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Welcome Hello! We’re so glad you could join us for the first issue of Anything but Ordinary. We’re just a little bit excited as we hope this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship with you, our readers. Each issue will be based around an eye-catching theme—we are all about beautiful things


here—and as we launch Anything but Ordinary we thought a CELEBRATION was in order. Too often we get caught up in mundane, daily routines: working, cooking, cleaning, washing. We think everyone should take some time to celebrate the fabulous, beautiful, glamourous things in life. We guarantee you’ll find it hard not to smile when you see how much fun was had at Sarah’s party. And let’s not forget that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, what could be more delightful than children celebrating love for their mums?


At Anything but Ordinary, not only do we love beautiful things, but we are inspired by those talented, artistic people who can make something from virtually nothing. Join us as we celebrate some of the creative store owners at MiniMoh’s.

Team MiniMoh’s Anything A MINIMOH’S MAGAZINE

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The gorgeous little Georgia wearing clothing by Tilly and Otto.



mum ISSUE 1 • MAY 2013

4 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

Meet the

team Natrice Grosvenor Co-Founder/Director

Debbie Stahmer Co-Founder/Director

Marketing/PR I have a thing for stationery, adore handmade, wine and of course chocolate. My 3 boys are my life and love!

Creative Director I am passionate about creativity. I enjoy time with my family and friends and I am so not a domestic goddess. But I love chocolate!

Antonia Medhurst Precision Proofing

Nicole Barralet nbp | photography

Editor-in-Chief Hello, I’m Antonia. I love tickling my two munchkins until they beg me to stop and chatting with friends over a good coffee!

Senior Photographer I am a Brisbane-based wedding and portrait photographer. I love coffee, singing loudly in the car, the colour red and cooking for my family and friends.

Meet our

contri butors

Tessa Grosvenor Polkadot Events

Elise Easdown What’s on 4

Pia Argiratos Powered Life

Polkadot Events is an event styling business specialising in weddings, engagements, birthdays, corporate functions, children’s parties and other events, large or small.

What’s On 4 is about sharing with you all the wonderful things to do with children to have fun and celebrate living in Australia.

Powered Life knows the importance of keeping our devices powered and protected so that we can keep connected to our families, friends, clients and more— wherever we are.

Dr Jemima Nelson (B Sc-Psych and M Chiroprac) Jemima is a soonto-be mum and chiropractor with a passion for holistic parenting and health. She specialises in paediatric health and pregnancy. | 5

You’re someone that I love... I want to capture you for all time.

Celebrate Your Relationships Present this advertisement to Nicole at Nicole Barralet Photography to receive a complimentary 1hr mother daughter photoshoot plus one 5x7 inch gift print. A total value of $150. It’s the ultimate girls day out! Bring your sister, your mother, your grandmother. Let’s celebrate the woman in your life! To redeem, simply print off this advertisement and present it to Nicole Barralet Photography at time of booking. Additional prints start from $55. Voucher valid until 31st May 2013. Hair & Make Up can be added for an additional cost. Offer not redeemable for cash.

PH: 0409 050 422 E:

Let the

party begin!

8 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

time to Party Put a handful of children, bubbles and sugar in the mix and what do you get? A children’s birthday party! Brightly coloured rainbows, painted faces and giggles were abundant in this birthday celebration. | 9

10 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013



Love the clothing? Click here to

shop | 11

12 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013


loving | 13

At Polkadot Events, our team is dedicated to ensuring your event is beautiful, stylish and affordable. 07 3162 6497 | 0405 390 722 We can’t wait to hear from you!

Float is a designer balloon studio bringing whimsy and joy to any celebration


Small Events Party Hire celebrate special occasions stylishly and affordably in your own backyard!

Party Baby. Print to party. Party atelier. Custom partyware. 14 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

we’re loving this


Attipas are a world-first in toddler shoes! As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre-walker, these functional infant shoes ergonomically support first steps and thereafter. Attipas shoes were launched in 2011 after seven years of research and development, and are quickly becoming the number one choice in pre-walker shoes. Available in 11 cute colours and four sizes, Attipas shoes are ‘Walking Science’. From birth to 40 months. Buy Attipas toddler shoes online now! | 15

designer showcase



FOUNDER OF THE CLINGS STORE Can you give a brief overview of your business? The Clings Store provides a simple solution for those people who are unable to mount photo frames to their walls, those who are challenged by DIY or those who want to avoid the hassle of patching up holes and repainting the entire wall when they take down their pictures. How do we do this? Well, we combine the photo and the frame into a single image and print it onto a patented polyester fabric that simply requires you to peel the backing off and stick it to your wall. The patented technology allows you to remove the printed image from 99% of surfaces without leaving any sticky residue or damaging your wall. Best of all, our technology allows you to re-use the wall sticker time and time again, without it losing its adhesiveness. It will cling onto almost anything and so we gave it the name ‘Clingon’.

children. We are all animals lovers but could not commit to the responsibility of owning a pet. Oh, and I love a good curry.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Born in the UK and emigrated when I was 10 years old to Australia. Consider myself to be an Aussie and hate it when we get beaten by England. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful, cheeky little

What were you doing (career-wise) before you started your own business? I have always been a creative person. I worked at Channel 10 in Sydney for over six years, three of them as a Broadcast Motion Graphics Artist.

16 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

What inspired you to start your business? Being a photographer, my photographs of my family were getting better and I wanted to put them on our wall to showcase when customers came over. But as we were renting, our landlord would not allow us to put holes in the wall to hang our photos. So my wife and I thought about creating some kind of poster with the family on it. I really like frames and how they can command your attention—especially if there are multiple frames—and as a designer I thought I would then print the frame on the photo and combine the two images. This then led us to try to find a product that we could do this with and that would have the same quality, if not better, than say a canvas.

bra and the gr

I travelled overseas for two years in my late 20s and gained valuable life and work experience. I learned that only those who run their own business are financially rewarded and I began to establish a career in photography. I’ve been doing photography for a number of years now but only professionally for just over 12 months. I specialise in family photography with a strong passion for maternity and newborn photography. But I enjoy it all. The fact that I have an outlet to be creative is what drives me and I will do anything as long as it’s fun.

It’s a and new product ... educating people on e technology is the reatest challenge

Describe your product range—what makes your products unique? It’s unique in that it combines a range of services into one product. In the lifecycle of a framed photograph, an ordinary person would have to go from store to store finding the right frame. Chances are, if it’s a large one, that it

needs to be professionally mounted behind glass or perspex. Then you have to have the right tools to drill the hole into the wall (and there may not be a beam behind the wall to mount a heavy frame). Once it’s mounted, mount any others and ensure they are all aligned, if that’s the look you’re after. When it’s time to move, patch the hole, wait for it to dry, find the paint that matches the colour of the wall and try as best you can to blend it in with the wall. Ninety-five per cent of the time the entire wall needs to be repainted. Then carefully store the glass frame. Our Clingons prevent all of this. Shop from home and upload your digital file to us. Choose your frame and wait for it to be delivered to your home. Peel off the backing and place on your wall. Line up with any others so they are aligned, and if they aren’t simply peel off the wall and re-apply. When it’s time to remove, peel off the wall and place back onto the backing paper they came on, and roll up. They don’t crease or leave damage to your wall. HASSLE AVOIDED! What’s been your biggest business challenge so far? It’s a brand new product on | 17



the worldwide market and educating people on the technology is the greatest challenge. It’s just like a canvas but sticky. People have to trust the product and as there are not many out there just yet, people find it hard to buy without first seeing the product. Also branding my product as a premium product. There are a lot of wall stickers and decals out in the market that are cheap one-off applications. They tend to curl at the ends and you’re unable to re-apply them. So I try not to mention them as they may confuse the customer. What’s your best-selling product? Our Modern Frame Clingons are doing well. We also do custom designs and our Family Rules board is doing great too. What’s your favourite product from the range? I like the Doodle Frame Clingons. They are so cute and would look great in a rumpus room. What are your ambitions for your business? I’d like to see Clingons in hospital wards and childcare centres. We recently did a Christmas tree and set it up at my children’s day care, and everybody loved it. What is your biggest inspiration now? I don’t have one. But I am always looking at frames to 18 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

see what attracts people to them and how they work with the room that they are in. What was the biggest obstacle you have faced starting your own business? Cold calling. I’m not a salesman and hate being sold to. So the fact that I have to sell to people over the phone frightens me and is my greatest obstacle. How do you find the balance between life and your business? I have a very understanding wife and even she can get a bit frustrated with my long days in the home office. She keeps me very grounded and offers her balanced opinion when it’s needed. What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business? At the moment, nothing really stands out as the business is very new, but I look forward to having a great work-life balance. As a successful business owner, what advice would you give to anyone thinking of taking the leap into the business world? Network. I learnt early on as a photographer to network and I became part of a network called BNI. Instead of just me trying to sell my product, I found a network of other professionals also prepared to promote me.

Helping children with

ASTHMA Asthma Peeps is an innovative child-­friendly way to embrace asthma medication and management, while providing a platform for parents to discuss asthma with their children in an open, fun and positive way. Asthma Peeps’s personalised stickers are applied to the outside of spacers and inhalers, providing an attractive visual aid that encourages children to be more responsive to medication management and inhaler techniques, while representing an inexpensive yet effective way of improving child asthma control in the community. In Australia, more than two million people have asthma, with one in every eight children affected by the condition. The prevalence of asthma especially in children, continues to increase worldwide affecting their quality of life and leading to increased medical costs, and a higher severity of conditions causing more frequent emergency room visits.

y a w a Give Asthma Peeps

Valued at



Asthma Peeps Pack Sticker, spacer, emergency wallet cards and The Trouble with Bear Hugs book.

Our colourful animated labels are designed to help reinforce the discussion of correct inhaler techniques between parent and child, so that patients receive the full therapeutic benefit, as well as breaking down negative myths, which may be associated with the condition. Click here to

enter | 19


other marketing collateral. The area of growth for Belle PR is in publishing with a handful of niche magazine publications on the go right now. Is owning your own business as glamourous as it sounds? Yes and no. It does sound fabulous to tell people you have your own business but there are many long days, late nights and a level of commitment and responsibility that isn’t always found when you are someone else’s employee. Have you got a piece of advice you think is invaluable for working mothers? Be organised. Plan. I have two worksheets that I use as weekly to-do lists—one is for Belle PR and the other is for personal things. I sit down every Sunday night with my diary and my worksheets and map out my week ahead. There’s no better feeling than striking items off a to-do list with a highlighter or a chunky red pen.




What inspired you to start the brand and business Belle PR? While I was on maternity leave with my second daughter, Gracie, I heard that the group of magazines I was editor of at the time was being closed down due to the GFC. It had been an awesome gig—great staff and very rewarding. It made me start to wonder about my future with that company and also seriously question my ability to juggle two little kids and a demanding full-time role in the media. Coming from a family of self-employed people, I’ve always wanted to start my own business so it was after a coffee meeting with a contact around the same time, that I committed to starting Belle PR. When I look back now, it was a sequence of random events but obviously all meant to be. Can you tell us a little bit about Belle PR? Belle PR helps our clients in a variety of ways; all revolving around strategic communications. For most clients, that means gaining positive media coverage (print, radio, TV, online, social media) in their target market, and for others it’s about internal comms, events, copy for websites, award submissions, brochures and 20 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

What is your biggest challenge? Finding time for myself and, on the rare occasions that I do find time for myself, not feeling guilty about it. Who inspires you the most? Other similarly aged businesswomen who have chased their business-ownership dream and are making a name for themselves doing it. How do you relax and unwind? We get over to our house at Stradbroke Island as much as possible but some of my most relaxing moments come during our weekly Sunday night ‘free feed’ with my extended family. I can switch off the business brain, let the kids run around and go crazy with their cousins, and simply enjoy a cup of tea, great food and conversation with my beloved family. What’s your must-have product as a mum? My iPhone. I would be lost without it. It’s a business tool, keeps me connected to my friends and family, helps me physically document the best fun moments of life (camera) and share them. If only it could unload the dishwasher and fold washing! Where do you see your brand/business in five years? In five years I will have a small, dedicated staff of like-minded professionals working for me who all enjoy each other’s company as much as their work. And we will be working out of a fabulous office space— decorated in bright, Belle PR yellow—that I have plans to build.


Most people don’t know this but … I don’t accept help easily. My pet hate … is having my photo taken. But as an editor and proofreader, it would be remiss of me not to mention apostrophes in the wrong place and other grammatical errors. I like … kitchen utensils, but I love … stationery! I am a big fan of … Dr Who. My mantra … ‘Ummmm’—as opposed to ‘Ommmm’. The highlight of my life … there are so many from my travels, but watching the ice calve off Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina was breathtaking! When I look in the mirror I see … freckles! ☺ The book on my bedside table … A Tiny Bit Marvellous by Dawn French.



OUR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF I like … chocolate, but I love … red wine and cheese. If I had a super power it would be … to be able to teleport to different places in the world ... flying sucks!

My weakness … is chocolate. My friends describe me as … always available for a friend in need.


My all time hero … My parents—they have worked incredibly hard throughout their entire lives and have shown me that no matter what you want out of life, if you work hard, you can achieve it. My mantra … stop saying, ‘I wish’, start saying, ‘I will’! The highlight of my life … my travelling adventures. I love being able to explore the world and experience ways of life. My most recognisable feature is … my smile. The book on my bedside table … Why People Fail: The 16 Obstacles to Success and How You Can Overcome Them by Siimon Reynolds.




inspirational women


LISA ...

OWNER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF THE MESSENGER GROUP What inspired you to start the brand, and magazine Messenger Collective? I was tired of the magazines filled with salacious gossip and no real content. I wanted to create something that was both inspirational and aspirational that showcased the story behind the story. Something that was raw and real and not the same tired old spin that is out there. I wanted something meaningful that could help to create a better world. Can you tell us a little bit about you? I’m a really passionate and driven person. Is owning and running your own magazine as glamorous as it sounds? Ha! It’s an interesting question. At the moment it’s a lot of hard work by the entire team, but we have loads and loads of fun. To be honest, I’m not really into the glamourous side of things. That’s not why we’re in it. We’re in it to inspire. I don’t want to create a team of prima donnas. We’re really just a bunch of really hardworking girls who are all pretty down-to-earth and have genuine intent to make a difference in the world. I think the minute we start buying into the glamour and 22 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

hype associated with a lot of magazines, it will be to our detriment. It’s is a hell of a lot of fun though. We just get to create every single day. What’s a day in the life of Lisa like? No one day is ever the same. I do feel like I have the best job in the world. I get to wake up and think, ‘Who do I want to talk to today?’, and then generally I get to talk to them. What a dream. My day really consists of managing a rather large and ever-growing team. I spearhead the magazine so come up with the creative concepts from a content and visual perspective. I also oversee a lot of the marketing and partnerships, but have divisional heads that look after the actual implementation. I’m really a visionary, I guess. I try to exercise at least once a day. It’s all pretty hectic and I’m always racing from one thing to the next, but I absolutely LOVE it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Have you got a piece of advice you think is invaluable for working women? Be passionate. Surround yourself with a great team. Think BIG. Never give up. Believe in yourself wholeheartedly.

What is your biggest challenge? To be honest there could be many around cashflow and growth. The magnitude of this launch is unprecedented in Australia. The thing is though, I really can’t afford at all to think that there are challenges. I just need to deal with everything swiftly and move through. If I really allowed myself the space to contemplate the magnitude of what we are doing it could be dangerous as it really is huge. I just need to keep my head down and go, go, go. Who inspires you the most? I often get asked this and of course there are the obvious–Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela. But the reality is, I don’t know any of them personally and so being inspired by them is just being inspired by the idea of what is possible. So it’s really more the day-today people I meet that are doing extraordinary things. Every single day I am inspired. I just keep my eyes open to everything around me. You’ll be surprised where inspiration comes from. A lot of it at the moment is from our extraordinary readers with the stories of what they are doing. How do you relax and unwind? I have a fabulous dog, Benny; we run and walk a lot. I go to the gym and do weights. I love spin classes. I spend a lot of time in Byron Bay. I love fossicking through second-hand markets. What’s your must-have product? Right now, anything that makes my life more seamless.

Be passionate. Surround yourself with a great team. Think BIG. Never give up. Believe in yourself wholeheartedly.

What’s one quote that you live by? Anything’s possible. Where do you see your brand/business in five years? Ha. Crazy question for me. I don’t know where I’ll be in five days. The truth is I morph and change very, very quickly according to market feedback and I always stay open to opportunities. I think having a clear five-year plan would be extremely detrimental in my case. It’s because I don’t have one that I am the person I am today. What I can say for sure is that this brand is going to be very, very big. We launched into 12 countries within five months of starting work on the project, if that gives you an idea. There is absolutely no limitation to this brand vertically or geographically now–and that excites me greatly.

LISA MESSENGER ... Is the Owner and Creative Director of The Messenger Group and has worked globally in events, sponsorship, marketing, PR and publishing. In 2004 she authored and produced a beautiful photographic book, Happiness Is…, which supported Kids Helpline. To avoid the constraints imposed by traditional publishers, she self-published the book and as a result developed a custom funding and distribution model that is unique in Australia. Lisa’s passion is to challenge individuals and corporations to change the way they think; take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything. She encourages entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation. She is now using her unique marketing talents and innovative approach with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and people all over the globe. | 23

Anything but Ordinary

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Remember ... first impressions count!

Antonia Medhurst | 0404 679 284 24 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

mum Celebrate

She’s the best mum in the whole world and she does my hair for school.



I love her lots & lots.

She looks after us, and helps us with our homework.


She takes me to Grandma’s house and blows kisses to me before bed.

She lets me play on the iPad.

She gives me hugs & kisses. I love her kindness.

She’s always there for me when I need her.

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28 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

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shop | 29


Pregnancy is hard work! I never really grasped this concept until going through the process myself. From insatiable fatigue, nausea, swollen feet and backache, I’m often asked, ‘Where’s the glow?’. As a paediatric and pregnancy chiropractor, I have mums-to-be expressing to me on a regular basis the difficulty they feel both physically and emotionally during pregnancy.

Here are my top five tips to get your body through pregnancy 1. Exercise! Twenty to 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day helps to keep your lower back and hip joints moving freely. It also helps keep the blood flow to the uterus at its optimum. Walking is always the best! I always recommend Pilates or yoga during pregnancy. They are a great way to keep general tone in your body and also strengthen those muscles that you will need for childbirth. It’s all about the core and pelvic floor! Having the ability to know how to engage and release your pelvic floor muscles will help you relax the muscles down in your perineum (muscles in the birth canal), which will help with an easier labour! Try to find classes that are specific to 30 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

pregnancy. Swimming is also great. I would steer clear of breaststroke, however, as it puts a lot of pressure on your groin and can trigger pubic bone irritation—not fun! 2. Watch your posture!

This is important when sitting at work, walking around and sleeping at night. As your centre of gravity changes, so will your posture. For sitting at work, you may find a lumbar support cushion gives you added support to your increasing lumbar arch! If you work in an office setting where you are sitting most of the day: take a break at least every 30 minutes to get out of your chair, do a few stretches, a small walk around and sit back down. I often tell patients to have a two-litre drink bottle on their desk; the more you drink the more you will be forced to get up and move around! When sleeping, it is best to avoid tummy and back sleeping—try sleeping on your left side with a nice, thick pillow between your knees. This will help keep your pelvis in alignment, and also prevent you from rolling around! If you are suffering upper back and neck pain, a good memory foam or latex contour pillow can help support your changing body due to their moulding capacity! When standing, particularly in later stages of pregnancy, try to prevent your tummy from

health talk with Dr Jemima Nelson



sherwood chiropractic sinking right forward and increasing your back arch—it leads to muscle fatigue and ligamentous stretching in the belly. Imagine you have a piece of string pulling you up from the top of your head trying to make you taller. The concept of ‘pelvic neutral’ is vitally important in pregnancy—another trick you can learn in Pilates! 3. Rest and recharge The hardest concept for me during my pregnancy was not feeling ‘guilty’ about a nap in the middle of the day. It’s usually the first and third trimester where you feel you could sleep forever! Research has now shown that rest, particularly during the day, facilitates neonatal growth and development. It is important to give your body time to rest to provide your growing baby with a strong, healthy environment to thrive in. Take 20 minutes in your lunch break to close your eyes in a quiet place. Meditation can also be a good one to squeeze in during the day at work! 4. Focus on a healthy diet and reduce toxic load A balanced diet is crucial in pregnancy! Your baby is sucking all the nutrients and vitamins out of you on a daily basis—so you need to replenish these with a healthy diet! Dairy and wheat have been shown to be the two greatest

allergens in the human diet—and can contribute to food sensitivities and asthma in children. A great book to explore this more is Gentle Birth Method by Dr Gowri Motha. It explores some great ideas on how to prepare you for a shorter, easier labour! Increase your water intake during pregnancy to three litres per day and limit highly sugary and caffeinated drinks. Remember that everything that goes in your mouth also goes to your baby—so try to limit those indulgent cravings. Be conscious of toxic products around the house and in the workplace. Also avoid risky foods, caffeine and alcohol. 5. Read and learn about pregnancy! Knowledge is power! Having an understanding of how your baby develops allows you to nurture its growing needs. I recommend reading a variety of books to give you the tools to survive pregnancy and also get you thinking about birth. Some of my favourites include: • W  ell Adjusted Babies by Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani (this was my bible) • G  entle Birth Methods by Dr Gowri Motha and Karen Swan MacLeod • U  p the Duff by Kaz Cook (lighter read and a bit of fun). Good luck in your pregnancy! | 31

designer showcase




Can you give a brief overview of your business? messpots is a boutique online business specialising in fun and practical products, which support kids’ health and wellbeing. I believe the right products can help children better deal with life’s bumps and curveballs, by being a little less clinical and perhaps injecting some brightness into an otherwise notso-happy situation. Tell us a little bit about yourself I am a 40-something mum based in regional Tasmania, where the closest thing to rush hour is 5 pm at the supermarket! I have the world’s most energetic nearly-5-year-old (‘Spud’), a wonderful husband and two nutty Boxers. I love stationery, thunderstorms and deep windowsills, and often dream of owning a chocolate-box cottage (ok, manor house) in the Cotswolds! What inspired you to start your business? I was after a cute PVC placemat for Spud that wasn’t a licensed theme or just a bit of laminated paper. I wanted something durable and of good quality, with a fun design. So that was the seed. I made up various designs and 32 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

after spending a lot of time researching how to manufacture the type of placemat I wanted, it all became moot because not only was it cost prohibitive, loads of new placemats had since come onto the market. So messpots has evolved, with a few twists and turns, to what you see today. What were you doing (career-wise) before you started your own business? Premesspots I worked in Melbourne as a lawyer in a large national firm. I had recently returned to work from maternity leave, with my head in a completely different space to when I left, which only heightened my desire to change gear and try something different. Describe your product range–what makes your products unique? On the face of it, my range is a little eclectic but I am trending towards health-related products for children. My flagship product is I’ve Got an Ow! (title derived from what Spud will say to me when he’s hurt), which is a medical diary or health record for your child—somewhere to jot down temperatures, coughs, allergic reactions, health appointments,

able to chat with colleagues—whether to bounce ideas around or just for a bit of mental downtime. There are also far fewer networking and learning opportunities in Tasmania than there appear to be in the eastern states. But social media has been a huge benefit in this regard as I have been able to connect with other WAHMs in similar situations and tapped into some great communities of support, knowledge sharing and information. What’s your best-selling product? Most certainly my children’s illness and medical journal, though my first in-house product—My Holiday Journal—remains very popular at vacation time. What’s your favourite product from your range? I love my medical journal–simply because it’s a purpose-designed product which I personally needed, so I naturally find it really useful. I also love that it is helping out other parents/carers.

treatments and so on, so you can keep track of what’s going on with your little one. Other products include medication cards for when kidlets go on play dates/sleepovers and a daily medication chart. It is this part of my in-house range which sets messpots apart because (to the best of my knowledge) there aren’t any directly comparable products. Each product has been born out of, and designed from, my own needs as a mum and is, as such, quite unique. How did you start your company, where did you work from (kitchen table, local studio?), and where are you now? My business started with sketching placemat designs on the couch, with one eye on the TV! I now work out of our study, which doubles as my stockroom … though you’ll still find me working on the couch in front of the TV of an evening. What’s been your biggest business challenge so far? I’m not sure if this is a business or personal challenge, probably both, but I do find working from home can be very isolating. Not only do you have to be very disciplined in your work hours, I miss being

What are your ambitions for your business? I really want to go global with I’ve Got an Ow!, but even on a local scale, I would like to see it stocked by the bigger children/baby market retailers. I aspire to my journal being an indispensible parenting tool, which sits proudly in the kitchens of all families with younger kids. What is your biggest inspiration now? Perhaps lacking imagination here, but in reality, I am currently driven by a need to bring home the bacon and avoid having to re-enter the paid workforce. I love that I can be on-call for Spud and that I am able to work from home. What was the biggest obstacle you have faced starting your own business? Finances! Like so many small businesses, I work on a shoestring budget (four-digit capital) and this is a big barrier to moving forward. Advertising is astronomically expensive, as can be professional graphic design/typesetting, PR, photography and all the others elements that go into setting up a business and creating products. Regrettably, all these can conspire against getting your business established and I believe that’s an issue confronted by many SMEs. How did you maintain your confidence when you started out in the business world? Despite having worked in the corporate arena my entire adult life, I still struggle with cold-calls to potential retailers—every industry has its own | 33

i make mess it’s what kids do... i’m busy creating memories for me and you © 2011 MAI Smart, MessPots®, Australia. All rights reserved.

when I

grow Up I


tO be

I also love that it is helping out other parents/ carers.


challenges and not all skill sets can be readily transported. Having faith in your product and trying not to take rejections personally will stand you in good stead, and then there’s just practice. The more calls I made, the better I got at my spiel. Also, once you get a couple of retailers under your belt, it is much easier to pitch your product. So, for me, it’s really just been a process of persevering and gaining confidence through repetition and results. How do you find the balance between life and your business? That magical balance still eludes me! Spud is at kindergarten or childcare most weekdays so that’s when I work, and at night. I have my ‘mum hat’ on when he’s home and that’s about as much as I manage at the moment. It’s all the other things that I find get neglected (like sorting out family photos, gardening, journaling for Spud, keeping in touch), particularly when I am working intensely on a new project. I keep saying (mantra-like) that I will get into a routine and I honestly believe that will happen soon–then I can focus more on my own health (which is better for everyone), reconnecting with my husband and getting those darned cupboard doors painted! I think you can be too hard on yourself; we might be super mums but we’re still only human with 24 hours in a day. What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business? I love getting positive feedback from customers and knowing that I

34 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013


have helped someone out in some way through my products or networking. That really makes my day. I am also grateful to be working to my own agenda and not someone else’s. I call the shots and the buck stops here; it’s very liberating. Do you have role models? What’s so inspiring about them? I look at people like Rachael Bermingham, Kim McCosker (of 4 Ingredients fame) and the Baker Girls from ‘Cake 2 The Rescue’ and think, ‘Yep, that’s what I want to do’. These are ordinary (?!??!) mums like you and me who have done brilliant things, largely off their own bat, and to that end they are a great inspiration. As a successful business owner, what advice would you give to anyone thinking of taking the leap into the business world? Research and planning are really important. It’s so dull, I know, but there’s potentially a lot at stake here and it’s better not to get too carried away in the excitement of a new idea before doing a bit of homework. I am not saying you have to do a formal business plan but you should at least nut through some basic viability questions; and a business plan template is a good starting point to flag issues you need to consider. Be aware that not everyone is going to share your enthusiasm or ‘get’ what you’re trying to achieve or what you’re going through. So tap into a couple of SME/Mumpreneur networks where you can gain support and knowledge. Also, if you do go for it, above all, try to have fun with it—recognising there will always be highs and lows!

Disney On Ice: Princesses & Heroes 5 x 4 tickets to see Disney on Ice

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Fairy Raine FROM FAIRY LANE will entertain children with storytelling, games, craft & more. Award Winning Artist specialising in • Artistry • Face Painting • Full Body Art | 35

calendar of events

Elmo’s World Tour

Elmo’s World Tour Touring NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA from 21 June to 20 July

From June


Come along with Elmo and the Sesame Street gang as they circle the globe in this all-singing, all-dancing stage show touring Australia in 2013. Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Grover, Zoe, Cookie Monster and Elmo use the letters of the alphabet to navigate a voyage through imagination that sees the gang visiting China, Zambia, France, India and Australia!

Play School Live in Concert 2013 QLD 2-26 May • ACT/WAGGA WAGGA 19-23 July TAS 11-14 August • SA 18-25 August WA 30 August - 7 September NSW - September (TBA) • NT 27-30 October

From May


Humpty is putting on a surprise show! Join him as he gathers together the Play School toys to help with the big spectacular. There are starring roles for Jemima, Big Ted, Little Ted and Meeka and guest appearances from other Play School favourites along the way. Filled with fun songs to sing and dance along with, this 40-minute show will delight Play School fans. From June

Disney On Ice: Princesses & Heroes 14

ADELAIDE 14-16 June • NEWCASTLE 21-23 June BRISBANE 27-30 June • MELBOURNE 4-8 July SYDNEY 10-14 July • PERTH 19-21 July

Enter a world of wonder where heroes and hearts prevail. Join Ariel as she yearns to explore the world above the waves and watch as Prince Eric breaks Ursula’s slithering spell to reclaim his one true love. See Prince Philip defeat the evil Maleficent as she transforms herself into a fire breathing dragon in a race against time to rescue Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora. 36 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

calendar of events From April


Room On A Broom NSW : April, May, June QLD : April, May VIC : July SA : July NT : July WA : August A much loved witch and her animal friends fly in to Australia when world renowned children’s book Room on the Broom comes to life on stage.

From June


Yo Gabba Gabba! MELBOURNE Saturday 8 June SYDNEY Saturday 15 June The Sillies are crazy little creatures that live inside of us and need to be shaken out! DJ Lance Rock and everyone’s favourite cast of colourful characters from Yo Gabba Gabba! are calling fans to get ready to jump, shake and shimmy The Sillies out when they bring their new live tour Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE! Get The Sillies Out!

From May

Miffy the Movie


QLD, NSW, SA, VIC, WA, NT, ACT Miffy, her friends Melanie and Grunty, and her dog Snuffy set out on a treasure hunt through the Zoo. Father and Mother Bunny give them five riddles through a treasure hunt song, about a colour, a shape, a movement, a number and a sound. While discovering animals that answer to the riddles, Miffy and her friends learn how to work together, find creative ways to collaborate and to reward each other for a job well done. And in the end, they are rewarded with a big surprise. Commences 11 May. All tickets $7. | 37



REDUCING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION FROM MOBILE PHONES At Powered Life, we receive all sorts of queries about tough cases to protect mobile devices from kids, dirt, dust, water, hard work and fun play. And we also receive questions about how to protect mobile users from their mobile phones and tablets. Not that anyone expects that our mobile best buddies are going to turn on us. However, it is an unavoidable fact that the benefits of internet everywhere and mobile telephony come with some risks; and one is the risk of electromagnetic radiation, or EMR. Your mobile phone or tablet has an in-built antenna that enables it to communicate with mobile networks. These antennas emit radio frequency signals—a potentially harmful microwave frequency radiation that can be absorbed by the body. • In 2011, The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that shows that just 50 minutes of mobile phone use affects brain activity in the area of brain closest to the phone. • In May 2011, scientific evidence indicating adverse health effects of mobile phone radiation prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to classify mobile phone 38 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

radiation as ‘... possibly carcinogenic to humans ...’. • R  ecent studies have also shown that the current mobile phone certification process may substantially underestimate radiation absorption for most mobile phone users, especially children and smaller adults. Mobile phone radiation is most intense in areas right next to the antenna, and it is this intense radiation that poses the greatest risk to the user. The further you are away from your phone, the intensity of mobile phone radiation and your risk for exposure decreases. In fact, mobile phone radiation is 100 times less intense at a distance of 10 cm away from the phone antenna compared to 1 cm. So, as long as your children and other people stay at least a handspan away from your mobile device when in use, the radiation intensity they are exposed to is very low and should not raise any known health concerns. Powered Life recommends that frequent users of mobile devices consider how they can reduce their exposure to EMR by: • W  aiting until a call has connected before placing the phone next to your ear, as the EMR emission is highest while the call is

Pia Argiratos

Wait until a call has connected before placing the phone next to your ear connecting. • U  sing text or SMS communication wherever possible. • K  eeping mobile phone calls brief—this will save you money and exposure to EMR. • T  rying to avoid using a mobile phone against your head when the signal is weak or you are moving as the mobile phone is emitting higher radiation to gain or maintain contact with the network. • U  sing the mobile device away from the body as much as possible. If you are a heavy user of the phone, consider using a handset, either bluetooth or wired, which means that the radiation-emitting phone is placed further away from your head. Check out the Native Union Pop phone handsets available from

labs and is proven to reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation by up to 95% below the FCC limit, while optimising your mobile device’s signal strength. Other market ‘antiradiation’ phone products actually weaken the device’s signal making the device work harder and use more power as it struggles to communicate with the mobile network. This can increase the radiation exposure to the user, as well as shorten the battery life. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued warnings against the use of such products. Pong’s cases redirect and redistribute radiation, as opposed to reducing it and are the best way to effectively protect you from unnecessary radiation exposure.

Powered Life helps people maximise the benefits of mobile technology for work, learning and play. We offer the very best brands • Switching ears while you are talking on the in protective tough cases, portable and solar phone, reducing the length of exposure to one power for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, side of your head at a time. MP3s, portable games and more. Perfect for • Using a protective case such as those by trades, engineering and construction, outdoor Pong, with patented technology to deflect the sports and camping, use by children and EMR away from the user. The technology especially people with special needs. 100% in Pong has been tested in US Federal genuine brands with full warranty, 100% Communications Commission (FCC)-certified Australian company. Live a powered life! | 39

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Dinosnores CD

8 CDs to win. Award winning stories with relaxing soundscapes that take children on an imaginative journey full of sleepy little creatures (and a few snoozy big ones too). Guided relaxation and meditation designed especially for kids.

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Killari Flower Ring Be in the running to win. This stunning unique flower ring is handcrafted from quality Peruvian silver. It’s adjustable so will fit any size finger.

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40 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

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Sistaco audrey necklace Feel like a classic movie star on your special day with this timeless beauty. This necklace features white pearls and a unique diamante side feature. By stringing some pearls across your neck you will be adding vintage glamour whilst still looking fresh and on trend. The perfect accessory to wear to a Mother’s Day dinner celebration!

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Optari backpack

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Six bright vibrant colours! The backpack features two large zippered compartments, large internal pocket, pen/ pencil pockets, side net pockets, front charms panel, comfortable straps (15 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm). Don’t forget to accessorise your backpack with our Mini Fobbz charms!

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Dinghy club His or hers outfit (shorts/tee). We strive to create beautiful Nautical Clothing that celebrates our Australian way of life on the Ocean. Made from 100% cotton our clothing is cool for the Australian summer.

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ayana organics Ayana Organics Baby Bottom Cream Valued at $19.50

A completely natural and very gentle organic baby bottom cream to help soothe nappy rash. This cream is enriched with certified organic cocoa butter to nourish and moisturise, calendula oil, which is renowned for its healing properties and a tiny bit of certified organic lavender oil to soothe. Ayana Organics Desert Rose Bath Salts 250ml – Valued at $27.95

Created with certified organic patchouli, bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils, organic rose petals, himalayan salts, and clays, these bath salts are formulated with relaxation in mind. All essential oils used are certified organic and safe throughout pregnancy.

42 | Anything but Ordinary • May June July August 2013

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last word

A LIFE LESSON ON CELEBRATING My favourite quote is, ‘Don’t keep that great bottle of wine for an important occasion. Just opening that bottle WILL be the occasion.’ Which has led me to ponder why we keep some things for ‘special occasions’ and when, exactly, are those occasions? I’m all for celebrating! The big things and the little things; there’s no reason too little. I’m known for baking cakes and cupcakes to celebrate the smallest occasion (it is really because I love cake). Call me a big kid at heart, but I really do get excited about all things ‘party’. I lose my breath at the sight of balloons and streamers, I go weak at the knees at lit candles and sparklers on a cake, and I especially love coloured lights. And while, yes, I can’t deny that life sometimes calls for serious and mundane and responsibility, shouldn’t that be all the more reason to infuse it with some occasional fun in celebrating? I think about this a lot having kids, wondering what their memories will be and how their childhood will be painted years on from now. They will know love, yes, that’s a given. But amidst all that love, I hope there are some interesting stories of celebration. And whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day or maybe you’re celebrating an achievement, there’s no denying a part of us comes alive when we make efforts to create memorable celebrations amongst our ordinary routines. Ordinary or extraordinary, there are little things we can do to make celebrations a little more memorable and here are some of my favourite tips to help you celebrate: 1. Light candles. Their flicker spells, ‘this is special.’ Turn off the lights at dinner and eat with just a scattering of tea lights. Candles in cakes aren’t just for birthdays either. We’ve been known to light candles on pancakes, muffins, doughnuts—you name it.

2. Use the ‘good dishes’. Reserve special dishes for festive occasions, and make a nice fuss over events when you pull them out. The top shelf in my kitchen cupboard holds our favourites: kid ‘wine’ glasses; the ‘Queen for a day’ plate; a birthday mug and a piece of china my grandma passed down to me. 3. Dress up. Clothing is such an easy form of expression and consequently, an easy way to feel the extra celebratory tone of a special occasion. Who said you had to keep that beautiful dress or those good dress shoes for a special occasion? If you have them on, you will feel extra special. Also the good perfume you keep only for special occasions—splash that on too. 4. Finally my favourite celebration tip: Don’t follow the rules! Who said you have to do all the right things all the time. The most fun is when you do something out of the ordinary. Get excited about something you haven’t been excited about in a long time. Try breakfast for dinner. Sleeping bags in the living room on a Friday night. Throw in a few drops of food colouring to make green eggs and ham. Drag blankets outside and tell your kids it’s ‘National Outside Day’ even though you made that up. Stay up a little later, go for a moon walk, buy water balloons, make a scavenger hunt in your backyard. Eat popcorn. Watch a thunderstorm. Smile. Celebrate all the things you are grateful for in life. These are all little ways to make a celebration more memorable. Even better, did you know there are 525,600 minutes in a year in which to celebrate? How will you celebrate? Written by Natrice Grosvenor Co-Founder of MiniMoh’s Online Marketplace | 43




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