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WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? The Joy of Living a Simpler Life Talking to Kids about CLIMATE CHANGE

WALK TO WELL-BEING Fall Fruits Shine in Savory Dishes October 2021 | New Haven-Middlesex | October 2021



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A RAY OF HOPE IN CHAOTIC TIMES By Monte Leach and Marc Gregory


ven in these chaotic and perilous times, there is reason for hope. Humanity finds itself at a major crossroads: Do we choose the path of selfish separatism and inequality based on greed and competition, leading to the destruction of ourselves and planet Earth; or the path of cooperation and sharing leading to global peace and prosperity? Here to help us make the correct choice stands a group of Teachers unparalleled in their enlightenment and wisdom, unequaled in their ability to love and to serve. They are the Masters of Wisdom. At their head stands a being of the most extraordinary compassion and insight: Maitreya, the World Teacher. As the one awaited under various names by all major religious traditions, and as a Teacher for all humanity, Maitreya is here — along with the Masters of Wisdom — to guide us safely into the future. The existence of these great Teachers was first made known in the West in the late 1800s by Helena Blavatsky, who lived among the Masters of Wisdom in the Himalayas for three years. In the early 20th century, Blavatsky’s work was continued by Alice A. Bailey, and, more recently, by British esotericist and artist Benjamin Creme. All three of these authors and educators were trained by, and worked directly with, the Masters of Wisdom. According to the Ageless Wisdom tradition, as it is known, these highly advanced Teachers have lived in the remote areas of the world through the ages, helping and guiding humanity from behind the scenes. Through his work over many years, Benjamin Creme made it known that at this critical time for humanity and the planet, the Masters of Wisdom,

headed by Maitreya, are coming forward now to live among us and teach us directly.

The path to peace and justice Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom are teachers in the broadest sense of the word. They have attained mastery over themselves, and as enlightened individuals devote all their time and energy in loving service to humanity. They are not here to establish a new religion, but to show us how to live together in peace. This is simpler than we imagine, Maitreya has said. The key is an equitable sharing of the Earth’s resources among all the world’s people. Through sharing we lessen global tensions, generate greater trust and cooperation among the nations — and begin to build a world where all have the basic necessities of life and live in balance with the environment. Unless we share the world’s resources, there will never be economic and social justice in the world. Without justice, no peace. Without peace, little hope for the future, as we have weapons that can destroy all life on Earth — weapons that almost surely would be used in any future widescale conflict. With the future of the planet at stake, what will it take for us to abandon competition, conflict and division, and begin to manifest the grand ideals of sharing, justice and peace? What’s needed is a change of attitude, a change of consciousness — above all a change of heart in humanity. It is that which Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom can inspire.

It is a monumental task to be sure. Fortunately, we have the help of monumental figures living among us now — a circumstance, according to the Ageless Wisdom tradition, that has never before taken place in recorded history. This group of enlightened teachers, as they touch the hearts of people everywhere, will galvanize us into action, helping us to lead our leaders toward the creation of a just and peaceful world. In the millions across the globe who are increasingly voicing their concerns for the health of our planet and demanding change in our political, economic and social systems, we see this needed change of mind and heart already beginning to take place. At this crossroads for humanity, the path ahead is up to us. Maitreya has said, “Sharing and Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom are not new concepts. From the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars. Now, my friends, shall we anchor them in the world.” For free information: 888-242-8272


DOWNLOAD! In The World Teacher for All Humanity, Benjamin Creme discusses the extraordinary ramifications of Maitreya’s appearance and teachings. Awaken to a world of infinite possibility if we’re all willing to share! October 2021 3

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It is no surprise that the angst among humans has been growing steadily during these convoluted times, between COVID, the economic uncertainty, polarization and recent unprecedented weather patterns secondary to climate change. While these are global issues (world clutter on a very large scale) that will not be resolved overnight, there are steps we can take now to soothe the intensity of our reaction to what is transpiring in our world—and be part of the solution. We can begin by uncluttering our own lives and learning to live simply—with less. Whenever clarity eludes me, particualrly in the area of creative problem solving, I know it’s time to purge the mess out of my home. By this, I don’t mean sweeping stuff under the rug—I’m talking about digging through closets and drawers and venturing into the world Down Under —my basement—the clutter center of the universe! It’s a great hiding place for junk. It must be because it fills up so fast and so often. I’m pretty sure there are gremlins that sneak into my basement in the middle of the night when I’m asleep and haul in stuff from other people’s homes. Anyway, one of my goals for October is to clear out this junk heap that mysteriously landed in my basement (Ha! Ha!) during the last 12 months. Feels a bit daunting right now, but once I get some momentum going with this project, I know it will pay off in a big way in terms of my mental clarity—It always does. Our Simple Living feature this month, not only offers insights on the benefits of living a simpler life, but also includes 5 actionable steps you can take to simplify your daily life, which will help you feel lighter and enhance inner peace. October is Breast Health Awareness Month. The important message here is education, prevention and screening. Thermographer and owner of CT Thermography, April Beaman, explains the difference between mammography and thermography in her article: “Mammography Versus Thermography: What’s the Difference.” Beaman, a strong advocate for taking a proactive approach to breast health and staying well informed, is also offering several free breast health webinars this month on Zoom. To read about the webinar content and to register, see our news brief and community calendar sections. During the past several years, America has been afflicted by unprecedented natural disasters, resulting in catastrophic property damage and casualties—an ominous sign of a warming planet. Based on the science of global warming and recent U.N. “code red for humanity” climate change report, we feel a responsibility to keep our readers informed about the immediate and long-term consequences of human-driven global heating. Our Green Living article on water scarcity is a must read! The statistics are sobering, but this article also presents solutions—that is, actions that we can take now to facilitate the movement against the global water crisis. Now, onto a lighter subject … As you turn the pages, you will note myriad October and November upcoming events. Our calendar section is three pages long—the fullest our calendar has been since February 2020, before the lockdown. The virus is still with us, but we are learning how to adapt and move on with our lives in spite of this. Many of us are ready to venture outside of our bubbles. However, we must do it in the safest and most responsible way possible by adhering to CDC guidelines. Wishing you joy and simplicity during this autumn season!

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What’s the Difference?

14 SIMPLE LIFE Simply Joyful


Simple Steps to Well-Being



A Global Problem That’s Getting Worse


What They Need to Know from Those They Trust


Fresh Approaches to Autumn Flavors

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How Cannabidiol Benefits Dogs

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Red Clover Farms Hosts October Events


n October 1 and 2 at 7 p.m., come listen to the music of hemp plants in Red Clover Farms’ hemp field with the Hemp Symphony: Sound Bath events. Vibrations of the plants are measured with sensors and are converted into harmonious music. Bring a blanket and heal from within with the sounds of nature. On Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in October, the farm is holding Farm Tour & Honey Jelly Tastings. Explore and learn about the historic New England Hemp Farm and sample honey jellies in the restored hay barn. The tasting comes with fruit and cheese. Also on Saturdays and Sundays, sample seven different varieties of CBD cold-pressed juice as part of the a tasting from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The juices include blackberry hibiscus, ginger lemon, honeycrisp apple basil, peach ginger, blueberry mint, strawberry lavender and watermelon lime. Each sampling series is 25mg CBD. For more information, visit Location: Red Clover Farms, 174 South Benham Rd., Seymour, CT. Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits. ~Samuel Butler

Explore Weekend Outdoor Retreat for Women


n October 1 at 5 p.m. to 3 p.m. on October 3, Tiny Forest and Ladymade are collaborating with local instructors, guides and makers to offer women an outdoor weekend retreat to explore new ways of being in community. Friday night will be a night of live and local entertainment, wine tasting, outdoor movie and meeting new friends. On Saturday, choose from over 10 different fun, interactive and educational workshops exploring minds, bodies and souls, and taught by extraordinary heart-based women throughout Connecticut.

Locally grown food and drink will be served during the retreat and prepared by local chef. Shop on Sunday and support local women’s businesses, view artists and makers at the makers market, and have fun in the photo booth capturing joyful moments. Close out the days with drum circles, storytelling and more. The weekend pass fees for Saturday only is $150. The pass plus lodging on your own is $325 while the pass and staying at a Nearby AirBnB is $550. For more information, call 203-446-6404, email or visit Explore-Retreat. Location: Tiny Forest, Milford, CT.

Breast thermography

We also provide

A Safe, Radiation-Free Way To Assess Your Breast FemaleHealth & Male

Upperchanges Body and Breast Thermography’s key asset is that it detects early physiological breast

which often take place years before a lump can be seen or felt. • No X-Rays! No Compression! Non-invasive!

• Suitable for women of all ages and breast types including dense breasts, implants, and women who are pregnant. New clients receive 10% OFF of an Upper Body or Full Body Screening (includes breasts). Cannot be combined with other offers.

Full Body Screenings

Call today to schedule, or book your appointment online.


2 Convenient Locations in Farmington and Glastonbury • 6

New Haven/Middlesex

New Age Event Comes to Southbury


he New Age & Craft Expo will be held November 7 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Windham in Southbury, Connecticut. The day will be filled with creative and spiritual enlightenment. Vendors from the tri-state area will be on hand, as will a dozen readers skilled in past lives, angels, crystals, astrology and more. Attendees can also bring a photo of a pet to receive a pet reading. Other experiences include having your aura photo taken, drum circles, Reiki sessions, soothing massages and dynamic speakers. It’s a great opportunity to do some holiday shopping for crystals, natural oils, candles, Tibetan singing bowls, handcrafted gifts, jewelry, soaps, spiritual art, handbags and much more. Admission is $6 or $5 with a coupon in the event’s ad.

Come Exerience a Day of Spiritual & Creative Enlightenment!

Sun. Nov. 7, 2021 10 AM - 5 PM 2 Rooms of Dynamic Speakers & Guided Meditations TAROT & INTUITIVE READINGS HANDCRAFTED GIFTS HEALTH & WELLNESS

For more information, call 203-733-6560 or email Location: Wyndham Southbury, 1284 Strongtown Rd., Southbury, CT. See ad on right.


Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center Launches Afterschool and Library Programs


n Thursdays from October 7 through November 18 (excluding November 11), the free Fall Term Jr. Rangers program will be held 3:30-5 p.m. at Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center. Has your child ever wanted to work with animals, garden, help maintain Ansonia’s trails, or help with special events? This is the opportunity to help the Ansonia Nature Center in our 8-week, afterschool Jr. Rangers program. It offers a chance for your child to become immersed in the job duties of our Park Rangers. This fun, exciting program fills up fast. Preregistration is necessary, and children must be prompt. Every class is outside, so dress for the weather. Ansonia Nature Center is partnering with Ansonia Public Library on the Nature’s Explorers program on October 20 and


For more info email:


or call

203-733-6560 CDC Compliant 'Please wear your mask'

Wyndham Southbury (I84 Exit 16)

1284 Strongtown Rd. Southbury, CT KARN: An Evening with Spirit Reading Event at 5:15

For tickets:

$6 Admission $1 OFF

Cut-Out Entire Ad For Coupon October 2021


27, and November 3 and 10. Taking place at Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, the 10-11:30 a.m. series for children ages 2-5 years old (with an adult explorer) is $40 for the 4-week session. These outdoor classes will be fun exploring and learning through play. We will learn about nature and science while hiking with the center’s assistant director, Ranger Daniel L. Bosques, and reading with the library’s Ms. Jen. Class ends with a snack. Every class is outside, so dress for the weather. Ansonia Nature Center’s mission is to foster environmental stewardship that connects our communities to the natural world of the Lower Naugatuck River Valley and balance the demand for recreation with the need for conservation. The 156-acre nature preserve is located in Ansonia, Connecticut. For more information and to register for the programs, call 203-736-1053 or email Location: Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Lane, Ansonia, CT.

CT Thermography Offers Breast Health Webinars in October


n October 5, CT Thermography is hosting Boosting Breast Health Naturally from 7-8 p.m. With one in eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer, we need to do all we can to prevent this disease in the first place. Health, including breast health, is about being proactive and taking the steps now to ensure optimal health and longevity. Join this webinar to learn self-care techniques and detox practices for improved, overall breast health. Love Your Tatas Inside & Out will happen October 14 at 7 p.m. This April Beaman webinar is packed with information pertaining to breast health, including how to be proactive, detox practices and why the bra you choose to wear may be affecting breast health. Join this informative, interactive virtual event to learn more from April Beaman, RDH, CTT, a medical thermographer with CT Thermography. Other guests include Carol Tsacoyeanes, a Ruby Ribbon stylist with no-bra alternatives, and event coordinator Jacqueline Baldwin. How do you know if your breasts are healthy? Are you looking for a radiation-free breast screening? Have you considered thermography to assess your breast health? On October 16 from 9:30-10 a.m. or October 28 at 7 p.m., join to learn about the benefits of breast thermography, the difference between thermography and mammography, and how this screening tool has helped thousands of women assess and monitor their breast health safely and effectively. Essential Oils for Breast Health with April Beaman, RDH, CTT, will be offered at 7 p.m. on October 20. There is much a woman can do to keep her breasts healthy for a lifetime. When 8

New Haven/Middlesex

it comes to the use of essential oils, there are several that are beneficial; the question is, “which ones?” This question and more will be answered during this webinar. CT Thermography has two locations in Farmington and Glastonbury. For more information, to register for the events above or to book an appointment, call 860-415-1150, email or visit See ad on page 6.

Passport to Health & Wellness Expo Features Holistic Community


he Passport to Health & Wellness Expo will be held October 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at The Bristol DoubleTree by Hilton. The benefit holistic fair, presented by the Holistic Community Professionals, will feature speakers on the half hour and a keynote speaker with more than 75 vendors and readers, free raffles all day and a grand prize of a Hilton overnight stay with breakfast for two, as well as a free drum healing closing ceremony on the patio. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with vendors and exhibitors as they learn about available resources to help promote healthy living and overall well-being. Visitors will have the chance to gain inspiration by visiting the booths and participating in the scheduled events. The Passport to Health & Wellness Expo is a free event. Any door proceeds will be donated to the CT Children’s Medical Center ( and Hartford Hospitals Integrative Medicine (Debbie Bator Memorial Fund). All funds will be used directly for patient care and will be matched to the maximum allowed by the grants for each organization. Natural Awakenings is proud to be a member of The Holistic Community Professionals and a sponsor of the expo. Interested vendors can apply online at For more information, call Shirley Bloethe at 860-989-0033, email or visit Location: The Bristol DoubleTree by Hilton, 42 Century Dr., Bristol, CT. See ad on page 17.

Experiencing Knee Pain?


re you experiencing knee pain/discomfort that won’t go away? The source of knee pain can come from multiple areas. The knee joint itself can be arthritic, but pain can also come from faulty biomechanics of the foot and ankle. The low back area and the hip area can also refer pain to the knee. Take advantage of Physical Therapy Services of Guilford’s


news briefs

complimentary 10-minute biomechanical screening in October to help identify why you have pain and to see if physical therapy can help. The screening, with Phyllis L Quinn, PT, will be at Physical Therapy Services of Guilford. To schedule a screening, call 203-315-7727. Location: Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, 500 East Main St., Ste. 310, Branford, CT. See ad on page 21.

Avant Garde Holistic Center to Host Universal White Time Trainings


tarting this November, the Avant Garde Holistic Center will be the newest host for White Time Healing and Gemstone Healing Certification courses in New England. It is well known for hosting popular events such as kirtans, sound journeys, psychic mediums, festivals, and a range of trainings opportunities by some of the most respected local and Bradford Tilden regional practitioners in their fields. Bradford Tilden has been a frequent guest to Avant Garde, hosting crystal workshops and his Sonic Alchemy Sound Healing Meditation Concerts there. Tilden is excited to bring Universal White Time to the Avant Garde community. White Time Gemstone Healing completely transformed his life when he first experienced it in 2006. He dedicated his life to studying the modality. He now teaches globally and is the highest-ranking Teacher of White Time in the northeastern United States. Universal White Time Healing is an advanced healing energy system that connects one more deeply to oneself and to universal consciousness. It is a beautiful manifestation of light and love that encourages one’s personal awakening and supports one to live more truthfully and creatively. Universal White Time is the combination of all frequencies of color and time – past, present and future – in one unit. The Level One Class begins on November 5. To register for this training, contact Tilden at 860-830-5841 or Location: The Avant Garde Holistic Center, 328 E. Main St., Branford, CT.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.

Art to NurtureYour Soul

ArtClassesforallages andabilities. Wehaveclassesinclay,painting, jewelry,printingandspecialty workshops. Wealsoofferprivateclassesfor individualsorgroups;including specialneeds,dementia,andhome schooledstudents.

860-349-0251 LocatedattheRedBarn 352MainStreet,Durham,CT06422

EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED! Mindfulness • Guided Relaxation • Reflexology Energy Healing • Acu-Wellness • Hypnosis • Essential Oils Mind-Body Healing with Julie Thackeray, LPN, CRT, CH, ADS 203.215.6087 •

CELC Middle School

Middle school specialists, 5th – 8th grade. Small class sizes, personalized instruction, robust academics. Is it time for a NEW middle school choice for your child? 203-433-4658

28 School Street Branford, CT 06405


October 2021





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health briefs C

Eat Strawberries to Improve Blood Vessel Health







Final Journey, LLC (Pet Euthanasia Service) Kristen Klie, D.V.M. and Associates (203) 645-5570

A new study from Chicago’s Illinois Institute of Technology demonstrates that strawberries increase flow in blood vessels and reduce systolic blood pressure. In the randomized, controlled, double-blind trial, overweight and obese adults with moderately high cholesterol were assigned to drink either a beverage containing 25 grams of freeze-dried strawberry powder or a similar drink without the strawberry powder twice daily for four weeks, followed by a four-week washout period. An hour after consumption, the strawberry powder improved flow-mediated dilation, indicating healthier blood pressure function; systolic blood pressure was lower even four weeks later. anete lusina/


Maintain your youth

Unique and affordable alternative designed to support your pituitary gland! Usage may

• Improve Bone and Joint Health • Improve Sleep • Increase Muscle and Reduce Fat Contact Shirley R. Bloethe

860-989-0033 or

GROW Your Business Call or text us for special ad rates.



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Drink Green Tea to Ward Off Flu Green tea, a staple of Japanese culture now enjoyed in many American homes, contains compounds called catechins that have significant antiviral activity against influenza, report researchers from Thailand’s University of Phayao in the journal Molecules. They analyzed eight studies involving 5,048 people and found that gargling or drinking green tea reduced the risk of influenza by 33 percent in randomized controlled trials and by 48 percent in longitudinal cohort studies. charlotte may/

with Homeopathic HGH Transdermal Gel Maximum Strength Somatropin

Holistic Community Professionals HCP

Our professional team of holistic and natural businesses provides community outreach and education. We are committed to improving the health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit in the communities we serve. Visit our Site:

Coaching & Workshops Torin Lee TL Coaching /Zen Events 860-861-9038

Intuitive Counselor & Healer Gayle Franceschetti, MEd, CHt Hypnotherapy, Meditations Reiki/Energy sessions, Essential Oils Group Past Life Regression Individual Past Life Regression Workshops, Spiritual Power Journeys, Private mentoring & counseling 203-631-7803

Medical Intuitive/Shaman Past Life Regression Therapy Spirit of the Lotus Robin Barros IMT-C, CSC, CPLC Hands-on Healer Medical Intuitive Shaman/Medium Spiritually-Guided Coach Advanced Soul Coach (R) Holographic Sound Healer 5 Gavin Drive, Columbia CT

CBDa 10xPure TM Earleen Wright CBDa 10xPure TM is known for its healing power over CBD alone. We are the only company that has CBDa. Contact Earleen Wright 203-215-3222

Lightworker Bradford W. Tilden, MM, CMT, UWT Remote journey and coaching sessions Workshops in Crystal & Sound Healing Professional certification courses In Universal White Time (UWT) Energy and Gemstone Healing 860-830-5841

Naturopathic Physician Vis Wellness Center Dr. Nicole Klughers ND, PharmD, MSAc Naturopathic Physician Acupuncture Provider Rocky Hill & TeleMedicine 234-2-ACU-DOC

Holistic Healer Indigo’s Path Adriana R. Russo MA, CHT, CCH, CHLC Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Intuitive Body/Mind Coaching For transformative health and healing 203-510-8932

LMT, RMT, Psychic Jill Andrzejewski LMT, RMT, Psychic Massage Therapy #9900 Reiki & Chakra Balancing Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Readings A Moment In Time Treasures items for self-care and healing Workshops and classes 203-909-1108

Wellness Center The Red Barn in Durham Janice Juliano, MSW, LCSW Holistic Psychotherapist Coordinator MassageTherapy Nutrition / Yoga / Reiki / Sound Healing Professional Photography / Art Classes 860-559-6151 352 Main St, Durham

We Welcome You! To Join Holistic Community Professionals contact: Shirley Bloethe: 860-255-8844 11 October 2021

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Left Photo:

healing ways

Mammography Versus Thermography What’s the Difference? by April Beaman


hat’s the difference between mammography and thermography? Is thermography better than mammography? Does it replace mammography? There’s often confusion on this subject by thinking one replaces the other. One could say comparing these two breast screening tools are like comparing apples to oranges. Let’s dive a little deeper by first looking at the differences between the two.


Mammography is an X-ray that utilizes ionizing radiation to image the internal structure of the breast. During a mammogram, the breasts are positioned and compressed between two plates. Two X-ray images are taken of each breast, one from the top and one from the side. A mammogram is a structural test, its purpose is to detect a change of the anatomy within the breast, such as a mass or tumor. A radiologist studies the X-ray images to look for abnormalities, specifically densities and calcifications. 12

New Haven/Middlesex


Thermography is a pictorial representation of the heat emissions of breasts. Think of a thermogram as a heat map that depicts temperature variations and thermal patterns. Thermography utilizes a specialized infrared camera that does not touch or emit any radiation to the body. Because thermography does not use compression, the entire chest, including the breasts and axillary regions (armpit), are imaged. There’s a total of six images taken in a breast series with anterior, oblique, lateral and inferior views. A thermogram is a functional test; its purpose is to detect physiological activity of the breast tissue. A thermologist studies the thermal images to look for abnormalities, specifically uneven temperature variations and irregular vascular patterns.

Comparing Apples to Oranges

Because mammography is a test of structure (anatomy), it can locate a mass or a tumor that already exists within the breast. Breast thermography is a test of function (physiology). It cannot detect the exact

location of a tumor; it detects heat and inflammation in precancerous and cancerous tissue as well as the area surrounding a tumor. Isn’t mammography a better test then if it can locate a tumor? Breast abnormalities such as tumors don’t just suddenly appear. Long before you and your doctor feel a lump, or it is discovered by a mammogram, its cellular contributors are hard at work behind the scenes. Cancer cells require a blood supply and an ever-increasing need for nutrients in order to survive and proliferate. Being aggressive, these

Thermography is a pictorial representation of the heat emissions of breasts. Think of a thermogram as a heat map that depicts temperature variations and thermal patterns.

cells create their own pathway to obtain this nourishment and lifeforce. In order to do this, the cells send out chemical messages to open existing blood vessels, recruit dormant vessels and create new ones. This process, known as neoangiogenesis, results in an increase in regional surface temperatures of the breast. Mammograms and physical exams cannot detect this early-cellular, physiological process, which typically occurs within the breast tissue 5-10 years before the slightest growth of a lump. Since functional changes precede structural changes, thermography can provide valuable information in the early indication of breast changes and disease. Further, these early warning signs can alert a physician to monitor a woman closely and, more importantly, put forth preventative measures to help reduce certain risk factors of breast cancer.

Early Detection and Prevention

By now, everyone has heard that early detection saves lives and prolongs life expectancy. However, if cancer is detected early, this means you already have cancer. Shouldn’t prevention take precedence over detection? Prevention means not getting cancer in the first place. In my opinion, if there’s any hope of reversing the current epidemic trend of breast cancer our physicians need to come up with a more proactive approach, which should be the standard for patient assessment. The process of cancer starts with one abnormal cell; it takes several years—up to 10—for that one abnormal cell to replicate to one billion cells. One billion cells produce a detectable lump that is about the size of eraser head. This is the size of a lump that can be detected with mammography. Is this truly an early finding? Should you wait until a tumor has formed and grows large enough to be detected by a mammogram as is our current standard of care for breast screenings? The valuable information provided by a thermogram can help a physician develop an action plan to take proactive measures to improve your breast health or even reverse certain risk factors to prevent the disease in the first place.

Thermography can provide valuable information in the early indication of breast changes and disease. Further, these early warning signs can alert a physician to monitor a woman closely and more


Secure this ad spot! Call or text us for special ad rates.


importantly, put forth preventative measures to help reduce certain risk factors of breast cancer. A routine thermogram can empower you to take a proactive approach, to take breast health into your own hands. Evaluate your lifestyle and dietary choices. Make simple changes and employ self-care techniques based on your thermographic findings. These simple changes, though they may seem small, can have a big impact not only with breast health, but overall health. True prevention! April Beaman, RDH, CTT, is a medical thermographer, certified by the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology, and a professional member of Breast Thermography International. She has worked in the wellness industry for over 15 years and is an advocate for taking a proactive approach and staying well informed regarding one’s health. She provides thermography screenings and wellness support for men and women of all ages and is the owner of CT Thermography, located in Farmington with satellite offices in Glastonbury, CT and Hadley, MA. Connect at 860-415-1150 or See ad on page 6 and October free breast health Zoom webinars in Events Calendar section. October 2021


Pink Lotus Peace: Painting by Marcy LaBella

subtracted from their days. Most people discovered that being at home with extra hours and more down time created space to add a hobby or mindfulness practice to their day. Gardening, running, biking, yoga, walking, reading, playing with children and taking the dog for a walk now took the place of sitting in traffic during commuting time or working as much or as many hours as before. People have discovered what a difference those changes made in their lives. It created an impetus and time to reflect upon ways to make informed changes to create simpler more intentional lives. Change always includes the process of letting go, of material things certainly, and also of emotional baggage, of professional relationships and friendships that drain them and also releasing some goals that may have set for themselves in the past that are no longer serving them.

SIMPLE LIFE Simply Joyful by Marcy LaBella

“When we slow down, we are reminded of what matters most.” -Julianna Poplin


he beginning of the pandemic began an introspective period of reassessment and reprioritizing for many people. For some, the whole world seemed to stop, people were faced with months and, in some cases, well over a year of isolation and unemployment. Some worked from home with little to no outside contact. This left long hours for contemplation, rethinking how to live life and rethinking plans for the future. This time caused many to ask how could they be happier, freer and more satisfied? Many people preferred the pace of working from home, spending time with family, 14

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children and animal companions without the distraction of co-workers and office chit chat. In many cases, people felt more productive. Those working from home also gained extra time with commuting

The beginning of the pandemic began an introspective period of reassessment and reprioritizing for many people.

By stripping away the unnecessary and being intentional about what is most important to them in life, people are finding they can create more of the space required to live more simply and fully for the things that are most essential in their lives. Simplicity comes through focus and setting clear intention. Starting by clarifying intention and creating a list of the most important people, activities, things and goals that bring the greatest joy, is the first step. The next part is even more difficult as it requires defining what needs to go, creating distance from relationships that are mentally and emotionally draining, and things that take up too much precious time for little gain or reward. Next is

Simplicity comes through focus and setting clear intention. Starting by clarifying intention and creating a list of the most important people, activities, things, and goals that bring the greatest joy, is the first step. donating or recycling material items that no longer bring joy. All must go and each one will create space and peace as they are released. Throughout this process, it is important to keep in mind the people, belongings and activities on the priority list as they are the focus of creating a simple and peaceful life. Creating personal time is most important. If there is not alone time for rest, exercise, meditation or whatever brings peace and joy, there will be no ability to rejuvenate and give attention and care to the people, things and activities most important in life. Learn to say no. Consider new items and time commitments carefully. Being overly busy steals precious peace and even though saying no can be difficult— especially to social engagements—it gets easier with practice. Try not to over schedule and also consider carefully before buying new things. Do they bring joy? Are they necessary? Can something go when they come in? All this will lead to a reduction in stress and an increase in peace. In the best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book, Japanese author Marie Kondo writes:“The process of assessing how you feel about the things you own, identifying those that have

fulfilled their purpose, expressing your gratitude and bidding them farewell, is really about examining your inner self, a rite of passage to a new life.”

5 Easy Ways to Simplify n Declutter – Donate, recycle and toss those things that no longer bring joy. Start small and aim for a bag a week. Declutter a room per week and keep it that way. n Take on fewer commitments – At work and socially. This one is hard but learning to say NO goes a long way when learning to live a peaceful life. Keep priorities in mind when faced with propositions and invitations. n Get organized – Create routines, pay bills on a certain day, hang up car keys or place them in the same place when coming into the house. Create a family dinner routine even if it’s only on a few nights per week. Make small changes regularly. Stick to them. n Single tasks – Do one intentional thing at a time and stop racing from one thing to the next or doing two things at the same time. Take time and focus on the task at hand. n Limit your screen time – This includes phones, computers, tablets, video games and all things digital. Spend more time practicing the art of doing nothing, read, rest, meditate. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time per day with your digital media and stick to it. Try to reduce it regularly.

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Nothing is more beneficial to inner and outer peace than the act of simplifying life. To do so can create more time to reflect and align intention. For some, the simple life can be the path to inner peace, grace and harmony. Marcy LaBella, who co-owns Durhambased Earthly Goddess – Art to Nurture Your Soul, is a Connecticut teaching artist who works in painting and sculptural ceramics. She shows her work regionally and nationally. LaBella serves on the Council of Connecticut Women Artists and writes for the American Craft Council Blog. Connect at 860-349-0251. See ad on page 9. October 2021


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WALK ABOUT Simple Steps to Well-Being by Laura Paisley Beck stead of drive, go for it. If you’re stuck indoors, schedule 15-to-20-minute walks in your calendar.” It’s important to put it in the calendar because, he says, “You have to make it real.” McClerkin recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking a day to increase blood flow throughout the entire body, especially the legs.

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Oh, the Places to Go


eople that wear a fitness watch get a little buzz on the wrist as a reminder to get more steps in each hour, but many ignore the simple opportunity that exists to exercise upright for free anytime and anywhere. “Yes, we take walking for granted,” says Alexia McClerkin, a Houston chiropractor whose clients include professional and elite athletes. “Most people only walk as far as it takes to get to their car.”

Sitting is the New Smoking According to On Your Feet America, Americans sit 10 hours or more each day, and that sedentary habit is considered hazardous to our health. It may contribute to climbing obesity rates in the U.S., currently at 44.5 percent among those ages 40 to 59. Today’s most common preventable diseases are directly linked to obesity, the key word being “preventable.” Walking briskly daily has proven to increase metabolism, lower both blood pressure and resting heart rates, and burn calories. Other benefits include improving mobility, equilibrium and stamina. Benjamin Horning, a Laguna Hills, California, chiropractor and author of A Kid’s Guide to a Healthy Spine, says, “I’m a big believer that movement is life. I recommend that if you can move, get moving. Walking is a good starting point. If you can walk in16

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In the U.S., dogs and humans face similar obesity statistics with similar obesityrelated health issues like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Taking dogs out for brisk walks helps prevent and reduce those risks. Horning says that people may not realize how walking a dog conditions their own bodies. With natural surfaces like grassy or gravel trails and dirt paths, “there are so many neurobiological adjustments you’re making,” he says. Every nature walk provides an opportunity for our bodies to practice balance and sharpen its reflexes.

Foundation Fundamentals “Proper shoes make a world of difference,” McClerkin says. They can help prevent plantar fasciitis, hammertoe and many other causes of pain and discomfort. Anya Jensen, of, a shoe review website, suffered painful foot health issues and discovered the lifechanging results of wearing “barefoot” shoes, which have a flat sole and high flexibility. Now she makes it her mission to educate others that fashion doesn’t have to compromise health. “Walking was an important part of my health journey,” she says. “The feet literally are your foundation when you’re walking. Walking in

pointed-toed shoes, you’re missing out on so many benefits for your physical health.” Jensen walks with her kids daily in nature and is proud of their mobility. “With the kids, we need a destination and we pack snacks,” she says. “I like how the world has opened up to us because we’re prepared. We’re wearing the right shoes. We can encounter hills, rocks or the right tree.”

Heads Up McClerkin and Horning both ask patients to be mindful of their limitations when taking on a new physical activity and to be careful to prevent injuries when adding brisk walks to a daily routine for the first time. “Too heavy a walk on cement and other hard surfaces like roads can cause shin splints,” McClerkin says. “Walk on a track to prevent injuries from an uneven surface.” “Just be responsible,” says Horning. “Walking is so beneficial. The basics of health just can’t be ignored or taken for granted.” Humans walk upright on two feet, unlike any other animal on Earth. Walking allows us to connect with our bodies and environment in a very special way, something we can take advantage of instead of taking for granted. Let’s go for a walk. Laura Paisley Beck is a freelance writer in Madison, Wisconsin. Reach out at

Tips for Healthy Walking n Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. n Fuel up with whole foods like fruit

and nuts.

n Stretch before and after walking. n Wear proper shoes with good arch

support and wide toe boxes.

n Wear wicking clothing layers,

reflective for dark hours.

n Invite canine friends. n Have a regular walking buddy to

keep each other committed.

n Keep the pace/heart rate up, perhaps

using a fitness watch to stay on track.

n Consider adding poles for a full

body workout and increased stability.

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Water Scarcity Woes A Global Problem That’s Getting Worse by Jeremiah Castelo


By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in areas of water stress as people will be unable to access the water they need. Climate change, population growth, agricultural demands and mismanagement of water resources all contribute to the growing water crisis. The world’s population will rise to 9.7 billion by 2050, leaving even more people in water-stressed conditions. An estimated 60 percent of all surface water on Earth comes from river basins shared by separate nations and almost 600 aquifers cross national boundaries. In places where water is already scarce, this can lead to geopolitical conflict. Three in 10 people on Earth currently do not have access to safe and clean water. According to the World Health Organization, 2.1 billion people do not have access to a safely managed water source. An estimated 263 million people must travel over 30 minutes to access water that isn’t clean, and 159 million still drink from untreated surface water sources. 18

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ater scarcity is a legitimate concern. It is true that the hydrologic cycle, the process in which the Earth circulates water throughout its ecosystems, is a closed-loop cycle that neither adds nor takes away water. In theory, the amount of water on Earth will always remain the same. But problems occur when the hydrologic cycle is disrupted, causing some regions to grow arid while others get constant floods. The human activities that disrupt that process include the building of dams, the industrial pollution of waterways, the paving of roads, excessive drilling and bottled water privatization. Here are 10 of the most alarming water scarcity facts that the world is currently facing.

One in three people worldwide does not have access to a toilet. Around 2.3 billion people lack access to even basic sanitation services, forcing them to either practice open defecation or use pit latrines and buckets. Fecal contamination in the water supply is a major cause of deadly waterborne diseases such as hepatitis A, norovirus and E. coli. Annually, 1.6 million people die from waterborne diseases. Of the 5 million people that become ill from bad water, most are children. Water privatization causes harm. When corporations site water bottling operations in developing countries like India and Bolivia, they significantly deplete supplies needed by local farmers. In the U.S., when a struggling public water or electricity utility sells their rights to a private corporation, household water and sewer services typically become, respectively, 59 percent and 63 percent more costly. In the U.S., 2.1 trillion gallons of clean water is lost each year due to poor infrastructure, including old, leaky pipes and broken water mains. David Le France, CEO of the American Water Works Association, estimates that repairing America’s water infrastructure will be a trilliondollar program. Due to divided efforts in governmental decision making, adequate policies and budgeting are often difficult to come by.

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Often, water burdens fall upon women, some of whom walk four miles a day just to fetch water that is likely contaminated. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, it takes about six hours to carry a 44-pound container of water from a source that often has the potential to make them sick, according to the Global Water Institute. One-third of the world’s largest aquifers are water-stressed. Underground aquifers are naturally replenished through rainfall and surface water, but a deficit occurs when more water is pumped out than

replenished. Eight of the biggest aquifers, including those in Saudi Arabia, northwestern India and Pakistan, are not being replenished at all. Meeting the United Nations’ sustainable development goals for the water crisis will cost $114 billion per year. Attaining these critical goals will be timeconsuming, expensive and may face political division. Yet the cost of not doing so is also high. Addressing healthcare needs due to water-related diseases and poor sanitation costs $260 billion globally each year. Water scarcity is real. To ignore it or to assume that it is only a problem of the

developing world is to be blind to the reality that the rest of the world is experiencing. Excessive water consumption and poor water management are factors that can be controlled. Supporting clean water initiatives will certainly help the movement against the global water crisis. Finally, educating ourselves and raising awareness is a task we should all take on. Jeremiah Castelo is the founder of World, which publishes information on water scarcity and purification methods. This article is excerpted and reprinted with permission.

Water Scarcity Solutions

1 2

Save Water Limit the use of water and of washing machines. Take short showers instead of full baths. Educate Empower people to help by showing them how to prevent and mitigate water scarcity problems now and in the future.


Recycle Water Learn about and employ available technologies to recycle rainwater and other water used at home.

4 5

Support Water Conservation Allocate money and time to help water conservation efforts around the world. Improve Farming Practices Farming and irrigation practices and technologies need to become more efficient.


Use Fewer Chemicals in Farming To ensure clean water and reduce water shortages, farmers need to decrease their use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which leads to groundwater pollution.


Improve Sewage Systems Improving sewage systems in underserved areas will help to provide clean drinking water and prevent disease and water scarcity.


Better Water Distribution Infrastructure To prevent severe water shortages in times of drought, efforts are needed to connect poor people in developing countries to public water supplies.


Support Clean Water Initiatives Donate money, time and skills to organizations worldwide that are working to bring clean water to areas that don’t have it. Source: Conserve Energy Future at

October 2021


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Talking to Kids About Climate Change What They Need to Know from Those They Trust by Sandra Yeyati


s scientists have been predicting, climate-related fires, floods and drought are becoming commonplace. Our children are seeing and hearing about them on social media and the news or living through them in their own neighborhoods. Kids have questions. They’re afraid, anxious and angry about inheriting these problems. “We’re living a climate emergency, so we should talk about it honestly with our children whenever they ask us. They deserve to hear it from trusted messengers, the people they know and love, such as parents, guardians and teachers,” says Harriet Shugarman, the New York City author of How to Talk to Your Kids About 20

New Haven/Middlesex

Climate Change: Turning Angst into Action, who trained with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and founded the online community

Fostering a Love of Nature For our youngest children, “You want to be calming and reassuring, engendering a sense of safety and love of nature. This is the time to go outside and connect with the many delights of our world,” says integrative psychotherapist Leslie Davenport, the San Francisco author of All the Feelings Under the Sun: How to Deal with Climate Change, an illustrated book for 8-to-12-year-olds published by the American Psychological Association.

United Kingdom-based children’s book author Catherine Barr offers a gentle and enjoyable way to develop love and concern for nature in her 10 Reasons to Love picture book series that showcases endangered animals. “When talking to children that young, it’s important to present climate issues in positive ways, encouraging kindness, inclusivity, empathy and understanding,” says the former Greenpeace campaigner. “Young children are so impressionable. It’s best to empower them with hope than scare them unnecessarily.” Still, Shugarman notes, “It’s not too young to say that we turn off lights when we leave a room to save energy. Sometimes our kids think that fruit comes

from the grocery store. We should remind them where it really grows.”

Learning the Facts Together According to Davenport, as kids reach 9 and beyond, they tend to be mentally and emotionally capable of processing more complex concepts and emotions. This is the time for parents to present vetted, science-based facts as objectively as possible. “There’s a tendency to want to either sugarcoat or over-dramatize. We flip from ‘It’s not so bad; it’ll be fine’, to ‘It’s too late; there’s nothing I can do.’ Neither of those views are helpful or accurate,” she explains. Barr recommends that parents stick to the facts and encourage curiosity. “Parents shouldn’t feel that they have to have all the answers. It can be a journey of learning with your children to look something up together,” the author of The Story of Climate Change advises. “It’s also a good idea to empower kids to challenge grownups. A child can start a conversation at the dinner table by asking, ‘Where did this fish come from?’ or ‘Could we grow our own carrots?’ or ‘Are we recycling?’”

Building Resiliency Davenport’s book toggles between the presentation of environmentally triggered realities and calming, reflective exercises such as journaling or deep breathing. “The idea is that when you hear difficult news or have a difficult experience, you go back and forth between talking about or processing it and something that helps

you regulate or calm your nervous system,” she explains. This approach helps to build resiliency, which Davenport defines as the capacity to stay present, openminded, open-hearted and clear in the face of life’s challenges.

Finding Hope in Action “We can give our kids hope by pointing to people that are working to address the climate crisis, including the uprise of youth voices, as well as efforts to save animal species, build resiliency in cities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Shugarman. “It’s also critical that parents show their kids that they care about the crisis and are doing things like reducing energy use, driving electric cars, voting for pro-climate candidates and supporting climate education in schools.” “People think you have to talk about how awful the world is going to be, but I think you can turn that upside-down and offer a strong, positive message of hope,” says Barr. “We need to help kids understand that the choices they make and the things they do can lead to a more sustainable, fairer way of living.” “According to climate scientists, if we don’t do anything, we’re in big trouble, and if we intervene and make significant changes, we’re still going to feel impacts, but it’s not too late,” says Davenport. “Encourage kids to become part of meaningful change. Our actions make a difference.”

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Sandra Yeyati, J.D., is a professional writer and editor. Reach her at SandraYeyati@


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Fall Fruits for Savory Dishes fresh approaches to autumn flavors

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by April Thompson


ove over, summer berries and stone fruits—‘tis the season for a cornucopia of fall fruits, including crunchy apples, chewy figs and tart pomegranates. By taking a page from the playbooks of orchard chefs, home cooks can flex the unique flavors and health powers of these autumn delights with savory mains and sides. Fall fruits boast many healthful properties, from the apple’s plentiful soluble fiber and vitamin C to heart-healthy lycopene and beta-carotene found in orange-skinned persimmons. Pears are also loaded with pectin, which helps lower cholesterol, fight diabetes and promote gut health. Opting for light, savory prepara22

New Haven/Middlesex

tions of fruit such as seasonal salads and soups over sugary desserts makes them an even healthier choice. Healdsburg, California, restauranteur Kyle Connaughton creates dishes highlighting different fruit varieties for his restaurant’s 11-course menu, which changes daily. “This region was actually known for its heirloom apples and cider-making long before it was known for wine. We have these incredible heirloom fruits, including experimental varietals from the 1800s that no one even knows what they are. So many varietals got lost in the quest to grow fruit bigger and faster,” says Connaughton, who runs SingleThread Farms with his wife Katina. Their 25 acres include an heirloom fruit orchard, olive trees, beehives, grapevines and chicken coops that supply fresh ingredients to their three-Michelin-star restaurant. “Some pear varieties are very crisp and dense, and poach and roast well, whereas other soft-skin varieties are better pureed into drinks or sorbet,” says Connaughton. He creates dishes that celebrate all of the season’s bounty, and in California, fall brings persimmons and Dungeness crab. “Persimmons have a fibrous texture that don’t blend well into sauces and don’t freeze well for things like sorbets, which we like to make with other fall fruits like pomegranate. We prefer to use them in savory dishes, like a first course of cold steamed crab with persimmon.” The orchard also grows Asian pears, which SingleThread Farms tends to use raw, often paired with raw fish. “Asian pears are very crisp, but not incredibly sweet, with an undertone of acidity. It has the watery crunch of a jicama that makes a nice backdrop for raw fish dishes like sashimi,” says Connaughton. While the restaurant’s innovative menu focuses on small bites in curious combinations, the Connaughtons frequently have a simple family meal before the dinner service. In autumn, they will often toss together a salad featuring local goat or blue cheese; bitter chicory, frisee or radicchio greens; roasted fall hazelnuts or walnuts; and figs, persimmons or pomegranates from the orchard, served with a vinaigrette made with pomegranate molasses and macerated shallots. The pink-fleshed, mountain rose apple, an autumn specialty of the Hood River Fruit Loop region of Oregon, often makes its way into salads at the dinner table of Katrina McAlexander, a thirdgeneration farmer and owner of Grateful Vineyard, in Mount Hood. This 51-acre orchard and vineyard, brewery, winery and tasting room boasts more than 500 fruit varieties, including 150

marina gorskaya/ Image courtesy of USA Pears marina gorskaya/ Image courtesy of USA Pears marina gorskaya/

kinds of apples alone. Grateful Vineyard hosted the cooking competition show Top Chef this year for a Fruit Loop challenge, with competitors coming up with savory dishes such as pear risotto and scallops with an apple shallot relish. McAlexander’s fall salads often feature fennel, herbs and arugula, topped with croutons made from leftover pizza dough. Pears and apples from the orchard also get pickled, a nod to McAlexander’s Swiss heritage. One of the vineyard tasting room’s signature dishes is an orchard pear pizza, with Anjou pears, caramelized onion and other savory ingredients on a base of olive oil and a long-ferment crust. The kitchen also uses pears in a vegan ceviche, tossing them with red onion, tomato, cucumber, cilantro and lime. As the weather starts to shift, fruit adds a nice dimension to warming soups for chilly fall days. Adding cooked apples or pears to classics like puréed carrot or squash soup provides an extra dose of sweetness and fiber; sneak in fall greens like kale for even more nutrients. Fruits also help fill out hearty grain bowls alongside fall veggies like carrots, arugula and sweet potato, particularly paired with nutty grains like farro. Connect with Washington, D.C., freelance writer April Thompson at

Pear and Lentil Salad Salad: A few handfuls of arugula A few handfuls of spinach ½ pear, sliced into thin slices 2 Tbsp chopped pecans ¼ cup cooked lentils ¼ cup pomegranate seeds ¼ cup feta or goat cheese Dressing: 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard ¼ cup olive oil 2 Tbsp maple syrup ¼ tsp cinnamon Salt and pepper Pour a desired amount of dressing onto the salad and toss. Store the rest in the fridge.

Pear Barley Salad Salad: ⅓ cup walnuts 1 cup uncooked barley 1 cup cooked chickpeas 2 green Anjou pears, divided ⅓ cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes ¾ cup crumbled feta ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley 1 handful baby arugula Dressing: 3 Tbsp red onion minced ¼ cup apple cider vinegar ⅓ cup olive oil 2 tsp maple syrup 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1 tsp dried oregano ½ tsp sea salt ¼ tsp pepper Cook barley according to package instructions. Drain. Toast walnuts in a small skillet. Let cool. Add minced onion in a small bowl with the vinegar and let marinate while you prep the salad. Chop 1-½ pears and save remaining half for fanning and decorating the salad. Add cooked barley, chickpeas, pear, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, parsley and feta to a large bowl. Mix the remaining dressing ingredients with the vinegar and red onion, and whisk until combined. Pour dressing over salad mixture and toss to coat. Taste and season with additional salt and pepper, if needed. Recipe by Brittany Mullins (@eatingbirdfood), courtesy of USA Pears.

Recipe by Maria Roberts (@spinach4breakfast), courtesy of USA Pears.

October 2021


natural pet

Cannabis and Canines How Cannabidiol Benefits Dogs by Caroline Coile


Topper is among the thousands of furry family members that have found relief with CBD, one of 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis (hemp) plants. Success stories abound of how CBD has helped dogs overcome anxiety, reduce seizures and even beat cancer. Cannabinoids, including CBD and the psychoactive compound THC, are substances that mimic the naturally occurring chemicals produced in all vertebrates. Receptors for these endocannabinoids are

found throughout the body, especially in the brain, nervous system and immune system, as well as the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, intestinal tract, muscles, bones and both the reproductive and circulatory systems. They act as master regulators that signal other systems when to speed up or slow down, working to stabilize the body and return it to homeostasis. Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant affect these same receptors, each in slightly different ways.


truck with severe arthritis, Topper, a 7-year-old Ibizan Hound, was in such pain he could hardly walk. He had to be carried outside to eat or use the bathroom, and medication wasn’t working. On a friend’s recommendation, his owner, Christy Moore, of Florence, Arizona, gave him cannabidiol (CBD). “Within three days, he could walk on all four legs and I was crying tears of joy,” she recalls. “It was the miracle we needed.”


New Haven/Middlesex

Unlike THC, which is toxic for dogs at prescribed human dosages, the most significant, documented side effects of CBD are diarrhea and changes in some liver enzyme values after several weeks. The main concern with CBD is that it inhibits cytochrome P450, a chemical in the body responsible for metabolizing most drugs. That means CBD could affect the effective potency of a prescribed drug.

What Research Shows

drug commonly prescribed for anxiety). A University of Western Australia study found shelter dogs with aggressive tendencies exhibited less aggression toward humans after two weeks of taking CBD. SEIZURES: Many anecdotal reports hail CBD’s success in combatting seizures in dogs, but the single controlled study delivered only moderate results. A Colorado State University study found CBD only worked with some dogs, and it reduced, but didn’t eliminate, seizures.

While thousands of reports on CBD’s effect on laboratory animals and humans have been published, only a few have been conducted with dogs or cats. Still, CBD seems promising for arthritis, anxiety, itchiness and possibly seizures, cancer and other maladies.

OTHER: Evidence from laboratory animals supports CBD’s effectiveness in promoting bone healing, fighting infection, treating inflammatory bowel disease, slowing degenerative myelopathy, quelling nausea and relieving pain.

ARTHRITIS: In a Cornell University study, some dogs were initially so decrepit that their owners considered euthanasia, but after just days on CBD they were trotting around and even climbing stairs. A Baylor University study found similar improvement.

Choosing Wisely

ITCHINESS: An Australian study found CBD reduced itchiness, inflammation and skin lesions by 51 percent after eight weeks of treatment. An American study also found CBD significantly reduced reports of itchiness. CANCER: Cannabinoids are reported to induce cancer cell death and prevent metastasis. A Cornell University study found that CBD along with a standard chemotherapy drug reduced cancer cell proliferation in vitro more than the chemotherapy drug alone. Anecdotal reports from veterinarians have claimed CBD shrunk cancer cells or put dogs into remission. BEHAVIOR: Despite those reports, no controlled study has shown CBD to be more effective than prescription medications in reducing anxiety. A University of Kentucky study found physiological measurements of anxiety in response to noise were not significantly different for CBD versus a placebo, and were worse compared to trazodone (a

Broad-spectrum products work better than isolated CBD because they use the whole cannabis plant. Choose those with third-party certificates of analysis of potency and testing for heavy metals, mycotoxins or pesticides. Avoid human edible products that often contain ingredients such as xylitol that are toxic to pets. Aim for about 0.1 to 0.2 milligram per kilogram of a dog’s weight, given twice daily by mouth. Work up gradually, but beware that more is not always better with CBD, because sometimes the response is biphasic—it doesn’t work if they get too little or too much. Discuss CBD with a veterinarian, but realize that not all of them are familiar or comfortable with the subject. CBD, like many supplements and drugs designed for humans and used on canines, is not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Overall, the evidence is compelling that CBD can help some conditions. The endocannabinoid system is the largest system in the body and the least explored. CBD is not a miracle drug, but it may be the miracle our four-footed friends need. Caroline Coile, Ph.D., is an award-winning writer of 34 books, thousands of magazine and web articles, and an app, All About Dogs. Learn more at

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1 Tiny Forest Women’s Retreat – 5pm Fri, Oct 1st until 3pm Sun, Oct 3. Explore for Women; an uplifting and inspiring Weekend Outdoor Retreat. Includes: Live entertainment; Over 10 Interactive Workshops and activities; Delicious and healthy meals; Wine tasting and education, and Makers Market. $150 - Weekend pass – Sat only. $325 – Weekend Pass – no lodging. $550 – Weekend Pass with Nearby AirBNB. Tiny Forest, Milford, CT. CDC compliant. Register at: We A r e L a d y M a d e . c o m / e x p l o r e - r e t r e a t . For more information,call: 203-446-6404, or email: Hemp Symphony: Sound Bath – 7pm. Come listen to the music of our hemp plants in our hemp field. Vibrations of the plants are measured with sensors and is converted into harmonious music. Bring a blanket and heal from within with the sounds of nature. Red Clover Farms, 174 South Benham Rd, Seymour.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2 Bittersweet Wreaths – 1:30pm. Bring your own clippers and gardening gloves for this workshop led by Ranger Dawn. When you collect these beautiful orange-berried vines, you’re actually helping the park by removing this invasive plant species. Create a beautiful fall wreath for your home or a gift. Fee $6. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Ln, Ansonia. Preregistration: 203-736-1053. Hemp Symphony: Sound Bath – 2pm. Come listen to the music of our hemp plants in our hemp field. Vibrations of the plants are measured with sensors and is converted into harmonious music. Bring a blanket and heal from within with the sounds of nature. Red Clover Farms, 174 South Benham Rd, Seymour.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5 Boosting Breast Health Naturally with CT Thermography – 7pm-8pm. With 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer, we need to do all we can to prevent this disease in the first place. Health, including breast health is about being proactive and taking the steps NOW to ensure optimal health and longevity. Join this webinar to learn self-care techniques and detox practices for improved, overall breast health. To register for this Free Zoom webinar, visit: or email info@

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6 Outdoor Charity Yoga: To Support National Breast Cancer Foundation – 5pm-6pm. Healing Salt Cave and Wellness Spa is providing help and hope with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® This outdoor Yoga class is donated by Erin Schuster, founder of Cash or check donation to charity ($10 suggested). Location: 260 River St, Guilford. Preregistration required: 203-457-5107.


New Haven/Middlesex

Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center Fall Term Jr. Rangers – 3:30pm-5pm. (Thursdays: 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, & 11/18). Has your child ever wanted to work with animals, garden, help maintain our trails, and help with special events? This is the opportunity to help the Nature Center in our 8-week after school program Jr. Rangers offers a chance for your child to become immersed in the job duties of our Park Rangers. This fun and exciting program fills up fast! Pre-registration is necessary, and children must be prompt. Every class is outside, so dress for the weather! Free. Info/registration: 203-736-1053 or to sign up. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Ln, Ansonia.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8 Infinity and Beyond – 7pm. Join Ranger Jeremy for an out of this world event. Together you will learn about the different planets, stars and constellations that comprise our night sky. Relax under the stars and work on some unique space related arts and crafts! All while watching Draconid Meteor Shower, nature’s greatest light show. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Ln, Ansonia. Preregistration: Space is limited $6 per person.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9 Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Level 2: Crystals and Color Healing – 9am-6:30pm (both days). (Sat & Sun Oct 9th-10th). Explore stones and layouts for healing the body and the aura and for meditation, and an introduction to healing with color. Program and balance the vibration of stones. Learn to open a portal for angels, recipes for Stone Aura baths, and elixir recipes. Layouts are practiced in class to open you up to greater creativity, increase your frequency and balancing your aura with every color of the rainbow. Initiation at end of class. No experience necessary. Crystal classes can be taken in any order. $400. Venmo: @Bradford-Tilden. Brauttree Wellness Center, 415 Killingsworth Rd, Higganum, CT. Contact Bradford: 860-830-5841,

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13 Free Essential Oil Class – 6:30pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free class! 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford or on Zoom to register please call 203-631-7803, email or visit

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14 Love Your Tatas Inside & Out with CT Thermography & guests – 7pm-8pm. This webinar is packed with valuable information pertaining to breast health including how to be proactive, detox practices and why the bra you choose to wear may be affecting breast health. Join this informative, interactive virtual event to learn more from April Beaman, RDH, CTT, Medical Thermographer of CT Thermography, Carol Tsacoyeanes, Ruby Ribbon Stylist offering no-bra alternatives and event coordinator Jacqueline Baldwin. To register for this Free Zoom webinar, visit: or email info@

markyourcalendar New Age & Crafts Expo Sponsored by Natural Awakenings

Come Experience a Day of Spiritual & Creative Enlightenment

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2021 10am - 5pm Wyndham Southbury 1284 Strongtown Road Southbury, CT

Intuitive Readers Aura Photos & Crystals Tibetan Singing Bowls Healings Handcrafted Jewelry, Soaps, Oils Reiki Circle Spiritual Art 2 Rooms of Dynamic Speakers and much more!

$6 Admission

$1 off with this coupon VENDOR SPACE STILL AVAILABLE


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16 Breast Thermography with CT thermography – 9:30am-10am. How do you know if your breasts are healthy? Are you looking for a radiation-free breast screening? Have you considered Thermography to assess your breast health? Join us to learn about the benefits of Breast Thermography, the difference between Thermography & Mammography, and how this screening tool has helped thousands of women assess & monitor their breast health safely and effectively. To register for this Free Zoom webinar, visit: or email info@ Reiki I – 9:30am-12:30pm. Reiki is the science and art of activating, directing and applying natural, universal life energy, to promote energy balancing, healing and wholeness. Includes certificate and materials $125. Will be held in person, to register please call 203-631-7803, email or visit




Mushroom Hike – 1:30pm. Put the “fun” in fungi with this themed nature hike lead by Ranger Evelyn! Explore the diversity of decomposers and see how many different kinds of mushroom you can find. (We will not be collecting to eat). Wear comfortable shoes for uneven terrain. Space is limited and registration is required. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Ln, Ansonia. Preregister: Fee $1 per person.

Crystals I Class with Gayle Franceschetti – 9:30am-11:30am. Come and explore the vibrations and energetic qualities of crystals. Learn the spiritual, emotional and physical significance of specific crystals. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. To register, please call 203-631-7803, email; or visit

Sound Healing Meditation w/ Katie Cavenagh – 2pm-3:15pm. Connect with your deep inner wisdom and relax with a guided meditation to help clear your path back to Source with help from your spirit team. $30. Starr Mill Yoga, 91 Beverly Heights, Middletown. Register at

Usui Tibetan-Enhanced Reiki Level II Training – 2pm. This is for those who have completed Level I and wish to explore Reiki in greater depth. Learn 3 Master Symbols, how to use them, and how to give distance healing. Cost: $185. 60 Church St, Wallingford. Email: or Phone Priscilla at: 508-517-2400.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 18 Uplifting Voices: 2-Day Virtual Conference – (Mon, Oct 18th & Tues, Oct 19th). Join us at Uplifting Voices: Conversations on Trauma & Recovery with the Consortium. Spanning 2 days, this virtual event will bring together experts in the behavioral health field as we continue to explore trauma in individual and community experiences. Sit down with us as we strive to push the boundaries of traditional trauma treatment, expand the definition of recovery, and create comprehensive, inclusive systems of care. Register at:

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20 Nature’s Explorers – 10am-11:30am. (Wednesdays, Oct. 20, 27 and Nov. 3, 10). Join the Nature Center and Public Library for this 4-week session geared for children ages 2–5 years old with an adult explorer. These outdoor classes will be fun exploring and learning through play. We will learn about nature and science while hiking with ANC’s Ranger Dan and reading with APL’s Ms. Jen. We’ll end with a snack! Every class is outside, so dress for the weather! $40 per 4-week session Email to to sign up. Location: Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Lane, Ansonia. Full Moon Meditation w/Gayle Franceschetti – 6:30pm-8pm. Align w/new energies of this Super Full Moon. Opportunities for letting go of the old and allowing spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds. $25. Zoom or in person. To register, please call 203-631-7803, email; or visit Essential Oils for Breast Health with April Beaman, RDH, CTT – 7pm-8pm. Looking after the health of our breasts is crucial, and there is much a woman can do to keep her breasts healthy for a lifetime. For this, essential oils are a must! When it comes to the use of essential oils there are several that are beneficial, the question is, “which ones?” This question, and so much more will be answered during this webinar! To register for this Free Zoom webinar, visit: or email info@

Autumn Festival – 11am-4pm. Celebrate autumn with the staff and the Friends of the Ansonia Nature Center (FANCI). Includes: a ride through our park in our horse-drawn story wagon, where you’ll hear some Halloween tales; a haunted trail to the golden rod maze; lunch from food vendor; learning about bats, spiders, and owls from one of the nature center’s naturalists; pumpkin painting; face painting; making original crafts, and nature-related exhibitors and vendors. All proceeds will benefit the Nature Center’s exhibits. rain or shine. No park admission fee. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Lane, Ansonia. Info: 203-736-1053.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24 Sonic Alchemy – 2pm-3:30pm. This sound healing meditation concert combines Bradford Tilden’s inspiring piano music, crystal bowls and channeled vocal tones to create a powerful activating, and healing experience. Bring own pillows, mats, etc. $20 Cash at door. The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham, Contact Bradford: 860-830-5841

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28 Free Essential Oil Class – 6:30pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free class! 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford or on Zoom. To register please call 203-631-7803, email or visit Breast Thermography with April Beaman, RDH, CTT – 7pm-7:30pm. How do you know if your breasts are healthy? Are you looking for a radiation-free breast screening? Have you considered Thermography to assess your breast health? Join us to learn about the benefits of Breast Thermography, the difference between Thermography & Mammography, and how this screening tool has helped thousands of women assess & monitor their breast health safely and effectively. To register for this Free Zoom webinar, visit: or email info@

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29 Breath, Body, Mind Basics – 9am-12pm. Virtual on Zoom. Trainers Linda Lentini & Tracey Meyers will introduce participants to the healing power of the breath and tools from the evidencedbased powerful program: Breath-Body-MindTM. These practices are easy to learn and can be utilized as part of a personal daily practice as well as a part of one’s clinical toolbox. During this day long introduction workshop, we will review the research behind these practices along with applications for different settings and populations. 3 CECs. $60. Register at

Strengthen Immunity Workshop-Make your own herbal tincture – 2pm-4pm. Use holistic healing and herbal medicine for pathogen prevention. Learn self-care tips to protect you and your family’s immune system. You will learn how to make an herbal tincture for winter wellness with vegetable glycerin, herbs, mushrooms, and filtered water. Investment $60 including the herbal tincture for immunity. Location: The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. For more information, go to

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Universal White Time Healing Level 1: Fri, Sat & Sun November 5-7 – Fri: 10am-1pm; Sat-Sun 9am-6pm. Increase your healing abilities with this effective, ground-breaking energy-healing modality that is rapidly gaining recognition. UWT works with the forces of unconditional love, divine light, and all time as one unit. It is a healing that is targeting the problem through time and space. $450. Avant Garde Holistic Center, 328 E Main St, Branford. 203-481-8443

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Realize the Virtue of Trauma with The Chitta Cleanse Technique (CCT) – 9:30am-10pm. Indian mystic Vedaji travels to Connecticut to introduce an ancient yoga trauma therapy based in Self-inquiry. Learn how to cleanse the subconscious mind to release negative patterns and conditioning, break free from the false ego, and to ultimately realize the Self. Event includes yoga, meditation, fire purification ceremony, kirtan, and two vegetarian meals. Early bird registration $108, after $150. The Red Barn in Durham. To Register: or email

Spread the love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

~Mother Teresa

October 2021



sunday Reiki Class Level I – 10am-3:30pm. (Sundays, October 17th & 24). Learn Reiki for self-care and treatment of others. Participants will learn, the benefits, history, and precepts of Reiki. Ample time for practice while following CDC protocol. Small class. Open for 4 participants at the Buttonwood Tree performing Arts Center, 605 Main St, Middletown. Cost $160 members. $170 non-members. Call: 203-314-5401. or Farm Tour & Honey Jelly Tasting – 10am-4pm. (Saturdays & Sundays through Oct). Explore and learn about our historic New England Hemp Farm & sample our Honey Jellies in our restored hay barn. Tasting comes with fruit and cheese. Available every Saturday & Sunday through October. Visit us online for more information. Red Clover Farms, 174 South Benham Rd, Seymour. CBD Cold-Pressed Juice Tasting – 10am-4pm. (Saturdays & Sundays through Oct). Sample 7 different varieties of our CBD Cold-Pressed Juice. Blackberry Hibiscus, Ginger Lemon, Honeycrisp Apple Basil, Peach Ginger, Blueberry Mint, Strawberry Lavender, Watermelon Lime. Each sampling series is 25mg CBD. Every Sat & Sun through Oct. Visit us online for more information. Red Clover Farms, 174 South Benham Rd, Seymour.

monday Come see CELC Middle School in action – Tours by appointment only! Middle school specialists, 5th – 8th grade. Small class sizes, personalized instruction, robust academics. Limited openings still available for 2020-21. 28 School St, Branford. Contact or call 203-433-4658. For more information, visit

tuesday Weekly Qi Gong class – 6pm-7pm. Qi gong translates to the practice of moving energy. Qi gong focuses on breath and movement to open up the energy flow in the body. There will be brief meditation integrating breath-work with a combination of chanting, singing bowls, and aromatherapy, and an inspirational reading at the end of each class. $15. For more info go to pages/calendar. Location: The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham.


New Haven/Middlesex

Reiki Class Level I – 6:30pm-9pm. (Tuesdays 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, & 10/26). Learn Reiki for Self-care and treatment of others. Participants will learn, the benefits, history, and precepts of Reiki. Ample time for practice while following CDC protocol. Small classes open for 6 participants at Wallingford Adult Education. Cost $160 Wallingford residents, $170 non Residents. Sign up at 37 Hall Ave, Wallingford or contact office at 203-294-3900. For information, call: 203-314-5401or Sound Healing Meditation – 7pm-8:15pm. Be guided through a deep meditation session designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Tap into your inner healer and connect with your personal power. $35/Session or $25/prepay multi sessions. The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. for info or to register.

wednesday Weekly Qi Gong class – 9:30am-10:30am. Qi gong translates to the practice of moving energy. Qi gong focuses on breath and movement to open up the energy flow in the body. There will be brief meditation integrating breath-work with a combination of chanting, singing bowls, and aromatherapy, and an inspirational reading at the end of each class. $15. For more info go to calendar. Location: Elizabeth Park in West Hartford. Open Healing Arts Exchange – 6pm-8:30pm. (Oct 13 - Every 2nd Wed of the month). Gather and experience each other’s unique healing modalities. While featuring White Time Energy and Gemstone healing, we welcome all practitioners and anyone interested in giving and receiving a healing and/ or curious about the healing arts. $20. Braulttree Wellness Center, Higganum. 860-344-9573.

thursday The Caring Network: Free virtual support group through Microsoft Teams for adults who have lost a loved one – 6pm. (Thurs, October 7 & October 21). Bridges Healthcare, 949 Bridgeport Avenue, Milford. Information about grief and loss; facilitated open discussion. Adults do not need to register. The group is facilitated by a Bridges counselor and is sponsored by Bridges Healthcare and Cody-White Funeral Home. For more information, please call the Group Facilitator, Brooke Torres M.Ed., at 203 878-6365 ext. 480. or email brtorres@ Healing Class for Chronic illness/pain using Tong Ren therapy through zoom – 7pm-8pm. For this class we focus on helping people struggling with chronic illness and chronic pain. Tong Ren Therapy is based on the power of our mind creating energy for healing. Using the hammer technique, we hit points on an acupuncture doll to focus the energy on a person. During the Tong ren class people will sit and receive energy. 3 things will be tapped on for each person. Group energy healing will be received and we will send distance healing also. This class also utilizes meditation, sound healing, and inspirational readings. $10. For more information, go to

Gemstone Clinic – 7:30pm-9pm. (Oct 21st - 3rd Thurs of the Month). Come get stoned with us! Experience gemstone treatments for only $10 each and learn about Universal White Time Healing and what it has to offer. $10-20. The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St. Durham. RSVP preferred. Bradford: 860-830-5841 or

friday Boost Your Biz 8 Week Online Course – 12pm-1pm. (Fridays, Oct 8th-Nov 12th). Clarify your message, enhance your copywriting skills, explore heart centered marketing, blast through imposter syndrome, and more! Get all the details at

saturday Farm Tour & Honey Jelly Tasting – 10am-4pm. (Saturdays & Sundays through Oct). Explore and learn about our historic New England Hemp Farm & sample our Honey Jellies in our restored hay barn. Tasting comes with fruit and cheese. Available every Saturday & Sunday through October. Visit us online for more information. Red Clover Farms, 174 South Benham Rd, Seymour. CBD Cold-Pressed Juice Tasting – 10am-4pm. (Saturdays & Sundays through Oct). Sample 7 different varieties of our CBD Cold-Pressed Juice. Blackberry Hibiscus, Ginger Lemon, Honeycrisp Apple Basil, Peach Ginger, Blueberry Mint, Strawberry Lavender, Watermelon Lime. Each sampling series is 25mg CBD. Every Sat & Sun through Oct. Visit us online for more information. Red Clover Farms, 174 South Benham Rd, Seymour.

classifieds DISTRIBUTORS WANTED DISTRIBUTORS WANTED – For monthly deliveries of Natural Awakenings and other local publications. Perfect for a retired person or stay at home mom looking to earn some extra income and connect with their local community. Honesty and dependability are the most important characteristics of our distributors.

MEDICAL/INTUITIVE HYPNOTIST HYPNOSIS THERAPY CENTER – There is a meaning behind every ailment and condition people have. It’s your body speaking to you. If you are tired of being sick and are ready to help yourself heal, then consider having a Discovery Session so you can learn the cause and ‘cure.’ Madison. 203-245-6927.

community resource guide APPLIED KINESIOLOGY KC CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS Kevin Healy, DC 17 Woodland Road, Madison, CT 203-245-9317

Applied Kinesiology i s a n e u r o logical evaluation to find and treat dysfunction. Different because it addresses causes instead of chasing pains, Dr. Healy tests if a therapy alleviates dysfunction, finding immediate answers as to which provides the most improvement. Chiropractic, craniosacral, myofascial and acupressure are among the therapies Dr. Healy uses. Generally, no single cure exists as disease and dysfunction typically involve multiple areas of the body. The goal of any therapy—physical, chemical, or emotional—is to improve function; a combination of therapies typically yields the best results. See ad on page 10.


CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School provides experientially-based education with a personalized approach to learning, designed to empower young people to thrive. Our students come from a variety of towns throughout Connecticut, from families looking for a program that engages and deepens learning, where their children can flourish during these important and impactful 5th - 8th grade years. See ad on page 9.


Not Just doulas … Birth Partners! Proudly serving clients for over 30 years, providing quality birth and postpartum doula care. Contact us any time for more information.

MASSAGE THERAPIST A MOMENT IN TIME MASSAGE, LLC Jill Andrzejewski LMT #9900, RMT & Psychic 3490 Whitney Avenue, Suite 205 Hamden, CT 203-909-1108

I use a holistic approach to treat my clients—We work as a team, setting goals to move forward to get you where you wish to be physically, mentally and spiritually. My intention is to empower people to empower themselves. I am an advocate for gentle stretching, crystals and breath work to maintain a feeling of being grounded and calm. Services available: massage, 30-minute sessions for chronic pain management, Reiki, chakra balancing, angel tarot, oracle card readings, couples Reiki, foot baths with hand made all natural herbal ingredients, group events and classes. A Moment In Time Treasures items available for purchase. Sessions available by appointment only.


April Beaman 2 Forest Park Dr. Farmington, CT 212 New London Turnpike Glastonbury, CT 860-415-1150 CT Thermography specializes in medical thermal imaging, also known as Thermography. Thermography is the use and study of thermograms for detecting and measuring variations of heat emitted for the surface of the body. A thermogram is produced by a highly sensitive, medical infrared camera that accurately maps the temperature variations which are then interpreted by Board Certified physicians known as thermologists. Thermography does not expose the body to radiation or involve contact and is used to aid in the detection of inflammation, disease and cancer. See ad on page 6.



Robin Barros, IMT-C, CSC, CPLC 5 Gavin Drive, Columbia, CT 860-709-3903

Spirit of the Lotus is a sacred space, warm and welcoming, where you can go for holistic health and healing. Robin uses many modalities to get to the heart of what’s caus-ing you to be in pain, out of alignment or just frustrated with what feels like a block to living your best life. Integrative Manual Therapy, gently helps you release tension from injury, illness or surgery. Intuitive guidance helps you release Physical, Mental & Spiritual baggage, carried for years, lives or generations. As an Advanced Soul Coach & Past Life Coach (R), we clear away inner debris in order to connect you with the wis-dom of your soul. With years of experience and training, you can experience optimal health & wellness.

Kristen Klie, D.V.M. 203-645-5570

Final Journey, LLC is an in-home euthanasia service for your animal companion that brings comfort and peace during a sensitive and challenging time. See ad on page 10.


can do you good Join the Natural Awakenings Franchise Family

For more info, visit:

October 2021


coming in the november mental health issue

Brain Health plus: Conscious


community resource guide PHYSICAL THERAPY PHYSICAL THERAPY SERVICES OF GUILFORD 500 East Main Street, Suite 310, Branford, CT 203-315-7727 (Phone) 203-315-7757 (Fax)

At Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, we specialize in manual therapy using hands-on techniques to help the body’s natural healing process. We also incorporate traditional programs and modalities to maximize health. 40-minute sessions are conducted one-on-one in private treatment rooms. See ad on page 21.

REIKI SUSANE GRASSO, RMT 2489 Boston Post Road Guilford, CT 203-500-6950

Stress is the plague of the 21st century and the cause of physical and emotional woes. Because of this, my sessions combine my ability to see auras with Reiki, Theta Healing, acupressure and Sound Vibrational Healing to provide deep relaxation and balance. “Tension out! Wellness in” is more than a phrase. For my clients it is a statement of fact. Distance Healing available. See ad on page 21.


787 Main St, S Woodbury, CT 203-586-1172 Combining an array of natural therapies that have been used since ancient times with today’s technology, Salt of the Earth Spa provides a sanctuary for deep transformations, healing and grounding for Mind, Body and Spirit.


New Haven/Middlesex


Bradford Tilden, MM, CMT, UWT 860-830-5841 My goal is to empower you to develop spiritually and professionally. I offer sessions and teach certification classes in Universal White Time (UWT), Lemurian Intuitive, Crystal, and Sound Healing, transformational voice coaching, and guided visualization. I use these techniques, and more to help you to obtain authentic expression, empowerment, and transformation. You can purchase personally attuned crystals, through me. My clients and students gain a renewed clarity and a sense of purpose in working with me.


Elm City Wellness is an independent, woman-owned wellness center with a focus on community healing. Services include a variety of skilled massage, CBD massage, community and private acupuncture, Reiki, craniosacral therapy and organic skin care, including signature, microderm and high frequency facials. Skilled therapists specifically tailor each and every session. Our wellness store features local products, candles, wellness supplies and books, smudge kits and a large range of third-party tested, pharmaceutical grade CBD products. See back cover ad.

Nature’s Virus Killer

not a sniffle!” she exclaimed. Businesswoman Rosaleen says when people around her show signs of cold or flu, she uses copper morning and night. “It saved me last holidays,” she said. “The kids had crud going round and round, but not me.” Attorney Donna Blight tried copper for her sinus. “I am shocked!” she said. By Doug Cornell “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” cientists have discovered a cold never got going. That was A man with trouble breathing natural way to kill germs fast. September 2012. I use copper in the through his nose at night tried copper Now thousands of people nose every time and I have not had a just before bed. “Best sleep I’ve had in are using it against viruses and bacteria single cold since then.” years!” he said. in the nose and on “We can’t In a lab test, technicians placed 25 the skin. make product million live flu viruses on a CopperZap. Colds start health claims,” he No viruses were found surviving soon when cold viruses said, “so I can’t after. get in your nose. say cause and Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the teams Viruses multiply effect. But we confirming the research. He placed fast. If you don’t know copper is millions of disease germs on copper. stop them early, antimicrobial.” “They started to die literally as soon as they spread and He asked they touched the surface,” he said. cause misery. relatives and Some people press copper on a lip New device puts copper right In hundreds friends to try it. right away if a warning tingle suggests where you need it. of studies, EPA and They reported unwanted germs gathering there. university researchers have confirmed the same thing, so he patented The handle is curved that viruses and bacteria die almost CopperZap® and put it on the and textured to increase instantly when touched by copper. market. contact. Copper can That’s why ancient Greeks and Soon hundreds of people had kill germs picked up on Egyptians used copper to purify water tried it. The feedback was 99% fingers and hands after and heal wounds. They didn’t know positive if they used the copper you touch things other about microbes, but now we do. within 3 hours after the first sign people have touched. Scientists say the high conductance of unwanted germs, like a tickle The EPA says copper of copper disrupts the electrical balance in the nose or a scratchy throat. still works even when Dr. Bill Keevil: in a microbe cell and destroys the cell in Early user Mary Pickrell tarnished. Copper quickly kills seconds. said, “I can’t believe how good CopperZap is made cold viruses. Tests by the EPA (Environmental my nose feels.” in the U.S. of pure Protection Agency) show germs die “What a wonderful thing!” copper. It has a 90-day full money back fast on copper. So some hospitals tried exclaimed Physician’s Assistant Julie. guarantee. It is available for $79.95. Get copper for touch surfaces like faucets Another customer asked, “Is it supposed $10 off each CopperZap with code NATA22. and doorknobs. This cut the spread of to work that fast?” Go to or call MRSA and other illnesses by over half, Pat McAllister, 70, received one for toll-free 1-888-411-6114. and saved lives. Christmas and called it “one of the best Buy once, use forever. The strong scientific evidence gave presents ever. This little jewel really Statements are not intended as inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When works.” product health claims and have not been he felt a cold about to start he fashioned Frequent flier Karen Gauci had been evaluated by the FDA. Not claimed to a smooth copper probe and rubbed it suffering after crowded flights. Though diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any gently in his nose for 60 seconds. skeptical, she tried copper on travel disease. “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The days for 2 months. “Sixteen flights and ADVERTORIAL

Copper can stop a cold before it starts


October 2021



New Haven/Middlesex

Profile for Natural Awakenings New Haven

Natural Awakenings New Haven & Middlesex CT OCT 2021  

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