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LOVE LIFE Natural Ways to Boost Libido

Thyroids in Trouble

Almost Everyone May Be Iodine-Deficient

SKINCARE PRODUCT INGREDIENTS You Need a Magnifying Glass To See the Truth

Losing Weight After Menopause

Is Possible

May 2016 | New Haven-Middlesex | natural awakenings

May 2016


Thousands of Years of Food Wisdom in Twelve Months

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The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition Offering a one-year Certification in Sustainable Health & Nutrition This innovative school integrates the Science of Nutrition with:

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A Few Drops of Detoxified Iodine Can Change Your Life Give Your Body the Natural Boost it Needs Causes of Iodine Deficiency The Hidden Deficiency { The Best I Ever Felt }


Almost everyone is routinely exposed to iodine-depleting radiation

Low-Sodium Diets

Overuse of zero-nutrient salt substitutes in foods leads to iodine depletion

Iodized Table Salt

Iodized salt may slowly lose its iodine content by exposure to air


A toxic chemical found in baked goods overrides iodine's ability to aid thyroid

Iodine-Depleted Soil Poor farming techniques have led to declined levels of iodine in soil


New Haven / Middlesex

Having the proper amount of iodine in our system at all times is critical to overall health, yet the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that iodine deficiency is increasing drastically in light of an increasingly anemic national diet of unpronounceable additives and secret, unlabeled ingredients. This deficit now affects nearly three-quarters of the population.

A Growing Epidemic

Symptoms range from extreme fatigue and weight gain to depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, fibrocystic breasts and skin and hair problems. This lack of essential iodine can also cause infertility, joint pain, heart disease and stroke. Low iodine levels also have been associated with breast and thyroid cancers; and in children, intellectual disability, deafness, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and impaired growth, according to studies by Boston University and the French National Academy of Medicine.

I feel much more energetic, my thoughts are extremely clear, and my entire body feels more in balance. Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine is the only change in my daily routine over the last 45 days. The way I feel today is better than at any point in my life that I can remember. ~ James

The supplementation of iodine, has been reported to relieve:

• Depression • Weight Gain • Fibromyalgia • Low Energy • Hypothyroidism • Hyperthyroidism • Radiation • Bacteria & Viruses

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natural awakenings

May 2016



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New Haven / Middlesex

Our May edition focuses on Women’s Health and ways to enhance our well-being and beauty… naturally! During my entire young adult life, Staying thin was easy. I had boundless energy and my weight barely fluctuated in spite of being a big eater. However, as I approached my late thirties, my high energy level turned into hypomania, which had an adverse affect on my relationships and ability to think and behave rationally. I became overly sensitive, developed hand tremors and heart palpitations and was a regular user of Sominex in order to induce a sleep state. At night, I would often lie in bed wide awake with thoughts racing through my head. I felt like I was losing my mind and I was scared. As it turned out, these were all symptoms of Grave’s Disease. My thyroid gland, which controls the rate of all metabolic functions in the body, was hyperactive and I was in metabolic overdrive. Once I received definitive treatment, all of the symptoms disappeared and for the first time in years, I was able to enjoy a good night’s sleep… something I will never take for granted again. Thyroid disease is hereditary. My paternal grandfather had Grave’s Disease and my mother and sister both had Hashimoto’s Disease, the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the U.S. Unfortunately, many of those experiencing symptoms of thyroid disease are told that their lab tests are normal and they consequently go undiagnosed. This was the case in my family until we developed symptoms that were blaring. In 2002, the Society of Endocrinologists reported that conventional medicine was only looking at TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels and the standard testing ranges were inaccurate. Even today, many thyroid tests have not been corrected to test for the accurate range of thyroid hormone levels. As you will read in our Healing Ways feature “Solutions for a Sluggish Thyroid,” hypothyroidism is overwhelmingly prevalent among women. Here you will learn about risk factors, which contribute to hypothyroidism and the important role of iodine (key fuel for proper thyroid function). I experienced many favorable outcomes once my thyroid levels were normal. However, I had to be more mindful about my caloric intake, or deal with the consequences. Then, came menopause—and a 10-pound weight gain. For those of you, who are post menopausal (like me) and looking for practical ways to drop excess weight, be sure to read “Losing Weight After Menopause Is Possible,” by Dr. Jenna Henderson, a naturopathic physician and director of the Weight and Wellness Program at The Life Center here in Connecticut. Another must read article in this issue focuses on the truth about most of the products we use on our skin (the largest organ in our body). A few years ago, I developed a sudden skin reaction to an over-the-counter product that I had been using on my face for 10 years. My face became swollen, beet-red and feverish. I tried other over-the-counter so-called “natural” products and developed the same dermatitis reaction, so I just stopped using products altogether—especially after I read what was in them. Have you ever read the ingredients in these products? Westbrook residents Bruce and Kelly Francisco, founders of Prophet Skincare and authors of “You Need a Magnifying Glass to See the Truth” (article on page 22) will tell all. When it comes to organic and natural ingredients, their product line is the real deal. I tested samples of their skincare products (reluctantly, given my history of dermatitis) and my skin actually loved them. On that note, read on! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful moms!

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by Dr. Jenna Henderson


SLUGGISH THYROID Keying in on Iodine by Kathleen Barnes




by Bruce and Kelly Francisco

24 FACIAL FITNESS Exercises to Tone Your Face and Neck by Kathleen Barnes




Why She Still Looks Terrific After 40 Years as a Model by Gerry Strauss


How to Profitably Give Unwanted Stuff a New Life by Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist



Natural Ways to Boost Libido by Lisa Marshall

32 STRESSED-OUT PETS Natural Ways to Calm Fear and Anxiety by Sandra Murphy natural awakenings

May 2016


newsbriefs Entering the Dreamtime: A Shamanic Drumming Event


n this “playshop” on May 12 from 6:30-9 p.m., take a vivid journey into the pure land of “Dreamtime” and learn active dreaming as developed by Robert Moss. Moss is the author of eight books including Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole. Receive tips to help you recall your dreams, boost your dreaming, and ask your dreams to give you anChantal Guillou-Brennan swers to specific questions or guidance for life situations. After teaching the eight simple steps of active dreaming, Chantal Guillou-Brennan of the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute will guide participants with her drum to re-enter a dream and access its inner wisdom. This simple and powerful method helps to interpret your dreams while revealing the messages your subconscious and superconscious send to you during sleep. Space is limited. The class fee is $20. Bring a journal, a dream you would like to work on, and an open heart and mind. For reservations, email CGB@IntegrativeEnergyMedicine. com. Location: One World Wellness & Yoga Studio, 967 N. High St., East Haven, CT. See ad on page 27.

Treating Mom for Mother’s Day


ay is a month of celebration for mom at Everlastings Salon & Spa in Guilford. Treat her to the Mother’s Day spa package, which includes a one-hour Dr. Hauschka facial, manicure and pedicure, and an eyelash and/or brow tint for $160 (valued at $200). Gift certificates are available and may be purchased in the salon/spa or over the phone. Everlastings is also offering an Everlastings Princess for the Night prom special. The special includes hair/up-do and a mineral makeup application plus complementary false eyelashes for $135.

Everlastings owner Arlene Bouley (center-left) and her staff

In addition to the May specials, Everlastings will be launching its own Bliss hair spray line. It is formulated with all-natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals. For more information, visit or call 203-458-1298. Location: Everlastings Organic Salon & Spa, 2614 Boston Post Rd., Guilford, CT. See ad on page 25.

Guiding Others in Compassionate Self-Inquiry


ne World Wellness, a center for Taoist healing arts and personal growth, is hosting an exclusive one-day Psychology of Healing training on June 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Two teachers adept at linking the ancient practices of yoga and meditation with modern psychology will be featured that day. They will examine case studies and use inquiry-based activities for working with emotional issues requiring a need for deeper self-examination. Workshop attendees will learn to work with students or clients of body-centered practices in overcoming obstacles, developing more compassionate relationships, and implementing positive strategies for self-development. This workshop is also appropriate for individuals wishing to understand effective changes in their own personal practice. Guiding others along a journey that delves into the deeper side of human experience, holistic educators can


New Haven / Middlesex

Workshops to Inspire a Clean You

choose to explore with their students any negative patterns that surface as a result of yoga, meditation and other healing modalities. For more information, visit or call 203-998-5688. Register by June 1 to secure your spot at the $65 early-bird price. Lunch is included. Location: One World Wellness, 967 North High St., East Haven, CT. see ad on page 35.


referred Pediatrics in Milford, Connecticut, will host a free double workshop on May 14 focused on feng shui and clean household products. Toxins: What’s Lurking in Your Cleaning Products and Cookware will be held from 9:30-10:15 a.m., followed immediately by Feng Shui with Joan from 10:15-11 a.m.

Is a Stuck Rib the Source of Your Back Pain?


o you experience annoying knots in your upper back area or between your shoulder blades? Often they can be the result of ribs that are stuck and no longer expand and contract. Ribs easily become restricted from many activities involving the arms, such as lifting heavy objects or playing sports. The Branford branch of Physical Therapy Services of Guilford is offering complimentary screenings to determine whether an immobilized rib is the true source of your pain. The 10-minute sessions will be held from 1-3 p.m. on May 17 and 19. To reserve a screening spot, call 203-315-7727. For more information, visit Location: Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, 500 East Main St., Ste. 310, Branford, CT. see ad on page 29.

Your home should be a place to relax and rejuvenate. In the Harmonize Your Home with Feng Shui workshop, attendees will learn about the art of feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on the arrangement of your environment to maximize your comfort and energy level. Joan Law, a certified feng shui consultant ( FengShuiJoansWay), will give a brief overview of how it works and how it can be applied to your lives today. Tara Graham, a board certified health coach (Tulaprana. com), will review the top toxic chemicals in cleaning products and discuss how to choose the best cookware to avoid exposure to toxic materials. To register, call 203-874-2800. Location: Preferred Pediatrics, 88 Noble Ave., Ste. 101, Milford, CT.

“My passion is to bring forth the best performing anti-aging skincare products on the planet! Products that I only use myself. 100% pure and natural. Foresee the future of your skin.” - Kelly Francisco

L o ok

Three Steps to Youthful Skin Aggressive Anti-Aging Trio Featured package of the month 10% off

• • • •

uxurious Skinca re. Younger. Be Healthier. L “I thought it

No Parabens No Petrochemicals Only Pure and Natural Ingredients Made in USA

was just another skincare product . . . until I started getting compliments on my skin.”

See all our products online


Westbrook CT

natural awakenings

May 2016


A Reiki Class Focused on Women’s Needs


eveloped by the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute, this Reiki 1 class for mothers includes the same in-depth training as the regular Reiki I class. Taught by Chantal Guillou-Brennan this class is offered twice monthly for $100. The full-day training is about healing yourself and raising your vibration. Students learn to eliminate negative energy, to remove trauma, and to protect and recharge with Reiki. Attendees learn to channel energy to treat their children; a hormonal balance healing to address the ongoing fluctuation of hormones during and after pregnancy or menopause; and fun energy games to bring energy awareness to kids. A comprehensive manual and certificate complement this training. For more information and to view the upcoming schedule, visit See ad on page 27.

How Can Cranial-Sacral Therapy Help Kids?


n May 17 at 6:30 p.m., the New Haven Chapter of Holistic Moms Network will present a workshop on cranial-sacral therapy (CST) and how it can benefit the health and well-being of your family. In the monthly meeting, Holly Burton, owner of Walnut Beach Wellness & Boutique in Milford, will speak about how CST is based on restoring balance to the nervous system. CST can be beneficial in helping to manage children’s sportsrelated injuries, stress, anxiety, depression, ADD, autismrelated issues, birth trauma and more. It is also used as a preventive health measure for its ability to boost the immune system and bolster the resistance to disease.

Come To Our Monday Admissions Tours


Connecticut Experiential Learning Center

Exceptional academics, right-sized classes, hands-on and real-world learning where students thrive during these important and impactful 5th-8th grade years

Fall in Love with Middle School!

203-433-4658 8


New Haven / Middlesex

Burton is a licensed massage therapist practicing since 2010. She is fully trained in cranial-sacral therapy through The Colorado School of Healing Arts. Holistic Moms Network is a nonprofit support and discussion network that welcomes all people wherever they are on the holistic path in an environment that does not judge. The member chapter, open to the public, meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Woodruff Family YMCA, 631 Orange Ave, Milford, Connecticut. Children are welcome. For more information, visit or

Learning to Write Well for the Web


he New Haven Chapter Holistic Chamber of Commerce’s business education topic this month is Writing Right for the Web. It will be presented during its monthly business meeting on May 12 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at The Graduate Institute in Bethany. The meeting is free to Chamber members and interested first-time guests. The regular fee is $15. To register, visit In this workshop, you will learn about what pages you need on your website and how to write content that is both engaging and useful for your audience. Nancy Boudreau, CHHC, RYT, owner of will be presenting. The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is an organization representing holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses. It is a community of like-minded individuals with the goal of helping to heal the world by empowering members to build their business through business education, networking and community events. For more information, visit or contact New Haven Chapter President Rosa Chyan at 203-228-1777 or Location: The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Rd., Bethany, CT. See ad on page 3.

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New Yoga Studio Opens in Madison


ife Full Yoga is opening May 2 at 20 Wall Street in Madison, Connecticut. Group and private classes are a mix of yoga styles. The Life Full Yoga approach is based on knowledge of anatomy, personal training, Pilates, yoga body work and philosophy. Life Full Yoga’s founder, Kim Preveza, began her certifications in 1998, has studied world religions and philosophy since 1988, and has a master’s degree from Harvard. Life Full Yoga teaches yoga for your life, helping people benefit from yoga poses and learn how doing yoga can help them in daily life. Each student will learn essential yoga poses and discover yoga for their specific body. Taught in a room at a moderate temperature, each class includes readings, poses, breath work and relaxation with some incorporating music as well. New students can get a 30-daysfor-$30 group class pass. Located in the historic Madison old post office building, Life Full Yoga will also host yoga book clubs and yoga service classes with donation classes to charities. For more information, visit, email or call 203-350-3616.

Bring on the Donkeys at Bishop’s Orchards


n May 7, Bishop’s Orchards will hold the 8th Annual Bishop’s Orchards Donkey and Mule Festival. This free event will take place at Bishop’s Orchards from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Little Red Barn field, which is better known in the fall as the Pumpkin Patch. The field will be transformed into an open arena for the donkeys and mules to compete in. There will be a number of events throughout the day, including coon jumping, driving classes, riding classes, an obstacle course, a costume class, a rescue class and games. Judging the festival this year is Mark Meyers, the executive director of the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Mark and the equine rescue have been featured both nationally and internationally in television, documentaries, radio, major market newspapers and on National Geographic’s

“All Organic Landscaping”

We are a Local Organic Lawn Care Company with twenty years experience in the green industry. Our patented products are Safe for: pets, people, and the environment. All products are made from: vegetables, cold water kelp, fish, compost tea or high quality compost. Nothing else.

website. The announcer of the competition will be Carolyn Stearns, a professional storyteller and announcer from Storrs, Connecticut. The animals that will be participating will include all sizes of donkeys and mules, such as mini, standard

and mammoth sizes. Participants will be bringing their mules and donkeys from up and down the East Coast to Bishop’s to take part in this great event. In addition to the donkey and mule show, fun family kid events will be going on. There will be face painting by a local shoreline artist, a moon bounce, a kids’ corner with a tractor track and corn kingdom, the Sugar Bakery Cupcake Truck, local kid and family-friendly vendors, wine tasting and much more. This free event is a non-ticketed event, so all are welcome. Food will be sold at the Bishop’s Orchards Concession Stand and Ice Cream Stand, as well as a small charge for face painting and Kid’s Play Corner. There is no rain date for this event. The event will only be cancelled in the event that there is steady inclement weather. For more information, contact Sarah Bishop DellaVentura at or 203-453-2338, ext. 218, or visit

Our Services Include: Organic Lawn Care, Residential Organic Fertilizing, Campus, Commercial and Hospital Care, Sod Installation, Core Aeration, Compost Top Dressing, and Slit Seed.

Sign up for our organic fertilizing program before June 1 and receive your First Treatment Free.

203.503.7507 100 % Organic -100 % of the time

Bill Rosen The Greenscaping Co LLC 329 Brushy Plain Road Branford, CT 06405

natural awakenings

May 2016


Open House Celebrates Essex Wellness Center’s Newest Addition


itness on the Water is now open in Trolley Square, located at 1921 Boston Post Road in Westbrook, Connecticut. The grand opening on May 7, International Pilates Day, will include free classes from 8 a.m. to noon. Pilates reformer and tower demos will occur throughout the morning as well. Free 45-minute classes will include Mat Pilates at 8 and 10 a.m. and Barre (using the ballet barre) at 9 and 11 a.m. Pilates is known to improve posture and balance, core strength and stability, flexibility, stamina and an overall feeling of wellness. Pilates provides a low-impact full-body workout and is suited for beginners as well as athletic cross training. The focus at Essex Wellness Center’s Fitness on the

Water is on small group classes, private sessions and personal fitness training. Coffee and refreshments will be provided by Ashlawn Farm Coffee in Old Saybrook. Prizes from area businesses and Essex Wellness Center will be raffled off, with all proceeds going to SARAH, according to Dana Brown, manager of Fitness on the Water– Westbrook. Additional donations of any amount will also be accepted on May 7 for SARAH. SARAH serves Connecticut and the shoreline communities, providing early intervention, life skills, residential support and employment support for adults with intellectual and other disabilities. For more information, visit or call 860-391-8735. Location: 1921 Boston Post Rd. (Trolley Square), Westbrook, CT.

‘Stowe’ Away for an All-Inclusive Yoga Vacation


oin Haily Cryan and Justine Miller at the Stowe Mountain Ranch Yoga Retreat Center in the Green Mountains of Vermont for a yoga retreat August 4-7. Each day, you will deepen your yoga practice with both active and restorative yoga styles. You will explore self-care through Ayurveda and writing workshops and nourish your bodies with healthy

meals. Aside from scheduled events, there will be plenty of time to explore on your own or unwind. This retreat is rejuvenating for experienced yogis and beginners alike. Both 500-hour Kripalu Ayurvedic yoga teachers, Cryan and Miller are passionate about bringing Ayurveda, or “the wisdom of life”, into your daily yoga practice. “Ayurveda is a holistic Indian approach to health and wellness that helps us balance the body and connect with nature. We will engage with the natural world through Stowe Mountain Ranch’s yoga with horses program. This unique program includes an introduction to horsemanship techniques, the integration of yoga positions both on and off the horse, and a bareback journey to a beautiful waterfall,” they said. The retreat cost includes Stowe Lodge accommodations; three organic, fresh meals per day, customized to your dietary preferences; daily yoga ranging from moderately paced to restorative; yoga with horses; an Ayurveda workshop; a writing workshop; guided hiking; a group trip to a waterfall for a swim; a bonfire; access to a hot tub and sauna; and mala making. For more information, visit or call 860-669-9642.

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. ~Thomas Carlyle


New Haven / Middlesex

Clearing New Haven with Clean Air Run


he New Haven Road Runners and goNewHavengo are launching the inaugural Clean Air Run on May 8 at 10 a.m. at Edgewood Park. The event is supported by the City of New Haven Transportation, Traffic, & Parking Department and the Parks & Recreation Department. Clean Air Run is a celebration of exercise, clean air, communities and sustainability. The vision is a healthy, vital New Haven with the mission to create a culture of active transportation that powers clean air. The registration fee is $22. It includes a race ticket to a USATF-certified 5 km course, a reusable BPA-free Nalgene bottle, three raffle tickets to use in the raffle of your choice and beer. The schedule is as follows: 9 a.m. – Registration opens 9:55 a.m. – Welcome announcement 10 a.m. – Runners & walkers begin 11 a.m. – Awards 11:15 a.m. – Enjoy food, each other and music while learning about the initiatives of Clean Air Run’s partner organizations. City Seed will also host its Sunday Farmer’s Market in Edgewood Park. Please note that Clean Air Run is a zero-waste event. The goal is to send zero pounds of trash to the landfill. Help by not bringing in any trash and by bringing your reusable water bottle with you and a canvas bag for any materials you pick up. The event will not be providing single-use disposable items, such as utensils, plates and water bottles. There will be water stations, recycling and composting services. As the event is promoting active and public transport— such as walking, running, biking and riding the city bus— reduced price tickets will be offered for those who are using active or public transportation to travel to/from the race. For those of you driving to the race, there is a $2 fee for ticket purchases. For more information and to register, visit Location: Edgewood Park, New Haven, CT.

natural awakenings

May 2016



Magnesium Improves Childbirth for Mother and Newborn


esearch presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists has found that magnesium reduces fevers during childbirth, as well as complications among newborns. The study followed 63,000 deliveries from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Chicago, between 2007 and 2014. Of these, 6,163 women developed fevers of at least 100.4° F during labor. Of the women that developed fevers, 2,190 received magnesium sulfate intravenously during their labor. Rates of fever at maternity dropped by half, to 4.3 percent, in women that received the magnesium, versus 9.9 percent in those that did not. The rate of newborn complications was also significantly lower among women given magnesium. The study, led by Dr. Elizabeth Lange, an attending physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, is the first of its kind to investigate the effect of magnesium on childbirth. “By reducing the incidence of maternal fever, magnesium sulfate therapy may also reduce the incidence of complications in newborns,” says Lange.

Red Clover Guards against Menopausal Bone Loss


12-week study of 60 menopausal women in Denmark has found that red clover halted bone loss and bone mineral density reduction. The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled research, sponsored by the Aarhus University Medical School and Hospital, tested the women over a three-month period. Half were treated with 150 milliliters of red clover extract daily and the others were given a placebo. The red clover plant extract was standardized to 37 milligrams of isoflavones, including 34 milligrams of aglycones. The scientists measured changes in bone mineral density, bone mineral content and T-score, measured at the spine and femoral bone. They also monitored bone turnover markers. By the end of the study, the women in the placebo group had continued to lose bone mass and bone mineral density. Those given the red clover extract showed no such reductions during the study period. In addition, the red clover group experienced no increase in inflammation or blood pressure.

East West Integrative Health Clinic, LLC Our services include: Naturopathic Medical Visits Chinese Medicine Evaluation Acupuncture Diet and Nutritional Counseling Supplement and Medication Evaluation *Most Insurance Accepted*

Legumes Keep Colorectal Cancer at Bay


orean medical school scientists have found that those eating more legumes have a significantly reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Their research analyzed the diets of 3,740 people, including 901 colorectal cancer patients. A total of 106 different foods were graded and calculated to establish frequency of intake among the study participants. The group that consumed the highest amounts of legumes had more than a 50 percent drop in incidence of colorectal cancer. As legume consumption increased, colorectal cancer risk decreased. The researchers attributed the dramatic reduction in risk to the intake of isoflavones, contained in many nuts and beans. When intakes of total isoflavones were calculated, those with diets that contained the highest levels reduced their colorectal cancer risk, by 33 percent in men and 35 percent in women. The researchers reported, “The reduced risks for colorectal cancer among high-intake groups were most consistent for legumes and sprouts.”

Lisa Rosenberger, ND, LAc Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist 217 Montowese St. Branford, CT 06405

203.915.9125 Sign up for a FREE newsletter at: 12

New Haven / Middlesex

The Missing Link: Inflammation and Depression in Women


ntidepressant drug use is on the rise, particularly among women. A report released by Medco Health Solutions analyzed prescription claims data from 2.5 million Americans between 2001 and 2010 and found that 25 percent of women take drugs for a mental health condition. Despite a mainstream medicine notion that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance, medications known by familiar names such as Zoloft and Prozac meant to counter symptoms of such an imbalance may instead be causing a host of known harmful side effects. “In six decades, not a single study has proven that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance,” asserts Dr. Kelly Brogan, an integrative physician, women’s health advocate and pioneer in holistic psychiatry. A study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry in 2014 reviewed 10 randomized, placebo-controlled trials to assess the effectiveness of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) in adults with symptoms of depression. The researchers from Aarhus University, in Denmark, found that treating inflammation in patients helped decrease their symptoms. Brogan asserts that this approach is the best way to treat depression in women, advocating the use of a holistic anti-inflammation strategy instead of NSAIDs or antidepressants. “A more effective, drug-free approach is to recruit basic lifestyle changes that kick-start the body’s self-healing mechanisms, helping to curtail the symptoms of depression,” she claims. Her suggestions include dietary modification; simple breathing and meditation techniques; minimizing exposure to biology-disrupting toxins that include common over-the-counter drugs; sufficient sleep and exercise. “Medical literature has emphasized the role of inflammation in mental illness for more than 20 years, so if you think a chemical pill can save, cure or correct you, think again,” says Brogan. “Covering over symptoms is a missed opportunity to resolve the root cause of the problem.” For more information, visit

Does everything hurt? Are you too tired? Too much pain? Other uncomfortable feelings in your body? You may be eligible to participate in a confidential study

teen chronic pain study

We are conducting a research study in adolescents 12 to 17 years of age who are experiencing chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or pain amplification. Participants will take part in eight weekly meditation and stress reduction classes, free of charge, and will be compensated $200 for participation.

For more information or to see if you qualify for the study, please call Theresa Weiss, MPH:

203-737-1391 Angel Card Readings hic


natural awakenings

May 2016


globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Fouled Play

Toxic GMO Pesticides Drift Near Athletic Fields

• Fresh Organic Juices & Smoothies • Superfoods & Raw Desserts • Organic Wheatgrass Shots • Tonic & Tea Bar • Immunity Elixirs • Vegan friendly • Salads & Wraps • Events & Classes

In an Environmental Working Group (EWG) survey, more than 90 percent of athletic fields and parks in six sample states are within 1,000 feet of a corn or soybean field where two toxic weed killers, glyphosate and 2,4-D, are commonly sprayed on genetically modified (GMO) corn, soybeans and other crops, meaning that nearby athletes are likely to be exposed. More than 56 percent of the facilities in the study were within 200 feet of such farmland. Corn and soybean farmers in at least 15 states now have the option of planting GMO crops that can withstand repeated spraying with Monsanto’s glyphosate and the 2,4-D mixture sold by Dow AgroSciences under the brand name Enlist Duo. Sprayed herbicides readily drift through the air, potentially exposing people and the nearby environment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the use of Enlist Duo for GMO crops shortly before the World Health Organization concluded that glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide, is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” Dow’s 2,4-D also possibly causes cancer, according to leading experts; exposure has also been linked to Parkinson’s disease, hypothyroidism and suppression of the human immune system. Source:

Goat Groundskeepers Come visit our Shot Bar and throw back one of our super tonic elixir shots!

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A Chew Crew Gobbles Up Invasive Species The Historic Congressional Cemetery, permanent resting place of J. Edgar Hoover, John Philip Sousa and 68,000 others, is threatened by invasive species such as poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, kudzu and English ivy. “They are plants not native to Washington, D.C.,” says Paul Williams, president of the cemetery. “They climb and kill our trees, which then fall onto the cemetery, damaging our headstones.” Instead of using harmful herbicides that could become runoff into the nearby Anacostia River, managers have enlisted a herd of 30 goats to combat the problem. The arrangement lets the native plants grow to support pollinating insects. The University of Georgia’s Chew Crew, comprising 40 goats, is likewise tasked with getting rid of invasive species growing around urban streams on its campus, another example of the elegant, lowtech solution. Maintaining steep inclines and other hard-to-reach areas can be expensive when using toxic herbicides and physical labor. After seeing the success of the Chew Crew, Clemson University is now also using goats to naturally recover some of the more overgrown areas of its campus. Source: CNN


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Women Power

Feminists Redefine Senior Housing Fifteen years in the making, the Babayagas’ House—a feminist alternative to a retirement home—has opened in Paris. This self-managed social housing project is run by its community of inspired female senior citizens that want to maintain their independence. “To live long is a good thing, but to age well is better,” says 85-year-old Thérèse Clerc, who initially conceived the project as a means of combating the idea that growing old is an illness and that retirement homes are a kind of prison. “We want to change the way people see old age, and that means learning to live differently,” she says. The five-story building houses 25 apartments located at the center of Montreuil, just blocks away from shops, a movie theater and the metro. The project cost just under $4.4 million and was funded by eight public sources, including the city council. Two similar projects are now underway in Palaiseau and Bagneux.

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Noisy Humans

Man-Made Clatter Muffles Nature’s Chorus Kurt Fristrup, a senior scientist at the U.S. National Park Service, states that noise pollution is becoming so pervasive that people are tuning out the natural sounds around them. According to new research, when we leave home, we’re more likely to try ignoring man-made sounds than enjoying Mother Nature’s chorus. Fristrup observes, “We are conditioning ourselves to ignore the information coming into our ears.” The real loss, he believes, is for future generations. “If finding peace and quiet becomes difficult enough, many children will grow up without the experience, and I think it’s a very real problem.” He and National Park Service colleagues have monitored sound levels at more than 600 sites over the past 10 years and found that none were free of human noise pollution. The team’s model of merging data from more remote regions with urban areas gave them an overall sense of the noise pollution across the U.S. Based on their findings, the researchers believe that noise pollution will grow faster than the population, doubling every 30 years. View a map of sound pollution at

Mm-mm Good

Campbell’s Endorses GMO Labeling Campbell Soup Company recently became the first major food corporation to support the mandatory labeling of genetically modified ingredients and will support the enactment of federal legislation to establish a single mandatory labeling standard for foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMO). A company spokesperson says, “With 92 percent of Americans supporting the labeling of GMO foods, Campbell believes now is the time for the federal government to act quickly to implement a federal solution.” The company says that if a federal solution is not reached, it is prepared to label all of its U.S. products for the presence of ingredients derived from GMOs and seek guidance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and approval by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. The company also has pledged to remove artificial colors and flavors from nearly all of its North American products by July 2018. For more information, visit

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Losing Weight After Menopause Is Possible by Dr. Jenna Henderson


younger, our lives are often focused on ne of the biggest health challenges After decades of finding a mate and securing a relationship. for women over 40 is achieving And nature works with us. When we’re or maintaining a healthy body putting our needs young, our bodies signal fertility and high weight. There may be pressures from social estrogen through our waist/ hip ratio. As standards to be thin; even without those we move into a new stage in life, many standards as added pressure, there are secondary to others, women find these concerns are no longer clear health benefits to maintaining a good in the forefront, taking a backseat to new body mass index, or BMI. Extra pounds this is a time we interests in life. Some women look to of body weight increase our blood preshormone replacement therapy to deal with sure, magnify the stress on our knees and a low libido, fatigue or depression. But if other joints, increase our risk for cancer can put our own we work with our bodies and allow down and diabetes, and can even slow us down time from outside demands, often our mentally. Yet, to the lament of millions of needs first. libido will resurface on its own. women, achieving the ideal weight After menopause, it’s a good time to becomes harder and harder after age 40. focus on our own needs and take on less of the role of A great place to start is to take an assessment of our own nurturing others. We may become grandmothers and be feelings towards this change in our lives. Are we looking secondary caregivers, but our role as primary caregivers forward to a new stage in life or feeling down about the often comes to a close. Creating space in our lives for our passing of youth? Is it all affecting our primary relationown interests is really the first step to achieving our fitness ship? Are the changes at work becoming just too confusing? goals. Susun Weed, author of New Menopausal Years, The Have the children left home? Often there’s a combination of Wise Woman Way, recommends women take a full year to mixed feelings. Menopause is nature’s way of taking us out of the demands of motherhood. Every month, we prepared themselves to celebrate the changes in their lives and grow for a potential pregnancy. After decades of putting our into this new phase. This is a good time to turn inward and needs secondary to others, this is a time we can put our devote more time toward solitary pursuits—such as gardenown needs first. ing and reading—rather than group and family activities. Not only is motherhood demanding, but when we’re When we’re young, it’s easy to get away with not exercis-


New Haven / Middlesex

ing. After menopause, this just isn’t the case. Daily walks and regular trips to the gym can’t be ignored anymore. It is harder to build and maintain muscle mass after menopause, but not impossible. Consistency is key. Getting enough sunlight is also an important key to weight loss. Low vitamin D levels are associated with higher percentages of body fat. Maybe people are intuitively sensing the benefits of sunlight as they head from New England to Florida. Sunlight not only boosts our vitamin D levels, it also helps us with seratonin and dopamine; these hormones help us stay happy and motivated. Time to be in the sun is associated with leisure and time off in our culture. We don’t have time in the sun unless we make time to be outside. Other issues related to menopause, insomnia and a lack of sleep, can make weight loss difficult as well. Sleep deprivation is an independent factor for weight gain. Not only because we reach for sugar and caffeine when we’re too tired to make it through the day, but also because it alters levels of hormones like cortisol, ghrelin and leptin. A sound night’s sleep can be harder as we get older because levels of melatonin decline while levels of cortisol increase. Melatonin signals the body to fall asleep and cortisol helps the body wake up.

One approach is to take melatonin to help our sleep. It also helps our bone density as we get older. We can eat foods that contain melatonin in the evening, such as cherries or cherry juice, oats, barley, rice or pineapple. Also daytime sunlight helps keep our body’s internal time clock on a good schedule. Getting early morning sunlight helps us stay on track. Sleeping in a very dark room helps our bodies release mela-

tonin. Exercise during As the ovaries make less the day can contribute to better sleep at night, estrogen, we use but so does going to bed early. Often we feel drowsy at the end estrogen that comes of the day around 8 p.m.; it’s good to work from our fat cells. with that signal and go to bed rather than trying to get one more This may be the reason activity done. When we make it a late night why women often and stay up well past 10 p.m., it’s easy to get a second wind, gain about 10 pounds making sleep even more elusive. as they go through the Sometimes despite our best efforts, sleep remains difficult, espechange of life. cially when hot flashes are a concern. Be aware that women don’t have to suffer through the frustration of waking up every few hours during the night hot and sweaty. A naturopathic doctor can help guide you with supplements—including dong quai, evening primrose oil, black cohosh, blue cohosh and vitex—which can significantly decrease the frequency and severity of hot flashes. As we go through menopause the dominant estrogen in our body shifts from estradiol to estrone. As the ovaries make less estrogen, we use estrogen that comes from our fat cells. This may be a the reason why women often gain about 10 pounds as they go through change of life. Our fat cells are necessary to supply us with this estrogen. We can also look to plant sources of phytoestrogen to help us through this phase. While plant-based estrogens are weaker than our own, they do have estrogen activity that can help as our own levels decline. Foods that are rich in plant estrogens include pomegranate, olive oil, flax seeds, dried apricots, dates, prunes, sesame seeds, chickpeas and nonalcoholic beer. (It is interesting to note that men who work harvesting hops for beer must wear gloves or they absorb the phytoestrogens; these can cause gynecomastia, which is the development of female breasts in men). As our ovarian function declines, it is important to make sure that the rest of the endocrine system is working well. We might have been able to ignore a subpar thyroid or overtaxed adrenal glands before, but as we approach menopause these issues need to be addressed if we are to achieve weight loss. If you’re experiencing weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, constipation or feeling cold all the time, it’s time to look at your hormonal system. A healthy thyroid is essential for weight loss as this gland controls our metabolism and the rate at which we burn calories. A comprehensive look at the thyroid will assess the TSH, free T3 and free T4 hormones. If your doctor suspects autoimmune activity, they may also look at anti-thyroid antibodies. natural awakenings

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practitionerprofile The Life Center Jenna Henderson, ND 2 Broadway, North Haven, CT 203-239-3400

Another important measure is looking at iodine levels. Even with proper hormones, we can experience the symptoms of low thyroid if we don’t have enough iodine. By far the best dietary source of iodine is kelp or other seaweeds, but supplementation can work too. Sometimes we need to cut out foods that are goitrogens, which block the thyroid. Soy products—especially those that are not fermented—may be responsible for blocking our thyroid. Raw cruciferous vegetables may get in the way of proper thyroid function. If this is the case, stop putting kale in your smoothie and simply cook your broccoli, cauliflower or brussels sprouts. Lastly, proper adrenal function is critical for weight loss after menopause. Our adrenal glands are busy pumping out stress hormones in reaction to our everyday lives. They also produce testosterone, which is responsible for libido; if the adrenal glands are overtaxed with stress hormones, there’s often little energy left over for sex drive. The first step is allowing for rest and stress reduction. Then supplements like vitamin C and B can help. Adaptogen herbs—such as Siberian ginseng, rhodiola, ashwaganda and dong quai—can help us recover from stress. Like any new stage in life, menopause comes with new challenges as well as new opportunities. Weight gain does not have to be inevitable. Often this time is a new phase of independence and self-expression. However, we do need to be more vigilant with our health in order to reach our goals. Dr. Henderson is a licensed naturopathic physician and the director of the Weight and Wellness Program at The Life Center. The Life Center has offices in North Haven and West Hartford. Connect at or 203-239-3400. The Life Center offers a very successful weight loss program that is based on your metabolic uniqueness versus a one-size-fits-all diet. Their program is whole food based, and is covered by most insurances. You will have your own Naturopathic doctor and Life Coach assisting you along the way. For more information, call 203-239-3400 or visit


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Practice Summary and services offered: n Medically supervised weight loss: Dr. Henderson is the managing doctor who runs the weight loss program at The Life Center. She looks at medical issues that effect weight loss. Patients work one on one with our team of life coaches to find the right diet and help patients implement change. We also offer Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), hypnotherapy and acupuncture to help improve results. n Naturopathic medicine: As naturopathic doctors, we are trained as primary care physicians that take a holistic approach to medicine. n Kidney care: Dr. Henderson offers safe, effective treatment for all stages of kidney disease. n Allergy treatment: The Life Center offers Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT), a system of allergic desensitization. n Keesey treatment: Non-surgical hemorrhoid therapy. What first drew you to this profession? Like many practitioners I found that mainstream medicine did not address my needs. Credentials/Certifications: I am a licensed naturopathic physician. What should a client expect from working with you and/or your program? We offer a personalized approach to help with your unique needs. Are you planning any practice/service enhancements or changes in 2016? We are placing a greater emphasis on systemic detoxification as part of our weight loss program. We are also introducing new nutritional testings. Many of these tests are covered by insurance. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? Dr. Henderson is recognized as a leading expert on natural medicine for kidney health. She lectures extensively to the National Kidney Foundation in national and regional conferences and has appeared in several medical journals.


Picture Your Future Creating a Vision Board Makes Dreams Real by Jayne Morris


ision boards, a powerful tool for transformation, comprise a collage of pictures, phrases, poems and quotes that visually represent what we would like to experience more of in life. Building one works to uncover hidden desires and inner guidance that help clarify the details of a roadmap to our future. Anyone can create one in a few hours. The layout may be intuitive, placing pieces where feelings direct; circles within circles like a mandala; or in titled, pie-shaped segments arranged in the form of a wheel. Board basics: Choose a large piece of poster board, corkboard or canvas the size of an unfolded newspaper. Gather pens, scissors, glue or pins, sticky tape and a current selfie. Gather 10 to 20 magazines ranging from women’s and men’s fashion, health and fitness to hobbies, house and garden and travel, including animals representing specific character traits. Pick topics that resonate, uplift and inspire, energize or bring relaxation. Beauty salons, libraries and community centers like to clear out old issues; an alternative is to assemble images by using a computer. Prepare a space: Find a quiet, relaxing spot, free of disturbances and distractions. Mindset magic: Let go of ought-tos, shoulds and musts. Rest assured that feeling the desire to be good, to do good or have something good in our life means we can make it happen, even if we do not yet know how. Flick, snip and stick: Have fun seeing what jumps out and catches your attention while riffling through the magazine pages. Clip and place these images in a pile, and then sort out those that feel really right.

A vision board clarifies our deepest desires. Arrange: Experiment with the positioning and relationships of words and images until it feels good. Take a photograph as a reference. Affix pieces either so they can be repositioned or permanent, leaving spaces to symbolize an openness to receiving more ideas. Purpose Statement: Play with words that describe desired values and qualities to eventually shape an inspiring affirmation representing cherished personal aspirations for the year ahead. Place this next to the selfie and other key personal photos in the center of the board and reinforce its verity by daily repeating it. Pride of place: Prominently display the board where it will be visible throughout the day. The more time we spend with our board, the more movement we’ll make toward our goals and the faster they’ll become our reality. Activate: Sit with the board and connect with its opportunities. Visualize being, doing, having and experiencing everything shown, as if they are already an intimate part of daily life. This living, breathing idea grows with us, and a companion gratitude journal can support us in acknowledging our progress. Jayne Morris is the author of Burnout to Brilliance: Strategies for Sustainable Success, from which this was adapted. Learn more at

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THE ART OF BALANCE Align with Natural Health Minded Customers

Solutions for a Sluggish Thyroid Keying in on Iodine by Kathleen Barnes

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t seems that a common mineral supplement that costs just pennies per day can stimulate an underactive thyroid, restore metabolism to normal levels, curb excess appetite, banish fatigue and generally improve everyone’s health. Mounting scientific evidence shows that iodine may be an answer to many such health woes, especially for women. “The thyroid acts as a throttle, the gas pedal for all metabolic functions in the human body,” says Dr. Richard Shames, of San Rafael, California, author of Thyroid Mind Power. If the thyroid is a driving force of human physiology, then iodine is its key fuel, says Dr. Robert Thompson, of Soldotna, Alaska, author of What Doctors Fail to Tell You About Iodine & Your Thyroid. “Every single cell in your body depends on thyroid hormone, and the thyroid depends on iodine for proper functioning.” “Without sufficient thyroid hormone, we have low energy, slower metabolism, lower immunity to illness and impaired repair and maintenance of bones and joints,” explains Shames. After testing thousands of patients in his practice, Thompson estimates that 90 percent of North Americans are iodine deficient, citing what he calls

“epidemic proportions” of hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) with symptoms comprising obesity, fatigue, brain fog, irregular or absent menstrual periods, hair loss and heat and cold intolerance.

Major Culprits

Estrogen: Hypothyroidism is overwhelmingly a women’s disease, with women five to eight times more likely to suffer from it than men, according to the American Thyroid Association. “Estrogen inhibits the body’s natural ability to absorb and utilize iodine,” says Dr. Jorge Flechas, of Hendersonville, North Carolina, who specializes in thyroid disorders. “We find three periods in life when women need more iodine: at puberty and during both pregnancy and perimenopause or menopause. It’s because estrogen levels tend to fluctuate wildly at those times, neutralizing the ability of iodine gained through select foods to balance thyroid and other hormones.” Flechas prescribes iodine supplements for most women at all three stages of life. Toxic halogens: Iodine belongs to a group of halogens that includes chlorine, bromine and fluorine, three chemicals that are both toxic to the human body and block its ability

to absorb iodine, since the report and, Nine in 10 North explains Thompson. “Factory farming and “They’re everywhere, Americans may be the use of genetically in our air, water and food. iodine deficient. modified (GMO) crops, It’s nearly impossible Roundup herbicide and ~ Dr. Robert Thompson synthetic chemical fertilto avoid them,” reports Shames, a longtime izers have undoubtedly advocate in the movement against the worsened the situation.” common practice of adding fluoride (a Sources of Iodine derivative of fluorine) and chlorine to It’s difficult to include sufficient natural municipal water. Fluoride is also added iodine in our daily diet unless we folto many brands of toothpaste. Bromide is low a Japanese-style diet that includes part of almost all commercial flour and lots of seaweed and saltwater fish, says flour products, as well as soft drinks. Shames. Other food sources are shell Shames offers an historic insight. fish, turkey, cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, “Fluoride was once used to slow down an overactive thyroid, as recommended legumes, cranberries and strawberries. There is little agreement about the by the physicians’ bible, the Merck optimal levels of iodine people need. Manuals. Now we’re putting it in the The U.S. Department of Agriculture water supply and wondering why we maintains that we need 150 microhave a mushrooming epidemic of low grams a day, but iodine advocates are thyroid incidence.” quick to point out that a person eating Food: “So-called ‘iodized’ salt a typical Japanese diet (where hypothydoesn’t contain much usable iodine, roidism, or low thyroid activity, is rare) and neither does pink Himalyan sea ingests 12.5 milligrams of iodine each salt,” Shames cautions. day—83 times the amount recommend We’ve known that our soil is ed by the government. deficient in essential minerals such as Shames recommends getting an iodine since at least 1936, when a speiodine lab test (available without a cial U.S. Senate report concluded that prescription at to our soil was already severely depleted. determine exact needs. Thompson rec“This simply means that when we grow produce, the plants cannot extract these ommends potassium iodide and sodium iodide supplements for thyroid health. vital nutrients from the soil for us—including iodine—if those nutrients aren’t there in the first place,” says Thompson. Kathleen Barnes is author of numerous If anything, he adds, U.S. soils have be- natural health books, including User’s Guide to Thyroid Disorders. come even more sterile in the 80 years

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Fluorine/fluoride n Fluoridated toothpaste n Unfiltered municipal drinking water n Some bottled teas n Teflon pans n Mechanically deboned chicken Chlorine/chloride n Virtually all municipal water n Swimming pools, spas n Poultry chilled in chlorinated water to kill bacteria n Chlorine bleaches and other conventional household cleaners Bromine/bromide n Flour and flour products, except those labeled “unbrominated” n Soft drinks n Pesticides with methyl bromide n Plastics n Fire retardants in children’s nightwear and some furniture n Spa disinfectants Source: What Doctors Fail to Tell You About Iodine & Your Thyroid, by Dr. Robert Thompson.

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Advanced Allergy Relief

Thyroid Toxins to Avoid

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You Need

A MAGNIFYING GLASS To See the TRUTH by Bruce and Kelly Francisco

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~John 8:32


any years ago, we were less likely to question if lead in paint or asbestos in products were safe. Yet, years later, many are suffering from various diseases resulting from past exposure to products that society assumed were safe. We all risk being dangerously exposed to ingredients that have raised eyebrows within various scientific studies. Hopefully, reading more about the ingredients will inspire you to make more informed and intelligent choices when it come to products that you use on your body. Toxic chemicals are everywhere, from chemicals in cleaning products to toxic sunscreens and harmful skin care, the air we breathe, water and foods. When was the last time you read the label on the back of a product that you put on your skin? Did you ever question what the ingredients were, or if they were safe for your body? Could you even read the label—or did you not bother— since the print was so small that you needed a magnifying glass? More than likely, you couldn’t even pronounce the ingredients when you were reading them. 22

New Haven / Middlesex

Maybe you really were concerned with finding a safe, healthy product, so you bought something with “natural and organic” ingredients advertised on the front label and assumed the product was safe. Did you read and fully understand the label on the back? It’s important to learn why you need to make a conscious effort to not assume a product is safe or good for you because you were seduced by deceptive advertising that marketers may use. We use various products on our skin every day—from deodorant, to moisturizer, soap, perfume, aftershave and sunscreen. Before a typical person has had their breakfast in the morning, they often expose themselves to over 200 various chemicals from the products they use on their bodies. We tend to think that products we put on the surface of our skin stay on the exterior of our body. The skin that protects us also absorbs what we put on our body. Therefore, our body can be nourished through the skin with healthy ingredients or harmed by exposure to damaging chemical ingredients. We would never think of taking these questionable ingredients orally; by putting them on our skin, we are taking them in nevertheless. Our skin is the largest organ in the human body. This organ that protects us is permeable and absorbs many substances that it comes in contact with. Like a trojan horse, chemicals invade the body secretly every time we expose

with the exception of the color additives. There is limited regulation on the ingredients compared to the European Union. The FDA only regulates the claims that the product advertises. Although some research concerning these dangerous chemicals indicate that small doses are harmless, other recent research indicated that chemicals build up in our bodies over time and can react with other dangerous chemicals accumulated over time. A small dose of certain dangerous chemicals years ago can become a big dose if your exposure is continuous. It’s the collective long-term exposure that may set the stage for cancer and other illnesses. It is important to use discretion in what you expose your body to and make decisions based on your own knowledge.

our skin to products that have harmful chemicals. There is rising concern that many of the chemicals that are contained in skin care products are linked to health concerns such as hormonal imbalances, genetic mutations, birth defects, neurological disorders, immune system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, prostate and breast cancers and childhood health problems. It is known that products and drugs applied to the skin can be absorbed directly into the body. The process is called transdermal absorption. This process is driven through diffusion from higher concentration of the drug in “the patch” and the zero concentration prevailing in the skin— commonly known as osmosis. Exposure of these chemicals can come from various sources. Some may come from air pollution or pesticides in the fruits and vegetables that you eat. Others can originate from certain meats or fish or from constant absorption into the body via transdermal absorption. This collective absorption of carcinogens is stored in fat cells in the body. There has been research in the field of environmental oncology that suggests chemicals in our daily environment may significantly contribute to our risk of breast cancer, says Gena Carter, M.D., an American Cancer Society spokesperson and a diagnostic radiologist who specializes in breast imaging. This research confirms chemical compounds (xenoestrogens)—however they enter the body—act like estrogen when they enter the bloodstream, which may further increase our risk. Most skin creams and beauty products contain parabens in the form of propyl, methyl and butyl. Parabens are known to be xeno-estrogens, yet your body recognizes it as estrogen. They have been investigated by the European Union as a contributor to breast cancer. The European Union bans over 1,300 chemicals from cosmetics that are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm or birth defects, according to a 2013 report. In comparison, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only banned or restricted 11 chemicals from cosmetics. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) does not authorize the FDA to approve cosmetic ingredients,

Kelly Francisco, a make-up artist and licensed electrologist specializing in permanent hair removal, is currently studying to become a holistic health practitioner. Bruce Francisco is a hypnotist and motivational speaker ( They are the founders of Prophet Skincare and contribute to a blog they started called Connect at or 888-466-4247. They live in Westbrook, CT.

The Story that Inspired the Book When Kelly Francisco’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she set out to learn everything she could about the disease to help her mother. In her quest, she found that exposure to chemicals from the environment and in the products we use are suspect in regards to many health problems. Armed with this information, Francisco shaped a new path with her mother by eliminating harmful chemicals from their lives. During this process, she started making products at home that she felt safe using. She and her husband formed a company manufacturing safe and effective products. Prophet Skincare’s mission became apparent: to educate the public about harmful chemicals in home and skin care products, so people could make safer choices and provide natural and yet effective products. This became the inspiration behind their book, Warning! Dangerous Ingredients. To get a list of ingredients to avoid and to order their book, Warning! Dangerous Ingredients, visit See ad on page 7 and Skincare Profile on page 25. natural awakenings

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FACIAL FITNESS Exercises to Tone Your Face and Neck by Kathleen Barnes


ravity takes its toll as years pass, and many women find themselves bemoaning crow’s feet, frown lines and turkey necks that make them look older than they feel. Experts point to the loss of “fat pads” in the cheeks, bone loss around the eye sockets and cheekbones and overall weak muscles as potential contributors to facial aging. Natural exercise programs designed to reverse these unpleasant signs of aging comprise a new fitnessfor-beauty trend. “Face and neck muscles somehow have been left out of mainstream fitness programs,” observes Denver esthetician and massage therapist Grace Mosgeller, who addresses this void with her series of eight FaceFitnez audio and video exercises. “If you tone the muscles of your face and neck, the skin attached to those muscles firms and tones as well, creating a natural youthful look.” Muscular stress—the good kind—is at the core of facial fitness, says Mosgeller. She cite’s Wolff’s Law, a wellknown medical theory that bone grows and remodels in response to the tension or muscle engagement put on it. “Regular facial exercise works the muscles to correct the loss of both muscle tone and bone density and build collagen. It might be called the equivalent of pushups, pull-ups and abdominal tucks for the face.” 24

New Haven / Middlesex

Carolyn Cleaves, owner of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, in Seabeck, Washington, near Seattle, a former college professor, developed a facial exercise program for herself upon detecting early signs of aging. With the help of two primary care physicians, she designed a routine that includes 28 basic exercises that target all 57 facial muscles. “As we get older, we lose the underlying layer of fat just beneath the skin, and as a result, we look old and tired,” says Cleaves. She agrees that exercising the face actually helps rebuild lost bone, enlarges the muscles and also builds collagen. A study from the University of Rochester, in New York, confirms that loss of bone mass can start in women as early as age 40. It starts in men 16 to 25 years later. Mosgeller’s facial exercises work to fade wrinkles and lines and firm up sagging flesh, yielding visible results in as little as two weeks of dedicated training. She says, “Within six to nine months, it’s possible to look five to 10 years younger than when you started.” Her claims are verified by Dr. Carol Lipper, in Denver, who states, “I’ve done the exercises and they work. The trouble is compliance. It’s a lot of work.” She confirms that she saw improvement in her droopy eyelids after just two or three weeks of adhering to Mosgeller’s workouts.

“It seems that every three months or so, I see another leap in results and a younger look,” adds Cleaves of those using her program. Here are a few crucial areas to target, with just a few of these experts’ recommended remedies. Cleaves’ Crow’s Feet Eliminator: Place fingertips on top of the head, thumbs resting near the corners of the eyes. Shut eyes tightly and slide thumbs toward the temples for a count of five. Repeat 10 times. Mosgeller’s Rx for Droopy Eyelids: Place index finger on top of a closed eyelid, and then lift fingers up and slightly to the outside. Blink hard and hold. It’s preventive, as well as curative, says Mosgeller, so those over 45 should repeat this 100 times a day, while younger individuals should repeat 20 to 50 times a day. Mosgeller’s Frown Line Eraser: Pull brows apart with fingers and hold for two seconds. Repeat 50 to 100 times up to six times per week. This is meant to relax and tone the muscles, not build them. Cleaves’ Turkey Neck Buster: Tilt the head back slightly. With palm facing the neck, grasp under the chin with a wide-open hand and slowly slide hand down to the collarbone; hold there while counting to 10. Repeat five times daily. Kathleen Barnes is author and publisher of many natural health books. Connect at

skincareprofile Prophet Skincare LLC Kelly Francisco – Developer and Co-Owner PO Box 270, Westbrook, CT 06498 888-466-4247

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Business Summary of services and products offered: Prophet Skincare’s mission is to provide 100% pure and natural skincare products that are free of parabens and other harmful chemicals, yet have effective and powerful skin renewal properties. What first drew you to this profession? Our skincare line was inspired by my passion for beauty. My development of a beauty product was halted when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a survivor. During my research to understand her illness, I learned that harmful ingredients that we expose ourselves to daily may have a direct connection to our health. Armed with my safe ingredient list—my search began for safe products, but was disappointed trying to find quality skincare. Prophet Skincare was born. What is different about the products/services you offer? Being aware of dangerous ingredients that permeate into the body via the skin, my search for healthy skincare didn’t have the quality I was seeking. Our products work, are effective and I feel safe using them. Are you planning any enhancements, changes or new products in 2016? We are expanding our line to include a body moisturizer, deodorant, bath salts and what many of our clients are asking for—a natural sunscreen. I’m also studying to become a holistic health practitioner, and plan to integrate this into a wellness seminar with my husband who is a hypnotist/motivational speaker ( What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? This is my way of life. My passion is a lifestyle of wellness— when you feel better inside the results emanate in your face, body and soul. Products we offer are what I only use myself. Beauty has to do with what one attracts to their life—good thoughts, healthy food, exercise and skincare that has pure and natural ingredients. To get a free copy of our book, Warning! Dangerous Ingredients, go to warningdangerousingredientsbook.

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Got Weight Gain Issues?

~John C. Maxwell

Perfect Pancake+ Mix All Natural & Organic

We left out what’s not good for you! • NO GMOs • NO added salt • NO peanut products • NO preservatives • NO aluminum • NO corn products Locally made in Newington, CT

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Why She Still Looks Terrific After 40 Years as a Model by Gerry Strauss


People hear your words but they feel your attitude.

• NO gluten • NO soy • NO dairy • NO refined sugar • NO grains • NO cholesterol

Christie Brinkley Shares Her Secrets to Lasting Beauty

upermodel extraordinaire Christie Brinkley looks as amazing in her 60s as she did when she first graced the cover of Sports Illustrated nearly 40 years ago. In a new book, Timeless Beauty, Brinkley reveals her anti-aging secrets, many of which involve reliance on healthful foods, a positive attitude, exercise and good skin care. Much of what she’s learned is reflected in her line of Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare. Here, she shares some highlights of how she keeps her mind and body healthy.

Why did you become a vegetarian at age 14? When I was 13, I picked up a book from the nightstand in my parents’ bedroom called Miami and the Siege of Chicago by Norman Mailer. I happened to open to a page with a highly graphic description of Midwest slaughterhouses. What I read turned my stomach because I loved animals and wanted no part in this inhumane system. I swore at that moment I would never eat another piece of meat and have not done so since. For the past 49 years I have enjoyed the resulting good karma in the form of healthful benefits from avoiding the antibiotics, growth hormones and fats associated with a carnivorous diet.

Was it tougher to maintain your natural standards as your career became filled with travel and tight schedules? After I first became a vegetarian kid living at home, I soon convinced my family to go vegetarian, too. I read a lot of books to learn how to replace meat protein with healthier choices. Through the early years, as I continued to learn about options, I tried many kinds of vegetarian, macrobiotic and vegan approaches. Once I started modeling in seashore locations, it seemed natural to me to add bits of fresh fish and some dairy; so for the most part I have been a lacto ichthyo variation of vegetarian. I raised my children as vegetarians, and recently my daughter, Sailor, and I took the next step to become mostly vegan. I allow myself a little mozzarella and an occasional salmon dish when my body is craving it, because I think we need to listen to what our body needs. After the environmental disasters of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, made worse by toxic dispersants, and the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown that pumped radioactive isotopes into the Pacific, I am extra-cautious about the salmon I choose and don’t eat other

seafood. I’m lucky that as a model, my career has naturally kept me aware of the amount of sugar I consume, limiting its effects on skin and overall health as well as weight.

How much of anti-aging do you believe is tied to mental and emotional health? Growing old gracefully is all about the positive energy that you use to power through your day and project to others. Happiness is a youthful quality and a smile is always our best accessory; it’s also been proven to release feel-good endorphins. When you take good care of yourself by eating right and exercising, you naturally feel better about yourself. If we’re feeling down, stressed or depressed, we’re tempted to eliminate exercise, which is the very thing that could lift us up and make us feel better. The more we move, the merrier we are.

Because you also recognize the importance of treating the body well from the outside as well as from the inside, what other practices do you apply? With everything we know about how the sun can damage our skin, it’s crucial to use a moisturizer with a broad ultraviolet spectrum blocker of both UVA and UVB rays to prevent wrinkles and hyperpigmented spots. I created my own skin care line that offers an SPF 30 broad-spectrum moisturizer that also defends against infrared rays [IR], which represent more than half of the sun’s damaging rays that reach Earth. IR emissions also come from manmade objects such as computers and cell phones. Beyond that, I wanted a product that takes advantage of our body’s own circadian rhythms, using special peptides that help the body build collagen and elastin as we sleep and repair. Using a gentle exfoliating scrub is also key, a step many people overlook; I’ve included it in my daily skin care routine for 30 years. Gerry Strauss is a freelance writer in Hamilton, NJ. Connect at

Energy Medicine & Hypnotherapy

Integrative Energy Medicine Therapy: Reiki, Pranic Healing, EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Shamanism & Family/Individual Constellation. Hypnotherapy: Phobia, Unwanted Behaviours & Moods, QHHT, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Soul “Desobsession”.

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Reiki, Energy Medicine, EFT, Shamanism. Come with a friend – Get 15% off each*. VIEw uPComIng PRoFESSIonaL TRaInIng & PLaySHoPS onLInE anD In THIS ISSuE. *CoDE awaKE05

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The Natural Choice – The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center Optimize Your Smile and Your Health! Whole-Body Dentistry® provides comprehensive oral health care using traditional and holistic approaches. We understand the “mouth-body connection.”

Mark A. Breiner, DDS, FAGD, FIAOMT Speaker and best-selling author of Whole-Body Dentistry® Mercury-free for over 30 years, Dr. Breiner is a pioneer and recognized authority • 203-371-0300 501 Kings Highway East, Suite 108, Fairfield, CT 06825

The Natural Choice – The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center Naturopathic Physicians Offering the Best in Holistic Healing Get your health back in balance naturally with proven treatments & therapies. Watch our therapy videos on our website!

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lasses, Facials, Make up & Healing, Meditation C Nai ls Healing for the Mind, Body, and Soul

It's not just the services I provide. It's about how I enhance your life through my services.

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Tips for the Best Yard Sale Ever How to Profitably Give Unwanted Stuff a New Life by Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist


ach American discards an average of 4.4 pounds of personal garbage a day according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Half of what we toss can be recycled. A yard sale can both clear out the clutter and keep reusable items in circulation.

Assemble Merchandise

In assembling merchandise from all around the house, make it a family affair, with everyone contributing things to consider together. Before putting any item in the “keep” pile, ask: How long have I lived with this? How often did I need it? How often will I use it now and in the future? Check with neighbors and friends to see if they want to join in a multifamily sale likely to draw more potential buyers.


Getting the word out is essential. Place a yard sale listing in a local newspaper, either for free or a small fee. Free online posting is available at and Also, post flyers (on recycled paper) seven to 10 28

New Haven / Middlesex

days before the sale along busy streets in the community. On the event day, make sure that large, bright signs in the neighborhood lead buyers to the sale. Reuse cardboard from old boxes to save money and recycle signs and flyers afterwards. Cindy Skrzynecki, of Minneapolis, who has monitored the phenomenon, notes, “Shoppers tend to equate the size of a sign with the size of a sale, so a few large, well-placed signs may draw more people to you than several smaller signs.” Skrzynecki says that holiday weekends or weekends that coincide with popular local events are excellent because, “You’ll provide a fun activity for people that stay in town.”

Set Up

How items are displayed is important. Here’s how to make old stuff as attractive as possible to buyers. The cleaner the better. Make sure all items are presentable. Make items visible. Arrange a display that’s catchy and organized. Use tabletops and bookcases; even improvised surfaces can work, such

as plywood atop buckets. Show clothing effectively. Hangers are better than folded piles that get messy. Does this thing work? Have an extension cord handy so people can test electrical devices, and provide a measuring tape for furniture and other large items. Have batteries on hand for testing items like flashlights or electronic games. Label things that don’t work and price accordingly for those that know how to fix things or strip parts. Ensure the price is right. All items should be clearly priced via a small sticker; buyers quickly tire of asking and sellers may not recall earlier answers. For multiple sellers, use a different colored sticker for each, remove the stickers as items sell, and use the totals from the stickers to divide profits at day’s end. Use creative labeling. Provide buyers with uses for odd items. Sunny Wicka, author of Garage Sale Shopper, says, “Sales can be made solely by suggesting a novel use.” Also spark the shopper’s imagination by combining art supplies—like old magazines, papers, markers, paints and knickknacks—on a table labeled “Great for Art!” or group household items, crates and blankets labeled “Going Away to College?” Prepare for early birds. Yard sale pros arrive early to scour sales for the best deals. Be prepared to bargain or else make it clear that prices are fixed via a few friendly signs. After the initial rush, consider accepting bargain offers. During the final hour, consider cutting prices in half.

Ready, Set, Sell

Summer and early fall are good times for yard sales. Make it exceptional, a place where people will have fun and want to hang around (more browsing time often means more purchases). Play upbeat music, set up a children’s play area and maybe a kids’ lemonade stand as cool drinks help keep shoppers refreshed and cheerful. Consider sharing the fruits of family hobbies such as homemade items, plant cuttings or herbs in hand-painted clay pots and cut flowers. Shoppers appreciate such personal touches.

Arrange for the Aftermath

Arrange a charity donation pick-up beforehand to truck away leftover items. The Salvation Army and Vietnam Veterans of America regularly move still useful items into welcoming homes. For those that enjoy throwing yard sales, consider organizing charity yard sales in the community. Engage a local place of worship, neighborhood association or school to help people recycle their old stuff while also raising funds for worthy causes. Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist is a frequent contributor to Green American magazine (, from which this was adapted. For more tips, visit

Where to Unload the Unsold Electronics Industries Alliance Environment Consumer Education Initiative—Many organizations will refurbish and donate used electronics to charities and nonprofits that can use them. Those that recycle ancient or broken equipment can be found at—This service matches business and household item donations with the wish lists of nonprofits that provide pick-ups. Goodwill Industries—Check the yellow pages or to find a nearby donation site and store; 85 percent of profits support employment services. The Salvation Army—Check the yellow pages or to find the organization’s nearest donation site (by zip code) or schedule a pickup (click Ways You Can Help); 100 percent of profits from sales fund its service programs. Vietnam Veterans of America—Pickups usually can be scheduled the same week; accepts a full range of household items for use by veterans’ families (


TO ASK WHEN SEEKING A PHYSICAL THERAPIST 1. Will my PT work ONLY with me during my treatment? ABSOLUTELY! At Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, we are one of the few remaining practices that spend 40 minutes, one-on-one, with YOU and ONLY YOU.

2. Will I ONLY be doing exercises during my treatment? No. Your physical therapist will be using hands-on techniques to relieve your pain and will provide you with exercises to do at home.

Physical Therapy Services of Guilford • 500 East Main Street • Branford

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The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. ~Oprah Winfrey

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SPARK UP YOUR LOVE LIFE Natural Ways to Boost Libido by Lisa Marshall


nderlying health issues aside, a hectic schedule packed with work deadlines, kids’ sporting events and household chores can leave little time for intimacy. Letting that pattern go on too long can become a problem. “There’s a use-it-or-lose-it phenomenon that occurs,” says Dr. Anita Clayton, a University of Virginia psychiatry professor, neurologist and author of Satisfaction: Women, Sex, and the Quest for Intimacy. Despite what hyper-seductive female media stereotypes suggest we believe, in the real world, 39 percent of women feel they lack sex drive, and nearly half experience some kind of sexual dissatisfaction, according to a survey of 32,000 women published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. About one in eight women are significantly distressed about it. “The truth is, many of us don’t have great sex lives,” confirms Clayton. Sprout Pharmaceuticals introduced Addyi, aka filbanserin, last fall; the first prescription drug to address low libido in women. Some heralded the controversial medication as “the little pink pill,” seeing it as the female version of males’ blue Viagra pill, which a half-million men purchased in its first month on the market in 1998. Yet


New Haven / Middlesex

several months after its launch, only about 1,000 women had tried Addyi and many doctors declined to prescribe it, due to its lack of widespread efficacy and possible adverse side effects, including low blood pressure and fainting when combined with alcohol. “This is a complex problem that requires a complex solution,” says Honolulu-based naturopathic physician Laurie Steelsmith, author of Great Sex Naturally: Every Woman’s Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality Through the Secrets of Natural Medicine. “For most women, drugs are not the answer.” She notes that for men, boosting libido is largely a matter of boosting circulation and blood flow to the penis. But for women, desire for lovemaking stems from an interplay of emotional, interpersonal, hormonal and anatomical drivers that make lack of desire harder to “treat”. The truth is that many simple, effective, non-drug approaches exist. As Boulder, Colorado, marriage therapist Michele Weiner Davis puts it, “There’s no reason why a woman wanting a more robust sex life cannot have one.”

Overall Health Check

The number one culprit for low libido in women is subpar physical health, says Steelsmith. “To be capable of fully

enjoying pleasure, you need a healthy body.” Carrying excess weight can both erode self-esteem and lead to reductions in a woman’s natural circulating testosterone, a critical hormone that helps ignite pleasure circuits in the female brain and increase sensitivity in the clitoris. Being underweight can result in fatigue and low sexual energy, diminished production of excitatory brain chemicals and low levels of estrogen, key for keeping a woman moist. Meanwhile, Steelsmith explains, excess stress can prompt the body to “steal” from libido-boosting hormones like progesterone in order to make more of the stress-hormone cortisol. High blood sugar can drive down testosterone, while high cholesterol can clog pelvic blood vessels, dulling sensation. Depression, diabetes and thyroid disorders are other major libido killers, says Clayton. “If you treat them effectively, you may see big improvements.” Women seeking to improve their sexual health should first try to achieve a healthy weight via diet and exercise, Steelsmith says. She recommends an organic diet rich in complex carbohydrates (which keep blood sugar balanced), lean protein (a precursor to desire-related neurotransmitters) and good fats (which help keep vulval tissues lubricated). Exercise—another circulation booster—is also key. Do it before a scheduled hot date for even better results. One 2014 study of 52 women found that those that worked out prior to an anticipated romantic encounter had significantly increased sexual desire.

Pamper Femaleness

Many women avoid sexual encounters for fear of sparking a urinary tract or vaginal infection. This becomes more common after age 40, as estrogen wanes and pelvic tissue thins and dries, leaving it more vulnerable to microbial invaders. Because semen is alkaline, it changes a woman’s vaginal pH, allowing unfriendly bacteria to thrive, says Steelsmith. Her advice: Always go to the bathroom and urinate after intercourse, and use natural lubricants, like vitamin E. For some women, she also recommends low-dose, prescription estrogen cream or suppositories.

If an infection occurs, try to treat it naturally, avoiding antibiotics, which can spark yeast overgrowth. Instead, Steelsmith recommends using tea tree oil, goldenseal, or probiotic douches or suppositories, available online and at health food stores. Kegel exercises are a famous aid, involving clamping down as if interrupting urine flow, before releasing and repeating. This not only help fends off urinary incontinence and infection, it also strengthens and firms pelvic muscles, rendering enhanced enjoyment for both partners.

that’s not spontaneous enough,’” says Weiner Davis. “But even if you put it on the calendar, what you do with that time can still be spontaneous and playful.” While most women assume that they need to be in the mood first, research by University of British Columbia Psychiatrist Rosemary Basson suggests that in some women, desire only comes after physical arousal, especially by a loving partner that takes the time to meet her needs. “I wish I had a dollar for each time someone said to me, ‘I’m not in the mood, but once I get into it, I surprise myself, because I have a really good time,’” says Weiner Davis. She’s not advising women to make love when they really don’t want to, but rather to be open to it even when the circumstances aren’t ideal. “A lot of women feel like the house has to be clean, with the kids asleep and free of distracting noises,” she says. “Sometimes, just do it.”

Susane Grasso REIKI MASTER

Is Sex Essential? Make Time for Intimacy

Research has shown that over time, frequent lovemaking actually causes structural changes in certain areas of the brain as new connections form and sex-related regions grow stronger. Stop, and those areas atrophy, making physical intimacy feel awkward once it’s resurrected. A sexless relationship can also be emotionally devastating for the person, often the male, that wants more contact, says Weiner Davis, author of The Sex-Starved Marriage: Boosting Your Marriage Libido. “For the spouse yearning for touch, it is a huge deal,” she says. “It’s about feeling wanted, attractive and loved.” In her practice, she often sees couples that are mismatched in how they wish to demonstrate and receive love. Often, the woman wants to feel close emotionally before she can feel close physically. For the man, physical intimacy is a conduit for opening up emotionally. When both keep waiting to get what they want, the relationship suffers. She counsels couples to deliberately make time to address both partners’ needs. Schedule a long walk or intimate dinner to talk over feelings; also schedule sex. “Some people say, ‘Oh, but

Clayton points out that while 42 percent of women experience either low sex drive or satisfaction, fewer than 12 percent are really bothered by it. “Some women experience great grief and loss about this. They say, ‘It used to be a part of my life and now it’s gone.’” For some in this subset that are unable to find relief via lifestyle changes, she would recommend Addyi, said to boost desire by changing brain chemicals. On the other hand, many women don’t need to take any action at all. “If someone has low sex drive and it doesn’t matter to them or their partner, it’s not a problem.” That said, the benefits of attending to an affectionate, healthy sex life can go far beyond the bedroom, improving overall health and strengthening relationships, notes Steelsmith. Sex burns calories, increases circulation, releases calming and painkilling hormones like prolactin and prompts production of the “bonding hormones” vasopressin and oxytocin. “When you are in a loving relationship and you express that love through your body, physiological changes occur that can help you bond more deeply with your partner,” she says. “The more you make love, the more love you make.” Lisa Marshall is a freelance health writer in Boulder, CO. Connect at

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Love is the beauty of the soul.

~Saint Augustine

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ANSONIA NATURE CENTER 104 acres of wooded hills and grassy fields, miles of nature trails, streams, a two-acre pond, wet meadows, upland swamp, butterfly & hummingbird garden, woodland wildflower and fern garden, community gardening, childrens’ playscape, visitor center, animals & nature exhibits, classes and more!

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Stressed-Out Pets Natural Ways to Calm Fear and Anxiety by Sandra Murphy


hile most American pets live on easy street, with meals, treats, exercise outings and affection provided, the good life also poses challenges—dogs and cats can get stressed. “Basic stress is fearbased. Separation or isolation anxiety requires in-depth training,” says JennaLee Gallicchio, a certified separation anxiety trainer who uses scientific and handsoff techniques at her All Stars Dog Training, in Bedminster, New Jersey. She authors a bestselling series that was launched with The Secret to Getting Your Dog to Do What You Want. A drug like Reconcile, the pet version of Prozac, looks like a quick fix, but can bring many harmful side effects. Laurel Braitman, Ph.D., of Sausalito, California, bestselling author of Animal Madness: How Anxious Dogs, Compulsive Parrots, and Elephants in Recovery Help Us Understand Ourselves, estimates that 70 million U.S. dogs are given the same drugs their humans use for anxiety or depression. Considering the potential dangers, such drugs should only be used briefly as a last resort with veterinary supervision to ensure the proper dosage based on age, size and temperament. There are more natural and safer alternatives.

Common Stressors

Dogs hear sounds at four times the distance we do; cats hear even better. Thunderstorms, fireworks, traffic, TV, music and children can unnerve them. 32

New Haven / Middlesex

Add in a new home, baby, another pet or anticipation of car rides associated with fear of the veterinarian and even normally mellow pets can get upset. Irregular work hours undermine established routines. Pet or human health issues, plus household drama, add special reasons to fret. Pets separated from their litters too early can experience anxiety as adults.

Stress Less Strategies

“Let your dog have a space where he can retreat when he’s had enough,” advises Dr. Carol Osborne, owner of Ohio’s Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic. She recommends Bach’s Five Flower Formula, diluted chamomile essential oil or a pet-safe tincture of the Chinese herb skullcap for additional relief. Dogs like routine. “Regular exercise helps, including two, 20-minute daily walks. A tired pet is a happy pet,” Osborne says. “Walks can eliminate stress and anxiety by 50 percent for you both.” “Cats need exercise that mimics hunting; cats stare and plan, stalk or chase, pounce and grab,” says Marci Koski, certified by the Animal Behavior Institute and owner of Feline Behavior Solutions, in Vancouver, Washington. “An indoor cat’s prey drive can be met with interactive toys.” A place to climb or hide and a window with a view will help as will periodic playtime catching moving toys; with nothing to catch, a laser

pointer’s red dots are frustrating for a cat and a potential danger to its eyes. “Two of my large dogs were anxious during a three-day power outage,” says Kimberly Gauthier, a dog nutrition blogger at, in Marysville, Washington. “I add Ewegurt, a sheep’s milk yogurt, to their food to calm them when needed.” Clicker training rewards desired behaviors. “Ralphie, an Italian greyhound mix, was protective, but also fearful; before going outside, we’d practice sit, stay and come using a click/treat. Now he sees other dogs without reacting,” relates Katrina Wilhelm, a naturopathic physician and owner of, in Lake Oswego, Oregon. It works when someone knocks on the door, too. Soothing music covers the sounds of storms and fireworks, counsels Lisa Spector, an award-winning concert pianist in

Getting kitty into her carrier to go to the vet isn’t always easy. London’s Simon Tofield, animator and cartoonist for Simon’s Cats videos and books, suggests making the crate comfy and leaving it out so the cat gets used to it; keeping it out of reach of curious dogs at the vet’s office; and only opening it upon arrival in the exam room. His local vet staff explains more at Tinyurl. com/CatVetProtocol.

Signs of Pet Stress 4 Aggression toward people or other animals 4 Digestive problems 4 Excessive barking/meowing 4 Forgetful of housetraining 4 Increased sleep 4 Isolation 4 Loss of appetite 4 Pacing 4 Pulling out fur

New View

Half Moon Bay, California, who creates the Through a Dog’s Ear clinically tested music series to relieve pet anxiety, inclusive of cats. “Although many holistic animal lovers want natural stress relievers, few think of auditory options,” she says.

Reaching The Harmony Within Heal, Elevate & Transform

Akashic Records Arcturian Healing Healing Touch

“Stressors for dogs and cats are different. As a veterinarian, I explain situations from the animal’s perspective,” says Jennifer Quammen, with the Grants Lick Veterinary Hospital, in Butler, Kentucky. “I say, ‘From the cat’s point of view…’ As the animal advocate, I feel it’s my professional obligation.” “We bring pets into our world and expect them to adjust. Dogs, in particular, try so hard,” says Spector. They need our attention, shared activities and most of all, our understanding. Connect with Sandra Murphy at

Final Journey, LLC (Pet Euthanasia Service) Kristen Klie, D.V.M. and Associates (203) 645-5570


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Lehighton, PA 18235

Diane C. Esposito, RMT/Holistic Coach

2 03 - 9 1 3 - 3 8 6 9

perso na lharmo nyand health.c om natural awakenings

May 2016


calendarofevents SUNDAY, MAY 1 Free Reiki Clinic w/ Eileen Anderson: Critical Care Nurse, Reiki Practitioner – 1pm-5pm. RELAX/REVIVE with a 10-minute chair treatment. Edge of the woods, 379 Whalley Ave, New Haven. Usui Holy Fire Reiki I w/ Anita Jones, RMT – 1pm-6pm. Learn about Reiki energy, its history and how to use it for yourself and others. Attunement given. Certificate and manual included. $125. Hamden. Information/Registration: 203-415-4791.

TUESDAY, MAY 3 A rc t u r i a n H e a l i n g C i rc l e Wi t h R o s a Chyan – 6:30pm-7:30pm. Come raise your vibration while receiving transmission of the light. Arcturian Healing Method is an upper dimensional light and frequency channeled through the Arcturian spiritual beings. $15. Location: Prospect. Pre-registration required: 203-228-1777 or

THURSDAY, MAY 5 Group Past Life Regression – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Discover reasons for current fears, recurring dreams or personality tendencies. Attendees explore past lives, learn reasons for repeat patterns or why they were born to a certain family. $20. Wallingford. Call Gayle 203-265-2927 or email Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Learn the fundamentals of wirewrapping. You will make a pendant which will impress the heck outa your friends. $35. KanduBeads in Watch Factory Shoppes, 116 Elm St Cheshire. Early Registration required. 203-439-8689. Ascension: The Great Up leveling and What It Means to You w/ Tami Reagor – 7pm-8:30pm. Explore what Ascension and Awakening is and what it means to you. Will use ThetaHealing® to release any fears, discuss tools you can use to keep yourself centered. Discussion/Q&A to make sure you have the information you need to feel better about the idea of Ascension. $20. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. New Haven Community Circle Dance – 7:30pm9:30pm. Move in the footsteps of our ancestors as we enjoy traditional dances from many cultures, as well as contemporary pieces choreographed in the spirit of ancient folk dance. All dances are taught and no experience is necessary. Suggested donation $8. Location: Friends Meetinghouse, 225 East Grand Ave, New Haven. 203-467-1069.

FRIDAY, MAY 6 Nature’s Child: Birds – 10am. Join one of our Nature Center naturalists to learn about the life of a baby bird. Hear a short story, make “binoculars,“ and then take a short scavenger hunt hike. Tuition: $7 per child ($5 for familylevel FANCI members and Ansonia residents). Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister for preschoolers and their adults: 203-736-1053.


New Haven / Middlesex

Learn How to Do a 10-card Tarot Reading w/ Lisa Morrison – 7pm-9pm. This is a useful technique to learn for all levels of Tarot readers. Develop your understanding of how the cards work together in a 10-card spread. There will be plenty of time in class to ask questions and get critique while reading for yourself and others. $25. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. Holographic Sound Healing Concert w/ Randeane Tetu – 7:30pm-8:30pm. Sound used with intention can shift your energy to help reestablish physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Randeane brings Hathor, Tibetan, Japanese, and Mechizedek healing energies to her work w/ Quartz Crystal Bowl and voice toning to help you release outworn patterning, balance your energy centers, and stimulate healing. $15. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SATURDAY, MAY 7 Free Reiki Chair Treatments w/ Eileen Anderson at American Heart Association’s Greater New Haven Heart Walk – 9am-12:30pm. Critical Care Nurse and Reiki Practitioner Eileen Anderson will have a booth at the American Heart Association’s Greater New Haven Heart Walk at Savin Rock in West Haven and will be offering free 5-10-minute chair treatments. RELAX/REVIVE. The Play Zone Group Coaching Concept – 9am-1pm. Explore 5 roles that lead to a daily fulfilled life. Bring water, sneakers and activewear. $40. Location: Woodmont United Church of Christ, 1000 New Haven Ave, Milford. Register at 203-515-1339. Reclaim, Reconnect, Replenish: Spring Retreat for Women – 9am-4pm. Step out of your life for a day to a tranquil place where you can pause, breathe and reconnect. A day to replenish your body mind spirit. $95. Location: White Gate Farm, East Lyme. Lead by Laura Jarvis. Pure Possibilities. Information/registration, call: 203-804-3129. Wild Edibles – 10am. Backyards, vacant lots, woodlands, and open fields support tons of food and medicines for the natural collector! Join Rangers Jessica and Dawn for this in-depth study class. The rangers will lead us in identification of wild plants, and we’ll taste and smell some along the way. Class size limited. Free. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053. FREE Reiki Clinic w/ Anita Jones, RMT – 12pm-3pm. Enjoy a 10 minute session of Reiki and learn about healing energy. Thyme and Season, 3040 Whitney Ave, Hamden. Information: 203-415-4791. Ombre Heart Pin/Pendant – 2pm-5pm. World renowned Polymer clay guru, D. Villano is back again! You will make a lovely heart pin for your mom or to keep. Beginners Welcome. $65. Plus materials. KanduBeads in Watch Factory Shoppes, 116 Elm St, Cheshire. Early Registration required. 203-439-8689.

SUNDAY, MAY 8 ECKANKAR Religion of the Light and Sound of God, Invites You to Our Worship Service – 10am. Hear inspirational talks and uplifting music to awaken spiritual understanding in everyday life. Free. Eckankar Temple at Rt.66 & Harvest Wood Rd, Middlefield. Usui Holy Fire Reiki II w/ Anita Jones, RMT – 1pm-6pm. Increase your Reiki knowledge and energy. Learn the basic Reiki symbols and distant healing. Attunement given. Certificate and manual included. $150. Hamden. Information/Registration: 203-415-4791.

TUESDAY, MAY 10 Reaching Out: A Day of Retreat & Support for the Bereaved w/ Mauryeen O’Brien, OP – 10am-2pm. The journey through grief is a very difficult one and does not have to be travelled alone. Come together for a day of prayer, reflection, quiet time and sharing in an atmosphere of peace and quiet. $25. For more information/registration call 203-245-0401 or visit Inflammation Nation – 6:30pm. Join Dr. Katey Hauser, DC and Kim Carlson, RN for an informative discussion about Chronic Inflammation, how it affects our body and is leading cause of degenerative disease, chronic pain and accelerating the aging process. Dr. Katey and Kim will give you the facts not given by many doctors, steps to prevent inflammation and how to maintain or recreate a life of activity, health and longevity! Free. A light, healthy appetizer will be served. 260 Amity Rd, Woodbridge. For more information email Guided Meditation Circle – 6:30pm-7:30pm. Let’s Meditate Together! Meditation as a group is very powerful. Bring your willingness to meditate to the Circle. Relax and allow yourself to go within. No experience necessary. $10. Healing Room, 70 Wall St-Rear, Madison. Please call to register 203-245-5137. A n g e l sp e a k e ™ C l a s s w / R MT, H o lis t ic Coach Diane Esposito – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Ask empowering questions, awaken intuitive senses, receive signs/loving messages/guidance from angels, guides, loved ones. $33/class. ($25 Returning Students bring Manuals). Wallingford. Register 203-913-3869. Connect w/Guides & Angels 5 Classes w/ Gayle Franceschetti – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Listen/communicate with “helpers” to guide and protect you. Easily and safely make your connection, tune into their vibrations/recognize them in future. Series $97. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. 203-265-2927.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11 Abundance Manifestation Series: 5 classes – 6:30pm-8:30pm. (5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1 & 6/8) Includes companion book. Learn how to focus your intent to create abundance in all its forms. Discover the keys to open your gates to allow and accept that which is rightfully yours. $97 for 5-session series. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. Call Gayle: 203-2652927.

THURSDAY, MAY 12 Young Living Essential Oils – 6:30pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body and spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free class. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. 203-265-2927 or Active Dreaming – 6:30pm-9pm. Enter into a dream to explore its meaning and guidance during a shamanic drumming session. Bring a journal and a dream to explore! $20. RSVP or call with questions: 203-998-5688 or visit

FRIDAY, MAY 13 Discovering the Akashic Records with Rosa Chyan – 6:45pm-8:30pm. What are the Akashic Records? What information do they contain? How would accessing that information help us? Who is working with the energies there? You will also experience OPENING your own Akashic Records. $30. Location: Anam Cara Holistic Center, 50-52 Main St, Ansonia. Pre-registration is required: 203-848-9710 or Astronomy: Metonic Calendar – 7pm. Gaianne Jenkins will teach us about the lunar calendar and phases of the moon for any date in the past 300 years or for the next 300 years and will be handing out examples of metonic calendars for you to take home. Afterwards, join Bob Carruthers and the New Haven Astronomical Society for a chance to see the first quarter moon and other objects through their highpowered telescopes. Free. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053. Holographic Sound Healing Concert w/ Randeane Tetu – 7:30pm-8:30pm. Sound used with intention can shift your energy to help reestablish physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Randeane brings Hathor, Tibetan, Japanese, and Mechizedek healing energies to her work w/ Quartz Crystal Bowl and voice toning to help you release outworn patterning, balance your energy centers, and stimulate healing. $15. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SATURDAY, MAY 14 Free Breakfast Provided by Assumption Church Breakfast Club & Masters Table Community Meals – 9am-10:30am. Join us for a hot breakfast or a cup of coffee. All are welcome! Assumption Church Hall, 61 N Cliff St, Ansonia. For more information call 203-732-7792. Reiki I Certification w/RMT, Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 9am-3pm or two 1/2-Days/ Eves. Provides empowering foundation for selfhealing, support for personal challenges/goals/ relationships and treating others. Wallingford. $150. Pre-Class Consult/Register: 203-913-3869. Crafting as a Business Seminar – 10am-4pm. Do you want to sell your crafts and bring your marketing to the next level? In this all-inclusive seminar learn what it takes to bring your passion to the next level. Designer, entrepreneur and author D. Jaffe will teach you how to be successful in the competitive crafting business. $120. Includes textbook and work sheets, plus lunch. KanduBeads in Watch Factory Shoppes, 116 Elm St, Cheshire. Early Registration required. 203-439-8689.

Outdoor Living Skills: Lashing Project II – 11am-3pm. Join Ranger Dan in creating Lashing Project series! Summer is almost here and that means campouts, fort-building, imagination, and fun! Using poles from dead trees, natural cordage, elbow grease, and some basic knot-tying, help build a watchtower on the Ansonia Nature Center lawn. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Free. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053. Goddess, Tarot, Rune & Past Life Readings w/ Lisa Morrison – 12pm-4pm. Celebrate Springtime and Mom! Restore inner balance and well being with an intuitive reading. Lisa offers readings that are a combination of healing, inspiration and humor. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. Orienteering for Beginners – 2pm. Our assistant director Wendy will teach this basic orienteering and map reading class, which is a good indoor/outdoor program for families. Once the basics are learned, we will take you outdoors to follow our orienteering course. Class size is limited to 15 children at least 7 years of age, each accompanied by an adult. Tuition: $5 per person. Call for information about suitable compasses or borrow one of ours. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053. Chakra Balancing with Yoga and Crystals w/ Allie – 6pm-8:30pm. We will be discussing energy blockages in our Chakra system and what we can do to remain fully functional; which crystal corresponds with what chakra, and how to use a pendulum to confirm blocked chakras, plus yoga poses you can do to keep each chakras running effectively. $20. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SUNDAY, MAY 15 Community Dinner Presented by Master’s Table Community Meals, Inc – 4pm-5:30pm. Free. Open to public. Donations graciously accepted. Assumption Church Hall, 61 North Cliff St, Ansonia. For more information, call: 203-732-7792.

MONDAY, MAY 16 ATTENTION Professionals who work with Children and Young Adolescents: Visit CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School of Branford – 9:45am-11am. Dynamic experientially-based education with personalized approach to learning for 5th-8th grade students. RSVP: 203-433-4658. What is Wellness? – 7pm-8:30pm. Attend a beginner’s yoga class with a focus on relaxing breathwork and meditation. After, have a discussion about the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of wellness. $15. To RSVP call 203-998-5688 or email

TUESDAY, MAY 17 Intuitive Readings with Susan Margaret – 11am-3pm. Susan is a Medium (messages from those that have crossed over), who has been doing psychic readings for 45 years. She uses playing cards, Palm Reading, and basic Astrology. $1/ minute. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

markyourcalendar One World Wellness Presents

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HEALING Guiding Others in Embodied & Compassionate Self-Inquiry

For yoga educators, therapists, meditation teachers and other healing professionals! CE Credits Available


10am-4pm One World Wellness & Yoga East Haven, CT

Early-bird Pricing $65 per person $90 standard fee

To register or more info: Arcturian Healing Circle with Rosa Chyan – 6:30pm-7:30pm. Come raise your vibration while receiving transmission of the light. Arcturian Healing Method is an upper dimensional light and frequency channeled through the Arcturian spiritual beings. $15. Location: Prospect. Pre-registration is required: 203-228-1777 or

WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 Reiki I for mothers – 9:30am-4pm. Learn all that is included in Reiki I Training and channel healing for children, play energy game with kids and hormonal balancing for women, heal/protect yourself and raise your vibrations. $100. Milford. Call Chantal 203-980-4103 or email CGB@integrativeene rg y m e d i c i n e . c o m . C h e c k t e s t i m o n i a l s : Mindful Healing Meditation & EFT w/ RMT/ Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 6:30pm-8:30pm (& Tues 5/24). Engage in [+] Energy insights and create lasting, healthy transformations. $25. Wallingford. Register: 203-913-3869 or Stuck, Scattered & Lost: Find your Motivation Mojo & Plan for Success w/ Tami Reagor – 7pm-8:30pm. What’s holding you back from living your dreams? (procrastination; subconscious limiting belief; dream not aligned with soul’s purpose). Using ThetaHealing®, we’ll work on discovering the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and do a meditation to ask your soul if you are on the right path. $20. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

natural awakenings

May 2016


A Circle of Women – 7pm-9pm. Join in sacred space to discover and strengthen your authentic self, celebrate May, the month of the Sacred Feminine. Healing the world one woman at a time. $25. Central Wallingford. Call Susan to explore further/reserve space 203-645-1230.

Full Flower Moon Hike – 7:30pm. Flowers spring forth in abundance this month, so join our Nature Center staff for this nighttime fragrance hike. Some Algonquin tribes knew this full moon as the Corn Planting Moon. Fee: $1. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053.



Textured Metal Cuff Bracelet – 6pm-8:30pm. Using machines and hand tools with found objects and copper you will make a cuff bracelet that suits your own style. $40 + materials. Watch Factory Shoppes, 116 Elm St, Cheshire. Early Registration required: 203-439-8689.

River Hike & Yoga – 9:30am-11am. Leisurely hike on Farm River State Park’s nature trail in East Haven, then practice yoga along the river with ocean view of Long Island Sound. Bring a blanket or mat for practice. Free. To RSVP for meeting spot call 203-998-5688 or email

Full Moon Meditation w/Gayle Franceschetti – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Align w/new energies of full moon. Opportunities for allowing spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds. Tap into this vast pool of energy. $20. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. Call 203-265-2927 or email

FRIDAY, MAY 20 Intuitive Protection for Empaths with Jennifer Jean – 7pm-8:30pm. Give yourself permission to block the negative and see the positive in your life. Raise your awareness to move from unconscious empathy to a conscious choice to keep your energy and block other’s energies. Learn to tune down empathy, protect your energy, overcome limiting beliefs, and set new intentions for energy management. $20. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SATURDAY, MAY 21 Reiki II Cert. w/RMT, Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 9am-3pm or two 1/2-Days/ Eves. Receive empowering keys to mentalemotional clarity, balance; support for empathic challenges/relationship healing. Wallingford. $175. Pre-Class Consult/Register: 203-913-3869.

Spirit Guide Artist-Clairvoyant Intuitive Readings w/ Jessie – 11am-3pm. You will receive a colored drawing of your Spirit Guide, the name and origin and the year your guide came to you and why, an introduction to your power animal and name of your personal crystal to be used for your heightened energy. $1/minute. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. Usui Holy Fire Advanced Reiki Training w/ Anita Jones, RMT – 1pm-6pm. Become a Reiki Master practitioner. Deepen your Reiki knowledge. Learn meditations and techniques for enhancing Reiki energy. Attunement given. Certificate and manual included. $250. Hamden. Information/Registration: 203-415-4791. Nature as a Healer w/ Marlow D. J. Shami – 2pm. Join Marlow Shami—teacher, artist, and writer—for a workshop in experiencing the simple power of nature’s healing effects through guided meditation, natural-healing touch, and out-of-doors activities with Nature. No meditation experience necessary. Bring a blanket/mat if you prefer to lie down for meditation and comfortable clothes for in and out of doors. Free. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053.


Mindfulness w/ Jerry Silbert, MD – 9:30am3:30pm. (5/21, 6/25, 7/23). Experience firsthand the benefits of mindfulness – a practice to reduce stress and to live fully. In a safe, relaxed atmosphere, a variety of mindfulness practices and meditation will be introduced and guided. $50 each. Registration, call 203-245-0401 or visit

Young Living Essential Oils – 6:30pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free class. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. Call 203-265-2927 or email

Shamanism 101 full day intensive – 9:30am-4pm. Learn your way around the Three Worlds. Meet respective spirit guides/power animal. Learn 3 types of journey. Explore, inner work and introspection. $150. Couples take $20 off each. Milford. Call Chantal 203-980-4103, email Visit

Goddess, Tarot, Rune & Past Life Readings w/ Lisa Morrison – 11am-4pm. Celebrate Springtime and Mom! Restore inner balance and well being with an intuitive reading. Lisa offers readings that are a combination of healing, inspiration and humor. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

Introduction to Meditation – 11am-1pm. You’ve always wanted to meditate but can’t seem to get started or keep your practice going? This class will answer all of your questions. You will learn the benefits and different types of meditations. $35. Healing Room, 70 Wall St-Rear, Madison. 203-245-5137.


Guided Meditation in the Akashic Records with Rosa Chyan – 6:30pm-7:30pm. Come experience an amazing meditation in your Akashic Records —a dimension of consciousness that contains the journey of your soul. Expand your awareness and gain more clarity! $15. Location: Prospect. Pre-registration is required: 203-228-1777 or

Yoga Nidra – 2pm-3pm. Relax into a state of conscious deep sleep. Release stress and anxiety with this beautiful meditation. $10. Healing Room, 70 Wall St-Rear, Madison. Call to register 203-245-5137.


New Haven / Middlesex

THURSDAY, MAY 26 EFT level I Professional Certification – 3pm-8pm. Apply EFT on yourself and others. Conduct a session from start to finish. Understand Meridian system correlation to expand on it. Address difficult cases. $100. Milford. Call Chantal 203-9804103, or email email Visit

FRIDAY, MAY 27 Hu Chant – 7pm-7:30pm. Every 4th Friday. Join us for a group chanting of HU a love song to God. Singing HU can open your heart to God’s love and transform your life. It can help you experience more divine love, joy, and spiritual freedom. Eckankar Temple, Rt. 66, Middlefield. Tea Leaf Reading Workshop w/Deborah – 7pm8:30pm. Join us to learn the lost art of Tea Leaf Reading for yourself and others. Take control of your heart’s pursuits and allow the Tea Leaves to guide you. What will you choose this year to nourish and replenish your soul? $20. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SATURDAY, MAY 28 Reiki III ART Cert. w/RMT Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 9am-3pm or two 1/2-Days or Eves. Promote/Deepen personal and client lasting, healthy transformations Advanced Techniques w/Crystal/Stone healing and manifesting grids. $200. Wallingford. Pre-Class Consult/Register: 203-913-3869. FREE Reiki Clinic w/ Anita Jones, RMT – 12pm-3pm. Enjoy a 10 minute session of Reiki and learn about healing energy. Thyme and Season, 3040 Whitney Ave, Hamden. Information: 203-415-4791.

SATURDAY, JUNE 4 Reiki II: Full day Certification from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute – 9:30am4pm. Heal others, Distance healing. Develop intuition/HSP. Use Symbols. Remove trauma, treat injuries/illness. Comprehensive manual. $200. Milford. Call Chantal 203-980-4103 or email Check testimonials: Wire Wrapped Rings – 11am-12pm. Learn how to make a variety of wire wrapped rings. Everyone loves this class and raves about it! Early sign up is recommended. *Free with purchase. KanduBeads in Watch Factory Shoppes, 116 Elm St, Cheshire. Early Registration required. 203-439-8689.

SUNDAY, JUNE 5 Beach Walk & Yoga – 9:30am-11am. Take a seaside stroll at Fort Hale Park in New Haven and then stretch out with gentle yoga beside majestic ocean bluffs. Bring a blanket or mat for practice. Free. To RSVP for meeting spot call 203-998-5688 or email Past Life Quantum Hypnotherapy Party – 5pm-7:30pm. Group regression led by two gifted healers, Ellen Pavent and Lisa Shustra, trained in QHHT and with unique healing gifts. The Sanctuary, 59 Bogel Road, East Haddam. 860-319-1134.

ongoingevents sunday EFT Emotional Freedom Technique w/RMTHolistic Coach Diane Esposito – By appt. 7 Days/ week. Relax, refresh w/take-home techniques and insights to “release stress/pain”, heal and expand free-spiritedness. Register/Complimentary Pre-Session questions: 203-913-3869. Pet Loss Grief Support Group – 11am. (5/8 & 6/12). Losing a beloved animal can be tragic and a very emotional time for humans. There are numerous resources to turn to for the loss of a human loved one; however, there are limited options for when we lose an animal. Susan Wilson has created this support group for those who have lost an animal or have one in the process of moving on. Free. Ansonia N a t u r e C t r, 1 0 D e e r f i e l d R d , A n s o n i a . 203-736-1053. O p e n Yo g a f o r A l l L e v e l s w / R u d i – 11am-12:15pm. All-level classes. Beginners to advanced welcome. $18/drop in; 10 class cards available at a reduced rate. Yoga Up the Stairs, 87 Whitfield St, Guilford. Contact Rudy at Mindfulness at the Sanctuary: Lovingkindness Meditation – 12pm-1pm. Way of Mastery/Course in Miracles Discussion (1pm-2:15 pm), Kundalini Yoga (3pm-4:15), Therapeutic massage and wandering in the forest with goats (10am-4pm). The Sanctuary, 59 Bogel Road, East Haddam.

monday Pilates/Barre Community Class – 8am. This class is a mix between pilates moves to strengthen core muscles and the Barre technique to sculpt and lean our arms and legs. Discount price of $10.00 cash/ check or $12.00 credit card. Kneading Hands Yoga & Massage, 760 Main St S, Unit F, Southbury. 203-267-4417. Monday Admissions Tour at CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School – 9:45am-11am. CELC is the place for an outstanding 5th-8th grade middle school education! Apply now for 2016-17. See us in action. 28 School Street, Branford. RSVP: 203-433-4658 or Yoga with Marlene – 10:30am & 7:15pm. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360.

Readings w/ Jennifer Jean: Medium, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Angel Card Reader (TM), Trained in Anglespeake ™ – 11am-3pm. Uses Crystal therapy, enjoys leading guided meditations to help others to heal and communicate with the angels, performs building cleansings and clears spiritual attachments. As a toxicologist (MA) she works with a natural wellness pharmaceutical. Spiritual blessings/cleansings. $1/minute. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

Free weekly Tuesday Meditation classes – 6pm7pm. (those who would like instruction can come at 5:45pm). Open to all and fully accessible. Instruction provided for beginners. No reservations necessary. Walk-ins welcome. Program offered in cooperation with New Haven Insight and the New Haven Zen Center. New Haven Free Public Library. 133 Elm St, New Haven. 203-946-8138. Free Reiki Sessions: The Universal Reiki Plan – 7:30pm-8:30pm. (& 8:30pm-9:30pm Thurs). Reiki teachers Jeannette and Jim of ReikiOvertones and students offer free Reiki sessions. Appt. only. Love offering appreciated. 95 Harris St, Fairfield. Details: Jim and Jeannette 203-254-3958.

Fitness Awareness Jog – 5pm. (Through June 27). Every Monday, join Ranger Dan on a Fitness Awareness Jog. This is your chance to cruise our trails on foot, sweat out impurities, and enjoy the sights and smells of our 156-acre nature preserve. We kick off at 5 pm with a stretch, then gently jog our 2 miles of trails for an hour and a half. All experience levels are welcome. Free. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Preregister: 203-736-1053.

Qigong for Health – 7:45pm-8:45pm. Learn a practice that invigorates the internal energy, relieves stress, tones and stretches the muscles and connects the mind and body. $15/class. Tranquil Mountain Internal Arts, Location: MECA, 28 Washington St, North Haven. Info: 860-301-6433.

Iyengar Yoga – 6pm-7:15pm. Align and yourself as you deepen your understanding of yoga. Individual attention given. Expert instruction. Yoga in Middletown, 438 Main St, Middletown. 860-347-YOGA (9642).


Qigong for Health – 7pm-8pm. Learn a practice that invigorates the internal energy, relieves stress, tones and stretches the muscles and connects the mind and body. $15/class. Tranquil Mountain Internal Arts. Location: Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health, 35 Boston St, Guilford. Info: 860-301-6433.

tuesday Yoga with Marlene – 9:30am & 6:30pm. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class – 12pm-1pm. Learn to move efficiently and effortlessly with everyday functional movement patterns. All levels welcome. $13 drop in or class cards. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Contact Carol Meade: 203-415-8666. Healthy-Steps, The Lebed Method w/Susan Sandel – 3:45pm-4:45pm. (meeting every Tuesday). Gentle therapeutic exercise/mvmnt prog. Helpful for breast cancer survivors/chronic health conditions. Free. Sponsored by Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center of Integrative Medicine. Location: Madison House, 34 Wildwood Ave, Madison. Details: 203-457-1656. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class – 6pm-7pm. Learn to free your shoulders and pelvis effortlessly. All levels welcome. 5 Week Series $50 or $13 drop in. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Call Carol 203-415-8666.

Readings and/or Crystal Chakra Balancing w/ Deborah – 12pm-3pm. (& Sat. 5/21, 12-4pm). RMT, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), Hypnotherapist, EFT and Quantum Touch Practitioner. Offers Tarot card, Tea Leaf and Couples Readings, House Blessings and Clearings, Reiki, Crystal Chakra Balancing, Hypnosis Therapy Specializing in Addictions, Phobias and Past Life Regression. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. Emei Wujigong Qigong Group Practice – 12pm1pm. Experience a qigong form for rebalancing and strengthening body, mind and spirit. For all abilities and levels of health. Schedule Available online. 1st class free (reg. $5). Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Info: Stony Creek Yoga for Stress Relief – 5:45pm7pm. Classes led by Gina Macdonald MA, LPC. Sessions include breathing techniques, yoga poses and relaxation techniques. Emphasis on movement, flow and release of tension.. Beginning yoga experience recommended along wit loose clothing and a yoga mat. Newcomers please arrive early. $10/session. Willoughby Wallace Library. 146 Thimble Island Rd, Stony Creek. Contact Gina: 203-710-6665. Intermediate/Advanced Yoga w/ Iyengar Teacher Training Graduate – 6pm-7:30pm. Refine and renew your practice with sophisticated sequences and expert instruction. Yoga in Middletown, 438 Main St, Middletown. 860-347-YOGA (9642). Yoga with Marlene – 6:30pm. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Meditation In the World @ Guest House Retreat – 7pm-8pm. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, join us every week as we are led in the practice of focusing our awareness. Helping you find calm within everyday demands and stress. Free. 318 West Main St, Chester. 860-322-5770.

natural awakenings

May 2016


Jewelry Making Meetup! At KanduBeads – 7pm-9pm. Come make new friends while crafting. We Call it Bead-N-B!tch. Need an excuse to get out midweek? Join our weekly craft party. Adults ONLY! Grab a friend, and BYO anything! $5. Watch Factory Shoppes 116 Elm St. Cheshire. 203-439-8689.

thursday The Milford Chamber’s ‘Health & Wellness Council’ – 8:30am-9:30am. (2nd Thurs. monthly). Group is comprised of businesses in the health and wellness industry. 5 Broad St, Milford. 203-8780681., Ropes Yoga – 9am-10am. With Iyengar Teacher Training Graduate. Experience yoga in new and liberating ways with the use of wall ropes. All levels welcome. Expert instruction. Individual attention. Yoga in Middletown, 438 Main St, Middletown. 860-347-YOGA (9642). Yoga with Marlene – 10am & 6:30pm.Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Yin Yoga/Guided Meditation – 6pm-7:15pm. Long, deep stretching held for 3-5 minutes. $18/drop in; 10 & 5 class cards available at a reduced rate. Yoga Up the Stairs, 87 Whitfield St, Guilford. Contact Michele: 203-444-5007 or Emei Wujigong Qigong Group Practice – 6:30pm7:30pm. (Every Thurs. except the 1st Thurs. of month). Experience a qigong form for rebalancing and strengthening body, mind and spirit. For all abilities and levels of health. Schedule Available online. 1st class free (reg. $5). Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Info: Mindfulness and Yoga w/ Amy Tate, PhD – 6:30pm-7:30pm. Each class session will include slow, deep yoga asana practice, a guided sitting meditation and discussion. Yoga in Middletown, 438 Main St, Middletown. 860-347-YOGA (9642). Qigong Group Healing & Silent Meditation – 6:30pm-8pm. (1st Thurs. of the month). All levels of health addressed. No experience necessary. Fee: donation. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Contact Pat for more information if this is 1st attendance: 203-500-6492.

Intuitive Readings w/Susane Grasso – 11am-3pm (Sat 5/7 & Sun 5/15). Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Clairvoyant Susane sees auras/mirrors of soul/ emotions and physical being. Now also a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Reader. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. 2 Drum Circles (2nd & 4th Friday) at United Presbyterian Church in Milford – 7pm. Djembe/ Native American drum to our hearts content + guided healing journey. (2nd Friday). Native American drumming and guided journey into “nonordinary” reality. (4th Friday). All welcome $10$20. United Presbyterian Church,109 Seaside Ave, Milford.

saturday Akashic Record or Angelic Reading w/RMT, Diane Esposito – By Appt. 7 Days/week. Phone/ In-Person. Ask empowering questions, awaken to signs, receive loving messages/guidance from masters, teachers, loved ones, angels/guides. Develop spiritual senses. Wallingford. Register: 203-913-3869. Simple Moves – 9am-10am. Learn to balance your pelvis with simple movements based on Feldenkrais Method. 4 Week Series $40 or $13 drop in. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Call Carol 203-415-8666. Free Jewelry making classes at KanduBeads w/ $15 materials purchase –11am-12pm. Learn a new wire wrapping or beading technique every Saturday in a stress free environment. Bring a friend! Watch Factory Shoppes, 116 Elm St, Cheshire. 203-439-8689. Early Registration recommended: ReikiShare: The Universal Reiki Plan – 11am-1:30pm. Pre-register to share Reiki and join in a FREE workshop to make it a Reiki day! The 3rd Sat. of every month. Free (“love offering”). Bloodroot Rest. 85 Ferris St, Bridgeport. Reservation only. Jim or Jeannette: 203-254-3958. Stony Creek Yoga for Stress Relief – 5:45pm7pm. Classes taught by Gina Macdonald MA, LPC. Will emphasize the breath with flowing movement. $10/session. Walk-ins welcome. Willoughby Wallace Library. 146 Thimble Island Rd, Stony Creek. Contact Gina: 203-710-6665.

friday Yoga with Marlene – 9:30am. Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk. Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360.

has been ranked in the best 50 in its size class among 200 companies named in the Franchise Business Review’s 2015 Top Franchises Report. The healthy living magazine was one of five franchise companies cited as best-in-class in the advertising and sales category. To select the top franchises across industries and performance categories, the organization surveyed more than 28,500 franchisees. Franchise Business Review, headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a national franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction and franchise buyer experiences. 2015 marked its 10th annual Top Franchises Report.

For more information visit our website: mymagazine or call 239-530-1377


New Haven / Middlesex


clients, customers, participants... Become a

Natural Awakenings Network Provider! For Details Call:

203-988-1808 or email:

How will the program work once it launches? Natural Awakenings Network (NAN) card holders purchase an annual card to visit local practitioners/businesses (Providers) who offfer a discount on products/services involving personal and/or planetary health.

What’s in it for you as a provider? 1st year of participation is FREE! Just $88/year after 1st year once program is launched. Enhanced visibility with FREE marketing opportunities Expansion of your customer base

To Meet Natural Awakenings Network (NAN) Providers Who Have Already Joined Our Family Turn the page... natural awakenings

May 2016


MEET OUR NAN PROVIDERS in New Haven and Middlesex Counties

Calling All Holistic and Green Businesses! Interested in becoming a NAN Provider? Information: 203-988-1808 AMSTON A PLACE OF HEALING

Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz 203-747-8444



ATLAS CHIROPRACTIC Adam Church, D.C. 203-466-1111


S.M. Cooper Photographic Artist 203-393-9545

Christopher Chialastri, LMT#005812 Home Visits for Massage Therapy 203-430-3163



Kim Nagle 203-565-6495

Psychotherapy-Adults in Transition Emotional & Spiritual Aspects in Health Care 860-461-7569




Natalie Cashman 860-398-4621







Jason Belejack, N.D. 203-824-7428




Diana R. Carr 860-349-9542



Joan S. Gilbert 828-551-0420



New Haven / Middlesex

HAMDEN continued DENNY CHIROPRACTIC & ACUPUNCTURE Eileen Denny, D.C. 203-407-8468


June Can, Reiki Master Practitioner International Channel & Medium 203-230-1197



NATURAL FAMILY HEALTH Wendy Leigh White, N.D. Jasmine Manning, N.D. 203-281-5900


Marni Esposito 203-430-1009


Thomas Fortuna 203-684-3512

TRANQUIL HEALING REIKI, LLC Anita Jones, RMT 203-415-4791



ROI MARKETING OF NEW ENGLAND Bob Kademian 866-306-9799



Life and Health Mentor 203-610-7477










HEALTHY FOODS PLUS Natural/Organic Foods/Gluten-Free Vitamins/Supplements/Beauty Aids 203-882-9011

IMPRESSIONS SERVICES Raymond Daneault 800-217-1963

JOANN DUNSING HYPNOSIS Joann Dunsing 203-907-7710


Wt. Release/Loss/HypnoBirthing 203-415-8567




Milford, CT 475-282-4112


Holistic Counseling 203-878-3140

PRISCO CONSULTING Priscilla Lynn 203-530-0103


MILFORD continued

THE SERENE SPOT Anaika Ocasio 203-400-1293




Karen Obier, Reflexologist 203-645-2188

STEAMATIC OF CT Vincent Farricielli 203-985-8000


ADVANCED SPINE & SPORT David Durso, D.C. 203-553-9300


CHASE PARKWAY PODIATRIC GROUP, LLC Sports Medicine Dr. Joel Segalman, M.D. 203-270-6724


GREEN & GLOBAL MEDIA, LLC KellyAnn Carpenter 203-533-9823

LGN CONSULTING Lisa Nastu 203-301-4109


Venice Walters 203-507-0889



SUCCESS MARKETING, LLC Michael Guerin 888-542-2936


Aadil Al-Alim & Faith Bredwood 203-389-0089


RUBINO CHIROPRACTIC CENTER Robert Rubino, D.C. 203-933-9404

STAIRWAY 2 HEAVEN Holistic Center



Katey Hauser, D.C. 203-387-5015


SERENITY BODY WELLNESS Rosa Cervoni, LMT #003111 Reflexologist/Reiki Practitioner 203-929-1002





New Morning Market 203-263-4868


Lghtworker of Vibrational Energy LLC Gayle Franceschetti 203-265-2927


Diane Esposito, RMT/Holistic Coach 203-913-3869

natural awakenings

May 2016


classifieds Fee for classifieds is $25 for up to 300 characters & spaces and 15 cents per extra character & space. Submit online at Deadline is the 10th of the month.

ALS SUPPORT THE ALS ASSOCIATION CONNECTICUT CHAPTER – Leading the fight to treat & cure ALS through research & advocacy while empowering people w/Lou Gehrig’s Disease & their families to live fuller lives w/compassionate care & support. 4 Oxford Road, Unit D4. Milford. 203-874-5050.


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY CAREER OPPORTUNITY IN PRESTIGIOUS SALON – For as little as $65 per week, you can own your own business, make your own hours, keep 100% of your sales in an established state of the art salon & spa. Fear no more of opening your own salon due to the costly start-up expenses. Do not wait to move on this opportunity. Call 203-980-3163.


ENCHANTED ONLINE SHOPPING ENCHANTED NOW OFFERING SHOPPING ONLINE – Call ahead and pick up is also available. Free Gift Wrapping.We have a large selection of Crystals, Geodes,Selenite, Rose Quartz, Salt Lamps, Healing Wands, Handcrafted Jewelry and Paintings. Josephine Wall Greeting Cards. Enchanted 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford (Strawberry Hill). 203-453-4000.


BHcare – A state-licensed, non-profit behavioral health care provider serving Lower Naugatuck Valley, Greater New Haven and Shoreline communities. It provides comprehensive behavioral health, prevention and domestic violence services to improve the lives & health of individuals, families and communities. 203-736-2601.


START A CAREER YOU CAN BE PASSIONATE ABOUT – Publish your own Natural Awakenings magazine. Home based business complete with comprehensive training and support system. New franchises are available or purchase a magazine that is currently publishing. Call 239-530-1377 or visit

W E L L N E S S PRACTITIONERS A N D MASSAGE THERAPISTS – Opportunity to work in the shoreline’s most prestigious wellness center and spa. Make your own hours, be your own boss and keep 100% of your sales without the costly start up expenses. For as little as $65 per week, this opportunity will not last long. Call 203-980-3163.

OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE BEAUTIFUL TREATMENT ROOM FOR RENT – Fully furnished private office within busy Electrology business. Office amenities include shared waiting room, bathroom, kitchen, WIFI, utilites and cleaning. Full/ partime use. Great for professional who needs use of a fully functioning office space a few times a week or per month. Call/ Text Tracy 203-974-3747.

PARKINSON’S SUPPORT CONNECTICUT CHAPTER, AMERICAN PARKINSON DISEASE ASSOCIATION – Mission: “To Ease the Burden, To Find A Cure” for those w/Parkinson’s Disease & their caregivers in CT. Education, support & socialization. 860-248-9200,

SPREAD YOUR WINGS ADD A REJUVENATION STUDIO to your EXISTING beauty, fitness, or health/wellness business. – Bring in new customers, gain revenue from several sources, and your customers will love it! For more information, call: 864-569-8631.

HYPNOSIS/ LIFE COACHING HYPNOSIS THERAPY CENTER – Providing the help you need to Relax & Resolve: stress, anger, anxiety, emotional issues, bad habits or the past. Life Coaching for personal & professional development. Psychic Readings for insights or Music Therapy to re-balance the mind & body. Madison. 203-245-6927.


Advertise your products and services in our

June Men’s Health And Fitness Issue

To advertise or participate in our next issue, call 203-988-1808

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editorial calendar

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themes JANUARY detoxification

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empowering youth plus: creativity

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community game changers plus: chiropractic


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plus: holiday themes

natural awakenings

May 2016


communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide visit our website and click our Advertise menu. ALLERGIES


ADVANCED ALLERGY RELIEF OF CT Anne Mitchell, ND North Haven and West Hartford Offices 203-239-3400

Do you have asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, excema or other allergy symptoms? Are you careful about what you eat because of food allergies or intolerances? At Advanced Allergy Relief, we offer a safe, rapid elimination of allergic reactions. No medication, No Needles, Child friendly, Effective. See ad on page 21.


Specializing in Advanced Allergy Therapeutics Betty Brainerd, ND Guilford, CT 203-738-0020 Are you suffering from allergies or sensitivites? Would you like to live life without medications or the need to avoid certain plants, foods animals, etc.? Our Advanced Allergy Therapeutics is a safe and effective solution for the elimination of symptoms in all ages (no needles!). See ad on page 25.



28 School Street, Branford, CT 06405 203-433-4658 Connecticut Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School of Branford combines intellectually challenging academics with hands-on and real-world learning experiences for 5th-8th grade students. CELC offers an experiential environment within right-sized classes designed to personalize learning. Middle school becomes an exciting adventure when the academics are integrated with field experiences, within and beyond the classroom walls. Our students come from a variety of towns throughout Connecticut, from families looking for a program that engages and deepens learning, where their children thrive during these important and impactful 5th-8th grade years. See ad on page 8.


Accredited, Non-profit Graduate School offering holistic programs in contemporary and emerging fields 203-874-4252 The Graduate Institute offers holistic master’s degrees and certificate programs for adult learners. Programs include Integrative Health and Healing, Ecotherapy and Cultural Sustainability, Writing and Oral Tradition, Organizational Leadership, Integrative Health Coaching and Patient Navigation, and more. See ad on page 11.

Improve your quality of life w/ empowering guidance & support. Move to the Heart of Healing w/ Diane Esposito, RMT/Holistic Coach/author of Play, Heal, Love! The Art of Creating Healthy Relationships. Be inspired; create habits & boundaries that heal w/in-person or phone Readings, Reiki, Reflexology, EFT, Angelspeake, Meditation. See ad on page 33.


New Haven / Middlesex


2 Broadway, North Haven, CT 203-239-3400

GOT HEMORRHOIDS? Now there is an easy non-surgical treatment that eliminates bleeding, pain, and swelling of hemorrhoids. It is quick, painless, and effective. There is no need to suffer any longer. Covered by most insurances. Call The Life Center for RELIEF.


501 Kings Highway East, Suite 108 Fairfield, CT 203-371-0300 Dr. Mark A. Breiner is a pioneer and recognized authority in the field of holistic dentistry. With over 30 years of experience, he is a sought after speaker and lecturer. His popular consumer book, Whole-Body Dentistry, has been sold worldwide. See ad on page 27.


Branwen OShea-Refai, LCSW Bethany, CT 203-393-1717 Branwen, a LCSW, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Healing Touch Practioner, and Intuitive has 17 years experience as a holistic counselor. Utilizing Yoga, Talk Therapy, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Energetic Wellness. Treating trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, eating disorders, pain, and stress in children and adults.


900 Grand Ave, New Haven, CT 203-680-0227 Holistic Healing integrating psychotherapy, yoga and spirituality. I am trained in clinical social work specializing in PTSD recovery and Relationships. I offer trauma informed yoga to increase awareness of the mind, body and soul connection. I use indigenous healing modalities, a conscious and mindful approach, and sound healing. Bilingual in Spanish. Online services available.






Everlastings, by Arlene Bouley The Carriage House At The Gate House West 2614 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT 203-458-1298

Spring is in the air! YOU deserve to be happy. AHBHS helps with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Obesity, agarophobia, domestic violence, ADD, ADHD and anger management. Phone,internet,skype and office sessions. Evening and weekend hours are available. Most insurance accepted, including Medicaid, Medicare and Husky.

Everlastings is a full-service hair salon & spa whose passion and mission is to provide healthier, more natural organic alternatives to salon services. All products are chemical-free. You will leave feeling fulfilled, refreshed and cared for. See ad on page 25.

Anna Martin, BSW, MSW, LCSW 410 State St, North Haven, CT 203-606-2071


Adam Breiner, ND, Director Elena Sokolova, MD, ND David Brady, ND, CCN, DACBN 501 Kings Highway East, Suite 108 Fairfield, CT 203-371-8258 Using state-of-the-art science combined with centuries-old healing modalities, our caring naturopathic doctors correct underlying imbalances and address issues which may interfere with the body’s abilityto heal itself. Treatment protocols or therapies include: Abdominal Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Allergy Desensitization, Chinese Medicine, Colonics and other Detoxification Protocols, Electro-Dermal Screening, Energy Medicine, FDA-cleared Phototherapy, Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hormonal Balancing, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Metabolic Typing, Nutritional Assessment, Real-Time EEG Neurofeedback, and other therapies. See ad on page 27.


787 Main St, S Woodbury, CT 203-586-1172 Combining an array of natural therapies that have been used since ancient times with today’s technology, Salt of the Earth Spa provides a sanctuary for deep transformations, healing and grounding for Mind, Body and Spirit. See ad on page 25.


Dr. Kia Walker Offices in North Haven and West Hartford 203-239-3400 Getting to the root of your pain. Whether it’s structural, inflammatory, or related to injury, there are options that can significantly improve or eliminate your pain naturally. Here at The Life Center, we identify the pattern and employ a number of therapies such as Gua sha, Massage therapy, Bowen, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Botanical Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique, Egoscue exercises, Laser therapy, nutritional supplements, and dietary changes to manage pain. We are not interested in covering pain up but fixing it and to helping you to understand it. In this way, you will have some say over the way you feel and be empowered to be pain free.


Heal, elevate and transform your life! Expand compassion to self and others! Gain insights and healing by connecting to the wisdom of your soul with Akashic Records Consultation/ Classes. Enhance the depth of Healing Touch Energy Therapy with Arcturian Healing Method, an upper dimensional light and frequency, and balance your mind, body, and spirit. See ad on page 33.


Dr. Jenna Henderson 2 Broadway, North Haven, CT 1007 Farmington Ave, Suite 7A, West Hartford, CT 203-239-3400


Critical Care Nurse, Reiki Practitioner 370 Boston Post Road Orange, CT 203-314-5401 Healing practices offered by light touch with documented health benefits. RELAX/REVIVE in a restful environment while restoring balance both physically and emotionally to the body. Offering one-hour and half-hour table sessions, 20-minute chair sessions to clients of all ages.

Medically supervised weight loss program. Get off the dieting merry-go-round and F I N A L LY a c h i e v e y o u r ideal weight. We offer a whole foods diet, individualized nutrition, emotional eating support, meal planning and weight loss coaching. COVERED BY MOST INSURANCES .

natural awakenings

May 2016


Publish a Natural Awakenings Magazine in Your Community Share Your Vision and Make a Difference • Meaningful New Career • Low Initial Investment • Proven Business System • Home Based Business • Exceptional Franchise Support & Training


Natural Awakenings’ healthy living, healthy planet lifestyle app has a new look and more features.

Natural Awakenings recently won Call 239-530-1377 the prestigious FBR50 Franchise visit our website : Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review. To learn more visit: for more information

• Updated every month with new content • Search the healthy products in our National Directory • Find your local magazine • Read feature stories En Español • Sign up for Promotions and Newsletters • So much more and it’s FREE!

Natural Awakenings publishes in over 95 markets across the U.S. and Puerto Rico • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Huntsville, AL Gulf Coast AL/MS* Phoenix, AZ* Tucson, AZ East Bay Area, CA San Diego, CA Boulder/Ft. Collins, CO Denver, CO Fairfield County, CT Hartford, CT New Haven/Middlesex, CT Washington, DC Daytona/Volusia/Flagler, FL NW FL Emerald Coast Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jacksonville/St. Aug., FL Melbourne/Vero, FL Miami & Florida Keys Naples/Ft. Myers, FL North Central FL Orlando, FL Palm Beach, FL Peace River, FL Sarasota, FL Tampa/St. Pete., FL FL’s Treasure Coast Atlanta, GA Hawaiian Islands Chicago, IL Chicago Western Suburbs, IL* Indianapolis, IN Baton Rouge, LA Lafayette, LA New Orleans, LA Portland, ME Boston, MA Ann Arbor, MI East Michigan Wayne County, MI* Western MI Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Charlotte, NC Lake Norman, NC* Triangle NC Bergen/Passaic,NJ* Central NJ

New Haven / Middlesex

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Hudson County, NJ Mercer County, NJ Monmouth/Ocean, NJ North Central NJ* South NJ Santa Fe/Abq., NM Las Vegas, NV Albany, NY Buffalo, NY Central NY Long Island, NY Lower Hudson Valley W., NY Manhattan, NY* Rochester, NY Westchester/Putnam, NY Central OH Cincinnati, OH* Toledo, OH Oklahoma City, OK Portland, OR Bucks/Montgomery, PA Harrisburg/York, PA Lancaster/Berks, PA Lehigh Valley, PA* Pocono, PA/Warren Co., NJ Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA Rhode Island Charleston, SC Columbia, SC Grand Strand, SC* Greenville, SC Chattanooga, TN Memphis, TN Austin, TX Dallas Metroplex, TX Dallas/FW Metro N., TX Houston, TX San Antonio, TX* SE Texas Richmond, VA Seattle, WA Madison, WI* Milwaukee, WI Puerto Rico

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May 2016


LIVE YOUR PRACTICE - TEACH YOGA. 200-HR YA Certified Teacher Trainings at Fresh Yoga Sept 2016: Fresh Yoga Teacher Training 9 Weekends with Heidi Sormaz & Melissa Hall

Jan 2017: 108 Monkeys Service Teacher Training 5 Weekends/15 Evenings with Peg Oliveira

June 2017: Forrest Yoga Teacher Training Full Month June 9th - July 5th with Ana Forrest MORE INFORMATION:


fresh 319 Peck St / 49 Orange St


New Haven / Middlesex


203 776 9642