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Alternatives For Allergies Connecticut Naturopaths Seek Expanded Practice Scope

Locating Your Internal Wisdom April 2015 | New Haven-Middlesex | natural awakenings

April 2015


Free Workshops!

at The

Graduate Institute

Sponsored by

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, New Haven Chapter

Monthly Meeting and

Meetup Basics

presented by Tami Reagor, Owner of Well Being Is, LLC

Thursday, April 9 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Secrets for Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit to Sustain Lifelong Success Onsite and Livestream with Ann Wilkinson, Osteopathic Physical Therapist

Thursday, April 9 7 pm – 9 pm The Science of Spiritual Marketing Onsite and Livestream with Andrea Adler, Marketing and Communications Expert

Tuesday, April 21 7 pm – 9 pm To learn more and RSVP Visit New Haven / Middlesex 2 171 AMITY ROAD, BETHANY, CT | (203) 874-4252




Discover the Healing Arts of EMEI QIGONG

Simple techniques for improving your health and finding contentment LEVEL 1 ~ 3 DAY TRAINING MAY 2, 3 & 4, 2015

An Ancient Path to Self-Healing Secrets for Accelerating the Healing Process

• Discover the healing power of Wuji Qi • Find balance within and unlock your latent abilities • Understand the causes of illness • Remove the blocks that keep you trapped in old habits



3 DAY LEVEL 1 TRAINING May 2nd & 4th ~ 9:00am - 5:00pm May 3rd ~ 9:00am - 4:00pm GROUP HEALING: May 3rd ~ 4:15 fee: $30 Certified Emei Qigong Master Pat Bolger, has trained extensively since 2002 in the U.S. and at Emei Mountain in China with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, 13th lineage holder of the 800-year-old Emei Linji Qigong tradition.

SPACE IS LIMITED Register by calling 203.500.6492 or email Holistic Therapies Classroom 15 South Elm Street Wallingford, CT 06492 LEVEL 2 Changing the Moving Program of Life July 24-29, 2015

Change your karma and transform your destiny, starting now! for all the details visit:

Thousands of Years of Food Wisdom in Twelve Months Save $15

with early


enrollme nt before Ap ril 30

Time in the Garden learning to Grow nourishing food and herbs

Moving into the Kitchen to create delicious food

Using Food and Herbs to make Kitchen Medicine

Identifying and using nutrient dense Wild Foods in delicious dishes

Embark on this life-altering journey and be part of the movement to change the paradigm of our food for future generations. Join our experienced staff one weekend a month as you use hands on education to delve into and explore diverse aspects of how food and herbs enhance the health of your clients, family, yourself and the environment.

Now Accepting Applications for 2015-16. Call 860-764-9070 Today! West Granby, CT • natural awakenings

April 2015



contact us Publisher/Managing Editor Gail Heard 203-988-1808 Assistant Local Editor Ariana Rawls Fine Managing National Editor S. Alison Chabonais Design and Production Gail Heard Printer TN Printing Franchise Sales 239-530-1317 To contact Natural Awakenings New Haven/Middlesex Counties: Natural Awakenings PO Box 525 North Branford, CT 06471 Phone: 203-988-1808 © 2015 by Natural Awakenings. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted, we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. Natural Awakenings is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected stores, health and education centers, healing centers, public libraries and wherever free publications are generally seen. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas, articles and feedback.

SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available for $30 ( for 12 issues ). Please call 203-988-1808 with credit card information.

Happy spring and welcome to our April edition themed Nature’s Wisdom! Our feature articles this month share a common message: Nature Heals—whether we are connecting with our natural outer environment or listening to our own natural internal wisdom. As the weather finally eases into warmer temperatures, I look forward to spending more time outdoors, soaking up spring with all of its loveliness like never before. I am especially eager to take in big doses of nature (“vitamin N,” as bestselling author Richard Louv calls it). Most of all, I love the magical sound of peepers—This marks the official arrival of spring! Our main feature article “Nature’s Wisdom: Its Lessons Inspire, Heal and Sustain Us,” highlights the well-documented physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of connecting with nature. Research has shown that a regular dose of “vitamin N” can actually lower blood pressure, stress hormone levels and bad cholesterol, while increasing cancer-fighting white blood cells, heal neurological problems and a host of other conditions. This article will inspire you to get outdoors! We have several great reads by local authors in this month’s edition. Our Action Alert discusses naturopathy in the state of Connecticut and the push for prescriptive authority for naturopathic physicians. Under the current law, many patients have to see two doctors (MD and ND), requiring more time and money spent going to redundant appointments, which ultimately discourages follow up care and optimal patient outcomes. We urge your involvement by contacting your legislators to help push the bill, which will support prescriptive authority for naturopathic physicians so they can better treat their patients at the level of their extensive education, training and competency. To learn more about the fundamental differences between the natural medicine approach and the conventional approach, read “Generative Medicine at Your Doorstep: Naturopathic Specialty Blends State-of-the-Art with Ancient Healing Wisdom.” In this article, world-renowned naturopathic physician, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, author of Eat Right 4 Your Type, outlines the treatment philosophy, which is the basis for holistic, wellness-focused care offered at University of Bridgeport’s Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine. April is the official onset of allergy season. Dr. Anne Mitchell, a local naturopathic physician with offices in North Haven and West Hartford, has written a very informative article about conventional allergy medications and their side effects. Dr. Michell also names several alternative treatments for allergy sufferers, which are as effective or more effective than conventional treatments and less intrusive. Did you know that Connecticut is rich with wild plants that are sustainable, nutrient-dense food sources? Check out our Connecticut Conscious Eating article to learn more about these wild nutritious plants that are right in your own backyard. Planning on spring cleaning in April? Try Spring Greening! Our Healing Ways feature offers several economical and environmentally safe alternatives to disinfect, scour, wash, degrease and polish your home. Here is to honoring Mother Earth and all of her beautiful wisdom. Remember: Every day is Earth Day!

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by Dennis Merritt Jones


Easy Ways to Detox a House by Lane Vail



Paul Stutzman Finds Universal Truths on His Treks by Randy Kambic


Citizens and Physicians Not Well Served By Century-Old Law by Angela Pascopella




by Anne Mitchell, ND


by Laura LaCascia-Ehlert



The Ultimate in Sustainable Nutrition

by The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition natural awakenings

April 2015


newsbriefs For the Love of Nature: Glorious One World Gardens


ne World Wellness, a local healing and yoga center, is sponsoring a community garden on its land in East Haven, Connecticut. The garden will consist of individual plots located on a third of an acre for individuals, families or groups to grow produce. Anyone wishing to help in the garden is invited to an administrative meeting held at One World Wellness on April 19 from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Organizations and individuals wanting to assist with developing the communal garden and sign up for a plot should also attend this meeting. Donation of garden tools (tillers to garden hoses) would be most appreciated. As a way of giving back to the community, any produce not consumed by garden members or sold to cover seed costs will be donated to a local food bank. The site will also

serve as a place to educate interested community members about how to grow food using primarily organic and regenerative growing methods. In addition to a nature trail for yoga hikes, upcoming projects on One World Wellness’ property include landscaping of a labyrinth for walking meditation, a zen garden, and an herbal garden for ingredients in teas. For more information, or to donate your time and talents to any of these endeavors, visit Gardens or email One World Wellness & Yoga Collective is located at 967 N. High St. (Rt. 100), East Haven, CT. See ad below.

Spiritist Event in Stamford


he United States Spiritist Council will host the 9th U.S. Spiritist Symposium on May 2 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Marriot Hotel and Spa in Stamford, Connecticut. The event will feature national and international speakers, presentations and workshops such as Art through Mediumship, Spirit Communications and Manifestations, and Instructions from the Beyond, among others. Ongoing workshops include Spiritist Youth Education, English Translation of Spiritist Works and Fraternal Counseling. Participants will benefit from insights of scientific research and spirituality and will have the opportunity to learn about self-inquiry techniques. All day youth activities, facilitated by spiritist educators, are offered for children in second through 12th grade. Spiritism is a science which deals with the nature, origin and destiny of spirits, as well as their relationship with the corporeal world. For more information and registration, visit The Marriot Hotel and Spa is located at 243 Tresser Blvd., Stamford, CT. See ad on page 39.

One World for Personal Growth, Natural Healing, Taoist Yoga & Meditation


Labyrinth Creation

Earth Day Yoga Hike

One World

Chakras of the Body, Mind & Spirit


 Learn the Taoist Three-Chakra System  Practice Oneness Meditation for healing  Replenish Qi energy through breathwork

Yoga Collective

April 25, 2015


967 N. High Street, East Haven


New Haven / Middlesex

Community Garden

2-5 PM

pre-registration by April 19

The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong


n Emei Qigong seminar will be held May 2-4 at Holistic Therapies Classroom in Wallingford. Taught by certified teacher Master Patricia Bolger, the level one workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Monday and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. A group healing, which can be attended with or separate from the seminar, will be held on May 3 at 4:15 p.m. Emei Qigong is a practice of simple body movements, working with healing sounds which connect to the organs, and meditation. Emei Qigong has been known in China as a natural energy health care system for balancing your energy; which aids in healing and the prevention of disease. For almost 800 years, the teachings of this school were passed down from one grandmaster to another. Emei Qigong’s focus is for healing oneself and helping others. “Emei Qigong exercises use Qi to clear our energy blockages, and to improve the function of our physical body, our emotions, and our spirit,” said Grandmaster Fu. This

practice quickens healing time of injuries, strengthens the immune system, and decreases stress by relaxing the mind and balancing emotions. The fee for all three days is $99 while the group healing session is $30. To register, call 203-500-6492 or email Holistic Therapies Classroom is located at 15 South Elm St., Wallingford, CT. See ad on page 3.

Reverse Incontinence: Free Meet and Greet at Physical Therapy Services of Guilford


hysical Therapy Services of Guilford is offering free 10-minute Meet and Greet sessions with therapists highly skilled in treating incontinence to discuss how physical therapy can help to keep you symptom free. The Meet and Greet sessions will take place on April 9 from 1 to 2 p.m., April 15 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., and April 21 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Incontinence is estimated to affect 25 million adults, both men and women, in the U.S. annually. Despite these numbers, incontinence is not a normal part of the aging process and can be easily treated with medication or exercise. Medication, however, often comes with side effects that can be avoided when exercise is the chosen treatment modality. For example, Kegel exercises can train and strengthen the muscles around the bladder serving to prevent or reverse the affects of incontinence. For more information and to reserve a spot, call 203-315-7727 or visit The Meet and Greet sessions will be held at Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, located at 500 East Main Street, Branford, CT. See ad on page 13.

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natural awakenings

April 2015


newsbriefs Discovering the Akashic Records with Introductory Talk


osa Chyan, the founder of Reaching the Harmony Within and a certified teacher of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies, will give an introductory talk on Akashic Records in Prospect on April 18 from noon to 1 p.m. The event will take place at the BodyWorks Massage & Yoga Center. The purpose of accessing the Akashic Rosa Chyan Records is to receive insight from the soul’s perspective which can assist a person in understanding aspects of challenges in life and then gradually move toward a peaceful, happy and effective life. After the April 18 introductory workshop, a book club will start in June for people who are interested in reading the How to Read the Akashic Records book by Linda Howe. The June book club will be the second book club on Akashic Records that Rosa Chyan volunteers to host at the Meeting Place in Prospect once a month. To register in advance, visit or contact Rosa Chyan at or 203-228-1777. BodyWorks Massage & Yoga Center is located at 93 Waterbury Rd, Prospect, CT. See ad on top left page.

CCSU Walk To Defeat ALS


ronPhi is a program in partner with The ALS Association that brings members of the fraternity together to raise money and awareness for ALS by participating in walks and hosting fundraisers. The chapter has set a goal of $10,000 raised by May 2015. New Lou Gehrig York Yankees legend Lou “The Iron Horse” Gehrig was a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and, as his brothers, Connecticut Alpha raises money for The ALS Association. Join the chapter for a walk around Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) to help the chapter raise the funds for those who are suffering from ALS as well as the families affected by the neurological disease. If you would like to give any donation amount, you can also click on the second tab


New Haven / Middlesex

marked as “Event T-Shirt” on Connecticut Alpha’s website. All donations higher than $75 will receive an event t-shirt on the day of the walk. Check-in for this event will be at 10 a.m. with the walk itself starting at 11 a.m. Business sponsorships are also available for the walk. Contact John Krusinski at 203-815-7318 or for information on business sponsorships for the walk. The registration fee of $20 is a donation for all participants to walk. If you choose to donate more, the $20 donation for registration goes towards your donation of $75 or more for the event t-shirt. To register, visit For more information, contact the Phi Delta Theta CT Alpha & Student Government Association through

H E A LT H C A R E I - Lipo Body Contouring Acupuncture Physiotherapy Chiropractic

Functional Medicine Nutrition Hypnotherapy

Land Trust Lecture: Sea-level Rise: Implications for Our Coastal Wetlands


Photo: Branford Land Trust

oin the Branford Land Trust for its April lecture, Sea-level Rise: Implications for Our Coastal Wetlands, on April 22 at 7 p.m. Rising seas—caused in large part by climate change— pose both a threat and an opportunity for coastal wetlands. Shimon Anisfeld, a Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies research scientist and senior lecturer, will discuss our

current understanding of the history and future of sea-level rise, and how salt marshes respond to this phenomenon. He will also review his research on marsh migration into uplands in Long Island Sound, a process that may allow marshes to survive even as the seaward edges of marshes are being submerged. The event, free and open to the public, will be held at the Blackstone Memorial Library, located at 758 Main Street in Branford, Connecticut. For more information, call Martha Rice at 203-314-7128 or visit

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Dr. Shari Roguski D.C., L.L.C., F.I.A.M.A., CHT. Kelly Falco, i-lipo Specialist 145 Durham Road, Suite 6 , Madison, CT

203-245-8000 natural awakenings

April 2015


newsbriefs Dinner with Coastal Chiropractic


r. Keith Mirante and his team at Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness will offer a workshop with complimentary food and beverages to learn what true health really is and how to incorporate practical steps into your lifestyle to achieve it. The event will take place on April 6 at 5:30 p.m. at Christy’s Of Madison. Attendees and their guests can register by emailing

the Brain for Compassion and Critical Incidents Integrating Spirituality into Counseling, to name a few. More information on the workshops and speakers can be found at Conference fees are $150 for CCA members, $165 for CCA members and $190 for non-members. Student, retiree and emeritus rates are also available. Scholarships are available for graduate student members of CCA. A $10 late fee will be applied for on-site registration. For more information and to register, visit CoCo Key Water Resort/Hotel’s Convention Center is located at 3580 East Main St., Waterbury, CT.

Spring Wildflower Hike


he Sleeping Giant Park Association will offer its Spring Wildflower Hike on April 26 at 1:30 p.m. to hike and view the great variety of spring wildflowers blooming in the park. The hike is free and open to the public. Advance registration is not necessary; however, minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Out of consideration for other hikers, dogs are not permitted on the hike. Hikers will meet at the bulletin board by the kiosk near the park entrance at 1:30 p.m. The hike is expected to last about three hours and involve traveling over uneven, rocky terrain, possibly with a degree of rock scrambling. Hikers

Dr. Keith Mirante is a licensed chiropractor who has practiced in Connecticut since 2007. Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness’ mission is to lead people to fully express their divinely given potential by trusting the natural laws of healing through the chiropractic principles. For more information, visit or call 203-245-8217. Coastal Chiropractic & Wellness is located at 15 Meigs Ave., Madison, CT. The event will be located at Christy’s Of Madison, 73 W. Wharf Rd., Madison, CT.

Counseling Connections 2015: Emerging Trends and Hidden Possibilities


he Connecticut Counseling Association (CCA) will host its annual Emerging Trends and Hidden Possibilities conference on April 24 at CoCo Key Convention Center, located in Waterbury, Connecticut. Taking place from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the conference will focus on the importance of advocating for the counseling profession and how to make a difference in legislative issues. Art Terrazas, American Counseling Association’s (ACA) director of government affairs, will be the keynote speaker. Workshops include Integrative Mental Health Care, Training 10

New Haven / Middlesex

should be in good physical condition. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes, with good traction. Bring snacks and water if you like (preferably in a day pack). The Sleeping Giant Park is located on Mt. Carmel Avenue in north Hamden (off Whitney Avenue). The park entrance is directly across the street from Quinnipiac University. For additional information, visit Inquiries can be directed to the SGPA Hiking Committee at

earthdayevents 7th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride


rom West Rock to East Rock, Rock to Rock’s 8-mile, 12mile, 20-mile, 40-mile and metric century routes explore New Haven’s community parks and greenspaces, back roads and city streets, city neighborhoods and small towns on April 25. Along the way, riders will be able to listen to music, eat and enjoy the spring day with over 1,000 riders. The rides will be started at staggered times depending on the ride’s distance with the metric century riders beginning first at 8am. A celebration will follow at East Rock Park to recognize top fundraisers and award winners. Attendees

Develop expertise in mind-body approaches to health and wellness Enroll this Spring in a life changing program Classes conveniently located in Hartford and Bethany, CT Learn more about our program offerings Attend a free workshop Start a conversation

Call (203) 874-4252 or e-mail can check out a mini “green expo” of local environmental organizations, listen to music from CT Folk, and grab lunch from local vendors. All are welcome, including families, college students, novice riders, serious cyclists, senior citizens and high school students. Pledges can be made to one or all of the more than 20 local organizations involved in the effort to create a healthier, greener local community. Registration fees support the organizing partners who make Rock to Rock run, including Common Ground, New Haven Urban Resources Initiative, New Haven-Leon Sister City Project, CitySeed, Inc., and New Haven Parks Department.

Visit us online at

For more information, visit, call 203-389-4333, ext. 1214, or email

natural awakenings

April 2015


earthdayevents Celebrating Earth Day in Newtown


ewtown’s 8th Annual Earth Day Festival celebrations will be held on May 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Newtown Middle School. A full-day of family fun and learning, the festival highlights Newtown’s natural resources and helps residents learn how to become “greener” citizens. The event will offer children’s activities, live music, food, a vendor fair and a silent auction. In addition, participants in the Lions Club’s Lose the Litter will meet earlier to help clean up Newtown’s roads from trash. The primary mission of the Newtown Earth Day Festival is to foster education and awareness of environmental stewardship through project participation and collaboration with local associations. A portion of all monies collected at the event funds a “green” scholarship through the Newtown Scholarship Association for Newtown High School graduates interested in environmental/ecological studies. For more information, visit To register as a vendor, go to

Teaching North Haven Children at Earth Day 2015


orth Haven will celebrate Earth Day 2015 on April 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at North Haven High School. Although all ages are welcome, the event focuses on engaging children in learning about the environment around them, understanding how to protect it, and fostering a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Vendors will discuss new recycling methods and other ways to positively affect the environment. A scavenger hunt will offer prizes such as a Kindle, movie tickets and more. Past vendors have included Home Depot, Project Green, The Conservation Commission, North Haven Trail Association, North Haven Historical Society, Ray Sola’s bees and honey, Peter’s Rock Association, North Haven Land Trust, among others. For more vendor information, call Sandy Stetson at 203-239-0449 or email Ray Sola at There is no charge for vendor space. North Haven High School is located at 221 Elm St., North Haven, CT.

Hamden Offers 2015 Earth Day Celebration


amden’s 2015 Earth Day Celebration will be held on April 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Hamden Middle School. This year’s family-oriented, free celebration will feature more than 60 exhibitors promoting earth-friendly services, products and organizations. In addition, the event will offer food, music, face painting, a scavenger hunt, crafts and other activities. A pre-event bird walk will take place at 8 a.m. (call 203-288-6777 for more details), an Orchid Awards at noon, C.J. May’s Magic Show at 11 a.m., and the Audubon Birds of Prey demonstration at 1 p.m. All-day offerings include a tag sale, petting zoo, and the CT Child Identification Program as well as access to fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. There will be a free raffle for a children’s bike and helmet. Bring cell phones, thumb drives, hard drives (crushing on site), ink cartridges, eyeglasses and batteries for recycling. Bring your expired, unused or unwanted medication for free, confidential and safe disposal. Additionally, bring gently used children’s books to be distributed to area children. Backyard composters will also be available to Hamden residents for $20 plus a free kitchen composting pail when purchasing the composter. Principal sponsors are Walmart, Covanta Energy for a Clean World, Dexsil, New England Conservation Commission and Home Depot of Hamden. For more information, contact Pamela Roach at or 203-287-7021. Hamden Middle School is located at 2623 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT.

Fairfield Students Go “Green” and Artistic


he Fairfield Earth Day Celebration 2015, with over 100 exhibitors, will feature sustainable lifestyle exhibits, cooking demos, gardening experts and entertainment and music. The Art Contest challenges elementary, middle school and high school students to get artistic about their hopes and thoughts on our environment. All drawings, paintings, photos and videos will be shown on April 25 at Fairfield Warde High School at the Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration venue. Emma Gleysteen, a junior at Fairfield Warde High School and chair of this year’s Art Contest, adds: “This is the perfect way to illustrate how ‘every day is Earth Day’ in Fairfield—and how we can make our town a healthier, safer place.” Further highlights of the day-long event include Kristen Graves, a state troubadour, and a life size replica of the Gustave Whitehead aircraft. In addition, the event offers exhibits on clean and renewable alternative energy choices, environmental conservation, finding healthy, organic foods and products, and recycling. Admission to the Fairfield Earth Day Celebration 2015 is free. Hours are 10am-4pm at the Fairfield Warde High School, located at 755 Melville Avenue, Fairfield. For more information, see


New Haven / Middlesex


Acupuncture Increases Quality of Life for Allergy Sufferers


esearch from Berlin’s Charité University Medical Center suggests that acupuncture is an effective treatment for patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis. Published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, in 2013, the study analyzed data on the costs and quality of life of 364 allergy patients that had been randomly assigned to receive one of three treatments: rescue medication alone (taken when symptoms are greatest); acupuncture treatment plus rescue medication; or sham (nontherapeutic) acupuncture plus rescue medication. Patients receiving acupuncture incurred higher total treatment costs, but also gained significantly more quality of life compared with the rescue medication-only groups.

Strawberries Reduce Blood Pressure


Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

study published in the World Journal of Diabetes concluded that the regular consumption of a flavonoidrich strawberry beverage reduces blood pressure in people with Type 2 diabetes. The study divided 36 subjects, all with moderately high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, into two groups—the first drank the equivalent of one serving of fresh strawberries per day made from freeze-dried berries, and the other group drank the same amount of an imitation strawberry-flavored drink over a six-week period. Blood pressure was tested at the beginning and end of the study for all participants. At the end, the group drinking the real strawberry beverage registered significantly lower diastolic blood pressure than at the outset; it was also lower than the imitation strawberry group. The average diastolic blood pressure of the group drinking real strawberries went down by 6.5 percent and the systolic dropped by 12 percent. The strawberry-flavored group’s systolic blood pressure was also reduced, but only by 3.7 percent.

FREE Foot Screening People with diabetes should have their feet screened once a year. We offer a comprehensive program for Diabetic Patients, including therapy exercises and infrared therapy treatments. Call us TODAY at (203)315-7727 for a FREE CONSULTATION Physical Therapy Services of Guilford 500 East Main Street • Branford, CT

~Lao Tzu

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natural awakenings

April 2015


Local Toxins Increase Risk of Autism


onfirming previous findings, a large study from the University of Chicago has found that autism is linked to toxic environmental exposure. The research examined data from nearly a third of the U.S. population, which showed that both autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities increased as exposure increased in region-by-region testing. The research measured clusters of autism incidence together with exposure rates in different counties and states across the country. The areas with greater environmental toxin exposures had significantly increased autism rates. The correlation was significant among both boys and girls, but stronger among girls. Proximity to urban areas also increased autism incidence. For every 1 percent increase in urbanization, there was about a 3 percent rise in autism and intellectual disabilities. Influential toxins include pesticides, plasticizers, lead and pharmaceuticals.

Olive Oil Boosts Healthy Cholesterol


n an effort to understand what makes olive oil so good for heart health, a study from Europe’s Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition Research Group and the U.S. National Institutes of Health has found that olive oil’s polyphenols significantly increase the size of high-density lipoproteincholesterol (HDL) in the blood and enhance the HDL’s ability to inhibit formation of the abnormal fatty deposits, known as plaque, within the walls of arteries. Polyphenols are natural compounds from plants known to help prevent cancer and heart disease. In the three-week study, researchers isolated the effect of polyphenols by dividing 47 healthy European men into two groups: one ate a diet containing polyphenol-poor olive oil and the other consumed polyphenol-rich olive oil. The enriched diet resulted in increased size, fluidity and stability (resistance to oxidation) of the HDL molecules by reducing their triglyceride core. The researchers note that the oxidation of cholesterol lipids such as low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is linked with arteriosclerosis.

The Color Green Makes Exercise Feel Easier


esearch from the University of Essex, in England, suggests that viewing natural green images while exercising may be better than being exposed to other colors. The researchers tested 14 people doing moderate-intensity cycling while watching video footage of predominantly gray, red or green imagery. Each of the participants underwent three cycling tests—one with each of the videos— along with a battery of physiological and mood testing. The researchers found that when the subjects watched the green-colored video, they had better moods, with a lower relative perception of exertion than when they exercised while watching the red and grey videos. They also found those that exercised while watching the red video experienced greater feelings of anger during their exercise. 14

New Haven / Middlesex

Memory Works Better Reading Real Books


esearchers from Norway’s Stavanger University and France’s AixMarseille Université found that readers remember a story better if it’s on paper. The study tested 50 people that read the same 28-page short story. Half of the group read the paper version and the other half read the story on a Kindle e-reader. The researchers discovered that readers of the digital version could not remember details from the story or reconstruct the plot as well as the group that read the paper copy. The researchers found that the feedback of a Kindle doesn’t provide the same support for mental reconstruction of a story as a print pocket book does. “When you read on paper, you can sense with your fingers a pile of pages on the left growing, and shrinking on the right,” explains Stavanger University’s Anne Mangen, Ph.D. These findings confirm a study performed a year earlier, also led by Mangen. Seventy-two 10th-graders were given text to read either on paper or on a computer screen. The students that read the paper text versions scored significantly higher in reading comprehension testing than those reading digital versions.


Susane Grasso

News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.


Vanishing Wildlife

50 Percent Gone in Under 50 years The latest World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Living Planet Report shows that the Living Planet Index (LPI), which measures more than 10,000 representative populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, has declined by 52 percent since 1970. The report is widely considered the leading science-based analysis on the health of our planet and the impact of human activity ( In fewer than two human generations, populations of vertebrate species—the life forms that constitute the fabric of life-sustaining ecosystems and serve as a barometer of how humans are impacting nature—have dropped by half. Nature conservation and sustainable development go hand-in-hand; it’s not only about preserving biodiversity and wild places, but about safeguarding the future of humanity. Living Planet Report partners include the Zoological Society of London, Global Footprint Network and Water Footprint Network. Marco Lambertini, director general of WWF International, states, “We need leadership for change. Sitting on the bench waiting for someone else to make the first move, doesn’t work. Heads of state need to start thinking globally; businesses and consumers need to stop behaving as if we live in a limitless world.”

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Thriving Eco-Towns

Malaysian Villages Model Sustainability

photo by MIGHT

Innovations being successfully pioneered in Malaysia offer ideas for improving the world, according to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), including the construction of high-tech, self-sustaining ecological “smart” villages. These villages are lifting incomes for scores of rural families while promoting environmental sustainability. Each 50acre community consists of about 100 affordable homes, advanced educational, training and recreational facilities and an integrated, sustainable farm system that provides villagers with food and employment that on average, triples their monthly income. Low-cost, 1,000-square-foot homes are built in 10 days and the communal farming operations include a cascading series of fish tanks, or “aquafarms”. Filtered fish tank wastewater irrigates trees, grain fields and high-value plants grown in “autopots”, a three-piece container with a valve that detects soil moisture levels and releases water as required, reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Free-range chickens feed on the fast-reproducing worms that process the plant compost. This system optimizes nutrient absorption, minimizes waste and enables crops to be grown on previously non-arable land. The village’s solar-generated power is complemented by biomass energy and mini-hydro electricity. A community hall, resource center, places of worship, playgrounds and educational facilities equipped with 4G Internet service support e-learning and e-health services.

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Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

~Gerard de Nerval

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Nature’s Wisdom Its Lessons Inspire, Heal and Sustain Us by Christine MacDonald

The environment is not separate from ourselves; we are inside it and it is inside us; we make it and it makes us. ~ Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Amazon shaman


hile the idea that we humans stand apart from—or even above—nature is a prevailing theme in much of modern civilization, naturalists and other clever souls throughout the ages have observed that the opposite is true: We are part of, depend on and evolve with nature— and we ignore this vital connection at our peril. “If one way is better than another, that you may be sure is nature’s way,” admonished the Greek philosopher Aristotle, in the third century B.C.E. “Time destroys the speculation of men, but it confirms the judgment of nature,” Roman politician and philosopher Cicero ruminated two centuries later. Nobel Prize-winning physicist and philosopher Albert Einstein remarked, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Today, more of us are looking to nature for ways to improve physical, mental and emotional health, develop 16

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intelligence, innovate, overhaul how we build homes and neighborhoods, and raise our children.

Healthful Nature

As Henry David Thoreau wrote in his classic 1854 book Walden, “We need the tonic of wildness.” While we know firsthand how walking in the woods can elevate mood, scientists have documented that a regular dose of nature has other far-reaching benefits. It can lower stress hormone levels, blood pressure and undesirable cholesterol; help heal neurological problems; hasten fuller recovery from surgery and heart attacks; increase cancer-fighting white blood cells; and generally aid overall health (Health Promotion International research report; also Nippon Medical School study, Tokyo). Regular playtime outdoors helps children cope with hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders, accord-

ing to research published in Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care. Exposure to nature can help adults escape from today’s wired lives; reinvigorate, be fitter and less likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes and heart disease, as reported in studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and a University of Washington research summary. It can also unlock understanding of the spiritual essence of life. Hours regularly spent by youth outdoors stimulate imagination and creativity and enhance cognitive development, helping them learn. Nature also helps youngsters develop social awareness, helping them better navigate human relations ( OutdoorHealthBenefits Research). “It’s strange and kind of sad that we are so removed from nature that we actually have to ask why nature is good for us,” says Dr. Eva Selhub, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School, author of the new book Your Health Destiny, and co-author of Your Brain on Nature. “The fact is our brains and bodies are wired in concert with nature.” Recognition of nature’s positive effects has grown so much in recent years that physicians increasingly write their patients “prescriptions” to go hiking in the woods, counting on the healthy exercise and exposure to sunlight, nature and soothing views to address health problems stemming from poor diets and sedentary lifestyles. Healthcare clinics and hospitals in Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Indianapolis, Albuquerque, New Mexico, California’s Bay Area and elsewhere have launched Prescription Trails programs aimed at objectives from preventing obesity in children to healthful activities for retirees (Tinyurl. com/AmericanHealthTrails). Bestselling author Richard Louv calls the positive nature effect “vitamin N” in The Nature Principle. He contends: “Many of us, without having a name for it, are using the nature tonic. We are, in essence, self-medicating with an inexpensive and unusually convenient drug substitute.”

Such ideas are commonly accepted in many cultures. The Japanese believe in the restorative power of shinrin-yoku, which could be translated as “forest medicine” or “forest bathing”. Indigenous peoples like the Brazilian tribe led by Shaman Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, fighting to preserve their land and way of life in the Amazon, profess to be at one with the innate riches of sustainable rainforests (

Innovative Nature

Scientists, inventors and other innovators are increasingly inspired by nature. Biomimicry, part social movement and part burgeoning industry, looks to how Earth’s natural systems work and solve problems. University of Utah researchers, inspired by the durable homes built by sandcastle worms, are creating a synthetic glue that one day could help repair fractured bones. Architectural components manufacturer Panelite makes energy-efficient insulated glass by mimicking the hexagonal structure that bees use in honeycombs. (Find other precedents at BiomimicryCaseExamples). The inspiration for biomimicry comes from many places, says Dayna Baumeister, Ph.D. co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8, a Missoula, Montana, company working with other companies and universities to propel biomimicry into the mainstream. “People are recognizing that they’ve been disconnected to the natural world,” she says. “We also realize that [as a species] we are in trouble. We don’t have all the answers, but we can look to other species for inspira-

Scientific studies show that a regular dose of nature has far-reaching health benefits. More doctors now write “nature” prescriptions for their patients. tion” for clearing pollutants from our bodies and environments. Plants and fungi are now commonly used to clean up old industrial sites that resemble nature’s way of removing pollutants from water and soil. A University of California, Berkeley, meta-study confirms that farmers currently using organic farming methods and solar power achieve roughly the same crop yields as conventional techniques with far less dependence on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gases and petrochemical pesticide and fertilizer pollution.

Cyclical Nature

These breakthrough technologies emulate the way nature uses the building blocks of life in an endless cycle of birth, reproduction, decay and rebirth. It’s part of a broad rethinking of the principles behind sustainability— building, manufacturing and living in greater harmony with natural systems, perhaps eventually eliminating landfills, air and water pollution, and toxic site cleanups. “A toxin is a material in the wrong place,” says architect William McDonough, of Charlottesville, Virginia.

The only individual recipient of the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development, he is co-author of Cradleto-Cradle, a groundbreaking book that calls for re-envisioning even the nastiest waste, and The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability—Designing for Abundance. McDonough imagines a world where waste becomes raw material for new buildings, furniture and other goods— akin to how a forest reuses every deceased tree and animal to nourish the ecosystem and spawn new life. With 80 percent of U.S. residents currently living in urban areas, architects, builders and municipal planners are likewise pivoting toward nature, prompted by the scientific evidence of the many ways that human health and general well-being rely upon it. While this contact is preferably the kind of “stopping by woods” that inspired New England poet Robert Frost, even a walk in a city park will work. “Urban nature, when provided as parks and walkways and incorporated into building design, provides calming and inspiring environments and encourages learning, inquisitiveness and alertness,” reports the University of Washington’s College of the Environment, in Green Cities: Good Health. The American Planning Association stresses the importance of integrating green space into urban neighborhoods. Not only does so-called “metro nature” improve air and water quality and reduce urban heat island effects, urban wilds such as Pittsburgh’s Nine Mile Run and Charlotte, North Carolina’s Little Sugar Creek Greenway also restore natural connections in densely populated city centers.

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Man is everywhere a disturbing agent. Wherever he plants his foot, the harmonies of nature are turned to discord. The proportions and accommodations that ensured the stability of existing arrangements are overthrown. Of all organic beings, man alone is to be regarded as essentially a destructive power.

True-Life ‘Aha!’ Reads 10 Lessons from Nature to Inspire Our Everyday Lives by David Miller, FromNature

~George Perkins Marsh, Man and Nature (1864)

Natural Intelligence

A growing number of scientists say that research about our place in nature has sparked fresh thinking about our role and devastated quaint notions about our species’ superiority. “Single-celled slime molds solve mazes. Brainless plants make correct decisions and bees with brains the size of pinheads handle abstract concepts,” points out Anthropologist Jeremy Narby, author of the groundbreaking book Intelligence in Nature. At a national conference of Bioneers, an organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and San Francisco that gathers nature-minded social and scientific innovators, Narby said: “We are nearly identical to many animals. Many behaviors once thought to be exclusively human are shared by other species. The zone of the specifically human, as determined by science, has been shrinking.” We haven’t lost the ability to tap that primal animal inside, even if most of us are more likely to “venture into the forest” by watching a movie or playing video games. We may feel cut off from our instincts, but studies show time in the woods can do wonders to restore the keenness of our senses to

connect with the subtle changes in natural habitat, the movements of other species and the changing seasons. The rise of human civilizations may have taken “survival of the fittest” in new directions, often decidedly tamer ones, but experts ranging from scientific researchers to lifestyle analysts say humankind is still hardwired by our more primitive past. Despite the ingenious ways we’ve devised to exploit other life forms, capitalize on Earth’s resources and protect ourselves from nature’s sometimes terrifying power, our fate remains linked to natural laws and limits, from nurturing our body’s immune system to resolving planet-sized problems like climate change. “‘Nature’ is our natural environment,” according to Selhub. We don’t have to move to the country to reconnect, she says. “Even spending 20 minutes a day outside has an effect.” Houseplants, nature photos and aromatherapy Earth scents can also help indoor environments better reflect our own nature. The wealth of research and common sense wisdom is aptly summed up by celebrated author Wendell Berry in The Long-Legged House. “We have

9 Amazing Lessons from Nature to Inspire Your Everyday Life by Annie Hauser, FromNature Intelligence in Nature by Jeremy Narby Life Lessons from Nature by Elvis Newman Cathedrals of the Spirit by T. C. McLuhan Your Brain on Nature by Eva Selhub lived our lives by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. We have been wrong. We must change our lives so that it’ll be possible to live by the contrary assumption, that what is good for the world will be good for us. And that requires we make the effort to know the world and learn what is good for it.” Christine MacDonald is a freelance journalist in Washington, D.C., whose specialties include health and science. Visit

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Strong Winds Strong Roots

What Trees Teach Us About Life

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by Dennis Merritt Jones


great experiment in the desert called the biodome created a living environment for human, plant and animal life. A huge glass dome was constructed to house an artificial, controlled environment with purified air and water, healthy soil and filtered light. The intent was to afford perfect growing conditions for trees, fruits and vegetables, as well as humans. People lived in the biodome, for many months at a time, and everything seemed to do well with one exception. When the trees grew to a certain height, they would topple over. It baffled scientists until they realized they forgot to include the natural element of wind. Trees need wind to blow against them because it causes their root systems to grow deeper, which supports the tree as it grows taller. Who among us doesn’t long for a perfect growing environment for ourselves, with no disruptions from outside influences? We strive to avoid the times of contrast and tension, when life’s daily challenges push against us. When they do, the normal tendency is to curse them. If trees could talk, would we hear them curse the wind each time they encountered a storm? We can learn a great deal from nature’s wisdom at work if we are open to the lesson. Watch how a tree bends and sways gracefully when the wind blows against it. It does not stand rigid, resisting the flow of energy. It does not push back. The tree accepts the strong wind as a blessing that helps it grow. Such experiences develop our character and deepen our spiritual roots. When we grow deep, we too, stand tall.

Dennis Merritt Jones, D.D., is the author of Your Re-Defining Moments, The Art of Uncertainty and The Art of Being, the source of this essay. He has contributed to the human potential movement and field of spirituality as a minister, teacher, coach and lecturer for 30 years. Learn more at

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has been ranked in the best 50 in its size class among 200 companies named in the Franchise Business Review’s 2015 Top Franchises Report. The healthy living magazine was one of five franchise companies cited as best-in-class in the advertising and sales category. To select the top franchises across industries and performance categories, the organization surveyed more than 28,500 franchisees. Franchise Business Review, headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a national franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction and franchise buyer experiences. 2015 marked its 10th annual Top Franchises Report.

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Spring Greening Easy Ways to Detox a House by Lane Vail


or most individuals, odorous chemicals are simply unpleasant. For those that are sensitive and susceptible, however, even common chemical exposures may evoke a toxicant-induced loss of tolerance (TILT) marked by multiplesystem symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, autoimmune disease, asthma, depression and food intolerance. Since the post-World War II expansion of petrochemicals, the incidence of TILT has increased dramatically, says Claudia Miller, a medical doctor, researcher and professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and co-author of Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes. “Fortunately, public awareness has also grown significantly in the last few years,” says Rick Smith, Ph.D., a Canadian environmentalist who co-authored Toxin Toxout. “Now companies and governments worldwide are moving toward making safer products.” We can support progress by leveraging some practical tips in greening our home. Start somewhere. Many volatile organic compounds (VOC) that in-

clude formaldehyde and benzene are concealed in household items such as couches, chairs, particleboard furniture, mattresses, box springs, carpeting, rugs, synthetic flooring, wallpaper and paint. Green TV host and Fresh Living author Sara Snow implores us not to become overwhelmed, disheartened or fearful. “Creating a healthy home is a gradual process that doesn’t require throwing all the furniture out,” she advises. Start by scrutinizing labels and choosing not to bring new toxins in. For example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is widely found to be associated with reproductive toxicity and is found in many waterproofed and flexible plastics. Select PVC-free toys, shower curtain liners and mattress covers. In the kitchen, avoid potentially carcinogenic perfluorinated chemicals (PFC) found in nonstick coatings of pots and pans. Toss the Teflon when it scratches, says Snow, and upgrade to stainless steel or cast iron. Weed out bisphenols, the DNA-disrupting chemicals found in plastics and epoxy resin can liners. Even “BPA-free” products likely contain alternative and equally harmful

substances, according to a recent study published in Chemosphere. Choose clear glass instead of plastic containers. When remodeling, look for zeroVOC items, Miller says, plus materials free of stain-resistant sprays and flame retardants whose efficacy is questionable. Consider natural fiber rugs like jute or wool. Forest Stewardship Council-certified hardwoods or alternative flooring like cork or glass tile are safer investments in long-term well-being. Clean green. Conventional cleaners are among the worst offenders, and even some “eco-cleaners” can be deceptively unsafe, says Smith. He recommends avoiding antibacterial products containing triclosan, which proliferates antibiotic-resistant bacteria that prolong and exacerbate illnesses, as well as phthalates, a chemical oil that carries artificial aromas and has been repeatedly linked to cancer and abnormal fetal development. “Even so-called natural fragrances are often complex petrochemicals that outgas and contaminate the air,” notes Miller. Snow advises formulating products at home using staple pantry ingredients, including distilled white vinegar for disinfecting, baking soda for scouring, liquid castile soap for sudsing, lemon juice for degreasing and olive oil for polishing. Freshen with fresh air. Americans spend about 90 percent of their time amid indoor air pollutants that are

Even small changes can measurably reduce your family’s daily exposure to healthdamaging chemicals. ~Rick Smith significantly more concentrated than outdoor pollutants, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports. “Most energy-efficient homes are well sealed with ventilation systems that recirculate indoor air, so opening the windows helps dilute accumulated airborne toxins,” says Miller. Snow further recommends bringing air-purifying plants into the home such as Gerbera daisies, bamboo palms and English ivy. Vacuum and dust. Vacuuming with a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter and dusting with a moist cloth eliminates allergens such as pet dander, mites, pollen and mold, and helps remove phthalates, flame retardants, lead and pesticides that “latch onto house dust and accumulate in dust bunnies,” says Smith. Weed out lawn chemicals. “Organophosphate pesticides are profoundly neurotoxic,” says Miller, especially to the developing brains of children. Instead try integrated pest management, which involves controlling pests’ food

sources and applying non-toxic deterrents. Eliminating potentially carcinogenic herbicides might mean managing more weeds, says Snow, but it’s worth it. Eat green. “Buying produce as close to its source as possible, from a farmer or farmers’ market, provides threefold benefits,” says Snow—less wasteful packaging, reduced exposure to chemical plastics and greater concentration of health-promoting nutrients. Buy in bulk and favor glass containers or rectangular cardboard cartons. Take tests. Radon, an invisible, odorless gas that can emanate from the ground and accumulate in homes, annually causes 21,000 U.S. lung cancer deaths, according to the U.S. EPA. Lead, a neurotoxin that may occasionally leach from home water pipes, can also hide in pre-1978 paint. Testing for both and implementing reduction or precautionary measures is simple, advises Smith. Most hardware stores stock test kits. Take action. Join with other concerned citizens by launching a pertinent petition at; campaigning with organizations like the Environmental Working Group ( or Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families (; and supporting cleaner, greener companies with family purchases. Lane Vail is a freelance writer and blogger at

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Healing Journeys

Paul Stutzman Finds Universal Truths on His Treks by Randy Kambic


aul Stutzman was a successful executive with a family restaurant chain and a happy father and husband married for more than 30 years when his wife, Mary, passed away from breast cancer in 2006. Questioning his faith as to why this happened, Stutzman quit his job to hike the 2,168-mile Appalachian Trail (AT), advising everyone he encountered, “Don’t take spouses and families for granted.” His book, Hiking Through, recounts this extreme adventure and relates his subsequent thoughts about grief, healing and life. Stutzman chronicled his second journey, a 5,000-mile-plus crosscountry trek, in Biking Across America. This time, he perceived a “noble, yet humble America that still exists and inspires.” More recently, the author has turned to fiction with The Wanderers and Wandering Home, both enriched with reflections upon the values of his Amish Mennonite upbringing and marriage.

What kept you going? Early on, I realized how soothing nature was to my grieving soul. Still, there

were times it would have been easy to abandon my journeys and head for the safety of home. The desire to discover if my life held any meaning after such a great loss kept me moving forward. I kept telling myself on both journeys, “If my wife can fight cancer for four years, I can overcome any obstacle I encounter.” I was determined to write about what I was being taught by nature. I also believed books written by and about someone seeking solace via an incomplete pilgrimage would be cheating the reader.

What do such journeys teach about nature and our response to experiencing it? I find comfort in nature. I believe the beautiful streams and waterfalls, the grand views from mountaintops and the wildlife were all created for our enjoyment. When we absorb this beauty and wonderment, the stresses in life slowly melt away. Granted, not everyone will be able to do what I did; however, a stroll through a local park, along a beach or in a flower garden can have similar effects.

Did these extended physical endeavors make mental demands that catalyzed unexpected self-growth? Treks like these into the unknown are physically demanding. With time and effort, one’s body gets into shape for extended hiking and biking. The mental hurdle must be crossed next. You’ll miss home and loved ones. Loneliness will set in. This is where you discover who the real you is. Are you tenacious enough to push through the desire to abandon the pilgrimage or will you succumb to the allure of comfort and safety? On my journeys, I had to make difficult choices. There is a saying that applies to folks planning to hike the AT end-to-end through 14 states: “If hiking the entire Appalachian Trail isn’t the most important thing in your life, you won’t accomplish it.” My daughter gave birth to my grandson while I was hiking. Although she asked that I come home for the event, I declined. I kept on hiking because I knew I wouldn’t return to the trail if I went home. I’d spent my lifetime trying to do the right things for my three children, but now had to do what was right for me.

What did you learn about Americans along the way? I discovered that most Americans are kind, law-abiding citizens. Most are still willing to help a stranger in need. Unfortunately, I feel we focus too much time and energy on the minority of malcontents.

How have these experiences informed your creative process? America is a great country. The beauty I’ve witnessed from a bicycle seat and on two feet hiking the mountains is a continual source of inspiration. Many folks are unable to do what I do. My ongoing desire is to describe the images imprinted in my mind in such a way that others can feel as if they are there walking with me. For more information, visit Randy Kambic is an Estero, FL, freelance writer and editor who regularly contributes to Natural Awakenings.


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natural awakenings

April 2015



NDs in Connecticut Seek


Citizens and Physicians Not Well Served by Century-Old Law by Angela Pascopella


r. Ellen Lewis of the Shalva Clinic in Westport has many patients—some with children, who want her as their primary care doctor. But at least for now, she can’t fulfill that role for them in the state of Connecticut. As a naturopathic doctor (ND), Lewis focuses on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, using natural healing agents such as herbs, vitamins, nutrient supplements and other techniques. The most common ailments NDs treat include allergies, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, obesity, heart disease, fibromyalgia and menopause. NDs have full diagnostic capabilities. They can diagnose and treat patients, refer patients to get X-rays or cat scans, and order medical devices such as an 24

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e-glucose monitor or an insulin pump for diabetes. However, at this time Lewis and other NDs in Connecticut cannot prescribe medications—including B12 nutrient therapy, which is easily administered in an office—because they have no prescriptive authority. That might change this year as the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association (CNPA) and the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM) are urging the state legislature to update a nearly centuryold law. On March 16, the state legislature’s public health committee held a public hearing to hear HB 6797. The CNPA and UBCNM are urging supporters to contact their legislators and push this bill along. The bill appears to have significant support in the public. As of 2012,

the National Institutes of Health stated that 33 percent of American adults use some complementary or integrative approaches to health. “It’s a good chunk of the public that uses integrative medicine,” says Michael Jawer, director of government and public affairs for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Approximately 4,400 naturopathic doctors are now licensed nationwide. Twenty states and territories license NDs, and 11 of those currently allow NDs to have prescriptive authority.

The History Connecticut’s law giving NDs licenses to practice in the state dates back to the early 1920s. Until the 1980s, NDs could only prescribe foods. In 1985,

Dr. Rick Liva, president and chairman of the legislative committee for the state association, and a colleague from Guilford pushed to have the law allow NDs to prescribe anything delivered orally, including herbals and vitamins. Prescriptions were excluded. Recently, in 2014, the state law was updated to include more modern language about how NDs can diagnose illness, prevent it with natural remedies and treat patients. However, without prescriptive authority, the law still does not accurately reflect the dramatic advances in the education, training, experience and competence of NDs in the past few decades. Pharmacology and anatomy are among the subjects NDs study in naturopathic medical school; in fact, the first two years of their education is similar to a medical doctor’s curriculum. The second two years diverge when NDs learn more about botanical and nutritional medicine, Jawer says. UBCNM requires more hours of basic and clinical science than many top medical schools, adds Liva, who is also chief medical director of Middletown-based Vital Nutrients. UBCNM is only one of five accredited naturopathic four-year graduate programs in the U.S. and the only one in the eastern region of the U.S.

“As of 2012, the National Institutes of Health stated that 33 percent of American adults use some complementary or integrative approaches to health.” preparation to work in all states, including those with more expansive scopes of practice and prescriptive authority, says Dr. David M. Brady, vice provost of the Health Science division and director of Human Nutrition Institute at the university. It is often necessary to bring in medical doctors to supervise procedures and oversee treatment within the competency and practice authority of the ND in other states, Brady expands. The UBCNM program occasionally

has to send their students and interns out of state to receive certain types of advanced clinical training that the students wish to pursue, he says. Liva adds that students sometimes “beeline out of the state because they don’t want to practice in a state that has a 90-yearold law. Connecticut loses a sort of brain drain.” “We need to have the ability to deliver more comprehensive types of care and services in the UB clinics, where we now see over 20,000 patients—mainly those from the greater Bridgeport area who often have little or no insurance and who are unable to obtain such proactive care on the private market,” says Dr. Brady, who is also a naturopathic physician at Whole Body Medicine in Trumbull and Fairfield. A new law is needed to reflect modern life, he continues. “Under the current situation, many patients go to two doctors, their MD and ND, which means they spend more time and money going to redundant appointments. The patients often give up when they can’t get an appointment for

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The Push for Prescriptions

Mark A. Breiner, DDS, FAGD, FIAOMT

The movement to shift the law has been ramping up for the past several years. For the past two years, changes have been proposed to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, which is the first step in the lengthy process to get approval. The department reviews any proposed written changes of the law before it can be sent to the legislature’s Public Health Committee. Connecticut is not alone in this effort; naturopathic doctors in several states are seeking expanded prescriptive authority. In California, naturopathic doctors can prescribe medications, but they must be overseen by a medical doctor, explains Jawer. The current law in Connecticut means UBCNM’s program cannot efficiently meet its educational mission in training doctors for

Mercury-free for over 30 years, Dr. Breiner is a pioneer and recognized authority in the field of biological and holistic dentistry.

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New Haven / Middlesex

weeks and do not get follow-up care,” Dr. Brady states. An ND can examine and diagnose a client with a urinary tract infection now, for example, but can’t treat her with antibiotics. “It’s really silly at this point,” Brady declares. “And the state has primary care work shortage issues and here are the other primary care workers who are ready and willing.” In the latest round to get the bill considered in the state legislature, Liva says he submitted documents that included NDs’ adequate education requirements and the adequate knowledge to prescribe medication. His documents include the safety record of NDs in other states such as Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Montana, New Hampshire and Vermont. “Their safety record is extremely good,” pronounces Liva. He adds that no evidence has been found of an ND being disciplined for inadvertently hurting someone or worse when they prescribed medication.

What the New Law Would Encompass The new law would include a five-month long refresher pharmacology online training course and a post-course exam to ensure NDs have the proper knowledge of pharmaceuticals. If NDs do not pass the test, they won’t receive prescriptive authority. Right now, NDs do learn about biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pathology, among many other courses. “This provides the background knowledge to properly prescribe pharmaceuticals,” Liva says. “Our training is just as robust as MDs in regard to all of that background education. NDs only want to use prescriptions conservatively and appropriately where people need them,” Liva continues. NDs would be able to help clients, if they so chose, to reduce medication whenever and wherever possible in a safe, slow matter. Under the proposed law, NDs would not be able to prescribe any cancer drugs, general anesthetics, some narcotics (such as ketamine), certain injections, abortion drugs or anti-psychotic drugs. “I am an expert in natural medicine, drugs and conventional medicine,” says Liva, who has been practicing for 30 years. “My most passionate goal is to teach people about effective natural medicine therapies and how to incorporate them into their lives to increase health and well-being, and to alleviate disease.” Brady says the issue won’t just disappear. “They (state legislators) know we’re serious and that we’re not going away,” he adds. “And we’ll keep banging on the door until it opens and we are given the ability to serve our patients to the level of our training and competency. And every year that it’s delayed, more doctors are leaving Connecticut and fewer patients are served.” “It’s not about one profession versus the other,” Shalva Clinic’s Lewis sums up. “We work well in preventive medicine and we reduce the overall health care costs and burdens for people.” Angela Pascopella is a 26-year veteran of journalism. She is also an editor for a national, monthly trade publication.

East West Integrative Health Clinic Lisa Rosenberger, ND, LAc 217 Montowese Street, Branford, CT 203-915-9125 Practice/Business Summary or services offered: Our mission is to bring the best of medicine including conventional medicine & CAM (conventional & alternative medicine) to help people improve their health and wellness. We offer Naturopathic medical services, Chinese medical evaluations, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, supplement and medication evaluation, and wellness visits. What first drew you to this profession? I have always been drawn to understanding the body in health and illness. I explored the pre-medical sciences in my undergraduate studies and realized that there is more to medicine and health than just Western and conventional medicine. Aside from preventing harm to the patient there is the healing power of the body, identifying the cause of illness not just the symptom, treatment of the patient as a whole being, not as a disease or condition, and establishment of a valuable and educational working relationship between the doctor and the patient. These fall under the tenets of Naturopathic Medicine and are also integrated into the philosophy and practice of Chinese medicine. Credentials/Certifications: I graduated in 2008 from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR with a Doctorate of Naturopathic, Masters of Oriental Medicine and Honors in Research. I completed two residencies of Naturopathic Medicine with a focus in Integrative and Internal Medicine and a research fellowship funded through the National Institute of Health at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT. What should a client expect from working with you and/or your program? A patient should expect an integrative approach: working on the whole person, comprehensive evaluation of all symptoms, along with collaboration with other healthcare providers. Are you planning any practice/service enhancements or changes in 2015? Efforts will be made to expand offerings including supplements available in office and more programs such as weight loss, allergy relief, and stress management programs. We now accept the following insurance: Anthem BC/BS, Cigna, Healthy CT, Aetna, and Oxford. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? Our goal is to help you get onto the path of better health and wellness. Our intent is to provide you with a better understanding of evidence-based therapies and treatments that are specific to your health issues, and overall individualized care. natural awakenings

April 2015


Generative Medicine At Your Doorstep Naturopathic Specialty Blends State-of-the-Art with Ancient Healing Wisdom


by Angela Pascopella

hen Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo wrote and published Eat Right 4 Your Type in 1996 about how certain foods may harm or heal the body depending on individual blood type, he was scratching the surface of what has now become a wider area of inquiry. In 2012, D’Adamo, a world-renowned naturopathic physician (ND) and researcher, started operating with the University of Bridgeport’s Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine. Generative medicine is a naturopathic specialty that strives to identify the body’s selfhealing processes and allows the physician to partner with the patient. The center blends natural healing techniques with state-of-the-art diagnostics and proprietary software— written by D’Adamo—to develop a genetically-tailored diet specific for each patient. “The computer is a wonderful assistant to good bedside medi28

New Haven / Middlesex

cine and clinical experience,” he says. Using family history, blood type, simple diagnostic tools, such as fingerprint analysis and jaw angle measurements, D’Adamo can map patients’ genetic makeup to discover which of the six GenoType plans is right for them. D’Adamo is hopeful the proposed state legislature bill to give naturopathic physicians in Connecticut prescriptive authority will pass. “There is an underserved population out there who can be served and be more comfortable with naturopathic physicians,” he says. “The bottom line is that it’s just good medicine.” D’Adamo uses these four ‘p’ words as the basis for center’s aproach:

exceptional clinical responses.

Prediction: All forms of information— molecular, genomic and traditional— are integrated into a program of appropriate treatment. This can help avoid drug reactions and optimizes

Angela Pascopella is a 26-year veteran of journalism who resides in Fairfield County. She is also an editor for a national, monthly trade publication.

Prevention: The physician anticipates health problems and focuses on wellness, not disease. Personalization: Taking a careful patient history, performing a thorough physical exam, and using innovative diagnostic testing allows NDs to hone in on treatments and recommendations specific to each patient. Participation: The patient is placed at the center of the medical team and is empowered to take more responsibility for their health and care than in the conventional model.

practitionerprofiles Natural Family Health, LLC

Alternative Health Care

Wendy Leigh H. White, ND, MS Jasmine Manning, ND Two Broadway, Hamden, CT 203-281-5900

Shari Roguski, DC, LLC, FIAMA, CHT 145 Durham Road, Suite 6, Madison, CT 203-245-8000

Practice/Business Summary and services offered: We are dedicated to patient education and the proactive treatment of the whole person through the use of nature cure medicine – homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy, lifestyle changes, botanical medicine, and cranio-sacral therapy. What first drew you to this profession? People need our philosophy that the body can heal itself when given the proper support. We wanted to be able to spread this knowledge and really make a difference in people’s quality of life. Credentials/Certifications: Both practitioners are licensed naturopathic doctors. Dr. White also has graduate degrees in Food Science and in Human Nutrition. Dr. Manning has done specialized cranio-sacral therapy training. What should a client or patient expect from working with you and/or your program? Patient care focuses on the rebalancing of physiology to encourage the prevention and reversal of illness by strengthening and supporting the body’s natural intelligence and removing obstacles to the patient’s well-being. Are you planning any practice/service enhancements or changes in 2015? 2014 brought an expanded Hamden clinic location and a second staff doctor. This year, the focus is on furthering workshop offerings and the addition of massage therapy, acupuncture, and/ or Tai Chi classes. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? We believe that the body has the ability to heal itself in order to keep itself in balance. All that we prescribe supports that ability—your amazing body does all of the work!

Practice/Business Summary or services offered: We offer and provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment program of the whole body using Eastern and Western medicine. Treatment choices can include acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy, functional medicine, hypnotherapy and our newest addition, I-Lipo – a non-surgical, low level laser body contouring system. I-Lipo is great to address those areas of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Call for your free i-lipo consultation! What first drew you to this profession? I was diagnosed with a congenital low back problem. In search of available treatments, I discovered Chiropractic, and have never needed to have surgery. Most of all, I love helping people attain their greatest health potential! Credentials/Certifications: Licensed and board Certified as a Chiropractic Physician, Board Certified in physiotherapy, Certification in acupuncture and hypnotherapy. Post doctorate Training in Sports medicine, Post doctorate training in Neurology through Dr. Carrick’s courses at UCONN Medical School. What should a client expect from working with you and/or your program? My complete attention and time spent to form a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Are you planning any practice/service enhancements or changes in 2015? We are working on a book which we plan to complete by the end of the year. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? EVERYONE needs to see a chiropractor 2-3 times a year for a spinal checkup, REGARDLESS of how good they feel! Healthy Spine, Healthy Life! We want our patients to walk away from our practice feeling that all of their body dysfunctions have been addressed and to know there truly is a solution to their dysfunction, knowing a plan has been started and recovery is in sight. natural awakenings

April 2015





ince most people self-medicate for their allergic reactions, it is prudent to know about the over-the-counter drugs that you take. Allergy patients should also be aware that there are many naturopathic botanical and nutritional therapies that are as effective or sometimes more successful than these drugs. The most commonly used medications are antihistamines like Allegra, Benadryl, Claritin and Zyrtec. They work by blocking the release of histamine. Although these medications do relieve the symptoms of an allergic response, they also create many side effects such as drowsiness, which is a common side effect. Newer medications tend to create less sleepiness than brands like Benadryl. Other side effects include dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, restlessness or moodiness (in some children), trouble urinating or not being able to urinate, blurred vision and confusion. Other more serious side effects include impaired thinking, depression, anxiety, increased appetite, low libido and infertility in women. Use with caution if you have conditions such as an enlarged prostate, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, kidney or liver disease, a bladder obstruction or glaucoma. Make sure to check with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing. Alternatives for antihistamines include quercetin and stinging nettles leaf (urtica dioica). Quercetin blocks the release of histamine at a dose of 500 to 2000mg daily. Stinging nettles is well researched, and clinically has been found to be very effective. Other helpful botanicals include feverfew and Tinaspora. 30

New Haven / Middlesex

Decongestants shrink the swollen tissues in the nasal passages but don’t help the sneezing and the itchy nose and eyes. Sudafed PE, Afrin and Dristan are all decongestants. The worst side effects are agitation, anxiety, palpitations and difficulty sleeping. It is not recommended to use them if you have glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart conditions, thyroid problems, enlarged prostate or diabetes. Decongestant nasal sprays tend to be better tolerated than the oral medications because the doses are lower. Bromelain from the pineapple will thin the mucus and reduce nasal swelling. Ginger tea and ginger steams effectively open the nasal passages by reducing swelling. Nasacort Allergy 24HR and Flonase Allergy Relief are two steroid nasal sprays available over the counter. Others prescription products include steroids which are some of the strongest allergy medications. They do thin the lining of the nasal passages and sinuses, so they can cause nose bleeds or a sore throat. Long term use has potential for multiple problems, so use with caution and very short term. Alternatives to steroids include bromelain, acupuncture and several combination herbal products. Consult your naturopathic physician if you have chronic inflammation of the sinuses. Stronger prescription strengths of the medications discussed above are used when the over-the-counter medications are inadequate. The following medications, which are available only by prescription, are being used more frequently. Singulair is a leukotriene inhibitor that is used to prevent asthma, and recently for allergy-related nose and eye irrita-

tion. Side effects include headache, earache, sore throat, nervousness, nausea and nasal congestion. Neuropsychiatric events have been reported in adult, adolescent and pediatric patients taking Singulair. Ask your doctor before taking Singulair if you’re pregnant or before giving it to a child. Butterbur also acts as a leukotriene inhibitor, blocking swelling in the nose and upper respiratory passages. It can be as effective as Singular, as can many other naturopathic therapies. The treatment of asthma requires a well-trained professional. Please do not discontinue your inhaler without discussing it with your doctor. Another type of allergy medication is the mast cell inhibitor, which includes cromolyn sodium (Nasalcrom, Crolom). It is used to prevent allergic symptoms like runny nose or itchy eyes. Cromolyn sodium must be started one to two weeks before pollen season and continued daily to prevent seasonal allergy symptoms. Dosing must be precise since the effect only lasts up to eight hours. Nasal sprays help to prevent runny nose or eye drops for itchy eyes. Eye drops may cause stinging, burning, redness, and sometimes severe swelling of eyes. Nasal congestion, sneezing, itching, nosebleeds and burning can be caused by the nasal sprays. Prevention of allergic reactions can be facilitated by acupuncture, local bee pollen, elimination diets, nasal irrigation with a neti pot, or one of the more modern equivalents using essential oil of lemon balm or plain saline. Consider one of these therapies before choosing any drug treatment. All of these natural therapies are helpful, but the most effective and long term relief is created by allergy desensitization. Allergies are a mistake in recognition of a benign substance such as pollen, dust, mold or food. The body sees these things as dangerous and reacts with an inflammatory immune response making you miserable. It is possible to change the way the body reacts by correcting how you recognize the allergen. For more information about allergy relief, see Anne Mitchell is a naturopathic physician at Advanced Allergy Relief of Connecticut with offices in North Haven and West Hartford. For information, call 203-239-3400 or visit See ad on lower right page.

Advanced Allergy Relief of Connecticut Anne Mitchell, ND North Haven & West Hartford offices 203-239-3400 Practice/Business Summary or services offered: Advanced Allergy Relief of CT uses advanced technology to safely, easily and rapidly eliminate your allergic reactions, including asthma, sinusitis, food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, etc. No needles. No avoidance. No medication. Child friendly. Advanced Allergy Relief is part of The Life Center where we provide naturopathic medicine and holistic solutions to your most common health problems including allergy relief. What first drew you to this profession? I became a massage therapist in 1973 and a naturopathic physician in 1982. After 40 years, I still love my work helping others. Credentials/Certifications: Licensed Naturopathic Physician, certified AAT practitioner, homeopath, cranial sacral practitioner. What should a client expect from working with you and/or your program? You will be able to pet the cat, eat all kinds of food, walk in the woods, smell the flowers and be free of your allergy symptoms. Are you planning any practice/service enhancements or changes in 2015? The Life Center is always adding new and effective therapies to enhance your health. We have recently expanded and improved our Pain Management Program by hiring two amazing bodywork practitioners. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? Our goal is your health.

Nature always

wears the colors of the spirit. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

natural awakenings

April 2015


outdated. You are not allowing the body to feel emotions and process them. These defenses that served you so well during childhood are now keeping you from hearing and feeling your internal wisdom. Your body is continuing to protect you, yet keeping you disconnected from feeling your truth and hearing your wisdom. In order to feel your truth and hear your wisdom, the body has to release this old defense system. It needs to release the feelings that it has been holding for so long. When it releases the emotions, you have to feel. Although this may be scary, you will connect with your body, feel your truth, and hear the depth of your wisdom.

Locating Your

Internal Wisdom by Laura LaCascia-Ehlert


he ability to feel your truth and hear your wisdom can be such a struggle. You can feel when something is off, when something is not right. Why is it difficult to connect with your internal wisdom? How do you reconnect with it? During infancy and throughout childhood, children are trying to understand the environment and survive in it. Unless they are taught and given the opportunity to use their internal navigation system, children will create other ways to survive in their environment. Whether it was with loving parents in a safe environment or abusive parents in an unsafe environment, children create ways to survive. As a child, emotional pain is unbearable. They do not have the physical and mental development to process this pain. A child’s body builds a defense to protect against danger. The way it determines what is danger is by feeling. If the body at a young age has a feeling that does not feel good, and is not given the opportunity to process it, the body will create a defense to protect itself from feeling it. These emotions can be anything that was traumatizing during 32

New Haven / Middlesex

childhood. It may even be mild, yet consistent emotional pain. If, for example, a child’s parents had other children to attend to, had to work two jobs, or were incapable of emotional connection, the child may have felt emotional pain. These feelings could have been abandonment, loneliness, shame or emptiness. As a child, these feelings do not have words and are intolerable; they create ways not to feel them. Growing up, the body keeps this defense structure; it may serve and support a child for a long time. It may be the reason a person finished college, why they are successful or be a reason for the state of a person’s health or comfortable lifestyle. Yet, at some point, this defensive way of interacting and responding in the world is no longer working. Although there may have been successes, there may be struggles with different aspects of life such as trusting, intimacy and connecting with others. As an adult, instead of feeling your truth and hearing your wisdom, you are guided by a body still defending itself from an environment that is not the same and a belief system that may be

Laura LaCascia-Ehlert has a private practice in Clinton, CT, where she sees clients and supports them to live a purposeful, conscious and selffulfilling life. To find out more visit or to schedule an appointment call 203-645-6959 or email See ad below.

Laura LaCascia Professional Development & Personal Growth

Life is a Feeling...

Where do your feelings take you?

Going through a life transition? Not feeling connected? Not living fully? If you have answered yes to one or all of these questions, CALL for a session. Specializing in supporting clients through life transitions, changes, and 'something just isn't right'. Find your new normal, your heart, and embrace life. In a safe and supportive environment, I use different therapeutic approaches appropriate for your specific needs.

VISIT Call 203.645.6959 90 East Main St., Clinton, CT 06413

practitionerprofiles Susane Grasso, RMT

Reaching The Harmony Within

Therapeutic and Sports Techniques, LLC 2489 Boston Post Road, Suite F Guilford, CT 203-500-6950

Rosa Chyan Prospect, CT 203-228-1777

Practice/Business Summary and services offered: Stress is the plague of the 21st century and the cause of physical and emotional woes. Because of this, my sessions combine my ability to see auras with Reiki, Theta Healing®, Acupressure, and Sound/ Vibrational Healing to provide deep relaxation and balance. “Tension out! Wellness in” is more than a phrase. For my clients it is a statement of fact. What first drew you to this profession? My chronic pain from Lyme Disease was alleviated by a Reiki Practitioner, which made a believer out of me. Credentials/Certifications: M Ed. Founder and Former Director of Complementary Therapy at the Connecticut Hospice in Branford 1998-2009, Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. Theta Healer.® What should a client or patient expect from working with you and/or your program? Each session is individually tailored to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of my client. During the session, the chakras are balanced and the aura cleansed of blockages. The deep relaxation that follows provides focus and tranquility. Are you planning any practice/service enhancements or changes in 2015? I’ve added the dimension of sound, sympathetic resonance, to my practice via Tibetan singing bowls. Theta Healing® has also been integrated to add another dimension to chakra maintenance and well being. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? It is an honor to provide relaxation therapy for my clients. Working with them to maintain and strengthen their aura is my primary goal. I love watching an energy signature go from ragged and wispy to whole and vital.

Practice/Business Summary or services offered: I provide private Akashic Records Reading, Practitioner Certification classes for Akashic Records Reading, and private energy therapy sessions. Energy therapy can help in balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Akashic Records can help us understand why we are in certain situations and how these experiences can assist us in fulfilling our life purposes. What first drew you to this profession? My journey started in 2006 when sorrow from life events became heavy and unbearable. I tried energy therapy out of skepticism. Blown away by the experience, I went to classes and started doing Healing Touch energy therapy on myself. In spite of my analytical mind as an actuary, I soon realized that it helped me to manage stress levels and ease difficulties in life in a very profound way. Then the healing began! Credentials/Certifications: I am a Certified Teacher and Certified Advanced Practitioner of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies, a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, a Meridian Therapy Practitioner, and an Arcturian Healing Method Practitioner. What should a client expect from working with you and/or your program? My passion is helping people to help themselves. In my energy therapy sessions I teach clients the techniques that are best suited for their individual situations so that they can take care of themselves. With Akashic Records Readings, my clients get to know their own soul. Are you planning any practice/service enhancements or changes in 2015? I will be teaching Akashic Records Certification classes: Level I: Become a Certified Practitioner of the Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records. Level II: Advanced Certified Practitioner: Deepen your spiritual awareness & develop skills for your transformation. Explore Special Topics of Energy Healing, Past Lives, and Ancestral Patterns. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? Being an actuary working with numbers under tight deadlines, I know how stress can hinder our overall well-being. I love to share with people the tools I have learned that can help us move toward a peaceful, happy, and effective life. natural awakenings

April 2015



Edible Foraging in Connecticut The Ultimate in Sustainable Nutrition

by The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition


pring is a wonderful time to get out into the woods, meadows, streams and gardens to find wild nutritious edibles. Wild food is available yearround, but we’ll leave the other seasons for future articles. Local wild plants can be used as sustainable, nutrient-dense food sources, kitchen medicine and amendments for our gardens. Some of these plants are considered invasive species, others are prolific weeds. Then there are those, that are on the “to watch list” because of over harvesting. According to Joan Palmer, Director of The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN) in Connecticut, “When beginning to forage, it’s important that folks begin to learn ethical, sustainable methods to ensure that we maintain strong local plant biodiversity for generations to come.” Joan and her staff of educators at TIOSN compiled their knowledge of local wild edibles as an overview to prepare interested foragers for spring. 34

New Haven / Middlesex

Invasive Plants Some local invasive plants hold great potential as wild foraged food or medicine. These include garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) and autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata). All parts of garlic mustard, an invasive cruciferous plant, are edible. The leaves and tender flower buds are a delicious spring green that can be

“Local wild plants can be used as sustainable, nutrientdense food sources, kitchen medicine and amendments for our gardens.”

added to salads, cooked into soups or made into pesto. The seeds are a substitute for mustard seeds and the spicy root can be grated and made into mock horseradish. Filled with cancer preventive compounds such as sulfurophane, this plant is nutritious and tasty. “We encourage people to pull garlic mustard, but rather than discarding it, find delicious ways to eat it. It is part of sustainable nutrition and a respectful way to harvest,” said Alison Birks, Science Director at TIOSN. As an invasive shrub, autumn olive yields beautiful red/orange speckled berries that are tart-sweet and make wonderful jam, fruit leather and juice. “Rich in lycopene and other carotenoids, this invasive species could easily be called our own ‘super food,’” said Birks, adding that autumn olive is so common in this region that most landowners have some growing on or near their property. “This past year was especially

“We encourage people to pull garlic mustard, but rather than discarding it, find delicious ways to eat it.” prolific for autumn olive. These are very astringent berries that make your mouth pucker, but this year was different. These beautiful berries were bigger and definitely sweeter than in the past,” said Joan. “Not only did they make delicious fruit leather, but they were sweet enough to enjoy right from the branch.”

Prolific Weeds These plants grow readily in our region but do not meet the standards of invasive. One of our favorite prolific weeds is stinging nettle (Urtica dioica). Stinging nettle loves to grow around the rich soil of manure and compost piles. It is another “super food” in our region with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds. We begin harvesting, cooking, making tea and dehydrating it for next winter as early as possible in the spring. “Nettle is a tenacious and abundant weed with so many uses,” said Joan. “It is one of our very favorite plants, not only because it makes delicious tea and soup, and has a long list of health benefits, but it’s also useful in the garden.” Soil and Outside Consultant, Nigel Palmer, ferments nettle, along with other nutrient dense herbs and wild plants, to make soil amendments. “These plants are a local, sustainable source available to remineralize our depleted soils and to help us to grow more nutrient rich foods,” said Nigel.

To Watch List According to United Plant Savers, (, plants on the “To Watch List” are ones that are currently in decline due to expanding

popularity and shrinking habitat and range. A plant recently added to this list is the ramp (Allium tricoccum). Ramps, also known as wild leeks, are a delicious and very popular plant. The plant has become synonymous with spring foraging in this region. Ramps with their lovely pungent oniongarlic flavor, are a delicacy now found on menus of many top restaurants. They can be roasted, sautéed or even eaten raw. Unfortunately, they are so coveted and heavily harvested that they have now been placed on the “to watch list.” When harvesting, it is recommended that only a portion of the greens from the top of the plant be taken. Leaving some of the greens and the perennial

“Ramps, also known as wild leeks, are a delicious and very popular plant. The plant has become synonymous with spring foraging in this region.”

ANSONIA NATURE CENTER 104 acres of wooded hills and grassy fields, miles of nature trails, streams, a two-acre pond, wet meadows, upland swamp, butterfly & hummingbird garden, woodland wildflower and fern garden, community gardening, childrens’ playscape, visitor center, animals & nature exhibits, classes and more!

(203) 736-1053

bulb allow the ramp to continue producing and spreading. “You should never take more than 10% of a stand of plants to ensure their vigor and continuous growth year after year,” says Birks. “And never take anything if there are less than ten healthy plants.” We encourage you to get out and explore those wild places around you. Learn how to safely, sustainably and ethically forage for delicious edibles and wild medicine. We are today’s guardians of the wild for tomorrow’s generations. To learn more about sustainable nutrition, foraging, cooking, gardening, kitchen medicine and more, check out the curriculum at the Institute of Sustainable Nutrition. Visit or call 860-764-9070. See ad on page 3. natural awakenings

April 2015


calendarofevents THURSDAY, APRIL 2


Full Moon Meditation w/Gayle Franceschetti – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Align w/new energies of full moon. Opportunities for allowing spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds. Tap into this vast pool of energy. $20. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. 203-265-2927.

New Haven Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Monthly Meeting & Meetup Basics – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Presented by Tami Reagor, owner of Well-Being Is, LLC. The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Road, Bethany. Free. To RSVP email Rosa Chyan at: or visit:

New Haven Community Circle Dance – 7:30pm9:30pm. Move in the footsteps of our ancestors as we enjoy traditional dances from many cultures, as well as contemporary pieces choreographed in the spirit of ancient folk dance. All dances are taught and no experience is necessary. Suggested donation $8. Friends Meetinghouse, 225 East Grand Ave, New Haven. Information: 203-467-1069.

Heart Health: Free Talk at Thyme & Season w/ Dr. Manning – 7pm. Butter and eggs are back in! Learn why fat isn’t bad for your heart and what actually is: current research, the why, the best foods, supplements and other tips for a healthy heart, including lipid panel explanation! No reservations required. 3040 Whitney Ave, Hamden.

SATURDAY, APRIL 4 Hello Hoops Earring Class at KanduBeads – 11am-12pm. Learn to make fashion forward hoops using seed beads and a special technique. They are light enough to wear everyday and super fashionable! Free with $15 purchase. KanduBeads, 346 Quinnipiac St, Wallingford. 203-793-7348.

SUNDAY, APRIL 5 “Spring Detox” – 11am-1pm. Join Guilford Naturopath Dr. Matt Fisel and Margot White, owner of The Choosy Chick, natural and organic skin care products, for a workshop on the affects of toxins in the body and a showcase of non-toxic alternatives. Free. SHRED studio, 50 Mungertown Road, Madison. Call: 203-421-6831.

MONDAY, APRIL 6 Experiencing Back Pain? Come in for a FREE Back Consultation w/PT Services of Guilford – Stop back pain NOW! Come visit for a FREE consultation. Find pain relief without medication! PT Services of Guilford, 500 East Main St, Ste 310, Branford. 203-315-7727. Circle of Love/Spiritual Empowerment Group w/Gayle Franceschetti – 6:30pm-8pm. Delve within to enhance your ability to tap into divine energy. Join the unconditional loving energy of this open and evolving group lead by spirit. $15. 36 Cheshire Rd. Wallingford. 203-265-2927.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8 Young Living Essential Oils – 6pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free zyto bio feedback machine readings! Free class. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. 203-265-2927. Opening to Our Soul’s Potential: Webinar w/ Nicole Miale – 7pm-8:30pm. (Webinar) Nicole Miale is a Integrative Health and Healing Graduate and Publisher of the Fairfield county edition of Natural Awakenings. The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Road, Bethany. Call: 203-874-4252, email: or visit


New Haven / Middlesex

Secrets for Aligning Mind, Body to Sustain Lifelong Success w/ Ann Wilkinson: Osteopathic Physical Therapist and Integrative Health and Healing Faculty – 7pm-9pm. (Webinar and on-site). The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Road, Bethany. Call: 203-874-4242 email: or visit

FRIDAY, APRIL 10 Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Childlight Yoga! – (4/10, 6pm-9pm, 4/11, 9am-6pm, & 4/12, 9am-4pm). Learn to teach yoga/mindfulness to children ages 2-12 yrs. Yoga Alliance CE and possible CEU credits. $425. Includes teaching manual, book and CD. One World Wellness, 967 N High St, East Haven. Holographic Sound Healing w/Randeane Tetu – 7:30pm-8:30pm. Vibrational sound assists the body’s natural healing ability, nourishes emotional self and nurtures the soul’s highest purpose. Release old patterning/balance energy/stimulate healing. $15. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SATURDAY, APRIL 11 Reiki I Certification w/RMT, Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 9am-3pm or two 1/2-Days/ Eves. 4/6 & 4/8. Provides empowering foundation for self-healing, support for personal challenges/ goals/relationships and treating others. Wallingford. $150 Pre-Class Consult/Register: 203-913-3869. Sassy Spring Earrings Class at KanduBeads – 11am-12pm. We want to see your sassiest designs while making these bright, bubbly spring themed earrings. Using CzeckGlass beads, you can make the sassiest earrings in all the land! Free with $15 purchase. KanduBeads, Wallingford. 203-793-7348. Polymer Monogram Class at KanduBeads – 2pm5pm. Learn polymer clay “cookie-cutter-caning” and create a cane or patterned log with your initials. Successfully reduce a cane then slices for beads. $60. KanduBeads, Wallingford. 203-793-7348.

Grounding Techniques Workshop w/ Fannie – 7pm-8:30pm. Are you grounded? Are you always present and in your body? Learn some simple techniques using crystals and other methods to assist with grounding ourselves. $20. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SUNDAY, APRIL 12 Monthly Restorative Yoga w/Ellen Lenson – 9:30am-11am. Begin your week with a nurturing 90-minute restorative practice. Let go of the stress from the previous week. $19 drop-in or use of class card. Fresh Yoga, 319 Peck St, New Haven. Reiki Level I – 11am-6pm. Reiki enhances the healing of any physical, emotional, or spiritual disease. Reiki is a wonderful healing tool used alone and always enhances other healthcare modalities. $125. (manual, certificate). Shaolin Kempo Academy, East Haven. Contact: Edible Houseplants Talk At Veg Potluck – 4:30pm. Author, Mark Mathew Braunstein, will be the presenter and demonstrate a clean, simple technique for indoor gardening of edible houseplants and provide samples of more than 15 varieties. Bring a healthy vegan dish to share with the list of ingredients. $8. Northern Connecticut Vegetarians’ Potluck, Suffield Senior Center. 4145 Bridge Street, Suffield. For more information, call Harry: 860-623-8082 or visit: Native American Flutes: An Introduction class w/ Scott Shuffitt – 7pm-9pm. Enjoy listening to R. Carlos Nakai, or our Cheyenne Joseph Firecrow play these beautiful instruments? These simple instruments are easy to play. Will cover the basics in the 1st class, then more advanced techniques in the next 2 classes – you’ll be creating your own music right away! Flutes available—starting at $30. $30, 1st class, $20 2+3. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. Spring Renewal Meditation and Crystal Bowl Concert w/ Randeane – 7:30pm. De-stress and welcome energies of Spring and Mother Earth with guided meditation and quartz crystal bowls under illuminated celestial ceiling. $15. Avant Garde Holistic Center, 328 E Main St, Branford. RSVP: 203-481-8443 or

MONDAY, APRIL 13 Free Manual Therapy Therapeutic Consultation – Had physical therapy w/o relief? Try manual therapy, hands-on treatment. 40 minutes one-on-one w/staff. Feel better. Experience the difference! Call for FREE consultation. PT Services of Guilford, 500 East Main St, Ste 310. Branford. 203-315-7727. April Nature Days For Children Who Love Outdoors & Wildlife – 9:30am-3pm. (4/13-4/17). Designed for children 5-10 years old. Explore the park’s 150 acres and visit a variety of habitats. Make new friends; play games; create items using natural objects and recycled materials, and more. $150/week for priority students (Ansonia Residents/FANCI members); $175/week for all others. Ansonia Nature Ctr, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia. Information/registration: 203-736-1053.

Astrological Readings w/ Lou Valentino – 4pm-7pm. Have you ever wondered what your astrological chart says about your personality, vocation, relationships and future? Lou Valentino has been doing astrology readings for over 20 years; former astrological writer for Wisdom magazine for 8 years. 30-min readings. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. Group Past Life Regression – 6:30pm-8-30pm. Discover reasons for current fears, recurring dreams or personality tendencies. Attendees explore past lives, learn reasons for repeat patterns or why they were born to a certain family. $20. Wallingford. Contact Gayle: 203-265-2927.

TUESDAY, APRIL 14 Free yoga class with Smiling Spirit Yoga for ages 9-14 – 1pm-2:30pm. Blackstone Memorial Library. Register: 203-433-4658 or Angelspeake™ Class w/RMT, Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 6:30pm-8:30pm. Ask empowering questions, awaken to signs, and receive loving messages/guidance from angels, guides, loved ones. Develop intuitive senses. $33/class and materials. Wallingford. Register: 203-913-3869.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 Guided Meditation w/Crystals & EFT w/ RMT/Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 6:30pm-8:30pm (& Tues 4/28) Engage in [+] Energy insights and create lasting, healthy transformations. $25; 2@$20/Class. Wallingford. Register: 203-913-3869 or Theta Healing-Embrace Life Free of Fear and Doubt w/ Tami Reagor – 7pm-8:30pm. Are you weighed down by worry, doubt and/or anxiety about life and the world around you? Do you sometimes not do things due to fear that you feel when you think about it? Learn to let go and trust the guidance you are receiving, using ThetaHealing,® a form of Divine Healing similar to Reiki. $20. Enchanted,1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. A Circle of Women – 7pm-9pm. Join in sacred space to discover and strengthen your authentic self, celebrate “womens’ ways,” live in rhythm with the seasons. This is what you have been looking for! Healing the world one woman at a time. $25. Central Wallingford. Call Susan to reserve space: 203-645-1230.

THURSDAY, APRIL 16 Treating Inflammation Naturally: Free Talk at Thyme & Season w/ Dr.Robin Ritterman – 7pm. How to calm inflammation in the body with diet, supplements, exercise and lifestyle changes. Learn how to feel less pain and have more energy. No reservations required. 3040 Whitney Ave, Hamden. Intro to Reiki w/ Susane Grasso: REIKI & LIFE – 7pm-8:30pm. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Try learning to heal! Intro to Reiki is for you! Learn how to become a “ Healed Healer” in this class for novices or practitioners who want to take the next step. $-Donation for the Food Bank. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SATURDAY, APRIL 18 Reiki II Cert. w/RMT, Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 9am-3pm or two 1/2-Days/ Eves. Receive empowering keys to mentalemotional clarity, balance; support for empathic challenges/relationship healing. Wallingford. $175 Pre-Class Consult/Register: 203-913-3869. Reiki II – 9:30am-2pm. Reiki II attunes higher frequencies of energy. Second Degree or Reiki II certification class teaches ancient, powerful and precise healing symbols. Gain the ability to heal mental, emotional, and past life issues from a distance. $150. 36 Cheshire Rd,Wallingford. Call Gayle: 203-265-2927. Wire Wrapped Crystals Class at KanduBeads – 11am-12pm. Learn to wrap your healing crystals and gems in decorative jewelry wire to wear every day! We have a plethora of crystals to choose from. Free with $15 purchase. KanduBeads, 346 Quinnipiac St, Wallingford. 203-793-7348. Discover The Akashic Records W/Rosa Chyan – 12pm-1pm. Come for a peaceful Light meditation and find out what the Akashic Records is! This is a gift to the community. BodyWorks Massage & Yoga Center, 93 Waterbury Road, Prospect. Must register. Call Rosa Chyan: 203-228-1777 or email: Goddess, Tarot, Rune & amp; Past Life Readings w/ Lisa Morrison – 12pm-4pm. Lisa believes that readings should be a balance of humor, healing and inspiration. Her goal is to help restore balance and encourage wholeness of self. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SUNDAY, APRIL 19 Sunday Funday Beading Circle with Doreen at KanduBeads – 12pm-4pm. Drop in and spend the day with our resident Seed Beader Doreen. She will be here to help and inspire you while working on beading projects. Free! KanduBeads, 346 Quinnipiac St, Wallingford. 203-793-7348.


SPRING DETOX JOIN Naturopath Dr. Matt Fisel and Margot White, owner of the

Choosy Chick:

natural and organic skin care products for a workshop on: the affects of toxins in the body and a showcase, plus samples of safe and non-toxic products.

April 25 from

11am-1pm at

SHRED Studio

50 Mungertown Road Madison, CT

This workshop is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC Information: 203-421-6831

Meet Your Soul Mate


The Near Death Experience w/ Diana DiFranco, LSW, ACMHP – 6pm-8pm. A near-death experience is a profound phenomenon, typically occurring when a person is clinically dead, facing death, or has had physical or emotional trauma. Will talk about what a typical near death experience entails, and the profound after effects of such an experience. $20. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. “Co-Creating At Its Best” Inspirational Movie – 7pm. Master Teachers Esther Hicks and Dr. Dyer share answers to life’s most intriguing questions in an extraordinary dialogue. Guided meditation after movie. $5 donation. Avant Garde Holistic Center, 328 E Main St, Branford. RSVP: 203-481-8443 or

MONDAY, APRIL 20 PT Services of Guilford Offers Free Hand Pain Screening – Hands always aching? Want to find relief without injections or medications? Come in for a FREE hand pain screening. Feel better! 500 East Main St, Ste. 310. Branford. 203-315-7727.

Join for FREE! Visit natural awakenings

April 2015


Circle of Love/Spiritual Empowerment Group w/Gayle Franceschetti – 6:30pm-8pm. Delve within to enhance your ability to tap into divine energy. Join the unconditional loving energy of this open and evolving group lead by spirit. $15. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. 203-265-2927.

TUESDAY, APRIL 21 Have a Smoothie at Smoothie King To raise funds for CT Experiential Learning Center’s CANstruction Project for the Connecticut Food Bank – Tell ‘em CELC sent you! Located at 845 West Main Street, Branford. Info: 203-433-4658. Young Living Essential Oils – 6pm-8pm. Help align your mind, body, spirit. Learn to take control of your health with therapeutic grade oils. Free zyto machine bio feedback readings! Free class. 36 Cheshire Rd, Wallingford. 203-265-2927. The Science of Spiritual Marketing with Andrea Adler, Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Expert – 7pm-9pm. (Webinar and on-site). The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Road, Bethany. Call: 203-874-4242 email: or visit

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Series w/ Beth Roth – (Wednesdays, 7:15pm-9:15pm, 4/226/10, 1 Sunday, 10am-4pm on 6/14). Tired? Overwhelmed? Stressed Out? Get the tools you need to handle anxiety and uncertainty in your life. $320 by 4/8. $360 after, plus $16 materials fee. Fresh Yoga, 319 Peck St, New Haven.

THURSDAY, APRIL 23 Thinking About Middle School? Consider CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School of Branford. Informational meeting – 6:30pm-8pm. Exceptional academics with hands-on and real-world learning experiences for 5th–8th grade students. RSVP: 203-433-4658 or visit

Metabolic Syndrome: Free Talk at Thyme & Season w/ Dr.Brendan Gaughran – 7pm. This is the Epidemic of our Generation. Learn why we are fat, sick and fatigued and the power to reverse it. No reservations required. 3040 Whitney Ave, Hamden.

“Earth Day Celebration” Family Drumming Circle – 2pm-4pm. All ages. $15/Adults. $10/children. Bring your drum, or use ours! No experience necessary. Therapeutic Recreation Center, 19 Hazel Terrace, Woodbridge.Pre-Register: 203-804-5343.


The Three Treasures – 2pm-5pm. An exploration of three energies (jing, qi, and shen) that act within the body’s chakras. Practice meditation and visualization to move energy and unite body, mind and spirit. $30 or $20 by 4/19. One World Wellness, 967 N High St, East Haven.

Tao of Quantum Physics & Tao Yoga – 6:30pm9pm. Practice an hour of Tao Yoga followed by a film about the gap between science and spirituality, beliefs about the nature of reality and perceptions of separation vs. unity. Free. One World Wellness, 967 N High St, East Haven. Intro Workshop to Reading the Runes w/ Lisa Morrison – 7pm-9pm. A fun workshop for Beginners interested in learning the Runes! Learn creative and intuitive exercises as well as a practical approach for reading this 2,000 year old orracular alphabet. $25. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SATURDAY, APRIL 25 Akashic Records, Practitioner Certification – 10am-4pm. (April 25 & 26). Learn to access the Akashic Records for yourself and others through the Pathway Prayer Process.© $175. Center for Holistic Practices, 963 Queen Street, Southington. Must register. Call Rosa Chyan: 203-228-1777 or email: Reiki III ART Cert. w/ RMT Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – 9am-3pm or two 1/2-Days or Eves. Promote/Deepen personal and client lasting, healthy transformations Advanced Techniques w/Crystal/Stone healing and manifesting grids. $200.Wallingford. Pre-Class Consult/Register: 203-913-3869. Beaded Braided Bracelets Class at KanduBeads – 11am-12pm. Learn to braid three beaded strands into one gorgeous bracelet! Choose beads from our huge showroom and gallery. Free with $15 purchase. KanduBeads, 346 Quinnipiac St, Wallingford. 203-793-7348.

Nityananda of Shanti Mission Returns for Satsang Meditation – 7pm-9pm. Do you feel stressed? Stuck in a rut? Or would just like to feel happier? Combining the power of music, affirmations, breath work, and mindfulness this unique form of guided meditation helps to release stuck pattens, allowing stress to leave your body. $20 suggested donation. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SUNDAY, APRIL 26 The Science of Rolling w/Lillee Chandra – 10am6pm. Put the power of self-massage into your own hands in this training that empowers you to personally adopt and also teach simple and effective self-care regimens. $295. Fresh Yoga, 319 Peck St, New Haven. Sound Circle and Essential Oils Workshop: Teens/Adults – 2pm-4pm. $65. Includes a wonderful oil kit for each participant to take home. Therapeutic Recreation Center, 19 Hazel Terrace, Woodbridge. Pre-Register: 203-804-5396. Gongs and Singing Bowls Full Harmonic Sound Immersion and Meditation w/ Priscilla – 7pm. Experience transformational and healing energies of gongs and bowls under illuminated celestial ceiling as you are led in guided meditation. $15. Avant Garde, 328 E Main St, Branford. RSVP: 203-481-8443 or


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New Haven / Middlesex



Free Shoulder Consultation at PT Services of Guilford – Why suffer with shoulder pain when something can be done about it? Come see staff for a FREE shoulder consultation. Find pain relief without medication! PT Services of Guilford, 500 East Main St, Ste 310. Branford. 203-315-7727.

Diminishing Stress and Anxiety: Free Talk at Thyme & Season w/ Dr. Elise Panza – 7pm. Daily stress and anxiety, big and small, avoidable or not, gets out of control and effects sleep, energy and happiness, leaving us sick and tired. Learn simple effective management. No reservations required. 3040 Whitney Ave, Hamden.

Astrological Readings w/ Lou Valentino – 4pm-7pm. Have you ever wondered what your astrological chart says about your personality, vocation, relationships and future? Lou Valentino has been doing astrology readings for over 20 years; former astrological writer for Wisdom magazine for 8 years. 30-min readings. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

SATURDAY, MAY 2 The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong: Level 1 training – (May 2-4, 9am -5pm). Seminar taught by Master Patricia Bolger. $99. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm Street, Wallingford. Register: 203-500-6492.

Teachings of the East – 6:30pm-8:15pm. Practice an hour of Five Element Qi Gong focusing on balancing wood energy (liver/gallbladder). Then discuss ideas in the Tao te Ching about the yin energy of the feminine. $10. One World Wellness, 967 N High St, East Haven.




The Art of Healing and the Psychology of Illness with Dr. Bernie Siegel IHH faculty – 7pm. The Jewish Community Center Auditorium, 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge. RSVP to Anne Grant. Call: 203-387-2522 Ext 300 or email:

Whole Woman Homeopathy: Free Talk at Thyme & Season w/ Dr. Louise Sanchione – 7pm. Still suffering from recurring UTIs, PMS every month, bacterial vaginosis, peri-menopausal symptoms of hot flashes or other women’s health challenges? Get a boost. Break the cycle. No reservations required. 3040 Whitney Ave, Hamden.

Free Foot Screening at PT Services of Guilford – Call today to find out more about Anodyne Therapy for foot pain. Increase circulation, reduce pain and stiffness. Feel better! PT Services of Guilford, 500 East Main St, Ste 310. Branford. 203-315-7727.

THINKING ABOUT MIDDLE SCHOOL? REGISTER NOW for 2015-16 Academic Year Exceptional education for 5th-8th grade students Engaging curriculum, real-world and hands-on learning within a safe and nurturing setting

Connecticut Experiential Learning Center

203-433-4658 Branford

markyourcalendar 9th US SPIRITIST SYMPOSIUM

Laboratory of the

Invisible World SATURDAY MAY 2 10am to 7pm

Marriot Hotel & Spa 243 Tresser Blvd Stamford, CT

Speakers, workshops and youth activities


Spirit Communications & Manifestations, Art through Mediumship and more.

Go to: for more information and registration

A Community Alive with Yoga Yoga Classes & Workshops, Meditation, Live Music


Diverse, Experienced, Exceptional Teachers 203-488-YOGA (9642) 19 South main Street, Branford, CT

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... it’s all in the details

594 Blakeslee Blvd. Dr. West 800-443-0377

Lehighton, PA 18235 natural awakenings

April 2015


ongoingevents sunday Sunday Morning Yoga – 8am-9am. This Kripalu based practice will stretch and tone muscles, relieve stress and anxiety. Class geared toward all levels, modifications always given. Hour-long class will leave attendees feeling restored and replenished. IFoundFitness, 190 Main St, Deep River. Info: 860-961-4507. New Beginnings in Community – 10am. Spiritually-minded people embracing and honoring all world religions, belief systems, cultures, and traditions come together to share thoughts, experiences, and wisdom in a supportive community environment. Four dedicated Interfaith Ministers offer inspiring messages of compassion, peace, and love every Sunday at Mystics by the Sea, 394 New Haven Ave, Milford. Readings with Fannie – 11am-3pm. Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner and for contacting our Spirit Guides, the Book of Life and Astral Traveling. Assists you in connecting to the deep inner being of your soul. Assists/connects with your higher self and acts as a catalyst to bring forth what is for your highest good (ie. connecting you with a loved one or just clearing your field). Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000.

monday Enjoy a $10 discount on all 90-minute services on Monday! – Every Monday is Customer Appreciation Day at Massage Savvy and our current promotion is “75 Gets You 90” which means you can book a service for 90 minutes and only pay for 75 of them! Call: 203-453-8667 or visit: Massage Savvy, 2514 Boston Post Suite 5C, Guilford. Admission Tours and Open House Visit Days at CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School – Exceptional academics and real-world learning for 5th8th grade students. Register now for 2015-16 Academic Year. RSVP: 203-433-4658 or email: Pilates/Barre Community Class – 8am. This class is a mix between pilates moves to strengthen core muscles and the Barre technique to sculpt and lean our arms and legs. Discount price of $10.00 cash/ check or $12.00 credit card. Kneading Hands Yoga & Massage, 760 Main St S, Unit F, Southbury. 203-267-4417. Moderate Yoga – 8:45am-9:45am. A Kripalu inspired class that unites breath with movement. This is a well-rounded class that both tones and stretches the body. IFoundFitness, 190 Main St, Deep River. Info: 860-961-4507.


New Haven / Middlesex

Yoga with Marlene – 10:30am/7:15pm. (classes also offered Tues. 9:30am/6:30pm, Wed. 6:30pm, Thurs.10am/6:30pm, & Fri. 9:30am). Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk, Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360. Iyengar Yoga: Fundamentals and Level I – 6pm-7:15pm. Align and awaken yourself as you deepen your understanding of yoga. Individual attention given. Expert instruction. Yoga in Middletown, 438 Main St, 860-347-YOGA (9642). Qigong for Health – 7pm-8pm. Learn a practice that invigorates the internal energy, relieves stress, tones and stretches the muscles and connects the mind and body. $15/class. Tranquil Mountain Internal Arts. Location: Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health, 35 Boston St, Guilford. Info: 860-301-6433.

tuesday Reiki Readings Tarot Card Tuesday Event – 9:30am-7:30pm. (Jan 6, 13, 20 & 27). Have a Goddess Tarot Card reading with Chrystyne McGrath. Chrystyne is a Psychic/Trance Medium, Reiki Master and Dowser. She uses the Goddess Tarot Card deck at this event. Limited spaces left, 30 minute reading for $25. Health Options Wellness Center, 133 State St, Guilford. For availability, call 203-415-0704 or email Readings w/ Susan Margaret – (4/7, 4/21 & 4/28, 11am-2pm & Sat, 4/11, 11am-4pm). Susan is a medium (messages from those that have crossed over) who has been giving readings for 44 years. She has given readings with the Astrological Society of CT for over 20 yrs. Susan uses classic playing cards, reads palms, and uses basic astrology. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, 203-453-4000. Awareness Through Movement Basics: Feldenkrais 101 – 12pm-1pm. Relearn the simplicity of authentic moving and transcend your personal patterns of limitation. $13. Drop-in. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Contact Carol Meade: 203-415-8666 or Healthy-Steps, The Lebed Method – 3:45pm4:45pm. w/Susan Sandel. Gentle therapeutic exercise/mvmnt prog. Helpful for breast cancer survivors/chronic health conditions. Free. Sponsor: Middlesex Hosp. Ctr. for Survivorship and Integrative Medicine, Madison. Details: 203-457-1656. Free weekly Tuesday Meditation classes – 6:30pm-7:30pm. Open to all and fully accessible. Instruction provided for beginners. No reservations necessary. Walk-ins welcome. Program offered in cooperation with New Haven Shambhala Center. New Haven Free Public Library. 133 Elm St, New Haven. 203-946-8130 x200.

Free Reiki Sessions: The Universal Reiki Plan – 7:30pm-8:30pm. (& 8:30pm-9:30pm Thurs). Reiki teachers Jeannette and Jim of ReikiOvertones and students offer free Reiki sessions. Appt. only. Love offering appreciated. 95 Harris St, Fairfield. Details: Jim and Jeannette 203-254-3958.

wednesday Wellness Wednesdays – Pamper your self with a Spa Aromatherapy Facial with Alberto ($50). Also shop our eco-friendly, fair trade boutique. Receive 10% off with this ad. Avant Garde Holistic Center Salon Spa Boutique (Body Mind & Soul Experience), 328 E Main St, Branford. 203-481-8443. Moderate Yoga – 8:45am-9:45am & 6:15pm7:15pm. (follows 5:30-6pm spin class). A Kripalu inspired class that unites breath with movement. This is a well-rounded class that both tones and stretches the body. IFoundFitness, 190 Main St, Deep River. Info: 860-961-4507. Ropes Yoga – 9am-10am. With Iyengar Teacher Training Graduate. Experience yoga in new and liberating ways with the use of wall ropes. All levels welcome. Expert instruction. Individual attention. Yoga in Middletown, 438 Main St, Middletown. 860-347-YOGA (9642). Laughter Yoga – 10:15am-11am. Laughter is the best medicine. Simple, empowering, tensionreleasing laughter exercises combined with gentle yoga breathing. 6 sessions: $59 JCC Members/$89 non-members. Drop-in: $15 M/$20 NM. JCC, 360 Amity Rd, Woodbridge. Call Susan Dononvan: 203-387-2522 or email: Readings and/or Crystal Chakra Balancing w/ Deborah – 12pm-4pm. (4/29, 1pm-6:30pm & Sat 4/25, 12pm-4pm). Reiki Master Teacher, and IET Practitioner. Offers Tarot card or Tea Leaf Readings. Uses Reiki and Crystals to remove unwanted energy, while balancing Chakras. Uses abilities-vibrations of the universe 7 channeling of your life force energies to create a balance between mind, body and spirit. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203-453-4000. Emei Wujigong Qigong Group Practice – 12pm1pm. Experience a qigong form for rebalancing and strengthening body, mind and spirit. For all abilities and levels of health. Schedule Available online. 1st class free (reg. $5). Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Info: Weekly Wednesday Library Yoga Classes at New Haven Free Public Library – 1pm-2pm. $5, payable to instructor. Bring your own mat. Various instructors. 133 Elm St, New Haven. 203-946-7091. Stony Creek Yoga for Stress Relief – 5:45pm7pm. Classes taught by Gina Macdonald MA, LPC. Will emphasize the breath with flowing movement. $10/session. Walk-ins welcome. Willoughby Wallace Library. 146 Thimble Island Rd, Stony Creek. Contact Gina: 203-710-6665.

Yoga with Marlene – 6:30pm. (classes also offered Mon. 10:30am/7:15pm, Tues. 9:30am/6:30pm, Thurs.10am/6:30pm, & Fri. 9:30am). Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk, Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360.

thursday The Milford Chamber’s ‘Health and Wellness Council’ – 8:30am-9:30am. (2nd Thurs. monthly). Group is comprised of businesses in the health and wellness industry. 5 Broad St, Milford. 203-878-0681., Awareness Through Movement: 20 Feldenkrais Themes – 12pm-1pm. In this class we will be exploring 20 ATM lessons throughout the year. Focus is on moving naturally with a sense of ease and playfulness. $13. Drop-in. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Contact Carol Meade: 203-415-8666 or Healthy-Steps, The Lebed Method – 3pm-4pm. w/Susan Sandel. Gentle therapeutic exercise/mvmnt prog. Helpful for breast cancer survivors/chronic health conditions. Free. Sponsor: Middlesex Hosp. Ctr. for Survivorship and Integrative Medicine. Middletown. Details: 203-457-1656. Iyengar Yoga: Back Care and Fundamentals – 5:30pm. Heal the body, quiet the mind, improve mood, find balance and nourish the self. Expert instruction. Yoga in Middletown, 438 Main St, 860-347-YOGA (9642). Emei Wujigong Qigong Group Practice – 6:30pm7:30pm. (Every Thurs. except the 1st Thurs. of month). Experience a qigong form for rebalancing and strengthening body, mind and spirit. For all abilities and levels of health. Schedule Available online. 1st class free (reg. $5). Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Info: Qigong Group Healing & Silent Meditation – 6:30pm-8pm. (1st Thurs. of the month). All levels of health addressed. No experience necessary. Fee: donation. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St, Wallingford. Contact Pat for more information if this is 1st attendance: 203-500-6492. EFT Emotional Freedom Technique w/RMTHolistic Coach Diane Esposito – Relax, refresh w/take-home techniques and insights to “release stress/pain,” heal and expand free-spiritedness. Register/Complimentary Pre-Sessions: 203-913-3869.

Intuitive Readings w/Susane Grasso – 11am-3pm (4/3, 4/10, 4/17 & Sat 4/4). Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Clairvoyant Susane sees auras/mirrors of soul/emotions and physical being. Now also a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Reader. $1/min. Enchanted, 1250 Boston Post Rd, Guilford. 203453-4000. CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Art Series: Peace by Piece: Ourselves, Our Community, Our World –12:30pm-2:30pm. 4/17 (Session I); 4/24, 5/1, & 5/8 (Session II). Cost: $30/student for each three-week session. Ages 9-14.Register: 203-433-4658 or

saturday Reiki Practitioner Classes w/ RMT/Holistic Coach Diane Esposito – Why Reiki? Awaken mental/emotional/energetic clarity and balance w/the power of love and anything is possible-even with prickly people/challenges/changes. Wallingford. Free. Pre-class consult: 203-913-3869. Tai Chi in Shelton – 8am. (Every Sat). Tai Chi, the Chinese art of moving meditation and self-defense, employs slow, balanced and relaxed postures. No special equipment or uniform required, just loose comfortable clothing and shoes. All are welcome, regardless of experience to this practice session. New comers welcome! Contact: 860-591-9447 or New Canaan Summer Farmers Market – 10am2pm. (every Saturday, April 25 through November 21 rain or shine). Join us for farm fresh fruits and veggies, as well as locally prepared foods. Free. Old Center School Parking Lot, Corner of South Ave, Maple St and Main St, New Canaan. For more information, visit

Pre and Postnatal and Women’s Yoga – 11am12:30pm. Prepare for or recover from birth with safe, appropriate practices. Expert instruction. Individual attention. Yoga in Middletown. 438 Main St. 860-347-YOGA (9642). ReikiShare: The Universal Reiki Plan – 11am1:30pm. Pre-register to share Reiki and join in a FREE workshop to make it a Reiki day! The 3rd Sat. of every month. Free (“love offering”). Bloodroot Rest. 85 Ferris St, Bridgeport. Reservation only. Jim or Jeannette: 203-254-3958. Stony Creek Yoga for Stress Relief – 5:45pm7pm. Classes taught by Gina Macdonald MA, LPC. Will emphasize the breath with flowing movement. $10/session. Walk-ins welcome. Willoughby Wallace Library. 146 Thimble Island Rd, Stony Creek. Contact Gina: 203-710-6665.

Character is like a tree

and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ~Abraham Lincoln

Tao Yoga – 10:30am-11:30am. Beginner-level yoga class unites mind and body through breath awareness and meditation. Build strength and energy to progress toward intermediate-level poses. $42/ month or $120/three months. One World Wellness & Yoga, 967 North High St, East Haven. Free Jewelry-Making Classes at KanduBeads Every Saturday with $15 Materials Purchase – 11am-12pm. Learn a different jewelry-making technique you can apply to any jewelry you ever make! Incorporate healing crystals and gems. KanduBeads, 346 Quinnipiac St, Wallingford. 203-793-7348.

friday Yoga with Marlene – 9:30am. (classes also offered Mon. 10:30am/7:15pm, Tues. 9:30am/6:30pm, Wed. 6:30pm, & Thurs.10am/6:30pm). Yoga classes for all ages and problems in a serene atmosphere with emphasis on stress-management. 1221 Village Walk, Guilford. Info: 203-453-5360.

natural awakenings

April 2015


classifieds Fee for classifieds is $25 for up to 300 characters & spaces and 15 cents per extra character & space. Submit online at Deadline is the 10th of the month.

ALS SUPPORT THE ALS ASSOCIATION CONNECTICUT CHAPTER – Leading the fight to treat & cure ALS through research & advocacy while empowering people w/Lou Gehrig’s Disease & their families to live fuller lives w/compassionate care & support. 4 Oxford Road, Unit D4. Milford. 203-874-5050.

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH BHcare – A state-licensed, non-profit behavioral health care provider serving Lower Naugatuck Valley, Greater New Haven & Shoreline communities. It provides comprehensive behavioral health, prevention & domestic violence services to improve the lives & health of individuals, families & communities. 203-736-2601. CONNECTICUT WOMEN’S CONSORTIUM – Aim: ensure the behavioral health system responds to the needs of women & the people & organizations that affect them. Eliminate discrimination/promote excellence in care for women through educ., training, advocacy & policy dev. 203-909-6888,

FOR RENT TREATMENT ROOM – PORTLAND – Integrative Holistic Center looking for like minded practitioners for full or part time use. Inviting spaces, beautiful waiting room, nurturing energy. Easily accessible off Rt. 9. Call Angela at 860-358-9272. WORKSHOP / CLASS SPACE – PORTLAND –Holistic workshop space available in beautiful 1000 sf well lit room, can seat up to 60 comfortably, call Angela at 860-358-9272.

HEALTH, EXERCISE & WELL-BEING THE ANSWER IS YES, WALKING WORKS! – Get motivated today by joining a diverse membership of women walkers. Find a walking partner near you. PartnershipInCommunity.

HELP WANTED HAIR STYLISTS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS AND HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS – Be part of a team of like minded professionals in shoreline’s only salon, spa & holistic center. Career opportunity to rent space or be employed in an environment of peace and positive energy. Many perks! 203-481-8443


New Haven / Middlesex

HYPNOSIS/ LIFE COACHING HYPNOSIS THERAPY CENTER – Providing the help you need to Relax & Resolve: stress, anger, anxiety, emotional issues, bad habits or the past. Life Coaching for personal & professional development. Psychic Readings for insights or Music Therapy to re-balance the mind & body. Madison. 203-245-6927.

LYME DISEASE AMERICAN LYME DISEASE FOUNDATION – Dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment, of Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections. Lyme, CT. Info: CT LYME RIDERS, INC. – Founded in 2007 by motorcyclists Sandy Brule & Tony Gargano. A 501(c)(3) non profit public charity aiming to bring awareness to the public about Lyme Disease. Events & info. 860-537-0255,

OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT OFFICE SPACE AMITY – Dynamic, integrative practice expanding, currently ND, LMT, Bowen Reiki. Looking for like-minded practitioners. Newly renovated well lit w/ground level entrance, views of West Rock. Easy access to Routes 15, 69, 63 Whalley Ave. Searching for Integrative Medicine, NP, CNM, DO, PA or MSW, etc. Please contact clinic director Dr. Lou Cofrancesco. SHARED OFFICE SPACE – In a Professional Building located in Southbury, CT. Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday. $350 per month all utilities includes. Please call Heidi at 203-733-1805 for details. SMALL CONFERENCE/WORKSHOP SPACE AVAILABLE – Perfect for 10 people and under. Located in a professional building in Southbury, CT. Easy on/off to I 84. Call Heidi at 203-733-1805 for details.

PARKINSON’S SUPPORT CONNECTICUT CHAPTER, AMERICAN PARKINSON DISEASE ASSOCIATION – Mission: “To Ease the Burden, To Find A Cure” for those w/Parkinson’s Disease & their caregivers in CT. Education, support & socialization. 860-2489200,

SPREAD YOUR WINGS ADD A REJUVENATION STUDIO to your EXISTING beauty, fitness, or health/wellness business. – Bring in new customers, gain revenue from several sources, and your customers will love it! For more information, call: 864-569-8631.

editorial calendar



whole systems health plus: energy boosters FEBRUARY

enlightened relationships plus: healing grief MARCH

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plus: new healthy cuisine APRIL

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plus: natural birth JUNE

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communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide visit our website and click our Advertise menu. ALLERGY ADVANCED ALLERGY RELIEF OF CT Anne Mitchell, ND North Haven and West Hartford Offices 203-239-3400

Do you have asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, excema or other allergy symptoms? Are you careful about what you eat because of food allergies or intolerances? At Advanced Allergy Relief, we offer a safe, rapid elimination of allergic reactions. No medication, No Needles, Child friendly, Effective. See ad on page 31.


Improve your quality of life w/ empowering guidance & support. Move to the Heart of Healing w/ Diane Esposito, RMT/Holistic Coach/author of Play, Heal, Love! The Art of Creating Healthy Relationships. Be inspired; create habits & boundaries that heal w/in-person or phone Readings, Reiki, Reflexology, EFT, Angelspeake, Meditation. See ad on page 19.


Madison, CT 203-245-9317 Applied Kinesiology is neurological evaluation to find dysfunction. It addresses problems instead of chasing pains. Dr. Healy tests if a therapy benefits the dysfunction and finds immediate answers about which result in the most improvement. Chiropractic, craniosacral, myofascial, and acupressure are among the therapies Dr. Healy uses. No single cure exists since disease (which includes a state of dysfunction) typically involves many areas of the body. The goal of any therapy-physical, chemical, or emotional-is to improve function, and a combination of therapies has the best results. See ad on page 39.


Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Suzanne Pyle, MS, CTT 866-XtoRays • 203-331-2878

Get peace of mind with safe (no radiation), FDA-approved breast cancer screening. 8 years earlier detection vs mammography. Certified DITI thermographer Coveniently located throughout CT.

HAIR RESTORATION JADAK HAIR RESTORATION Agnieshka Jadak 102 Wall Street, Madison, CT 203-859-0605

Non-surgical hair replacement is wonderful option for those who suffer from significant hair loss and would like to regain the appearance of having a full head of hair without surgery or a wig. We have some incredible hair systems that are attached to the head and they can be treated as your own hair. With our restoration system you can look the way you have always wanted.


thyme and season natural market


3040 Whitney Avenue Hamden, CT 06518 203-407-8128 Our 18th year! Open 7 days : M-F 8:00-7:30; Sat 9-7; Sun 10-6

28 School Street Branford, CT 06405 203-433-4658

CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) of Branford is a dynamic middle school program that provides small classes and combines exceptional academics with hands-on and real-world learning experiences to fit the academic, social, and emotional needs of the 5th–8th grade student. Contact us to schedule a visit or for more information or call 203-433-4658. See ad on page 39.


Accredited, Non-profit Graduate School offering holistic programs in contemporary and emerging fields 203-874-4252 The Graduate Institute offers holistic master’s degrees and certificate programs for adult learners. Programs include Integrative Health and Healing, Ecotherapy and Cultural Sustainability, Writing and Oral Tradition, Organizational Leadership, Integrative Health Coaching and Patient Navigation, and more. See ad on page 11.

One of the largest selections of natural, organic, nonGMO, gluten-free & vegan foods in the area - local produce, organic & free-range meats / poultry, local artisan cheese, sustainable fish, organic baby food, quality pet food & remedies, safe cleaning & paper products, fair trade chocolate & coffee. Vitamin, mineral, herb and whole food supplements, homeopathic & ayurvedic remedies and a Certified Nutrition Counselor to assist you; Health Talks by health profs Thurs eves Spring & Fall. Pick up a healthy hot breakfast or lunch Mon-Sat: 4 entrees & 6 soups plus salads, sandwiches, sushi, & wraps. A dedicated helpful staff. Now offering Dinners-to-Go.


2 Broadway, North Haven, CT 203-239-3400

GOT HEMORRHOIDS? Now there is an easy non-surgical treatment that eliminates bleeding, pain, and swelling of hemorrhoids. It is quick, painless, and effective. There is no need to suffer any longer. Covered by most insurances. Call The Life Center for RELIEF. See ad on page 13.

natural awakenings

April 2015




5520 Park Ave, Ste 301, Ffld Town Line Merritt Pkwy, Exit 47 203-371-0300 Dr. Mark A. Breiner is a pioneer and recognized authority in the field of holistic dentistry. With over 30 years of experience, he is a sought after speaker and lecturer. His popular consumer book, Whole-Body Dentistry, has been sold worldwide. See ad on page 25.

FAMILY PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES, LLC 1 Evergreen Avenue, Suite 34 Hamden, CT 06473 203-747-5282

Offers a holistic approach to mental health. Practice offers alternatives to traditional psychiatric treatments, utilizing nutritional and naturalistic means to achieve well-being.


CONNECTICUT HYPNOSIS Heidi Vollmer, M.Ed, CH Southbury, CT 203-733-1805


Branwen OShea-Refai, LCSW Bethany, CT 203-393-1717 Branwen, a LCSW, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Healing Touch Practioner, and Intuitive has 17 years experience as a holistic counselor. Utilizing Yoga, Talk Therapy, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Energetic Wellness. Treating trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, eating disorders, pain, and stress in children and adults.



328 East Main Street Branford, CT 203-481-8443


Body, mind and soul experience to PAMPER honor all aspects SHOP of one’s being, in RESTORE a Mediterranean retreat ambience. Ayurveda; Reiki; Hypnotherapy; Psychic Medium; Shamanic Practices; Sacred Geometry; Heartmath; Kirtan; Yoga; Meditations; Crystal Bowl Healing; Harmonic Gong Immersion; and Inspirational Movies. Fair trade, eco-friendly, metaphysical, jewelry, gifts, hand-made items, crystals, décor, natural hair/skincare. Hair artistry, color, hilite, curly hair experts, spa facials, microderms and massage. See ad on page 7.

Anna Martin, BSW, MSW, LCSW 410 State St North Haven, CT 203-606-2071

SALON • SPA • BOUTIQUE • HOLISTIC CENTER 328 East Main Street, Branford


New Haven / Middlesex


Adam Breiner, ND, Director Elena Sokolova, MD, ND David Brady, ND, CCN, DACBN Fairfield/Trumbull town line 203-371-8258 Using state-of-the-art science combined with centuries-old healing modalities, our caring naturopathic doctors correct underlying imbalances and address issues which may interfere with the body’s abilityto heal itself. Treatment protocols or therapies include: Abdominal Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Allergy Desensitization, Chinese Medicine, Colonics and other Detoxification Protocols, Electro-Dermal Screening, Energy Medicine, FDA-cleared Phototherapy, Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hormonal Balancing, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Metabolic Typing, Nutritional Assessment, Real-Time EEG Neurofeedback, and other therapies. See ad on page 25.



a body mind & soul

We use hypnosis, NLP, past life regression and Reiki to help you with weight loss, freedom from smoking and stress reduction. Now taking the first step toward a healthy life is effortless with our free initial screening and affordable payment plans designed to fit any budget. Ask us how to become a hypnotist yourself.


Spring is in the air! YOU have the right to be happy. AHBHS helps with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Obesity, agarophobia, domestic violence and anger management.Hypnosis for depression, anxiety and wieght loss/obesity. Phone, internet, skype, office sessions and weekend hours available. Most insurance accepted.

linda myers

Certified Nutrition Counselor, FiFHi Thyme and Season Natural Market 3040 Whitney Avenue Hamden (Rt. 10, Mt Carmel) CT 06518 203-407-8128 Ext. 2 Complimentary Counseling Mon. through Fri. 9am – 4:30pm. Nutrition plus vitamin, mineral, herb and whole food supplements, homeopathic & ayurvedic remedies. Our Wellness Outreach Lecture Program is now in its 32nd series, offered free, most Thursday evenings each Spring and Fall. Call for possible participation; check website for schedule.


Everlastings, by Arlene Bouley The Carriage House At The Gate House West 2614 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT 203-458-1298 Everlastings is a full-service hair salon & spa whose passion and mission is to provide healthier, more natural organic alternatives to salon services. All products are chemical-free. You will leave feeling fulfilled, refreshed and cared for. See ad on page 18.


Dr. Jenna Henderson 2 Broadway, North Haven, CT 1007 Farmington Ave, Suite 7A, West Hartford, CT 203-239-3400 Medically supervised weight loss program. Get off the dieting merry-go-round and FINALLY achieve your ideal weight. We offer a whole foods diet, individualized nutrition, emotional eating support, meal planning and weight loss coaching. COVERED BY MOST INSURANCES . See ad on page 13.

Natural Awakenings online magazine A green way to read • Click weblinks • Find local businesses and events • Join our growing social network Archive issues dating back to 2008 also available online


19 South Main St. Branford, CT 203-488-9642 Rooted in the sacred teachings of yoga, Raven’s Wing is an inviting & safe place for all who desire positive change. Gentle, beginner, moderate and vigorous classes offered, as well as monthly workshops, kirtan and seasonal celebrations. Ayurveda and private instruction also offered. See ad on page 39. natural awakenings

April 2015


MEET OUR NAN PROVIDERS in New Haven and Middlesex Counties

Calling All Holistic and Green Businesses! Interested in becoming a NAN Provider? Information: 203-988-1808 AMSTON


HAMDEN continued




Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz 203-747-8444

Adam Church, D.C. 203-466-1111






Christopher Chialastri, LMT#005812 Home Visits for Massage Therapy 203-430-3163



S.M. Cooper Photographic Artist 203-393-9545


DOROTHY MARTIN-NEVILLE, PhD Psychotherapy-Adults in Transition Emotional & Spiritual Aspects in Health Care 860-461-7569

Natalie Cashman 860-398-4621




Jason Belejack, N.D. 203-824-7428






Joan S. Gilbert 828-551-0420


New Haven / Middlesex

Eileen Denny, D.C. 203-407-8468


June Can, Reiki Master Practitioner International Channel & Medium 203-230-1197



NATURAL FAMILY HEALTH Leigh White, N.D. 203-281-5900


Marni Esposito 203-430-1009


Thomas Fortuna 203-684-3512

TRANQUIL HEALING REIKI, LLC Anita Jones, RMT 203-415-4791



Joan S. Gilbert 828-551-0420


MILFORD continued





Keith Mirante, D.C. 203-245-8217






HEALTHY FOODS PLUS Natural/Organic Foods/Gluten-Free Vitamins/Supplements/Beauty Aids 203-882-9011

IMPRESSIONS SERVICES Raymond Daneault 800-217-1963

JOANN DUNSING HYPNOSIS Joann Dunsing 203-907-7710


Wt. Release/Loss/HypnoBirthing 203-415-8567




Milford, CT 475-282-4112


Holistic Counseling 203-878-3140

PRISCO CONSULTING Priscilla Lynn 203-530-0103

Bob Kademian 866-306-9799


Life and Health Mentor 203-610-7477

NEW HAVEN THE SERENE SPOT Anaika Ocasio 203-400-1293



Karen Obier, Reflexologist 203-645-2188

STEAMATIC OF CT Vincent Farricielli 203-985-8000

ORANGE ADVANCED SPINE & SPORT David Durso, D.C. 203-553-9300

Sports Medicine Dr. Joel Segalman, M.D. 203-270-6724


LGN CONSULTING Lisa Nastu 203-301-4109


Venice Walters 203-507-0889



SUCCESS MARKETING, LLC Michael Guerin 888-542-2936


Aadil Al-Alim & Faith Bredwood 203-389-0089



Robert Rubino, D.C. 203-933-9404

STAIRWAY 2 HEAVEN Holistic Center



TRUMBULL SERENITY BODY WELLNESS Rosa Cervoni, LMT #003111 Reflexologist/Reiki Practitioner 203-929-1002




New Morning Market 203-263-4868


Lghtworker of Vibrational Energy LLC Gayle Franceschetti 203-265-2927


Diane Esposito, RMT/Holistic Coach 203-913-3869

natural awakenings

April 2015




Weekend Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh May 2nd & 3rd Align, Refine, Contemplate & Celebrate The Sacred Spine Standing Poses and Backbends that Align with Your Unique Body: Saturday 10 AM - 12:30 PM A Bow of Devotion Forward Bends and Hip Openers, Pranayama and Meditation: Saturday 2:30-5 Strength That Heals Arm Balances and Strengthening Poses to Build Confidence and Protect Your Bones: Sunday 10-12:30 Single Session $55, $45 earlybird by 4/20 Full Weekend $150, $130 earlybird by 4/20

With 28 years of experience, Desiree has now taught in thirty countries around the world. She streams classes on Gaiam TV, has 3 “Yoga to the Rescue” DVDs with Acacia and has been freatured in Yoga Journal more times than we can count! WWW.FRESHYOGA.COM 319 PECK ST NEW HAVEN 48

New Haven / Middlesex