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1965 – 2010

We’ve only just begun

4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

2 | NOVEMBER 21, 2010

We’ve Only Just Begun

Thank you, from Courts ON BEHALF of all of us, our regional managing director, local directors, managers and every team member in the Courts family, I wish to express our sincere thanks for your continued patronage over the past 45 years. We’ve weathered the storms together, we’ve shared in the joys together and we’ve accomplished many things together; together as a team of vibrant and dedicated staff, together with loyal customers,

together with committed suppliers and most importantly, together with God as our guide. I’ve been in this position for the last eight months and the task has been exciting in many ways. I wish to take this opportunity to reassure all our customers and staff alike, that the future of Courts is bright. While it may seem as though we made significant strides over the years, and we have, we are also launching into a era of advancing

Editor’s note IT WAS in the year 2000 that I recall being overwhelmed by the fact that Courts was celebrating 35 years of trading in Barbados. Not overwhelmed at the age, but overwhelmed at the accomplishments, the work and energy we all had to invest in the celebrations as well as our daily duties. At the time I was the PR/promotions assistant and enjoyed every minute of it. Then came the 40th, and I was still around, and God has blessed me with the opportunity to see yet another milestone in our company, the 45th year. Every year of celebration since I’ve been employed by this noteworthy organisation has been one of fond memories, innovation and excitement.This year will be no exception. With a rich historical past and a bright and promising future, I think it's fitting for us to theme this feature “We've only just begun!” We believe in ensuring that a high level of creativity is centred around our presentation to the Barbadian public, and believe me, despite the demands of the job, we enjoy every minute of it, from intense brainstorming meetings, to planning and execution. This year, as opposed to highlighting every department and what every team member does in their day-to-day duties on the job, we will show you more of the “fun side” of Courts and where we as team members envisage this business to be over the next few years. – PAULA PHILLIPS DIRECTOR OF MARKETING

technology and tremendous development, and intend to remain consistent in our efforts to deliver the best. You would have noticed, that in the last few months we have made significant changes to our superstores across the island; primarily Courts Haggatt Hall, Courts Bridgetown, Courts Speightstown and most recently Courts Sheraton. If you have not yet visited these internationally

designed stores, I invite you to a shopping experience and ambience comparable to none other on the island. While these refurbishments were big investments for the business, the primary focus was to ensure that you, our valued customers, enjoy the ease of movement in our stores and the accessibility to products, as well as creating an ambiance where you can visualize our products in your home environment.

In the next few years, we will continue to further develop the Courts brand, and I will do as much as I can to ensure that you are pleased with our efforts, and remain with us for more years to come. Once again, thank you, and we do look forward to seeing and serving you soon. – TRISHA TANNIS MANAGING DIRECTOR

4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

NOVEMBER 21, 2010 | 3

We’ve Only Just Begun

Meet the executive team TRISHA TANNIS (MANAGING DIRECTOR) Years in the business: 11 Years in your current position: Eight months What is the most interesting/challenging part of your job? Staying abreast of international retailing standards and local market trends so that the Barbadian community has access to cutting edge technology and retailing infrastructure. What is your most “fun” or “memorable moment” on the job? Being given the opportunity to lead the Barbados operation of Courts and to be a part of the regional management team.

TRISHA TANNIS the team setting up the business and to be on the ground in South Africa was a truly amazing experience.

OLIVER NICHOLAS been blessed with the opportunity to interact with the leading marketers in the region, travel the world, further my studies and meet many interesting people. In terms of fun, amidst the challenges, everyday in marketing is “FUN!”

PAULA PHILLIPS female managing director in the Unicomer group.

RODNEY BRADSHAW (DIRECTOR OF FURNITURE PURCHASING) PAULA PHILLIPS Years in the business: Ten (DIRECTOR OF MARKETING) months Years in the business: 11 Years in your current Years in your current position: Ten months OLIVER NICHOLAS position: Six years What is the most SIMON PRINCE (DIRECTOR OF CREDIT) What is the most interesting/challenging (DIRECTOR OF ELECTRICAL Years in the business: 14 interesting/challenging part of your job? ) PURCHASING Years in your current part of your job? Selecting the style of Years in the business: 24 position: Seven years Marketing is very furniture that is appealing to a What is the most multifaceted, and the Courts Years in your current very wide cross section of position: Seven years interesting/challenging brand is very dynamic, thus consumers. As furniture What is the most part of your job? making my job both selection is quite personal, interesting/challenging The most interesting part interesting and challenging. setting the pace in terms of of my job is working alongside However, the most challenging part of your job? making available the most Keeping abreast of the credit team to fulfill the aspect of my job is being able recent trends and designs, customer needs and dreams of our customers as to consistently deliver a high technology while ensuring that appropriate colours and they seek to provide a better level of creativity in our our product offering suits the standard of living for external communication and themselves and their families. to ensure that results of these market’s demand. It is also interesting to note how the What is your most “fun” efforts are warranted by our or “memorable moment” customers and share holders. constant changes in technology impact on the way on the job? What is your most we live and how this affects My involvement in the “fun” or “memorable consumer purchase decisions. “start-up” of our former, moment” on the job? What is your most South Africa business as The fondest memories “fun” or “memorable project manager for the come in seeing the eyes of moment” on the job? implementation of their delight, the smiles of The appointment of business systems software. It satisfaction and the words of was interesting while contentment when a Courts current Managing Director Trisha Tannis. As she is the first challenging to be a member of prize is delivered. I’ve also

SIMON PRINCE fabrics makes this function very exciting. What is your most “fun” or “memorable moment” on the job? As some of our products are selected through international wholesalers, the order process does not always allow for physical interaction. Thus, one of the most “fun” aspects of my job is seeing the products arrive, touching, feeling, and experiencing the comfort. It is also quite rewarding to see customer’s responses and to gather feedback, in order to fulfill their needs.

RODNEY BRADSHAW Years in the business: 11 Years in current position: Six years What is the most interesting/challenging part of your job? The most interesting part of my job is the daily interaction with customers and staff.The challenging part is ensuring that the company’s standards are achieved and maintained by all store teams and to provide excellent service to our customers. What is the most “fun” or “memorable moment” on the job? Making the Big Prize


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4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

4 | NOVEMBER 21, 2010

STEVE MARSHALL • From Page 3. presentation to our customers. It is memorable moment when giving back to our loyal customers. STEVE ALLEYNE (DIRECTOR OF AFTER SALES SERVICE) Years in the business: 24 Years in your current position: Two What is the most interesting or challenging part of your job? To motivate my team to consistently deliver high customers service standards to all our customers.To reiterate their importance to the business as warehousing and serving are at the end of the supply chain of the business. What is the most “fun” or “memorable moment” on the job? The most memorable

STEVE ALLEYNE moment was being awarded the Employee of the Year and winning the coveted prize of a car. At that point in time, I functioned as team manager, and was particularly honoured to be recognised by more junior team players as being worthy of such a title. It gives you a feeling of tremendous confidence as a person and leader. ATIOLA HARPER (DIRECTOR OF FINANCE) Years in the business: One Years in your current position: One What is the most interesting or challenging part of your job? Interacting with both colleagues and the public in general to solve problems and have customers’ needs met. What is your most “fun” or “memorable moment” on the job?

We’ve Only Just Begun


JENNIFER FRANCIS customer service excellence. I was not here that long What is the most “fun” but I would say meeting my or “memorable moment” regional colleagues for the first time during a recent trip on the job? Seeing the interaction from to Miami and learning from the vast experience within the team members during the recently held Customer group, was exciting and also Service Week of Activities; the memorable. company was energised. JENNIFER FRANCIS KYREL ROACH (DIRECTOR OF CUSTOMER (DIRECTOR OF HUMAN SERVICE) RESOURCES) Years in the business: 16 Years in the business: 11 Years in your current Years in your current position: Two position: Two What is the most What is the most interesting/challenging interesting/challenging part of your job? part of your job? The most interesting part Interacting with persons at of my job thus far, has been all levels and bringing the right the regional introduction of solutions to challenges. the Courts Five Star What is the most “fun” Customer Service or “memorable moment” Programme, while the most challenging is motivating every on the job? On joining the company, single one of our team my boss at the time was the members to give a director for both Marketing consistently high level of

KYREL ROACH and Human Resources.This dual role allowed the HR team to became involved in all of the PR initiatives: Birthday parties for our valued customers, our very own Mr and Mrs Courts show; Superstar Search competitions; and many others. For me, the most memorable event was actually participating in all segments of the 40th Anniversary Concert of which team members made up the full cast. Modeling, dancing, singing … actually performing in one of our ads (TV star) but more importantly, was the sheer joy that was experienced from all Courts employees who performed in the concert … it was really a team effort from one big happy family. GLENROY EASTMOND Years in the Business: 23 Years as an executive:

GLENROY EASTMOND Seven What is the most interesting or challenging part of your job? Completing the monthly reporting package on time as new schedules are often added. Of course this makes the process more interesting put creates time pressure. What is your most “fun” or “memorable moment” on the job? The most memorable time on the job was two years ago when we switched from the DOS based Fact 2000 accounting software to the Windows based Oracle Financials. I served as a key user for the region and assisted with training in Guyana and Trinidad.

4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

NOVEMBER 21, 2010 | 5

We’ve Only Just Begun

In the beginning ...

PREMIER ERROL W BARROW (left) cutting the ribbon at the ceremonial opening ceremony to declare Courts open on November 20, 1965. (GP)

COURTS began its relationship with Barbadian consumers in November 1965, offering quality furniture and furnishings at affordable prices. As the years rolled on the relationship grew stronger and the product range wider, and today Courts enjoys an enviable position as a leader in the market.


6 | NOVEMBER 21, 2010

NOVEMBER 21, 2010 | 7



4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

We’ve Only Just Begun







All in the family SPEIGHTSTOWN



We Congratulate

Courts (Barbados) Ltd. CREDIT TEAM


on their



and we wish them continued success

Warrens, St. Michael. Tel: 417-7777

4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

8 | NOVEMBER 21, 2010






4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

NOVEMBER 21, 2010 | 9

We’ve Only Just Begun





4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

10 | NOVEMBER 21, 2010

We’ve Only Just Begun

A million reasons to be happy HIS LOVING Christmas gift of a toaster oven for his wife and a hair clipper for his two sons gave him two entries for the Courts Millionaire prize – but that was enough to land him the big prize in 1994. Courts Bridgetown was filled with eager customers and staff on the morning of December 30. It was time for the Courts Millionaire Draw. Patrick Gollop heightened the crowd’s enthusiasm with his usual flair as Steve Marshall, managing director of Courts (Barbados) Limited, and Anne Reid, personnel manager, prepared for the draw. The tension mounted as the barrel containing over 500 000 entries finally topped turning and Marshall reached in and pulled the winning entry for the Courts Millionaire Draw. As soon as the accountants verified that the entry was indeed valid, a cavalcade of vehicles carrying representatives of Courts, their advertising agency, camera crew and the media started their journey to seek out the new Courts millionaire, Prince Parris of Maynards, St Peter. Many attempts were made to locate Parris and all proved unsuccessful, so at 11 a.m. the cars were parked a short distance from his home and the wait began. Minutes turned into hours. A number of

ORIAL SPRINGER (right) exclaiming after learning of the $1/2 m. win from Anne Reid of Courts. (FP) PRINCE PARRIS (right), Courts’ first millionaire, basking in his good fortune as he is interviewed by Patrick Gollop. At centre is Parris’ good friend Wesley Bites Clement. (FP) children from the area, including Parris’ sons Prince (Danny) Jr. and Renaldo came over to the group and chatted. Adults passing by stopped also when they recognised Patrick Gollop, Marshall and Reid. The clock kept ticking until finally, at 6:02 p.m., the 34-year-old chainsman at the National Housing Corporation walked towards the crowd that had gathered and was greeted by loud cheers. A quiet, unassuming Parris was happy to know he was Courts Millionaire. “I feel like a million. I never thought about what I would do if I won. I’ve been shopping at Courts for years. It’s my favourite store.” Parris, who had then been married for nine years, won a $300 000 house at Coral Glade, St James; $360 000 in food from Big B Supermarket; $250 000 cash; a fully-loaded Vitara jeep from Simpson Motors worth $60 000; $15 000 in jewellery from Correia’s and $15 000 in travel on BWIA.

Corporate citizen par excellence SINCE opening its doors in Barbados 45 years ago, besides helping to transform countless homes with affordable furniture and furnishings, and impacting lives through countless promotions which rewarded loyal long-time as well as new customers, Courts has evolved into a corporate citizen par excellence. Never one to miss the opportunity to support a worthy cause, Courts has, over the last four decades, partnered with numerous organisations, both large and small, providing sponsorship to ensure the success of a variety of worthwhile endeavours. From its support for national festivals such as Gospelfest, Crop-Over, and the Oistins Fish Festival, to its sponsorship of various sporting associations and events Courts continues to play its part. Over the years the company has been a proud supporters of: Mr and Mrs Barbados body building competition Local cycling National Primary schools athletics championships Powerhouse Barbados Masters football League National Domino Association

• • • • •

• Nation Fun Walk and Fun Ride • CaribSurf National Spelling Bee • Barbados Red Cross' Meals on Wheels programme Carrying Out The

Promise project aimed at alleviating poverty Barbados Kidney Association Barbados Council for the Disabled, and Richard Stoute Teen Talent contest, to name a few.

• • •

Life changing win

IT TOOK her entire family to help her hold her cheque for $500 000: Big winner Orial Springer (centre) is congratulated by her husband Anthony (standing left). Also in the picture is Steve Marshall, managing director of Courts, Orial’s father, Nigel Moore (top left), and mother (extreme right). (FP)

AFTER becoming a Courts 1/2 millionaire in 1991, Orial Springer changed her profession from teaching to accounting, and moved on to become a certified general accountant and business owner. Springer was able to build her own home and improve her quality of life since leaving Rosemont housing area.This, she said, was as a direct result of winning the prize.

NOVEMBER 21, 2010 | 11 4 5 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y S P E C I A L

We’ve Only Just Begun

Warm memories of yesterday MAUREEN GREENE, operations manager, Administration has worked at Courts for 41 years. Her most lasting memory is “Many, many years ago on Saturday mornings customers would gather outside the store long before opening hours. I enjoyed watching the surge as they competed with each other to be first inside and first to get to the cashiers. I remember it like it was yesterday.” OSCAR MOORE, warehouse supervisor, has worked for 44 years at Courts and says that every single working day during that time, and counting, “I have been doing my best for the company. I really do not pick out or analyse any special occasion. Every day is a good day.” JOSEPH BROOMES, warehouse assistant, started as a porter at Courts over 38 years ago. He recalls: “One of the most inspiring managers I ever worked with was Richard Hart, I really looked up to him. I have had many

interesting experiences working with the staff over the years, and the customers as well.” SYLVENA HALL began work at Courts in September 1971 and is now a senior staff member among the customer service representatives in Bridgetown. She says “My fondest memories of working here are back in the ’70s and ’80s when we used to have a lot of customers, so eager to make their purchases that they would be waiting for the store to open. Some of them remained our loyal customers through the years, they would come in and look for you, and come back with their children and grandchildren. DELORES NURSE began working at Courts in 1972, but left in 1982. She then returned in 1987 and is now the cash manager. She still laughs when she thinks of the most memorable event there. “It is when I turned 50. Unknown to me, the management and my colleagues planned a surprise birthday treat for me.They even contacted my husband to come for it. It was completely unexpected and a very warm and wonderful surprise.”

A vision for tomorrow MAYLEEN SARGEANT is store manager of Courts Bridgetown flagship store and has worked for the company for 18 years. She sees a need for the business “to continue to grow its database of loyal clientele but also to increase the focus on attracting new and younger customers.The aim should be to get them making choices at the store, from the time they start working, when they are setting up their own apartments and houses and especially when planning marriage. “In addition, we need to do more community outreach and get people to understand that our aim is not just to sell them items but to be a good corporate member of the community. I believe our team of managers will be able to increase our success in the years ahead. Anthony Greene, Courts’ marketing manager, says “the passion of its leaders, the pursuit of its people and the patronage of its customers are all evidence of a large appetite

for success that guards the legacy of Courts that is still being sewn”. “At 45 years old, Courts is still growing, but stands as a strong beacon in the marketplace as the leader in furniture, electronics and appliances.There is a definite understanding that its success has always been driven by its customers.We therefore likewise understand that our future is also dependent on our customers and recognise that we must thrive to surpass the demands of their high expectations of us. “With a strong management team that has been successfully carving the business through the current recessional phenomena; a dedicated staff who have valiantly contributed to the company’s success and committed suppliers and business partners always prepared to go the extra mile with us, Courts is pleased to continue a tradition of making the customer the center of its attention. “The future of Courts then, is in good hands!”

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Courts 45th Anniversary (1965 - 2010)  

A Special celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Courts trading in Barbados.

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