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SunDo HORIZONS Spreading Brightness for a Healthier Happier Society Guided meditation to correct irregular breathing and soothe stress Movement and stretching for better Qi flow through the meridians Techniques to help focus awareness of the mind during meditation

A new beginner class series to learn gentle stretching, Taoist yoga postures and breath meditaaon. You will become more comfortable and conďŹ dent in the praccce of SunDo, a body mind - spirit modality with amazing beneďŹ ts for your health. Thursday 6:30 PM or Saturday 9:30 AM Join in February Five Classes $70 early-bird

One World Wellness Studio, East Haven CT www.oneworld-wellness.com | 203.998.5688 2020 Natural Living Directory




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New Haven/Middlesex

Welcome to our 2020 Natural Living Directory issue!

As always, we have great reads for you this month focusing on our editorial themes: Shifting into Positive and Regenerative Medicine—all of them written by local authors here in Connecticut. Our main feature, however, is our 26-page Natural Living Directory and Holistic Glossary. We hope you enjoy exploring this treasure trove of holistic businesses, educational programs and practitioners, offering a plethora of services, workshops, education and tools to support you on your journey to optimal wellness and fulfillment. There is no time like the present to set the intention of shifting our lives and our world into positive, regardless of our current personal circumstance and the condition of our planet. It requires some fine tuning of our own thoughts and attitudes, beginning with an awareness of what we are feeding our brain every day—the conversations we engage in, the stories we tell about ourselves and others, the TV programs we watch and the social media we follow—often to excess. These repetitive words, images, ideas and beliefs (whether they are our own beliefs or those of others) can ultimately dominate our own thought processes, shape our attitudes and behaviors, create our life experience and even determine our future. Therefore, it is in our best interest to choose wisely what we pay attention to. I am not suggesting that we all stick our heads in the sand. Connecting with each other and our world is a fundamental part of who we are. However, there is a difference between having compassion and getting hooked into drama. Our local feature articles offer insights on developing self-awareness and using thought power to facilitate our own healing, evolvement and transformation. Natural Awakenings writer and editor, Patricia Staino, crafted a comprehensive article for this month’s edition on regenerative medicine, incorporating interviews with several local experts in this cutting edge and rapidly growing field. Dr. Roshni N. Patel, medical director of the Center of Excellence in Pain & Regenerative Medicine in Farmington, addresses common misconceptions about regenerative medicine and offers advice on choosing the right health care professional in this specialty. This directory issue has an abundance of information and resources to serve as a holistic reference guide, so keep it year-round and share it with others. Our 2020 Natural Living Directory is also available online. Just go to the homepage of our website at NaturalNewHaven.com. Our community calendar is very robust this month with lots of holistic events, classes and services being offered in your area. Have fun exploring, discovering and participating!

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“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” ~Unknown




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Contents 10 ASK THE BIG



Heal, Evolve and Transform in 2020



Three Steps to Positive Inner Peace


Horse Wisdom for a New Decade



Shift Vibrational Frequencies Through Writing


Regenerative Medicine Upends Traditional Prognosis


A Doctor’s Advice to Patients about Regenerative Medicine

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Plastics Peril Drives New Strategies


Embracing the Rainbow Year Round

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2020 Natural Living Directory


Use Pumpkin Seed Oil to Dodge Hypertension Postmenopausal women are more likely to develop hypertension than men their age, but taking pumpkin seed oil daily may head off that condition, report researchers from Marymount University, in Arlington, Virginia. In a blind study of 23 participants, women taking three grams of pumpkin seed oil for six weeks had significantly reduced systolic blood pressure, as well as better blood flow in their arteries. The oil “might be effective in the prevention and treatment of hypertension in this population,” write the authors. 6

New Haven/Middlesex


Use Probiotics to Reduce Bone Loss and Newborn Infections Bone loss leading to increased fracture risk occurs in half of postmenopausal women, but new research from Sweden offers a deterrent: a combination of three Lactobacillus probiotic strains. A total of 249 healthy, early postmenopausal women over the age of 50 that took the probiotics for a year suffered no significant bone loss in the lumbar spine compared to a placebo group, report researchers at Gothenburg University. They had slight reductions in bone loss at the neck and no changes at the hip or upper femur. In a British Medical Journal-published study on probiotics that spanned 10 years and involved nearly 1,000 at-risk babies, researchers from the UK’s Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital found that newborns with gut infections were twice as likely to recover when given probiotics as part of their treatment in intensive care units, with sepsis rates reduced from 22.6 percent to 11.5 percent. The strains used were L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and B. longum subspecies infantis. The babies were suffering from necrotizing enterocolitis, a rare infection and inflammation of the intestines which can affect low-birthweight babies.

LightField Studios/Shutterstock.com

Qigong, a traditional Chinese massage technique and movement practice, may offer hope for the one in 68 American children suffering from autism spectrum disorder. Researchers at Portugal’s Oporto University reviewed 10 high-quality studies, all of which involved massage for children as young as 2, including two which also employed slow qigong movements and breathwork for older children. Previous studies have found that the qigong type of gentle massage practiced for 15 minutes daily by parents on autistic children helps the children tolerate touch, feel reassured by it and bond more deeply with parents that also feel less stress. The meta-study affirmed, “Qigong seems to be able to decrease severity of individual sensory, behavioral and language components of autism, and improve self-control, sociability, sensory and cognitive awareness, as well as healthy physical behavior.”

Get Nutritional and Antifungal Benefits from Celery Researchers from Cameroon’s University of Buea studied the properties of nine local vegetables and found that celery, Apium graveolens, had some of the highest levels of antifungal properties, as well as high levels of nutritional lipids, protein, vitamin C, copper, zinc and phosphorous. Also scoring high in nutritional and antifungal value were the seeds of Irvingia gabonensis, African or bush mango, sometimes used in the U.S. in weight-loss products.


Practice Qigong Massage to Improve Autism Symptoms in Children

Stacy Barnett/Shutterstock.com

health briefs

New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Try Mind-Body Options to Reduce Opioid-Treated Pain People suffering from acute pain often turn to addictive opioid treatments, but research from the University of Utah School of Social Work published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine concluded that certain mind-body therapies significantly reduce pain and the use of opioids. Reviewing 60 randomized, controlled, published clinical trials with more than 6,400 participants, researchers found that meditation/mindfulness, therapeutic suggestion and cognitive behavioral therapy all significantly reduced pain severity along with opioid use and misuse. Hypnosis also helped lower pain. Mind-body therapies proved effective at reducing short-term, acute pain from medical procedures, as well as chronic pain. Lead author and Associate Dean for Research Eric Garland pointed out that 82,000 Americans are projected to die from opioid overdoses in the next five years and noted, “If all of us—doctors, nurses, social workers, policymakers, insurance companies and patients—use this evidence as we make decisions, we can help stem the tide of the opioid epidemic.”

New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Consider Vitamins to Reduce Eczema Severity Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, affects one in five people over the course of a lifetime, causing itchy, red, swollen and cracked skin, especially on the arms, hands and feet. Genetics, immune system dysfunction and environmental exposure, including to chemicals, are some causes, and treatment usually involves moisturizers and corticosteroid creams. Research from China’s Chongqing Medical University reviewed clinical research on treating eczema with vitamins and found 10 studies totaling 456 patients. Their study concluded that supplementing with vitamin D3 significantly reduced symptoms for patients with moderate to severe eczema, and that a vitamin B12 cream was also effective in soothing symptoms, as was vitamin E supplementation. A combination of 600 IU of vitamin E and 1,600 IU of D3 scored highest in a study included by the researchers, lowering symptoms overall by 64 percent in 60 days.

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Integrative Health and Healing Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology Learning and Thinking Writing and Oral Traditions Earn a Master of Arts Degree or certificate in Integrative Health and Healing with our weekend courses.

Integrative Health & Healing Holistic Experiential & Transformative Education Stress Management, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Expressive Art Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and more!

Voted #1 Holistic School! “I have seen the changes in our students when they achieve new levels of self-empowerment and discovery, as well as prepare themselves for higher levels of professional work.”

“The Graduate Institute is the setting for the new educational model.” Caroline Myss

Dr. Bernie Siegel

www.learn.edu • 203.874.4252 171 Amity Road, Bethany • Locations throughout CT

2020 Natural Living Directory


Seal Deal

global briefs UNESCO Adopts Resolution on Earth Charter

The 40th General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), held last November, adopted a resolution that reaffirms the importance of the Earth Charter (EarthCharter. org) as an ethical framework for sustainable development. The Charter’s four pillars— respect and care for the community of life; ecology integrity; social and economic justice; and democracy, non-violence and peace—have guided and underpinned UNESCO’s sustainable development work. Taking into account the current world situation and environmental crises, delegates felt it was time to act and that the Earth Charter provides the needed principles and values. Although it has no binding force, like previous UNESCO resolutions, its ethical foundation may surface in future battles in international courts.

Thump Thump

In 1969, there were only 100 South American fur seals and sea lions along the coastline of Lima, the capitol of Peru, but that has increased to more than 8,000 today, thanks to local fishermen that have realized over the intervening years that a balanced ecosystem benefits all. Once hunted almost to the point of no return for their pelts and because they ate so many fish, the sea mammals have slowly rebounded since Peru established its first marine protection area there in 1979, the Paracas Marine Reserve. Today, the Fishermen’s Union has defined these areas, in which each local fishing collective is dependent economically, and has assigned responsibility to that group for protecting those marine resources. Impetus for species protection is also being driven by the rise of tourism and artisanal fisheries. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, which maintains a “Red List” database of species and the degree to which they are threatened with extinction, has also been involved. It also compiles a “Green List” to recognize global best practices for areabased conservation, a program working with marine reserves along the Pacific coast.


Clear Thinking

Philip Bird LRPS CPAGB/Shutterstock.com

Fishermen Protect Endangered Sea Mammals

Trees Exhibit ‘Heartbeat’


New Haven/Middlesex


Soot Cities

Alaska Battles Air Pollution

Alaska, which has some of the most pristine environments in the U.S., also has some of the worst air quality in its cities. According to the American Lung Association 2019 State of the Air report (Tinyurl.com/StateOfTheAirPDF), Fairbanks ranked third and a section of Anchorage ranked 21st in cities with high levels of short-term particle pollution between 2015-2017, the latest years that figures are available. Although the numbers are poor, they still represent an improvement from the last air quality report. “Particle pollution is made of soot, or tiny particles that come from coal-fired power plants, diesel emissions, wildfires and woodburning devices. These particles are so small that they can lodge deep in the lungs and trigger asthma attacks, heart attacks and strokes, and can even be lethal,” warns Marge Stoneking, executive director at the American Lung Association in Alaska.


Scientists have discovered that some trees raise and lower their branches several times in the course of the night, indicating a cycle of water and sugar transportation, but they didn’t know why. Plants need water to photosynthesize glucose, the basic building block from which their more complex molecules are formed. For trees, this entails drawing water from the roots to the leaves. Dr. András Zlinszky, at Aarhus University, Denmark, used a laser scanning technique to measure the exact location of branches and leaves of 22 tree and shrub species, and published his observations of substantial unexpected movement cycles. He says, “We detected a previously unknown periodic movement of up to 0.4 inches in cycles of two to six hours. The movement has to be connected to variations in water pressure within the plants, and this effectively means that the tree is pumping. Water transport is not just a steady-state flow, as we previously assumed.” Some might call that pumping action a heartbeat.

Alex Yuzhakov/Shutterstock.com Valentina Razumovar/Shutterstock.com


A Billion Trees in Eight Years

Marrying forestry to technology, the startup Flash Forest, in Toronto, is using aerial drones to plant trees 10 times faster than human planters with a goal of 1 billion trees by 2028. Since testing prototype devices last year, it has already planted several thousand trees across Ontario using pregerminated seed pods containing a mixture of species. The drones are capable of planting trees at just 50 cents per pod, or a quarter of the cost of typical planting methods. Funded partly by a Kickstarter campaign, the group will start planting trees in April, with at least 150,000 in the ground by the end of this year. At full capacity, one drone operator will be able to plant 100,000 seed pods per day. Flash Forest spokesperson Angelique Ahlstrom says, “Our goals are to have a significant and measurable impact on mitigating climate change in the next decade, while combatting deforestation and biodiversity loss on a global scale. We feel we are one of the only ways that the federal government will be able to fulfill its pledge to plant 2 billion trees in the next 10 years.”




Green Horizons







162 S Britain Rd, Southbury, CT 06488

(203) 264-9600

The Right Care, Right at Home 203.261.5777 | www.rahffc.com

844-4-VASCULAR (844-482-7285) www.thevascularexperts.com Our Family Helping Your Family Since 1952


Water Win

Riccardo Mayer/Shutterstock.com

Fresh H20 Comes to Kenya Town

A drought-plagued Kenyan region is using a new, solarpowered, desalination plant from the international nonprofit GivePower to obtain clean water. Before the plant’s arrival in the town of Kiunga, villagers had completely run out of clean drinking water and had to use dirty well water and saltwater from the Indian Ocean. The new solar water farm produces enough drinking water that’s cleaner than typical desalination plants for more than 35,000 people every day. GivePower has a mission of using renewable energy as a means of bringing water, food and energy to places that need it most. They plan on building similar facilities in other drought-prone countries such as Colombia and Haiti.

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5. Natural Awakenings–1,536,365

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Women’s Health –1,511,791 Weight Watchers Magazine–1,126,168 Dr. Oz The Good Life – 870,524 Vim & Vigor–789,000 www.naturalawakeningsmag.com Experience Life –700,000 2020 Natural Living Directory



ASK THE BIG QUESTIONS Heal, Evolve and Transform in 2020 by Katie Augustyn


e all have the ability to be more present in our lives, as well as to reach our potential and be the best version of ourselves. At the same time, we can also be a force for positive change in the world. The first step is developing self-awareness. As Faisal Hoque said, “When you know yourself, you can act with a confidence that is your own. The better we understand the nature of ourselves, the better we can move within ourselves.” Questions you can ask yourself include: n What do I need to heal from my past? n What limiting beliefs do I have? n What are my core values? n What do I want my life to be? It takes work to develop self-awareness, and it is an ongoing process. There are many tools to help you build self10

New Haven/Middlesex

awareness and self-knowledge, including courses, workshops, books and articles, and there are many resources in this magazine. Working with a personal coach is also a great place to start.


As we grow up, everyone experiences times of emotional and psychological pain. These experiences stay with us in the form of energy that can get stuck in our bodies if we don’t release it. This stuck energy can recreate the original emotional pain when we are triggered by something in our current lives. For example, when your spouse or partner raises their voice in a moment of anger, you relive your childhood experience of your parent yelling at you. Then, your reaction comes from a deep place of fear and shame, causing you to overreact and either yell back hurtfully or shut down and blame yourself. If you take steps to heal the wounds you received


in childhood, you will realize that you have a choice—you needn’t react as your five-year-old self but instead can react as the capable adult you are now. There are many energy-healing modalities available to assist you in releasing old, stuck energy and patterns, and it is important to do so. Check the listings in this Natural Awakenings issue to get started finding resources to aid you in this effort.

The Voice in Your Head is Not You

As we live our lives, we develop a “story” about our past experiences. More often than not, the “story” is not entirely true. But by believing it, we create limiting beliefs about ourselves. For example, when you were growing up, your sibling was praised for her artistic ability, while you were more interested in academic pursuits and praised for your good grades. The

family story became that you were smart but not creative, and you bought into it. In reality, you were also creative but you believed the “story” you told yourself and never wanted to try anything creative because you thought you would fail. This is a limiting belief that can go unexamined until you recognize and challenge it. Beware of the voice in your head that says you are not worthy or you can’t do something. You can challenge that voice and change the message to a true one that will empower, not limit, you.

Change Your Perspective

To paraphrase Wayne Dyer, when you change the way you are looking at something, that something changes. This can be a profound shift into positivity and will make a huge difference in your life. It’s a matter of reframing things that may appear negative to you. For example, if your spouse or partner loads the dishwasher and doesn’t do it exactly like you would prefer to have it done, you get annoyed and complain that he can’t do anything right. If you take a moment to change the way you are looking at it, you will realize that you can be happy because he is loading the dishwasher at all, and let go of the idea that he is not doing it the way you prefer. (Or if there is a serious error involved, you can simply move things around later, without making a big fuss about it!) Instead of an annoying partner who can’t do things correctly, you now see a well-meaning partner who doesn’t always know how you want things done but tries to be helpful anyway.

As we grow up, everyone experiences times of emotional and psychological pain. These experiences stay with us in the form of energy that can get stuck in our bodies if we don’t release it. This stuck energy can recreate the original emotional pain when we are triggered by something in our current lives. Another example is your parent constantly giving you advice that you don’t need or want. Instead of letting them drive you crazy, try reframing their advicegiving, which makes you feel incompetent, as their way of showing they love and care about you. If you express this new viewpoint to them, it may even result in their bugging you less since they will feel more appreciated and understood.

Identify Core Values

Another helpful exercise in personal growth and evolution is identifying your core values, which are attributes central to how you lead your life. These values are

critical to your living a fulfilling life, and they are different for everyone. Examples are authenticity, integrity, joy, creativity, connection and compassion. There are many lists, some with close to 200 choices, that can help you in identifying your core values. Start with your top 10 values and narrow down to your top five. It’s not easy, but you will learn a great deal about yourself if you are honest about it! You then can use your core values to make decisions to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. To make 2020 a year of positivity and personal growth, you can get started by trying these exercises: n Find an energy healer to help you release stuck energy and patterns n Let go of limiting beliefs from old stories you carry in your head n Change the way you look at something that bothers you so it becomes more positive n Identify and honor your core values to bring meaning and fulfillment to your life Katie Augustyn is the spiritual head of Transformation Center CT in Westport, which offers group workshops and trainings, as well as individual sessions, for those seeking healing, spiritual growth and personal transformation. She is also a transformation coach, a shamanic practitioner and the host of the cable TV show, The Katie Augustyn Spiritual Connection Show. Visit her website TransformationCenterCT.com for more information.

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2020 Natural Living Directory


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healing ways

Use Your Thought Power Three Steps to Positive Inner Peace


by Paige Dest

o matter who you are, negativity can take over your mood and drag you down for a day, a week or even longer. We all face it— negative self-talk, cynicism and bad mojo. Sometimes it seems like there’s negativity everywhere you turn: Listen to the news; it’s usually negative. Look at Facebook— everyone seems to have a happier or better life than you. Think about those around you—there’s always drama. Between dealing with people at work, in the community and friends and family, do you ever feel like shouting, “Stop the world, I want to get off!”? It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity because it’s biological. Your brain actually has developed to focus on the negative: It monitors for threats, and even if the thought or situation isn’t really posing a threat, our brain can convince us that there is one. Now, we could consider how the brain works, how the chemical cortisol flows freely and encourages negative thoughts and how thinking positively helps the flow of dopamine, bringing warm and happy feelings; but let’s keep it 12

New Haven/Middlesex

simple with this one simple rule: You have the power to control your thoughts. You have the choice to see things positively, though it may take effort and practice. This is easier said than done, though. How do you deal with your co-worker who is always complaining or the friend who likes to “help” by criticizing you in some way or the newscaster who is warning you of the dangers of global warming? You take back your power of choice. Here are three steps you can take today to begin developing positive inner peace. 1. Question your thoughts. You are responsible for your thoughts, and you have the right to question your negative selftalk. Ask yourself where your thoughts are coming from—are they caused by something in your past? Are your thoughts about fearing a future event? The past is given to us as a lesson. We don’t know the future, so our mind tends to wander in the past because that’s what we know. Rather than dwell in the past, it could be helpful to ask yourself what is the worst that could happen? How likely is that worst case?


Or maybe your negative thought is driven by something someone did or said. Remember that what people do and say is about them, not you. They may blame you or judge you, but it’s coming from their perspective, belief system and past lessons. What they say and do is their choice, what you think (and say and do) is yours. Put your thoughts into perspective and make a conscious decision as to whether the thought is true or exaggerated in some way. Our thoughts can often “lie” to us, so make sure you only allow truth into your world. 2. Practice gratitude. Gratitude reminds us that there is good in the world, and that we are the recipient of goodness from an outside source. No matter who you are or what you may be going through, you can find blessings if you look. Look for the silver lining and be grateful for even the little things. You can practice gratitude by naming one thing each day for which you are grateful. If you keep a written or digital journal, you can go back and see all the blessings in your life. Perhaps begin a

ritual of reviewing your gratitude journal on New Year’s Eve to start the new year with a positive outlook! Think about this story: A man was walking to the bus stop after work, tired and frustrated by the events of the day and anxious to get home. As he sat on the bus waiting for his horrible day to be over, a woman getting on the bus caught his eye. This woman had only one leg, but she was greeting everyone around her pleasantly. The man looked out the bus window and saw a child in a wheelchair. The child had no legs but was smiling and laughing with the adult walking along side of him. The man realized that putting his problems into perspective helped him see the blessings he’d been given, even the ones he had taken for granted. 3. Seek out positive surroundings. Have you ever heard the saying, “You are the company you keep”? The people with whom you surround yourself can influence your thoughts and behavior. Their energy can be absorbed by you like a

sponge, so make sure the people you allow to be around you bring positive energy and exhibit realistic optimism. Find the people who lift you up and remind you to be your best self. Recognize setbacks as temporary situations or learning experiences. Remember, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Determine who and what you want in your life—the people and things that lift you up. And make sure to spend time outside every day. Nature is an amazing emotional healer! Better yet, take a walk with a good friend to maximize the positivity. Paige Dest is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and Core Values Index Practitioner and the owner of BYODestiny—through which she provides emotional intelligence coaching to individuals and presents retreats, workshops and national webinars on emotional intelligence and happiness topics. She is also the founder of The Flutter Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit that supports programs which give our youth better emotional control.

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Michael A. Thorns MSAc, RN, LAc 262 State St, Suite B North Haven, CT 06473

info@shorelineat.com Shorelineat.com 385 Church Street, Guilford, CT 06437

(203) 626-2072 michael.FOYAcupuncture@gmail.com



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Follow Your Guiding Stars Horse Wisdom for a New Decade by Carrie Brady


he beginning of a new decade is a wonderful opportunity to consider guiding stars, the points by which we navigate through our lives. We all have them, but we may not be aware of them. Unlike humans, horses have a clear set of guiding stars; they don’t agonize over decisions. If they did, a herd wouldn’t survive an attack from a predator. Horses’ primary guiding stars include: Survival: As prey animals, horses continually scan the environment to detect threats to their survival. If a horse becomes concerned, it will turn its full attention to the prospective threat and assess it. The rest of the herd will do the same. If the threat is determined to be real, then the herd will take the necessary action, such as moving to safety. A horse that is concerned for its survival cannot be bribed by treats 14

New Haven/Middlesex

because they always will choose survival over delight.

napping in the sun. They choose delight.

Responsibility: Horses also have a great sense of responsibility to their herd. It is important for them to fill their roles in the herd and to rely on other horses to do the same. Although some horses are able to adapt to life alone, horses are generally more comfortable with other horses because they know they can count on their herd and don’t have to do everything themselves.

Survival, responsibility and joy also may be human guiding stars, but the way we interpret them can become distorted and create limiting beliefs. For example, a strong work ethic is generally positive but may lead to a guiding star of continuous productivity that leaves no time for “frivolous” play. People with a strong productivity guiding star unconsciously may avoid joy and delight because the guiding star has become so ingrained in who they are, they have lost sight of their ability to find the time to relax. As this year and new decade unfold, consider what beliefs or priorities guide you in making major life decisions. What do you consider when making smaller decisions, such as how you spend your

Joy: If there is no current threat and no immediate role to be played in the herd, such as watching over other sleeping horses, horses will choose to do what brings them joy. Given the freedom to do so, they enjoy the moment by grazing, rolling, running, grooming each other or just


Discover Your Guiding Stars

day? Do your guiding stars for big decisions match the ones you use for daily decisions? Often, we give more thought to major decisions and may not be aware that how we spend our days isn’t consistent with how we truly want to live our lives. What adjustments could you make to align your days with your guiding stars?

Choose to Thrive Instead of Just Survive

While horses are prey animals hardwired to scan for predators or other dangers, in the absence of an immediate threat, they will spend their days peacefully grazing. When faced with danger, they know how to respond in the moment, then release stress and immediately return to peace. Humans tend to struggle with this transition and place too much emphasis on survival and responsibility while completely devaluing delight. Of course, survival and responsibility are important, but in order to thrive, joy is essential. As Gabrielle Roth notes, “In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?” Loss of these essential joys is believed to be the root of the problem.

Survival, responsibility and joy also may be human guiding stars, but the way we interpret them can become distorted and create limiting beliefs. . Consider whether joy is even on your list of guiding stars. If not, watch the animals in your life to see how easy it is for them to incorporate joy. Dogs romp or chew a bone, cats stretch and nap, birds fly and sing, foxes leap and roll—animals naturally choose play and enjoyment on a regular basis. Humans can too, it may just take some practice at first.

Adjust the Course in Transitions

As humans go through transitions in their lives, it can be disconcerting when they don’t recognize the need to set new guiding stars. For example, some parents may feel lost when their children go to college. Although the children will always be an important part of their lives, the guiding star has changed, creating opportunities to set a new direction and open up new options.

Another common reason for a course correction is when imaginary fear has become a guiding star. Consider the things that set off your alarm bells and cause you to become concerned for your survival. Are you actually facing direct threats today, such as a serious illness, or are you giving real weight to imaginary fears? Fear can be useful in helping us make good decisions in certain circumstances, such as not engaging in dangerous behaviors, but fear also can become overwhelming and all-consuming, encouraging us to anxiously base all decisions on avoiding danger, even when the dangers aren’t real. Learning to approach threats like a horse does—remaining aware but only responding when directly faced with a real problem—helps us avoid using imaginary fear as a guiding star. Spend some time watching animals to determine what their guiding stars are and then compare them to your own. Whether we have pets or watch wildlife, the animals always have something to teach us. Carrie Brady partners with four horses in innovative non-riding programs for personal growth, professional development and wellness. If you aren’t able to visit Possibilities Farm in Wilton, Brady is available for phone coaching from the barn, so you still get personalized advice directly from the herd. Connect at 203-210-7484 or at PossibilitiesFarm.com.

Thousands of Years of Food Wisdom in Twelve Months

The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition

Offering a One-Year Certification Program in Sustainable Health & Nutrition This Innovative School Integrates the Science of Nutrition with:

Practicing Sustainable Gardening Methods

Preparing Traditional Kitchen Medicine

Learning Kitchen Culinary Skills

Identifying Nutrient-rich Wild Plants

Embark on this life-altering journey and be part of the movement to change the paradigm of our food for future generations. Join our experienced staff one weekend a month as you use hands-on education to delve into and explore diverse aspects of how food and herbs enhance the health of your clients, friends, family, yourself and the environment.

Now accepting applications for 2020-2021 | Call 860-764-9070 today! | West Granby, CT | www.tiosn.com 2020 Natural Living Directory




Susane Grasso REIKI MASTER


Relaxation Therapy Chakra Balancing Aura Readings

Shift Vibrational Frequencies Through Writing by Elizabeth Hill


203.500.6950 2489 Boston Post Road Suite F Guilford CT 06437

Sometimes you have to take 2 steps back to take 10 forward. ~Nipsey Hussle


New Haven/Middlesex

e all know what feels like to be in a low vibe, while being positive feels exquisite. However, putting pressure on ourselves to shift into a higher vibration if we don’t feel that way can make us feel even worse. Often when we want to shift into the positive, it makes it all too clear that we aren’t there! Even worse, when people label low moods as bad or negative, this can lead to a double whammy of feeling bad for feeling bad. All that does is highlight how low we actually are. If we are feeling low on the vibrational scale, it won’t work to just magically wish we were more positive. First, we must recognize where we are at the moment and honor the space we are in—no matter where we are on the vibrational scale— rather than wishing any low vibes away. In Ask and It is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks clarify how we can assess and adjust our vibrational frequency by looking at


our emotional guidance scale. If we are low in vibration, we will experience feelings such as anger, guilt, fear or shame. Feelings on the mid-vibrational scale are boredom, pessimism or overwhelm. When we are on a high vibrational frequency, we experience feelings such as joy, passion and love. Obviously, we don’t like to feel low. We want to stay positive and we want to stay in action. But there’s nothing wrong or bad about any feelings in and of themselves. It’s important that we honor all the feelings and discover the lessons they offer. Daily practices such as writing and meditation help us honor where we are and help us gently adjust our vibrational frequencies so we may shift our state of being to one that feels better. Try the following writing practice each morning before starting your day: First, take five to 10 minutes to free-write anything that is on your mind, is weighing

Daily practices such as writing and meditation help us honor where we are and help us gently adjust our vibrational frequencies so we may shift our state of being to one that feels better. on you or that you can’t sort out. As you write, the pressure will be cleared from your body and mind. You may find some clarity on a specific action to take that will release the heaviness or weight, and you can jot these thoughts down as well. This will bring a sense of clarity and freedom. Second, write things that are going well and for which you are grateful. They may not be going 100% perfectly, but they may be one step further in your chosen direction. Cultivating the grateful feelings through writing helps them grow in our body, mind and heart. You will be more open to receiving when this gratitude is present. You will find an extended version of this writing practice in the book Green Your Heart, Green Your World. Elizabeth B. Hill, MSW, ACC, is the founder of Green Heart Living and the author of Green Your Heart, Green Your World: Avoid Burnout, Save the World and Love Your Life. Her book Love Notes: Daily Wisdom for the Soul will be released February 14. Access free mindfulness resources and other soul-healing goodness at GreenHeartLiving.com.

The Natural Choice – The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center Optimize Your Smile and Your Health! Whole-Body Dentistry® provides comprehensive oral health care using traditional and holistic approaches. We understand the “mouth-body connection.”

Mark A. Breiner, DDS, FAGD, FIAOMT Speaker and best-selling author of Whole-Body Dentistry® Mercury-free for over 30 years, Dr. Breiner is a pioneer and recognized authority

WholeBodyDentistry.com • 203-371-0300 501 Kings Highway East, Suite 108, Fairfield, CT 06825

The Natural Choice – The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center Naturopathic Physicians Offering the Best in Holistic Healing Get your health back in balance naturally with proven treatments & therapies.

To build a daily habit of meditation, try the free “21-Day Manifesting Experience,” which can be accessed at Facebook.com/groups/21daymanifestingexperience. Each month has a different theme with corresponding mindset meditations and mantras. February’s theme is “Love All Ways.”

Watch our therapy videos on our website!

FREE CDs on our approach to Lyme Disease

Drs. Adam Breiner, Elena Sokolova, and David Brady

WholeBodyMed.com • 203-371-8258

in Fairfield, CT

2020 Natural Living Directory


Natural Living 2020 Directory

Dudarev Mikhail/Bigstock.com

& Glossary


New Haven/Middlesex


Atlas Chiropractic

Adam R. Church, DC 185 Main Street, East Haven, CT 203-466-1111 DrChurch@DrChurch.com AtlasChiroCT.com Practice summary/ Pimary services offered: Atlas delivers safe and effective solutions for people experiencing conditions such as; back and neck pain, headaches, and sciatica, as well as joint, disc, nerve, jaw and extremity problems. Atlas offers specific and scientific chiropractic care along with massage therapy and therapeutic exercise. What drew you to this profession? When Dr. Church was an 18-year-old pre-law student, he was severely injured in an auto accident. Thankfully, he found chiropractic care and was able to avoid drugs and surgery. Chiropractic care helped him get his life back. How does your work differ from others in your profession? Dr. Church and his team are trained and certified in the following; auto accidents, sports injuries, upper and lower extremities, nutritional neurology, family care, geriatrics, pediatrics and the pre-natal Webster breech technique. Dr. Church has also worked with the professional football team the Atlanta Falcons. What should a patient expect from working with you? New patients should expect a friendly and caring team of doctors and assistants. Treatments consist of gentle techniques to help you reach your health goals. Patients regularly experience pain relief as well as improvements in mobility, function, and quality of life. How is your practice evolving in 2020? In 2019 Atlas Chiropractic was awarded first place for Chiropractic in “Best on the Shoreline” readers’ poll. In 2020, Dr. Church joined a prestigious group of doctors called the Wellness Champions that offer various health talks at no charge to the community. Please call to schedule.

Balance by Melissa

Melissa Pytlak Yoga Teacher / Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor 203-305-5531 SeekLifeBalance@gmail.com BalanceByMelissa.com Practice summary/ Primary services offered: Private Yoga instruction and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations. Workshops and professional development. What drew you to this profession? During my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, I learned about Ayurveda, the science of life. The teachings of Ayurveda alongside yoga have completely changed my understanding of myself, the way I experience the world, and how I approach relationships. How does your work differ from others in your profession? As a yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, I offer a customized approach to private yoga instruction based on the uniqueness of the individual. What should a client expect from working with you? Each client is a unique individual and should expect to be treated that way. I can help to customize daily yoga and lifestyle practices that will help you to heal, restore balance and address any concerns you have. How is your practice evolving in 2020? My practice is geared towards working with individuals to address their specific health concerns as well as provide general education about Ayurveda and Yoga to the public What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? I am committed to helping heal others’ mind, body and spirit by connecting them to their innate wisdom, intelligence and capacity to heal. With guidance rooted in the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, it is possible to achieve a greater sense of overall well-being.

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Atlas is offering a consultation, examination and digital x-rays (if necessary), normally valued at $625, for only $47 with mention of Natural Awakenings. This offer excludes Medicare. Most health insurances accepted. Spanish speakers accommodated. Call today before your symptoms worsen. They look forward to meeting you at Atlas Chiropractic! 2020 Natural Living Directory




ACUPRESSURE Based on the same system as Acupuncture, but fingers and hands are used, instead of stimulation with needles, in order to restore the balanced flow of the body’s life energy (qi or chi, pronounced “chee”). This force moves through the body along 12 energy pathways, or meridians, which practitioners unblock and strengthen. Common styles of Acupressure include Jin Shin, which gently holds at least two points at once for a minute or more, and Shiatsu, which applies firm pressure to each point for three to five seconds.

ACUPUNCTURE Acupuncture is an ancient Oriental technique which stimulates the body’s ability to sustain and balance itself. It is based on the theory that an electromagnetic life-force is channeled in a continuous flow throughout the body in a network of “meridians.” Disease is understood as an imbalance in the meridian system. Needles are inserted at specific points along the meridians to stimulate or disperse the flow of life-force, in order to correct the imbalance. The systems of diagnosis used read the pulse, face, tongue and body energy. Acupuncture principles include the yin and yang polarities and the five elements’ associations with bodily organs.

AKASHIC RECORDS The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion and experience that has ever occurred in time and space. The Akashic Records can also be understood as the imprint of all experiences of all lifetime in all realities. They are an etheric, holographic, repository of information for human consciousness for the past, present and potentials for the future. The knowledge contained in the Akashic Records is imprinted upon a subtle substance called the Akasha, which describes the energy of Love that permeates and creates everything in the Universe.

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE A system of re-educating the body and mind to support and facilitate proper posture and ease of movement. Through gentle manual guidance, accompanied by verbal directions, the Alexander teacher coaches the student to become aware of unnecessary tension and to unlearn longstanding patterns of movement. The Alexander Technique is an established method for helping to improve chronic conditions such as back, shoulder or neck pain, nervous tension, poor coordination, breathing problems and vocal strain. It is frequently used by athletes and performing artists to improve performance level.

A R O M AT H E R A P Y Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art utilizing the essential oils of herbs and flowers to treat emotional disorders such as stress and anxiety, as well as a wide range of other ailments. Oils are massaged into the skin, inhaled, or placed in baths. Aromatherapy is often used in conjunction with Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Herbology, Chiropractic, and other holistic treatments. 20

New Haven/Middlesex


Aroma Freedom is a step-by-step process for identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings and memories that interfere with reaching our goals and dreams. It is meant to be used as a way to set a person’s emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth and expansion rather than contracting in fear, doubt and paralysis. It uses therapeutic grade essential oils to trigger a permanent shift in how we view ourselves and the world. There are currently four distinctly different processes meant to help you through extreme stress, traumatic memories, procrastination or overwhelm, or a full session as described above. This process was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, clinical psychologist since 1996 and veteran essential oil practitioner.

ART THERAPY Uses the creative process of making art to improve and enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being and to deepen selfawareness. The therapist works with clients and encourages them to express their feelings and unconscious thoughts through the nonverbal creative process and by observing the forms and content created.

AY U R V E D A Practiced in India for thousands of years, Ayurveda is an ancient medical system combining physical, psychological and spiritual therapies. It focuses on disease prevention and natural maintenance/protection of the whole person (mind, body and soul), achievable through the balancing of five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth). Various combinations of these elements form three energies known as Doshas: Vatha; Pitta; and, Kapha. Every body is some amalgamation of the Doshas, an imbalance of which disrupts health or causes illness. Depending on the individual, treatments may include Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Detoxification, Massage, Nutritional Counseling, stress reduction, exercise, behavioral modification, and more.

BIOENERGETICS Bioenergetics is a psychotherapy that works through the body to engage the emotions. Specific postures and exercises create a condition where the body cannot continue both the exercise and the chronic muscular tension and defensiveness (known as body armoring). Continuing the exercise causes the release of layers of body armor. As feelings are unlocked, this creates the opportunity for understanding and integrating those feelings.

BIOFEEDBACK Biofeedback is a relaxation technique that involves careful monitoring of internal body states. Used especially for stressrelated conditions such as asthma, migraines, insomnia, and high blood pressure, Biofeedback is a way of monitoring minute metabolic changes in one’s own body (e.g., temperature changes, heart rate, and muscle tension) with the aid of sensitive machines. By consciously thinking, visualizing, moving, relaxing, etc. one learns which actions produce desirable changes in the internal processes being monitored.

Corsello Clinic of Chiropractic Edward C. Corsello, DC, BCAO 2021 Main Street, Stratford, CT 203-381-1800 Contact@CorselloClinic.com CorselloClinic.com

Practice summary/ Pimary services offered: Our mission is to build healthy families for a lifetime of wellness in a loving and compassionate setting. We offer specialized techniques, including Atlas Orthogonal (AO), EPIC, functional neurology, spinal decompression and scoliosis correction, as well as nutrition, cellular detoxification and weight loss.

Eagle Flight Healing LLC Cathy Stubbs, RN, Reiki Master, Shaman Certified Light Body Healer 203-535-8849 EagleFlightHealing@gmail.com EagleFlightHealing.com

Practice summary/ Primary services offered: Light body healing, shamanic energy work, releases unresolved emotions and old traumas retained in our physical body and energy field. They affect not only our physical, mental and emotional health but also how we see What drew you to this profession? ourselves and how we live life. I was first drawn to chiropractic while searching for answers for my Chakra illumination and soul own health. I suffered with ulcerative colitis for many years before retrieval are 2 methods I use in my healing practice to release learning that through the AO correction in conjunction with spinal trauma, fear, pain, shame and to discover self limiting beliefs correction and nutrition, I could become symptom-free without and find lost aspects of self. drugs or surgery. Now I use these powerful techniques to provide permanent relief to patients suffering with neck and back pain, What first drew you to Shamanic Energy Healing? headaches, and many chronic health conditions. In my reiki practice, I was “seeing” the constricted emotions of clients in their livers and pancreas. I felt called to study shamanic How does your work differ from others in your profession? energy work and am inspired by its efficacy. I am a board-certified AO doctor trained in advanced spinal correction and functional neurology. I am one of only two AO Special training/certifications doctors in the state of Connecticut. I am a licensed RN, certified Reiki Master, Certified Light Body Healer, Shaman. What should a patient expect from working with you? At your initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive How does your work differ from others in your profession and examination using computerized technology that can detect the what should a client expect from working with you? hidden causes of your health problem and, if medically necessary, advanced biostructural digital X-rays. Treatment consists of Sessions are guided by a client’s intention and by their higher specific, gentle techniques to remove nerve pressure. consciousness and guides. Clients learn a breathe technique which aids the releasing desired. Expect to feel lighter, freer, How is your practice evolving in 2020? peaceful, more vitality, happier, more present with a new We are excited to welcome Dr. Christopher Loy to our practice, who is a pending diplomate in cervico-cranio junction procedures. perspective. We also offer the SprintSet energizing weight loss and detoxification system, which is helping patients to achieve amazing results, including getting off of insulin and high blood pressure medications, through customized nutrition, expert health coaching and lifetime maintenance. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Call us and mention Natural Awakenings to receive a discounted consultation with X-rays (usually $150 but $45 with this profile). We take health insurance and are currently accepting new patients.

How is your practice evolving in 2020? My practice continues to evolve in the use of visual imagery for releasing pain from various ages of the client’s inner child. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? I establish a safe, loving environment. Intentions do not need to be shared with me. Sessions are via phone or in person.

2020 Natural Living Directory




B O DY WO R K A general term referring to therapeutic techniques involved with manipulation and realignment of the body in order to improve its function. Massage and Yoga are perhaps the best known types of Bodywork, both having proven success in relieving tension/stress, promoting blood flow, loosening stiff muscles and stimulating the organs. There are countless Bodywork techniques within Massage (e.g.: Swedish, Shiatsu, Rolfing), Yoga (e.g.: Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini), and otherwise (e.g.: Aikido, Alexander Technique, Bowen, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Rosen Method, T’ai Chi Chuan, and Trager). Finding Bodywork that improves mental and physical health is a very individual process and several can be combined for the greatest benefit.

C H E L AT I O N T H E R A P Y Chelation Therapy is a non-surgical medical procedure that improves metabolic and circulatory function by removing undesirable heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, copper and others from the body. Typically administered in an osteopathic or medical doctor’s office, Chelation Therapy is a series of intravenous injections of the synthetic amino acid EDTA. Once in the bloodstream, EDTA blocks excess free radical production, protecting the tissues and organs from further damage. Over time, injections aim to halt the progress of the underlying condition that triggers the development of many degenerative diseases. More recently, Chelation Therapy has also been used to help reverse symptoms of atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) by removing the obstructive plaque that has built up in the circulatory system.

CHINESE MEDICINE Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the world’s oldest complete systems of holistic health care. It combines the use of medicinal herbs, Acupuncture, Food Therapy, Massage, and therapeutic exercise, along with the recognition that wellness in mind, body and emotions depends on the harmonious flow of life force energy known as qi.

CHIROPRACTIC Chiropractic is based on the premise that proper structural alignment will permit free flow of nerve activity in the body. Since the spine is literally the backbone of human health, when spinal vertebrae are out of alignment, they put pressure on the spinal cord (and nerves extending from the spinal cord), resulting in diminished function and illness. Misalignment can occur in a variety of ways including physical trauma, poor posture and stress. The chiropractor seeks to analyze and correct these misalignments through spinal manipulation or adjustment.


New Haven/Middlesex


Colon Therapy is an internal bath that washes away old toxic waste accumulated along the walls of the colon. It is given with pressurized water by a professional using special equipment. One colonic irrigation is the equivalent of approximately four to six enemas. Colonic irrigations reach every part of the intestinal tract, cleaning out matter that collects and remains for years in the pockets and kinks of the colon. The treatment is used as a corrective process, and for prevention of disease. Colonics are recommended for ailments such as constipation, psoriasis, acne, allergies, headaches and the common cold, to name a few.

COLOR THERAPY and COLORPUNCTURE The impact of color on mood is widely recognized. Color Therapists believe that different hues can treat illness and improve physical, emotional, and spiritual health. According to the theory, the vibrations of color waves can directly affect body cells and organs. Many practitioners also claim that the body emits its own “aura,” or energy field, the colors of which reflect a person’s state of health. Color Therapists apply color through lights or mental suggestion to restore both the body’s physical and psychic levels. Colorpuncture is a system that combines the insights of light physics with the knowledge of the meridian points emphasized in Acupuncture. This non-invasive technique is used to clear blockages and restore healthy energy flow in the meridians. Kirlian photographs track improvements. Another sensory healing technique is light therapy, which attempts to restore well-being and can be successful in treating the depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

CORE ENERGETICS A path of personal growth employing physically expressive techniques for emotional release and psychological process work. Developed by John Pierrakos, MD, Core Energetics is a marriage of Body Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development. The work brings consciousness to places of blocked energy in the body/mind, and recreates the defense patterns learned in childhood that keep people limited and disempowered. Those who experience Core Energetics can be awakened to the fullness of their life-force, feel their hearts open, and become grounded in the integrity of who they really are.

C O U N S E L I N G / P S YC H O T H E R A P Y Counseling and Psychotherapy encompass a broad range of practitioners, from career counselors who offer advice and information to psychotherapists who treat depression, stress, addiction, and emotional issues. Formats can vary from individual counseling to group therapy. In addition to verbal counseling techniques, some holistic therapists may use bodywork, ritual, energy healing, and other alternative modalities as part of their practice.

Elm City Wellness 774 Orange Street New Haven, CT 203-691-7653 ElmCityWellness@gmail.com ElmCityWellness.com

Practice summary/ Primary services offered: Elm City Wellness focuses on whole-body wellness, providing custom bodywork, acupuncture and skin care all under one roof. Our wellness store features locally made gifts, self-care supplies and a wide range of quality CBD oils, creams, gummies and more. How does your work differ from others in your profession? We place a heavy emphasis on self-care at Elm City Wellness, because practitioners who take care of themselves have the energy to care for others joyfully because that caregiving doesn’t come at their own expense. What benefits should customers/clients expect from your services and/or products? We are a one-stop shop for New Haven’s wellness seekers. Our skilled massage therapists, acupuncturists and estheticians offer sessions that are thoughtful, compassionate and client-centered.

Focus on You Acupuncture,LLC Michael A. Thorns, RN, LAc 262 State Street, Suite B North Haven, CT 203-626-2072 Michael.FOYAcupuncture@gmail.com FOYAcupuncture.com

Practice summary/Primary services offered: Focus on You Acupuncture (FOYA) strives to enhance the well-being of individuals through focused treatments utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Acupuncture, Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) Cupping, Tui Na and TCM nutritional counseling to help with Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Digestive and Orthopedic problems. What drew you to this profession? I came to Acupuncture after an arm injury while working as a Registered Nurse. Acupuncture allowed me to use my arm again and inspired me to study this great medicine to help others. What should a patient expect from working with you? Patients should expect an evaluation of their problems, drawing on my experience both as a Nurse and an Acupuncturist. This includes an interview, tongue & pulse evaluation as well as a physical exam to determine which Meridians are in disharmony. Treatment will consist of Acupuncture with Cupping and/or Tui Na Massage as needed.

How is your holistic center evolving in 2020? We are in constant evolution. We now offer a wide spectrum of wellness lectures to our calendar and will be expanding our presence in New Haven by opening a second location in February! How is your practice evolving in 2020? My practice is evolving in 2020 with the addition of Battlefield What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ Acupuncture (BFA). BFA is a quick method of pain control readers to know? developed by the US Military to treat service members with After a session at Elm City Wellness, many clients walk away moderate to severe pain quickly and without drugs. Every time with a deeper understanding of their bodies and new ways to BFA is utilized, I am amazed at how quickly and thoroughly it care for them. Our intention is to make Elm City Wellness a relieves pain. place to relax and heal.

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? FOYA strives to provide personalized care to our patients. Mention Natural Awakenings and receive a 90-minute initial evaluation and treatment for $80 (regularly $120). We are out of network with all insurance companies and provide Superbills for reimbursement. We accept cash, check, MC/Visa, HSA, FSA cards and can build packages to make your wellness affordable.

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CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY ( CST ) A manual therapeutic procedure to remedy distortions in the structure and function of the craniosacral mechanism — the brain and spinal cord, the bones of the skull, the sacrum and interconnected membranes. Craniosacral work is based upon two major premises: that the bones of the skull can be manipulated, because they never completely fuse; and that the pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid can be balanced by a practitioner trained to detect variations in that pulse. CST is used to treat chronic pain, migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), ear and eye problems, balance problems, learning difficulties, dyslexia and hyperactivity.

C R YS TA L A N D G E M T H E R A P Y Crystal and Gem Therapy involves the use of quartz crystals and gemstones for therapeutic and healing purposes. Crystals have their own unique energy frequencies. They have the capacity to amplify other frequencies which may assist with healing. They also absorb and store frequencies and can be programmed to carry healing intention. In the ancient art of “laying-on of stones,” practitioners place crystals and gemstones on various parts of the body, corresponding to chakra points, to balance energy flow.


The practice of resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. According to some holistic practitioners, accumulated toxins can block or drain the body of energy and make it more susceptible to disease. Detoxification techniques may include fasts, special diets, sauna sweats and colon cleansing.

DOULA A person who supports an expectant mother through pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. Studies indicate that support in labor has profound benefits, including shorter labor, less desire for pain medication, lower rate of Caesarian delivery and more ease in initiation of breast feeding. Fathers have reported that they were more relaxed with a Doula present because they felt reassured, and therefore freer to support their mates. (Also see Midwife).

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE ( EFT ) A self-help procedure founded by Gary Craig that combines fingertip tapping of key Acupuncture meridian points while focusing on an emotional issue or health challenge and repeating key phrases. Unresolved, or ‘stuck,’ negative emotions, caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system, are seen as major contributors to most physical pains and diseases. These can remain stagnant and trapped until released. EFT enables that release, is easy to memorize, free and can be done anywhere.

A method of expressing thoughts and feelings through movement, Dance Movement Therapy as practiced today was developed in the United States in the 1940s. Participants attend sessions given by trained therapists in which they are encouraged to move freely, sometimes to music. Dance Movement Therapy can be used by people of all ages to promote self-esteem and gain insight into emotional problems, and it is also practiced to help those with serious mental and physical disabilities. As such, it is widely used in the United States, and is becoming established around the world.




Based on the theory that clutter drains both physical and mental energy. Decluttering involves two components. The first focuses on releasing things (clothing, papers, furniture, objects and ideas) that no longer serve a good purpose in one’s life. The second focuses on creating a simple system of personal organization that is easy to maintain and guards against accumulating things that are neither necessary or nourishing.

The term refers to psychological methods that change the human vibrational matrix (meridians/acupoints, chakras, biofields) by stimulating specific Acupuncture points. This is often done by tapping these points in a set protocol. Energy Psychology (EP) is frequently used to treat trauma, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, sports and work performance, addictions/compulsions, phobias and stress. It is particularly gentle with trauma, eliminating the risk of flooding, or being overwhelmed by traumatic memories. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is perhaps the most well-known of the EP methods.

DENTISTRY ( HOLISTIC ) Dentistry from a holistic approach regards the mouth as a microcosm of the whole body. The oral structures and the body are seen as a unit. Holistic dentists often incorporate such methods as Homeopathy, biocompatibility testing and nutritional counseling. Most emphasize wellness and preventive care while avoiding (and often recommending the removal of) silver-mercury fillings.


New Haven/Middlesex


Energy Field Work is the art and practice of realigning and reattuning the body between the physical and the etheric and auric fields to assist the body’s natural healing processes. Working directly with the energy field in and around the body, energy is channeled through the practitioner and directed into the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. In this way, healing occurs on physical and non-physical levels at the same time. Sessions may or may not involve the physical laying-on of hands.

Gemstone Therapy Institute 860-646-3063 CustomerService@GEMFormulas.com GemstoneTherapyInstitute.org

Business summary/ Primary services offered: We teach students who want to join a circle of experts who understand the art, science, and transformative potential of gemstone healing in a world where an energy-based approach has become both accepted and essential for overall health and well-being. How does your business differ from others in your field? We are the only company in the world that provides both medicinal-grade therapy tools and an alternative-healing school offering meaningful beginner to advanced training in Diamond and Gemstone Therapy. What unique benefits should customers expect from your products and education? We help people find confidence in themselves to discover their energetic talents and capabilities, to sense them, feel them, and follow them. We help teach people how to follow their intuition and inner guidance. How is your business evolving in 2020? This year we have been giving more attention to the online, study-at-home versions of our Diamond and Gemstone Therapy courses and training. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? We are passionate about providing best-in-class Diamond and Gemstone Therapy products and spreading scientifically-based Gemstone Therapy education. We show people how to use diamonds and gemstones to get deep and meaningful healing results, so they can transform their lives and fulfill their potential.

Good Vibes Yoga Studio

Deonna Thomas Owner, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner 4 Cooke Road, Wallingford, CT 203-824-1929 GoodVibesYogaStudioCT@gmail.com GoodVibesYogaStudio.MassagePlanet.com Facebook: GoodVibesYogaStudioCT Instagram: etsy.com/shop/goodvibesyogastudio Business summary/Primary services offered: Good Vibes Yoga Studio offers a variety of calming, yet uplifting events and classes including, but not limited to yoga, meditation, reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, jewelry making, painting, essential oils, wine tastings, henna, and more. What drew you to this profession? I was first drawn to yoga when facing some personal difficulties and was at a point in my life where I had felt lost. When teaching an impromptu yoga class to friends and family I was suggested to become a yoga instructor, something that I had never thought of before, and that planted the seed that then flourished into Good Vibes Yoga Studio. How does your yoga studio differ from others? Our typical class includes a unique blend of yoga, reiki, sound healing, and crystal healing in a safe and cozy space. All classes and events are meant to hold sacred space to allow for healing and growth. We also have a beautiful outdoor space overlooking farms and vineyards that allows us to connect with Mother Nature. What should students expect from participating in your classes and events? Students can expect to have each class modified to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. My students have expressed how they feel supported and part of a community when attending classes and events. I strive to give everyone the best experience they can possibly have with my classes and events because we all deserve that time for self-care. How is your yoga studio evolving in 2020? Good Vibes will be bringing our Crystal Creations into more local stores and we will be offering more jewelry making classes. I will also be deepening my practice this July for my 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Peru through Indra Yoga Institute.

2020 Natural Living Directory


glossary E N V I R O N M E N TA L M E D I C I N E Environmental Medicine explores the role of dietary and environmental allergens in health and illness. Factors such as dust, mold, chemicals, and certain foods may cause allergic reactions that can dramatically influence diseases ranging from asthma and hay fever to headaches and depression.

ENZYME THERAPY Enzyme Therapy can be an important first step in restoring health and well-being by helping to remedy digestive problems. Plant and pancreatic enzymes are used in a complementary way to improve digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Treatment includes enzyme supplements coupled with a healthy diet that features whole foods.


preventing artery hardenings. The sulfates found in Epsom salt also assist with flushing out toxins and heavy metals. The use of essential oils in a soaking bath will intensify the cleansing effects for the body and its systems.

GUIDED IMAGERY C R E AT I V E V I S U A L I Z AT I O N Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization involve the effective use of images or symbols to focus the mind on the workings of the body in order to cause real physiological changes. In practice, Creative Imagery is the conscious creation of positive thoughts and images and the communication of them to the body to accomplish a desired outcome. It can be utilized for the relief of pain, the curing of disease, or to affect behavioral change. Imagery can take on many forms. It is a flow of thought involving all five senses. An important part of the visualization process, imagination is the ability to create a mental picture of what is desired and transform circumstances of life.

This experiential, energetic, and expressive approach to couples work was developed by Marcia and Brian Gleason. The goal is to assist couples in using their relationship as a vehicle for fulfilling each person’s potential. Exceptional Marriage Mentoring (EMM) helps couples move from self-protective feeling states to expansive, self-fulfilling emotions that allow each partner to become more fully human. The EMM model invites, in a very structured way, full expression of the passionate self, which includes anger, laughter, longing, fear, sexuality, grief, remorse, empathy, gratitude, compassion and love.



An herb is a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. Herbal Medicine, by far the oldest form of medicine practiced by mankind, uses natural plants in a wide variety of forms for their therapeutic value. Herb plants produce and contain a variety of chemical substances that act upon the body to strengthen its natural functions without the negative side effects of synthetic drugs. Herbs are prepared for internal and external use in a variety of ways, including teas, tinctures, extracts, oils, ointments, compresses, and poultices.

The Feldenkrais Method is a form of somatic education aimed at achieving mental and physical coordination. It involves gentle movement sequences, focused attention, and awareness of entrenched patterns. Approaches include Awareness Through Movement lessons typically taught in groups, and Functional Integration hands-on personalized care given to an individual by a practitioner. Physics, biomechanics, creative learning, and human development are at the core of this method, which aims to increase ease and range of motion, improve flexibility and coordination, aid in rediscovery of the body’s natural capacity for pleasurable efficient movement, and expand self-awareness.

FENG SHUI Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of mindfully arranging objects in order to create or facilitate harmonious energy flow (qi) in environments (building placement, office, home, garden…). Energy is tempered or enhanced so as to positively affect one’s relationships, prosperity, and wellness.

F L O ATAT I O N C E N T E R S Floatation centers use up to 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt—a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate—mixed with a warm solution of water in float tanks to produce a high buoyant effect. Soaking in a bath enriched with Epsom salt has been shown to increase magnesium and sulfate levels in the body. Magnesium can help with reducing inflammation, improving muscle and nerve function and 26

New Haven/Middlesex


A non-invasive, relaxing and nurturing energy therapy that helps to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and support self-healing. A gentle touch is used on or near the fully-clothed client to influence the body’s inner energy centers and exterior energy fields. Healing Touch is used to ease acute and chronic conditions, assist with pain management, encourage deep relaxation and accelerate wound healing.


H O L O T R O P I C B R E AT H W O R K Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful technique of selfexploration that combines breathing, evocative music, and a specific form of bodywork. It includes and integrates the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Presented in a two-day workshop by certified facilitators, participants try to access the four “levels” of experience that are available during breathing; sensory, biographical, perinatal, and transpersonal. By accessing buried memories, an individual can relive their own birth experience or traumatic life events, free up “stuck” emotional or viewpoints, or in some cases experience a mystical state of awareness.

Guest House Retreat and Conference Center 318 W. Main Street Chester, CT 860-319-1479 GuestHouseCenter.org

Business summary/Primary services offered: Guest House Retreat Center offers rentals of their unique venue for meetings and retreats for groups and organizations from a wide range of fields and disciplines. Their approach is very nurturing and mindful, allowing guests to concentrate on the important work they come to accomplish. Whether you’re there for an afternoon meeting or a week-long retreat, Guest House is committed to your event’s success. How does your retreat center differ from others? Guest House is a beautifully renovated country inn set on 12 acres that combines functionality with comfort. Groups enjoy the convenience of meeting rooms, dining halls and guest rooms located under one roof, while enjoying the comfort and privacy of individual spacious guest rooms, each with a full bathroom. Every guest room is decorated with elegant and functional furnishings, and no two rooms are exactly alike. High-speed WiFi and air conditioning are available in all guest rooms and throughout the building. The chefs ensure that each meal is delicious and delightful. Guest House menus are creative and imaginative and are always healthy and satisfying. Vegetarian options are available. Guest House is proud to be “Green Lodging Certified” by CT DEEP. What should clients expect from working with you? Guests can expect a high level of professionalism and hospitality from an experienced team. The center is unique and well maintained. Guest House is a mission-driven not for profit that exists to nurture those doing transformational work.

Healing Room

Jacqueline Piazza North Haven, CT 203-214-9486 Info@HealingRoomllc.com HealingRoomLLC.com Practice summary/Primary services offered: My intentions as a Meditation/ Mindfulness Instructor and Energy Therapist are simple and pure: to provide you with a space that is supportive and nurturing for you to connect with your inner wisdom and strength; to move forward with your life with hope, clarity and renewed energy. What drew you to this profession? I have devoted the past 15 years of my life as a spiritual seeker. I have studied many different modalities and practices and have narrowed my practice to what has brought profound growth and spiritual connection for me. What are the unique benefits of your meditation sessions? My journey has included many major life transitions and turning points. I am no stranger to those moments in life that connect you to your inner strength and point you toward growth and change. How is your practice evolving in 2020? I have traveled to the inner deep spaces within myself to discern the direction of my life. I will continue to study and grow as this is our purpose here on Earth School. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Now, working in private practice, I work with clients in person and remotely. My experience includes working with clients with Addiction, Trauma, Body Injury and Recovery, and anyone seeking to change their life and lean into deeper connection with themselves to have pure happiness.

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Guest House staff excels in the retreat environment and “holding the space” for the work you plan to do. They are dedicated to providing you and your group with unmatched service and will work with you to meet your specific needs.

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H O M E O PAT H Y Homeopathy is a highly systematic therapy that uses small doses of specially prepared plants and minerals to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms and healing processes in order to cure illness. The word “homeopathy” is taken from the Greek homeos meaning “similar” and pathos meaning “suffering.” Thus, Homeopathy means “to treat with something that produces an effect similar to the suffering.” This “law of similars,” the concept of “like cures like” is the basic principle of Homeopathy. A remedy is individually chosen based on its capacity to cause, if given in overdose, physical and psychological symptoms similar to those a patient is experiencing.

HYDROTHERAPY Hydrotherapy is the use of water, ice, steam, and hot and cold temperatures to maintain and restore health. Treatments include full body immersion, steam baths, saunas, sitz baths, colonic irrigation, and the application of hot and/or cold compresses. Hydrotherapy is effective for treating a wide range of conditions and can easily be used in the home as part of a self-care program.

HYPNOTHERAPY Hypnotherapy refers to a range of hypnosis techniques that allow practitioners to bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious. The altered state that occurs under hypnosis has been compared to a state of deep meditation or transcendence, in which the innate recuperative abilities of the psyche are allowed to flow more freely. The subject can achieve greater clarity regarding their own wants and needs, explore other events or periods of life requiring resolution, or generally develop a more positive attitude. It is often used to help people lose weight or stop smoking, and in the treatment of phobias, stress, and illness.

I N T E G R AT I V E M A N U A L T H E R A P Y ( I M T ) This comprehensive treatment approach views all of the body’s structures and systems in an interrelated manner, addressing anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and energetics to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Through manual diagnostics, the practitioner perceives and interprets the body’s subtle rhythms and signals to identify the causes of pain, disease or disability. Interacting with these subtle energies and reflexes, the practitioner facilitates corrective responses from the body to bring about healing. IMT techniques include very gentle forms of deep tissue work, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, joint mobilization, lymphatic drainage, and positional release, as well as Guided Imagery, deep relaxation, Biofeedback, Applied Psychosynthesis, Detoxification, energetic healing and functional recovery.


New Haven/Middlesex


This holistic approach combines conventional Western medicine with complementary alternative treatments in order to simultaneously treat mind, body and spirit. Geared to the promotion of health and the prevention of illness, it neither rejects conventional medicine nor accepts alternative therapies, without serious evaluation.

INTUITIVE ARTS Intuitive Arts is a general term for various methods of divination, such as numerology, psychic reading, and tarot reading. Individuals may consult practitioners to seek information about the future or insights into personal concerns or the personality. Among the modalities: Numerology emphasizes the significance of numbers derived from the spelling of names, birth dates, and other significant references; psychics may claim various abilities, from finding lost objects and persons to communicating with the spirits of the dead; and tarot readers interpret a deck of cards containing archetypal symbols.

IRIDOLOGY Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the delicate structure of the colored portion of the eye, or the iris. Over 90 specific areas on each iris have been “mapped,” making a total of over 180 zones, which act as a readout gauge to reflect conditions in the corresponding area of the body. Physical weaknesses can be noticeable in the iris long before they would be discernible through blood work or laboratory analysis, thus making Iridology one of a number of tools for preventative selfcare.

KINESIOLOGY / APPLIED KINESIOLOGY Kinesiology is the study of muscles and their movement. Applied Kinesiology uses the relative strength and weakness of selected muscles to indicate whether there is decreased function in any bodily organs or systems, or whether there is an imbalance or restriction in the energy flow. Much of Applied Kinesiology is based on the observed relationships between specific muscles and organs. Testing makes use of Acupuncture meridians and/or interrelationships among muscles, organs, the brain and the body’s energy field. Applied Kinesiology is also used to check the body’s response to a treatment that is being considered.

LIFE / BUSINESS COACH A professional who helps clients identify their personal and/or professional goals and design a plan or institute techniques for achieving them. The life/business coach works with clients to recognize and overcome any obstacles that may interfere with achievement of those goals.

Hypnosis & EFT in Connecticut Therese Baumgart Emotion Code Practitioner EFT Tapping Coach/Certified Hypnotist 3074 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 203-710-7438 HypnosisAndEFTct.com

Practice summary / Primary services offered: I meet you where you are to achieve your goals in an atmosphere of safety, respect and collaboration. I can assist you with issues related to stress, relationships, career, weight, body comfort, sleep, smoking, and self-confidence. My methods include Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping), Hypnosis, and other subconscious mind tools to guide you in accomplishing your goals free from self-sabotage and inner conflicts. I offer sessions in person and by internet and phone. I’m happy to discuss your situation in a complementary 20-minute phone session. What drew you to this profession? For me it was a natural evolution over the years from my own meditation practice to learning new skills to work on a deep level with the thoughts and emotions of others. How does your work differ from others in your profession and what should a client expect from working with you? The focus of my work is a non-judgmental attitude and the right tools to assist the client to accomplish their goals. The methods that I use are creative and fun. The client should expect a great experience! How is your practice evolving in 2020? I have added Emotion Code sessions to my practice and I am enthusiastic about sharing the method and the results! I am expanding office consults, groups, remote sessions and public talks.

Melissa’s Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Melissa Toni 203-710-7642 MelissaToni@comcast.net PetSittingMelissa.webs.com

Practice summary/ Primary services offered: Daily dog walks, in-home pet sitting visits, in-home pet sitting overnights, house sitting, and cat nail clipping. What drew you to this profession? I care for each and every pet as if they were my own. My passion and love for animals is genuine. I always put my pets’ needs first. I send pictures, videos, and updates regularly while owners are away. I also leave a hand-written note after each visit. How does your work differ from others in your profession? As a yoga instructor, and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, I offer a customized approach to private yoga instruction based on the uniqueness of the individual. What should pet owners expect from you and your services? Compassion, reliability, and love. I have no problem with last minute requests. I am always at the ready to jump in and care for any of my fur-babies. How is your business evolving in 2020? I plan to schedule weekly group walks in the woods for dogs that enjoy extra room to run around. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Regular exercise and time outside is one of the most important ways to care for your dog. An active and social dog is a happy dog, just like an active and social person is a happy person. The benefits and enjoyment go both ways in this business, which is why I’m so passionate and devoted to my job.

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? My goal is to assist you to accomplish your goals and find peace of mind and heart. I’ve been in practice since 2005 and I feel privileged to do this work.

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MACROBIOTICS Macrobiotics is an Eastern philosophy that is perhaps best known in the West through its dietary principles. Macrobiotic theory begins with the realization that there is a natural order to all things and we can achieve a fuller sense of balance, both within ourselves and with the world around us, by synchronizing our eating habits with the cycles of nature. Low-fat and high-fiber foods, whole grains, vegetables, sea vegetables, and seeds cooked in accordance with macrobiotic principles are stressed.

MAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY Electromagnetic energy and the human body have a valid and important interrelationship. Magnetic Field Therapy can be used in both diagnosing and treating physical and emotional disorders. This process has been recognized to relieve symptoms and may, in some cases, retard the cycle of new disease. Magnets and electromagnetic therapy devices are now being used to eliminate pain, facilitate the healing of broken bones, and counter the effects of stress.

M A N U A L LY M P H AT I C D R A I N A G E A gentle, non-invasive, rhythmical whole-body massage aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system to carry away excess fluid in the loose connective tissue, which helps remove toxins. Blockage or damage within the system may lead to conditions like edema, acne, inflammation, arthritis and sinusitis. The therapy stimulates one of the body’s natural cleansing systems to help bring tissues to a healthier state.

MASSAGE THERAPY A general term for the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. Massage Therapy incorporates various disciplines and involves kneading, rubbing, brushing and/or tapping the skin, muscles and connective tissues. Its goal is to increase circulation and detoxification in order to reduce physical and emotional stress and increase overall wellness.

M E D I TAT I O N Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus/contemplation used to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth. There are many different types of Meditation practiced (e.g.: Buddhist, Mindfulness, Transcendental, Walking), which include a variety of techniques for achieving harmony such as imagery, mantras, observation/awareness and deep breathing. Some meditators seek a mystical sense of oneness with a higher power or the universe, while others utilize it to gain serenity, alleviate anxiety or high blood pressure, or heighten focus, creativity and/or self-awareness. Research has shown that Meditation can contribute to an individual’s psychological and physiological well-being.


New Haven/Middlesex


A Medium professes to sense and communicate with spiritual entities, conveying messages from those who are no longer incarnate to people in the physical world. Readings focus on those evidential messages, which are said to be delivered for one’s “highest good.”

MIDWIFE A birth attendant who assists a woman through the prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum stages of pregnancy. The mother is encouraged to be involved and to feel in control of her birthing experience. Midwives are knowledgeable about normal pregnancy, labor, birth and pain relief options. They respect the process of birth as an innate and familiar process. Certified nurse-midwives are registered nurses who have received advanced training and passed a national certification exam. Nurse-midwives collaborate with physicians as needed, especially when problems arise during pregnancy. (Also see Doula).

M I N D / B O DY M E D I C I N E The field of behavioral medicine which recognizes the relationship between the mind and body, the body’s innate ability to heal and the partnership between the patient and healer in restoring health. It is strongly research-based and encompasses the field of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Mind/Body Medicine is used for those conditions, which may be exacerbated by the patient’s emotional stress, such as heart disease, cancer, preparation for medical procedures, autoimmune diseases, pain management, asthma, diabetes, gastrointestinal upsets (such as IBS), trauma and insomnia. Treatment commonly includes a blend of Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Biofeedback and other methods.

MONTESSORI SCHOOL The Montessori method of early childhood education (age range 2.5 to 6 years) was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, who served in special education. Montessori programs utilize a child-centered approach, based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. The teacher, child and environment create a learning triangle where students are encouraged to learn at their own unique stages of development and cultivate their natural abilities through practical play. Children learn through discovery rather than traditional direct instruction. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional and cognitive. Components necessary for a program to be considered authentically Montessori include multiage groupings that foster peer learning, uninterrupted blocks of work time and guided choice of work activity.

Mind Matters Hypnosis Center Calypso Portugaels Guilford, CT, West Hartford, CT & Brooklyn, NY 860-693-6448 Info@MindMattersHypnosis.com MindMattersHypnosis.com

Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, LLC

500 East Main Street, Suite 310, Branford, CT 203-315-7727 PTServicesGuilford@yahoo.com PhysicalTherapyGuilford.com

Practice summary/ Primary services offered: Hypnosis, Hypno-Coaching, EFT and Corporate Seminars. What drew you to this profession? Hypnosis helped me with chronic back pain. I was a skeptic at first but now, several years later, I live pain-free, I’m a believer and I’m a hypnotist. How does your work differ from others in your profession? We are specialized in root cause hypnosis, which means we’re not just treating the symptoms. We’re looking for, finding and addressing the challenge from its origin. What should a client expect from working with you? You should expect someone to really listen and care about you and your process. You can expect to clear all the blocks that have been preventing you from being your best, true, healthiest and happiest self. How is your practice evolving in 2020? We are always working to be on the cutting edge of hypnosis with a beautiful blend of science and heart. We’ve recently opened an office in New York City, have added services in French, and are developing new ways to work with clients remotely so location is no longer a barrier. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Whatever your challenge, we are here to help. We can support you in making 2020 the best year yet. Imagine a year where you put all your challenges behind you. 2020 can be that year! Our team of experienced hypnotists are trained to help with every imaginable issue, from smoking cessation, weight release, phobias, sleep issues, goal setting, self-esteem and stress relief to name a few. Whatever your goal is, you are not alone, you will be welcomed in a judgement free, result driven environment and we will be with you every step of your journey.

Practice summary/Primary services offered: We offer aspects of both traditional and manual PT to patients of all ages. Our therapists have advanced training in treating the whole body to find the root of your problem, effective for treating orthopedic/sports injuries, balance/mobility dysfunction, TMJ, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, arthritis, incontinence, headaches, dizziness, concussions, and fibromyalgia. What drew you to this profession? Practice owner, Phyllis Quinn, PT, was drawn to physical therapy through her mother, the first female in CT to have a private PT practice. At the start of Phyllis’ career, she practiced traditional techniques. Early on, she incorporated muscle energy, myofascial release, and craniosacral methods and was amazed at the often-instantaneous results achieved. How does your work differ from others in your profession? We individualize each session to meet your needs. Treatment time is reserved to address structural dysfunction. Repetitive strengthening exercises can be done at home or at a gym. What should a patient expect from working with you? Our patients can expect to meet for one-on-one sessions with a licensed PT. Our goal is to offer pain relief as quickly as possible and prevent it from recurring. How is your practice evolving in 2020? We are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of our profession by attending continuing education courses given by top educators in the country. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Is spite of insurance changes over the years, we continue to provide you with the undivided attention of a caring PT for each visit. Typically, patients notice an appreciable difference in symptoms in about 4 visits, oftentimes finding it to be an alternative to pain medications. Each of our 5 therapists has 20-35 years of experience. We are passionate about our careers and helping you feel better. 2020 Natural Living Directory




MUSIC THERAPY Music therapy is an established healthcare profession available for all ages in multiple settings. It is utilized by trained professionals who integrate music interventions in therapy sessions to help address, restore, and/or enhance physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. No musical ability is needed for clients to benefit.

M YO FA S C I A L R E L E A S E ( M F R ) This holistic form of bodywork is used for reducing pain, improving movement and function, and restoring emotional tranquility. MFR is labeled holistic because it involves treating the whole body as a connected organism, recognizing that symptoms in one place may be caused by tight connective tissue elsewhere. This tightness places pressure on pain sensitive structures like muscles, nerves, bones, joints, blood vessels or organs. Such ischemic pressure results in symptoms like pain, tingling, stiffness, and lethargy. MFR is most commonly practiced by licensed Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists who have taken specialized training in this technique. The goal of treatment is to restore balance and alignment to the human structure, and enhance optimum flow throughout the entire system.

N A M B U D R I PA D ’ S A L L E R G Y E L I M I N AT I O N T E C H N I Q U E S ( N A E T ) A non-invasive, drug free, natural modality that tests for and eliminates allergies. NAET uses a blend of selective energy balancing, testing and treatment procedures from Acupuncture, Acupressure, Allopathy, Chiropractic, Kinesiology and Nutritional Medicine. One allergen is treated at a time.

N AT U R O PAT H I C M E D I C I N E Naturopathy is a comprehensive and eclectic system that incorporates the use of a broad range of natural substances and natural means to promote health. Naturopathic Doctors work in harmony with the body’s natural healing abilities. Training may include the study of specific approaches such as Massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Counseling, Applied Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, minor surgery and basic Obstetrics for assistance at natural childbirth.

NETWORK CHIROPRACTIC Network Chiropractic is a form of chiropractic that views the spine as a powerful “switchboard of consciousness.” The method is based on the belief that spinal adjustment can serve to unify the physical, emotional, and mental body with a universal intelligence or consciousness.


New Haven/Middlesex


NLP is a systematic approach to changing limiting patterns of thought, behavior and language. In conversation, practitioners observe the client’s language, eye movements, posture, breathing, and gestures in order to detect and then help change unconscious patterns linked to the client’s emotional state.

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING Embracing a wide range of approaches, nutrition-based complementary therapies seek to alleviate physical and psychological disorders through dietary modification and food supplements, and involving either macronutrients or micronutrients. Macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fiber. Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that cannot be manufactured in the body. Nutritional therapy often uses dietary or food supplements, which may include tablets, capsules, powders or liquids.

ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE Employing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to create nutritional content and balance in the body, Orthomolecular Medicine targets a wide range of conditions, including depression, hypertension, schizophrenia, cancer, and other mental and physiological disorders.

O S T E O PAT H I C P H YS I C I A N S Osteopathic Physicians are trained to help the body stimulate and restore its own immune system naturally. Osteopathy utilizes generally accepted physical, pharmacological, and surgical methods of diagnosis and therapy, with strong emphasis on body mechanics and manipulative methods to detect and correct faulty structure and function. Doctors of Osteopathy (DO’s) offer a hands-on approach to the diagnosis and treatment of selected ailments involving bones, muscles, tendons, tissues, and the spinal column through the use of palpation, manipulation, and physical therapy.

O X YG E N T H E R A P I E S Oxygen Therapies alter the body’s chemistry to help overcome disease, promote repair, and improve overall function. These therapies are effective in treating a wide variety of conditions, including infections, circulatory problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, allergies, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. The major types of Oxygen Therapy used to treat disease are Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Therapy, and Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.

PA S T L I F E / R E G R E S S I O N T H E R A P I E S Past Life and Regression Therapies operate on the assumption that many physical, mental, and emotional problems are extensions of unresolved problems from the past — whether from childhood traumas or experiences in previous lifetimes. The practitioner uses Hypnosis (or altered states of consciousness) and relaxation techniques to access the source of this “unfinished business,” and helps clients to analyze, integrate, and release past traumas that are interfering with their current lives.

Redeeming Life Nutrition, LLC Drew Mulvey, Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist Southbury, CT Drew.Mulvey@RedeemingLifeNutrition.com RedeemingLifeNutrition.com

Practice summary/Primary services offered: We take a whole-body, systems-based approach to your health. Our goal is to help you see food as sustenance and a life force that can help the body function properly as a unit and create a positive relationship with food. We offer nutrition counseling services, grocery store tours, in-home cooking tutorials based on personalized recommendations, and coaching programs to help guide the individual What drew you to this profession? I was drawn to nutrition because of my own health battles. Since age 14, I have been diagnosed with health conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS and hypothalamic amenorrhea as well as being medicated for ADHD, insomnia and depression. It was alternative care, incorporation of foods and recipes for therapeutic purposes, and digging deeper into study by acquiring a masters in human nutrition. It helped me address underlying causes for these symptoms, create lifestyle changes, diminish medications and be more in tune with my body. How does your work differ from others in your profession? I am licensed in Connecticut as a Certified Nutritionist and will be a Certified Nutrition Specialist by the end of the year. I look a t the body functioning as a whole while including mental, emotional and spiritual health to get to the root of issues. What should a client expect from working with you? During the initial consult review, a health history form helps identify underlying problems. The client is provided with personalized lifestyle modifications, dietary guidance, educational material, and product and activity suggestions. The grocery store tour educates individuals on alternative items to purchase and reading labels. The in-home cooking will teach them how to put all the knowledge from the initial consult and the grocery store tour into practice. How is your practice evolving in 2020? We are looking to expand to a hybrid counseling platform, coaching and accountability programs. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? We specialize in gut health, food sensitivities and autoimmunity. We offer in-person consultations and telehealth sessions.

Reiki With Eileen Anderson

Eileen Anderson, RN, CRRN, Alumnus Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center Treatment sessions at Orange Chiropractic Center 203-314-5401 eilande@comcast.net ReikiWithEileenAnderson.com Practice summary/Primary services offered: I teach Reiki Level 1 to promote Reiki self-treatment and treatment of others. Reiki 2 is offered to students who have completed Reiki 1 and want to deepen their practice and learn to give distant Reiki treatments. I offer small-sized classes and individualized instruction with ample practice time. What drew you to this profession? A nurse colleague, a Reiki Master, taught four other nurses and me to become Reiki practitioners. We then treated patients, families and staff, promoting a calm, restful environment within the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Yale New Haven Hospital. How does your work differ from others in your profession? As a retired critical care nurse, I bring my Reiki practice from the hospital setting to the community. I teach Reiki classes in the traditional style of practice as a single healing modality for rest, relaxation and stress reduction. What should students expect from working with you? Students will learn to conduct Reiki sessions in a calm, restful environment. Teaching is done informally with ample time for practice and discussion. No preparation is required. Students will learn the foundation of Reiki practice. How is your practice evolving in 2020? I now offer individual private Reiki 1 and 2 classes at the Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center. I facilitate monthly Reiki shares for my students to practice in a safe environment at the Buttonwood Center. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? My work as a Critical Care Nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital has inspired me to take a holistic approach to health care. I also offer Reiki treatments in various public clinics, Orange Chiropractic Center and Wallingford Senior Center. I have expanded my practice to teach Reiki on two levels. I adjust my teaching and sessions to fit the individual person or group.

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A Personal Fitness Trainer is a certified professional who designs fitness programs for individuals desiring one-on-one training. Trainers offer their services in the privacy of ones home or at various locations (club, office, etc.).

Also known as Conscious Connected Breathing (or by some practitioners as Vivation), Rebirthing is a means to access and release unresolved emotions. The technique uses conscious, steady, rhythmic breathing without pausing between inhaling and exhaling. Guided by a professional Rebirther, clients re-experience past memories ­­— including birth — and let go of emotional tension long stored in the body.



Evaluates difficulties with mobility or function and focuses on rehabilitation through a restorative treatment program and instruction on how to make efficient use of the body in daily activities. Physical Therapists use massage, exercise, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and other means to help the patient regain functional movement.

Utilizes light and dimensional frequencies to reduce stress, foster relaxation, and enable holistic healing. Practitioners use their hands to focus a flow of energy into the client’s aura/ energy field. This stimulates meridians and DNA strands, causing a shift that releases old patterns and reconnects clients to their essence and universal energy.



A structured system of small isolated movements that demands powerful focus on feeling every nuance of muscle action while working out on floor mats or machines. Emphasizes development of the torso’s abdominal power center, or core. More gentle than conventional exercises, Pilates, like Yoga, yields long, lean, flexible muscles whose gracefully balanced movements readily translate into everyday activities like walking, sitting and bending. Can help in overcoming injuries.

A natural healing art based upon the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to different parts of the body. Correctly stimulating and applying pressure to the feet or hands increases circulation and promotes specifically designated bodily and muscular functions in those corresponding areas.



Polarity Therapy asserts that energy fields exist everywhere in nature and that the free flow and balance of this universal energy in the human body is the underlying foundation of good health. Practitioners use gentle touch and guidance to help clients balance their energy flow, thus supporting a return to health. The practitioner’s hands do not impart energy, but redirect the flow of the receiver’s own energy in order to recharge and achieve balance.

Reiki, meaning “universal life-force energy” is a method of activating and balancing the life-force present in all living things. Reiki practitioners use light hand placements to channel healing energies to organs and glands or to align the chakras (energy centers). There are techniques for emotional and mental distress, chronic and acute physical problems, and for achieving spiritual focus and clarity. Reiki is increasingly being integrated into the work of Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Nurses, and others for whom the use of touch is essential or appropriate.



Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana or ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body. It also involves the manipulation of ki and bioplasmic matter of the patient’s body. Prana is the Sanskrit word for “Life-force energy”— also referred to as Chi, Qi, Ki, or Ruach.

Rolfing is a deep tissue massage technique. It re-organizes and improves alignment through connective tissue manipulation.


Q I G O N G A N D TA I C H I Qigong and Tai chi combine movement, meditation and breath regulation to enhance the flow of vital energy (qi or chi, pronounced “chee”) in the body , improve circulation and enhance immune function. Qigong traces its roots to traditional Chinese medicine. Tai chi was originally a self-defense martial art descended from Qigong and employed to promote inner peace and calm.

S A LT H E A L I N G T H E R A P Y Himalayan rock salt has been found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Salt caves offer healing benefits of a rock salt rich in trace elements and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, bromine, copper, selenium and iron. Salt caves combine speleotherapy—the use of salt cave and mine microclimates to treat diseases—and halotherapy, which utilizes a salt vaporizer to push dry aerosol salt vapor into the air to help with various respiratory and skin issues, allergies and other conditions.

SHAMANISM Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition that dates back 40,000 years or more. It is based on the belief that all healing includes the spiritual dimension. Shamanic healing usually


New Haven/Middlesex


Revive Salt Therapy & Wellness LLC 374 New Haven Avenue Milford, CT 203-283-5968 Hello@ReviveSaltTherapy.com ReviveSaltTherapy.com

Business summary/Primary Services offered: Halotherapy, yoga, nutrition, detox, massage, Reiki, wellness workshops. What drew you to this profession? I have a Master’s in Nutrition and have been researching and practicing holistic health for nearly a decade. I have helped many clients improve their quality of life through nutrition, but I wasn’t able to offer much support in the area of mindfulness and stress management. In addition, salt therapy is affordable and I really love how it helps with many different areas of health including breathing conditions, skin conditions, fatigue, and stress management because it promotes relaxation. How does your holistic business differ from others in your field? Many salt therapy owners don’t have the extensive background in holistic wellness that I do. That limits their ability to truly create health for their clients. We are so much more than just a halotherapy salt room. What should clients expect from your services/products? We empower our clients to create health on their own terms. They can expect an improved quality of life if they visit us on a regular basis. How is your business evolving in 2020? We will be adding more wellness workshops and possibly more wellness services in 2020. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? We empower, inspire, and educate our clients so that they can create the health they deserve.

Rocky Corner Cohousing 58 Old Amity Road Bethany, CT 203-903-2646 Welcome@RockyCorner.org RockyCorner.org

Summary of cohousing offered: 1, 2 & 3 bedroom homes for sale—energy efficient with both passive and active solar features. Residents will co-own 33 acres and a 4,500 sf common house. Both market-price and affordable homes are available. How does your sustainable community differ from others? Rocky Corner is the first cohousing community to be built in the tri-state area. We are an organic farm–centered neighborhood on 33 acres, with a permaculture plan that protects natural habitats. Rocky Corner’s design builds community by promoting interactions between neighbors. What are the benefits of your cohousing community? We designed our cohousing neighborhood to be sustainable, with smaller homes and a large shared common house. Rocky Corner provides private homes we are accustomed to, together with community we seek. All ages and abilities will work together to create a supportive, resilient place for people and wildlife, with edible landscapes and individual garden plots. How is Rocky Corner evolving in 2020? Construction is well underway, with move-in starting in the spring of this year. After we move in, the fun of gathering, skill sharing and growing together will begin! Future residents are already coalescing into a vibrant community. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Rocky Corner is a friendly, cooperative, planet-focused neighborhood. We are devoted to preserving, protecting nurturing and regenerating the natural environment. We consider the Rocky Corner community, the wider human community and the health of the Earth when making decisions and choices.

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Sound Healing involves the use of vocal and instrumental tones, generated internally or externally. When sounds are produced with healing intent they can create sympathetic resonance in the physical and energy bodies. Sound healing can bring discordant energy into balance and harmony.

Traditional Thai Therapy (also known as “Thai yoga massage”) is an ancient healing system that integrates reflexology, acupressure, conscious breathing and assisted yoga postures with Indian Ayurvedic principles—the combination of which relieves tension, relaxes the mind & body, and provides lasting benefits to the overall health & well-being of the receiver. It has been referred to by many as “yoga for lazy people” because rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed and gently stretched. A traditional session typically lasts two hours in duration and includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. Clients wear comfortable clothing while receiving on a floor mat during the session, and no oils or lotions are used.



Spiritual Healing/Counseling comes in two forms. In one, the healer uses thought or touch to align their spiritual essence with the spirit of the client. The healer works to either balance the spiritual field or shift the perceptual base of the client to create harmony between mind and body and draw the client into the active presence of a Divine Healing Force. In the other, the healer transforms healing energy into a vibrational frequency that the client can receive and comfortably assimilate, gently reminding the person’s intuitive core of its inherent healing ability and imparting a vision of health. Spiritual Healers often work within a particular spiritual tradition, seek guidance from “spirit helpers,” and rely on some form of prayer or meditation.

Tragerwork uses passive movement to encourage progressive, generalized release of deep body tension. The client receives a blend of rhythmic, rocking movements, elongations, and gentle compressions so body and mind relax into new and freer movement patterns. Tragerwork helps with stress and specific pain, such as sciatica, back, neck and shoulder pain, and TMJ. It can improve results in Physical Therapy, Psychotherapy, athletic and artistic training, and treatment of disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, Post-polio Syndrome, and Multiple Sclerosis.

involves induction into an altered state of consciousness and journeying into the spirit world to regain personal power and access the guidance of nature and of teachers. This approach may be taken literally or employed symbolically.


TA N T R A Tantra has emerged as a modern spiritual path of embodied consciousness, with roots in ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It views the “spiritual” as being directly present within the “physical” and respects sensory experience as a vehicle for accessing higher states of awareness. Tantra practices balance the chakras (energy centers) and can contribute to a sense of presence, intimacy and fulfillment in all aspects of living.

TA N T R A TA I C H I Tantra Tai Chi is a recently developed practice of Tai Chi/ Qigong-style body movements designed to be performed with a partner. It can enhance intimacy by sequentially and simultaneously focusing attention on the root or sexual center near the base of the spine, the heart or love center in the midchest region, and the upper spiritual center in the head. The cycling of energy through these chakra centers encourages a blended experience of intimate presence with one’s own internal being and one’s partner.

THERMAL IMAGING A diagnostic technique that uses an infrared camera to measure temperature variations on the surface of the body, producing images that reveal sites of inflammation and abnormal tissue growth. Inflammation is recognized as the earliest stage of nearly all major health challenges.


New Haven/Middlesex


T R A N S C E N D E N TA L M E D I TAT I O N Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple, effortless technique of meditation practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. Through the use of a mantra, TM allows the mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the source of thought-pure awareness, the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness. In this state of restful alertness, the brain functions with significantly greater coherence while the body gains deep rest.

YO G A Yoga is the practical application of the ancient Indian Vedic teachings. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj which means “union” or “to join,” and refers to the joining of man’s physical, mental, and spiritual elements. In Yoga, the goal of good health is accomplished through a combination of techniques including exercises called “asanas” or postures, controlled breathing, relaxation, meditation, and diet and nutrition. Although Yoga is not meant to cure specific diseases or ailments directly, it has been found effective in treating many problems.

Z E N S H I AT S U Zen Shiatsu, sometimes referred to as “Acupuncture without needles,” uses gentle but firm finger and palm pressure to activate the body’s energetic channels and acupoints to bring the body back into balance and harmony on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. Clients remain fully clothed and receive treatment in a relaxing, comfortable and supportive environment.

Susane Grasso, RMT

Reiki / Acupressure / Theta Healing®/Sound Healing 2489 Boston Post Road, Suite F, Guilford, CT 203-500-6950

The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN) 113 Simsbury Road, West Granby, CT 860-764-9070 Joan@TIOSN.com TIOSN.com

Practice summary/ Primary services offered: Stress is the plague of the 21st Summary of education offered: century and the cause of physiWe offer a unique education cal and emotional woes. Because program blending the science of this my sessions combine my of nutrition with the hands-on ability to see auras with Reiki, components of sustainable Theta Healing®, Acupressure, regenerative gardening practices, and Sound/Vibrational Healing kitchen medicine, culinary to provide deep relaxation and skills and sustainable foraging. balance. “Tension out! Wellness This time together creates an unavoidable community of in” is more than a phrase. For my like-minded individuals. clients it is a statement of fact. What drew you to this profession? My chronic pain from Lyme Disease was alleviated by a Reiki Practitioner which made a believer out of me. How does your work differ from others in your profession and what should a client expect from working with you? Each session is individually tailored to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of my client. During the session the chakras are balanced and the aura cleansed of blockages. The deep relaxation that follows provides focus and tranquility. How is your practice evolving in 2020? I have added the dimension of sound, sympathetic resonance, to my practice via Tibetan singing bowls. Theta Healing® has also been integrated to add another dimension to chakra maintenance and well-being. I will continue to explore other energy healing modalities. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? It is an honor to provide relaxation therapy for my clients. Working with them to maintain and strengthen their aura is my primary goal. I love watching an energy signature go from ragged and wispy to whole and vital.

What drew you to this profession? A good nutrition program needs to be whole. This means that we cannot teach about nutrition without talking about the health of the soil and growing practices, how food is harvested and prepared in the kitchen and the importance of knowing the traditional practices of kitchen medicine and sustainable foraging for nutrient dense food and herbs. The vision was to create a program that incorporated all aspects of food and health with the gold standard of experiential, hands-on teaching. How does your program differ from others in your profession? We give hands-on experience and connect students to the outdoors in order to give a truly meaningful educational experience. Students grow and harvest food and herbs, prepare meals, ferment, make kitchen medicine, teas, tonics and brews; they taste, smell, forage, think, share and create a community and so much more. We also bring in experts from the food world to teach sections of the curriculum for a more well-rounded perspective. What should students expect from working with you and your program? We hear again and again that what they learn rocks our students’ worlds. They tell us that their life is never the same and they are grateful. How is your program evolving in 2020? We are always adding to our curriculum and looking for interesting speakers and guests. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? We provide life-altering learning, perspectives and experiences to our students that change how they live their life while building a life-long community.

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The Red Barn in Durham New Earth Holistic Therapies and Arts Center Janice Juliano, MSW, LCSW Founder / Director of the Vision 352 Main Street, Durham, CT 860-559-6151 TheRedBarnInDurham.com Visit us on Facebook at: The Red Barn in Durham

Business summary/ Primary services offered: We are a collaborative of practitioners who have created a safe healing environment for holistic care, healing arts and creativity. We have licensed, insured and seasoned practitioners for many modalities of healing – body, mind, spirit and heart. How does your holistic center differ from others in your field and what benefits should clients expect from your services/products? We offer Events for many themes: Holistic Wellness Therapies, Psychic Fairs, Pet Expos, Holistic Therapies for Chronic Illness and Cancer. We have space for gallery readings, workshops, conferences, bridal showers, baby showers and even weddings. Also located in our 10,000 square foot barn are The Borrowed Time Emporium and The Soul Shine Salt Cavern. How is your center evolving in 2020? For 2020 we have plans to offer art and creativity classes in our Art Center located on the bottom level of The Barn. We will host artists that will offer many different kinds of classes as well as include an area for hand-made artisan gifts for sale. Visit our website: TheRedBarnInDurham.com for weekly and monthly classes and events.

Visioning Crystals Lauri Ingram 203-435-5650 Lauri@VisioningCrystals.com VisioningCrystals.com

Practice summary/ Primary services offered: Spiritual Counseling – Spiritual counseling is reflective listening and inquiry, that helps remind an individual that we are immersed in Spirit and the Divine is always present in every situation, as a constant resource and a mirror to guide us in what needs to be healed or learned. Crystal Dreaming – Using a precise alignment of stones arranged in a powerful crystal grid, you are gently led into an altered state, resulting in a profound shift in consciousness while being safely guided through a very personal shamanic journey. Master Etheric Crystal Light – Etheric Crystal Healing Light Therapy combines the benefits of color, light, and crystal therapies to create beneficial stimulation on both a physical and energetic level. Minister Services – Offering custom interfaith/Interspiritual weddings, memorial services, baby blessings and other ceremonies to celebrate life events. What drew you to this profession? My own journey of self-discovery led me to help others find their own divine light. How does your work differ from others in your profession? As an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister, I am combined a unique set of offerings and services that combine spiritual exploration, crystals, light, color and sound. What should a client expect from working with you? Working with me is a journey of self-discovery; I believe we all have the answers we seek within. How is your holistic business evolving in 2020? This year I will be exploring incorporating creative arts into my offerings as another way to explore What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? As an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister, I believe there is much to learn as we journey through life. It begins with openness, curiosity, and deep self-compassion. My commitment is to using my life skills, experience, and training to create safe and sacred space for self-discovery, as I companion others along the way.


New Haven/Middlesex


Whitney Miller-Caporasco, ND

172 Carrington Road Bethany, CT 203-907-5122 DrWhitneyMiller@yahoo.com BodhichittaFarms.org

Practice summary/ Primary services offered: Offering functional medicine case review with emphasis on whole foods diet and nature cure, meditation on small market garden farm in rural setting, and a place to get started on goals for optimal wellness through an AirBnB overnight stay. What drew you to this profession? I developed an interest in nutrition after my own struggles with a simple medical issue that was not getting resolved at my MDs office. I was anemic and I struggled for answers, as this had been overlooked. And I learned through training that nutrition was everything to reaching fitness goals. How does your work differ from others in your profession? I’ve been in the garden for the past eight years intensively working the soil and understanding how food impacts our lives in so many ways. I would like to share this love for the world through therapies and evoking the nature cure. What should a client expect from working with you? I begin with a health history and a discussion about the client’s current daily life, nutrition and ongoing conditions that are impacting their wellness. I offer a fresh set of eyes and new perspective when reviewing a client’s chart data. I offer recommendations through functional medicine protocols. How is your practice evolving in 2020? In 2020 I’m going back into client practice full time while still giving myself the gift of part time in the garden working the soil and growing the foods that sustain and nurture life. The “Down Time Garden” will be at the Bethany office to share the magic. What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know? Helping people find solutions for wellness is what I have dedicated my life to with knowledge from the microbes in the soil all the way to searching for metabolic insufficiency with laboratory. I would like to share how awesome being a human is.



PlantBased Nutrition & CBD

Readers are Seeking These Providers & Services: Allergists • Cooking Schools/Classes • Dietitians & Nutritionists Food Fairs • Garden Supplies • Green/Vegan Restaurants Health Food Stores • Herbalists • Natural/Organic Food CBD Products ... and this is just a partial list!


Grassroots Climate Crisis Strategies & Creatures Great and Small



Autoimmune Breakthroughs and Lyme Disease CONNECT WITH OUR READERS


Contact us to learn about marketing opportunities and become a member of the Natural Awakenings community at:


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natural living directory CHINESE MEDICINE

ACUPUNCTURE FOCUS ON YOU ACUPUNCTURE Michael A. Thorns, RN, LAc 262 State Street, Suite B North Haven, CT 203-626-2072 Michael.FOYAcupuncture@gmail.com FOYAcupuncture.com


Offices: West Hartford & Middletown, CT 860-593-8397 Erik@ChiForHealing.com ChiForHealing.com

FOYA provides Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods to help with Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Digestive, Gynecological & Orthopedic issues through Acupuncture, Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA), Cupping, Tui Na (Chinese medical massage) and Chinese nutritional counseling to enhance wellness. See Profile on page 23.

Chi for Healing integrates Chinese medicine (QiGong, Acupressure, Chinese herbs, Cupping) with holistic healing practices to provide a multi-faceted program to take back your health. Erik specializes in helping people suffering from chronic pain and chronic illness (auto-immune conditions) to find and treat the root cause of dis-ease. This collaborative approach to healing focuses on the body, mind and spirit.



KC CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS Kevin Healy, DC 17 Woodland Road, Madison, CT 203-245-9317 KevinHealy@sbcglobal.net DrHealMe.com

Applied Kinesiology is a neurological evaluation to find and treat dysfunction. Different because it addresses causes instead of chasing pains, Dr. Healy tests if a therapy alleviates dysfunction, finding immediate answers as to which provides the most improvement. Chiropractic, craniosacral, myofascial and acupressure are among the therapies Dr. Healy uses. Generally, no single cure exists as disease and dysfunction typically involve multiple areas of the body. The goal of any therapy—physical, chemical, or emotional—is to improve function; a combination of therapies typically yields the best results. See ad on page 47.

MARCONICS: ASCENSION ENERGY HEALING COURSES Throughout CT & RI 203-533-9633 SNETeachers@Marconics.com Marconics.com

Marconics Practitioners are spiritual midwives birthing the Avatar Race. Learn how to achieve ascension by integrating Avatar consciousness and claiming Soul Sovereignty. The Southern New England Teaching Team, Julie Oakes, Aaron Nebbia and Stephanie Patrick, were trained by and maintain an ongoing mentorship with Marconics Originator, Alison David Bird C.Ht.

New Haven/Middlesex

Edward C. Corsello, DC, BCAO 2021 Main Street Stratford, CT 203-381-1800 Contact@CorselloClinic.com CorselloClinic.com Our mission is to build healthy families for a lifetime of wellness in a loving and compassionate setting. We offer specialized techniques, including Atlas Orthogonal (AO), EPIC, integrative brain therapies and spinal correction, as well as nutrition, cellular detoxification and weight loss. See inside front cover ad.


Jennifer Kriz, LMT #004996 Craniosacral Therapist 203-393-1500 Visit BBW on Facebook BethanyBodyWorksCT.com




Cranio Sacral Therapy is a powerful, yet gentle, non-invasive therapy that balances and realigns the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Effective for all ages from newborns to elders; great for migraines, sciatica and more.


EDUCATION CONNECTICUT EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING CENTER (CELC) MIDDLE SCHOOL 28 School Street, Branford, CT 203-433-4658 mandm@CTExperiential.org http://CTEXperiential.org

CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School provides experientially-based education with a personalized approach to learning, designed to empower young people to thrive. Our students come from a variety of towns throughout Connecticut, from families looking for a program that engages and deepens learning, where their children can flourish during these important and impactful 5th - 8th grade years. See ad on page 13.


Accredited, Non-profit Graduate School offering holistic programs in contemporary & emerging fields 171 Amity Road, Bethany, CT 203-874-4252 Learn.edu The Graduate Institute offers holistic master’s degrees and certificate programs for adult learners. Programs include Integrative Health and Healing, Ecotherapy and Cultural Sustainability, Writing and Oral Tradition, Organizational Leadership, and more. Programs are just one weekend a month. See ad on page 7.


113 Simsbury Road, West Granby, CT 860-764-9070 Joan@TIOSN.com TIOSN.com We offer a unique certification program blending the science of nutrition with the hands-on components of sustainable gardening practices. We use food and herbs to make kitchen medicine, teach basic culinary skills, and practice foraging for and using nutrient-rich wild food. Now enrolling. See Profile on, page 37.

natural living directory EMOTION CODE THERESE BAUMGART

Emotion Code Practitioner EFT Tapping Coach/Certified Hypnotist 3074 Whitney Avenue Hamden, CT 203-710-7438 HypnosisAndEFTct.com We carry our emotions in our minds and also in our bodies. Our feelings are meant to flow through us, but with the challenges of life our feelings can get stuck and cause us problems with ourselves, other people and our health. During an Emotion Code session we identify and then release your trapped emotions using energetic muscle testing and your body’s energy system. See Profile on page 29.


Float Sessions, Massage Therapy & Reiki 236 Church Street Guilford, CT 203-506-9142 SurrenderToTheFloat.com We offer 60 or 90-minute float sessions, massage therapy in different modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenancy/ Post-Partum, Ashiatsu DeepFeet Therapy, Cupping, Reiki and CBD massage and products. Come experience the ultimate in relaxation for mind, body and spirit. Gift cards available.

GREEN HOUSES FOR SALE ROCKY CORNER COHOUSING 203-903-2646 Homes@RockyCorner.org More Info: RockyCorner.org

Rocky Corner’s sharing and caring neighborhood: Meet friendly, creative people. Feel welcomed, included. Eat from our organic farm and gardens. Own a green home. Co-own amazing common buildings and 33 acres. Bethany, 5 miles north of New Haven. Nurture kids, retire, have fun, work together. Last remaining homes for sale. Contact us now! See Profile on page 35.

HAIR ANALYSIS MINERAL TESTING - DNA NUTRITIONAL BALANCING HAIR ANALYSIS TESTING Kathleen Kordas Holistic Health Practitioner Certified Nutritionist – GCNM Reiki Master – Usui Shiki Ryoho 203-984-6104 Dr.LWilson.com – Connecticut DivineSparkEnergyHealer.com

Nutritional Balancing gave me back my quality of life. With a Hair Analysis Test Dr. Wilson can recommend a supplement program and alkaline diet that is specifically for you. Based on your hair chart, the program will identify: Adrenal Fatigue, if low on your minerals, proper digestion of food, and toxic metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, copper and more). It is your DNA! Get your energy back. Call for a free consultation: 203-984-6104.©

HOLISTIC PEDIATRIC DENTIST ORANGE CHILDREN’S DENTISTRY Pediatric Dental Office Paula Cerqueira, DMD 518 Boston Post Road, Orange, CT 203-404-2224 smiles@orangechildrensdentistry.com OrangeChildrensDentistry.com

Dr. Paula Cerqueira is a board certified pediatric dentist with a holistic mindset. This office is limited to infants through adolescents. She offers a wide range of pediatric dental services incorporating traditional and holistic philosophy. The office offers no fluoride options and a very conservative approach to radiographs. The office is very warm and friendly with game system for children, TVs in the treatment rooms. Come and check us out on Facebook and Instagram and orangechildrensdentistry.com.

HYPNOSIS HOLISTIC CENTER GUEST HOUSE RETREAT & CONFERENCE CENTER 318 W. Main Street Chester, CT 860-319-1479 GuestHouseCenter.org

Guest House Retreat Center hosts meetings and retreats for individuals, groups and organizations from a wide range of fields and disciplines. Their approach is very nurturing and mindful, allowing guests to concentrate on the important work they come to accomplish. Whether you’re there for an afternoon meeting or a week-long retreat, Guest House is committed to your event’s success. See Profile on page 25.


501 Kings Highway East, Suite 108 Fairfield, CT 203-371-0300 WholeBodyDentistry.com Dr. Mark A. Breiner is a pioneer and recognized authority in the field of holistic dentistry. With over 30 years of experience, he is a sought after speaker and lecturer. His popular consumer book, Whole-Body Dentistry, has been sold worldwide. See ad on page 17.

MIND-BODY TRANSFORMATION Diane Bahr-Groth, CHy, TFTdx 1177 High Ridge Road Stamford, CT 203-595-0110 MindBodyTransformation.com

Fast, effective methods for weight, stress, fear, pain, smoking, etc. Certified Hypnotherapist, Thought Field Therapy, Time Line Therapy, NLP and Complementary Medical Hypnosis, since 1989.

LIFE DESIGN HYPNOSIS, LLC Patricia Babey, BS Certified Hypnotist Certified, Medical Hypnotism Certified, Pain Management Certified Reiki II Practitioner Madison, CT 203-980-0022 LifeDesignHypnosis.com

A client centered practice created to assist you in improving every aspect of your life by tapping into the natural power of your brain. Lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress, and manage pain. You can change just about anything with hypnosis. Each session is personal, customized and tailored for you. Don’t let your brain hold you back any longer from achieving the lifelong dreams you deserve. Free consultations. See ad on page 13.

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natural living directory LIGHT LANGUAGE ENERGY HEALER




43 Stewart Street New Haven, CT 203-605-2677 ChrisTremblay25@gmail.com

251 Main Street Old Saybrook, CT 860-661-1133 Better-Therapy.com

This is a unique light language energy healing gift that has been channeled to me over the course of 5 years, which deeply heals blockages, providing clients with a loving DNA boost from Heaven and the Masters. Combining the use of channeled encodements from the stars with hands on healing, this powerful modality helps to unleash your inner power. Fair energy exchange of love based donations welcome.

As trained and licensed clincal metal health counselors, our focus is on you, your mental health and well-being. We promise to always keep it real and honest with you. There’s no prejudgment or assumptions here, just a safe space for you to express your feelings in a confidential setting. Husky, Anthem BCBS, Cigna insurance accepted. For more information, check out our website at Better-Therapy.com.


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Conscious breath control is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed, clear state of mind.

A client centered practice created to assist you in improving every aspect of your life by tapping into the natural power of your brain. Lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress, and manage pain. You can change just about anything with hypnosis. Each session is personal, customized and tailored for you. Don’t let your brain hold you back any longer from achieving the lifelong dreams you deserve. Free consultations. See ad on page 13.

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Regenerative Medicine Upends Traditional Prognosis by Patricia Staino


f you think self-generation of new cells, organs, and body parts is just the stuff of superhero movies, think again. Pioneering research in regenerative medicine renews hope for us all, harnessing the power of our own biological makeup to one day make us all super-beings. Regenerative medicine is an emerging branch of medicine in which therapies are applied to help cells and tissues heal, repair and regenerate themselves. Originally focused on using the body’s own cells and functions to heal itself, research now includes growing tissues and organs for transplant in cases where that’s not possible. It is found at the crossroads of tissue engineering and molecular biology, and includes treatments such as stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), medical devices and artificial organs, tissue engineering and biomaterials. While some of its trials are a long way from being available at local hospitals, many treatments—particularly those that treat muscle and joint complaints and resulting pain—are available from specially trained medical practitioners in the United States. “Regenerative medicine is likely the breath of fresh air that has emerged in pain medicine,” says Rajat Sekhar, MD, interventional pain physician with Greenwich Hospital’s Center for Pain Management. The Center offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections to treat acute or chronic pain conditions related to degenerative spinal discs, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. “Recently, it has gained quite a bit of momentum, moving from an area of anecdotal medicine to more of an evidence-based 46

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approach. Its main premise lies in a reparative approach in which your own body potentially rebuilds/heals its own tissue versus the traditional prior approach of using steroid-based therapy aimed at decreasing inflammation.” The goal of regenerative medicine is to heal injured tissue rather than just masking the pain. While stem cells from embryos, adult tissues and reprogrammed differentiated cells are used to generate increasingly sophisticated engineered tissues, we can better understand its application on a much more granular level, in stem cell and PRP injections, particularly for bone, joint and muscle repair to end chronic pain. “Regenerative therapy that utilizes the patient’s own blood or stem cells and other biologic options can be considered as an interventional option for musculoskeletal injuries, joint pain and back pain,” says Roshni N. Patel, MD, medical director at the Center of Excellence in Pain & Regenerative Medicine in Farmington. Patel has reinvented how she treats pain, using procedures designed to provide long-term benefits and prevent surgery as well as help patients recover faster from surgery.

Types of Regenerative Therapies

Many types of treatments, therapies and devices collect under the umbrella term of “regenerative medicine.” While the idea of engineering skin tissue and other biomaterials has a certain cool factor, it’s much more relevant to look at less invasive therapies currently available to patients. These include injections and bio-

logics that stimulate cell and tissue repair and regrowth, often used to treat muscle and joint pain, but which have shown results in treating hair loss and erectile dysfunction, among other conditions.

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Stem Cell Therapy The Mayo Clinic website refers to stem cell therapy as the “next chapter in organ transplantation and uses cells instead of donor organs.” However, there’s more to stem cell therapy than growing organs outside the body. “Our body has more than 200 different types of cells; not all are stem cells,” says Steven Geoffrion, co-owner of Optimum Regenerative Care in Bethel. The regenerative medicine clinic uses stem cells and other therapies to treat degenerative joint conditions, back pain, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, antiaging issues and whole body wellness. “Stem cells are called the ‘master cells’ of the body because they are in charge of healing and repair. The very reason we age is because we lose stem cells as we get older.” These “master cells” can transform into different types of cells to replace dying cells and repair damaged tissue. Stem cells are derived from an individual’s own bone marrow: During the stem cell procedure, bone marrow is collected from the patient, which takes just a couple of minutes. Those cells are isolated with a specialized centrifuge, then injected into the injured body part so healing and regeneration can begin. (This part of the procedure takes a couple of hours.) Patients can usually return to their daily activities after a few days, but they may have some pain at the marrow aspiration site for up to a week. “Stem cells are very intelligent, and they know where to go in the body,” says Geoffrion. “Inflammation is signaling to stem cells, so these healing cells will migrate to where inflammation exists and help the healing process.” According to Henry Sobo, MD, of Optimal Health Medical in Stamford, stem cells are being studied worldwide for their effectiveness in treating an ever-increasing variety of medical conditions. “The conditions for which stem cell therapy may be effective include disorders such as Alzheimer’s, MS and many others, for which, at present, there are no effective medical treatments,” Sobo says. These also include COPD, Type II diabetes, Epstein Barr, heart disease, Parkinson’s and autoimmune diseases. Sobo, who employs a nutritional and holistic approach to medicine, includes stem cell injections (as well as PRP and peptides) in his practice because he is committed to treating the cause of disease, not just the symptoms. His office participates in ongoing research studies in this field of therapy, following treatment protocols designed by an institutional review board, to help his patients augment the body’s natural repair process.


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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Sobo sees a big demand for platelet-rich plasma therapy— “popularized” by its use in orthopedics and sports medicine— among his patients. “PRP is produced from a person’s own


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The only transdermal, FDA-registered product containing the highest legal dose of Homeopathic human growth hormone available without a prescription. USAGE MAY • Relieve Headaches • Enhance Muscle Mass • Improve Sleep • Heighten Libido • Promote Significant Fat Loss

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blood,” he explains. “It is a concentration of the type of cell known as platelets. Platelets and the liquid plasma portion of the blood contain many factors that are essential for the cellular functions that are required for healing.” It sounds similar to stem cell injections, but bone marrow contains hundreds of growth factors that PRP cannot deliver, so stem cell injections are used for more severe degenerative conditions for which PRP may not provide sufficient growth factors. After a blood sample is obtained from a patient, the blood is put into a centrifuge, which separates the blood into its many components. Platelet-rich plasma then can be collected and delivered to the area of the body that needs treatment. This procedure concentrates the platelet count in a patient’s centrifuged blood so that when returned to the body, it contains many times the natural concentration of platelets along with the regenerative healing factors they produce. Because PRP is created directly from a patient’s own blood, neither allergic reactions nor rejection of the platelet cells can occur. This is a safe treatment that can be performed and completed in an office setting in approximately one hour from start to finish. Peptides Another treatment growing in popularity is peptides therapy, used to improve skin care, prevent heart disease and stroke, and treat immune system issues and chronic infections like Lyme disease. Peptides are chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body’s proteins. Peptides are like little messengers who facilitate cell-to-cell communication, telling cells when to turn certain functions on and off. Some peptides occur naturally in the body, while others can be created in a laboratory. When administered to a patient (in place of a hormone or drug), they enhance the body’s own natural abilities to produce hormones or other healing proteins. Peptides are used to produce a specific reaction in the body, so an injection could be intended to assist with weight loss by stimulating the breakdown of fat, while others are meant to reduce inflammation. Some peptides stimulate production of human growth hormone for anti-aging therapies or to build muscle mass. According to Sobo, some of the most important peptide treatments currently are approved by the FDA-equivalents in Australia, many European countries and other governments around the world. “The human body possesses over 250,000 peptides, and we are only beginning to classify and understand them, to harness their power in the practice of medicine,” he says. He notes that in other countries, peptides have shown promise in treating sleep disorders, libido issues, Fibromyalgia, cancer and aging. Exosomes Similar to peptides are exosomes, which also help cells communicate. Sekhar finds the research around these little messengers exciting and hopes there will be an FDA announcement in the coming year regarding approved biologics for patient treatment. 48

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“Exosomes are cell-derived vesicles containing what is believed to be the regenerative components released from mesenchymal stem cells, yet they are acellular,” he says. “They provide transmitting and honing device functions between cells when the body initiates the healing process. They have been attributed to the spread of cytokines, proteins, hyaluronic acid and growth factors. Exosomes have the potential to treat a wide variety of conditions.” Research has shown that when an older organism is exposed to a younger organism, the exosomes from the young stem cells appear to rejuvenate the older cells. By introducing exosome injections, the external exosomes could support stem cell functions by providing additional information that can spur the healing process. Geoffrion offers exosome therapy to his patients to promote overall well-being, as FDA prohibits practitioners from promising to cure specific ailments through the treatment: “We now offer exosome therapy because many consider it to be the next generation of stem cells,” he says. Exosomes are much smaller than stem cells and will allow us to better treat the body for antiaging and whole-body wellness and healing.” He notes that some research has shown exosomes to be effective in reversing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, MS, lupus, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, heart disease, diabetes and more.

What to Expect

As with any medical treatment, doctors and patients may vary as to when a therapy should be deemed “successful.” Sekhar warns that patients need to temper their expectations, and be patient as they wait to see results, particularly when the condition for which they are seeking relief is causing pain. “Managing patient expectations is important because the onset of healing can take months, and patient pathologies can vary amongst patients, hence restoration of damaged tissue from autologous/allogenic tissue will defer from one patient to the next,” says Sekhar. “There is quite a bit of variation in clinical practice amongst pain physicians. It is important to ensure FDAapproved guidelines are adhered to and that patient expectations are accurately managed.” Additionally, Patel stresses patients should research their doctors and the procedures thoroughly, while Sobo suggests they ask friends and family for recommendations, which are often the most reliable and accurate picture of what to expect. If you do a little digging, you can find reliable information that can educate you further, from organizations like Pew Research, the Mayo Clinic, and, yes, even the FDA (which issued a report in November 2017 to clarify the distinctions between products that are subject to the agency’s full drug approval requirements and those that are not; and to streamline the review process for new therapies and reduce some of the regulatory requirements on product developers). “I am hoping for primary care providers to become more

aware of therapies, so they can accurately guide their patients in seeking out the right medical professional for these treatments,” says Patel. “Patients must be well-informed on the limitations of regenerative medicine and not be gullible. While advances are being made in the field of regenerative medicine, we all have to be patient when it comes to the right treatment and approach for a given medical condition.” Patricia Staino is a freelance writer and editor living in North Carolina, who is also the managing editor of Natural Awakenings’ Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley and Greater Hartford editions.

Why Choose Regenerative Therapies? Most regenerative therapies are considered experimental, and most insurance plans don’t cover them. They can be pricey, and for all of these reasons, patients should thoroughly research these therapies and consult with a qualified medical professional before deciding if the treatments are right for them.

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Why would a patient choose a stem cell or PRP injection? Those who do often are suffering from chronic pain due to degenerative conditions that have baffled their doctors for years. Many have few options left, and often it is a choice between an invasive surgery or trying the injections. “Studies have shown that steroid injections or opioids, which are conventional therapies that promote pain relief, are detrimental in the long run, whereas surgical intervention often means a longer recovery period, pain and opioids,” says Roshni N. Patel, MD, medical director at the Center of Excellence in Pain & Regenerative Medicine in Farmington. “Regenerative therapy offers less invasive procedures and shorter recoveries. It is a less risky treatment option that can help patients avoid invasive, risky and expensive surgeries.” According to Greenwich Hospital’s website, the benefits of PRP and stem cell injections include a same-day procedure as opposed to a lengthy hospital stay, and often the treatments reduce the necessity for major surgery down the line because they treat injured tissues before the damage progresses further.

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Additionally, regenerative therapy has been proven to accelerate healing for osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, rotator cuff tears, tennis and golfer’s elbow, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Many patients see improvement in pain levels and mobility within four to six weeks after treatment, and they may continue to see improvement for up to 12 months.

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A Doctor’s Advice to Patients About Regenerative Medicine


oshni N. Patel, MD, is an interventional pain management physician who is quadruple-board-certified in the areas of pain, headache, neurology and brain injury. Currently the medical director of the Center of Excellence in Pain & Regenerative Medicine in Farmington, she has been treating patients for 15 years and offers regenerative medicine procedures to patients seeking pain relief and improved quality of life. We asked her to share her thoughts on the regenerative medicine questions that are top of mind for our readers.

What are the most exciting developments in the regenerative medicine field right now?

The most exciting recent developments in the field certainly include the advances in research both conducted and published. Also, while still slow-moving, we’re seeing a bit of momentum gained in the increase in insurance companies willingness to pay for these procedures; they’ve begun to realize that the patients and their own 50

New Haven/Middlesex

coffers stand to benefit in the long run by avoiding expensive medical procedures down the line. For example, Alabama is now paying for its state employees to undergo these therapies. I am hoping primary care providers become more aware of therapies, so they can accurately guide their patients in seeking out the right medical professional for these treatments. Patients should be wellinformed on the possibilities and limitations of regenerative medicine. The other exciting recent development has been the momentum and gains we’re seeing in the field of iPSC, or induced pluripotent stem cells, which can be engineered to treat a myriad of conditions affecting degeneration. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is taking a lead in researching and conducting the trials on it. The therapy involves taking a patient’s blood cells and, in a lab, converting them into iPS cells, which have the potential to form any type of cell in the body. This study goes back to the basics of using the patient’s own blood cells to treat


How do you address the common misconceptions patients and the public have about regenerative medicine?

When it comes to misconceptions by the public at large, primarily they think all regenerative medicine is a stem cell procedure, which just isn’t true. Most of them don’t know about other options, like PRP, and that these procedures are available in reputable facilities within the United States. They also think the therapies will cost tens of thousands of dollars. One of the most common misconceptions about regenerative medicine by patients is that they see it as a cure. Rather, it is a therapy that can improve their quality of life, and that is what practitioners should aim for with every patient that walks into their practice. There are still other factors to consider. For example, patients with healthy lifestyles have better outcomes compared to patients with unhealthy lifestyles. Patients often think that stem cells or other biological products provide better outcomes versus their own blood cells because such treatment is more expensive compared to a PRP procedure, and that’s just not the case. We only approach second-level use of bone marrow if PRP has failed. Also, patients wonder why they would choose regenerative medicine over surgery since the latter is covered by insurance and regenerative procedures most likely are not. They need to consider the downside


degeneration without the use of external biologics. iPSC, once perfected, will be able to change how we treat patients. I’m also following the use of regenerative medicine for neurological conditions, as researchers are still in the early stages of developing therapies for Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, dementia and Alzheimer’s. The therapeutic potential of cell-based treatment for several neurological disorders cannot be understated, as many of them currently result in either permanent neurological damage or are incurable. Regenerative medicine may offer an alternative approach to supportive care.

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of surgery and total joint replacements, including recovery time, pain and the risks of surgery. The most dangerous misconception, however, is that it is a miracle cure for everything that ails them. This thinking has led to unscrupulous practitioners taking advantage of desperate patients seeking a miracle. The best thing to do is seek proper medical advice from a trusted professional.

What criteria should a patient use in choosing a health care professional in the regenerative medicine field?

When it comes to regenerative medicine, a practitioner’s technique, education, equipment and skill set all matter. Most importantly, practitioners should follow clinical studies on PRP, non-autologous biologics, bone marrow, adipose and many others, and monitor ASIPP and FDA guidelines to ensure they are offering safe regenerative medicine treatment options when it comes to regenerative medicine. When searching for a regenerative medicine practitioner, be sure the therapies they offer are in line with their area of specialty. What is the physician’s background and training? For example, I largely focus on pain- and neurology-related conditions so I can offer optimal outcomes. Is a proper work-up being done to identify the root cause of the symptom? And if they suggest a regenerative medicine-based treatment, ask for clinical studies that back up their reason for suggesting it. Ask what kind of biologics will be used. PRP and BMAC are allowed for atologous use. Adipose is not allowed. If non-autologous biologics are suggested, find out how they are sourced and, if it is donor-derived has the provider performed due diligence? Patients should understand that non-autologous biologics marketed as “stem cells” actually contain zero stem cells. They do, however, contain growth factors and cytokines, which are used to signal patients own stem cells to repair and regenerate.

Find out what kind of equipment is being used to process PRP or BMAC. Not all centrifuges are created equal: A lab centrifuge is not ideal for achieving the correct concentration of platelets needed in PRP to ensure efficacy. Will the injection be done under image guidance? Look for a practitioner who uses fluoroscopy or ultrasound to inject PRP. When it is done blindly, it is not as effective as when it’s done under image guidance, which ensures accurate needle placement. If the clinic charges an exorbitant amount, seek additional medical advice. The average cost of a single PRP injection is around $1,500 at a reputable practice; BMAC and other biologics are between $3,000 and $5,000. On the other hand, be wary if the cost is far less, as it’s possible they do not use the right equipment, which could compromise the patient’s safety.

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One final thought: One of the major concerns in the field of regenerative medicine is that it has become the wild, wild west, which has put a damper on what regenerative medicine can do for patients. For the best experience with regenerative medicine, the patient must be as responsible as the physician in terms of being educated and informed. Roshni N. Patel, MD, is medical director of the Center of Excellence in Pain & Regenerative Medicine in Farmington. She can be reached at 860-397-6179 or PainRegenMD.com.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~Lao Tzu

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ANSONIA NATURE CENTER 104 acres of wooded hills and grassy fields, miles of nature trails, streams, a two-acre pond, wet meadows, upland swamp, butterfly & hummingbird garden, woodland wildflower and fern garden, community gardening, childrens’ playscape, visitor center, animals & nature exhibits, classes and more!

(203) 736-1053 AnsoniaNatureCenter.org


New Haven/Middlesex

We had one bottle of Nestlé Pure Life with over 10,000 pieces of plastic. ~Sherri Mason, Ph.D.

The Re-Use Revolution Plastics Peril Drives New Strategies


by Yvette C. Hammett

aily news footage and photos capture the damage plastic is doing to the planet’s oceans: turtles ensnared in plastic nets, whales with guts full of plastics and aerial views of the burgeoning island of floating detritus known as the Pacific Garbage Patch. Tiny pieces of plastic are even showing up in our food and drinking water. The growing plastics crisis has some people yearning for the days when soft drinks and beer all came in reusable containers that required a deposit, or when milk and cream were delivered to the front porch in quaint, glass bottles. Sherri Mason, Ph.D., sustainability coordinator at Penn State Behrend, in Erie, Pennsylvania, believes this is exactly the direction this issue may take. “I do think some of it will be a return to glass,” she says. Mason conducted a study in 2018 and discovered that bottled water contained tiny bits of microplastic. An earlier tap water study she conducted showed there were about five particles of plastic in a liter of tap water, if averaged across the globe. “We thought that would shock people into demanding change. Instead, a lot of the comments were to drink more bottled water.”


In the 2018 study, Mason and her team, then at the State University of New York at Fredonia, tested 259 bottles of water from nine countries that included all the top brands in the U.S.—Dasani, Aquafina and Nestlé Pure Life, among them. “On average, for every liter of bottled water in total, you would be ingesting 325 pieces of plastic. We had one bottle of Nestlé Pure Life with over 10,000 pieces of plastic. These are the particles that can make their way across the gastrointestinal tract and be carried to your blood, liver, kidneys and brain,” Mason says. Analysis of the particles indicates that the plastics found in bottled water leach from the container itself, while the source in tap water may be PVC pipes and fittings. However, plastics are also ubiquitous in surface and groundwater, and may make their way into drinking supplies via air, wind, rain and industrial activity, according to an assessment published earlier this year in the journal Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health. After Mason’s findings were released, the World Health Organization announced a review into the potential risks of plastic in drinking water. Meantime, the impact of plastic pollution on marine life—zooplank-


green living

ton, seabirds, marine mammals and reptiles throughout the food chain—is well documented, according to a 2014 study published in the online journal PLOS ONE. The study estimates more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic, weighing somewhere near 269,000 tons, are floating in the Earth’s oceans. People are loudly calling for change, and innovators are responding. In the United Kingdom, there is the Plastics Pact, which brings together businesses from across the plastic industry to eliminate problematic or single-use plastics through redesign, innovation and alternative delivery models. A UK startup, Ooho, has created an edible water container made of seaweed to provide the convenience of plastic bottles while limiting the environmental impact. Tom Szaky, the CEO and founder of TerraCycle, a Trenton, New Jersey, recycling company, is among those pioneering a rebirth of reusing with a pilot project launched in May called Loop. The company has partnered with Proctor & Gamble, Nestlé, Clorox and other major brands to deliver and retrieve products in durable, reusable containers, just like the milk man. Consumers can order everyday items from the online Loop store—paying a deposit on the container—and UPS will deliver it to their doorstep, picking up empties to be washed, refilled and used again and again. “Hundreds of products, from Tide to Häagen-Dazs to Tropicana, are being delivered,” says Szaky. “It’s growing very fast in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, D.C.; and we’ve just expanded to Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Delaware—eventually nationwide.” The re-use revolution is also taking shape in 10 states and a U.S. territory that have passed “bottle bills”: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Vermont and Guam. Typically, the laws require a deposit of 5 to 15 cents be placed on all glass, plastic and metal containers. Yvette C. Hammett is an environmental writer based in Valrico, Florida. She can be contacted at YvetteHammett28@hotmail.com.


TO ASK WHEN SEEKING A PHYSICAL THERAPIST 1. Will my PT work ONLY with me during my treatment? ABSOLUTELY! At Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, we are one of the few remaining practices that spend 40 minutes, one-on-one, with YOU and ONLY YOU.

2. Will I ONLY be doing exercises during my treatment? No. Your physical therapist will be using hands-on techniques to relieve your pain and will provide you with exercises to do at home.

Physical Therapy Services of Guilford • 500 East Main Street • Branford

203-315 7727


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To advertise call 203-305-5531 2020 Natural Living Directory


Food always tastes better in the season it was intended to be eaten in. ~Brigit Binns

A Feast for All Seasons Embracing the Rainbow Year Round


by April Thompson

o matter where we live, eating seasonally in winter doesn’t have to be boring or limiting; a culinary adventure awaits the home chef that’s willing to leave avocados and asparagus to their rightful seasons and embrace the winter rainbow of bitter greens, sweet potatoes, sunny citrus and fuchsia beets, among other timely delicacies. “Sometimes people think of winter foods as brown and soft and boring, and it’s absolutely not the case. Winter brings bright things like pomegranates, beets and citrus, which offer color and acidity,” says Brigit Binns, the Paso Robles, California author of 30 cookbooks, including Cooking in Season: 100 Recipes for Eating Fresh. Eating seasonally is especially important in winter, says Shannon Stonger of Texas, author of Simple Food for Winter: 30 Grain-Free Recipes to Get You Through the Dark Days. “Winter foods like fermented vegetables, root vegetables, squashes and hardy greens are especially helpful in the colder, darker months, when our bodies are in need of comfort foods as well as pre- and probiotic foods,” says Stonger, a homesteader and founder of the blog NourishingDays.com. There are plenty of other reasons to stick to a seasonal diet in winter, adds Binns. “Food always tastes better in the season


New Haven/Middlesex

it was intended to be eaten in. Seasonal foods are naturally ripened, rather than harvested early and trucked in. In addition to enhanced flavor, eating seasonally helps minimize use of fossil fuels to bring our food to us, and is likely to be less expensive.”

Winterizing the Kitchen

Much of the fall harvest, particularly root vegetables, stores well through the winter (hence the idea of a root cellar), extending produce across seasons, according to Steven Satterfield, chef and author of Root to Leaf: A Southern Chef Cooks Through the Seasons. There are lots of root vegetables beyond just carrots and potatoes to be enjoyed in winter, including sunchokes, parsnips and turnips, which can be used creatively rather than “boiled to death,” says Satterfield. For example, the Atlanta restaurateur incorporates parsnips into an upside-down cake with winter spices like nutmeg, black pepper and ginger. Binns like to add texture to winter dishes with nuts, color with herbs, and crunch with a winter vegetable like fennel. Warming soups are always comforting during the coldest season, but she also likes warm salads, like a beet and escarole salad drizzled with a warm sherry vinaigrette. Satterfield suggests that specialty citrus like blood oranges, Meyer lemons


and cross-hybridized varieties such as tangelos and pomelos are fun to intersperse with winter vegetables to maximize brightness and freshness. A lot of winter produce can be great in raw form as well, he adds, including Brussels sprouts, rutabaga or daikon radish, shaved thinly or julienned into a salad. Winter squash is a favorite staple of the Stonger family in the cooler months. “It is easy to grow, easy to store and so deliciously sweet and rich. We roast it as a side dish, mash it as a sort of breakfast porridge or make soups and curries from it,” says Stonger. Satterfield suggests using all the parts of winter vegetables to maximize the harvest and minimize food waste. For example, the seeds of winter squashes can be roasted with herbs and spices and eaten as is, churned into other dishes such as a squash seed granola or blended and strained into a homemade broth to add some texture, fat and flavor. After roasting carrots with Moroccan spices, Satterfield suggests taking the leafy carrot tops and chopping them with cilantro and garlic to make a green sauce to crown the carrots. Swiss chard stems can also be chopped and cooked into Portuguese bread soup, with leftover stale bread made into olive oil croutons and egg whites stirred in at the end.

Winter Health Boosters

Beyond selecting seasonal produce, chefs recommend a few key dietary tweaks in winter, such as stepping up vitamin D consumption. “Since you’re not seeing a lot of sun this time of year, it’s more important to get it through colorful vegetables like carrots, cabbage or radicchio. Watermelon radishes are another winter vegetable full of vitamins,” says Binns. “You can grow your own sprouts throughout the winter as a great microgreen option. Sprouts are incredibly high in enzymes, something often lacking in other winter dishes,” suggests Stonger. “Fermented vegetables and other fermented foods can make up the difference in winter.” April Thompson is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C. Connect at AprilWrites.com.


conscious eating

Winter Salad Wonders For the vinaigrette: Fresh orange juice or as needed 1 Tbsp champagne vinegar ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

photo by Ray Kachatorian

Cut the celery in half lengthwise. Using a serrated vegetable peeler or a mandoline, shave the celery into thin strips lengthwise down the ribs. Cut the strips in half crosswise and place in a bowl of water. Set aside. Separate the mâche leaves and transfer to a shallow serving bowl. Working on a plate to capture all the juices, use a serrated knife to cut a thick slice off the top and bottom of each citrus fruit. Working with one fruit at a time, stand it upright and, following the contour of the fruit, carefully slice downward to remove the peel, pith and membrane. Set the fruit on its side and cut crosswise into slices about ⅜-inch thick, discarding any seeds. Transfer the slices to the bowl with the mâche, reserving the juices for the vinaigrette.

Mixed Citrus Salad With Mâche, Fennel and Celery Winter is the height of citrus season, with an appealing display of oranges, mandarins, tangerines, tangelos, pomelos and more in the best-stocked markets. Use a varied mixture of sweet-tart types for the prettiest, tastiest salad.

photo by Ray Kachatorian

Yields: 4 servings 2 ribs celery 2 bunches mâche 2 lb mixed citrus fruits, such as navel oranges, blood oranges, tangerines, mandarins and pomelos ½ fennel bulb, trimmed 8 kumquats ¼ cup sliced almonds, toasted

Cut the fennel lengthwise in half. Using a mandoline or a sharp knife, cut the fennel crosswise into very thin slices and tuck among the citrus slices. Drain the celery and distribute evenly over the salad. Using the serrated knife, cut each kumquat crosswise into very thin slices, discarding any seeds. Scatter the kumquat slices evenly over the salad, then sprinkle the almonds over the top.

You can grow your own sprouts throughout the winter as a great microgreen option. ~Shannon Stonger

Chard and Squash Salad 1 small winter squash, such as sweet dumpling, acorn or golden 2 small beets, trimmed 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 bunch Swiss chard, tough ribs removed and leaves torn Red wine vinaigrette or vinaigrette of choice Sea salt and freshly ground pepper Cut the winter squash into wedges and remove the seeds, if desired. Transfer the wedges to a baking dish. Halve the beets and add to the dish. Drizzle with the oil and toss to coat. Bake in a preheated 450° F oven, stirring once, until tender and lightly browned, 20 to 40 minutes. Let cool. Peel and slice the beets. Place the chard in a bowl, drizzle with some of the vinaigrette. Toss to coat. Add the squash and beets, drizzle with the remaining vinaigrette, and season to taste with salt and pepper. From Cooking in Season: 100 Recipes for Eating Fresh, by Brigit Binns

To make the vinaigrette, pour the reserved citrus juices into a measuring cup. Add enough additional orange juice to measure ½ cup then add the vinegar. Whisking constantly, slowly add the olive oil and whisk until well combined. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Drizzle the vinaigrette over the salad, toss gently to coat, and serve. From Cooking in Season: 100 Recipes for Eating Fresh, by Brigit Binns

Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) and non-bromated ingredients whenever possible. 2020 Natural Living Directory




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at 2020 Lunarfest


New Haven Museum

February 1-3, 2020

Groundhog Day Celebration – 3pm. Come celebrate Groundhog Day at the Ansonia Nature Center! Go outside and explore a groundhog’s natural habitat while you learn about this quirky American folk holiday. We will head back inside for a fun and interactive shadow puppet performance followed by a craft activity where you will be able to make your own shadow puppet to take home. Class limit 12. For all ages. Material fee: $3. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3 20-Day Early Morning Challenge Yoga begins – 6:30-7:30am. (Mon-Fri). Start your day with a good stretch, a calm mind and an amazing community. Feb. special: sign up with a friend by 2/1: 2 for the price of 1! $125 & tax or drop-in $17. Your Community Yoga Center, 39 Putnam Ave, Hamden. 203-287-2277. YourCommunityYoga.com. Steeping Your Way to Health – 6:30pm. Join Dr. Kathryn Ronzo, Naturopathic doctor and tea lover as she explains the benefits herbal teas have while blending your own tea to take home with you. $15. Elm City Wellness, 774 Orange St, New Haven. 203-691-7653. Elmcitywellness@gmail.com.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5 Group Past Life Regression – 6:30pm-8-30pm. (Snow date February 12th, Wed 6:30pm-8:30pm). Discover reasons for current fears, recurring dreams or personality tendencies. Attendees explore past lives, learn reasons for repeat patterns or why you were born to a certain family. $25. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. Contact Gayle 203-631-7803. Return2love3@gmail.com. Return2Love.com.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7 The Resilient Practitioner: A Clinician’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being – 9am-4pm. 6 CECs. This workshop combines Core Energy coaching techniques, mindfulness, learned optimism practices, and brain science to provide practical and effective ways of maintaining calm, addressing core issues and contributing to a peaceful environment. $90. 2321 Whitney Ave, Suite 401, Hamden. Register at WomensConsortium.org. Family Yoga – 5:45pm-6:30pm (Feb 7) & 3:30pm4:15pm. (Feb 22). Family yoga classes combine fitness, fun, connection and relaxation all rolled up into one! These themed classes are full of creative yoga poses, partner poses and of course, relaxation techniques for kids and parents alike. Taught by Full of Joy Yoga’s Lani Rosen-Gallagher, all ages are welcome! Adult + 1 Child: $18. Families of 3 or More: $26. Breathing Room, 216 Crown St, 203-562-LOVE. BreathingRoomCT.com.

Free Tai Chi and Health Qigong Demonstration and Workshop

FEBRUARY 8, 2020 1pm – 2pm

Lunarfest is Connecticut’s largest Lunar New Year Celebration. Festivities include a parade and free cultural performances and activities. Join Aiping Tai Chi Center for Tai Chi and Health Qigong demonstrations and mini workshops. New Haven Museum

114 Whitney Avenue, New Haven

Event schedule: YaleChina.org/lunarfest

Salt Cavern Meditation – 7pm–8pm. (Snow date February 8th, 5pm-6pm). Clear your mind and let go of tension and the stress of the week while relaxing in a zero-gravity chair during the releasing meditation in a Himalayan Salt Cavern. Salt therapy is great for overall wellness, respiratory and skin. $45. The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. Must pre-pay at Gayle 203-631-7803. Return2love3@gmail.com. Return2Love.com.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Candlelight Yoga with your partner, friend, family member – 5pm-6:30pm. Do poses together, gently aiding each other into alignment. Essential oils included. A great way to connect. Life Full Yoga & Pilates, 119 Samson Rock Dr, Madison. 2nd Floor. 203-350-3616. Pre-registration required. $56 per couple. Go to: LifeFullYoga.com/schedule. Create a Healing Crystal Wand – 12:30pm-2pm. During this workshop you will learn how to clear and program crystals. You will learn what elements to add to your wand and you will create your own wand to take home. You will also learn how to use your crystal wand. $45. Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. TheRedBarnInDurham.com. RSVP Rosallykaplan@gmail.com.

$199 For 3 days of life-changing experiences, exercises and information. Downtown Hartford Marriott 200 Columbus Blvd, Hartford

To Register:

Call 800-298-8970 or visit QiRevolution.com

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9 Eckankar Path of Spiritual Freedom, Light and Sound Service – 10am. Awaken your spiritual understanding of everyday life with inspirational talks and uplifting music. Open your heart and experience more fully the presence of God as we sing HU, an ancient name of God. Free. Eckankar Temple, Middlefield. eckankarct@gmail.com. CT-Eckankar.org. Yoga & Brunch – 10am. Enjoy a gentle yoga class in front of a crackling fire place at the charming Copper Beech Inn. After the class, enjoy a full menu brunch. The cost for the class, menu brunch, drinks, tax, and gratuity is $40 per person. Class Time: 10am. Address: 46 Main St, Ivoryton. Preregistration is required via phone 860- 767-0330. ShorelineCTYoga.com. Poetry and Meditation By Jody S Kaplan with Reiki Healing Energy from Reiki Master Teacher Stephanie Rosally-Kaplan – 11am-12pm. In Soulshine Salt Cavern, 352 Main St, Durham. $45. you must prepay. Info: rosallykaplan@gmail.com Facebook.com/jodyscottkaplan. Love Potion No. 9 Workshop, New England Naturopathic Center, Cheshire – 1pm-2:30pm. Dr. Debra and Jen will teach you about the different base, middle and top note oils used as aphrodisiacs and you’ll create your very own love potion perfume blend to take home. $25. Pre-registration required for supply preparations-NENaturalMed.com/events.

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calendar of events Free Community Meals Presented by Master’s Table Community Meals: Dinner – 3:30pm-5pm. Free. Open to the public. No RSVP. Donations graciously accepted. Assumption Church Hall, 61 N. Cliff St, Ansonia. For more information and in case of inclement weather, call for updates. 203-723-7792. MastersTableMeals.org.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Love Thyself: A Year-Round Approach to Self-Care – 6:30pm. Join Annie Crocker, LMT as she takes you through this transformational workshop where simple yet powerful tools and techniques are taught so you can nurture and nourish yourself throughout the year. Elm City Wellness. 774 Orange St., New Haven. 203-691-7653. ElmCityWellness.com. Mandala Arts – 6:30pm-8pm. View examples of mandalas from other cultures around the world for inspiration! Then create your own using symbols from your own imagination. $5 Material Fee. One World Wellness Studio, 967 N High St, East Haven. Register: OneWorld-Wellness.com. Full Moon Meditation w/Gayle Franceschetti – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Align w/new energies of this first Full Moon of the year. Opportunities for allowing spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds. Tap into this vast pool of energy. $25. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford 203-631-7803, Return2Llove3@gmail.com.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11 Young Living Essential Oils – 6:30pm-8pm Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free class. Gayle Franceschetti, 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. 203-631-7803, or Return2love3@gmail.com. Return2Love.com.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 Aphrodisiac Cuisine – 6pm-7:30pm. Dr. Debra will help you get in the mood this Valentine’s Day using a variety of foods and spices that can enhance your libido, romance and sexual performance and coincidentally are helpful for cardiovascular health! So don’t be shy if you just want to come for the health of it! $20. Register at NENaturalMed.com/events.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14 Eco-Art Valentine Workshop – 1:30pm. Create gifts for your loved ones out of recycled materials – Valentine boxes, cards, paper bracelets, and some other sweet surprises. This will be a fun day to share with your family and friends! Call to register for this Free program. For all ages. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053. Partner’s Massage Class – Feb 14th 6pm-8pm, Feb 15th 3pm-5pm, & Feb 16th 1pm-3pm. Join us as we teach you and your partner easy-to-learn massage techniques. This class is designed to share the nurturing, relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage w/ someone special. Gift bag included. $249/ couple. Max 3 couples per class. 774 Orange St, New Haven. 203-691-7653. ElmCityWellness.com.


New Haven/Middlesex

Eckankar Path of Spiritual Freedom, “Sound of Soul” – 7pm– 7:30pm. Participants sit and sing “Huuu” together. HU is an ancient sound that’s the essence of all sounds. It has helped people of many different faiths open their hearts more fully to the presence of God, expand awareness and find inner peace. Free. eckankarct@gmail.com. CT-Eckankar.org.


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Custom blend your own herbal formula using organic herbs that address cough, cold, and immunity – 6pm-7:30pm. Learn about the right way to cook the herbs to get the most medicinal effect possible. Everyone goes home with two jars of their own creation. New England Naturopathic Center, Cheshire. $20 per person. Register at NENaturalMed.com/events.

Salt Cavern Meditation – 11:30am- 12:30 pm. Clear your mind and let go of tension and the stress of the week while relaxing in a zero-gravity chair during the releasing meditation in a Himalayan Salt Cavern. Salt therapy is great for overall wellness, respiratory and skin. $45. The Red Barn, Durham. Must pre-pay at Gayle 203-631-7803, Return2love3@gmail.com. Return2Love.com.

Circle of Women – 7pm-9pm. Join in sacred space to discover and strengthen your authentic self, listen and speak from the heart. Celebrate MidWinter, animal allies and living in harmony with the seasons. $25. Central Wallingford. Call Susan to explore/reserve space. 203-645-1230.

Chocolate Chakra – 1pm-3pm. Treat yourself or bring a loved one to Margot Broom’s famous Chocolate Chakra Workshop! During this two-hour specialty class, our meditation and asana practice will be designed to dive deep into the elemental energies of earth, water, fire, air and ether that relate to the different areas of our physical and emotional body. Individual $40, couple $75. Breathing Room, 216 Crown St, New Haven. 203-562-LOVE, BreathingRoomCT.com.

Learn Crystal Grids – Learn about the power of a sacred geometry crystal grid and how to use it to manifest your heart’s desire. You will receive the paper grid at the end of the class and you can buy the crystals at an extra cost. Class size 8. $25. Borrowed Time Emporium, 352 Main St, Durham. Email: borrowedtimeemporium@gmail.com. TheRedBarnInDurham.com.

Partner Yoga Workshop w/ Deb Weber & Bill Banick – 5pm-7pm. Friends, family, couples, partners: All are Welcome. Nurture trust, strengthen communication and create a sense of playfulness. No yoga experience needed. Preregister: $50/for two by 2/1, $60/for two after 2/1. Your Community Yoga Center, 39 Putnam Ave, Hamden. 203-287-2277. YourCommunityYoga.com.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16 Reiki 2 Class – 11am-5pm. Learn the Reiki 2 symbols and how to use them, advanced techniques, Manifesting goals, and much more. You get a manual and handouts. $175. Taught by Stephanie Rosally-Kaplan at The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. RSPV rosallykaplan@gmail. com. Facebook.com/Autumnsage11.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17 Mandala Arts – 6:30pm-8pm. Use a simple technique to create perfect radial symmetry in a mandala design. Get ideas for symmetry from living things in nature and manmade objects. $5 Material Fee. One World Wellness Studio, 967 N High St, East Haven. Register: OneWorld-Wellness.com.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18 Winter Wonderland – 1pm. Come for fun winter activities on this day off from school. We will take the whole family to our awesome hill for sledding fun, but toddlers should ride with a parent. Everyone should be well-bundled in layers to stay warm. After our adventure we will come inside for hot cocoa and a chance to meet one of the Nature Center’s animals. Free for families of all ages. Registration required; families must bring their own sleds. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053.



Marconics Level 1 No Touch Practitioner Certification – 9:30am-5pm & Sun Feb 23, 9:30am4:30pm. Marconics Practitioners are spiritual midwives birthing the Avatar Race. Learn how to achieve ascension & soul sovereignty. $450. Hidden Gem on Main, 33 N Main St, Suite D, Wallingford. 203-533-9633. SNETeachers@Marconics.com. Mediumship Gallery Reading with Tracy Ann, Psychic Medium, LLC – 5pm-7pm. $40.The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. RSVP: rosallykaplan@gmail.com. TracyTimbro.com. Wire Wrapping Warrior: Healing Through Yoga and Jewelry Making – 6pm. Enjoy creative expression through the mindful movements of yoga and crystal healing. Then allow the artist in you to flow free while wire wrapping crystals. $50. Includes jewelry making kit. Good Vibes Yoga Studio, 4 Cooke Rd, Wallingford. 203-824-1929. GoodVibesYogaStudioCT@gmail.com. Winter Nature Mandalas – Explore our love of nature in the dead of winter and find life where others would pass it by. Everyone goes home with their own creation with whatever is available during the season. More details closer to the date of the program. Will be indoors or outdoors based on the weather. Register at NENaturalMed.com/events.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23 Vision Board & Manifestation – 2pm. Give yourself the space to pause, listen and become clear on your vision. Discover what you need to let go of that may be in the way. Empower yourself to awaken and grow through a vision board creation, meditation and yoga. Cost: $30. Address: Location: TrueForm Studio, 2470 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. ShorelineCTYoga.com. Halotherapy Sound Healing Workshop – 4:30pm-6pm. Come experience the benefits of halotherapy+ sound healing from bowls and gongs in this very special event by Priscilla Gale in our gorgeous Moroccan inspired Salt Room. Limited Seating. $49 + tax. Revive Salt Therapy, 374 New Haven Ave, Milford. 203-283-5968. hello@revivesalttherapy.com.

Free Community Meals Presented by Master’s Table Community Meals: Dinner – 3:30pm-5pm. Free. Open to the public. No RSVP. Donations graciously accepted. Assumption Church Hall, 61 N. Cliff St, Ansonia. For more information and in case of inclement weather, call for updates. 203-723-7792. MastersTableMeals.org. Special Yoga Event with Swamiji, a realized mystic born in India – 5pm-7:30pm. Come practice meditation, vibrational breathing, Yoga Dancing and a Blessing with Swamiji. Open House Style check schedule for more details and to sign-up.. Life Full Yoga & Pilates, 119 Samson Rock Dr, Madison. 2nd Floor 203-350-3616. LifeFullYoga.com/schedule. Dr. Debra will guide you through a healing journey – Using Ancient wisdom and practical techniques using the creative power of nature on the new moon. We will set intentions for the month, experience the healing forces of herbal teas, aromatherapy, crystals, sound healing, and prayerful intentions. $40. Register at NENaturalMed.com/events.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Mandala Arts – 6:30pm-8pm. Design a white mandala on black paper to create light and glowing luminosity. Work with silhouette shapes and add color to white to create gradients or tints. $5 Material Fee. One World Wellness Studio, 967 N High St, East Haven. Register: OneWorld-Wellness.com.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 Halotherapy Yoga Nidra Workshop – 6:30pm7:30pm. Come experience the benefits of Halotherapy + Yoga NIdra + Hypnotherapy in our gorgeous Moroccan inspired Salt Room led by Joann Dunsing Hypnotist. Relaxation like you have never know before. $30 + tax. Revive Salt Therapy, 374 New Haven Ave, Milford. 203-283-5968. hello@revivesalttherapy.com. Ash Wednesday: Lent’s Threshold to “Creative Newness – 9:30am-3:30pm. Presented by Claire Rusowicz, Spiritual Director. Includes input, conversation, silence and time outside (with a journaling option). $65 for Program and lunch. Mercy by the Sea, 167 Neck Rd, Madison. Call 203-245-0401 or visit MercyBytheSea.org.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27 Young Living Essential Oils – 6:30pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free class. Gayle Franceschetti, 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford, 203-631-7803, or Return2love3@gmail.com. Return2Love.com.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Zen in America-Holistic Stress Management for Everyday Use – 9am-12pm. 3 CECs. Understand the impact of stress on the mind, body and spirit, and introduce some of the different holistic stress management techniques one can use to begin to reduce stress. $60. 2321 Whitney Ave, Suite 401, Hamden. Register at WomensConsortium.org.



Become a Marconics Practitioner!

Purpose, Passion & Prosperity Creating a Powerful Vision

Saturday February 22, 2020 9:30am-5pm

Sunday February 23, 2020


Begin your journey back to Source. Everything that came before has been in preparation for this moment; a step along the path. THIS IS ASCENSION! Scale the Mountain and claim SOUL SOVEREIGNTY.

Registration: http://www.marconics.com/level_1_wallingford_ct.html

Divinely Rooted Yoga Studio Located in: Hidden Gem on Main 33 N Main St,Suite D Wallingford, CT

MARCH 7 10am-2pm

Already ditched your 2020 resolutions? Unsure about reaching your biggest goals this year? Join us for a transformational day to bring your visions to life! This workshop will help you gain clarity, create change & guide you to design a powerful vision board.


Includes refreshments, snacks & supplies.

Contact Julie Oakes

mActivity Fitness Center 285 Nicoll St, New Haven


203-913-1557 with questions Register at bit.ly/vbw0320

203-533-9633 or

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 29 Vision Board Workshop: Create Your Best Life in 2020! – 10am-4pm. Lisa Burton facilitates this full-day Workshop guiding your focus and desire to create your authentic life and ideal outcomes. Gain clarity, community, and uninterrupted time to set a powerful intention for the upcoming year! Includes all materials. $57, OneJoy Consulting, LLC. 21 Larson Drive North Haven. Pre-Registration Required at: 203-804-0024 or OneJoyConsulting.com. Dr. Debra will share with you the indigenous use of medicine bags in tribal & indigenous cultures and how you can adapt this to modern day life – 9am-11:30am. Each unique bag is adorned with natural beads, shells, pearls, designs, fringe and more. Fill with an element from the plant, animal, mineral and human kingdoms. $45. Register at NENaturalMed.com/events.

Mandala Arts – 6:30pm-8pm. Observe many wonderful patterns in nature to use for a painted mandala. Work on smooth river stones for a natural textured look. $5 Material Fee. One World Wellness Studio, 967 N High St, East Haven. Register: OneWorld-Wellness.com.

FRIDAY, MARCH 6 Real Food for Thought: Considering Nutrition in Mental Health Practice – 9pm-4pm. 6 CECs. Considering nourishment in dynamic relationship with mind, body, spirit will enhance treatment and support empowered health and healing. $90. Register at 2321 Whitney Ave, Suite 401, Hamden. WomensConsortium.org.

MONDAY, MARCH 2 CBD 101 – 6:30pm. Join Dr. Kathryn Ronzo, Naturopathic doctor as she explains the health benefits of CBD while answering questions you have on the topic. Free samples/coupons. Elm City Wellness, 774 Orange St, New Haven. 203-691-7653. ElmCityWellness.com.

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Homeschool Mondays at CELC Middle School for ages 9 – 14 – Register now for Sessions II and III. Classes include Writers’ Workshop, Kingian Nonviolence, and Music. Contact 203-433-4658 or email mandm@CTExperiential.org. For more information, Visit CTExperiential.org.

sunday Health Qigong – 10am-11am. Developed through scientific research by China’s top sports universities and Qigong masters to create the most effective sequence of movements to gently strengthen the body, improve flexibility, and cultivate qi flow. Free trial class. Aiping Tai Chi Center, 518 Boston Post Rd, Orange. 203-795-0203. Aiping-TaiChi.com. Prenatal Yoga – 10:30pm-12pm. (Every Sunday). Join other mothers-to-be in a mindful practice of gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation practices that will help you prepare for labor, childbirth, and motherhood. No previous experience with yoga or meditation necessary. Women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome. Drop-in $18 or class cards/members rates. Breathing Room, 216 Crown St, 203-562-LOVE. BreathingRoomCT.com. Community Vinyasa Yoga – 10:45am -11:45am. Strengthen your yoga practice with Renee every Sunday! Sliding scale of $10-$17. Walnut Beach Wellness & Boutique, 41 Naugatuck Ave, Milford. WalnutBeachWellness.com. Mystical Market and Craft Fair – 11am4pm. (The 3rd Sunday of every month). Psychics, vendors, artisans, holistic practitioners & more. Free admission, vendor’s fees vary. The Ruby Tree, Sherman Village Shopping Center, 670 Main St South, Woodbury. 203-586-1655, Christina@therubytreect.com, TheRubyTreeCT.com. Sunday Guided Hikes – 1pm. Join a Nature Center guide on Sunday afternoons for fun, exercise, and learning about our trails! Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Information/registration: 203-736-1053. Meditation to reduce stress + learn to cure one ailment each week – 5pm-6pm. Your Community Yoga Center, 39 Putnam Ave, Hamden. https://www. meetup.com/Yoga-Meditation-CT. Queer Dharma – 7:30pm-9pm. A forum for practice and discussion relating all dharma traditions and the experience and concerns of LGBTQI individuals and their friends. All are warmly welcome regardless of experience, spiritual tradition, age, sex, gender identity, or sexual/affectional orientation. Each meeting will include meditation instruction, practice, readings and discussion. Free. The Shambhala Center of New Haven, 85 Willow Street, New Haven, Building B. NewHaven.Shambhala.org.

monday CELC Middle School Monday Tours – 9:45am11am. Middle school specialists, 5th – 8th grade. Small class sizes, personalized instruction, robust academics. 28 School St, Branford. To RSVP call 203-433-4658 or email mandm@CTExperiential.org. Visit: CTExperiential.org.


New Haven/Middlesex

Organic facials & skin care at Elm City Wellness – Weds-Mon. Our estheticians use local organic skincare products from Solavedi Organics to help rejuvenate, hydrate, & brighten one’s skin during any facial services. Prices start at $50 for an express facial, $90 for a Signature Facial. Specialty facial options available. Elm City Wellness, 774 Elm St, New Haven. ElmCityWellness.com. Pilates/Barre Community Class – 8am. This class is a mix between pilates moves to strengthen core muscles and the Barre technique to sculpt and lean our arms and legs. Discount price of $10.00 cash/ check or $12.00 credit card. Kneading Hands Yoga & Massage, 760 Main St S, Unit F, Southbury. 203267-4417. KneadingHands.net. Guided Meditation Circle – 10am-11am. A weekly meditation Circle in a very relaxed setting using mindfulness meditations, discussions about mindfulness and how to have a successful practice. No experience necessary. $10 Investment. Healing Room, 10 Carina Rd, North Haven. Please call: 203-214-9486. Yoga with Marlene – 10:30am & 7:15pm. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Meditation – 1:30pm. Silent, sitting meditation for anyone to attend. For all levels. Beginners welcome! Meditation begins and ends promptly on time. Donation-based event; no set fees. New England Meditation Center, 455 Boston Rd, Old Saybrook. For more information, visit: https://www.meetup. com/New-England-Meditation-Center/events/ Mondays at the Barn Gong Sound Bath With Reiki and UWT Crystal Lays on a BioMat healing Session – 2pm-5pm. $50 for 30 Minutes. Reiki Share all levels welcome 6pm-7pm $10. The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. RSVP Stephanie: rosallykaplan@gmail.com. Kundalini Yoga Class at Guest House Retreat – 6pm-7:15pm. Through physical movement, breath work and meditative practice, Kundalini Yoga builds strength, stability, and balance. This practice gives us the tools to drastically change our physical, psychological, and spiritual condition. Consider it a full mind/body upgrade. By Donation, no set fees. 318 West Main St, Chester. Meditation Painting – 6:30pm-7:30pm. Start with a 60 second Aroma Reset, then pick some colors and paint without specific intentions. This technique soothes the nerves while calming and centering the mind. $30. The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. harmonycreations01@gmail.com to reserve your spot!


tuesday Yang Style Tai Chi – 9am-10am and 6pm-7pm. Learn the principles of Tai Chi as moving meditation to increase strength and flexibility and decrease stress. Classes focus on teaching you how to move through yielding and releasing tension in your body. Free trial class. Aiping Tai Chi Center, 518 Boston Post Rd, Orange. 203-795-0203. Aiping-TaiChi.com. Yoga with Marlene – 9:30am & 6:30pm. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement 5 Week Class Series – 6pm-7pm. Learn to move easily with simple movements that help to relieve pain and restore your body to its natural ease. $50 for 5 weeks or $15 drop in. Carol Meade Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. 203-415-8666 or info@massage2movement.com. Free Reiki Sessions: The Universal Reiki Plan – 7:30pm-8:30pm. (& 8:30pm-9:30pm Thurs). Reiki teachers Jeannette and Jim of ReikiOvertones and students offer free Reiki sessions. Appt. only. Love offering appreciated. 95 Harris St, Fairfield. Details: Jim and Jeannette 203-254-3958. info@ReikiOvertones.com.

wednesday Nature Explorers – 10am. (Feb. 19 & 26; Mar. 4 & 11). Join us for this 4-week program for children ages 2–5 with their adult explorer. Participants will have fun exploring nature every week in these outdoor classes. The classes are loosely structured, influenced by the seasons and the interests of the children. We will go outside to explore nature every class so please dress for the weather. Classes will end with a light snack. Tuition: $40 for all 4 weeks, Class is limited to 10 children ages 2–5. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053. Emei Wujigong Qigong Group Practice – 12pm1pm. Experience a qigong form for rebalancing and strengthening body, mind and spirit. For all abilities and levels of health. Schedule Available online. 1st class free (reg. $5). Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Info: EmeiQigongChan.com. Meditation – 1:30pm. Silent, sitting meditation for anyone to attend. For all levels. Beginners welcome! Meditation begins and ends promptly on time. Donation-based event; no set fees. New England Meditation Center, 455 Boston Rd, Old Saybrook. For more information, visit: https://www.meetup. com/New-England-Meditation-Center/events. The Caring Network: Free Support Group for adults who have lost a loved one – 6pm8pm. (Feb 5 & Feb 19). Info about loss and grief; facilitated open discussion. Bridges Healthcare, 941 Bridgeport Ave, Milford. For a brochure, or other information, please call Cody-White Funeral Home at 203-874-0268, or the group facilitator, Brooke Torres M.Ed., at 203-878-6365 ext. 480.

Yoga with Marlene – 6:30pm. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Yogic Healing: all levels flow for your Soul – 7pm (every Tues & Wed). Yogic movement that incorporates the healing modalities of Reiki, sound healing, and crystal healing allowing us to create a connection with the mind, body, and Soul. $15. Good Vibes Yoga Studio, 4 Cooke Rd, Wallingford. 203-824-1929. GoodVibesYogaStudioCT@gmail.com. Meditation In the World at Guest House Retreat – 7pm-8pm. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, join us every week as we are led in the practice of focusing our awareness. Helping you find calm within everyday demands and stress. Free. 318 West Main St, Chester. 860-322-5770.

thursday Salty Yoga Flow with Traci – 8:30am-9:30am. Come experience the magic of Halotherapy + Yoga. in our gorgeous Moroccan inspired Salt Room. Halotherapy detoxes the respiratory system, skin, and it relaxes the body. Come detox, move, breathe, and relax with us. Revive Salt Therapy, 374 New Haven Ave, Milford. 203-283-5968. hello@revivesalttherapy.com. The Milford Chamber’s ‘Health & Wellness Council’ – 8:30am-9:30am. (2nd Thurs. monthly). Group is comprised of businesses in the health and wellness industry. 5 Broad St, Milford. Milfordct.com. Health Qigong – 9am-10am. Developed through scientific research by China’s top sports universities and Qigong masters to create the most effective sequence of movements to gently strengthen the body, improve flexibility, and cultivate qi flow. Free trial class. Aiping Tai Chi Center, 518 Boston Post Rd, Orange. 203-795-0203. Aiping-TaiChi.com. Yoga with Marlene – 10am & 6:30pm. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Magnified Healing Clinic – 12pm-3pm. It is 5th Dimensional healing that incorporates all aspect of healing, sacred geometry, movement, and breathing to help heal on all levels. Cost $15 for 15 minutes. Magnified Healing at The Red Barn 352 Main St, Durham. TheRedBarnInDurham.com. RSVP Stephanie: RosallyKaplan@gmail.com. Spirit Whispers – 6pm-7pm. Are you looking for a place to gather with other spiritually minded people? If this sounds like you, come join to connect with new friends! Hosted by Spiritualist Stephanie Rosally-Kaplan and Psychic Jennifer Gaylord. At The Red Ban In Durham, 352 Main St, Durham. BorrowedTimeEmporium.com. Emei Wujigong Qigong Group Practice – 6:30pm-7:30pm. (Every Thurs. except the 1st Thurs. of month). Experience a qigong form for rebalancing and strengthening body, mind and spirit. For all abilities and levels of health. Schedule Available online. 1st class free (reg. $5). Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Info: EmeiQigongChan.com.

Qigong Group Healing & Silent Meditation – 6:30pm-8pm. (1st Thurs. of the month). All levels of health addressed. No experience necessary. Fee: donation. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Contact Pat for more information if this is 1st attendance: 203-500-6492.


The Heart of Recovery – 7:30pm-9pm, a weekly meditation and recovery group for those recovering from addictions of all kinds. We will honor the traditions of anonymity, confidentiality and no cross-talk. Meetings will include meditation instruction, practice, readings and discussion. Free. The Shambhala Center of New Haven, 85 Willow St, Building B, NewHaven.Shambhala.org.

Physical Therapy Services of Guilford

friday Yoga with Marlene – 9:30am. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class – 10:30am-11:30am. It only takes an hour to feel good again. Aren’t you worth it? $15 drop in or class cards. Carol Meade Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. 203-4158666 or info@massage2movement.com. Yang Style Tai Chi – 6pm-7pm. Learn the principles of Tai Chi as moving meditation to increase strength and flexibility and decrease stress. Classes focus on teaching you how to move through yielding and releasing tension in your body. Free trial class. Aiping Tai Chi Center, 518 Boston Post Rd, Orange. 203-795-0203. Aiping-TaiChi.com. DrumSpeak For Awakening – 7pm-9:30pm. (Every 2nd Friday of the month). For personal growth and awakening to de-stress, relax, release, and have fun. Suggested $5-$20 donation. Lead by Chantal Guillou-Brennan, IEMT, CHT, QHHT. Walnut Beach Wellness & Boutique, 41 Naugatuck Ave, Milford. WalnutBeachWellness.com.

saturday Salty Yoga Flow with Traci – 8:30am-9:30am. Come experience the magic of Halotherapy + Yoga. in our gorgeous Moroccan inspired Salt Room. Halotherapy detoxes the respiratory system, skin, and it relaxes the body. Come detox, move, breathe, and relax with us. Revive Salt Therapy, 374 New Haven Ave, Milford. 203-283-5968. hello@revivesalttherapy.com. Yang Style Tai Chi – 9am-10am. Learn the principles of Tai Chi as moving meditation to increase strength and flexibility and decrease stress. Classes focus on teaching you how to move through yielding and releasing tension in your body. Free trial class. Aiping Tai Chi Center, 518 Boston Post Rd, Orange. 203-795-0203. Aiping-TaiChi.com. Centering Prayer – Resting in God: Two Centering Prayer Groups – 9:30am-11am. (monthly on the first Saturday of each month) and again weekly on Wednesdays (6pm-7pm). Free Will Donation. Mercy by the Sea, 167 Neck Rd, Madison. Call 203-245-0401. MercyBytheSea.org.


Are you experiencing foot pain when you walk? The foot and ankle contain 26 bones and 33 joints. If any of these joints are stuck, it can be a cause of pain. If foot pain is limiting your ability to walk, let us help you. Meet with Phyllis Quinn P.T. for a 10-minute screening to discuss your symptoms, and she will help you decide if physical therapy might be a good option for you. Screenings will be on the following dates. If these times are not convenient, please call to schedule another time. Friday, February 14th - 4 pm to 5 pm Tuesday, February 25th - 4 pm to 5 pm

Call 203-315-7727

to register and for more information. Physical Therapy Services of Guilford 500 East Main St, Suite 310, Branford

Free weekly Meditation classes – 10:30am-12pm. Open to all and fully accessible. Instruction provided for beginners. No reservations necessary. Walk-ins welcome. Program offered in cooperation with New Haven Insight. New Haven Free Public Library. 133 Elm St, New Haven. 203-946-8138. ReikiShare: The Universal Reiki Plan – 11am1:30pm. Pre-register to share Reiki and join in a FREE workshop to make it a Reiki day! The 3rd Sat. of every month. Free (“love offering”). Bloodroot Rest. 85 Ferris St, Bridgeport. Reservation only. Jim or Jeannette: 203-254-3958. info@ ReikiOvertones.com. Creature Features – 12pm. Come to meet our furry, scaly, and feathery animal ambassadors. You’ll have the chance to touch and hold them in this Free family program for all ages. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Information/registration: 203-736-1053. Meditation – 1:30pm. Silent, sitting meditation for anyone to attend. For all levels. Beginners welcome! Meditation begins and ends promptly on time. Lecture every other Saturday. Donation-based event; no set fees. New England Meditation Center, 455 Boston Rd, Old Saybrook. For more information, visit: https://www.meetup.com/New-EnglandMeditation-Center/events.

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classifieds ALS SUPPORT


THE ALS ASSOCIATION CONNECTICUT CHAPTER – Leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through research & advocacy while empowering people w/Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives w/compassionate care & support. 4 Oxford Road, Unit D4. Milford. 203-874-5050. WebCT.alsa.org.

DISTRIBUTORS WANTED – For monthly deliveries of Natural Awakenings and other local publications. Perfect for a retired person or stay at home mom looking to earn some extra income and connect with their local community. Honesty and dependability are the most important characteristics of our distributors. Thomas@ManInMotionLLC.com.



CONNECTICUT WOMEN’S CONSORTIUM – Aim: ensure the behavioral health system responds to the needs of women & the people & organizations that affect them. Eliminate discrimination/promote excellence in care for women through educ., training, advocacy & policy dev. 203-909-6888, WomensConsortium.org.

HOUSES FOR SALE NOW! – Unique, friendly, cohousing community. New energy-efficient, green homes in a neighborhood with an organic farm. RockyCorner.org: Where conservation and community come together!

MEDICAL/INTUITIVE HYPNOTIST HYPNOSIS THERAPY CENTER – There is a meaning behind every ailment and condition people have. It's your body speaking to you. If you are tired of being sick and are ready to help yourself heal, then consider having a Discovery Session so you can learn the cause and 'cure.' Madison. 203-245-6927.

PARKINSON’S SUPPORT PARKINSON DISEASE ASSOCIATION – Mission: “To Ease the Burden, To Find A Cure” for those w/Parkinson’s Disease and their caregivers in CT. Education, support and socialization. 860-248-9200, ctapda.org.


BOOKS THE GREAT COSMIC TEACHINGS OF JESUS OF NAZARETH – The one who does not live in God lives in his self-made world of sensations, thoughts, words, and deeds—the small world of the human ego. Toll-Free: 844-576-0937. Gabriele-Publishing-House.com.

CT LYME RIDERS, INC. – Founded in 2007 by motorcyclists Sandy Brule & Tony Gargano. A 501(c)(3) non profit public charity aiming to bring awareness to the public about Lyme Disease. Events & info. 860-537-0255, ctlymeriders.com.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES START A CAREER YOU CAN BE PASSIONATE ABOUT – Publish your own Natural Awakenings magazine. Home based business complete with comprehensive training and support system. New franchises are available or purchase a magazine that is currently publishing. Call 239-530-1377 or apply now at: NaturalAwakeningsMag.com/Franchise.


Coming Next Month MARCH

Plant-Based Nutrition & CBD To advertise or participate in our next issue, call 203-305-5531 or email PytlakMelissa@gmail.com 62

New Haven/Middlesex


Share the love not the cold

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Restore Your Health From Chronic Disease By Addressing The Root Cause Of Your Condition Meet the Functional Medicine Professionals at Milford’s Newest Full Service Integrative Medical Center

Courtney Katz, PA-C, CFMP

Dianne DeFusco, MD, CFMP

Krista Hewlett Keegan, Health Coach

• Functional Medicine Consultations • Advanced Pain Solutions • Chronic Inflammatory Conditions • Environmental Infections • Preventative Healthcare & Optimal Aging • Personalized Detoxification • Health Coaching, Reiki, & Community Events • PEMF Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy • Genomics Analysis • Group Medical Visits • Second Opinion Clinic • Coming Soon: Intravenous Nutrient Lounge Parimal Patel, PA-C

Accepting New Patients!

Call 203-442-6740 info@waveintegrative.com 64

For Information on Our Additional Services, See Our Website:


* Wave Integrative Medical Center will work with your PCP but does not provide PCP services. * Wave Integrative Out of Network with all insurance payers; we accept HSA/FSA’s and provide SuperBills for visits. New Haven/Middlesex is considered NaturalNewHaven.com

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Natural Awakenings New Haven & Middlesex CT FEB 2020  

Shifting into Positive & Regenerative Medicine

Natural Awakenings New Haven & Middlesex CT FEB 2020  

Shifting into Positive & Regenerative Medicine