit



Fit tip

A Good Reason to Sweat Rachel DOell is an instructor, personal trainer, mother, and wife who loves health and fitness. Her website, Daily Routine Fitness, features simple ways to fit living a healthy life into your everyday routine. Read her blog at:

18 | March/April 2015

Jillian and her partner are doing weighted leg surrenders, a solid aerobic workout which targets the shoulders, lower back, gluteal muscles, and quadriceps.

A Good Reason to Sweat Training in a competitive environment can either excite you or have you running in the opposite direction! But what happens when the competition is spurred on by your partner? Studies show that by stepping out of our predictable roles, we change the atmosphere and dynamic of our relationships, causing a positive effect on our libido. So maybe the saying “Couples that sweat together stay together” is true? Whether or not you agree with the cheesy tag line, I think that an increase in positive libido is reason enough for anyone to start getting his or her sweat on. Right? Face the Gym With Confidence The positive effects of dragging your partner along with you to the gym don’t just end at a happy libido. Anyone who has faced a new gym or sweaty boot camp class is familiar with the nerves that come with it. Having someone to face the intimidating environment with can help you conquer fear and try new things! Having a partner with you can give you an advantage over everyone else because you have positive reinforcement, someone to laugh with when you’re about to die from burpies, or someone to push you to go a little bit harder. Having someone you can trust also helps with your form and your posture. When we are feeling confident, we tend to have a better posture,

keep our heads held high, and release unnecessary tension in the body. Try New Things Getting your workouts in as a couple or with your training partner can become boring and lose its lustre after countless sweat sessions. So how do you break out of your rut? My husband and I found that we were in somewhat of a rut as a family this year in terms of staying active. When you have a job, kids, and every other type of responsibility calling your name, it’s easy to lose the fun in your fitness. After one too many weekends of feeling like technology was taking over our kids, we decided to make a list of something new to try every weekend. Whether we fail or succeed at the new activity, at least we can say we gave it a shot, tried something new, and had a few laughs along the way. I am a lover of list making and goals because it helps us stay focused on our vision, what we want, and where we are going. Inspire One Another Whether we have had a long day or not, I know that one of us will stand in the way of calling it quits. One of the most powerful things you can do to succeed in your goals is to share them with someone who really cares about the outcome and will push you when you don’t feel you have the energy to continue on. I love taking my

husband with me to the gym because I know that even if he wants to die, he will egg me on and get me to push that much harder. He knows my goals, and he knows how to speak my language. Whether your language is a silent pat on the back or your partner egging you on in your sprints, find someone who will push you, inspire you, and refuse to let you quit. Release the Stress Stress not only kills our physical bodies, but it also kills our mood, energy, and the desire to be intimate. Thankfully, something as simple as 30 minutes of exercise can help to clear your head and reduce your chances of unnecessary arguments. The reality is that putting a short amount of time into fitness every day makes us happier, healthier, and more energetic people. If you could change the outlook on your day, mood, and energy with just 30 minutes a day, wouldn’t you? Here’s to healthy relationships and reducing stress in order to laugh more. Sometimes sweating out your problems is the best move you can make. 

For more information about Rachel Doell visit:

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The Nature’s Fare Nutritionist

The Serotonin Connection Lisa Kilgour, rhn is Nature’s Fare Markets’ Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She is Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition and provides free half hour one-onone nutrition consultations in our stores. Book your free appointment in-store today.

Regular readers of The Good Life magazine have probably realized that I’m almost obsessed with the gut and the power of our gut bacteria. I could talk for hours about how our gut bacteria educate our immune system and manage inflammation. 20 | March/April 2015

I have a new passion – how our diet and our gut bacteria manage the neurotransmitters in our brain, like serotonin (our feel good neurotransmitter) and dopamine (our reward neurotransmitter). The new research on this topic is amazing and fascinating, and I’ve seen both in myself and my clients how we can manage/manipulate our mood by changing our diet. This is just plain cool. Have you ever gone on a low-starch/grain diet and noticed your mood plummet? Do you deal with late-night sugar cravings that can sometimes feel out of control? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are high you’re a woman. Researchers don’t really know why, but women are much more susceptible to dietary-driven mood changes than men are. I usually don’t like making generalizations, but I do see this with my clients as well. Men, that doesn’t mean this won’t affect you, it just means you’ll probably feel this at a much lower level than women. But it doesn’t end there – digestive issues and mood changes also go hand in hand. Having an anxious gut (cramping, spasms, and diarrhea) is linked to an anxious brain. And having a depressed gut (constipation and slow digestion)

is connected to depression. It’s all about our neurotransmitters. We have a concentration of neurons (brain cells) around our gut called the Enteric Nervous System (ENS). The job of the ENS is to digest, absorb, and assimilate our food…and this job is really complicated. If our brain were in charge of digestion it would take so much brainpower that we probably wouldn’t have the resources to have language, art, and all of our wonderfully uniquely human activities. Digestion is so complicated that the ENS can work completely independently from the brain. It’s totally running the show. But, our brain can’t work independently from the ENS. 95% of our serotonin and 50% of our dopamine is made in the gut (as well as a host of other neurotransmitters), and our brain relies on the gut’s neurotransmitters to work properly. In our gut, serotonin and dopamine work to contract and relax the muscles in our small and large intestine. Too much serotonin and dopamine causes our gut to spasm and cramp (which can cause diarrhea). Too much serotonin and/or dopamine in our brain and we feel anxious. Too little serotonin and dopamine in our gut

causes sluggishness and constipation, and too little in our brain causes depression. Some of us tend toward anxiety or depression, while a lucky few tend to flip-flop between the two. Notice what your tendency is, and see if your gut mirrors your brain. Those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome tend to flip back and forth from diarrhea to constipation, and anxiety to depression. Once you know what your tendency is, you can use this information to help to balance your diet. Neurotransmitters are made from amino acids (protein), but it’s via dietary starches and grains that our body is able to use them properly. Starches and grains increase serotonin’s availability in the gut and brain, boosting mood. These types of foods are also out of style right now, and many people have reduced or removed them from their diet. For those with anxiety, this can be a good thing. But, for those who tend toward depression, this can cause low mood and severe sugar cravings. For many, these cravings come at night (usually after having a stressful day) and can feel very intense and out of control. I’ve worked with many people who have felt “addicted” to sugar, when all they needed was to add starches back into their diet. 

Good Mood Food Prone to Depression

Prone to Anxiety

Breakfast: Have a high grain/starch breakfast with very little protein and fat. Try a meal of oatmeal, honey, and fruit.

Breakfast: Have a high protein/fat meal with ingredients like eggs, vegetables, and coconut oil.

Lunch: Enjoy grains and starches.

Lunch: Keep this balanced.

Dinner: Have a high protein meal.

Dinner: Have a higher starch meal.

How was your mood through the day? Did you have sugar cravings?

How was your mood through the day? Did you have salt cravings?

Not sure? Try out both and see how you feel. Your perfect way of eating will keep you full and satisfied between meals and will reduce your cravings throughout the day. I love to experiment with food. If it doesn’t help, it hasn’t hurt! But if it does help, it’s something that you can use throughout your life to help manage any mood fluctuations. Enjoy!

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Rejoice Rejuvenate ReCleanse

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to our Planet

Our Core Values in Action

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Fare Markets’ staff members and their families helped to “spread joy” throughout their communities. As a part of our semi-annual Core Values Challenge, we searched for ways we could help make the holiday season special for less fortunate individuals. The theme of the challenge, “Spread Joy,” was inspired by Nature’s Fare’s core value, “We Believe in People.”

eight or Kamloops

oves • Kamloops Mission to provide 50 dinners for


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Kamloops staff members partnered with the families in need. The store also sponsored two families through the local Food Bank to provide food, clothing, and gifts to celebrate the holidays.

Kelowna The enthusiastic employees at Nature’s Fare Markets Kelowna held an after-hours movie night and planning session for friends and family to band together to organize a winter clothing drive for the Salvation Army Hospital Auxiliary, and a toy drive for Be a Hero Foundation which works to end child trafficking. Langley In Langley, Nature’s Fare Markets employees held a Winter Clothing Drive and spent an afternoon at the Salvation Army handing out soup they made. Penticton The animal lovers at Nature’s Fare Markets

Penticton donated $500 to the South Okanagan SPCA, which went toward the purchase of much-needed items for shelter critters. Additionally, Penticton employees participated in the Share the Spirit campaign run by the South Okanagan Women in Need Society. Through this initiative, they sponsored a family in need by purchasing clothing, food, and gifts for the holidays. Vernon In Vernon, Nature’s Fare Markets employees organized a Community Basket Raffle that raised $2,155.65. The funds were donated to Alexis Park Elementary Breakfast Program, which ensures that the school’s children have access to a good breakfast each day.

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“You can always count on a hug from Sara. She is a delightful woman to work with.” “She’s funny, she’s talented, she’s a hard worker, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.”

West Kelowna Nature’s Fare Markets staff members at our West Kelowna location donated winter clothing and personal items to Westside Youth Centre Boys and Girls Club for Homeless Teens. Head Office At Nature’s Fare Markets’ Head Office, the employees organized an outdoor screening of the movie Polar Express. Over 100 people purchased tickets in support of NONA Child Development Centre. The event raised $500 for NONA, and resulted in a substantial amount of clothing donations for Common Threads at the Arbor. Additionally, Nature’s Fare office employees donated 50 stockings filled with gifts to Teens Count Too. Core Values Annual Award As a part of Nature’s Fare Markets’ Core Values,

one individual is recognized each year for their efforts to live the values both at work and in their personal lives. 2014 marked the inaugural award, which was presented to Sara De Jong, a member of our produce department at Nature’s Fare Markets Vernon.

Alexa Monahan presents Sara De Jong with her certificate. Sara was chosen as the winner of the 2014 Nature’s Fare Markets’ Core Values Annual Award.

The award is based on nominations from fellow employees, and Sara received a number of extremely positive nominations from her co-workers. Sara is a kind and caring person who consistently goes out of her way to assist others. She bakes delicious desserts for her coworkers, even keeping in mind certain dietary restrictions! She is an active member of the community, volunteering regularly at the North

Okanagan Gleaners Society and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. During the time that Nature’s Fare employees were volunteering at the Gleaners, Sara would meet us there to help out, even if it was her day off. Nature’s Fare Markets is exceptionally lucky to have Sara as a part of our team, in addition to all the amazing individuals who made such great efforts to better the lives of families in our communities during the holiday season. Congratulations Sara! 

Oil of Oregano Okanagan Family Puts Quality First. Joy of the Mountains® Oil of Oregano is made from a rare Origanum species that grows wild in the Mediterranean at high altitudes. Our award-winning product is 100% certified organic and undergoes meticulous quality assurances to ensure purity and potency in every bottle. An independent study at the University of British Columbia in 2012 found that Joy of the Mountains® was up to 4X more effective than other brands against the H1N1 flu virus.*

FREE BOOK! Buy any bottle and get a free copy of the new book by Tracy Gibbs, Ph.D. Limit one per customer. *Reference: Anti-Influenza virus activities of commercial oregano oils and their carriers. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 2012; 02(07) 214-18.

24 | March/April 2015


Finally, Digestive Integrity is Within Reach It should be no surprise that optimal health begins in the digestive system. In fact, the majority of our immune system is housed in our digestive tract and about 90% of our serotonin, or “happy hormone”, is also found in our gut. If we want to feel our best and fight off infections, we need to keep our digestive system happy. What is surprising is the amount of Canadians who suffer from poor digestive health and more severe conditions. Currently, 5 million Canadians suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and about 120,000 people develop the condition yearly, ranking us among the highest in the world. Recurrent digestive issues don’t just affect your intestines and cause physical distress. They can be disruptive, debilitating, and embarrassing – so much so that they can alter your daily routine and lifestyle freedom to the point that where you go and what you do is limited or carefully planned. Probiotics – delivered with the right strain, in the right place, and at the right dose can help populate your intestinal ecosystem with the positive, beneficial microflora that can make a difference and help you “normalize” your daily routine and bring back comfort, freedom, confidence, and the ability to enjoy life. Today’s advances in probiotics focus less on the quantity and number of different strains, and more on identified strains that deliver clinically-supported results and true potency at expiration. Leading the way in digestive health research is a specific human strain of probiotic named Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v™. One of the most extensively-researched probiotics, L. plantarum (LP299v™) has been the subject of more than 75 clinical studies.

One capsule, once a day Made with non-GMO ingredients It has been studied in healthy adults and children, including in those with IBS. The research has proven that LP299v™ improves gastro-intestinal health and elimination in healthy people, alleviates the pain, bloating, and frequency in people with IBS, and reduces or eliminates the effects of antibiotic treatment, including C.difficile. In addition, LP299v™ has been shown to improve iron absorption, reduce cholesterol, and lower inflammatory markers. L. plantarum 299v™ has other specific properties that distinguish it from other friendly bacteria. It is stomach acid resistant and the only strain proven to stimulate the growth of other probiotic bacteria, thereby improving the intestinal biodiversity. In addition, it possesses a rare, specific mechanism of action that prevents pathogenic bacteria from colonizing the intestinal tract, thus preventing digestive upset and more importantly infection. SISU Integris delivers a targeted, high-dose L. plantarum 299v™ that works specifically and effectively to help balance the intestinal microflora and provides integrated bowel support to not only address occasional gas and bloating associated with upsetting digestive issues, but to support abdominal comfort and long-term digestive wellness.

SISU Integris 20

SISU Integris 30

Helps repopulate and rejuvenate the intestinal ecosystem with guaranteed 20 billion active cells.

Powerful, yet gentle, advanced probiotic support against distressing daily bowel symptoms with guaranteed 30 billion active cells.

Best D-tox in Canada for 4 years in a row!!!

• Detoxify and Feel Great in 12 days • Purify your body! • Lose inches! • Feel better about yourself!



Time to Cleanse? common diseases are caused by waste buildup. Overloaded with toxins, it’s very difficult for our bodies to rid themselves of stressors that can make us sick. According to the New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman, our bodies have a threshold of toxicity that can be maintained before our health begins to go downhill. Dr. Hyman refers to this threshold as “total load.” As the amount of everyday toxins piles up, symptoms of illness and disease begin to show themselves. Not everyone’s body deals with toxins in the same way. Some people have a greater ability to naturally rid themselves of waste and chemicals, and others may feel the effects of toxicity regularly.

Cleansing can be intimidating to some. Stories of diets that consist only of maple syrup, cayenne, and lemon juice are enough to scare off even the most gung-ho individuals. Have no fear, as there are loads of different cleanses to try, from easy to follow meal plans all the way to that infamous Master Cleanse. Your body will give you signals when it’s time to cleanse. Regularly experiencing feelings of fatigue, constipation, trouble focusing, and problems sleeping are all indications that your body may need to cleanse. Our external environment is full of toxins that make it difficult for our systems to run at their peak efficiency. Many of these toxins are fat-soluble meaning that they

are happy to accumulate in the fatty tissues in our bodies. Heavy metals are one of these toxins and are suspected to contribute to chronic illnesses and disease. Some studies say that we are exposed to as much as six million pounds of mercury each year. Pesticides, toxic moulds, chemicals in cleaning detergents, even contaminants from water supplies, can all amass in our cells and tissues and cause discomfort and, more seriously, chronic illness. Toxins are so omnipresent in our lives that the average newborn is birthed with close to 300 known toxins in its umbilical cord blood. Now more than ever, naturopaths and some doctors believe that a number of today’s most

According to Dr. Hyman, toxins come from external factors like exposure to heavy metals, the food we eat, allergens, and chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, and air pollution. Toxins can also build up from the inside, like in our gut, if we are unable to digest food efficiently. Cleanses act like gentle scrubbers in our bodies, and loosen up the waste and toxins that we need to eliminate. A well-timed cleanse can help to restore energy, reduce constipation, regain focus, aid in sleeping, and may encourage weight loss. 1. First Cleanse – Renew Life First Cleanse is a 15-day, two-part, gentle organic detoxification program kit made by Renew Life. It is designed specially for first-time cleansers who experience daily bowel movements. It is formulated using organic whole herbs, which are gentler than deep-cleansing herbal extracts found in our advanced cleanses and organ detoxification products, plus, it also includes a special herbal blend to help enhance digestion. First Cleanse gently supports the channels of elimination: liver, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, and blood, and includes a gentle colon cleanse.

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Natural Medicine Cabinet

Red Reishi Mushroom What it does

Red reishi mushroom is an adaptogenic herb that has long been revered in Eastern medicine. At one point reserved solely for royalty, red reishi helps the body to adjust to external stressors and normalize its internal functions. Reishi is also prized for its ability to provide calmness, reduce stress, and increase the immune system. A combination of three unique compounds, water soluble polysaccharides, triterpeniods, and amino acids, makes red reishi an exceptionally powerful tumor fighter, immune modulator, and antioxidant. Red reishi is also helpful for alleviating symptoms of common allergies as it is a natural histamine blocker. Source

Comes from the mycelium, fruitbody, spores, primordial, and extracellular compound of the red reishi mushroom.

Re c o mme nded Us es

Reducing the size of non-cancerous tumors. Reducing the symptoms of clogged arteries. Increasing immunity. Alleviating symptoms of common allergens. Lowering blood pressure. Safe ty Issues /Dru g Int era ct ions


Because of its ability to lower blood pressure, those who have very low blood pressure or troubles with clotting should not take red reishi.

Available in capsules.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should check with their doctor before taking red reishi.

2. Wild Rose Cleanse The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox provides a complete multi-system detoxification of the colon and kidneys; acts on the urinary tract and the gastrointestinal system; and has an effect on the liver. By following the recommended diet and taking the herbal formulas provided, the Herbal D-Tox program helps to keep a healthy balance of assimilation and elimination. 3. Master Cleanse The Master Cleanse is a juice fast. It’s a liquid diet that provides a healthy amount of calories and nutrients specifically suited for weight loss and cleansing, all while resting the digestive system and allowing the body to heal naturally. It has been tested and approved since 1940 by millions of people all around the world and is constantly reported as the most successful diet of its type. The Master Cleanse is a combination of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, pure amber maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with purified water. More information about the Master Cleanse can be found in the book The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs. 

28 | March/April 2015

Support Your Cleanse Try these foods and supplements to support your body during cleansing 1. Cucumber: high in water and very alkaline 2. Garlic: stimulates the liver to produce detoxifying enzymes 3. Broccoli: packed full of vitamins and excellent for neutralizing chemical toxins 4. Grapefruit: high in vitamin C, which helps transform toxins into digestible compounds 5. Whole Grains: loaded with fibre; they help to keep things regular 6. Water: staying hydrated during a cleanse is very important because water helps to move toxins and contaminants through the body systems to be eliminated 7. Probiotics: helps to restore all the healthy bacteria in the digestive system that may be eliminated during the cleansing process 8. Fibre: assists in removing all toxins and chemicals from the body 9. EFA: many cleanses are low in fat, yet the body needs fat to operate and the addition of good fats like omega 3 will support brain function and provide energy during a cleanse


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Nature’s Fare Markets Update Contributions

New Website: Have you checked out the new yet? We have created a central location to help expand your experience. Find out about current sales, upcoming events, and what’s going on at The Apple Bistro. We have also expanded our online store, making it easier to shop from anywhere in North America.

Save-a-Bag: We donate 5¢ for each reusable bag you use. As of the end of January 2015, $27,232.95 has been raised for the Food Bank and $1,654.90 has been raised for the SPCA. Our Langley store has raised $1,954.99 for the Langley School District Foundation. Thank you for your support and for choosing to use reusable shopping bags!


We have also raised a total of over $9,381 for our previous Save-a-Bag charity, the Sierra Club.

Fare Points

Fare Points: We reward Fare Points members with big discounts! It’s free to join and easy to collect points since you earn them whenever you shop. Ask the cashier for a membership form the next time you shop and let the rewards begin!

News Sponsor of Car Share Program: Nature’s Fare Markets Kelowna is proud to be a sponsor of the new Kelowna Car Share Co-op. The Okanagan Car Share Co-op is designed for local users in support of community transit and environmental goals which include: • decreasing personal car ownership • reducing vehicle distance traveled • improving urban land use and development • providing affordable access to vehicles for all constituencies • motivating residents to walk • cycle and use transit • decreasing dependence on fossil fuels Find out more at

New Corporate Lunch & Learn Program: Many employers are recognizing how employee health and wellness plays an important role in overall productivity and engagement. Nature’s Fare Markets’ Lunch & Learn program is a enjoyable way to learn about simple and effective ways to improve your health, both at home and at work, as well as enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch made with the freshest organic ingredients. We are featuring this exciting new program in the following areas: Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, and West Kelowna. Email us today to receive a free information booklet or get a quote: Nature’s Finest Pepperoni and Wieners: Our Kelowna and Vernon stores are now offering Nature’s Finest pepperoni and wieners. These quality meat products are made with local, ethically raised cuts of meat in the European tradition, without the use of fillers and preservatives. They are glutenfree, dairy-free, and are made with reduced sodium.

Be sure to check our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to stay up-to-date with all of the events happening at Nature’s Fare Markets’ stores and in our communities.

New Seasonal Favourites Marrakesh Beef Stew Slow roasted beef gently cooked in a spiced broth with lots of vegetables, chickpeas and preserved lemon.

Carrot, Apple & Zucchini Muffin

Packed with shredded carrot, zucchini, and apple with cream cheese filling. Made without gluten and added sugar.

Pear & Raisin Cookie

Pear and raisins give this cookie subtle natural sweetness. Made without gluten and added sugar.

Available at the Kamloops, Kelowna, Langley, Vernon, and West Kelowna locations. Product may vary per location. See in-store for details.

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Collect points to earn rewards whenever you shop! Members earn one Fare Point per one cent spent in-store on all regular priced items. Reach 50,000 Fare Points ($500 spent in-store on all regular priced items) and receive a 15% Off Reward Coupon to use on all regular priced items on one future visit of your choice.

Ask the cAshier for A free ApplicAtion todAy


Live well. Live organic.

Ethically assisting our customers on their journey to better health.

Shop smart

Lowest Price Guarantee We will beat any local competitor’s advertised sale price on vitamins and supplements by 10%! Fare Points Reach 50,000 Fare Points ($500 spent in-store on all regular priced items) and receive a 15% Off Reward Coupon to use on all regular priced items on one future visit of your choice. 5% Discount Days* Senior’s Days (60+): Wednesday & Thursday  |  Family & Student Day: Sunday *On regular priced items.

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The Good Life - March/April 2015  

Live “The Good Life,” where family, community, and health come first.

The Good Life - March/April 2015  

Live “The Good Life,” where family, community, and health come first.