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eing editor of a bridal magazine is a lot like planning a wedding—minus the honeymoon. Don’t be misled. I adore weddings. Even just with a second edition – a themed printed copy and an expanded on-line edition – I get giddy at the thought of a clean slate—a whole new magazine to fill with wedding

goodness. Like so many other things in our fast-paced societywedding planning can turn into a tense, stressful, hair-pulling misadventure and while planners, checklists and all the “assistive devices” are immensely helpful we known none are the end all for everything. So that’s where we come in. Because planning a wedding should be a wonderful

experience for the bride and groom – it was my quest to bring you inspirational, new and informative information that you’d hardly find anywhere else whether it is on-line or printed. So not only do we have groom’s cakes and original designs for the groom, we also have hidden gems locally and regionally for either a wedding destination or honeymoon at home. Of course we have beautiful brides in white but we also threw in a new designer out of Trinidad – just for you! Before I close I would like to thank my team: Risée, Shawn, Sherryanne, Amery, Shanelle, GiGi and Tamesha And wIth that here’s to the beginning of happily-ever-after! Cheers!

Tracy Moore Editor

FOREVER I DO WEDDING Ravine Cyrique, Dominica photo courtesty of Jungle Bay




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Risée Chaderton

Photo Editor/Lead Photographer With 17 years experience, Risee enjoys colour work and available light shooting, is a pro at shooting weddings as well as creative fantansy flow. Her Barbados-based photography company, eye.one. visuals, reflects her background in art, photojournalism, and cosmetics, as well as a longstanding preoccupation with personal style. She emphasises her interest in bringing a new artistic and stylistic sensibility to Barbadian wedding photography.

Shawn Fields Photographer Shawn is a professional photographer for more than four years under the tutlage of New York Institute of Photography and Joel Brooks. Through his photography, he seeks to document his own personal experiences, to capture scenes and events and to share with others the beauty and diversity of the world. He has been published in a few reputable magazines both locally and in the United States.

Shanelle Estwick Make-Up Artist Studied at the Barbados Vocational Board, she continues her artistry training yearly in New York. With three years experience in makeup artistry Shanelle is co-owner of locally based company I (heart) Makeup. Shanelle is a highly creative, gifted individual and is proficient in producing perfect visual presentation. Her preference in beauty and fashion makeup has allowed her to work with a large range of clients across all media.

Gigi Ma’at

Sherryanne Moore Make-up Artist Sherryanne is the creative director and owner of MakeupbySAM, a locally based and operated makeup company. She continues to create emauclate beauty since 2006. She brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity and experience in the world of makeup and beauty. Be it weddings, anniversaries or a night on the town MakeupbySAM has got you covered.

Amery Butcher Photographer Amery is a young and upcoming freelance photographer who started with the Nation Publishing Company some four years ago. He takes photos of everything from nature to weddings and is being sought after for his keen eye and professional attitude.

Stylist/Hair Stylist Not only can she do a fierce hairstyle but she is an all around stylist with a vintage eye for tailoring as well as street style. She can be found at Capello’s doing from retro-style updo’s to modern-day weave.




photo by Shawn Fields

photo by RisĂŠe Chaderton



14 photo by Shawn Fields




row ne ndr ew B to b yA




Bridal wear

Honeymoons @ Home

Visions In White 6 Grooms With A Difference 13


Real Weddings



Wedding Destinations

Bollywood In Barbados 22 Romance In Fashion 24 Sheena + Kirk Edwards 26 Selena + Damian Alleyne 47 Decor 26 Cakes 54 Catering 57 Dominica 40 Panama 42 BVI 44

photo by Risée Chaderton

photo by Risée Chaderton



Bali Hai 30 Guinea Plantation 35 Batteley Mews 38

Top Left Clockwise: Designs by Deron Attzs; Design by Alexis Campbell; Dish by Esther James; Design Rykii de Jude; Indian wear; Jewellery by Jeweler’s Warehouse; Cake by Exquisite Cakes






Gown: House of Fashion & Design Jewellery: Jeweler’s Warehouse Above: 14 karat black diamond with gold chain Below: 14 karat white gold diamond ring Bouquet: Hastings Flower Mart Location: Guinea Plantation, St John MUA: Shanelle Estwick Stylist: Gigi Ma’at Photography: Risée Chaderton Photography Assistants: Shawn Fields & Amery Butcher

in white



Jewellery: Jeweler’s Warehouse 14 karat swirl diamond design, 14 karat diamond earring with matching necklace with white gold chain

[This page] Gowns: House of Fashion & Design Location: Guinea Platation, St John

Bouquet: Hastings Flower Mart

[Opposite page] Gown: Alexis Campbell Location: Bali Hai, Westmoreland, St. James

Jewellery: Jeweler’s Warehouse 14 karat diamond flower style dangling earrings with matching, 14 karat diamond ring and necklace with gold chain







[Spread] Designer Kingsey Thorne Location: Guinea Plantation, St John




with a difference

Designer: Rykii de Jude Shoes: Praxis Location: Battaley Mews, St. Peter



Jewellery: Jeweler’s Warehouse: 14 karate white gold black diamond ring

[Spread] Designer: Rykii de Jude Shoes: Praxis Location: Battaley Mews, St. Peter



Jewellery: Jeweler’s Warehouse: White rose gold Kenneth Cole watch





Designer: Avark Shoes: Avark Location: Battaley Mews, St. Peter



[Spread] Designer: Avark Shoes: Avark Jewellery: Jeweler’s Warehouse 14 karat yellow & white gold diamond set Location: Battaley Mews, St. Peter





Ask Your


Our guru Brian Green is back to answer some more of your questions and get you ready to transform your dream into fabulous reality! Dear Brian, Who do we invite to the rehearsal dinner? My fiancé says that in addition to everyone in the wedding we have to include all the out-oftown wedding guests. I personally don’t want to include all the out-oftowners. – Too Many Cooks

Dear Too Many Cooks, Your adoring husband-to-be is absolutely correct. Etiquette does dictate that you invite out-of-town guests to the dinner. They have travelled to be with you for your special day and that is what is expected. However, modern ways to deal with a large out-of-town guest list and not break the bank could include things like doing a small dinner for the bridal party and then having a dessert bar and invite everyone to join you at that point. Or invite them to join you for cocktails and light nibbles. The upside is that most people will

generally arrive after dinner time has commenced, so you probably will not have as many people as you fear. – Brian

Dear Brian, My father and I are not close and I am very uncomfortable with him giving me away. My mom says it’s the right thing to do but I do not want to have this spoil my wedding day. What should I do? – Stumped & Stumbling Dear Stumped & Stumbling, This is an age-old question and the reality is that this is your day and you

have to be the one most comfortable. Gone are the days where you do something out of obligation at your wedding. If you and your dad do not have a close relationship, there is no reason you should feel pressured to have him take the place of honour on your day. Some options could be your mom, a sibling, an uncle, or even on your own! The most important thing is that you choose something that makes you happy, because the walk down the aisle is a pretty solemn and significant moment. It just might be the part of the wedding you remember best. – Brian Dear Brian, My parents are paying for our wedding. We have no other family, and only a few friends of mine from work will be invited. My parents have agreed to host 100 wedding guests at a seated-dinner wedding reception with an open bar at a very

nice venue. However, my fiancé and his family are upset because they want to invite more guests than that and feel it is a slight on their friends. I feel this is very unfair and I wonder how this can be resolved. My fiancé says that he will not be limited. – Embarrassed Bride Dear Embarrassed Bride, First of all, do not be embarrassed – the poor behaviour and ungrateful attitude is not yours to own and you should not feel the need to be embarrassed! However, your fiancé and his family need to get a reality check. Your parents’ most gracious gift of hosting your wedding is no small offer. It is generous and kind and for them to want to keep adding names is inconsiderate and simply rude. If they wish to add additional people then they need to be ready to put pen to chequebook to cover the cost! Simple as that!

Your parents should not be forced to foot the bill for additional people because your in-laws do not understand budget expectations and limits. I would suggest sitting with your fiancé and having a serious conversation about how unreasonable the requests have been and ask him how he would propose that those additional costs be covered. I think that once you sit with him in a calm manner and talk about what is truly being asked of your folks, he will speak to his family and get them on board as well. – Brian • Brian A.M. Green CMP, CMM, aka chief dream maker and creative visionary of F&G Events and F&G Weddings, is one of the most sought after event planners in Atlanta and other major cities including Chicago, New York City, and Washington, DC, just to name a few. He has been featured in several magazines, including über-chic and highly respected Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.

Sunbury@caribsurf.com Sunflower@caribsurf.com





Bollywood In Barbados

Henna by Faheema Patel Location: Bali Hai, Westmoreland, St.James




in fashion

Designer: Kingsley Thorne Photographer: Risee Chaderton



Designer: Deron Attzs Design Label 2014 Photographer: Shawn Fields

(This Page) Designer: Deron Attzs Design Label 2014 Photographer: Shawn Fields FOREVER I DO SUMMER


FEATURE WEDDING Wedding Story: Sheena & Kirk Edwards Wedding Date: August 26, 2012 Written By: Janelle Gilkes



When West Indies cricketer Kirk Edwards first laid eyes on Sheena Warner while they were both students at The Alexandra Secondary School, he was completely bowled over. It might have seemed the typical teenager’s crush fuelled by raging hormones. But for Kirk, the day he met her he just knew he was looking at “the one”. The hard part was getting her to look at him the same way. Just as a batsman needs to find his opening to get off the mark, a lovestruck teenager needs to find that opening to win the heart of a special girl. Kirk found a rather unusual one. “One day he called me on the phone. This was without me giving him my number. He said he saw it on a document his father had at home. His dad is an architect and he did some work for my dad. I never remembered that happening. However, he said he didn’t want to call back unless I gave him the number. I never heard anything like that before! After weeks of bother, I gave him the number,” Sheena recalled. While they chatted a few times, she knew nothing much could come of it. Sheena, a public health consultant, explained: “From school I always knew where my career would lie. It would be centred around health. In order for me to achieve this, I knew I had to put in a lot of work. Therefore my focus was solely on my schoolwork. I had to put a stop to this. I had no time for a relationship to this extent. We stopped talking for a while.” And just like that, this fledgling romance fizzled before it even properly got under way. But Kirk wasn’t going to let this particular maiden elude him. “One day I got this call out of the blue. It was Kirk. Strange enough, it was refreshing to hear him again.” He made good use of this second chance with Sheena and, one year later, on November 3 (his birthday) 2000, they made their relationship official.



Kirk, a man of few words, said, “It was challenging, as she wasn’t interested in a boyfriend until after school. [Also] her friends told her a lot of nonsense about dating me . . . well . . . not me, per se, but cricketers.” Once they made their relationship official, the two of them worked through everything life brought them until Christmas Day 2011, when Kirk decided it was time to take their relationship to a whole new level. He proposed during Sheena’s annual family luncheon. Although, as it turned out, he didn’t actually have to say much. “When he arrived, the first thing he did was give me my gift and said



‘you should open it’. The gift was in a huge box, I guess to throw me even further off, and all I could wonder was what was inside. Eventually, after removing all the paper inside the box, there was a small box with loads of paper stuffed all around it. I opened the tiny box to see a diamond ring. “By now I was smiling from ear to ear. I asked him if he was going to put it on and he did attempt to, but he was moving very slow. So I completed the job. I quickly ran off showing my mother who I met coming through the door, then my father and uncles and this started a lot of commotion. “Before we knew it, my cousin Charlia got wind of what was going on and she was running off to spread the word. By now all the guests knew and the entire family. Everybody was excited. Within no time, calls came from far and wide.” In record time, her cousin Charlia had a booklet bound and sealed, titled Sheena’s Wedding Planning Guide. It contained every idea Sheena had ever had regarding her wedding, along with ideas about gifts for guests, reception venues, colour palettes, flowers and styles for shoes, and attire for the wedding party. “Words could not explain how grateful I was for this book,” Sheena noted. Kirk, obviously proud of his creative wife, added, “Sheena did it all. She’s good at planning and executing. I could not achieve what she achieved. She just kept me informed.” After the first draft, their guest list stood at just over 500 people. Over the weeks they whittled it down to 350 – still a staggering number, but made up of their nearest and dearest. “Everyone kept saying get a wedding planner,” Sheena mused. “However, I was determined to pull it all together as this was always the plan from the time I knew how to spell. After trips overseas to find the perfect dress, endless calls to relatives overseas to source invitations and other wedding items, plus hours working on various elements of the décor, the big day finally arrived. Guests arrived to the rhythmic sounds of steel pan music. Anthurium lilies in shades of white, champagne, light pink and green as well as white chrysanthemums lined the

Wedding Location: Sandalwood Estate; Officiator: Senator Reverend Dr David Durant; Wedding Gown: Vera Wang; Change-over dress: Toni Thorne/Alexis Campbell; Tailor: Hal Warner; Music: DJ Patrick Salt Bellamy; Caterer: Peter Edey; Cake: Dan Brinckmann; Photography: Risee Chaderton of eye.one.visual

aisles and adorned the chairs. Finally, the bride practically floated up the aisle to her groom. Following the ceremony, Sheena and Kirk treated their guests to a stellar reception. The cocktail area showcased a taste of Ireland, where the two spent the longest overseas.

There was Irish music, rainbows and pots of gold – and lots of green, including green alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails. “The best thing about getting married is having that sense of completeness,” said Sheena. “This is felt even more when you know you married one of the best

friends you ever had. My advice to other couples thinking about getting married is to become very close friends first; get to understand your significant other.” Kirk’s advice for other couples is, like the man, very matter-of-fact: “Forget television and live according to how you both see fit in the real realms of the world. No two relationships can be the same, so understand each other and work through the difficult periods.”



Bali Hai Honeymoon @ Home In Barbados



Ariel view

Party for Two Ah, yes! The time that couples take to celebrate their union in seclusion and privacy. A time to do things as a couple and settle into the new reality of being together as husband and wife. It is a time to start over and bond without the demands of everyday life. In Western culture, the honeymoon holiday idea was borrowed from Indian culture before spreading to Europe and other societies. Today, it is standard practice and expected that couples will take time off immediately following their wedding. In Barbados, whether in the form of a staycation or an overseas trip, the objective and results are the same. Staycations offer a budget-friendly alternative and are appropriate for those who may not be able to take an extended trip overseas. If your budget cannot accommodate a full-blown honeymoon, consider checking into a hotel at least for the night of the wedding to “gel� as a married couple. Local honeymoons need not be expensive. A smaller hotel can provide top-notch service and are an alternative to five-star hotels. Opting for beach-view rooms is always a good bet, adding to the ambience of the occasion. When packing for your special trip, consider going light. A pair of jeans, a few tops, a sundress and a black dinner dress will suffice; two pairs of shoes and a handbag, and you are ready to go. Personalized apparel is also popular. Baby tees, bags, robes featuring the family name and other monogrammed items are big this year and can make the couple feel extra-special. Whatever you do, remember the purpose is to bond and enjoy this new phase of your relationship. Written By Anmarie Bailey





Gown; House of Fashion & Design

An Island Villas Exclusive Property, Bali Hai is a dreamy, Asian-inspired four bedroom luxury villa on the world-renowned Royal Westmoreland Resort. (also see page 6-7) The villa spans two levels with the main living area, kitchen, formal dining and expansive pool deck on the lower level and the master suite upstairs granting spectacular resort and sea views. An alfresco dining gazebo overlooks a picturesque waterfall to one side and grants stunning resort vistas on the other. Three additional en suite bedrooms are located in guest cottages, one poolside and two on the lower level. The villa offers resort luxury in a unique and breathtaking, Zenlike environment – the ideal hideaway for honeymooners.

photos by Shawn Fields and Amery Butcher



Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a long-standing tradition at wedding ceremonies or receptions. These small gifts are given as a thank-you from the bride and groom in appreciation of guests’ attending the wedding. Favours started as small ornamental boxes or jars of confectionery, or bonbonnières, in Europe, and wedding or “great cake” in Barbados. They then evolved to almonds, and today they are as varied as the couples getting married. Modern favours are often based on the theme of the wedding, allowing for the couple’s personality to shine through in this detail as well. For example, beach weddings often include shells or sand either in the motif or as the actual favour. The tone of the wedding often dictates the type of favour selected. A more traditional wedding tends to a more traditional favour but more and more couples are embracing quaint and unique options, bucking tradition. According to Kimberley Branch of Premier Events, lip balm is one of the hottest favours for this season, with personalizing also another big trend. This gives that extra touch to the memoir and adds to the longevity of the gift. Branch advises couples not to go overboard and stay on budget when selecting favours, adding that options exist at different price points. It should also be noted that favours can range from the traditional to the faddish. When selecting your parting gifts, go with heartfelt items that suit the couple and the guests. These gifts are more meaningful and tend to be appreciated more, so opt for personalized bottles of homemade wine, rum punch or other beverages or jams and preserves. Packaging is also important and can be coordinated to the colour scheme of the wedding, giving a uniform and well pulled together look. Unexpected packaging such as burlap is also becoming increasingly popular. Don’t be afraid to experiment but remember to keep it tasteful. Two of Branch’s favourite sites are www.myweddingfavors. com and www.smartyhadaparty.com.

Written by Anmarie Bailey



Guinea Plantation

Located in the scenic parish of St John, Guinea Plantation provides a peaceful and romantic getaway for couples where all you have to bring is each other. References to the plantation dates back as far as 1654 as one of the first sugar plantation on the island and stocked all at once with an entire cargo of Africans from the Guinea Coast – hence its name. The sprawling location offers intimate picnics on beautiful lawns, poolside or deckside dinner for two. Stroll the gardens and get to know each other better or relax in the jacuzzi and kindle the honeymoon flame. Photos by Shawn Fields and Amery Butcher



Above: photo compliments of Guinea Plantation Top Right: photo by RiseĂŠ Chaderton of eye.one.visuals Gown by House Of Fashion & Design MUA: Shanelle Estwick, I(Heart) Makeup. Bottom Right: Photo by Shawn Fields Bottom Left: Photo compliments of Guinea Plantation





Photos by Shawn Fields



Battaleys Mews is ideally located in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of beautiful Mullins Beach, St Peter. Battaleys Mews is perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway for their honeymoon. The colonial-style townhouses feature a free-flowing Caribbean design with a large covered terrace, tropical furnishing and a breezy open-plan layout. The outdoor dining terrace and plunge pool accentuate these charming townhouses. Battaleys Mews also has a clubhouse with a large swimming pool, shallow kids pool, bar and lounge area and is also walking distance to the beach.






Isle of Splendor



The Fort Young Hotel is nestled on the waterfront overlooking the Caribbean Sea – cradled in the beauty of Dominica’s mountainous landscape. On land, and below the sea, couples will experience a sense of serenity and endless beauty of the island. Being Dominica’s premier hotel, the Fort Young’s old world charm comes from the combination of its unique architecture, rich history, and courteous staff.

Jungle Bay Resort & Spa Nestled along Dominica’s south east coast, Jungle Bay is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean, a hidden gem for romantic honeymoons. It incorporates romance with adventure, culinary treats and stunning volcanic stone beaches in an intimate jungle island setting. Explore hidden waterfalls, ocean pools, and natural hot springs, as well as the better-known Dominica attractions like the Boiling Lake.

Secret Bay was built on love - and with love. Located on the northwest coast of Dominica, this boutique ecoluxury development is just a ten-minute drive to the quaint town of Portsmouth and one-hour’s drive to the capital Roseau. The secluded villas and bungalows were designed by award-winning Latin American architect Fruto Vivas, to maximise the natural beauty of Secret Bay and to minimise the impact on this pristine environment. In your villa or bungalow, discover serenity, peace and relaxation - and on your doorstep, a world of adventure and opportunity. You can stay in either a stunning Zabuco Honeymoon Villa, Zing-Zing Villa or in one of our romantic treetop bungalows.




Bocas del Toro Aerial vew of Tesoro Escondido

Bocas del Toro is an archipelago off the northwest coast of Panama. Its characterised with dense rain forests, ringed by white sand and a surrounding array of hundreds of tiny uninhabited islets and is an eco-tourism favourite with Englishspeaking and other tourists traveling to this Central American country. Bocas town is the capital of the entire Bocas Province. The pace is deliciously slow and seductive on a backdrop of blue-sky panorama of Caribbean beauty creating a sensation of returning to Eden for newly weds.



Tesoro Escondido is hidden within the trees lining two breathtaking coves next to Bluff Beach. It is a simple, rustic, quiet, and laid back refuge for nature lovers. All rooms and cabinas have balconies or deck access with hammock. There are no televisions here - its just you and nature – you’ll be steps away from surfing some of the best waves in Panama, beach-combing, and snorkeling hidden coves.

Just recently changed into an adultsonly all inclusive property, Popa Paradise Beach Resort is a 16-room luxury boutique hotel located in the Southern archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama. Popa Paradise is unique amongst Bocas del Toro hotels, in that the property offers a wide variety of activities, perfect for newly weds with spacious and inviting accommodations, delicious food, all the amenities, and personal attention.

Photos compliments of Popa Paradise beach resort: Casitas




Virgin Islands

More than 40 islands bob in the BVI group, welcoming visitors with an absurd amount of beach. Tortola maybe the archipelago’s father of them all but Virgin Gorda  is BVIs’ beauty and innocence – perfect for a wedding destination, Jost Van Dyke  is a jovial little island with a huge personality. And not-like-the-others,  Anegada  floats in a remote reef so that if you’re

looking to get away from it all – just you and your hubby/wife to be, this atoll has a hammock waiting. Then there are the sprinkling of islands – some uninhabited, some with just a beach bar, some with shipwrecks to dive on. You’ll need your own boat to reach them, but since the BVIs are the world’s charter-boat capital, you’re in luck.

Couple enjoying the pool at Little Dix Bay Resort, Virgin Gorda, BVI



Couple walking Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Couple crusing

Couple overlooking the Baths, Virgin Gorda, BVI



Play On Music is an integral part of any wedding. Wedding songs hold lifelong memories for the couple – the first dance and other special moments are all tied to music. As American Bandstand host Dick Clark once said, “Music is the soundtrack of our lives,” therefore the right selection is important. Music sets the tone for a wedding and that’s why several options exist when deciding on music – a live band, deejays, or digital music players are three that immediately come to mind. Budget is generally one of the deciding factors when choosing which option to go with. A live band tends to be more costly than a deejay, while using your digital music player is even less costly. A deejay may be cheaper than a band and give greater variety of music. However, if you are using

either a deejay or band, discuss the type of music you would like played, with specific do’s and don’ts. If you are going with your own playlist, consider the following: • The time of the wedding influences selection. Music at a morning wedding tends to be softer. This may not be the time to play loud music. Go for soft and romantic background music. A small band, classical music and/or instrumental music are highly appropriate. • Your wedding music should reflect you. Let your taste guide your selection, bearing your audience in mind. • Try to provide music that all can appreciate or enjoy. • Having special songs for the high points at your reception – for example, the grand entrance, first dance, cutting the cake and so on. Overall do’s and don’ts: (1) Discuss your needs with your music provider well in advance. (2) Establish your time frames and inform guests when special moments are near. (3) End with a bang. (4) Test devices in advance as some downloads don’t work with all media. (5) Inform the music provider of the set-up and take down times. (6) Ensure that background music does not drown out conversation during dinner or cocktails. • Information provided by Yvette Holder of Blissful Begininz. Written by Anmarie Bailey

FEATURE WEDDING Wedding Story: Selena & Damian Alleyne Wedding Date: March 1, 2013 Wedding Story By: Janelle Gilkes FOREVER I DO SUMMER


Do you know any couples who, in the midst of a conversation with a group of people, can catch each others’ eye, shut out the world and lose themselves in that smouldering, lovey-dovey gaze, oblivious to people standing there waving their hands and saying “yoo-hoo, hel-lo-oooo”? Well, that’s Selena and Damian Alleyne – newlyweds for whom everything is still as fresh and intense as the first day they met. They first locked eyes at Glimmer, an event organized by Illusions in 2010. Selena, a pole fitness instructor, went with her girlfriends to party, while Damian, former national swimming champion and Olympian, had been hired as eye candy. After checking each other out for the entire night, he finally went over for a dance. There must have been an audible “click” in the universe that night, because they soon became inseparable. “When you know, you just know,” they both said when FOREVER I DO visited them at their Christ Church home. Selena, a mother of two who had ventured down the aisle once before, said this time around, it felt like “the real deal”. “He was the first man I met since my ex that interacted with my kids in such a way that it made me think ‘wow, this man really loves my children’ – and for me, that was paramount. He just took them in as his own and I admire that about him greatly. “And he displayed all these qualities I was looking for in a partner. From just being with him for a few months, I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. “When I got married the first time, I was barely 21. I was young, in love, defiant, but I don’t think you know yourself well enough to make that decision at that age. Now that I’m older and know who I am as a woman



and what I want in a man, that makes a big difference in choosing a partner. “You have to know yourself and love yourself before you can really give that love to someone else,” she said. Grinning from ear to ear, Damian explained: “I was always dead set on never getting married. [But] she’s the only woman I had ever been with that I could honestly say I wanted to marry. I can’t explain it any other way than to say it is about the love I feel for her and the kids; the way we interact and get along, it just felt like a perfect fit.” The setting for the proposal might have seemed textbook romantic. The date: Valentine’s Day, 2012 The scene: a romantic dinner prepared, candles lit, hot bath ready for the unsuspecting girlfriend. What wasn’t scripted, though, was the proposal itself. Selena recalled, “It just came really naturally. We were talking about our lives and our future and then he just looked in my eyes and told me all the reasons he loved me and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to be his wife.



“And of course I cried and said yes! Yes! Yes!” “It wasn’t planned,” Damian added. “All along I was nervous, saying should I ask, should I not ask. But as we were talking, I just knew it was the right moment.” Question popped, the two immediately ensured that Selena’s son and daughter were involved in the planning. While she and her daughter looked through magazines, Damian and his soon to be stepson had their “boys’ time”. Her daughter was a junior bridesmaid and her son stood at Damian’s side as a groomsman. “All through the process they were involved, so once Damian and I got married, they understood this is our unit, our family,” she said. When they finally tied the knot on March 1, 2013, they kept it as special and intimate as everything else in their lives. The two wed at Santosha in Windy Hill, St Andrew – a private property tucked away from prying eyes with spectacular views of the ocean from the balcony. Sheena immersed herself in planning, with an easy-going Damian helping out wherever and however he could, but the roles switched



on their wedding day. “She was having her hair done and her make-up and she couldn’t come outside because I was out there. So I was organizing and I became the wedding planner,” he said with a laugh, adding, “although I was calling her every five minutes asking ‘babe, where do you want this thing or that?’” Before 50 of their closest friends and family members, Selena walked down the aisle towards Damian in a lace Watters gown that left Damian speechless. “I was cheesing to the max,” he said, smiling at the memory. “She looked so beautiful.” Selena and Damian have a few kernels of advice for anyone looking to get married. They both agree that counselling is a good idea and for them it reaffirmed that they were indeed on the right path. They also believe couples should not use their honeymoon as a sightseeing vacation but

more as a time to reconnect after the hectic wedding-planning. “I would tell anyone who is thinking about getting married, make sure it’s about you and not just about what everyone around you wants, or the people at work, or that person you met five years ago and feel obligated to invite. It’s not about that. “It’s about you and your partner. It was important for us to make it intimate and have it be about our union; about the two of us coming together, and our love. Everything had to be very us and very detailed,” Selena explained. Damian’s advice is simply this: “Marriage is not something where you put in effort and then you get married and you stop. Marriage is a continuing work in progress. If you want to succeed at something, like in sports, you have to work hard at it – and marriage is the same way. “And it’s not just one person who has to work; it’s both of you.”

Wedding Location: Santosha, St Andrew; Photography: Curwin Cherubin; Hair: Julie Mc Nicoll Makeup: Lia Gajadhar; Decor: Emma Corrie Designs; Catering: Daniel O'Shea; Music: Paul DeCoteau

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Page 51: Event Design and Planner: Pangroove Elegant Events Location: Barbados This Page: Event Design and Planner: Brian A. M. Green - F. G. Weddings N.Y.C. Inspired tablescope Opposite Page:Event Design and Planner: Brain A. M. Green - F. G. Weddings Location: Atlanta





With Love by Esther James: Orchid 2-layered wedding cake: chocolate and vanilla cake; elegantly covered in a fondant and decorated with fresh orchids filled with flowers

Cakes With Love by Esther James: Cake pots in chocolate and vanilla. They are artisan cake balls dipped in a white chocolate ganache and decorated by hand with a purple flower and white pearls using fondant - all edible.

WIth Love by Esther James: Chocolate hazelnut-flavoured cherry blossom wedding cake with hand-crafted love birds and cherry blossom flowers. Cupcake tower at the bottom to compliment.



Kijanis Cake Design: Two-tier groom’s cake - top tier is vanilla and bottom tier is a decadant chocolate. All the features are hand-painted and edible.

Kijanis Cake Design: Malibu coconut sculpted groom’s cake. The accessories of the car were made with fondant and are edible.

photos by Shawn Fields FOREVER I DO SUMMER


Photos by Shawn Fields

[Below] Intimate Catering: Sampling of an extensive array of cupcakes.

[Left] Exquisite Cakes by Janelle: An adorned 5-tier wedding cake inspired by the bride’s love for fashion and the groom’s love for golf. Made of German chocolate, decadent thick coconut pecan filling all resting on a perfectly moist chocolate cake; layers also include peaches and cream; freshly blended peaches in white cake with a cream sweet mousse centre; red velvet chocolate cake with orange honey cream cheese filling; Almond Joy Banana Truffle cake and finally a moist yellow layered cake tossed in amaretto and slivered almonds along with Irish Cream king cake toppled on ginger cake with a delicate mix of Irish cream, rum butter and pure vanilla extract.   [Top Left] Exquisite Cakes By Janelle: Three-tier Pop Wedding Cake is a non-traditional tiers of lemon chiffon with strawberry mousse, orange coconut and raspberry mocha flavours, then a burst of cream sherry champagne.



Catering Seared Scallops over Coriander Breadfruit Mash and Pea Puree

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb served with Crushed Parmesan New Potatoes & Arugula

Chicken Piccata Milanese: Parmesan breaded chicken breasts served over Angel Hair Pasta and Tomato Salsa

Esther James, private villa chef, began creating health breads and healthy cakes for work mates, family and close friends just before making the decision to establish a full-on dessert company called With Love by Esther James. The art of cooking and cake design is a prominent part of Esther James’ career. She was the private chef for Pop star, Rihanna and her team during her stay here in the summer of 2012 and her cake was featured in Cover Drive’s music video, “All My Love”. FOREVER I DO SUMMER


Coconut and Sorrel “Panna Cotta” Candied Plantain Wafers

Seared Big-eye Tuna Spiced Green Lentils, Dressed Micro Greens Chocolate Mousse

[centre right] Avocado Sorbet, Pistachio Praline, Breadfruit Crisps



After having spent several years studying and perfecting his culinary skills overseas, John Hazzard is now the owner and Executive Chef of John Hazzard Events, a contemporary highend catering company. John started his culinary career at the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados where he first found himself there on a course attachment in his early 20s. It was during this time, whilst making the rounds in a variety of departments, that his love of the kitchen was cemented. His list of impressive culinary work attachments include some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants, including the Savoy Hotel in England, Kunstuben Restaurant in Switzerland, and Aureole Restaurant in New York.

Photos by Andrew Browne

Scott Ames is best known as a chef with a unique flair. Originally from the UK, Scott has made Barbados his home over the past 13 years. During that time he has created successful businesses and a name for himself that is synonymous with exceptional. With Scott’s Catering, he and his team delivers top quality food, quality service, innovative ideas and satisfaction guaranteed. No matter where you live or what type of food, whether a party of two or 12, they provide an experience that you will never forget. Chili Shrimp Skewer served in a bamboo boat

(Below) Braised Black Belly Sheep with Creamy Horseradish Mash, Fine Beans and Braising Reduction (centre) Canapes of Tuna Tartar on Wonton Crisp (left) Chili Shrimp Skewer served in a bamboo boat

Roast Fillet of Snapper topped with crab meat and a herb crust with fingerling poataoes and Fish Beurre Blanc




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The Royal Shop 246.429.7072 – 32 Broad Street, Bridgetown                246.431.0296 – Cruise Terminal, Bridgetown Port, St Michael 

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Alleyne Willie Assoc Photography Ltd Flagstaff Streats Road, Clapham, St. Michael 246.427.0112 Andrew Browne Photography Mayers Road, My Lords Hill, St. Michael Barbados 246.253.2566 www.andrewbrownephotos.com www.fb.com/andrewbrownephotos Beach Snappers Inc 88 Mahogany Boulevard, Bakers Wood, St Peter, Barbados 246.432.7013 Brooks LaTouche Photography Ltd Opposite 5th Avenue Belleville, Pine Road, St. Michael, Barbados  246.427.2313 eye.one.visuals Risee Chaderton Holders Hill, St James 246.823-1191/232-4448 www.eyerisee.com Leroy G Harris Photography Inc 94A Hampton End, Chancery Lane Terrace, Christ Church, Barbados  246.230.1428 Magical Moments Photography Steve Cumberbatch 6 Brighton Close, Brighton, St George 246.230.3732 Nomoore Creations Retreat Wood, St. George, Barbados  246.253.3166


Capello - The Salon Featuring Gigi Ma’at Balmoral Gap, Hastings Christ Church, Barbados 246.437.7148 www.facebook.com/CapelloTheSalon Flawless 14 Bannatyne Gardens Christ Church, Barbados 246.253.6753 www.flawlessstyling.com I(Heart)Makeup Featuring Kamilah 246.230.3485 www.facebook.com/Ihrtmakeup Make Up By SAM Sherryanne Moore 246.234.6194 www.eyemakeupbysam.wix.com/ sherryannemoore Travel LIAT Limited Terminal 2 Grantley Adams International Airport, Christ Church, Barbados 246.420.7201 Wedding/Reception Venues George Washington House Bush Hill, Garrison, St. Michael, Barbados  246.228.5461 Heritage Park Foursquare Rum Distillery, St. Philip, Barbados  246.420.1748 The Cliff Restaurant Derricks, St. James, Barbados  246.432.1922 Sudbury Plantation House St.Philip, Barbados, 246.423.6270 www.barbadosgreathouse.com



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