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NNN was originally founded May 17, 2002 after I was handed a list of e-mail addresses by Glenroy Watson at that year’s TUC Black Workers’ Conference and asked to circulate information to those on that list. During a career & management development course in 1996 led by Dr. Neslyn Watson Druee, I was told that “Black people don’t network very well”. In my pursuit to understand why that was, I learned what networking really was (and wasn’t!) then continued to build up my contacts via e-mail, attending events and sharing information with like-minded & interested people. NNN is an inclusive information service and e-network (without prejudice) of African and Caribbean professionals and other interested/like-minded bodies. Comprised primarily of TUC affiliate unions and their associates. African self-organisation group with a focus on linking the scattered Diaspora, at home and abroad. The primary aims of the group was to educate; stimulate conscious & intelligent debate; keep things positive and encourage sharing of relevant, factual information about African history, events structured around our history and to acknowledge the current contributions of Africans MAKING history today! “The term African-British is the name now used to describe the community previously mislabelled as Afro-Caribbean, Black British, UK Black, Coloured, Black Other and Black. It embraces all British nationals with antecedents originating directly from Africa or indirectly via African diasporic communities, such as those in the Caribbean and South America”. (Quote from The Ligali Organisation) I hope you enjoy this month’s magazine and the Luton Carnival, if your going!

Alison The information in this magazine should be regarded as confidential and is intended for the addressee only unless explicitly stated. If you have received this message in error it must be deleted and the sender notified. The views expressed in this message are personal and not necessarily those of NNN unless explicitly stated.

NNN Team Editor: Alison Hewitt Contributors: Esther Austin Artwork: Trevor Muckett 2 • •


Asha May, together with her mentor Debbie Allen, Idris Elba and Lance Gross have created an excellent TV series Milk + Honey. Idris and the Brown Paper Dolls company (Chicagoans and Howard U, FAMU & Spelman, grads Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May, and Jeanette McDuffie) have been working on this series for over 3 years. The show was created to showcase diverse images of women of color that are rarely seen on the big or small screen, and also to create more opportunities for black actors.


The “Milk + Honey” scripted series will soon be seen on all platforms and is looking to get picked up by a TV network. Still, they need 1 million views of the trailer which is posted on the website

La Diosa is the creation of partners Natasha Faith and Semhal Zemikael. La Diosa specialises in creating luxurious jewellery using refreshingly rare and unique gemstones. The talented London based duo travelled the world to seek inspiration for their multiaward winning business, La Diosa. Their travels took them to the Mayan ruins of Mexico, the exotic islands of Thailand and electrifying destinations such as Tokyo, Singapore and Malaysia. Faith & Zemikael learnt invaluable skills whilst living in Mexico, however their vivid imagination and raw passion for jewellery has allowed them to hand make incomparable designs through pure inspiration. After staying with a small local community who taught them how to make jewellery, they felt ready to start their life changing journey.

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE celebrates its 29th birthday this year and it promises to be the biggest show ever.

Faith and Zemikael design for the confident and stylish woman who has a discerning taste for originality and quality. No one piece of jewellery is ever the same as another, therefore you know that your piece is as unique as you are.

The atmosphere is electric as thousands of fashion conscious young women and men head for Business Design Centre Islington, 29th May and 30st May 2011.

You can view the La Diosa collection by visiting their website:


Whether you’re a new writer, established playwright or looking for some invaluable feedback on your script...The Broadway wants you and 10 pages of your script! Script This... is a playwriting event held at the Broadway providing a platform for London’s writers, giving them feedback from audiences and an opportunity to see their work developed.

for the script they would like to see more of and that is the winner of the night!

How it works: 4 scripts are selected by a panel and given the professional treatment from actors and a director into a rehearsed reading in front of a live audience who have a lot to say. Then the audience vote

If you have a piece in mind please send 10 pages or the equivalent to a 10 minute extract to:

What happens next: the writer of the winning script will have the opportunity to come back the following Script This evening and show the development of their play in a longer piece to the always eager audience. • • 3


Union, told SciDev.Net that initiatives such as the innovation cities “could play a key role in supporting researchers until their inventions see the light.”

Morocco has launched three new projects, including a €45 million (US$65 million) research fund to encourage partnerships between businesses and inventors, as part of a strategy to boost research and innovation.

Although the country’s inventors and innovation unions welcomed the new projects, they say there is still a long way to go.

The country will build four ‘innovation cities’ - science and technology hubs that will host research centres, specialised companies and business incubators - and set up the Moroccan Centre for Innovation and three new funds worth US$65 million. The funds will support grants for young researchers, and the research and development programmes of companies, Ahmed Reda Chami, Morocco’s minister of industry, commerce and new technologies, told the Second Conference on Innovation in Skhirat, Morocco, last month. Education minister Ahmed Akhchichine said that three innovation cities will be

built this year in Fez, Marrakech and Rabat. A fourth centre will be added in Casablanca next year. The goal of the Moroccan Centre for Innovation, Akhchichine said, will be to track down potential inventors at the country’s universities and provide them with support to implement their innovations. Akhchichine said that Morocco “already has much potential and many abilities” and, with the measures the government is taking, he is optimistic about the sustainable future of innovation in the country. “Last year, Moroccan universities managed to produce 40 patents, compared with less than 10 patents in the previous year,” he said, crediting the success to the government incentives. Hassanabou Saad, a senior official in the Moroccan Inventors and Innovators

4 • •

And Youssef Ait Ali, an inventor, said the new projects may help in removing financial barriers, which have always been a stumbling block for rolling out new inventions, although he added that high fees paid by inventors on new patents may still hamper innovations.

Charnoubi Abdelghani, the founding member of the Moroccan Association of Young Inventors, told SciDev.Net the projects will not solve what his association identifies as the main obstacle in supporting young inventors - inadequate access to loans for developing innovations. Abderrahim Boumediane, president of the Moroccan Inventors and Innovators Association, said most of the government’s reforms in the innovation field could turn out to be ineffective as “Morocco still doesn’t have a ministry for scientific research”, hampering the sustainability of such projects. Source: SciDev.Net

ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND CONTINUES TO SUPPORT THE GROWTH OF CARNIVAL ARTS IN ENGLAND UK Centre for Carnival Arts (UKCCA) is proud to be announced as one of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio of funded arts organisations working towards ‘Achieving great art for everyone’. “Arts Council England (ACE) has been courageous in supporting UKCCA’s aspiration for an art form that has the power to change lives, transform cities and bring diverse people together.” Paul Anderson MBE – CEO, UK Centre for Carnival Arts The funding news comes at an important time in the development of UKCCA as it places itself as one of the leading carnival arts organisations in the country. This much needed funding will ensure that UKCCA can deliver a national strategy for the art form; produce an educational pipeline that connects accreditation to carnival arts in schools and colleges; offer a vibrant annual calendar of music, dance and cultural events; connect carnival communities to Europe’s largest one day carnival, Luton International Carnival each year; establish partnerships with event promoters to put on new work and build an extensive range of conferences, seminars and exhibitions. The importance of this work can not be underestimated in terms of its’ creative excellence, artist development opportunities and the ability to reach culturally diverse communities unlike any other art form. Arts Council England’s support to UKCCA is not only excellent news for Luton, the UKCCA as an organisation but also for carnival arts as an under valued art form. “The UK Centre for Carnival Arts will play an important role in the new National portfolio, building infrastructure for carnival, and growing the potential for this valuable art form. The organisation will continue to present a broad-ranging programme of exciting arts activities and will foster new talent in carnival. By forming collaborations and partnerships, the organisation will also continue to build a national network for the art form, raising its profile, and encouraging mass participation in and around Luton.” Helen Lax - Regional Director, Arts Council England. • • 5

AFRICAN ECOTOURISM PROJECTS UP FOR AWARD An eco-tourism project in Uganda is in the running for an international award that recognises achievements among businesses and destinations in the travel and tourism industry. The Budongo Eco-tourism project has been nominated for an award at the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards to be held on May 17 - 19 in Las Vegas, United States. The awards will take place during the Global Travel & Tourism Summit which is one of the highlights of the travel and tourism industry. Conservation is the key The eco-tourism project has been nominated under the category of conservation, where finalists in this category are nominated for preserving nature; expanding and restoring natural habitats and the protection of wildlife. The 12 finalists are drawn from 186 entries from over 60 countries in the world by the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC). The WTTC is a global forum for business leaders in the travel and tourism industry and was established in 1990. The Ugandan conservation site which has two areas namely; the Busingiro Eco tourism site and Kaniyo Pabidi is situated in the Budongo Forest and has reserved forestry sections with over 406 tree species. It has been revamped by the Jane Goodall Institute after it gave the project $350,000 (R2.3-million) of which $135,000 (R903 000) was for infrastructure development. Some of the money went to training guides. The institute is a global organisation that raises awareness about the need for conservation, community development and about chimpanzees in Africa. The Ugandan Eco-tourism project intends to find ways to provide locals around the forest with ways to improve their earnings and livelihoods without cutting the trees, which will curb the deforestation of Uganda.

It is operated by Great Lakes Safaris, an independent tour and guide operator; the Jane Goodall Institute and the National Forestry Authority, which manages forest reserves in Uganda. Winning the award would mean bringing the Ugandan tourism sector back into the spotlight as it has recently fell four positions in the 2011 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum. It dropped from 111 in 2009 to 115 in 2011. The report measures and analyses, what bolsters travel and tourism in different economies around the world. Chris Seek, president of Solimar International, said: “This is the most sought after award in sustainable tourism as it promotes tourism while at the same time conserving the attractions as well as providing benefits to the community around.” Solimar is a firm promoting global development through sustainable tourism. Budongo is nominated along with Fregate Island Private in the Seychelles and Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe in the category of conservation. Fregate is an ecological programme trying to reverse the damage done to the island focussing on rehabilitation of surface terrain and conserving indigenous species of the island. Singita is a lodge situated at the Malilangwe Private Wildlife Reserve, which has tried to preserve local culture; has rehabilitated the natural habitat; conserved existing wildlife, while also re-introducing 17 species that were no longer available in that region. Awarding environmental successes The awards encouraging the protection of the environment were established in 1989 by the Federation of Tour Operators but were taken over by British Airways in 1992. Their running was taken over by the WTTC in 2005. The awards are judged by experts on sustainable development, who make up the independent panel of judges. The selection process includes rigorous on-site inspections. The awards have four different categories, they are: the Destination Stewardship Award; the Conservation Award; the Community Benefit Award and the Global Tourism Business Award. Businesses, NGOs or communities representing destinations can apply for the awards online; e-mail; fax and post. The awards have two sponsors, namely: Travelport and the Travel Corporation. Source:

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NIKESHA LINDO Nikesha Lindo displays all the earmarks of one who will set new heights in the world of female reggae artists. Her unique approach to writing means that no two songs sound the same. “I’ve always loved writing because English was my favorite subject” she said, “I always used to write poems from I was younger and what my dad used to do sometimes was to put a melody to my poems. I have a lovers’ rock style of writing but I am versatile and write about different aspects of love, and about other things as well, like culture and positive uplifting, feel good, type of songs”. Nikesha is also a songwriter, writing her own originals as well as songs for other artists. Recently she has recorded a number of her originals for ace reggae producers - Flava McGregor and Sly and Robbie amongst others. Some of these new releases such as “Love On The Replay”, “Where The Heart Is” and “All My Love” featuring Sizzla. Her tracks have been getting glowing reviews and air spins from respected industry players worldwide. Nikesha’s interest in music just evolved naturally; in fact, she actually grew up in the recording studio environment with her dad - Willie Lindo, who is a legend in reggae music as a musician and producer. She did her first professional recording at age 8, voicing a Christmas song “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” in combination with her older brother, the multitalented Kashief Lindo. She subsequently released a solo album of Christmas songs when she was 12. She explains, “Everyday I was at the studio after school, so it just seemed natural to see people working; even when I started recording, it just seemed normal to be doing what I saw my dad do with Kashief. What’s funny is, my dad has this recording of me singing “Super Woman” when I was 3 years old. I would not believe it if I didn’t hear it. So, for me singing comes naturally, I just do it, not even understanding the gravity of it”. A business graduate who is now pursuing a degree in psychology, Nikesha approaches the music with the same discipline. She has several musical projects in the works and has just released a new single - a lovely cover of the Beatles “Yesterday”, produced by Willie Lindo; she will be releasing her mix tape this spring, followed by a full length album later in the year. A hard working artist in the studio and on stage, Nikesha does all her background vocals on her recordings, and has done the same for many other artists. She has toured the east coast and worked in Arizona, otherwise the South Florida talent mainly performs in the area. On her down time she loves to watch a movie, chill out with her friends and listen to all kinds of music. “ Two of my favorite singers are Beres Hammond and Marcia Griffiths, but I listen to everything, music is just a vibe and I go with what I feel” she exclaimed, “ I would like everybody to prosper because music on a whole would be better, and that’s why I love music and I enjoy doing it. Courtesy of C. Danny Breakenridge Twitter: @nikeshasings • • 7

STILLBIRTHS ABSENT FROM GLOBAL HEALTH AGENDA The annual number of stillbirths around the world is more than double the number of people who die from HIV-related causes, according to a new report that says this widely overlooked epidemic could be dramatically mitigated with better antenatal care. Some 2.64 million foetuses die after the 28th week of pregnancy, most of them in low- and middle-income countries, according the report published by The Lancet. While the number of stillbirths globally has fallen from an estimated three million in 1995, the decline lags behind progress in reducing deaths in children under the age of five. The series authors say the lack of recognition of the issue at a global health level means not enough is being done to prevent more babies from dying. “Parental groups must join with professional organizations to bring a unified message to UN agencies regarding the need to include stillbirths in global health policy.” The authors report that grieving mothers are often disenfranchised from their communities; stillbirths can also affect future parenting and lead to divorce. In many countries, bereavement counselling is not widely available for families dealing with depression after a stillbirth. “Behind the statistics are individual stories of families devastated by the loss of their precious child,” Janet Scott, research manager at Sands, a British stillbirths and neonatal death charity, said in The Lancet. “A baby who dies before he or she is born is no less loved and cherished, the grief and pain for the parents no less agonizing and enduring, and the guilt at not being able to protect that child no less intense.” According to the UN World Health Organization, the five main causes of stillbirth are childbirth complications, maternal infections in pregnancy, maternal disorders such as hypertension and diabetes, foetal growth restriction and congenital abnormalities. For more information Miscarriage Association helpline Call 01924 200 799 to speak to someone at the Miscarriage Association helpline. They are available from Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS) 020 7436 5881 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, which offers advice and support to recently bereaved parents.

your support is needed! 8 • •

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Thursday 12 May 2011

UNBELIEVABLE? THE CONFERENCE Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8EP From 9.30am to 5.00pm Premier Christian Radio is proud to present the first-ever Unbelievable?Apologetics Day Conference. The Conference is aimed at those wanting help in answering tough questions on faith from atheists, Muslims and those of other worldviews and will be hosted by “Unbelievable?” host Justin Brierley. Guest Speakers John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Oxford University. He is a lecurer for the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He has debated Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and other well known athesist around the world. John is in much demand as a speaker and author. Jay Smith is a Biblical Scholar specialising in Islam. He has spent much of his adult life in evangelistic ministry to Muslims in the UK. Jay regularly engages in Islam debates, from the chambers of the Oxford Union to his regaular debates at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. David Robertson is Minister of St. Peter’s Free Church, Dundee where he recently established the Solas Centre for Public Christianity. He is author of “The Dawkins Letters” and regularly speaks to sceptical audiences of atheists and agnostics. David Instone-Brewer is Senior Research Fellow in Rabbinics and the New Testatment at Tyndale House Cambridge. He regularly speaks on issues of scriptural reliability and interpretation and writes a regular column on Biblical issues for Christianity Magazine. Mark Roques is the Director of RealityBites which provides training and resources for schools and youthworkers. Mark is a story-teller who asks “subversive questions” about common atheist and religious worldviews. The Conference will see John, Jay, David, David and Mark tackle questions such as: “Has Science buried God?”, “How should I respond to Islam?” The 100 Black Men of London help to raise the aspirations and educational development of the young people that attend their programmes. Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer.

MONICA’S 100 BLACK MEN OF LONDON - 5K WALKATHON The money raised from the walkathon with help to fund the Menoring Programmes, Youth Debates, Education Through Films to name a few for young boys and girls.

So please dig deep and donate now.

BLACK WOMEN AND BREAST CANCER The Science Museum’s Dana Centre 165 Queen’sGateSouthKensingtonLondon SW7 5HD From: 7pm - 9pm Black women with breast cancer suffer from higher death rates and a more aggressive form of the disease (triple negative variant) than white women. Institutional barriers mean they also have a more difficult time accessing useful information to help them reduce their risk. Abi Ajose-Adeogun will talk about how breast cancer affects women of African descent. She will look at how food, lifestyle, delaying pregnancy and not breast feeding can increase their risk of developing the disease. She will also describe how research done mainly on white women can produce skewed data, leading to conclusions that are inappropriate for black women. The final part of her talk will look, most importantly, at how people can empower themselves by implementing preventive and early detection strategies. To book call 0207 942 4040 or e-mail The Dana Centre and d.café are licensed premises open only to those aged 18 or over. Most events are free. The deadline for the June edition of the NNN is Friday 27th May 2011 at 5pm

Monday 2nd May 2011

THE MESSIAH’S GIG The Gold Coast Bar & Restaurant, 224 Portland Road, London SE25 4QB King Kay and his Messiah’s Band entertains you this night with their cutting-edge authentic highlife and reggae songs from 6 to 10pm. Come enjoy the bank holiday with some fresh coconut in the garden from ...Poppa Shocka while listening and dancing to some good music. For more enquiries, table reservations and guest listing bookings call 02086761919 • • 9

Friday 20th May 2011

Climate Change Mini Conference New Testament Church of God 240-244 Lozells Road, Birmingham B19 1NP From 7.30pm - 9.30pm For many Christians caring for the environment is an issue of Justice, it is also a biblical imperative. The Christian Gospel is about rescuing people from a dying world, but it also about how we live on earth today. It is for this reason that African Development Forum have organised a mini conference to consider the impact of a changing climate on Africa. Many scientists have agreed that if the world’s industrialised countries do not reduce their emissions parts of Africa will be unrecognisable in years to come. So what is the role of the church, and how might it respond to the threat of a changing African climate? These are some of the questions that Dave Bookless, an expert in the field of Climate Change and author of Planetwise, will explore with others.

DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WITH IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS)? Dr Nick Read (Gastroenterologist, Nutritionist, Psychotherapist and Medical Adviser) will provide a fascinating insight on the latest developments regarding this enigmatic condition at the Allergy & Gluten Free Show on Friday 6 May. His talk ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome; a case of food and mood’, is part of a stunning line up of free seminars on Friday 6th May 2011 10am - 5pm Saturday 7th May 2011 10am - 5pm Sunday 8th May 2011 10am - 4pm

UK GOSPEL MUSIC FESTIVAL THE First Ever UK Gospel Music Festival. This will be an annual music festival showcasing the finest and gifted artists in and around the UK. This year sees a whole camp of diverse Artists ranging from Choirs – RnB – HipHop – Indie/Rock all embracing us with the unique sounds of contemporary Gospel Music. This year there are 18 UK Acts and 1 Guest US Act all confirmed. This iconic Festival will be taking place in the Royal Park of Hyde Park, one of London’s key and central locations for summer festivals. There will be an expected audience attendee of 5000 people on Sunday 24th July so we urge you to make every effort to arrive there on time and ready to celebrate with us. This years theme for UGMF has been entitled, “One Stage, One City, One Stand” so join us as entry is free, but we do encourage you to register on the website at www.ugmf. Our confirmed line up for this year’s Festival is: Shekinah Glory Ministry, Noel Robinson & Nu Image, John Fisher & IDMC, Victizzle, Faithchild, Tunday, Tom & Olly, New Direction Crew, Jahaziel, Matthew Allen, Coco Dupree, Commission, E-Tizz, Dwayne Tryumf, Ni-Cola, Nu-Soul, Marsha Garrick, New-Ye and Vizion. Our Host for the day will be comedian extraordinaire; Simply Andy Put the date in your diary, plan your journey down, and get ready for this brand New and Exciting Music Festival – the first of many to come!! Join us as we take to “One Stage…in One City…for One Stand” Saturday 9th July

VOICE OF RESPONSIBLE PARENTS VICTIMS AND WITNESSES OF CRIME CONFERENCE Brent Town Hall, Forty Lane, Wembley, HA9 9HD 12noon - 5.00pm The conference, which is funded by Victim Support, will: a) highlight the needs of victims of crime, and witnesses of crime, b) raise awareness about available support, and how to access it, c) explore Restorative justice, what it means, and its role in reducing re offending. This will be done through a conference & workshop which will examine crime, particularly youth crime, within the context of victims of crime, and parenting styles, particularly what can be learnt from BME communities. There will also be the opportunity for victims to be heard, and to indicate what support they would like. Conference starts with a free lunch.

At Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX.

After the workshops there will be a plenary session for discussion and feedback from workshops. Feedback will be compiled into a document, which will also include information and directory regarding available support services for victims and witnesses. Document will be available for download online giving 24hr access to a useful resource.

FREE tickets are available now at

This conference is free but pre-booking is essential. To book your place, email Ms Serwah via


LUTON KICKS OF THE UK CARNIVAL SEASON It may be cold outside but things are certainly starting to hot up as plans get underway for the return of Luton International Carnival which is coming to town on bank holiday Monday, 30 May 2011.

(catering, general, fundraising, craft or rides and amusements), you still have until Monday 28 February to apply. Simply download an application form at or contact Luton Culture on 01582 878100, email

The UK’s largest one-day carnival will be showcasing the best in regional, national and international carnival arts.

Application for trade pitches is likely to exceed supply and if necessary, a selection policy will be applied with preference given to those who live or work in Luton, and where possible, to those who have attended the event previously.

On offer will be live music, dance, masquerade, sound systems, street arts and a spectacular parade displaying the rich carnival tapestry of costumes, dance, mas band and floats. This family-friendly event reflects the carnival roots of every continent and the diverse communities of Luton. The main activities will take place in Wardown Park between 12 noon and 7pm, with the parade setting off from the park at 1.30pm. The Carnival covers around four square miles of safe, traffic-free streets and parkland, with the parade route remaining the same as 2010. However, following the Government’s spending review this year’s budget has been reduced therefore George Street beyond the Town Hall will no longer be part of the event. Entertainment in the centre of Luton will mostly be based in St George’s Square, featuring children’s rides, a variety of stalls, jazz sound site and refreshments. There’s something for everyone at this event from Bhangra dhol beats to the sweet sounds of steel pan and calypso music to energetic samba dance, amazing costumes and fantastic street performers as well as global foods, crafts stalls and amusements.

Andy Grays, Director of Arts said: “It takes a year to plan an event of this size which brings on average 80,000 people together to enjoy the spectacular parade, music and food from across the globe. This year the main focus will be on showcasing home grown talent and regional artists giving them an opportunity to perform live in front of thousands of people.” A council spokesperson said: “Every year Luton International Carnival brings thousands of people from different ages and cultures together to celebrate the diversity and heritage of our town. It’s a fantastic event showcasing what Luton has to offer – artistic flair and a wealth of talents and skills. And having a reputation of being one of the safest carnivals in the country it’s a great day out for all the family.” Luton International Carnival involves hundreds of people working together ensuring a successful and safe experience. Three of the main partners integral to this annual event include Luton Borough Council, UK Centre for Carnival Arts and Luton Culture. The event is sponsored by the Herald & Post, The Luton News, Heart and BBC Three Counties Radio.

For music lovers there will be ten sound sites keeping reggae, soul, soca and global dance music alive throughout the event and the main stage will feature world music, with performers from the locality as well as carnival artists.

Organisations interested in sponsoring the carnival, please contact Amanda Roopra, Sponsorship and Advertising Officer on 01582 547325, email

If you would like to participate in this spectacular event as a trader

For more information visit • • 11

I AM NOT ONLY SURVIVING BUT THRIVING Mahamud Abdi Omar, 25, is a small businessman in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia, which for years has been a battlefield between government troops and insurgents.

people but is doubly hard if you are physically challenged.

any other child and could do whatever I wanted.

“I live in a city at war, so I have had to learn to read the signs when something is going to happen. It is easy when they use heavy weapons. I can feel the vibrations on the ground. My problem is when I am busy and not looking and they use small arms.

“My wish is that younger children who are deaf or blind can get an education and lead the life of normal citizens. People are not very kind to those like me who may be different from them, but I am no longer worried about what people think.

“Last week, for example, I was walking along the street when gunfire erupted and I only became aware of it when I saw a man fall in front of me bleeding; then I ran like everybody else.

“I know many people worried after my father passed away that I would not survive and the shop would close. But look at me now, I am not only surviving but I am thriving.

“The shop was opened 10 years ago by my father; I started working with him when I was 15. My father passed away three years ago and I took over.

“It seems we are always running from one shelter to another. Getting caught up in fighting is something every Mogadishu resident is familiar with but most are not deaf and so are immediately aware of what’s going on. For me, and people like me, we have to be vigilant at all times.

“The shop is doing well - when I can open it [constant fighting often closes the market]. Businesswise I am doing better than when my father was alive. People are used to my being deaf and I give them good service so they like me.

“My father knew that as a deaf person, I would have a hard time in Mogadishu but he always told me that I could do anything I wanted to. Life for someone like me is not easy in Mogadishu. It is hard for ordinary

“I would have liked to go to school like any other person but I could not because there were no schools for the deaf. Still, I am one of the lucky ones, thanks to my late father who instilled in me that I was as good as

Like any other businessman in a war zone, Omar tries to make a living despite the violence. However, for hearing-impaired Omar, surviving in the war-torn city is not only tricky but dangerous. Omar owns a small shop selling electronics, such as radios and watches, in the middle of Bakara market, the largest open-air market in the country and probably the most dangerous. Omar spoke to IRIN on 19 April about his experience:

12 • •

“I am thankful to God that I am able to take care of my mother and mytwosisters.” Source:

Barrington Levy To Release Final Album Having had several albums to his name, Barrington Levy says that his latest project will be his last. The album, which is to be titled It’s About Time, will be available for purchase this Fall. Levy said, “It’s my final album that I’ll be putting out. I’ll still be touring, I’ll be singing and putting out singles, but I don’t think I’m going to put out any album.” The album will feature several collaborations with local and international artistes such as Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss. Levy also recently teamed with Vybz Kartel and Khago on the track Gangsters, which is the soundtrack for an upcoming movie Gangstas in which he plays a lead role. He spoke of how the collaboration came about saying, “I did the song in Philadelphia and after I finished my hook, then I said, who we going have on the song? we said Kartel, and Khago is showing that he’s a good artiste, so they were perfect.” A remix for Gangsters is also being done with another overseas artiste. He said he will continue to work with the younger generations of artistes as he thinks they have a lot of potential. “I don’t look at myself as no veteran artiste, I see myself as a singer in the business who love what I do. All these times you say you not hearing from Barrington Levy, is not like I’m not doing nothing because I’ve been voicing a lot. Believe you me, see the next generation of artistes after Kartel, if I’m up and healthy, I’m going to do something with them because there is no boundary,” he said. According to Levy, the song has been getting better reception overseas than in Jamaica as it has been receiving a lot of airplay on Hot 97, among other radio stations throughout areas such as Boston, Philadelphia and New York. “People have been calling in and requesting the song on the radio over there a lot. We not talking about the average Jamaican person, we’re talking white people,” said Levy.

“It’s my final album that I’ll be putting out. I’ll still be touring, I’ll be singing and putting out singles, but I don’t think I’m going to put out any album.”


for the best in cultural & carnival paraphernalia

He also hinted that because the song is fairly new to Jamaican listeners they are not yet accustomed to it. It has been doing well in the Jamaican streets, however, and they have also been busy promoting the song. The filming of Gangstas is scheduled to begin in May, and Levy is excited. “The movie is coming along quite fine. I’m actually looking forward to start shooting the movie,” he said. He went on to say that this is his first movie venture and he is very excited about it because he has wanted to do a movie for quite a while. “I’m definitely looking forward to this,” said Levy. ‘The movie is coming along quite fine. I’m actually looking forward to start shooting the movie’ Source

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Esther Austin Dear Unique Everyone

Wishing you a Happy, Hippy Summer? Isn’t the weather just gorgeous, then again isn’t the weather wonderful all the time. It just depends upon how we experience it all!! – There I go again I can hear some of you say. I have had so many people contact me to say when will I be sending out my newsletters on a more regular basis. Apologies, but here I am!! Many of you may know that I lost my younger sister to breast cancer 4 years ago. That in itself was an incredibly painful journey to watch and to walk alongside of. It was never a place I would want to venture myself. Yet recently, my mother was diagnosed with cancer in her large and small bowel which were both removed on Thursday last week. Up until now, I have felt greatly challenged by my relationship with my mother. I have been working on me around this for the best part of three years. Up until two years ago, I was not able to sit in a room with my mother on long occasions as my inner child would simply freeze and withdraw and I’d be bound by fear. If my mother looked at me, I was unable to look her fully in the eye as I still felt and saw through my eyes the condemnation and criticism that I had grown up with. Then two years ago, when she came to visit me, I realised I did not want to live my life fearing her anymore and had to do something about how I was dealing with this. I went for some healing around this and I had to explore many aspects of our relationship, lay my soul bare, and then put me back together - OUCH. Yet what helped to release me and start me on my journey was learning to accept who I was at that moment in time without judgement, without criticism, simply Esther for who she was. My next step then was to accept that my mother did the best that she did with the knowledge that she had at the time when I was a child and I had to acknowledge that. I also had to acknowledge that she too was a product of her childhood – one where she lost both

her parents very early in life and where she knew only the burden of working. Coming to this country also had its own tremendous challenges and life became one of survival. My next step was to learn to love me more and then, hopefully, my mother.

I am still at a place where I am mindful and working through this relationship. I do not blame my mother for how she was, yet I reacted to how I felt she was towards me. What has helped me to build a relationship with my mother is Esther working from a place of love. (Not always easy as on occasion I still walk out the room because at that moment in time, I am not ready nor in a place to handle how I feel.) However, having the above understanding means I can respectfully and non-judgementally sit with her, speak with her and be there in whatever supportive capacity I can be, but also that I no longer choose to enrol into her dramas, if she so choose to play them out and I am mindful of my own dramas as well. Yet isn’t life simply a paradoxical play on the stage of life. On Thursday when my sister and I went to visit her and attended the ward she was supposed to be on, her bed was not there. At once I felt slight panic whelm up within me. We then went to the nurses station to find out what had happened as the day prior to this, her operation had been at 12pm and by 8pm there was still no sign of her. Waiting for the nurse to find out where my mother was, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of “not again” as memories of my late sister started to come through. This also got me thinking – do we really have to wait to come to a place of realising what is important or to deal with ‘stuff’ when someone dies? Because if this is what it was going to take for me to shape up then I had more serious contemplating to do. Yet again, I challenged myself with this line of thought. I too was mindful that I was doing my best in terms of my emotions at this moment in time, and that being truthful and honest with myself may not mean I would be overtly huggy and blowing kisses at my mother – I had to keep things real. Yet I could kiss and greet my mother on the cheek and help to nurture her back to

health – and for me that is operating from a place of love. A beautiful quote by Louise Hay, Author says “Love is everywhere, I am loving and lovable.” The more I repeat this quote is the more I have been able to feel acceptance for what I need to do. This quote has served to resonate so far into me that it brings a sense of peace and calm and knowing that love really is the key. I still have a journey to go. We may not always like what we are faced with, which is often ourselves, yet when we learn to become non-judgemental about ourselves or situation and just to accept it for what it is, then it is easier to face those so called ‘demons’ in order for us to learn whatever lessons we need to learn, so that we can then embrace life more fully and abundantly. My lesson here I feel is one of many and that is of compassion, of continuing the work on being non-judgemental and always trying to be present from that place of love. I have been working with a few clients whose lives have been paralysed by words, deeds and actions, criticisms, put downs by their parents and other people. One client has internalised her experienced so profoundly that her pain is so deep that she even fears to hug her own children for fear she contaminates them. When she looked at me last week with tears in her eyes to say “Esther, I just want to release this stuff so that I can be me, I have never been me” – This is why I do the work I do, why Qarma Broadcast will be one of the many mediums through which I can reach out to share knowledge and to empower peoples lives, along with all those wonderful people who share their stories and knowledge with you over the airwaves. “If we were more aware of our own shadow, we would not be afraid to look in the mirror” “Be the change you want to see in the world”

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COME & SUPPORT 2 TEAMS HAVING A ROYAL BATTLE TO BE 1ST WINNERS OF THE DANIEL DE-GALE TROPHY On Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2011 a team of ethnic ex-professional footballers are to play against a diverse Celebrity team for the Daniel De-Gale Trophy. In an alternative to the original SKY 1’s “The Match” (which took part at Newcastle Utd FC) in order to raise funds for the ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust). Brentford Football Club, (located at Griffin Park, Braemar Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 0NT), will be the host venue and the main event between the “Other” Black Stars XI vs.Daniel De-Gale Celebrity XI kicks off at 2pm. Turnstiles will open at 12 noon and the day will commence with a 30 minute pre-match game at 1.30pm, including some of the Celebrities, playing against a team of young people. Funds raised on the day will go towards continuing our life saving work of raising awareness, registering and finding donors. The match not only neatly slots into the gap at the end of the long spring holiday break, the football calendar between the end of the regular Football League season and the FA Cup Final on May 14th and Champions League Final on May 28, but also raises money to benefit ACLT bone marrow, blood and organ donation projects around the UK. The event will be a family affair with food on sale, music to tap your feet to, half time entertainment and with celebrities playing from the world of sport and entertainment together with current Premier League and League players attending. For further information contact Maggi Howlett, End Of Your Rainbow Events on 07704 063216. Updates of Celebrities hoping to attend will be on the websites: and ACLT Contact information: web: e-mail: or call 0208 240 4480.

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Monday 9th May 2011

EQUALITY ANALYSIS WORKSHOP Stockwell Community Resource Centre 1 Studley Road London SW4 6RA

MOORE CALLS FOR MORE BLACK BOSSES A rule that would bring more black managers into professional football has been rejected in a survey of fans. Academics at Staffordshire University revealed in research that more than two-thirds of white football fans questioned did not support such a move. But Darren Moore, West Bromwich Albion’s former promotion-winning centre-half, encouraged football bosses to consider the Rooney Rule, established in 2003 in the National Football League in the United States. It’s an example of affirmative action to increase greater participation of minority coaches in the game. It requires teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching roles. The findings come as the number of black football managers within the professional game dropped to one after Notts County called time on Paul Ince’s tenure. It means Charlton manager Chris Powell is the one statistic left – a startling reality for many in the game. Moore said: “You can look at this issue in a number of ways – I think introducing something like the Rooney rule would work. “There are such a lot of black coaches in the game and more and more of them are taking coaching courses. “It was good when Paul Ince highlighted the lack of black managers recently – it means more black players are starting to be switched on the low number of managers.” Statistics indicate that fans think the number of black football coaches is unlikely to increase over the next four years, according to Ellis Cashmore, professor of culture, media and sport at Staffordshire. His findings surveyed 1,000 football fans, professional players, referees, coaches and managers. Read more:


The Equality Act 2010 (EA) imposes a broad legal requirement, known as the Equality Duty, on all organisations providing public services. Central to this duty is an obligation to conduct Equality Analyses (the successor to Equality Impact Assessments). This is the time to:

• Develop an outline legal compliance strategy

• Review How to Conduct legally compliant Equality Analyses

• Be clear on the differences between Equality Impact Assessments and Equality Analyses

Workshop faciltated by: Anne Hayfield & Cyril Husbands. To book you place on this workshop, telephone: 0208 555 3709, email: or simply

KENYA SOLAR POWERED FARMS Kenya is pioneering a solar powered ‘green farm’ — which would be the continent’s first. Ephraim Mukisira, director of the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) said that all farm activities, including the growing of crops and the rearing of livestock, would be powered by solar energy. KARI is currently conducting trials on one hundred acres of land, with a new greenhouse technology imported from South Korea. “This is a new concept that demonstrates that research and science is moving away from traditional to more exciting settings like the green villages,” Mukisira said. “The future of agriculture is to increase productivity and conserve the environment.”

The deadline for the May edition of NNN is 1700 hours on Friday 22nd April 2011 • • 16

Friday 20th May 2011

EMOTIONAL CAPITAL ONE DAY PROGRAMME Hotel Verta London’s Vertical Gateway Bridges Wharf, BatterseaLondon, SW11 3BE The Emotional Capital One Day Programme is focused on development for Leaders, Consultants and HR professionals. The Programme enables assessment and development of emotional intelligence in leaders. Programme participants will have access to comprehensive materials to support the introduction of emotional intelligence into their organisations as well as a step-bystep approach to interpreting and applying emotional intelligence in order to improve leadership performance. At the end of the day participants will:

• Uncover the science behind emotional intelligence and emotional capital • Learn the emotional and social skills that drive effective leadership • Asses and build their own emotional intelligence and leadership success For more information contact Beacon Organisational Development Ltd’ 1 Rowlls Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT1 3ET, email or telephone the delegate registration hotline (during office hours 9am – 6pm) 01582 438527

INVEST IN AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH TO DEVELOP The Gambia must invest in agricultural research and development (R&D) if it is to make significant strides in socioeconomic growth, according to the agricultural director for the country’s North Bank Region. Saikou E Sayang said that “both developed and developing countries have depended heavily on agricultural R&D as the engine of economic prosperity”. He said that the Gambia’s National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) should incorporate strategic research through the provision of knowledge and techniques aimed at solving specific problems at the grassroots level. “Recently, in an appropriate and positive move, the government took a bold initiative to allocate six per cent of the national budget to agriculture,” Sayang said. “The allocation of that percentage would really boost agricultural production and make food and seed security self-sufficient.”




Nothing can prepare you for that knock on the door, that numbing silence, the mouths moving but the only word heard is Murder, then more silence. The sickly stiiring in your stomach, then the scream that comes from deep within. The disbelief, then the unanswered question, Why. Anton was found floating face down in the River Brent Hanwell. He had been shot, stabbed and beaten up and no-one, to this day has been held responsible even though there is a large reward of £20,000. Due to the wall of silence that we now face in todays society, another family has been left to grieve the death of their son, brother, grandson, great-grandson, nephew, cousin, pupil and friend. He is missed dearly by his family and all who knew him, young and old, male and female. Several marches throughout London have been held to fight against sensless murders but it is still not enough. We want closure and justice for Anton The forthcoming march will commence opposite Ealing Hospital, proceeding to Priory Community Centre, Acton Lane, W3 8NY. For more information about this and the Justice For Anton Hyman campaign, contat Vanessa Hyman by email:

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The Fostering Network’s Foster Care Fortnight is the UK’s biggest annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering and attract new foster carers. In 2011 it will run from 16 to 29 May. Under the strapline fostering: time to care, this year’s campaign will highlight the urgent need for more foster carers and call on everyone to get behind fostering and support children in care. If you are thinking about becoming a foster carer and would like more information or have any questions, you can contact Fosterline, an advice service on fostering on 0800 040 7675 (MonFri 9am-5pm; calls are free from UK landlines but calls from mobile networks may be charged) or email: • • 18

NNN May 2011  

stimulate conscious & intelligent debate; keep things positive and encourage sharing of relevant, factual information about African history,...

NNN May 2011  

stimulate conscious & intelligent debate; keep things positive and encourage sharing of relevant, factual information about African history,...