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Nature’s Virus Killer

not a sniffle!” she exclaimed. Businesswoman Rosaleen says when people around her show signs of cold or flu, she uses copper morning and night. “It saved me last holidays,” she said. “The kids had crud going round and round, but not me.” Attorney Donna Blight tried copper for her sinus. “I am shocked!” she said. By Doug Cornell “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” cientists have discovered a cold never got going. That was A man with trouble breathing natural way to kill germs fast. September 2012. I use copper in the through his nose at night tried copper Now thousands of people nose every time and I have not had a just before bed. “Best sleep I’ve had in are using it against viruses and bacteria single cold since then.” years!” he said. in the nose and on “We can’t In a lab test, technicians placed 25 the skin. make product million live flu viruses on a CopperZap. Colds start health claims,” he No viruses were found surviving soon when cold viruses said, “so I can’t after. get in your nose. say cause and Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the teams Viruses multiply effect. But we confirming the research. He placed fast. If you don’t know copper is millions of disease germs on copper. stop them early, antimicrobial.” “They started to die literally as soon as they spread and He asked they touched the surface,” he said. cause misery. relatives and Some people press copper on a lip New device puts copper right In hundreds friends to try it. right away if a warning tingle suggests where you need it. of studies, EPA and They reported unwanted germs gathering there. university researchers have confirmed the same thing, so he patented The handle is curved that viruses and bacteria die almost CopperZap® and put it on the and textured to increase instantly when touched by copper. market. contact. Copper can That’s why ancient Greeks and Soon hundreds of people had kill germs picked up on Egyptians used copper to purify water tried it. The feedback was 99% fingers and hands after and heal wounds. They didn’t know positive if they used the copper you touch things other about microbes, but now we do. within 3 hours after the first sign people have touched. Scientists say the high conductance of unwanted germs, like a tickle The EPA says copper of copper disrupts the electrical balance in the nose or a scratchy throat. still works even when Dr. Bill Keevil: in a microbe cell and destroys the cell in Early user Mary Pickrell tarnished. Copper quickly kills seconds. said, “I can’t believe how good CopperZap is made cold viruses. Tests by the EPA (Environmental my nose feels.” in the U.S. of pure Protection Agency) show germs die “What a wonderful thing!” copper. It has a 90-day full money back fast on copper. So some hospitals tried exclaimed Physician’s Assistant Julie. guarantee. It is available for $79.95. Get copper for touch surfaces like faucets Another customer asked, “Is it supposed $10 off each CopperZap with code NATA24. and doorknobs. This cut the spread of to work that fast?” Go to or call MRSA and other illnesses by over half, Pat McAllister, 70, received one for toll-free 1-888-411-6114. and saved lives. Christmas and called it “one of the best Buy once, use forever. The strong scientific evidence gave presents ever. This little jewel really Statements are not intended as inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When works.” product health claims and have not been he felt a cold about to start he fashioned Frequent flier Karen Gauci had been evaluated by the FDA. Not claimed to a smooth copper probe and rubbed it suffering after crowded flights. Though diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any gently in his nose for 60 seconds. skeptical, she tried copper on travel disease. “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The days for 2 months. “Sixteen flights and ADVERTORIAL New Haven/Middlesex

Copper can stop a cold before it starts




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This month, like every December, is a reflective time for me, as I review the last 12 months that are now history— not focusing so much on whether or not life turned out the way I had hoped it would, but rather how did I respond to it all? As we have all experienced firsthand, life can seem so unfair at times or bring us unexpected beautiful gifts. However, the most self-sabotaging energy drainer of all, is regretting past decisions and mistakes we have made—And I have certainly made my share of mistakes. But then, again—how we respond to this can either deepen our despair and morph into cynicism, or be an opportunity for healing, and self-discovery, which is ultimately a gift—perhaps one of life’s greatest gifts. I am learning that the gift, which brings me the most joy and puts some of life’s biggest disappointments into a broader perspective, is my willingness to be present and shift my awareness to anything that makes my heart sing or brings me comfort—even if it’s just for a few moments. Some of my happiest moments include: going for a walk in nature; connecting with close family members; chatting with a friend or neighbor; a good laugh, and contributing in some way to my community—especially through this magazine, which has been the work of my heart for 13 years. Yoko Ono once said “Healing yourself is connected to healing others.” This is the premise of our feature December article by Linda Sechrist: “Circles of Healing: The Power of Gathering in Community.” Healing circles are heart-centered, with an emphasis on connection, inclusion, mentoring, expansion, wholeness and, best of all— remembering who we are. During a time of such divisiveness, whether politically, economically or socially driven, this is a very timely read. Boosting our immune system needs to be a top priority for staying healthy during the winter flu season and the ongoing threat of COVID. Two articles written by Connecticut holistic practitioners inform us on ways to strengthen our natural immunity through the 3,000-year old tradition of Chinese medicine and by using food as medicine. For those ladies out there, who are members of the dense breast club, Thermographer, April Beaman explains how thermography technology is a more sensitive tool in detecting breast tissue abnormalities that could be missed if solely relying on mammography. Our holiday issue would not be complete without our Conscious Eating spread, including 2-pages of healthy recipes for your holiday feast. Enjoy these scrumptious low—or no-sugar treats! We hope you have fun exploring the pages ahead, especially all of the local practitioners, resources, events and classes being offered this month and into the New Year—all intended to support you in achieving optimal health and wellness in 2022. Peace be with you this holiday season!

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When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us, the doors of our souls fly open, and love steps forth to heal everything in sight. ~Michael Bridge

Natural Awakenings is a family of 50+ healthy living magazines celebrating 27 years of providing the communities we serve with the tools and resources we all need to lead healthier lives on a healthy planet.


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on the Art of Soulful Listening


The Power of Gathering in Community







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Ways to Enjoy Healthier Holiday Fare

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December 2021


Gayle Franceschetti Hosts December Classes

news briefs

Talk Therapy Offices Open in Essex and West Hartford


he holiday season can be a joyous time. However, it can also bring on worsened stress, anxiety and depression. Utilizing a “talk therapy” approach, Seniel Lucien, LSW, Ph.D., offers help for children, adolescents, adults and partners who are experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, health concerns or are just looking to enhance personal growth. Dr. Lucien now has an office on the Connecticut shoreline in Essex as well as in West Hartford.

Dr. Seniel Lucien

Talk therapy is a collaborative process between the client, who expresses thoughts and feelings and is aided by the educated perspective of another, the therapist. The goal of the process is a deeper understanding, less stress and freer options for the one who is seeking help. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Lucien has dedicated herself to being a helper in this regard through her many years of separate training and post graduate programs in child, adolescent and adult psychology. Dr. Lucien received formal training in behavior therapies, crisis, trauma and psychoanalysis. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 860-767-2189 or visit Sessions are offered in person (depending on CDC compliance) or via telemedicine. See ad on page 29.





n December 1 and 13 from 6:30-8 p.m., Gayle Franceschetti, owner of Return 2 Love, will host a one-session Free Essential Oil Class, which will help align your mind, body and spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. The Full Moon Meditation with Franceschetti will take place on December 17 at 6:30-8 p.m. Align with the new energies of this full moon with opportunities for letting go of the old and allowing spiritual energies to reach your heart and mind. Gayle Franceschetti The class is $25 per person. The Winter Solstice class will be held December 21 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Join Franceschetti for this powerful meditation into the sacred Galactic Center. It is a time to cleanse the heart and the astral so that the profound feminine mysteries can unfold within your life and heal together for the change from dark to the light. The class is $25 per attendee. For more information, call 203-631-7803, email Return2Love3@ or visit Classes will be held in person at 36 Cheshire Rd., Wallingford, CT. See ad on page 11.

Take Part in Crystal Music Healing Events


he Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Level 3 course, taking place on December 4 and 5 from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., focuses on preparing us for the higher vibrations of the New Earth. The shape and colors of our auras and chakras are changing as the vibration of the Earth is increasing. The layouts in this class help us integrate the changes as well as prepare our minds, auras and bodies to help us make the shift to the New Earth

11:26 AM


Final Journey, LLC


(Pet Euthanasia Service)



Kristen Klie, D.V.M. and Associates



(203) 645-5570




New Haven/Middlesex

Experiencing Dizziness or Vertigo?


izziness and vertigo symptoms are poorly understood. Some of the causes can be from past mild physical trauma, such as a car accident, fall or bumping your head.


harmonious. The cost is $400 (Venmo: @Bradford-Tilden or Eventbrite: For more information or alternate payment arrangements, call Bradford Tilden at 860-830-5841 or email

On every second Wednesday of the month, Explore White Time will take place from 6-8:30 p.m. All are welcome to participate in this exclusive, “round robin”-style healing circle featuring White Time energy and gemstone healing. Everyone gets a turn on the table to receive White Time energy and the featured gemstone treatment of the month. December’s layout is brain development #1 (of 3). The fee is $30 for all participants with a $10 discount for Universal White Time practitioners. For more information and to register, call 860-344-9573 or email

Take advantage of Physical Therapy Services of Guilford’s complimentary, 10-minute cranial-sacral screening in December to see if cranial work might relieve your symptoms. To schedule a screening, call 203-315-7727. Location: Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, 500 East Main St., Ste. 310, Branford, CT. See ad on page 13.

For more information, contact Bradford Tilden at 860-830-5841 or Both events are being held at Braulttree Wellness Center in Higganum, CT. See ad on page 29.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. ~Mother Teresa

Breast thermography

We also provide

A Safe, Radiation-Free Way To Assess Your Breast FemaleHealth & Male

Upperchanges Body and Breast Thermography’s key asset is that it detects early physiological breast

which often take place years before a lump can be seen or felt. • No X-Rays! No Compression! Non-invasive!

• Suitable for women of all ages and breast types including dense breasts, implants, and women who are pregnant. New clients receive 10% OFF of an Upper Body or Full Body Screening (includes breasts). Cannot be combined with other offers.

Full Body Screenings

Call today to schedule, or book your appointment online.


2 Convenient Locations in Farmington and Glastonbury • December 2021


news briefs

Academy For Soul Healing Module III Starts Soon


he Academy For Soul Healing’s Enhanced Year of Healing continues with Module III, which begins with the January 8 and 9 session. Module III will focus on Akashic Field Healing and quantum theory and will include: history of the Akashic Field/Records, kinesiology techniques, accessing the Akashic Field for healing, as well as a practicum for healing the self, others, groups and other situations. The course will take place one weekend each month via Zoom. Dates for Module III in 2022 are: January 8 and 9, February 12 and 13, March 12 and 13, April 9 and 10.

No previous experience is needed to participate in An Enhanced Year of Healing, and one does not need to partake in the previous modules to benefit from the third. “Just ask yourself this one question and listen intently for the answer: Is your soul calling to be in alignment with the Divinity of you? If your Soul says “yes”, please join us to transform your mind, body and spirit,” says facilitator Eilis Philpott. Some of the many intentions for An Enhanced Year of Healing 2021/2022 include: shifting into who you truly are; discover and know, with certainty, your role(s) in the world; clear up the wounds, trauma, negative energy, doubts and fears that are preventing you from “Being”; create an experiential learning environment that is both personally healing and educationally driven; teach students the basic principles and techniques from a number of modalities as outlined in the modules; and offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment for all students to become familiar with what it’s like to stand in the role of the leader/teacher. “Are you someone who has identified that being of service to others is vital to your alignment with your authentic self? Are you looking for an opportunity to engage in personal healing 8

New Haven/Middlesex

work that enables you to show up in your life and for others in an entirely new way? Or, are you a current practitioner, coach or therapist who’s looking to really differentiate your practice and expand your offering?” asks Philpott. Attendees will receive: guided support from Eilis Philpott and a new Soul Tribe; a unique and divine toolbox filled with Divine gifts and healing modalities; plenty of guided practice to harness different consciousness shifts; certification; and opportunity to join the Teacher Development Program. For more information and to register, visit

Reader Feedback Helps Us Grow


he Natural Awakenings online national readership survey allows us to better serve readers. “Your participation We Want takes just five minutes, and will to Hear give us a better understandfrom You ing of what you need and how Your Thoughts well we’re delivering on your Share your Count! expectations,” says founding ideas in Plus your “2 Cents” our Natural CEO Sharon Bruckman. “We’ll could win you a $100 Awakenings also use your responses to help Reader Visa gift card! guide the direction of future Survey. development.” One participant, selected at random, will receive a $100 Visa gift card. With the interests and welfare of readers in mind, Natural Awakenings provides information and resources for living a healthier, happier life. Publishing in more than 50 communities nationwide, Natural Awakenings is one of the country’s most widely read healthy living magazines, with a loyal monthly readership of over 1.3 million. Visit to participate. See ad on page 25.

Holistic Benefit Features Holistic Community Vendors


Benefit Holistic Health Fair will be held December 12, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the VFW Hall in Plainville, as a fundraiser for the Plainville Food Pantry. There will be a Bonus Reindeer Raffle. The winner will receive a Christmas Tree with all the trimmings and lights. Free early bird shoppers’ tickets are available at Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with vendors and exhibitors as they learn about available resources to help promote healthy living and overall well-being. Vendors include: Natural Awakenings magazines, readers, fitness clothing, soaps, chocolates, crafts, Pure Posture, crocheted

items, candles, Bemer Therapy, CBD, soy candles, sound healing, natural minerals, T-shirts, salves, health resources, healing modalities, local art, Reiki, jewelry, balms, chiropractic, essential oils, honey, syrups, tinctures, natural and personal care products, natural supplements, crystals, auricular therapy and more. The Holistic fair is a free event and donations of non-perishable food, toiletries and paper goods will be collected at the door. Cash donations or checks may also be made to the Plainville Food Pantry. All door proceeds will help those in need throughout the year. For more information, call Shirley Bloethe at 860-989-0033, email or visit Location: VFW Post 574, 7 Northwest Dr, Plainville.

Understanding Your Baby’s Language with Holistic Moms Network


n December 21 at 6:30 p.m., join the New Haven County chapter of Holistic Moms Network in person as Lindsay Zawadski speaks about the Dunstan baby language technique. Attendees will learn about the technique; the benefits; and how to listen for, interpret and respond to a newborn’s sounds before they start crying. Dunstan baby language was created by Australian opera singer Priscilla Dunstan, who observed that babies voice specific sounds just before they begin crying. She found that learning these certain sounds enables you to figure out what your baby is trying to tell you before their crying begins to escalate. Over an eight-year span, Dunstan used her skills as a singer and vocalist to conduct research on babies around the world, resulting in the creation of the Dunstan baby technique. Dunstan views it as more of a “language” than a technique that parents and caretakers can learn and use with their babies. Zawadski is a certified Dunstan baby language educator with a medical assisting background. For her, most importantly, she is a homeschooling mother of two girls and used this method with them when they were babies. She hopes that Dunstan baby language will become more well-known as a valuable tool for new parents and caregivers and be taught as a part of newborn parenting classes. The mission of Holistic Moms Network, a nonprofit support and discussion network, is to connect parents who are interested in holistic health and green living. It welcomes people wherever they are on their own holistic path in an environment that does not judge. The monthly meetings, open to the public, are the third Tuesday of each month. While they usually take place in person at the Woodruff YMCA in Milford, Connecticut, the monthly meetings are currently offered through Zoom. For more information and the event location, visit HolisticMoms. org or RSVP for the event on the Events page on

Explore Art This Winter with Earthly Goddess Art Studio’s Classes


arthly Goddess Art Studio, located at The Red Barn in Durham, Connecticut, is holding winter semester art classes. The classes include Landscape Acrylics on February 5 and 26 (10 a.m.-noon), Painting for Adults on Wednesdays from January 12 to February 16 (1-3 p.m.), Creative Clay on Tuesdays from January 11 to March 1 (6:30-9 p.m.), and Adaptive Acrylic Painting on Fridays from January 14 to February 3 (4-5:30 p.m.). For kid-specific classes, the studio is offering Studio Art for Homeschoolers Ages 5-7 on Thursdays from January 13 to February 2 (noon-1:30 p.m.), Exploratory Art for Grades K through 2 on Wednesdays from January 12 to February 14 (4-5:30 p.m.), Clay Pottery Hand-building for Kids ages 8-10 on Mondays from January 10 to January 31 (noon-2 p.m.) and Clay Creations for Grades 3-5 on Thursdays from January 13 to February 17 (4-5:30 p.m.). Workshops include Paper Earrings on January 22 (10 a.m.-1 p.m.), Soulful Acrylic Abstract Painting on February 19 and 26 (10 a.m.-3 p.m.), Zoom Class – Painting with the Masters on February 12 (12:30-3:30 p.m.), Paint! Paint! WOW! with the Gellie Plate on March 5 (10 a.m.-3 p.m.), and Crafting Circle starting January 14, the first and third Friday of every month from 6-9 p.m. To schedule a class or for more information, call 860-349-0251 or email Location: The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St., Durham, CT. See ad on page 19.

Healing yourself is connected with healing others. ~Yoko Ono

Maintain your youth

with Homeopathic HGH Transdermal Gel Maximum Strength Somatropin Unique and affordable alternative designed to support your pituitary gland! Usage may

• Improve Bone and Joint Health • Improve Sleep • Increase Muscle and Reduce Fat Contact Shirley R. Bloethe

860-989-0033 or December 2021


andreea ch /

Healthy older adults that ate about a half cup of walnuts every day for two years gained a modest reduction in low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the “bad cholesterol”, reports a study of 636 people from San Diego’s Loma Linda University. Other risk factors for heart health—small LDL particles and intermediate-density lipoprotein— also decreased, signaling a lower chance of cardiovascular events. “Many people are worried about unwanted weight gain when they include nuts in their diet,” says study co-author Emilio Ros, M.D., Ph.D. “Our study found that the healthy fats in walnuts did not cause participants to gain weight.”

Try Damask Rose Extract to Boost Liver Function


The fragrant Damask rose (Rosa damascene), a common ingredient in essential oils and perfumes, has been used for a millennia in the Middle East to treat chest pain, menstrual bleeding, heart weakness and digestive ailments. A new study by Iranian researchers has found that it also boosts liver function in people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The 37 participating patients that took 500 milligrams of rose petal extract daily for 12 weeks had significantly better serum ALT (liver enzyme) levels compared to the placebo group. The rose extract also reduced triglycerides, low-density lipoproteins and blood pressure, and it significantly improved metabolic syndrome markers. 10

New Haven/Middlesex

The deep visceral fat that surrounds internal organs is a major indicator of metabolic syndrome and diabetes, but it can be decreased in women by eating an avocado each day, report researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. For 12 weeks, 105 overweight or obese men and women were fed a meal that for only half of the participants included an avocado. The women that ate avocados experienced a reduction in visceral abdominal fat, as well as a reduced ratio of visceral fat to subcutaneous fat closer to the skin, indicating a redistribution of fat away from the organs. Fat distribution in males did not change.

Avoid Antibiotics to Lower Colon Cancer Risk A clear link exists between taking antibiotics for six months and developing colorectal cancer in the next five to 10 years, report researchers from Umea University, in Sweden. By comparing the records of 40,000 Swedish cancer patients to 200,000 people without cancer, they found that taking antibiotics for at least six months increased the risk of cancer by 17 percent in the ascending colon, the first part to be reached by food after the small intestine. However, no increased risk was found for cancer in the descending colon. Those taking the most antibiotics had the greatest risk, but even a single course was associated with a small, but statistically significant risk increase. “While in many cases antibiotic therapy is necessary and saves lives, in the event of less serious ailments that can be expected to heal anyway, caution should be exercised,” says Umea University researcher Sophia Harlid, Ph.D. ana terevich/

Eat Walnuts to Reduce Bad Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Eat an Avocado Daily to Redistribute Belly Fat

ready made/

health briefs

Holistic Community Professionals HCP

Our professional team of holistic and natural businesses provides community outreach and education. We are committed to improving the health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit in the communities we serve. Visit our Site:

CBDa 10xPure TM Earleen Wright CBDa 10xPure TM is known for its healing power over CBD alone. We are the only company that has CBDa. Contact Earleen Wright 203-215-3222

Intuitive Counselor & Healer Gayle Franceschetti, MEd, CHt Hypnotherapy, Meditations Reiki/Energy sessions, Essential Oils Group Past Life Regression Individual Past Life Regression Workshops, Spiritual Power Journeys, Private mentoring & counseling 203-631-7803

Medical Intuitive/Shaman Past Life Regression Therapy Spirit of the Lotus Robin Barros IMT-C, CSC, CPLC Hands-on Healer Medical Intuitive Shaman/Medium Spiritually-Guided Coach Advanced Soul Coach (R) Holographic Sound Healer 5 Gavin Drive, Columbia CT

Energy Healing (Women) Lotus Moon Reiki Healing With Annette Reiki Master/Shamanic Healing Spiritual Guidance Belly Dance instructor Berlin, CT 203-314-5764

Lightworker Bradford W. Tilden, MM, CMT, UWT Remote journey and coaching sessions Workshops in Crystal & Sound Healing Professional certification courses In Universal White Time (UWT) Energy and Gemstone Healing 860-830-5841

Naturopathic Physician Vis Wellness Center Dr. Nicole Klughers ND, PharmD, MSAc Naturopathic Physician Acupuncture Provider Rocky Hill & TeleMedicine 234-2-ACU-DOC

Holistic Healer Indigo’s Path Adriana R. Russo MA, CHT, CCH, CHLC Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Intuitive Body/Mind Coaching For transformative health and healing 203-510-8932

LMT, RMT, Psychic Jill Andrzejewski LMT, RMT, Psychic Massage Therapy #9900 Reiki & Chakra Balancing Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Readings A Moment In Time Treasures items for self-care and healing Workshops and classes 203-909-1108

Wellness Center The Red Barn in Durham Janice Juliano, MSW, LCSW Holistic Psychotherapist Coordinator MassageTherapy Nutrition / Yoga / Reiki / Sound Healing Professional Photography / Art Classes 860-559-6151 352 Main St, Durham

We Welcome You! To Join Holistic Community Professionals contact: Shirley Bloethe: 860-255-8844 11 December 2021

wise words

Susane Grasso REIKI MASTER

Thomas Moore on the

Art of Soulful Listening by Marlaina Donato

What inspired you to write Soul Therapy? We need more therapeutic conversations in all areas of life, and my book is for the ordinary person, as well as the professional therapist. We could talk to each other with the intention of befriending and offering useful care. Medicine is in need of an injection of this therapeutic talking and listening to add soul and spirit to an otherwise materialistic approach to the human being.

Relaxation Therapy Chakra Balancing Aura Readings


Let go of thoughts that don’t make you strong.

~Karen Salmansohn


New Haven/Middlesex


homas Moore, New York Times bestselling author, Jungian-based psychotherapist, musician and former monk, has been an advocate for conscious living since authoring his first book, Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life. Twenty-three books later, Moore breaks ground with his latest release, Soul Therapy: The Art and Craft of Caring Conversations, in which he invites therapists, psychiatrists, spiritual directors, ministers and caregivers to cultivate deeper connection based on soulful listening. His timeless wisdom inspires all of us to live from a state of spirituality and conscious wonder so that we might bridge the chasm between cultural, political and personal differences.

photo by Simone Anne

What is soul therapy in modern times? The ancient Greeks wrote extensively about the soul. Their word was psyche, so it takes very little effort to see how psychotherapy is about caring for the soul. The ancients felt that the soul’s natural home is in the “underworld”, and soul therapy sees it the same way. We are not interested in causing behavior changes or finding explanations for current problems. These don’t go deep enough. They do not touch the underworld, or deep narratives and memories of a person. For example, if a person complains that he eats too much, then we might go deep and see if the underlying issue is a failure to nourish his life and person. We look for metaphors and layers of meaning. We don’t want change for the sake of change. We don’t necessarily expect a person to feel better or be better adjusted to life. We stay close to the symptom, like eating too much, and hope to see it fulfilled at a deeper level, truly nourishing your life.

What soul work is required of the helper to be able to address the needs of others? The helper in soul therapy has to learn to

observe carefully, and at a deep level, the narrative or story being lived out, often unconsciously, in a client. The arts, mythology, alchemy, dreams—these can all give hints about the deeper story being lived. The soul therapist does not give much advice, if any, and doesn’t try to figure a person out. He or she stays close to the symptoms to see what the pain and confusion are all about. A person gets to know better the desires and fears that motivate him, without judgment or agenda. You try to see where the soul might have been wounded or not cared for.

Why do you think there is a perceived increase in anxiety and depressive disorders? Our underlying philosophy or way of seeing everything is based on quantified studies, brain and laboratory research and the need to explain and define everything. There is no room for mystery and its language, which is poetic and metaphorical. The soul suffers.

How can we truly listen to others and cultivate authentic presence? Today we often debate rather than converse. We want to win arguments rather than gain deep insight. You listen well only when you find peace in yourself and give up the need to be always right.

Individual, Family, Couples and Group Counseling WOLF SPIRIT

Husky/Medicaid and Most Insurance Accepted • 203-263-3175 • 670 Main Street South, Suite B2, Woodbury, CT 06798


TO ASK WHEN SEEKING A PHYSICAL THERAPIST 1. Will my PT work ONLY with me during my treatment? ABSOLUTELY! At Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, we are one of the few remaining practices that spend 40 minutes, one-on-one, with YOU and ONLY YOU.

2. Will I ONLY be doing exercises during my treatment? No. Your physical therapist will be using hands-on techniques to relieve your pain and will provide you with exercises to do at home.

Physical Therapy Services of Guilford • 500 East Main Street • Branford

203-315 7727

Lauri Ingram

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What gives you hope for humanity? In spite of all our problems today, I am an optimist. Humanity is very slowly evolving into a more humane community of Earth beings. We have a long way to go. I see our young people today, many of them impatient to create a different kind of global culture, one that has the courage and vision to deal with our ecological crisis and create a peaceful political planet. They are not plagued with cynicism or despair. We can’t give up our idealism and surrender to pessimism. The world has always had deep troubles. The challenge should bring out all our creativity and passion for life.

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Marlaina Donato is an author and recording artist. Connect at December 2021


The Power of Gathering in Community by Linda Sechrist


ad the intellectual achievements of human culture evolved during a revolution based on living systems in the natural world rather than one of rapid industrial growth and resource consumption, we might be experiencing interconnectedness instead of divisiveness during this time of social and ecological crisis. A nature-focused revolution embracing humans as an integral part of the Earth’s natural systems would have instilled a deeper understanding of the wonders of the human body as a living system imbued with inner intelligence, as well as the intelligence of the non-human living world. This perspective, held by Native Americans, would have helped to create sustainable human communities that flourish by connecting, collaborating, cooperating and communicating. With such approaches as wisdom circles, story circles, power of eight intention circles, support groups, prayer circles and dialogue circles exploring conflict solutions, Western minds are just beginning to comprehend how small-community experiences of fellowship and communion can assuage feelings of separation and isolation, and create inner experiences of wholeness and belonging.

Mentoring Each Other Although not always sharing a common geographical location, 14

New Haven/Middlesex

small communities formed around common interests and shared values enable emotional healing. The ManKind Project (MKP), which describes itself as a “men’s community for the 21st century,” has more than 1,000 peer-facilitated groups in 22 countries in which men mentor each other through their life passages. “In our MKP communities, there’s a sense of shared commitment and the shared values of accountability, authenticity, compassion, generosity, integrity, respect, leadership and multicultural awareness, along with a shared vision pointing us in the direction we want to go together,” says Boysen Hodgson, MKP-USA communications director. “While MKP’s mission statement informs our work, in New Warrior Adventure training, each man creates a personal mission statement. Mine is, ‘I transform culture by designing change, building bridges and co-creating space for connection.’” According to Hodgson, when a man shares how he hears his inner voice for the first time along with his story in another man’s story, he becomes aware of his interior capacities and cultivates internal and external listening skills. By sharing personal stories, men experience epiphanies that can result in connections and bonding. Douglas Bonar, a 35-year veteran of mental health counseling and owner of A Center for Wellness, in Pinellas Park, Florida, has been facilitating men’s groups for 22 years. Men and occasionally women that have been court-ordered to undergo counseling with


Circles of Healing

Bonar for 29 weeks after their incarceration learn the value of growing together in community. “I initiate the uninitiated who’ve never heard about the powerful impacts of respectful, attentive listening without judgement, giving/receiving feedback and support, and learning about successes and failures in the company of community,” says Bonar. “Actively engaging the minds, hearts and energy of people participating in community makes experiencing emotional healing possible. Feeling truly heard and deeply listened to and comprehending life from a multisensory human perception and a sense of oneness can lead to understanding that we are never alone, the universe is alive—conscious, intelligent and compassionate.” More about progress than perfection, Bonar’s unique Roots and Wings Way of Wholeness approach to healing in community tills the soil of an inner world and plants seeds via the introduction of guidelines for creating authentic power, spiritual growth, levels of consciousness, coherence, the realization of one’s true self as more than an enculturated personality, the Noetic experience of oneness, humans as energetic beings, emotions as energy in motion and a coherent energetic field that the HeartMath Institute notes creates synchronization, or entrainment, between the heart and mind, as well as a sense of unity.

Sharing Sacred Space Jean Shinoda Bolen, a Jungian psychiatrist, activist and author of Moving Toward the Millionth Circle: Energizing the Global Women’s Movement, encourages everyone to follow a path with soul and take on a personal assignment that contributes to change, while relying on the support of circle communities of like-minded individuals. “Fundamental principles applicable to any group include creating sacred space, listening with compassion and for wisdom, speaking from the heart and personal experience, inviting silence and reflection when needed, taking responsibility for your experience and your impact on the circle, keeping the confidence of the circle and making decisions when needed by consensus,” says Bolen, whose active events include a prayer circle and another with women she has been together with since the 1980s. “The more frequently a circle meets to fully witness one another’s life stories, including all the changes and crises, a growing trust and heart connection occurs and a coherent energy field is created,” says Bolen. At the beginning of her circle gatherings, upon hearing the tone of a Tibetan bowl, she says, everyone immediately drops into coherence; a state of connectedness in which the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Cultivating Deep Listening As the host of New Dimensions, a nationally syndicated radio program that addresses cultural shifts, Justine Willis Toms has deeply explored interconnectedness with some of the greatest minds on the planet, including the Dalai Lama and physicist David Bohm. Referring to her circle communities as “friends of the heart,” she enthuses, “When I am deeply listening to another or speaking authentically aloud in a circle of trust, I get to hear myself in a way that I don’t if I’m only listening to what is in my head.”

Recalling a tumultuous time in her life, Toms relates a profound healing experience that occurred in a circle community in which she and her husband had been participating since the 1980s. “This particular circle usually gathers for an entire weekend. On one, I arrived in deep distress—so much so that on Friday I began pouring out my fears, anxiety, blame and judgements. I raged through the night and didn’t stop until after breakfast on Saturday, when I felt complete, totally heard, emotionally healed and revived.” From a sense of peace and clarity, Toms knew that healing occurred because of the circle’s capacity for deep listening. “We know and trust the true genius that each of us is, and we know how to not be afraid for each other when life is in a rollercoaster cycle and we’re at the bottom, but don’t want to pull the brake because we’ll never have the momentum to go back up. This is the power of a circle of friends of the heart who love you,” says Toms, who shares a favorite African saying, “‘A friend is someone who knows your song and sings it to you when you have forgotten it. Those who love you are not fooled by the mistakes you’ve made or the dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly, your wholeness when you are broken, your innocence when you’re feeling guilty and your purpose when you are confused.’”

Connecting through Common Emotions Physician Jennifer Phelps, owner of Phelps MD Integrative Medicine, in Redding, Connecticut, is a trained facilitator of small groups who has worked in communities traumatized by natural disasters and human-caused catastrophes in her role as a faculty member of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, in Washington, D.C. “Where individuals listen to the grief and loss of others, emotional healing can be quite profound. Sharing stories in community, we learn we’re not alone and isolated, but rather related and connected in our human emotions,” says Phelps, adding that in groups of fewer than six people cohesiveness dissipates, leaving only conversation and cross-talk. The process of human and community development unfolds from within each person, relationship and community. According to Cate Montana, of Kula, Hawaii, author of The E-Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials, awakening to the illusion of separation, which can happen in community, sparks healing. “The persona of an individual as only a body and mind is the big sleep,” advises Montana, whose life work has been about waking people up to the truth of their essential spiritual nature and giving them tools for a more fulfilling life. Having experiences of fellowship and communion with likeminded people can make it possible to observe and understand how ego and mind function, and to become aware of crippling social programming which fragments, separates and divides us. Experiencing a sense of wholeness in such an environment allows for healing naturally on many levels. Linda Sechrist is Natural Awakenings’ senior staff writer. Connect at December 2021


How Can Chinese Medicine Be Used to Strengthen Immunity?


by Erik Harris

s the winter season is approaching, the topic of immunity is a focus for everyone. In the current climate of the world, people’s immunity is something that is treated in many different ways. There are so many perspectives on this topic; it is often at the forefront of most people’s minds. One perspective is from the viewpoint of the 3,000 year-old tradition of Chinese medicine. This ancient medicine is based on Taoist philosophy and focuses on the natural way of life. Our seasons are broken into five parts which correlate with the five elements. The five elements, along with the eight-principle theory, make up the foundation for Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, the element that represents fall is metal. The organs associated with metal are lung and large intestine. These organs represent the immune system. There is a concept called wei qi, which represents a barrier around the organs. 16

New Haven/Middlesex

This energetic barrier around the lungs provides protection from external pathogens invading the body. The body part associated with metal is the nose. This is why when people have sinus issues, they tend to be worse in the fall. With the constant fluctuation in temperatures, along with the blustery winds, it is easier for a pathogen to break through the protective barrier and invade the body. During this time of year, it is recommended to wear a hat or scarf to protect the back of the head. This area is called the “wind gate,” where all pathogens enter the body. In Chinese medicine, the main point that provides protection from “external wind” is called Gallbladder 20; and it is located at the base of the skull near the hairline. External wind refers to cold, flu, allergies and anything outside of the body that will affect the immune system. Keeping this point open is a great preventative method to avoid sickness.

Humans are always changing, just like the seasons. Every month the body is renewed. The drastic shift from the hot summer to the cool fall and winter months can sometimes happen too quickly for the immune system to adjust. Keeping the energy of the body strong with a good diet, exercise and meditation can form a strong foundation for prevention. During this time, it is especially important to eat and drink warm foods and liquids. Bringing the warmth into the core enhances protection from colds and flus. Ingesting warm teas, soups and broths can help warm the organs and invigorate qi. Specific herbs can also be added to assist in this transitionary time of year. There are many Chinese herbal formulas that help to clear wind and warm the body. Gui zhi wan, which consists of white peony root, dried ginger, cinnamon twig, red date and licorice root, is a common formula for that purpose. It can help to


healing ways

clear a pathogen out before it takes hold. It also can be used for prevention, especially if a person leans toward feeling more cold or yang deficient. Astragalus root is the number one herb to strengthen the wei qi of the lungs. It helps to create the protective barrier to keep pathogens out. It is so good that if a pathogen does enter the body, it must stop being used because it will hold the pathogen in. There are countless other herbs that can be used for different reasons at different times. For example, andrographis is a great herb that supports immunity. When paired with the antiviral Isatis root and dandelion leaf, this formula can prevent the pathogen from entering the body if there was exposure. If a pathogen does take hold, it usually starts as a wind cold and the person will feel cold, clammy and have a runny nose. Usually warming herbs will be given to warm the body and help clear out the sickness. Gan mao ling is a traditional formula for this purpose. If the pathogen moves deeper, it can manifest as a wind heat. This is a good time to add cooling herbs to clear the heat. Honeysuckle flower is one of the chief herbs in yin chiao, a traditional formula for a wind heat. Some Western herbs that support immunity are elderberries, rosehips, pine, echinacea and lemon balm as well as a variety of medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi and turkey tail. These can be taken in teas, syrups or tinctures. They can be used as a tonic for prevention but also used to feel better from sickness. A Chinese medicine practitioner may also utilize other modalities besides herbs like qi gong, tui na, acupuncture, fire cupping, auriculotherapy, guasha, moxibustion and more to support the immune system. Qi gong exercises are usually done in the standing position. It is often called meditation in motion. The focus is on breath and slow movements to move energy through the 12 meridians of the body. Tui na is a specific type of acupressure that opens up blockages on the meridian channels at a deeper level. A practitioner uses techniques with their hands to open up the wei qi and jumpstart the body’s innate healing ability. Fire

cupping is done by putting a small flame from a cotton swab into a glass cup for a second and putting the cup directly on the skin. The heat creates the suction which pulls out inflammation and toxins, and boosts the immune system. Cupping can clear out dampness in the lungs; it is really beneficial if a person has a cold, cough and flu. Auriculotherapy is also known as ear reflexology. There are over 300 acupoints in the ear. These points represent nerve endings that specifically correlate to areas of the body. A practitioner can put needles or seeds on the specific points to activate them. Guasha translates as scraping in Chinese. Oil is applied to the skin and then a specific guasha tool is used to rub on an area of the body. When used around the neck, it will open up the lymphatic system. It will bring blood to the surface to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. Moxibustion uses the herb mugwort to move blocked energy. Traditionally used in sticks or cones that are lit on fire and put toward an area of the body where the heat is not touching the skin but it is felt. Indirect points using heat shields can also be applied. They can open up specific points or areas of the body. These moxa applications will bring heat deep inside to promote healing. In conclusion, there are many aspects of Chinese medicine that can support immunity. A self-care routine utilizing qigong, dietary changes, supplements, Chinese herbs and meditation can be a great way to strengthen the immune system and prevent sickness. There are also other modalities that a Chinese medicine practitioner can use which include tui na, cupping, moxa, and guasha, to name a few. Overall, this concept of immunity can be something that is treated as an integrated approach to health and healing. The ancient teachings of Chinese medicine can be a way that people can support themselves and their families. Erik Harris is the owner of Chi for Healing, located at 352 Main Street in Durham. He specializes in helping people suffering from chronic pain, chronic illness and autoimmune conditions. Connect at 860-593-8397 or

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To a Stronger Immune System


by Dr. Dana Krete

hether preventing a common cold, the flu or keeping your natural guard strong in the midst of the pandemic, using food as medicine to build a strong immune system is front and center. We’ve been conditioned to want a quick fix to our health problems. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just take a couple of supplements and feel like our immune system is supported and functioning optimally? While many supplements and specific nutrients are wonderful and effective supports for the immune system, no amount of supplements can make up for an unbalanced diet and poor lifestyle choices. In naturopathic medicine, we say, “it’s not just about the bug, it’s about the terrain.” This means no matter with what bacteria or virus your body comes into contact, it’s the health of your body, or inner terrain, that will determine if and how it affects you. The healthier your terrain, the more easily you will fight off pathogens. This has been very evident in the past 18 months with COVID-19 where we find 78 percent of people who end up in the hospital are significantly 18

New Haven/Middlesex

overweight, and 95 percent of deaths are in people with three or more comorbidities (or multiple medical conditions.) The body’s terrain is primarily determined by diet and nutritional status, toxin exposure, exercise levels, stress levels and stress management, and relationships. Arguably some of the best research on nutrition ever done was by Weston A. Price over a hundred years ago. He was a dentist who began questioning why cavities were becoming more prevalent. He set off to do research on this by traveling around the world and studying people of different cultures. What he found was that as soon as any group of people’s diet was made up of more than 20 percent of “white man’s food”—meaning sugar, flour, canned or processed foods—the rate of cavities increased significantly. What he also found was these same groups of people with processed foods in the diet also had increased rates of chronic degenerative diseases, which we see so commonly in our culture but were uncommon back then. More importantly, he found those same groups of people were much more susceptible to the infectious diseases that

were prevalent at the time, becoming sick more often and more severely when their diets were higher in processed foods. In modern research, epidemiological studies have found that those who are poorly nourished are at greater risk of bacterial, viral and other infections. Hopefully, many of the dietary recommendations in this article won’t be much of a surprise. At the same time, this might trigger motivation to make some dietary changes. At its very simplest, the dietary recommendations for supporting the immune system are easy to understand: EAT REAL FOOD! n Avoid or limit processed sugar and flour. Sugar and four are devoid of nutrients, cause inflammation and impede the body’s immune system. Research has shown that high sugar intake paralyzes white blood cells, hindering the ability to fight off infections. n The recommended goal is to aim for a diet that is at least 80 percent whole, fresh foods that do not come in packages. This includes organic fresh fruits and vegetables (frozen is second best), nuts and


Eat Your Way

seeds, beans and legumes, whole unprocessed grains (whole oats, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.), wild-caught seafood, free range poultry and eggs, and grass-fed beef. n Consume at least seven servings of vegetables every day. Aim for a variety of vegetables of different colors to get in a wide spectrum of nutrients and antioxidants. There’s not one or two specific vegetables that support the immune system. They all do! Aim for most vegetables to be of the non-starchy variety, but squashes and root vegetables are very nutritious and can be included unless there is a reason to be on a very low carbohydrate diet. n Consume 2-3 servings of fruit per day. Fruits contain antioxidants, nutrients, polyphenols and fiber that support the immune system, microbiome and overall health, but overeating fruit may lead to blood sugar imbalances, so keep it to 2-3 servings per day. n Include healthy fats and a source of quality protein at every meal and snack. Healthy fat sources include nuts and seeds, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, free range eggs, grassfed butter, and oily fish. Avoid other vegetable oils including canola and soy oil, which are highly inflammatory and may be damaging to the cardiovascular and immune systems. n Include fermented foods such as real sauerkraut, kimchi, high quality organic yogurt or kefir, or kombucha on a regular basis to support a healthy microbiome. As far as specific nutrients, research has shown a deficiency of single nutrients can alter the body’s immune response. Animal studies have found that deficiencies can impede immune responses, such as zinc; selenium; iron; copper; folate; and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and E. These nutrients help the immune system in various ways by supporting immune cells, providing antioxidant protection to healthy cells, supporting detoxification and producing antibodies. To ensure adequate intake of these nutrients, start first by looking at you diet. You can easily look up food sources of these nutrients and add these specific foods to your diet. For example zinc is found in high amounts in red meat, but for those who don’t eat red meat, hemp and pumpkin seeds as part of a regular diet can ensure adequate zinc intake. Next you can look at supplementing. Blood tests can help make determine which nutrients you need to supplement. Most naturopathic or functional medicine doctors order these types of tests to create individualized treatment programs for optimal results. Remember to keep your diet at least 80 percent whole-food based. Enjoy some special treats on holidays but avoid letting the holiday season turn into a month or two of unhealthy diet choices. Eat well, be well, and keep those white blood cells working. Dana Krete, ND, LAc, is a naturopathic physician, licensed acupuncturist and founder of Fernwood Holistic Health in Westbrook. She treats digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme and tick-borne disease, autoimmune disorders, musculoskeletal pain and more. Connect at 860-661-5824,, or follow Fernwood Holistic Health on Facebook and fernwood_holistic_health on Instagram.

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What You Should Know About Dense Breasts and Mammography by April Beaman


s women, we are bombarded every October with pink ribbons, athletes wearing pink socks, and commercials and billiards telling us to get a mammogram. Every year, millions of women are subjected to harmful ionizing radiation as directed by their health care providers. We need to ask if mammography is the best screening tool for breast cancer detection, especially for women with dense breasts. What exactly are dense breasts and why is this important to know? Having dense breasts is very common; it affects close to 50% of women. Some of us may have been told, following a mammogram, that our breasts are dense and therefore higher on the breast density scale. It’s not an abnormal finding. However, it can increase chances of developing breast cancer in the future. Dense breasts have nothing to do with bra size, or how they look or feel. It’s also 20

New Haven/Middlesex

not the same as having lumpy, or cystic, breasts. It’s the appearance of the tissue on a mammogram (X-ray) that diagnoses breast density. Breasts are comprised of fatty, glandular and fibrous connective tissue. The amount of each tissue type can vary depending on the woman as well as her age. Fatty tissue is non-dense and appears dark on a mammogram while fibrous and granular tissue is dense and appears white. Having dense breasts simply means there’s a higher percentage of fibrous or glandular tissue in relationship to fatty tissue within the breasts. The catch is that having dense breasts makes detecting cancer difficult on a mammogram. Dense tissue appears white and so does cancer; thus, tumors are often missed within the dense tissue. Think of it as looking for a snowball, in a snowstorm. Mammography is known as the standard of care for breast cancer screenings. However, over the past decade, it has

continued to go under scrutiny. There’s no denying that mammograms have saved lives and are helpful in detecting cancer. However, mammograms are known to be less reliable for women with dense breasts because density decreases the sensitivity and effectiveness of mammography. This can lead to inclusive or false-negative mammograms, which may require an additional screening like an ultrasound or thermography. With dense breasts, it is important that we do not rely solely on mammography to check for breast cancer. Breast thermography is a technology that picks up thermal changes in breast tissue. These thermal changes are the precursors for breast tissue anomalies that can become cancerous. With the addition of thermography, physicians can also detect cancerous processes and tumors in the early stages. Furthermore, breast density does not affect the results or lower the sensitivity of thermography. This makes thermograms accurate for all women of all ages with any breast type, including dense breasts. Unlike a mammogram, a thermogram isn’t invasive; the technician doesn’t touch or flatten the breasts, and there is no radiation exposure. Thermography can also be performed for younger women (under 40) who have no recommended breast screening options, pregnant women and those with breast implants. Most physicians are more familiar with mammography; many still believe that a mammogram is the best test for detecting breast cancer early. However, studies show that a thermogram identifies precancerous or cancerous cells earlier, produces unambiguous results which cuts down on additional testing, and doesn’t harm the body. When making decisions about our health, including which breast screening is best, we must do our own research and make the best personal decision for us. We also need to be aware of the drawbacks and risks associated with mammogram screenings. Don’t be intimidated or feel guilty if the choice is not to have an annual mammogram or preferring to forgo mammography completely. A thermogram can tell us how healthy our breasts are rather than just screening them for cancer. When

Having dense breasts simply means there’s a higher percentage of fibrous or glandular tissue in relationship to fatty tissue


within the breasts. The catch is that having dense breasts makes detecting cancer difficult on a mammogram. Dense tissue appears white and so does cancer; thus, tumors are

february: heart- centered living

often missed within the dense tissue. done properly, it has the potential to truly detect subtle breast changes and anomalies long before mammography can detect cancer. This allows each woman and her health care provider to implement lifestyle and dietary changes that can improve the health of her breasts, proactively. April Beaman, RDH, CTT, is a medical thermographer, owner of Farmington-based CT Thermography, certified by the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology and a professional member of Breast Thermography International. She has worked in the wellness industry for over 15 years and provides thermography screenings and wellness support for men and women. Connect at 860-415-1150 or See ad on page 7 and Beaman’s upcoming free breast health Zoom webinars in calendar section.

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conscious eating

The Sweet Danger of Sugar ways to enjoy healthier holiday fare by Christy Ratliff




New Haven/Middlesex

hocolate Santas, decorated cookies and other sweet confections are ingrained in our holiday traditions, yet sugary food does little to actually make us feel merry and bright in the long run. A high-sugar diet increases the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol, inflammation, weight gain and weight-related conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. It can also contribute to tooth decay and acne. “Most high-sugar foods are ‘treats’ and are not intended to be high in nutrition or consumed instead of healthier foods,” says Shelley Maniscalco, registered dietitian and CEO of the consulting firm Nutrition on Demand, in Arlington, Virginia. “When we have too many foods that are what we call calorie-dense versus nutrient-dense, we run the risk of displacing healthier foods, and, therefore, under-consuming key nutrients.” This can impact mental health and impair the body’s ability to manage stress. “When we eat nutritious foods, and our gut is healthy, we obtain necessary nutrients to create neurotransmitters, which are key to optimal mental health,” explains Maggie Roney, a licensed counselor and certified functional medicine provider in Wylie, Texas. “There’s mood-stabilizing serotonin, which is a precursor for melatonin, needed for sleep; dopamine, involved in pleasure, focus and motivation; and GABA, which provides a calming effect that can help with stress and anxiety. All of these require amino acids, zinc, iron, vitamin D, magnesium, copper and B vitamins.” In moderation, sugar is not necessarily detrimental to our health and well-being, but differentiating between naturally occurring sugar and added sugar is key to finding a middle ground. “New changes in the food label allow consumers to more easily identify sources of sugar in foods,” Maniscalco says. “Many healthy foods naturally contain sugars, such as fructose in fruits and lactose in dairy products. These natural sugars don’t need to be avoided. When checking the label, look for amounts of added sugars and choose the options that have less.” Foods and beverages with added sugars are now required to list the number of grams and percent daily value for added sugars on the nutrition facts label. For example, a container of yogurt with fruit on the bottom might list total sugars at 15 grams (g), including 7 g of added sugar, which means 8 g of naturally occurring sugars.

Hidden sugars are often found where we least expect them. –Ricardo Díaz In a society long obsessed with counting calories, we may assume we’re making smart choices with low-fat, non-fat, reduced calorie or light versions of grocery items. But, the amount of added sugar is actually higher in low calorie versions of a wide variety of foods because sugar is used to compensate for the loss of flavor from fat. “Sugar tastes good and balances out other flavors, so many foods that we wouldn’t consider sweet have added sugars,” says Colleen Tewksbury, Ph.D., bariatric program manager and senior research investigator at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. “Common products include pasta sauce, cereal and salad dressing. Reading food labels looking specifically for added sugars is key to finding these foods.” “Hidden sugars are often found where we least expect them,” adds Ricardo Díaz, chef and registered dietitian nutritionist at the

New York-based nonprofit Wellness in the Schools, which works to improve nutrition in school lunches. “Many savory or salty foods tend to have added sugars, such as tortilla chips, popcorn, jerky and frozen prepared foods. Check your labels and compare between products on the supermarket shelves to find the healthiest pick for you and your loved ones.” “Often, we think of eating in ‘all or nothing’ terms. When we cut out foods we enjoy, it often backfires and we end up overeating them in the end when our willpower runs out,” Maniscaclo says. “I would really encourage mindfulness in eating so that individuals can enjoy treats in moderation and feel satisfied by them so that there’s less need to over consume. Also, being physically active year-round is a great habit to get into and can create more space in the diet for treats.” As we implement these small but significant low-sugar strategies, we’ll be rewarded with better physical and emotional health all year long. That’s something to celebrate. Christy Ratliff is a professional health and wellness writer based in Central Florida.

Tips to Eat Less Sugar

brent hofacker/

Shelley Maniscalco, MPH, RD: Eat fruit. Most are naturally sweet and provide healthy nutrients without a lot of calories. As an added bonus, the fiber and water content in fruit helps with feeling satiated. Add spices and fresh herbs. Studies show that adding them enhances flavor, and it also lowers the use of such unhealthy nutrients as added sugars, sodium and saturated fats. Colleen Tewksbury, Ph.D., RD: Choose plain yogurt, as it contains no added sugar. Top it with fresh fruit, cinnamon or nuts. Choose yogurt that contains live and active cultures, as these promote gut health and boost immunity.

maxim khytra/

Nearly a quarter of added sugars consumed come from sugar-sweetened beverages such as sodas and fruit drinks, even more than from desserts and sweets. A simple way of reducing added sugar is reducing intake of sugar-sweetened beverages. Three approaches are: setting a frequency goal (limit to x times per week); setting a portion goal (limit to x ounces per day); or setting a substitution goal (replace sugarsweetened beverages with sugar-free options). Jennifer Martin-Biggers, Ph.D., RDN: To reduce sugar intake, as with any other new habit or behavior change, it’s important to set manageable goals and set new ones as you go. Another way to support dietary changes is through supplementation. The mineral chromium, in particular in the form of chromium picolinate, has been shown in clinical studies to reduce food cravings. ronstik/

marilyn barbone/

Chef and dietitian nutritionist Ricardo Díaz: Swap out fruit juice cocktails and fruit juice concentrates for whole fruits and 100 percent fruit juice. Fruit beverages rely on added sugar to provide much of their sweetness. Choose whole grains over enriched grains. Include a variety of whole grains in your diet, such as oats, brown rice or whole-wheat pastas and breads. To maximize fiber intake, pick products labeled “100% Whole Grains” over labels stating “Whole Grains” or “Multigrain”. Make your own baked goods. Besides controlling the amount of sugar in your treats, baking at home is a great way to get your youngest family members involved in cooking.

Film Suggestion: Watch That Sugar Film, a 2014 Australian documentary/drama directed by Damon Gameau at that-sugar-film. According to New York Times film critic Daniel M. Gold, “The food-doc shelf is crowded with good-for-you movies, including Fed Up, Fast Food Nation, Food Inc. and, yes, Super Size Me. That Sugar Film is a worthy addition, entertaining while informing.” December 2021


Low- or No-Sugar Holiday Treats Baklava Cookie Cups 2 cups unbleached, all-purpose flour 1 tsp orange zest ½ tsp ground cardamom ¼ tsp salt 1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature ¾ cup honey 2 large eggs, room temperature 1 tsp pure vanilla extract

photo provided by

filling and syrup:

½ cup pistachios, chopped ½ cup honey 3 Tbsp water 2 tsp orange juice 4 green cardamom pods, crushed 1 cinnamon stick

Heat oven to 350° F and grease a 24-cup mini muffin tin. In a medium mixing bowl, combine the flour, orange zest, cardamom and salt. In the bowl of a standing mixer with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and honey for about 1-2 minutes. (The mix will look a little curdled at this point and that’s fine; scrape down the sides.) Beat in the eggs, then the vanilla. Mix in the flour in

two parts. Using a cookie scoop, scoop the dough into the prepared muffin tin and bake for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven; let sit for about 3-4 minutes before using a dowel to carefully press down in the center of each cookie to make a well. Let the cookies cool for about 15 minutes in the tin before removing to a cooling rack to cool completely. In a small saucepan over medium heat, prepare the syrup by combining the honey, water, orange juice, cardamom pods and cinnamon stick. Bring to a simmer and remove from the heat. Drizzle a small amount in the bottom of each cookie cup and then fill with the chopped pistachios. Drizzle more syrup on top of the filled cookie cups. Serve immediately or store in an airtight container for up to one week. Courtesy of the National Honey Board. For more information, visit

Baked Apples

Preheat oven to 375° F. Wash apples. Using an apple corer, remove cores and leave ½ inch of the bottom of each apple. (If using a paring knife, just cut the center core out fully.) Make the hole ¾-inch wide, and remove the seeds using a spoon. Place the cored apples in an 8-inch-by 8-inch baking dish.

Sprinkle lemon juice over apples to prevent browning. In a small bowl, combine cinnamon, chopped nuts and raisins or another dried fruit. Stuff each apple with the filling mixture. Top with a dot of butter (about ½ to ¾ tsp per apple). Add boiling water to baking pan. Bake for 40-45 minutes until tender, but not mushy. Remove baked apples from the 24

New Haven/Middlesex

oven, and baste apples several times with the juice from the pan. (Apples can be baked in a muffin tin. Place muffin liners into the muffin tins, and place cored apples inside.) Chef ’s Note: Personalize the baked apples with seasonal fillings and spices, such as nutmeg, cardamom or pumpkin pie spice. For a twist, try a savory, fresh herb like rosemary or thyme. Courtesy of Wellness in the Schools. For more information, visit WellnessInThe roman samokhin/

photo provided by

4 large Granny Smith baking apples Juice of one lemon (about ¼ cup) 1 tsp cinnamon ¼ cup chopped pecans or another nut of choice ¼ cup raisins or another dried fruit of choice 1 tsp butter ¾ cup boiling water

A Dietician’s Healthy Dark Chocolate Bark This dark chocolate bark recipe is holidaythemed with red, white and green toppings. Other topping options include almonds, dried fruit, sunflower, pumpkin or hemp seeds or granola.

Pour melted chocolate onto the prepared baking tray. Spread to ⅛-inch thickness. While the chocolate is still warm, sprinkle with dried cranberries, chopped pistachios and shredded coconut. To set, place tray in the fridge for 15 to 20 minutes or in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. Break the bark into pieces and serve. Store extra pieces at room temperature in an airtight container.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Create a double boiler by placing a saucepan filled with a few inches of water and topped with a glass bowl over medium heat. Bring the water to a boil. Add two thirds of the chocolate and let melt, stirring until smooth. Take off the heat and stir in the remaining chocolate.

Courtesy of Jessica Bippen, MS, RD. For more information, visit kolesnikovserg/

photo provided by

6 oz dark chocolate ¼ cup raw pistachios ¼ cup dried cranberries 2 Tbsp shredded coconut

Honey Lavender Cookies This recipe was developed after lavender was accidentally weeded from the garden. These cookies are made with honey and whole-wheat flour.

in our Natural

Awakenings Reader

24 cookies


½ cup butter, softened ½ cup honey 1 egg 1 Tbsp lavender flowers 2 cups whole-wheat flour

SPE A K U P Your Thoughts


Preheat oven to 350° F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. Beat butter in a bowl with an electric mixer until creamy. Beat honey, egg and lavender into the creamed butter until incorporated.

Stir flour, ½ cup at a time, into butter mixture until blended. Drop spoonful of batter onto the prepared baking sheet, about 2 inches apart. Bake in preheated oven until cookies are browned on the bottom, about 15 minutes. Courtesy of Sue B. For more information, visit

roman samokhin/

photo provided by

yield: about

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calendar of events WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1 2022 Twelve Month Breakdown Readings by appointment virtually or in person – Interested in exploring what is coming up for you in 2022? I will pull cards to see where you are now, then pull one card to represent the next twelve months. 90 min $125. A Moment In Time Massage, 3490 Whitney Ave, Hamden. Jill, LMT,RMT & Psychic. Call: 203-909-1108. Free Essential Oil Class – 6:30pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free class. In person, 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. For questions, please call 203-631-7803, email; Return2love3@ or visit:

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2 Breast Thermography with CT thermography – 7pm-7:30pm. How do you know if your breasts are healthy? Are you looking for a radiation-free breast screening? Have you considered Thermography to assess your breast health? Join us to learn about the benefits of Breast Thermography, the difference between Thermography & Mammography, and how this screening tool has helped thousands of women assess & monitor their breast health safely and effectively. To register for this FREE Zoom webinar please visit or email

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3 A Day of Healing (Virtual Free Event) – 9am-4pm on Zoom. Sponsored by Connecticut’s Statewide Behavioral Health Integrative Medicine Collaborative. Six healing practice sessions throughout the day (meditation, sound healing, yoga, compassion practices, etc.) Join us for one, two or the entire day! The schedule of events/healing practice sessions will be announced in November. No CECs. Free of Charge. For more information and to register go to:

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4 Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Level 3 – 9am-6:30pm both days. (Sat & Sun, Dec 4-5).This course focuses on preparing us for the Higher Vibrations of the New Earth. The shape and colors of our auras and chakras are changing as the vibration of the Earth is increasing. The layouts in this class help us integrate the changes, prepare our minds, auras, and bodies to help us make the shift to the New Earth harmonious. $400 Venmo: @Bradford-Tilden or Eventbrite: https://tinyurl. com/UWTGHL3Dec2021 For alternate payment arrangements, contact Bradford 860-830-5841, Braulttree Wellness Center, Higganum, CT. 860-344-9573. Winter Wreath Workshop – 10am. Celebrate winter and the festive season as you create a wreath from fresh locally grown greens, then decorate your masterpiece with natural trimmings. Enjoy some warm mulled cider and a cookie too! Wreath frames and wire will be provided. Please bring your own hand clippers. Materials fee: $15. Limited space. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Ln, Ansonia. Registration required.


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Psychic & Wellness Fair at The Red Barn in Durham – 11am-5pm. This Psychic & Wellness Fair is dedicated to the healing of our mind – body – emotion and soul. The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham.

The Body Politic: Body, Weight Liberation as Social Justice – 9am-4pm. Virtual on Zoom. Trainers Mara Gottlieb & Em Reim Ifrach. Weight stigma remains one of the least-discussed arenas of marginalization and oppression in our society today. Come join us for a frank, eye-opening workshop exploring the connections between sexism, racism, and body oppression. 6 CECs. $90. Register at

Pause: A Cosmic Smashbook Event: online via Zoom – 1pm to 2:30pm. Join me as we reflect on the past year. Through the sacred creativity of Cosmic Smashbooking, we will release what no longer serves us and anchor in a smooth transition to a new year. No art experience required! Lauri Ingram. Call: 203-435-5650, Email: or visit:

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11 The Archangel Experience and CD Release Party – 2pm-4pm Come celebrate the release of Bradford Tilden’s latest album Archangel Meditations Part 1 by experiencing the meditative power of the music while receiving gemstone layout energies that connect with both Archangel Michael and Uriel. Participants gets a free copy of the CD and two specially charged gemstones. 5 VIP spots available to receive the whole gemstone layouts during the experience. $30-$50. RSVP to, 203-481-8443 or Venmo: @Ron-Smith-419 Avant Garde Holistic Center, 328 East Main St. Branford.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12 Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair at The Red Barn – 11am-5pm. Shopping for unique gifts? Many of our vendors are offering handmade creations. Come in and enjoy! Free Admission. 352 Main St, Durham. Free Community Meals Presented by Master’s Community Meals: Dinner: Christmas Dinner– 1pm-3pm. (Or until food runs out). Drive up meal pickup only. All walkups must wear facemask and stay 6 feet apart in line. Please enter parking between church and school. Do not exit vehicle. No RSVP. Donations greatly accepted. Cancellations of dinner are announced Thursday prior to dinner on,, Facebook or our voicemail. Assumption Church Hall, 61 N. Cliff St, Ansonia. For more information, call: 203-732-7792, email: or visit:

MONDAY, DECEMBER 13 Free Essential Oil Class – 6:30pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free class. In person, 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. For questions, please call 203-631-7803, email; return2love3@ or visit:

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14 Free online wellness class with a naturopathic physician on nutrition and how to read labels – Dr. Nicole Klughers – Vis Wellness Center / Rocky Hill and Virtual Visits – Sign-up required, email or text 234-222-8362 to register.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17 Full Moon Meditation w/Gayle Franceschetti – 6:30pm-8pm. Align w/new energies of this Full Moon. Opportunities for letting go of the old and allowing spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds. $25. In person, 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford, CT. For questions, please call 203-631-7803, email; or visit:

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19 Monthly Spiritual Gathering online via Zoom – 9am-10am. Join us for an hour of spiritual reflection, meditation and music, as we gather in sacred community. All are welcome! Lauri Ingram. 203-4355650.;

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21 Winter Solstice – 6:30pm-8pm. Join us for this powerful meditation into the sacred Galactic Center. A time to Cleanse the Heart and the astral so that the profound feminine mysteries can unfold within our lives and heal together for the change from dark to the light. $25 In person, 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. For questions, please call 203-631-7803, email; or visit:

SATURDAY, JANUARY 1 2022 Twelve Month Breakdown Readings by appointment virtually or in person – Interested in exploring what is coming up for you in 2022? I will pull cards to see where you are now, then pull one card to represent the next twelve months. 90 min $125. A Moment In Time Massage, 3490 Whitney Ave, Hamden. Jill, LMT,RMT & Psychic. Call: 203-909-1108 New Year’s Day mediation integrating Qi gong, aromatherapy, sound healing, and crystal healing – 1pm-2:30pm. This guided meditation/ journey will help you to set intentions for the new year and beyond. $45. Starr Mill Yoga, 91 Beverly Heights, Middletown.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12 Breast Thermography with April Beaman, RDH, CTT – 7pm-7:30pm. How do you know if your breasts are healthy? Are you looking for a radiation-free breast screening? Have you considered Thermography to assess your breast health? Join us to learn about the benefits of Breast Thermography, the difference between Thermography and Mammography, and how this screening tool has helped thousands of women assess and monitor their breast health safely and effectively. To register for this FREE Zoom webinar please visit or email


sunday Sunday Guided Hikes – 1pm. Meet outside the ANC. Hike the Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center trails for a positive start to your week. Come and learn about the history and ecology of the land while Ranger Dan, our Assistant Director, leads this weekly hike on our beautiful nature preserve. We will begin promptly at 1pm. Dress for the weather and conditions. Free. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Ln, Ansonia. Preregister:

monday Birth Partners Doulas now offers in-home private yoga sessions with a relaxing hand/ foot massage included! – $75 per session Call 203-718-6512 or email to book your or to gift one to your favorite mamato-be! Usui Reiki with Annette (For Women) – By appointment. Reiki uses universal life force energy. The energy channeled from the universe through the practitioner and to the person receiving. Positive imagery and sacred Reiki symbols are used to help release, relax and prepare the body for healing. Techniques may vary depending on the needs of the body at the time of the session. For more information and to book a session, visit Shamanic Reiki with Annette (For Women) – By appointment. Through natural worldly elements and the four directions of the medicine wheel, Shamanic Reiki helps to unblock deep emotion and trauma. We may cut cords of attachment that keeps us from moving forward, retrieve pieces of ourselves that were once thought lost and light the path forward. For more information and to book a session, visit Come see CELC Middle School in action – Tours by appointment only! Middle school specialists, 5th – 8th grade. Small class sizes, personalized instruction, robust academics. Limited openings still available for 2020-21. 28 School St, Branford. Contact or call 203-433-4658. For more information, visit Monday Morning Hikes – 9am. Meet outside the ANC. Hike the Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center trails for a positive start to your week. Come and learn about the history and ecology of the land while Ranger Dan, our Assistant Director, leads this weekly hike on our beautiful nature preserve. We will begin promptly at 9am. Dress for the weather and conditions. Free. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Ln, Ansonia. Preregister:

tuesday Fiber Arts Group via Zoom – 6pm. Get together with Ranger Dawn and others to work on your Fiber Art projects! This is an ongoing program and is entirely Free. Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Ln, Ansonia. Preregister: DawnSotir@ for more details and the link.

wednesday Birth Partners Doulas now offers in-home private yoga sessions with a relaxing hand/ foot massage included! – $75 per session Call 203-718-6512 or email to book your or to gift one to your favorite mamato-be! Explore White Time – 6pm-8:30pm. (Dec 8 - Every 2nd Wed of the month). All are welcome to participate in this exclusive round-robin style healing circle featuring White Time Energy and Gemstone healing. Everyone gets a turn on the table to receive White Time energy and the featured gemstone treatment of the month. December’s layout is Brain Development #1 (of 3) $30 for all participants, $10 discount for Universal White Time Practitioners. Braulttree Wellness Center, Higganum. 860-344-9573

thursday The Caring Network: Free virtual support group for adults who have lost a loved one via Microsoft Teams – Thurs, Dec. 2nd and Service of Remembrance, Thurs, Dec 16th, 6pm-8pm. Info about grief with focus on Holiday planning; facilitated open discussion. Adults do not need to register. The group is facilitated by a Bridges counselor and is sponsored by Bridges Healthcare and Cody-White Funeral Home. Bridges, 949 Bridgeport Avenue, Milford. For more information, please email the group facilitator, Brooke Torres M.Ed., at Brtorres@

friday Birth Partners Doulas now offers in-home private yoga sessions with a relaxing hand/ foot massage included! – $75 per session Call 203-718-6512 or email to book your or to gift one to your favorite mamato-be!

classifieds ALS SUPPORT


THE ALS ASSOCIATION CONNECTICUT CHAPTER – Leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through research & advocacy while empowering people w/Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives w/compassionate care & support. 4 Oxford Road, Unit D4. Milford. 203-874-5050.

CT LYME RIDERS, INC. – Founded in 2007 by motorcyclists Sandy Brule & Tony Gargano. A 501(c)(3) non profit public charity aiming to bring awareness to the public about Lyme Disease. Events & info. 860-537-0255,

BOOKS THE TRUE SCHOOL IS LIFE – Books for Conscious Living such as: Recognize and Heal Yourself through the Power of the Spirit; Living and Dying to Keep on Living; Cause and Development of All Illness; The Life I Chose Myself… and much more! 844-576-0937. 20% off with coupon code: OFF20.

DISTRIBUTORS WANTED DISTRIBUTORS WANTED – For monthly deliveries of Natural Awakenings and other local publications. Perfect for a retired person or stay at home mom looking to earn some extra income and connect with their local community. Honesty and dependability are the most important characteristics of our distributors.

MEDICAL/INTUITIVE HYPNOTIST HYPNOSIS THERAPY CENTER – There is a meaning behind every ailment and condition people have. It’s your body speaking to you. If you are tired of being sick and are ready to help yourself heal, then consider having a Discovery Session so you can learn the cause and ‘cure.’ Madison. 203-245-6927.

PARKINSON’S SUPPORT PARKINSON DISEASE ASSOCIATION – Mission: “To Ease the Burden, To Find A Cure” for those w/Parkinson’s Disease and their caregivers in CT. Education, support and socialization. 860-248-9200,

December 2021


community resource guide APPLIED KINESIOLOGY KC CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS Kevin Healy, DC 17 Woodland Road, Madison, CT 203-245-9317

Applied Kinesiology i s a n e u r o logical evaluation to find and treat dysfunction. Different because it addresses causes instead of chasing pains, Dr. Healy tests if a therapy alleviates dysfunction, finding immediate answers as to which provides the most improvement. Chiropractic, craniosacral, myofascial and acupressure are among the therapies Dr. Healy uses. Generally, no single cure exists as disease and dysfunction typically involve multiple areas of the body. The goal of any therapy—physical, chemical, or emotional—is to improve function; a combination of therapies typically yields the best results. See ad on page 6.

MASSAGE THERAPIST A MOMENT IN TIME MASSAGE, LLC Jill Andrzejewski LMT #9900, RMT & Psychic 3490 Whitney Avenue, Suite 205 Hamden, CT 203-909-1108

I use a holistic approach to treat my clients—We work as a team, setting goals to move forward to get you where you wish to be physically, mentally and spiritually. My intention is to empower people to empower themselves. I am an advocate for gentle stretching, crystals and breath work to maintain a feeling of being grounded and calm. Services available: massage, 30-minute sessions for chronic pain management, Reiki, chakra balancing, angel tarot, oracle card readings, couples Reiki, foot baths with hand made all natural herbal ingredients, group events and classes. A Moment In Time Treasures items available for purchase. Sessions available by appointment only.




Not Just doulas … Birth Partners! Proudly serving clients for over 30 years, providing quality birth and postpartum doula care. Contact us any time for more information.

December, being the last month of the year, cannot help but make us think of what is to come.

Robin Barros, IMT-C, CSC, CPLC 5 Gavin Drive, Columbia, CT 860-709-3903

Spirit of the Lotus is a sacred space, warm and welcoming, where you can go for holistic health and healing. Robin uses many modalities to get to the heart of what’s caus-ing you to be in pain, out of alignment or just frustrated with what feels like a block to living your best life. Integrative Manual Therapy, gently helps you release tension from injury, illness or surgery. Intuitive guidance helps you release Physical, Mental & Spiritual baggage, carried for years, lives or generations. As an Advanced Soul Coach & Past Life Coach (R), we clear away inner debris in order to connect you with the wis-dom of your soul. With years of experience and training, you can experience optimal health & wellness.

~Fennel Hudson

New Haven/Middlesex


April Beaman 2 Forest Park Dr. Farmington, CT 212 New London Turnpike Glastonbury, CT 860-415-1150 CT Thermography specializes in medical thermal imaging, also known as Thermography. Thermography is the use and study of thermograms for detecting and measuring variations of heat emitted for the surface of the body. A thermogram is produced by a highly sensitive, medical infrared camera that accurately maps the temperature variations which are then interpreted by Board Certified physicians known as thermologists. Thermography does not expose the body to radiation or involve contact and is used to aid in the detection of inflammation, disease and cancer. See ad on page 7.





Kristen Klie, D.V.M. 203-645-5570

Final Journey, LLC is an in-home euthanasia service for your animal companion that brings comfort and peace during a sensitive and challenging time. See ad on page 6.

PHYSICAL THERAPY PHYSICAL THERAPY SERVICES OF GUILFORD 500 East Main Street, Suite 310, Branford, CT 203-315-7727 (Phone) 203-315-7757 (Fax)

At Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, we specialize in manual therapy using hands-on techniques to help the body’s natural healing process. We also incorporate traditional programs and modalities to maximize health. 40-minute sessions are conducted one-on-one in private treatment rooms. See ad on page 13.

community resource guide REIKI SUSANE GRASSO, RMT 2489 Boston Post Road Guilford, CT 203-500-6950

Stress is the plague of the 21st century and the cause of physical and emotional woes. Because of this, my sessions combine my ability to see auras with Reiki, Theta Healing, acupressure and Sound Vibrational Healing to provide deep relaxation and balance. “Tension out! Wellness in” is more than a phrase. For my clients it is a statement of fact. Distance Healing available. See ad on page 12.


787 Main St, S Woodbury, CT 203-586-1172 Combining an array of natural therapies that have been used since ancient times with today’s technology, Salt of the Earth Spa provides a sanctuary for deep transformations, healing and grounding for Mind, Body and Spirit.





My goal is to empower you to develop spiritually and professionally. I offer sessions and teach certification classes in Universal White Time (UWT), Lemurian Intuitive, Crystal, and Sound Healing, transformational voice coaching, and guided visualization. I use these techniques, and more to help you to obtain authentic expression, empowerment, and transformation. You can purchase personally attuned crystals, through me. My clients and students gain a renewed clarity and a sense of purpose in working with me.

Elm City Wellness is an independent, womanowned wellness center with a focus on community healing. Services include a variety of skilled massage, CBD massage, community and private acupuncture, Reiki, craniosacral therapy and organic skin care, including signature, microderm and high frequency facials. Skilled therapists specifically tailor each and every session. Our wellness store features local products, candles, wellness supplies and books, smudge kits and a large range of third-party tested, pharmaceutical grade CBD products. See back cover ad.

Bradford Tilden, MM, CMT, UWT 860-830-5841

774 Orange Street New Haven, CT 203-691-7653


Shirley Prendergast, CTT, INHC 380 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 705 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT 203-915-9712

coming in the january


Offices in Essex & W. Hartford 860-767-2189 In person (depending on CDC compliance) or telemedicine With separate trainings in behavior therapies, psychoanalysis, crisis and trauma, for adults, and children and adolescents, I am fortunate to have both a broad range and depthful knowledge to assist you. Whether from past wounds and conflicts or new situations like those surrounding Covid, many of us develop behaviors or symptoms as we struggle with fear, anxiety, or depression. Talking reveals your unique individuality: being ‘heard’ by a specially trained clinician allows us to consider better choices and understanding so that you are less drained, less pained, and have a better chance for increased productivity and contentment.

Choosing B Well Thermography is a step in the right direction for Early Detection and Prevention. Thermography testing is a radiation-free, state-of-the-art screening procedure that captures heat images of the breast to aid in the early detection of cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. As a Health Coach, I use the holistic approach when working with patients to achieve optimal health. See ad on page 17.

Health & Wellness Issue

December 2021



New Haven/Middlesex



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