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The Hybrid Building System


Perhaps you prefer the simple beauty of logs for your entrance, but want the drama of timber frame in your living room. Or you have to have a stone fireplace for your outdoor living area. A combination of building techniques, and structural and decorative elements, hybrid homes appeal to homeowners looking for the best of all worlds.


HBS Truss Roof System:  

Exterior Trim and Timber Accent Package:    

 

1x12 and 1x8 stepped cedar roof fascia boards 2x6 Cedar Window Trim 2x12 Freize boards and band boards Timber brackets, braces, trusses, corbels, headers, rafter tails, etc. Wall corner treatments Shutters

  

Pre-manufactured trusses Scissor trusses, attic trusses, light storage trusses, flat trusses, vaulted trusses, etc. Roof overhang framing, sub-fascia, bracing, and ties 7/16-inch OSB sheathing 30# Felt

Exterior Wall System:    

2x6 Wall Framing Engineered Wood LSL Studs for zone framing 7/16-inch OSB sheathing House wrap

Design Services      

Huge portfolio of Designer Homes Free plan customization Virtual Design Center Shop drawings for factory-cut log and timber systems Full construction documents Coordinated materials Lists, packaging and labeling

Exterior Doors: Exterior Siding Package:   

Over 50 combinations of sidings and finishes Bark, shakes, board-and-batten, log sidings, etc. hand-hewn, draw-knife finish, rough sawn, fresh sawn, etc.

  

Solid Doors by KML and Simpson Full Glass doors by Andersen and Simpson Garage bay doors not included

Ex       

HBS Engineered Wood Roof System: 

   

Typical Package Contents depicted below. Your actual package contents may vary. Please check your Purchase Agreement for your actual package contents.

TrusJoist® Roof Systems featuring Timberstrand® LSL, Microlam® LVL, and Parallam® PSL, Glue-lam beams and Solid-sawn Heavy Timber beams Alternative 2x12, 2x10, 2x8 Rafters Roof overhang framing, sub-fascia, Interior Partition Walls: bracing, and ties  2x4 studs on 16-in. centers 7/16-inch OSB sheathing  2x4 top & bottom plates 30# Felt  2x6 for plumbing walls  Wall coverings optional

Interior Heavy Timber:     

Heavy Timber Factory-cut Trusses in cathedral areas Trim-to-fit Ceiling Beams over main level Trim-to-fit columns Timber Frame arched braces Many options available

Heavy Timber Porch Roof System:      

8x8 posts 6x12 top plates 4x8 rafters 2x6 T&G Felt Hardware

Deck & Porch Floor System:

xterior Windows:

Andersen 400 Series Vinyl clad exteriors Stain-grade wood interiors Screens and grilles Locks and hardware Delivery after home is in the dry Upgrade to Eagle Windows

Engineered Wood Sub-floor and Second Floor Systems:      

2x8 Treated sill plates Microlam® LVL Grider Beams TrusJoist® Silent Floor® sub-floor framing Engineered Wood Product Rim-board Structurewood® Gold sub-floor sheathing, Sub-floor adhesive

    

2x8, 2x10, 2x12 Treated floor joists 2x Treated rim joists 2x6 Western Cedar Decking 1x12 Cedar Deck Skirt Douglas Fir Railing System




HBS and Options for Issuu  

HBS Truss Roof System:HBSTrussRoofSystem:  1x12 and 1x8 stepped cedar1x12and1x8steppedcedar roof fascia boardsrooffasciaboards  2x6 Ceda...

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