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Friends Don’t Just Happen

Making, Keeping and Valuing Friendships

Your Mouth The Art of Deep Listening Tells a Story No Greater Gift Exists than Whole-Hearted Attention

Functional Dentists See the Mouth as a Pathway to Whole-Body Health

Bird-Watching for Beginners Start with a Bird Feeder and Binoculars

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Start the Year Right with Detoxified Iodine


Give Your Body the Natural Boost it Needs

Satisfied Customers


I feel much more energetic, my thoughts are extremely clear, and my entire body feels more in balance. Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine is the only change in my daily routine over the last 45 days. The way I feel today is better than at any point in my life that I can remember. ~ James

I’ve been taking this product for over a year and no single supplement, diet or approach (I have tried lots) has had as great an impact as this. I have my energy back, my metabolism is back on track and my mind is clear and the depression has lifted. I love this product and wish more people knew about it. I think many of us are deficient in iodine and it can bring balance to the body. Thank you, thank you Natural Awakenings for offering it! ~ Pamela

Proper iodine supplementation with a high-quality product like Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine can prevent harm by protecting the thyroid and other endocrine glands and restoring proper hormone production.

A Few Drops Can Change Your Life! You could feel better, lose weight or increase energy and mental clarity with a few drops of Natural Awakenings DETOXIFIED IODINE daily in water or topically on the skin. The supplementation of iodine, an essential component of the thyroid, has been reported to give relief from: • Depression • Weight Gain • Fibromyalgia • Low Energy • Hypothyroidism • Hyperthyroidism • Radiation • Bacteria • Viruses

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Twin Cities Edition


The Hidden Deficiency Having the proper amount of iodine in our system at all times is critical to overall health, yet the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that iodine deficiency is increasing drastically in light of an increasingly anemic national diet of unpronounceable additives and secret, unlabeled ingredients. This deficit now affects nearly three-quarters of the population.

Causes of Iodine Deficiency


Almost everyone is routinely exposed to iodine-depleting radiation

Low-Sodium Diets

Overuse of zero-nutrient salt substitutes in foods leads to iodine depletion

Iodized Table Salt

Iodized salt may slowly lose its iodine content by exposure to air


A toxic chemical found in baked goods overrides iodine's ability to aid thyroid

Iodine-Depleted Soil Poor farming techniques have led to declined levels of iodine in soil

A Growing Epidemic Symptoms range from extreme fatigue and weight gain to depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, fibrocystic breasts and skin and hair problems. This lack of essential iodine can also cause infertility, joint pain, heart disease and stroke. Low iodine levels also have been associated with breast and thyroid cancers; and in children, intellectual disability, deafness, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and impaired growth, according to studies by Boston University and the French National Academy of Medicine.

What to Do The easy solution is taking the right kind of iodine in the right dosage to rebalance thyroid function and restore health to the whole body.

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Clearing the Air‌ Literally


by Kate Hillenbrand


OF FRIENDSHIP It Sustains, Nourishes and Supports Us by Judith Fertig




Functional Dentistry Connects Oral Health to Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease by Linda Sechrist


Start with a Bird Feeder and Binoculars by Sandra Murphy



Our Wholehearted Attention Is Our Greatest Gift by Kay Lindahl

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February 2016




ebruary is heart health month. What are the things that make your heart glow? I’ve been thinking about this recently as I get better at incorporating daily meditation and reflection in my life (even though some days I’ve only meditated for two minutes and even that short time was not free from random, intruding thoughts). But I’ve learned that it is the effort that counts and sometimes just showing up is all that’s needed. For me, knowing what brings me joy and making time for joy are essential to not letting life slip by. In addition to making time for hobbies and activities that make me light up (scrapbooking, writing letters, time with friends, walking in nature, doodling, daydreaming), I’ve also incorporated more time for reflection and actively warming my heart with gratitude. It truly is all about perspective. In his sage and timeless advice, Jim Rohn, business philosopher and motivational speaker, says to spend a few minutes at the end of each day reflecting on that day, learning from it and appreciating the value of the day offered. He recommends spending 30 to 60 minutes at the end of the week doing the same, and then half a day at the end of the month, with a weekend once per quarter and a week at the end of the year. During this time of reflection he suggests using what we’ve learned to improve the next day, week, month, year. This month’s issue features articles on other heart-friendly practices such as actively cultivating friendships and improving heart health through proper dental care. Although not normally associated with a healthy heart, these areas have been shown to improve heart health. What makes your heart glow? Are you making time for those things in your life? I love my job which makes it super easy to get caught up working a lot of hours. Weeks used to go by and I wondered where the time went for making scrapbooks or writing letters. It didn’t take a genius to realize that I was letting days and weeks slip by without much notice. That’s where gratitude, reflection and better planning came in to show how it was up to me to make time for more of my heartwarming activities. I thoughtfully chose JOY as my word for this year in an effort to focus daily on this aspect of my life. From my glowing heart to yours,

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Twin Cities Edition


newsbriefs Tooth by the Lake Welcomes Dr. John Seaverson


ohn Seaverson, DDS, has joined his wife and fellow dentist, Dr. Kari Seaverson, and her business partner, Dwight Tschetter, DDS, at Tooth by the Lake in Hopkins. John graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2000 and received his Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry in 2015. He has been voted multiple times by Dr. John his peers as a ‘Top Dentist’ in both the Mpls/St. Paul Magazine and Seaverson Minnesota Monthly. “I’m very excited to be working with the Tooth by the Lake team,” John comments. “I’m equally excited to partner with all the health care providers our patients see to help improve their health. We believe holistic dentistry is just one part of a team approach to overall wellness.” John grew up in northern Minnesota where his father practiced dentistry for more than 30 years. Since 2014, he has been working part time as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Tooth by the Lake was opened by Tschetter in 1982 as a mercury-free dental office. Location: 1401 Main St., Hopkins. For more information, call 952-475-1101 or visit ToothByTheLake.com. See ad, page 22.

Cultivating the Wisdom of the Community


he Sustainable Farming Association (SFA) annual conference, Minnesota’s farmer networking showcase, will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., February 13, at the Gorecki Center at the College of Saint Benedict, in St. Joseph. This year’s theme is Cultivating the Wisdom of the Community. Included in the day’s itinerary are workshops, seed swap, exhibitors, speakers, children’s activities and more. Topics of the breakout sessions include Beyond the Farmer’s Market, Homemade with Honey, How to Grow Fruits in the Northern Climate and many more. The seed swap will be from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the lobby at the center; bring seeds to trade and techniques to share with other growers from around the region. The venue at St. Ben’s will be familiar, centrally located and easily accessible. Lunch is not included with registration; instead, participants will enjoy a lengthy break, eat at St. Ben’s, walk to one of the local foods restaurants in St. Joe or bring a sack lunch. The idea is to allow people the freedom to network at their own pace and to take advantage of the quaint surroundings. The Budding Farmers Kids Program runs from 9:30 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. Admission for children ages 3 to 12 is just $10 and includes fun and educational programming from Budding Farmers. Children will rejoin their parents for lunch. The SFA supports the development and enhancement of sustainable farming systems through farmer-to-farmer networking, innovation, demonstration and education. Cost: $55/members; $65/non-members. Location: 27 Minnesota St. W., St. Joseph. For more information, visit sfa-mn.org.

Hypnosis Training in April


oberta Fernandez, owner of the FARE Hypnosis Center, in Eden Prairie, offers certification training for new hypnotists as well as continuing education for hypnotists and other professionals to enhance their current skills. The 100-hour training curriculum for Hypnosis 1.0 is scheduled over two weeks, from April 11 to 22. These classes are offered twice each year and meet from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. The center is open an hour before and after for those who want additional practice or consultation time. There are three options to suit different goals for learning hypnosis: FARE 1.0 – This is for medical professionals in an office, hospital or emergency situation or for those wanting a basic education for a direct suggestion-style practice. Complete Course Package – For those with or developing a practice to handle a wider range of hypnosis applications and techniques. Variety of Courses – For hypnosis practitioners seeking continuing education courses. The FARE Hypnosis Complete Course Package provides certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest and oldest organization in the world devoted strictly to the profession of hypnotism, as well as certification through the FARE Hypnosis Center. Cost: Varies by curriculum choice. Location: 8353 Crystal View Rd., Ste. 201, Eden Prairie. For more information, call 952-934-1315, email Roberta@FareHypnosis.com and for complete curriculum, visit FareHypnosis.com. See ads, pages 10 & 24.

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February 2016


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Green Drinks Meet Up February 9



win Cities Green Drinks will meet from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., February 9, at the Republic, in Minneapolis. This free meeting brings eco-minded citizens together on the second Tuesday of each month. Feel free to come early and socialize with others who attend. Speaker Ted Redmond from the Pale Blue Dot, BlueDotRegister.org, will speak about Making Change Personal. Topics in his discussion include: What is a Carbon Footprint?; What is Carbon Offsetting?; and Knowing Your Individual, Family’s or Business’ Impact. Green Drinks is a global organization found in cities all over the world. The organization is made up of local volunteers that bring people together each month to share ideas, stories, goals, news and other environmental information. If you or someone from your organization is interested in being a speaker at a future Green Drinks event, contact Michelle Hamburger at Michelle@NAtwincities.com.






Location: 221 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis. For more information, visit GreenDrinks.org or GreenDrinks.org/mn/Minneapolis-St.Paul or Republicmn.com.

Sleep Apnea Relief

Natural solutions FO R A LL YOU R H E ALTH NEEDS • Sleep Apnea • Bruises, Strains, tissue damage • Sinus Infection • Skin Rash Designed for my family, Shared with yours.

Order online at MyNaturesRite.com or call 800-991-7088 6

Twin Cities Edition


Helps ensure deep, steady breathing throughout the night, improving the efficiency of the lungs and relaxing muscles to address sleep apnea.

Injury Repair Ankle sprains, bruises, painful elbows and shoulders all need help during repair. Bruise, Strain & Tear Repair clears the bruising and keeps the healing process going for as long as you apply it. Get a complete repair naturally.

Sinus Infection Sinus Relief offers a nasal spray that is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in a convenient spray bottle. Super Neti Juice offers the same antimicrobial power with soothing, subtle peppermint. Powerful tools to combat germs.

Rash Relief This powerful herbal lotion is designed to relieve the pain and itch of eczema, while correcting the cause and repairing the skin. A healthy and natural approach to correcting skin rash without dangerous drugs.

Winter Family Weekend


he Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW) celebrates their annual Winter Family Weekend, beginning 6 p.m. on February 12 through 10 a.m. on February 15. Expect wonder, adventure and discovery for all at this winter family camp in Sandstone. ACNW invites you and your family to join in this exciting family adventure. Activities that families can participate in during their stay at the center range from active programs such as a climbing wall and snow zoo building to educational programs such as Minnesota Mammals and Winter Ways of Native Cultures, to winter sports such as cross-country skiing and kicksledding to quiet activities such as sleigh rides and art and crafts. Lodging accommodations are perfect for a weekend of adventure, relaxation and retreat. Each spacious room in either Crosby or Lowry Lodge has bunk-style beds and sleeps up to six or eight people. The food has a reputation all its own and has become known as the best in the area. Delicious, healthy and wholesome meals, tastefully and creatively prepared, are graciously served in a large dining room replete with stone fireplace and wonderful views of the woods and lake. All-inclusive rates include three-nights lodging, nine meals and programming. Commuter rates are also available. Location: 54165 Audubon Dr., Sandstone. For more information and reservations, call 888-404-7743, email Info@ Audubon-Center.org or visit Audubon-Center.org.

Tao of Sustainability: Cultivate Yourself to Heal the Earth


regory Ripley, acupuncturist and owner of Primal Health & Wellness, recently had his book published by Three Pines Press. Tao of Sustainability: Cultivate Yourself to Heal the Earth presents the traditional Daoist path of self-cultivation as a framework for bringing humans back into a sustainable relationship with the Earth. The book explores how health—mental and physical—is impacted by nature, drawing on research in the fields of green exercise, nature and forest medicine and eco-psychology. Part philosophy, part meditation manual, part nature awareness guide, the author draws from a variety of disciplines and traditions, from Daoism to stoicism, eco-psychology to Buddhist mind training, the visual arts to movement (tai chi, qigong), providing numerous ways to reconnect with the natural world. “We do best as individuals, as societies and as a world community when we seek to follow nature, our source and our ultimate destination,” states Ripley. Ripley holds a BA in Asian Studies from the University of Tennessee and an MA from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Location: 11900 Wayzata Blvd., Ste. 110, Minnetonka. For more information, call 612-804-3804 or visit AcupunctureMinnetonka.com. The book is available from ThreePinesPress.com and Amazon.com.

One loyal friend is worth 10,000 relatives. ~Euripides

All Energy is Good Energy


hree speakers will gather to share their insights on the nature of energy, from 1 to 4 p.m., on February 27, in St. Paul. Join speakers Judy Meinen of Angel Care Healing Touch, Joe Rothengass of Maple House Arts, and Amy Vasterling, intuitive pathfinder, in this educational and entertaining afternoon of presentations culminating in a panel discussion about energy. Presentations start at 1 p.m. with Rothengass speaking on The Nature of Energy; followed by Meinen’s topic, Balancing Bioelectric Magnetic Fields; and concluding with Vasterling’s Reading Energy. The last 45 minutes will be an open forum where participants and speakers have a question and answer session. Meinen, RN, HTP, AT, Reiki Master, has been doing business at Angel Care Healing Touch since 1997. She has a long history of conducting workshops on angels, wellness and healing, the paranormal and other metaphysical areas. Rothengass is an expert when it comes to gems, stones and their healing energies. He is also an intuitive healer and teaches classes on crystals and stones. Vasterling is an experienced clairvoyant, tuning in to universal energy and angel guides, and can see clearly and quickly what’s keeping a person stuck and advise how to shift the energy patterns for ease and growth. Cost: $30 (must register). Class is limited to 24. Location: 308 Prince St., Ste. 160, St. Paul. For more information, visit IntuitivePath Finder.com.

natural awakenings

February 2016


newsbriefs Healthy Life Expo February 6-7

T Fifth Annual Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference in Wisconsin


he fifth annual Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference will be held June 3 to 5, at Camp Helen Brachman, in Almond, Wisconsin (between Milwaukee and Minneapolis, Minnesota). Internationally acclaimed herbalists and authors will offer material that covers the gamut of expertise from newcomer to well versed herbalist. Winona LaDuke, Susun Weed, Isla Burgess, Dr. Jody Noe and many others complement more than 60 workshops, plant walks and a kids and teen camp. Serving the Great Lakes and beyond, this wholistic gathering of the feminine includes a wide spectrum of Midwest herbalists and Earth-based speakers on topics that include herbs for family health, wild edibles, fermentation, permaculture, movement, herbal wisdom, the Wise Woman Way, personal growth, spirituality and much more. Highlights include swimming, evening entertainment, a marketplace, Red Tent and roundtable discussions on building herbal community. The organizers have experienced herbal apprenticeships in the Wise Woman tradition, and the Red Tent is a communal space invoking the spirit of generations of women and celebrating women’s inner wisdom. In addition to the main conference, three-day immersion certificate programs include Clinical Herbalism with Burgess and a Radical Doula program with Whapio of the Matrone. Immediately prior to the conference on Friday morning, five, three-hour pre-conference workshops will be held: Herbs for Digestive Health; Herbal Pharmacy: Outside The Box; Recovering the Sacred Arrow in Her Bow; Initiating the Next Step in Your Life’s Promise; and Rhythm, African Dancing and Drumming. In celebration of the fifth anniversary, an additional event will be held October 7 to 9, with elder herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and friends. Discounts are offered for those registering for both of these events. For complete information, visit MidwestWomensHerbal.com. Sponsored in part by Natural Awakenings magazine. Enter for your chance to win a free full conference ticket, including meals and lodging, at naChicago.com/chi/contests. See ad, page 13.

he 26th annual Healthy Life Expo will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., February 6 and 7, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. With more than 200 exhibitors, this is the largest health and wellness expo in the Midwest. Visitors can enjoy free product sampling, hourly drawings and free health information. The first 100 people in line receive a free goodie bag containing exclusive items provided by some of the sponsoring exhibitors. There will be prize drawings and giveaways throughout the day. There will be three stages of experts featured every hour on the hour from whom attendees can learn how to live healthier, happier and longer lives. The weekend schedule also includes live yoga, martial arts, in-home fitness products, healthy cooking chefs, doctors, nutritionists, authors and more. Cost: $6; free with ad or non-perishable food donation to the Twin Cities Food Drive. Location: 1301 Second Ave. S., Hall D, Minneapolis. For more information, call 952-238-1700 or visit MediaMaxEvents.com. See ad, page 31.

eventspotlight Family Fitness Expo on March 5


he Family Fitness Expo will be held from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., on March 5, at the Maple Grove Community Center. The event includes live demonstrations, health and nutrition samples, seminars, shopping and giveaways. Over $1,000 in prizes will be given away at this event. Prizes include the Apple Watch and the FitBit. There are over 70 vendors scheduled to be at the event with many offering discounts, giveaways, free


Twin Cities Edition


samples, raffles and more. The Family Fitness Expo is devoted to providing fun community events and giving attendees a great value for their time. Cost: Free. Location: 12951 Weaver Lake Rd., Maple Grove. For more information, call 612-695-0512 or visit FamilyFitness Expo.com. See ad, page 10.


businessspotlight Healthy & Happy Together


We Are All in This Together Kelly Simpson Cover artist and schoolteacher Kelly Simpson paints exclusively with acrylics and pure color, maintaining that white “dilutes the passion and fierceness of a painting.” The artist covers a wide array

of subjects with her vibrant palette, from still-life renderings of fruits and flowers to abstracts and portraits. Simpson’s grandmother taught her to paint at an early age, and she later returned to the art form after developing health issues. “It started out as a therapeutic activity, but then became something greater. I like to take ugly events and transform them into something positive,” she says. Much of her inspiration comes from stories in the news or her elementary school students, many coming to the U.S. to escape conflict in their home countries. “I like to portray cultures working together,” she says, depicting multicultural women linking arms across the globe, as on this month’s cover. Simpson’s work has appeared across the Pacific Northwest and graced the pages of a children’s coloring book, an Indian college magazine and booklets promoting women’s issues. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family and a chocolate Labrador. Visit the artist’s portfolio at KellysArtFromTheSoul.com.

ction may not always bring happiness, but there’s no happiness without action. ~Benjamin Disraeli Jose and Katy Lozano of Healthy & Happy Together are passionate about guiding, inspiring, and motivating men and women to reach a healthier lifestyle. The duo explains, “We Katy & Jose Lozano understand and have experienced the struggles with inconsistency in achieving nutrition and fitness goals.” For many, New Year’s resolutions include becoming healthier and losing weight. The Lozanos promote nutrition and in-home fitness programs designed by the reputable Beachbody, LLC, creators of the healthiest meal of the day—Shakeology—and the world-renowned fitness programs P90X, Insanity and 21-Day Fix, among others. According to the Lozanos, the best part of their overall program is the sustainability—nutrition and programs are designed to not only reach goals but also maintain them. They believe what sets their approach apart from the rest is their ability to provide clients with ongoing, one-on-one support via phone, texting and social media, with their client base spanning the U.S. and Canada. An initial consult will assess the nutrition of the individual and offer meal plans and fitness programs with respect to current level of activity. They cover the gamut, from guiding the beginner who has never exercised and leads a sedentary life to the athlete who is getting ready for a marathon. There are no “personal trainer” fees or gym memberships. States Jose, “For the cost of approximately $4 per day, our clients receive the daily nutrition in Shakeology, an in-home fitness program that matches his/her goals and our ongoing support.” Jose has lost more than 30 pounds and Katy more than 15. States Katy, “Although the internal transformation is great because everyone can see it, the best part is the internal change: increased energy, focus, confidence and optimism. We have young children, and the ability to keep up with them is essential to healthy family dynamics.” The Lozanos go on to say, “We are committed to helping those wanting to change their lives for the better, and at the same time disarming obesity and disease, including high cholesterol and blood pressure, by showing the path to healthy nutrition and physical activity.” For more information, call or text 763-477-1965, email HealthyAndHappyTogether @AutomaticCeo.com or visit HealthyAndHappyTogether.AutomaticCeo.com. See directory listing, page 29.

Enhance your health & vitality in 8 minutes/2x a day

• Reduce stress • Reduce inflammation • Improve circulation • Enhance mental alertness • Sleep better

Call now to try one for FREE! 651-341-3227 EnhancedVitality@gmail.com


natural awakenings

February 2016


One of the most


beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Neti Pot Solutions for Sinus Problems


eti pots, used for centuries in Asian cultures to support nasal health and eliminate toxins from the nasal mucosa, have become increasingly popular in the Western world. People use the small Aladdin’s lamp-looking pots to help flush sinuses, usually by pouring a mild solution of unrefined sea salt and water from one nostril through the other (avoid common table salt because it can irritate mucous membranes). The process flushes out unwanted mucus, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Frequent nasal flushing is credited with preventing and relieving sinus infections. Some experts recommend a stronger remedy if an infection is present. “The bacteria and fungus stick rather well to the nasal mucosa and few are flushed out with saline flushes,” remarks Herbalist Steven Frank, of Nature’s Rite. LLC. “Most of these nasty pathogens adhere to the mucosa with what is called a biofilm. Within this slime layer, they are well protected and thrive within the warm moist sinuses, so a small saline bath once a day doesn’t bother them much at all.” To deal with stubborn sinus problems, Frank likes using the neti pot with a colloidal silver wash that is retained in the nostrils for ten minutes. This can be supported with regular intra-nasal spraying of the colloid throughout the day. For more information, call 888-465-4404 or visit NaturesRiteRemedies.com. See ad, page 6.


Twin Cities Edition


Bifidobacteria Probiotic Fends Off Colds and Flu


n a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that supplementing with bifidobacteria probiotics will reduce colds and flu. The study followed 581 college students for six weeks as they prepared for their final exams. During the study period, the students consumed a placebo or a daily supplement with one of three probiotics, including Bifidobacterium bifidum. The students given the bifidum supplement experienced significantly fewer cold or flu infections, and when they did succumb, the infection was generally less severe. The other probiotic supplements did not reduce colds or flu compared to the placebo for the six weeks.

High-Fructose Sweetener Aggravates Asthma and Bronchitis


large study from the New York Medical College and the University of Massachusetts found that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is linked to a greater risk of asthma and chronic bronchitis. The research included 2,801 people between the ages of 20 and 55 years old. The scientists utilized health data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 2003 to 2006 to compare people with a history of chronic bronchitis. The study measured the types of soft drinks consumed, eliminating risks related to known asthma relationships such as smoking. The researchers found those that drank five or more HFCS-containing sodas per week had an 80 percent increased incidence of chronic bronchitis. Greater intake of HFCS has also been linked with higher risk of other health conditions, including diabetes and obesity.

Mediterranean Diet Sustains More Youthful Brain Sizes


Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting. ~William Arthur Ward


s we age, our brains shrink, a condition linked to cognitive impairment. According to a study from Columbia University, a healthy diet can help reduce such occurrences. The researchers studied 674 adults with an average age of 80. They were divided into two groups, depending upon their diets, and given magnetic resonance imaging scans to measure total brain volume and thickness. It was found that those following diets that most closely resembled the Mediterranean diet—less meat and more vegetables and fish—had larger brain sizes with less shrinking. The researchers equated the average size difference between the groups to about five years of aging. Dr. Yian Gu, a neuropsychology professor at Columbia University, says, “This is another study consistent with previous studies that indicate the Mediterranean diet is an overall healthy diet.”

Induced After Death Communication

is a miraculous psychotherapy which can heal your pain from losing a loved one – including a beloved pet. With this amazing therapy you can recover from your sorrow and trauma rapidly and to a degree never before possible.


GaryRexBeaver@gmail.com www.GaryRBeaver.com

natural awakenings

Gary R Beaver, MA, Licensed Psychologist February 2016


globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Green Goalposts

Super Bowl Eco-Stadium Gains National Spotlight The 50th Super Bowl will take place February 7 at the brandnew Levi’s Stadium, in Santa Clara, outside San Francisco, and the anniversary isn’t the only thing that’s historic. As part of a trend toward sustainability in athletic facilities, it’s the greenest and most technologically advanced professional football stadium in the U.S. The structure is designed to support sustainability, located on a site with accessible public transportation plus a bike path to encourage fans to pedal to and from games. Its predominantly open and airy, environmentally friendly building plan also takes advantage of the Silicon Valley climate. One outstanding feature is the green roof atop the suite tower on the west side of the stadium. Another is the three solar bridges connecting the main parking area to the stadium that generate energy from hundreds of solar panels. All of the wood used was repurposed from a local airplane hangar at Moffett Field, in Mountain View, California, and other reclaimed building products were used where possible. Reclaimed water sources serve potable and non-potable uses, including playing field irrigation. The local suppliers providing farm-to-table food menus also are required to practice composting and recycling to the greatest extent possible. For more information, visit LevisStadium.com.

Nice Spice

McCormick Going Non-GMO McCormick, the world’s largest spice company, plans to eliminate almost all genetically modified (GMO) ingredients from their product line by 2016. In response to increased consumer demand for healthier options, 80 percent of its overall gourmet herb and spice business in the U.S. will be both organic and non-GMO by 2016, as well as all McCormick-branded herbs, spices and extracts sold in the U.S. They will voluntarily label the updated products to inform consumers as part of a commitment to transparency and consumer education. The first product introduced, a non-GMO vanilla extract, is already available. McCormick also uses steam treatments in its processing to preserve the health benefits of spices instead of the ionizing irradiation used by competitors. Although food radiation is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, some studies link it to significant health problems. “Our consumers are increasingly interested in quality flavors with pure ingredients in their food,” says McCormick President and Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Kurzius. “Our efforts prove that we are listening to consumers and are committed to continuing to evolve.” Source: NaturalNews.com


Twin Cities Edition


Seeing Change

Young Children Can Unlearn Racial Sterotyping New research by Paul Quinn, a professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Delaware, and his collaborators across the globe, have found a simple exercise that can undo the unconscious racial biases that may begin to develop as early as infancy. Quinn learned that 3-montholds begin showing a visual preference for the same race they see most often in their daily lives. By 9 months, infants not only distinguish racial categories, but also become less able to tell different individuals apart if they are members of a less-familiar race. In the experiment, the scientists morphed together photos of African and Asian faces to create ambiguous images that looked equally African and Asian. As a result, Quinn reports, “At 9 months, they didn’t respond to the differences between the African and Asian categories, but instead they had two less discriminatory broad categories; ‘own race’ and ‘other race’. We think it might be a precursor to an initial ‘in group/ out group’ differentiation and suggest that perceptual and social processing of faces may overlap, even in infants.” Source: LaboratoryEquipment.com

ecotip Eco-Cappuccino

Reducing Coffee Shop Waste

Pioneering Aspen Ski Town Runs Entirely on Renewables

Aspen, Colorado, with a population of 7,000, has become the third municipality in the country, along with Burlington, Vermont, and Greensburg, Kansas, to receive all of its power from renewable sources. Its energy portfolio now consists primarily of wind power and hydroelectric, with smaller contributions from solar and geothermal. The development reflects a decadelong effort made possible in part by a significant drop in the price of renewable energy and new government regulations that internalize some of the pollution costs of fossil fuels, making energy sources like coal increasingly uncompetitive. More than one-third of American coal plants have been shut down in the past six years and new carbon rules make it possible that no new coal plants will ever be built in the U.S. Source: ThinkProgress.org

For many, getting a coffee to go at a favorite spot on the way to work or while dropping the kids off at school and running errands is a weekday ritual. It also warms up the body on cold mornings in northern regions this time of year. The java might taste even better if we reduce the amount of waste traditionally involved. Here are a few ways to better cherish Earth’s resources. Avoid the paper cup; carry a reusable thermos or insulated bottle instead as a matter of routine. Author and activist Beth Terry, in her book Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Habit and How You Can Too suggests both stainless steel beverage containers and mugs. She also recommends glass mason jars and points out that EcoJarz recently began making stainless steel caps and lids instead of plastic. Learn more at MyPlasticFreeLife.com. Terry further cites the unhealthy aspects of continual use of paper cups because, “Many are lined with plastic, and the plastic lids are often the equivalent of Styrofoam.” If caught without a favorite reusable container, Treehugger.com’s Katherine Martinko recommends at least giving an old paper cup one more turn. “It’s not a zero waste solution, but if you’ve already got a paper cup in your car or kitchen, you might as well extend its life. Wash and hand it over the next time you get a coffee,” she suggests. “It will still do the job.” For those that add cream, milk or sugar to coffee, consider the waste involved just in the plastic and wood stirrers provided by the shop that are tossed in the trash after serving their one-time function. “Avoid all of them,” advises Terry. “Carry a clean utensil in the car,” such as a bamboo tableware or a spork (combination spoon and fork). Cutting down or weaning off of dairy, sugar and especially sugar substitutes is another healthful move.

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February 2016



Annette Rugolo


Clearing the Air… Literally by Kate Hillenbrand


he technique of dowsing has been used for thousands of years. Some cultures have used it to find underground wells or minerals. It has also been used to create positive energy sites where thousands of people visit each year. This includes places such as Sedona, Arizona, and Stonehenge and Avebury in the UK.

People are drawn to positive energy places without understanding why. Until the early 1400s, most of the cathedrals of Europe were built based on dowsing information and everyone who enters these places of worship feels uplifted and inspired. Annette Rugolo, who has been dowsing since 2005, uses the technique to help people create this same kind of energy in their own homes. Since everything is made of energy, there can


Twin Cities Edition

be both positive and negative energy in the places we live. Negative vibrations of the earth can impact our sleep, health and overall well-being. One of the sources of negative vibrations is geopathic stress lines which are created by underground water or fault lines. ‘Geo” refers to the Earth and ‘pathic’ means illness; as a place is dowsed, the illnesses of the earth are healed, thus the home is healed. To exemplify how dowsing changes


We have learned the importance of creating pH balance within our bodies... when we live in an energetically balanced environment, it becomes much easier to bring ourselves into balance. ~Annette Rugolo energy, a woman who was experiencing migraine headaches for 15 years attended a dowsing class. She learned the technique and found that she was sleeping over two geopathic stress lines. When she cured the lines, her migraines ceased. Additional sources of negative vibrations are transmissions from cell towers, radio towers and satellite dishes. In the home, these energies can create mental and emotional tension, an inability to focus, headaches and more. When dowsing a place, Rugolo detects and then transforms dense, negative energy in a room, house, office or property to raise the vibration or prana (life-giving force). Using the Diamond Dowsing method, she clears the energy imbalances and infuses the space with light frequencies to create a supportive environment. “We have learned the importance of creating pH balance within our bodies. When I dowse a home, I am doing the same thing,” Rugolo explains. “And when we live in an energetically balanced environment, it becomes much easier to bring ourselves into balance.” Rugolo energetically works with

Dowsing Rods spaces both in person and remotely using distance energetic connection. Once she taps into the energy of a space, she sees and feels both the positive and negative energy and uses her dowsing technique to find the source of the negative and cure it. She loves to help people become aware of the energy of their environment, and most of her clients feel the transformative shift immediately. When asked if the energy shift is permanent, Rugolo responds, “Yes, the cures that are placed at the time of the dowsing are permanent. The Earth, however, is not a static energy field—it is in a constant state of change and flux. One of the things that can change, for instance, is new geopathic stress lines can appear. This happens when there is a lot of flooding or earthquakes in an area. My main reason for teaching people how to dowse is so they can keep their own homes energetically cleared.” When asked why she became interested in dowsing, she shared how it helped her own family. “Once I learned how to dowse, I immediately began dowsing my children’s homes. My daughter had moved into a new home six months before I learned how to dowse. Within days of moving in, my grandson, four years old at the time, began having uncontrollable tantrums and wouldn’t go to sleep at night. When I became qualified to check the energy of the house, it turned out there was a negative vortex in his bedroom and he was sleeping right next to it. I cleared it and the tantrums stopped. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t learned how to clear the energy in his room. I also wondered

how many others were dealing with the same kind of situation without knowing it was the energy of their space that was creating their experience. After that, I became very passionate about teaching others how to find and clear the energy in their homes.” Rugolo has been working with energy for many years, starting with a background in massage, yoga, qigong and CranioSacral Therapy. Each modality taught her about different aspects of energy and she became especially interested in how to transform it. When

she met Marie Diamond, a transformational teacher, in 2001, she began studying Diamond’s programs and became the company’s first certified meditation and dowsing teacher. In 2007, she was promoted to company vice president, a position she held until 2012. She is currently the Dowsing Coordinator for North America and teaches individual dowsing classes and a Diamond Dowsing Certification course. Her next Diamond Dowsing Workshop takes place at the Sheraton Minneapolis West Hotel, 12201 Ridgedale Dr., Minnetonka. This twoand-a-half day event goes from 6 to 9 p.m., February 25, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., February 26 and 27. For more information, email Info@ ConsciousLifeResources.com or visit ConsciousLifeResources.com. Sessions can be conducted in person or by phone, 612-605-8608. See ad, page 18. Kate Hillenbrand is a freelance writer, certified holistic health coach and the owner of Gut Instincts by Kate based in Minneapolis.

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February 2016


THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP It Sustains, Nourishes and Supports Us by Judith Fertig

For a reason, a season or a lifetime, friends help us cope with challenges, motivate our best work and celebrate life. Friendships take many forms, crossing generations and self-imposed boundaries, and even spring up between unlikely confidants.


hildhood friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck collaborated on the Oscar-winning screenplay for Good Will Hunting. Fierce tennis competitors Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki like to get together for a gal-pal getaway after a major match. Country music artists Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood married following an 18-year friendship; “We had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did,” says Brooks. Rafts of research confirm how friendship enriches us. Carlin Flora, of New York City, spent years as a Psychology Today writer and editor before penning Friendfluence: The Surprising Ways Friends Make Us Who We Are. She notes that among the varied and perhaps unforeseen benefits, friendships can help us “shed pounds, sleep better, stop smoking and even survive a major illness.”


Twin Cities Edition

An ongoing, two-decade-plus study of nearly 1,500 seniors by the Flinders University Centre for Ageing Studies, in Australia, found those with a large network of friends outliving others with the fewest friends by 22 percent. The University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center also reports people with five or more close friends as 50 percent more likely to describe themselves as “very happy” than those maintaining fewer confidants. “Friends past and present play powerful and often unappreciated roles in determining our sense of self and the direction of our lives,” says Flora. “Even in a supposedly meritocratic society, friends give jobs and assignments to each other, so having friends that share your career interests and aspirations can get you much farther than you could ever get on your own.”


Make New Friends, Keep the Old Today, making and keeping friends can be challenging, due to distance, frequent life changes, overprotective parenting and substituting social media for more intimate face time. It all makes friendship more fluid than we might realize, says Shasta Nelson, the San Francisco founder of GirlFriendCircles. com, a women’s friendship matching site and author of Friendships Don’t Just Happen: The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of Girlfriends, plus the upcoming book, Frientimacy, about deepening such relationships. “Most of us replace half of our close friends every seven years,” says Nelson. Although this might seem alarming, she considers it a natural ebb and flow. “We all need a couple of very close friends, while others that come and go might just be what we currently need—at work or school, among firsttime parents, in a new neighborhood, starting a job, in retirement or during some other life change,” she says. Canadian Greg Tjosvold, a married middle school teacher in Vancouver, Canada, has enjoyed great friendships with women, including his wife, partly because he doesn’t relate to men’s generally competitive nature and interest in sports. But when a close female friend moved away, he wanted to expand his circle to include men. He joined a group called The Barley Brethren that sample craft beers and talk about life. Although not into suds, he values “having a safe and enjoyable place to discuss deep issues, victories and temporary setbacks.” He admits, “That’s over-simplification, though.” Finding a group of men he can feel a part of has validated him, making this unique man still feel like one of the guys. Nelson categorizes the concentric circles of developing friendship as starting with a mutually agreeable acquaintance or contact, and then moving emotionally closer with someone that we find similarities with. Then the original bond can enter the confirmed friend category. A group of friends, like a longtime book club, can constitute a community. The highest level is the committed friend that has evolved into a trusted and valuable life companion.


F Hallmarks of good friendship include staying in touch and being consistently positive and vulnerable, so as we reveal ourselves over time, we can be authentic with each other. Sarah Huntsman Reed, a medical counselor in Kansas City, Missouri, has such a lifelong friend. She met Doug Reed, now a pharmacist, when both were in their high school musical, Once Upon a Mattress. Reed had a great sense of humor, Sarah remembers. “He’s still the most honest yet kindest person I’ve met,” she says. Soon, their mothers became friends, too, and the two teens would pair up for family weddings. Then she went to college and married and he moved away; yet they stayed in touch through mutual friends and their moms, catching up in person when he returned to his hometown. Seventeen years after they first met, by which time Sarah was divorced, the two discussed taking their friendship to the next level and soon married. “It was a big decision to commit, because we knew so much about each other,” she says. “But we prefer each other’s company, and it was the best thing we ever did.”

Safety Net In trying times, friends can surround us with positive energy, says Madisyn Taylor, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the spiritual blog DailyOm, in Ashland, Oregon. “The people we love form a protective barrier that buffers and shields us from many of the world’s

or some people, this word brings a rush of joy and memories, support and laughter. For others, friendship means struggle, isolation and hurt feelings. This is most certainly a complex subject that has as many meanings as there are people. Experiences in friendship are based on things like past relationships, friendships seen on television, read in books and even relationship dynamics of families. As the saying goes, a friend can be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. While many people are letting go of old belief patterns and healing emotional wounds in exchange for higher vibrating joy, compassion and ease, they are also allowing the natural flow of life—including the natural flow of people moving in and out of their lives. Through personal growth and spiritual development, a person’s vibration rises. The closer one gets to his Soul Self, the higher his vibration. All aspects of life start shifting. Careers can become more fulfilling with just a few changes, money can start to appear from unique sources, and longtime friendships can fizzle without warning! While it sounds painful, by continuing to live in that high vibration, letting go of that which no longer serves a person’s higher good can happen with a gentle ease. Compassion and understanding of people, relationships, life lessons and reasons for friendships come with great clarity. Joy and comfort surround those who came for a season, and space is then held for new, higher vibrating friendships to form. Lifetime friendships. People find themselves with deeper, more meaningful connections likened to “finding their tribe” and connecting with soul groups. These higher vibrating friendships can be the gems of life—people who move in and out of one’s life bringing joy, wisdom, compassion, support and inspiration without expectation or obligation. By continuing a journey of spiritual growth and working toward raising vibration, people can find themselves enjoying relationships they never dreamed possible. Amy Nesdahl has been a practicing Reiki Master for 13 years, teaching classes and workshops on energy, metaphysics and reiki in the Twin Cities North Metro area. For more information, visit Joyful-Connections.com.

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natural awakenings

February 2016


more crippling blows,” including receiving hurtful slights from others. How we make friends has been altered by today’s social landscape, which includes working parents and Amber Alerts. The days of children freely roaming their neighborhood discovering friends to play with are, unfortunately, over, says Jennifer S. White, a Toledo, Ohio, blogger and author of The Art of Parenting: Love Letters from a Mother. “My long-term friendships from childhood were all built around being neighbors and playing together just because we wanted to,” recalls White. With today’s safety concerns and work-life challenges, parents now set up playdates, a more structured, less organic way of fostering childhood friendships, and they must be proactive to ensure success. White has some misgivings about this modern-day approach. “When I think about that one little gleaming seed of truth at the heart of why, it’s often because I don’t think it’s fair that I have to be a popular ‘playdate mom’ for my kid to have some friends.”

Besties and Buddies Automatic playdates—with siblings—often enhance family ties through lifelong friendships. Sally Ekus is a culinary talent representative in Florence, Massachusetts. Her younger sister, Amelia, is the general manager of Twitter Cafe, in New York City, and lives in Brooklyn. Both foodies have knife-and-fork tattoos. Sally is more into meal ingredients and preparation, while Amelia loves pouring wine and making sure everyone is comfortable. “Together,” says Sally, “we create total hospitality, from lavish Passover

Everyone from contemporary scientists to ancient philosophers agrees that having strong social bonds is probably the most meaningful contributor to happiness. ~Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project seders to Friday nights with friends.” She notes that her sister is the only other person who understands what the world looks like through the Ekus girls’ perspective. Some adults might never meet faceto-face, but become friends via social media. American Jamie Schler, co-owner of the Hotel Diderot, in Chinon, France, with her native-born husband, says, “Social media [especially Facebook posts] is how I meet and make personal friends and keep in touch on a daily basis. As an expat, this is important because I often feel far from family and friends that understand me, share common interests and ideas and speak the same language—and I don’t necessarily mean English.” Her high-tech circle ranges from hometown pals to new

friends in the food community and political forums. She raves, “It’s a place where I find them all at the same time!” Nelson remarks, “No one is saying Facebook should replace visits, nights out and phone calls, but in a world where most of us wish we felt closer to a few more people, it doesn’t hurt to use every tool at our disposal for creating connections.” Differences in age needn’t be a hurdle in forging friendships. Candelaria Silva-Collins, an arts marketing professional in Boston, attended area social gatherings where she regularly encountered a museum director and his wife. “They seemed like a fantastic couple,” she says, and began a friendship with the older woman, despite their being from different generations. “My friend teaches me a lot about being vital and vibrant,” she says.

Expanding Circles

Becoming friends with people of different ages, languages and social standing gives us a spiritual workout, advises Nelson. With a master’s degree in divinity, Nelson views friendship as a type of health club in which we develop our empathy, forgiveness and compassion muscles through practice. “Friendships are the way we become better people,” she says. Furthermore, the process, especially with people unlike us, leads to a better world. “Being able to inherently care for people we know makes it easier to do the same for people we’ve not met yet,” says Nelson. World peace happens one friend at a time. Freelance writer Judith Fertig also blogs at AlfrescoFoodAndLifestyle.blogspot. com from Overland Park, KS.

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Twin Cities Edition


February 25-27, 2016 Minneapolis

From Fear to Love


ll emotions vibrate from either fear or love. For instance, when there is a diagnosis of disease, fear is often the first emotion felt. Other emotional reactions include fight or flight, defeat, anger, sadness—all come from fear. People can empower themselves with knowledge and learn to change thoughts to gratitude and love causing a positive chemical change in the body. By energizing love in the body, positive actions result. Three steps to help make that lifestyle change: 1. Intention – Be clear of what you really want. 2. Attention – Focus on what you want to happen. 3. No Tension – Let go of the outcome. Surrender to what happens along the way, such as interruptions and delays. Don’t focus on when or how. Trust God (the Universe/Source of all). Surrender and let the magic happen. If we’re open, we can learn the lessons that help us rise up to a higher consciousness and our purpose in life. The sooner we learn to let go of the outcome, the happier we will be; the happier we are, the sooner we will find our way and manifest what we want. Fear has the lowest vibration and love has the highest vibration. There are myriad ways people can increase their vibratory level, including diet and exercise; warming their heart with gratitude; and with knowledge and training, incorporating essential oils for self-care. Pure, quality essential oils have the ability to change vibrations to a higher frequency. Essential oils may help tame the brain in a fight or flight pattern from fear, anxiety or anger and help erase a negative emotional pattern, bringing the body to homeostasis. February is heart month—both physically and emotionally. We think about sharing love in many ways. Our breasts lie in the fourth quadrant of our body, just over the heart. Think of your breasts as part of your heart and give them unconditional love, with gentle lymphatic self-massage, helping to balance, detoxify, promote lymphatic circulation and soften them from fibrocystic tissue, and in turn stimulate your immune system. A physician may not always have the answers you are looking for. The good news is your heart, as well as your breast health, is in your hands… literally. When you do the research, you can find the information you need to make wise, productive decisions about breast and heart health. Joyce Sobotta has a B.S. in education and certifications in holistic aromatherapy and reflexology. She is the founder/owner of Healthy Girls Breast Oil, a home-based, international business. She is available for presentations and consultations. For more information, visit AromaTherapyNaturesWay.com. See ad, page 24.

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Functional Dentistry Connects Oral Health to Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease by Linda Sechrist


he focus of functional medicine—whole person health care—easily expands to include dentists trained in oral systemic health. Currently embraced by a small percentage of today’s farsighted dentists and doctors, this relatively new field of prevention and wellness views the mouth as a key portal when considering the status of the whole body. Similar to the way doctors of Oriental medicine assess the heart’s pulse to help diagnose health issues throughout the body, these systemic health dentists consider the gums, tongue, teeth and throat to be key signals of overall health.


Twin Cities Edition

American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) Executive Director Bobbie Delsasso was a periodontal hygienist for more than 30 years before becoming a consultant and public speaker on the larger perspective. “I taught patients about the importance of good nutrition and alerted them to consult their physician regarding what their mouth health might indicate about their body’s health,” she says. While the academy educates dental professionals to understand the internal work-


ings of nutrition and what the mouth reveals about overall well-being, “Less than 6 percent of physicians even learn adequate basics of nutrition in medical schools,” she notes.

Cardiovascular Health Links Beyond nutrition, academy curricula for dentists now include such titles as Arteriology and Vascular Inflamma

tion – The Oral/Systemic Connection, based on a course designed for medical professionals by physician Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, co-founders of the Bale/Doneen Method for the prevention of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Mike Milligan, a doctor of dental medicine, founder of Eastland Dental Center, in Bloomington, Illinois, and AAOSH president, explains that heart attack and stroke are triggered by an inflammatory process which can be initiated or exacerbated by periodontal disease and abscessed teeth. Thomas Nabors, a doctor of dental surgery and an authority in molecular analysis and genetic risk assessment for periodontal diseases, provides clinical proof that supports the growing association between medicine and dentistry. “Since our inaugural AAOSH conference [in 2010], Bradley, Amy and Tom have continued to provide the current science and clinical backdrop to the oral/systemic connection to cardiovascular wellness,” says Milligan.

Respiratory Health Links

Other vital advances in oral systemic health involve treating airway concerns such as snoring and sleep apnea. “Snoring is typically caused by muscles and tissues relaxing in the throat and mouth, resulting in decreased space in the airway passage and vibration of tissues. Eventually, individuals can develop sleep apnea, which can also result in hypertension and other problems,” advises Milligan. In sleep apnea, the sleeper’s breathing pauses often or produces hypopnea, slowed or shallow breathing for 10 or more seconds at a time. Fewer than five episodes per hour is normal, with five to 15 considered mild apnea, 15 to 30 moderate and more than 30 severe. Although 20 percent of Americans may have sleep apnea—typically associated with insomnia, tiredness and less oxygen in the body—95 percent of affected individuals go undiagnosed. To help, Milligan suggests that before going to bed we lower the thermostat in the bedroom and avoid drinking

alcohol, smoking, watching television or working on a computer. Improved breathing helps assuage snoring, sleep apnea, asthma, hay fever and nasal congestion. Milligan cites Patrick McKeown’s work, explained in his book The Oxygen Advantage. An authority on the Buteyko Breathing Method, McKeown explains how improved breathing dramatically improves oxygenation, releases more energy and supports lifelong health and well-being. Muscle retraining using orofacial myofunctional therapy can help prevent sleep apnea and also abate temporomandibular joint disorders. This new field is concerned with orofacial functional patterns and postures when teeth are apart, their status 95 percent of each day and night. It also retrains muscles to keep the tongue at the roof of the mouth and the lips together to prevent breathing through the mouth, correct swallowing function and eliminate poor oral habits such as thumb sucking. Three mechanical treatments for sleep apnea include mandibular advancement oral devices used to move the lower jaw forward, a continuous positive airway pressure machine to aid airway functioning, or surgery, which is the last resort. “The real opportunity for catching and preventing this is with children 5 to 10 years old, when their jaws are developing,” says Milligan. He further cites links discovered between the mouth and brain. “Oral spirochetes, which normally live in the mouth, have been found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Dr. Judith Miklossy, from the International Association for Alzheimer’s, spoke at an AAOSH conference about the link between oral bacteria and dementia, and Garth Ehrlich, Ph.D., professor of microbiology, immunology and otolaryngology at Drexel University College of Medicine, addressed rheumatoid arthritis and certain types of cancers. All of these links are more than enough reasons why good oral hygiene is essential to good health,” says Milligan. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at ItsAllAboutWe.com. natural awakenings

February 2016



Bird-Watching for Beginners Start with a Bird Feeder and Binoculars by Sandra Murphy


or those that love animals but can’t provide a home to a domestic pet, wild birds are just outside the window. Between 50 and 60 million Americans list bird-watching as a hobby. To start, all we need is a bird feeder. For safety and comfort, position feeders near a tree or bush at least 15 feet from windows. Scott Logan, an Audubon Society board member in Sherman Oaks, California, cautions, “Birds stay alert for predators. An unmarked window looks like an escape route. They won’t see the glass.” Products like Window Alert, a decal that reflects ultraviolet rays birds see but

humans don’t, can prevent a crash. A book on local birds will describe the best food to attract them, whether residents or just passing through. Bluebirds love mealworms. Hummingbirds like floral nectars and orioles prefer citrus flavors. Cardinals and jays dine on sunflower seeds. Always provide unseasoned, unsalted seeds. In cold weather, also remember to hang homemade suet combining one part organic regular fat peanut butter with five parts organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) corn meal. Pour fresh water in the birdbath daily, change hummingbird nectar every three days and discard moldy seeds


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Twin Cities Edition


and old suet. Feeding year-round doesn’t interfere with migration, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, in Ithaca, New York. Migration, nest building, feeding a new family and staying warm in colder weather require substantial calories. “American goldfinches are social and will stay to eat,” adds Logan. “Blue jays and titmouses are ‘grab-andgo’ birds.”

Join in the Fun

In Arlington, Texas, Cathy Stein, owner of EclecticDesignChoices.com, will participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count this year from February 12 to 15 (Audubon.org/content/aboutgreat-backyard-bird-count). “One easy resource for identifying birds is Merlin, the free app from Cornell Lab,” says Stein. “Take the bird’s picture, which is helpful in identifying details that can be overlooked or forgotten otherwise.” Merlin works like facial recognition for birds, comparing eyes, beaks and tails to species in its database by location (Merlin.AllAboutBirds.org). Audubon’s free app includes birdcalls (Tinyurl. com/AudubonFreeBirdApp). Jon Weber-Hahnsberg, a 12-yearold volunteer at the Dallas Zoo, and his seven-member team won last year’s statewide birding competition hosted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department by identifying 72 species in 12 hours. “Now I’m hooked,” he says. “Outside the city, there are snowy egrets, waterfowl, hawks and owls to see.” National wildlife refuges managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are suitable birding sites for both novices and pros. Here are some tips for beginners. Focus on big, easy-to-see birds.

Sandhill crane tours are a hit in Mississippi and other Gulf Coast states (fws.gov/refuge/Mississippi_Sandhill_Crane). Concentrate on birds that travel in flocks. Common redhead ducks migrate in great numbers to the Texas coast each winter (Tinyurl.com/LagunaAtascosaBirdlife). Look for standouts, birds with characteristics that capture the imagination, like the speed of a peregrine falcon, large wingspan of a California condor or unusual color of Florida’s roseate spoonbills. (Visit fws.gov/refuge/Cape_ Meares and fws.gov/refuge/JN_Ding_Darling.) In Maine, see puffins at the only colony that allows visitors to go ashore for a close-up look (MaineBirdingTrail. com/MachiasSealIsland.htm). Not a refuge, ownership of the island has been disputed for two centuries.

Incredible Hobby

“Keeping a life list of birds you’ve seen, when and where, is not only fun,” says Nate Swick, author of the recent Birding for the Curious, in Greensboro, North Carolina. “It brings back memories of a time and place. Birding takes you places you wouldn’t think of. I’ve bird-watched in local landfills, as well as in India and Central America.” A particularly impressive sight was a shearwater, found 30 to 40 miles into the Atlantic Ocean off the North Carolina coast, a species that only comes to land during breeding season. “Each bird has an incredible story,” he says. “Migrating birds that arrive exhausted and hungry after flying hundreds of miles will often look for local birds like chickadees that act as the welcome wagon, showing where food, water and a safe rest area can be found.” Erika Zar, a catalog copywriter in Madison, Wisconsin, happened upon the nearby Horicon Marsh Bird Festival (HoriconMarshBirdClub.com/for-visitors). “Everyone seemed so meditative, hiking in quiet groups. It was peaceful,” she says. “Listing the birds they saw on checklists was like a scavenger hunt for adults.” Zar immediately bought binoculars, but soon traded them for a better pair. “Bird-watching opened my eyes to a new world right in front of me,” she says joyfully. “I’d just 651-429-4153 never looked or listened closely enough before.” Connect with Sandra Murphy at StLouisFreelanceWriter@ mindspring.com.

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natural awakenings

February 2016


Train for a New Career Worried about the next round of layoffs? Want to makes a difference in the world? Perhaps a new career is in order. Learn to change lives through hypnosis. Training starts April 11th!

Call today for more information! 952-934-1315 8353 Crystal View Rd #201 Eden Prairie, MN 55344 www.FAREHypnosis.com

Detoxify and Stimulate Your Immune System with Healthy Girls® Breast Oil

NEW customers receive a FREE spritzer vial with any purchase. Breast Health Presentations

Joyce Sobotta & Essential Oil Classes Certified Aromoatherapist AromatherapyNaturesWay.com & Reflexologist 715-878-4474 Joyce@AromatherapyNaturesWay.com

Love is life. And if you

miss love, you miss life. ~Leo Buscaglia


DEEP LISTENING Our Wholehearted Attention Is Our Greatest Gift by Kay Lindahl


erhaps one of the most precious and powerful gifts we give another person is to really listen to them with quiet, fascinated attention and our whole being; fully present. Deep listening occurs at the heart level, and we must ask ourselves how often we listen to each other so completely. Such listening is a creative force. We expand, ideas come to life and grow and we remember who we are. It brings forth our inner spirit, intelligence, or true self, and opens up the space for us to thrive. Sometimes we have to do a lot of listening before another’s inner being feels replenished. Some people just need to talk and go on and on, usually in a superficial, nervous manner. This often happens because they have not been truly listened to. Patience is required to be a listening presence for such a person long enough that they get to their center point of tranquility and peace. The results of such listening are extraordinary. Some would call them miracles. Listening well takes time, skill and a readiness to slow down to afford time for reflection and to let go of expectations, judgments, boredom, self-assertiveness and defensiveness. When two people listen deeply to one another, we sense that we are present not only to each other, but also to something beyond our individual selves; something spiritual, holy or sacred. Once we experience the depth of being listened to like this, we naturally begin to listen to be present with another. We notice what occurs when we interrupt someone and when we don’t. We watch what unfolds when another stops speaking and we ask, “Is there anything else?” Listening is an art that calls for practice. Imagine if we all spent just a few minutes each day choosing to practice the art of listening; of being fully present with the person we are with. Being truly listened to and understood yields a sigh of contentment and joy. Kay Lindahl, of Long Beach, CA, is the author of The Sacred Art of Listening, from which this was adapted with permission from SkyLight Paths Publishing.


Twin Cities Edition


calendarofevents Please call ahead to confirm dates and times. Pre-register early to ensure events will have a minimum number to take place. To place a calendar listing, email us before the 10th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Email Jackie@NAtwincities.com for guidelines on how to submit listings. Thanks!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3 I Didn’t Grow Up to Be a Hypnotist: Ready for a New Career? – 6-8pm. Looking for a change in your work life? To make a difference in your life and the lives of others? Find out what it takes to be a great hypnotist. Free. Fare Hypnosis Center, 8353 Crystal View Rd, Ste 201, Eden Prairie. FareHypnosis.com. Optimizing Digestion for Overall Wellness – 7-8:30pm. Learn the importance of healthy digestion for overall wellness, along with tools and techniques to optimize this system. $20. NE Community Acupuncture, 1224 2nd St NE, Ste 200, Minneapolis. NECommunityAcupuncture.com.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 Healthy Life Expo – 10am-5pm on Sat and Sun. This two-day event has over 200 exhibitors, free samples, drawings, demonstrations, speakers and so much more. Free with their ad in this issue. Convention Center, 1301 Second Ave. S, Hall D, Minneapolis. MediaMaxEvents.com. Psychic Gallery with Alison James – 6:30-8pm. Intuitive forum with Q&A and messages from loved ones in the after-life, including pets. Interactive experience, audience participation welcomed $45 preregistration online or $50 cash walk-in. Healing Elements, 2358 Stinson Blvd, Minneapolis. 612-7881813. HealingElementsMPLS.com.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9 Hypnosis is a Natural State of Mind – 6-6:45pm. Learn about hypnosis at this free workshop. Free. Fare Hypnosis Center, 8353 Crystal View Rd, Ste 201, Eden Prairie. FareHypnosis.com. Green Drinks – 6:30-7:30pm. This free monthly meetup is open to all interested in local green business. This month’s speaker is Ted Redmond from the Pale Blue Dot. BlueDotRegister.org. The Republic, 221 Cedar Ave. S, Minneapolis. Republicmn.com. GreenDrinks.org. Information Session for Therapeutic Coaching & Reiki – 6:30-8:30pm. Meet an instructor, tour the school and learn about the new therapeutic coaching class. Free. Meta Institute, 5121 Winnetka Ave, Ste 200, New Hope. 763-533-6527. MetaInstitute.com. Keys to Manifestation – 7-9pm. Discover more about the keys to creation and how to apply it in your life. $30 Register in advance with Sarah@ TrueSanctuary.com. Metamorphosis Center, 1301 E Cliff Rd, Ste 105, Burnsville. TrueSanctuary.com.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Reiki & Essential Oils Class – 6-9pm. Enhance your Reiki skills with the use of essential oils. Experience oil blends for each chakra. $95 Price includes manual and starter oil kit. Must have taken a Reiki Level 1. Class meets Wednesday and Thursday evening. Register by Feb 3. Meta Institute, 5121 Winnetka Ave, Ste 200, New Hope. 763-533-6527. MetaInstitute.com.

Wellness Wednesday – 6-9pm. Sacred Toning by Neil, mini-sessions with healers, intuitive readers and more. Join us and build community through healing. Donation to practitioner, Bremer Bank Community Room, 2965 White Bear Ave, Maplewood. 651-283-2426. Wellness4u.biz. Holistic Chamber of Minnesota – 7-9pm. We welcome any business, professional, or practitioner that promotes a healthy lifestyle as well as products and/or services to enhance general health and well-being. Free for first-time visitors. Metamorphosis Center, 1301 E Cliff Rd, Burnsville. HolisticChamberMN.com.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11 Spring into Health – 6-7pm. Detox recipes, home organization tips, weight loss guidance and fat burning exercises are the tools you’ll need to spring yourself into health. $10/non-member $5/ member. Mississippi Market, 740 7th Street E, St Paul. MSMarket.Coop. Bee Keeping 101 – 7-9pm. Learn about the fascinating lives and work of bees and bee-keeping from Kristy of the Beez Kneez. Free. Wedge Table, 2412 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis. Wedge.coop.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13 Sustainable Farming Association Annual Conference – 8:30am-5pm. Minnesota’s farmer networking showcase takes place at the Gorecki Center, College of Saint Benedict, 27 Minnesota St. W, St. Joseph. SFA-MN.org. Art of the Heart – 10am-5pm. Live with flow and grace. Release blockages. Live authentically. Be magnetic. Expand your potential with Kundalini Yoga, Qigong, Heart Circle. $120 Single/$200 couple includes organic lunch. Spirit United, 3204 Como Ave SE, Minneapolis. WholeLifeElevation.com. Manifesting Your Best Year Ever – 10am-4pm. Join Annette Rugolo and Jean Berry for a fun, energetic and hands on presentation that will kickstart your business for 2016. $148 includes lunch. Register at bit.ly/1mGsSge. Metamorphosis Center, 1301 E Cliff Rd, Burnsville. Hennepin County Fix-it Clinic – Noon-4pm. Bring your broken household goods and clothing in need of repair. Please also bring any tools and supplies you think might help with the job. Free. Waite Park, 1810 34th Ave NE, Minneapolis. Hennepin.us. Beginner Snowshoeing – 1-2:30pm. Enjoy this winter sport with a guided hike through scenic parks. Equipment provided. Reservations required. $5. French Regional Park, 12605 Rockford Rd, Plymouth. ThreeRiversParks.org.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14 Partner Yoga – 1:30-3pm. Celebrate connection on this day of love and appreciation with Partner Yoga. Cultivate trust and teamwork by flowing through a series of partner yoga poses. Bring a loved one or

just yourself and we’ll pair you with a new yoga friend. $15. Yoga Sol, 21 5th St NE, Minneapolis. Yoga-Sol.com.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 Cafe Scientifique –7-9pm. A happy hour forum for science and culture, Cafés offer a unique experience for adults to explore our world from distinct and surprising viewpoints—drawing connections between scientific research, culture, environment and everyday life. $5-$12. Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 W Lake St, Minneapolis. BellMuseum.umn.edu. Tuesday Night Meditation – 7-8pm. Each class will have a different focus to cultivate stress reduction, healing, and expanded awareness. $12 or 3 for $25. Sunbeam Healing Arts, 2803 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis. 612-405-3380. Sunbeam-HealingArts.com.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17 Loving Yourself Healthy with Anti-Inflammatory Foods – 6-8pm. Eating anti-inflammatory foods can help counteract the chronic inflammation as the root cause of weight gain, food allergies, skin conditions and many disease. Free. Valley Natural Foods, 13750 County Rd 11, Burnsville. ValleyNaturalFoods.com. Introduction to the 7 Mystery Schools – 7-9pm. Learn more about these ancient mystery schools, their home country and primary purpose for service on the planet. $25. Sunbeam Healing Arts, 2803 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis. 612-405-3380. Sunbeam-HealingArts.com. Michael Mapes – 7-9pm. Intuitive business coach, Michael Mapes, presents his workshop/lecture on ways to live your purpose and make money. $20. Metamorphosis Center, 1301 E Cliff Rd, Ste 105, Burnsville. 612-730-2250. Metamorphosis.cc.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18 Cooking Without Recipes – 6-8pm. Learn the basics of how to create main and side dishes with the food that is already in your kitchen. Free. Valley Natural Foods, 13750 County Rd 11, Burnsville. ValleyNaturalFoods.com.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Twin Cities Women’s Expo – 4-9pm Fri/9am5pm Sat. Food, fashion, fun & shopping, fitness, relaxation, pampering, self-care. Free tickets if ordered online ahead of time. Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 Second Ave. S, Minneapolis. TwinCitiesWomensExpo.com.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 The Transformative Gift of Silence, Listening Beneath the Noise – 9am-5pm. Spending time in silence walking the labyrinth, journaling, meditating, drawing, coloring or relaxing. $125. Space is limited to 12. Carondelet Center, Room 200A, 1890 Randolph Avenue, St Paul. 612-245-5960. NancyJambor.com.

natural awakenings

February 2016



The Power of EFT Tapping Conference – 9am4pm. Learn about the uses of Emotional Freedom Technique. For practitioners and those curious about this self-help modality. $199. Metamorphosis Center, 1301 E Cliff Rd, Ste 105, Burnsville. 612-730-2250. Metamorphosis.cc.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Empowerment Circle – 6:30-8:30pm.Through this enjoyable guided process, you will feel the power of giving and receiving support, love and energy. You will begin first in either the giver or receiver mode. $20. Holistic Gateway, 1415 6th St NE 2nd Floor, Minneapolis. EarthMentor-DavidNelson.com.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23 Illuminate the Lighthouse Fundraiser – 5-8pm. Silent auctions, food and music. Proceeds support veterans struggling with PTSD and other traumas to heal through yoga, meditation, service and other forms of self-guided healing. $20. Summit Brewery, 910 Montreal Cir, St Paul. WarriorLightHouse.com.


savethedate Diamond Dowsing Workshop

You can change the way America eats. Cultivate a healthy business by advertising in Natural Awakenings’

March Food Matters Issue

Learn powerful techniques that neutralize negative influences in homes and offices in order to create balance and harmony.

Thu Feb 25 • 6pm-9pm. Fri Feb 26 • 9am-4pm. Sat Feb 27 • 9am-4pm.

Cost: $398 before Feb 12 $498 after Feb 12 Sheraton Minneapolis West Hotel 12201 Ridgedale Dr Minnetonka. ConsciousLifeResources.com Candlelight Flow + Yin – 8-9pm. Part candlelight flow and part yin, which is a form of Chinese yoga that stretches the connective tissue (fascia) to aid in the release of chronic tension. $10. Yoga Sol, 21 5th St NE, Minneapolis. Yoga-Sol.com.


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Twin Cities Edition

Ramsey County Fix-it Clinic – 10am-1pm. Bring your broken household goods and clothing in need of repair. Please also bring any tools and supplies you think might help with the job. Events are first come, first served. Free. 4570 Victoria Street N., Shoreview. Co.Ramsey.Mn.us. All Energy is Good Energy – 1-4pm. Three speakers gather to share their insights on the nature of energy. Judy Meinen, Joe Rothengass and Amy Vasterling. $30. Must be registered. Intuitive Pathfinder, 308 Prince St, Ste 160, St. Paul. IntuitivePathFinder.com.



look ahead WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2 Movie Night: Food Matters – 6:15-8pm. Features interviews with leading health experts who reveal the best natural healing choices you can make for you and your family’s health. Walker Library, Calhoun Room, 2880 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis. Meetup.com/HolisticNutritionClub. Art of Mindfulness – 7:45-8:45pm. Being mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur, helps you become fully engaged and creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events. $65. Normandale Community College. 952-358-8343. Normandale.edu/ce/classes.

THURSDAY, MARCH 3 Parents are Hypnotists, Too – 6-8pm. Childhood is when attitudes, beliefs and values form in your child’s mind. Learn how to be that positive influence that shapes your child’s life. Free. Fare Hypnosis Center, 8353 Crystal View Rd, Ste 201, Eden Prairie. FareHypnosis.com.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5 Family Fitness Expo – 9am-8pm. There are over 70 vendors scheduled to be at the event with many offering discounts, giveaways, free samples, raffles and more. Free. Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Rd, Maple Grove. FamilyFitnessExpo.com. Free Tai Chi Open House – 12:30-1:30pm. Tai Chi for beginning health follows the Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation program. Come to our Free Open House for an introduction to Tai Chi and to practice Tai Chi for health. Free. Normandale Community College. 952-3588343. Normandale.edu/ce/classes.

savethedate 5th Annual Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference Guest speakers: herbalists and authors, Winona LaDuke, Susun Weed, Isla Burgess, Dr. Jody Noe and many more. Over 60 workshops and plants walks, kids’ and teen camp. Plus swimming, evening entertainment, marketplace, red tent, film screenings, roundtable discussions on building herbal community and much more. Preconference workshops topics include: Herbs for Digestive Health, Herbal Pharmacy: Outside The Box, Recovering the Sacred, Arrow in Her Bow; Initiating the Next Step in Your Life’s Promise and Rhythm, African Dancing and Drumming. An additional event held Oct 7-9 with elder herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and friends. Discounts offered for registering for both. Camp Helen Brachman, Almond, WI.

June 3-5 For more info: MidwestWomensHerbal.com.

ongoingevents Please call or check the website to ensure the classes or events are still scheduled for that week.


Laughter Yoga – 12-12:45pm. Sessions are alternately led by David Schaal and Pete and Jan Girard who are Certified Laughter Yoga Instructors. Fee is donation based for LHSC. Walk-ins welcome! You don’t have to be an LHSC member to attend. Lake Harriet Spiritual Center, 4401 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis. LakeHarrietSpiritualCommunity.org.

monday Green Monday – 10am-6pm. The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market would love to invite you to the shoppe. They are a local Minnesota shoppe with over 80 consigned artists. Visit on Monday and get 10% off your purchase. The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market, 920 E. Lake St, Minneapolis. Facebook.com/MGMArtShoppe. Cardio Fitness Drumming – 6-7pm. Burn calories in a fun, way with this full body workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. Free. Nutrition Hub, 7880 University Ave NE, Fridley. Text or call to reserve your spot. 612-787-2582. Facebook.com/ TheNutritionHub.Fridley. Light Meditation Classes – 6:30-7pm. Be led through a simple mindfulness meditation. Whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating for many years, it can be helpful to meditate with a group and have an instructor lead you in a focused way. Free. Center of Light, 2548 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis. 612-205-5545. Minneapolis@CentersOfLight.org.

tuesday Little Parachuters – 10:30-11:30am. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children 2-4 years old + parent/ caregiver. Come play with parachute, create fun art, experience sensory activities together in community. $48/8 classes, $8 single class. Pre-registration encouraged. New Earth Center, 4180 W Broadway Ave, Ste 300, Robbinsdale. NewEarthCenter.org.

wednesday Introductory Presentations on the Transcendental Meditation Program – 12:30-2pm & 7-8:30pm. Transcendental Meditation is easy to learn and offers a lifetime of benefits for health, well-being and development of the human potential. Free. Transcendental Meditation Center, 399 Ruth St N, St. Paul. 651-714-0254. TM.org/ Transcendental-Meditation-Twin-Cities.

Sip Tea & Move Qi – 4-7pm. Join Ian Lowther for complimentary herabl tea infusions (non-alcoholic & caffeine free) 612-399-6322. Sliding scale $15-40. NE Community Acupuncture, 1224 2nd St NE, Ste 200, Minneapolis. Info@NeCommunity Acupuncture.com. NeCommunityAcupuncture.com. Mindfulness Meditation – 6:30-7pm. Research shows that visualizing light accelerates physical healing and improves mood. In this season of short days and long nights, brighten your life with these weekly light meditations. Free. Center of Light, 2548 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis. 612-205-5545. Minneapolis@ CentersOfLight.org.

thursday Meditation and Yoga Sampler Program – 6-9pm. Hatha yoga, 6-7pm; guided meditation, 7-7:30pm; speakers, 7:30-8:30pm; vegetarian soup and fellowship follow. $15/suggested donation. The Meditation Center, 631 University Ave Ne, Minneapolis. 612-3792386. TheMeditationCenter.org. Planetary Meditation for Peace – 7pm. Join our conscious community for an evening of service to harmonize the world by blessing the Earth through a loving-kindness meditation. $5. Lake Harriet Spiritual Center, 4401 Upton Ave. S, Minneapolis. LakeHarrietSpiritualCommunity.org.

friday Cardio Fitness Drumming – 6-7pm. Burn calories in a fun, way with this full body workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. Free. Nutrition Hub, 7880 University Ave NE, Fridley. Text or call to reserve your spot. 612787-2582. Facebook.com/TheNutritionHub.Fridley. Group Meditation (Satsang) – 7:30-9pm. Satsang every Fri night, unless otherwise noted. End your work week and begin your weekend with a deep immersion into meditation. No experience necessary. Free, donations gratefully accepted. Highland Yoga Center, 1040 Cleveland Ave S, St. Paul. 612-408-0434. HighlandYogaCenter.com.


Renewed Sex Drive Rekindled Intimacy Weight Loss More Energy More Joy Fewer Headaches Better Sleep Wake Up Happy Improved Memory Clear Thinking Reduced Hot Flashes Fewer Night Sweats Toned Muscles Fewer Aches / Pain More Confidence


Sunday Morning Meditation Service – 10-11am. This Sunday Morning Alternative is for persons of all traditions who desire spiritual nourishment through a meditation-based service. Suggested donation$5-$20. Center for Performing Arts (Sun Room), 3754 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis. Awake-in-life.com.



Cardio Fitness Drumming – 8-8:30am. Burn calories in a fun, way with this full body workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. Free. Nutrition Hub, 7880 University Ave NE, Fridley. Text or call to reserve your spot. 612787-2582. Facebook.com/TheNutritionHub.Fridley.

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Belly Dance for Wellness – 10:30-11:30am. Shake it up to soulful rhythms. Join Shari each Saturday to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with belly dance. $18. Cinema Ballroom, 1560 St. Clair Ave, St. Paul. Shari@Pure-Wellness.org. Pure-Wellness.org.

natural awakenings

in St. Louis Park

February 2016




Fee for classifieds is $1 per word per month with a 20-word minimum. To place listing, email content to Jackie@NATwinCities.com. Deadline is the 10th of the month.

To find out how to be included in the Directory Listings, email Jackie@ NATwinCities.com to request a media kit.

BREAST HEALTH AROMATHERAPY NATURE’S WAY Healthy Girls’ Breast Oil Joyce Sobotta • 715-878-4474 AromaTherapyNaturesWay.com

Healthy Girls Breast Oil when applied with a self-breast massage helps to balance, detoxify, soften breast tissue, improve lymphatic circulation and stimulate the immune system. Improved circulation helps your entire body! See ad, page 24.


1821 St. Clair Ave St. Paul, MN 55105 • 218-251-7608 RolfingStPaul.com


Rolfing addresses fascia, the body’s web of connective tissue, and movement re-education to help release tension and pain, and improve balance, coordination, posture, and performance. Find long lasting relief and experience your body’s full potential.

SPREAD YOUR WINGS – Add a Rejuvenation Studio to your existing beauty, fitness or health/ wellness business. Bring in new customers, gain revenue from several sources, and your customers will love it! For more information, check out: CirculationNationStudios.com.

HELP WANTED ADVERTISING SALES – Natural Awakenings is seeking experienced advertising sales people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Position is commission based. If you’re a motivated people person, call Jackie at 763-270-8604.

First Responder Wellness Gel A staple for every home. Combat Mosquito Bites and Sun Burn naturally. First Responder by Organic aah makes bug bites and sun burn disappear.

Free Shipping!

763-360-4642 www.organicaah.com

Shannon Anderson • Shannon@organicaah.com


Twin Cities Edition

CAREER KELLY M. LEWIS COACHING & ASSOC. Career Choice Coaching 4820 W 77th St, Ste #104, Edina, MN 55435 952-456-8467 • KellyMarieLewis.com

Work Right. Live Well. Find your ideal career. We provide innate talent, aptitude and personality testing and a guided, step-by-step Career Design Method to help you choose a career you love. Be rewarded for being exactly who you are. Work doesn’t have to feel like work. See ad, page 17.


Una Forde, DC 6009 Wayzata Blvd, Ste 106, St. Louis Park 952-922-1478 • GoldenSunChiro.com Quality chiropractic care. Experience holistic healing and gentle chiropractic adjustments that allow the nervous system to relieve such symptoms as headache, back, neck pain and numbness which allow your body to return to a state of balance and well-being. 22 years’ experience.



Integrative Health Education Center 9700 France Ave S, Bloomington 952-358-9182 • Normandale.edu/CE/ Health Classes, workshops and certificates offered in Ayurveda, aromatherapy, herbalism, energy medicine, reiki, Healing Touch, hypnosis, qigong, tai chi, yoga, and more. Integrative healing business classes and professional development. Hands on, experiential learning for holistic wellness. See ad, page 23.

COMPUTER REPAIR PSINERGY TECHWARRIOR ST. PAUL 1553 Como Ave, St. Paul 612-234-7237 • StPaulVirusRemoval.com

“Is your Computer being Crabby?” Onsite/In-Home or Office, Bring-to-Us Computer Repair services. 2011-12 Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner. Local • Affordable • Honest • Greener.


WholeLifeElevation.com Laura.E.Adrian@gmail.com • 651-332-6436 Laura is an inspiring Twin Citiesbased yoga teacher and CranioSacral Therapist. She offers individual sessions, classes, workshops and retreats. Enjoy 20% off your first CranioSacral Therapy session at Holistic Gateway in December! Promo Code Enjoy20.


Metamorphosis Wellness Center 1103 W Burnsville Pkwy, Burnsville 612-226-3649 • AndreaLindo.com LindoAndrea@hotmail.com CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle yet deeply healing technique that accesses your body’s innate wisdom to heal. Helping to free your body of the tension and pain held in the tissues and find balance once again.

DENTIST HEALTH CENTERED DENTISTRY N7915-902 St River Falls, WI 715-426-7777 HealthCenteredDentistry.com

Whole Person Dentistry observes and deals with the mind, body and spirit, not just your Teeth. This approach to dentistry encompasses both modern science and knowledge drawn from the world’s great traditions in natural healing. See ad, page 20.





Cheryl Downey • 612-272-3977 13942 Echo Park Cir, Burnsville SacredFire44@gmail.com

Jose and Katy • 763-477-1965 HealthyAndHappyTogether@ AutomaticCeo.com HealthyAndHappyTogether. AutomaticCeo.com

Lacking energy and motivation to gain control of your nutrition and fitness level? Let’s do it together! We can guide you to personal success to a better future for you and yours.

NATURAL SMILES DENTAL CARE 4700 Lexington Ave N, Suite D Shoreview 651-483-9800 NaturalSmilesDental.com

We’re an integrative practice committed to promoting dental wellness and overall assistance to the whole person. We desire to participate in the creation of healthier lives, while being sensitive to physical, philosophical, emotional, and financial concerns. See ad, page 21.


1401 Main St, Hopkins 952-475-1101 • ToothByTheLake.net We build a foundation of trust by treating our patients as individuals. Understanding how uneasy some patients may feel about their dental visits, we make a difference by providing a relaxing and positive experience. See ad, page 22.


Annette Rugolo, Master Dowser 612-605-8608 ConsciousLifeResources.com Annette@ConsciousLifeResources.com Is the energy of your home supporting you or keeping you stuck? Cure the negative and enhance the positive with a consultation and create a home filled with light. Email Annette and ask for a free e-book.


Ronai Brumett 763-221-5999 7675 Lanewood Ln, Maple Grove RonaiBrumett@gmail.com I offer a variety of free classes on the uses of essential oils each month. Please contact me if you would like to receive more information on essential oils or my classes.

We often resist the changing power of loss and grief. The ancient wheel and other sacred arts can help lighten heaviness and allow grief’s mysteries to emerge into light. Phone and in-person sessions, workshops and groups. Call for free 20-minute session.



YOUNIQUE HEALTH & CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Maureen Hyde, DC 2459-15th St NW, Suite A, New Brighton TheHealthIDeserve.weebly.com

Natural Solutions for chronic conditions. Whole food nutritional supplements and gentle chiropractic care. Complete Healing Memberships: unlimited complimentary chiropractic and supplements. $35/2-visit intro offer, $45/Family.


1206 Thomas Ave, St Paul, MN 651-307-5257 • MoroccanEcoBiologics.com Moroccan Eco-Biologics’ Vitality Hair Recovery cream is the only all natural and organic product clinically proven to recover hair, reduce scalp itch and dandruff, and improve overall hair and scalp health, with no side effects. See ad, page 8.



Diane Christofferson 704 - 9th Ave NW, New Brighton 651-636-4049 • AarkElectrolysis.com

Sara Shrode, Graphic Designer Minneapolis, MN 612-554-6304 • CampfireStudio.net CampfireStudio@comcast.net Ignite the possibilities of your next project by having Campfire Studio design it! Innovative, fullservice graphic design studio that takes the essence of a campfire—warmth, stories, community—and infuses it into every design project we do.


I offer Electrolysis (the only proven method of permanent hair removal) on all types of hair; noninvasive Ionic Detoxing and LED Skin Light Therapy. 25 years’ experience and am Certified in the Natural Health Care Field.



7104 W. Lake Street, St. Louis Park 763-746-9242 • HomeoVista.org

2585 Hamline Ave N, Ste C, Roseville GaryRexBeaver@gmail.com GaryRBeaver.com • 612-910-1191 Heal your grief and trauma with Induced After-Death Communication (IADC). This miraculous therapy is able to rapidly heal grief and trauma resulting from the death of loved ones, including beloved pets, to a degree never before possible. I’m a Licensed Psychologist in practice since 1999. See ad, page 11.

Homeopathy is a safe, effective path to healing. We offer low-cost homeopathic care for everyone. Clinic is staffed by advanced students and supervised by faculty.

natural awakenings

February 2016






8353 Crystal View Rd #201 Eden Prairie • 952-934-1315 FareHypnosis.com

Paula Quinlan • 612-719-0228 PQuinlan.Youngevity.com

Hypnosis services to help you live your best life- eating healthy, quitting smoking, increased self-confidence, reduced stress and more. We also offer hypnosis training for new hypnotists as well as continuing education for hypnotists/other professionals. See ads, pages 10 & 24.

When it comes to your health there are no quick fixes, no silver bullets. You must give your body the raw materials to rebuild & maintain health: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 2-3 EFA’s. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Call today for your copy of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie and learn, earn and serve.



Kate Hillenbrand • 612-323-7369 Kate@GutInstinctsByKate.com GutInstinctsByKate.com What’s your gut telling you when you have heartburn or elimination problems? I’m a certified holistic health coach, I understand body language and know which foods love you back. Call for a free strategy session

4189 Centerville Rd, Vadnais Heights Dawn@DawnStebbing.com DawnStebbing.com • 651-307-0342 As a certified image consultant I help women who struggle with their lack of confidence in their appearance, and they want to develop more credibility, presence and influence in their lives. I help them get their “SEXY” back!



Susan Swanson, D.V.M. 651-429-4153 • HolisticCatClinic.com 1524 Mahtomedi Ave, Mahtomedi

Intuitive Counselor 612-220-4222 Brenda@WWDB.org

Offering a blend of Western and Eastern Medicine including; nutritional counseling, behavior counseling, Chinese Herbs, acupuncture, western herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, flower essences, nutritional supplements, chiropractic, Reiki and more. See ad, page 23.

Positive solutions from an Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction perspective. Also, TAROT (Thoth-Crowley deck/Angeles Arrien symbolic interpretations). Also offering Raw Vegan lifestyle coaching, detoxing and food preparation. All issues. Sliding Fee. Please inquire.



Theodore Rick Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Offices in Minnetonka & St. Louis Park HealingTaj.com • 763-913-6722

Reiki Master Teacher 950 County Hwy 10, Suite 117 Spring Lake Park, MN • 763-229-9988 Joyful-Connections.com

“I love massage, but too often it feels good temporarily and then the pain and tightness comes back again. I have found with AIS that by stretching and lengthening the fibers, almost like a yoga/massage that the pain doesn’t come back again,” Warren King.


Twin Cities Edition


I offer private Reiki healing sessions, Reiki training and certification and teach classes on energy. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful form of healing that helps reduce stress/ anxiety, find balance and release mental, emotional and physical blocks. See ad, page 31.


W8303 Mann Road, Willard, WI 715-267-7507 • ChristineCenter@tds.net ChristineCenter.org Host your program at our beautiful meditation, spirituality and wellness retreat center located in a Wisconsin woodlands sanctuary. Or come for a personal retreat or attend a retreat program. Delicious homemade vegetarian and gluten-free meals.


Marsha Boie 2190 Como Ave, St Paul, MN 55108 ComoRoseTravel.com • 651-646-8855 See how much easier travel planning can be when you use a travel planner: vacation, family reunion, cruise, girlfriend’s getaway, romantic weekend for two. Our experience and connections are priceless. What can we do for you?


Utilizing well-defined natural wellness tools and therapies customized for you, we make holistic health easy, understandable and affordable. Our process is to help bring you back into balance while educate you along the way.


5000 West 36th St, Suite 205 St. Louis Park, MN 55416 952-356-0041 MyNewLeafCenter.com Our mission is to restore and rebalance your hormone levels to the best range for you - so you can feel like yourself again - before you had symptoms. Sign up for your free ‘The Natural Hormone Secret’ e-book. See ad, page 27.

Imagine you have 10 servants that keep you happy and healthy. You do have these servants; they are the 10 main organs of your body. In this exciting new book you’ll learn the language these organs use to communicate with you.

Change your ENERGY. Change your LIFE.

Call me to find the way that works best for YOU.


Reiki is healing energy with pure love. Call me to find out more.

Now your symptoms will make sense and you’ll find out what your organs have been trying to tell you!

All levels of Reiki training

Joyful Connections 950 Cty Hwy 10, Suite 117 (East of Northtown Mall) Spring Lake Park, MN


New book by Warren King, L.Ac Licensed acupuncturist for over 23 years, who has treated over 9000 patients.

Order online at loveyourorgans.com


Amy Nesdahl

Reiki Master Teacher

FEBRUARY 6-7 Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 5pm

MINNEAPOLIS CONVENTION CENTER 1301 2nd Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55403 est’s

The Midw


Health an PO! Wellness EX

3 Our largest health show ever with up to 200 Exhibitors offering the latest in women’s and men’s health, natural health products, diet and nutrition, healthy foods and cooking, fitness equipment and more! 3 3 stages of seminars, demo, and entertainment! 3 Meet the Twin Cities top fitness experts, nutritionists, yoga instructors, chiropractors, doctors and more! 3 FREE goodie bag for the first 100 people in line! 3 See Staci of KS95 and spin the prize wheel to win!

3 Check out the Healthy Cooking Stage 3 Visit with Steve & Emily from Twin Cities LIVE 3 Enjoy a day of pampering and product sampling with mini massages, beauty make-overs, and more! 3 Visit the Demo Court! See exercise, karate, yoga and square dancing demos and more! 3 YOGA STAGE—Lessons/Demos/Seminar! Featuring many of the Twin Cities top yoga experts. Bring your mat for possible record-breaking class!


FREE Present this ad at door to receive FREE admission for two people. (Regularly $6 per person)


The SMART place to find resources for living a healthy life!

www.MediaMaxEvents.com • Got a Healthy Product or Service? Exhibit here! (952) 238-1700 natural awakenings

February 2016


Turn Your Passion Into a Business

Own a Natural Awakenings Magazine Our publishers ranked us among the highest in franchise satisfaction for our Training, Support, Core Values and Integrity!

As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can enjoy learning about healthy and joyous living while working from your home and earn a good income doing something you love!

No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine.

• Meaningful New Career • Low Initial Investment • Proven Business System • Home-Based Business • Exceptional Franchise Support & Training

Natural Awakenings is now expanding into new markets across the U.S. Contact us about starting a magazine in a community of your choice or acquiring an existing publication for sale highlighted in red below.

Natural Awakenings publishes in over 95 markets across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

For more information, visit our website NaturalAwakeningsMag.com/mymagazine or call 239-530-1377

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* Existing magazines for sale

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February 2016


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